Double Play XXIV

By Cruise

Chapter 30

Dakota grew wetter from the request and moved her kiss downward, stopping at Cass' breast.  She suckled the small breast and moved to the other one.  Cass watched as Dakota kissed and traced her tongue around her hardened nipple.  She pulled Dakota up for a deep, wet kiss.

Cass moved her hand under Dakota's mound and dipped her finger between Dakota's folds.

Dakota broke the kiss breathless moaning, "Oh, Cass."  Gasping for air, she leaned down to kiss her.

"Hmmm, you are so wet.  I love it."  Cass said softly and pushed her tongue inside Dakota's mouth while moving her finger along Dakota's slick clit.

Dakota's body tingled all over, her heart raced faster and her need for Cass escalated.  She moved her pelvis up and down against Cass' finger faster as her excitement mounted.  Moving her kiss down to Cass' neck, she lightly nibbled the overheated skin.

"That feels so good."  Cass leaned her head to the opposite side to help Dakota in her quest.  Dakota slowly moved her hand down Cass' body stopping between her legs, subtly sliding her finger over Cass' clit.  "Oh, yes!" Cass gasped loudly and looked at Dakota.  "That feels so good, don't stop." She smiled at Dakota who was looking down at her, biting her lip in obvious pleasure from Cass' ministration on her slick clit.

Cass leaned up capturing Dakota's breast in her mouth.  She circled her tongue around Dakota's dark, hard nipple.

"Aah…oh, Cass!" Dakota moaned and rocked her hips faster.  "Yes!" She pressed her pelvis against Cass' hand and shuddered when the orgasm took control of her.

Wow that was fast.' Cass smiled when she looked at Dakota whose head was tilted back and her eyes closed.  She was panting heavily, still shaking from the orgasm.  Dakota's reaction excited Cass more and she laid back, pressing her mound against Dakota's hand.  She spread her legs wider to accept her lover, readily

Dakota opened her eyes and looked down at Cass, smiling.  "That was incredible."  She leaned down and kissed her, deeply.  Dakota's kiss moved down to Cass' neck and as she bit down, she pushed her finger deeper into Cass' wet opening.

Cass threw her head back in response to the wonderful feeling of Dakota being inside of her.  The pleasure she felt over took her and she voiced her delight, shouting, "Dakota!"

Dakota moved her kiss down Cass' neck to her breasts, lightly sucking each one as she continued to move in and out of Cass with her long slender finger.  ‘She feels sensational… so tight and wet, it's driving me crazy.  I love how she wraps so tightly around my finger.' Dakota's heart raced faster and her feelings overwhelmed her, she had her first ever lover back. Each touch, each kiss, and each moan from Cass touched her heart more than it had ever before.

Cass gasped for air when she felt Dakota's kiss move down her abdomen, to the inner portion of her leg.  She looked up and watched as Dakota settled between her legs. 

Dakota felt a searing, throbbing sensation between her legs when she smelled Cass' musky scent.  Her heart raced faster, her mouth watered and she felt an ache in her hardened clit that begged for Cass.

Cass' breathing became more erratic when Dakota's tongue lightly touched her clit. Thrusting her pelvis up, she arched her back and gasped for air.  "Yes, Dakota!" She bucked her hips as Dakota lavishly licked her clit up and down.

"You taste wonderful."  Dakota whispered removing her finger and dipping her tongue deep inside of Cass' damp opening.

Cass threw her head back and clenched the rug with her hands.  "OH, YES!" She screamed and thrust her hips in rhythm with how Dakota was licking her

Dakota's tongue moved faster over Cass' hardened clit.  She held Cass' hips and pressed her mouth against her mound, slipping her tongue in and out of Cass' warm recess. "You taste so good.  I can't get enough of you."  Dakota said between flicks of her tongue.

Cass gasped for air and bucked her hips faster, feeling her orgasm begin.  "Yes, yes, yes!"

Dakota moved her tongue to Cass' clit and slid her finger easily back inside.

"I love feeling you inside of me."  Cass said in a whisper.  "Please…don't stop."  She panted between breaths. 

