Two Part Harmony
By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.
This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.


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Chapter 9

Sometime during the night, Skylar awoke and pulled on her bathing suit. She turned to her deeply slumbering companion and smiled fondly. Sky shuffled the few yards to the patio and returned with another blanket and a pillow. She lifted the blonde head and slid the pillow into place, kissing the forehead as she gently replaced it. Still refusing to think about the future and concentrating on the moment, Skylar returned to the place beside her friend and covered them both. With a sigh, she fell back to sleep.

* * *

The next time Skylar opened her eyes, the sky was no longer inky black. The dark gray surrounding her, accurately matched her new mood. She should have been deliriously happy; she had everything she truly wanted.

But not really.

The aching truth crashed down around her. The tears from her drowning soul ran down her cheeks in torrents. Sitting up, she pulled her knees to her chest and buried her face with the shame of what she’d done.


Something roused Kyra from sleep. A muffled noise sounded behind her. It wasn’t a bird or any other kind of wild animal. Wrapping the blanket under her arms to cover her nude body, Kyra sat up and realized the source of the sound. She cupped the back of the distressed, dark head. “Skylar?” The star looked up, not bothering to hide her sadness. “Why are you crying?” Kyra asked. “Do you regret…?”

Sky reached out to stop the question. “No. I will never regret making love with you. That was the most beautiful experience of my life.” She looked away, feeling like a coward. “I’m crying because… it can’t happen again.” Returning to the eyes that deserved her attention, Sky continued. “The circumstances preventing me from having a permanent relationship still exist.”


The single word stabbed at Sky’s heart like a rusty dagger.

“Bo and your career.” Kyra didn’t want to sound bitter. She wasn’t, but the disappointment ran fathoms deep with the stings from a thousand hives.

“Yes, but it’s much more than that,” Sky said. “If it was only that simple, I would kick him out on his ass and run my own career…my own life.”

Kyra pulled in an uneven breath. “Well…I…”

“Don’t say you understand because you can’t!” Sky immediately regretted the tone of her voice. “You couldn’t because I’ve never told you why. I’m sorry; I’m not angry at you. I never could be. I’m angry with myself for hurting you, leading you to think… But last night, I couldn’t resist you any longer. I just had to know the reality of you…of us.”

“I don’t regret anything either,” Kyra said. “Last night was beautiful for me too. As disappointing as it is, I respect your reasons, whatever they are.”

Skylar’s face suddenly transformed. The tension melted away, defeated by her intense emotions for the blonde singer. “I want you to know what they are,” she said honestly. “I want to finally tell you everything. I need you to know the whole truth. You deserve nothing less.”

Kyra nodded. “Okay. I’m listening.”

Sitting on a secluded, Hawaiian beach with daylight rising all around her, Skylar Ramsey began her sad story.

“My dad was a gambler and he drank; the betting was his real problem though. He and my mom used to fight about it all the time. She had to work two jobs to make up for what he lost, and that was a lot. I don’t think he ever wanted a kid. He hardly ever showed me any attention. He never hugged me or said he loved me. He never gave me a compliment. Nothing I ever did was good enough for him. If I got B’s they should have been A’s. If I came in second, it should have been first.” Skylar smiled. “My mom was great though. She tried hard to give me enough love for two parents, and was always supportive and encouraging.” Skylar paused, picked a handful of sand and let it sift through her fingers. “Something changed when I was thirteen. He could hardly look at me anymore and when he did all he would do was yell, calling me names, terrorizing me. I never knew what I did or what happened to make him hate me…and he did. He told me all the time…when my mom wasn’t around. I never said anything to her because he threatened to hurt her if I did. This went on for about four months. Then one hot, summer night, my mom was working late and I had to fix dinner for him. I guess he didn’t like what I made,” she chuckled morosely. “He was livid. He started screaming and hitting me. I was terrified. When he grabbed a knife, I knew he was going to kill me. I huddled on the floor in the corner of the kitchen, hiding my face. The harder I cried, the madder he got.” Sky hesitated again, her eyes glassy and distant. And full of pain. Kyra put an encouraging hand on her arm. The skin was chilly and the muscles shivering. She placed the blanket around her friend’s shoulders and covered herself with her sarong. Skylar managed a glance and continued with the worst part of the story. “Suddenly he just stopped…and I heard him hit the floor. I thought he had just slipped and fell, but I was too scared to look. I didn’t move for what seemed like hours, but then I finally took a chance. I slowly peeked over my arm and he was on the floor next to me, not moving. There was blood under his head. His bloodshot eyes were still open and they were staring right at me with a chilling glare. I wasn’t sure what to do until I looked up and my mom was standing there. She didn’t say a word, didn’t move. But she was holding this heavy, black skillet in her hand. She had come home early, saw what he was doing…and stopped him from hurting me.” Again Kyra gave a comforting squeeze and scooted closer. Skylar took a deep breath, her chest tight. “I asked her over and over again to come and help me, but she still didn’t move…didn’t even flinch. Finally, I scooted away from him and ran next door. The police and an ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I wasn’t seriously hurt, just bruises and minor cuts...but it hurt. My aunt and uncle came and took me home with them. I asked about my mother for a week before Aunt Beth finally told me what was happening. My mom was in catatonic state, conscious, but not responsive. She’s still that way today. She was a very religious woman and the doctor said the guilt of letting him hurt me and then taking a human life, no matter how retched it was, was too much for her to handle.” Sky turned, her expression one of sadness, but she was no longer reliving that horror. “She’s in a facility in Colorado.” The irony showed in the green eyes. “When you told me about your sister that night, I wanted so much to tell you that I completely understood how that felt. I wanted to share that with you. But I was afraid.”

