Ab Initio

by Cruise

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Part 5

Rayne slammed her hand down on the alarm and stopped the annoying sound of 'Metallica' screeching through the speakers. It was entirely too early for that music! She laughed, laying back and sighed, wishing she didn't have to get out of the warm confines of her bed and leave the beautiful blonde she had laying next to her. She rolled onto her side and stroked Lark's golden locks as she peacefully slept next to her. She blushed, looking at the empty dessert dishes on the nightstand and fondly remembered their previous night's sexual escapade with the fruity dessert. 'I'll never look at 'strawberry shortcake' again thanks to Lark. Rayne smiled and lightly kissed Lark's cheek before getting out of bed for a shower. Rayne finished showering and dressing before exiting the bathroom. She stepped out and saw Lark standing before her with a cup of coffee. "Morning." She smiled and leaned up to Rayne for a kiss.

"Same to you sexy. What are you doing up so early?" Rayne smiled and kissed her partner. She gladly accepted the cup of coffee and quickly sipped the hot beverage as Lark cuddled into Rayne. Rayne slipped her free arm around Lark and kissed the top of her head.

"I wanted to spend as much time with you as possible before you left. Why didn't you wake me?" Lark asked, looking up at Rayne disappointedly.

"I didn't want to wake you honey. Thanks for getting up though I appreciate it. You must really love me to get up this early." Rayne chuckled and hugged Lark closer to her, kissing her forehead.

"I adore you my love and I'm going to miss you so much." Lark professed, squeezing Rayne tighter. She didn't want to let her go.

"I'm going to miss you too honey." Rayne softly replied and held Lark as close as possible. She regretted having to leave her. Rayne broke the hug when she heard the doorbell ring. "That must be Tom."

"Yeah, probably." Lark replied, her sadness evident.

Rayne kissed Lark's forehead and led her down the hall towards the living room. She placed her coffee mug on the end table and headed for the door, never relinquishing her hold on Lark's hand. "Hey, Tom." Rayne greeted flatly, when she opened the door.

"Morning ladies." Tom cheerfully greeted and stepped into the house. "I'll take your bags out to the car." He smiled, knowing it wasn't an easy situation for the women and picked up the said items that sat waiting next to the door.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Rayne smiled and watched as he exited the house. "I'll call you as soon as I get there okay?" Rayne softly asked, turning to Lark. She pushed the errant wisp of hair off Lark's forehead and kissed her.

Lark threw her arms around Rayne's neck and held her tightly. "Oh, I don't want you to go Rayne." She tearfully replied, as Rayne wrapped her arms around Lark.

"I know baby. Me either, but I have to. Come on, please don't make it any harder than it already is by crying. You know it breaks my heart." Rayne softly pleaded, holding her lover tighter.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it." Lark replied, breaking the hug. She wiped her tears away and looked up at Rayne. "Please be careful." She worriedly advised.

"I promise." Rayne softly answered, smiling and gently stroked Lark's cheek with her palm. "I'll call you later." She hugged and passionately kissed Lark one last time.

"I love you." Lark replied through her kiss, deepening it. She didn't want to break the connection.

Rayne broke the kiss and smiled. "I love you too babe. I'll see you soon." She winked and turned away quickly exiting the house. She sniffed back the emotions that brewed within and wanted to bubble to the surface. She hated to see Lark upset and to have to leave her. Rayne opened the car door and took one more look at the house to see Lark standing in the doorway waving. She smiled and waved back before closing the door.

"Did the flowers work?" Tom asked, as Rayne turned to him.

"Yeah, but it's still hard to leave her." Rayne answered, as the car pulled out of site.

"I can imagine. You two have been through way too much that's for sure." He smiled, as Rayne looked back at the house one last time before disappearing around the corner.

'Yeah, way too much.' Rayne reflected inwardly and hoped they would be able to live a happy life together, never again having to face such challenges as they did before.

Four days and entirely too much time spent apart had passed as Rayne made the phone call she hated to have to make. "Hey, honey." Rayne flatly replied when she heard Lark's voice on the other line.

"What's wrong? You're not coming back tomorrow are you?" Lark asked, the anger and disappointment evident in her voice. She knew by Rayne's tone of voice that she wasn't coming home. Lark had heard it way too many times in the past.

"No, I'm sorry. We've had a set back and with the slow ass people we have working with us, our departure has been delayed." Rayne regretfully answered.

"DamnÉRayne! How much longer?" Lark asked, her anger mounting.

"It looks like we'll be leaving on Monday if everything goes well." Rayne softly replied, rubbing her forehead to alleviate the pounding headache she had and knew Lark wasn't going to take it well.

"Shit! Don't they realize the holidays are here and people have stuff to do?" Lark asked, quite agitated.

"Yeah, they know it honey. It's just that crime doesn't take a holiday unfortunately."

"Would you just kill them and come home!" Lark spat angrily.

"I think you've been around me too much babe. What happened to my cheerful, holiday loving wife?" Rayne chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

Lark laughed and felt her anger lifting. "Oh, this is so frustrating. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a million things going on next week!" Lark replied, thinking about everything they had to do to prepare for the family coming over for Christmas and for the baby preparations.

"I know and I'm sorry. Has Jayce arrived yet? I can have him help you with some of the stuff."

"Yeah, he's here and he's chomping at the bit if you know what I mean." Lark chuckled, embarrassed from her implication.

"Oh, I'm sure he is, just don't let him start until I get there!" Rayne laughed harder, as did Lark.

"No chance of that happening baby. I guarantee it."

"I love it when you're sassy honey. You show him whose boss!" Rayne chuckled. "I'll give you a call tomorrow. I'm heading off to bed. I've got a tremendous headache." Rayne replied.

Lark noted the weariness in Rayne's voice and became worried. "Should you go see a doctor?"

"Nah, it's just a headache from stress. I'm trying to get this crap finished as soon as possible and these local dickheads are dragging their feet on the investigation. I want to be home with you and to help with all the holiday preparations. I'll be alright once I get a good night's sleep." Rayne attempted to reassure her lover.

"I'm sorry you're not feeling well honey. I wish I was there to take your headache away."

"Me too!" Rayne chuckled, a smile sweeping across her face at the thought of being with Lark.

"Go to bed and call me tomorrow. I love you." Lark lovingly replied and wished she could reach out and make Rayne feel better.

"I will and same here my love. Sweet dreams." Rayne's voice faded as the phone clicked off.

Rayne's departure date moved closer to Christmas and both women fretted that she wouldn't be back in time. They had established Lark's basal temperature to be 98.4 degrees and worried that Rayne wouldn't be back in time. Lark desperately attempted to reach Rayne by phone one more time to no avail. She was about to board a plane with Jayce and meet her lover when she heard the door open and slam shut.

"Lark! I'm home!" Rayne shouted, quickly walking through the house to find her wife. "Where are you?" She shouted, looking in the closest rooms to find her.

Lark dropped the phone and rushed out of the bedroom towards her dark lover. "I'm here honey!" She shouted excitedly, running towards Rayne and jumped into her arms startling her. Rayne laughed as they both fell back on the ground holding each other. "I'm so happy you're home. I've missed you so much!" Lark exuberantly informed her shocked lover and kissed her passionately to show her just how much.

"I guess you did!" Rayne laughed and gazed into Lark's beautiful green eyes.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" Lark subconsciously asked, wondering why Rayne was staring at her.

"No, I just wanted to look into your gorgeous green eyes and see how much love they have for me." Rayne smiled lovingly and kissed Lark soundly.

"You are so romantic!" Lark smiled and deepened the sensual kiss.

"I try to be babeÉI certainly try." Rayne laughed as did Lark.

"Oh, you are. Trust me." Lark grinned mischievously. "Oh, guess what?" She excitedly asked.

"No, guessing. Just tell me woman!" Rayne laughed, looking at her excited lover.

"My temperature is 99.7." Lark grinned enthusiastically.

It took a couple of seconds for it to fully register with Rayne. "Let's go! Where's Jayce?" She replied in a panic and lifted Lark up along with herself to a standing position. She moved Lark to the side and rushed down the hall. "Jayce! Jayce!" She called out searching the rooms and realized he had to be in the game room. That's where her lazy, couch potato brother is always permanently fixed, watching her big screen TV.

Lark laughed and watched her nervous, panicked lover searching the rooms. "Rayne. Oh, Rayne!" She drawled, trying to get her attention. "RAYNE!" She shouted louder and finally got her attention. Lark laughed harder and met Rayne halfway down the hall. "He's not here honey."

"Well, where the hell is he? He needs to be here, now!" Rayne replied nervously, her eyes as wide as saucers and her heart beating a mile a minute.

"Calm down babe. He went shopping for your Christmas present, which won't take him very long I'm sure. Men don't do well in malls so, I'm sure he went to the closest 'Sports Authority' to buy you something. He won't be long I'm sure. There's a store only five minutes away. He didn't know you'd be back so soon." Lark replied, attempting to calm her nervous wife.

"OkayÉhe's got five minutes." Rayne replied, checking her watch. Her heart felt like it was going to beat right out of her chest and she began to pace back and forth, much to Lark's chagrin.

"Are you going to be like this when I go into labor?" Lark asked, laughing.

"I don't knowÉprobably." Rayne replied hurried and checked her watch again.

"Oh, no. We can't have that. You'll make me a nervous wreck if you act like that honey." Lark smiled and found it extremely cute the way Rayne was acting.

Rayne inhaled deeply and it dawned on her how she was reacting. She exhaled with a chuckle looking at Lark. "I'm acting pretty silly huh?" She laughed, as Lark nodded her head yes. "It's my excitement I guess." She chuckled embarrassed and shrugged her shoulders.

"I think it's adorable." Lark smiled and kissed Rayne as her arms wrapped around her lover tightly.

Rayne lifted Lark up in her arms and deepened the kiss. "Oh, baby did I miss you." She whispered through her kiss and felt Lark's arms tighten around her neck as her kiss deepened.

"I missed you terribly Rayne. AahÉnot that I mind, but how were you able to leave work? I was about to bring Jayce and fly out to where you were!"

"We took matters in our own hands and nailed the son-of-a-bitch we were looking for this whole time. Those damn locals drag their feet so damn much it isn't even funny. No wonder we have to be called in to solve a friggin crime! I'm glad it happened or we would have had a major problem. Did I miss something with my calculations?" Rayne wondered regarding Lark's temperature change.

"No, I may have calculated the day wrong. But, then again it is close to the twenty-fifth soÉit doesn't matter. All that does is you are home, my temperature is up and it's time baby!" Lark grinned happily and jumped into Rayne's arms who laughed.

"You know it sweets! Now, the five minutes are up. Time to put an APB out on that brother of mine." Rayne chuckled and carried the sexy little package in her arms towards the telephone.

