Ab Initio

by Cruise

Disclaimers: This is a sequel to my uber story Ab Initio. The characters in this story are of my own creation and are in love. If the idea of two women sharing a loving and intimate relationship bothers you or if you are under the age of 18 please find material more suited to you. The song "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias (Paul Barry/Mark Taylor-Rive Droite music) is used without permission and without intention for profit. It is highly recommended by the author to listen to the song during parts of this story as it makes the scene more effective.

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Part 4

"As soon as Lark stops fretting over how the friggin button is sewed on her dress we can head over and pick up the guest book finally completing our chores! Hold on." Holly asked agitatedly. Rayne waited patiently hearing the conversation between Lark and Holly in the background. "Lark...forget the damn button it looks fine!" Holly shouted her irritation mounting.

"Holly...it's hanging too far down it needs to be sewed on again." Lark shouted back angrily.

"Just take the dress off and I'll fix the damn button!" Holly answered curtly watching Lark storm off in a huff. "Hello? I'm back."

"I'm here." Rayne answered with a chuckle at the hilarity of the situation.

"You've got to do something to calm her down." Holly informed Rayne exasperated with Lark.

"I will. When you drop her off make sure no one else comes inside with her. I'll have something special planned for her...okay?"

"Thanks." Holly answered relieved. "Just make sure she isn't late to her party that starts at 8:30 and please make sure she'll be in a better temperament." Holly asked pleadingly.

"Yes ma'am and Holly? I seem to remember a certain other nervous bride who fretted over the same thing." Rayne reminded her with a chuckle hearing Holly's embarrassed laugh.

"You're right...I'm sorry. I should have been more considerate." Holly answered regretful for her short-tempered demeanor.

"It's okay...I'll handle that sexy blonde of mine. Just get her home in one piece please and dial #13 into my phone when she's on her way home." Rayne answered with a laugh and clicked the phone off.

Rayne laughed harder and shook her head at Lark's nervousness. She was surprised she wasn't nervous...actually, she was as cool as a cucumber...so far. Rayne made an unexpected stop to pick up something she needed to set her plans for Lark into action before heading home. Rayne called Jayce to confirm the party time was at 9 and that he wouldn't be at the house until 8 to set up. Everything was falling into place nicely and Rayne's plans for Lark were all set. Now all she had to do was set up the house for the surprise she had in mind for her nervous wreck of a lover got home. She hurried home and began her task of readying the house and coordinating the house staff to be out by the time Lark returned. Rayne double checked the house assure it was satisfactory to what she wanted and poured herself a cold Jack and coke as she waited for Lark to return. She clicked the remote and flipped the channels to ESPN to catch Sports Center for the football coverage. Rayne heard the phone and saw the code #13 in the display of her phone meaning Lark was on her way home. She finished her drink figuring she had about ten minutes until Lark returned home and turned the TV off preparing herself to fulfill her plans for Lark's surprise.

Lark pulled into her driveway stopping her Mercedes in a rush still flustered by the day's events. She sighed deeply trying to compose herself with a million thoughts running rampant in her head. She looked up and noted the house was dark and Rayne's car was nowhere in sight. "I'll kill her if she's out goofing around when she should be here helping me with these silly parties!" Lark replied the agitation evident in her tone of voice and her anger mounting as she clicked the garage door opener.

"What in the hell?" Lark asked angrily and clicked the opener, which was again dead. "Great!" She fumed throwing her hands up in defeat and shoved the car door open. "What else could go wrong?" She angrily asked herself out loud throwing the defective garage door opener against a tree with a satisfied smile consuming her face when she watched it shatter into pieces. "No, don't answer that. I don't think I want to know." She huffed agitated by everything that seemed to be going wrong quickly approaching the front door. Lark fumbled with her keys and her bags finally opening the door and stopping cold in her tracks. She smiled happily and felt the tension in her body immediately evacuate the premises when she saw the beautiful dozen of red roses strategically placed in front of her. Lark put her belongings down in the chair next to the door and approached the beautiful bouquet. She looked around seeing the house was lit by candles placed all over the living room and down the hallway out of her sight. Lark smelled the roses reveling in the pleasant aroma and picked up the card accompanying them. Her heart fluttered and her smile widened when she read the card; recognizing the handwriting as Rayne's.

Roses are red...and sometimes of different hues

Follow where they lead

To find out what's waiting for you!

'Ooh, Rayne is so sweet and romantic.' Lark gushed lovingly feeling completely relaxed and special. She stepped around the table and smiled seeing a trail of every imaginable color of roses possible leading down the hallway illuminated by the candles along the floor. Lark picked up each rose smelling them and felt a wonderful sensation consume her body. She wondered just what her sexy lover had in store for her and frankly, she couldn't wait to find out! She picked up the last rose and opened the door captivated by the lovely sight before her...Rayne sprawled out naked on her side comfortably positioned on the pool table grinning mischievously.

Lark quickly glanced around the dimly lit room filled with candles and the sound of slow jazz filtering throughout the room. "It's about time you got in here sexy." Rayne seductively replied sending warmth throughout Lark from her dark lover's silky voice.

Lark caught her breath and smiled, "I had to stop and smell the roses." She answered tantalizingly flashing an engaging smile holding up the roses to her nose and smelling them sauntering towards Rayne.

Rayne smiled seductively and rolled onto her stomach when Lark stopped in front of her completely captivated by the blonde beauty. Lark held the roses in front of Rayne who smile and captured Lark's gaze smelling the roses offered to her. "I'm glad you didn't stop for too long." Rayne sexily replied taking the roses from Lark while holding her sexy gaze and put the flowers on the table next to her before drawing her lover closer to her. The feeling of Rayne's hands on Lark's ass was overwhelming and it sent a rush of blood straight to her sex.

Rayne softly kissed her taut abdomen and worked her way up slowly, but steadily capturing a quickly hardening nipple through Lark's silky blouse. Lark's eyes closed from the wondrous feeling of Rayne's lips upon her breast and tilted her head back in response to her enjoyment slipping her hands around the back of Rayne's neck. She clutched Rayne's raven hair when Rayne paid a visit to her eagerly awaiting other breast. "Oh, baby...this is just what I needed." Lark moaned softly, opening her eyes when she felt Rayne's soft lips against the warm skin of her neck. Rayne's breath against her neck and ear tickled her in an erotic pleasurable way.

"I heard you had a bad day with the alterations to your dress." Rayne whispered sympathetically tracing the contours of Lark's ear with her tongue.

"Oh, aah...you have no idea." Lark answered momentarily distracted by the unpleasant memory of the events earlier in the day. "I couldn't...aah...believe." Lark stammered, her passions soaring when Rayne moved her kiss along Lark's jaw line, briefly stopping for a fleeting kiss upon Lark's lips on her quest to the other side of her lover's neck. "I was so upset and aah." Lark answered breathless her train of thought broken, finding it very difficult to concentrate on what she was saying. "Oh, aah...Holly." She attempted to continue opening her eyes to find Rayne's blues staring into hers.

"Will you please forget about all of that and make love to me?" Rayne asked softly placing a sweet, satisfying kiss on the lips before her pulling back to wait for Lark's answer.

Lark stared at Rayne in momentarily silence finally realizing that nothing else mattered except the woman staring back at her. Rayne was an irresistible force that she somehow managed to momentarily ignore. "I'm so sorry baby." Lark apologized ashamed of the way she was acting.

"Don't be...join me." Rayne's throaty response came pressing her lips against Lark's and her tongue seeking entry, which it was quickly granted. Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck deepening the kiss and felt Rayne grab her under her arms lifting her onto the table Rayne's kiss holding steadfast. She lifted Lark up on the table both kneeling before one another finally breaking the searing kiss.

Rayne's small smile grew in intensity when she gazed into the green eyes she loved so much and saw everything that she meant to Lark in them. "I love you so much Rayne." Lark exhaled softly and sincerely staring into Rayne's piercing blue eyes.

"As I do you Lark." Rayne answered honestly and smiled warmly her hands cupping Lark's face. She looked upon the actress' soft lips and drew them to hers for a moist, passionate kiss. Rayne slowly lay back guiding Lark down on her never breaking the sensual kiss her hands freely roaming along Lark's back. Lark broke the kiss breathless, her heart racing, her arousal mounting and sat straddling Rayne. She captured Rayne's gaze and slowly began to unbutton her blouse in a slow seductive tease.

The slow erotic movements Lark made excited Rayne and she wanted Lark in a bad way. She felt the wetness between her legs intensifying and placed her hands on Lark's bare stomach slowly moving them up. Rayne unhooked Lark's black, silk bra that attached in the front slipping her hands under the material and softly caressed her perky breasts. "Oh, Rayne." Lark moaned breathless and placed her hands on Rayne's, which softly kneaded her breasts. Rayne's touch was heaven and earth to her. It was so sensual, so soft, so caring and meant only for her. Rayne sat up and wrapped her arms around Lark who did the same and thrust her tongue deeply into Lark's mouth sending a tingling sensation throughout her small body. They clutched one another closer both tongues ferociously and tenaciously fighting for dominance. Rayne's hands moved down Lark's body to the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down to her knees. Rayne wanted to feel Lark's wetness on her stomach and right away. Lark stood before Rayne cautiously avoiding the overhead light watching Rayne pull her shorts off and bury her face in Lark's mound kissing and tasting her lover to her hearts content. Her tongue danced a slow erotic tango with Lark's center gliding along her hard clit and dipping deep inside her younger lover consuming Lark's essence. Lark moaned delightedly placing her hand on Rayne's head moving her closer to her hot sex and spread her legs to allow her lover complete and free access to her.

Rayne tightly clasped Lark's firm backside devouring the erotically decadent mound before her with an unbridled passion. She sucked and licked Lark's sex unable to control herself as Lark's musky smell consumed her...excited her...overwhelmed her. "Honey...I can't stand anymore. I'm going to fall!" Lark moaned desperately her legs becoming extremely weak from Rayne's ministrations that she could no longer support herself. Lark settled her mound over Rayne's mouth both wanting to continue their erotic moment. Rayne's tongue explored everything about Lark who rocked her hips up and down against Rayne's mouth. Her breathing became more erratic and the wondrous sensation of having Rayne between her legs overwhelmed her. She knew it had to be a crime to feel this good and if it was lock her up now because she felt incredible. Lark's hips rocked faster and watched as Rayne's blue eyes slowly opened expressing a slumbering passion reflected in them. Lark was amazed at how Rayne had a way of wanting more than she had to give but somehow managed to make her give her more...every time and Lark was glad she was the recipient of her lover's sexual quest. "Rayne that feels so good my love." Lark moaned feeling her release draw closer with Rayne's own release drawing near as she lustfully consumed her young lover. The way Lark seductively moved, moaned and tasted heightened her passions every time she had her. Lark was able to penetrate the secret depths of her hidden sensuality as no one ever had before. Lark was her match in every way, her true love, and her soul mate. She knew Lark had to have been put on this earth just for her and she hoped Lark felt the same way towards her. She knew it actually and loved their romp through ecstasy and wanted Lark to know just how much she loved her.

"Let me have you my love." Rayne asked in a sultry, seductive tone slipping her tongue deep inside her lover's warm, wet sex. She was rewarded by Lark's sweet musky fluid over and over again as her own release consumed her erotically charged body. She paused for a breath and eagerly consumed the rest of her lover who collapsed forward bracing herself with her arms spent from the ecstasy she had just experienced. Lark panted desperately to calm her labored breath and to slow her thundering heart as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body feeling her sensual lover quickly devour the offering. She couldn't take anymore, her sex was oversensitive and she slowly slid down her lover's long, sweaty, slender body finally resting between her legs taking what she wanted...what she desperately desired...Rayne...all of her. Rayne lay in a pleasure coma as Lark consumed everything about her. She wanted Lark in her arms to hold her, love her and revel in the wondrous feeling that consumed her body. "Come here baby." Rayne whispered guiding her lover on top of her and stared into her emerald greens that sparkled in the candlelight. Rayne smiled lovingly and wiped her remnants off Lark's top lip slowly moving in for a deep, meaningful kiss. Lark melted into the passionate kiss feeling complete in the strong arms that wrapped themselves securely around her in a loving embrace. Lark broke the kiss breathless and laid her head on Rayne's shoulder snuggling her face against her lover's neck placing a soft kiss there. She twirled Rayne's long, raven hair between her fingers reveling in the glorious feeling that overcame her and whispered, "I love you so much Rayne." Rayne's satisfied smile grew larger and she felt a catch in her heart as those words spoken by Lark meant so much to her. She held Lark closer and tighter to her kissing her forehead replying, "I absolutely love and adore you honey." Lark's eyes watered and she smiled broadly holding her lover even tighter sealing her feelings with a lingering kiss on Rayne's neck. Both lay in silence knowing they would have to soon part the wonderful confines of each other's arms, but wanted to linger in the moment awhile longer. Lark closed her eyes enjoying the pleasurable sensation of Rayne's hand softly rubbing her back. "Care to take a shower with me?" Rayne sexily offered kissing the top of Lark's head.

"I thought you would never ask." Lark chuckled leaning up to look at her beautiful soul mate and kissed the lips before her.

Rayne smiled lovingly when she sat up and moved off the table holding her arms out for Lark who crawled into them comfortably. "You are so incredibly beautiful Lark." Rayne eloquently admitted passionately kissing Lark and carrying her into the bathroom.

The pair finally finished their showers after thoroughly exploring one another's bodies with soap, water, wash cloth, shower brush, hands, lips, tongues and a brillo pad. Okay, no brillo pad, but I had to snap everyone out of their fantasy of Lark and Rayne's shower excursion to continue. Now, back to the story. Lark and Rayne dressed reluctant to leave one another for their respective bachelorette parties. They both would be perfectly content to spend the remainder of the evening making love to one another. Rayne picked up the cushions and blankets off of the pool table after picking up the candles from the hallway and threw the blankets into the washing machine. She closed the lid and felt a familiar delightful tickle in her stomach when Lark's arms wrapped tightly around her slender waist. She smiled and felt Lark kiss her back and turned around in the arms that held her tightly to look upon the object of her affection. "Hello gorgeous." Rayne sultrily greeted and kissed Lark.

"I'm surprised you're doing the wash honey." Lark teased breaking the kiss.

"I have many skills my love. Besides, I had to make sure the white comforter wasn't turned to pink." Rayne sarcastically answered with a laugh.

"Very funny Rayne!" Lark answered with a scrunched up face at the teasing comment. "I couldn't help it that they turned pink."

"Honey...red clothes don't mix with white one's." Rayne teased with an arched eyebrow.

"Well, I didn't know that at the time. I was just trying to be helpful and wash your clothes." Lark whined. "Besides, you looked cute in pink boxers." Lark teased and pinched Rayne's butt planting a kiss on her chin.

"Oh, yeah...real cute Lark." Rayne laughed and lead Lark out of the utility room.

"I'm not very good with stuff like that." Lark admitted sheepishly following her tall lover into the living room.

"That's because you're a princess." Rayne laughed and was halted by her lover who glared at her put off by the comment. "My little princess." Rayne whispered and kissed the pouting lips before her.

They broke the kiss when the doorbell rang. "Do I have to go?" Lark whined disappointedly.

"Unfortunately." Rayne pouted holding Lark closer and kissing her.

"Waah." Lark whined with a shared laugh by Rayne.

