Two Part Harmony
By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.
This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.


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Chapter 5

The group pulled into Atlanta on Friday morning for a single evening concert. The roadies had gotten there the day before, while the performers had made a detour for Sky to make a short personal appearance. The stage, lighting and sound gear was already in, so Bo insisted they do the sound check before going to the hotel. There was a bad summer storm raging outside, rattling more than just the roof of the arena. Sky and the ladies were standing off stage chatting while the band was playing. There would be no sightseeing today, so Sky asked Kyra and Gable to stop by her room later in the afternoon for a few rounds of Scrabble. They accepted just as the sound guy called for the vocals.

“Cash, get over here and sign some photographs,” Bo suddenly said, holding out a stack of glossies.

“Can’t it wait until later, Bobo? I’m a little busy thanks to you.”

“No it can’t; the guy from the TV station that’s sponsoring this appearance is out in the lobby waiting for these. Send the babes up to do their part; you’ll be done a few.”

Sky quickly snatched the stack from his hand. “All right,” she huffed. “And don’t call them that.” She didn’t mind signing the pictures; she just begrudged his demanding tone.

Bo turned and snapped his fingers at Kyra and Gable. “Well, what are you waiting for, the sun to shine?”

Gable held her tongue as she was often forced to do around the despicable man. Kyra merely looked away and both women climbed the side stairs onto the stage. The redhead stopped to speak to her husband as Kyra stepped behind the microphone. The soft moccasins, she was wearing, slipped a bit and she instinctively grabbed for the stand to steady herself. Suddenly, a zap of energy surged into Kyra’s body, knocking her to the ground. Everyone heard the sizzle and the thump and knew immediately what had happened. But it was Skylar who reacted first. “Kyra!” she bellowed as an icy phantom hand gripped her heart. The papers scattered at her feet, and in a mighty show of strength she leapt onto the high stage and ran to her friend’s lifeless body.

“Cut the power!” Bo screamed to an arena employee then turned to his client. “Get the hell way from there Cash before you die too!”

Skylar dragged Kyra a few feet across the stage then dropped to her knees. She listened for a breath and felt for a pulse, finding silence and stillness. “You are not going to die!” she choked out as she thumped Kyra’s chest.

Five compressions and a breath of life.

Five compressions and a breath of life.

Bo tried to pull his star from her desperate mission, but she threw him off and continued. “Come on honey, wake up,” she implored as she continued pressing against the unbeating heart. Tears began streaming down her face and falling onto Kyra’s ashen skin. “Please come back to me,” she whispered before their lips touched again.

Bo paced behind them, running his hands through his hair, grumbling and sneering about bad publicity. Later, everyone would swear that plumes of fire flew from his mouth and smoke from his ears.

Skylar, however, was unstoppable in her vigilance. And it worked as a pair of confused and terrified green eyes blinked open. A cheer and a round of applause added to Kyra’s uncertainty. “What..hap…happened?” her voice sputtered as she sucked in more air.

“Sshh, just be still,” Skylar told her soothingly. “Everything’s okay now. You’re gonna be okay. Can I get a blanket or something to keep her warm?” she asked as she cuddled her frail friend.

Someone handed Gable a heavy blanket and she draped it over Kyra. “The paramedics should be here any minute,” she told them.

“Thanks,” Skylar said as she tucked the cover around the shoulders that were beginning to tremble. A chilly hand reached out from under the cover and latched onto hers.

“I’m scared,” Kyra whispered.

“No, no; you don’t need to be.” Sky brushed her free hand over Kyra’s face. “You’re gonna be just fine,” she said. “They’re just going to take you to the hospital to check you out.”

Two paramedics, a man and a woman hustled into the open room and onto the stage, hauling a stretcher between them. Kyra caught their approach from the corner of her eye. “I don’t want to go alone,” she said, those emerald orbs pleading.

“You won’t,” Sky assured as she stepped out of the way. The medics quickly and efficiently began evaluating Kyra’s vital signs and overall condition. Of course, the singer stayed within her frightened friend’s line of sight. She was determined to keep a positive expression on her face although she was almost as terrified as Kyra.

Jack had cleared the rest of the band members off the stage, everyone giving the dangerous microphone a wide berth. The arena manager had electricians ready to investigate the problem once the injured woman was transported to the hospital.

