Double Play XXVIII

By Cruise

Chapter 34

            Dakota quickly backed away from the short haired blonde and chuckled nervously when she saw the jealous look on Cass’ face.  ‘Wow that is a weird feeling I’m having.’ Moving closer to Cass, she put her hand on the small of her back.  “Aah, Mimi this is Cass.  Cass this is Mimi.”  She discreetly blew out the breath she held when Cass didn’t punch the woman.

            “Hello.”  Cass forced a smile and felt a tingling when Dakota slid her hand in hers.

“I see you continue to maintain your reputation of always having a lovely lady close by.”  Mimi smiled at Cass as she moved closer to Dakota.  “Call me if you two want a third.”  She winked and walked away.

            Cass’ eyes widened when she overheard the woman’s offer and both women looked over their shoulders watching her walk away.

            Dakota inhaled deeply, afraid to look at Cass. ‘I feel like an idiot when I’m with her and we encounter a former lover.  She must feel horrible.’

            Cass’ jealousy nearly overwhelmed her.  ‘What do you expect, this is who she is…was…maybe still is? Shit, I hope not.  Stop it; enjoy your time with her while it lasts.  Don’t scare her off.’

            Dakota finally looked at Cass.  “Wow, aah I’m really sorry.”  She felt her heart race and her brow moisten with sweat.  ‘What is going on with me? The more I’m with Cass the more regretful I feel about being with so many other woman.’

            Cass looked at Dakota and forced a smile.  “Don’t be.”

            “Well, I’m sure it made you feel uncomfortable and for that I’m sorry.”  Dakota faced her and lightly pushed away an errant strand of burgundy hair off Cass’ face.

            “We can’t change your past.  Besides, she did say I was a lovely lady.”  Cass smiled and kissed Dakota.  ‘I feel so insanely jealous.  I wish I could change her past.  I want her to have only been with me.’  She inhaled when Dakota deepened the kiss.

            Dakota broke the kiss and smiled, lightly stroking Cass’ cheek with her thumb.

            “So, are you going to show me where your locker and all of your classes were or not?” Cass grinned and patted Dakota’s side.

            Dakota stood momentarily staring into Cass’ eyes.  ‘I know she’s hurt, but she’s playing it cool.  I have to make it up to her somehow.’  She smiled.  “Sure.  Hopefully, you won’t be too bored.”


            After staying in bed and making love for most of the day, Brooke and Mary decided to go to downtown Disney to see the sights.  As they casually walked down the boardwalk near the water they laughed lightly as they recalled how Mary won a stuffed fish for Brooke by knocking a rubber lobster into a pot that floated around a small pool.

            “She’s so cute and you won her on the second try.”  Brooke laughed and kissed the small stuffed fish that looked like Dory from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

            “Yeah, but I was robbed on the first try when that lobster fell out of the pot.”  Mary chuckled and nudged Brooke.

            “It doesn’t matter; you still won her for me.”  Brooke smiled giddily and playfully made the stuffed animal give Mary a kiss on her cheek.

            Mary laughed and kissed Brooke on her cheek.  “So, what are you going to name her?”

            “Dory of course!” Brooke and Mary laughed.  Brooke led Mary over to a bench overlooking the water and they sat down close to one another.  Brooke looked at her.  “I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with you the past few days.  I don’t want it to end.”

            Mary’s heart raced and she looked out over the water processing what Brooke had just told her.  Inhaling deeply, she exhaled slowly as she turned to Brooke.  “It doesn’t have to end.”

            Brooke’s heart pounded in her chest and she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach.  “I’m so happy you said that, I really am.”

            “I can see that.”  Mary chuckled and looked away.  She smiled and felt a warm feeling when Brooke placed her hand on her leg.  She looked back at Brooke.  “Would you be my girlfriend?”

            “YES!” Brooke laughed and hugged Mary, kissing her on the cheek.  “I thought you would never ask.”  They laughed heartily and without a care as to who saw them, they sealed their new relationship with a deep, wet kiss.  Brooke broke the kiss and hugged her tightly whispering, “I am so happy.” 

            “Me too.”  Mary said softly, lightly rubbing Brooke’s back.  She exhaled, feeling a nervousness consume her.

            Brooke broke the hug.  “Hey, let’s go over to Epcot and have dinner in Germany, and then we can mosey over to watch the fireworks again.”

            “Are our tickets still good?”

            “Yeah, they were good for four days.”

            “Very cool.  Let’s get going babe.”  Mary smiled and stood up, extending her hand to her new girlfriend.

