Double Play XII

By Cruise

Chapter 18

Penny and Brenda sat at the table with Cass who was nibbling on her sandwich.

"What's up C4?" Penn chuckled and sat across from her.

"C4?" Cass was confused.

"Yeah, didn't you know that is your nickname?"

Cass held her sandwich and stared at them dazed. "No."

"You mean to tell me you haven't heard us calling you that in practice?" Brenda laughed as she stared at Cass in disbelief.

"I heard that called out, but I wasn't sure what it was for." Cass smiled weakly, slightly embarrassed.

"Cass, are you really a blonde?" Penny teased and all three laughed.

"No!" Cass chuckled and shifted in her seat. "So, why is that my nickname?"

Brenda stuffed part of the sandwich in her mouth and nudged Penny, then pointed at Cass mumbling.

"I think what my roomy is trying to say through that Cuban sandwich is…" She looked at Brenda and smirked.

Brenda flicked a bird and they all laughed.

Penny looked at Cass. "What she is trying to say is C is for Cass, obviously and the four is your number, but it coincides with your explosive speed. So, it's like you're the combustible C4."

"Oh, that is very cool. I like it!" Cass grinned excitedly. "Who gave me that nickname?"

Brenda swallowed her food and blurted out, "Dakota!"

"Thank you very much for that Cuban sandwich shower." Penny curled up her lip and brushed the crumbs off her arm that Brenda spit on her while speaking with her mouth full.

Cass laughed. "You two should do a comedy routine, you're hysterical!"

"You think?" Penny became excited and nudged Brenda with a grin.

"Sure, I'd come to your show!" They all laughed.

"Oh, speaking of shows. You have to go with us to the MC tonight." Brenda told her.

"The MC?"

"Yeah the Melody Club. Its women's night and they do drag shows." Penny explained between bites of her lunch.

"Well, women do the show, real women that is." Brenda added with a chuckle.

"It sounds like fun, what time?" Cass smiled excitedly.

"You can ride with us. We'll leave here at nine-thirty and beat the cover charge if we get there by ten." Penny smiled and wiggled her eyebrows.

"I'll be ready. Oh, do I have to get dressed up?"

"It all depends on how much you want to impress the ladies." Brenda and Penny chuckled.

"I'll be wearing my usual, shorts!" Penny laughed and Brenda nudged her.

"Bring plenty of dollar bills to tip the performers." Brenda smiled excitedly.

Cass' eyes widened and she grew nervous. She leaned closer to the girls. "Are they strippers?"

Brenda and Penny laughed hysterically. "Man, don't they have gay bars in Maine?"

"Well, yeah but they don't do shows in the one I used to go to."

"No, no they are women who dress like guys, sometimes girls, and lip synch to songs. Trust me; it's a lot of fun." Penny assured her with a smile. "There will be chicks galore there too!"

"Oh, okay alright! I'm there!" Cass smiled excitedly. She finished her sandwich and crumbled up her trash. "Well, I have to run off to class, I'll see you later. Thanks for the invite." She stood up smiling.

"You are going to have a blast!" Penny chuckled, looking up at her.

"Have fun in class." Brenda smiled and waved.

"Bye!" Cass waved with a smile and walked out of the cafeteria.


Cass stopped at her mailbox and picked up her mail. 'Yes, a letter from Aunt Maymo!' She smiled excitedly and opened the letter. She began to read it and walked outside. She walked along the pathway with her head down reading and stopped when she saw a person's feet in her path. She looked up and moved to the side to let the student pass. "Oh, sorry." She smiled and looked past them. Someone caught her eye in the distance and she looked over. 'Damn, it's that guy again.' Her heart raced, frightened. She glanced in front of her and walked faster, then looked at him. He stood watching her. 'Is he following me?' She rushed into the building. She pulled out her cell phone and hit the speed dial. She waited for an answer and got the voicemail. "Call me right away, we have to talk." She clicked the end button and looked through the glass door, but didn't see the man. She walked through the building and exited out of the opposite door. She hurried to the next building where her class was located. She was never so relieved to be in anatomy class. She sat in the middle of the large class and sighed, worried as to the identity of the mysterious man. 'Why is he following me? What does he want? I better get a call back soon!' She nervously chewed on her lip and pulled out her notebook to start the class.