Dakota's tongue and finger moved in perfect rhythm eliciting Cass' need for more from her lover.  "Give me more of you." 

Dakota's heart rate soared from the breathless request and she quickly appeased her lover, sliding another finger inside.

 "AAHHH! YES! I can't hold it any longer!" Cass admitted loudly, between breaths, clutching the rug as she thrust her hips up, then down.

"Don't.  Let me have it."  Dakota demanded huskily, licking and fingering her lover faster.  She felt Cass' walls tighten around her finger as her hips bucked faster. Feeling Cass' walls relax, she removed her finger, and quickly moved her mouth over Cass' opening, instantly receiving her warm release. Dakota slid her tongue inside and sucked Cass' succulent juices.  Cass shook and shuddered as her orgasm over took her.  She laid panting, feeling Dakota take all of her. 

Damn! She was wonderful!'  Cass smiled, inhaling and exhaling rapidly in an attempt to calm her wildly beating heart as tears of pure joy trickled from her eyes.  She chuckled when she felt Dakota delicately kiss her mound.

Dakota wiped her mouth off on her robe and slowly moved above Cass.

Cass opened her eyes and stared deeply into her blue eyes.  "You are an unbelievable lover."

Dakota was caught off guard and smiled back when Cass smiled at her.  She lowered her sweaty body onto Cass'.  "So are you."  She buried her face into Cass' neck and placed soft kisses along the length of her neck.

Cass wrapped her arms around Dakota and held her tightly.  She turned her head towards Dakota.  "Kiss me."  She requested softly and reached up, pushing the hair off of Dakota's face.

Dakota rose up and looked at her.  "Are you sure you don't mind?" She pointed to her mouth.

"I love the fact that I'm on your lips."  Cass's provocative look made Dakota's heart race uncontrollably.

Dakota smiled and pressed her lips against Cass', slipping her tongue inside for a moist, long kiss.

Cass grew more excited and deepened the kiss when she smelled herself on Dakota's face.  She moved her head to the side impassioning the kiss and held Dakota tighter.  ‘I'm in heaven.'

Dakota broke the kiss and stared at the burgundy haired beauty.  She smiled broadly as she peered deep into Cass' green eyes and lovingly brushed Cass' hair off her face.  "You are absolutely beautiful."

Cass blushed.  "So are you."  She chuckled and gave Dakota a quick kiss.  Cass rolled over on top of Dakota.

"What happened? I was enjoying being on top of you."

"Now it's my turn." Cass smiled seductively.

"I came a long time ago, actually a few times."  Dakota grinned, lightly rubbing her hands up and down Cass' back, feeling her skin respond to her touch.

"Get ready because it's going to happen again."  Cass' sultry look sent a throbbing sensation straight to her core.  Her heart pounded in her chest as she watched Cass kiss her heated, sexually over charged body all the way down to her sodden mound.

 Dakota fought hard to keep her eyes open when Cass' kiss settled between her legs.  Her skin tingled and her sex ached for the woman.  She looked up, panting heavily as Cass lightly kissed along the inside of her thigh, near her wet mound.  Dakota dropped her head back on the pillow, closing her eyes and moaning loudly when she felt Cass' tongue begin to stroke her hard clit.

"Hmmm, you are so hard and wet.  You taste delicious."  Cass said softly and nuzzled her mouth against Dakota's mound.

Dakota spread her legs wider for her lover and gasped when she felt Cass' tongue enter her. Her breathing became more erratic as her heart raced uncontrollably.

"You feel so good Cass!" Dakota moaned, intertwining her fingers with Cass' hands that rested on her hips.  She clutched her hands tightly and bucked her hips up and down when Cass' strokes of her tongue moved faster.  Dakota's clit throbbed and hardened more under Cass' tongue.  Giving in to Cass ministrations, she released her sweet nectar for her burgundy haired lover.

.Dakota's heart raced and she moved her body wildly in response to the powerful orgasm, tightening her grip on Cass' hands.

"Oh, Cass yes!" Her throaty response drawled out between gasps of breath. 

