Double Play XXVII

By Cruise

Chapter 33

Dakota smiled charmingly. "Okay, is it that I make you feel as wonderful as you make me feel and that you have never been this happy before?"

Cass stared into Dakota's eyes, inhaling from the effect Dakota's comment had on her. Seeing pure happiness staring back at her, she smiled and stroked the back of Dakota's neck with her fingers. "That was one thing I was going to tell you." She said in a whisper and leaned in kissing her deeply. She broke the kiss and smiled when she saw Dakota's eyes were still closed.

Dakota slowly opened her eyes and was met by Cass' green eyes looking into hers. "You are so beautiful." She kissed Cass on the lips briefly. "So, what was the other thing you were going to tell me?"

Cass's heart raced. 'I can't do it.' She inhaled deeply. "That I had this overwhelming desire to have you once again." Cass smiled provocatively and wiggled her eyebrows seductively before kissing Dakota's bare chest.

"You can have me as many times as you want." Dakota said breathless and gasped when Cass kissed her nipple. She lightly rubbed Cass' back and watched as Cass slowly moved her kiss downward. Dakota spread her legs when Cass kneeled before her. "Oh, yes." She said softly when Cass nuzzled her mouth over sex.

Cass moved her hands onto Dakota's hips and pulled her closer as her tongue stroked her hardened clit.

"You know just what I like." Dakota said breathless as she watched Cass and slid her hand around to the back of her head. "Yes, right there." Dakota panted heavily as she held Cass' head and threw her head back, enjoying having Cass' tongue inside of her.

Dakota looked back down, disappointed when she felt Cass move. "Give me what I want Dakota." Cass demanded as she looked up at her tall lover and pressed her mouth against Dakota's mound, easily sliding her tongue deep inside of her.

"Yes!" Dakota moved her hips in motion with Cass' ministrations and held Cass' head against her. "Don't move, please." Her words barely crossed her lips through her panted breathing. "Cass...Cass...yes, yes!"

Cass held Dakota's hips as she licked and sucked everything Dakota had to offer. She enjoyed the feast as if she had never eaten before.

Dakota inhaled deeply and exhaled heavily trying to calm her rapidly beating heart. She looked down and reached for Cass, guiding her to her feet. She stared deep into her eyes and gently pushed away the hair that clung to Cass' face, lost in her gaze as she lightly rubbed Cass' cheek with her thumb. "You are an incredible lover. You know just what to do to me. I've never felt this way with anyone before." Dakota looked to each eye and leaned in, softly kissing her. Smiling when she tasted her salty presence on Cass' lips, she deepened the kiss and lifted Cass up in her arms.

Cass wrapped her arms around Dakota's neck and deepened the kiss as Dakota carried her to the bed. She broke the kiss when Dakota placed her on the bed and moved to the middle, watching as her lover climbed on top of her. She stared at Dakota who looked deep in her eyes and traced her lips with her finger. "Were you serious about what you just said?"

Dakota inhaled deeply when she felt a tingling sensation between her legs from Cass' touch of her lips. "I'm very serious."

Cass looked away briefly and inhaled at the jealousness she felt before looking back to Dakota. "Well, you've been with so many women that it's hard for me to believe it. What makes me so different from them?"

Dakota stared at her momentarily, caught off guard by the comment. She lightly stroked Cass' hair. "I've never done the things you and I have...aah... sexually," Dakota sighed, slightly embarrassed, "done with one another."

Cass stared at her in disbelief; the comment took her a moment to comprehend. "I don't understand, what do you mean?"

"I've never gone down on anyone before and they have never done that with me. You are the only person I've done that with." Dakota looked at her shyly.

Cass' heart raced excitedly that she stood out more so than Dakota's other lovers. 'What else did she do with these women?' Her expression showed her confusion.

"I've always used a dildo on the women that I've been with. I've never wanted any other intimacy with them than that."

Cass inhaled deeply at the revelation. "I'm flattered that you wanted something different from them with me. Actually, I'm very happy." She smiled.

