Double Play XXV

By Cruise

Chapter 31

Michelle flopped down in the oversized chair in Chad's room and put her feet up on the ottoman before her.  She propped her arm up on the armrest and leaned her head against her hand.

Chad sat on the ottoman and grasped her foot, tossing her sandal to the floor.  He began to rub her foot.

"Dude, that feels so good."  She smiled and leaned her head back on the chair.

"I figured it would."  He smiled and continued the massage.  "So, tell me why was your mom bugging you so much?"

Michelle lifted her head up and looked at him.  "Because of you."

He stopped his massage and stared at her, surprised.  "Me? Why?"

"She heard some of our phone conversation and I told her what has been going on with us.  Well, she was overjoyed that I was no longer going to be a lesbian.  Can you believe that crap?" Her tone grew angrier, reliving the conversation.

"You're a lesbian? Since when?" He laughed and pulled her toe playfully.

Michelle chuckled and smiled.  "Very funny."

"So, what else did you tell her about us?"

"That was about it, but she is very happy that something other than friendship is happening between us."

"Are you?" He stopped the massage and stared at her, hopeful.

She paused and stared at him.  "I'm still trying to figure it out.  We have all of this baggage going on."  Michelle sat up in the chair and placed her feet on the floor.

"What do you mean baggage?" He moved around and sat before her.

"I don't want us to fuck up our friendship, that's the baggage that I'm talking about."

He looked deeply into her eyes and held her hand.  "No matter what happens or doesn't happen between us, I will always love you and cherish our friendship."

Michelle sighed, feeling a catch in her heart.  "You are so sweet and so good to me.  Thank you."  She placed her hand on his face and rubbed his cheek with her thumb.  Staring into his blue eyes that were filled with sincerity, she heard her mother's words echo in her ear and leaned in to kiss him.

Chad moved forward and deepened the kiss when she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Dakota stopped at the guard gate to pay the beach fee.

"Hey, how are you?" Dakota smiled and handed the attractive blonde the money.

"Fine, thanks."  The woman took the money from her and smiled in return.  "Have a wonderful day."

"Thanks, I already am."  Dakota smiled glancing back at Cass and chuckled when she felt Cass squeeze her tighter.  She steered the motorcycle down the ramp and cautiously made a right turn on the beach.  After stopping, she removed her helmet.  "Aah, that's much better."  She smiled at Cass who had done the same and felt her heart skip a beat when Cass tussled her hair side to side.

"Wow, this is very cool that you can drive on the beach."  She smiled at Dakota who was staring at her…"Dakota?"

"Hmmm?" Dakota blinked unsure of what was going on.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, aah…" she blushed and chuckled.  "I was just caught up in your beauty."

Cass smiled, feeling her heart race faster and kissed Dakota on the cheek.  "That is very sweet.  I do the same with you each time I look at you."

"You're adorable." Dakota smiled and kissed Cass' hand.  "Can you hook our helmets on the back; there is a latch on each side for them?" She pointed out where she was referring to.

"Absolutely."  Cass took Dakota's helmet and latched them to the motorcycle.

Dakota removed her shirt and tucked it in the front of her shorts.

Cass turned around and gasped when she saw Dakota in her red bikini top.  She rubbed her hands along Dakota's strong, muscular tanned shoulders and placed a soft kiss on each one.  Tracing the Dragon design tattooed on Dakota's shoulder, she inhaled deeply feeling a tingling sensation in her stomach and kissed the Dragon lightly.  "I think your tattoo is so sexy."  Cass said in a whisper and kissed it once more.

Dakota inhaled, trying to catch her breath, she smiled feeling nervous when Cass' lips touched her skin.  She glanced over her shoulder at Cass.

Cass snuggled her face against Dakota's cheek and whispered, "I've wanted to do that all day." 

"Feel free to do it as often as you want."  Dakota smiled and winked.  She pulled Cass' hand around the front of her and placed it on her abdomen.

"Oh, I will."  Cass giggled and rubbed her thumb on Dakota's skin.

Dakota smiled and steered the motorcycle down the beach.


Michelle broke the kiss and stared at Chad

Chad inhaled deeply trying to calm his racing heart and smiled.  "I want you so much, that I can barely stand it."  He leaned in and kissed her passionately. 