"Get going...you'll have fun." Rayne coaxed Lark towards the door.

"Oh, the garage door is broken, it won't open." Lark replied turning to inform Rayne.

"No, I disengaged it so you'd have to use the front door."

"Oops!" Lark sheepishly grinned. "Well, the garage door opener is broken then." She answered with a laugh.

"What happened to it?"

"It got personal with a tree when I lost my temper." Lark laughed reaching for the doorknob.

"Remind me to not make you made." Rayne teased with a chuckle.

"I love you." Lark whispered and kissed Rayne once more.

"Ditto." Rayne answered with a blushing smile and watched Lark open the door to greet Holly who was waiting. "You two behave." Rayne teasingly warned and saw Jayce slip in the door behind Holly.

"Same goes for you two!" Lark warned and pointed at the pair to get her point across.

"Yes, dear." Rayne teased and winked with a smile.

"I love you." Lark mouthed and blew Rayne a kiss exiting the door noting the flush red look on Rayne's face her blushing quite evident. Rayne sighed disappointedly when Lark disappeared behind the closed door and really had no desire for the silly bachelorette party that lay ahead. She knew it was important to her brother Jayce who planned everything and didn't want to ruin it for him so, she figured she'd go along with the ruse and attempt to have a good time. The parties were in full swing and everyone was having a blast except for Rayne. She watched her brother's candidly interact with other friends of hers from work and family members realizing she was in a group of people yet, felt so alone...something...no, someone was missing. It was Lark if you were wondering or not paying attention! Rayne glanced over at a picture of Lark and smiled lovingly when she saw the beautiful face of the woman who meant so much to her. It was a face that exuded so much love, caring and such a wonderful zest for life. Her revelry was interrupted when Jayce announced they were going to watch porno flicks. He excitedly gathered everyone around the big screen TV and Rayne chuckled shaking her head. 'How cliché...porno flicks at a bachelorette party.' Rayne thought with a laugh and resigned herself to the fact that this was no party for her, but an excuse for the guys to hang out together without their wives or girlfriends around. She was just the opposite...she actually wanted to be with her intended. She laughed as everyone cheered exuberantly when the blond naked woman with the hot pink 'come fuck me pumps' on asked the man to make her squeal like a pig. 'I'm outta here.' Rayne thought disgustedly and snuck out of the room unnoticed. 'How in the hell do those woman have sex in those freaking shoes and those long ass fingernails?' Rayne asked in disbelief shaking her head and entered her office. She took a seat in front of the computer and decided she didn't want to know the answer to her question. 'Some things are better left alone...and that was one of them.' Although, Lark would look very sexy in those hot pink 'CFMP's'. She thought grinning mischievously rubbing her chin and chuckling settled into her chair to write her vows to Lark. Rayne picked up Lark's picture tracing the fine features with her finger thinking about everything she feels for Lark. 'Now, how do I put those into words? I'm not that great of a writer. Where's Stoley when you need her?' She asked as if Lark would tell her. Once she began to write everything she wanted to say flowed out of her freely and easily. She clicked the icon and started the printer to make a copy of the vows. She read over them and the sound of the phone ringing startled her. She picked up the phone to answer with her heart racing from the fright, as she was lost in her thoughts of Lark.


"Hi baby." Lark's silky, sweet voice replied lovingly.

"I was just thinking about you?" Rayne sexily answered.

"Oh, yeah...like what?" Lark asked excitedly and intrigued that she was on her lover's mind.

"Some really naughty thoughts." Rayne teasingly replied.

"Ooh, I think I like that. Scratch that...I love that!" Lark answered excitedly feeling a tingling sensation run throughout her at the possibilities.

"Do you have any hot pink 'come fuck me pumps'?" Rayne asked intrigued by the thought that maybe Lark did indeed have them.

"What?" Lark asked embarrassed by the question.

"Oh, never mind." Rayne answered with a laugh. "How's your party?"

"It's okay." Lark answered unenthusiastically wondering why Rayne would ask her about the shoes. 'What is she up to?' She questioned inwardly. "The party is basically so the chicks can have a night out to themselves without their kids, husbands or boyfriends."

"Same here. They're in watching porno flicks on the big screen TV." Rayne informed Lark with a chuckle swinging around in the chair plopping her slender legs up on the desk beside her.

'Aah...ha. That's why she asked me about the shoes.' Lark thought intrigued by Rayne's naughty thoughts. "That's what they're doing here too." Lark answered laughing joined by Rayne who burst into laughter.

"I hope we don't get to that point that we feel the need to have to go to separate parties for a break from one another." Rayne admitted sad that her family and friends would feel the need to be that way with their significant others.

"Me either, but with our busy lives I don't think that will happen. Both of us are apart for work so much that we usually want to spend our free time with one another."

"Very true. So, how come you're not in watching the dirty flicks with the babes? Oh, geez! Tell me my mom isn't watching those movies." Rayne worriedly asked when she realized who was at the party.

"Who do you think brought them?" Lark asked chuckling and filed her fingernail with an emery board.

"You lie!" Rayne replied in disbelief and sat up in the chair firmly planting her feet on the floor bracing herself for Lark's answer.

"I'm not lying. Let's hope they don't bring in a stripper or I don't know what she might do to them. She was doing keg stands earlier." Lark informed her stunned lover examining her freshly manicured fingernail.

"My mother?" Rayne asked with a laugh. "Doing keg stands? Who knew?" She asked completely stunned by her mother's actions.

"Certainly not you honey." Lark laughed along with Rayne and threw her fingernail file on the table pleased with her manicure.

"I guess so! Please tell me you took pictures." Rayne asked with a mischievous laugh.

"Honey...I may be blonde, but I'm not stupid. Let's just say, we will have no difficulty finding a baby-sitter at anytime we need one not to mention a back up sitter in my mother." Lark informed her lover who laughed hysterically.

"Good thinking babe. What's your mother doing?"

"I can't even go there on the phone you'll just have to see the pictures." Lark answered laughing.

"It sounds like you're all having a better time over there than we are over here." Rayne chuckled and heard a loud roar of hollering and cheering from the other room. "Oops...hold on. I think the party is picking up." Rayne informed Lark and stood up to find out what was happening from all the commotion.

"What's happening?" Lark asked in excited wonderment.

"Give me a second to get to the pool room babe." Rayne answered quickly walking down the hall stopping in the doorway in complete shock. Lark heard the cheers and shouting in the background and heard Rayne reply, "Holy shit!" She was in complete disbelief.

"What's going on? Rayne!" Lark shouted dying to know what was happening.

"Oh, aah." Rayne stammered snapping out of her state of shock. She blinked rapidly swallowing the lump in her throat closing her mouth, which hung agape. "Well...aah, my father has his shirt off and a stripper on his shoulders dancing around the room." Rayne explained bewildered.

"No shit?!" Lark laughed in amazement.

"Your father has a bra and aah...oh, shit...he has on pink 'come fuck me pumps' prancing around the room like a stripper! So, you do have some of those shoes." Rayne teasingly accused her lover. "Wait....how does your father fit into your shoes unless..." She paused, her tone mischievously suspicious. "They're his and he's secretly a transvestite." Rayne laughed.

"Very funny! Maybe he's wearing the stripper's shoes and she's really a man!" Lark answered both laughing hysterically.

Rayne clicked a few pictures and noticed an unfamiliar person also taking pictures. Her demeanor changed from laughter to seriousness in a heartbeat. "Lark...I'll have to call you back. I have to confiscate some film."

"NO! I want to see the pictures." Lark whined not wanting to be left out on the fun.

"You'll see them from my camera and not a stranger's. There's someone here I don't recognize taking pictures, which could be used against both of our father's Lark. I'll call you back." Rayne answered with urgency and concern reflected in her tone of voice.

"Okay...be careful and call me back!" Lark answered no longer hearing the shouting instead hearing the dial tone.

Rayne put the phone down and tucked her camera in her pocket approaching the unknown photographer. "Can I ask who you might be?" Rayne asked tapping the man on the shoulder.

"I'm a friend." The man arrogantly answered looking Rayne over.

"Not of mine. I need your camera and film." Rayne demanded holding her hand out.

"Like hell! You have no right!" He shouted angrily alerting everyone else to what was transpiring. The shouting and loud music ceased as everyone was transfixed on the situation at hand.

"Now, you're wrong on that account buddy. It's my house, I'm a Secret Service Agent and you're threatening national security by photographing a U.S. Senator and Ambassador without their knowledge which I'm pretty sure you intend to sell for a very high price." Rayne angrily answered flashing her badge and gave a quick sideways glance noting other agents sidling up to her protectively. "Now, the film." Rayne demanded again her hand held out waiting for the requested item.

The man looked at the threatening woman, the agents and at the Senator who embarrassingly removed the bra from his head then to the agents behind Rayne and reluctantly gave her his camera. Rayne opened the camera and removed the film exposing the film to the light forever damaging the incriminating evidence. "Empty your pockets." She demanded.

"Oh, come on." The man objected and was quickly searched by the other agents as well as his camera case with all the film being confiscated and quickly destroyed. "You can't do that!" He vehemently protested.

"Do what?" Rayne asked sarcastically and arrogantly.

"You can't search me like that and take my belongings."

"What are you talking about? I didn't see a search or any belongings taken...did any of you?" Rayne asked casually looking around the room shrugging her shoulders and pretending she had no idea what the man was talking about.

"The only thing I see is someone trespassing on private property. Actually, I think he made unlawful entry." Rayne's partner Tom announced planting his large imposing figure in a defiant manner before the man.

"I'll tell you what dude." Rayne arrogantly replied and moved next to Tom. "Take your camera, your case." Rayne replied handing the said items to him continuing, "Your scummy self, your bimbo and get the fuck out of my house before I charge you with trespassing, breaking and entering, and not cooperating with a government agent in a national security compromise." Rayne offered with a devilish smirk.

"You can't do that." He nervously replied packing his camera away.

"Try me." Rayne snarled moving closer to him. "Look at all of my witness." Rayne cockily smiled seeing the fear in his eyes, which darted around the room before settling back upon Rayne as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"You're right...sorry. We're leaving." He nervously conceded finally coming to his senses realizing he had better leave and motioned to the stripper.

"You're a smart man." Rayne sarcastically answered with an arrogant smile and winked at the man who quickly left with the stripper.

Rayne watched as the two agents escorted the pair out of the house. "Thanks Rayne." Senator Morgan replied gratefully sidling up to the taller woman.

Rayne gave him a sideways glance. "You're welcome sir. As always, your safety and virtue are my main concern." She answered with a wink and turned back looking at the Congressman's agent assigned to him suspiciously. "Tom." Rayne replied looking at her partner who moved next to her. "Take the Congressman's agent into the kitchen. We need to find out why he didn't check out the stripper and her camera-toting friend as he was assigned to do this evening. I'll be in there in a minute."

"Sure, but can I be the bad cop this time?" He asked teasingly noting the smirk on his partner's face from his remark.

"Very funny partner!" Rayne laughed watching her comrade in arms leave and guide the agent in question towards the kitchen.

"What's going on?" Shayan asked confused by the situation approaching his overly suspicious sister.

Rayne looked at her brother matching his blues, which were filled with concern and confusion. "I'm about to find out." She answered dryly and took a step to leave.

"Need any help?" He offered stopping his focused sister.

"No, stay here and liven up this party. Just don't let anymore strippers in here." Rayne reassured her brother with a laugh exiting the room. Rayne padded down the hall and pulled out her camera to remove the film from it. She destroyed her roll of film to keep the incriminating pictures from falling into the wrong hands. No matter who took the pictures, it was too risky of chance. Rayne grimaced when her bare feet met the cold tile of the kitchen floor. 'Fuck...I hate that!' She thought angrily approaching her partner. "Let's go into the dining area." She informed the pair and motioned them to the large dining room table. 'Yes, get to the carpet...QUICK!' She thought hopeful cringing from the feeling of the tile under her feet. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the comfortable carpet under her and wiped her feet on each pant leg before taking a seat to somehow rub off that uncomfortable feeling on her feet from the tile floor that still lingered there. "How long have you been assigned to the Congressman? What's your name?" Rayne asked looking at the very young and quickly intimidated agent across from her.

"Aah...my name is Danny and I've been assigned to him for two weeks now ma'am." He nervously stammered staring into the stormy blue eyes that peered at him across the table.

Rayne looked at Tom and her eyebrow shot up questioningly. "Ma'am?" She mouthed to her partner who snickered. Rayne looked back at the young agent and inhaled deeply before continuing. "Agent, you neglected to perform your duties as assigned and you must be held accountable." Rayne informed him leaning forward and resting her arms on the glass table.

"I'm sorry ma'am...it's my first assignment and I...aah..." He stammered nervously wiping a bead of sweat that formed on his forehead from the menacing look Rayne flashed him.

"First off, don't call me ma'am because you're really pissing me off with that and secondly, you have to protect the Congressman as well as the Ambassador whether it's some kind of physical harm or from incriminating pictures being taken of them in a compromising situation." Rayne informed the nervous agent angrily.

"Yes, ma...ah...Agent Donovan." He carefully corrected himself noting the unpleasant glare Rayne threw at him. "I aah...guess I just got caught up in the informal atmosphere of everything." He admitted sheepishly knowing he screwed up big time.

"Oh, really? Well, guess what? You're not cut out for this job if you look at it that way. That's the worst fucking attitude to take dude!" Rayne angrily answered attempting to control her temper that threatened to explode at one more idiotic comment from the young agent. "This is a matter for Director Bailey to handle and I'll be sure to give him my full report and my recommendation regarding your future employment with the Secret Service." Rayne informed the nervous agent even angrier as his comments repeated in her head rising to her feet followed by Tom and the other agent.

"Agent, wait for me by the door please." Tom ordered the man who quickly followed his orders...this time.

"Give me a minute to get my shoes on." Rayne replied moving to get her shoes.

"No, you're staying here to get ready for your big day tomorrow." Tom ordered his stubborn partner stopping her in her tracks. "I'll take care of this matter." He confidently assured her.

Rayne looked at him noting the seriousness in his brown eyes and relented. "Okay...thanks. I appreciate it. Listen have them check this guy out thoroughly. I have a bad feeling about him, that he's not an agent." Rayne answered with great concern and suspicion.

"You think so?" Tom asked in disbelief that the agency would overlook someone who's credentials might be suspect considering the extensive background checks they have to go through before becoming an agent.

"Yeah, I've got a feeling. Besides, he can't be that stupid and be a trained agent. I can't believe they would assign him to the Senator either! What the hell were they thinking?" She asked concerned for the Senator's safety after the whole kidnapping situation they went through because of the Congressman's political beliefs.

"I'll have him checked out and I think they're trying to get the best person for the job Rayne. But, you're not available so, they have to make do with what they have." Tom sincerely answered and patted his partner on the back before leaving.

Rayne sat back down at the table and scratched her chin wondering if she had been to hard on the young agent. 'Maybe I'm wrong about him, but I can't help the way I feel. I don't have a good feeling about him at all.' Rayne thought warily. 'Maybe I should be the one assigned to the Senator.' She thought as an option. 'Alright, find out the facts with the agent and go from there.' She reassured herself walking back to the phone knowing she didn't want to have returned to the rigors of protecting the Senator especially since it's a re-election year. She would be away from Lark way too much and wasn't going to let that happen...again. Rayne dialed Holly's number into the phone. 'I'll just have to choose the Congressman's agent myself.' She thought arrogantly or was it? Maybe...or possibly it was just because she was overly protective of him considering the fact that the Senator is Lark's father.