Cass instantly sucked everything Dakota gave her.

Dakota collapsed spent from the orgasm that got the best of her.  She inhaled deeply and exhaled trying to catch her breath.

Cass climbed on top of Dakota and looked down at her.  She smiled as she looked at Dakota.  "Are you okay?"

Dakota's eyes flicked open to meet her warm greens.  They were the only part of her body moving.  "I think so."  Dakota mustered with a chuckle.  "That was magnificent.  I've never felt anything like that before."  Dakota's breathing finally started to level off.

"Oh, come on."  Cass chuckled, blushing.

Dakota's limbs were finally able to move and she wrapped them around Cass.  Looking deeply into Cass eyes, she said softly and seriously, "I'm not kidding."

Cass looked from one eye to the other, searching for Dakota's sincerity.  She was taken back with surprise when she read the truth in Dakota's blue eyes.  Her heart raced and she was unable to contain the smile that swept across her face.  She leaned in and kissed Dakota softly.  "The same goes for me."  Cass admitted through her kiss.

Dakota felt her heart flutter and she deepened the kiss, holding Cass tighter in her arms.

Cass broke the kiss breathless and snuggled her face against Dakota's neck.  She smiled, feeling a warmth sweep over her when Dakota moved her hand down to Cass' backside, leaving it there.  Cass laid the palm of her left hand over Dakota's heart and smiled feeling the rapidly beating heart underneath.  She lightly kissed Dakota on the neck.

Dakota rubbed her right hand over Cass' body, feeling the goosebumps under her touch.  She asked in a whisper, "Are you cold?"

"No, I'm perfect."  Cass kissed Dakota's cheek softly and snuggled against her neck, closing her eyes content within the confines of her lover's arms.

Dakota smiled from her body's response to the feel of Cass against her.  ‘She feels awesome against me. I've waited so long for this moment.'  Dakota smiled wider and felt her heart skip a beat.  She kissed Cass on the forehead reveling in the wonderful feeling of having Cass' naked body against hers.

As they lay quietly, Dakota heard the sound of crackling from the fire and the rain pounding against the roof.  Moments before, she could only heard the sounds of her lover.  Smiling contentedly, she closed her eyes.


Dakota opened her eyes to a pair of warm green eyes staring at her.  She smiled, saying in a groggy tone, "Hey."

"Good morning."  Cass smiled and kissed Dakota on the chin, still lying in the same position from earlier.

"Is it?" Dakota looked at the window and saw daylight.  She glanced at the fireplace, noting the fired had been reduced to gray ash.  Looking back at Cass she grinned sheepishly.  "I over slept."

"Very peacefully too."  Cass smiled, lightly stroking Dakota's face with her thumb.

"How long have you been awake?" Dakota stared at her with a smile and pushed a strand of burgundy hair off of Cass' face.

"Oh, about twenty minutes."

"You should have woken me up."

"Nah, I was enjoying watching you sleep."  Cass grinned and light kissed her on the chin.

"I wasn't snoring was I?" Dakota smiled sheepishly.

"No, you looked like you were having a wonderful dream."

"I was."  Dakota grinned playfully.  "It was about you and that gorgeous naked body you have."  She chuckled and kissed Cass' lips briefly.

"Oh, really? Then that would explain the smile on your face."  Cass blushed.

"Definitely."  Dakota kissed her soundly and pulled Cass farther up onto her, wrapping her in a warm embrace.

They broke the passionate kiss and laughed when the horses neighed.

"They woke me earlier.  I think they are hungry."  Cass smiled as she glanced out the window, and looked back down at Dakota.

"I suppose we should get them fed considering they are our transportation."       "Ah...yeah."  Cass giggled.  "The problem is I don't want to move."

"Me either, but we have to."  Dakota frowned as she stroked Cass' face with her thumb.


"Did you just whine?" Dakota asked, surprised.

"Yes, I did."  Cass giggled, blushing.

"How about if we continue this later?"


"Absolutely."  Dakota smiled and sealed it with a kiss.