Michelle closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him, sinking into the kiss.

He pulled her close and stood up with her in his arms.

Michelle responded to his wet kiss and wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed.  She ran her fingers through his short, dark hair and gasped when he moved his hand onto her backside.

Chad lowered Michelle onto the bed still locked in a passionate kiss.  Michelle moved her hands around him and pulled his shirt off as he kneeled between her legs.  She ran her hands up his muscular body and pulled him down, sliding her tongue in his mouth when his lips met hers.

Chad gasped from the kiss and laid on top of her.

Michelle's eyes flew open when she felt him on top of her and felt her heart raced faster.  The feel of his large, heavy body on top of hers was foreign to her.

Chad's kiss grew more fervent and he moved his hand under her shirt.  He gently caressed her breast and moved his pelvis up, then down.

Michelle couldn't breath and broke the kiss to catch her breath.

Chad moved his kiss down her neck and his hand slid down her body to her shorts.  He pushed her pants down past her hip on the one side and reached down for the other side.  After pushing that side down, he opened his shorts and pushed them down.

Michelle's pounded with fear and panic when she felt his stiffness against her bare leg.  ‘This doesn't feel right.'  She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, trying to enjoy it.  ‘You need to try it.'   She kissed him and rubbed her hands up and down his bare back.  The feel of his bristly goatee against her mouth, bothered her and she broke the kiss, moving her head to the side

He took her hand and whispered.  "Touch me."  He moved her hand between his legs and kissed her again.

Michelle gasped for air and broke the kiss.  Her hand brushed against him and feeling like a caged animal, she pulled her hand away.  She placed both of her hands on his chest and held him away.  "I'm not ready for this, I'm sorry."

Chad sighed, frustrated and stared at her.  "But…"

"Please, I need to get up."  She moved him back as panic gripped her.  Feeling overwhelmed and afraid, she began to cry.

"I'm sorry."  Chad grew concerned and moved off of her, quickly pulling his pants up.

Michelle hurriedly pulled her pants on and stood up.  She wiped the tears away and ran her fingers through her long hair.  "I'm sorry Chad."

Chad stood up behind her.  "Hey, it's okay."  He moved his hands up towards her shoulders and hesitated, then gently placed them on her.  "We'll wait until you are ready."

Michelle patted his hand and smiled.  She turned and faced him.  "I don't mean to send you mixed messages."

"I know that and understand."  He smiled comfortingly and stroked her cheek with his thumb.

Michelle smiled and hugged him.  "Thanks.  You are so good to me."

He closed his eyes from the feeling of having her in his arms and sighed as he wanted more from her.  He knew that wasn't going to happen and if he pushed too hard, he would scare her away.  "Aah, how about if we go out and have some fun?" He broke the hug, smiling.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just give me a few minutes and I'll meet you downstairs."  He smirked and looked away, sheepishly.

"Oh, aah okay.  Sorry."  Michelle grimaced, understanding what he was referring to.  She patted him on the arm and walked out of the room.  ‘I'm such a jerk.  I keep leading him on and he's so patient.  He should hate me!'  She sighed, shaking her head as she walked down the hall to the living room.

Chad walked around in a circle trying to calm his frustration and picked up his shirt.  "Damn it!" He tossed his shirt on the bed, inhaling and exhaling deeply to alleviate the pain.  He felt his eyes water.  ‘Oh, cut it out you pussy.'  He wiped his eyes and picked up his shirt.  He inhaled deeply and pulled the shirt over his head.  ‘Get a grip.'  He sighed heavily and exited the room.


Dakota parked the motorcycle near the jetty in Ponce Inlet.  Cass climbed off and stared out at the ocean, smiling when the cool ocean breeze swept across her face.

Dakota swung her leg over the motorcycle and stretched her body.

"DC, what's up?"

Dakota smiled and walked towards the surfer who approached.  "Dude, what's up!" She grasped his hand and pulled him close for a partial hug.

"The surf man."  He laughed as did Dakota.  "How the hell have you been?"

"Fantastic."  Dakota smiled broadly and glanced over at Cass, then looked back to him.

"I can see why.  Dude, she's hot.  Very nice."  He smiled and tapped Dakota on the shoulder as he glanced over at Cass.