"Hello?" Lark's worried voice echoed through the receiver.

"Hey, sexy." Rayne answered rubbing the back of her neck to relieve the tension she felt from what just happened.

"Are you okay?" Lark asked her voice thick with concern.

"I'm perfect now that I hear your sexy voice Lark." Rayne answered smiling and lay her head back against the chair she was sitting in relieving the tension.

"Are you going to kill me with suspense or are you going to tell me what happened?" Lark questioned anxiously.

"Oh, yeah...that." Rayne teased and explained, "Seems we had a photographer here who was very willing to take some compromising photo's of our father's and sell them for a high price."

"Oh, no! Fortunately, you were able to catch them. How'd they get past daddy's agent?"

"I'm not sure...we're checking him out now. I really don't have a very good feeling about him."

"It's a good thing that you're suspicious of some people or this could have been one hell of a disaster." Lark answered relieved and proud that her lover foiled the photo scam.

"I guess so. What's happening over your way?" Rayne asked happy to change the subject to keep her mind off her gut feelings and focus on one hell of gorgeous blonde on the other end of the line with the most beautiful, angelic voice.

"I'm going to bed. Everyone here has passed out cold." Lark answered with a laugh.

"Sounds like a good idea. I'm heading that way myself. I need my beauty sleep for my very important date with a sexy blonde tomorrow." Rayne teased sexily with a chuckle.

"Well, now. I hope you have a wonderful date as I'm positive I certainly will tomorrow." Lark answered grinning widely feeling the butterflies' tickle her belly at the thought of how special tomorrow is to her.

"Oh, you can count on it as long as she doesn't stand me up." Rayne joked padding down the hall to her bedroom peaking her head in the door noting much of the party goers had left and the remaining one's were passed out on various pieces of furniture. She chuckled and headed into her room.

"You can count on the fact that she will not stand you up. In fact, she'll be there early." Lark guaranteed with a giggle.

"An actress...early? Cut if out woman!" Rayne laughingly teased.

"When it's an event this important she'll be on time especially seeing as how it's something she's been waiting for all of her life...committing herself to her soul mate for all of eternity."

Rayne smiled happily feeling a tingling sensation in her stomach from Lark's admission and paused briefly exhaling a satisfied sigh before stripping her jeans, underwear and bra off. She crawled into the large bed settling herself against the pillows. "I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow baby. Have sweet dreams tonight." Rayne sincerely professed.

"You too my sexy beast. I love you Rayne." Lark gushed into the phone wishing Rayne's arms were wrapped tightly around her, but didn't want to risk bad luck for the rest of their lives by seeing her intended before the ceremony.

"Love you sweets." Rayne answered her blushing smile widening with the butterflies fluttering uncontrollably in her stomach. "Goodnight."

"Night babe." Lark answered softly clicking the phone off falling back on the bed and sighing disappointedly that Rayne wasn't with her.

Rayne put the phone on the nightstand, stripped her shirt off and crawled under the covers lonely for a certain green-eyed actress she loved more than life itself. You know the one...the blonde who captured her heart the moment she first laid eyes on her.

Rayne stared at the ceiling worried that the vows she wrote for Lark would express everything she meant to her. They had to...they were straight from her heart. Rayne tossed and turned in bed for the majority of the night fretting over the vows, but mostly because Lark wasn't snuggled comfortably in her arms. Rayne woke with a start when she heard a clanging noise outside her window. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the window to see the entertainment company they hired setting up the tents for the ceremony.

Rayne's racing heart settled and she looked at the clock noting she had about two hours of sleep out of the five spent in bed. She slipped on her sports bra, a pair of gym shorts followed by her socks and sneakers deciding an invigorating morning jog on the beach would settle her nervousness. She headed out the back door towards the sea wall pulling her long, dark hair up into a ponytail and sucked in the fresh ocean breeze. The fresh, clean scent filled her lungs giving her a feeling of completeness. "I'm home." She smiled contentedly that she was back were she belonged before setting out on her exercise excursion. Rayne finished her morning workout, advised the 'set up' crew as to tent placements and headed in for her shower as the time was disappearing quickly. She finished showering and headed towards the closet to retrieve her outfit. Rayne thought about how special she wanted their day to be and tried to think of some way to make it extra special for Lark. She opened the closet door looking into her wardrobe and smiled mischievously knowing just exactly what special thing she could do for Lark. "She's going to die!" Rayne laughed sarcastically thoroughly happy with the plan she had in store for Lark.

Rayne finished dressing and heard a commotion outside. She smoothed out her clothing as she casually sauntered towards the window to investigate what all the noise was about. She peered out the window to see a vision of complete loveliness step out of the white limo parked in their driveway. Rayne's breath instantly escaped her. Her heart raced uncontrollably when she saw Lark laugh at something Holly said to her as she helped her out of the limo. "Wow! What a gorgeous woman." Rayne fondly thought when she was finally able to regain her breath. She was amazed that Lark was there to commit herself to their life together. She would have the splendid pleasure of spending the rest of her life with the most beautiful woman in the world. Rayne's small smile grew in intensity. 'She has the most angelic smile. And her voice...it's like soft rain.' Yeah, the stoic Secret Service agent was getting choked up just thinking about what Lark meant to her, everything in the world. 'And she actually feels the same way about me.' "Hi sweetheart...are you okay?" Maria's voice softly asked as she rested her hand on the small of her daughter's back. Rayne's nerves already seemed to be on edge. She hated to add to it by scaring her.

"Oh, aah...yeah...hey, Mom." Rayne stammered. Her voice was full of emotion, as she was startled out of her Lark-filled trance.

"What are you looking at?" She queried and smiled.

"My dream come true." Rayne softly answered while reaching to push the blind back for her mother to see her object of affection.

"Oh, honey...Lark looks absolutely divine." Maria happily exclaimed. They watched as Lark disappeared into the guesthouse.

"Yes...she is mom and she kept her word. She's on time." Rayne chuckled looking at her shorter mother.

"I'm so happy for you baby. I'm sure there are no doubts about Lark that you need to discuss with me right?" Maria asked with a laugh. It was plain to see the love in Rayne's eyes for her future bride.

"No doubts whatsoever Mother. You know, I only thought I loved some of the other women I've been with." Rayne tried to explain. Stopping to take a deep breath and compose herself she tried to continue. Maria held Rayne's hands to settle her daughter. "But, I realized I didn't know what love really was until Lark entered and graced my world. Now I know. It's her." She wiped the tear from her eye before it fell down her tanned cheek.

"Oh, honey. That's all your father and I have ever wanted for you. We've always hoped that you would find and fall in love with your soul mate. You have and we couldn't be happier for you." Maria lovingly answered. Her own blue eyes began welling with tears of happiness for her daughter and she drew her close for a hug.

"Thanks mom. I am so happy and so in love with Lark." Rayne answered breaking the hug. She couldn't help but smile when she met the familiar blue eyes peering back at her.

"Whoa! What a couple of babes!" Jayce exclaimed with a broad smile as he entered the room and quickly headed for the two women. "Rayne...you look so stunning! Lark is going to just...aah...I don't know? Freak!" He was at a loss for words to describe his sister as he checked her out before pulling her in for a hug.

"Thanks...you look pretty good yourself."

"You both look fabulous." Maria smiled proudly.

Jayce broke the hug and just stared at Rayne completely enamored. "You really look great." He gushed again with a huge smile. "Are you ready to lose your bachelorettehood?" He asked with a laugh and held out each of his arms to escort the ladies.

"I already lost that when I first laid eyes on Lark. But if you're asking officially then, more than you could ever imagine." Rayne smiled as her brother escorted her and her mother out of the room.

Lark entered the guesthouse where she would finish dressing and was flabbergasted by the amount of red roses that filled the living room. She was speechless, breathless, stunned...all of the above. She just stood there looking at the flowers in awe.

"Wow! They're beautiful!" Holly exclaimed. She picked up the card quickly handing it to the stunned actress.

Lark wiped the tears of joy from her green eyes and read the note. 'A roomful of beautiful roses could never come close to your beauty. I'm anxiously waiting our date later today. I love you with all my heart, Rayne.' Lark smiled and cried harder.

"Oh, she's so incredibly romantic." She replied as Holly hugged her tightly.

"Her brother needs to take a few lessons from her." Holly teased. "Lark, you're a very lucky woman to have someone love you as much as Rayne does. Now, stop crying. You don't want her to see you with red eyes. Brides to be aren't allowed to have those until after the vows." Holly chuckled and wiped Lark's tears away.

Lark finished putting on the finishing touches to her makeup and outfit as Holly did the same for herself. She raised her lipstick to her mouth and paused before applying it staring at herself in the mirror. 'Rayne means so much to me. I wonder if she realizes just how special she is? How did I get so lucky? The Fates surely smiled upon me when they allowed Rayne to enter my life.' She had always hoped that she would find a love so deep and true. She had with Rayne. "Come on honey...it's time." Lark's father replied smiling and broke Lark out of her reverie.

"Oh, aah...sorry. I'm finished." She nervously stammered and quickly applied another coat of 'New Millennium' lipstick before standing up. She smiled and received a kiss from her father. He then held out his arm for his beautiful daughter to escort her to the love of her life.

"You look incredibly beautiful honey. Your mother and I are so happy for you. We wish you all the happiness in the world." He proudly smiled and lightly kissed his daughter's soft cheek.

Lark slipped her hand up on her father's arm smiling and followed where he led. "Thanks daddy...that means a lot to me."

Rayne nervously waited outside in one of the tents they had set up next to the gazebo. Their commitment ceremony would take place over looking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. "You okay?" Shayan asked sidling up to his nervous sister. She stood staring off in the distance basking about how perfect the day had turned out. The beautiful Florida sun was shining very brightly. There was a cool ocean breeze blowing which eliminated the normally stifling humidity that the state was so famous for.

"Oh, aah...yeah." Rayne stammered and looked at her brother who held her very handsome little nephew Matthew. "Let me see my little cutie pie." Rayne smiled and took Matthew from her brother's arms. "He looks so adorable in his little tuxedo!" Rayne exclaimed and kissed his cheek. "Hello handsome!" She cooed looking into the delightful angelic face of her nephew and laughed when he smiled.

"You are going to be quite the little heartbreaker." She teasingly laughed and lightly kissed his forehead.

"Rayne! You look stunning!" Her father approached and stopped before her.

"Thanks dad...I appreciate it." Rayne grinned embarrassed and tilted her head to accept the kiss he planted on her cheek.

"Your mother and I did a great job of creating you...that's for sure." He boasted with a chuckle and shared a laugh with his son and daughter. "Are you ready to give your heart to Lark in front of everyone?"

"Absolutely. Is it time?" She asked turning to Shayan to hand Matthew to him.

"I have it on good authority that Lark is ready to accept your offer and quite eagerly I might add." He smiled mischievously and held his arm up for her.

"Well, let's not keep my princess waiting then." Rayne laughed and allowed her father to lead her towards the gazebo where their ceremony would be held.

Rayne insisted that Lark make a grand entrance. She would wait anxiously to meet her in front of the gazebo with their fathers presenting them to each other. Rayne waited nervously for Lark at the head of the aisle. She stood on the right with her best men; Brandon, Cole, Jayce, Shayan and Matthew in his father's arms. Lark's best women, Holly, Elaine (her agent), Renee (a cousin) and Lynnette (another cousin) had already taken their places to the left side. Rayne's butterflies began to soar as she stood at the steps of the gazebo. She heard the music that Lark insisted on having begun to play. She loved the song 'Bolero' by Ravel and thought it would be fitting. The walk she would make was long, from the back porch of their house, down the yard to their gazebo.

Rayne turned to see Lark approach, as did the entire crowd. Everyone stared at the stunning beauty and let out a collective gasp. She was simply exquisite. Rayne could barely see Lark when all the heads turned towards her. She stepped out towards the middle of the aisle to get a better view of Lark. She wanted to etch the moment in her memories for all of time. Rayne intently stared at the approaching woman. It felt as if time had eased to a stand still. She walked in a slow, elegant rhythm to the seductive tango that flowed out of the speakers. Lark smiled widely when she saw Rayne waiting for her. She looked at her father smiling as her green eyes welled with tears of joy and happiness. She looked back and couldn't believe her eyes. Rayne never ceased to amaze her. She was certainly surprised with her attire today that's for sure. Lark appreciated everything about the exquisite beauty. Including the black, mid-thigh sexy form fitting dress that adorned her tall figure. As she drew near, she couldn't help but be drawn to the provocative allure of the dress. The plunging v-neck dipped down to Rayne's upper abdomen and was adorned in a sheer mesh material that added an edge of mysteriousness to the enticing dress. Every one of Rayne's physical assets was complimenting the dress. Lark's heart raced. It meant so much to her that Rayne would wear that outfit. She knew Rayne hated to wear dresses. She knew Rayne had done it just for her and she appreciated the gesture so much. Rayne didn't realize she wasn't breathing until Brandon poked her and she gasped for her breath. He chuckled and was proud of himself for fulfilling one of his very important duties. He hadn't forgotten his Aunt's instructions. Rayne was mesmerized by Lark's beauty. The beautiful smile, the elegant music playing and the sexy allure of Lark's emerald green eyes sparkling from the reflection of the sun off the ocean was more than Rayne could bare. Rayne's heart raced incessantly and the emotions that welled within her were unbearably hard to control. Lark looked radiantly beautiful in her white 'Carmela Sutera' dress. The length touched the tops of her shoes and the décolleté tapered shoulder straps dipped between her breasts. Lark looked elegant in the white dress with a lace design about it and white mesh sleeves down both arms. The bouquet of white, peach and blue carnations with red roses mixed in accentuated her dress beautifully. Rayne watched as the long dress gently ruffled from the light breeze coming off the ocean and stood staring at the woman she would soon commit herself to forever. She was completely enamored with the elegant vision before her. "I have something very important for you Rayne." Congressman Morgan beamed with happiness and offered his daughter's hand to Rayne.

Rayne's father stepped before his daughter and placed Rayne's hand on Lark's with a proud smile of his own. "And I have something important for you as well Lark." Both fathers smiled and kissed the two blushing women before sitting down next to their wives.

Rayne smiled happily and gently moved Lark's hand into her own. "You are so incredibly beautiful Lark." Rayne replied breathless and lightly kissed her hand.

"You look so incredibly hot babe." Lark smiled and felt a catch in her heart when Rayne kissed her hand.

Rayne smiled and gently lowered Lark's hand and led her up the stairs to the gazebo. Rayne's brothers and nephews stood behind her as she turned to face Lark and held her lover's hands in her own. She looked up and caught a glimpse of Holly already crying as she stood behind Lark. Lark's 'best women' looked on as they represented her side of the party. Both women lovingly stared at one another lost in each other's gaze thoroughly enjoying the tender moment. Rayne breathed deeply and smiled. "I suppose we should say something huh?" She asked with a chuckle and let out a nervous breath.