Michelle held the phone to her ear and paced along the walkway as she waited for Chad to pick up.

"Hey!" She greeted excitedly and smiled when she heard him answer the phone.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to call me. What's going on?"

"I'm sorry I didn't call sooner." She whined apologetically. "We aren't going to be able to meet you for lunch today." Michelle stopped and looked around at the people who passed by.

"Oh, really how come?" He was disappointed.

"Oh, Brooke is freaking jealous of our relationship and she doesn't want to see us together." Michelle's anger was evident.

"Dude, what is up with that? Why is she so jealous?" He sat in the chair.

"Because she sees how close we are and she wants to be that way with me."

"That's messed up man. How do you feel about her acting like that?"

"I'm not very happy about it at all, because I really like her, but she is not going to tell me who I can be friends with, especially you."

"What are you going to do about it?" He was worried, knowing how much she liked Brooke.

"I'm going to talk to her again about it and if she insists on me not being friends with you, then I'll have to part ways with her." Michelle paced back and forth as she spoke. She shrugged her shoulders and sighed, disappointed that she was put in that predicament.

"I'm sorry to be the source of the angst in your relationship with her. I will understand whatever you decide to do with her."

"Thanks, I appreciate that, but no one will come in the way of our friendship. I'll talk to you later and let you know what happens."

"Okay, good luck babe."

"I'm going to need it." She chuckled as did he and she clicked off the phone.


Cass was relieved her daily activities of classes, working out and her athletic training duties were completed. She picked up her pace as she walked to her dorm, paying more attention to her surroundings since she had seen the man in black around her. She entered her room and walked around, checking it. When she was sure she was the only one there, she walked to the door and looked out in the hall. She looked both ways and moved inside. She closed the door and walked to the window. She looked out and saw that he was not there. She sighed relieved and sat on her bed. She pulled out her cell phone and turned the ringer back on from the vibrate mode. 'Why haven't they called me back yet?' She sighed disappointed and tossed the phone on the bed. She looked at her watch and noted she would have just enough time to shower before the girls came to pick her up. She walked to her closet and grabbed her bat. She raised it up and leaned it on her shoulder as she walked to the bathroom feeling confident that she could take anyone using her bat who tried to harm her. She closed and locked the door for her shower. She finished showering and put on her faded blue jeans and white button down long sleeved dress shirt with black ankle high boots.


Michelle opened the door and held it for Brooke who entered the room.

"Hey." Brooke smiled tentatively when she walked in.

Michelle closed the door after her and crossed her arms over her chest. "Listen Brooke, this jealousy with Chad has to stop. I'm really ticked off at you."

Brooke turned and cringed when she saw the angry expression on Michelle's face. "I know you are and I'm sorry."

"You said you were sorry before and we are back to having this conversation again." Michelle uncrossed her arms and planted her hands on her hips.

"I can't help it because you seem like you want to be with him more than me." Brooke whined and moved closer to her.

"It's not that I want to be with him more, we are friends and we do things together. I told you before that he is my best friend. I feel like you are keeping me from being around him and I don't like it. If that's the case then we won't be able to be together."

"Michelle, baby; come on. I'm not saying you can't see him." Brooke reached out for her arm.

"Sure could have fooled me. You get ticked off every time I want to see him and you refused to have lunch with him today. I wouldn't ask you to stop being friends with Cass so don't ask me to not be his friend." Michelle walked past her to the small refrigerator and pulled out a soda.

