Double Play X

By Cruise

Chapter 16

Dakota's sexual escapade from long ago was interrupted when she felt Cass move, next to her in the bed.

Cass' eyes widened when she saw Dakota looking at her. She rolled onto her side to face her.

Dakota grinned and moved close to Cass when she had settled. "That was not me." She giggled quietly and covered her mouth. 'Although, it could have been considering what I was thinking about and how wet I am right now.'

Cass' heart raced wildly when she felt Dakota's breath on her cheek when she spoke and from being so close to her. She inhaled and smiled, then pointed towards the other bed questioningly.

Dakota smiled broadly and mouthed yes.

The moaning became louder. Cass was finding it hard to contain her laughter and made a slight noise. She felt warmth consume her when Dakota put her hand over her mouth to quiet her.

Dakota's eyes opened widely and grinned, holding her hand over Cass' mouth trying to keep her quiet. She slowly moved her hand away, leaving one finger to keep Cass from making any more noise. She stared deeply, wanting to trace Cass' supple lips with her finger. She inhaled and felt nervous when Cass reached up to her hand.

Cass grasped her hand gently as she gazed into her eyes and removed Dakota's hand from her mouth. She slowly moved her hand to the bed and held it, lost in Dakota's seductive gaze. Her heart pounded when Dakota moved towards her. 'She's going to kiss me again. No…Yes!' She closed her eyes in anticipation of paradise.

Dakota leaned over her ear and whispered, "Shall we interrupt them?"

The sound of Dakota's voice resonating in her ear sent a tingling sensation between her legs and an instant wetness. She opened her eyes and glanced up at Dakota who was moving back. She was extremely disappointed. She nodded her head no as she gazed at Dakota.

Dakota felt happy that Cass still held her hand and smiled. She mouthed goodnight and winked, then closed her eyes.

Cass' heart fluttered from the sexy look on Dakota's face. She watched her intently, memorizing every beautiful detail about her face. She saw sweetness, and innocence to her. She wanted to lean over and kiss her passionately. 'How can you look so incredibly sweet, but be so such a cad? If only you weren't that way.' She stared at her and slowly moved her hand away from Dakota's. She closed her eyes and chuckled inwardly as the pair in the next bed finished what they had started with a grand finale. She drifted off to sleep with the woman of her dreams lying within inches of her.

Dakota was disappointed that Cass moved her hand and opened her eyes. She watched her sleep. She smiled from the effect that Cass had on her. She reached up with her hand and moved it to Cass' face. She wanted to stroke her face lovingly and feel the softness of her skin under her hand, but stopped before she touched her, nervous that Cass would not be reciprocal to it. 'Sweet dreams.' She closed her eyes and casually slid her hand closer to Cass', where her fingers barely touched hers. With her hand slightly touching, she fell asleep.


Cass and Dakota's interaction during the day was limited as they were both busy tending to their athletic training duties before and during the game. The game finished with a come from behind win for the Gators and Cass worked feverishly to remove tape from the excited players and finish the treatments on the injured players. Dakota had finished her duties and exited the training room.

"Hey Jody." She greeted with a smile and kissed her on the cheek. "So, when will I see you again?"

"I'll be in Jacksonville next week doing the game." She smiled and rubbed the small of Dakota's back.

"Excellent, I'll see you there then. Let's plan on going out Saturday night."

"Don't we always go out?" Jody chuckled as did Dakota.

Cass threw the heavy training bag over her shoulder and exited the room. 'Figures.' She sighed disappointed when she saw Dakota talking to the attractive blonde from the previous night. She was jealous watching the blue eyed blonde smile, laugh and touch Dakota on the arm throughout their conversation. She couldn't see what Dakota was doing as her back was turned to her.

"Well, I've got to run and say goodbye to the twins. I'll see you next weekend." She smiled and leaned closer, kissing and hugging her.

"I look forward to it." Dakota smiled and waved as Jody back pedaled away.

Cass sighed angrily and walked towards the tunnel out to the bus.

"Bye hun!" Jody called out and blew Dakota a kiss.

