Double Play XXXI

By Cruise

Chapter 37

            “I kind of hoped that we would continue what we left off this evening.”  Dakota smiled and wiggled her eyebrows seductively.

            Cass giggled slightly relieved.  “I would like that too, but I told you before that I don’t want to share you.”

            “And who said you have to?” Dakota smirked and kissed Cass passionately.

            Cass broke the kiss breathless and stared into Dakota’s eyes, smiling.  “I hoped you would say that.”  She leaned in and kissed her deeply, wrapping her arms around Dakota’s neck.

            Dakota lightly nibbled on Cass’ lip and slid her tongue inside as she lifted her off the ground.  Dakota chuckled when Cass wrapped her legs around her waist as she walked to the bed.  Dakota laid her down gently and stared at her, smiling.  “You are so beautiful.”

            Cass smiled, feeling a tingling sensation sweep over her.  “Thanks and so are you.”  She ran her fingers through Dakota’s hair as she gazed into Dakota’s eyes deeply.  ‘I am so happy.’  Moving upward, she huskily requested of her lover, “Come here,” as she pulled her down for a deep, wet kiss.

            Dakota smiled through her kiss and lowered her naked body onto Cass’.


            Chad hurried out of the dorm towards his SUV parked across the street.  ‘I’m such a fucking fool.  How could I be so stupid?’ He jumped startled when he heard a car horn blow just as he stepped out onto the side street.  He moved back, staring the driver down.  “You asshole! Haven’t you ever heard of pedestrians having the right of way?” He shook his head in disbelief as he crossed to the other side and turned when the car stopped, reversing its direction.  ‘Oh, no you don’t want to mess with me right now.’

            “When pedestrians have an ugly mug like you there is a law that says you get no right away!” The driver said through the open window when the car came to a stop next to Chad.

            Chad leaned down and started laughing.  “D-man, what’s going on dog?” He clasped hands with him.

            “Dude, I’m wondering what in the hell are you doing without a lady on your arm?” He smiled broadly; his gold teeth sparkled in the streetlight.

            “Oh, no man not tonight I just got burned by one.” 

            “Horse shit! Get in my ride we’re cruisin man!”

            “Thanks, but I’m heading home.”

            “Hell nah! Just because your lady shot you down that don’t mean shit man.  You just find a new one you know that!” He stepped out of the low riding older BMW.

            “Nah Dion man, it’s cool.”  Chad laughed when his friend pushed him around to the passenger’s side of the car.

            “Now you are cool man!” He said with a smile after Chad got in the car. 

Chad laughed as he watched his friend walk around the front of the car.  ‘I was not going to be able to get away from him this evening.’  He chuckled as he watched the tall, large man open the car door.

            Dion settled into the driver’s seat.

            “Thanks dude.”  Chad smiled as he glanced over at his teammate.

            “Look it’s my job to protect you and your brother’s skinny little asses on and off the field.”  He flashed a smile and put the car in gear.  “Now, about those ladies, where shall we look first?”

            Chad laughed, shaking his head.  “How about Fat Tuesdays?”

            “Ooh, yeah there are some nice lookin ladies that go in there.”  Dion chuckled, steering the car down the road.


            Michelle nervously paced her room looking at her cell phone.  ‘I should call him.  Shit, I should go see Ashley.  Man I fucked everything up.  Why couldn’t I have just made up my mind before? I should have known what I wanted and not strung Chad along.  He hates me now.’  She inhaled heavily, running her fingers through her hair.  She flipped her phone open, dialing Chad’s number.  Pacing back and forth more fervently, she nervously chewed on her finger waiting for him to answer.  She sighed frustrated when she heard the voicemail.  “Chad, look I know you are hurt, but we need to talk.  I know you want to be alone right now, but maybe that’s not so good.  We should talk about this, please call me.”  She clicked off the phone and wiped the tears that trickled down her cheeks.  ‘Why even bother calling, he’s not going to pick up.  I’m going over there; I have to set this right with him.’  After slipping on her shoes and a sweatshirt she hurried out the door.


            The next morning after showering and dressing, Cass and Dakota packed their bags. 

            Cass sighed as she packed the remaining articles of clothing.  She smiled when she felt Dakota’s arms around her.  As much as she wanted to believe that Dakota wanted to be only with her, the doubt of Dakota continuing her womanizing ways crept into her mind.

            “You okay?” Dakota whispered in her ear.

            “I am now.”  Cass smiled and turned within Dakota’s arms to face her.  She leaned up and kissed her.

            Dakota broke the kiss with a smile.  “We should probably head out to the hangar before the pilot drags us out.” 