Skylar gave her friend a wink as the blonde was lifted onto the rolling stretcher. “I’m following them to the hospital,” she stated.

Bo grabbed her arm. “You are not going anywhere,” he spat. “The press would have a feeding frenzy if you were spotted there. I won’t let you put yourself in danger.”

Sky’s jaw worked in annoyance at the situation and his obnoxious tone. “You mean put my career in danger. Because you don’t give a damn about me.” She pulled roughly from his grasp. “I’m going back to the hotel then. Gable,” she called to her other backup singer, “will you go with Kyra to the hospital?”

“Of course.”

“Explain why I couldn’t be there with her. You have my cell number; call me as soon as you know what’s happening.”

The redhead nodded and ran after the departing paramedics.

* * *

Once back in her plush hotel room, Skylar paced its length, glancing out the balcony window at every turn, but seeing nothing except gray clouds and gloom. She had downed a pot of coffee as first one hour, and then another slipped away. All she could do was think, dwell on the frightening day. Her best friend had nearly died. Every time the words echoed in Sky’s head her stomached cramped, but the cramp inside her chest was worse. She could not forget the sickening sounds of the electric charge and the resounding thump as Kyra’s diminutive body hit the hard stage floor. There was something else too. A smell. Oh God! Skylar grabbed the back of the sofa as her knees nearly buckled and her stomach full of coffee almost reappeared. She remembered now. The smell was of burnt hair. She had been too frantic at the time to notice, but suddenly began worrying about other burns her friend might have suffered. A pounding began under her temples as she once again checked her phone. It was charged, but no calls. There was a knock on the door and Sky ran to open it, anticipating good news. But the hopeful smile dropped to a sneer. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

He barged passed her, not requiring, or expecting an invitation. “Oh Cash, what a ray of sunshine in the storm you are.” Bo helped himself to a hefty drink at the mini bar.

Skylar was back at the window, cell phone in hand, waiting. “Cancel tonight’s show.” She decided to demand something for once. “Reschedule it at the end of the tour.”

Bo nearly choked on his scotch. The ice in his glass plopped around and splashed drops of the amber liquid on his chin and white shirt. He didn’t know what made him angrier. “The hell I will,” he yelled. “That’s bad publicity.”

Skylar stood her ground. “Kyra will be in no condition to go on tonight.”

He stomped across the carpeted floor to her side. “But you will.”

She gave him a steady look. “No, I won’t.”

Just then his phone rang. He answered it and had a very minimal conversation; one which did nothing to improve his mood. “Well, looks like you get your way. That was the arena manager; there’s damage to the roof. It leaked water from the storm and McCall stepped in it as she grabbed the mic. They’re canceling the performance.” Sky made no particular acknowledgment and silently resumed her vigil. Bo crossed his arms over his chest and studied her concerned profile. “I know what’s going on here Cash and it better stop, right now.”

“And just what are you talking about?” she asked without looking to him.

“I heard what you called her.”

The memory flashed across Sky’s brain. “Come on honey, wake up.” She huffed at her verbal slip. “It’s just a word, Bobo; don’t get your shorts in a twist. It was a tense moment,” she explained. “Kyra and I are just friends. I remember your rules.”

“That better be all you are,” he croaked as he slowly leaned toward her ear. “Because you know what happens if I or anyone else ever catches you indulging your little lezzy ways. I’ll tell the world that mama killed papa.”

Skylar turned with an outraged twist of her head. She shot furious blue daggers at him, despising her evil puppet master. Bo was, of course, unfazed by her glare. He merely chuckled vigorously, stroked his goatee and sauntered to the door. Sky seethed until her phone rang. She grabbed the tiny, silver instrument and flipped it open. “Hello. Gable?”

* * *

Twenty minutes later Sky answered the door to her hotel room. Gable was standing there with her arm around Kyra. The blonde was dressed in a pair of maroon scrubs and carried her regular clothes in a bundle under her left arm. She had a calm expression on her face, but to Sky’s eyes she still looked timid and fragile. “Hey, come on in,” she said, taking the clothes from Kyra and setting them aside. The injured woman was a little shaky on her feet and Sky moved to help support her as they walked across the room. Gable stepped away and let Skylar settle Kyra into the corner of the couch. The redhead sensed that they needed some private time and excused herself. Sky took a seat next to Kyra and rubbed her arm. “How are you feeling?” she asked.

