Double Play XXIII

By Cruise

Chapter 29

Cass sighed when Dakota broke the kiss.

"Qué?" Dakota called out, looking over her shoulder. 

Cass heard Dakota's mother say something in Spanish and looked at Dakota.

"She needs our help downstairs."  Dakota sighed.


Dakota nodded.

"Whew, you got me all worked up, but we'll have plenty of time for that later."  Cass grinned and kissed her again. 

Dakota deepened the kiss and groaned when Cass broke the kiss.

"Mamá waits."  Cass smiled playfully and walked towards the door pulling Dakota along with her.  She laughed when Dakota let out a low growl.


Dakota and Cass helped Angélica and Juanita, one of her mother's assistants with the meal.  "Mamá, give me a break with these potatoes, we want to hang out with the boys."  Dakota whined, putting the potato and the peeler down.

"Alejandra, you need to learn to cook."

"Why? Cass can cook for me."  She grinned as she looked at Cass.

"Don't look at me; I can barely make macaroni and cheese."  Cass waved her finger side to side, with a sly smile as she looked at Dakota.

"Macaroni and cheese is good, see I don't need to learn."

"You both need to learn how to cook then." Angélica looked at her.

"Yeah and the boys need to learn too so get them in here.  It's not fair."  Dakota crossed her arms over her chest.

Angélica stared at her daughter and turned to Cass.  "And what do you think of this little temper tantrum she is having? Do you know she used to do this as a child?"

"Really?" Cass smiled and looked at Dakota, winking.

"See, I've hated doing this for years so I think you should stop trying to teach me to cook."  Dakota grinned and scrunched her nose up at her mother.

Juanita laughed harder when she saw Angélica snicker in response to her daughter's look. 

"Okay, go.  We are almost done anyway."  Angélica waved her away and laughed when Dakota jumped off the bar stool and kissed her on the cheek.

"You are the best."  Dakota chuckled and kissed her again, then walked around her, grabbing Cass along the way.  "Make a run for it before she makes you stay."  Dakota whispered, pushing Cass out of the kitchen.

"Hey! She was my best potato peeler!" Angélica called out to no avail as the pair had suddenly disappeared.

"And what am I? Chopped liver?" Juanita asked sarcastically.

"I appreciate your help, but you peel the potatoes at a snails pace."  Angélica chuckled, pinching Juanita's cheek.

"Very funny."  Juanita quipped.


"Michelle! Chad is on the phone!" Her mother called out from the kitchen.

Michelle quickly entered and frowned that her mother was not covering the phone.  She took it from her.

"What?" Her mother looked at her confused and walked towards the stove to stir the gravy.

"Hey, what's up?" Michelle asked flatly and walked to the stool in the kitchen to sit down.

"I was just wondering if your mother was making you cook."

"Nah, she doesn't like it when we are in the kitchen.  She says it has something to do with the fact that we can't cook."  Michelle grinned sarcastically when her mother turned looking over her shoulder at her.  She laughed when her mother waved her wooden spoon warningly.

"Yeah, Kody wiggled her way out of helping my mom peel potatoes, as usual.  She does it every year."  He smiled and propped his feet up in the recliner, looking at his siblings and Cass who were watching the parade.

"Well, maybe you should get in there and help your mom.  You know, men do cook."

"Oh, now that would be terrifying."  He laughed as did Michelle and stood up, walking into the other room for privacy.  "Hey…I miss you."

Michelle felt her heart beat faster and she leaned forward resting her head on her hand.  "You do huh?"

"Of course, you mean you don't miss me?" Chad became defensive.

There was a brief pause.  "Yes, I miss you."

"It doesn't seem that way."  He was hurt and his tone reflected it.

"I do, it's just that this is all new to me and I need to take it slow.  You can't keep hounding me about it.  Please."  She was feeling overwhelmed and pressured.  "Listen, I've got to run my mom needs me to set the table.  I'll talk to you later."  Michelle hung up the phone and tossed it on the table, sighing frustrated.