            Cass shook her head in agreement and leaned down to get her bag.

            “I’ve got it.”  Dakota smiled and tossed the bag over her shoulder along with her own.

            “Thanks.”  She smiled slightly as she followed Dakota towards the door and looked back.  ‘I hope this isn’t the last time I see this room.’  Sighing, she turned and walked out of the room, following Dakota down the hall.

            The pair walked silently to the hangar and climbed the stairs of the plane. 

            Hello Miss. Colby, Miss. Storms.”  The pilot greeted cordially when they passed by.

            “Hey Chuck.”  Dakota smiled and headed for her seat.

            “Hello.”  Cass smiled when she passed and stood behind Dakota who stowed their luggage in the bin.

            Mis bebitos!” Angélica called out as she entered the plane with her arms open heading for Cass. 

            Cass chuckled when she was quickly engulfed in a hug.

            “I’m going to miss you Cass.  You come back any time.”  Angélica squeezed her tighter and kissed her cheek.

            “Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home.  I had a wonderful time and can’t thank you enough.”  Cass smiled and kissed her on the cheek, her eyes watering from the warmth of Angélica’s hug.

            Angélica broke the hug and smiled.  “You are such a doll.”  She laughed, gently patting Cass cheek.  “Come here Alejandra.”  She pulled Dakota in for a hug.  “Si buena con ella, por favor.” She whispered in her daughter’s ear.

            Dakota glanced at Cass from her mother’s hug and smiled.  “I will mamá.”  She kissed her mother’s cheek and broke the hug.  “Thanks for everything.”  She winked and kissed her mother again.

            Angélica smiled proudly and patted her daughter on the stomach before walking over to Owen who was lounging in a seat to the back.  Antonio, mi bebe.”  She lightly stroked his cheek and smiled when he opened his sleepy blue eyes.

            Mami.”  He hugged and kissed her.

            “Try not to party so much, I worry about you mi amor. 

            “I’ll try not to mamá.”  He smiled looking up at his mother.

            Smiling, she leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.  She stood up and walked to the exit.  “Bye, I love you!” Smiling, she exited the plane.

            “Bye mamá!” The group said in unison. 

            Dakota sat in the aisle seat and Cass next to the window.  They buckled their belts as the plane moved away from the hangar.  They laughed and waved when they saw Angélica waving to them from the hangar.

            “You’re mom is awesome!”

            “I know.”  Dakota grinned proudly when Cass looked at her.  “Hey, aah I need to ask you something.”

            Cass narrowed her eyebrows from the serious look on Dakota’s face.


            Michelle had used the hidden spare key and let herself into Chad’s house the previous night, falling asleep on the couch while waiting for him.  She woke, startled when she heard a car door slam.  Sitting up, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair.  She stood up and walked toward the kitchen feeling nervous as to how Chad would react to her.  Michelle sighed when she looked out the window and saw the next door neighbor getting out of his car.  ‘Damn, where in the hell is he? I’m such an idiot.  I’ve probably killed my friendship with him.’  She padded across the room back to the couch and flopped down, sighing heavily. ‘I hope not.’


            Cass inhaled deeply in anticipation of what Dakota had to say.  “Okay, sure.”

            Dakota shifted in her seat to face Cass.  “I was kind of worried that maybe you…well, hmmm.”  She looked away nervously.

            Cass touched Dakota’s arm and smiled when she looked at her.

            Dakota exhaled and smiled.  “I was wondering…did I freak you out by saying that I would like to be a guy?”

            “No not at all.  Why would I be freaked out?”

            “I don’t know.”  Dakota looked away, and then glanced back at her tentatively.  “Well, you know some people would think it is weird for someone to feel that way.”

            “There is something you should know about me Dakota.  I’m not like some people.”  Cass smiled slyly, placing her hand on Dakota’s arm.

            “That is very true.”  Dakota smiled broadly.  “Thanks for being so understanding.”

            “How could I not? It’s how you feel about yourself.  I respect your honesty and I support you one hundred percent.  Have you ever thought about having a sex change?”

            Dakota stared at her briefly, surprised by Cass’ calm reaction.  “I have.  I guess I’m just like this is the hand that I was dealt in this life for some reason and I have to play it out.  I’ll reincarnate as a guy in the next one.”  She smiled, leaning her head against the seat.

            “That’s a very insightful and strong way to handle your feelings.”

            Dakota looked down at her arm and stroked Cass hand.  “Besides, if I were a guy I don’t think you would want to be with me.”  Dakota looked up at Cass with a slight smile.

            “I would want you to be happy and as long as your personality didn’t change I wouldn’t be going anywhere.”