"You aren't really going to do that are you?" Lark suspiciously asked.

Rayne grinned and lifted the phone to her ear. "No, I'll call him on his cell phone." She chuckled and dialed his number. She put the phone to her ear waiting for him to answer.

"Hello?" He questioned, answering the phone.

"Where are you?" Rayne asked anxiously.

"Well, I'm walking up to your front door why?" He asked confused and heard the phone click off. "What the hell?" He wondered and stopped looking at the dead phone and heard the door open.

"Get in here!" Rayne demanded and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into the house, still holding Lark in her arms who laughed hysterically.

"What's going on?" He asked confused, looking between the two women.

"It's time!" Rayne replied with a silly grin on her face.

He stood there silently until it registered and dropped his shopping bags. "Oh, shit. OkayÉI'm ready. I thinkÉaahÉyeah, let's go." He nervously replied, shuffling his feet side to side.

"I think the nervousness runs in the family." Lark chuckled, as did Rayne.

"Calm down bud. You're a big part of this so, go do your thing and do as we planned and we won't have any problems." Rayne attempted to reassure her brother, who's brow began to sweat.

"OkayÉno problem. You can count on me." He nervously reassured with a smile and a wink, as he headed down the hall mumbling something inaudible.

Lark and Rayne looked at each other laughing. "Ready to make a baby?" Rayne asked, her large smile consuming her face.

"I've been ready for so long my love." Lark smiled happily and kissed Rayne as she carried her down the hall to their bedroom suite. The moment and Lark's kiss sent Rayne's passions soaring. Her arousal mounted as she thought about how she would soon share in the conception of their child with the love of her life. She loved Lark so much for allowing her to be involved in every aspect of the conception of their child and that she would want to choose this method for her. It meant everything to her to be so involved.

Rayne deepened the kiss and gently rubbed Lark's back as she entered the suite and closed the door with her foot, never breaking the kiss. She reached under Lark's shirt and unhooked her bra as their tongues fought for dominance through the passionate kiss. Lark's hands feverishly stroked Rayne's dark hair as her body tingled from her lover's touch and kiss. Rayne gathered Lark's shirt and lifted it over her shirt, quickly discarding it to the floor. Lark's bra soon followed the shirt to the floor. Lark did the same with Rayne's clothing, desperate to feel her warm, naked body against her own overheated body. She wanted Rayne so badly and could hardly wait to have her. "Baby, make love to me." Lark pleaded in a whisper as Rayne led her to the bed. Rayne gently lay Lark down on the bed, staring deeply into her wanton green eyes. She slowly slid Lark's shorts down her legs and off her feet, adding them to the pile of clothing on the floor. Rayne gently rubbed her hands up Lark's legs, stroking her wet mound with her thumbs as they passed on their way to her breasts. They stopped and gently kneaded her perky breasts as Rayne's tongue dipped into the warm, wet recess of Lark's mound, lightly stroking her hard clit. "Oh, yes baby. That feels wonderful." Lark breathlessly announced and threw her head back in delight to Rayne's ministrations.

The stroke of Rayne's tongue and her gentle touch on her breasts was more than Lark could stand. She desperately wanted to wrap her arms around Rayne and feel her body on her own. Lark rubbed Rayne's back with her hands and gently guided her up to lie on her. Rayne smiled when she looked into Lark's loving greens and gently pressed her lips against Lark's, softly kissing and nibbling them. Rayne's tongue lightly traced the contours of Lark's lips as Lark pushed Rayne's shorts off her hips. She wanted to feel Rayne's naked body and her wetness. She gasped when Rayne's body pressed down on hers again after kicking her shorts off and she felt her lover's wetness on her thigh. "You feel so incredible honey." Lark whispered, passionately kissing Rayne.

"So do you." Rayne softly replied through her kiss, slowly deepening it. Rayne's hand slowly and gently traced the curves on Lark's sexy body, settling between her legs. She parted Lark's folds and dipped her finger inside her warm, wet lover. Lark gasped, her heart quickened and she held Rayne tighter, deepening the searing kiss. Lark's hips moved in rhythm to Rayne's motion with her finger and her heart beat faster.

"Rayne I can't hold it any longer." Lark breathlessly informed her lover.

"You've got to honey." Rayne replied, breaking the kiss and moved her hand, knowing Lark's orgasm had to wait until Jayce had completed his task. A light rap on the door sounded. "OkayÉhold that thought, you won't have to wait too much longer now." Rayne smiled and kissed Lark before climbing off the bed.

Lark smiled and panted breathlessly trying to calm her racing heart. The moment she had waited so long for was about to happen. She had a wondrous sensation course through her and she couldn't imagine being any happier and excited than she was at that moment. She felt the bed move and looked up to find Rayne climbing back on top of her. She hovered over Lark smiling happily. "Now, where were we?" She softly asked, kissing her lover passionately.

Lark felt Rayne lie on her and gently spread her legs. Her heart raced uncontrollably, as if it were the first time they had ever made love. She was nervous, excited and ecstatic all at once. She tightly wrapped her arms around her muscular lover, who sensually kissed her, and gasped when she felt Rayne slip inside. Her fingers clenched Rayne's back reflexively as Rayne looked at her nervously. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"I'm just nervous. I'm okay. Just go slow, it's been a long time since we've used one of these." Lark reassured her anxious lover.

"I'm just as nervous as you baby and I'll try to be as gentle as possible." Rayne smiled nervously and kissed Lark.

"You're a wonderful lover Rayne, you're always gentle with me baby. I'll be fine." Lark replied through her kiss, more for herself to calm down than for Rayne. She was so incredibly nervous that she could hardly relax; she knew she would have to for it to work. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and melted into Rayne's kiss that was so soft, loving and meant only for her. Her nervousness subsided and her arousal once again mounted as she accepted Rayne deeper and deeper. Lark could feel Rayne's heart beating nervously through her chest as her lover lay upon her, gently moving in and out. Rayne could barely contain her excitement. It was all she could do to catch her breath and it felt as though her heart was in her throat beating uncontrollably. Her emotions consumed her as she gently made love to Lark. It seemed as though everything was at stake for them and she desperately wanted to do everything right so they could conceive their child. She worried about Lark and whether she was hurting her. Her fears were calmed when she heard Lark's soft cries of pleasure from her making love to her.

Rayne's eyes welled with tears from the emotions she felt. She loved Lark so much and she was giving her their child, it meant the world to her to be able to participate in the conception. She opened her eyes and watched Lark's reaction as she made love to her. She saw all the pleasure, enjoyment and love Lark's face expressedÉthere was no way she could love this woman any more than she already did at that moment. Her hopes, her dreams and her life were before her in the angelic face that she loved so much. She treasured everything about Lark, who had become the most near and dear person to her heart when she fell in love with her. "Oh, babyÉI can't hold it any longer!" Lark shouted, her hips rocking in rhythm with Rayne's. Rayne picked up her pace and watched as Lark's head tilted back. The tears streaked Rayne's face when she heard Lark shout out her excitement and break down and cry as she released her orgasm. Lark could no longer contain her emotions and cried harder when she felt a warm sensation fill her within. She held Rayne tightly as did Rayne. Their hearts raced, their tears streaked their faces and their love ran deep for one another. They knew that they would soon share a child together, their dream finally coming true.

"I love you so much sweetheart." Rayne whispered, passionately kissing Lark who grasped her lover tighter and deepened the kiss. She hoped the two and a half week wait would come quickly.

The holidays had passed entirely too slowly for the women as they were anxiously waiting for the two and a half weeks to arrive. The stress of the holidays, the long hours of work and the nervousness over Lark's impending pregnancy were taking a huge toll on Rayne. She had to travel more than she wanted to for work and despite her requests to curb it, things did not change. She continued to get the standard answer from her director, 'you're the best team for the job. The 'Service' really needs you on this particular job. We've got another position opening up in a few months and we'll move you then.' Rayne knew it was bullshit and that she was getting the run around. She was growing very weary and disillusioned by the 'Service' of late. They were at the end of the second week of waiting and she was not going to miss being home for the final few days when they would find out if they were pregnant. Fortunately, she was working close enough to catch a short forty-five minute flight home occasionally to be with Lark. She was worried about Lark when she spoke to her earlier in the day. Lark had indicated she didn't feel well so, Rayne decided to fly home in the early evening to be with her. She pulled into the driveway and noticed Lark was already home as her car was parked in the garage. She smiled and exited the car eager to see her wife. Rayne entered the house to complete silence. She put her attachŽ case down along with her keys and closed the door. 'What's going on?' She asked inwardly and worried, noting the house staff was nowhere to be found and it was too quiet for that time of the evening at their house.

"Lark!" Rayne called out, heading through the foyer and looked in the living room for her bride. She didn't see Lark there and continued through the dining room towards the hallway. "Lark!" She called out again with no answer and grew more worried. 'Maybe she's in the shower.' She reasoned and headed towards their bedroom. She opened the door and saw Lark laying on the bed sobbing. Her heart quickened in fear. She rushed to Lark's side and knelt down beside her. "What's wrong honey? Are you sick?" She worriedly asked, her tone shaky.

Lark slowly looked up at her with tear filled, red eyes replying, "I got my period today," and cried harder, laying her head back down on the bed.

Rayne's heart sank with disappointment and her eyes instantly watered. She had tried to prepare herself for this outcome in case it happened and Rayne thought she was prepared, she was wrong. She was devastated, just as Lark was. She knew she had to be strong for Lark and gathered her up in her arms. "Come here baby." She whispered, gently cradling her lover in her arms as she lay next to her on the bed. "It's going to be okay. It's a setback, but we'll keep trying honey." She softly attempted to reassure Lark and herself. She held the sobbing woman tighter and lightly kissed her forehead. "It's going to be alright." She whispered and felt Lark snuggle closer to her.

"I was so sure I'd get pregnant Rayne." She cried harder as Rayne lovingly rubbed her back, trying to console her.

"I know sweets. I know, but the doctor said this might happen."

"I wanted to prove her wrong." Lark replied, looking up at Rayne with a tear-streaked face.

Rayne lightly wiped away her tears. "Yep, that's my defiant, sassy wife alright." She smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

"I want this so badly RayneÉIÉaahÉsomehow feel inadequate or somethingÉ" She stammered through her sobs and was interrupted by Rayne.

"No! Stop it right there Lark. It's not you. Maybe it was Jayce or I. We don't know, but what we do know is that we didn't get pregnant this time and we will keep trying until we do baby. It just wasn't meant to be this time, but maybe next time it will be. You can't blame yourself, I won't allow you to." Rayne adamantly replied and held her lover tighter.

"You are so good to me. Thanks. I needed to hear that from you and to have you here with me." Lark gratefully answered and kissed Rayne's cheek.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else my love." Rayne softly answered and placed a lingering kiss on Lark's head, unable to keep her tears checked. "Can I get you something to eat?"