Cass looked over at the woman angry that Dakota's affections were for her. 'She just never changes. Although, I have to hand it to her, she chooses gorgeous women." Cass watched as the stunning, tall blonde confidently walked beside her. 'I can't believe a woman in the media like her would be so open about her lifestyle.' She stopped when the woman crossed her path.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Jody smiled cordially as she looked at Cass and walked past her. She flipped her long, blonde hair over her opposite shoulder.

Cass stared at her. 'She has beautiful blue eyes, just like Dakota's. Not quite as pretty, but close. Damn, she even seems nice. She's a tad too feminine for my taste, but still hot nonetheless. Man, some women get all the looks. I'm such a lesbian!' She sighed, ogling her as she walked away. Cass strolled to the bus and tossed the bag in the storage area then climbed on board.


The only seat available on the bus was next to Dakota who had beaten her there. Cass sighed, still angry at her for being with the blonde.

She sat in the seat next to the aisle and glanced over at Dakota who was looking out the open window. She whistled a cat call and waved, laughing when the Jody turned to her blushing when she walked by.

'She's got a very nice smile and is beautiful. She looks like a model. Why would Dakota hit on me so much when she can have her?' Cass felt insecure about her own appearance.

Dakota laughed and sat down. She leaned over and opened her backpack, fumbling inside for her iPod.

"She's very beautiful." Cass said softly, unsure as to why she said it out loud in the first place.

Dakota gave her a sideways glance and sat up. She looked back out the window and turned to Cass. "Yeah, good looks run in the family." She grinned slyly.

"What do you mean?"

"She's my cousin."

"Really?" Cass' voice reflected her excitement.

"Yeah, she's my Aunt Wendy's daughter. Aunt Wendy is my dad's sister.

"Is she a model?" Cass' heart raced excitedly that nothing happened between them. 'Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge her? Shame on me…'

"She does some modeling. She was a volleyball player at Florida and went on to play professionally. She is a sideline reporter for a Florida sports network. She's like a sister to me." Dakota smiled fondly and looked up when the bus moved.

"She's very pretty."

Dakota looked at Cass and felt a twinge of jealousy. "Are you trying to hit on my cousin?"

"No, no!" Cass laughed nervously.

"Good because otherwise I would be jealous and besides, she's not gay."

'She'd be jealous huh?' Cass smiled. "Hearts are breaking all over lesbo land that she's not on our team." She chuckled, feeling a nervous tickle inside.

The pair laughed heartily.

'Maybe she's changing? Yeah, if hell freezes over. How can I ever trust her? I think I'm going nuts!' Cass shook the thoughts from her head and stole glances of Dakota who was looking out the window.


The bus stopped at the airport and everyone disembarked. They all quickly boarded the plane for the ride back to Gainesville.

Cass and Dakota took seats to the middle of the plane and prepared for take off. Once the plane was in the air, Dakota took off her seat belt and headed to where her brothers were sitting to play cards. She was seated facing Cass and looked up to find Cass staring at her.

Dakota smiled and waved her over.

Cass smiled and put her iPod in her backpack, then joined the group.

"Would you like to play?" Dakota invited when she looked up at her.

"What are you playing?" Cass looked down at the cards, then to Dakota.


"I'll watch for a little while and see if I can pick it up." She smiled and sat next to Dakota.

Dakota showed Cass her hand with the cards. She explained the game and Cass watched as the group continued to play.

Cass was having fun watching the game and decided to join in the next one.

"Cass will be my partner Owen." Dakota looked at her brother then to Cass and smiled.

"Ah-ha, a pretty woman comes along and you kick me to the curb. What kind of family loyalty is that?" He teased.

Dakota laughed and Cass blushed from the comment.

"Well, you know I hate to lose and Cass seems to have a better grasp on this game than you, so the family loyalty is out the window bro." She laughed along with the group. She winked at Cass and shuffled the cards.


"Look at that little bitch with my lover." Leila turned to her friend Candy with an angry look on her face.

"What in the hell does Dakota see in her? You are far better looking than her."

"It's because she's the new girl and Dakota just can't keep her hands off the new ones. She loves to break them in. I'm sorry, but I've been allowing her to do what she wants for a long time and now it's her turn to give me what I want. She better make that call to her brother for me."

"She still hasn't done it yet?"