            “Thanks.  You are very sweet.”  She smiled and leaned in lightly rubbing her mouth along Cass’ neck.

            Cass closed her eyes when she felt Dakota’s breath on her neck.  Her heart raced from the feeling and she gasped when she felt Dakota’s hand slide between her legs.  She leaned up and glanced back to where Owen was sitting.  Looking back at Dakota she asked in a whisper, “What are you doing?”

            “I’m trying to get into your pants.”  Dakota smiled mischievously as she unbuttoned Cass’ jeans and chuckled when Cass grabbed her hand.

            Cass checked Owen once again, noting his eyes were closed, and then looked at Dakota.  “What about your brother?”

            Dakota glanced over the seat and flicked her eyes toward Cass.  “He won’t mind.”  She smiled, unzipping her pants.

            “Dakota!” Cass grabbed her hand again.

            “Don’t be so shy.”  Dakota leaned in and kissed her soundly.

             Cass broke the kiss breathless.  “I would love for you to touch me…”

            “Then spread your legs and let me in.”  Dakota interrupted with a sly smile.

            Cass looked at Owen again, who had not moved from the same position.  She looked back at Dakota, feeling her heart race when Dakota leaned in closer, gasping when she felt Dakota’s breath against her lips.

            Dakota whispered, “Don’t worry, he’s passed out.  Let me feel inside of you.”  She slid her tongue past Cass’ parted lips and moved her hand down into Cass pants.

            Cass came to her senses and removed Dakota’s hand.  She stared into the confused blues before her and squeezed her hand.  “I’m sorry I just don’t feel comfortable having sex here with your brother sitting right there.”  She inhaled deeply, hoping Dakota was not upset with her.

            Dakota stared at her in disbelief.  ‘What’s up with that? When did she become so shy?’


Michelle had fallen back asleep and jumped when she felt a hand on her.  “Chad, hey aah…” she sat up, pushing her long hair off her face.

            “What are you doing here? I asked you not to come.  Let yourself out the way you came.”  He walked away.

            “Chad, wait.”  Michelle scrambled to her feet and hurried down the hall towards him.

            Chad entered his room and took off his shirt, throwing it towards the closet. 

            “Please, we need to talk.”

            He turned around, facing Michelle who stood next to his bed.  “No, we really don’t.  If you don’t mind I’d like to get some sleep.”  He motioned towards the door.

            “Don’t push me away.”

            “Why not, isn’t that what you did to me?”

            “I’m sorry.”

            “Yeah so you said.  Listen Michelle, I need some time.”  He looked down shaking his head and laughed.  “Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it?” He glanced up at her.

            Michelle glanced away embarrassed.  “I deserved that, I suppose.”

            “Yep, plus more.”  He walked past her and stopped when she grabbed him by the arm.  “Look, I’m really tired and would like to get some sleep.  I’ve asked you to leave nicely.  In two seconds I’m taking off my jeans and I’m commando.  You’ve made it very clear that you’re not interested in that so why don’t you run off to your new girl and leave me alone?” He walked to the side of his bed, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.  He turned, seeing that Michelle had left the room.  He shook his head and dropped his pants, then climbed in bed.

            Michelle stood outside his room, leaning against the wall   “Why did I let this get so messed up?’ She wiped the tears that streaked her face before turning and walking away.


Dakota opened the door and stepped out of the cab, holding her hand out for Cass to exit.  The ride from the airport had been a quick and quiet one as Dakota thought about Cass’ refusal to have sex.  She was disappointed, but had a greater respect for her deep inside.  Respect.’  Dakota’s thought trailed off thinking of it.  It was something that had been foreign to her for quite some time with women.

            Dakota grabbed Cass’ bag, then her hand.  “I’ll be right back.”  She looked in to the car at the driver who nodded.  She walked Cass to the door and held it open for her.  The pair walked towards Cass’ dorm room.

            ‘Why did she bring me back here? Why not take me to her place?’ Cass’ disappointment swelled as they drew closer to her room.  ‘Oh, I get it.  She’s mad because I didn’t want to have sex on the plane.  Of course, this is the beginning of the end, she gave me those mixed messages just to get in my pants and now she’s going to drop me like a hot potato. I thought she wanted to be with me so why bring me here?’ She stared at the door, inhaling deeply to calm the disappointment she felt.

            “Hey, are you okay?” Dakota asked smiling as she looked at her.

            Cass looked up at her, silent momentarily.  “Oh, yeah.  I’m fine.  Aah, do you want to come in?”

            Dakota stood in front of her, moving in closer.  “I would love to, but I’ve got some things to take care of.  I’ll give you a call later okay?”