"Hmmm, I'm holding you to that promise."  Cass smiled and kissed Dakota briefly.

"I'm counting on it."  Dakota winked standing up as did Cass. "Hmmm, come here."  Dakota pulled Cass into her arms and kissed her passionately.   They broke the kiss laughing when the horse neighed louder.  "Okay, later."  Dakota grinned and stepped away from Cass.


The pair cleaned up their mess and dressed quickly.  Cass fed the horses an apple as a peace offering while Dakota saddled them.  She walked them out of the stall and mounted Lancelot as she still held the reigns for Guinevere.

Cass walked over to Guinevere.  "No, no…come over here."  Dakota requested with a mischievous grin, motioning for Cass.  She slid off the back of the saddle and held her hand out to help Cass onto Lancelot.

"Ooh, I get to ride with you."  Cass smiled and wiggled her eyebrows as she climbed on his back.

"Now, turn and face me."  Dakota huskily asked in her ear.

Cass giggled and turned around to face Dakota.

"Hmmm, much better."  Dakota said softly and moved closer to Cass, wrapping her arms around her.

"He's not going to take off is he?" Cass questioned, nervously.

"No, he's gentle just like me."  Dakota winked and leaned in to kiss her.

"I hope so."  Cass chuckled after breaking off the kiss.

"Home…boy…slowly."  Dakota commanded and pressed her lips against Cass'.

Cass deepened the kiss and wrapped her arms around Dakota's neck.

The horses walked slowly towards home as the lover's kissed passionately, wrapped in one another's embrace.


"Señorita Alejandra welcome home.  I trust your horses behaved."  Guillermo, the stable manager greeted as the pair rode up.

Cass had turned around in the saddle, but still had Dakota draped around her.

"Yes, they were well behaved."  Dakota smiled and slid off her horse.  She looked up and stepped back when Cass swung her leg over to dismount.  Dakota smiled at Cass who stood next to her.

"Your mother said to see her as soon as you arrive; she was very worried that you weren't home sooner."  He smiled and took the reigns of both horses.

"Aah, mommy was worried about me."

"No, she was worried about Señorita Cassandra."  He grinned mischievously and walked between the two horses.

"Hmmm."  Dakota frowned as she looked at Cass.

Cass shrugged her shoulders and chuckled.

Dakota narrowed her eyes playfully pretending to be upset and walked in front of Lancelot.  The horse moved his mouth up to her face and wiggled his lips against Dakota's cheek.  "Aah, at least he cares about me."  She smiled and kissed him on his nose.  "Thanks handsome."  She patted him on the neck and walked over to Guinevere.  "Bye beautiful."  Smiling, she rubbed the horse between her eyes and kissed her nose.  "Thanks G!" She smiled at the manager and walked over to Cass.  "Well, let's show mamá that you are fine."

Cass nudged her and giggled as they walked up to the house laughing.

Dakota entered the house through the utility room followed by Cass.  "Mamá!" The smell of freshly cooked bacon hit her when she entered.  "Ooh, yum.  Mamá! She called out again and closed the door once Cass entered.

Cass wiped her feet on the carpet as Dakota walked inside.  Dakota turned the corner and ran into her mother.

"Wipe your feet Alejandra!" Angélica ordered and pointed, her eyes narrowed as she stared at her daughter.

Dakota backed up in defeat from the look on her mother's face.  "Okay, okay."  Dakota walked back to the floor mat.

"Why must I always tell you this? Ever since you were a kid I've had to repeat for you to wipe your feet.  Look at Cass; she wiped her feet without being told."  Her mother scolded and put her arm around Cass, leading her towards the kitchen.

"Wipe your feet Alejandra, why must I repeat?" Dakota mockingly said under her breath with a roll of her eyes as she wiped her feet.

"Are you okay? Did my daughter take care of you?" Angélica asked, her expression filled with concern.

Cass looked away.  "In more ways than one."

"What was that?"

Cass looked back at Angélica smiling.  "Oh, I said yes.  We were fine thanks."

"That's good.  My daughter doesn't always think when it comes to riding her horses and loses track of time or where she is."