"No, this little twit has been consuming all of her thoughts. I'm not through with either of them." Leila looked at the pair who were laughing and having a good time, then looked back at Candy.

"You are devious my dear friend, just let me know what I can do to help."

"Oh, trust me I will." Leila smiled and both chuckled.


Cass enjoyed being included in the group and was having a lot of fun. It didn't hurt that she got to sit across from Dakota and could stare at her freely. She was lost in Dakota's smile. 'I feel so good inside when I see her smile. I think I'm going to go out with her if she asks me. I can't seem to stay away from her; I'm so drawn in by her charm. I'm going to do it when she asks.' She smiled happily and looked down at her cards. She looked up and saw Leila glaring at her. 'I hope she doesn't try to start something with me. I take it her and Dakota are on the outs? I haven't seen them together all weekend, but what was up with that kiss I saw between them the other day? Maybe Dakota finally put an end to it after the kiss. I do not like that woman, she is bad news. Why couldn't the cheerleaders have been on a different plane?' Cass sighed. She tried to keep her mind and eyes on the game, but it was hard to concentrate with the woman constantly staring at her.


Cass and Dakota beat the other team in the game.

"Woohoo, we kicked your asses!" Dakota taunted and laughed as she cleaned up the cards.

"Yeah, we'll get you two on the next trip!" Chad guaranteed his pride was wounded by losing to the girls.

"Do you all play each time you go away?" Cass looked at the group.

"Oh, yeah. The second the plane is in the air we start." Jeff, Chad's card partner said with a smile. "Welcome to the mile high Gator spades club Cass." He grinned and patted her on the back.

"Thanks." Cass smiled happy to be included. She stood up and walked back to her seat. She pulled her seat belt across her lap and leaned her head back, watching as Dakota stood up. She frowned when she saw Dakota turn her head towards Leila, who motioned her over.

Dakota walked over and leaned down.

'What is she doing with her?' Cass' heart was filled with jealousy as she couldn't see what Dakota was doing with Leila.

"Did you call Rex like I asked?" Leila's tone was authoritative as she stared at Dakota.

"Haven't had the chance." Dakota said nonchalantly.

"When we get off this plane I want you to call him or I'll make a scene in front of everyone. I need to speak this photo shoot, which I might remind that you said you would help me out with."

"Are you threatening me?" Dakota narrowed her eyes angrily.

"It seems so." Leila grinned diabolically. "I know you don't want your future conquest to be embarrassed so, you're going to call him when we get off the plane."

Dakota casually glanced to Cass, and then looked back at Leila. She didn't want Cass to be drug into this problem and conceded. "One phone call, that's it." She spat with fire in her eyes.

"Good girl, but make sure that one phone call actually has Rex on the other line and it produces what I want." She grinned and lightly patted Dakota's face.

"Fuck you." Dakota stood up.

"Yes, you have quite a few times and I'm sure you'll be back for more when she doesn't satisfy you." She laughed as did Candy and glanced back at Dakota who had walked away.

"Don't hold your breath." Dakota shook her head in disbelief and inhaled deeply. 'I'm going to get rid of this bitch once and for all.' Dakota's anger seethed within as she walked back to her seat. Her anger subsided when she saw Cass' beautiful face. She smiled and sat down next to her.

Cass watched as she put on her seat belt. "Is everything okay?"

Dakota looked at Cass and forced a smile. "Oh, yeah fine." She looked ahead and leaned her head back. 'I don't want her near Cass. She is not going to fuck this up.'

Cass stared at her profile, wondering is she should trust her or not. 'Something is going on between those two and I would like to know what it is. I certainly hope they aren't using me as bait in some little game. I need to be cautious.' Cass looked out the window, hoping she would not be made out to be the fool.


The plane landed and Dakota sprung from her seat. She grabbed her backpack and headed down the aisle quickly.

'She's in a hurry.' Cass shrugged her shoulders and waited as the aisle was crowded. She sighed when she drew closer to Leila. 'Please don't say anything to me.' She grew nervous when Candy looked at her and whispered something to Leila, then both laughed. 'What is this high school?' Cass felt extremely uncomfortable. Cass walked by Leila who didn't acknowledge her. 'Whew.' She blew out the breath she held nervously.

