Two Part Harmony
By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.
This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.


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Chapter 8

Once the official announcement that Skylar Ramsey was suffering from exhaustion had been made, the entertainment media scrambled to get the news out to the public. The month’s tour dates were rescheduled and the speculation as to the super star’s whereabouts ran rampant. Some reports had her resting at an exclusive Italian resort and others claimed a spa in Switzerland. One rag magazine dared to suggest that the illness was a ruse and that Skylar was secretly marrying her new beau, even though they hadn’t even been seen together recently. Sky had managed to stall that little charade.

Two weeks later, Skylar Ramsey finally slipped out of the top spot on the entertainment news shows and websites.

* * *

Seven days later, Kyra McCall stepped off of a private jet on a sunny, Friday afternoon. As soon as she left the terminal, the scent of the abundant tropical flora wafted to her on a delightfully refreshing breeze. A uniformed driver approached Kyra and announced his services upon Skylar Ramsey’s request. Gathering her modest luggage, he escorted her to a limo and whisked her through the streets and neighborhoods of this modern Eden. After cruising down a long stretch of road, passing no other cars, the limo pulled into a drive bordered on both sides by tall, green, lush vegetation.

The chauffeur rounded the long vehicle and opened her door. “Miss, if you would follow the path around the cottage,” he instructed, “I’ll bring your bags.”

Kyra’s sandaled feet trekked up the blue stone walkway, encountering more blossoming, aromatic foliage. There was colorful and unique looking Bird of Paradise, large leafed Anthurium and brilliant Red Ginger. She stopped to gently sniff one particularly lovely bloom, just knowing she was going to love her time here. The trail eventually led onto a covered patio adorned with stylish furniture, a sunken fire pit and a table already set for two. After the long flight, the tall pitcher which held some unnamed, but thirst quenching beverage the color of a setting sun piqued her interest. But only one thing stole the breath from her lungs. Forty yards away, across a span of pristine golden sand, the sapphire ocean rolled languidly upon the waiting shore, crooning its own tranquil song. Kyra’s mouth fell open in awe. “Wow. Beautiful.”

“It certainly is,” Sky agreed. But not compared to you.

Kyra was not at all startled by the familiar voice, its speaking tone as silky as its singing. She didn’t turn for the moment, her eyes still taking in nature’s splendorous touch.

Skylar contemplated her thoughts as she let her friend continue to take in the scene. And she maintained her private appreciation. Kyra’s profile was rendered with a gently rounded nose above a set of lips, naturally luscious when speaking, singing or silent. A touch of pink blush highlighted a softly sculpted cheekbone. Propelled by the swift ocean breeze, her shoulder length, wheat colored locks billowed behind her like a beautiful ornamental fan. She was dressed in an appropriately lively, floral print shirt and a pair of pale green Capri pants.

Only a matter of seconds had passed, but Kyra suddenly longed for a change of scenery. A half turn of her head and her solemn expression of awe slowly morphed into one of expectant elation and more than a touch of relief. The short time apart had produced a haunting ache from the vacant spot in her life… in her heart. But just one glance at that smile and Kyra’s chest swelled with pride in their friendship and love for the woman of her dreams. Not to be ignored, Kyra’s hormones danced a silent hula as she made a quick assessment of the tall form. Skylar Ramsey was leaning against the door frame, her arms casually crossed in front of her and one ankle over the other. Wow. God’s splendorous touch. A pair of white shorts highlighted exquisite, tanned skin down to the tips of ten perfect toes. A sleeveless, button down shirt in a pretty shade of lilac showed off more tanned skin covering muscles that once again looked toned and strong. Her long, dark hair hung loose down her back. The last stop on the anatomical tour was a bronzed face, relaxed and happy.

They held one another’s eyes for a virtual eternity, proving the mutual and undying love that couldn’t, for reasons beyond control, be realized. Kyra finally moved forward. “You look great,” she said, tossing her arms around Skylar’s neck.

“I feel great…now.” She whispered the last word, but was positive that it was heard anyway. Sky took a step back and reached for something inside the door. She draped an orchid lei of white and green over the blonde head and kissed both cheeks. “Must observe the island customs,” she said with a sly grin. “You’re lookin’ pretty good yourself, my friend. How about a short tour before lunch?”