            “Yeah, sure.”  Cass smiled tentatively.  ‘It better not be Leila that you are going to take care of or any other woman for that fact!’

            “I had a wonderful weekend.  I’ll talk to you later.”  Dakota leaned in and kissed her deeply, wrapping her in a warm embrace.

            Cass held her tightly, sighing when Dakota broke the kiss.

            Dakota lightly rubbed Cass’ cheek with her thumb and smiled.  “I’ll call you.  Bye.”  She kissed her lips softly and winked before walking away.

            Cass watched her walk down the hall and smiled when Dakota waved to her before disappearing.  ‘Well, it was wonderful while it lasted.  Damn it.  Come on Cass, you knew this was going to happen.’

            Cass picked up her bag and entered her room, stopping in stunned silence when she looked at Brooke’s bed.  “What the hell…”

            “Shit, Cass.  Aah, I’m…we’re…” Brooke and Mary scrambled to sit up as they pulled the covers over them.

            Cass looked at her side of the room and walked towards it.  She felt like she had been punched in the stomach and threw her bag on the floor next to her bed.  Flopping down the bed, she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying to contain the feelings of betrayal.  Hearing the hushed whispers in the next room, she shook her head in disbelief wondering how Brooke was going to explain that.

            “Listen, let me talk to her alone.  I’ll call you when we are done okay?” Brooke looked at Mary.

            “Okay, are you sure?”

            “Yeah, it may make things worse if you are here.  I’m sorry.” Brooke kissed her and threw her legs over the edge of the bed.  They hurriedly dressed and Mary quietly slipped out the door. 

            Brooke inhaled deeply trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach and slowly walked towards Cass’ side of the room.  “Cass, aah I’m really sorry you found out this way.”

            Cass looked up at her.  “Are you really Brooke? I mean, really…I live here too and you had to know I would be returning today.”

            “I didn’t realize you would be back this early.”

            “Clearly.”  Cass looked down, rubbing her face.  “Why didn’t you tell me before?” Cass looked up at Brooke.

            “We got together over the holiday.”

            “You could have called me Brooke, we are friends you know.”  Cass stood up and started pacing, trying to quell her anger.

            “I wanted to tell you in person.  I’m truly sorry.  Please forgive me.”

            Cass stopped and glared at her.

            “You’re not still into Mary are you? I thought you and Dakota were together.”

            Cass blew out her breath surprised by the comment.  “No, I’m not still into Mary and well, yes Dakota and I are together.”  She looked down at her hands, fiddling with her bracelet.  “Well, as much as Dakota…never mind.”

            “What happened between you two?”

            “Don’t change the subject.  Brooke…I thought you were my best friend.”

            “I know I should have told you, but come on don’t be so mad at me.  I’m really in to Mary.”

            “Do you know how awkward that is for me?”

            “I’m sure it will be in the beginning, but it will wear off.”

            “Whatever Brooke.”

            Brooke placed her hand on Cass’ arm.  “Please don’t be so mad at me.”

            “Of all the women on this campus why her?”

            “Because she looked my way and it happened.  I can’t change it.”

            “I really don’t get it, she was completely into me and then all of a sudden she’s with you.”

            “Gee thanks Cass! It sounds like you’re more ticked off that she isn’t falling at your feet anymore.”

            “Oh, that’s bullshit.” Cass moved away from Brooke.

            “I’m sorry you found out this way and for how uncomfortable it will be for her to be around, but I really like her.”  Brooke walked out of the room.

            Cass flopped back on the bed, sighing loudly.  ‘Fuck! I don’t want Mary around here all the time.’  She turned towards her backpack when her cell phone rang, hurriedly fumbling through it.  Dakota.’  She looked at the number and tossed the phone on the bed when she didn’t recognize it.  Closing her eyes, she pictured Dakota hoping that would ease her mind.


Dakota steered her car into the parking lot and stopped, killing the engine.  She hurried out of the car and ran down the hallway.  Stopping, she pounded on the door.

            Cass jumped out of her sleep, her heart pumping wildly from the fright.  She panted heavily, trying to gain her senses and glanced at the clock noting she had fallen asleep for three hours.  Looking at the door when she heard the knock again, she ran her fingers through her hair and stood up heading towards it.  She smiled when she saw Dakota before her.  “Hey…”

            “Come on.”  Dakota laughed, pulling her out the door.  “Whoops, we need your keys…” Dakota hurried back inside and grabbed the keys, “plus this.”  She grabbed Cass’ unpacked bag and rushed through the door.  Closing it behind her, she clasped Cass by the hand all in one swoop, hurrying her lover down the hall.