Kyra remembered the empathy that had glowed in the deep blue eyes when they had gone to visit Jillian. Now that time meant so much more. Kyra swallowed a bit of bile that had crept into her throat. She was being flooded with so much emotion, anger at the being who had fathered Skylar and pain for the terrified child inside her lover. A hand went to her stomach to quell the cramping. “That’s horrible,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

Skylar took her hand and rubbed the back with her thumb. “I guess you’re wondering what that has to do with us having a relationship.” Kyra’s expression was one of confusion; she had almost forgotten why Sky had shared her secret. “Bo is blackmailing me,” Sky confessed. “I don’t know how he found out about my mother, but he did. He is running my career and he gets a bigger paycheck than any other manager in the business. That’s why he calls me Cash; as a constant reminder. As if I could ever forget. He threatens to tell the world about my past and exactly where she is if I don’t follow his orders. He would also tell the press where my aunt and uncle live; they’d never be left alone. If it was just about me I wouldn’t care. But you know the press, they would hound the institution and the people there don’t deserve that. They need peace. My mom sacrificed everything to protect me. Now I have to makes sacrifices to protect her.”

Kyra leaned forward, tenderly kissed Sky’s lips then put their foreheads together. “I understand everything now.”

“You should hate me,” Sky said. “When I invited you here, I knew there was a good chance that we would make love…and that I would have to hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

Kyra pulled back and smiled sadly. “Don’t be. When I accepted the invitation, I hoped that we would make love, despite everything you’ve said. It’s what I wanted.” They were quiet for awhile, drowning in heartache, but not regret.

“Where does that leave us now?” Sky finally asked.

“You are my best friend,” Kyra assured, “and you’ll always be my best friend.”

Skylar hugged the forgiving woman. “Thank you for being the wonderful person you are.”

They separated, but remained close. “I know you want to be with me,” Kyra said, “and now I know exactly why you can’t. Last night will always be a very special memory for both of us. But we both accept that it won’t happen again.” She paused, and then decided to speak her own truth. “Skylar, I l…”

“No, please don’t. My heart is already broken. If I hear you say those words, it will crumble.” Sky paused. “ too.”

Kyra nodded a sad understanding.

They sat side by side, Kyra’s head on Skylar’s shoulder, watching the sun rise, knowing it would probably be the last one they would see together.

* * *

Their trip home was spent in shattered, heartrending silence.

When they returned to work, none of the other Sky High members was the wiser about what had transpired between Sky and Kyra. They always had a friendly smile for each other and still spent time together as they always had. Only one small change had happened in their relationship. The physical touches had to be kept at a minimum now that they had touched in all those other exotic places. At first, having made love once had taken the edge off their lusting. But eventually, in the dark of night, when each was all alone in bed, all they wanted in the world was to feel the silk and curves, flesh and breath. They only hoped the bodily ache would reduce to a dull throb in time and just let their emotional connection sustain them.

* * *

But as the weeks passed, that didn’t seem to be the case.

* * *

Bo gave them a particularly suspicious glare whenever he saw them together. Or perhaps it was just Sky’s…over estimation. It certainly wasn’t guilt. She did not feel guilty for the act they had shared. The only remorse that still plagued Skylar’s conscience was the loss and longing in her friend’s eyes…and in her own soul.

* * *

They were heading into the studio at the end of November to record new songs for her third CD. This one was supposed to include the duet of Sky and Kyra’s first collaboration. Sky called her friend the night before the first session to ask if she still wanted to sing with her, given the nature of the song. Kyra had been looking forward to this chance for months and assured Sky that she would be a professional and perform respectfully.

Once settled in at the recording studio the next morning, Sky grabbed the music sheets for ‘Touch of …His Love’. A quick scan of the words, the new words, and she ran to find Bo. “What the hell is this?” she asked, shaking the papers in his face.