Brooke sighed and walked towards her. "I know; I'm sorry. It's just that I am in to you and want to be with you all the time. I promise it won't happen again." She stood before her and smiled.

Michelle sipped the soda and stared into Brooke's blue-green eyes. She saw the look of regret in them and believed in her promise. She smiled slightly. "I'm in to you too, but sometimes it's okay to have fun with the boys or the girls without the other one being jealous." She grinned and pulled her close. She leaned in and kissed her tentatively, then deepened the kiss. She broke the kiss and smiled as she looked at her. "I'm holding you to your promise."

"I'm going to do much better, you'll see." Brooke smiled and engulfed her in a warm embrace.

Michelle smiled and hugged her back, enjoying the feeling of Brooke being in her arms. "Oh, shit. We are going to be late and have to pay cover if I don't shake a leg." She broke the hug. "I'm going to take a quick shower." She turned to walk away and stopped, then turned back to Brooke. She looked her over, enjoying how she looked in black jeans and a white "V" neck tank top. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you how fantastic you look before." She smiled and moved closer, kissing her. She whispered after breaking off the kiss. "You look beautiful."

Brooke blushed and giggled. "Thank you."

Michelle winked and turned, walking towards the bathroom. She glanced back. "I'll be ready in a jiffy." She smiled and closed the door.

Brooke inhaled deeply from the wonderful feeling she had from the compliment and smiled uncontrollably as she paced around the room. She sat at Michelle's desk and leaned back in the chair. 'I've got to get over this jealousy. I don't want to lose her.' She sighed and smiled when she saw the strip of pictures of the two of them from the photo booth in the mall sitting on her desk. She put the pictures down when she heard the shower turn off. She turned to the door when she heard it open. "That was quick."

"Oh, yeah there is no need to dilly dally when it comes to saving a buck on the cover charge." Michelle chuckled and walked out naked, still drying off. She tossed the wet towel on her bed and pulled her clothing out of the drawer.

"I hear this place is going to get packed tonight." Brooke walked over and took the towel. She walked towards the bathroom and took time to slide her hand across Michelle's bare backside.

Michelle glanced over her shoulder at Brooke with a grin, enjoying the groping. "Definitely, it will be jam packed and a lot of fun!" She laughed. She hurriedly dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a white short sleeved shirt with blue trim around the arms and neckline. She put on deodorant, perfume and combed her hair. "I'm ready let's go." She grinned and grabbed Brooke's hand pulling her towards the door. She stopped near the door and slide her feet into her sandals. She leaned over and kissed Brooke. Both laughed and headed out of the room.


Cass, Penny and Brenda entered the crowded bar and looked around.

"Wow, this place is packed already." Cass smiled looking around. She saw a bar, pool tables, video games and a jukebox to her left. The large black and white checkered dance floor was to her right with a stage to the far end of the dance floor. There were railings along the sides of the dance floor to separate it from the tables and chairs on each side. "Hey, what's back there?" Cass leaned to Penny and pointed to the right of the dance floor when she saw a pathway.

"Oh, come on there is a courtyard and a leather bar in the back." Penny waved her on and they walked to the back of the large bar. "That's where all the performers get dressed." Penny pointed at the door as they passed. "And here is the courtyard."

"This place is really big." Cass looked around amazed. She had never been in a gay bar this large.

"Come on." Brenda said and walked past the two leading them to a smaller bar.

They walked through the large brown door.

"Hey Jan!" Brenda greeted when they walked up to the bar a few feet from the door.

"Hey ladies, what can I get you?" The older bleached blonde woman with a mullet haircut walked to the side of the bar they were standing at.

"My usual, bud light. Penny I'm sure wants an Amstel light. Cass what do you want?" Brenda looked over her shoulder at Cass.

Cass was amused that everyone in there was dressed in leather, some barely had anything on. "Oh, aah I'll have a Malibu rum and pineapple juice."

"Are you kidding me?" Brenda asked with a laugh.