"I can't wait to be with Dakota tonight, it's been so long." Leila said as Cass passed by.

Cass' heart sank and her anger brewed within. She tried to keep a straight face, but couldn't conceal it.

Candy glanced from Cass to Leila and winked. She leaned closer to her. "She was not pleased with the comment."

"Good." Leila smiled wickedly, watching Cass walk towards the exit.

Cass exited the plane and saw Dakota with the cell phone to her ear pacing back and forth. 'Please tell me it's not true.' She was heartbroken and upset that once again she had fallen for Dakota's charming demeanor to only have her hope dashed with her player ways. She descended the stairs and walked towards the buses.


'Rex, pick up the fucking phone!' Dakota paced around nervously waiting for her brother to answer.

Cass walked past Dakota whose back was to her. She was the last one to board the bus and the doors closed behind her. The bus pulled away and she looked out at Dakota walking to the next one.


Once back at the university Cass gathered all her belongings and walked off the bus.

"See you tomorrow Cass."

"Bye Danny." She smiled and walked towards the tunnel of the stadium.

"Cass!" Dakota shouted when she hurriedly scrambled off the bus. 'I'm not waiting any more to ask her out. It's going to be done, now!' She rushed over to her.

"Yeah." Cass was perturbed and turned to her.

"Listen, aah I wanted to know if you would go out with me?" She smiled, slightly out of breath.

Cass' heart raced and came to a screeching halt when Leila walked up. She looped her arm into Dakota's smiling.

"Come on Dakota, we have something to do."

Dakota looked at Cass hopeful as she waited for her answer. She wanted to shove Leila away from her she was so mad at the woman for interrupting her.

"We'll talk about this another time." Cass was upset that Dakota just couldn't stay away from Leila despite the fact that she had told her they were through. Dejected, she turned and walked away.

Dakota took a step towards her and was pulled back by Leila. She snapped her head around with fire in her eyes. "After I make this call I don't want any more contact with you, do you understand?" She spat and pointed her cell phone in Leila's face.

"Sure baby." She grinned pompously.

"Don't fucking call me that." She turned around and dialed her brother's number. 'Shit!' Her heart sunk.


"Hey gorgeous."

"Mary, hey I didn't expect you back so early." Cass smiled and stopped when Mary walked up.

"I know, I thought I would surprise you. I missed you so much." She moved closer and kissed Cass, and then hugged her.

"Yeah, me too." Cass hugged her, distracted by what had just happened with Dakota.

Mary broke the hug. "Come on, I'll walk you to your room."

"Thanks." Cass smiled and reluctantly held her hand when Mary laced her fingers around Cass'.

'I can't believe it. I was so close to going out with her. I could just wring Leila's neck!' Dakota was livid by what Leila had done. She was jealous that Cass was leaving with Mary and holding her hand.

"How did you do at the meet?" Cass glanced over at Mary.

"Pretty good actually. I was very pleased with my times and we beat the other colleges, which was huge for us." Mary smiled proudly.

"That's great! Congratulations." Cass smiled as she looked at Mary, and then looked forward. She glanced to the side and saw a man dressed in black sitting on a bench. 'What's up with him? It's strange for him to be sitting out here by himself on a Sunday considering the campus is pretty much deserted on the non-football weekends.' She watched him as they passed by and didn't get a good feeling from him. She looked forward then turned back as her curiosity was killing her. She looked over her shoulder and noticed he had disappeared. 'What the hell?' She felt a nervousness consume her and looked around to the other side, but didn't see him.

"Are you okay?" Mary was concerned by the nervous expression on Cass' face.

She turned around to her and forced a smile. "Yeah, no problem I just thought I saw something. It's no biggie." She chuckled timidly and looked ahead. She inhaled deeply and exhaled, to calm the uneasiness.


Dakota put the phone to her ear after dialing her brother's number again. She walked around in a circle as the phone rang waiting for him to answer. 'Pick up, Rex!'

"Hey sis!"

She sighed relieved when she heard his voice. "Bro, why in the hell didn't you pick up sooner!" She ran her fingers through her hair, frustrated.

"Sorry, I was busy." He chuckled and looked at the blonde sprawled out naked on the bed as he walked into the room with a plate of fruite. He bent over and placed the dish on the nightstand. "What's up?"