Kyra managed a meager smile and answered, “Okay.” When she saw Sky’s doubtful stare, her pale cheeks momentarily colored and she confessed. “Well, I’m a little weak, I guess. And I’m kinda cold.”

Skylar couldn’t have that. She jumped to her feet and ran into the bedroom. She returned with a blanket and wrapped it around the shivering body. “There you go; how’s that?”

Kyra snuggled into the soft, velour cover. “Better,” she said with a smile. “Thank you.”

“So, what did the doctor say?”

“I’m fine; no permanent damage done. She said just to take it easy for about forty eight hours.”

Skylar became solemn and said a silent prayer of thanks. “I’m really glad that you’re okay,” she said, before pausing to study the lovely eyes. The deep sea of green calmly whispered Kyra’s intelligence, her kindness, her incredibly artistic soul and about a hundred other things that made Kyra McCall the special person she was. Sky knew there was a tough spirit inside the small woman, but she also saw something vulnerable. Like bringing a kitten in from a storm, Sky wanted to wrap this woman in a warm embrace and protect her forever. “I don’t know what I would have…” The words stuck in the singer’s throat.

Kyra reached out and clasped her friend’s hand. “Well, I was told that I have you to thank for saving my life.”

Sky affectionately squeezed the soft hand. “I’m just glad I knew what to do. Are you hungry?” she asked with a quick change of subject, not feeling anything like a hero.

It was well after lunch, but Kyra answered no. “I’m kinda thirsty though.”

“I can fix that,” Sky said. “I’ve got tea, hot or cold, juice, soda or water.”

Kyra gave it some thought. Even though she was chilled her mouth was dry. “Umm, orange juice I think.”

Skylar returned with the juice for her friend and water for herself. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Kyra tipped her blonde head. “Would you mind getting my phone from my room? It’s in my backpack on the bed.”

“Sure, I can do that. You know the concert is cancelled,” Sky said casually. “I’m gonna send the band on ahead to Florida in the morning and I’m gonna stay here with you until you feel like traveling.”

“You don’t have to stay with me.”

Sky gazed at her sincerely. “I really don’t want you to be alone Kyra. In fact I’d like you stay here in my room. No sense in us both being lonely.”

The blonde couldn’t keep the grin from her face. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. Now, I’ll go get your phone, but as long as I’m there would you like me to pack up the rest of your things? I won’t be nosy, I promise.”

That made Kyra laugh. She was starting to feel better and settled the blanket around her waist. She knew it was the company that was adding to her healing. “I trust you, but you don’t have to go to the trouble.”

Sky handed her the TV remote. “It’s no trouble. Find us something to watch and I’ll be right back.”

* * *

After Kyra had a nap, the two spent the rest of the day talking and watching movies. Around seven, Sky ordered a light meal from room service and later, two big bowls of chocolate ice cream. Kyra got a phone call at a little after eight thirty and slipped into the bathroom to carry on the conversation. During the fifteen minute chat, Skylar made a call of her own to the hotel concierge with a question.

Kyra stepped from the bedroom rubbing her neck.

“A little stiff, huh?” Sky asked.

“Yeah.” Kyra went back to the couch and took a seat. “I wonder if the hotel has a heat pack I could use.”

Skylar sidled up behind the blonde and gently laid her hands on the sore neck. “Let me have a go at this.” Her long fingers pressed easily, but firmly into the painful muscles, loosening the stubborn knots. She continued her soothing ministrations, realizing it was appreciated when a couple of soft, almost melodious sounds floated from her patient’s lips.

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Kyra moaned.

“Good. But I know something that would feel even better.” Sky kept up her motions as she spoke. “I called downstairs, and even though it’s after hours, they’re going to let us in the gym to use the hot tub; that’ll relax everything.”

But suddenly Kyra was tense again. “I don’t think I want to do that.” She stood and headed for the bedroom. “I’ll just take a hot shower, but you go ahead and enjoy it.”

Sky didn’t get a chance to say anything before the door shut. The abrupt departure left her wide eyed and curious.

Kyra stepped from the bedroom a littler later, dressed in a pair of cotton pajama pants and a short sleeved t-shirt. Her hair was dry and her skin glowed. She started at a noise out on the balcony. “Sky, is that you?”

The tall singer appeared in the doorway. “Yeah, it’s me. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I thought you were going downstairs.”

“I decided not to tonight. Come on out here, it’s a beautiful night.”

