Double Play XIV

By Cruise

            “You told me I wouldn’t have a problem here.  This guy is really scaring me.”  Cass listened to the question and ran her fingers through her hair nervously.  “No, I’m not at my dorm.  I’m at one my teammates’ house.”  She sighed and rolled her eyes, exasperated, discretely looking out the window through the opening of the blind once more.  “I’m fine.  I think I’ll be safe here.  Just find out what is going on and handle it, tonight.  I’m sick of this crap.”  Cass’ tone was authoritative and demanding.  Sighing angrily, she clicked off her phone, barely hearing the response.  She sat on the bed and tossed her phone to the side.  ‘I’m tired of this, I want a normal life.’  Rubbing her face frustrated, she laid back on the bed.  ‘What difference does it make?’ She stared at the ceiling blankly, trying to calm her fear, anger and aggravation.  After wiping the tears that trickled down her face, she turned her head to the side and saw the clothes Dakota had left her.  Pulling the shirt closer, she smelled it.  ‘They smell very clean…Oh, what are you saying?’  She smiled knowingly and sat up.  ‘You wish Dakota’s scent was on them.  So, now you have a date with Dakota.  How are you going to handle that one? How are you going to deal with Mary and Dakota? What were you thinking by making that deal with her? You are rotten to be stringing Mary along and going out behind her back with Dakota.  As if your life wasn’t complicated enough Cass, you just made it worse.’  She dressed in the clothes Dakota gave her and tossed her clothes on the chair next to the bed.  Taking the toothbrush and toothpaste, she walked to the bathroom. 


            Dakota stripped off her clothes and tossed them in a heap next to her closet.  After taking a shower and drying off, she padded across the room to her dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and tank top.  She donned the clothes and sat on the bed.  ‘Why are you so mysterious, Cass? Why won’t you let me in?’ She sat staring absently, then inhaled deeply and exhaled.  ‘I just don’t understand her.’  Shaking her head in disbelief, she walked out of the room to the kitchen.


            Cass heard Dakota exit her room and walked to the door.  Listening next to the door, she heard the cupboard door in the kitchen open and then close.  Curious, she quietly turned the doorknob and opened the door just enough to have a clear view from where she was standing into the kitchen.  She watched as Dakota opened a box of cereal.  ‘Scooby-Doo cereal?’ She smiled, and amused, watched how Dakota tilted the box above her head and poured some of the cereal into her mouth.  She snickered quietly when the toy hit Dakota in the face and covered her mouth to keep Dakota from hearing her.  Slowly, she removed her hand and smiled affectionately, watching her.  ‘Too bad she washed off her facial hair; she looked good as a manShe has the innocence of a kid.’  Cass stood upright.  She stared as Dakota was enamored with the small toy from the cereal, feeling a catch in her heart when Dakota chuckled as she played with the small top toy on the table.  ‘This is definitely a side of her I’m not used to seeing. There is something so naughty about secretly watching her.  Oh, don’t leave.’  She sighed when Dakota walked out of sight, but heard the refrigerator door open, then close.  Her smile returned when she saw Dakota walk back in sight with a jug of orange juice.  Cass grimaced when Dakota tilted her head back and drank from the container.  ‘Ooh, remind me not to drink any orange juice here.  If she does it, so do her brothers.’  She chuckled inwardly and covered her mouth concealing her giggle when Dakota spilled the orange juice down the front of her.

            “Ah, shit!” Dakota groaned quietly and put the container down.  Grabbing the dishtowel from the sink she wiped the juice from her shirt.  ‘I’m soaked!’ After cleaning the floor, she put the lid on the container and put it back in the refrigerator.  She took the wet towel and walked towards the laundry room, just off the kitchen.  She tossed it on the washer and grabbed the spray n’ wash bottle from the ledge.

            ‘Where did she go?’ Cass struggled to see where she went through the crack of the door and gasped when she saw Dakota walk back through the kitchen with nothing on above the waist.  She was unable to take her eyes off of Dakota’s breasts.  Feeling an excitement sweep over her, she inhaled deeply to calm her racing heart.  Blinking rapidly, she snapped out of her revere.  ‘Shit she’s going to see me.’  She quickly and quietly shut the door.  Turning the lock silently, she leaned against the wall, listening.  ‘I hope she didn’t see me.’  When the light in the hallway went out Cass sighed relieved, that she wasn’t busted.  She walked to the bed and crawled under the covers.  After settling in, she stared at the ceiling, trying to level off her racing heart.  ‘Oh, my god she has gorgeous breasts, hell she has gorgeous everything! How do I compete with that? I don’t know what I will do if she tries anything with me on our date.  If she does try something I may pass out!’ She inhaled deeply and exhaled repeatedly, trying to calm down.  ‘Go to sleep you fool!’ Closing her eyes, the only picture she had was of Dakota walking toward her with her gorgeous naked breasts.