Chad clicked off the phone and tossed it on the chair.  ‘Fuck! She is driving me nuts.'  He fumed and walked out of the room towards the back door.

Michelle stared at the table cloth, tracing the triangle designs on it with her finger, trying to calm her racing heart.  She looked up, seeing her mother standing before her.  "What?"

"What was that all about? I thought you two were friends."  Her mother sat next to her.

Michelle's eyes watered as she looked at her.

Her mother grasped her hand.  "What's wrong honey?"

"Chad and I have gotten really complicated of late.  We kissed and he told me he is in love with me."  She looked away, wiping the tears that streaked her face.

"Wow, and what do you feel about that?"

"He is my best friend and I love him too, but I'm so confused.  I have never been attracted to another man before and when we kissed I felt something for him."

"That's wonderful honey.  I always hoped you would find a nice boy like Chad, we really like him.  He's got everything going for him, he's handsome, rich, he is going to be a professional athlete and he comes from a wonderful family.  I'm thrilled you're going to stop being a lesbian."

Michelle turned to her mother with hurt in her eyes.  "Mother, you don't just stop being a lesbian.  Why do you always have to react so negatively towards my lifestyle? I thought you and daddy loved me just the way I am?" She jerked her hand away from her.

"We have tried to be understanding of your lifestyle, but it's unnatural and we've hoped you would change your mind."

"Change my mind? No, I still have strong feelings for women."  Michelle shook her head in disbelief.

"And you have feelings for Chad too.  Why don't you just enjoy that and see where it takes you?"

"Because I'm just not sure that is what I want."

"How do you know unless you try it?"

"The thought of being with a man scares me mom, that's why."  Michelle turned in the chair and stared out the kitchen window.

"Maybe you should try it and it won't be as scary.  He might be caring and gentle like your father."

Michelle's head snapped around and she stared at her mother, as irritation and fear filled her.  "Okay, I'm not talking to you about this anymore."  She stood up and walked towards the door.

"Don't be mad at me honey all I'm saying is you should try being with him."

"What, no speech about not having pre-marital sex? I thought you said that was wrong? You would rather me go against your beliefs if it meant me being with a man.  Great mother!" Michelle stormed out of the house and walked down to the lake.  She sat on the bench and began to cry.  ‘She is so fucked up! What happened to her morals? She preached all the time about no pre-marital sex, but she wants me to sleep with Chad to see what it's like! Incredible! Hypocrite!'  Michelle picked up a handful of rocks and began tossing them in the lake to alleviate her resentment.  She began to calm down and her mother's comments rang in her head.  Inhaling deeply and exhaling, she calmed down.  ‘I love him, but am I in love with him? Maybe she's right…maybe I should be with him to see if it's what I want?'  She tossed the last stone into the lake and headed back towards the house.


The Colby's had finished their meal and all went their separate ways after thanking their mother for the delicious feast.  Dakota called the stables before they changed into jeans and a sweatshirt.

Dakota and Cass walked to the stables hand in hand.

"Dakota, I hope I don't hurt one of your horses.  I'm so full I might crush them!"

Dakota laughed as she watched Cass rub her belly.  "I'm sure they can handle you."  She kissed Cass' hand, smiling.

Cass stopped when she saw the large white horse exit the stable.  "Oh, wow it's beautiful."  She was in awe watching as the groom tightened the saddle on the horse. 

"That's my beautiful Lady."  Dakota smiled proudly and both walked over to the horse.  "Hi baby."  She scratched her horse behind the ear.

Cass laughed when the horse nibbled on Dakota's neck. 

Dakota turned to Cass as she continued to rub her horse's neck.  "This is Lady Guinevere." 

"Hello Lady Guinevere." Cass approached the horse and rubbed her neck.  She stepped back admiring the magnificent animal, completely white with a long wavy mane that blew in the wind.