"Come here."  Dakota walked towards Cass.  "This is Dirk and this is Cass."

"Hi Dirk, it's a pleasure to meet you."  Cass smiled and extended her hand.

"The pleasure is for sure mine."  He smiled flirtatiously and shook Cass' hand.

Cass blushed and smiled as she looked at the man who was her height, extremely tan with wild, curly sun bleached blonde and brown hair.

"Bro, get the paw off man."  Dakota removed his hand from Cass' and laughed as she slipped her arm over Cass' shoulder.

"Sorry."  He grinned sheepishly as he looked at Cass.  "Are you going to join us?" He motioned towards the water.

"Do you have an extra stick?" Dakota looked over to where his truck was located.

"Of course, take your pick.  I'll see you out there. It was nice meeting you Cass." He smiled and walked towards the water, shifting his surfboard from one arm to the other.

Dakota looked at Cass.  "Do you mind if I go surfing for a little while?"

"No, go ahead.  It will be cool to watch you."  Cass smiled and patted Dakota on the stomach.

"I won't be long."  Dakota smiled and kissed Cass before running over to Dirk's truck.

Cass chuckled and grabbed one of their towels.  She laid it out in the sand and sat down, watching as Dakota ran to the water's edge with a surfboard.  She watched as Dakota attached the leash to her ankle and ran into the water with the surfboard in front of her.  In one smooth motion she jumped over a small wave and was lying on top of the surfboard, paddling out to join her fellow surfers. Cass inhaled deeply when Dakota flipped her wet hair back before sitting on the surfboard waiting for a wave.  ‘Damn she's hot.  I don't want anything to come between us.'  With that thought, she reached for her phone and hit the speed dial.

"Why is it so hard for me to get in touch with you?" Cass' frustration and fear mounted as she waited for a response.  "What's going on now?" She sighed annoyed. "I'll be more than happy to tell you…it's the same damn thing.  I saw that guy again.  I thought you were going to handle it?" She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed heavily.  "Yeah, yeah whatever.  If I would have known this would happen I would have never agreed to do this."  She stood up and paced back and forth in the sugary white sand.  "Calm down? How can I when that guy is following me around, STILL!" Cass looked out toward the water and saw Dakota stand up on the surfboard riding the wave.  She smiled as she watched her lover easily guide the surfboard across the wave.  "I'm at my girl..."  Cass paused, looking at Dakota then paced back and forth again.  "aah, Dakota's house in Daytona Beach."  Cass looked back to Dakota who finished her ride and paddled out towards the rest of the group.  "She doesn't know anything…I think…"  She sighed, listening to the person on the other line who was yelling.  "I didn't tell her anything."  She rolled her eyes.  "You really exasperate me sometimes.  NO, I didn't tell her anything except that I was in an accident and my memory was not great! She was at softball camp…" Cass huffed annoyed with the questions.   "I asked her to not talk to me about it."  She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed heavily.  "No, she hasn't talked about it since I asked her not too.  Stop worrying about my end of the bargain and start keeping yours.  Get that guy off my ass or I'm out!"  She clicked off the phone, inhaling and exhaling deeply to calm herself down.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Dakota asked jogging up to Cass.

Cass turned around, startled that she was there.  "Yeah, why?"

"You looked really upset when you were talking on the phone."  Dakota placed the surfboard down next to her.

Cass paused momentarily at a loss as she stared at Dakota who stood before her dripping wet.  She inhaled to calm the fire that brewed within at the sight of Dakota's wet hair that dangled in her face, dousing her toned body with water.  "It's fine.  I was just frustrated that I had to speak with my mother."  Cass smiled nervously.

Dakota stared at her briefly and moved closer.  "Is there anything I can do to make things better?"

"You made everything a lot better when you walked up."  Cass smiled and leaned up to kiss her.

Dakota smiled after the kiss.  "Are you sure?"

"If you want to continue kissing me I'm sure that will be an even bigger help."  Cass smiled flirtatiously and moved closer.

"You got it just let me dry off."  Dakota stepped towards the motorcycle for a towel and laughed when Cass pulled her closer.