"Sounds good to me." Lark answered with a smile and both women turned to face their friends. "We asked everyone here to join in our happiness and share the love we have for one another. We couldn't think of a better way of committing our hearts and souls to one another than doing it in front of all of you. Our dear friends and family." Lark announced with a smile. She scanned the crowd as if she was personally speaking to each person individually. She looked at Rayne and squeezed her hand tighter and lovingly smiled before continuing. She knew that Rayne was extremely nervous speaking in front of everyone. "The law says that we can't legally be married. But in our hearts we are married and committed to one another as any married couple could ever be." Lark explained holding her hand to her heart to emphasize her point and smiled. She then looked to Rayne who turned and faced her. She stared deeply into Rayne's blue eyes and lightly moved the dark hair that blew in her face. She smiled and began, "My life and love began the moment I met you Rayne. The moment I gazed into those beautiful blue eyes of yours I knew you were the soul mate that I had been searching for my entire life. I knew we had been together before. In other lifetimes." She inhaled deeply and felt her emotions consuming her. She sniffed back her tears as Rayne clutched her hands tighter for comfort. "When I look into your eyes I see all that I will ever need. Everything about you is everything to me. Every one of my prayers has been answered and all of my dreams have come true since I met you. I know that being by your side is where I'm meant to be. I love you with all of my heart and soul and I want you to have them for all of eternity." Lark tearfully professed and smiled inhaling deeply.

Rayne bowed her head and calmed her emotions. She was near the point of breaking down and crying she was so filled with joy and happiness. She looked up at Lark and stared deeply into her tear filled emerald green eyes and smiled. "Lark...it's impossible for me to capture into words the feelings I have for you, but I'll try the best I can." She chuckled as did Lark and everyone else. "When I try to express how I feel about you the words never even begin to touch the depths of my feelings. When I'm with you I feel as though I'm the calm after the storm, I'm the wave of the ocean crashing against the shore. It seems as though everything that's beautiful surrounds us when we're together. The deep, all encompassing feelings that I have for you are so strong that they can never be broken. I love you so incredibly much and I cherish every moment I have with you. I always will. You complete me." Rayne tearfully admitted and smiled lightly kissing Lark's hand. Tears streaked both of their faces. Rayne turned to Brandon who handed her Lark's ring. He had retrieved it from Matthew's pocket that slept obliviously to everything. She slowly raised Lark's hand to slip on the 14-carat diamond studded band. She smiled and glanced up at Lark smiling and slipped the ring the rest of the way on Lark's finger. "I love you so much Lark. With this ring I give you my heart and soul for all of time." Rayne professed. She was unable to control the tears that escaped her blue eyes as they quickly trickled down her cheeks.

Lark held Rayne's trembling hands and accepted Rayne's ring that Holly offered her. She slowly slipped the band on the offered finger. It was a wide platinum band with sideways V shapes and four diamonds placed around the ring. Lark wanted a gold ring for Rayne, but when she saw the platinum ring she knew it was the one for Rayne. She loved being different and the ring suited her perfectly. "I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with you Rayne. That will never change my love." Lark smiled and kissed the ring on Rayne's hand.

Rayne slowly moved towards Lark and gently rested her hand behind her neck. Her other hand rested on Lark's hip and she drew her lover closer to her. Rayne then pressed her lips against Lark's for a loving soul filled kiss. Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck and melted into the kiss passionately deepening it. They both broke from the kiss breathless and rested their foreheads against one another's chuckling. "I love you." Rayne softly professedand kissed Lark again.

Lark broke the kiss and smiled. Both women turned to the crowd as they clapped enthusiastically for the happy couple. Well-wishers inundated both women as they descended the stairs never releasing their grip on each other's hands. They weren't ready to break their connection just yet and both snuggled and cuddled happily as they spoke with their friends and family. They stopped occasionally to pose for the many photographers present. "Let's get something to eat everyone!" Lark shouted and pointed towards the tent with all the food.

"Hey Lark, Rayne. Annette Brown from People Magazine. Can I get a few shots of you both and a comment please?" The photographer eagerly asked readying her camera.

"Sure." Lark smiled and glanced up at her lover who mischievously grinned. Rayne stepped behind Lark and wrapped her long, wonderful arms around her tightly to pose for the shot. Lark smiled happily and leaned her head back against Rayne. Her tall wife lightly kissed her cheek just as the photographer took a picture.

"Oops! Sorry." Rayne replied with a sheepish grin.

"Don't be. It was perfect." Annette commented, as she got ready for a few more shots.

Rayne stood up behind Lark and smiled for the next shot. "You can inform your readers that we are very happy and are completely in love!" Lark boasted with a proud laugh.

"I sure will and thanks for allowing me to take a couple of shots. Congratulations!" The photographer gratefully replied and headed off towards the tent for other shots of the various other celebrities and family members present.

"I'm surprised you allowed the media in here, my love."

"Well, I figure it this way. The more you fight them the more they hound you for your picture and there was no way I would allow anyone to ruin our day. So, I agreed to let People magazine here to take pictures. Besides, I love that magazine!" Lark explained and grinned. "I hope that's okay with you?" Lark nervously asked. She hadn't stopped to consider Rayne's feelings on the matter.

"You're the boss my dear." Rayne teased and led her towards the food tent.

"Rayne!" Lark whined and stopped stomping her foot. "Please tell me if you're upset."

"I'm not sweetheart. I was only teasing you. It was fine with me so, stop worrying and enjoy our day." Rayne smiled and kissed her new bride.

"Okay...let's go get something to eat." Lark coaxed with a chuckle before brushing up against her partner as they made their way into the tent.

The pair barely got anything to eat. Or a moments rest as they divided their time between their family members and friends. Not to mention, the incessant pictures. Each time Rayne would try to grab her bride another person for a dance whisked her off. She sat alone watching her happy partner dance with her brother Jayce and decided it was time for surprise number two. She grinned mischievously and rose from the chair and casually strode towards the band to put in her request. The band finished the song and the leader settled the crowd to make an announcement. "It seems Rayne has a very special surprise for Lark. Please, put your hands together and welcome her to the stage." He held out his hand gesturing towards Rayne who approached and took the microphone from him. She breathed deeply trying to calm the overwhelming nervousness she felt when she looked out at the crowd. They all stared at her waiting anxiously for her surprise. Especially Lark who gladly accepted the chair that Jayce offered her. She was centered in the middle of the dance floor with a clear shot of the woman who absolutely captivated her. Rayne fought hard to calm the butterflies that fought for space in her stomach. She had an enormous feeling of vulnerability standing there in front of everyone, but she wanted to do this for Lark. "Well, I aah..." She began and stammered nervously. She cleared her throat. "I aah...wanted to give you a special gift Lark and just how do I do that when you have the best gift of all? Me!" She laughed trying to lighten the seriousness of the situation. The crowd joined in making her feel more at ease.

"You got that right baby, but I'm sure you could come up with something!" Lark teased with a broad smile. She wondered what Rayne was up to. This was so unlike her. She had never known Rayne to do anything like this before.

"That's my princess for you. She has everything a woman could ask for and wants more! So, that's why I had to come up with something very special to give you and this is what I came up with." Rayne laughed nervously as the band began to play the music for the song "Amazed" by Lonestar. Rayne smiled and stared at Lark. The green eyes instantly filled with tears the moment she heard that song. She absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to hear Rayne sing it to her. Her heart raced in anticipation and the emotions welled within her. She was so wonderfully touched to have Rayne serenade her in front of everyone. Rayne's voice crackled nervously with the first word but she quickly recovered as she sang:

Every time our eyes meet

This feeling inside of me

Is almost more than I can take

Baby when you touch me...I can feel how much you love me

And it just blows me away

Lark sat intently staring at her gorgeous lover as tears streamed down her cheeks.

I've never been this close to anyone or anything

I can hear your thoughts

I can see your dreams

I don't know how you do what you do

I'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side

Every little thing that you do...baby I'm amazed by you

Rayne smiled and moved off the stage towards Lark. She stopped before the beautiful blonde and gently wiped away her tears allowing her palm to caress Lark's soft cheek and sang:

The smell of your skin.

The taste of your kiss

Rayne slowly raised Lark's hand to her lips as she sang. Lightly kissing the back of her hand she continued,

The way you whisper in the dark

Your hair all around me... "When you had longer hair" Rayne added with a chuckle along with everyone else.

Baby you surround me

You touch every place in my heart

Rayne moved Lark's hand to her heart and held it there as she continued to sing:

It feels like the first time....every time

I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes

I don't know how you do what you do

I'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I wanna spend the rest of my life

With you by my side forever and ever

Every little thing that you do

Baby I'm amazed by you

Rayne gently pulled Lark up out of the chair as the music played and held her close to her smiling. She stared deeply into a sea of loving green eyes. Rayne lightly kissed Lark's lips and leaned her forehead against the soft blonde bangs as blues locked with greens. They swayed to the music lost in each other. They were both oblivious to the other tear filled eyes gazing upon them. Everyone was shocked that Rayne sang and that she was actually good! Lark held Rayne tightly and cried harder as she began to sing again.

Every little thing that you do

I'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side

Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do...ooh, ooh, yeah

Every little thing that you do...baby I'm amazed by...you

Rayne finished and stared at Lark with a loving smile and was quickly engulfed in a tight hug. Lark captured Rayne's lips for a passionate kiss. Rayne deepened it as the crowd clapped loudly. Lark broke the kiss whispering, "I love you so much honey." Before continuing the soul-searing kiss. Rayne held her tighter and explored everything about Lark's mouth. Both broke away flushed and embarrassed when they realized that everyone was staring at them and clapping. They laughed blushing and placed a fleeting kiss on each other's lips before taking a bow. Everyone laughed and clapped harder. "I need a drink. You buying?" Rayne laughed and looked at Lark.

"After that display you can have anything you want from me!" Lark chuckled and kissed Rayne on the cheek.

"Alright. I'll have the whole bottle then!" Rayne felt Lark pinch her behind as they worked their way through the crowd swarming the dance floor.

"You can not have the whole bottle. I want you functional for later." Lark seductively replied and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Ooh, baby...can we cut out of here now then?" Rayne sexily asked smiling mischievously.

Lark casually looked around for a discreet exit for them to make their escape and found one. "Come on over here." She stepped towards their get away and stopped dead in their tracks when they heard the loud, flamboyant voice shouting to them.

"Lark! Rayne. Dawlings!" The man replied pushing his way through the crowded dance floor as everyone looked strangely at him.

"Doh!" Rayne exclaimed irritated. Both women cringed and slowly turned around. "Where's my gun when I need it? Now, I know why I don't like dresses. There's nowhere to hide my gun. Who invited him anyway?" Rayne asked looking down at Lark who sheepishly grinned.

"He would have never forgiven us." Lark pouted as he approached.

"And that's a bad thing?" Rayne teased half-heartedly through her clenched teeth and fake smile.

"Yes, he's your agent remember?" Lark teasingly replied and heard the low grumble of displeasure from Rayne.

He finally made it to the woman breathless and grasped them both in a bear hug. "Oh, I just loved the ceremony and I'm so happy for the both of you. The ceremony and the song were so lovely! I just can't stop crying!" He exclaimed finally relinquishing his hold on the two women. They chuckled awkwardly trying not to offend the man who wiped away his tears with a hankie and a very limp wrist.

"Well, thank you. We're so glad you could join us." Lark lied with the biggest smile on her face. She felt Rayne's grip on her hand tighten and gave her a sideways glance before looking back at Sal. It wasn't that they didn't like the man. It was just, well...aah...he was very pushy and always had some scheme for the two of them to be involved in.

"The food is so delicious, the décor is beautiful and you both look so exquisite!" He excitedly replied looking the women over. "Rayne, you look magnificent in that dress. How about if I try to get you a modeling job with Victoria's Secret? I'm sure I could arrange it." He confidently offered.

"Aah...no thanks, I only wore this as a surprise for Lark. I don't want to do any modeling jobs for dresses. How about that job for 'Old Navy'? You can get on that one right away." Rayne encouraged the man as she patted him on the back guiding him away and hoping he would take the hint to leave.

"Oh, sure thing. I'll get working on it right now!" He nervously answered and headed off away from the women much to their delight.

They both laughed as they watched him leave on a wild goose chase. There was no way he would ever land Rayne a modeling job with 'Old Navy'. "Rayne you are so bad!" Lark laughed and looked up at her tall lover.

"Hey, I had to do something to get away from him. Otherwise, we'd be here all night talking to him and agreeing to things we don't want to do just to shut him up! Besides, I didn't see you offering any help!" Rayne laughed looking at Lark.

"Rayne, Lark! Your mother wants you to open the presents now." Senator Morgan announced as he approached the two women. 'Busted. We're not going anywhere now.' "I didn't know you could sing that well Rayne." He smiled proudly and kissed her on the cheek.

"Me either, but I wanted to do something special for Lark."

"It was so incredibly special honey and you will never know just how much it meant to me." Lark lovingly professed and stared dreamily into the eyes she loved so much.

"All the words in that song express everything I feel about you Lark. I'm glad that you liked it."

"I loved it honey." Lark leaned up close to Rayne's ear whispering, "I hope you sing it to me later, but naked this time."

Lark's warm, silky voice resonated through Rayne's ear sent a flush of warmth and excitement straight to her core. She swallowed the lump that formed from her arousal and tried to compose herself in the presence of Lark's father. "Anything you want honey." Rayne chuckled and looked at Congressman Morgan who laughed.

"Come on you two. Mother's waiting and we don't want to face her wrath if we keep her too long." He escorted the two women towards the gift table and was stopped by Rayne's parents.

"Rayne, we are flabbergasted! We never knew you could sing like that! It was so beautiful." Maria hugged her beautiful daughter.

"You should keep it up honey. You have a beautiful voice." Her father proudly advised her.

"Thanks Mom and Dad, I think I'll keep my day job." Rayne chuckled breaking the hugs as everyone followed them towards the gift table. It was time to begin their task of openings presents.

After opening every imaginable gift for quite awhile Rayne was growing weary. She wanted to be alone with the beautiful blonde she was sitting next to and in a bad way. She was amazed at how Lark could be so reserved and polite about everything she was doing. She was nothing like that. It pained her to sit there and open presents in front of everyone and she was positive it showed on her face. 'The gritted teeth and fake smile has to be a dead give away!' Rayne thought agitated and took the gift from Lark to look over. 'What in the hell is this ugly thing?' She looked over the ugly green serving dish someone had given to them. "Who freaking gave us this thing?" Rayne asked in a whisper leaning over to Lark. The blonde smiled and answered under her breath, "One guess."

Rayne looked up and saw the person who gave the offensive dish, the one with the proud smile on her face. Aunt Edna! You know her. Everyone has one in his or her family. They give presents that they've had in their closets for years and you know you will never use it. "Figures." Rayne answered sarcastically.

"Hey, she's not on my side of the family." Lark quipped with a laugh opening the next gift.

"She is now!" Rayne answered grinning mischievously as she leaned towards Lark and kissed her cheek.

Lark chuckled and smiled. "This is true! Maybe we can give it back to her for Christmas. Do you think she'd notice?" They both laughed hysterically.

"Alright...I've had enough of this. Can we stop now? Please?" Rayne pleaded desperately and flashed Lark a grin.

"Yes, seeing as how we have finished opening the gifts." Lark smiled and saw the relief on Rayne's face. "Oops! Forgot one."

"Great! Let's have it." Rayne sarcastically answered disappointed that there was one more. She couldn't bare it if Aunt Edna struck again.