A nice sized kitchen, a cozy seating area, two bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms made up the small, but dashing tropical cottage. They ended in a room painted in oceanic hues; Kyra’s bedroom for the duration of her stay. Her luggage had already been deposited onto the whitewashed bench at the foot of the queen sized bed. But there was plenty of time for unpacking later. “It’s all just so…beautiful,” Kyra said a touch breathlessly. She pulled a colorful bloom from her necklace and placed it in Sky’s dark hair. “I think you mentioned lunch.”

Over a meal of grilled pork and potatoes they each filled the other in on the events of the previous weeks. Over an hour slipped away as they talked, their harmonic conversation supported by the constant breaking of ivory waves upon the ancient sands.

Sky sat back and sipped from her glass. “I thought you should take the rest of the day to rest up from the plane trip,” she said, then grinned, slightly mischievously. “But I have plenty of things planned for the rest of the week. I want you to tell me if there is something specific you would like to see or do…cliff diving, volcano exploring, Elvis Presley movie landmarks.”

Kyra laughed. “I think I’ll pass on the former two, but as for the latter, my grandmother would love some photographs. She is a major fan and Blue Hawaii is a particular favorite.

Sky nodded amiably. “I’ll see what we can do.”

* * *

The next morning, after some delicious macadamia nut pancakes, Skylar and Kyra took a rented jeep around the island. They stopped for some of those Presley photos and a few souvenirs. Some genuine keepsakes and a couple of slightly tacky, but somehow endearing ones followed Kyra home.

And that’s where she was when she was by Skylar’s side.

The day of sightseeing came to a close with a helicopter ride over the tropical countryside, laden with stunning waterfalls, rocky cliffs, verdant forests and astounding volcanoes. Flying into a breathtaking sunset, displaying a dozen shades of orange, was a magnificent experience, but sharing it hand in hand was an unforgettable memory.

That night, in their respective rooms, Sky and Kyra dreamed of twilight times and sunny smiles.

* * *

Sky went for a peaceful mid-morning swim in the ocean as Kyra sat on the beach, constructing a multi-tiered house of taupe colored grains and salty water. The tall, dripping figure soon dropped to her knees beside the growing palace. “Is architecture a new hobby I don’t know about?” Sky asked. Her suit of iridescent blues perfectly outlined her perfect curves, much to her companion’s pleasure.

Kyra winked an emerald orb. “I still have a few mysteries to be discovered, but no this is just a little reversion to childhood.”

Sky scooped up a handful of soggy sand. “Can I play too?” she asked with a childlike pitch.

The answer was a small grin and for the next half an hour they pleasantly toiled away on the McCall, Ramsey estate. Sky checked the time on Kyra’s watch as the blonde placed a spire of seashells atop a round turret. The blonde stood and snapped a few photos of their grand creation.

Sky bound to her feet, brushed the sand from her legs and announced, “We have an appointment about a mile down the beach and if we start walking now, we’ll just make it.”

Kyra’s interest was certainly roused, but Sky enhanced the mystery with silence. The journey down the beach included encounters with living sea creatures visiting the land and abandoned homes of other organisms, some of which were packed into Kyra’s ever present backpack. Nearing their destination, they rounded a slight curve in the landscape and climbed over a natural blockade of shoulder high boulders. Once on the other side, Kyra saw eight other people, including two children, who seemed to be gathered for something. Two colorful tents provided a backdrop for this staging area.

“What are we doing here?” the intrigued young woman asked.

Skylar looked in those cheery eyes and answered, “We are going snorkeling.”

Kyra’s shocked gaze immediately darted to the people surrounding them. “Umm…snorkeling? But that means…”

“Uh, uh…do you trust me?” Sky asked.

The blonde relaxed a little. “Of course.”

Sky gave Kyra an affectionate tap on the nose. “I’ll be right back.” She trotted a few yards and disappeared into one of the tents.

The petite singer gave another glance at the small group of strangers, all donned in bathing suits and swim trunks. Her gaze shifted to the expanse of bustling ocean. Just get over it, she scolded herself. A lot of people have scars. You’re going underwater, not under the spotlight.

“All right, here we go.” Kyra turned around at the sound of the voice and found a grinning face. “Our apparel for this little adventure,” Sky said, indicating her outstretched arms. Slung over each limb was a neoprene wetsuit. The larger one was in black with red stripes along each side and the smaller one in navy and pink. Both suits would reach to the ankles, satisfactorily concealing Kyra’s shame.