"We were fine."  Cass smiled, standing next to the kitchen table.

Angélica moved around to the side.

Dakota walked up behind Cass and whispered in her ear, "You were very fine."  She chuckled and pulled out the chair for Cass.

Cass' heart quivered from Dakota's voice.  She smiled and giggled as she sat in the chair.  She gave Dakota a sideways glance, watching her sit in the chair next to her.

Dakota grinned mischievously and winked at Cass.  She reached for the basket of bread and offered some to Cass.

"Thank you."  Cass smiled after taking a warm biscuit.

"Mamá, how long did it take you to make breakfast?"

"Ay Dios mío Alejandra!" Angélica looked at her daughter warningly.

Dakota laughed and bit into her biscuit, taunting her mother. 

"Why are you so fresh this morning?"

"Oh, come on mami."  Dakota teased with a grin.

Angélica inhaled and looked at Cass.  "If you must know, I'm not very good at cooking breakfast items Cass.  My lovely daughter is referring to my attempt at making pancakes for them."

Cass giggled and looked from Angélica to Dakota. "It's not nice to tease your mother."

"I know, but it's funny."  Dakota grinned and laughed as she leaned to her mother, kissing her on the cheek.

"That's much better."  Angélica smiled and felt warmth in her heart from her daughter's kiss.

"Buenos días."  Wyatt greeted as he walked up to his chair dressed only in his flannel boxer shorts.

"Andrés! You need to wear some clothes!"

"Since when?" He scoffed looking at his mother.

"Since we have a guest."  She looked at Cass, then back to her youngest son.  "Hurry up."

He looked at Cass.  "Sorry."  He headed out of sight and quickly returned wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

"That's much better."  Angélica approved with a smile, watching him take a seat.

Cass chuckled inwardly, enjoying the family banter that was exchanged.

"Could you pass the oatmeal please?"  Cass asked, smiling at Dakota who was staring at her.

"Oh, aah yeah."  Dakota reached for the bowl of oatmeal and handed it to her.

"Alejandra, Tía Joy wants you to stop by her restaurant in an hour."

"What for?" Dakota looked at her mother.

"She wants to see you."  Her mother said and took a bite of her food.

Wyatt looked up from eating.  "She probably wants to put you to work."  He grinned and continued to eat.

"No way. We are going to the beach."  Dakota scoffed, looking at her mother.

"Don't listen to him.  She's going on a cruise for a month and she wants to see you.  I'm sure she just wants to say hello."

"I'm not going."  Dakota said firmly and placed a forkful of food in her mouth.

"Oh, yes you are.  I already told her you would be there."  Her mother's tone was adamant.

"Mamá!" Dakota whined as she looked at her.

"Don't be late, hurry and eat."

"I'm only staying for fifteen minutes, tops." 

"Yeah, right."  Wyatt chuckled and laughed harder when Dakota hit him with her wadded up napkin.

"I'm sorry Cass."  Dakota looked at her regretfully, knowing that her aunt would consume a lot of her time.

"It's fine."  Cass chuckled and finished her oatmeal.


After finishing breakfast, the pair quickly showered and dressed.  Dakota wore a pair of navy blue Quicksilver surf shorts and a white Salty Dog surf shop tank top over her blue bikini.  Cass wore a pair of red mesh shorts and a white New England Patriots tank top over her red bikini.  Both carried University of Florida softball team sweatshirts.

Dakota led Cass into the garage.

"Damn, do you all have enough vehicles? It looks like Lara Croft's garage." Cass chuckled looking around the large immaculately clean garage filled with various types of luxury cars and motorcycles.

"I'm sure we could use one more."  Dakota winked and walked to the motorcycles.  She handed Cass a helmet and put hers on.

Cass checked out the black Ducati Monster 695 motorcycle with a license plate that read DC-0 as she buckled her helmet.  "What year is it?" Cass walked around the entire bike.

"A 2007, early release model."  Dakota said tightening the chin strap on her black helmet, emblazoned with a red dragon.

"Sweet.  I love it!"  Cass smiled as she continued to look at it.

