Ab Initio

by Cruise

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Part 3

Rayne sadly thought about Brandon and Cole...how tragic it would be for them to grow up without their mother. She thought about how it was bad enough that they would miss out on knowing what a wonderful woman their great grandmother was and for their mother along with their unborn sister to meet their grandmother's fate was unbearable to think about. She imagined what she would say to their child if something like that happened to Lark. She didn't want to have to do that to a child and certainly didn't want Lark to be put in that type of danger.

Jayce met Lark as she exited the bathroom and told her what happened. Lark was devastated and knew that Rayne would be too. She rushed over to their seats and sat next to Rayne noticing the blank stare she possessed along with her motionless state. If she didn't see the slow, steady rise and fall of her chest she would be convinced she was dead. Her heart filled with sadness looking at her distraught lover and her tears streaked her face. She took Rayne's hand in her own who was oblivious to her presence. She didn't even realize Lark was holding her hand. Lark's heart ached for her saddened lover. "Baby...Rayne...look at me." Lark pleaded softly rubbing Rayne's arm and shook her hand to break her trance with no response from Rayne. "Rayne...you're scaring me." Lark answered anxiously and pulled Rayne toward her who finally looked at her when her trance was broken. Rayne looked deeply into Lark's warm, green eyes and engulfed her in a hug. She held her so tight Lark could hardly breath. "Rayne...honey, you're hurting me." Lark gasped in the missing air when Rayne released her and knelt before her on the floor now at eye level with Lark.

Rayne grasped Lark's hands and held them locking blues with greens. "Lark ...I don't want you to ever be put in the same position as Holly. We need to reconsider having a baby." Rayne explained with a pensive expression and tear streaked cheeks.

Lark was stunned, shocked and saddened all at the same time. "Rayne...just because this happened to Holly doesn't mean this will happen to me." Lark answered trying to assure Rayne.

"I don't want to take a chance on losing you like that...no way. I just got you back and I don't want to take any unnecessary chances." Rayne answered adamantly shaking her head side to side to emphasize her point.

"Rayne...stop it." Lark demanded firmly and held Rayne's face in her hands. "Baby I could die in a car accident just as easy. I'm not going to live my life in fear and you shouldn't either. You'll drive yourself crazy if you do." She answered concerned.

"Lark, I've lost too many people who were very close to me and it petrifies me to think about losing you too." Rayne answered honestly her heart catching in her chest at the thought of it.

"Honey...we are not immortal...I'm going to die one day and that's a fact. I accept that, but I'm not going to go through life trying to avoid certain situations that may do harm to me...that's not a happy life and certainly not one I want to live." Rayne looked at Lark and knew what she said was the truth. "Rayne...a baby assures us that our legacy lives on once we have moved on to another lifetime...that's what I want...a baby." Lark answered honestly and sincerely.

"I'm sorry Lark...I'm just very scared." Rayne answered seeing the sincerity in Lark's green eyes and sat on the floor at Lark's feet. Rayne laid her head in her lover's lap and wrapped her arms around Lark's waist holding her tightly before closing her eyes.

"I know sweetheart...we're all scared." Lark answered running her fingers through Rayne's dark hair to sooth her angst.

Rayne's anxiety began to calm from Lark's soothing strokes and decided she should talk to Lark about her feelings. She stood up holding Lark's hand and guided her out of the chair leading her into the sleeping quarters of the plane. Lark sat on the bed with Rayne lying back resting her head in her hand with her elbow leaning against the bed in a side lying position. Lark turned to look at Rayne who slipped her hand on Lark's stomach and guided her down on the bed next to her leaving her hand resting where it lay.

Lark looked concerned into Rayne's saddened blue eyes. "Baby...I've never seen you so upset." And rested her own hand on Rayne's resting on her stomach.

"I know...it's hit me all at once especially what's happening with Holly. I promised I would talk to you and that's what I'm going to try to do Lark. I'm not one to show my feelings...you know that and I...aah...tend to hide them and I'm sorry for that." She paused to calm her emotions, which swelled within and inhaled deeply to settle them.

"Rayne...you and I share the most intimate moments two people can share. You don't have to be so mysterious with me and you don't have to believe I'll think less of you if you cry in front of me. I love you and I want to be there for you...to comfort you when you need me. I love you no matter what." Lark answered sincerely rubbing Rayne's arm comfortingly.

"I know Lark and I appreciate that. I'm trying. It's difficult for me to bare my soul...but I promise I will try harder to with you." Rayne answered honestly and looked Lark squarely in the eye.

"At least it's a start." Lark answered with a small smile and kissed Rayne.

Rayne smiled briefly which then turned serious. "You know how close I was to gramma Taye and how her death devastated me. I refused to believe that she was truly gone and it's still hard for me to accept that fact. I didn't deal with her death like I should have and I just pushed everything deep inside instead, choosing to withdraw. That was easier for me to handle. I can't even bring myself to visit her grave because I don't know if I can handle that finality." Rayne explained solemnly with Lark seeing Rayne's blue eyes fill with tears. "I have an overwhelming amount of guilt because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to gram or tell her how much I loved her before she passed away. I feel like if I had been there that she would have fought harder to live. This is so hard." Rayne explained sadly and looked down at the bed inhaling deeply her tears flowing harder and subconsciously traced circles on Lark's stomach from her nervousness. Rayne collected herself and looked up at Lark. "I feel like my gram gave up because I didn't care or love her enough to be there when she needed me. I just know that if I would have been there to hold her hand and to tell her I loved her she would have fought harder." Rayne answered crying harder as Lark gathered her into her arms pulling her to her chest to comfort her with her own tears flowing harder. Lark held Rayne and kissed her head as Rayne clung tightly to her.

"Babe, Gram knows how much you love her and care for her. She knew that then and she knows it now. The dead can hear our thoughts and I know that gram didn't think that you didn't love her honey. You were the apple of her eye and she adored you." Lark answered lovingly and kissed Rayne's head.

Rayne looked up at Lark. "How did you know that?" Rayne asked with a proud half smile.

"She told me every chance she got darlin and I could see it when she looked at you."

"Gram really liked and loved you a lot Lark. She used to tell me...'you better not break her heart!'" Rayne answered pointing her finger and imitating her grandmother with a slight laugh.

"She was a fantastic woman Rayne...I loved her so much too." Lark answered with a loving smile fondly remembering Rayne's grandmother.

"I feel bad that Brandon and Cole will miss out on what a wonderful person she was and so, will...the new baby...well, if they make it." Rayne stammered sadly and flopped on her back feeling completely overwhelmed by everything. She wasn't used to being so open with her feelings and rubbed her face with her hands her thoughts going back to Holly and the baby. "Aah!" She exclaimed frustrated.

Lark rolled on to her side and looked down at Rayne. "Babe...they're going to be fine...have some faith okay?" Lark replied encouragingly moving Rayne's hands away from her face.

"I wish I could be as optimistic as you Lark." Rayne answered with a slight smile feeling so much relief since she talked to Lark and just from the mere fact of looking into Lark's beautiful green eyes.

"I have enough optimism for both of us. Listen, you can let Brandon, Cole and the baby know what a wonderful great-grandmother they had just by telling them stories about her. I also want you to let our child know about her too. I hope you're still not adamant about us not having a child." Lark answered worriedly wiping away Rayne's remaining tears.

"No I want us to have a child, but I'm going to drive you nuts with worry...I'm letting you know ahead of time." Rayne answered with a chuckle holding Lark against her tightly. "Thanks for being there for me...I feel a lot better." Rayne whispered in her ear before Lark looked up.

"I love you Rayne and I'm always here for you...always." Lark answered smiling and sealing her profession with a soul-searing kiss.

Rayne was surprised by how much better she felt and knew it was because Lark was with her, holding her, comforting her and kissing her. She made a mental note to never hold back her feelings from Lark again...it was very liberating and she wished she had done this a long time ago...but she didn't and she regrets that now. Lark broke the kiss and laid her head against Rayne who held her tight loving every minute of her closeness with Lark. Lark was happy Rayne finally confided in her and she felt like Rayne had made a major break through by doing it. It hurt her to see Rayne so upset, but she was happy Rayne didn't shut her out and allowed her to comfort her. "Hey!" Jayce replied stepping in the doorway. "We're getting ready to land."

Rayne and Lark both looked at him. "Okay...thanks." Rayne answered as they both sat up. Rayne clutched Lark's hand tightly to keep her connection with her blonde lover standing up and heading back to their seats to prepare for landing.

The plane landed without incident and was met on the tarmac by a limousine to escort them to the hospital. Everyone rushed into the hospital and saw Holly's parents at the end of the hall trying to contain the overactive young Donovan boys...Brandon and Cole. Brandon looked up and saw Rayne walking towards then hand in hand with Lark. His face lit up at the sight of his aunt. "Auntie Rayne!" He yelled and squirmed free from his grandmother's clutches and ran towards Rayne who scooped him up in a hug as he wrapped his small arms around her neck tightly.

"Hey buddy." Rayne replied softly rubbing his back and loved the feeling of having him in her arms.

He looked at her with saddened blue eyes that mirrored her own. "Mama and the baby are sick. They're going to be okay aren't they?" He asked with a furrowed brow.

Rayne looked down at Lark who put her hand on the small of Rayne's back for comfort. "I'm sure of it buddy...you keep thinking good thoughts okay?" Rayne answered hoping to reassure him despite her torn feelings and reality that...the situation just wasn't good.

Rayne's parents hugged Holly's parents as Jayce comforted Cole. Rayne, Brandon and Lark walked towards the group who discussed Holly's condition. Holly's mom informed them that the doctor explained that her condition had improved and they're working to deliver the baby much to everyone's relief. Rayne sat down next to Lark to wait for any further word on her condition with Brandon refusing to relinquish the vice grip hold he had on his tall aunt. She hugged him and rubbed his back until she felt his tense muscles relax. Lark loved to watch Brandon and Rayne together. They were just like two peas in a pod and she thought they were absolutely adorable together as well as her and Cole. Maybe it was because she was biased...nah, it was the close bond they shared Lark thought smiling and watching them interact. Rayne absolutely adored her nephews as they did the same to her. Lark watched them lovingly and thought about how she couldn't wait to see her gorgeous lover holding their own child in her arms.