"I'm happy too." Dakota said through the kiss and deepened it. She broke the kiss, smiling. "I'm going to make you even happier too." She wiggled her dark eyebrows and stared into Cass' eyes as she kissed her way down Cass' body, stopping between her legs.

"I'm sure you will." Cass chuckled and gasped when Dakota pressed her mouth against her mound.


Chad smiled and panted harder as he watched Michelle slid up and down on him. He turned his head towards the door when he heard it open. "Owen, what are you doing?"

Owen stared at his brother in shock. "Dude, what are you doing?"

Chad looked in front of him and sighed when Michelle was gone. He blinked rapidly and inhaled trying to calm his racing heart. Finally making sense of what was going on he looked back at his brother. "I guess I was dreaming."

"It must have been a very nice dream considering what's going on between your legs." Owen choked back a chuckle.

Chad pulled the covers over his naked body and sat up embarrassed. "What do you want?" He leaned his head against his hand and glanced over at his brother.

"I aah, wanted to apologize for the way I acted before. I was being a jerk."

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Chad smiled weakly and scratched his head.

"Are you okay?" Owen moved towards the bed and sat next to his brother.

"I could be a lot better."

"Is there anything I can do to help? Do you want me to talk to Michelle for you?"

"Nah, thanks. She needs time to grasp what is going on with us and if you talk to her, she'll feel pressured. I don't want to scare her away."

"Okay, bro. Well, let me know if I can help." Owen smiled and patted his brother on the back before he stood up.

"I will. Thanks." Chad looked up at his brother.

"We're cool right?"

Chad smiled and nodded his head yes, and held his hand out. "We're brothers, how could we not be?"

"True." Owen smiled. "Ooh, I'm not so sure that's a good idea considering what was going on in here before I came in." He joked and walked towards the door.

"Get out of here." Chad teased and laughed when his brother made a crude gesture before leaving the room. Chad flopped back on the bed and sighed heavily. 'Oh, Michelle. You are driving me crazy.'


"Good morning." Mary greeted with a smile when Brooke opened her eyes.

An instant smile swept across Brooke's face when she saw Mary lying next to her. "I thought I was dreaming."

"No, last night was not a dream." Mary smiled flirtatiously and leaned in to kiss Brooke.

Brooke deepened the kiss and pulled her closer.

Mary broke the kiss breathless and smiled when Brooke opened her eyes. "What would you like to do today?"

"I would love to stay in this bed all day and fuck you. What do you say about that?"

Mary smiled and chuckled. "I'd say let's do it, but can we add some food to the plan?"

Brooke laughed and kissed Mary's lips briefly. "Absolutely, what would you like?"

"Other than more of you, some waffles sound good." Mary smiled playfully and kissed Brooke's nose.

"I can accommodate both of your requests." Brooke giggled and kissed Mary. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back with your food. "

"Oh, trust me I won't leave, I'll be right here naked anxiously waiting for you." Mary smiled and patted Brooke on her backside when she crawled over her.

"I'll have to hurry then." Brooke smiled and winked as she threw her robe around her. She blew Mary a kiss before disappearing out the door.


"Morning bro." Dakota greeted Rex when she entered the large gym.

"Well, it's about time you rolled out of bed. I can't believe you slept in this late, it's so not you." Rex looked over his shoulder at his sister grinning.

"It was tough considering the little hottie that is still in my bed." She smiled with a wink as she approached.

"I can understand. Hey, spot me." He laid on the bench and placed his hands on the weight bar.

"Okay, ready?" Dakota stood above her brother, watching when he lowered the weight to begin his bench presses. She watched intently as he completed his repetitions and helped steady the bar on the rack when he finished.

"You're turn." He smiled and jumped up from the bench.

Dakota changed the weight on the bar. "Dude, when do you have to go back?" Dakota sat down on the bench, placed her towel down and then laid back.

"Tomorrow morning."

"Cool, then we have time to hang out."

