Double Play XI

By Cruise

Chapter 17

Brooke closed the door and walked towards Cass. She grew concerned by the way Cass sat staring off in the distance. "What's up? Is everything okay?"

Cass looked at her, still lost in her thoughts and smiled slightly. "Not really." She sighed and laid back on the bed.

Brooke sat down next to her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Cass looked at Brooke. "I'm not sure you want to hear about it. I have become a drama queen." She chuckled as did Brooke.

"Oh, come on, I don't think you could ever be a drama queen." Brooke teased and nudged her playfully.

"You are fooled by my innocent look." Cass laughed and elbowed her.

"So, what drama do you have going on?"

"Well, Mary wanted to have sex."

"That's great, but what is so dramatic about that?"

"I asked her to leave."

"What? Why?"

"I'm not ready to be with her that way, Brooke." Feeling guilty, she looked up at the ceiling. She inhaled and exhaled with a sigh.

"How come? I thought you two were doing pretty well."

"She is really a great person and is so sweet, the perfect person to be with, but…"

"But she's not Dakota right?" Brooke's comment had a snide ring to it and she gave Cass a serious look.

"True. Am I a horrible person?" Cass sat up and crossed her legs as she looked at Brooke.

"I wouldn't say you were horrible I might say you are a bit misguided."

"I know, my head keeps telling me that Dakota is not the person I should be with that she will hurt me, but my heart keeps drawing me to her and I just don't know how to make it stop. Mary is so nice, but it just doesn't feel right when I'm with her. Something is missing."

"Then you need to tell her. Well, let me rephrase that, you might want to avoid telling her, it's just not there when you kiss, but you can't keep stringing her along."

"I know!" Cass sighed and dropped her head in her hands. She wiped her face with her hands and looked at Brooke. "On one hand I keep thinking that maybe something will happen where I know being with Mary feels right, but on the other hand I don't want to hurt her by not reciprocating what she wants from me."

"I still think the best thing for you to do is to not string her along. Maybe you should just go out with Dakota…Geez, did I really say that?" She cringed and rolled her eyes.

"Why do you have this dislike for her? She can be very nice."

"I'm very skeptical of her Cass. I think she is playing some kind of a game with you. How can you trust someone like her who sleeps with any woman who looks at her? I just don't want to see you get hurt." She shrugged her shoulders and frowned. "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but maybe you should get her out of your system and go out with her. You don't have to be committed after one date. You might find that you don't really want to be with her." Brooke smiled softly. 'I still don't understand why everyone is so enamored with her. She is arrogant, self centered, and a bitch. She doesn't care for anyone but herself and will trample on anyone who tries to get in her way of getting what she wants.'

"I'm already feeling things about her that scare me. The problem is she is a big time, straight up player. Every time I think she has changed her ways she is either around some chick or that bitch Leila. She told me they were finished, but I see them together an awful lot."

"Something is going on with those two and I think they are trying to put you in the middle of it. I personally would not trust her, but I don't know what to tell you about your heart Cass. She seems self centered and controlling to the point that she wants everything her way and thinks that she can have whatever she wants." Brooke was growing more agitated by Dakota.

"See, I've been around her a lot lately and she has truly surprised me. She doesn't really act that way with me. She has been very kind and considerate to me especially when it comes to my anatomy class. She pulled some strings for me to get out of the gross anatomy lab, which she didn't have to do."

Brooke looked away and sighed. 'Yeah, it's because she wants to sleep with you so she'll do whatever she can to make it happen.' She looked at Cass. "You sound like you are trying to convince yourself that she is a good person. Did you forget the horrible way she treated you before?"

"I know, I know!" Cass ran her hands through her hair and sighed in agony. She dropped her head and inhaled. "Shit!"

"Why are you so into her, other than the obvious reason that she is good looking? She's pretty manly by the way." Brooke grinned.

"I wouldn't say she's manly." Cass said defensively, looking at Brooke who shook her head yes. Cass sighed and smiled mischievously. "So what, I like the tomboy types." She chuckled and playfully slapped Brooke's leg who rolled her eyes. Cass looked down and fiddled with the sheet. "Since we've become friendlier I've seen a different side to her that I really like. I like the way she looks at me." She glanced up at Brooke. "When we kissed it was incredible and made me feel things that I never knew I would."

"Wait, you two kissed?" She was shocked.

"Yes…but right after I panicked and asked her to leave."

"You're kidding me?" Brooke laughed. "I'm surprised she hasn't moved on already."