Lark rubbed Brandon's back and looked at him before kissing his forehead. "What happened to you hair Auntie Lark?" Brandon asked quizzically.

"I got bubble gum stuck in it and had to cut it all off." She teasingly laughed eliciting a giggle out of him and lifted his head up to look at Rayne to see if she did it.

"Don't look at me...I didn't put bubble gum in her hair." She teasingly answered and tickled him causing him to giggle more.

He stopped laughing and looked at Cole. "Cole...Auntie Lark got bubble gum in her hair and had to cut it off!"

Cole ran up to Lark surprised. "You did?" He asked with a wide-eyed look.

"That's the rumor." Lark teased with a laugh.

"I love it!" He answered excitedly and wrapped his arms around her neck tightly with Lark engulfing him in a hug.

"Auntie Rayne! I love your necklace." Brandon exclaimed with excitement playing with her necklace and staring at it intently.

"Thanks...Auntie Lark gave it to me." Rayne answered glancing at Lark smiling and flashed a wink her way before looking back at her nephew.

"I really like it. I want one...can you get me one?" He asked hopeful and looked at Lark.

"Brandon...that's not nice to beg for something." Rayne replied sternly.

"It seems I remember someone begging for something just last night." Lark whispered mischievously in Rayne's ear and received sideways glance from Rayne.

"I'm sorry ...but it's really cool."

"It's okay...I knew you would like it so, I got both of you one. But, I'll have to give it to you when I get unpacked." Lark answered with a smile as Cole's headshot up and looked at her excitedly.

"Yes!" They both replied exuberantly with Brandon looking at Rayne his demeanor turning serious. "She's staying this time right? She won't be going anywhere will she?" He asked with trepidation his blue eyes staring into Rayne's.

Rayne and Lark both laughed. "I'm not letting her go anywhere." Rayne answered smiling and kissed his forehead lacing her fingers through Lark's sending a flush of warmth throughout Lark who smiled happily.

"Auntie Lark can we come stay with you and Auntie Rayne at your house?" Brandon asked excitedly.

Lark glanced up at Rayne to find out how to answer the question and Rayne winked at her. "Sure...and I'll even go fishing too." Lark answered smiling with Brandon, Cole and Rayne all looking at her speechless and bewildered.

"You three behave...I like to fish I just don't like touching them or the bait!" Lark answered arching an eyebrow at Rayne and Brandon who looked at one another mischievously.

"Princess." They both answered in unison as everyone laughed.

"You mister...need to stop hanging around your Auntie Rayne. You're becoming incorrigible just like her." Lark teased tickling Brandon who giggled incessantly.

"Auntie Lark...we're glad you're going to be living with Auntie Rayne again." Cole replied happily and hugged Lark.

"Me too...sweetheart...me too." Lark answered smiling and squeezed Rayne's hand that still held her own.

Shayan walked through the door with tears in his blue eyes looking completely wiped out. Everyone stood up with nervous trepidation as Lark squeezed and held Rayne's hand tighter in anticipation of the impending news, which they hoped would be good.

"They're both fine and we have a new edition to our family...a beautiful baby boy." He answered with happiness and joy as he began to cry.

Rayne released the breath she unconsciously held and smiled happily. "You've got a baby brother!" She replied excitedly looking at Brandon when it finally dawned on her. "Hey, I thought you were suppose to have a little girl?" Rayne asked confused with everyone realizing the same thing as they approached Shayan.

"Well, a little something was hidden in the sonogram I suppose." He answered proudly and was engulfed in hugs from everyone.

"Congratulations Shay...I'm so happy for you." Rayne replied sincerely hugging her brother tightly and kissing his cheek.

"Thanks...we appreciate it." He answered before kissing her and breaking the hug. "Lark! Hey!" Shayan replied surprised to see her and hugged her. "I love your hair." He answered with a chuckle.

"Congratulations Shay. I'm so happy for the both of you." She answered happily holding him tightly.

"I'm glad you two are back together...you're meant to be that way." Shayan whispered breaking his hug and kissing her cheek before taking Brandon from Rayne.

"How's mommy?" Brandon asked excitedly.

"Very tired...but she said to tell you two she loves you." Shayan answered with a loving smile and leaned down to pick up Cole.

Rayne put her arm around Lark who slipped her arm around Rayne's waist. Rayne pulled Lark closer and kissed her head. "You were right babe...I should have been more optimistic." Rayne conceded with a smirk.

Lark smiled and hugged her tighter.

"I'm glad I was right." Lark answered filled with joy and happiness that Holly and the baby were going to be fine. She thought about how much she loved Rayne and her family as if they were her own. She was happy to be back and apart of that aspect of Rayne's life.

"Oh, baby! I should call Elaine and let her know I'm back in town so, she doesn't look like a fool if the paparazzi sees me here and comes up with some stupid story for the National Enquirer or something. I also need to call my parents...they'll want to know about Holly and the baby." Lark responded patting Rayne on the butt and broke her hold on her.

Rayne pulled Lark back and kissed her. "Hurry back. I'll miss you." She whispered lightly kissing Lark's lips again. Lark smiled and winked breaking off the kiss and walked away. Rayne watched as Lark walked towards the nearest phone to make her calls with She thoroughly appreciating everything about her lover. 'Hmmm, very delicious.' Rayne thought mischievously feeling a nervous tickle in her stomach.

"Easy Romeo, you might want to put your tongue back in your mouth before someone walks all over it." Jayce teased leaning against his sister and laughed both watching Lark talk on the phone.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. "Dude, what do you think about your god son?" She asked with a proud smile.

"I was so worried and now, I'm so excited...I can't wait to see him." He exclaimed with pure joy written all over his face.

"Yeah...me too. I bet he's gorgeous." Rayne gushed happily glancing back at Lark unable to keep her eyes off her sexy blonde lover.

"How could he not be, look at his bloodline?" Jayce answered with a cocky laugh, which was shared by Rayne who looked at her brother.

Rayne crossed her arms over her chest. " Well...that's true for me but I don't know about you. I can't get over the fact that you still don't believe me when I tell you mom and dad found you in a dumpster and brought you home to live with us."

"You think you're funny don't you?" Jayce asked laughing and looked at his sister.

"I'm serious Jayce...they found you in a dumpster." Rayne answered with a look of total seriousness but secretly laughing inside...she loved to rag her brother and remembered how he got so upset when she told him that when he was younger.

"I'm not falling for that one like I did when I was a kid. I thought we put that to rest in Greece. Besides, we look too much alike."

"Purely coincidental...but suit yourself and don't believe me dumpster boy." She teased leaning into him and pushing him with a laugh.

"I will pay you back for that one!" He guaranteed.

"Ooh, I'm scared...like you did when we were in Greece Mr. Pink belt." Rayne teasingly laughed with her brother putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you two...we are going to the nursery." Their father informed the pair.

"Okay...we'll be there in a minute." Rayne answered looking over her shoulder watching her family head down the hall out of sight. Rayne and Jayce looked back at Lark who hung up the phone and turned to walk back towards them. "A complete vision of loveliness." Rayne replied admiringly releasing a breathless sigh watching her lover stroll sexily towards her down the long hallway.

"Oh, yes...she is." Jayce agreed with a smile. "She looks uncomfortable that we are staring at her though." Jayce observed with a chuckle noticing Lark look down at the ground as she continued to walk towards them.

"Yep...I bet I know what she's thinking too." Rayne answered surely with a smile.

"I'll take that bet and I bet she is plotting her revenge as to getting us back." Jayce answered with a laugh.

"Nope, she's saying to herself that she can't believe how much of a pig I am just like you." Rayne answered with a chuckle and looked at her brother.

"A pig huh? She thinks I'm a pig? I'm so hurt, but I do resemble that remark so, I'll take that bet for fifty dollars." He teased laughing.

"You're on dumpster boy." Rayne agreed with a chuckle as her brother pinched her firm backside causing her to laugh harder and move her butt away from the offending gesture as Lark approached with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Well, hello there sexy." Rayne drawled cockily and flashed her lover a sexy smile.

"You two are so damn bad." Lark replied pointing between the two of them.

"Who? Us? How ever do you mean Lark?" Jayce asked teasingly.

"Yes...you two are a couple of pigs and I don't want to know what you were both saying to each other either." She firmly stated flashing a stern look.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. "That's fifty bucks you owe me!" She teased pointing at him before slipping her arm around Lark's waist.

"Damn!" Jayce answered disappointedly with Rayne's laughter becoming more intensified.

"You were both being pigs...right?" Lark asked with disgust and tried to move away from Rayne who pulled her closer to her.

"No we were making a bet as to what you were thinking and I guessed correctly. So, dumpster boy here lost more money to me. I could retire happily from all the money he owes me." Rayne explained laughing.

"Rayne didn't you listen to your mother in Greece when she told you to stop calling him that? You're terrible." Lark admonished her with a grin on her face.

"That's who he is Lark...come on let's go see our new nephew." She answered with a chuckle slipping her hand into Lark's all heading down the hallway towards the nursery.

Jayce slipped his arm over Lark's shoulder and looked down at her. "Do you really think I'm a pig?" He asked with a quizzical smirk.

"Yeah...but a very cute one." Lark answered with a laugh pinching his cheek.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to switch teams and be with me?" He asked teasingly.

"Fat chance handsome...I've got the woman of my dreams right here in my arms and I'm not letting her out of them." Lark answered smiling lovingly and stopped pulling Rayne closer to her. Rayne smiled and leaned down allowing Lark to capture her waiting lips for a soul-searing kiss.

Jayce just stared at the pair stunned briefly ...his trance broken when Rayne pushed his head away from her and Lark never breaking her kiss. He chuckled and walked ahead leaving them alone. Rayne broke the kiss breathless and looked dreamily into Lark's eyes. "I'm never allowing you out of mine either babe." She answered sexily and kissed Lark passionately again.