“Cash, I thought you graduated with a degree in music,” he answered smugly.

“The changes in this song have your stink all over them.”

“Those changes have my particular talents all over them,” he countered.

“Why?” she asked severely. “As if I didn’t know.”

“Then why waste my breath?”

“Because your ignorance enlightens me.”

He grinned wickedly. “As a duet, the way she wrote it, it sounded like you two were singing a love song to each other. You and I both know that’s a no no. I changed every your to his and now it works.”

Sky’s jaw tensed and she spoke through gritted teeth. “Kyra wrote this song the way she envisioned it. You cannot change her words without her permission.”

Bo gave her a condescending pat on the shoulder. “You explain it to her Cash. I’m sure she’ll do whatever you say. It’s either a duet with the new words or a solo with the original. It’s your choice.” He swaggered down the hallway, stroking his ego and his whiskers. A wadded up paper ball bounced off his hard head.

When Kyra arrived, Skylar took her into a private room. She explained the situation and apologized profusely.

“Sky,” Kyra said, “singing with you is the greater joy. Besides, if we used the original words, I would be singing to you.”

A familiar tickle flittered over Sky’s body. The memory of fingertips on her skin, down her spine and licks… A tiny twitch stretched the corners of her mouth. “I guess you’re right.”

* * *

A small plane, Skylar’s newly purchased private jet, landed at a little airport outside of Denver. In less then an hour, a rented SUV reached the locked gate of Silver Lake Institute. The private center was nestled deep in an evergreen forest where the clean scent of pine and earth made breathing a pleasure instead of a necessity. Skylar entered a code and when the tall, iron gates parted, she guided the sturdy car up the long winding drive and into the parking lot. Kyra marveled at the beautiful surroundings. Everywhere she
looked it was green. A deep and mysterious verdant, dusted with flakes of frosty ivory. The duo got out of the car and pulled their jackets a little tighter against the wind that had suddenly whipped up. Boots headed toward the front door, crunching the three inches of newly fallen snow.

“I love that sound,” Sky said happily as she did a little dance in the white stuff.

“And I love that smile.”

And I love you. Sky looked around, pushing that thought aside.“For the longest time it made me so sad to come up here.”

“But not now?” Kyra questioned.

“No. I mean I would give anything, pay anything, do anything to see her well and happy again. But I know that this is the very best life she can have…right now. Most of the residents here are suffering with some psychological or neurological disorder. Some have Alzheimer’s or dementia; some only come here temporarily for a peaceful rest.” Sky took a gloved hand in hers and resumed their trek to the door.

“Is there any hope at all that your mother will ever…come out of her current state?” Kyra asked.

“I’ll never give up hope. Someday, something will reach her.”

Kyra studied the cluster of two story buildings, which were connected by glass enclosed walkways. She would never have known this was a health facility. It looked more like a mountain lodge with its stone veneer and etched glass double doors.

They entered into a lovely lobby filled with rich colors and comfortable seating. Kyra marveled at the setting as she followed her friend down carpeted hallways with cheerfully painted walls, lined with nature themed artwork. It was incredible, especially with what she had to compare it to. Some would say it was unnecessarily lavish. And true, most of that was for the visitors and family. But when it was your loved one in need of such comprehensive care, all you tended to see was the quality of that care.

When Skylar walked into her mother’s room, another lady was there reading aloud from a classic novel. The woman, who was around the same age as Skylar’s mom, looked up from the page and smiled. She set the book aside and patted her patient on the leg. “Gina, your daughter has come to see you,” she said brightly. “And it looks like she’s brought a friend. Let’s turn you around so you can have a good visit.” She turned the wheelchair away from the window and told Gina she would be back later. “It’s nice to see you again Skylar,” the caregiver said. “Your mother is doing fine. In fact, we were watching television a few days ago and your name was mentioned. I watched her for any reaction and I swear her finger twitched.”

Skylar smiled. “Thanks Rebecca. I know I always say this, but I’m very glad she has you.” The nice woman left them to their visit. Sky hugged her mom and then introduced her best friend.

Kyra definitely recognized the family resemblance. Gina’s medium length hair, while showing definite signs of gray, was the same dark shade as her daughter’s. Her expression was placid and the deep hued eyes were lost in a personal place of peace that every outsider could only imagine. The large room surrounding them was tranquilly painted in sage and tan. A soft pile under foot undoubtedly helped keep the room warm in Colorado winters. A pair of brown curtains was pulled back to reveal a large window and the scene beyond. Her first floor room overlooked what would be a colorful garden in the spring and summer. Located throughout the plot of land were poles of varying heights and perched atop them were bird houses and feeders of different designs. In the trees beyond, Kyra could see more feeders and a few birds flitting about in the branches.