"I am confused that's for sure. When we got off the bus after our trip to Tennessee, she asked me out. Well, Leila came up and pulled her away. Of course she went with her so I left." Cass' shoulders sunk and she shook her head in disbelief, still hurt by it.

"I'm warning you, something is going on between those two and somehow you are a part of it."

"You're right. I have to fight my urge to be with her but for some reason I can't stop thinking about her. I know she will break my heart because I will want something more than a one night stand. I just don't want to take a chance on that and I definitely am not into having an open relationship with anyone. Although, I'm acting like I'm in one with Mary. " Cass whined and flopped back on the bed, frustrated.

"Maybe she'll get frustrated with you and move on to someone else. It's possible that Mary is not the person to make you forget about Dakota, but someone else will." Brooke smiled hopeful. 'It's going to be nothing but trouble.'

"Maybe…" Cass' voice trailed off.

"Don't forget to end this with Mary. It's not fair to her." Brooke poked her in the ribs gently and stood up.

"Mary, yep I will." She glanced at Brooke who walked towards the bathroom. "Thanks." She smiled when Brooke looked back at her.

"Aah, don't mention it." She smiled and winked, closing the bathroom door behind her.

'Okay, goody for me. I get to break Mary's heart, avoid Dakota's charms and find someone else to be the object of my desire. Yeah…right!' She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She rolled onto her side and set her alarm.


Dakota entered her room exhausted by the trip and angry from Leila. She flopped in her recliner and sighed. 'How did my life become so fucked up so fast? I'm here alone once again. This is so not right. What was I thinking being with Leila in the first place?' She shivered at the thought and removed her shoes. She tossed them to the ground and leaned back in her chair. She stared up at the ceiling. 'Why is it that Cass just doesn't fall at my feet like other women? She is playing hard to get big time. I have to step up my efforts. I will get a date with her, that's all I need is one date and she'll be mine.' She stood up and walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth. After finishing brushing her teeth and undressing she walked over to her bed. She climbed under the covers and stared up through the window above her. She closed her eyes and saw Cass' sweet face staring at her. The kiss from the other night replayed again in her head, making her feel as if it were happening at that moment. Dakota sighed contentedly still feeling Cass' kiss on her lips and felt her heart beat quicken with every thought of Cass. 'I want you.' She closed her eyes and was quickly taken back to a time in the past.

Dakota rolled off of Cass spent from their love making. She inhaled and exhaled rapidly, trying to calm her labored breathing. She pushed her sweaty hair off her forehead and smiled when Cass rolled onto her side, hovering over her.

"Have I ever told you how wonderful you are in bed?"

"Yep, but you can tell me again." Dakota chuckled as did Cass. She leaned up and kissed her. She put her hand on Cass' bare back and lightly rubbed her fingers over her sweaty skin.

"Okay, you are wonderful and oh, man you look so hot with that dildo on. Ooh, I love it and I love how you use it on me." Cass smiled and wiggled her eyes seductively as she moved her hand down Dakota's abdomen. She looked down between Dakota's legs and glanced up at her flirtatiously. She leaned down and kissed her. Breaking off the kiss she asked, "Where did you learn to use one of these so well if you have never been with a woman before?" Cass smiled and reached between Dakota's legs, rubbing her hand along her inner thigh.

Dakota gasped when she felt Cass' hand move over the dildo to her opposite leg. She inhaled deeply and smiled. "I think part of it is instincts. It feels natural for me, plus I aah, well…" she blushed and looked away.

"Come on tell me." Cass chuckled and tickled Dakota.

"Okay, well I watched porn movies with my older brother and checked out some of his girly magazines." Her face flushed with embarrassment.

"No way, really?" Cass laughed, surprised.

"Yep." Dakota smiled, nodding her head.

"Well, you learned very well." Cass leaned down and kissed her.

"I'm glad you enjoy me because I sure enjoy being with you. How did you get this?"

"I saw a sex shop on the way here from the airport and stopped in. I was hoping I would find someone sexy enough to use it on me." She grinned and laughed.

"I'm glad I was the one you chose, but how did you get in there. You're not old enough." Dakota played with her hair, staring into her beautiful eyes.

"I have a fake ID so it wasn't a problem." Cass chuckled and ran her hand down Dakota's stomach, between her legs. She ran her hand along the sex toy, exciting Dakota.

"Ooh you are a very bad girl." Dakota laughed and leaned up, kissing her on the chin.