"Thanks, I hope you enjoy the ride."  Dakota winked and rubbed the small of Cass' back as she climbed on.    

Cass climbed behind Dakota and leaned forward.  "As long as I get to wrap my arms around you it will be very enjoyable."  She settled in her seat and slid her hands around Dakota's midsection.

Cass' touch sent a smile across Dakota's face.  She glanced back at her smiling.  "Feel free to hold on as hard as you want."  Dakota turned the ignition and fired the engine.

Cass giggled, enjoying the sensation of touching Dakota and the rumble of the engine between her legs. 

They cruised down Taylor Street towards Dunlawton Avenue.  Dakota pointed to her right as they stopped at the light.  "My high school is down that road."

"Oh, yeah.  Will you take me there?"

"We are going there for the homecoming celebrations tomorrow."

"Excellent, it sounds like a lot of fun."  Cass grinned and hugged her tighter when Dakota gunned the engine when the light changed.

Cass enjoyed the cool breeze against her and smiled uncontrollably at the feeling she had since they had made love.

‘It's so cliché, but I feel like I'm walking on a cloud.'  She inhaled and exhaled heavily, feeling the butterflies in her stomach flutter as she thought back on the previous night.  ‘I've never been happier.'  She rubbed Dakota's stomach and looked out over the Halifax River as they passed over the large bridge.  "This is beautiful."  Cass said loud enough for Dakota to hear.

"I know, Dolphins usually swim down there.  It's nice when you are having dinner at either Aunt Catfish's or Sweetwaters, because you can see them up close."  Dakota pointed out the restaurants, first to her left and then to her right.

"Oh, that is cool.  I love Dolphins."  Cass giggled and looked to her left noting the homes along the banks of the waterway.  She looked ahead and saw the large condominiums near the ocean.

Dakota steered the motorcycle over the bridge and stopped at the light.  She glanced back over her shoulder.  "I think you're going to love the world's most famous beach."

"As long as I'm with you, I'll love it." She smiled and patted Dakota on the stomach.

Dakota chuckled and steered the motorcycle through the light when it changed. 

They made a quick stop by her aunt's restaurant in Ormond Beach and much to Dakota's surprise her aunt didn't put them to work.  They made their way back down A1A towards the Bandshell beach ramp.


Chad padded through the large house after hearing the door bell ring a few times.

‘Where in the hell is everyone?'  He looked around, seeing the house quiet and deserted as he walked to the front door.

He opened the door and was surprised.  "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"I see that you are happy to see me."  Michelle smiled slightly disappointed by the greeting.

"No, no I am I'm sorry.  I'm just really surprised to see you… that's all.  Come in."  He chuckled and waved her inside.  "Is everything okay?" He picked up on her solemn demeanor.

"It is now."  She smiled as she looked up and hugged him.

He held her tightly and rubbed her back.  "What happened?" He asked softly, still holding her.

"Oh, it was my mother.  She was just bugging the shit out of me so I had to get out of there."  She patted him on the back and broke the hug.

"Wow, I'm sorry is there anything I can do to make it better?" He smiled and lightly stroked her brown hair.

"You just did."  She smiled and leaned up to kiss him.

His heart raced from the feel of her lips on his.  He sighed when she broke the kiss.  "Do you want me to get your bag out of the car?"

"No, it's at the hotel."

"Why are you staying in a hotel?  We have plenty of space here."

"I couldn't get in touch with you and I didn't want to just show up here so I got a hotel room."

"That's nonsense.  You will always have a home here no matter what."  He smiled and rubbed her arm reassuringly.

"Thanks, you're so sweet."  She smiled warmly and rubbed his cheek with her thumb.

"I'm really happy you are here."

"Me too."  Michelle smiled broader, closing her eyes as he moved in to kiss her.

Chad's heart raced when he felt her lips on his own and gasped when she deepened the kiss.  He broke the kiss.

"Want to go up to my room?"

"Yep."  Michelle smiled and slid her hand into his as they walked through the foyer towards the stair case.         

To Be Continued…

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