It was surprisingly dark out because the back of the hotel faced away from the city. The sky had cleared from the earlier storms and a few hundred stars winked at them from their high perch. Skylar had lit a scented candle and it was really soothing and pretty. Kyra took a seat beside her friend and accepted the bottle of water she was handed. They sat in pleasant silence for a while, breathing in the fresh night air and vanilla. The shower had helped Kyra’s muscles, but she knew the hot tub would have felt really nice. She looked over and studied the star’s profile. It was so sweet of her to arrange that for me…for us. She sighed, louder than she intended. I’m such a coward.

“Is something wrong?” Sky asked.

“No. I’m just…being silly, I guess.”

Sky smiled ironically. “I think we’re all guilty of that at one time or another.” The companionable silence returned as they considered the starry sky above. Skylar had a lot on her mind. She wondered how Kyra felt, emotionally, after her brush with death. But she wouldn’t ask; the experience was too fresh. Sky also seriously considered why she had called her friend ‘honey’ when she was performing the CPR. Like she told Bo, it’s just a word.

But when your heart instead of your brain is doing the talking, it becomes more than just a word. Sometimes a lot more. That was the idea that both excited and terrified her. It would take some further consideration…later. There was one other thing she currently pondered. “Kyra, can I ask you something?”


“We’re friends right?”

“The best.” Kyra saw the beautiful smile in the dim candlelight.

The smile remained for a few seconds then a more concerned expression formed. “Why are you afraid to go in the water?” Sky asked gently.

Kyra was only slightly surprised by the question. She knew Sky was smart enough to put together the evidence she had unintentionally presented since the day of Sky’s party.

The hesitation was blaring and Sky feared she had made a mistake. “I’m sorry; it’s none of my business.”

“No; it’s okay Sky. That’s actually what I was feeling silly about. I want to tell you.” Sky turned her chair and leaned forward, resting her arms on her knees. Kyra took a deep breath. “I’m not afraid of the water; in fact I used to love the water. It’s what you have to wear in the water that I have a problem with. When I was fifteen, my family and I were returning from vacation when our car was hit head on.” Every time she thought about that moment, the screeching of tires, the crunching of the twisting metal and her mother’s scream…it was terrifying all over again. “My dad was killed instantly. My mom died three days later.”

Skylar took Kyra’s hand. “I’m so sorry that you had to suffer through that.”

Kyra thanked her with a nod and continued her story. “My right leg was severely broken. At the hospital, there were whispers that I would probably never walk again. But I got lucky; a brilliantly skilled surgeon operated on me that night. And as you see, I can walk without a limp…and even dance.” She flashed a small half grin at how much fun that had turned out to be. But the grin faded fast. “His hands were skilled,” she said as a shadow of dread washed over her moonlit face, “but his judgment was very poor. He let an inexperienced assistant close the wounds.” Kyra turned away as she explained. “I have some very ugly scars from my hip to mid-calf. Insurance wouldn’t cover elective plastic surgery…I doubt that would do much good anyway. Plus I have more important financial responsibilities.”

Sky turned her friend’s head and met her gaze with great sympathy. “I won’t say I understand that I know how you feel, but I do understand your reasons. I won’t ask you to go swimming in public again.”

A tiny, relived smile lightened Kyra’s face. “Thanks.”

Sky returned the grin and decided to ask for something she hoped would bring her friend pleasant thoughts. “Tell me about your parents.”

Kyra actually loved to remember her mom and dad and she developed a lovely expression. “My mom was a first grade teacher. She had a great sense of humor and she was always smiling and making us laugh. Daddy two was a bank executive…”

“Daddy two?” Sky questioned.

“Yeah. My natural father died in a freak construction accident when I was four. Mom met Daddy two when I was six and married him a year later. He was a great father and he adopted us right after they were married.”

“Sounds like you had a terrific childhood.”

“I did. After they…died, I went to live with my grandparents. They were great too…are great.”

“Kyra, you said he adopted us; did you have siblings?”

Kyra nodded. “I still do, a sister, Jillian. She suffered severe head injuries in the accident and has lasting brain damage. She’s three years younger than me, but she pretty much has the capacity of a child. My grandparents tried to care for her at home, but it just didn’t work out. Jilly is in an institution, back home in San Diego.”