            Dakota slipped out of her shorts and climbed into bed.  She stared at the ceiling, wishing that Cass was in bed with her.  She sighed, remembering how Cass shut her out once again by being so evasive about the guy at the bar.  ‘Stop thinking about it.’  Closing her eyes, she tried to forget, but felt an ache in her heart.  The pain reminded her of another time with Cass.  Her thoughts drifted off.

            Dakota sat on the side of the bed watching Cass finish packing her suitcase.  She regretted that they would be apart and studied every thing about her, etching each detail into her memory.

            Cass glanced over at Dakota and stood up.  She sighed sadly from the glum look on Dakota’s face as she closed her suitcase and walked over to her.  Cass stood in front of her and smiled slightly.  She pushed the errant strand of hair in Dakota’s face back and held her face in her hands.  Lifting her face up, she stared deeply into her eyes.  “Hey, come on.  Don’t be so sad.  I’ll write and call you often.”  She lightly rubbed Dakota’s face with her thumb comfortingly.

            “I know.  I can’t help it.  I’m used to seeing you every day and having sex with you each night.”  Dakota glanced up.

            “Yes, this softball camp has been wonderful all because of you.  I will certainly miss seeing you and being with you.  You are a wonderful lover.  I hope I’m the only one you use that dildo on.  That is ours and I trust you with it for safe keeping until we see each other again.”  Smiling seductively, she leaned towards Dakota.

            Dakota blushed and smiled slightly.  “Only you.”  She said softly and looked down.  Her blue eyes flicked up when Cass lifted her face, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her close.  She closed her eyes when Cass captured her lips for a deep kiss.  Sinking into the kiss Dakota deepened it fervently.  Her heart pounded wildly.

            Cass broke the kiss and hugged her tightly.  Holding Dakota close to her chest, she kissed the top of her head tenderly.  “I am going to miss you Kody, but I promise I will be back next summer.”

            Dakota broke the hug and looked up at her.  “It’s not soon enough.  Maybe I could make a trip up to see you or you could come down to my house?”

            Cass frowned and looked away, then glanced back at her.  “I’m not sure if I can.  My parents are really strict and if they found out you were coming to visit… Well, I’m not sure we should, it could be really bad.  They are major homophobes and have already threatened to send me away if they caught me with another woman.”

            “Don’t tell them who you are meeting.  I can come there and get a hotel room; they won’t even know I’m there.”  She rambled.

            Cass chuckled and smiled.  She kissed Dakota on the forehead.  “It sounds very easy Kody, but you don’t know how small of a town I come from.  My family is very prominent and everyone knows who we are.  It’s too risky.  I will bide my time and play along until the day I can break free of them.”

            Dakota sighed, disappointed.  “It’s too long of a wait to see you.”

            “I know, but we can do it. We’ll be together for summer camp next year and then I’ll be here for college the following year.  The coach already gave me a verbal commitment for a scholarship.”  She leaned down and kissed her reassuringly.

            After breaking off the kiss, Dakota glanced up at her.  “I won’t be one of the participants at camp.  I’m graduating a year early from high school and will be here for the first summer session.”

            “Man, you are freaking lucky to be graduating early.  I wish I were doing the same thing.  Ooh, so the next time I see you, you’ll be a college student?” Smiling flirtatiously, she ran her fingers through Dakota’s hair.

            “I sure will.”  Dakota smiled, blushing.  “You promise that you will be back for camp next summer and that you will be going to school here with me?”

            Cass smiled encouragingly.  “I promise.”  She pulled Dakota to her feet and wrapped her arms around her waist.  Looking up at her she leaned in, kissing Dakota passionately.

            Dakota deepened the kiss and held her tightly.  She didn’t want to let her go.  They broke the kiss breathless and held one another tightly, silently.

            They jumped startled when the counselor pounded on the door.  “Cass! Your cab is here!”

            “Okay!”  Cass squeezed Dakota tighter.

            Dakota’s heart raced and fear consumed her that she wouldn’t hold Cass again.  She tightened the hug and kissed her on the cheek.

            Cass rubbed her back comfortingly and pulled back saying in a whisper, “I’ve got to go.”  She leaned in and kissed Dakota one last time.  Smiling, she turned and walked to her suitcase. 

            Dakota walked over to her and took her suitcase.  “I’m going down with you.”

            Cass looked up at her.  “No, we agreed it would be easier this way.  Kiss and hug me once more.”