"No why? What's wrong with that?" Cass had a nervous look on her face.

"It just seems like a frilly drink. I thought you would be pounding some hard liquor down."

"Okay, one frilly drink for the lady coming up." Brenda winked and turned back to Jan. "We need a Malibu rum and pineapple juice for her and three Hawaiian shooters."

"You got it." Jan smiled and began pouring the drinks.

Brenda pulled out her money to pay the tab when the drinks were placed in front of her.

"Here." Cass held her money out to Brenda.

Brenda pushed it away with a smile. "Nah, you two can get the next rounds."

"Okay, but you aren't leaving until I pay the next round." Cass warned with a smile.

"There is no risk of that Cass; Brenda does not turn down a free drink." Penny laughed and winked. She took her beer from Brenda and the shot.

Each had their drink and shot. "Bottoms up ladies." Brenda smiled and held her shot up.

The other two tapped their glasses against hers and all three tipped their heads back, downing the red colored drink.

"Aah, oh that is delicious. It tastes like Hawaiian punch." Cass smiled and placed her empty glass on the bar.

"If you like those you'll love the pucker shots. We'll get those next." Brenda smiled and waved to Jan before heading to the door.

'Oh, man I'm going to be hurting tomorrow if I match them with drinks.' Cass inhaled nervously and followed them out the door.

They walked past the courtyard and entered the main bar area.

"Let's get a good seat next to the dance floor." Penny motioned to the girls and led them to a table.

They settled into their seats and drank their drinks.

"Well, the show should start pretty soon." Brenda looked down at her watch and back up.

"Ooh, I better go to the bathroom." Cass moved her chair back and stood up.

"I hope everything comes out alright." Penny teased and all three laughed.

Cass laughed and shook her head as she walked towards the bathroom. She entered the small bathroom with two stalls and waited in line for her turn.

She was shocked when the door opened and Mary walked out. She felt her heart race nervously.

"Hey Cass." Mary greeted flatly when she stood next to her.

"Hi Mary. How's it going?" Cass looked away uncomfortable, then glanced back at her.

"It's going. Why haven't you called me?" She moved closer to her to allow a person to pass by her.

"I've been extremely busy. I'm really sorry."

"I miss you." Mary said softly. She moved closer and stared into her eyes.

Cass' heart raced anxiously. The last thing she wanted was for Mary to kiss her. She looked away when the door opened to the stall. "Aah, it's my turn. I'll be right back." She smiled and walked into the stall, closing it behind her. 'Shit, I didn't break it off with her. Why didn't I just call her on the phone it would have been a hell of a lot easier.'

'Damn, I hope I didn't scare her away when I tried to have sex with her.' Mary paced back and forth nervously, waiting for her.

Cass finished and stood looking at the door. 'Please be gone. Please.' She sighed and exited the stall. She smiled apprehensively when she saw Mary waiting for her at the door to the bathroom. She washed her hands and dried them before exiting.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Mary smiled and moved closer.

"Aah, no." She smiled timidly and walked back to the table.

Brenda looked up at Cass who rolled her eyes and sat next to her. Brenda looked past Cass and saw Mary, who pulled a chair next to Cass.

"Penny, Brenda this is Mary. Mary, you know their names." Cass conducted the introductions and glanced at Brenda with a pained expression on her face.

"Nice to me you." Brenda greeted and leaned across the table to shake her hand.

"Same here." Mary smiled and shook her hand. She turned to Penny and shook hers.

Brenda stared at Cass as she moved back to her seat wondering why she looked so uncomfortable.

"I'm going to get a drink. Does anyone else need one?" Mary offered and looked between the three.

"No thank you." Cass smiled and shook her head no.

"No, we are good." Penny smiled and watched as she walked away.

"Who's the chick?" Brenda asked looking at Cass when Mary was out of sight.

"I was dating her and I didn't get around to breaking it off with her." Cass sighed nervously.