"I like it when you are wet."  Cass giggled and drew her in for a deep wet kiss.  She broke the kiss smiling.  "You were hot out there!"

"You think so?" Dakota blushed, smiling.

"Definitely, is there any sport that you can't do?" Cass let her hand rest on Dakota's taut abdomen.

"Oh, plenty of them.  I'm not very good at synchronized swimming, oh and ice skating is out of the question."  Dakota laughed as did Cass.  "Hey, would you like a hot dog and a soda?  It's starting to get dark and that guy is going to close his chuck wagon."

"Sure, I'd love one as long as you leave the hot dog out of it."  Cass smiled, tracing a circle on Dakota's midsection.

"Oh, man I'm sorry I forgot.  Okay let's see how about some chips and a soda?"

"What ever you can find that is animal free is good with me."  Cass chuckled and slid her hand to Dakota's bare back.  She patted it and smiled when Dakota kissed her.


Mary and Brooke had been talked into going to Epcot by Brooke's cousin who had unsuccessfully tried to drink herself around the world.  The group sat at their table in the country of France to have dinner before moving on to the Illuminations spectacular later in the evening.

Brooke leaned closer to Mary.  "I'm really sorry that my cousin has been such a lousy drunk."

Mary placed her hand on Brooke's leg and patted it gently.  "Don't worry about it, she has been pretty funny." 

They looked at her cousin who had her head leaned against the wall and her eyes closed.

"She's going to be hurting tomorrow."  Brooke laughed as did Mary. 

Mary moved her hand up Brooke's leg and left it there, much to Brooke's delight.  She had enjoyed the subtle glances and touches Mary had been giving her for the majority of the day.  She placed her hand on top of Mary's and smiled when she looked at her. 

"I'm really happy you invited me up here."

"I'm happy you're here too."  Brooke blushed with a smile and squeezed her hand.

"Hey! What are you two going to have?" Brooke's sister called out, looking from behind her menu.

"Oh, aah we didn't even look yet."  Brooke chuckled as did Mary and both looked at the menu when Brooke placed it in front of them.


Dakota sat facing Cass on the motorcycle feeding her the remainder of the potato chips.  They laughed when Cass chomped on the chip that Dakota was teasing her with.  Dakota turned up the motorcycle radio when she heard ‘Collide' By Howie Day come on.

"I love this song."  She smiled and pulled Cass closer to her as she dug her feet into the white soft, sand to steady them on the motorcycle.

"Oh, you do huh? Why is that?" Cass smiled and wrapped her arms around Dakota's neck.

Dakota looked down and then looked up at Cass shyly.  "It makes me think of you."

"Really?" Cass was flabbergasted.

"Yeah, it was playing when we were at the MC the night I asked you out, but you were dancing with Mary.  I wanted to be the one dancing with you to this song."  Dakota looked away, blushing.

Cass' heart raced at the admission and held Dakota's face in her hands, turning it to look in her eyes.  "That is so sweet."  She leaned in and kissed her.  She broke the kiss and gazed into Dakota's blue eyes.  "If I remember correctly you were dancing with some other chick."

Dakota looked away sheepishly and returned her gaze.  "Yeah, but it was only because you were with Mary.  I was insanely jealous."

Cass smiled broadly and pulled her in for another kiss.  She broke the kiss saying, "There is no reason for you to be jealous," and continued the passionate kiss.

Dakota deepened the kiss and pulled Cass closer, draping the smaller woman's legs over hers.  She gently caressed Cass' back as they continued their sensual kiss.  Dakota moved her hand down between Cass' legs. 

Cass gasped at the contact and slid her tongue deeper in Dakota's mouth.  Her breathing escalated as her clit responded to Dakota lightly stroking it through her bathing suit.

"You are so hard Cass."  Dakota moaned through her kiss, continuing to stroke her.

"I'm even wetter."  Cass replied breathless.

"I want you…now."  Dakota broke the kiss and stared at Cass.

"I'm not sure it will be that comfortable on this motorcycle."  Cass grinned.

Dakota looked down at the towels, which were filled with sand and scanned the area.  She smiled widely.  "I've got an idea.  Follow me."  She hopped off the motorcycle and helped Cass off pulling her along, both laughing.