Lark ran her hands through Rayne's raven hair resting them on Rayne's face and broke the kiss breathless. She smiled lovingly locking loving green's with blues admiring Rayne's sphinx like gaze her heart aflutter and asked, "I love you baby. Are you ready to begin the next step of our life together?" Smiling happily as she lightly traced the contours of Rayne's lips with her finger waiting for her answer.

"Absolutely." Rayne answered in a sincere sultry tone flashing a sexy smile before pressing her lips against Lark's. "I can't wait to start our new life together. I love you." Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it holding the love of her life tightly.

Rayne, Lark and Jayce joined their parents at the nursery to see the new addition to their family. Lark settled in front of Rayne to sneak a peak at her new nephew and felt a flush of warmth throughout her when her tall lover pressed her taut body against her own and wrapped her strong arms around her waist. She smiled happily and rested her hands on Rayne's crossed arms and her head against Rayne's chest thinking there was nowhere else she would rather be at that moment.

"Where's our boy dad?" Rayne asked proudly scanning the nursery for her nephew.

"He's the one with all of the nurses around him over there." He answered smiling equally as proud glancing at his daughter and then back to the baby.

"He's a Donovan alright, with all the women coddling him!" Lark replied with a laugh shared by everyone and a kiss planted firmly on her cheek by her lover.

"Can we help it if the women love us?" Rayne cockily asked and chuckled receiving a warning glare from her lover who glanced up over her shoulder at Rayne. "But the only one I want to love me is you." Rayne reaffirmed with a sexy smile and captured the pouting lips before her.

"That's better my dear." Lark answered chuckling gladly accepting the kiss offered and looked back to the nursery.

"He is so adorable! What did Holly and Shay decide to name him?" Jayce asked proudly.

"Uhmmm. Oh, there it is." Maria answered scanning the card with the baby's name. "It says Matthew Shayan Donovan." She answered reading the card.

"Very cool name. I love it!" Jayce answered excitedly and looked at his nephew Cole who looked at the newborns in the nursery. "What do you think of your brother?" He asked proudly looking into his curious nephew's face for his answer.

"I'm looking forward to pushing my baby brother around like Brandon does to me!" He answered with a laugh along with everyone else.

"Holly's probably gritting her teeth knowing she's going to have three very mischievous boys in her house. I know she was hoping for a girl to level the household out." Lark answered with a laugh.

"Well...it seems like the first baby girl is going to have to come from the next in line...Rayne? Lark?" Maria asked with a hopeful smile looking at her two stunned daughters and seriously putting them on the spot.

Lark glanced up at Rayne wondering what to say and Rayne decided to respond. "We'll think about it Mom and get back to you on that one." Rayne answered sarcastically and flashed a mischievous smile her way.

"Don't wait too long dear. I hear the biological clock ticking!" Maria quipped with a laugh shared by everyone else.

Lark breathed a sigh of relief when Rayne answered the question. Well, stalled the answer and bought them some time to discuss their plan with both of Rayne's brothers before they made an announcement to the whole family. "That was a close one huh?" Rayne whispered in Lark's ear receiving a nod in acknowledgement.

Lark turned in Rayne's arms and looked deeply into the blue eyes she loved so much. "What do you say to going home?" She asked smiling her green eyes twinkling in the light.

"Lead the way." Rayne answered sexily and kissed her lover firmly.

Rayne broke the kiss and winked at Lark before turning to her parents. "We're going to head home and come back to see Holly, Shay and Matthew tomorrow. We'll take the boys to give Holly's parents a much needed rest." Rayne informed them with a chuckle looking at her two precocious nephews knowing what a handful they can be.

"Okay honey... we're going to stay for awhile. Have the driver drop you off and return to pick us up later." Rayne's father answered with a smile.

"Sounds good... Bye!" Rayne answered smiling and slipping her hand into Lark's. "Come on boys...let's go see what kind of damage Auntie Lark did to my lawn mower." Rayne teasingly laughed watching the boys run from their respective spots to join them walking down the hall and receiving a scrunched up face look from Lark regarding the comment.

"You mean to tell me Auntie Lark damaged your lawn mower and is still alive?" Brandon asked sarcastically and astonishingly pointing at his Aunt.

"Hey, Mister! I'm seriously going to have to talk to your parents about you hanging around your incorrigible Aunt so much." Lark answered with a chuckle.

"It won't work Lark, it's in the blood. We inherited it from our mother." Jayce quipped catching up to the group sharing a laugh with everyone from his comment. "I'll help you to the limo with the boys." He answered with a smile propping Cole up on his shoulders much to his nephew's delight.

"Are you ready for these two little monsters at our house?" Rayne asked smiling regarding her shorter lover who walked closely beside her.

"Most definitely. How about you?" She answered excitedly flashing a wondrous smile to her tall lover.

"I'm just glad to finally be going home." Rayne answered happily and relieved that her life was back to the way it should be...with Lark a huge part of it.

"I am too...it's been very lonely in our home without you there." Lark stopped and kissed Rayne to let her know just how much she missed her.

Rayne broke the kiss her small smile growing in intensity when Lark's green eyes opened and peered into her own. "You'll never be lonely again baby." She answered confidently and led her lover towards the hospital doors firmly clutching her hand.

Jayce held the door to the limo open for his nephews to climb in stopping Lark and Rayne before they entered and closed the door so the boy's wouldn't hear his conversation. "Listen...if you two are interested in having a baby I'd be more than happy to be the donor if you'd allow me to. Well, assuming Lark is going to have the baby." Jayce seriously and sincerely offered firmly staring at the pair to let them know he was dead serious.

Lark smiled happily and looked at Rayne who did the same then looked back at her brother. "Funny you should offer little brother because we intended to ask you if you would and yes, Lark is the one who wants to have our baby." Rayne answered rubbing Lark's back and lovingly glancing at her lover before looking back to her brother. "We were sort of waiting for the right time." Rayne answered with a grateful smile that her brother would be so thoughtful to offer. She knew he would be more than willing to do it for them but she was glad he took it upon himself to offer...it meant a lot to her that he would do it without being asked to.

"Awesome! I'm glad you considered me for the donor." He answered happily and proudly.

"Well...we know that it's probably out of the question for Shay to be the donor but, just the same we will ask him so he doesn't feel left out. Also, let's keep this a secret until we can announce it with everyone together." Rayne informed her brother.

"That's cool...he'll appreciate that and the secret is safe with me. Just let me know what I need to do to help in any way." Jayce offered smiling.

"You are such a sweetheart...thank you." Lark answered smiling uncontrollably and holding his face in her hands before kissing his cheek and hugging him.

Rayne laughed and teasingly replied, "Jayce, you're blushing!"

He broke the hug embarrassed and looked down. "Well...I can't help it! You know that if Lark wouldn't have misguided and lost her heart to you I would have captured her heart!" He teased with a mischievous grin.

Lark was now blushing and chuckled pinching Jayce's cheek. "Sorry honey...you're just on the wrong team."

They all laughed and Rayne put her hand on her brother's cheek and kissed him. "Thanks...it means a lot to the both of us that you offered...it really does...I love you." She answered honestly and gratefully patting his cheek and flashing a wink before ducking into the limo.

"Bye." Lark answered smiling happily and climbed in behind her lover watching Jayce close the door and wave goodbye. Lark slid her hand on Rayne's muscular leg and felt her lace her long fingers around her own and looked at her. "Well...that was a lot easier than I thought." Lark answered relieved.

"Yep...we got the awkwardness out of the way in a hurry." Rayne answered chuckling.

"Auntie Rayne can we go fishing when we get to your house?" Brandon asked in curious wonderment.

"No sweetheart...not today. Maybe tomorrow...okay?" She answered smiling and looking at her nephew checking his seat belt. "Cole, are you strapped in?" Rayne asked looking over Brandon towards his younger brother.

"Yep, buckled in, see." He answered showing that his seat belt was firmly latched.

"Okay, perfect." Rayne answered confirming he was safely strapped in to his seat.

"You are so protective aren't you?" Lark asked with a proud smile looking at her lover who turned to her.

"It's in my nature babe." Rayne answered with a sexy smile and a wink.

"Our baby is going to have it rough...I can already tell that our child won't have a skinned knee with you around or a date until she's at least 18." Lark teasingly laughed.

"That's not true...they can have one and only one skinned knee with me around. Our son or daughter won't be dating until they're 30...by the way!" Rayne teasingly laughed.

After a short drive Rayne looked up and recognized the familiar neighborhood, which sent her heart racing. It was her neighborhood...she was close to home. She could smell the ocean and had a nervous excitement about her. She couldn't wait to get there and feel all the familiarity of the house, the wondrous smell of Lark's favorite air freshener that filled the house...just to feel being home again. Rayne could smell it already, Vanilla Bean, Lark loved to have the house filled with the delicious aroma and she was looking forward to sleeping in her own bed...with the love of her life once again. "You okay?" Lark asked worriedly noting the far off gaze her lover exhibited.

"Huh? Oh, yeah...I was just thinking about how good it is to finally be home." Rayne stammered her trance broken and smiled. She glanced back up and watched as the limo pulled into the long driveway approaching the very large home they shared. She smiled happily at the sight and felt Lark squeeze her hand then placed a kiss on it.

The driver parked and the boys immediately jumped out of the limo and headed for the front door. Rayne held her hand out for Lark to exit the limo and sucked in a deep breath of fresh ocean air and smiled happily when her lover kissed her on the cheek. The driver handed Rayne their bags and the pair headed hand in hand to their home. Rayne stepped into their house and was greeted by the familiar scent she loved so much and looked around the house, noting...it looked the same as it did the day she left. Nothing had changed, just as Lark had informed her. Her nervous excitement subsided, as she felt completely secure in her home once she entered. She laughed when she saw Lark attempting to regulate...unsuccessfully, the amount of cookie's the boys raided from the cookie jar and headed down the hall towards their bedroom. It felt as though time slowed down and her heart raced for some reason...her breathing becoming labored as she approached their bedroom door. Her hand shook as it reached for the doorknob and she had a flashback to that fateful day when she came home unexpectedly and found Lark in bed with another woman. Rayne wasn't sure why she was having that vision and felt a comforting hand on her back.