The blonde head shook. Why was I worried? “Thank you.” She stepped forward and kissed the star’s cheek.

“Come on, we can change in the tent over there.”

* * *

The glassy surface of the blue, green liquid allowed the bright rays of summer to shine on the watery kingdom below. Two heads, one dark and one light peeked into another world, where humans can only visit. But the trip was worth it as amazing creatures of all sizes, in groups and alone swam peacefully by. The display of vivid colors and shapes beneath the waves especially fascinated Kyra. She pointed, wide eyed and excited at first one thing and then another, afraid she might miss something spectacular. She had borrowed an underwater camera, and although she was no expert, had thought she got some good shots, capturing forever, memories of this new experience.

A duo of playful dolphins had approached them about an hour in and engaged them in an aquatic game of tag. The four sleek swimmers, all air breathers, frolicked above and below the temperate liquid as laughter and dolphin sounds filled the sun warmed air. Skylar stopped to watch the lively scene and climbed onto the rocks at the edge of the calm cove they had found. Delightful warmth flooded her entire being as she saw the expression of sheer joy covering her best friend’s face. Knowing she had made that happen, gave Skylar one of the biggest emotional highs of her life. It was more than singing in front of thousands, winning major awards or meeting her musical idols.

It was love, pure and simple.

The underwater world of fish and mammals had entertained Skylar and Kyra for over an hour and a half, long after the others had tired and returned to shore. Only when the dolphins swam off for deeper waters, and probably lunch, did Kyra join her companion up on the stony ledge.

“Wow!” the breathless blonde said. “That was incredible. It was so much fun. Did you see that dolphin jump over my head?” Sky chuckled. Kyra chattered on for many more minutes about the exciting experience and how she was feeling. She noticed that Sky was being awfully quiet. The tall singer was wearing a lazy smile and watching the gentle waves splashing over her feet…but she had yet to say a word. “Hey, are you okay?” Kyra asked, slightly concerned.

It was another few seconds before Skylar chose the right words. “I’m fine…nearly perfect.” She tossed her arm loosely over Kyra’s shoulder. “As much as I hate to leave here, we’d better get back; it’s almost three.” She climbed to her feet and gave Kyra a hand up, not relinquishing the petite appendage as they walked back to the beach.



“Thank you.”

The singer didn’t question why. She affectionately squeezed the hand tucked into hers and kept walking.

* * *

Pleasantly tired and hungry after the hike back to the cottage, Sky grilled some hamburgers for their late lunch. Afterward, the two had a nap in the double wide hammock at the far side of the house.

About an hour later, a noisy bird woke Sky from a nice dream. But upon feeling the warm, diminutive body beside her, Sky knew she wanted to live that dream. In the dream she was free to love Kyra McCall in every way. She was able to tell the world that she was going to spend the rest of her life with this woman. She was sharing everything with the only person who would ever own her heart.

But sometimes dreams can’t come true.


Sky turned to see her friend awake. “Hi. Have a nice nap?”


“Good.” Skylar stretched her long frame, jiggling her companion. “How about watching a movie?” she asked. “All that swimming this morning kinda did me in.”

Kyra popped up…as quickly as you can in a hammock anyway and not end up on the ground. “Are you okay?” she sputtered anxiously. “You’re not getting sick again are you? Maybe you should see another doctor.”

“Hold it, hold it.” Sky hushed her worried friend with a caress of her cheek. “I’m not sick. I just meant that my muscles are a little sore, that’s all.”

“Oh…good.” Kyra smiled a little shyly, embarrassed by her outburst. But concern out weighed everything else. “I hate to see you sick.”

Sky nodded. “Thank you for caring.”

“I do,” Kyra said, emotionally. As their eyes met and held, the moment was about to go past the point of friendship. And as much as Kyra wanted that, she restrained herself, respecting the limitations Sky had placed on their relationship. She carefully rolled off the hammock and suggested, “Why don’t you go take a hot shower to loosen those muscles…” she wasn’t about to suggest a massage, “and then a movie sounds great.”