"It's more fun." Cass chuckled and climbed on top of Dakota, pressing her clit on the dildo.

Dakota watched her intently and gasped when she felt the dildo press against her stomach with Cass on top of her. She put her hands on Cass' lower back and stared deeply into her green eyes. She inhaled deeply when she felt Cass move the dildo and slid on top of it.

Cass hovered above Dakota, smiling. She gasped and closed her eyes when she felt the dildo enter her. "You feel so good inside of me Kody."

Dakota's heart raced wildly. She pulled Cass down and passionately kissed her, gasping through the kiss when she felt Cass begin to move up and down on the sex toy. She breathed heavily, feeling the dildo rub against her clit with each stroke from Cass. She moved her hands down to Cass' backside and gently grasped her, guiding her up and down.

Dakota's thoughts were interrupted with a start when she heard the front door slam shut. She sat up in bed, breathing heavily and sweating. 'Damn!' She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly trying to calm her excitement, listening to the hushed voice of her brother Chad and a woman when they passed by her room. Dakota shook her head and looked to the right side of her bed, sighing disappointed when she saw that it was empty. 'I want you back in my bed again Cass.' She flopped back on the bed and forcefully blew out her breath. After wiping the hair from her face she pulled the covers up and closed her eyes, hoping she would return to where she just was.


Cass, Brooke, and Sandra walked towards the softball complex for their initiation meeting. All three chatted nervously in anticipation of what was in store for them.

Cass looked up and saw the same guy was leaning against a brick wall to their right from the previous day watching them. 'Why is he following me?' Her heart pounded in her chest nervously and looked from him to her friends. 'I don't like this at all. I saw him earlier today too. What in the hell does he want?' Cass turned and looked over her shoulder, but he was no longer there. 'Am I seeing things?' She sighed nervously and shook her head in disbelief. 'I think I'm going crazy!' She inhaled deeply and exhaled, calming the anxiety she felt within. She looked where he was standing once more and turned back to her teammates when she didn't see him.

"Hello ladies!" Michelle greeted with a smile leaning against the car with Darby and Brenda standing next to her.

"Hey!" The group chimed in unison as they walked up to the car.

"Climb in!" Brenda opened the door for Cass and Darby. Sandra and Brooke walked to Michelle's side of the car. Sandra crawled in and Brooke stopped to kiss Michelle.

Once the group was in the car they sped out of the parking lot laughing with the music playing loudly.


Dakota, Chad and Owen were relaxing in the living room watching CSI: Miami on TV, drinking beer. Dakota was sitting in the oversized chair with her legs draped over the side. Chad was sitting on the couch with his legs stretched out facing the TV and Owen was slouched in the love seat.

"I don't know Dakota, she's okay." Chad scrunched up his face when he looked from the TV to his sister.

"I'm sorry bro, but Calleigh is hot!" Dakota shook her head in disbelief of her brother, watching the character on the TV.

"I have to agree with Kody. I would definitely do her." Owen smiled and took a drink of his beer.

"I guess it's because she's blonde. Don't get me wrong, I like all women, including blondes, it's just that I have this thing for brunettes." He grinned, looking between his siblings, then to the TV.

They all looked around when the front door opened.

"Hey!" Michelle greeted with a laugh.

"Speaking of brunettes," Dakota chuckled and looked past Michelle who walked in, "as well as redheads and blondes." She laughed as did her brother's when Darby and Brenda followed Michelle inside. Dakota slapped high fives with the trio when they walked by her. "Grab a beer." She gestured with her hand towards the beer sitting on the coffee table.

"Ooh, just what we need." Darby chuckled and grabbed one from the bucket.

Darby plopped in the orange and blue bean bag chair and Brenda sat next to Owen on the loveseat.

Dakota glanced over at Michelle who settled into a seat next to Chad on the couch. "What trouble were you three causing this evening?"

"Oh, man we took the rookie's out for an old Archer road cemetery experience." Brenda laughed as did the rest of her group.

"I take it they were surprised?" Owen laughed and tilted his head back for a swig of his beer.

"Definitely especially when we dipped on Brooke, Sandra and Cass." Darby laughed hysterically along with the others.

Dakota choked on her beer after hearing Darby's comment. She swung her legs off the chair and sat up in a hurry. "You left Cass at a cemetery?"

"Yeah, what's the big deal?" Brenda was confused.

"You idiots!" Dakota grew angrier and stood up. She hurried into the kitchen and grabbed her keys and her wallet.