            Dakota dropped the suitcase and engulfed her in a hug, kissing her sensually.  They broke the kiss breathless.  Dakota stared at her and closed her eyes, when Cass placed her hand on her cheek.

            “I’ll talk to you soon.”  Cass smiled and slipped her hand behind Dakota’s neck, pulling her down for a fleeting kiss.

            Dakota inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly trying to calm the sadness she felt.  She watched as Cass grabbed her suitcase and smiled when Cass clutched her hand.  “Don’t forget to write and call me.”  She said quietly.

            “I won’t.” Cass smiled at her and walked away.  After opening the door she looked back at Dakota who stood with her back to the door, staring out the window.  She sighed and closed the door.

            Dakota closed her eyes when she heard the door close and felt her heart sigh.  She gasped for air when she realized she wasn’t breathing and walked to the window.  Absently staring out at the blue sky, she tried to come to terms with the pain she felt.  She crossed her arms, intently looking.  Feeling the warmth of her tears streaming down her face she brushed them away.  She walked to her bag and pulled out a t-shirt that she had taken from Cass’ bag and raised it to her nose.  Cass’ scent created a calming warmth throughout her.

            The sound of Dakota’s cell phone shook her from her thoughts.  Sitting up in bed, she reached for the phone on the nightstand and looked at the display. She frowned when she didn’t recognize the number.  Tossing it back on the nightstand, she sat on the edge of the bed staring off into the darkness.  She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled.  The memories brought back the wounds of Cass not calling or writing to her after camp and for breaking her promise of going to softball camp the next summer.  She walked to her dresser and reached into the second drawer.  Pulling out Cass’ shirt, she walked back to bed and lifted it to her face, inhaling.  Momentarily, she felt her pain go away when she smelled a hint of Cass’ scent still on the well preserved shirt.  Lowering the shirt she stared at it.  ‘Well, we have a new beginning now and I’m going to make our date very special.’  She laid back on the bed and held the shirt in her hand.  She closed her eyes and drifted off.


Cass woke with a start after having a bad dream and sat up in bed breathing heavily.  Rubbing her face with her hands, she bushed her hair back and inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly trying to calm her rapidly beating heart.  The clock showed it was seven a.m.  ‘That is something that I can’t forget.’  Sighing sadly, she pulled the covers off and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.  She made the bed and removed her night clothes, then put her clothes on from the previous night and brushed her teeth.  Looking around the room she found a piece of paper and pen.  Quickly, she jotted a note for Dakota and placed it in the middle of the bed next to the folded clothes Dakota gave her.  She opened the door quietly and peeked out the door, looking to her left and then to her right, noting everyone was still sleeping.  ‘Okay, now I have to hope that they don’t have an alarm on the house.’  Tiptoeing quietly through the kitchen she glanced at the side door, then to the front door.  ‘Good, they don’t have one.’  After walking to the side door she discreetly exited the house.  She attempted to close the door quietly and gritted her teeth as it shut.  ‘Whew! Now, I need to get back and shower before I’m late for my class.’  Cass hurried down the driveway.


            Chad pounded on his sister’s door trying to wake her.  “Yo, wake up!” He called out and opened the door, looking inside, surprised to see Dakota was in bed sleeping, alone.  He pulled the covers off Dakota’s foot.  Smiling mischievously, he began to tickle her foot and laughed when she jumped.

            “You son of a bitch!” She shouted and threw a pillow at him.

Laughing after the pillow hit him in the face; he walked back over to the side of the bed and began to hit her with the pillow.  “Wake the hell up you drunk!”

            “Chad, I’m going to kill you if you don’t leave me alone!” Dakota rolled over on her stomach and pulled the sheets back on her.  She sighed, trying to collect her thoughts.  ‘Cass!’  Jumping up from the bed, she pulled the sheet off and wrapped it around her body.  Stumbling, she felt a queasy feeling from the alcohol she consumed the previous evening.  “Damn!”  She shook her head walking around the opposite side of the bed.

            “Where are you going?” He was befuddled and shook his head in disbelief.

            “Don’t you have someone else to bother?” Her gruff look emphasized her question.

            “Nice hair.”  He laughed looking at her disheveled bed head hair style.

            “My foot is preparing to make you speak with a high pitch in about two seconds if you don’t leave me alone.”  She warned with a stern look and struggled to wrap the sheet around her once more.

            “Okay, but hurry up.  You’ll be late for class.”  Chuckling, he walked out of the room.

            Dakota staggered to the spare bedroom and sighed disappointed when she saw that Cass was gone.  Walking to the bed she picked up the note. 

            ‘Thanks for the hospitality; I really appreciate your kindness.  I’ll see you at the game tonight, Cass.’