* * *

The next two days were spent cruising on a private yacht to less touristy, but none the less exquisite spots around the islands. They had more fun and more laughs. And made many more memories. On one of those days they made good on a previous deal. Skylar prepared her best recipe and Kyra lovingly baked that perfect pie. The boat was anchored well out on the calm sea; the nearest land was a mere shadow in the distance. Dusk was slowly descending on the day and Skylar took a moment to appreciate the view as she was on deck setting the table for dinner. Taking a step back and blowing out the match between her fingers, Sky saw what she had done. China, silver, crystal and an open bottle of champagne. It was very romantic. “Uh oh.” She hadn’t intentionally made it that way. It just seemed so natural to make it elegant, including adding the lovely flowers and tall candles. Kyra deserves things like this, she thought. God knows I want to be the one to give them to her. She blew out an exasperated breath. But I can’t. Thena small, sexy smile shaped her reddened lips. At least we can enjoy this…for tonight. Skylar looked down at her beach bum attire. “Well, this won’t do for a setting like this.” She headed back to the master suite to change.

Kyra wiped her hands on a nearby towel then set her pie aside. It would go in the oven just as soon as the main course came out. She noticed a dusting of flour and something sticky on her shirt. “I can’t set down to our nice dinner with a mess like this.”

About fifteen minutes later, Kyra stepped back onto the deck. Soft lights along the rail lit her way her down the port side as she proceeded to the dining area. A nice selection of piano music was playing from cleverly disguised speakers, and the scrumptious scent of Skylar’s meal vied for attention with the ocean breeze. She heard Sky walking around on the deck. Kyra rounded a corner, intending to greet her friend…but the words stuck in her throat. There, a few feet before her was a goddess. Skylar was turned away, arranging something on the table and Kyra took the offered time to gaze at her. The tall beauty was wearing a ruby colored short skirt and a shape hugging sleeveless sweater. The lovely ensemble spotlighted her many curves and Kyra was definitely welcoming the show. It was just a shame that she had to do it in secret.

Sky turned and had a little brain drain of her own. The petite blonde took her breath away. A pair of flowing slacks was topped by a silk shirt in the same buttery shade. It almost appeared as if the clothing was an extension of her beautiful, blonde hair, which was held back on one side by an ornate comb. This is exactly how Sky had always envisioned her angel, all soft, sweet and gentle. She finally spoke a demurred greeting. “Hi.”


“I…ah put your pie in the oven and set the timer like you said.”


“Well,” Sky said, stepping aside. “Everything’s ready; have a seat.” Kyra suddenly found her footing and moved toward the table. “You lo…look nice…by the way,” the tall singer stuttered. Gorgeous. Stunning. Magnificent.

“You look …nice too,” Kyra said. Breathtaking. Dazzling. Incredible.

Sky poured champagne for both of them as Kyra buttered a fresh baked roll, suddenly avoiding her friend’s eyes. For the first time since they met, the women felt awkwardness between them. They both knew the feeling was born from their mutual attraction. And unsatisfied desire. And it had never been more evident then when their eyes had just met. Both were looking particularly gorgeous on this night and both felt close to a breaking point.

The conversation was hushed and slow, but the tension eased some as the delicious food disappeared. Culinary compliments passed back and forth between them all the way through the dessert.

Sometime later, Sky walked Kyra to her room.

“So, just one more day,” Kyra observed, sadly as they stood outside her door.

“I’ll try to make sure that your last day here is as good as your first.”

“Surely you know by now, that every minute I spend with you is better than the last.”

Sky dove into the green depths, wanting nothing more than to hide there and create a perfect world for the two of them. If she had no other obligations, she would sail away and find some private island where no one knew of Skylar Ramsey or cared to. But all she could offer was inadequate words. “For me too,” she whispered. “I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight Kyra.” She walked just a few feet and stopped, knowing Kyra was still there watching her...wanting her. No further worries plagued Sky’s thoughts at that moment. It would be so easy to throw open that door, take Kyra in her arms and make love to her all night long. It would be so easy.

There was only one thing to do. Turning around, Sky moved back to her friend and took one more look into her eyes. Leaning forward, Sky’s lips landed and placed a chaste, but affectionate kiss on Kyra’s suddenly flushed cheek. “Sweet dreams.”

* * *

On the last full day they lazed around the cottage until four o’clock. But Skylar had planned one final surprise. They were to attend a private luau, hosted by a club owner and friend of hers.

After a shower, Kyra emerged from the bathroom, tying her robe. She grabbed a brush as there was a knock on her door. She opened it while clearing the tangles from her hair.

Sky entered with a sack in one hand and the other hand behind her back. “I heard the water shut off and I wanted to catch you before you got dressed,” she said. “I have something I hope you will wear tonight.”