"No!" Lark replied panicked and held Rayne closer to her, not allowing her to leave. "I want you to stay right here and hold me all night."

"Now that's an offer I can't refuse." Rayne chuckled and kissed Lark, who held her tighter. Before Rayne knew it, Lark was fast asleep. She smiled and lightly traced small circles on Lark's back, kissing her forehead. She moved to get a better look at Lark and just stared at her. She wanted nothing more than to give Lark what she wanted, a baby. Rayne lightly kissed Lark's forehead whispering, "You'll have your baby Lark. I promise," and snuggled her cheek against Lark, hoping she could fulfill her promise. Rayne jerked awake startled when the alarm went off extremely loud. She fumbled around on the nightstand to stop the loud noise and finally turned it off. She chuckled, realizing it was the only way Lark would be able to get up without her being there. She looked at Lark who didn't move a muscle. 'I guess she has her own alarm clock when I'm around, me.' Rayne laughed and moved onto her side. She placed soft feathery kisses on Lark's cheek and moved them to her ear whispering, "Wake up sleeping beauty. It's time to get up."

A green orb looked up at her. "Isn't it the weekend yet?" Lark sleepily inquired.

"No, unfortunately." Rayne smiled and kissed Lark's inviting lips. "Morning honey." Rayne whispered and kissed Lark again.

"I think I can face the day if you continue to kiss me like that." Lark smiled, opening both eyes and gazing lovingly into Rayne's blues.

"Well, let me help you face the day then." Rayne chuckled and placed a lingering kiss upon Lark's lips.

"Hmmm, that's wonderful. I love you so much Rayne." Lark sighed delightedly and ran her hand through Rayne's dark hair. She pulled her down and passionately kissed her.

"I feel the same way about you baby." Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it.

Lark broke the kiss and stared into Rayne's loving blues. "Thanks for coming home. I desperately needed to see you. I don't think I could have told you over the phone. It was exactly what I needed." Lark smiled and kissed Rayne.

"I was worried after I spoke to you on the phone earlier in the day. I had to come home and see my sweetheart." Rayne smiled lovingly and planted a fleeting kiss on her lips.

"When do you think you'll be home again?" Lark asked, holding Rayne's face with her palm and lightly stroked her cheek with her thumb.

Rayne sighed, unsure of when she would be home. It always seemed like no matter how simple an assignment would be, it always turned into an extremely difficult one once they got there. She wondered if there was some kind of a conspiracy with her director who always convinced her it was a piece of cake job, only to find out it wasn't. "I hope to be home this weekend honey, but I'm not sure. I'll know more on Friday."

"Why is it that you and Tom always get the hard cases that keep you away all the time?"

"I have no idea. I'm beginning to wonder if Tom and I are screwing something up to make the case harder than what it's suppose to be, but it seems as though we get the dumbest damn people to work with on these cases." Rayne chuckled, thinking back to the people she's had to work with on the various cases. "They seem to bungle everything with the investigation to make it more difficult and to drag it out."

"Well, my love you, should make them see it your way." Lark grinned mischievously.

"I must say that I've had a very bad influence on your life Lark. You've become too much of a smart ass like me!" Rayne chuckled and kissed Lark. "I'll call you later tonight. You better get moving or you'll be late to the set."

"They can bite me. I'm the star of their movie. I'll get there when I get there." Lark chuckled and kissed Rayne soundly.

"Ooh, pulling a star trip huh? I have been a bad influence." Rayne laughed, as did Lark. Rayne dressed and gathered her belongings for her trip back to work as Lark escorted her lover to the door. "Bye baby." Rayne grinned and kissed Lark before heading out the door.

"Hurry home honey." Lark replied with a sad look on her face, watching Rayne approach her car.

"I'll see you soon." Rayne smiled and winked when she looked back at Lark.

Lark blushed and watched as Rayne opened the car door, flashing one last glance her way. She blew Rayne a kiss, who threw one back before climbing in the car. She roared the engine and waved as she backed out of the driveway, quickly disappearing down the road. Lark sighed, disappointed when she lost sight of Rayne and wished she didn't have to leave. 'This traveling crap for work is getting old. I wonder what Rayne would think about becoming a kept woman?' Lark chuckled dreamily, thinking of another solution as she headed down the hall to get dressed for work.

Rayne returned from her latest trip with feelings of excitement and trepidation. She was worried that their second attempt to conceive would not happen. She didn't know how she would be able to withstand another negative result, much less see Lark go through the pain and heartache again. She normally wasn't a praying type person, but she did consider her beloved grandmother a spiritual ally when it came to divine help. She had found herself of late, quite frequently asking her grandmother for help in that department. Rayne believed her grandmother was her guardian angel and that's whom she sought out for guidance. She still had unresolved issues with the head honcho from above since her grandmother was taken from her all too soon. She was hoping for some extra help that's for sure and she truly believed her grandmother could help. Rayne stopped her car in the driveway and killed the engine, pausing to collect herself before she exited the car. She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled in an attempt to calm her racing heart. 'I need your help here gram.' She inwardly requested, believing her grandmother heard her. She blew out the breath that she subconsciously held and exited the car.

Rayne tentatively approached the door and attempted to mentally prepare herself for bad news. She looked up and saw a vision of loveliness standing in the doorway expressionless. She stopped in her tracks and felt a deep sense of loss. She was positive Lark was waiting to give her bad news. Lark approached her with a slight smile and handed her a small slender box with a bow on it. "I thought you would like this." Lark softly replied and watched as Rayne tentatively took the box from her.

"What is it?" Rayne asked, wondering why Lark would give her a present. 'Maybe she's trying to ease the blow with a present. How could a present do that anyway?' Rayne questioned silently.

"Open it and find out." Lark smiled and pointed to the box, encouraging her to open it.

Rayne glanced up at Lark skeptically, wondering what she was up to. She looked back to the box and removed the lid. She smiled widely as her eyes instantly watered and looked up at Lark. "Is this true?" She asked, her heart rapidly pounding in her chest waiting for Lark's answer, holding the pregnancy test stick up questioningly.

"It is baby!" Lark excitedly replied and jumped into Rayne's arms. "We're pregnant!" She shouted enthusiastically and held Rayne tightly.

"This is so wonderful!" Rayne exuberantly responded and felt a tear slip down her cheek. She held Lark as tightly as she could and kissed her cheek.

Lark leaned back and looked into Rayne's tear-filled blue eyes and smiled lovingly. She passionately kissed Rayne, letting her know how happy she was and how much she loved her. "Thank you." Lark whispered through her kiss.

Rayne broke the kiss and looked at Lark questioningly. "Why are you thanking me? I owe you all the thanks in the world Lark. You have made me so happy and you've given me everything I could have ever asked for in life. I am so happy honey that you just have no idea. My heart is filled with so much love, happiness and joy and it's all because of you my love." Rayne sincerely professed, the joy and happiness consuming her dark features.

Lark cried harder as she heard Rayne's profession. She knew it took a lot for Rayne to express her feelings like thatÉeven to her and it meant so much to her that Rayne would share her feelings with her. "I love you so much Rayne." Lark whispered, kissing Rayne's neck and held her tighter reveling in the comfortable feeling Rayne exuded.

Rayne smiled and held the woman she loved more than life itself, enjoying everything about the warm, loving woman she had within her confines. 'Thanks gram.' She replied inwardly and smiled, knowing her grandmother had to have helped in some way. She inhaled Lark's sweet scent and reveled in the feeling this woman possessed. She loved her with all of her heart and wanted to express that love in a physical way. Rayne moved to look into Lark's eyes and soulfully kissed her as she carried her lover to their bedroom. She intended to make sensual, passionate love to Lark all night, slowly and lovingly. She gently laid Lark back on the bed and sexily smiled as she lowered herself onto Lark. "I've missed you so much." Rayne huskily replied, deeply kissing Lark.

"Hmmm, how much." Lark purred, excitedly anticipating Rayne's answer.

"I intend to show you just how much, all night baby." Rayne whispered, her voice throaty with desire and deepened her kiss. Lark's heat fluttered and a flush of warmth coursed throughout her thoroughly enjoying Rayne's sensual, seductive kiss and touch. She couldn't wait to find out just how much Rayne missed her. She desperately wanted to show her just how much she missed her as well.

Rayne opened her eyes and chuckled when she realized what the heavy pressure on her back was, Lark. She looked over her shoulder and saw the slumbering blonde comfortably positioned on top of her, with her hand tucked under her arm. She wondered how she was going to move and not wake Lark. She slowly slid out from underneath the woman and snickered when she looked at Lark, who still slept unfazed by the movement. She lightly stroked her cheek, smiling before heading towards the bathroom. She finished her business and climbed back in bed behind Lark. Rayne lovingly rubbed Lark's back and placed soft kisses along her neck and jaw line. She loved snuggling up against Lark's warm body in the mornings and listening to the soft sound of her breathing as she slept. She loved how she smelled, how she felt and how exceptionally beautiful she looked. Rayne leaned back and watched as Lark moved onto her back still sleeping. 'Hmmm, an even better view.' Rayne admiringly appreciated the beautiful woman before her. She lovingly watched Lark sleeping and thought about how much she loved her. Rayne moved her hand down to Lark's bare abdomen and gently rubbed the warm flesh there. She moved down and softly kissed her taut midsection. She pictured what Lark's stomach would look like when their baby would begin to grow and smiled lovingly.

She couldn't wait and gently lowered her head on Lark's abdomen as she lightly stroked her flesh with her thumb. She listened intently as if she could almost hear the baby inside. She knew she couldn't, but she knew the baby was growing within and she would soon be able to hear their child's heartbeat. "What are you doing?" Lark asked, smiling and looked down at Rayne, who's head popped up when she heard Lark's voice.

"Oh, aah, nothing. Just snuggling with you." Rayne stammered nervously. She had an image to protect of being stoic and not a softie even with Lark.

"Fess up Rayne. It's me you're talking to. You don't have to hide behind any cool faade with me babe." Lark laughed, she knew exactly what Rayne was doing, but she wanted to hear it from her. She twirled Rayne's dark hair in her fingers and thought it was adorable the way Rayne was acting.

"Well, I wasÉOkay, I was trying to hear the baby in there. I confess." Rayne relented and blushed embarrassed, laying her head down on the bed and tucked her face close to Lark's body.

"Oh, baby! That's so sweet. Why are you hiding?" Lark sweetly asked and leaned onto her side. She slid down to face Rayne and kissed her on the cheek as she lightly rubbed her back.

"I'm being a sap babe. So, that's why I'm hiding. It's so unlike me. It could shatter my image with you." Rayne chuckled and covered her face with Lark's hand.

