Double Play XIII

By Cruise

Cass walked out of the stall and sighed when she saw Mary standing there. She glanced at her and washed her hands.

"Cass, we should talk about what happened the other day."

"We can talk about it later." She smiled and walked past her out of the bathroom. She moved through the crowd and sat in her seat next to Brenda.

'I shouldn't have pushed her, now she's ticked off at me.' Mary sighed, worried.

Cass watched the performer in anticipation of Dakota's next song. 'What am I doing? I'm hoping that Dakota is being serious about what she said with the song… Who am I fooling? Dakota doesn't love anyone except herself. I'll bet my last dollar she is in the back hitting on some chick! I am such a fool for being so interested in her.' She glanced at Mary who was looking down at her beer. 'I'm an ass for the way I treat Mary too.' She felt guilty and placed her hand on Mary's leg. She smiled when Mary looked up at her. She patted her leg and looked back to the performer, leaving her hand there. She lifted her soda to her mouth for a sip.

Mary smiled and placed her hand on Cass'. 'Maybe it's not as bad as I thought.'

'How can I hurt her? I can't do it here that's for sure.' Cass moved her hand when she heard the song 'With or Without You' By U2 come on. 'I love this song too!' She smiled, eager to see if Dakota would be performing that one. She inhaled and gasped quietly when she saw Dakota step out onto the stage.

Dakota was dressed in a black leather vest, black jeans, shiny black boots, a long necklace with a large cross on the end, blue tinted wrap around sunglasses, her hair was slicked back and make up was on her face to give her a look of having facial hair.

'Damn, she could pass as Bono's younger twin.' She smiled, feeling a tingling sensation in her core. 'She looks great as a man. She looks hot in that vest toot. I don't know how she hid her breasts considering she's not wearing anything underneath that vest. She did a hell of a job there.' Cass smiled excitedly as she watched her walk to the right side of the stage near them. Her heart raced faster when Dakota began to sing the slow song, and was quickly dismayed when Dakota walked to the opposite side of the stage. She grew jealous when a line a women formed in the middle of the dance floor to tip her. Cass caught Dakota's eye and stared as she sang the song. Mary put her arm on her shoulder and she smiled at her tentatively quickly looking back when she noticed that Dakota had moved to the top of the stage to finish the song. She was disappointed when Dakota moved backstage and looked around when the rest of the crowd voiced their appreciation with loud cheering.

The crowd grew louder.

Dakota stood backstage smiling and grabbed her drink. She downed the whisky and coke hastily.

"Get back out there for an encore, your fans await you." Sue gave her a push towards the stage.

Dakota stepped up and looked at the DJ who cued the CD again. She smiled when the DJ gave her the thumbs up. She heard the song and stepped back on stage to even louder cheering. She began to sing and smiled when a group of women rushed to the front of the stage. She leaned down and accepted the tips they offered. She moved down to the dance floor and was engulfed with the over excited women. "Easy girls!" She chuckled when she felt one reach down the front of her jeans to tip her. She grabbed the woman's hand and pulled it out. "Thanks, but no thanks." She smiled and moved back on the stage, finishing the song. She ran backstage laughing. "Man, did you see that chick put her hand down my pants?"

"Lucky you!" Mona laughed when Dakota walked down the stairs.

Dakota reached into the front of her pants and pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Cool. Not too bad of a tip." She chuckled and reached for her new drink. 'I need to remember to tip the waitress well; she's been hooking me up with drinks all night.' She sat down in front of the mirror, trying to catch her breath. Her adrenaline was pumping and she was very excited. "That was a lot of fun!"

"You're welcome to join us next month." Mona offered with a smile.

"Wow, thanks I think I will." She reached into her pockets and pulled out the tips she had received. She smiled and added the money from her song to the pile. She counted it and handed it to Sue. "Here, there is two hundred there for the charity."

"Excellent! You made the most of all the performers. This will help big time considering the owner of the bar said she would double whatever we made tonight."

Dakota smiled happily from the excitement she heard in Sue's voice. "I'm glad I could help. I guess I should get changed."

"Nah, I think you should go out there dressed just like that. You look incredible and I'm sure the ladies would love it." Sue grinned mischievously and winked before walking away.

Dakota watched her and chuckled at the idea. She turned in her seat and faced the mirror. She stared at the image before her and smiled. 'So, that's what I would look like if I were a guy. I'm very handsome that's for sure…Oh, what the hell you only live once.' She laughed and pushed the chair back. She stood up and staggered. 'Wow, those bourbon and cokes are kicking in!' She chuckled and gathered her belongings. She put everything in her gym bag and walked out of the dressing room, towards the door to the parking lot before her. "I'm going to put this in my car and I'll be right back." She smiled cordially at the bouncer standing guard at the door.