"What's up with her?" Owen looked at his brother then over his shoulder at Dakota who rushed back in the room.

She walked to the door and slid her feet into her sandals. Looking at Michelle she said, "I can't believe you left them there. You're going to be lucky if you have a girlfriend after this stunt." She pushed the door open forcibly and stormed out of the house.

"She invented the initiation. Why is she so upset?" Darby asked confused and looked at Chad.

Chad sat up and put his feet on the ground. He looked at his brother bewildered, and then glanced at Darby. "She's into Cass big time."

"Really, where the hell have I been that I missed that?" Darby chuckled as did the group.

"In the closet as usual." Brenda quipped and laughed.

Michelle looked at Chad. "Shit, I think Brooke is going to be pissed off at me. What was I thinking doing that to her?" She put her hand over her mouth when the guilt swept over her, wondering what she should do.

"Oh, come on. She'll be fine." He smiled reassuringly and put his arm around her shoulder for a hug.

"Maybe I should go with Dakota."

"Nah, man leave her there, that's what makes it funny. We'll back you up if you are in the doghouse with her!" Brenda swatted her hand towards Michelle to wave off the guilt her face showed.

"You better!" Michelle warned and laughed as did the other girls.

Chad stood up and walked outside as did Owen when they heard Dakota rev the engine of her 2005 Red Fire colored Ford Mustang GT Deluxe.

Dakota steered the sports car out of the back garage and gunned it down the long inclined driveway. She squealed the tires when she kicked it into second gear while making the turn out of the driveway.

Chad looked at Owen with a confused look. "Either this chick has a golden pussy that is coveted by our beloved sister or Dakota is head over heels for her."

Chad chuckled and shook his head. "I don't know what is up with her, but she has certainly changed since this girl arrived on campus." He patted his brother on the back and both walked back inside.


Dakota raced her car down Newberry road and put the car in third gear when she made the turn onto Archer road. She accelerated and threw it into fourth gear. 'I'm coming Cass, don't worry.' She sped through the red light after noting she was the only car on the road. She slowed down when she came to a dip where the dirt road began. She gunned it once she was past the dip and clicked on her high beam lights. Dakota raced her car down the dark, wide dusty road with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear shift. 'I can't believe those idiots dipped on them.' She chuckled remembering how they would tell the rookies that there is a headstone with a face on it that you can only see at night with the headlights from a car shining on it. Once they were near the fence of the supposed headstone they would beep the horn and drive away, leaving the rookies behind. 'What am I saying? I've left a ton of people here. It's not as funny now considering she left Cass here. She must be terrified.' She accelerated and put the car in third gear. Dakota kept her eye on the road and steered the car, trying to keep it in the middle of the bumpy road. 'Shit!' She saw something out of the corner of her eye through the darkness and looked to her rearview mirror, then to her side mirror. She moved the car to the right of the road and hit the brakes. The car skidded to the side as she turned the wheel to the left and gunned the accelerator after downshifting to a lower gear, which swung the back of the car around. She got a better view of the three women standing on the side of the road.

"Who is that? Should we be worried?" Cass looked between Sandra and Brooke as she swatted the dust away from her face.

"It's Kody!" Sandra squealed happily.

"How can you tell?" Cass narrowed her eyes to look at the car.

"I saw the gator license plate. It has DC-0 on it, Kody's initials and softball number. I saw the car in the garage when she had that party at her house."

Brooke looked at Cass with a grin and said sarcastically, "Your knight in shining armor has arrived."

Cass chuckled and curled her lip up at Brooke. "At this point, I'm happy for whoever comes to get us!"

Dakota jammed on the brakes when she came upon them sending dust flying to the front of the car. She put the car in neutral and opened the door. She climbed out of the car and looked directly at Cass walking towards her. "Are you okay?"

Cass was stunned by the concern on Dakota's face and stared at her, momentarily unsure of what to do or say.

"Yes, we are all fine thanks for the ride." Brooke smirked sarcastically as Dakota had completely ignored them and walked past her to the car. Brooke and Sandra climbed in the backseat and waited for Cass and Dakota to get in.

"Yes, I'm fine thanks." Cass smiled before walking to the passenger side of the car.

Dakota hit the lock button on her door and ran around to open the door for her. "Thanks." Cass blushed and smiled nervously. She climbed in the front seat and sat down.

Dakota closed the door and walked around the front of the car, then climbed into the driver's seat. She looked in the rearview mirror. "So, did you like the initiation?" She grinned teasingly and put the car in first gear.