"It's your present from me." Lark mischievously smiled.

"Is it you naked in our bed?" Rayne seductively asked and hoped that was her present.

"I guess you'll have to follow me and find out." Lark grinned and grabbed Rayne's hand leading her towards her present.

"You are so sneaky my darling. Are you sure it's not you wrapped up in a bow naked?" Rayne laughed and watched as Lark whispered something into her mother's ear. She watched as Taylor blushed and nodded with a mischievous smile. Lark pulled Rayne towards the back portion of the tent.

"Come on." Lark softly informed Rayne and pulled her through the open portion of the tent. They both headed towards the side door of the house checking around them to make sure they weren't being followed. They quickly entered the house before someone figured out their ruse. "I finally have you all to myself." Lark smiled and wrapped her tall lover up in her arms for a passionate, wet kiss.

"Hmmm. It's about time. Do you know just how much I was suffering sitting through the present opening process? Having to look at you in all your beauty and sexiness, knowing that I couldn't ravage you right there and then?" Rayne teased sexily and kissed Lark with a laugh.

"Yes, I do know how you feel. I wanted to do the same thing honey. Let's go!" She grinned and pulled her tall lover behind her towards the garage door leading into the house.

"Hold it!" Rayne halted Lark and scooped her up in her arms.

"What are you doing?" Lark asked giggling as she wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck staring deeply into her blue eyes.

"I'm carrying my bride across the threshold." Rayne smiled and chuckled kicking the door open before proceeding through it with her bundle.

"I love you so much Rayne Donovan!" Lark exclaimed with tears of joy in her eyes. She firmly kissed Rayne she carried her towards their bedroom suite effortlessly. She opened the door without breaking the kiss and entered the room. Lark moved back from the kiss when she smelled the familiar aroma. She glanced around the room. It was filled with red roses, a large table of food and a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. You all know how Lark's appetite is and Rayne had to be prepared for it! Rayne gently lowered her partner to the ground. Lark kept her arm around Rayne's waist amazed at how romantic her lover could be. "Rayne everything about today has been so incredible. Everything you have done has been so wonderful and so romantic. You have just blown me away. Thank you so much." Lark tearfully admitted and kissed Rayne to show her appreciation.

"I wanted to you to know just how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I wanted you to know how special you are to me Lark. You are everything to me honey and I want you to always remember that." Rayne sincerely professed as she slowly gathered Lark into her arms for a sensual kiss.

Lark's hands traveled down her tall lover's sleek, sensual body then back up under her dress. She wanted to explore what Rayne had hidden underneath that dress. She knew what she would find there, but it was so arousing to see Rayne dressed so provocatively. The shimmering dress peeked her passions. The goose bumps on Rayne's body prickled in full force from the feeling of Lark's soft hands slowly, moving up her legs. She felt as if it was the first time they had ever made love. The nervousness she felt was intriguing. She broke the kiss breathless and held Lark in her arms softly nibbling on the soft flesh of her lover's neck. Rayne's hands traveled to Lark's back and slowly unzipped her dress. She continued her assault on Lark's neck with her moist lips. Lark's thumbs hooked themselves on the top of Rayne's pantyhose and pushed the confining material down. Lark's lips found the firm flesh of Rayne's breast and nibbled ever so softly upon them as she slipped the pantyhose farther down Rayne's long, slender legs. Her kiss traveled behind them down her tall lover's body until they were discarded to the floor. Rayne gasped when she felt Lark's tongue and lips traveling down her abdomen. A smile slipped across her face. A flush of warmth traveled straight to her core the second she felt Lark's soft touch on her legs and felt her lips lightly kiss her inner thigh. She looked down to watch her beautiful lover. She lightly stroked her fingers through Lark's short blonde hair and thought about just how much the woman before her ignited a raging inferno within her.

She watched in delight when Lark disappeared under her dress. She felt Lark's hands grasp her backside firmly. "Oh, baby...that feels so good!" Rayne moaned huskily. She threw her head back in pleasure when she felt Lark's mouth kiss her wet mound. Rayne spread her legs. Lark gladly leaned in planning to lick Rayne's hot mound to her hearts content. Rayne's breathing became erratic with every stroke of Lark's tongue against her engorged nub and she could barely contain herself. She wanted to watch Lark consume her and she couldn't do it standing. She lifted her dress and stepped back leaning down to lift Lark up. "I want to watch you my love." She whispered sexily as she pulled Lark up into her arms kissing her deeply.

Both women stood up still locked in a passionate kiss and guided each other's dresses off in a heap to the ground. Their tongues fought for space in an erotic kiss and hands roamed overheated skin as they made their way to the bed. Rayne sat down on the bed and Lark stood between her legs brushing her dark hair off her forehead staring into her loving blue eyes. "You are so freaking sexy, woman! You drive me insane." Lark replied with a laugh holding Rayne's face in her hands and kissed her.

"Finish what you started my love." Rayne whisperingly requested, through her kiss. She laid back on the bed as Lark quickly crawled on her. Lark smiled sexily and watched her dark lover move up on the bed in a more comfortable position and planted a sensual kiss upon her lips. Rayne hugged Lark tightly and deepened the kiss desperate to drink from the lips she desired so much. Lark's kiss moved from Rayne's lips down through her cleavage, to her taut stomach. Lingering around her navel aroused Rayne to no end. Lark felt her own wetness mount from the reaction of Rayne's body to her kiss and moved south languishing amongst Rayne's dark curls. Lark felt a tingling sensation pulse straight to her core when she breathed in Rayne's musky scent. She loved that so much. Guiding Rayne's legs apart she slowly slipped her tongue inside the wet opening and heard Rayne gasp from the sensation. Rayne caught her breath and leaned her head up to watch Lark work her magic. Lark's mouth moved in slow strokes and she would occasionally catch a glimpse of her tongue sending her passions soaring. She couldn't help but notice how sexy Lark looked between her legs. She loved how Lark's sultry eyes looked when she would glance up at her occasionally and dip her tongue deeper inside of her. Watching Lark heightened Rayne's passions and she could no longer contain herself. Her hips bucked wildly and she wanted to give all of herself. Rayne grasped Lark's hands as she peaked and released her orgasm. Lark quickly devoured the offering. The sensuality, the eroticism, the love she felt from Lark overwhelmed her like never before and she released one orgasm after another until Lark fell on her chest spent. She held Lark close to her and kissed the top of her head reveling in the feeling. Lark felt so good in her arms. She loved Lark so much and it felt incredible. She held Lark as tightly as she could and it still didn't seem close enough. "I love you Lark." Rayne softly replied and kissed her forehead.

Lark looked up and smiled. "I love you with all my heart. I wish tonight was the night you would give me our child my love." She honestly professed and kissed Rayne soundly.

"That will soon happen. I promise you that." Rayne softly guaranteed through her kiss. She deepened it, rolling on top of Lark to explore everything about her young partner all night.

Rayne was rudely reintroduced to the conscious world with an elbow to the eye when she turned her head. She chuckled and moved the offensive elbow with no response from the provider…Lark. Rayne struggled to keep her eyelids open and was finally able to after her eyes adjusted to the light. Smiling warmly at her slumbering companion, she turned onto her side to gaze upon her peacefully sleeping beautiful wife. Rayne pushed her long dark hair off her face and settled her head against her hand with her elbow resting against the bed to support her. 'What a beautiful woman.' Rayne thought, smiling adoringly as she leaned down and lightly kissed Lark's cheek.

Lark was unfazed and stayed tucked away in her dreams completely unaware of the woman gazing upon her. Rayne's hand lightly moved upon Lark's taut abdomen and rested there as she snuggled her face into Lark's neck. She placed soft kisses on her neck and snuggled closer to the small warm body next to her. She loved being so close to Lark and to feel the warmth her body exuded. Rayne loved Lark's specific scent and reveled in her closeness. Rayne delicately kissed Lark's neck and propped her head up into her hand as she lightly rubbed Lark's stomach. Lark moved…finally, and snuggled closer to Rayne, who grinned from the contact. She loved the feeling of this woman in her arms and leaned down, gently kissing her forehead.

Rayne saw Lark shiver and felt the goose bumps rise underneath her hand when the air conditioner kicked on. She looked down to reach the sheet that was balled at the end of the bed, no doubt from Lark's shoving them down there in the middle of the night…as usual, and noticed two quickly hardening nipples. Rayne smiled mischievously and felt the small butterflies fluttering throughout her stomach, from her thoughts of those same breasts she had caressed many times the previous night. Her smile grew in intensity as she remembered their night of lovemaking and how she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Lark. She could still smell Lark's lingering scent on her and loved it. Rayne lovingly pulled the sheet onto her slumbering beauty and covered her chilled, naked body. Rayne smelled the scent of freshly brewed coffee and determined breakfast in bed was in order. Rayne placed a lingering kiss on Lark's cheek and whispered, "I love you," in her ear. Lark smiled through her sleep and rolled onto her side, gathering the sheet into her arms, successfully cocooning herself in them. Rayne chuckled as she slowly and quietly slipped out of bed. She slipped on a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top, which covered only half of her, leaving her muscular abdomen revealed. She padded across the large carpeted bedroom and quietly opened the door before exiting. Rayne headed into the kitchen and smelled a freshly brewed pot of 'Cinnamon Hazelnut' coffee…her favorite. She smiled and grabbed a coffee mug from the cabinet in desperate need of some hot Java to wake her. She realized upon closer examination that she had on Lark's tank top. 'I was wondering why it was so damn small.' She thought chuckling, looking down at the tank top. She turned when she heard someone approach.

"Oh, please Ms. Donovan, let me do that for you. I was preparing a tray for you and Ms. Morgan." Marcia replied cheerily, as she entered the kitchen heading towards the coffee pot.

"Oh, it's okay. I can get this cup, but I'd appreciate it if you could leave the tray just outside the bedroom door once it's prepared." Rayne cordially advised her with a smile and finished pouring the coffee in her cup.

Marcia handed her the creamer for her coffee. "Do you need sugar?" She asked, holding the sugar container up.

"Oh, no thanks. Cream is fine." Rayne smiled warmly and stirred the creamer in her coffee.

"I'll bring the tray back in a few minutes, just as soon as the Quiche is finished baking." Marcia replied and opened the oven to check on the said dish.

"Great, thanks." Rayne answered, sipping her tasty coffee and disappeared down the hall. She was pleased with how well Marcia was working out for the both of them. Lark was devastated to find out her close confidant and long time housekeeper betrayed her, so it took them a long time to hire someone new. Fortunately, Elaine inherited the sole burden of hiring someone for the job. After a long and arduous search, Elaine felt confidant this woman's loyalties would not come into question. It also helped that Rayne had her partner run a thorough check of the woman through the Service and found nothing negative in her past. She hoped nothing detrimental would happen in the future and believed Elaine ensured that by having Marcia sign a confidentiality clause. She hoped it would be ironclad.

Rayne ran her hand through her ruffled dark hair as she sipped her coffee on her way down the hall, trying to shake off her weariness. She quietly entered the room and stood at the foot of the bed, lovingly gazing at her partner. She felt a wonderful sensation course through her from the lovely sight before her. Lark had a way of always captivating her no matter whether she was sleeping or awake. She smiled and turned towards the window when she heard a dog barking. She padded towards the balcony and opened the French doors. Rayne stepped out on the balcony that overlooked the lush green back yard, with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop.

She leaned against the rail and watched as her mother's tan and white, freckled Cocker Spaniel puppy, licked her brother Jayce's face, as he was passed out in the middle of the immaculately maintained yard. She laughed inwardly and shook her head, knowing her brother was going to be hurting pretty bad from his hangover when he woke up. She gazed upon the rest of the yard and saw many of Jayce's friends scattered about, sleeping in lawn chairs along the pool deck.

Lark stretched her compact body to get the blood flowing and rolled onto her back, realizing the warmth of Rayne she ached for was not there. She sighed disappointed and looked to the side catching a glimpse of her dark beauty. Her large warm smile covered her face at the sight of Rayne and she turned onto her side for a better look. She watched as Rayne stood basking in the warm sunlight, sipping her coffee and couldn't stand the distance between them any longer. She longed to feel Rayne's sexy body against her own and pushed the sheet off of her. She climbed out of bed and quietly moved towards her lover, who caught a glimpse of her through her peripheral vision. Rayne turned smiling and intently watched as her sexy, naked lover, sauntered so elegantly towards her. "Good morning beautiful." She warmly greeted and felt Lark's warm body against hers. She put her arm around Lark, whose arm slipped around Rayne's waist, as she stood beside her.

"Hello sexy. What are you doing?" Lark asked, smiling as she gazed into Rayne's blue eyes.

"Just checking out the scene and waiting for my sleeping beauty to wake up." She grinned and leaned down for a brief meaningful kiss.

"Hmmm…I missed you." Lark drawled, savoring the short kiss and snuggled closer to her warm lover. Lark reached up and took the coffee mug from Rayne, who smiled watching her take, a sip of the Java. "Ooh, that's good thanks." Lark chuckled and confiscated Rayne's coffee.

"I guess so." Rayne laughed and realized she wasn't getting the coffee back. "I'll get some more." She replied smiling and moved away from Lark, who turned towards the sunlit, crystal-blue ocean to admire it's beauty.

Rayne headed towards the door and wheeled in the food cart that Marcia delivered. She poured another cup of coffee and walked back to the balcony to join her wife. "Rayne, who is that laying in the middle of the lawn?" Lark asked, shading her eyes from the sunlight to get a better look at the person.

"It's Jayce, passed out." Rayne explained with a chuckle and draped Lark's black negligee over her lover's bare shoulders.

"Is he okay? He's not moving." Lark worriedly asked and turned to Rayne, then back to Jayce, slipping the clothing on.

"I was beginning to get worried until mom's puppy Gabby licked his face for about five minutes and he finally moved." Rayne chuckled and stood behind Lark.

"Well, that's good. Let's hope the puppy didn't urinate on him!" Lark chuckled and leaned back into Rayne, who instinctively wrapped her arms around her lover. "Should we get him out of the sun? He must be dying from the heat and all the alcohol in his system."

"Nah, let him sweat it off. Besides, we're on our honeymoon. We don't need to deal with any drunks now. Shayan will do something with him when he wakes up. Are you sure you want him to donate sperm for our child?" Rayne chuckled and grasped Lark's hand, leading her back into the room.

"Cut him some slack my dear. I seem to remember someone in particular, and I won't name names, who was far worse than him, passed out in the lawn chair while on vacation in Provincetown. You're lucky you didn't freeze to death laying out there naked!" Lark teased and poked Rayne's ribs to jog her memory of their trip to Cape Cod.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot all about that time." Rayne chuckled, embarrassed by the memory. "It's a good thing we made it out of the hot tub or we would have drowned!"

"It doesn't surprise me that you would remember anything my love, as drunk as you were." Lark smiled and entered the suite. "Ooh, breakfast!" She delightedly exclaimed, when she discovered the food cart and eagerly rubbed her hands together at the prospect of eating the sumptuous food.

"Well, I do remember someone else being very drunk that weekend as well." Rayne grinned mischievously and cuddled up behind her lover, who removed the lids to exam, the offerings.

"That's because you forced me to drink all of those delicious mudslides at the 'Boat Slip.'" Lark smiled and looked over her shoulder at Rayne who grinned, kissing her on the cheek. "Don't forget, I made it into the townhouse unlike you!" Lark taunted with a snicker, placing a piece of Quiche on the plate before her.