            Dakota looked at the chair with the clothes on it and sighed.  ‘Damn, I wanted to see her this morning.’  She took the note and the clothes to her room.  Closing the door behind her, she tossed the sheet on the bed, still staring at the note.  ‘She has beautiful handwriting.’  Smiling, she placed the note on her desk.  ‘Just one more day and I will be on a date with you.’  Feeling a tingling sensation sweep over her at the thought, she smiled blithely and walked to the bathroom for a shower.


            “Michelle, wake up.”  Brooke nudged Michelle after the alarm went off.

            “Huh?” Michelle looked over her shoulder at Brooke trying to keep her eyes open.

            “You need to get in the shower before you’re late for class.”

            “Oh, yeah thanks for waking me.”  Michelle smiled and kissed Brooke. 

            The pair sat up in the bed.  Brooke moved to the side and Michelle sat next to her.  Michelle rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked at Brooke.

            “What time do you have class?”

            “My first class is at ten.”  Brooke smiled tauntingly.

            “Man, I would love to be able to sleep in for another hour.”  Michelle shook her head and chuckled.

            “Hey, aah I’m going to Orlando this weekend to meet my family for a trip to Disney World and I wanted to know if you would like to come with me?”

            “That sounds like fun, but I already made plans for the weekend with Chad.”

            Brooke felt a sick feeling in her stomach and looked from Michelle down to her hands.  Her anger brewed within.  “What are you two doing this weekend?” She stared at her hands and gritted her teeth as she asked the question, trying to maintain her composure.

            “Rex, Chad’s brother is playing in a football game in Jacksonville and we are all going over for the weekend.  Chad’s entire family will be there and I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

            “And when were you planning on telling me about it?”

            “I’ve been busy with schoolwork and it slipped my mind.”

Brooke was unable to contain her contempt.  “Once again, Chad comes before me.”  She looked at Michelle with tears in her eyes.

            Michelle shook her head.  “Here we go again.  Why do we keep having this conversation?” She stood up and planted her hands on her hips.

            “Because you keep choosing him over me, that’s why.”  Brooke countered angrily.

            “It’s not that I chose him over you it’s that he asked me to go awhile ago.  How was I to know you wanted me to go with you this weekend?”

            “Then cancel your trip and go with me.”

            “Oh, so is that supposed to show you how much I care for you?”

            “Yeah, it might help.”  Brooke tearfully snapped.

            “Sorry, but I’m not going to continue to have this conversation with you and back out of something just to prove how much I care for you.”  Michelle’s angry tone matched the look on her face.  She turned on her heels and walked into the bathroom, slamming it behind her.

            Brooke cried harder as Michelle’s words hurt her deeply.  She quickly dressed and headed out of the room.  ‘She has made her choice.’ 


The Thursday night football game finished late and Cass hurried out of the training room towards her dorm.  Ever since the mysterious man began making appearances she became more aware of her surroundings.

            “Cass! Wait up!” Dakota yelled after exiting the training room.

            Cass stopped and turned, watching as Dakota ran up to her.

            “Hey.”  Dakota smiled, sidling up to her.

            “Hey, what’s up?”

            “Nothing, I thought I would walk you to your dorm.”  Dakota shifted her blue ‘Florida Gator’ back pack over her shoulder.

            “You did?” Cass smirked.  “And what if I didn’t want you to walk me there?”

            Dakota was caught off guard.  Shifting her weight nervously she stammered, “Well I aah.”  She laughed tentatively.  “I guess I would have to hide behind the bushes as I watched you walk back and climb a tree outside of your dorm room to make sure you were safely inside.”

            “Really?” Cass stared at her, smiling.

            “Yep, I have to make sure you’re safe.”  Dakota grinned playfully.

            Cass chuckled and began to walk down the path towards her dorm.  Dakota scrambled to follow her.  “Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if you walked me back.  Besides, I’d hate to be responsible if some critter bit you while you were hiding in the bushes.”  Giving Dakota a sideways glance, she smiled mischievously.

            “Yeah, those can be pretty bad bites!” Dakota’s heart raced from the way the full moon shone on Cass’ face as she smiled adoringly at her.

            Cass felt butterflies in her stomach from the way Dakota was looking at her.  “Well, we can both be safe then.”  Smiling and looking ahead, she discreetly inhaled and exhaled slowly to calm her feelings.

            Dakota walked beside her silently, occasionally stealing glances of her.  ‘She is so beautiful.  She does something more with my heart each time I see her.’  Her thoughts were broken when Cass stopped at the door.

They both reached for the door and laughed nervously, with Dakota finally opening the door for her. 

Dakota held the door and passed through after Cass.  “Is Brooke in the room?”