Lark laughed and kissed Rayne's head. "You shatter my image of you all the time honey. You keep me guessing constantly and you never cease to amaze me everyday. I think it's time you stopped trying to hide behind that cool, stoic faade of yours my love. You can't fool me." Lark whispered in Rayne's ear and chuckled.

Rayne laughed and looked up. "Busted huh? The secret is out. I have a soft spot for a certain blonde beauty that shatters my normal image of a stoic, uncaring Secret Service agent. What will the government do? It's a requirement to be that way. It's in the employee handbook. I'm a national security risk now." Rayne teasingly laughed and lay on her back, enjoying the vision above her.

"I think you're going to have to find a new job. You're damaged goods babe." Lark laughed and leaned down for a kiss. She giggled when Rayne deepened the kiss and pulled her down, engulfing her in a warm embrace. Lark broke the kiss and gazed lovingly into Rayne's blues, appreciating everything about them. She saw so much joy, love and happiness in them that it melted her heart. She smiled adoringly as Rayne ran her fingers through Lark's hair, lovingly staring at her. "Oh, Rayne. I'm so incredibly happy. The feelings that I'm having are so tremendous. I can't wait to see our child." Lark smiled excitedly, a warm glow covering her face, thinking about the baby she was now carrying. She lay on her back with an irremovable smile, dreamily thinking about the day they would meet their child.

Rayne smiled adoringly and propped herself up on her elbow. She looked down at her dreamy lover and felt her heart flutter from the pure joy and happiness Lark's emerald green eyes possessed. "I feel the same way honey. It's really amazing that we're going to have a baby to love and nurture for a very long time." Rayne's admiring smile covered her entire face as she motioned with her hand between her and Lark to express the point she was trying to make. "My heart feels so pure and aah, I don't know how to express how I'm feeling in words." She grinned, holding her heart and looked off in the distance in search of the words she wanted to say. "I guess I'm overwhelmed by joy, happiness, excitement and love Lark. It feels so incredible and," Rayne looked down at Lark and noted the tears streaming down her cheeks. The side of her mouth curled up, sad to see Lark's tears and gently wiped them away continuing, "IÉI can't wait to see our child through your eyes honey." She motioned, moving her hand from Larks' stomach emphasizing her point before gently returning it to the taut abdomen.

Lark felt a catch in her heart by Rayne's heartfelt confession and found it hard to contain her feelings for Rayne. Just when she thought she couldn't love the woman before her anymore she does something special to make her love her more. "That is so incredibly sweet baby." Lark tearfully replied, lightly stroking Rayne's face with the palm of her hand.

"You know Lark, I've always had this desire to hide my feelings from others, including you and I'm not really sure why. But, I don't want to be that way anymore. I want everyone in the world to know how happy I really am and how much I love you." She sweetly confessed, smiling and leaned down, gently kissing Lark.

This was exactly what Lark had always wanted, to fill Rayne's heart with love and happiness. She knew that she had to a certain extent, but was never sure if Rayne truly felt that way and wanted Rayne to confide her inner feelings with her. That day had finally come and it meant everything to Lark. She knew that Rayne always held something back with her feelings and now she knew that Rayne had finally opened her heart completely to her. She engulfed Rayne in a tight hug and passionately kissed her. "I love you so much Rayne and I'm never going to stop loving you. You have made me so happy." Lark replied breathless after breaking the hug. She smiled lovingly and kissed Rayne soundly.

Rayne broke the kiss and smiled, staring into Lark's loving greens. "Shall we tell the family the wonderful news this weekend? Oh, wait! Maybe we should have the test confirmed by the doctor before we tell them. I've heard the home test can show a false result." She worriedly suggested.

Lark smiled at her anxious lover. "Well, I hope you don't get mad, but I already had the test done by the doctor. I couldn't bear to take the home test and have a positive response only to find out from the doctor that I wasn't pregnant. I wouldn't have been able to stand to see you upset again." Lark cringed, fearful that Rayne would be upset.

"Well, I'm not mad, just a bit disappointed Lark. I understand though. I was nervous when I came home that we would have bad news and I wouldn't have been able to see you upset either."

Lark blew out the breath she held relieved. "I was thinking maybe we should wait to tell the family after the first trimester when we can finally hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Once we are to that point the chances of complications decrease. I don't want to jinx anything and get their hopes up in case something goes wrong with the baby before that point. What do you think?"

"That's probably a good idea babe." Rayne agreed, feeling a catch in her heart at the thought of anything going wrong now that they were pregnant. Lark saw the trepidation in Rayne's eyes and kissed her reassuringly. Rayne broke the kiss and smiled, staring into Lark's greens. "You do know it's going to be very hard to hide our baby secret right?" Rayne grinned and mischievously wiggled her dark eyebrows.

"Yes, I do know!" Lark agreed excitedly. "Oh, did you receive the papers from Shayan that Jacye had to sign?" Lark asked, remembering the legal documents they had Jayce sign, absolving him of his parental rights to their child.

"Yes, I have them in our safety deposit box for safe keeping and I've double checked them. I think it's ironclad and I seriously don't think my brother would try anything, but just the same, the papers are signed, sealed and delivered. I also have the paperwork to include me as the baby's legal guardian which you'll have to sign as well." Rayne explained with a touch of sadness that she couldn't legally be on the baby's birth certificate along with Lark's.

"I will sign them right away then." Lark smiled and saw the look Rayne gave her. She moved closer to Rayne. "Rayne, I know what you're feeling about not legally being able to adopt the baby, but Shayan is filing the paperwork for you to become our child's 'Managing Conservator'. It will give you complete legal rights to make medical decisions for our child and if something happens to me, your rights will secede any attempts by my family to claim the baby. You will also have legal right to sue me for child support if we ever separate." Lark explained with a smirk at her last comment and saw Rayne's small smile. "Besides, we don't need to have a bunch of papers to know that you and I are our child's parents." Lark reassured Rayne, lightly stroking her cheek with the back of her hand. She lovingly glanced into Rayne's eye smiling warmly and hugged her lover.

"I know and I appreciate you saying that, but it worries me to think about what could transpire if anything happened to either of us." Rayne admitted, breaking the hug.

"Don't worry babe. Nothing is going to happen to us and besides, I've drawn up a will and signed it giving you full legal guardianship of the baby if anything does happen to me." Lark reassured Rayne with a kiss. "Now, stop talking so gloomy. It's a joyous occasion." Lark smiled and kissed Rayne again, whose mood had lightened.

"I'm sorry. I just want to make sure that everything is taken care of just in case."

"Come on. Take me shopping to buy some maternity clothes for me!" Lark excitedly replied and pulled Rayne off the bed. She knew this was one shopping trip that Rayne would gladly join in on without a fight.

"No, wait!" Rayne halted the impending shopping trip.

'Damn! I was hoping she'd fall for it.' Lark thought mischievously, disappointed she couldn't con Rayne into a shopping trip.

"Lay back down." Rayne motioned, smiling wickedly and headed towards the closet.

"What are you doing?" Lark asked, giggling at Rayne's excited demeanor.

"You'll see, now do as I say and lay back down woman!" Rayne teasingly ordered, waving for Lark to lay back and looked into the closet. Lark lay back on the bed and laughed, wondering what her lover was up to. "Got it!" Rayne excitedly exclaimed, retrieving the item she was searching for and headed toward the bed.

Lark looked up with an astonished look on her face. "No way Rayne! What did I tell you about us making porno flicks?" Lark protested emphatically, stressing her point when she saw Rayne raise the video camera to her eye.

Rayne lowered the camera with an exasperated look. "Lark, that's not what this is going to be." She informed her surprised lover, putting the camera back up.

"By the way, where are those tapes we made? You do realize that they could be very dangerous if someone got their grubby little hands on them don't you?" Lark worriedly reminded her sneaky lover.

Rayne chuckled and lowered the camera again. "They are securely tucked away in our house safe that only you and I know where it is located. Chill baby." Rayne cockily grinned, reassuring her nervous lover.

"They better be safe woman!" Lark cautioned sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah! Okay, now lay back while I do some filming." Rayne teased and turned the camera on. "Hello, baby Morgan-Donovan. You are two weeks old today and this beautiful woman is your mommy." Rayne announced into the microphone as she filmed Lark. She turned the camera to herself replying, "I'm your aah, other mom." She stammered with a chuckle and smiled before turning the camera back to Lark, who lay propped up on her elbows watching Rayne.

"Rayne! Our child is going to see me naked in that video!" Lark bashfully reminded her.

"I'm not focusing in on anything but your face honey." Rayne informed her, pausing the camera and looking at Lark.

"I don't believe you. Let me see it." Lark motioned to see the camera.

"Oh, really? You don't trust me huh?" Rayne defensively asked.

"Not when it comes to you and that camera! You already suckered me a couple of times with that thing. I can't believe you're using our child as an excuse to film me naked. Shame on you!" Lark teasingly admonished Rayne, who held the camera for her to see what she had filmed.

"Oh, you're one to talk about using the baby, miss 'I need maternity clothes', let's go shopping. You have sunk to an all-time low with that one my love." Rayne mischievously grinned, flashing Lark a sideways glance who did the same with a sheepish grin.

"TouchŽ! Okay, I believe you and I'm sorry for not trusting you with the camera. Proceed with your filming." Lark grinned and arrogantly shooed Rayne away with her hand.

"Don't even pull that star trip with me sweetheart. You know what happened the last time your cute little ass did that." Rayne teasingly warned and stood up next to the bed.

"Rayne! You can't throw me in the pool like last time. I'm pregnant!" Lark pouted and batted her eyebrows, hoping she'd draw some sympathy out of Rayne.

"Don't even try it. The baby will be fine as you go for a dip in the pool. Baby's are used to water anyway." Rayne replied with a cautioning tone in her voice. Lark stuck her lip out and sighed defeated. "Your cute little charms aren't going to work on me this time." Rayne sarcastically grinned, wiggling her finger side to side, emphasizing her point.

"Rayne!" Lark whined.

"Apologize and I'll reconsider my threat." Rayne taunted, slyly grinning.

"Urragghhh!" Lark relented defeated. "Okay, I apologize for not trusting you. How's that?" Lark asked sarcastically.

"Better, but do it more pleasantly and don't forget to add an apology for pulling a star trip." Rayne cockily smiled, anticipating Lark's apology. She knew it was killing Lark to apologize, especially seeing as how she was rubbing it in.

"Ooh, Rayne!" Lark growled with a curled up lip.

"I'm waiting." Rayne taunted, crossing her arms over her chest with a sarcastic grin. "I bet that pool is pretty cold about now." She added with a snicker.

"Honey, I'm so sorry for not trusting you and for pulling a star trip on you." Lark apologized with a sarcastic smile, which disappeared when she finished her comment.