"Barely!" Rayne protested with a laugh and sat in the chair, pulling her giggling lover into her lap who was barely able to get the Quiche on the plate.

"Oh, you're high Rayne! I made it into the townhouse just fine. Besides, how in the hell would you know? You were pretending you were an Eskimo out on the back deck in that chilly weather." Lark laughed and turned to face Rayne for her answer.

"I remember seeing you passed out on the floor with the sliding glass door open and your feet hanging out." Rayne laughed and saw the surprised look on Lark's face.

"Oh, that's right!" Lark exclaimed and laughed at the memory, as did Rayne. "I forgot about that. I can't believe you remembered it Rayne." Lark chuckled surprised and kissed Rayne's chin before popping a slice of bacon in her mouth.

"How could I forget? You made me rub your feet for an hour to warm them up." Rayne laughed harder and pulled Lark closer in her arms.

"You were so sick too and we stayed in bed until the next day." Lark remembered and chuckled at the memory.

"Yes, we did." Rayne mischievously smiled and seductively wiggled her dark eyebrows. "But, not too sick to make love off and on all day and night." Rayne huskily and cockily replied, burying her face in Lark's neck, nibbling on the soft skin there.

"It was fortunate for me that you weren't too sick." Lark replied with a chuckle and wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck. She smiled fondly remembering the time they spent on Cape Cod in the predominately gay resort town of Provincetown, more famously known as P-Town, and felt a tingling sensation course throughout her from Rayne's assault on her neck. "That was such a fun vacation babe. We need to go back very soon." Lark replied and kissed Rayne on the cheek.

"I'd love to and we definitely have to go horseback riding on the beach again." Rayne chuckled and jumped when she felt Lark pinch her back. She reflexively straightened up in her chair laughing and looked at Lark, who was not as pleased.

"Very funny wise ass!" Lark exclaimed and watched Rayne laugh harder.

"Honey, can I help it if they gave you the mule? What was its name? Oh, yeah…Sally." Rayne asked with a laugh.

"Yes, because if you wouldn't have had to have had the black horse, then I could have had that one and you would have gotten the damn mule!" Lark replied, still upset by having to ride the mule.

"Oh, but you looked so cute up on Sally honey and she sure did like you!" Rayne teasingly laughed harder at the memory of Lark attempting to ride the mule, which basically did nothing but stand still and bite Lark's legs.

"Yeah, I had so much fun kicking that stupid animal to go as you galloped like the conquering hero up and down the beach on your beautiful black horse." Lark mockingly replied, adding a dramatic reflection for emphasis.

"Didn't you have fun when your mule sat down for you?" Rayne asked, unable to contain her hysteria and saw the embarrassment and anger brewing within Lark's eyes.

"Very funny! I can't believe you made me ride that damn mule!" Lark adamantly replied and tried to pull away from Rayne, who held her tighter as she laughed harder. "Let me up!" Lark demanded.

"Okay, okay…I'm sorry. I promise, we'll go back and I'll get the black one for you." Rayne grinned and snickered, trying to contain her laughter.

"You promise that I get the black one this time?" Lark asked hopeful.

"I promise." Rayne chuckled and saw Lark's anger calm as she snuggled closer to her naked wife, burying her face in Lark's neck. "I'm sure they have a black mule you could ride." Rayne teased and laughed.

"Oh, Rayne!" Lark replied, exasperated by the incessant teasing and slapped her lover's back, which laughed harder.

Rayne sat up and looked at Lark laughing. "I'm sorry. I can't keep from teasing you about riding that damn mule, it was hysterical."

"I'm glad you had so much fun at my expense my dear." Lark sarcastically replied and snarled her lip at Rayne in displeasure.

"So, when are we going back for a visit?" Rayne asked finally able to calm her hysteria. She shifted Lark closer to her and rested her hands comfortably on Lark's firm backside.

"Well, aah. We may have to do a long weekend because of my shooting schedule and I think we should go before the baby arrives." Lark grinned happily and Rayne saw the glimmer of pure joy in Lark's eyes.

"Yes, definitely before the baby arrives." Rayne smiled and kissed Lark. Her heart pounded at the thought of them having a child every time they talked about it.

"You aren't having second thoughts about the baby are you?" Lark hesitantly asked, her tone turning serious.

"Absolutely not my love." Rayne confidently answered with a sweet smile. "So, you can stop asking me if I'm having second thoughts."

Lark bashfully grinned as her fingers subconsciously twirled Rayne's dark hair. "I'm sorry. I just worry that you're getting nervous and you might not be as excited about the baby as I am."

"Lark, I'm just as excited about having this baby as you are and I wish you would believe me." Rayne answered hurt by Lark's insinuation.

Lark felt guilty from the hurt she saw in Rayne's blue eyes. "I'm sorry honey. I'm being foolish." Lark apologetically replied and kissed Rayne. "Are you still going to love me when I get really big and have terrible food cravings?" Lark excitedly asked.

"Oh, yeah. As long as you don't make me go all the way down to South Miami for your cravings of 'Pastelito's from your favorite Cuban bakery down there at three in the morning."

"Honey…you mean to tell me you won't go thirty miles to Miami for a craving our child might have in the middle of the night?" Lark mischievously grinned, knowing Rayne would give in and do it.

"Well…aah." Rayne stammered and relented when she saw Lark's pouty face goading her into doing it. "Yes, you know I will." Rayne smirked with a defeated look on her face. She would do anything for Lark and the problem was…Lark knew it. She's wrapped around Lark's finger, that's for sure.

"Oh, thank you honey!" Lark excitedly laughed and hugged Rayne.

"I could make a trip down there soon and bring a stock pile of them back to put in the freezer." Rayne offered and thought that was a better idea than facing the torturous traffic on the 'Palmetto Expressway,' even at that hour.

"That will work too! Say, want to practice our baby making technique for the rest of the day and night?" Lark seductively whispered in Rayne's ear and nibbled on her ear lobe to entice her.

Rayne didn't need much enticement and stood up with Lark in her arms. "Practice makes perfect." She whispered in a sultry tone through her kiss and deepened it as she laid Lark back on the bed.

"Yes, it does." Lark purred sensually and accepted her lover's body against her own as Rayne passionately kissed her. They would get around to eating the food at another time. They had a hunger for something else…each other.

Rayne and Lark got back to reality after a two-day honeymoon, which was pretty much spent, in bed at their home. Lark's call to the set came entirely too early and she was barely able to drag herself out of bed. Actually, Rayne pretty much carried her to the car and chuckled as Lark fell back to sleep the second she sat in the car. They were both happy that they were on location near their home and she didn't have to travel out to California.

Rayne stopped at 'Starbucks' in desperate need of a 'Tazo Chi' for a quick start to the morning for herself and a double 'Latte' for Lark, who still slept peacefully in the car. She was completely oblivious to everything around her. The closing of Rayne's door managed to create a slight stir out of the slumbering woman, even if it was to shift her head from one side to the other. At least Rayne knew she was alive. 'It's a good thing she can get ready at the set or she'd never be dressed.' Rayne thought and grinned mischievously as she held the coffee under Lark's nose to stimulate her consciousness. The strong smell of the coffee permeated Lark's senses and brought her out of her sleep. She moved around, stretching her compact body as Rayne moved the cup away from her so she wouldn't spill it. "Morning sleeping beauty." Rayne teased with a smile and handed her the coffee, which Lark gladly accepted.

Lark sipped the steamy hot beverage as Rayne slowly backed the car out of the parking space and looked around bewildered. "Where are we? Please tell me we didn't sleep in the car last night in this parking lot." Lark asked, disoriented by her whereabouts as she fought to shake off her sleepiness.

"Honey, are you sure you're awake?" Rayne asked with a chuckle and put the car in drive, pulling out of the parking lot.

"I'm getting there babe, give me some time. The coffee's helping." Lark snickered and leaned her head back against the seat. She closed her eyes and sipped the coffee hoping it would wake her. "Babe, tell me again why we work?" She asked with a grin, her eyes still closed.

"Hmmm…because we're gluttons for punishment?" Rayne sarcastically laughed as Lark refused to open her eyes joined in on the laughter. "I think it's because we enjoy it." Rayne smiled and glanced at her lover then back to the road.

"Oh, yeah…thanks for reminding me." Lark laughed and sipped her coffee, enjoying the ride considering she wasn't driving.

Rayne laughed and shook her head navigating the car down the road towards the set. She stopped the car and flashed Lark's credentials to pass through the security check. She smiled at the guard who opened the gate and proceeded through it. Rayne parked the car near the trailers and turned off the ignition. "Well, my princess. Your chariot has arrived." Rayne grinned and turned towards Lark, who peered at her with sleepy green eyes.

Lark stuck her bottom lip out and scrunched her face. "I don't want to be away from you." She whined and squeezed Rayne's hand.

Rayne kissed the back of her hand and smiled. "Me either, but we've got other obligations my sweet. Go plaster your beautiful face all over that film for the whole world to see and I'll be back before you know it." Rayne grinned and pushed the wisp of blonde hair off Lark's forehead. "I love you." She whispered and delicately kissed her blonde beauty.

"I adore you." Lark responded smiling and lightly stroked Rayne's cheek with her palm. "Hurry back and please be careful." She whispered and kissed her lover again before exiting the car. "Oh, don't forget we have an appointment with the doctor today at four." Lark reminded Rayne, leaning back into the car. She kissed Rayne one last time and smiled. "Have a great day babe." Lark closed the door and walked around the front of the car towards the set.

Rayne sat and watched her wife gracefully walk away. She couldn't help but stare and smile. She made her heart flutter with her beauty and her undeniable zest for life. Rayne's heart quickened when Lark turned back smiling and blew her a kiss. She started up the engine and winked towards her beauty with a bashful smile planted firmly on her face. Lark laughed and disappeared into the trailer, as she loved making Rayne blush. Rayne shook her head with a chuckle and pulled the car out of the parking lot heading towards her office.

Rayne's morning was turning out to be uneventful. The director assigned her to their Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program. She would no longer be on the road as much as before, but this division did require her to travel for investigations of fraud where computers have been used to commit various federal crimes. Her director explained that as soon as an opening in the Forensics Services division team became available, he'd assign her to it. The Forensics division provides analysis for items used to commit a crime such as fingerprinting, false identification, credit cards and investigations of threats against public officials. It would allow her to conduct her investigations at a local level, rather than a national level like her current assignment. She sat at her desk and thumbed through her latest assignment. She closed the file disinterested and looked at the picture of Lark on her desk. Her thoughts trailed off of the sexy blonde that had recently become her wife. She missed her terribly and wanted to see her in a bad way. 'I'm whipped!' Rayne chuckled inwardly. She dreamily stared at the picture wondering if Lark was thinking about her. She smiled and checked her watch. A mischievous smile spread across her face and she was up and out of her chair in a flash. She quickly headed down the hall, struggling to get her jacket on before reaching the door. She waited as someone passed through and finally was able to don her jacket. "Marge, I'm heading out for an early lunch. Beep me if something pressing comes up." She smiled and informed the secretary.

"Have a nice lunch agent." The cheerful secretary replied and watched as the tall agent quickly disappeared out of the building.

Lark sat looking at her script as she waited for the scene to be shot and realized she had read the line five times and had no clue as to what it said. Her thoughts were focused on one thing and that was a raven-haired beauty…not her script. She chuckled and sighed inwardly, resting her cheek on her hand as she thought of Rayne and how she wished she could see her. She became quite fidgety and didn't want to be there at the moment. She wanted to be in the confines of her sexy lover's arms. Lark was snapped out of her revere by a light touch on her shoulder and she quickly looked up. "I'm sorry if I startled you Ms. Morgan, but I need to touch up your make-up for the next shot." Laura, the make-up artist softly replied and was hesitant by the look Lark gave her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead. I was lost in my thoughts on the next scene." Lark stammered through her lie and smiled as she sat up in the chair. She saw the scared look on the young woman's face and wanted to make her feel more at ease. "You can call me Lark. You don't have to be so formal." Lark cordially replied and smiled as Laura applied some foundation to Lark's cheeks.

"Oh, thank you Ms. Morg…aah, I mean Lark." She stammered and chuckled.

"No problem." Lark giggled and knew how a majority of the crew walked around on eggshells when it came to some overbearing and pampered stars. She wanted to be treated just like any other person and wasn't on a star trip, no matter how big of a box office star she is.

"Lark…we're ready for you." The director replied approaching his leading lady.

"Okay…here we go." Lark smiled, trying to psych herself up for the next scene and walked towards the set to her mark.

Rayne quietly walked onto the set and sat in Lark's chair. She smiled excitedly when she saw her blonde beauty and wished she could engulf her in a big hug. She looked down at her beeper and put it on vibrate as the announcement was made for complete silence on the set. She looked back up and watched the scene begin. Her heart quickened and a wave of jealousy instantly rolled over her when she saw Lark's co-star move in for a passionate kiss. Rayne's jaw clenched and she shifted uneasily in the seat and looked away. It was hard to see her lover kissing another person. 'Get over it Rayne. It's her job, she's an actress.' She admonished herself and looked back to see Lark break the kiss and the director shouted, "cut!"

"I'm sorry, Tim. Let's try it again." Lark replied frustrated with herself and looked down, disappointed that she didn't nail the scene on the first take. She was famous for doing just that and directors loved to work with her as she saved them a lot of time and money during their films. She looked back up at her handsome co-star and resumed her position before filming began again.

Rayne's edginess consumed her as she watched the kissing scene. It was bothering her more than it had ever done before. She thought it was best for her to look away instead, as her palms began to sweat more and her anger welled in the pit of her stomach. She wiped the sweat that formed on her brow and inhaled, then exhaled to calm her racing heart. 'What's wrong with you?' She wondered and was relieved when she heard the director yell, "print it!" She looked up and watched as Lark looked over the script and consulted with the director before walking away. Rayne knew that Lark's heart and soul belonged to her, but for some reason the scene bothered her more than it should.

Lark looked up and saw her dark-haired beauty sitting in her chair and her smile instantly consumed her face. Her pace picked up and before she knew it she was standing before Rayne. "Hi baby!" She enthusiastically replied and grasped Rayne's hand. "I'm so happy to see you!" She smiled and hugged Rayne. "Follow me." Lark pulled Rayne from the chair and led her towards her trailer.

"Are you finished with filming for now?" Rayne asked, following her excited lover into her trailer.

"Yeah, I don't have to be back on the set for another hour." Lark explained and began to brush her teeth. She desperately wanted to kiss Rayne, but wasn't about to do that until she cleaned her mouth after kissing her co-star.

Rayne placed the bag she had down on the table and looked around the trailer. "Nice digs you've got here baby." Rayne chuckled and stood in the doorway of the bathroom, watching Lark brush her teeth.

Lark put her toothbrush down and wiped her mouth off. She smiled and walked over to Rayne, "I've missed you my love." She whispered, wrapping her arms around Rayne's neck and passionately kissed her lover.

Rayne's desire to be connected to Lark was fulfilled and she wrapped her arms around her lover deepening the kiss. "Hmmm, I missed you too." Rayne whispered through her kiss, feeling better, yet stupid, for acting the way she did earlier watching the scene.