"Oh, yeah it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again!" Brooke said dryly and rolled her eyes.

The group chuckled and Dakota mashed the accelerator down, spinning the tires in the dirt. Sandra giggled and squealed excitedly when she felt the back of the car fishtail. Brooke glanced over at Sandra, and then looked at Cass who was laughing at Sandra's excitement. Brooke chuckled and shook her head as Cass looked at her. Cass shrugged her shoulders with a snicker and looked forward. Dakota shifted into second gear when she was up to speed and glanced over at Cass who was looking over the car.

'This car is gorgeous. I love the retro look to it and the comfortable red leather seats. The black trim is hot. Damn this car is nice. She has it so tricked out. She must have spent a fortune on all the extras she's got in here.' She looked in awe at the detail of the dashboard and steering wheel, with black and silver trim. She enjoyed the sound of the engine roaring as Dakota sped the car faster. 'I am very impressed, sweet.'

Dakota smiled and looked back at the road, happy that Cass was sitting next to her. She turned up the radio and punched the button for her CD player, which began playing 'The Candy Shop' by .50 cent.

"Oh, yes! I love this song, turn it up!" Sandra shrieked and began dancing in her seat to the beat of the song.

Dakota turned up the volume and bobbed her head to the beat along with Sandra. She mouthed the words to the song as she waited for traffic to clear so she could pull out onto the main road.

Cass sat staring at her and smiled, feeling the vibration of the loud bass within. Dakota surprised her with the choice of music. She leaned closer to Dakota when she looked at her. "I didn't know you liked rap."

Dakota moved closer to her. "I'm full of surprises." She grinned flirtatiously and looked at the road, then pulled the car onto the main road.

Cass blushed and smiled turning to look out her side window. 'Wow, these lyrics are very sexual. I like the beat though.' She bobbed her head to the beat of the music.


Dakota sped up to the front of the dorm and stopped the car. She stepped out so Sandra and Brooke could get out.

"Thanks for the ride Kody." Sandra smiled when she walked past her.

"Yeah, thanks." Brooke smiled weakly when she got out.

"Glad to help." Dakota smiled and walked to the front of the car.

Cass walked to her and glanced away when Sandra and Brooke walked to the entrance of the dorm.

"Don't be late darling!" Brooke teased and laughed as did Sandra before walking inside.

Cass laughed and blushed. She looked down at the ground as Dakota stared at her.

"Thank you so much for coming to get us." Cass finally looked up at her and smiled.

"You're welcome. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was lucky. I knew they were up to no good so I stayed near the road while the other two got the shit scared out of them." She chuckled and looked at the dorm, then stood there unsure of what to say. She laughed nervously and looked up at Dakota. "Well, thanks again. Good night." She smiled and waved, then walked to the entrance.

Dakota watched as she walked away. Her heart raced as she opened her moth to ask her out again, but the words wouldn't come out. She stood staring at her. "Bye." She said softly and watched Cass walk away. She felt her heart race faster when Cass looked back at her. She sighed and walked to the driver's side of the car, disappointed she was leaving. Dakota opened her door and looked up once more.

Cass stood in the door way. "What a sweet ride. I enjoyed it." She smiled flirtatiously as she looked the car over once more and walked inside the dorm.

Dakota chuckled and settled behind the wheel. She looked one more time and squealed the tires when she sped away.

Cass giggled as she watched her drive away. 'A hot ride for a hot woman. Damn, she is making it so tough on me to stay away.' She sighed, shaking her head and walked towards her room.


Brooke and Cass were getting dressed for bed when they heard a knock on the door.

Brooke looked at Cass. "I wonder if your knight has returned with a flower for you or something." She laughed when Cass threw a rolled up towel at her.

She opened the door and glanced over her shoulder. "It's my knight in shining armor who is very late."

"Ooh, would you like me to leave while you scold your knight?" Cass pulled the covers down from her bed.

"Nah, it's okay." Brooke smiled and opened the door.

"So, you aren't mad at me?" Michelle looked at Brooke timidly and entered the room.

"No, it was pretty funny actually. Just don't do it anymore, I missed you." Brooke laughed and pulled her close for a hug.

Cass rolled her eyes and chuckled as she climbed in bed. She put her earpieces in and turned on her iPod so she wouldn't hear their conversation. She closed her eyes and smiled at the feeling she had from Dakota coming to her rescue. 'Yes, you'll come to my rescue one minute and the next you'll be off with another girl. What am I going to do with you Dakota?'