            Brooke smiled and slipped her hand into Mary’s as she stood up.  They walked off hand in hand.


            “So, this is where you spent many naked moments huh?” Cass chuckled when they walked into the women’s locker room.

            Dakota chuckled and blushed as Cass led her by the hand into the locker room.  “I suppose so.”

            “You suppose huh?” Cass scanned the locker room and one locker caught her eye.  She walked over to it.  “Wow, they enclosed your locker.  That is very cool.”  Cass looked at Dakota smiling.

            Dakota looked at the ground and glanced up shyly.  “Yeah, they did that after I went to the Olympics the first time.”

            “That is awesome.”  Cass smiled enthusiastically as she looked at the various jerseys from basketball, softball and football that had Dakota’s number on it.

            “I suppose.”  Dakota shrugged her shoulders slightly embarrassed.

            Cass pulled her closer.  “Why are you being so shy?”

            Dakota looked away, and then glanced back to Cass.  “It’s embarrassing to me.”

            “Why? This is a huge accomplishment just like all of those trophies you helped your school win.  Besides, since when do you, the woman with the biggest ego around act embarrassed about her accomplishments.”

            “Since I’m around you.”  Dakota said softly, staring into the green eyes before her.

            “Huh? Why?” Cass was caught off guard and chuckled surprised.

            Dakota looked down and glanced up at Cass.  “I don’t want to be an arrogant ass around you, that’s why.  Your opinion of me is very important.”

            Dakota’s admission and her shyness melted Cass’ heart.  “How sweet.  I don’t believe you’re an arrogant ass.  I think very highly of you.”  She smiled and leaned in to kiss Dakota.

            Dakota smiled through the kiss and inhaled deeply from the warmth she felt inside from Cass’ admission.  She wrapped her arms around Cass, intensifying the kiss.

            Cass broke the kiss and smiled, staring into the blues before her wondering how this confident, world class athlete and highly intelligent woman could be reduced to a shy person who worried about her opinion.  The sentiment touched her deeply, making her want to know Dakota more intimately and to protect her.  She kissed her once again and smiled mischievously as she walked towards the door.

            Dakota smiled watching as Cass locked the door.  “What are you up too?”

            Cass turned off the lights and walked towards Dakota who stood in front of her locker.  “So, stud, tell me how many girls did you get it on with in this locker room?” Cass chuckled and placed her hands on Dakota’s chest when she stood before her.

            Dakota laughed lightly, staring into Cass’ sweet face that was slightly illuminated by the light that peered through the office to her right.  “None.”  Dakota said softly.

            Cass felt her heart skip a beat and smiled as she turned her back to Dakota’s locker, pulling her lover closer to her.  “Make that one.”  She leaned in and kissed her passionately, gasping when Dakota moved her against the locker deepening the kiss. 

            Dakota broke the kiss breathless and moved her kiss to Cass’ neck, lightly nibbling on the overheated skin.

            “Hmmm, I have the star quarterback kissing me in the locker room.”  Cass giggled playfully and tilted her head back when Dakota moved her kiss to the opposite side.

            “I hear it’s every girl’s dream, but hopefully your dreams won’t be squashed that you are with the backup quarterback slash punter.” Dakota teased as she assaulted Cass’ lower neckline with feathery kisses.

Cass felt the wetness between her legs escalate as well as her heart rate.  “Actually, I like it better that I have the star softball player and homecoming queen kissing me.  Now, I think that could be every lesbian’s dream.”  Cass laughed and gasped when Dakota slid her hand up her shirt, gently squeezing her breast.  “Oh, yes that feels so good.”  Cass grabbed Dakota’s face and pulled her in for a long, wet kiss.  After breaking the kiss, she stared into Dakota’s lust filled eyes.  “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.”  She pulled Dakota in for a deep kiss.

Dakota moved her hand down Cass’ taut abdomen past her loose fitting jeans and stopped between her legs.  “You are so wet.”  She said breathless through the kiss, instantly feeling a throbbing sensation in her mound.

“That’s for you baby.”  Cass whispered through the kiss and deepened it.

Dakota glanced up at Cass caught off guard by the comment and reached down with her free hand, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans.  Once free from the confining material she delved deep inside of Cass who moaned in delight when she felt Dakota enter her.  Dakota’s heart raced when she felt Cass’ fingernails dig deep into her back.

“Yes, you feel so good inside of me.  I want more of you.”  Cass requested breathlessly and moaned louder when Dakota fulfilled her request.