She looked over her shoulder and stared into a sea of warm green. "Honey, this is not our bedroom. Remember I told you I made one change? That was the change. Here's our room." Lark comfortingly assured her nervous lover and slipped her hand into Rayne's leading her to their new bedroom directly across the hall, which previously was a guest bedroom.

Rayne inhaled and exhaled deeply feeling her racing heart begin to calm. "I'm not sure why I had that feeling. It was so freaking weird." Rayne replied softly in disbelief and slightly embarrassed entering the spacious bedroom that Lark led her into.

Lark stood before her dark lover and wrapped her arms around her waist looking up into her stormy blue eyes. "I'm sorry...I should have told you but I was distracted by the boys. Sometimes we suppress certain memories that are triggered by certain things...maybe that's why you felt that way. Are you feeling better?" Lark asked worriedly and slowly ran her fingers through Rayne's dark hair.

"Yeah...I guess, you're right. I'm better now, thanks." Rayne answered with a slight smile and hugged her shorter lover.

Lark broke the comforting hug and looked up at Rayne. "Are you sure?" She asked to reconfirm.

"Yeah...I'm fine babe." Rayne reassured her with a smile and leaned down kissing her blonde lover. She broke the hug and looked around the room. "Wow...I didn't realize the guest bedroom was so big." Rayne replied in awe.

"Well, that's because the only time we ever came in here was in the heat of passion and in the dark!" Lark answered with a devilish grin and a wink.

Rayne smiled mischievously. "Oh, yeah...I guess so. Hey, what's this?" Rayne asked and walked over to a very large covered package.

"I have no idea." Lark answered bewildered and curiously approached the package, as did Rayne. "Jimmy must know what it is." Lark answered looking the package over and referring to the caretaker of their home.

Rayne found a note on the package and opened it. "It's from Sal...he sent this over as a thank you for us doing the photo shoot and he says he thought we would love this for our home." Rayne answered reading the note and shrugging her shoulders when she looked at her bewildered lover.

"Well...let's check it out!" Lark replied with wondrous curiosity and began to tear the brown paper off the parcel.

"Wow! That is out there!" Rayne exclaimed completely astonished when the contents of the package were revealed and rested her hands on her hips in disbelief looking at the picture before her.

"It's absolutely gorgeous! I love it!" Lark exclaimed exuberantly and tore the remaining paper off the large picture. "This is one of my favorite pictures of us from the photo shoot Rayne." Lark replied smiling adoringly and looking at the picture of the pair with Rayne lying prone and Lark on top of her sexy lover...both naked.

"Yeah...it's a great picture, but it's way to big of me." Rayne stammered embarrassed by herself in the picture and wrapped her arms around Lark who stood in front of her still admiring the picture.

"No it's perfect of you. I love how those beautiful blue eyes of yours just jump out and scream sexy!" Lark answered with a chuckle and placed her hands on Rayne's that rested around her waist.

"They scream...I'm so embarrassed!" Rayne drawled laughing and joined by Lark. "No, they scream...I love you Lark." Rayne answered softly leaning down and kissing her lover on the cheek.

"Yes, they do and that's why I want the picture to go on that wall so, when I wake up every morning I look into them and see that." Lark answered admiringly and pointing to the place she wants the picture mounted on the wall facing their large king sized bed.

Rayne turned Lark around in her arms and smiled when her lover wrapped her arms tightly around her neck. "Now, sweets...you don't need that picture up on the wall to see that when you will have the real thing staring at you live and in person." She answered sexily flashing a mischievous grin and capturing the inviting lips before her.

"Yes...that is so true...but, I still love the picture and that's where I want it." Lark answered adamantly through her kiss before deepening it.

"Well...whatever my little princess wants...she gets and I always surrender to your whims." Rayne sexily teased and briefly kissed Lark again.

"Oh, I have a surprise for you my love! Come with me my darling!" Lark replied excitedly dragging her lover towards their old bedroom and stopped at the door.

"I knew this room would be a problem for you if you ever decided to return so, I put your anniversary present in here hoping that one day you would come home for good and claim it." Lark explained rubbing Rayne's arms lovingly.

"You are such an optimist aren't you? You just knew we would one day be joined again didn't you?" Rayne questioned in amazement.

"Yes, how could I not? I mean, we're soul mates and I truly believed in my heart that our souls would one day be as one again in this life time. Didn't you?" Lark answered confidently and looked into Rayne's blue eyes for her answer.

"Honey...I was so full of anger and pain that I wasn't as confident as you. I hoped we would be back together but, I was so full of hate that I couldn't see past anything else." Rayne answered sincerely and regretfully stroking Lark's cheek before kissing her. "Can you forgive me?"

"I already have and you know that...I understand how you felt. We're past that now." Lark answered and kissed Rayne to confirm it. "Come on and see your present...you're going to love it." Lark answered exuberantly and led Rayne into the spacious room.

"Whoa!" Rayne exclaimed in awe and excitement looking around at the room, which was now turned into a game room with a bar, big screen TV, Rayne's large sports memorabilia collection and a billiard table. "This is so awesome!" Rayne replied smiling and walked slowly towards the billiard table.

"I'm glad you like it. I bought the pool table for you as an anniversary present and with everything that happened I redecorated the room making it into a sports/game room." Lark explained and grabbed the sheet that covered the pool table. "You're going to love this." She replied with a sly grin and pulled the sheet off revealing Rayne's initials, RD, entwined in very large red text on the black felt centered in the middle of the billiard table.

"That is freaking awesome honey!" Rayne excitedly answered with a large smile and hugged Lark. "Thanks...I love it!" She exclaimed and kissed Lark passionately letting her know just how much. "I can't wait for us to try it out." Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it sending Lark's passions soaring.

"Honey...you know I'm not a good pool player. I just like watching you play." Lark answered breaking the kiss and looking up into sexy inviting, loving blues.

"I wasn't talking about shooting pool Lark...I was talking about christening it by making mad passionate love to you on it." Rayne whispered seductively and wiggled her eyebrows capturing the partially parted lips before her.

"I look forward to it!" Lark answered sensually and deepened the kiss reveling in the fact that she was in the arms of such a devastatingly gorgeous woman...her desire for Rayne escalating by the minute as it always does from Rayne's touch or her kiss. Rayne's hands began to roam Lark's taut body wildly both hearts pounding and filled with desire for each other...their tongues seeking out one another in a desperate desire to meet.

Rayne and Lark quickly broke their kiss and stood up straight attempting to catch their labored breaths when they heard both Brandon and Cole shouting for them as they made their way down the hall. "Damn...forgot about them." Rayne whispered in a laugh shared by Lark who ran her fingers through her hair and straightened her shirt before the boys entered the room. "We're right here boys!" Rayne shouted lightly tracing circles on Lark's back when the boys entered the room.

"This is so awesome!" Brandon exclaimed excitedly and headed straight for the big screen TV and plopped his small body down on the black leather couch picking up the remote control. "Oh, yes! Cole, come here! They have Sony play station!" He exuberantly exclaimed thoroughly excited by all the new electronic gadgets.

"No way!" Cole answered equally excited and ran over to join his brother in front of the TV.

Rayne and Lark both chuckled and looked at one another. "Well...they'll be busy for quite awhile. Looks like I won't get to whip your butt in our new football game on play station." Lark boasted cockily.

"Oh, really? You whip my butt huh?" Rayne laughed in disbelief.

"Just you wait until our turn...I've been practicing!" Lark answered confidently smiling and led Rayne out of the room towards the kitchen.

"We'll see...we'll see." Rayne answered sarcastically and followed her lover.

"Yes, we will." Lark confidently teased sexily glancing over her shoulder at her tall lover and thoroughly happy by the fact that Rayne was back where she belonged...with her in their home.

Rayne and Lark spent the next hour unpacking and getting settled back into the house. Rayne felt a sense of well-being, calm and a wonderful sense of being 'home' once again. Nothing had really changed since she left except the change in bedrooms but everything else remained the same including the exact way Rayne had left all her clothes in the closet. She chuckled at the fact that Lark was able to put her clothes back into the same order she liked them in considering the change in bedrooms...either that or she totally forgot how she had them arranged before. 'Nah, I'm too much of a creature of habit. I like my clothes in order.' Rayne thought scanning the closet and the way her warm weather clothes were to the far right, then dress clothes, then casual wear to the front...just as she liked them to be organized.

"Honey...I've got to take a call from a magazine for a phone interview. Elaine promised it wouldn't be anymore than 15 min. How about I have some Chinese food delivered and we eat it out on the beach?" Lark asked approaching her lover.

"Sure, sounds great to me and I'm sure the boys will dig eating out of the cartons of food." Rayne answered with a chuckle placing a fleeting kiss on Lark's lips. "I'll take them down to the beach and throw the football around with them so, you'll have some peace and quite for your phone call." Rayne thoughtfully answered with a smile brushing an errant wisp of hair off Lark's forehead.

"Thanks...I appreciate it but, you know what? I really love hearing a child's laughter around here. I can't wait until we have our baby and hear the pitter patter of little feet all over our house and the adorable giggles only a child can make." Lark adoringly answered smiling ear-to-ear wrapping her arms tightly around Rayne.

"Me too baby...me too." Rayne smiled happily and winked before kissing her blonde lover and engulfing her in warm embrace. Rayne kissed Lark's head and broke the hug. "Go get your interview over with and I'll see you shortly." Rayne replied kissing Lark's lips briefly before leading her out of their bedroom.

"I'll miss you baby." Lark lovingly answered with a sexy smile.

"How could you not sweets?" Rayne cockily teased with a mischievous smile. "Come on boys...let's hit the beach!" Rayne shouted towards the game room.

"You are so damn cocky, but I love it." Lark laughed and pinched Rayne's firm backside receiving a sexy smile and a chuckle from Rayne in return.

"Let's hit the beach!" Brandon excitedly replied coming to a screeching halt in front of his tall aunt followed close behind by his brother.