"I'm not so sure I'll be seeing much of you considering you and Cass have finally hooked up." He grinned, looking down at his sister.

After completing her set, Dakota sat up with a wide smile and looked at her brother.

Rex walked over and sat next to her. "So, what did she say about camp?"

Dakota stared at him confused as she pulled her hair up in a ponytail. "What are you talking about?"

He was taken back by her response and furrowed his brows. "You told me before that she wouldn't talk about you two at softball camp. Did you ever ask her about it again?"

Dakota's thoughts raced a mile a minute and it finally registered with her what her brother was saying. She stood up and walked in a circle, then stood before him. "Bro, I completely forgot all about camp."

"How could you? I mean you were so upset with her about not talking about camp."

Dakota wiped her brow with her towel. "I told her I wouldn't mention camp if she went out with me, and since then I haven't even thought about it." Looking away, she tried to absorb the fact that she had forgotten something that had consumed her thoughts for so long. She looked back at her brother. "I've enjoyed being with her so much and getting to know her better that I forgot about it. To be honest with you, camp really doesn't matter anymore. She has a memory problem and doesn't remember camp so why should I bring it up? She's more mature and is different from that time. I like her so much better now. We are together, I'm happy and I believe she is happy so I'm going to just leave it at that."

Rex smiled and placed his hand on Dakota's shoulder. "I can see the happiness in your eyes when you talk about her and it makes me really happy. If it doesn't matter to you anymore that's cool." He pulled her close and hugged her.

"Thanks Rex." Dakota smiled and patted his stomach.

They turned their backs when they heard the door fly open.

"What's up with you?" Rex asked when he turned to see Chad had entered the gym.

"Certainly not what I would like to have up." He grumbled and pushed the door stopper under the door to keep it open.

"Did something happen with you and Michelle?" Dakota asked with concern as she approached him.

"Oh, plenty. She left me a note saying she was leaving." He looked at his sister angrily as he walked up.

"Oh, man. I'm sorry." Dakota frowned and patted him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, me too, but what can I do? Exactly what I'm doing...nothing."

"Come on bro, things will work out if they are meant to be." Rex patted him on the back.

"Yeah, I suppose." Chad sat on the bench in front of where Dakota was hanging from an overhead bar, pulling herself up and then down. "Man, love sucks." He shook his head.

"Not necessarily." Dakota commented when she lowered herself to the ground.

"What do you know about love Kody, I mean really what does any of us know about it? I have never been in love with anyone." Rex chuckled and picked up the dumbbells before him.


Cass woke and stretched her compact body. Sighing that Dakota was not pressed against her, she rolled over and saw a note on the bed. She smiled and picked it up.

Good morning beautiful. I hope you slept well, I know I did with you in my arms. You looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you. I'm in the gym. Come find me when you wake and I'll treat you to some food. The menu is me along with your choice of favorite food...vegetarian of course! J Dakota

Cass rolled onto her back smiling uncontrollably as she kissed the letter from Dakota. Sighing, she sprung up from the bed and dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She brushed her teeth and hair before making her way down the hall towards the gym. 'Okay, I remember passing it on our way to her bedroom. I think I go left here.' Cass looked down the long hallway and peered into a large room that had the door open. 'Wow, look at all the pictures of Dakota and all the trophies she won.' Cass turned in a circle as she looked around the room. A picture on the wall caught her eye and she moved in for a closer look. Looking at the picture, she smiled. 'No way, Dakota is in a dress! She looks magnificent, gorgeous, and extremely delectable.' Her heart raced as she looked at the picture of Dakota in a maroon cocktail dress surrounded by her brother's who were dressed in tuxedos. 'She looks so hot. I need to have her arms around me.' She headed out of the room and down the hall trying to find her way to the gym. She heard Dakota's voice and headed towards it stopping just outside the door when she heard the topic of their conversation.

"Who says that we don't know what love is?" Dakota asked, wiping her face with the towel.

"Oh, you know what love is?" Rex asked skeptically.