The ecstasy was short lived when Cass jumped from the loud pounding on the door.

“Shit.”  Dakota kissed Cass and moved her hand from Cass’ pants.  She walked backwards towards the door, licking her fingers with a wigged grin. 

Cass narrowed her eyebrows as she hurriedly zipped her jeans and buttoned her shirt.   “That is just cruel and unusual punishment.”  Cass fixed her shirt and inhaled trying to gain her composure.

Dakota winked and turned to the door, opening it.  “Yeah?”

“What’s going on in here? Kody?” The woman was surprised to see her.

“Hey, coach.”  Dakota smiled nervously.

“How are you?” The woman smiled and hugged her.

Dakota patted her on the back as the woman squeezed her tighter.  “I’m doing well.”

“Why was the door locked?” She broke the hug and looked at Dakota.

“It was… I didn’t realize it.”  Dakota nervously glanced at Cass.

The coach looked at Cass and then back to Dakota.  She grinned slyly and said softly, “I should have known.”

Dakota looked down shyly with a mischievous grin and looked at Cass, winking.

“Hi, I’m Coach Rodes.”  The older woman with short, gray hair walked over to Cass with her hand extended.

“Hello, I’m Cass.” Smiling cordially, she shook the woman’s hand.

 “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”  The woman patted Cass on the shoulder.

“Same here.”  Cass smiled and glanced over the woman’s shoulder towards Dakota.

“Cass is one of my teammates.  I was giving her a tour of the school.”

Cass’ heart sank as she watched Dakota walk towards her.  ‘As intimate as we have been lately and all I get is I’m her teammate? Maybe it’s time to cut her off until I get a better introduction than that.’

“Fantastic.  Wait, you’re Cass Storms?  I heard a lot of good things about you from Dakota when we talked a few weeks ago about the homecoming activities.”  Coach Rodes smiled.

Dakota looked down and glanced up at Cass bashfully, nodding in agreement.

‘Okay, maybe I won’t cut her off just yet.  Aah, look at how cute she is.  She’s embarrassed.  Focus, the woman said something to you.’  She inhaled, smiling and looked at the coach.  “I’m happy to hear they were all good.  Hopefully, I can live up to all the good things she’s said about me.”

Dakota moved closer to Cass and slid her hand around her waist.  “You are well on your way.”  Smiling mischievously, she winked at Cass, and then looked at her former coach.  “Well, we need to head out so we can grab a bite to eat before the game.” 

“Okay, well I’ll see you both at the game.”

“Yep.”  Dakota smiled and walked to the door as Cass followed behind her.

Dakota closed the door after Cass walked out.  Cass moved closer to her. 

“What was up with you in there? Why were you acting so funny?”

”No reason.”  Dakota answered trying hard to suppress a smile.

Cass furrowed her eyebrows and it dawned on her.  “Did you sleep with her?”

Dakota chuckled and shook her head.  “No, I like the younger ladies.”

“Now that’s not nice, that’s called age discrimination.”  Cass poked Dakota in the ribs.

Dakota laughed and grabbed the offending finger.  “If you really think I shouldn’t discriminate I can go back in there.”  Dakota turned to the door and laughed harder when Cass pulled her back.

“Oh, no you don’t you’re sticking with this younger lady.”  Cass smiled and pulled Dakota away.


            After visiting just about all of the food booths at the carnival the group arrived at the football stadium.

            Cass smiled proudly that Dakota held her hand as they entered with the rest of the crowd and stood by as she signed autographs when the fans recognized her and her brothers. 

            “We need to get down on the field before the team comes out.”  Rex said to his siblings.  “Sorry folks.”  He smiled and patted Dakota on the back, guiding her away from the crowd.

            Dakota protectively guided Cass through the crowd towards the stands and stopped, turning to face her.  “I’m sorry, but I need to go down on the field for a few minutes and then I’ll be back to sit with you.  Are you cool with that?” Dakota lightly rubbed Cass’ arm.

            Cass crossed her arms over her chest when the cool breeze hit her bare skin.  She shivered and smiled.  “I’m fine, go ahead.”

            “What’s up with a New Englander being cold down here in Florida?” Dakota teased and removed her jacket.  “Here, this will keep you warm.”

            “Oh, no I’ll be fine.  You might get cold; I can’t take your jacket.”  Cass protested and handed it back to Dakota.

            “I’ve got a long sleeved shirt on.  I’m good, you’re shivering and you have goose bumps.  Come on.”  Dakota slid the sleeve onto Cass’ arm and draped it over her back.