"You'll be riding my Lady.  She is very sweet and gentle, unlike my other horse who is all man.  Strong, bold, valiant and is always ready for action."  Dakota looked over at her black horse as the groom brought him to Dakota.  "This is Sir Lancelot."  She glanced over at Cass smiling.

"I love the names.  I see now how much you like that story."  She stared at Dakota, smiling.

"Oh, yeah."  Dakota rubbed between his eyes and kissed his nose.  "Hey handsome boy, did you miss me?" She laughed when he nibbled on her neck. 

"They are both stunning.  What kind of horses are they?"

"Andalusian.  Sir Lancelot is a special horse considering he's completely black.  They are usually white or gray."

"Really? So, how did you get him then?" Cass rubbed the horse's neck.

Dakota paused, staring at Cass momentarily.  She wasn't sure why, but something was amiss.  She shook away the feeling and smiled slightly.  "My grandfather breeds them in Andalusia Spain.  I used to spend time with him in Spain over the summers and work with the horses.  He promised me two horses, a black and a white one.  As you can see he delivered on his promise, just like always."  Dakota smiled proudly.

"You are very spoiled."  Cass laughed and winked at her.

"Yes, I am."  Dakota agreed, grinning.

"How do you choose which one to ride?"

"Usually if I just want to chill out I ride my Lady.  I don't like to push her too hard; she's too much of a Lady for that.  If I want to ride full speed I take my boy.  He loves it." Dakota chuckled and scratched under Sir Lancelot's chin.  She held his reigns and moved closer to Cass.  "Do you need some help up?"

"I would love some, she is pretty tall."  Cass grinned and put her foot in the stirrup.  Grasping the saddle horn, she pulled upward as Dakota helped to lift her.  She swung her leg over the saddle and adjusted herself in the saddle.  "Thank you."   

Dakota winked and looked at Lady Guinevere.  "Be nice to her."  She kissed her nose and walked around to Sir Lancelot.  She effortlessly swung herself up on her horse and smiled at Cass who was watching her. 

"Here Alejandra!" Angélica called out, hurrying towards them with two small brown bags.

"What did you pack up Mamá?" Dakota leaned down and took the bag from her mother who stood between the two horses.

"Your favorite…left over turkey sandwiches and the horse's favorite."  She winked at her daughter and handed Cass a brown bag as well.

"Mamá, I told you not to give the horse's sugar cubes." She shook her head as her mother waved her off and walked away.

"Why can't they have sugar cubes, I thought they liked those." Cass glanced over at Dakota.

"They can have it, but I don't like giving it to them because then they tend to nip at you."

"Gotcha."  Cass smiled.

"Señorita Alejandra."  The groom placed a shotgun in the holder on the saddle.

"Muchas gracias Pepe."  She smiled and gave her horse a light kick to get him moving.

Cass inhaled at the sight of the gun and exhaled, trying to calm her uneasiness.  "What's that for?" She moved her horse next to Dakota's.

"It's in case we run into any snakes that have bad intentions towards us or the horses.  Don't worry; I know how to use it well."  Dakota winked and kicked her horse to a full trot.

"Wonderful."  Cass sighed and pushed her horse to catch up to Dakota.


"Hey Mary."  Brooke greeted cheerfully into the phone.

"Hey! It's great to hear from you.  How was you turkey day?"

"Great, even though my mother thought the potatoes where lumpy."  She chuckled and propped her feet up on the headboard of her bed.

"I like lumpy potatoes."  Mary laughed and walked into her bedroom.  "What are you up to?"

"Oh, about five pounds heavier after dinner and how about you?"

Mary laughed at the comment.  "Same here, but I'm getting ready to go out for a run along South Beach with my friend."

"That's what I should do, but I just don't enjoy running.  I can do it in the games, but that's about it."  She chuckled as did Mary.

"I love it.  It brings me a lot of solitude.  Maybe you just haven't been running with the right person." 

"Maybe."  Brooke said back, flirtatiously.

"We'll see if we can make it more enjoyable for you the next time we are together."

"Speaking of that, would you like to come up here on Saturday and go to Universal Studios with us?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun.  I've never been there before."