Dakota smiled evasively and shrugged her shoulders.

"Have you ever been in love?" Chad asked, looking at her.

"Yep." Dakota smiled and grabbed the bar, pulling herself up.

"More than once?" Chad was surprised to learn this about his sister.

Dakota pulled herself up again. "Once and only once."

Rex moved in front of her. "With who?"

Dakota lowered herself. "Now that is none of your business." She smirked and pulled herself up.

Cass looked down sadly after hearing Dakota's comment. 'Wonderful.'

"Hey, Cass." Wyatt greeted when he walked up.

Cass turned startled and smiled nervously. "Hi."

"Are you going to join us?" He motioned towards the gym.

"Yes, I aah was just trying to wake up." Smiling flustered, she walked in front of him as he waited for her to enter the gym. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Dakota working out, her back muscles rippling as she pulled herself upwards. Her disappointment quickly vanished when she saw how Dakota's muscles flexed. Inhaling deeply to calm her arousal as she stared at Dakota's scantily clad body, she turned to Wyatt who had placed his hand on her shoulder.

He smiled and nudged her towards Dakota.

Cass smiled tentatively at him and walked towards Dakota, smiling broader when Dakota turned to her.

"Good morning." Dakota said in a sexy tone as she moved closer to Cass and leaned in for a kiss.

"Same to you." Cass blushed when Dakota kissed her.

Dakota leaned up and rubbed Cass' shoulder as she stared at her. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" Dakota's comment about love had run through her mind once again.

"Is there something bothering you?" Dakota looked at her worriedly.

Cass stared at her, looking deeply into her eyes, trying to read what they were saying to her. She saw sincerity and concern in the blue eyes that looked back at her. "Actually..." Cass moved closer to her with a grin.

Dakota leaned down to her.

"Do you have to work out in front of me in that outfit? It's driving me crazy." Cass giggled and traced the muscles on Dakota's bare abdomen.

Dakota chuckled and whispered, "If the temptation is too much for you, I know a place we can go to take care of it."

The soft sound of Dakota's voice in her ear sent a tingling sensation throughout her. She smiled and inhaled deeply to calm her racing heart, glancing at Dakota with a sly grin. "Show me the way."

Dakota grinned mischievously. "Later boys." She put her hand on the small of Cass' back and guided her towards the door.

"Hey, don't forget we are leaving for the homecoming carnival very soon." Rex called out and smiled when his sister waved without turning around.


Dakota held Cass' hand as they walked down the hall and smiled when she looked at her.

"Oh, wait. I want to go in here." Cass stopped and pulled Dakota into the room.

Dakota stopped at the threshold. "Let's not and say we did."

Cass chuckled and pulled her arm, but Dakota wouldn't budge. "Come on, this room is filled with your awards."

"I know, so let's go somewhere else. Like my bedroom." Dakota grinned slyly.

"No, I want to look at something I saw in here earlier." Cass moved closer to her.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, for me." Cass smiled and lightly kissed Dakota on the chin.

Dakota rolled her eyes, allowing Cass to pull her across the room. "Oh, man. You had to show me that picture huh?" Dakota looked away embarrassed.

"You look hot in a dress!" Cass giggled and snuggled against Dakota.

Dakota wouldn't look at the picture. "Mamá just loves to torture me sometimes. How did you come across this room anyway?"

"The door was open and the trophies caught my eye when I walked by earlier so I had to check it out when I saw your name on all of them." Cass rubbed Dakota's arm.

"My mother is very proud." Dakota said sarcastically with a touch of embarrassment as she glanced at Cass, then the picture. Shaking her head in dislike of the picture she looked away. "She should have burned that thing."

"Why? I think you look beautiful."

"Because, I was miserable." Dakota's tone was soft and resentful. She walked out of the room.

Cass stood stunned by Dakota's demeanor. 'What is up with that?' She walked out of the room into the hall looking for Dakota. Hearing a door open down the hall to her left she headed that way. "Dakota?" She said softly as she entered her bedroom. Standing in the doorway looking for her troubled lover, she turned towards the bathroom when she heard the shower.