"Damn, that sucks!" Penny frowned and raised her beer to her mouth.

"I think it's time you let her know Cass." Brenda chuckled and took a swig of her beer.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't already know." Cass rolled her eyes and looked to her left when Mary sat. She inhaled deeply and turned to face her. She watched as Mary sat next to her. She smiled weakly. 'I can't break up with her when everyone in here is going crazy.' She looked towards the stage and shifted in her seat. She lifted her drink and guzzled it down. She looked back when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She smiled when she saw Brooke and Michelle pull chairs next to them. She waved and chuckled when they waved back. She turned back to the dance floor when the crowd cheered loudly when the first entertainer came up. She laughed when Penny screamed and waved a dollar bill. She put her drink down and joined her table mates who were clapping and shouting to encourage them on.

Brenda waved the waitress over and made a motion for more drinks. They all clapped for the performer once they finished.

"She was very good." Brenda commented with a chuckle.

"This is so much fun!" Cass giggled and sipped the remainder of her drink.

"Please welcome to the stage our next performer, Brandon." The announcer shouted into the microphone.

Cass snapped her head up when she heard the song. "YES! I love this song!" She jumped to her feet and put her drink on the table.

"What song is this?" Brenda looked at Penny confused.

"Just Like Heaven by The Cure." Penny bobbed her head to the beat and smiled.

"Where are you going?" Mary looked up at her strangely.

"I'm going to tip them. This song is great!" She laughed and navigated her way past their chairs that were pushed close together.

"Wait up, I'll go with you." Penny called out and rose from her chair.

They walked to the end of the dance floor and got in line.

"I take it you're not the only one who likes this song." Penny laughed and nudged Cass who was standing before her.

Cass glanced back with a smile and craned her neck around the women in front of her to see the performer. She looked at the performer who was dressed in black pants, a black shirt buttoned up to the neck with three multicolored beaded chains hanging down her chest, black combat boots, black trench coat, dark hair with a disheveled look hanging down in her face, dark eye make up and deep red lipstick. 'Oh, yes she looks so goth! She looks familiar too.' Cass moved from one side of the women in front of her to the other for a better look, but the woman seemed to mirror her movements, blocking her view of the performer. She smiled and bopped her head to the beat when the singer finally began to sing after the long opening of music. Her heart beat nervously as she moved closer to the performer. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the long line behind her. 'Wow, this one is pretty popular.' She looked back and was surprised when the performer was standing five feet away from her. She looked into her eyes, which were very familiar to her. 'It can't be.' She swallowed the lump in her throat when the performer smiled at her. 'It's Dakota!' She inhaled deeply and held out the dollar.

Dakota smirked when she saw Cass standing there. She stared at her and danced to the rhythm of the beat. She slowly moved towards Cass, never breaking her gaze and sang.

Spinning on that dizzy edge

I kissed her face and kissed her head

And dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow

Dakota held her hand out in front of her as if she were reaching for Cass.

Why are you so far away? She said

Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you?

Dakota put her hand to her heart and slowly approached her, staring deeply into her green eyes.

That I'm in love with you?

She stood before Cass and smiled slightly.

Cass gasped.


Soft and only


Lost and lonely


Strange as angels

Dancing in the deepest oceans

Twisting in the water

You're just like a dream…

Dakota put her hand on Cass'.

Cass felt instant warmth consume her. Her heart raced faster when Dakota moved to her ear singing softly,

You're just like a dream…

Cass' heart fluttered and she felt chills down her spine from Dakota's breath in her ear. She gasped when Dakota lightly kissed her on the cheek. She stared at Dakota when she leaned back up, mesmerized by her.

Dakota took the dollar and smiled with a wink.

"Hey, it's my turn." Penny chuckled and shoved Cass to the side playfully. "Hello Dakota, you look good in goth." She teased and held up her dollar.

"Well, thank you. I may just keep this look." She chuckled and took the dollar from her.