“Thanks.”  Cass smiled in appreciation.   “I don’t know, I haven’t seen her all day.”

They walked down the hall to Cass’ room and Dakota waited until she opened the door.  Cass was startled when Dakota protectively pushed past her through the door and turned on the light as Cass stood at the threshold. 

            Cass was happy that Dakota escorted her, watching as Dakota disregarded her own safety and bravely checked the bathroom, the closets and Cass’ side of the room. 

            Dakota walked into view with a concerned look on her face.  “Uhmm, no one is here but it looks like someone has been here fishing through your stuff.”

            “What?” Cass hurried towards her side.  Stopping when she saw what Dakota was referring to, she smiled and turned to Dakota with a sheepish grin.  “It’s okay that is my doing.”  Discreetly, she used her foot to push her underwear under the bed.

            “Really?” Dakota chuckled and looked once again at the mess of clothes strewn all over the floor.

            “Yeah, I was in the middle of sorting my laundry and realized I had to leave for the game so I left them there.”

            Dakota laughed.  “You’re more than welcome to bring them over to my place and wash them.”

            “Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I need some sleep.”  Smiling gratefully, she placed her backpack on her desk.

            Dakota shrugged her shoulders.  “No problem.  You have a standing offer.”  There was an awkward pause and Dakota smiled.  “Well, I’ll let you get some sleep.”  She turned and walked to the door.

            Cass followed her.  “Dakota, thanks I really appreciate you walking back with me.”

            Dakota turned to her.  “Anytime.”  Grinning, she winked and stepped to the threshold, then turned back to Cass.  “Oh, I’ll pick you up at three tomorrow for our date.”

            “That’s an early date.”  Cass’ tone reflected her surprise.

            “Nah, not really.”  Dakota smiled mischievously and turned to the hall.  “Oh, I almost forgot.”  Turning back to Cass, she moved closer to her.  “Pack a bag; it’s going to be a long date.”

            Cass’ mind raced a mile a minute, wondering what she was getting herself into.  “I think you’re getting ahead of yourself don’t you Dakota?”

            Dakota smiled and laughed flirtatiously.  “Maybe, maybe not, but usually people pack a bag when they will be gone for the weekend.”

            Cass’ mouth hung agape.  “Wait, I agreed to a date not a…”  A tingling sensation swept over her when Dakota placed her finger over Cass’ lips to quiet her.

            “You agreed to a date with me and to the fact that it begins when I pick you up and it ends when I drop you off.”  Dakota smiled playfully.

            Cass scrunched up her face and grinned knowingly.  “I did, didn’t I?”

            “Yep, you sure did.”  Dakota smiled tauntingly.  “See you tomorrow.”  She walked out into the hall.

            Cass stood there momentarily stunned.  “Wait!”  Running out into the hall, she looked in Dakota’s direction.

            Dakota turned to her with a smirk.  “Yes?”

            Cass walked up to her.  “What do I bring, what do I wear?” Her tone was anxious.

            “You’ll think of something.”  Dakota winked and turned, walking away.  Quietly giggling, she strutted arrogantly to the outer door and pushed it open.

            “Dakota!” Cass growled and shook her head when Dakota waved over her shoulder before disappearing into the dark.  Cass heaved a sigh and hurried into her room, closing and locking the door behind her.  ‘What in the hell do I pack?’ Walking to her side of the room, she stared at the heap of dirty clothes.  ‘I’m sure everything I own is there! Lovely, I have to do the wash this evening!’ She huffed and grabbed her wash basket.


            Penny and Brenda entered the MC, looking around for a familiar face. Penny hit Brenda on the shoulder with the back of her hand and pointed towards the bar.  Brenda smiled and both walked over to the bar.  They snuck up behind Brooke and wrapped her up in a hug laughing.

            “OH! You two scared the shit out of me.”  Brooke’s heart raced a mile a minute from the fright.

            “Sorry, we didn’t mean to cause a mess.”  Brenda laughed as did Penny who sat on the opposite side of Brooke.

            “So, what’s your poison this evening little lady?” Penny asked, pointing at Brooke’s drink.

            Brooke tilted her glass and looked at the small amount of liquor in the bottom of the glass.  She looked up at Penny with a loopy grin.  “Jack Daniels.”

            Penny’s eyes widened.  “Straight up?”

            “Yep.”  Brooke chuckled and finished off the remainder of her drink.

            “Okay, how many have you had?” Brenda queried looking her in the eye.

            “Hey, Sally how many have I had?” She looked up and held her glass out in front of her towards the bartender.

            “Too many!” Sally shouted back.

            Brooke laughed.  “I don’t think it’s been enough.  Hit me again!” She put her glass down and pointed at it.