Rayne tousled his dark hair with a laugh. "Go on ahead of me and grab the football out of the garage." She replied watching the pair tear out of the house with both Lark and Rayne laughing at the excitement of the two boys. Rayne held Lark's hand that walked her to the door and kissed her tall lover before watching her exit through the back door thoroughly enjoying the sexy sight of her lover confidently striding out to the backyard reacquainting herself with her home. The phone rang and Lark picked up for the conference call with her agent Elaine and the magazine reporter. She was glad Elaine was on the line as she could have some semblance of order with the interview and could make sure it was ended at the said time and effectively halting any questions Lark wasn't comfortable answering.

Rayne walked down the steps of the large deck overlooking the large pool and backyard with the Atlantic Ocean serving as a beautiful back drop and took in the fresh scent of the ocean air. "Aah...Auntie Rayne." Cole cautiously approached.

Rayne slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her small nephew. "What's up little dude?" She asked with a chuckle before becoming worried by the look of concern in her nephew's face.

"Brandon told me to get you. He said you should come and look at something in the garage."

"Okay...is it something bad?" Rayne asked worriedly and followed him.

Cole looked up at Rayne and attempted to flash a smile not to worry his tense aunt and reluctantly replied, "You're going to have to see for yourself." He answered as the pair walked into the garage.

"Brandon...what's going on?" Rayne asked in an irritated tone entering the garage and standing before him.

"There's something you should see, but you should be sitting down for this one." He answered in all seriousness and pointed at the lawn chair he had placed there for his aunt and motioned for her to sit down.

Rayne sat in the chair wondering just what in the hell the two little buggers had done in the garage to be acting so indifferently. "Okay, so what's up?" She asked settling into the chair and felt Brandon's hand on her shoulder who stood behind her. He looked at Cole who approached the covered object in front of their Aunt.

"Now, just remember how much you love Auntie Lark and try not to be too mad okay?" Brandon suggested to his Aunt and nodded for Cole to remove the covering, which he did much to Rayne's dismay when she saw what was before her.

"I'm going to kill her!" Rayne angrily exclaimed, looking over the extremely damaged lawn mower before her.

"Now, Auntie Rayne! You can't do that to Auntie Lark." Cole answered placing his hand on his Aunt's other shoulder to calm her down.

"Why not?" Rayne answered looking at him. "Do you see what she has done to my mower?"

"Well, you have a point but maybe killing her is a little too much She can't help it if she's a princess and doesn't know how to drive a lawn mower. Besides, I'm sure we can fix it and it make the mower look brand new." He suggested confidently and smiled to ease his Aunt's dismay.

"Okay, you're right but something must be done to her as a pay back." Rayne answered teasingly and looked over the lawn mower, which was far more damaged than Lark let on. She circled around the lawn mower shaking her head in disbelief at the damage it had sustained as Brandon sidled up to her.

"This definitely can't be fixed with duct tape." He answered with a chuckle.

"Well, thanks for informing me of that wise guy!" Rayne answered sarcastically looking down at him as she caught Lark approaching out of the corner of her eye and she exited the garage with a purpose.

Lark froze when she saw Rayne and the serious look on her lover's face when she exited the garage knowing she had seen the damage to the lawn mower. 'Oh, shit! I'm in trouble now!' Lark nervously thought with the palms of her hands becoming clammy from her anxiety and tried to figure out what the best option for her would be right at that moment. 'Should I face the music or make a run for it?' She wondered nervously, watching her lover intently approach her, not at all happy. 'Make a run for it!' Lark told herself and turned on her heels to run away, but was captured before she could even make a break for it.

"Oh, no you don't!" Rayne replied tightening her grip on Lark.

"Just remember how much you love me honey!" Lark pleaded and tried in vain to squirm free from the tight grip her lover had on her.

"Oh, I remember and that's why I'm not going to kill you, but I will get you back for destroying my lawn mower!" Rayne guaranteed, picking her up and throwing her over her shoulder, heading towards the pool.

"No! Rayne, don't you dare!" Lark protested and vehemently struggled to break free from her captor.

"Lark, don't fight it. Just except your fate. You're gonna get wet! No, make that drenched!" Rayne answered with a devilish laugh drawing closer to the pool.

"Hey, boys! Help me!" Lark pleaded desperately, watching the boys follow the pair who giggled incessantly.

"Sorry, no can do." Brandon answered nonchalantly stuffing his hands in his pockets watching the pair get ever so closely to the pool.

"I can't believe it! You're going to take her side in this?" Lark asked in disbelief.

"Well...yeah, she's bigger than we are and no way are we getting on her bad side." Brandon answered sharing a laugh with his brother.

"I'm bigger than you too!" Lark shouted and felt Rayne let her go. "Rayne!" She screamed and met the ice-cold water, stunning her and momentarily taking her breath away. Lark scrambled to the surface of the water seriously pissed off...no, livid is more like it.

Rayne saw the evil glimmer in Lark's eye when her head exited the water and stared her down. "Don't even give me that look Miss. Thing...you deserved it!" Rayne answered with a sly grin resting her hands on both hips.

"I can't believe you did that Rayne!" Lark answered angrily swimming to the steps. "I can't believe you two boys didn't help me either and to think Christmas is just around the corner! Well, I guess I'll just have to take your presents back. It's a shame too because I know how much you two were going to love your presents." Lark informed the boys whose eyes grew very large with regret.

"Aah...here let us get you a towel Auntie Lark." Cole stammered running towards the poolside cupboard containing towels.

"Here let me help you out of the pool." Brandon replied rushing over and holding his hand out to help Lark.

"Oh, I see how you're both so helpful now...where were the both of you two minutes ago?" Lark answered sarcastically and squeezed the excess water out of her shirt gladly excepting the offered towel from Cole.

"You two are a couple of brown nosers! Unbelievable!" Rayne answered in disbelief shaking her head at her nephew's desertion.

"Hey, if you gave great presents like Auntie Lark we'd suck up to you too!" Brandon teased back helping Lark towel off.

"I say we pounce on that incorrigible Aunt of yours. What do you two say?" Lark whispered to the boys who nonchalantly glanced at Rayne then back to their soaking wet Aunt.

"We say the same as you Auntie." Cole answered with a familiar sly grin.

"Let's all get her then!" Lark answered and all three sprinted towards the unsuspecting Rayne.

"Whoa!" Rayne replied and turned to run but, was taken down by the three instigators and began to laugh.

"Hello honey!" Lark laughed and rubbed her wet body all over her tall lover who laughed harder.

"Hey, you little wet rat and you little brown nosers!" Rayne laughed enjoying the fact that Lark was laying on her, a place she loved having her and tickled her nephews who laughed harder.

"Miss. Morgan!" A voice called out.

Lark looked up towards the house and saw the new housekeeper Marcia standing on the back deck waving to her. "Yes?" Lark asked looking at her.

"The food has been delivered. Would you like me to bring it down to you there?" She shouted back.

"Do you still want to eat it down here?" Lark asked looking down at Rayne.

"Yeah, sure...it might be better seeing as how you're soaking wet and we wouldn't want to have to file an insurance claim for flood damage." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"Hardy har har!" Lark answered sarcastically and looked up at her new housekeeper that Elaine hired while they were on vacation. "Yes, please...we will eat down here by the pool. Also, could you bring me a robe so I can get out of these wet clothes please?" Lark asked pleasantly with everyone climbing off of Rayne before they all sat up.

"Ooh, can I watch you undress?" Rayne sexily whispered in Lark's ear flashing a mischievous smile while wiggling her dark eyebrows suggestively.

"If you're a good girl and eat all your supper I'll consider it!" Lark teased and kissed Rayne's cheek.

The four were devouring their Chinese food and making idle chit chat as Rayne changed the subject to a more serious conversation. "Lark...what do you say to us having our commitment ceremony the Saturday after Thanksgiving?" Rayne asked hesitantly and looked at Lark.

"You mean two days after Thanksgiving?" Lark asked surprised. "What's the rush? We won't have time to get everything prepared by then."

"Lark...I think we've waited long enough for this and I would really rather not make it a huge affair...just us, a few close friends and our families. How is that with you?" Rayne asked delicately hoping the plans would be fine with Lark and slipped her hand on Lark's.

Lark smiled at the thought of a simple, romantic ceremony shared only with the favorite people in their lives and couldn't think of a better way of expressing their love for one another than that way. "I love the idea baby...let's do it." She answered ecstatically and kissed Rayne's cheek. "I'll call Elaine and give her a list of people we want there as well as the menu for our special occasion tomorrow."

"Sounds good...just tell her that it's a post Thanksgiving party so, we won't have the friggin media crawling all over the place and ruining everything." Rayne answered sarcastically and grabbed a box of food looking for something else to nibble on.

"No problem...she's very diplomatic with things like that so, it won't be a problem. Let's just keep it from the family until the last minute and that way nothing will be leaked out accidentally to the press." Lark answered reassuringly and smiled happily at the thought of committing herself to Rayne in front of their close friends and family.

"Hey! Who ate all of my spare ribs?" Rayne teasingly asked looking into the empty box and then towards her nephews.

Brandon burped under his breath and looked down at his plate containing the eaten spare ribs and looked back up at Rayne. "Sorry...you snooze you lose." He answered with a laugh joined in by Cole and a snicker from Lark.

"Oh, really?" Rayne asked sarcastically. "Well, I guess that means that we don't have to share any of our mint chocolate chip ice cream with them now do we Lark?" Rayne teasingly asked and flashed her lover a mischievous grin.

"Nope...it's all ours honey."

"Oh, Auntie Rayne...please say you'll share the ice cream with us? I'll do anything...I'll clean up the dishes from dinner?" Brandon pleaded flashing his Aunt an innocent look hoping she would relent and share the ice cream.

"You are one serious suck up!" Rayne answered with a laugh looking down at her nephew who was kneeling by her side.

"You taught me well master...now, back to the ice cream. Can we have some?" He sarcastically answered.

Rayne and Lark both laughed at his comment. "I think you're mistaking me for that suck up Uncle of yours...Jayce." Rayne teased and sipped her soda.