"Oh, man I thought you were going to be so ticked off at me. I'm glad that you aren't." Michelle smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

Brooke deepened the kiss and held her tightly. She broke the kiss and stared into Michelle's eyes. "Come to bed with me."

"Aren't you worried about Cass?" Michelle whispered with a grin.

Brooke glanced around the wall at Cass. "She has her earpieces in, she won't hear us." She smiled mischievously and led her to bed.

Michelle laid down and Brooke climbed on top. "Hmmm, you feel so good." She pulled Brooke down in a warm embrace and kissed her passionately.


Cass spent most of the day in classes and the other part in the training room. She had decided to spend a couple of hours in the library working on a paper for her literature class. Brooke was pleased that she could have the room to be alone with Michelle. Cass sat waiting in the back of the library for her study partner, Dakota. She tapped her pen nervously on the book in anticipation of her arrival. 'Where is she?' She looked down at her watch and noted it still wasn't time for her to arrive. She sighed and looked down at her book, mindlessly thumbing through it page by page. 'Why am I torturing myself by studying with Dakota? Oh, that's right coach is forcing me to. I'm hopelessly attracted to a person who will for sure break my heart. I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose or just an idiot!' She looked up and smiled when she noticed Dakota standing next to the table.

"Are you a speed reader?" She smiled and pulled out the chair next to Cass.

"Oh, no I was just flipping through the pages, bored." She sat up in her chair and chuckled.

Dakota sat down and looked around. "So this is what the library looks like." She laughed and looked at Cass.

"I know I had a hard time finding this place myself." Cass chuckled and looked around the large old library.

"We could have studied at my house." Dakota smiled and opened her backpack, then pulled out her laptop. She opened it and turned it on.

"Thanks, but I didn't want to impose on your brothers or you." She smiled appreciatively. 'Actually, I didn't trust either of us to be alone in your house together.'

"Ah, don't worry about it next time. So, what is the topic of your literature project?" She glanced at her.

Cass was caught in her mesmerizing gaze and hesitated momentarily. "Oh, aah famous lovers, real or fictional."

"Hmmm, a very interesting topic. Do you just have to choose a couple and write a bio about their torrid love affair?" She grinned and typed in her password.

"They gave us a bunch of questions to answer about them. I've been trying to think of a cool couple to write about, but I'm coming up blank."

"Okay, let's see." Dakota sat back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling thinking. "How about Tarzan and Jane? They were pretty sexy in their loin clothes."

Cass chuckled at the comment. "Ooh, that's a good one." She sat forward in her chair and wrote down the names.

Dakota rested her elbow on the table and leaned her chin on her hand as she looked at Cass. She grinned mischievously when Cass looked her way. "Bonnie and Clyde."

"Oh, yes I like that one too!" Cass smiled excitedly and wrote down the name. She grinned mischievously and looked at Dakota. "I have the ultimate couple."

"From the look on your face, they must be." Dakota laughed.

"Barbie and Ken." She giggled and covered her mouth when she realized how loud she was.

Dakota leaned close. "Are you kidding me? Barbie and Ken!" She laughed as did Cass.

"Well, she had everything including Ken who worshipped the ground she walked on." Cass teased and laughed.

"I had a Barbie doll when I was younger."

"You did!" Cass was surprised and laughed.

"Yeah, it was my mom's futile attempt of trying to make me girly. I'm not sure you want to know what I did to that poor girl!" Dakota laughed and leaned back.

"From the look on your face, I think you're right. Okay, what did you do to beautiful Barbie?" She giggled and looked at Dakota eager to hear the answer. "The suspense is killing me."

Dakota laughed thinking back on her good ol' Barbie doll. "Well, I gave her a very short crew cut and put G.I. Joe's clothes on her."

Cass gasped, surprised. "You didn't!"

Dakota grinned and chuckled. "I sure did and gave her a tattoo as well! I made her dyke Barbie." She laughed at the memory.

Cass laughed heartily. "Poor Ken, he must have been devastated to find out the love of his life was a dyke."

Dakota smiled mischievously. "Don't feel so bad for Ken, he made out fine. Let's just say he was very happy with G.I. Joe who assumed Barbie's old wardrobe. Needless to say, my brother Rex was not happy to find his G.I. Joe in Barbie's old clothes, locked in a hug with Ken!"

Cass leaned back in her chair and laughed harder. She covered her mouth and looked around when other students glanced over at her.