"Sweetheart, after that performance you can do whatever you want to do." The stocky, shorter woman with a blonde crew cut smiled and held the door open for her.

Dakota chuckled and walked through. "Thanks." She walked to her car and opened the trunk. She tossed her bag in and closed it. She headed back inside.

"Listen, if the ladies get too pushy with you just let me know and I'll take care of them." The bouncer offered with a smile as she held the door for Dakota.

"Hopefully, it won't come to that." Dakota winked and walked towards the crowded portion of the bar. 'Now, where is Cass?' She looked towards the area of the bar she was sitting during the show as she tried to weave through the crow.

"Hi Brandon, you were great." A short dark haired young woman said, standing in front of Dakota staring at her in awe.

'Brandon? Oh, shit that's my stage name.' Dakota smiled at the woman and turned when she heard another voice.

"Yeah, awesome." Another woman said, moving closer to her.

Dakota was quickly swarmed by revelers, blocking her path through the crowd. "Aah, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the show." She smiled and tried to walk forward, but was unable to.

"Can I buy you a drink?" A tall blonde offered standing face to face with her.

"Thanks, but later. I really need to hit the ladies room." Dakota smiled cordially.

"Sure, ladies let her through." The woman stepped aside and waved her friends out of the way.

"Thanks." Dakota looked at her, and then walked forward.

The woman grasped her arm and stopped her. She leaned to Dakota's ear and whispered, "Don't forget about my offer."

Dakota gave her a sideways glance and smiled slightly. "I won't." She walked away and was stopped frequently by fans before she made it halfway to the bathroom. She looked around the bar for Cass, who was nowhere to be found. 'I hope she didn't go home already.' She nervously chewed on her lip as she scanned the crowded dance floor for her and was stopped again by a group of women. 'I think it was a really bad idea coming out here dressed like this.' She chuckled and shook her head. "Ladies, please I really need to get to the bathroom or it won't be a pretty sight." She chuckled and they relented allowing her access to the restroom. 'Whew, I don't think I've ever been groped so much.' She sighed and smiled, happy to finally make it to the bathroom. She pushed open the door and frowned when she saw a line of women waiting.

"It's you! Come in!" A shorter, bleached blonde woman called out excitedly as she approached Dakota.

Dakota smiled nervously and looked around at all the women staring at her. "Hey!" She commented when the girl grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the stall.

"I'm sure you ladies don't mind if she cuts in, right?" She looked back at the women with a smile.

"No, go ahead." The women in line responded enthusiastically.

"Really, its okay I can wait in line." Dakota turned to walk back to the line, but was pulled towards the stall again.

"Nonsense it's all yours!" The bleached blonde girl smiled and pushed Dakota in.

Dakota turned around to face the woman. "Aah, thanks."

"Anytime." The woman smiled flirtatiously, staring at Dakota.

"Uhmmm, can you…" Dakota stammered, motioning with her hand for the woman to leave.

"Are you sure you don't need me?"

"No, really I've got this, but thanks." Dakota smiled and began to close the door.

"Okay, sure." The woman backed away and sighed disappointed when Dakota closed the door.

Dakota chuckled when she heard the women giggling and whispering. 'Damn, I wonder what her girlfriend would say if she knew she groped my ass during the show when both of them tipped me and that she tried to join me in this stall?' She chuckled and shook her head. 'I'm sure she wouldn't be happy.' She finished and exited the stall. She walked to the sink and quickly washed her hands, then turned to walk out.

"Great show!"

"Thanks." Dakota smiled and hurriedly walked out of the bathroom. 'Now, where is Cass?' She moved through the crowd and saw Penny, Brenda and Michelle sitting at the table. She walked towards the edge of the dance floor.

"Hey gorgeous would you like to dance?" A brown haired woman asked.

Dakota looked down at her and smiled. "Aah, no thanks."

"I'll be by the bar when you're ready." She smiled and walked past Dakota.

Dakota glanced over her shoulder at her as she waited to move through the crowd and looked out onto the dance floor. Her eyes narrowed and anger began to build when she saw Cass dancing with Mary. 'What is she doing with her?' She inhaled deeply and exhaled forcefully. She turned around and grabbed the brown haired woman who propositioned her on the arm. "How about that dance now?"