Dakota turned towards her when she heard the door open and looked back at the shower, reaching in to test the temperature of the water. She glanced at Cass when she felt her hand on her back.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"I'm sorry I walked out. I just didn't like the feelings I was having seeing that picture." Dakota looked toward the water and moved to step in, but was stopped by Cass.

"Wait." She looked at Dakota who had turned towards her. "What is up with the picture?"

Dakota looked at Cass who stared at her concerned. "It's just that it's embarrassing to me being in a dress and I feel really uncomfortable dressed that way. My mom forced me to wear it for my uncle's wedding and I was just miserable."

Cass rubbed Dakota's arm seeing the hurt in her blue eyes. "Why was it so miserable for you?"

Dakota sighed. "If I tell you do you promise not to laugh?"

"Dakota come on. You look like you're hurt, why would I laugh at what you have to tell me?"

Dakota looked in her eyes and saw sincerity there. Instantly feeling at ease she began to explain. "I just don't feel comfortable wearing women's clothing. I've hated wearing girl's clothes since I was a kid. I used to throw temper tantrums when my mom would dress me in them." She stepped away from Cass and moved towards the window.

Cass walked over to her and rubbed her bare back.

Dakota glanced over her shoulder at Cass. "I've never felt comfortable being a woman. I've always wanted to be a guy for as long as I can remember. I always played with boys toys, dressed like them and I see myself as a guy. I am trapped in the wrong body."

Cass looked at her, momentarily taken aback by the admission. She inhaled and exhaled softly trying to choose her words carefully. "I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable being a woman."

"It isn't your fault, this is just the way I am in this lifetime." Dakota turned and faced Cass.

"I'm sorry for the sadness I see in your eyes, knowing that there is nothing I can do to take that pain away."

Dakota felt a catch in her heart and a tingling in her stomach from Cass' comment. She reached up and lightly stroked Cass' cheek with her thumb. "You are helping more than you know." Dakota said softly and leaned in to kiss her. She gasped when she felt Cass' lips on her own.

Cass wrapped her arms around Dakota tightly. She broke the kiss and leaned her head against Dakota's shoulder.

Dakota smiled at the peace and happiness she felt within the smaller woman's arms. "Thanks for listening; I've never told that to anyone." She snuggled her face against Cass' neck and squeezed her tighter.

Cass kissed her shoulder. "I'm here if you need to talk more about it."

"Thanks." Dakota smiled and kissed Cass' neck, reveling in the comfort of her arms. "I'm sorry I ruined our grand plans of a tryst with my gender conflicts."

Cass chuckled lightly. "We have plenty of tryst opportunities." She kissed her cheek and hugged her tightly.


After Cass and Dakota had showered, dressed and grabbed a quick bite to eat they joined her brothers in the garage.

"I feel out of place not having orange and black colors on." Cass chuckled, looking at Dakota and her siblings who were dressed in their orange high school football jerseys and their varsity jackets.

"I can run up and get you a shirt if you want?" Dakota offered and stepped toward the door.

"I'm fine as long as your fellow classmates won't run me off." Cass smiled flirtatiously.

"I will definitely not let that happen." Dakota grinned and kissed Cass lightly as she walked towards the SUV hand in hand with her. "Well, look at who finally woke up. Nothing like sleeping into the late afternoon huh?" She teased, playfully shoving Owen.

"It was quite nice to sleep most of the day away. You should try it some time." He grinned and climbed in behind the wheel.

"Sleeping is overrated. You get plenty of it when you are dead." She chuckled and climbed in the back seat.

"Now, let's not get carried away. You need plenty of sleep to functional properly." Cass chimed in with a chuckle as she slid in next to Dakota.

Chad sat in the seat next to Dakota, with Rex in the passenger seat and Wyatt stretched out in the far back.

"I agree with Cass." Wyatt said with a smile when she looked back at him.