"Excellent, what time do you think you could come up?"

"I'll have to check on flights and call you back."

"Cool, just let me know and then I'll have some company for the drive back to G-ville.  That is of course, if you can tolerate being in the car for a couple of hours."  Brooke teased with a laugh.

"With a beautiful woman in the car it's not so bad of a ride." Mary chuckled.

Brooke blushed and giggled.  "Thank you for the compliment.  You're pretty hot yourself." 

"Well, thank you."  Mary waved to her friend.  "Listen, I have to get running."

"Literally."  Brooke laughed as did Mary.

"I'll give you a call later and give you my flight info okay?"

"Sure, I'm going to the movies with my sister, but I'll call you when I get back if I miss your call."

"Cool, I'll talk to you later.  Hey, it was great hearing from you."

"Same here.  Have a good run. Bye."  Brooke smiled and clicked off the phone.  Brooke placed the phone on the bed next to her and inhaled deeply, enjoying the wonderful sensation she was having.  She stared at the ceiling, smiling that she was once again feeling happy.


Cass and Dakota had ridden for most of the day checking out the various wooded trails they had on their property.  Dakota glanced behind her when she saw a clap of thunder.  "Shit, where did that storm come from?"

Cass looked over her shoulder, surprised that they hadn't seen the sky darken.  "I guess we were caught up in something other than the weather."  She grinned thinking back to the kissing fest they had a few moments ago.

"It's really moving in fast.  We aren't going to make it back to the house in time.  Come on."  Dakota kicked her horse as did Cass, following her.

The pair rode their horses full gallop through the wooded trails, hearing the thunder grow louder and both were pelted by raindrops.  Dakota steered them up to the small cabin and led the horses inside the barn adjacent to it. 

"Is this your place?" Cass asked, dismounting.

"Yeah, my brothers come out here to hunt."  Dakota hurriedly removed the saddle from the horse and laid it on the side of the stall.  She walked over and helped Cass remove the saddle.

"Hunt?" Cass frowned as she followed Dakota out of the barn.

"Yes, they usually go deer hunting."

"You mean they kill those cute, poor defenseless animals?"


"You don't do that, do you?"

"Oh, no.  I do shoot snakes though." Dakota grinned.

"You shouldn't shoot them either.  All animals are good."  Cass flashed a warning look.

"There's only one good snake in my book and that's a dead one.  I don't like them at all."  Dakota shivered at the thought of them.

"Dakota, come on."

"I've seen the poisonous one's kill too many animals I've loved."

"I'm sure they were all just trying to defend themselves."

 "Okay, mother nature we are going to get soaked and it's too cold to stay out here."  Dakota checked the distance between the barn and the cabin.  She grabbed Cass by the hand and both ran for the door. 

They laughed and shivered at how cold the rain felt against their skin.  Dakota unlocked the door with the spare key that was hidden on the top of the door frame and both hurried inside. 

They looked at one another laughing, as they were both drenched.

"Maybe we should have stayed in the barn."  Cass suggested and both laughed harder.

"Come on."  She pulled Cass into one of the three bedrooms and grabbed a towel from the bathroom, tossing it to her.  Exiting the bathroom with a white robe, she handed it to Cass.  "Here.  Get out of those clothes and I'll throw them in the dryer."

"Dryer? In a cabin in the woods?" Cass chuckled as she attempted to dry off.

"I know, what can I say, my mother has a different idea about roughing it."  Dakota snickered.  "I'm going to grab another robe and make a fire."

"Ooh, that sounds toasty."  Cass giggled.

"It will be."  Dakota winked and exited the room.


Michelle waited and grew more frustrated with each ring.  The voicemail came on again and she sighed frustrated.  "Hey, it's me again.  Can you give me a call back please? I'm sorry I was such a bitch earlier.  Call me okay?" She clicked off the phone and flopped back on her bed.  ‘I'm miserable here.'  Her eyes widened with a revelation and she sprung off the bed.