            “Thanks.”  Cass smiled and slid her arm into the jacket.

            Dakota moved around to face her and chuckled.  “Well, it’s a little big, but it will keep you warm.”

            “It’s very toasty.”  Cass smiled and looked down at the black jacket with the large felt orange SC interlaced letters on the left side of the jacket.  “You’ve got a lot of pins.”  She grinned proudly when she looked up at Dakota.  “What are these bars for under the larger pins?”

            “Those are the number of years I lettered in the sport.  The first year I lettered in football, basketball and softball I got the pin that corresponds with that sport and then each year after that I got a bar.  Didn’t you get a jacket and pins for playing softball in high school?”

            Cass shook her head regretful.  “No, my school was really small.”

            “Bummer, well the good news is you’ll get one after this season.”  Dakota smiled and winked.  “I’ll see you in a few.”  She kissed Cass and walked towards the stairs that led to the field.

            “Hey Kody.”  The security guard greeted.

            “Hey Freddy.  How you doing?” Dakota smiled, waiting for him to remove the chain.

            “I’m doing great.  We sure do miss seeing you out on that field.”  He smiled and nodded towards behind him.

            “I miss it too.  Say hi to your wife for me.  Take care.”  Dakota smiled and patted him on the back as she descended the stairs in a hurry. 

            Cass took a seat two rows up from behind the Hawk’s bench, watching Dakota who jogged towards the opening of the stadium where the football team was waiting.  ‘Damn, she looks so good.  I would love to have seen her play football.  What is up with the other team’s cheerleaders doing in these stands?  They need to get their pom poms out of my view of Dakota.’  Cass moved her head around them trying to catch a glimpse of Dakota.  She laughed when the crowd booed the cheerleaders, suggesting they go to the other side.  Her eyes narrowed when Leila walked out of the group of cheerleaders dressed in the other team’s jersey.  Cass sighed when Leila sat next to her.

            “I can’t believe you’re here.”  Leila smirked, staring at Cass.

            “Funny thing, I was thinking the same about you.”  Cass glanced at her incredulously and looked back to where Dakota was slapping high five’s with the players.

            “You mean Kody didn’t tell you I would be here? Oh, silly me that doesn’t surprise me.  It’s just how Kody is; she’d rather have you run into her lovers.”

            ‘Try not to let her infuriate you.’  Cass looked back at her glaringly.  “Maybe it’s because she doesn’t give you an after thought and completely forgot that you would be here.”  Cass grinned when she saw the irritation in Leila’s eyes.

            Leila moved against Cass.  “You think you’re really funny huh?”

            “Well, maybe just a little.”  Cass winked with a sarcastic grin.

            Leila grabbed Cass’ arm and leaned closer to her.  “Listen here smart ass.  You don’t really think something other than just a fling will happen between you and Kody do you? Because it won’t happen.”

            The woman got the best of Cass.  “What in the hell do you know?”

            “This is what’s going to happen between the two of you.  Once she pulls out her dildo and fucks you with it, you’re done.  She’s gone, that’s how she operates.”  Leila smirked with a maniacal laugh, seeing the anger in Cass’ eyes.

            “I think it’s time for you to let go of my arm before you walk away with broken bones.”  Cass pulled her arm away and leaned closer to her, saying in a hushed tone.  “Now get out of my face you pathetic bitch.”

            “Ooh, feisty.  Enjoy her while you can.”  Leila laughed before standing up.  She winked and walked away.

            ‘I’d like to kick that bitch’s ass from one side of this field to the other.’  Cass inhaled, trying to calm her annoyance with her.  ‘What in the hell did Dakota see in her?’ She looked up when she heard the crowd erupt in cheering and stood up, watching as the team ran through the large banner towards their bench with the cheerleaders following them.  She began to clap and waved to Dakota when she smiled at her as they walked towards the sideline.  Cass turned and looked back at the press box when she heard the announcer enthusiastically greet the crowd.  She looked back to the field seeing Dakota standing next to her brother’s chatting.

            “We’d like to welcome our honorary captains former fighting Hawks Rex, Kody, Owen and Chad Colby as they join their brother Wyatt Colby, our current captain and their father Alex Colby for the coin toss in the middle of the field!” 