Dakota led Cass to the lifeguard stand and quickly climbed up to the top.  She sat and leaned over watching as Cass climbed up. 

"Is there any room up here for me?" Cass asked as she stood looking at Dakota.

"Oh, there's plenty of room for you right here."  Dakota smiled and slid backwards.  She helped Cass onto the top and guided her into her lap.

Cass giggled, feeling her heart quicken when Dakota quickly wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close.

Dakota smiled and closed her eyes smelling in the sweet scent of Cass' hair when she kissed Cass on the cheek.  "Hmmm, you feel so good in my arms."  Dakota whispered in her ear and quickly assaulted Cass' neck with feathery kisses.

"That feels wonderful."  Cass smiled enjoying the feel of Dakota's lips and inhaled the cool, salty air as she stared out over the darkened ocean. 

Dakota moved her hand that rested on Cass' midsection, downward.  Her finger easily slid under Cass' bathing suit bottom.  Dakota's heart raced and she smiled when she heard Cass gasp in response to her touch.

"You are so wet."  Dakota whispered and moved her other hand up to Cass' breast, easily sliding under her top.  She lightly caressed her breast and slid her finger up and down Cass' slick clit.

"Oh, yes…you make me feel so good.  I love it when you touch me."  Cass panted breathlessly, slowly moving her hips in rhythm with Dakota's movement.

Dakota moved her kiss from Cass' neck to her ear and whispered huskily, "Spread your legs for me."

Cass' breathing escalated from the request and she quickly fulfilled what Dakota asked of her.  She gasped and inhaled deeply trying to catch her breath when Dakota slid her finger inside her moist opening.  "Oh, Dakota.  You are wonderful."

"Hmmm, so are you."  Dakota whispered and nibbled on her neck, lightly pinching her hardened nipple as she moved her fingers in and out of Cass slowly.  "I get so hard when I kiss or touch you."  Dakota traced Cass' ear with her tongue and exhaled slowly in her ear.

Cass strained to open her eyes and quickly closed them.  "Well, I'm going to have to check this out."  Cass moved to her right slightly and slid her hand down Dakota's swim trunks.  "Ooh, you are very hard, but I think you can be harder."  Cass smiled, moving her hips faster as her arousal heightened and stroked Dakota's clit.

"You drive me crazy."  Dakota whispered, breathless enjoying the feel of Cass' fingers between her legs.  Her arousal mounted and she picked up her pace of stroking Cass' clit.  She dipped her finger in and moved her finger in and out faster as Cass' hips bucked faster.  "I think you have something I want."

"Yes I do and you are very close to getting it."  Cass told her between breaths, moving her hips faster.  "Yes, don't move that feels incredible." 

Dakota moved her hand to Cass' other breast, lightly stroking the nipple and pushed deeper within Cass with her finger.  Her breathing escalated as Cass continued to stroke her hard, wet clit and felt her orgasm taking control over her as Cass began to release hers.

"Yes, yes…oh, yes…Dakota…aah."  Cass breathed out, relaxing her body as she still slid her finger up and down Dakota's clit.  She held her finger there when she heard Dakota moan and felt her clit throb under her finger when she released her orgasm.

"Yes, damn…you are fantastic."  Dakota breathed out, kissing Cass on the cheek.  She smiled when Cass turned her head to look at her.

"That was incredible."  Cass smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

Dakota's tongue reached Cass' lips before her own and quickly slid inside as she passionately kissed her.  She moved her hand from Cass' mound and moved it along Cass' bare abdomen, resting it there.  Her other hand moved to the same area and she held her tightly as she deepened the wet kiss.

Cass broke the kiss breathless and stared into Dakota's blue eyes that reflected in the moonlight.  "Have I told you how much I enjoy being in your arms?"

"I don't think so."  Dakota smiled playfully and gave her a brief kiss.  "I enjoy having you in my arms."  She kissed Cass on the cheek and held her tighter.  She leaned her cheek against Cass' as both women stared out over the ocean as the stars twinkled brightly in the sky. 

Cass moved her hand from Dakota's center and caressed her leg, enjoying the feeling of having Dakota's strong arms around her.  She smiled from the wondrous feeling and the lapping of the waves against the shore. 

Both women sat silently, enjoying the feeling of one another.