Chad waited until his phone signaled a message had been left and punched in his code to hear it.  He smiled as he listened to the message and closed the phone. 

"Well? Are you going to call her back?" Rex asked, seeing the smile on is face.

"Nah, I'm going to give her more time, just like she wanted."

"I hear distance makes the heart grow fonder." Rex grinned and patted his brother on the back.  "Let's get Wyatt and Owen and go to the beachside for some fun."

"Let's do it."  Chad smiled and both walked away to find their siblings.


Dakota had changed into her robe and was moving the logs in the roaring fire she had made. She heard the door close and looked over her shoulder, seeing Cass standing in her bathrobe looking at her.

Dakota held her hand out for Cass, and she placed hers in Dakota's.  The taller woman guided Cass towards the pillows on the shaggy rug she had set up.  Cass sat against them in front of the fire, instantly feeling the heat of the crackling fire. 

"This feels wonderful."  Cass smiled and held her hands out in front of her rubbing them together.

"I know.  I called my mother to let her know we were here and she told me that the news station said they are expecting it to storm for the rest of the night.  It will probably be safer to stay here until the morning. Ooh, I'll be right back."  Dakota winked and stood up when she heard the teapot whistle. 

Cass looked over her shoulder at Dakota who was busy with something in the kitchen, but was too cold to walk over to find out.  She rubbed the towel through her hair trying to dry it and pushed her hair back when Dakota walked up.

"We are very lucky that they stocked the pantries for this weekend.  Here, this will help take the chill out."  She handed Cass a mug and sat down.

"Hmmm, hot chocolate, my favorite."

"It's my special hot chocolate."  Dakota grinned, situating herself next to Cass.  She placed the bag of marshmallows next to her and her mug on the floor in front of her.

Cass smiled as she looked at Dakota.  "Oh, really and what is so special about it?"

"It was made by me."  Dakota smiled arrogantly and dropped a large marshmallow in her cup, then did the same in Cass'

"I should have known."  Cass laughed and took a sip of the beverage.  "Hmmm, this is very good."

"I told you."  Dakota took a marshmallow and put it on the end of a long skewer and put it in the fire.  She pulled it out and twisted the stick.

"Dakota it's on fire!"

"Nah, just watch."  Dakota meticulously turned the fully ablaze marshmallow and when she was satisfied with it's coloration she blew the fire out.  Cautiously pulling it off of the skewer, she handed it to Cass.  "I made it just for you."

Cass smiled and took it.  Her eyes widened and her smile grew broader from the wonderful taste of the warm, sweet marshmallow in her mouth.  "Oh wow it's delicious!"

"I know, want another?"

"Of course."  Cass giggled and licked the sweetness off her lips.  She stared at Dakota who intently stared into the fire, cooking another marshmallow and was taken by how beautiful her eyes looked as they glowed from the fire.  Her heart fluttered when Dakota gave her a sideways glance.

"What?" Dakota chuckled, nervously.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of you.  The way the fire lights up your eyes is incredible and with your hair slicked back that way it's hard for me to look away."

Dakota blushed and looked at the fire, then returned her gaze.  "Thank you for the compliment.  I happen to think the same about you.  The fire makes your beautiful green eyes stand out even more."  Dakota held a marshmallow up to Cass' mouth who ate it as she stared into Dakota's sensuous eyes.

Dakota's heart raced as she looked at Cass.  The only sound was of the crackling fire and the beat of their racing hearts.  Cass' gaze was transfixed on Dakota.  Unable to stop looking at her, she moved back when she saw Dakota's finger.

"It's okay.  You have a piece of marshmallow on your lip."  Dakota took the marshmallow from Cass' lip and moved her hand away, only to have Cass stop it. 

Cass stared deeper into her eyes and pulled Dakota's finger to her mouth.  She sucked the marshmallow off of Dakota's finger, slowly.