“Sky, you didn’t have to get me anything.” Secretly, Kyra loved to get presents. She happily accepted the colorful bag and pulled out two pieces of shimmering cloth. Two small pieces. She eyed the red and yellow bikini and then her grinning friend. “Okay, I’ve learned my lesson; where’s the rest of it?”

Skylar’s face exploded with excitement as the hand behind her back revealed a long, floral print sarong. “May I demonstrate?” After the affirmative reply, Skylar positioned the long wrap around the curvaceous hips and tied it in place. Of course, Kyra’s robe sort of ruined the effect, but Sky’s imagination would carry her through until she saw the real thing. “Tie it to the left and I think you’ll be comfortable,” she softly suggested.

Kyra smiled. “It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

* * *

When Kyra stepped onto the patio and was instantly bathed in golden sunlight, Skylar audibly gasped at her unequaled beauty. The blonde hair was pulled back on one side and a blossom of red was tucked ideally behind one ear. The bikini top modestly, but attractively displayed her feminine swells. The wrap was cut to reveal her left leg when she walked and Sky took full advantage of the view as her lovely companion approached. Kyra was not used to having so much skin exposed, but quickly warmed to the idea when she saw the interested blue eyes. Skylar wore an outfit exactly the same as Kyra’s, but with a top of deep sapphire and an aquatic print skirt.

* * *

The party was exhilarating. There were lovely women dancers performing traditional hulas and buff, copper skin males tossing flaming sticks around like they were mere matches. The party was familiar. Lively and bold music was pounded and strummed by talented musicians using local and popular instruments. The vocals were soft and lyrical, compelling every ear in attendance to tune in. The party was scrumptious. The table in front of them was piled high with foods such as pork, chicken, seafood, sweet potatoes, rice, mixed greens, tons of tropical fruits and a delicious coconut pudding. They ate gloriously.

There were about thirty people sitting around two long tables, mostly couples enjoying the romance of the evening. If there was only one thing that plagued the blonde, it was that. There were so many times when she just wanted to take Sky’s hand, stare into the incredible eyes…say I love you. But for reasons she still didn’t understand, that wasn’t allowed. So she savored the moments of intimacy that were acceptable. They were seated so close that their arms and shoulders brushed quite often, sending warm tingles across the rest of Kyra’s body. They giggled and whispered secrets and jokes. They sang and shared. They danced. And their attempted hulas told top secret tales of desire.

Late into the party, Kyra gradually sipped her Pina Colada and had started feeding her friend chunks of juicy pineapple, while Sky strummed on a borrowed ukulele. But they were intoxicated only by each other.

* * *

They arrived back at the cottage five hours after the party had begun. Sky grabbed a blanket and they took a walk along the beach just as the sun was flexing its artistic muscles, splashing the atmospheric canvas with strokes of hot color. There were no words, just the companionable silence and the whoosh of surf at their feet. Skylar led Kyra to a secluded cove below the house and they had a seat on the blanket and watched as the final edge of the sun slid below the horizon, leaving behind a perfect twilight. The tall singer turned to watch Kyra’s profile. The blonde turned from one beautiful sky to another. Their eyes locked and wouldn’t let go. There was just something about the silent moment. It was free. It was sensuous. It was precious. All resistance suddenly faded. Without one more second slipping away, never to be recovered, their lips met. The kiss, while certainly more than platonic, remained gentle and easy. There was not a touch of reluctance, but an odd shyness as a hand cupped a cheek and another wrapped around an arm. The passion was slow to escalate as Kyra tasted pineapple on the tongue that coyly slipped between her inviting lips. Skylar sampled a hint of rum in return. The darkness draped over them as they delighted in the sweet flesh. Warm, wet and wonderful. Give and take. Share and indulge. But the pull of desire soon had Kyra supine with a length of beautiful body gently pressing against her. The kisses deepened. Two heartbeats pounded louder then the surf tickling twenty toes as Sky worked her fingers under the wrap of colored cloth and trailed down Kyra’s smooth left thigh. Sky leisurely moved her lips along a jaw line and Kyra sucked in a lungful of fresh night air, followed by a lungful of pure, fresh Skylar. She praised the heavens as Skylar continued to do things to her that had previously filled only fantasies. Kyra slid her hands along the bare back, stopping here to memorize supple muscles and there to stroke silky skin. Fingers tangled in knotted ties and deftly worked them free. Soon a pair of sarongs was tossed aside. The feel of absolute skin was fanning the lustful flames. Only the most private of places were still hidden by fabric, tantalizing as it may be.