Brooke and Mary entered the house, exhausted from the day at EPCOT. 

"Well, I'm beat."  Mary yawned and stretched.

"Me too.  Let's go to bed."  Brooke smiled and took Mary's hand, leading her down the hall.  "Night sis."  She called out over her shoulder to her sister who had flopped on the couch.

"Night."  Her sister called back.

Mary stopped at the guest room.  "Where are you going? This is where my stuff is right?" She asked, feeling Brooke pull her forward.

"You're staying in my room this evening."  Brooke smiled as she faced her and leaned in for a kiss.

"Sweet."  Mary said excitedly after breaking the kiss.

"Follow me."  Brooke smiled and pulled her along.

"Show me the way."  Mary chuckled and followed Brooke to her room.

Brooke opened the door and pulled Mary through, quickly shutting the door behind her once she entered.  She moved Mary against the door and leaned in, kissing her ardently.

Mary reciprocated the kiss and sighed, when Brooke broke off the kiss. 

"I have been waiting to do that all day."  Brooke smiled and brushed the hair off Mary's face.

"I've wanted the same thing.  Don't stop."  She pulled Brooke in her arms and kissed her passionately.

Brooke sank into the kiss and slid her hand up from Mary's hip to her breast, lightly caressing it through her shirt.

"Oh, yes.  That feels so good."  Mary whispered through the kiss and deepened it.

Brooke stroked her thumb over Mary's hard nipple and guided her towards the bed as the continued their lustful kiss.

Mary broke the kiss and stared in Brooke's eyes.  "Are you sure this is okay?"

"Of course it is why do you ask?"

"I just don't want to cause problems between you and Cass."

"That's sweet, but I don't want to think of Cass right now.  All I want to think about is you and your naked body."  Brooke smiled and pulled Mary in for a deep kiss.


"Dude, thanks man for the lift."  Chad smiled and patted his friend Matt on the shoulder.

"Anytime bro.  Have a good one."  Matt smiled and waved at Chad and Michelle who had climbed out of the car.

"Thanks Matt!" Michelle smiled and leaned forward to catch her balance. 

They watched as Matt drove away and looked at each other.

"I'm fucked up!" Chad chuckled and staggered closer to Michelle.

"I know me too and it's still early!" Michelle giggled and leaned against him.  "Why did you let me drink that much?"

"Me?" He pointed to his chest and staggered backwards.

"Come here big guy."  Michelle pulled his arm forward to right him.

"Tanks."  He laughed as did she at his mispronunciation.  "What was I saying? Oh, yeah me? You're the one who kept buying the drinks."

"You kept insisting on more!" She poked him in the chest.

He laughed and flashed a mischievous grin.  "Yeah, you're right I did." 

They laughed hysterically.

Chad put his arm around Michelle and walked towards the front door.

"I have to get to my hotel."  Michelle moved and walked towards her car.

"Oh, no you aren't going anywhere you are staying right here."  Chad grabbed her and put his arm around her, leading her towards the house.

Michelle stopped and stared up at him.  "Chad, this is not a good idea."

"It's a worse idea for you to drive drunk.  Besides, it's not going to be a problem.  You can sleep in the guest room."

"I thought Cass was sleeping in there?"

"Not anymore.  She'll be sleeping in Dakota's bed."  He smiled, leading her to the door.

"No shit, since when?" She giggled as she looked at him.

"I'm not really sure, but I saw Dakota moving Cass' stuff into her room earlier today."

"Cool, they have had sparks flying between them for quite some time now."

Chad waited until she staggered through the door and closed it behind her.  He slid his hand in hers and led her to the guest bedroom through the house, which was illuminated only by the hall light.

"Here's your room."  He smiled and opened the door. 

"Thank you."  Michelle smiled and patted his cheek lightly.

"I'll get you a t-shirt and shorts."  He winked and padded towards his room. 

Michelle walked into the room and sat on the bed.  ‘Oh, man.  I drank way too much.'  She burped and looked up when she heard him come into the room.  "You're a doll, thanks."

"Anytime.  Well, goodnight."  He smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

She smiled, blushing when he looked at her after the kiss.  "Good night."  She leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

He pulled her in and deepened the kiss.

To Be Continued…

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