"If I remember correctly you were sucking up for something recently when we were in Greece. Now, what was that you wanted?" Lark playfully stated and rubbed her chin pretending to be thinking hard about what it was that Rayne wanted.

"Very funny...Okay...I'll share my ice cream with you both as long as you promise not to eat it all!" Rayne answered with a laugh.

"We promise!" Brandon and Cole both answered excitedly.

"Let's get this stuff cleaned up then." Lark responded and stood up as did Rayne along with Cole. They cleaned up their dinner mess and headed off towards the house.

Rayne and Lark spent the next week getting settled back into their normal routines and taking care of the boys. Rayne informed her boss that she would no longer be accepting covert assignments much to his dismay, but agreed to a change in jobs for Rayne. He didn't want to lose his top agent and when she gave him the ultimatum of giving her a change in assignments or she would retire he relented. He informed her that her new assignment would be dealing with extradition orders, which Rayne gladly accepted as it was a desk job and she could be closer to Lark. Lark had began shooting her latest film and loved having Rayne unexpectedly stop by the set occasionally when she was finished with work early. It was something Rayne had rarely ever had time to do before and Lark welcomed the change gladly as it gave her more time to spend with her sexy lover. They met with Lark's Gynecologist to discuss their options regarding the planned pregnancy and decided to pour over the information Dr. Garzon gave them regarding Artificial Insemination and the ways they could successfully conceive a child together. Thanksgiving was to be spent at Holly and Shay's house as it was more convenient with Matthew finally returning home after staying in the hospital for close to a week to insure no other medical complications from him being born pre-maturely. Holly and Shay were informed he was perfectly healthy other than needing to gain a little more weight. The doctors wanted to take precautionary measures with him to make sure that he was able to gain the so desired weight and delayed his discharge from the hospital until they felt confident he was safe to go home.

Lark and Rayne had discussed their plans with one another to make the announcement to their families at dinner of the commitment ceremony plans. They both were excited to fill their families in on their joyous plans and hoped they would all be as receptive to their plans as they hoped they would be. Rayne and Lark had all the arrangements made for the ceremony and all they needed was for the family's to be there to share in their wondrous day. They arrived at Holly's and were greeted happily by Holly and Lark's parents as well as by Rayne's parents. Lark, Rayne and Holly's parents all shared holidays together. The Morgan's and Donovan's became very good friends when their daughters began to date. They consider everyone family and love spending the holiday's together. Everyone took their respective seats at the very large table as Rayne stood before her family with her glass held up before her in motion for a toast. "I aah...wanted to say a little something." She bashfully replied flashing a shy smile looking at everyone who intently stared at her waiting for her response. "I have a lot to be grateful and very thankful for this Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to have such a wonderful and loving family as well as extended family members." Rayne announced with an appreciative smile looking at Holly and Lark's parents acknowledging them all with a smile and a tip of her glass. "It's very unusual to have such loving and understanding people who have accepted mine and Lark's relationship as you all do and we thank you." Rayne replied smiling and put her hand on Lark's back that smiled and winked looking up at her tall lover. "Most importantly, I'm extremely grateful to have a second chance to share my life with the woman who captured my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on her and the only one I could ever love so completely." Rayne professed sincerely and smiled looking into Lark's watery green eyes. "I can promise we will need no other chances from now on as I'm never allowing you out of my life again." Rayne smiled lovingly at Lark and looked at her family to emphasize her point grasping Lark's hand and pulling her up next to her. "I've asked Lark to be my partner for all of eternity and she's accepted my offer of my heart forever." Rayne answered smiling happily and wrapped her arm around Lark's waist who leaned against her lover with an equally ecstatic smile.

"That's wonderful!" Maria exclaimed followed by everyone else's accolades.

"When will the ceremony be?" Mrs. Morgan asked excitedly.

Rayne and Lark both smiled mischievously and looked at one another before looking back at their families. "This weekend, on Saturday...we wanted it to be a surprise and to be amongst family without the media discovering what we have planned and ruining our joyous day. So, that's why it's on such short notice." Lark informed everyone with a blissful smile enjoying the feeling of Rayne lightly rubbing her back.

"Oh, that's fabulous!" Holly exclaimed happily.

"Congratulations!" Shay exclaimed equally excited.

"We won't have time for proper gifts." Holly's parents replied regretfully.

"Don't sweat it...we have everything we need...each other." Lark answered lovingly her smile growing in intensity and leaned up to kiss Rayne's cheek.

"Well...we've got a lot of planning to do in such a short time!" Maria announced worriedly.

"No! We've got our own plans for the commitment ceremony!" Lark answered sharply to fend off any other discussion regarding their special day noticing the hurtful looks she was receiving from their family members. 'Damn...I think I just hurt some feelings. I knew this would happen.' Lark thought regretfully and nervously. 'But, it is our day and the way we have planned it is the way it's going to be!' Lark thought adamantly.

Lark glanced at her tall lover nervously wondering how she was going to get them out of the particular predicament she had just gotten them into by offending their families. "Look...aah...what Lark was trying to say is that we have already made arrangements for the ceremony to insure there would be no intrusions from outside sources, such as news crews and reporters who might ruin our ceremony. It's not that we didn't want any of you to be involved in planning our special day we just figured it would be easier doing it this way...that's all." Rayne explained nervously hoping no one would be offended their plans.

"It's okay honey. What ever you two want is what you both shall have and we will all be happy with your decisions." Mrs. Morgan replied with a reassuring smile much to Rayne and Lark's relief.

"That's right Taylor. We are just very ecstatic that you both have decided to commit yourself to each other and allow us to share in that wonderful moment." Maria answered a soothing smile donning her face and saw the tension leave both Lark and Rayne's faces.

"Thanks mom...we appreciate it. Now, that the cat's out of the bag...let's eat!" Rayne answered chuckling sitting back down followed by Lark.

Everyone continued to express their congratulatory wishes to Lark and Rayne throughout dinner and they both informed everyone as to when the ceremony would take place. Rayne asked her nephew's Brandon and Cole to be her best men for their ceremony and Lark asked Holly to be her matron of honor which everyone gladly accepted their roles for the ceremony.

Everyone finished dinner and headed in to do their usual Thanksgiving ritual of watching football and taking many naps before waking up and having another snack. This Thanksgiving ritual repeats itself until well into the wee hours of the morning...I might add! Rayne slipped into the nursery and quietly approached Matthew's crib watching him sleep peacefully. She smiled and lightly smoothed out his disheveled short dark hair thinking how excited she was about her and Lark preparing to have a baby of their own. He moved and began to whimper scrunching his face to let out a loud cry. Rayne reached into the crib and gently picked her nephew up into her strong arms. "Hey, handsome, what's wrong...huh?" She asked softly holding him closely to her chest and wrapped his blanket around him. Rayne sat in the rocking chair and smiled when she noticed him quickly fall back to sleep. Rayne softly kissed his head and slowly rocked the chair gently rubbing his back. Rayne lifted his tiny hand to her mouth and softly kissed it amazed at how tiny his hand looked. She smiled and noticed how much his fingers resembled her own, in fact; it totally amazed her as it did when she saw the same features on Brandon and Cole when they were babies.

Lark stood in the doorway her green eyes watering her heart filled with so much love and adoration at the way her strong, high tempered soul mate could be so incredibly gentle and caring. She had forgotten how gentle she could be with infants and remembered how Rayne was with Brandon and Cole when they were first born. She loved Rayne so much and she couldn't wait to give Rayne her own child, their child. Lark quietly moved towards Rayne who caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and looked up to see the object of her desire's reflection highlighted in the darkness from the light behind her in the hallway. Rayne smiled and gently tossed her head back moving her long, raven hair off her shoulders, which ventured close to touching the baby and tickling him as Lark knelt before her. "Hey." Lark whispered smiling adoringly and leaned forward softly kissing her nephew's head who slept contentedly and undaunted by the gesture cuddled up closely to his aunt's chest. Lark rested her hand on Rayne's arm and drew light circles on her forearm sending warmth throughout Rayne.

Rayne leaned over and captured the woman's lips that consume her every waking thought desperate to make a connection to her lover. Lark lightly stroked Matthew's dark hair and leaned back captivated by Rayne's sphinx like gaze. "You're not having second thoughts about us having a baby of our own are you?" Lark asked in a whisper hoping that wasn't the case and searched Rayne's blues for any doubts, but found none.

"I've never wanted a child more Lark. I can't wait to hold our baby in my arms knowing it was created out of our love for one another." Rayne answered sincerely and honestly her voice thick with emotion.

Lark felt a catch in her heart and she was totally blown away by what Rayne had just told her. She clutched her chest with her hand and drew in the air that escaped her. Rayne's profession meant the world to her and she was at a loss for words by it. Her tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks as she attempted to form the words she wanted to say to her sexy lover. She was filled with so much love for the woman sitting before her but was so overwhelmed that she was speechless.

"Are you having second thoughts?" Rayne asked nervously searching Lark's tear filled eyes for any doubts.

"Ahh...oh, no...no...I'm sorry. It's just that what you said to me meant so much that I was blown away and couldn't speak." Lark stammered and chuckled with Rayne breathing a sigh of relief.

Rayne smiled lovingly. "I'm sorry. I thought you knew how I felt Lark."

"I do Rayne, but it's different when I hear it from you. Listen...aah." Lark stammered still overwhelmed by everything and absently wiped away her tears. "There's nothing I want more in this world than to have our child...nothing. I am so ecstatic about this that I want our baby here and now." Lark answered passionately and adamantly.

"But, I want to do the alternative method for Artificial Insemination." Lark explained looking deeply into her lover's blue eyes.

Rayne was now thrown for a loss yet, completely enamored by the fact that Lark wanted to conceive their child that way. "You mean...like...aah your friends Mary and Laura were telling you about how they conceived their child?" Rayne asked surprised.

"Yes, I think it would be so romantic and so much more personal. Besides, I want you to be a part of the conception...an active part honey." Lark answered excited at the thought of Rayne making love to her on the night that she is to conceive, actually at the thought that it will seem as if Rayne is the person responsible for impregnating her with their child.