            Cass frowned when they mentioned Dakota’s father’s name, noting the displeased looks the siblings gave one another when their father walked up to them.  ‘Ooh that is not good.’  She was startled by the crowd who shouted their excitement and looked around at the revelers.  ‘Man, these people really love the Colby’s.’  She was surprised by the reception and turned her attention to the field when the crowd shouted louder and pumped their fists in the air.  From the high five’s the Colby siblings were giving the players; she surmised they had won the coin toss.  She smiled as she watched Kody clasp hands with Wyatt and gave him a half hug before walking towards the security guard, ignoring her father who looked at her.  ‘I’m sure he didn’t like that, but finally that sexy woman is coming my way.’  Cass inhaled, feeling her heart skip a beat when Dakota looked up at her and winked.

            “Kody! Can we get our picture taken with you?” A group of women asked excitedly in unison.

            Dakota smiled.  “Sure.”  She looked towards the camera and chuckled when the group of women surrounded her.

            ‘I hope this doesn’t always happen to her.’  Cass watched as the women stepped aside and each took individual pictures with Dakota.  Cass’ eyes narrowed when she saw Leila with a couple of other girls sneak up and stand next to Dakota for a picture.  Her annoyance escalated when she saw Leila’s hand on the small of Dakota’s back.  ‘That bitch just never gives up.’  She moved towards the aisle when Leila’s hand moved south and stopped when she saw Dakota’s reaction.


            Mary sat leaning against a tree with Brooke in front of her.  She wrapped her arms around Brooke and pulled her back as they waited for the fireworks to start.  Mary nuzzled her face against Brooke’s neck.  “Are you having fun?”

            The feel of Mary’s face on her neck sent a tingling sensation throughout.  She smiled and turned her head towards Mary.  “I’m having an awesome time.”  She leaned in and kissed her.

            “Good, me too.”  Mary smiled and kissed her again.  “When are you planning on going back to school?”

            “I was thinking early Sunday morning.”

            “Ah-ha.”  Mary frowned.


            “I was thinking we could head back tomorrow.  What do you think?”

            “What do you have in mind for us when we get back?” Brooke grinned mischievously.

            Mary chuckled and blushed.  “Well, I’m sure you can figure that one out without me telling you.  I thought it would be fun to take you out to the bar and show off my new girlfriend.”

            “I like the ring to that and I would love for you to show me off.”  Brooke giggled excitedly and leaned in kissing her.  She broke the kiss and turned around when she heard the loud boom of the fireworks.  Smiling when Mary wrapped her tighter in her arms, she snuggled closer to her, contentedly.


            After eating a pile of chicken wings and a few pitchers of beer at Farah’s, Brenda, Penny and Michelle walked into the MC surprised to find a large crowd despite many students were home for the holidays.

            Even with Penny and Brenda’s attempt to cheer her up, Michelle couldn’t shake away the mess her life had become.  She sighed, regretting her decision to go with them.

            “I can’t believe I let you two numbskulls talk me into coming here tonight.  I should be home trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life.”  Michelle shook her head in disbelief as the trio headed to the bar.

            “You never miss beer bust, besides how can you say no considering we offered to pay your way in?” Brenda teased and threw her arm around Michelle.

            “That and we are tired of seeing you look so damn sad.”  Penny smiled when Michelle looked at her.

            ‘If they only knew the whole story.  No, its better I didn’t give them all the details.’  Michelle stood behind the two waiting for her beer.

            “Oh, oops.  I’m so sorry.”  A dark haired woman apologized after she bumped into Michelle.

            “Damn…”  Michelle’s voice trailed off when she turned and looked into the woman’s piercing blue-green eyes.  She was captivated.

            “Did I get you wet?”

            Her question finally registered with Michelle and she was stunned.  “Huh?”

            “I spilled my drink on you so I asked if I got you wet.”  The woman moved closer to Michelle so she could hear over the loud music.

            ‘Wow, that’s a loaded question.’  Michelle smiled slightly.  “Yeah, but I really didn’t mind.”

            “You have a beautiful smile.”  The woman stared longingly at Michelle.

            Michelle blushed.  “So, do you.”

            “Here!” Penny said when she turned in front of Michelle blocking her view as she handed her the beer. 

            Michelle took it and looked around Penny to see the woman and each time she moved Penny mirrored her movement.  “Would you get the hell out of my way?”  Michelle playfully shoved her. 

            “Hey, watch it ingrate.”  Penny retorted and smiled at Brenda who had caught her when she stumbled.  “Thanks.”

            “Look at that, she is oblivious to us.”  Brenda looked at Penny, then back to Michelle.

            “I know and to think we paid her way in here.  She should treat us better than that.”