            Penny leaned forward and glanced at Brenda, frowning.

            A light bulb went off in Penny’s head.  “Did you and Michelle have a fight?”

            Brooke looked at Penny and blinked her eyes trying to focus.  “Of course, it seems like that’s all we do lately.”  She lifted the glass to her mouth and frowned when it got empty.  “Hey Sally, come on!” She slammed the glass on the bar and looked at Penny.

            Brenda looked at Sally and shook her head no for another drink.

            “Well, the doctor’s are in, tell us what happened.”  Penny smiled warmly.

            “It’s the same thing as always…Chad.”

            “Chad?” Brenda’s face implied her confusion.

            Brooke looked at Brenda.  “Yes, Chad.  They are buddies and she chooses him over me all the time.  She is constantly with him and not me.  I’m sick of it.”

            “I can understand.  Have you expressed your feelings about her being with him all the time?”

            Brooke laughed mockingly, looking between the two of them.  She looked at Brenda.  “I tell her all the time, but she doesn’t listen or better yet, she doesn’t care.  What matters most to her is being with him.”

            Penny touched her on the arm.  “As much as it hurts, maybe it’s time for you both to move on.”

            Brooke stared at her, hearing the comment play over in her head.  “Maybe you’re right.”  She said quietly and rested her face in her hands.

            Brenda reached around Brooke and hit Penny in the arm mouthing, “why did you say that?”

            Penny grimaced and waved Brenda off mouthing in return, “Maybe it’s the truth.”  Penny rubbed Brooke’s back soothingly.  “How about if we take you back to your dorm?”

            Brooke looked at her.  “Thanks, but I really don’t want to go back to the dorm right now.  I’m sure Cass will be there, probably talking about Kody and I just have no desire to here about a Colby right now.”  She wiped away the tears that streaked her face.

            “Come on, you can stay at our place.”  Brenda offered and smiled when Brooke looked at her.

            “Thanks, that’s so sweet.”  Brooke slid off the bar stool.

            Brenda caught Brooke who stumbled and helped her to stand.  “You might not think that after you sleep on that uncomfortable futon we have.”  Brenda chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

            Brooke laughed and wrapped her arms around both of their necks as the walked beside her towards the door.  “You two are great teammates and friends.  Thank you for making me feel better.”

            “That’s what we are here for pal.”  Penny smiled and helped her through the door.


            Dakota entered the house whistling.  “Hello, little brother.”  Smiling wickedly, she closed the door behind her.

            Owen stared at her stunned, surprised by her demeanor.  “Clearly you haven’t seen me since we used to take tubbies together as toddlers.”

            Chuckling, she stood next to him.  “Unfortunately, I have and like I said, hello little brother.”  Laughing tauntingly, she grabbed half of his sandwich and walked away.

            “Hey! Come back here!” His blue eyes narrowed and he ran towards the table after Dakota ran around the other side of it.

            “Aah, are you upset that you aren’t bigger?”  Dakota goaded and moved opposite of his steps to get her.

            “No, I want the other part of my sandwich!” After lunging across the table at her, she jumped back.

            “What, this one?” She teased, holding it up and pointing at it.

            “Come on Kody, it’s the last of the fluff.”  He whined, pleadingly.

            “Okay, I’ll give it back.”  Grinning mischievously, she walked over staring at him and raised the sandwich to her mouth.

            “Don’t do it!” He reached for the sandwich.

            Backing away from him, she moved it closer to her mouth.  “Too late!”  Laughing she said, “Psych!” and handed it to him.

            “Man, I used to hate it when you did that as kids.  What in the hell has gotten into you?” He held the sandwich safely in his hands, staring at her.

            “I’m happy.”  She smiled, widely.

            “Since when?” He looked at her skeptically.

            She stood rocking back and forth on her heels to her toes, grinning.  “I have a date.”

            “A date?” His tone reflected his surprise.  “Since when and with who?” He laughed mockingly.

            “Oh, knock it off.”  She punched him in the arm and walked to the refrigerator.

            “Wait, is it Cass?”

            She turned to look at him, smiling elatedly.  “Yep!”

            “Get out! That’s great.  I suppose.”  He chuckled and bit into his fluffernutter sandwich.

            “It’s excellent, I can’t wait.”  Smiling, she inhaled deeply at the thought of it.  She sighed contentedly and popped a few grapes into her mouth.

            “Cool, I’m happy for you.”  He smiled and playfully pushed her aside.

            “Man, I am so happy that I’ve lost all of my senses.  Wait, what in the hell are you doing here?” She shook her head, surprised.

             He smiled and nodded towards his bedroom.  “I have someone waiting for me.”