Rayne's heart raced with excitement and stood up before walking to the crib gently placing her nephew back to bed. She pulled the tiny blanket up on him and made sure he was tucked safely and securely in his bed before sitting back down before Lark. Rayne settled into the rocking chair and inhaled then exhaled deeply before replying, "Lark, you're serious about us...aah...you conceiving the child this way?" Rayne stammered nervously still stunned by Lark's revelation, which meant so much to her.

"I've never been more so honey." Lark answered confidently sealing her statement with a loving smile and a soft, tender kiss.

"Well, aah...okay. I guess we have to start charting your...well, you're you know." Rayne bashfully stammered finding it hard to say what she wanted to because of her embarrassment her blue eyes shifting nervously from Lark to different items in the room then back to her lover when she spoke.

"You mean menstrual cycles?" Lark asked with a chuckle noting her tall lover's embarrassment and lovingly stroked Rayne's strong arms to put her at ease.

Rayne rolled her eyes at the words and replied, "Yeah, that."

"You're too funny Rayne Donovan." Lark laughed at her response. "It's a natural occurrence that every woman...including you." Lark answered with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous grin before continuing. "Has to go through every month." Lark replied laughing.

"Yeah, but it doesn't mean I like it or feel comfortable talking about it." Rayne answered in a grumpy tone regarding the issue.

"Well, get used to it sexy...we will be discussing them quite frequently." Lark informed her uneasy lover.

"Yeah, yeah." Rayne answered sarcastically flashing Lark a smirk. "So, we have to chart your...menstrual cycles." Rayne emphasized the latter with a raised eyebrow and a chuckle from Lark. "To see when the best time for you to conceive will be...right?"

"Well, yes but there is no need to do anything more than what I already do now. I know exactly when the optimum time for me to conceive will be as I always keep tabs on when my cycles occur." Lark answered settling herself comfortably in Rayne's lap.

"Why would you keep a tab on when those things come?" Rayne asked in disbelief wrapping her arms around the beautiful blonde's waist.

"Because, I like to know when I'm going to have my cramps so, I can nip those things in the bud before they happen unlike someone else I know who wakes up whining 'I'm in pain...I hate these cramps!' Lark mockingly answered teasing Rayne.

"Very funny. I just don't like thinking about that stuff. I have better things to think about."

"Oh, yeah...like what?" Lark asked chuckling and tightened her grip on Rayne's neck.

"Like thinking about how much I love and adore you." Rayne answered with a sexy smile and captured the slightly parted lips before her for a deep, moist, passionate kiss.

Lark broke the kiss and held Rayne's hands in her face before kissing her once again. "I love you with all my heart Rayne Donovan and I always will baby." Lark professed sincerely sealing it with a soul-searing kiss.

Rayne smiled lovingly breaking the kiss and asked, "So, miss 'I chart my menstrual cycles'...when will the best time for us to conceive our child be?" Rayne asked pulling her beautiful lover closer in her arms.

"Well, let's see." Lark answered looking up at the ceiling and figuring the math in her head before looking down at Rayne with a look of disbelief in her eyes.

"What?" Rayne asked in wonderment seeing the disbelief in the emerald greens before her.

"The best day will be Christmas!" Lark answered excitedly.

"Very cool...ooh, that means I don't have to buy you a Christmas present because I can just give you our child right?" Rayne asked and mischievously grinned at Lark.

"Oh, you are such a Diablito!" Lark answered and pinched Rayne's cheeks with a chuckle. "You are going to buy me a lot of presents and give me our child too you little devil!" Lark demanded with a laugh and kissed Rayne who shared the laugh.

"Well, this little devil had better start shopping then huh?" Rayne asked laughing and hugged her smaller lover tighter lightly placing a kiss on Lark's cheek.

"Yes, you should like maybe tomorrow?" Lark asked with a gleam and a twinkle in her eye at the thought of a shopping trip with Rayne on the busiest shopping day of the year...the dreaded day after Thanksgiving.

Rayne's horrified look on her face made Lark laugh knowing there was no way in hell she was getting Rayne into a store tomorrow. "Have you gone absolutely freaking mad woman? There is no way I'm stepping one toe into a Mall the day after Thanksgiving! You know what happened last year when I foolishly agreed to shop with you on that evil day. Hey, I still haven't paid you back for that one by the way!" Rayne answered tickling Lark.

Lark giggled and remembered that fateful day of shopping. "Oh, I remember all too well how you were stuck...well, pinned by the shopping carts in the ladies lingerie section and threatened to pull out your gun and clear out the store so, you could move from that area." Lark answered laughing along with Rayne.

"It was pretty funny huh?" Rayne asked laughing harder remembering the day very well.

"Oh, it was hysterical especially when you started shouting 'Look it's Lark Morgan! Can I have your autograph?' and crawled under the clothing stands to get out of the mob that ensued for my autograph!" Lark answered miffed at the memory and poked Rayne in the chest to emphasize her point.

Rayne laughed and grabbed the small finger that incessantly poked her chest. "I had to get out of there and you wouldn't let me start firing my gun so, I had to go to plan Beta...I guess I did pay you back for that one huh?" Rayne asked with a laugh noticing the scrunched up displeased face Lark possessed.

"Oh, yes...you got me back on that one already! I spent a friggin hour signing autographs while you sat in Barnie's coffee shop sipping your 'Joyous Eggnog' iced coffee! Those crazy women nearly tore my clothes off trying to get my autograph!" Lark exclaimed horrified at the unpleasant incident.

"Ooh, 'joyous eggnog' my favorite. I'll have to stop by there and buy a few bags of that coffee and get stocked up on it." Rayne answered with a fond look on her face at her favorite Christmas coffee and saw that Lark wasn't too pleased. "Oh, honey, I wouldn't have let them tear your clothes off...well, too many of them." Rayne teasingly laughed.

"I can't believe you left me there to the wolves like that for 'joyous eggnog' coffee!" Lark answered pouting and struggling to get away from her strong lover who wouldn't allow it.

Rayne chuckled and tightened her grip on Lark. "Lark, you know how good that stuff is and how much I love it" Rayne teased noting the blue smoke coming out of Lark's ears from her anger. "Oh, come on honey, I did save you after an hour when I started yelling that Tom Cruise was in the men's underwear section." Rayne answered laughing and gently shaking her upset lover. "Admit it...it was pretty funny seeing all of those women and those two gay guys running across the store screaming that Tom Cruise was in men's underwear!"

Lark laughed and looked at Rayne. "Yeah, it was pretty funny!" She conceded remembering the event and both laughing harder.

"Hey, let's go home and let Matthew sleep in peace." Rayne replied and kissed Lark before standing up.

"Sounds good to me baby." Lark answered slapping Rayne's firm backside with a chuckle and followed her tall lover out of the room who reached back grasping Lark's hand.

The pair said their good byes to everyone and headed home. Rayne and Lark entered the darkened house exhausted from the holiday events and quickly headed off to bed both falling into Morpheus' grasp cuddled closely in one another's arms. Rayne woke to Lark's incessant snoring and rolled onto her side propping her head up in her hand her elbow resting against the bed. She smiled when she saw the peaceful, angelic look on her lover's face as she slept soundly, oblivious to the surrounding world. Rayne lightly and lovingly stroked Lark's soft cheek and leaned closer placing a tender kiss on her forehead. Lark didn't stir and Rayne chuckled knowing how much Lark loved to sleep and could sleep through a hurricane blowing the house down. Rayne slipped her hand over Lark's bare abdomen and snuggled her face against Lark's neck content to stay right where she was using Lark as a pillow for a change. Rayne placed soft kisses along Lark's neck whispering, "I love you sweets." And felt Lark squirm closer to her. She chuckled and lifted her head up to see if her sleeping beauty was awake yet. 'Fat chance!' Rayne thought with a silent laugh and lightly smoothed out Lark's blonde eyebrows with her thumb repeatedly thinking about how much she loved the woman sleeping before her. Lark meant everything to Rayne and always had ever since the day she first laid eyes on the blonde hair, green-eyed beauty. She remembered the day as if it was yesterday and kissed the lips before her remembering how elegant Lark looked that evening. She remembered how her heart stopped momentarily and her breath escaped her when Lark's beautiful green eyes met hers from across the crowded room. The only thing she could think of at that moment was how incredibly beautiful Lark was...and still is. She was (and is) the most exquisite woman she had ever seen. Rayne thought about how she gasped to catch her elusive breath and how damn hard she tried to calm her heart that didn't listen to her and raced faster with each step Lark took closing the distance between the two from across the room. Rayne remembered how her gaze was fixed on Lark who elegantly sauntered across the room never breaking eye contact with her. It seemed to her as if time had slowed down and everything around them stopped...except them. The magnitude of Lark's beauty was nowhere near as close to what Rayne had imagined it was when she spied her across the room until Lark stood before her and she realized how her beauty was far more magnificent. She chuckled remembering her nervous reaction was to snap into her cocky, 'can't show I'm interested, have to play hard to get' mode when she heard Lark's sweet, sexy voice so confidently profess that they should go out on a date because she was positive they would make a great couple. Rayne didn't want to make it that easy on the blonde beauty...she couldn't let her know she lost her heart to Lark the moment their eyes met that day...no way...she wanted to play hard to get. 'Yeah, I played hard to get alright! Anxiously waiting by the phone for her to call me, sweating nervously when the phone rang.' Rayne thought with an embarrassed chuckle at the fond memory.

"You are so incredibly beautiful." Rayne whispered in Lark's ear and softly kissed her cheek while she lightly stroked her opposite cheek with her thumb wondering how she was so lucky to have such a beautiful, caring and loving woman so in love with her. She wondered how she was so lucky to have that same woman accept her offer of her heart for all of eternity. Someone who wants to give them both a child and someone who wants to be hers and only hers through this lifetime and in the entire next one's. Her blues eyes welled at the thought of Lark wanting her for all of eternity and that she was going to give them a child. The love she felt for Lark was immeasurable. The way Lark made her feel when she looked at her, held her, and touched her was the most incredible feeling in the world to her. She wanted Lark to know how much she loved her and pressed her lips against Lark's in an attempt to rouse the slumbering beauty from her dreams with her kiss.