Skylar was having a little chat with her mother, hoping that something was being heard. She was holding her hand and rubbing her arm, happy to still feel the toned muscles. Sky stopped talking and caught her friend’s gaze.

“Your mother is beautiful,” Kyra said.

Skylar studied her mom, who sat tall despite her infirmity. “Yes she is.”

“And this place is…exceptional. You’re so lucky to have found it.”

“I know. It’s very exclusive, but I wish it didn’t have to be. Each resident here has their own personal…caregiver, only they call them pals. Each pal has medical and psychological training. Based on the resident’s condition and their past history, each pal creates a plan for their charge, including diet, physical therapy and mental enrichments. It’s really incredible, the attention they are able to provide here; it’s not just a job, they really care.”

When Rebecca returned to take Gina for lunch, Skylar led Kyra to a rooftop balcony. The sun was out now, helping to warm the early December air, but still Kyra had a little shiver. Skylar wrapped long arms around her from behind. She was thankful for the two heavy layers between them, not for keeping out the cold, but from keeping out the heat from their touch. They quietly savored the rare, but welcomed intimate moment as they took in the view. There in the distance were the majestic Rockies. The snow covered mountain range, so old and so bold was a wondrous gift from God’s hand.

Kyra sighed. It was one of regret, but not in the scenery. “Jilly could thrive here,” she spoke softly. “It would calm her restlessness. I think she’s so obsessed with music only because there’s nothing else for her to do.”

“I bet she would,” Sky agreed. She moved closer to the ear hidden behind soft, golden tresses. “You know…maybe we could bring her up here…and I could take care of the bill.”

Oh God, please help me, Kyra thought. I just fell even more in love with this woman. And even though I’m in her arms, she’s so far away. Kyra gently disengaged from the embrace and turned.She cupped the face with her gloved hand.“As much as I want that, she’s not your responsibility Skylar. I can’t accept your generosity. But I …appreciate how much you care.”

Sky nodded in mute acceptance. She hadn’t really believed that Kyra would agree to the offer. But she had to ask. Maybe she’ll change her mind someday.

* * *

Skylar knew that her friend was missing her family, so she talked Kyra into taking the trip home on the new jet. She stayed behind to spend more time with her mother. Late in the afternoon it began to snow again. The tiny, white shapes fell from the darkening sky in an almost lyrical manner. She sat beside her mother, both staring out the window, one seeing the winter weather and one seeing through her veil of protection. But just what she saw nobody knew.

Sky reached over and took her mother’s hand. “I’m in love Mama. For the first time in my life I know what love feels like. Every time I look at Kyra my breath catches in my chest, and it may be cliché, but my heart skips a beat. Half the time I feel crazy and out of control and the rest of the time I’m floating so high I can’t see anything but her face in the clouds. I’ve never felt so complete.” She looked to her mother’s profile. “But I’ve never been so miserable.” She paused and inhaled an angered and painful breath.

“That monster I hired has turned what should have been the most wonderful and exciting time of my life into a slice of hell.” Just in case Gina could understand what she was saying, Sky didn’t dare mention his blackmail threats; her mother didn’t need any more guilt. “This is my future,” Sky continued. “No, it’s our future; I’m not the only one enduring this pain. Kyra suffers too. And that just about kills my soul. I want her to be my future. I’ve dreamed about it you know, raising a family together and growing old in each other’s arms. Those dreams are so incredibly beautiful.” She paused again as more snow and tears fell to earth. “I can’t imagine my life without her. I know we’ll always be friends, but that will never be enough. I’ll love her for the rest of my life.” Sky tried to picture herself in a parent’s shoes…a mother’s shoes. She remembered things her mother had said to her when they had their before bedtime talks.

Gina sat behind her ten year old girl, brushing her long dark hair, making it soft and shiny.

“Mama,” young Skylar said, “will I have a daughter when I grow up?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure; you might have a son.” Her daughter scoffed at the idea and Gina laughed. “But I hope you do have a child. And I hope you find someone who will love you, respect you and share everything with you.” She put the brush down and turned her daughter’s face toward her. “Sweetheart, there has been no greater joy in my life than being your mother. You are going to be a beautiful and exceptional woman. You’re already an exceptional young lady. And I want you to have everything you desire, everything that will make you happy. I am so proud of you.” Gina pulled the child to her for a fierce hug. “I love you Skylar.”

You saved my life so I could grow up, Sky realized. To become an adult and be successful at something I love. To fall in love and not be alone. To be happy. “I’m sorry Mama for not honoring your sacrifice. Just being alive is not enough, is it? I’m letting him do this to me. And I have to stop that.” Skylar hugged the silent woman. “Thank you Mama. I love you.”

To be continued…

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