"I need you to do me a huge favor so I can get Leila off my back."

He stood up and walked to the other room when he heard the anxiousness in her tone. "Is everything okay?"

"No, yeah well I just need you to get her in the photo shoot with you for the swimsuit edition. She keeps bugging me about it."

"What? I don't want to have to deal with her Dakota!" He reached into the refrigerator for drinks.

"Bro, I need your help she won't leave me alone if I don't get her in it. Please."

He sighed and hung his head. He could tell by the tone of her voice she was desperate. "Okay, but you owe me big time." He walked back into the bedroom.

"Just put it on my tab! Thank you so much Rex!" She squealed excited that he agreed to help.

"You're welcome. I hope this is the last I have to hear about that bitch being in your life." He stood next to the woman on his bed and handed her a cold beer. She smiled and took it. She placed it on the table and moved closer to him. She rubbed her hands on his muscular chest and began placing soft kisses, working her way down.

"Oh, she will be gone after this." Dakota smiled and felt a relief that she would finally be rid of Leila.

"Dude, I've got to run. Call me back and leave her number on my voicemail." He put his hand on the back of the woman's head and watched her move to his abdomen.

"Thanks again, good luck with the blonde." She chuckled and clicked off the phone.

He grinned and clicked the phone off, then threw it in the chair next to him. 'She knows me well.' He looked down at the blonde, watching her move farther down his body. He gasped when she stopped between his legs. "Oh, yes!"


Dakota walked over to Leila. "That was Rex, I'm going to call him back and give him your number. He'll get in touch with you." Her blue eyes filled with anger as she looked at her.

"Well, it's about time Kody." She moved closer to her and rubbed her arm.

Dakota jerked away from her and shook her head in disbelief of her audacity. She hit the send button twice and lifted the phone to her ear. She walked a few steps away and left a message with Leila's phone number on Rex's voicemail. She clicked off the phone and turned towards her. "There, are you satisfied?"

"Oh, very much so." She grinned impishly and stepped closer to Dakota. "Why don't you want me anymore Dakota? You don't really think Cass can give you what you want, do you?"

"I'm sure that she wouldn't force me to use my family to get her a modeling job. We are finished, stay away from the both of us." Dakota warned in an authoritative tone.

Leila laughed and leaned closely to her ear. "We aren't finished until I get my swimsuit shoot so you might want to make sure it happens or else I'm going to make your life with your little twink a living hell."

Dakota's rage boiled within and she reached to grab her, and then stopped.

"Oh, please do Kody, grab me right here in front of everyone. That would be even better. After all, it's only natural considering it runs in your family."

"You low bitch!" Dakota spat and moved closer to her with her fists clinched. She fought with all her might to control her urge to snap her in two. She inhaled deeply and exhaled. She leaned to Leila's ear breathing rapidly from the anger. "Two can play this game and trust me; you will lose in the end. I warned you before not to threaten me." Her tone was ominous.

Leila looked at her and Dakota glared back. Leila felt a nervous sensation in her stomach, intimidated by the look Dakota gave her.

Dakota kept her eyes on Leila as she walked away and turned her back to the woman.

Leila watched her leave. 'Oh, I won't lose Dakota, you will.'


Mary and Cass arrived at Cass' room after a quiet walk back. Cass was still shaken by the man she saw. Mary watched as Cass opened the door and followed her inside.

Cass walked to her side of the room and dropped her bag on the floor next to her bed.

She gasped startled when Mary spun her around and pulled her close. She leaned in and kissed her.

Cass was caught off guard and didn't like how forceful Mary was being. She broke the kiss and looked at her.

"What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me?" Mary was confused by Cass' reaction.

"Yes, I am aah I was just surprised by how you grabbed me." She was flustered, unsure of what to say. She wanted to tell her to back off.

"You've been acting strangely since you got back. What's going on?"

Cass saw the worry in her eyes and sighed, she didn't want to disappoint her. "I'm just tired, that's all. I'm sorry." She smiled and hugged her reassuringly. 'Oh, man I am so mean to her. She was so sweet to come and meet me today. I'm sure she's tired, but took the time to see me. I am such an ingrate.'