"Much better. Now, seal it with a kiss." Rayne teased and leaned down for her kiss.

"Oh, you can be so incorrigible sometimes." Lark commented exasperated.

"I know and so can you. That must be why we love each other so much." Rayne grinned, waiting for her kiss.

"Must be." Lark chuckled agreeing and kissed Rayne.

"Hmmm, a truce." Rayne laughed and stood up. "OkayÉnow, where were we? Aah, yes. Baby Morgan-Donovan. This is what your mummy's tummy looked like when you were tucked away in there at two weeks old." Rayne lovingly narrated and filmed Lark's stomach.

Lark laughed and loved this playful side of Rayne. She absolutely adored it. Rayne's normally stoic attitude softened somewhat with the birth of her nephews, but now it seemed as though that part of her was gone. Lark was ecstatic that her demeanor had changed and she was a large part of it. She had worked hard over the years to chip away at Rayne's stoic demeanor and she had to a point, but there was still a certain mysterious aspect about her that Rayne desperately tried to keep hidden, even from her soul mate.

Rayne's mysteriousness was revealed to Lark and she truly felt in her heart that their baby and her is what made Rayne's life happy and meaningful. She could finally see it within Rayne's beautiful blues. She had always hoped that was the case with Rayne, that she was what made her life happy and meaningful, but had never seen it in her eyes until now. 'Her inner self that she finally revealed is beautiful and endless. I know she'll only share her most intimate and treasured feelings with our child and me.' Lark thought adoringly and felt a catch in her heart as she lovingly watched Rayne endearingly film the moment. She couldn't wait to see more revelations from Rayne when their child was born.

"Okay, babe. Let's buy you some maternity clothes." Rayne grinned, knowing it would put an instant smile on Lark's face as she pulled Lark off the bed. She did put a wondrous smile on Lark's face, but it wasn't for the reason Rayne thought it was for.

Lark's first trimester of pregnancy was miserable. She was having an extremely difficult time dealing with the fatigue associated with pregnancy, which started almost immediately after they found out they were pregnant. Rayne would leave the room to get a drink and would return to find Lark sound asleep, sitting up! Lark's publicity appearances and trips were temporarily canceled, as she was barely able to stay awake. They didn't want to take a chance of someone figuring out their ruse and report it to the tabloids before they had a chance to inform their families. The morning sickness was just as bad. When Rayne was home she tried to be as loving and caring as possible and it worried her to see Lark so sick. Of course, if you asked Lark she would say it's because she was overreacting from reading her numerous pregnancy and baby books she had purchased. Lark knew she had to have purchased the entire pregnancy and childcare section of 'Barnes and Nobles' bookstore from the looks of her home office. She thought it was adorable the way Rayne was throwing herself into the research for her pregnancy and for the baby, but she was driving her nuts by worrying about every little thing. No matter how much she tried to convince Rayne that the bouts of morning sickness were normal, Rayne was adamant that they double check with the doctor. They did and just as Lark had told her, the doctor said it was normal. She did indicate to ease the morning sickness she could eat many small meals during the day. She explained that Lark's body requires all the nutrients to sustain her and for the development of the fetus, that's why she feels so hungry when she wakes up, making her feel very nauseous.

Rayne advised Marcia to prepare small, healthy meals for Lark to eat throughout the day despite Lark's pleas for junk food. She knew she could sneak some here and there when Rayne was gone and hoped Marcia wouldn't squeal like a pig each time Rayne came home, so far so good. When Rayne was home she made sure Lark had plenty of fruit and crackers next to the bed so Lark could snack during the night. Rayne had thought about pretending like she was asleep so she wouldn't have to make a trip to the kitchen for something more substantial every hour, something her buddy Mary advised to do when she called for some advice. She didn't take it; instead, she decided that she wanted to share as many of the same pregnancy experiences as Lark. She wondered how Lark got by when she was gone quite frequently on her trips. She imagined Lark had the house staff bring in the small refrigerator that they kept sodas in by the pool and stocked it full of food sitting it next to the bed. She knew how sneaky Lark could be and wouldn't have put it past her to come up with that scheme. She could have done without the nausea part she shared with Lark. No, it wasn't sympathy nausea; it was from watching Lark eat some seriously disgusting food's she had cravings for! Tuna on vanilla ice cream was hideously disgusting for her and yes, Lark devoured it. It wasn't a pretty sight and Rayne wondered if she'd ever be able to eat vanilla ice cream after that sight! She was thankful it wasn't mint chocolate chip, her favorite.

Rayne constantly had to travel for work and made a point of flying home as much as possible to be with Lark even if it meant coming home only for a few hours. Her frequent flyer miles were adding up that's for sure! Rayne and Tom had taken on a cat and mouse game with a criminal they were trying to nail for his computer crimes, but the little pocket protector wearing computer geek was somehow able to get away from them just when they thought they had caught their man. Problem was, he had many allies to help him, which made him very elusive. As much as she wanted to be switched to a different team, she also wanted to nail the bastard who amongst many of his crimes had sexually exploited children. She thought of how one of those children could be her own and it drove her to see this one out. She explained the situation to Lark and she was in full agreement that Rayne stay with her assignment and nail the sick bastard for what he had done to so many children. The crimes she shared with Lark that he committed were terrible, but she didn't tell her everything he had done to them. She had seen many horrific crimes through her work that didn't faze her, but what this man had done sickened her to no end and she wanted to get him in the worst way. She felt guilty that she had to spend so much time away from Lark and the baby, so she instructed Marcia to place a white rose on their 'Aphrodite' statue every morning for Lark. Her mother had always told her that in trying times a couple should place a white flower which is a representation of their love and purity of intention, in a very special place in their home to remind them that love always has the final word. Their special place was the statue of 'Aphrodite'. It represented Rayne's love and intention to share her life into eternity with Lark. Lark's response to finding Rayne's note and rose was an emotional one as you could imagine. She broke down and cried, for hours. Of course, her hormones were raging and she was unable to control her tears, but it was so romantic, loving and special that Lark couldn't react any other way.

Lark watched Rayne pace back and forth beside the table she lay upon and smiled at her lover's nervousness. She wondered what was going through Rayne's head as she scratched her chin with one hand in deep concentration looking down at the floor and held the other hand on her hip. PacingÉback and forth, back and forthÉcompletely oblivious to everything around her. "Rayne." Lark drawled trying to get her attention. "RAYNE!" She quickly retorted as Rayne's head shot up looking at her.

"HmmmÉ?" She asked questioningly. "Sorry." She shyly grinned and moved closer to Lark. "Are you okay?" She asked worriedly, slipping her hand into Lark's and gently pushed her stray strands of blonde hair off her forehead, lovingly looking down at her.

"I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about." Lark replied smiling and rocked her hand within Rayne's back and forth.

"Aah, why? I'm fine." Rayne asked, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

"Because you're pacing back and forth nervously, you're about to rub the skin off your chin and you just agreed to take me on an all day shopping spree." Lark replied and chuckled when Rayne's eyes widened surprised at her last comment.

"I did?" She asked astonished that she would agree to such a thing and smiled bashfully when she saw Lark was unable to contain her laughter, realizing she had been duped. "Very funny." She snickered embarrassed and looked around the room before returning her attention to Lark.

"I had to do something to see that sexy smile of yours and figured that was the best way to snap you back to reality." Lark smiled, slipping her palm up on Rayne's cheek and lightly stroked her tan skin with her thumb. She moved her hand to the back of Rayne's neck and pulled her down for a kiss. She broke the kiss, staring deeply into the blues that were only inches from her and whispered, "Stop worrying, the baby will be fine."

Rayne laughed and was surprised that Lark knew what she was thinking. "How'd you know?" Rayne asked smiling.

"I know you all to well my dear." Lark confidently and teasingly replied with a wink. "Besides, when you're worried you scrunch up the skin between your sexy eyebrows." Lark revealed with a chuckle and lightly smoothed out the said skin with her thumb.

"You caught me." Rayne laughingly admitted and kissed Lark.

"Isn't that right doctor?" Lark asked with a smile and heard the doctor enter the room, referring to her confidence that the baby was fine.

"I'm sure of it, but let's take a look any way." She smiled confidently and sat on a stool next to Lark as the technician began the ultrasound test. Rayne intently stared at the screen trying to figure out what the camera was showing as Lark clutched Rayne's hand tightly and did the same. Her heart pounded nervously as this scan would determine whether the baby would have any congenital malformations. They were desperately worried about that as any parent would be. It would also tell them if there are multiple pregnancies and to verify dates and the growth of the baby. It would also give them a clearer picture of the baby unlike the first ultrasound that only showed a blob on the screen.

They were at the eighteenth week of the pregnancy and had wanted to tell the family at the end of the first trimester, but couldn't manage to get everyone's conflicting schedules to merge together. They decided to tell the family on the only possible date that they could all be together, June 16th, Rayne's father's birthday. What a birthday present he was going to get! The pair anxiously peered at the screen along with the doctor and technician. Rayne felt her eyes instantly water when she caught sight of their baby. "There's the baby!" She excitedly replied with a proud smile pointing at the screen and looked at Lark who's own tears of joy streaked her face. Her heart pounded uncontrollably at the sight of their baby.

"Yep, there's your little bundle of joy tucked safely inside of mommy." Dr. Garzon exuberantly smiled, looking at the pair and back to the screen.

"Wow! I can't believe how clear the picture is of our baby." Lark tearfully replied gazing at the screen in astonishment.

Rayne gently squeezed Lark's hand and leaned down kissing her. "Our baby is beautiful." She lovingly whispered and watched Lark's small smile grow in intensity. She stood back up and looked at the technician. "Could I get some pictures of the baby?"

"Absolutely." She smiled and moved the sound head to a different location over Lark's abdomen.

Lark smiled adoringly as she watched Rayne's enthusiasm and excitement that intently watched their child within her move about on the screen. She had never seen so much joy in Rayne's eyes as she did at that moment. Her heart fluttered from the happiness and love she saw in her lover's blue eyes when she looked back at her. Their gaze met and locked on one another, their eyes said everything they felt and meant to each other. Their gaze was interrupted when they heard the technician reply, "Doctor," in a low tone alerting her to what was on the screen.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Lark worriedly asked, looking at the doctor whose gaze was fixed on the screen.

"Is there something wrong with our baby?" Rayne anxiously asked and felt Lark's hand clench hers in fear. She broke out in a fiery sweat and felt her heart beat faster.

"No, actually your baby is perfectly fine. She was pointing out the sex of the baby. Would you like to know it?" She asked, smiling at the relieved pair.

"Aah no, right?" Rayne answered, expelling the subconscious breath she held and looked at Lark for agreement.