A pair of blue eyes fell shut and a dark head fell forward in compassion. The feelings of empathy radiated from Sky’s heart. If only I could tell you. “All the calls you get, about her?”

Kyra gestured an affirmation. “I knew it would be hard on her, not being able to see me that often. She needs to talk to me, sometimes three times a day. She has fits of anger if she can’t at least hear my voice when she wants to. But then days can go by and she doesn’t even remember she has a sister. She loves music too. I recorded a lot of songs for her and they tell me that she listens to them for hours. The facility she’s in is okay, but they don’t have enough employees to give the residents a lot of personal attention. They see to it that she has three meals, stays clean and can’t hurt herself, but that’s about it. We were using the life insurance to pay for her care, but when that ran out it was up to me. I couldn’t make enough at any job in San Diego. But now I feel guilty because I have to be away from her so much. It’s so hard.”

“You love her very much,” Sky choked out. “You are doing the very best you can. That’s a difficult situation. But I can understand the guilt.”

* * *

The next day Kyra was feeling mostly back to normal and she knew she would be able to travel to the next city as scheduled. They were taking an early flight the next morning. But today they were going to rest and enjoy the time off. They had another light meal for breakfast and after a few mind grueling games of Trivial Pursuit, by mid-afternoon they were both starving. Sky ordered a decadent seafood lunch from room service and a surprise for Kyra for after.

The blonde nibbled on a cold shrimp. “This is really great,” she said, “but do you ever miss a home cooked meal?”

“All the time. I even miss cooking; it really relaxes me.”

“I know what you mean. My grandmother taught me to bake. I can make a perfect pie crust…if I do say so myself,” she chuckled.

The blue eyes lit up. “Please tell me you make apple pie,” Sky said before she scooped out a forkful of lobster.

“One of my specialties. I have a secret ingredient and it comes out perfectly sweet with just the right touch of tartness.”

“Stop! You’re making my mouth water.” Sky raised her napkin and had a great idea. “Let’s make a pact. When we get time off again, you come home with me and I’ll cook you my best meal if you make that pie for dessert.”

Kyra’s face blossomed with excitement in anticipation of that event. “Deal!” she said. They shook hands to seal the promise. Another topic soon came to Kyra. “If you don’t mind my asking, how did you get Mr. Bowers to let you stay here without him? I mean he’s usually tracking you like a bloodhound.”

Sky released a frustrating huff of air. “I know. But I told him that you were my responsibility and I wasn’t going to let you stay here alone. And I convinced him that he needed to do his job and organize the next venue. He still didn’t like it, but I also reminded him that he wouldn’t want the bad publicity if we had to cancel two concerts in a row. Good publicity equals tickets and more offers. In the end, money always makes his decisions.”

“It’s your career; why do you put up with that?”

Skylar studied her empty plate. Kyra deserved the truth…about a lot of things, but it was not the time, nor the place to dredge up the complicated tale. “He…he has a contract. Bo’s a pain in the ass, but unless he does something to violate the terms, I’m stuck.” That was her standard answer to that question, which she heard often. Sky checked her watch. “How about some peaches and cream?” she asked. The blonde head bobbed eagerly. “Then we have a reservation at 4:00.”

“What for?”

“Well, I rearranged our private hot tub time for this afternoon.” A hand shot up to stop the objection. “We’ll go down there together. You can change in private and enjoy the water by yourself, and I’ll be in the gym working out. No one will bother you, I promise.”

“You did that for me?” Kyra asked with a little emotional squeak.

Sky shrugged a timid shoulder. “You deserve a little VIP treatment.”

* * *

Kyra was thoroughly enjoying her time in the hot tub; to her it was a true luxury. She tried to block everything out as the warm, bubbling water slowly reduced her tight muscles to jelly. She was successful in making her mind blank…for all of about sixty seconds. Then the most beautiful and serene image of colors and light floated into her brain and gradually coalesced into the most beautiful and unique person in her world. Is there any woman on Earth as sweet as Skylar Ramsey? Kyra thought. She’s the best friend I have ever had…will ever have. But could she be more? Kyra shyly grinned at the delightful thought. Maybe I just need to take a chance.

* * *

They spent the early evening packing for their flight then they watched a movie and munched on half a dozen different kinds of snacks. After the adventure flick was over, Kyra turned on a news magazine program and Skylar went to take a shower. While Sky was in the bathroom, Kyra changed into her sleeping clothes; both intended to be asleep by 10:00. Kyra was tidying up after their snack fest when Sky emerged from the bedroom dressed in a robe and brushing her long, slightly damp hair. She flopped down onto the sofa, grumbling at the tangled follicles.