Mary smiled and held her tightly. She broke the hug and leaned back, staring at Cass. She smiled adoringly and leaned in to kiss her. She deepened the kiss and slid her hand onto Cass' hip. She guided her towards the bed as she passionately kissed her.

Cass saw Dakota kissing her and reciprocated fervently. She moved to the bed and sat down still kissing her. She opened her eyes and saw Mary. 'I should be with her. Dakota goes from one person to the next and will leave me in the dust with a broken heart. Who was that guy?' Her thoughts obviously far away, she laid back watching as Mary lay on top of her.

Mary kissed along her neck and back up to her mouth. She traced her lips with her tongue and slid it inside, deeply kissing her.

'Oh, why don't I feel something more for her? She is just not doing it for me. I don't want this.' Cass inhaled deeply and felt confined by Mary. She broke the kiss and moved away from her.

"What's going on Cass?" Mary was perturbed and moved to the side of her.

"I'm sorry I'm just not ready to do this with you." Cass sat on the side of the bed and pushed her disheveled hair back.

Mary sat up and moved next to her on the bed. "When will you be ready? We've been dating for awhile and I'd like for us to go to the next step."

Cass was growing more agitated with her and stood up. "I don't know when Mary, but I can tell you it's not right now. Please don't push me."

Mary stood up in front of her. "Okay, fine. I'll talk to you later." She walked away angry and slammed the door behind her.

'Shit! What the hell is wrong with me?' Cass flopped down on the bed and held her face with her hands as she began to cry. She felt guilty about Mary and stupid for once again falling for Dakota's charms. She wiped away her tears and stood up. She walked over to the door and locked it. She walked into the bathroom for a long hot shower hoping it would wash away her troubles.


Michelle and Brooke entered the room after Cass had finished dressing.

"Hey, how was the trip?" Brooke walked to her side of the bed.

"It was pretty good." Cass' tone was reserved.

"We saw you on TV!" Brooke squealed excited and put her arm around Michelle who was standing next to her.

"Really?" Cass smiled.

"Yeah, but it looked like they were working you hard!" Michelle chuckled as did Brooke.

"I was! I didn't get to see very much of the game I was so busy!"

"It was a great game. They'll play it during the week so you can check it out." Michelle smiled and patted Brooke on the butt. "Listen, I need to head out and get my project done. I'll see you for breakfast in the morning at the S.U.B. around eight?" She looked at Brooke.

"I wouldn't miss it." Brooke grinned and kissed her.

Michelle smiled and looked at Cass. "Hey do you want to join us?"

"No way man! I'm sleeping in until fifteen minutes before my class. I need all the sleep I can get, but thanks for the offer." Cass chuckled and sat on her bed.

"Happy sleeping then! See ya later." Michelle grinned and walked to the door with Brooke in tow.

"Bye baby." Brooke smiled and moved closer to her.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Tomorrow night you two along with Sandra are going with Darby, Brenda and I for initiation on the team." Michelle grinned mischievously as she looked between the two.

"No way, I've heard about the hazing that goes on at campus." Cass protested in a whine.

"It's not like that way, really." Michelle smiled, trying to convince the two.

"I'm not so sure about this." Brooke looked at her skeptically.

"Come on, I went through it and survived fine. It doesn't involve alcohol, unless of course you would like to drink beforehand. It really isn't that bad. I promise."

Brooke looked at Cass who chewed on her lip nervously.

"Its tradition and you both want to be a part of this team right?" Michelle raised an eyebrow as she stared at them.

"Okay, I'll do it." Brooke relented and sighed.

"Alright, but I'm not eating anything disgusting!" Cass warned and pointed her finger at Michelle.

Michelle laughed. "No problem, we'll meet in the softball parking lot at nine tomorrow night. Don't be late." She warned teasingly and smiled. "Have a good night. I'll see you in the morning." She said softly and kissed Brooke, deeply.

Michelle broke the kiss and smiled when Brooke sighed disappointed the kiss had ended. "Have fun with the project and sweet dreams." Brooke kissed her once more and watched as she opened the door.

"Bye." Michelle winked and exited the room.

Brooke smiled as she watched Michelle walk down the hall.

To Be Continued…

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