"Absolutely." The woman turned to Dakota with a flirtatious smile. She grinned widely, feeling a nervous sensation throughout as Dakota lead her onto the crowded dance floor.


"So, Cass can we talk about what happened between us?" Mary asked and pulled Cass into her arms when the song changed to a slow song, 'Collide' by Howie Day.

Cass sighed and looked away briefly. She moved closer to her, regretting the discussion they were going to have. She allowed Mary to slowly move her through the dance steps. 'Shit, I don't want to hurt her, but I would much rather be dancing to this song with Dakota.' She inhaled deeply and exhaled. She looked up into Dakota's blue eyes staring at her. Her eyes narrowed angrily when she saw her dancing with another woman.

'I lost my place. I'm close behind.'

'Fitting words with this song for her and I.' Jealousy consumed her and she looked away, and then looked back at Dakota. 'I can't take this!' She moved closer to Mary. "I just wasn't ready, I'm sorry." Cass said softly and rested her chin on Mary's shoulder as they danced.

Mary felt her heart race faster and smiled relieved.

Dakota guided the woman in her arms closer to where Cass was dancing. 'What is it with this chick? Can't she see how much I want to be with her? Why is she playing so hard to get? I don't freaking get it.' Dakota's anger simmered in the pit of her stomach. 'Damn it, I want to be dancing with her to this song. She should be in my arms not this chick.' She stared at Cass when she looked at her. Dakota sang softly, "Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills your mind, you finally find you and I collide."

Cass was mesmerized as she watched Dakota's mouth sing the song. She gazed into her eyes, which expressed regret, longing. 'Oh, stop feeling that way. She's probably looking like that because she regrets not being able to sleep with me, to keep up with her reputation of being with the rookies. Why did I even allow it to cross my mind that she might actually want something more from me other than a one night stand?' She grew angrier and looked away. She broke the hug and grabbed Mary by the hand, leading her off the dance floor.

Dakota craned her neck to see where she went. 'All I need is one date and she will be mine. I'm going to ask her out and I won't take no for an answer.' She looked around the dance floor. She didn't see Cass and looked down at the woman before her. "Hey, aah, thanks for the dance, but I've got to go."

"It was my pleasure." The woman barely finished her sentence before Dakota walked away. She looked to where Cass' table was located, but didn't see her there. 'Damn, she sure has a way of disappearing fast.' Dakota walked to the back leather bar searching for Cass. She sidled up to the bar. "I'd like a bourbon and coke please." She ordered and turned around towards the door, searching. She turned back quickly, "make that two please." She smiled when the bartender acknowledged the order. 'I've never had to work this hard to go out with someone. Why am I working so hard anyway, this is not me.' She turned to the bar when her drinks arrived. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of money. She placed it on the bar and quickly drank one down. "Aah." She wiped her mouth after finishing the drink and looked around the bar once more. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus and turned back to her other drink. She raised it to her mouth and drank half of it, before staggering out the door.


"Come on Cass it's your shot!" Brenda called out and motioned for her to take the pool stick.

"Okay, I'm coming!" Cass shouted back after grabbing the drinks from the bar. "Here!" She placed the drinks on the table that Penny, Brenda and Mary were standing at. She chuckled and grabbed the pool stick. She lined up her shot and looked up when she saw two women approach Mary. She watched as Mary spoke with them and wondered if they were talking about her as Mary's eyes shifted from her friends to her then back, frequently. She leaned back down and made her shot, ending the game. She chuckled when Brenda groaned after losing to her. She stood up and placed the pool stick on the rack.

"Hey aah listen I have to get going. My two friends are wasted and need me to drive them home." Mary told her and grimaced, hoping Cass wouldn't be mad.

"Cass! We are going to dance!" Penny shouted as her and Brenda walked towards the dance floor.

Cass looked over Mary's shoulder and nodded at Penny. She looked back at Mary. "Aah, okay. Do you want me to go with you?"

"Nah, these two drunks live about forty-five minutes away in Lake City. I'm going to stay at their place tonight and head back in the morning to meet the bus at ten for our meet."

"Well, drive careful."

"I will. Hey, can we get together on Sunday?"


"Okay, I'll stop by your dorm around six after we return from our meet."

"Cool, good luck." Cass smiled.

"Thanks." Mary smiled and kissed Cass. Cass broke the kiss and stepped back. "See you later."