The moon was peeking down now, providing the only illumination for needy eyes. Skylar slowed her amorous advances and stared into the green orbs made deeper by the night. With a single soft kiss, she made a heartfelt request. “Let me see all of you. Let me feel all of you.”

Kyra couldn’t reject her, didn’t want to. But she was putting every single ounce of her faith in Skylar Ramsey. No one but doctors and family had ever seen her secret; she had never trusted that much. But now she had to, her heart would not deny the chance. “Yes,” she answered. “Be the first to know me…to love me.”

Skylar treasured the precious opportunity and gave her another tender kiss. Her eyes spoke the words of love she could not say with her voice. “I will keep this in my heart,” she whispered, “and cherish your faith always.” She gently removed the bathing suit she had presented earlier. Sky hadn’t exactly anticipated that the evening would have ended this way. But there in the sand, in the arms of the woman she loved, she would not stop. As long as she knew Kyra wanted to share this most intimate of acts, Sky would spend the night loving her.

And deal with tomorrow when it came.

“Wonderful. I could stay here like this for the rest of my life.” Skylar lowered her mouth to a dark pink nipple, tasting the salty skin and playing with the pebbling texture. It grew against her tongue and Skylar poured on more attention, humming in delight. Her long fingers strummed the other one rhythmically, pushing Kyra along the heights of passion. The gasps of pleasure and whimpered words inspired Sky to compose an entire aria. The second verse was played an octave lower with a series of kisses, licks and playful nips across the taut expanse of bared belly. The day’s sun had substantially warmed the skin that was usually protected. Careful of any possible burns, she gentled her attention, but not the time spent. There was no time limit. Time was irrelevant. Sky would have been deliriously happy to live in the moment forever. But with each new moment came even more exciting discoveries. Like the tiny birthmark at the top right corner of the triangle of blonde curls. She kissed it reverently as she easily nudged her lover’s legs apart. She shifted to settle between the slightly trembling limbs and lipped the inner thighs that were already covered in a thin coat of sweetness. One hand returned to tease Kyra’s breast as Sky’s tongue danced in the pool of flesh, continuing the song of love.

Kyra clutched at the blanket and the loose sand beneath it as the euphoria enveloped her. “Oh, Skylar…I dreamed…so long…please…” A rustle of movement and air, and Kyra felt the hot breath on her breast again. A long leg overlapped hers and Sky moved against her with an age old rhythm. Long fingers sank into the scorching velvet, touching a soul as well as the flesh. The air escaped Kyra’s lungs. She couldn’t open her eyes; she could barely breathe. All she could do was float on the sensational sensations.

The feel of lips, nibbling, sucking and kissing…everywhere.

The hands, reaching, rubbing and caressing…inside and out.

The power of a commanding presence, filling her world with security and anticipation.

The muscles flexing against her belly.

The tenderness of a soul giving and sharing completely.

The skin, soft and sexy, igniting flames with a touch.


More floating. Weightless. Carefree.




“Sky, I l…” The final word was devoured by the ravenous, raven haired lover. Their lips met again and again as the cooling wind brushed over their humid bodies, raising goose bumps. Kyra looked deep into the indigo eyes, seeing nothing but love and raising her hopes. “Can I tell you how utterly happy I am right now. Not just because you made magnificent love to me, but because now I get to love you.” She ducked her face with a sudden shyness. “I only hope I can please you, make you feel this amazing.”

Skylar lifted the adorable chin and gave her another reassuring kiss. “You are wonderful,” she stated proudly, “and whatever you do will be wonderful. Just lying beside you is perfection.”

Kyra grinned with a renewed courage. “Well, let’s see if I can improve on perfection.”

* * *

Sometime later, as Sky’s breathing calmed and the spots finally stopped swirling behind her closed lids, she chuckled sexily and informed her partner that perfection had definitely achieved a new meaning. They snuggled tightly and pulled the ends of the wide blanket around them, warding off the chilled night. There were no thoughts of returning to the house from either drowsy woman. They were very content and secure right where they were. Sleep was quickly over taking the duo, but Sky managed to murmur a final thought. “I always knew we made beautiful music together.”

Kyra smiled lazily, in total agreement.


To be continued…

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