Kyra chuckled and reached for the hand carved brush. “Here let me help you with that.” She slipped in behind the tall woman and worked her way down the hair, releasing the long, snarled strands. Kyra continued the rhythmic strokes long after the hair was straight and shiny. After every sweep, she ran her fingers down the long length of dark brown silk, playing with the softness. Such a lovely play yard, she thought. Kyra stopped to give a little scratch and massage of the scalp beneath the tresses.

“Ohhh, that feels good,” Sky hummed. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. This is a beautiful brush,” Kyra remarked.

Sky glanced back for only a second, but the melancholy was unmistakable. “My mom gave it to me and her mom had given it to her.”

“It’s a wonderful heirloom. Maybe you’ll pass it on to a daughter or granddaughter someday.” Kyra resumed her smooth strokes.

“Maybe,” Sky said. “She used to brush my hair and tell me stories. It was a nightly ritual for us.”

“It’s nice to have those fond memories, isn’t it?”


They both indulged in more memories as the silence ensued. Kyra was brought back to reality with a thought. “You have gorgeous hair,” she said as she finally finished her task.


Kyra moved to a seat beside the singer and placed the cherished brush on the table. She playfully bumped shoulders with her friend.

“I don’t really like it, my hair that is,” Sky said. “I would cut it really short if I could.”

“Why can’t you?”

Sky chuckled. “Bobo would shit a brick if I did that. He says it would make me look too… It’s just not worth the trouble it would cause.”

“Well, I think you’re beautiful…either way.”

Skylar turned, putting them face to face with mere inches between them. “You do?”

“Oh yeah,” Kyra whispered intently. The pull of those incredible indigo eyes was so strong, like a tide to the shore. She saw the desire. She saw the wisdom. Kyra took her chance and let it happen. Their lips gently met once, twice and a third time.

Like a flint to a log in hands of skill, the simple kiss easily turned to a small blaze, providing a long missed warmth to two isolated souls. The kisses remained slow and extremely tender, but an unreleased passion lurked just beneath the surface in each of them. The desire leisurely heightened as the seconds, or maybe days slipped away. A single thought in two minds. A memory in the making. Skylar’s hand drifted up to caress Kyra’s face, her thumb affectionately caressing the smooth cheek. One tongue shyly grazed another, tasting of honey and mint. The exciting sensation suddenly pulled Kyra from the hungry haze. Her eyes opened and she blanched; her courage and her body took a major move back. “I’m sorry,” she choked. “I shouldn’t…” Two fingers landed on her lips.

“No; don’t be sorry. I’m not. Actually, I’ve wanted to kiss you like that for a long time.

Kyra’s eyes brightened. “You have?”

Skylar couldn’t help but smile. But in the next breath her heart fell to her feet. She looked away from the expectant face and found a spot in mid-air to lose herself in. Her truth was heavy and painful. She sucked in a silent breath. “Kyra, you are a very beautiful and desirable woman. And if things were different I would be very happy and honored to be with you.” She finally gained the courage to look into the now confused and somewhat sorrowful eyes. “Because of certain circumstances in my life right now, I can’t have a romantic relationship with you…or anyone”

Kyra suddenly became concerned. “Are you…sick?”

“No; nothing like that. There are just reasons, that I can’t discuss why I have to remain alone. I wish… God I wish things were different.”

“I understand,” Kyra whispered heavily. Although she didn’t really. But she forced up a tepid smile, allowing Sky to do the same.

Skylar took her hand and kissed the back of it, lamenting the final time that her lips would touch any part of the woman she truly desired with her body and her heart. “I don’t want this to affect our working relationship,” she said, “or more importantly, our friendship. I really do care about you Kyra, and our friendship has become very important to me. I don’t know what I would do if I lost that.” Or you.

“It’s very important to me too,” Kyra assured. “And nothing will ever change that.”

* * *

In light of their confessed mutual attraction, Skylar slept on the sofa, where as they had shared the huge king sized bed the night before. Actually, Skylar didn’t get much sleep. She spat a few silent curses, cried a few tears and said a couple of prayers before drifting into an uneasy slumber.


To be continued…


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