Cass smiled and squeezed her hand. "Bye." She turned and watched Mary leave the bar with her friends. Cass walked over to the table and raised the soda to her mouth. 'My life is entirely too complicated.' She turned around while drinking the beverage and choked when she saw the man in black staring at her. 'Shit it just got more complicated. I need to get out of here. Where in the hell are Penny and Brenda?' She moved onto her tiptoes to see over the crowd to the dance floor, but didn't see them. She glanced to the far left to check on the guy, noticing that he was moving closer. 'He certainly is not subtle about the fact that he is following me. He scares the crap out of me. They were supposed to call me back about this guy. I have to get out of here and call them.' Her heart raced faster as her uneasiness with the man grew more intense. She looked to the right of the pool table, which was crammed with people and moved to the left side. She kept her eye on the man who was now standing next to the bar, even closer.


Dakota walked down the hallway towards the main portion of the bar determined to find Cass. She strode confidently in her quest to find the object of her affection. 'I'm not taking no for an answer.' She headed across the bar with a resolute stride when she saw Cass on the opposite side of the bar.

Cass was cornered and wasn't sure of what to do. She turned to her right, assessing whether she could make it around that way. Deciding going by him was the only option, she turned to her left. She ran into someone and looked up. "Dakota?"

"I need to talk to you." Dakota said with a serious look.

"Not now, I have to leave." Cass's tone was edgy. She looked around Dakota to see where the guy was and stepped to the right of her.

Dakota moved in front of her, blocking her exit. She mirrored each attempt from Cass to get around her.

Cass grew angrier and more frustrated. She looked up at Dakota. "Please let me leave."

"I want to ask you something."

She sighed frustrated and held her hands up in front of her. "What?" Her tone grew angrier.

Dakota's nervousness escalated and her heart raced faster. She blinked rapidly, trying to focus more clearly. 'I shouldn't have had so much to drink. I'm drunk.' She inhaled deeply and exhaled. She looked over her shoulder when she saw Cass look that way, and then looked back at Cass. "I aah, would like to ask you out on a date." She sighed relieved and smiled hopeful.

"A date?" Her tone was incredulous. "Dakota, I don't have time for this, I have to leave." She looked away from her and walked around her.

"Wait!" Dakota hurried in front of her.

Cass rubbed her face out of frustration. She was ready to scream. She glared up at Dakota.

"Well, will you go out with me?"

"No. Now, can I leave?" Panic gripped her when she looked around Dakota and noticed the man was standing within earshot of their conversation.

Dakota was heartbroken, and then her disappointment turned to anger. "Why? Why won't you go out with me? While we're at it, why do you refuse to talk about softball camp?" Her tone grew louder.

Cass looked at the guy and then back to Dakota. Her stomach was in knots from the anxiety. She had to do something to get out of the situation. She nervously chewed on her lip and glanced over at the guy, then back to Dakota. She moved closer to Dakota and looked up at her. She said softly, "If you promise to never bring up softball camp again, I'll go out with you." She glanced around Dakota once more, and then looked back at her.

Dakota was silent momentarily, staring at Cass. "Why do you avoid…"

Cass interrupted her. "If you want a date that is the stipulation. Take it or leave it." She said firmly and flicked her eyes from Dakota, then back.

Dakota inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. "I'll take it." She smiled excitedly.

"Okay, we've got a deal then." Cass looked around her, noticing the guy was staring at her with a sneer on his face.

Dakota looked at the person Cass was staring at, and looked back at her noticing the fear in her eyes. "Is that guy bothering you?" She asked, pointing over her shoulder at him with her thumb.

Cass looked up at her fearful. "Wha…no, listen I've got to go." She grew more nervous at the thought of Dakota getting involved.

"You've been staring at him throughout our conversation; I'll kick his ass if he is bothering you." Dakota turned.

"NO! Please don't get involved." She grabbed Dakota's arm and pulled her back.

Dakota looked at her, worried by the panicked tone in her voice. She looked down when Cass placed her opposite hand on her left arm. Dakota looked concerned and leaned down. "Cass, I know people who can take care of him. All I have to do is make a phone call."

"If you care about me, you won't do a thing and will let me leave." Cass stared deeply at Dakota, her heart pounded uncontrollably. She felt like a caged animal.

Dakota flicked her eyes between Cass' trying to read what was going on. "Okay, sure." She relented and smiled slightly.

"Is everything okay ladies?" The crew cut bouncer asked.

Dakota turned to her and Cass snuck around the opposite side of her.

"Actually, can you do a favor for me and keep that guy in black next to the bar right where he is until my friend gets out of here?" Dakota flicked her eyes at the guy.

"You got it." She smiled and walked towards him.