Lark broke the kiss and looked up at Rayne. She felt her forehead, noting her clammy skin and wiped the sweat off her brow. "Are you okay? Are you sick?" She worriedly asked and felt Rayne stand up straight.

She was embarrassed by her thoughts and actions. She didn't want to tell Lark, but knew she should. "Aah, I was just being stupid." Rayne explained with an embarrassed look on her face, trying to wave it off as something insignificant.

"Come on baby. Tell me what's wrong." Lark coaxed, hearing the reluctance in Rayne's voice.

"Oh, I was jealous watching that kissing scene." Rayne bashfully admitted and looked away, embarrassed by her actions.

"You were?" Lark asked with a chuckle and felt a tickle in her tummy. "Aah…that's so sweet." Lark gushed and hugged Rayne. She loved knowing Rayne was all hers and that she cared enough about her to be jealous, even though she didn't need to be.

"It was huh? I was being silly." Rayne admitted with a chuckle and hugged Lark tighter. "I'm sorry."

"If that's silly then I'm a dope because I get jealous whenever any chick even looks your way." Lark admitted with a smile, happy to be within the confines of her lover's arms.

"Oh, cut it out Lark." Rayne shyly replied with a laugh.

"Ooh, I love to see you blush." Lark teased and pinched Rayne's rosy cheek that shifted nervously.

"You're such a tease! Come get some food." Rayne chuckled and tried to change the subject. She was happy that Lark wasn't upset by her reaction and made a mental note to tone her demeanor down the next time she was in the same predicament.

"You know me so well baby." Lark chuckled and followed Rayne to the table that opened the bag and pulled out a couple of sandwiches. They both sat down next to one another to enjoy their lunch and company together. "I'm so glad to see you. I couldn't stop thinking about you honey." Lark smiled and snuggled against Rayne's cheek, lightly kissing it.

"Me too, why do you think I came over here." Rayne sheepishly admitted with a laugh and kissed Lark.

"Well, I'm glad you did or otherwise this film will never get shot." Lark laughed and sank her teeth into her sandwich.

"And why is that?" Rayne grinned and took a bite of her sandwich, looking at Lark who finished chewing before responding to Rayne's question.

"My mind is on you and nowhere else. I sat there looking at my script and read the lines five times without comprehending a single word because all I could think of was you!" Lark admitted laughing and leaned her head against Rayne's shoulder, which joined in the laughter. She was surprised that Lark was having a hard time comprehending her lines considering she had a photographic memory and never forgot her lines. That would explain her distraction during the scene and having to shoot it twice.

"Same here! I sat at my desk staring at your picture all morning until Tom hit me with his pencil to see if I was still alive." Rayne laughed harder along with Lark. "We're whipped you know?" Rayne grinned and chuckled.

"Yep and I love it!" Lark proudly announced and kissed the lips that she loved so much.

They finished their lunch and snuggled back into the couch within one another's arms until Rayne's beeper went off. She looked down and stopped the vibration, noting the number in the screen was her partner's Tom. "Damn…work calls." She replied frustrated and grabbed her cell phone. She punched in the numbers and waited for Tom's voice on the other line. "What's up?" She asked, rubbing her hand along Lark's leg who snuggled against her. "Okay…I'll be there in ten minutes." She clicked off the phone and looked at Lark. "Sorry, baby. I've got to head back."

"Waah…" Lark whined and held her tighter.

Rayne chuckled and hugged Lark tighter. She kissed the top of her head. "I'll be back before you know it sweetheart." She whispered and tilted Lark's head up to look into her green eyes. She smiled and leaned down delicately kissing her lips. "I'll see you later." Rayne whispered and kissed her again before standing up.

Lark didn't want to loose her connection to Rayne. She grasped her hand tighter and followed Rayne to the door before they exited. Lark walked her to the car and watched as Rayne slipped in behind the wheel. She felt a catch in her heart and hated to see her lover go. She leaned down into the window and kissed Rayne. "I love you. Be careful." She whispered and kissed Rayne again.

"I promise. Love you baby." Rayne smiled and winked before slowly backing the car out of the parking space. Lark clutched her hand as long as she could and waved with a smile, watching as Rayne pulled the car out of sight. She wiped the moistness from her eyes and was sad to see Rayne leave. She worried about her with the line of work she was in and realized she had forgotten to ask her what her new job was going to be. She would have to wait until later to find out. It seemed to Lark as if everything had changed for the better between her and Rayne. They had been too consumed in their jobs before to feel the full impact of not being together for a very long time like they were during their six-month separation. Sure, they missed each other when they were apart, but they had become too accustomed to it. Lark felt like her priorities had changed and she felt like Rayne's had too. Previously in their relationship, Rayne wouldn't have visited her on the set at the spur of the moment. She might have called and left a message, but rarely would she stop by for a visit. Lark enjoyed the surprise visit and hoped they would continue. She liked seeing Rayne in the middle of the day hell she enjoyed seeing Rayne at any part of the day!

Rayne headed back to her office lost in her thoughts of a particular green-eyed beauty and wished she didn't have to return to work. She smiled as she thought back on seeing Lark earlier in the day and felt completely happy with the way she felt. She was whipped and like Lark, she loved it! Before Rayne knew it, she was entering the parking garage back at work. She headed into the building and flashed her badge as she passed through the security checkpoint. She nodded her head in acknowledgement towards the guard who did the same and headed down the hall towards her desk.

Rayne whistled some tune that popped into her head and plopped herself down on Tom's desk, who sat back in his chair looking at her dumbfounded. It was evident that Rayne wasn't getting much work done today. "What?" She asked, questioning her partner's look.

"Whistling?" He queried skeptically.

"Yeah, is that a federal offense nowadays?" She asked with a chuckle and looked down at the messages on her desk that faced Tom's.

"When it comes from you, yeah! Why are you so chipper?" He sarcastically asked.

"What is this, some kind of an interrogation?" She asked goading her partner on. She knew what he was up to and she wanted to tease him for a while. She scanned the messages and tossed them back on her desk.

"What is this? Who can ask the most questions?" He asked with a laugh and leaned forward in his chair.

"Maybe. Does my chipperness bother you?" Rayne tauntingly asked and watched as her partner stood up and sat next to her on the desk.

He leaned against his attractive partner and smiled. "Chipperness huh?" He teased and continued, "no, I love it and I'm glad to see you happy again. I was tired of that old grumpy Rayne Donovan." He teasingly laughed and nudged her.

"Old and grumpy?" She queried, slightly miffed at his insinuation that she was old and looked at him. "Shall I remind you of your age and grumpiness mister?" She teasingly asked with a sly grin.

"No, please, my waistline and driver's license reminds me of just how old I am every time I look at them." He laughed, as did Rayne. "I'm glad to see you happy Rayne. You really deserve it and I wish the best for you and Lark." He smiled sincerely, looking at his shocked partner and friend.

"Aah…aren't you sweet. You're not so grumpy after all." She teased and pinched his cheek. She was glad that Tom didn't have a problem with switching assignments along with her. She didn't want to have to go through getting to know a new partner and with Tom agreeing to the switch she wouldn't have to.

"Very funny." He laughed and swatted her hand away. "I'm about to get grumpier in about two minutes." He replied and looked towards the conference room.

"Why is that? What's going on?" Rayne asked bewildered and looked towards the conference room, then back to Tom.

"A team meeting and I don't think it's going to be a pleasant one. Oh, yippee…it's time." He sarcastically replied and stood up along with Rayne.

"Okay, grumpy faces partner." Rayne chuckled and looked at Tom as they mockingly donned grumpy faces. They laughed and changed their demeanor to an all-businesslike one when the director waved them towards the room.

Rayne's mood quickly turned foul after five minutes in the meeting and got worse as it lingered on. Her team would be required to leave the state on assignment, something she wasn't pleased about. She knew she would have to do some traveling, but only after one day back at work? She was not humored by it at all. Rayne began to fidget in her seat as the time drew closer to when she would have to pick up Lark and she hoped her boss would hurry up and shut his mouth. If not, she was going to have to do it for him. 'Ooh, that might make me feel better.' She mischievously thought and didn't hear the last part of the conversation, but was happy to see everyone dispersing from the meeting. She jumped up and gathered her notes before heading towards the door.

"Rayne!" Tom called out and caught up to her.

"Walk with me…I'm late." She hurriedly replied and headed down the hall towards the elevators.

"I know you were lost in your thoughts of your babe and didn't hear a thing at the end of the meeting. So, here's the skinny, we leave tomorrow morning and will be gone for a week. I'll swing by and pick you up around eight…okay?" He asked with a smile and stopped at the elevators as Rayne waited for it to arrive.

"Sounds good." She replied distracted, looking off into the distance as her voice trailed off.

"Earth to Rayne!" Tom snapped his fingers to get her attention and looked at her quizzically when she acknowledged him. "Are you okay?" He asked, concerned by her demeanor.

"Aah…yeah." She stammered looking at him asking, "how do you tell your new bride, that you haven't been away from since you reunited, that you'll be gone for a week?" She wondered just how in the hell she was going to tell Lark, considering how excited Lark was going to be after seeing the doctor today regarding the conception of their child. She stepped onto the elevator and looked at Tom for his answer.

"Delicately and bring flowers…lot's of them." He chuckled with a warm smile and winked as the doors closed before him.

'I'll try, but I'm not sure that's going to smooth things over.' Rayne thought, disappointed about having to leave Lark so soon. 'She's going to freak!' She thought worriedly and stepped off the elevator clicking her cell phone on to contact the florist.

Rayne stomped the accelerator on her 'midnight blue' BMW noting by the time on the clock that she was late. At the rate of speed she was going and by taking the back roads to avoid the normally heavy traffic, she made it to Lark in no time. The car sped through the studio lot and stopped on a dime next to Lark who stood impatiently waiting. Rayne jumped out and rushed to the door to open it for Lark. "I'm sorry babe, I was stuck in a meeting." Rayne grinned apologetically, hoping Lark wouldn't be too mad at her tardiness.

"I'll forgive you…one day my dear." Lark teased and patted Rayne's face as she climbed in the car.

"You're too good to me my sweet." Rayne sarcastically replied and closed the door once Lark was seated in the car. She ran around to her side and thrust the car in gear barely closing her door as she sped out of the parking lot. She fumbled with the seat belt and finally locked it into place with Lark's help. "Thanks." She smiled and pulled out into traffic to the sound of horns from unhappy motorists as she cut them off. "Oh, BITE ME!" She replied agitated and heard Lark snicker.

"Honey, by the way you're acting you'd think I'm already delivering the baby!"

"Well, we're late honey." Rayne responded hurried and glanced at Lark then back to the road.

"No, we're right on time. Now, slow down so you don't kill us." Lark advised, mischievously looking at her lover.

"What? It's four Lark. We're late!" Rayne answered pointing to the clock on the car dashboard.

"Yeah and the appointment is at four-thirty. I told you four because I knew you would be late seeing as how it's your first day back to work." Lark explained with a sheepish grin.

Rayne sighed a breath of relief and looked at Lark. "Aren't you the sneaky one?" She sarcastically replied, with a sly grin from Lark's ruse.

"Are you mad?" Lark asked hesitantly and smiled hoping it would help her cause.

"Slightly, you should have told me, but I understand and I'll forgive you…one day." Rayne answered with a small grin and concentrated on her driving.

"I'm sorry." Lark replied and held Rayne's hand lightly kissing it.

"It's okay." Rayne relented and smiled as her hurried state had finally calmed knowing she had plenty of time to get to the doctor's office.

Rayne was quiet for the remainder of the ride to the doctor's office and Lark worried that Rayne might still be upset with her. The pair entered the building heading towards the elevators. "You okay?" Lark asked, as they waited for the elevator doors to open.

"Oh, aah…yeah, I guess." Rayne evasively answered and looked down at Lark then back up to see the arrow light up indicating the elevator doors would soon open.

"Are you still mad at me?" Lark queried, stepping onto the elevator before Rayne.

"Oh, aah…no. Just didn't have such a great day at work." Rayne answered stepping onto the elevator wondering when and how she was going to tell Lark she had to leave for a week.

"Want to talk about it?" Lark asked, concerned by Rayne's distracted demeanor.

"Oh, no thanks honey. We'll talk about it later. I promise. Let's just think about the baby…okay?" Rayne replied, straining a smile and pulled Lark closer, appreciative of her concern. She leaned in and kissed her blonde beauty and broke the kiss when the bell sounded alerting them the elevator doors would soon open.

They stepped off the elevator hand in hand and headed towards their doctor's suite. Rayne opened the door and they were surprised to see the waiting room full of patients. Rayne and Lark gasped with an uneasy feeling and headed to the window to check in, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. They hoped no one would recognize them. "Hi, sign in and have a seat. We'll be with you shortly." The cheerful nurse replied and quickly walked away.

"But…" Lark replied and realized her attempt of talking to the woman was futile as she disappeared around the corner. Lark signed in disappointed and they sat off in the corner of the waiting room. Rayne looked up and noticed the people staring at them as they realized whom Lark was. Rayne picked up a magazine and held it up trying to nonchalantly conceal their presence. It wasn't working.

Rayne leaned closer to Lark and whispered, "Great, our baby secret is going to be plastered all over the tabloids tomorrow."

Rayne's breath tickled Lark's ear and she smiled leaning to Rayne's ear for her answer, "That's why I made the appointment in your name. It's a good thing because we were suppose to be brought right in to avoid all the gawkers, but I'm not sure what happened."

"Someone fucked up." Rayne replied with a laugh shared by Lark.

They looked up as the door opened and a nurse stepped out. "Rayne Donovan." She replied with a smile and watched as the pair approached her. "Right this way." She motioned as the two women walked through the door.

Rayne felt uneasy and as if a million eyes were staring at her as they entered the door. She hated feeling that way, but it was the price she paid from Lark's celebrity. Lark slipped her hand into Rayne's as they followed the nurse into the doctor's office. "Please have a seat and the doctor will be in shortly." The cordial nurse offered as Rayne and Lark took their seats.

Lark looked at Rayne and stroked her cheek lightly. "You okay baby?"

"Yeah, I just didn't like sitting out there for everyone to speculate on what was taking place between us. I just don't want it to be plastered all over the tabloids. It would be nice if we could make the baby announcement on our own…together." Rayne replied disappointed and was convinced it would be splashed all over the tabloids the next day.

"Honey, come on. Have some faith. Those people out in the waiting room may just think you were here for your yearly exam." Lark attempted to reassure her worried lover and patted her hand.

What Lark said made sense to her and she felt like she might be making something big out of nothing. "Yeah, maybe you're right." Rayne smiled and kissed Lark's hand that blushed.

"The headlines could read 'actress, Lark Morgan's Secret Service agent wife is pregnant! Read page three for the torrid details!'" Lark teased and got a laugh out of Rayne.

"Oh, now that would be funny, but only page three?" Rayne laughed.

"Okay…front page with big, bold headlines then." Lark motioned out the headlines in the air with her hands and laughed harder as did Rayne.

"Hello, I'm so sorry for the problem in the waiting room. The front desk girl is new and didn't recognize you Ms. Morgan. She was instructed to bring you right back, but neglected to do so, I'm very sorry." The flustered doctor apologetically replied stepping behind her desk. "You must be Ms. Donovan. I'm Martha Garzon. Pleased to meet you." She cordially greeted Rayne with a firm handshake.