"What no kiss?" Penny laughed when Dakota pinched her cheek and moved to the next person in line.

'I can't believe it. Was she being serious with what she sang or was she just playing around with me?' Cass was flustered and chuckled when Penny grabbed her, then pulled her off the dance floor.

They returned to their seats laughing.

"It's Dakota!" Penny chuckled at the surprised looks on their faces.

"No shit!" Brenda laughed.

Mary looked at Brooke who rolled her eyes. Mary chuckled and looked at Cass whose gaze was transfixed on Dakota. 'Please don't tell me she has fallen for her.' She sighed disappointed and sat back in the chair watching her.

Cass was captivated by Dakota. 'She had to have been fooling around. Look at how she's giving kisses to the other girls. Why does she mess around with me like that? What is she doing? Was she being serious?' Her heart raced faster when she saw Dakota walk towards the side of the dance floor their table was and turned to her singing the remainder of the song.

Dakota stared at her and sang,

I opened up my eyes

And found myself alone


Alone above a raging sea

That stole the only girl I loved

And drowned her deep inside of me


Soft and only


Lost and lonely


Just like heaven

Dakota smiled and stared momentarily. Her heart beat faster seeing Cass staring at her. She inhaled deeply and looked around to the crowd when they cheered loudly and waved. She smiled and walked up to the stage; she looked back with a wave and then exited behind the curtains.

Cass' heart raced with wonder by what Dakota meant with that song. 'She had to have been messing with me.' She shook off her thoughts when a new drink was brought to her table. She raised it to her lips and took a sip.

"I can't freaking believe Dakota is a closeted drag king!" Penny chuckled as did Brenda.

"Who would have thunk it?" Brenda laughed and nudged Cass who choked on her drink.

"Not me that's for sure." Cass chuckled and sat up in her chair.

Brooke leaned towards Mary. "It doesn't surprise me. That bitch loves attention." She smiled as she looked at Mary who laughed.

"I take it you don't care much for her either?" Mary smiled when Brooke moved her head from the left to the right.

"Hey, what are you two talking about?" Michelle asked as she sat between them with two beers.

"Oh, just chatting about the performers." Brooke smiled evasively.

"Yeah, they are great. I can't get over the fact that was Dakota. Wait until I tell Chad!" She laughed and took a sip of her beer.

'Oh, I'm sure you'll run right to him and tell him all about it.' Brooke sighed angry and sipped her beer. She turned and looked to the stage when a new performer came out.

Cass stood up and walked past the group. "I'll be right back." She headed towards the bathroom.

Mary watched her walk away and looked at Brooke who tossed her head back, indicating that she should go after her.

Mary smiled and stood up. She moved her chair and walked towards the bathroom.


Dakota quickly removed the make up from her face and glanced at the waitress who brought her two more drinks. "Thanks." She smiled and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a handful of bills and handed them to her. "Sorry, they are all ones." She chuckled and looked back in the mirror wiping her face.

"No problem, thanks." The blonde smiled flirtatiously and leaned against the counter next to her. She smoothed out the bills Dakota had given her and glanced over at her. "There's a five in here." She held it up as she looked at Dakota.

"It's yours and there is more where that comes from if you keep bringing me strong drinks like you have been." Dakota glanced at her with a flirtatious smile.

"You've got it." She moved closer to Dakota and slipped a piece of paper in her pocket. "Give me a call some time. I'd love for you to come and sing to me that way." She smiled and winked, then walked away.

Dakota stood up and watched her walk away. She inhaled and sighed. 'She's so hot and I want nothing more from her than drinks. Have I gotten old or am I just Cass whipped? I would love for Cass to come on to me like that.' She turned when she felt someone touch her arm.

"You are two songs away from going back on."

"Thanks Sue."

"You did a great job out there." The red head smiled and walked away.

Dakota smiled and took the water bottle to spray her hair in preparation for her next song.

To be continued…

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