            “You’d think.  Let’s remember to keep our five dollars next time.”  Penny chuckled as she looked at Brenda, then both watched Michelle interact with the petite dark haired woman dressed in tight black jeans and a cream colored halter top that barely touched the top of her tanned navel.

“Sorry about that.”

            “I should be apologizing; I spilled beer all over you.”

            “No biggie.  I’m Michelle by the way.”  Michelle smiled and felt her heart skip a beat when the woman took her hand to shake it.

            “I’m Ashley; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  The dark, short haired woman smiled as she held Michelle’s hand. 

            “The pleasure is all mine.”  Michelle stared into her warm eyes, losing herself in them, still clutching the woman’s hand.

            “Would you like to dance?”

            “Absolutely.”  Michelle smiled and followed the woman who led her towards the dance floor.

            Penny and Brenda stood next to one another watching the two head to the dance floor.  “It didn’t take her that long to get over her glum mood and forget all about Chad.” Penny smiled as she glanced over at Brenda.

            “Shit, I would too.  Did you see how hot that chick is?” Brenda watched the pair dancing near by.

            “How could I miss it?”

            “Why can’t I have a hot chick like that come up and spill beer all over me?”

            “Probably because of the way you dress.” Brenda teased and took a sip of her beer.

            “It’s probably because I hang around your ugly ass all the time.  They probably think we are an item.”  Penny playfully shoved her.

            “You mean we’re not? Why didn’t you tell me this until now?” Brenda laughed and nudged her friend.

            “Come on let’s go ogle the ladies.” 

            “You better not get me kicked out of here again!” Brenda warned with a laugh, which escalated when Penny pushed her ahead.


            After dancing non-stop for an hour Michelle and Ashley purchased a couple of beers and walked towards a free table.

“So, Ashley what is your major?” Michelle asked as the pair found a table and sat at it.

            “Computer science.”  Ashley smiled as she sat on the bar stool facing Michelle.

            “Oh, yeah.  What will you do with that degree?” Michelle looked at her and took a sip of her beer.

            “I want to be a computer programmer.”

            “I bet your friends are happy, then that way you can fix their computers for them.” 

Both women laughed.

            “They have already had me working on their computers.”  She laughed and moved closer to Michelle.  “What is your major?”

            “Pharmacology.  I want to dispense drugs when I grow up.”  Michelle laughed as did Ashley.

            “I’m sure your friends are happy you are going into pharmacology.”  Ashley chuckled and sipped her beer.

            Michelle watched her intently and gasped inwardly when Ashley put her hand on her thigh.  Smiling, she placed her hand on top of Ashley’s and swallowed hard when she felt a lump in her throat as Ashley moved closer to her.  Michelle’s eyes closed when she felt Ashley’s warm breath on her ear.

            “I’m not usually this forward, but I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place.” 

            Michelle’s heart beat faster as she looked at the blue-green eyed beauty.  “I would love to.”  Smiling, she climbed off the bar stool and helped Ashley down.  As the pair walked towards the door, Michelle caught Penny’s eye and nodded with a smile before they exited the bar. 

            Penny knew exactly what was going on between the two and gave her a thumbs up.  ‘Man, I have got to find a woman and soon.’  She turned and saw Brenda standing before her smiling. 


After a brief walk, Michelle entered Ashley’s small apartment above a garage adjacent to a house.  “Nice place.”  Michelle smiled and looked around at the spacious living room with wooden floors.

            “It’s small, but cheap and pretty nice too.”

            “I think it’s great.”  Michelle scanned the place, noting she was very meticulous about keeping it clean, unlike her own room.  Michelle turned and was quickly locked in a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around the shorter woman and sank into the kiss.  Her heart raced and her need for the woman overwhelmed her.

            Breaking off the kiss, she stared into the woman’s eyes as she slowly lifted her shirt over her head.  She was surprised to see bare breasts and softly caressed them. 

            “Oh, that feels so good Michelle.  I’ve wanted you to do that all night.”  Ashley whispered provocatively and kissed Michelle soundly.

            Michelle deepened the kiss and slid her hands down to Ashley’s jeans, quickly unbuttoning the hindrance.  Ashley stepped out of the jeans and led Michelle to the bedroom.  Dressed only in a red thong, Michelle could not keep her eyes off of the thin, tanned woman.  She watched eagerly as Ashley quickly undressed her.  Feeling the need to have this woman, she laid her back on the bed and crawled on top of her. 

            “I want you so much.”  Ashley whispered, running her hands along Michelle’s bare skin as she nibbled on her neck.

To Be Continued…

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