            “Why are you out here then?”

            “Bro, I needed some food!” Laughing, he shoved part of his sandwich in his mouth.

            “Oh, lovely I’m sure she’ll love your peanut butter breath.”  Dakota chuckled and walked towards the hall way.

            He laughed and followed her.  “Hey, I’m going out when we are done to celebrate our win, do you want to go?”

            “Nah, I’m putting the finishing touches on my plans for the date weekend.”

            “Dude, you are so gone!” He laughed and shook his head in disbelief.

            “Oh, yeah.”  Chuckling, she turned towards her room.  “If I don’t see you before I leave, don’t forget that mom has a brunch set up for us on Saturday.”

            “Okay, we’ll be there.  Have a great time on your date.”  He smiled and wiped off his dark goatee with a napkin.

            “Oh, I will.”  She grinned excitedly and walked into her room.

            Dakota sat at her desk and pulled out the folder containing all the information she had for their weekend.  Scanning over the paperwork, she picked up the phone.  She had one more thing to order.


            Cass paced back and forth nervously, waiting.  After thinking about her relationship with Mary the previous night she had decided it was time to deal with it.

            “Hey! I wasn’t expecting to see you this morning.”  Mary smiled as she approached Cass who looked up.  “I’m happy you came to see me off for my meet.”  She leaned in to kiss Cass and frowned when Cass stepped back.

            Cass looked down feeling guilty and looked up again.  “Uhmm, we need to talk.” 

            Mary felt her heart skip a beat from the serious look on Cass’ face.  “Okay, about what?”

            Cass pulled her away from the other people waiting to board the bus.  Inhaling nervously, she looked at her.  “I know this is a really bad time to have this conversation, but it can’t wait any longer.”

            “Yeah, if you’re telling me we are through it is a bad time.”  Mary’s tone grew angry.

            Cass sighed and looked at her.  “I’m sorry Mary; it’s just not working between us.”

            Mary dropped her bag beside her and walked in a circle trying to calm the hurt and anger she felt deep inside.

            “I know it’s really bad timing, but it’s not fair to you for me to keep stringing this along.”

            Mary stood before her and glared at her.  “This is because of Kody right?”

            Cass glanced up at her, and then looked away.  Her heart raced uncontrollably and she wished she were somewhere else.

            “Look at me and tell me the truth.  I’ve had this feeling that something has been going on between you two.  You know, this is really shitty.”  She glared at Cass who wouldn’t look up at her.  “You’ve been seeing the both of us at the same time right?” Her tone grew louder and angrier as she moved closer to Cass.

            Cass looked at her.  “We are friends.”

            “Oh, don’t give me that bullshit.  I’m not stupid I see how you look at her.  I wish you looked at me that way.  Did you fuck her behind my back?”

            “Not that it’s any of your business, but I didn’t fuck her!” Cass retorted angrily and moved away from her.

            “I should have known by the way that bitch was always around you that she would come between us.”  Mary shook her head in disbelief and laughed condescendingly.

            “She’s not a bitch and she did not come between us.  It’s just me.  You’re a wonderful person, but it just isn’t there with us.”

            “And you think it will work between you two? Give me a break!”

            “Look, I’m sorry I hurt you.  I never intended too, but I don’t want anything other than a friendship with you.”  Cass felt guilty as she looked at her.

            “Unbelievable.  You come here and break my heart, than ask me to be friends with you? That’s really rich Cass.  I never expected that from you.”  Mary walked past Cass shaking her heard in disbelief.

            “I’m sorry.”  Cass said softly.

            Mary stopped and turned to her.  “Not as sorry as you’re going to be if you get involved with her.”  She grabbed her bag and walked to the bus.

            Cass turned to look at her and frowned when Mary looked back at her as she boarded the bus with a scowl on her face.  ‘Well, that didn’t go as well as I had hoped.’  Sighing sadly, she turned and walked away with a guilt filled heart.


            Cass rushed to her dorm from her last class of the day.  She burst through the door and hurried to her side of the room.

            “You scared the shit out of me!” Brooke said breathing heavily after exiting the bathroom.

            “You were in the right place then!” Cass laughed as did Brooke.  “Sorry.”  Reaching under her bed she pulled out her large black, gym bag.  “I’m so freaking late!” She flipped the errant burgundy red colored hair that fell from her small ponytail off her face and put her wash basket on her bed.  Feverishly fishing through the basket she tossed the clothes on her bed.  She glanced over her shoulder at Brooke.  “Thanks a million for drying and folding my clothes.  I fell asleep last night and forgot about them this morning.  I owe you big time.”  Smiling gratefully she turned back to her packing.