Dakota walked over to Cass who was trying to get through the crowd to Penny and Brenda. She grabbed her by the arm.

Cass gasped, frightened and sighed relieved when she saw it was Dakota.

"Come on, I'm getting you out of here." She moved Cass in front of her and guided her through the bar to the right of the dance floor.

"What about Penny and Brenda?" Cass looked back at her.

"Call them." She moved Cass ahead of her. She stopped at the side door of the bar near the dressing rooms and opened it for Cass. "My car is right here." She protectively kept Cass in front of her as they walked to the car. She pulled her keys out and walked around the passenger's side to open the door for her.

"No way. You are not driving, you're too drunk." She took the keys from Dakota and opened the door. She ran around the back of the car to reach the driver's side.

"Do I have a say so in this?" Dakota looked over the roof of the car.

Cass didn't look at her as she opened the door. "No! Get in!"

"You've been drinking haven't you?" Dakota asked sliding into the passenger seat.

"I stopped a long time ago." Cass glanced at her and fired the engine. She put it in reverse and began to back out as Dakota was closing her door. She squealed the tires when she put it in drive and sped the car through the parking lot, while checking the rear view mirror to see if they were being followed. She slid the seat belt across her and sped the car out onto the main road.

Dakota put the seat belt on and glanced over at her. "Care to tell me who the guy is?"

"He's part of the date stipulation. Just drop it." Cass commanded and looked from the road to all three mirrors worried they were being followed.

Dakota chuckled. "Okay, then just so you know I have a stipulation. The date begins when I pick you up and ends when I drop you off." She looked at Cass with a mischievous look on her face.

Cass glanced at her, then to the rearview mirror. "Fine." It didn't really register what she had agreed to, she was too nervous worrying about whether they were being followed.

Dakota leaned her head back against the seat. 'All I need is one date.' She felt her eyelids grow heavy from the overindulgence of bourbon and struggled to keep her eyes open. She lost the battle and fell asleep.

Cass glanced over at her, happy she fell asleep. 'Good. Now she won't keep asking me questions I can't answer. What in the hell is going on with that guy? They promised I wouldn't have any problems here.' She pulled the car into the driveway of Dakota's house and parked it in the back garage.

Dakota woke up when she felt the car stop and looked at Cass. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, we are at your house." She exited the car and grabbed the keys.

Dakota got out of the car and closed the door behind her. She walked to the back of the car where Cass was standing.

"Thanks for the help, but I need to get back to my room." Cass held out Dakota's keys for her.

Dakota wrapped her hand around Cass' that held the keys and looked deeply into her eyes. She felt a familiar warmth sweep over her from the contact. "I think it's safer if you stay here. I don't want you to take the chance of going back to your dorm and that guy being there."

Cass moved her hand from the sensation that coursed through her from Dakota's touch and looked down. "I don't think that is such a good idea."

"Look, we have a spare bedroom and you're more than welcome to sleep there. It's either that or I go with you to your dorm room, but I'm not letting you go anywhere by yourself."

From the determined look on Dakota's face, Cass knew she would not win that argument. "Okay, thanks." She smiled appreciative and walked towards the house.

"I think we should call the police about him."

Cass stopped in her tracks and turned back to her. "No, its okay I'll handle it."

Dakota shook her head in disbelief about her stubbornness for help. "I certainly hope you know what you're doing." She walked past Cass to the door and opened it. She walked in and turned on the light. She held the door for Cass who walked through, then closed and locked the door behind her.

"I do." Cass said softly, waiting for her.

"The room is right here." She led her to the room and opened the door. She turned on the light and checked the room. "I'll grab a pair of shorts and a shirt for you." Dakota walked past her to her room.

Cass stepped into the large room and ran her fingers through her hair, wondering why her life had gotten so complicated. She turned around when Dakota entered the room.

"They may be a little big for you." She held them out for Cass.

Cass smiled gratefully and took them from her.

"Oh, I put a new toothbrush and toothpaste in between the shirt and shorts. Good night." Dakota said softly and walked to the door.

"Dakota." Cass turned to her.

"Yeah." Dakota faced her.

Cass walked over and stood before Dakota, her heart pounding hard. "Thank you."

Dakota stared at her briefly, then smiled weakly and walked away.

Cass glanced out of the room and watched her walk out of sight. She sighed, and backed into the room, locking the door behind her. She turned off the lights and peaked out the window. Noting no one was outside; she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and hit the speed dial. She listened to the rings as she paced back and forth. "It's about time you're there to take my call. There's a guy following me."

To be continued…

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September 2005

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