Lark was finally able to break Morpheus' hold on her and opened her eyes greeted by loving blues. "Hmmm." Lark moaned happily and smiled reaching up and kissing her lover. "Morning." She greeted hoarsely from her sleep and wrapped her arms around Rayne.

"Same to you beautiful." Rayne answered smiling and kissed Lark again.

"Do you know how much I love waking up like this every morning?" Lark asked excitedly snuggling closer to her warm, sexy lover.

"Yes, actually I do. I feel the same waking up next to you every morning babe." Rayne answered sexily and lightly kissed Lark's lips.

"I am one seriously lucky woman!" Lark retorted happily and stretched to wake her compact body out of its sleepiness.

"Well, it just so happens that it's your lucky day too. We have a lot to do today." Rayne answered with a chuckle kissing Lark's cheek before rolling onto her back.

"Aah, noooo.." Lark whined and wrapped herself around Rayne's body. "Can't we stay right here all day?" She asked in a whimper snuggling her face against Rayne's neck.

"Sure, but we would have to reschedule our commitment ceremony then." Rayne teasingly answered lightly scratching Lark's back.

Lark's head shot up and her green eyes widened. "I'm up see...completely awake and ready to go." She excitedly replied sitting up next to Rayne who laughed at her excited lover.

Rayne crawled out of bed with Lark directly behind her heading towards the shower. They both scrambled into the hot shower glad they decided to enlarge the bathroom to include a larger shower area along with a separate Jacuzzi/bathtub next to the shower stall. Lark wet her short, blond hair and lathered plenty of shampoo through her golden locks as Rayne tended to her own grooming needs. "Okay, so, you're picking up the rings and taking the boys to be fitted for their tuxedo's right?" Lark asked anxiously, as the million things they had to do ran through her mind.

"Yes, dear." Rayne teasingly answered and chuckled at her nervous lover.

"It's not funny...now, that I think about it. We have way too many things to do!" Lark frantically answered applying shampoo again to her hair.

Rayne grabbed Lark's hands and stood before her. "Calm down sweetheart and stop washing your hair so many times before it falls out." Rayne responded with a laugh. "We have paid people a lot of money to help us get everything ready for the ceremony." Rayne explained calmly kissing Lark's hands to ease her anxiety.

Lark sighed deeply. "I know...but, I'm just nervous about everything and I want our ceremony to be wonderful Rayne." Lark informed Rayne showing her nervousness and concern that all the details be just right for their special day.

"It will be perfect baby." Rayne soothingly reassured her anxious lover leaning her forehead against Lark's and wrapped her arms comfortingly around Lark. "As long as you're standing with me at the altar in our garden archway professing your undying love to me nothing else matters. Even if you're standing there in gardening clothes with me and no one attends our ceremony, it will be perfect. What matters is our love for one another." Rayne explained reassuringly kissing her shorter, worried lover and wrapped her in a tight, warm embrace the hot water splashing down on them.

"You're right honey...I'm sorry. I just got a little overwhelmed by all the plans for the ceremony. Our commitment ceremony would be beautiful even if everyone was eating beanie weenies and we were dressed in our shorts and tank tops." Lark answered with regret for acting so freaked out and chuckled at her latter statement shared by Rayne.

"Beanie Weenies huh?" Rayne asked with a laugh leaning back to look at Lark. "It might not be so beautiful with Jayce eating those things...they don't sit well with him if you know what I mean?" Rayne teasingly asked sharing a heartier laugh with Lark.

"Thanks." Lark answered gratefully smiling and gazing into the blue eyes she loves more than life itself and kissing Rayne to show her tall lover her gratitude for having that special knack for putting her at complete ease.

"Anytime...especially if you kiss me like that babe." Rayne answered smiling sexily and wiggling her dark eyebrows suggestively.

The pair finished their showers, dressed and headed off in their separate directions to complete their errands and prepare for the ceremony. Rayne met Shayan and her nephews at the Tuxedo shop for the final fittings for their suits. Rayne asked her nephews to fill the best man duties for her and that Matthew be the ring bearer despite his age. She asked Shayan to carry her tiny nephew to the altar with the ring on the pillow in his lap. The hard part would be getting the shop to finish the alterations on his tuxedo outfit.

Rayne paid handsomely for the inconvenience and short notice for all the outfits, which the shop owner was more than happy to fulfill considering the amount she paid, the status of both father's occupations and Lark's popularity as a celebrity. "We are one good looking family." Shayan boasted cockily with a laugh shared by his sister.

"Mom and Dad will be so proud." Rayne chuckled checking the fit of her black tuxedo on her tall, well-toned body in the mirror.

"I'm so glad you decided on the shirts without collars Rayne. I hate those friggin bow ties."

"I know...they never stay straight." Rayne answered with a laugh straightening her black with white paisley designed vest underneath her waist length coat. "Fits me perfectly." Rayne informed her brother turning and checking all the angles of the outfit in the mirror.

"Yeah, mine too. How about you two?" Shayan asked kneeling down to check Cole and Brandon's suits.

"Well, Dad let's just say the chicks will definitely dig us!" Brandon cockily answered shocking his father who glanced up at Rayne.

"Did you teach him that?" He asked displeased.

Rayne held her hands up. "Not me! No way...must have been that wretched brother of ours." Rayne answered pretending as if she knew nothing about what her nephew had said flashing her brother an innocent look.

Shayan held his stare trying to figure out if his sister was pulling the wool over his eyes, which he thought was the case, but couldn't be sure because it was also something that Jayce would say. But, then again Jayce would have gotten it from Rayne. He shook his confused thoughts out of his head and tended to Cole as Brandon sidled up to his tall Aunt. "Thanks for selling me out buddy." Rayne teasingly whispered lightly pushing her nephew in a joking way.

"I couldn't help it...it just slipped out. I think Dad bought it about Uncle Jayce telling me that though." Brandon answered with a laugh blues locking with blues when Rayne knelt before him.

"Good cover and I think you're right just don't say that in front of your mom, and grandma or I'm dead meat!" Rayne teased with a laugh and a wink. "Oh, just to be safe, you probably shouldn't do it in front of Auntie Lark either." She added warningly straightening his cumber bun.

"Yeah, you're right." He agreed with a laugh.

"You are one handsome little dude!" Rayne exclaimed proudly with a cocky smile and kissed Brandon's cheek.

"You're not so bad yourself." He answered laughing and blushing.

"Make sure you don't lost the ring tomorrow from the time Matthew gives it to you until the time I give it to Auntie Lark. I'd hate to see what she does to you if that happens...it wouldn't be pretty." She instructed him teasingly.

"Are you kidding? No way am I going to lose it and face Auntie Lark's wrath!" He answered laughing when Cole approached and stood next to his taller brother.

"How do I look Auntie Rayne?" He asked with a smile holding his arms out away from his body eagerly waiting for her approval.

"You look incredibly handsome buddy." Rayne reassuringly answered with a proud smile.

"If Brandon's job is to hold the ring what's my job?" He asked in a curious wonderment not feeling very important.

"Your job is a very important one making sure that your brother gives me the ring when he's suppose to and this is the extremely important part...to make sure I don't fall over from my nervousness when your Auntie Lark first appears." She informed him with a chuckle and tickled him eliciting a loud giggle from him.

"Okay boys...go get changed so we can get going." Shayan replied with a laugh watching the boys run into the changing rooms.

Rayne stood up laughing and looked at her brother who stared at her. "What?" She asked curiously and self-consciously as to what he was thinking.

"I'm really happy for you and Lark. I hope you love and cherish each other every day for the rest of your lives." He answered with a sincerity that Rayne had never seen in him before.

"Thanks...it means a lot to me that you feel that way Shay." Rayne answered smiling gratefully and hugged her big brother.

"You're welcome. Now, let's get changed." He answered breaking the hug feeling uncomfortable with all the mushiness even though he initiated it.

Everyone changed, checked out at the register and exited the shop with their suits in hand ready for the big day. Rayne slipped her dark Oakley sunglasses on over her crystal blue eyes when they met the bright Florida sun. "Don't forget...Jayce has a little get together planned at your place for you tonight." Shayan reminded his sister.

"Yeah, how can I forget? It's all he's been talking about since dinner yesterday. Just make sure there are no strippers...Lark will kill me and Holly will probably do the same to you considering how she reacted when she suspected you had one at your bachelor party." Rayne warned with a laugh.

"I'll make sure to do that sis. Let's hope the party Holly has planned for Lark doesn't have strippers at it." He answered with a chuckle.

"That's right...it wouldn't be fair would it? But, then again, what strippers are they going to get? A chick and a dude? Or either or?" She asked with a hearty laugh shared by her brother.

"I guess they would have to do both huh?"

"Nah, they'll sit there talking girly stuff about shopping or something." Rayne chuckled discarding the stripper notion for Lark's party. "I've got to run and get the rings before Lark has a stroke that I didn't get everything finished in time. I'm on a schedule don't ya know? I'll see you tonight...bye boys!" Rayne replied slapping high fives with the little fellas before climbing into her convertible BMW and heading off to finish her errands.

"See ya!" They all exclaimed following Rayne's lead and heading off as well.

Rayne picked up the rings and stopped by the Florist to insure that Lark's order would be filled without any problems. The Florist assured her the order would be delivered early tomorrow morning for their afternoon ceremony. Rayne finally finished all of her errands and steered the luxury vehicle towards home. She punched in Lark's cell phone number into her car phone and waited for someone to answer.

She was surprised to hear Holly's voice on the other end of the phone. "Hey Rayne...Lark's a little busy at the moment." She informed her sounding slight irritated.

"Okay...is everything alright?" Rayne asked worriedly.

"Well, let's just say Lark's a freaking nervous wreck and is driving us nuts!" Holly answered in an agitated yet chuckling voice.

Rayne laughed. "What is left to be completed on your end?" Rayne asked checking the traffic around her before proceeding through the newly turned green light.

Continued in Part 4.

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