            “You’re welcome.  I figured you forgot about them again when I saw your basket next to the door.  Where are you going?” Brooke stood watching her.

            “I’m really not sure.”  She rushed over to her closet and thumbed through her clothes.  After pulling out an outfit she walked back to the bed.


            Cass glanced up at her, reluctant to tell her who she was going to be with.  “I have a date with Dakota and all she would tell me was that it was for the weekend.”

            Brooke frowned and rolled her eyes.  “That’s pretty presumptuous of her don’t you think?”

            “We’ll see.”  She smiled slightly and folded her outfit, carefully placing it in her bag. 

            “And what about Mary?” Brooke sat down on the bed next to her.

            Cass stopped what she was doing and looked down at her then sighed.  “I talked to her earlier today and broke it off with her.”

            “Wow, how did she take it?”

            “Not very good.” 

            “And how are you with that?”

            “I feel bad that I hurt her, and I know this sounds horrible, but I’m relieved.  We just weren’t right for one another and I felt awful stringing her along like that.  I should have broken it off a long time ago.  This is better for the both of us.”

            “Let’s hope so.  I’m glad you finally told her.”

            “Yep.”  Cass sighed deeply and returned to her packing trying to forget the hurt she saw in Mary’s eyes.  She looked over at Brooke, hoping she could distract her.  “What are you doing this weekend?”

            “I’m going to Orlando.  My parents flew in to see my sister who lives there and they have this huge weekend planned for us at Disney World.”

            “Oh, wow that sounds like a lot of fun.”  Cass looked up smiling and glanced back down at her task of packing.

            “Yeah, it would be if Michelle were going.”  Brooke sighed, sadly.

            Cass stood upright, surprised.  “Why isn’t she going?”

            “She is going to Jacksonville for the weekend with Chad.  His brother is playing football there and she wants to go with him.  I bet that’s where you are going.”

            Cass bent over to pack and looked at her.  “Do you think?”

            “I’m sure of it.  Michelle mentioned Chad’s whole family would be there.  I can’t imagine Dakota wouldn’t go.”

            “You’re right.  Okay, that gives me a better idea of what to pack.”  She grinned and put a couple pairs of shorts in her bag.  “Did you have a fight with Michelle about her going with Chad?”

            Brooke looked down at her hands, nervously fidgeting with her fingernail.  “Oh, yeah.  She wasn’t very happy.”  She looked up at Cass with sadness in her eyes.

            Cass sighed, feeling bad for her.  “I’m sorry hun. Do you want to talk about it?”

            “Yeah, me too. No, another time.”  Brooked smiled weakly and looked away. Deciding it was time to change the subject she asked, “So, are you going to tell me what made you decide to go out with her?”

            Cass looked up at her briefly and walked to her desk.  Looking at the desk, she moved the books and grabbed her make up bag.  “She asked me and I decided I would take her up on the offer.”  She said simply and shrugged her shoulders.

            “I hope you know what you are doing.”

            “I’ll be careful.”  Cass smiled and closed her bag.  Checking the clock, she noted it was a few minutes before three.  “Shit!” She hurried over to the mirror and checked her look.  “I look like crap!” After pulling her hair out of the ponytail, she ran her fingers through her hair trying to restore some semblance of order.

            Brooke chuckled.  “You look fine.”

            Cass sighed and stared at herself in the mirror.  “That is going to have to do for now.”

            They both flinched when there was a knock at the door.

            Cass looked at Brooke.  “Wish me luck.”

            “You got it.”  Brooke smiled weakly.  ‘She’s definitely going to need it.’  She watched Cass walk to the door.

            Cass’ nervousness escalated.  She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, feeling slightly calmer.  After opening the door, she smiled when she saw Dakota.  “Hi!” She giggled nervously.

            ‘By the way I’m acting; you’d think I’ve never been around another woman before.’  Dakota’s heart raced uncontrollably as she looked at Cass.  “Hey, you ready to go?” She smiled, staring at her.

            “Yes, let me grab my bag.”  Cass smiled and turned, walking to her side of the room.

            Dakota glanced at Brooke when she walked into view.  “Brooke.”  Her greeting was flat.

            “Dakota.”  Brooke nodded at her and sat on her bed.

            Cass threw her bag over her shoulder and stood next to Brooke.  “Have fun with Mickey and Minnie.”

            “I will.  You have fun too.”  She smiled and watched as Cass walked to the door.

            Dakota reached for the door after Cass exited and gave Brooke an ominous sideways glance before closing the door.  No love lost there.

            Bitch! I wish Cass would find someone else.’  Brooke shook her head in disbelief and tossed a dirty shirt across the room to her closet in frustration.

To Be Continued...


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