"We would like to be surprised." Lark grinned and focused on the baby. She chuckled when she saw Rayne squint for a better look. She knew what she was thinking, 'just how can they tell anyway? It looks too confusing.' Lark thought looking at the screen and remembered that all of Holly's ultrasound pictures looked unidentifiable. In fact, they were wrong with Matthew as he was supposed to be a girl! She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Rayne's voice.

"So, our baby is fine doctor?" She asked with trepidation, trying to reconfirm her previous comment that the baby was perfect. She wasn't sure how she would handle the news if she said there was something wrong with the baby.

"Yes, there is nothing present that either of us can see that would indicate anything other than a perfectly healthy baby. The baby is of normal length and position for this time of the pregnancy. Everything looks great!" She confidently replied with a reassuring smile.

"That's great! Wonderful, awesome!" Rayne happily stammered and felt the butterflies in her stomach stop their dive-bombing activities. She was so nervous she felt sick to her stomach and was relieved to hear the wonderful news, along with Lark releasing the death grip on her hand. She wondered how long it would take for the blood to come back into her hand, if it would at all!

"Oh, that is such great news doctor!" Lark tearfully replied and couldn't control her emotions, breaking down and crying harder.

"Oh, baby." Rayne softly replied and pulled Lark into her arms. She held her emotional lover tightly and comfortingly rubbed her back. She was unable to keep her tears in check as they slipped down her cheeks. She nervously glanced over at the doctor and technician feeling very subconscious about displaying her emotions in front of them. She had a hard time showing her emotions in front of Lark much less in front of strangers. She chuckled when she saw they were wiping their own tears.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so happy." Lark tearfully apologized as she pulled back from Rayne staring at her.

"There's no need to apologize honey. You're happy, I'm happy, show it. I am!" Rayne laughed, her embarrassment of crying in front of strangers completely vanishing. She lovingly smiled and gently wiped Lark's tears away. "I love you so much sweets." She whispered, closing her eyes and delicately kissing the love of her life.

She felt Lark gasp and break the kiss, tightly wrapping her arms around Rayne's neck. "I love and adore you Rayne." She whispered in her ear and put a huge smile on Rayne's face. She loved to hear Lark tell her that. After a brief moment they broke the hug and watched as the technician cleaned Lark's stomach off.

The doctor comfortingly placed her hand on Lark's shoulder and smiled, "We'll do another ultrasound three weeks before you're due to check the positioning of the baby before deliveryÉOkay? Enjoy your second trimester, it gets a little easier now." She smiled with a wink and patted Lark's shoulder before walking towards the door.

"Thank you doctor." Rayne smiled and watched as she waved back with a smile exiting the room.

"Here are a bunch of pictures of your baby. You can go ahead and get dressed now, you're all set." The technician cheerily informed them, handing the pictures to Rayne who eagerly checked them over.

"Thanks." Rayne replied with a grateful smile as the technician exited the room. "Here let me help you." Rayne lovingly offered, eagerly assisting Lark up from her supine position.

"You're so sweet." Lark answered smiling and fixed her mussed hair as Rayne held up her shirt for her. Lark pulled the hospital gown off and handed it to Rayne who put it on the bed. Lark looked down, "Damn my breasts are huge!" She exclaimed with a chuckle and looked up at Rayne who had a mischievous grin on her face.

"I know. I love them." She suggestively agreed, unable to hide her enjoyment and wiggled her eyebrows.

"No funny ideas. Those are for the baby!" Lark teasingly warned, pointing at Rayne to emphasize her point as she slipped on her shirt.

"I know, but it doesn't hurt anything if I thoroughly enjoy them does it?" She grinned wickedly.

"You are so bad." Lark grinned puckering her lips with a snicker and squeezed Rayne's cheeks together, pulling her closer for a kiss. She broke the kiss and released Rayne's cheek, "Take your princess and baby home woman."

"As you wish my sweet and precious baby." Rayne grinned and lovingly rubbed Lark's tummy. Rayne offered her hand to Lark as assistance to get off the table.

"Ooh, chivalry is not dead!" Lark teased with a laugh.

"Not with me around it's not." Rayne cockily grinned and grabbed Lark's pocketbook and hand exiting the room.

The women arrived home to find Jayce's car in the driveway. "Rayne, we should talk to him before everyone gets here." Lark reminded her, thinking he might feel uncomfortable finding out she's pregnant at the same time the family does. They were happy they had good news to announce later that evening, as it would have been a long and painful evening if they had received bad news from the doctor regarding the baby.

"Yeah, I planned to do so." Rayne answered and held the door open for Lark who exited the car. She slipped her arm around Lark's waist as the pair headed towards the front door.

They entered the house to find Jayce exiting the kitchen with a drink and chips. "Hey, ladies!" He grinned and sat at the dining room table.

"Feel free to make yourself at home." Rayne sarcastically quipped, closing the door behind her.

"Oh, Rayne. You're going to embarrass him." Lark snickered and lightly slapped Rayne's arm that chuckled. "Do you want to talk to him by yourself or with me?" Lark whispered, turning her back to Jayce and faced Rayne.

"Hmmm, what do you think?" She asked unsure, glancing over Lark's head towards her brother who sat devouring the chips, oblivious to what they were discussing, then turned her gaze back to Lark.

"I think you should talk to him first, he may feel uncomfortable in front of me." Lark advised and lightly rubbed her finger over Rayne's chest.

"Okay, I'll talk to him and if aah, he has any questions, then I'll give you a shout." She answered nervously, hoping she could talk everything out with him without bumbling it. She wasn't very good with the heart to heart chat, that was Lark's job, but she knew she had to do it seeing as it was her brother.

"Sounds good to me." Lark answered and stopped Rayne who attempted to pass by her. "Try not to take too long, I'm very horny and I want you so bad." Lark seductively whispered in Rayne's ear that jumped astonished by Lark's flirtatiousness and looked at her.

"Aah Lark, aah." Rayne stammered looking at the wanton look Lark had on her face.

"Hurry my love." She sensually whispered and headed down the hall with a snicker, unheard by Rayne. She loved to make her blush and boy did she ever with what she just told her. Oh, sure she meant it, she was hot for Rayne in a serious way, but she loved to tease her and make her blush.

Rayne peeked her head down the hall, still in amazement of what Lark had told her and swallowed the lump in her throat. She suddenly felt a flush of warmth spread throughout her at the thought of making love to Lark. She wiped her brow and focused her attention on her brother. She casually strolled over and sat next to him. "Hey, aah I need to talk to you about something." She nervously replied, trying to figure out what to say.

"I know. I owe you some money. I promise, I'll get it to you as soon as I get paid." He nervously offered and stuffed a hand full of chips in his mouth looking at his sister with a hopeful grin she would go easy on him.

"That's not what I wanted to talk to you about, but thanks for reminding me of that fact." Rayne chuckled and saw the surprised look on her brother's face.

"Damn cats out of the bag!" He laughed, as did Rayne. "So, what's up?" He asked looking at his sister.

"Well, we wanted you to know first. Lark is pregnant." She blurted out and felt relief that it was over. There was no easier way than just saying it flat out.

He sat silently and leaned back in his chair, absorbing everything Rayne just said to him. He was trying to sort out his feelings as well. After all, he was the donor. "Wow! That's great. I'm so excited for you both." He answered smiling and somewhat stunned.

Rayne placed her hand on his and looked at him. "Are you sure you're okay with all of this?" She worriedly asked from the look on his face.

"It's a little late to ask that now, isn't it Rayne?" He chuckled, as did Rayne at the question.

"I guess so, but youÉ" She attempted to explain, but was interrupted by him.

"I understand what you mean Rayne. It's really weird knowing that I donated my sperm to the baby and that I would be the father in any other case, but I have tried to prepare myself for this day since we did all of this and I'm completely cool with everything. I'm glad I could help you both out." He reassuringly smiled.

"I'm so glad to hear that, you're sureÉright? I understand it has to be weird for you little brother."

"It is weird. I can't guarantee that I won't spoil the baby more than I already do with the boys, but I plan on being the best uncle the baby could ever have and I promise you that if anything ever happens to you that I will always be there to take care of Lark and the baby. You have my solemn word on that Rayne." He wholeheartedly assured her looking deeply into her eyes.

"I knew you would feel that way and I appreciate that so much. As much as I always hated to admit it as I never wanted to be a softie to youÉI aah, I think you're a great brother and you've always been my favorite." She shyly replied and sniffed back her tears as she squeezed his hand. She smiled when she saw his astonished look and hugged him. "Thanks." She whispered and held him close.

"I knew you loved me." He jokingly replied with a huge smile. It meant so much to him to have heard that from Rayne as he absolutely adored his sister and had always wanted her to feel that way about him. He knew she loved him, but it was very special for him for her to admit it to him.

"Of course, I do, but if you tell Shay anything I told you, I'll deny everything." She chuckled and broke the hug.

He smiled and winked, "Your secret is safe with me sis."

"It better be." She teasingly demanded and looked behind her when she felt Lark's hand slip onto the back of her neck. She smiled and looked up at Lark, sliding her arm around Lark's waist.

"Is everything alright?" She asked worriedly and twirled Rayne's dark hair in her fingers.

"Oh, Rayne was trying to get all mushy on me and I had to set her straight." He cockily teased with a chuckle shoving a chip in his mouth.

Rayne laughed and shook her head in disbelief of her brother and moved the chair back, guiding Lark down on her lap. Lark's arm moved around Rayne's neck and rested on her shoulder. Rayne put her arm around Lark's waist and her opposite hand on her slightly expanded abdomen. She lovingly smiled at Lark who kissed her forehead. "Jayce, we wanted to ask you to be the baby's godfather. Would you be willing to accept?" Lark asked, as they looked at Jayce for his answer.

"Wow! I would love thatÉthanks!" He exuberantly answered and felt his eyes water as his own emotions were overwhelming him.

"Great!" Rayne smiled and pulled Lark closer to her.

"You're okay with us telling the family everything about you being the donor right?" Lark asked, hesitant that he might have a problem with it.

"Perfectly fine. I would have been upset if you both would have gone elsewhere for a donor. The baby should be a Morgan-Donovan baby and if you want more children, you know where to find me." He honestly answered with a proud smile.

"I think I felt the baby move Lark!" Rayne excitedly exclaimed as Lark looked down at her hand.

"I felt it too!" She enthusiastically answered and put her hand on her stomach. "There it is again!" She laughed and looked at Rayne.

"It's very subtle, but it's there. This is so awesome! My books said that the baby begins to get more active about now." Rayne proudly informed everyone.

"Can I feel the baby?" Jayce asked, looking at Lark for her approval.

"Of course." She smiled as he leaned over and placed his hand on her stomach. "I don't feel anything."

"Move your hand to here." Rayne replied and guided his hand where she just had hers. "Feel it?" She asked holding her hand on his.