"Likewise." Rayne smiled and released her grip as the doctor sat down. She felt more at ease and found the doctor to be very pleasant and genuine.

"Okay…let's get down to baby talk." She exuberantly replied and opened the chart before her.

"Sounds wonderful to me." Lark beamed with happiness and squeezed Rayne's hand that was intertwined with her own.

"As I mentioned on the phone, I just wanted to meet with you both and explain a few details. I can also answer any questions you might have regarding the method of conception you've chosen." She smiled and reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a box, handing it to Rayne who blushed.

"We really appreciate you having this sent here." Rayne replied nervously and quickly put the box down next to her.

"I understand the confidentiality completely and it's not a problem. Please read the directions for the sex aid before your first attempt." She advised as they chuckled embarrassed. "You mentioned on the phone that you normally chart your menstrual cycles Lark. Do you have an exact idea of when your next one will begin?" The doctor asked, looking the actress directly in the eye.

"Yes and I figured out the date that I would start to ovulate to be on Christmas day."

"Oh, that's so romantic!" The doctor smiled enthusiastically. "Now, what you need to do is start recording your temperature two weeks prior to that date to establish your basal temperature. Once you determine that, on Christmas morning check your temperature that should rise. If it does, you can begin the process."

Lark smiled and looked at Rayne who returned the look smiling. She could see all the joy and happiness in Lark's eyes about having this baby. The look melted her heart and she lightly kissed her hand flashing her a wink. "Oh, doctor. Is there a certain amount of time that we have before it's too late to conceive once her temperature rises?" Rayne curiously asked turning to the doctor.

"You have twenty-four to forty-eight hours in order to conceive once Lark's temperature changes." The doctor answered with a smile waiting for the next question. Rayne and Lark were happy with the doctor's enthusiasm regarding their desire to get pregnant.

"Then how long until we know if we are pregnant?" Rayne inquired, as Lark sat amazed at how enthusiastic Rayne was about conceiving their child. She would never doubt Rayne's sincerity again.

"You should know in about five and a half weeks from that day." She smiled excitedly. "Do you have any other questions?" The doctor asked looking between the two women.

"What are my odds of conceiving on the first time?" Lark enthusiastically asked, as Rayne looked at her then to the doctor for her answer.

"Well, that's hard to say Lark." The doctor drawled hesitantly and leaned back in her chair thoughtfully choosing her words. "The method you both have chosen is a difficult one and it may take you a few times before you conceive your child."

"Oh, aah…we were hoping to conceive on the first try." Lark disappointedly replied.

"I'm not saying you won't, I'm just advising you to be prepared in case it doesn't happen. Your conception percentage ranges from ten to a twenty percent chance of conceiving…at all." The doctor answered leaning forward in her chair and rested her arms on the desk. The young, dark-haired doctor could see the disappointment in both women's eyes, but she had to give them the honest facts.

"Is there anything we can do to help the process along?" Rayne asked, seeing the disappointment in Lark's eyes. She could see that Lark had her heart set on conceiving the first time.

"According to Lark's last visit two months ago, she's perfectly healthy and I've received your donor's medical information and he's perfectly fit as well. So, I see no problems there. The only thing I can suggest is to not put so much pressure on yourself. Relax, enjoy the moment and before you know it, you'll have a wonderful bundle of joy in your lives." The doctor explained, smiling reassuringly.

The women sighed a collective breath and chuckled at each other's nervousness. "Uhmmm…doctor. Even though Lark is healthy are there any other problems that could arise?" Rayne worriedly asked, knowing what happened to her sister-in-law Holly, when she gave birth to Matthew. She wanted all the facts…up front and no surprises.

"Well, sure. There is a chance with any woman who is pregnant to have complications such as a miscarriage, diabetes related to pregnancy, and life threatening problems related to child birth for the mother and the child." The doctor answered as delicately as possible. She could see the fear and nervousness in Rayne's blue eyes.

Rayne's heart quickened and she felt her stomach flip flop from the thought of anything happening to Lark or the baby. It scared the hell out of her when Holly had complications with Matthew and she wouldn't be able to stand it if anything happened to Lark. "That's certainly a risk I'm willing to take doctor. This baby is very important to me and there's nothing else in the world I could ever want than to be a mother." Lark smiled and Rayne looked at her as her negative thoughts were brought back to the present. She looked at Lark who showed no fear…only pure joy. She saw the happiness in those gorgeous green eyes of hers and knew that no matter how worried she would be, she couldn't deny Lark the joy of having a baby. She would do anything for Lark and this is what Lark wanted more than anything else in the world and she would have it.

Rayne tightened her grip on Lark's hand and lovingly smiled when Lark looked at her. "I'm confident that we aren't going to have any problems with Lark's pregnancy and we'll have a healthy, beautiful baby before we know it." Rayne replied smiling and looked at the doctor. "Thank you for your honesty doc." She hoped she would be right.

"That's what I'm here for ladies. Here's my card with all my personal phone numbers and please feel free to call me any time, no matter how silly you think the question might be." The doctor chuckled and handed them her business card as she rose from her chair.

"Fantastic and thank you very much!" Lark exuberantly smiled, grateful for the doctor's time and honest opinion.

"I'll have my nurse give you a bag and again, I apologize for my staff. Good luck and I will see you again very soon." The doctor warmly smiled, shaking their hands before exiting.

"Thank you." Rayne answered with a smile and felt Lark slip her hand on her forearm. Her touch was so soft and warm that it sent a tingling sensation throughout her. Rayne turned to face Lark who moved closer.

"I hope it won't take us too long to conceive." Lark replied, the doubt etched on her delicate features.

Rayne smiled warmly and held Lark's face in her hands. She lightly stroked Lark's cheek with her thumb to comfort her worried lover. "Stop worrying baby. Everything will happen in it's own time. We certainly can't force the issue. All we can do is relax and enjoy the moment like the doctor said to and before we know it our baby will be growing inside of you my sweet." Rayne lovingly replied and brushed her lips against Lark's who deepened the sensual kiss.

"You're right honey. Thanks, you're so sweet." Lark smiled with a deep sense of relief and comfort, tightly hugging Rayne.

"Excuse me." The nurse interrupted as she entered the office. Lark and Rayne broke the hug and turned to look at the woman who handed her a bag. "Here's the bag and I'll show you out through the doctor's private exit." She smiled and stood in the doorway to escort them out.

Rayne slipped the package into the bag and followed Lark out of the office. "Thank you." They both replied in unison as they exited the building.

Rayne opened and held the door for Lark who entered the car. She slipped her seat belt on as Rayne closed the door. She was giddy with excitement and wished they could conceive their child right at that moment. She was very close to fulfilling one of her dreams that she has always wanted…having a child. Her other dream that was very important to her in life was a soul mate and she already had that in Rayne. She turned and watched as her sexy lover slipped into her leather seat behind the wheel, starting the ignition. 'My life will soon be complete. I will have everything that I've ever wanted in life.' Lark thought with a wonderful sensation consuming her as she intently watched Rayne buckle her seat belt.

"Are you okay?" Rayne asked, pausing as she saw the far off look Lark possessed.

"I'm absolutely wonderful." Lark gushed, her small smile consuming her beautiful face.

"Great!" Rayne exclaimed with a smile and looked back to pull the car out of the parking space.

Rayne followed Lark into the house and put their attaché cases by the door as Lark made a beeline straight for the flowers that sat perched on the foyer table. Lark smiled excitedly and picked up the card. She turned to Rayne smiling uncontrollably and pulled the card out. Rayne stood expressionless waiting for Lark's response to what was written.

"I'm baffled Rayne. Why are you apologizing?" Lark asked confused and held up the card, which simply said 'I'm sorry'. She wasn't expecting that to be written on the card.

Rayne approached tentatively, knowing there just wasn't an easy way to tell Lark. "I'm apologizing for what I have to tell you baby." Rayne solemnly replied and gently grasped Lark's hands in her own. She regretted what she was about to tell her companion.

"Why? What's going on? You're scaring me Rayne." Lark nervously replied, her heart beating faster.

"Lark, I have to leave early tomorrow morning for an assignment." Rayne reluctantly told her and saw Lark's eyes water. "I'm sorry." She softly replied.

"I can't believe this! Not now." Lark replied, the hurt and anger evident in her voice as she turned away from Rayne.

Rayne looked down guiltily and felt a pang of regret that Lark was so upset. She inhaled deeply and exhaled gathering her thoughts as to what she would say to Lark. She moved closer to Lark and lovingly wrapped her arms around her shorter lover after a brief pause fearful Lark would reject her hug. "I'm sorry baby." She whispered sincerely and lightly kissed her cheek.

Lark broke the warm confines of Rayne's arms and turned to face her. "You promised you would change your assignments so you wouldn't be away so much!" Lark angrily and tearfully accused.

"That's right Lark and before you jump to any conclusions, hear me out." Rayne defensively answered and grasped Lark's hands in her own. "I have been reassigned to the Electronics Crimes Division which deals with various forms of federal crimes using computers. Unfortunately, it's on a federal level that requires me to travel. Not as much as before, but I do have to travel."

"Are there no other assignments that you can do that won't require you to travel?" Lark asked, wiping her tears away. She feared their life was going to repeat itself and hated the thought of them being apart again.

"There is, but I can't get on that team until someone else leaves it honey."

"Damn…Rayne!" Lark replied frustrated and moved away from her, sitting on the couch. Rayne hated the fact that Lark was so upset and it killed her to see Lark cry. Rayne knelt before her and kissed her forehead as Lark sat with her arms resting on her knees. Lark's tear-filled green eyes looked up at Rayne. "I'm scared." She softly replied.

Her admission broke Rayne's heart. "Hey, why are you scared baby?" Rayne asked, embracing Lark to comfort her.

"I'm afraid we're heading in the same direction we were in before Rayne and I don't want to ever go through that again." She tearfully explained, crying harder.

Rayne leaned back and stared into Lark's watery green eyes, lovingly wiping her tears away. "Honey, there's no way that's going to happen again. That's a mistake we are never going to repeat…you know that." She replied confidently, softly kissing Lark's lips. "I'll be gone for five days and before you know it, I'll be back." Rayne smiled, trying to reassure her lover.

Lark stared into Rayne's loving blues and wholeheartedly believed what Rayne said. She just didn't want to be away from her. "I know, you're right. We won't repeat our past mistakes, it's just that I've gotten used to us being together all the time and I want that to continue. We also have a lot of planning to do with the baby. We are going to cut everything very close honey with you being gone." Lark explained and lovingly stroked Rayne's cheek.

Rayne turned and kissed Lark's palm before returning her look. "I know and I don't like it anymore than you, but what we can do is set our plans for the baby over the phone. So, we won't be cutting it so closely. I'll set up a program on my laptop and you can take your temperature every day as I record the results while I'm gone. How does that sound?" Rayne asked, hopeful Lark would feel better about everything.

"It's a solution Rayne, but it's not the same as you being here. I want you involved in every aspect of our child's conception, even the pre-conception stages."

"There's no other way I want it honey. I want to be involved with everything. We have had a set back and we'll have to accommodate any other changes that might arise like this one. It will work babe. I'm sure of it." Rayne reassured her and hugged Lark tightly.

Lark felt her tension release and felt better within Rayne's arms. "I'm sorry." She whispered, feeling guilty about treating Rayne so bad and making her feel like it was all her fault.

"Don't be. I'll be home before you know it honey." Rayne softly replied and kissed Lark's cheek. Rayne held Lark tighter and softly stroked her blonde hair.

"The flowers are beautiful." Lark replied with a soft giggle.

Rayne smiled and leaned back. "Did they help?" She asked, her smile growing larger.

"Big time." Lark chuckled and smiled.

"I bet dinner will help even more. Let's see what we can rustle up." Rayne grinned. Rayne rose to her feet and pulled Lark up off the couch, leading her towards the kitchen.

"Are you going to cook?" Lark chuckled and followed Rayne towards the kitchen.

"Oh, sure. How does a frozen burrito cooked in the microwave sound to you? It'll only take a minute." Rayne laughed looking at her lover.

"Sounds gaseous to me!" Lark chuckled, as they both entered the kitchen.

"Ooh, look. Dinner! Your intestines are saved honey." Rayne laughed and saw the note on the counter from Marcia who advised dinner was in the oven.

"Yes! I think we may have to give her a raise!" Lark excitedly replied and opened the cupboard pulling out a couple of plates as Rayne removed the pan from the oven.

"Hmmm…smells delicious." Rayne exclaimed, smelling the hot pan of lasagna. "If this is better than my mom's we'll definitely have to give her a raise." Rayne laughed and placed the dish on the counter. She removed the cover and Lark spooned out their helpings.

"My mouth is watering it smells so good!" Lark exclaimed, eager to taste the food.

"I bet it is babe." Rayne chuckled, opening the refrigerator door for a couple of drinks. She smiled and turned to Lark. "Get ready to give Marcia a pay raise. She made your favorite, strawberry shortcake." Rayne replied and opened the door for Lark to see the dessert.

"Oh, yes! Can we eat the dessert first?" She grinned, wedging past Rayne and the door of the refrigerator for a better look.

"Get out of there!" Rayne laughed and playfully removed her wife from the refrigerator. She nudged her out of the kitchen towards the dining room.

"Oh, you're no fun!" Lark huffed teasingly and sat at the table as Rayne carried the plates of food behind her.

"Let's see how you feel after I show you how we are going to eat the strawberry shortcake later." Rayne grinned mischievously and sat in the chair looking at her stunned lover. "Close your mouth honey or the lasagna will fall out and make a mess." Rayne chuckled and filled her mouth with the tasty morsel. Lark dug into her meal, eager to finish it and get to the dessert!

Rayne and Lark busied themselves with cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen after consuming their wondrous meal when the phone rang. Rayne answered the phone to find Elaine, Lark's agent on the other line. She passed the phone along to Lark who grinned and blushed when Rayne kissed her cheek. Rayne padded down the hall to begin packing for the trip the next day. She knew Lark would be on the phone for a while and she'd be able to complete her packing in no time. Rayne was right, she had time to pack, gather her paperwork for the trip and take a shower before Lark finished her phone call. "I'm sorry honey." Lark apologized, entering the room as Rayne sat in the oversized chair with her long legs stretched over the Ataman watching the football game. Lark sat down in Rayne's lap and kissed her lover who pulled her closer in her lap.

"Hmmm…you're forgiven. So, how many tabloids will cover our trip to the gynecologists office today?" Rayne grinned, knowing Elaine probably had to field calls regarding the matter.

"Well, miss smarty pants…none." Lark grinned, happy that she was right.

Rayne chuckled surprised. "I'm surprised and happy that it won't be plastered all over the place."

"I was right." Lark tauntingly teased and stuck her tongue out before returning it.

"Don't stick that thing out unless you're going to use it…on me." Rayne seductively insinuated, pulling Lark closer for a kiss.

"Oh, don't you worry. I intend to use it on you to your hearts content!" Lark sexily replied, sensually kissing Rayne as she lightly stroked her fingers through Rayne's dark hair.

"Care for some dessert?" Rayne huskily asked through her kiss before deepening it.

"As long as I get to lick it off of you." Lark retorted in a whisper, gazing lovingly in the blues she adored.

"I'll go get it." Rayne sexily grinned as Lark moved off her lap and watched her tall lover cockily stride towards the door, her heart aflutter.

Continued in Part 5.

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