Dakota concealed her mouth with her fist as she laughed hysterically.

Cass gained her composure and wiped the tears from her eyes. She inhaled deeply and looked down at her notebook. "I can't look at you or I will start laughing again." She warned with a snicker and tapped her pen on the book trying to not think about the dolls.

"Hey, you wanted to know the story."

Cass gave her a sideways glance and curled up her lip warningly. Dakota chuckled and looked at Cass' notebook.

"Ooh, Romeo and Juliet." Cass smiled and wrote down the names.

"That is a classic love story and has probably been taken by another classmate. You might want to shy away from that one."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Cass scratched that one of her list.

"How about Xena and Gabrielle? It doesn't get much better than that." Dakota smiled mischievously.

Cass sighed disappointed and looked at her. "One of my classmates mentioned she was doing one on them or I would have jumped all over it."

"Too bad. How about Antony and Cleopatra?"

"Ooh, tragic yet, very intriguing." Cass grinned and jotted the name down.

"Cleopatra…I'm sure she was very sexy." Dakota inhaled deeply and sighed.

"I'm sure you would have loved for her to arrive on an extravagantly decorated barge dressed as Venus." Cass scrunched up her nose and moved her head side to side mockingly, looking at Dakota.

Dakota chuckled and sat back in her chair. "You mean to tell me you wouldn't appreciate a beautiful woman doing that for you?" She laughed and leaned forward in her chair. She leaned her elbows on the table and stared at Cass with a mischievous grin.

Cass looked at her, then down at her paper. She tapped the pen on her notebook and glanced over at Dakota. She chuckled. "You've got me, it would be very nice." She laughed as did Dakota.

"Ah-ha." Dakota nudged her arm and they laughed harder.

"Yeah, yeah." She giggled and looked away embarrassed.

Dakota chuckled that she made Cass blush. "Okay, I've got a couple in mind, Jeannie and Major Nelson."

Cass turned to her and laughed. "I used to love that show!"

"Me too." Dakota smiled sheepishly.

"They are intriguing; I'm just not feeling them though." Cass grinned and looked down, tapping her pen.

Dakota leaned back and looked up at the ceiling thinking. She grinned mischievously and looked at Cass. "I've got it. I don't know why I didn't think of them before. They are my favorite fictional couple. "

Cass looked at Dakota and smiled. "I'm intrigued let's hear it."

"Lancelot and Guinevere." Dakota smiled devilishly.

Cass smiled excitedly. "I can't believe it. I love their story. Excellent choice I'm going with them." She giggled and wrote their names down.

"Cool, pull out your list of questions and I'll bring up some info on them. Maybe we can get this thing done in a hurry." Dakota smiled at Cass, and then looked at her computer. She typed in their names and waited for the website to come up.


"Oh, shit! I've got to go I'm going to be late." Michelle scrambled out of the bed and sprung to her feet.

"Where do you have to go?" Brooke was disappointed that she was leaving so soon after they made love.

Michelle gathered her clothes in a hurry. "I'm going to Chad's." She pulled her sports bra on and then her underwear.

"Why?" She was confused.

"It's the first show of the new season of the Amazing Race. We always watch it together every Tuesday and eat Gumby's pizza." She smiled and pulled her shirt on.

"That sounds like fun I'll get dressed." Brooke smiled and moved to get up.

"No, sorry it's just him and I." She grimaced when Brooke looked at her.

"What?" Brooke became angry.

"I'm sorry Brooke." She saw the hurt in her eyes. "It's not that I don't want to take you, it's that we've been watching it since we met three years ago and made a pact to always watch it together. It's like a guy's night out, but just between him and me. Owen and Dakota don't even join us."

Brooke shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, well have fun." She laid back down, upset.

"Oh, baby come on don't be mad. I'm sure you can do without me for one night." She grinned and leaned down to kiss her.

Brooke broke the kiss. "Have fun." It was a formality, she didn't mean it and her tone reflected it.

"Bye, I'll see you tomorrow." Michelle kissed her on the cheek and stood up. She grabbed her backpack and walked out.

Brooke sighed and rolled on her back. 'How can she make love to me like that and just jump up to leave to watch a TV show with him? I feel so unwanted, so used.' She threw the covers off and sat up. She sighed disappointed and walked into the bathroom for a shower.


Dakota sat with her head resting on her hand, fighting her heavy eyelids as she watched Cass feverishly taping away at her laptop computer. She closed her eyes and jerked up when her head slipped off her hand. She sat up and smiled at Cass who had glanced over at her.