Dakota's heart pounded and a throbbing sensation burned between her legs.  She looked between Cass' eyes and slowly leaned in, gasping, when Cass touched her face. Dakota lightly kissed her.  She inhaled deeply, trying to calm her escalating heart and pressed her lips against Cass, deepening the kiss.

Cass' heart skipped a beat when she felt Dakota's lips quiver as she kissed her.  Cass could barely breathe and inhaled deeply through the kiss.  Her heart raced as it had never before.  She held Dakota's face with both hands, sinking into the kiss.  Both jumped, breaking the kiss when a loud clap of thunder sounded.  They laughed lightly and Dakota moved in for another kiss. 

Cass put her arms around Dakota's neck and pulled her down.  Dakota kissed her deeply and moved on top of her, straddling Cass' leg.  She smiled through her kiss when she heard Cass inhale deeper.  Dakota broke the kiss and moved onto her knees, still staring in Cass' eyes.  She glanced down and untied the belt around the robe.  She looked back up at Cass who smiled and placed her hand on Dakota's face, gently rubbing her thumb against her cheek. 

Dakota smiled and pushed the robe open, revealing Cass' naked body.  She gasped at the beauty of her toned, lean body and scanned her eyes stopping on the creamy small breasts before her.  "You are beautiful."  She whispered and placed her hand on Cass' stomach instantly feeling goose bumps.  Dakota leaned down and slid her tongue past Cass' lips, as her hand moved on top of her breast.

Cass gasped and arched her back from the contact.  "Oh, yes.  I've been waiting so long for this with you."  She said softly through the kiss.

Dakota broke the kiss and stared at her.  "Me too.  You have no idea how long."  Smiling, she looked down when Cass untied her robe and looked back up.  Seeing the admiring look on Cass' face, her heart raced faster.

"Then let's not wait any longer."  Cass was mesmerized by the beauty before her and studied each chiseled muscle of Dakota's mid section. Her eyes scanned upward to Dakota's tanned breasts.  She reached out and touched the breast, rubbing her palm over the hardened nipple.  Looking up at Dakota to see her reaction, she smiled when Dakota slowly opened her eyes and looked at her. 

Dakota sat up on her knees and pushed the robe off of her.  Cass placed her hands on Dakota's waist and her eyes instantly scanned down, between her legs.  Smiling at the small patch of closely cut dark curly hair, she moved her hands over Dakota's stomach and upward, passing over her breasts. 

Dakota could barely breathe and gasped for air.  The throbbing sensation had turned into a burning ache.  She opened Cass' robe completely, feeling her wetness escalate when her eyes moved downward between Cass' legs.  Leaning down, she kissed Cass deeply and broke the kiss smiling.  She helped Cass pull her arms out of the robe and gazed fondly at the beautiful woman before her. 

Dakota just stared at her.

"Are you okay?" Cass asked softly.

"I'm not sure.  My heart is racing so fast that I can barely breathe."

Cass felt warmth throughout at the admission and placed her hand on Dakota's rapidly beating heart.  She stared into Dakota's eyes and the feeling of Cass' hand there, made her heart slow down.

Dakota smiled and lowered her body on top of Cass, both gasping at the contact.  "You feel unbelievable.  I can't express how much I want to be with you."  She stared into Cass' green eyes.

"I see how much in your beautiful blue eyes."  Cass slid her hands around Dakota's neck and kissed her passionately.

Dakota's arousal mounted and she began to slowly move up and down on Cass as the wet kiss grew in intensity.  The feeling of Cass rubbing her backside and Cass' wet mound against her increased the throbbing sensation in her core.

Dakota moved her kiss down to Cass' neck and alternated kisses with light bites. 

"That feels amazing."  Cass rubbed her thumb against Dakota's cheek, unable to keep her eyes open from the wondrous sensation she felt between her legs and in her heart for the woman in her arms.  She pulled Dakota's face to her and stared into her eyes.  "I want you to kiss me, touch me, taste me and have all of me until I have nothing else."  Cass whispered, pulling her in for a sensuous kiss.

To Be Continued…

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