"No, nothing." He disappointedly answered. "HeyÉit's your uncle Jayce. Can you squirm around for me?" He asked in a soft tone. "Still nothing." He answered and moved his hand sitting back in the chair.

"Let me see." Rayne replied and put her hand on Lark's tummy. "Don't you want to say hello to your uncle Jayce and move around for him sweetie?" Rayne asked in a sweet voice. "There's our baby." She grinned proudly and felt the baby move again.

Jayce put his hand there and felt nothing. "I'm bummed, the baby doesn't like me." He mockingly pouted sitting back in his chair.

Lark put her hand where Rayne's was and didn't feel anything either. "I don't feel the baby moving under my hand, try it again Rayne."

Rayne put her hand where Lark's was and felt the baby move again. "The baby is moving honey." Rayne smiled and intertwined her fingers with Lark's over the area.

"I think the baby is responding to your touch." Lark grinned and felt the baby move under their hands. "This is so incredible!" Lark excitedly smiled and kissed Rayne.

"It's wonderful honey." Rayne whispered deepening her kiss, her heart aflutter, feeling their child move for the first time.

Lark broke the kiss and hugged Rayne. "I'm still waiting for you to take me to bed and make love to me." She whispered in Rayne's ear sending a flush of blood straight to her sex.

"Isn't it time for your nap honey?" Rayne asked, looking up at Lark holding her watch out for her to look at with an arched brow, hoping she would play along with the ruse.

"Oh, yes it is. Care to join me?" She asked with a sly grin.

"Sure, I'll lay down with you for a little while before our guests get here." She lovingly smiled as they both stood up. "We'll see you in a couple of hours bro."

"Sure thing, I'm going to catch up on some of the basketball games I've missed lately. Have a nice nap." He smiled and rose from his chair following the women down the hallway. He entered the 'sports room' as the women entered their bedroom suite.

No sooner did Rayne get the door closed than she was attacked by Lark with kisses. "I am so hot for you Rayne I can barely stand it." She replied breathless, her hands roaming Rayne's body and her kiss desperately seeking Rayne's.

"Oh, you are so sexy baby." Rayne whispered and passionately kissed her, grasping Lark's firm backside.

"Do you still find me sexy, now that my breasts are huge and my tummy is getting bigger?" She insecurely asked looking up at Rayne for her answer.

"You are beautiful and there is nothing sexier than making love to a pregnant woman, especially when she's you." Rayne sexily replied and smiled. She lifted Lark up in her arms and kissed her deeply, carrying her to the bed.

"I want you so much Rayne. I need to feel you touching me, kissing me and loving me. I have this burning desire for you like I've never had before." Lark breathlessly professed, staring into Rayne's eyes as she gently lowered her to the bed.

"That is a wonderful desire that I don't mind satisfying at all baby or at anytime." Rayne seductively whispered, lowering herself onto Lark and passionately kissed her. She had heard that pregnant women have an insatiable sex drive and planned to fully fill that desire she knew Lark would possess. She was going to relish it. Not that they didn't already have a very healthy sex drive, as always, she wanted more and she couldn't get enough of it. This was her chance to have it at anytime and as much as she wanted to her heart's content. 'Man, am I going to love this portion of the pregnancy.' Rayne inwardly thought, as her tongue traveled down Lark's curvaceous body seeking to satisfy Lark's desire.

Rayne finished dressing after a supposed quick shower, which had turned into another tryst with Lark. She couldn't keep her hands off of Rayne. But then again, who could? Not that Rayne minded, but their romp ecstasy had to be cut short, as their guests would be arriving soon. Rayne mischievously grinned as she watched Lark finish dressing, knowing they would continue where they left off once everyone was gone. "I'm going to check with Maria and see to it that everything is set up okay?" Rayne softly asked, as she nibbled on Lark's neck and wrapped her long arms around her.

Lark smiled and loved the feeling of Rayne holding her tightly in her arms, nibbling ever so softly on her neck. It always left her breathless and in a daze, temporarily suspended in ecstasy. That is until Rayne relinquishes her hold. "Don't go!" Lark replied desperate and grabbed Rayne's hand.

Rayne slightly smiled and turned back to her. "I'm sorry babe. We need to get moving." She softly replied and moved closer to Lark, resting her hands on Lark's hips.

"I knowÉ" Lark pouted disappointed and placed her hands on Rayne's arm looking up at her. "I just wanted you all to myself for a little while longer." She softly admitted and leaned her head against Rayne's chest that drew her in for a warm embrace.

"AaahhhÉbaby. You just had me all to yourselfÉa few times over as a matter of fact." Rayne snickered and felt Lark clutch her tighter and giggle. "I promise, you'll have me all to yourself once again in a few hours." Rayne guaranteed with a warm smile and lightly kissed the top of Lark's head. She moved and looked into the emerald green's that peered up at her.

"Promise?" Lark asked, smiling hopeful.

"Absolutely." Rayne smiled and kissed Lark. "Get moving little lady." Rayne winked and patted Lark on the butt as she headed for the door.

Lark giggled giddily and watched as her tall lover disappeared behind the closed door. She sighed disappointed and inhaled deeply. "AahÉthe things your mother does to me." She adoringly replied, expelling her air as she looked down at her slightly expanded stomach, lovingly rubbing it. She smiled and finished dressing before meeting Rayne in the living room to greet their guests who had already begun to arrive.

After everyone cheerily greeted each other, they sat down for dinner. Rayne and Lark smiled, chuckling as they watched their families animatedly talking amongst themselves. They could no longer hide their secret as their excitement consumed them. Rayne grinned at Lark and stood up with her glass of Jack Daniel's and coke. "Excuse me." She smiled and watched as everyone focused their attention on her. Rayne winked at Lark and reached for her hand. Lark grasped Rayne's hand and rose as Rayne guided her to a standing position, her heart aflutter at the impending announcement. "We have an announcement to make, but first we would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday dad." She smiled and held up her glass as a toast with everyone joining in on the cheer. The group quieted down and Rayne began, "We have wonderful news to announce." Rayne smiled and put her arm around Lark who did the same to her. "We're pregnant." Rayne announced and saw the stunned looks on everyone's faces. "Oh, wait! Lark's pregnant, not me," Rayne blushed and laughed as did Lark. It definitely would have been shocking news if Rayne were pregnant!

"That's fabulous news!" Rayne's father excitedly replied and stood up eager to hug the women.

"It's about time you got her pregnant." Maria, Rayne's mother sarcastically replied making her way around the table for her hug.

"I'm finally going to be a grandpa!" Congressman Morgan excitedly exclaimed and jumped out of his chair.

"My little girl is going to have a baby!" Lark's mother, Julia smiled and began to cry as she joined the group, hugging Lark. "It's a good thing you married her and made an honest woman of her Rayne." Julia teasingly poked Rayne in the stomach before hugging her.

"Lark, an honest woman?" Rayne sarcastically teased and felt Lark pinch her arm. "But of course she is!" She chuckled and rephrased her answer as she broke the hug with Julia. She knew better than to have that statement hanging out there without any rebuff on her part. Ooh, the ramifications of doing that were not good!

"I thought that's what you were going to say my love!" Lark laughed, looking at Rayne who winked at her.

Everyone including Holly, Shayan, their boys and Jayce finally hugged the happy couple. There wasn't a dry eye in the place as everyone took his or her seats. "Tell us, how far along are you?" Maria tearfully asked and wiped her eyes eagerly waiting for the answer.

"I'm at eighteen weeks now and my due date is November 6th. We had an ultrasound earlier today and the doctor told us our baby is perfect." Lark proudly announced and clutched Rayne's larger hand within hers.

"Well, how could it not be? It's a Donovan-Morgan baby!" Rayne gloatingly smiled and pulled out the ultrasound pictures to pass around.

"It's a Donovan?" Maria asked, confused.

"Yes." Rayne smiled.

"Did you neglect to tell me something?" Holly teasingly asked Shayan leaning next to him.

Shayan laughed and looked at his wife, "I'm not the only Donovan man in this family." He smiled and looked up at Jayce who sat grinning proudly.

"You knew?" She asked surprised, "And didn't tell me?"

"I knew what their plans were as I handled all the legal matters, but I didn't know they were pregnant." He explained, looking at the happy parents to be who proudly passed along the pictures of the baby, then looked back to his wife.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked, hurt by being left out of the loop.

"I was sworn to secrecy and you know how persuasive my sister can be." Shayan snickered in a whisper and looked at Rayne who proudly smiled and began to explain, but was interrupted by Lark.

"I wanted our child to possess both of the best worlds and the only way for that to happen is for a Donovan to help us out. Besides, I wanted our child to have those beautiful blue eyes I love to lose myself in every time I see them." Lark lovingly smiled and stared at Rayne who smiled, blushing, "And for our baby to have those dark, distinct Donovan features." She explained, pushing Rayne's raven hair off her shoulders, whose face was more of crimson red now from blushing so much. "So, we asked Jayce to be the donor and he happily accepted." Lark appreciatively smiled and looked at him.

"Oh, sweetheart that's so wonderful!" Maria happily smiled and moved towards him, engulfing him in a hug.

"That's wonderful son." His dad proudly smiled, looking at him.

"Yeah, well I couldn't resist passing along my fabulous gene's." He cockily smiled as everyone laughed and Maria lovingly pinched his cheek.

"You're incorrigible." She chuckled and returned to her seat.

"All of us are. It's a wonderful family trait." Rayne jokingly laughed, joined by the group.

"That's from your mother's side, not mine!" Ray replied and received a playful pinch from his wife and laughed.

"Oh, Raynard Donovan! You are worse than your children and you know you contributed to their smart ass attitude just as much as me!" Maria chuckled, joined by the rest of the group.

"Now, Jayce. You're sure you can accept the fact of assuming the role of being the uncle rather than the father?" Congressman Morgan asked turning to him.

Lark was embarrassed and kicked her father under the table who looked at her, seeing her consternated look. He winked and waved his hand to her that it would be all right and looked back to Jayce. Lark leaned closer to Rayne who put her arm around Lark leaning closer to her to hear what she was saying. "I'm so sorry and embarrassed. He's entirely too bold, I hope he doesn't make Jayce feel bad."

"Don't worry babe. Jayce can handle himself." Rayne reassured her, lightly rubbing her shoulder with her hand. "You don't need to apologize either. If your dad had not asked, mine would have. Besides, we are all family anyway." She smiled and winked as they both looked at Jayce.

"Yes, I love my sister and Lark very much. I would do anything to help them and I will do it again if they ask me. I have no problem seeing the child as my niece or nephew I would have been very disappointed if they would have gone outside of the family for a donor. I'm very proud that they asked me." He confidently answered with a reassuring smile.

"I'm glad to hear that son. You're a good man." The Congressman appreciatively smiled and patted his hand.