"I'm sorry you're stuck here with me. Why don't you go home and get some sleep. I can finish by myself."

"Are you sure? Oh, damn forget it. I can't go home." Dakota stood up and stretched her long body.

"Why can't you go home?" Cass looked up at her.

"Oh, Chad and Michelle snag the house for an hour each week to watch the Amazing Race together and it's getting ready to come on."

"I would say we could go to my room, but Brooke will be there and she's probably not in a good mood since Michelle is with Chad."

Dakota walked around the table stretching her legs and stood next to Cass. "What's up with Brooke and Chad?"

"She's jealous that Michelle spends a lot of time with Chad."

"She shouldn't, he's a guy and Michelle is in to chicks. I'm sure there is nothing there." Dakota shrugged her shoulders.

"It's not that. Brooke is jealous that they seem to have a better connection than she and Michelle do."

"Of course they do, they've been friends for a lot longer than they have. She needs to get over it."

"I tried to tell her to not let it get to her, that she and Michelle will grow closer, but she is still bugged by those two."

"That's the problem with relationships, there is too much drama. I don't see the problem, Brooke needs to chill out." Dakota rolled her eyes at the situation.

Cass was put off by Dakota's comment and looked down at the computer.

"I'm going to get a drink would you like something?"

Cass glanced up at her briefly and looked back down at the computer. "No thanks."

Dakota stared at her momentarily and walked away.

'She has a major problem with relationships. Wonderful.' Cass shook her head and continued writing her paper.


Michelle entered the house through the side door. "Hey Chad!" She smiled excitedly and walked towards him.

"Hey babe, how's it going?" He smiled and kissed her on the check when she stood next to him.

"I see I'm just in time." She smiled and moved away after the kiss.

"You were cutting it close." He poured their drinks.

Michelle grabbed the box of pizza and the paper plates. "Well, I was busy." She grinned mischievously, looking up at him.

"Lucky you, with Brooke right?" He smiled teasingly when he looked at her and picked up the drinks.

"Yes." She drawled and smiled as she walked into the living room. She sat on the couch and put the box of pizza on the coffee table.

"Is everything alright between you two? You seem bummed." He settled on the couch next to her and slid a slice of pizza on his plate.

"Yeah, well she was hurt that I didn't invite her over." She put a slice of pizza on her plate and sat back on the couch.

"She'll get over it." He nudged her with his elbow and chuckled.

"True, hey do you want to have lunch with us tomorrow?"

"Name the place and time, I'll be there." He grinned and turned towards the TV when he heard the show begin. "Yes!" He shouted excitedly and slapped hands with Michelle who was equally excited.


The show had ended and they were eagerly anticipating seeing the previews for the following week.

"You know, we should…"

"Go on this show together?" Michelle finished the sentence for him, grinning as she looked at him.

Chad snapped his head around to look at her and both laughed. "We were thinking the same thing!"

"We have always seemed to do that."

"I think we should go for it. Let's do it!" He was excited and sat forward on the couch looking at her.

"You're serious?" She looked at him and searched his blue eyes for sincerity.

"I am. We would be great. I know we could win it. We would work great together and we think alike all the time."

"That is true." Michelle grinned knowingly and began to warm up to the idea.

"It's a shame you're a lesbian because you would make a perfect wife for me." He laughed.

She arched a brow and stared at him surprised. She realized that they were very much alike and had never really seen it before. "If you were a woman you would make a perfect wife for me." She chuckled and shoved him playfully.

He laughed and sat back when the previews came on. They watched intently and were disappointed when they were finished.

He turned to her. "Michelle, I'm serious. I heard you have to make a video to send with your application. Let's do it."

She saw the excitement in his eyes. "Okay, let's go for it!" She laughed as did he. "Now that I think about it, they will definitely choose us because you are a popular, handsome star college athlete." She pinched his cheek teasingly.

"Yeah, well you're no slouch either. You're a popular star athlete and you're just as gorgeous!" He chuckled and stared at her.

"Then we are a shoo in." She laughed and stood up. "Bye babe, I'll call you about lunch tomorrow. Be a good boy." She lightly tapped his chest with her palm and kissed him on the top of his head.

He chuckled and watched her walk to the door. His heart fluttered when she turned to him and smiled. He smiled back and sighed disappointed when she left. 'Wow that has never happened to me before with her.' He shook his head in disbelief and stood up. He clicked off the TV and cleaned up the mess.

To Be Continued…

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