"Me too." Chad added, briefly glancing at his sister before he looked back out the window.

"Oh, really. What about you Rex? Are you going to agree with all of these slackers who like to sleep in late and miss out on what's going on in life?"

Rex leaned around the seat with a sly grin. "I'm with them sis. Maybe you should reexamine your zest for being the early bird and chill sometimes."

"Very funny. At least with me around you all won't be late." She grinned and looked at Cass when she platted Dakota's bare leg. She winked at Cass.

"Is that your high school?" Cass asked pointing out of the window.

"That's it." Dakota replied.

"It must have been nice living so close." Cass read the large orange and black letters emblazoned on the side of the building, which read 'Spruce Creek High School' with a large hawk in flight under the lettering.

"You know it seeing as how we all liked to sleep in, with the exception of Kody who was the nag that kept pounding on our doors to wake us up. She was worse than Mamá." Owen chuckled when his sister playfully punched him.

"So, what are we going to do here?" Cass looked at Dakota with an eager smile.

"We'll check out the carnival with all the booths, eat some food and watch the football game against our rival high school Mainland." Dakota answered with a smile.

"Cool, it sounds like fun." Cass giggled and looked back out the window as Owen parked the SUV.


Michelle woke startled to the sound of her cell phone and pushed her long hair off her face as she reached for the phone. "Hello?"

"You sound like shit, what's going on?" Brenda greeted enthusiastically.

"Nice to hear from you too B! I was sleeping." Michelle cleared her throat and lay back in the bed.

"With whom?" Penny chimed in through the phone as she was listening along with Brenda.

"Have you two been surgically joined or something?" Michelle teased and glanced over at the clock.

"Ha ha, very funny." Brenda laughed. "So, why are you still sleeping and how was your thanksgiving holiday?"

"I was exhausted from all the shit that went down when I was home so I came back. I didn't realize I had slept so late. I'll have to tell you later about what went on over the holiday, it's a long story. How about you two? How was your thanksgiving?"

"BORING! So, I called Penny and hers was even more boring than mine so we decided to come back. We were hoping you might be back. Get dressed and join us here at Farah's for dinner, then we'll all go out dancing."

"Oh, I don't know." Michelle whined hesitantly.

"Come on, get out of that bed and join us. You can tell us what happened and we'll help you forget how awful it was, promise." Brenda giggled as did Penny.

"Yeah, you'll make me forget alright by giving me so much alcohol that I won't remember my name, I know how you two operate."

"Hey, we are only looking out for your mental well being so if that's what you need we will provide it for you. Come on, get out of that bed and get moving or otherwise we will have to pull you out of there. It's your choice."

"Okay, okay you twisted my arm. I'll see you two there in an hour."

"You won't regret it." Penny chimed in before they clicked off the phone.

Michelle sat up on the edge of the bed. "Famous last words." She shook her head and headed towards the bathroom to shower.


Dakota and Cass walked down the long tiled hallway of the school. Cass smiled in awe when they entered the atrium area.

"Wow, how cool. This place looks like a mall." Cass grinned and slowly turned in a circle looking at the large windows in the middle of the ceiling above the concrete planters, which had benches encircling them. She looked at the numerous rows of lockers, the large glass trophy case and stopped scanning when a large picture on the upper wall caught her eye. Smiling at Dakota, she turned and walked towards it. "That is a great picture of you, Valedictorian huh?" Cass smiled impressed, still looking at the picture, which was positioned in line with the previous Valedictorians.

Dakota blushed and shrugged her shoulders slightly embarrassed. "Well, I had to squash the myth that jocks are dumb."

Cass and Dakota laughed.

Cass looked at the picture, then back to Dakota. "You look hot in that picture."

"Kody looks hot in any picture she takes."

Dakota and Cass turned to look at the woman with the sultry voice.

"Mimi." Dakota said when she saw the petite short haired blond and flinched when the woman kissed her, and then hugged her.

Cass furrowed her eyebrows jealous as she watched the woman hold Dakota.

To Be Continued...

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