"So, honey. Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Julia asked with a smile, looking at her daughter and Rayne.

"Well, we wanted to wait until we made it through the first trimester without any problems and once we did that it was difficult to get everyone's schedules to coincide." She explained, smiling.

"You look fabulous Lark. I never would have guessed you are pregnant, you're hardly showing." Holly observed, surprised at how great Lark looked for being four months pregnant. Then again, it helps to be a Hollywood starlet!

"Thanks." Lark blushed and smiled appreciatively. "I've tried to keep it hidden as I didn't want the tabloids to report it before we had a chance to tell all of you."

"We are so happy for you both honey." Julia smiled proudly and leaned her head on her husband's shoulder, grinning happily.

"Can I feel the baby Auntie?" Cole asked, standing next to Lark.

"You can try sweetheart, but sometimes the baby only moves for Auntie Rayne." Lark smiled, looking at Rayne then back to the precocious little boy and lovingly stroked his hair.

"Let me give it a whirl." He cockily grinned and gently put his small hand on her stomach.

Lark chuckled and looked at Rayne. "Are you sure he's not your son?" Referring to his confidence and sarcasm.

"What can I sayÉI've taught him well." Rayne grinned cockily.

"Yeah, seeing as how you have taught him so well, maybe he can come stay with you for a little while and you can teach him and his brother some manners. They've become very incorrigible." Shayan replied with a smile.

Rayne snickered and glanced over her shoulder at Brandon who stood next to her with his arm resting on her shoulder. "Have you, my sweet nephew been incorrigible?" She sarcastically asked.

"Who, me? Nah, you must be referring to my brother. Not me. I'm an angel." He cockily grinned and patted her shoulder. Rayne narrowed her eyes and teasingly growled. "Okay, yeah. I might have been a little bad, but Cole was definitely worse than me!" He confessed and accused, knowing that he couldn't pull the wool over Rayne's eyes.

"Hey, no way butthead! You get me in trouble all the time!" Cole adamantly interjected.

"Who you calling a butthead?" Brandon asked taking offense to the comment and moved closer to his brother.

Rayne chuckled and stood up grabbing both boys who wiggled and giggled. "I'm calling you both buttheads and I think it's time for you two to chill out and confess your sins to me!" She teasingly laughed as everyone did too.

"No, please don't handcuff us and tickle us again!" Brandon pleaded desperately.

"Hey!" Lark objected and pulled Rayne down who struggled to hold the wiggle worms. "Those handcuffs are only for me." She adamantly reminded Rayne, whispering in her ear.

Rayne chuckled and grinned, "The one's I use on you are the special one's that I save only for you." Rayne answered smiling and wiggled her eyebrows seductively as she headed down the hall with the boys. "This time I'm hooking you up to my lie detector machine and see what other dastardly deeds you've both not yet confessed to." She warned and laughed disappearing down the hall with the boys laughing and protesting vehemently.

"Go easy on them Rayne!" Shayan laughed.

"She really doesn't have a lie detector machine here does she?" Holly worriedly asked.

Lark laughed and waved her off, "NO!" Then wondered if Rayne just might have one. She made a mental note to check out some of her handy hidden gadgets she had in her office laterÉjust in case. 'Hmmm, that could be a very interesting sexual game if she did have one.' Lark chuckled, intrigued by the prospects of the game. That is, as long as she was the one administering the test? Her sexual escapade revelry of Rayne was interrupted when her father spoke.

"Have you found out what the sex of the baby is yet?" Her father asked, smiling then looked back down at the picture he had of the baby that was being passed around.

"We decided to keep it a secret." Lark answered smiling.

"LarkÉthese pictures are so clear of the baby. Oh, look Ray. I think the baby has Lark's nose." She observed and showed her husband who looked at the picture, than looked at Lark.

"Honey, turn to the side, let me see." He asked motioning to see Lark's profile. "YepÉthe baby has your nose." He smiled, confirming it when Lark turned to the side, embarrassed.

"Let me see." Julia asked, reaching for the picture. She looked at it along with her husband and smiled. "We agree, it's your nose." She proudly smiled.

"Yeah, we thought the same thing when we checked them out earlier. I think the baby is going to be tall like Rayne and look at the baby's hands. They are so big and the fingers are very long, just like Rayne's." She adoringly smiled.

The grandparents all huddled together and looked at the picture. "I think you're right." They all agreed smiling proudly. Everyone quickly looked up when they heard singing down the hall. "Happy Birthday to you." Brandon, Cole and Rayne sang as they entered the dining room with the boys struggling to carry the cake as Rayne helped to steady it. Everyone joined in on the singing as they put the cake before her blushing father. They finished the song and watched as he figured out his strategy of blowing out the candles. "Don't forget to make a wish grandpa." Brandon reminded him smiling as he stood next to him.

"Damn dad! Is there any cake under that wall of fire from the candles?" Jayce jokingly asked as everyone snickered.

"Watch it boy or I'll cut you out of the cake loop." He teasingly warned and glanced to Lark, then back to the cake.

"Don't spit on it either dad." Rayne teased with a laugh.

"Alright, that's two of you out of the cake loop." He smiled giving his daughter a sideways glance.

"Come on the house is going to burn down!" Shayan sarcastically added.

"That's three out of the loop. Are you sure you want a sarcastic, incorrigible Donovan baby Lark?" He asked smiling.

She giggled, "I wouldn't want any other child dad."

He winked, smiling at Lark again and blew out the candles as everyone clapped. "Thank you for giving me such a wonderful birthday and present!" He smiled proudly looking at Lark and Rayne.

"We've definitely got a wonderful present dad." Rayne smiled and patted him on the back as she headed over to join Lark.

After a few hours of the family giving suggestions for the nursery, baby presents and names, they all headed off. Rayne and Lark breathed a sigh of relief once everyone had left. They were tired! Lark slipped her arm around Rayne's waist and Rayne put her arm around Lark's shoulder, looking down at her. "You like tired babe." She replied concerned.

"I'm exhausted and I can't wait to climb into bed with you." Lark smiled and leaned her head against Rayne's chest as they walked down the hall towards their bedroom.

"Well, let's get you to bed then." Rayne smiled and opened the door to their bedroom. She led Lark into the room and they began to undress for bed.

"I'll be right back." Lark replied and headed towards the bathroom.

Rayne kicked her shoes off and shorts before climbing in bed. She propped the pillows up and leaned back against them. She opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a small box, placing it in her lap. She smiled knowingly from what the box contained within it. She knew Lark would love it. She clicked on the TV and settled herself in bed, waiting for her lover to join her. "Ooh, cool. Charlie's Angels." Rayne replied excitedly and began to watch the old show.

Lark eventually climbed in to bed next to her quiet lover. She noted the look on Rayne's face and wondered what was wrong with her. "Are you okay?" She asked, cuddling closer to her.

Rayne looked at Lark in disbelief. "Yes, but I'm totally bummed out by this show. It used to be my favorite show as a kid and as I watch it now, I realized that it sucks! I'm so upset." She replied and looked at Lark who chuckled.

"It's because you grew up honey. The show is way outdated now and besides, the Angels just aren't quite the super agents like you." Lark smiled, leaning against her and settling her head on Rayne's chest, resting her hand on her stomach.

"I guess so, but I loved that show. I can't believe it was that cheesy and I didn't pick up on it." Rayne replied disappointedly and kissed the top of Lark's head. "Are you okay baby?" She asked concerned, realizing Lark had been in the bathroom for a long time.

"AahÉyeah, let's just say the baby doesn't like spicy food." Lark chuckled and cuddled closer to Rayne who laughed.

"Lark, I aahÉhave something for you." Rayne excitedly stammered as Lark sat up next to her. "I wanted to give this to you before, but decided to wait until this last ultrasound. I aahÉgot this for you." She smiled and held out the small box.

Lark smiled and giggled surprised by Rayne's gift. "That's so sweet honey, thank you. You didn't have to get me anything." She smiled and lightly rubbed Rayne's hand.

"I know, but I wanted to give you that sweets." Rayne smiled, pointing to the small box and watched as Lark opened it.

Lark's face lit up and tears welled in her eyes when she saw the small charm. It was a bear with a diamond heart on it. "It's beautiful honey. I absolutely adore it." Lark gushed happily looking at the charm.

"Here, take it out. There's more to it babe." Rayne informed her and helped her remove the charm from the box.

Lark turned it over and read the inscriptionÉ 'Our first childÉ2/14ÉI love you always, Rayne.' "Oh, honey. This is so beautiful. I love it so much and I loved Valentine's Day as well." Lark smiled excitedly and hugged Rayne.

"Yeah, me too. What a wonderfully romantic day and night we had. We couldn't have planned a more perfect day for us to conceive our first child my love." Rayne happily smiled, breaking the hug and looking at Lark.

"I knowÉI was disappointed that we didn't conceive on Christmas Eve, but this was even more perfect honey. I love it and you!" Lark giggled and kissed Rayne. "Here, put it on my necklace for me." Lark requested and turned around for Rayne to remove her necklace. Rayne opened the clasp and helped her put the charm on her necklace. Lark turned around and touched the charm with her finger adjusting it on her neck. "How does it look?" She asked smiling.

"Absolutely beautiful, just like you." Rayne lovingly smiled and leaned closer to Lark for a kiss. "Ready to pick up where we left off?" She seductively whispered through her kiss.

"You read my mind." Lark answered, deepening the kiss as Rayne gathered her into her arms and they slowly lay back on the bed. "Oh, wait! You got me all flustered and I forgot that I have something for you as well. I guess we both know each other very well and had the same thoughts." Lark grinned and leaned over, reaching in the nightstand drawer on her side of the bed. She pulled out a long slender box and handed it to Rayne.

Rayne lay on her side, propped up on her elbow grinning as she opened the box. Rayne pulled the silver bracelet out and read the inscription on the front. 'February 14 th,' and turned it over to read the back, 'Our child insures that our love will shine on earth for all of time. I love you, Lark.' Rayne adoringly smiled and looked at Lark, "It's gorgeous babe, I love it. Thank you very much," as she watched Lark put it on her right wrist.

"I'm glad you like it honey. It looks great on you." Lark lovingly smiled and kissed the bracelet she just put on her lover and looked up at her. "You are my life and everything to me. Do you really know just how much I love and adore you?" She asked, gently placing her palm on Rayne's cheek as she smiled.

Rayne felt a catch in her heart and smiled, "Yes, I do. I know and can feel how much by the way you look at me Lark. I hope you know the same about the way I feel for you honey." Rayne closed her eyes and gently kissed her.

"I do honey, I do." Lark whispered and deepened the kiss as Rayne wrapped her within the loving confines of her strong, warm arms and began to make love to her.

Continued in Part 6.

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