            “Dakota what are you doing?” Cass giggled as Dakota pulled her out into the darkness. 

            Dakota opened the car door for her and threw Cass’ bag in the back seat.  “I have a surprise for you.  Get in.”  She smiled, gently guiding Cass into the car.

            Cass sat in the seat laughing.  Her heart quickened when Dakota kissed her.

            Dakota broke the kiss smiling staring into her green eyes.  “I missed you.”  She closed the door and ran around the car to her side.

            ‘If she only knew how much I missed her and needed to see her.’  Cass smiled broadly watching as Dakota slid into the seat next to her. 

            Dakota squealed the tires when she mashed the accelerator.

            Before Cass knew it they were at Dakota’s house and once again, Dakota whisked her inside.

            Cass laughed when they entered Dakota’s room and stood before the bed.  “Aah, I guess you did miss me huh?”

            Dakota looked at her strangely, and then registered the implication.  “Oh, no well…yes, I missed you, but not like that…well, yes I did, but…” she laughed as did Cass.  She inhaled deeply and stopped laughing, exhaling slowly.  “Okay, what I’m trying to say is that I bought a new bed.”

            “Okay, well it’s really nice of you to bring me over to see it.”  Cass looked at the bed and then back to Dakota confused.

            Dakota saw the look on Cass’ face and sighed realizing the situation was coming out all wrong.  “Maybe I should explain myself.”  She took Cass’ hands in her own and faced her.  “I didn’t ask you to stay earlier because I had a feeling one thing would lead to another and well…you know.”  She smiled mischievously and wiggled her eyebrows.

            “No I don’t know what you mean, could you explain.”  Cass snickered.

            “Very funny.”  Dakota’s look turned serious.  “I wanted us to share a bed together that only you and I have slept in.  Ya know what I mean?”

            Cass smiled with a warm feeling sweeping over her from Dakota’s gesture.  It might have seemed trivial to some, but it was huge to her.  “That is so sweet, thank you.”  Cass moved in, engulfing Dakota in a hug.

            “So, shall we try it out?” Dakota smiled mischievously, kicking off her shoes and climbing onto the bed.

            Cass smiled and did the same, snuggling against Dakota.  “You sure know how to put the moves on a girl huh?”

            “How do you mean?”

            Cass looked up at Dakota with a smile.  “You said one thing would lead to another, so this is your way of seducing me.”

            “That’s what you thought I meant huh? Why Cass I do believe your mind is in the gutter, I meant that one thing would lead to another that we would climb on the bed and cuddle.”  Dakota laughed, propping up on one elbow.

            Cass narrowed her eyebrows teasingly.  “My mind is in the gutter huh?”

            “Oh yeah..”  Dakota said huskily and leaned in, kissing her seductively.

            Cass deepened the kiss, rolling over and pulling Dakota on top of her.  She smiled as Dakota looked down at her.  “What’s on your mind sexy?”

            Dakota chuckled, “the gutter,” and kissed her soundly.


            After thoroughly breaking in the new bed, the two women woke the next morning tangled with one another to the offensive sound of the alarm clock.

            “Ugh, do we really have to go to class?” Cass whined, kissing Dakota on the chin.

            “Unfortunately, yes.  If it weren’t so close to the end of the semester, I would say let’s blow off classes and chill right here, but being the good little students we are, we must endure the harsh reality of sitting in a boring lecture.”  Dakota laughed as did Cass.

            “Why did you have to be the voice of reason so early?”

            “That’s my job baby.”  Dakota laughed and sat up in the bed.  She pushed her hair off her face and glanced down at Cass’ naked form.  “Mmm, you look delicious.  I wish we had more time.”  She leaned down and kissed Cass’ breast.

            Cass smiled joyfully, enjoying the contact and sighed, when reality took control of her senses.  “I know.  Do you have an eight o’clock?”

            Dakota peered up at Cass with her blue eyes.  “Yep.”  She rolled her eyes, “we better go.”  She groaned as she climbed out of the bed and held her hand out for Cass.

            “How busy are you today?” Cass asked as she scooted to the edge of the bed and stood before Dakota.

            “Big time, I don’t think I even have a break to grab a bite to eat.”  She pulled Cass into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

            “I’m not that busy, but I’m bummed we can’t at least have lunch together.”

            “Me too.”  Dakota grabbed a towel from the linen closet.  “Ooh, hey, Lark Morgan has a new movie out.  Would you like to go tonight? I should be back here by five.”

            Cass looked at Dakota stunned.

            “What? You don’t like Lark’s movies?”

            “No, I do I’m just flabbergasted that you like her movies.  She does chick flicks you know?”

            “Yeah, but Lark is pretty hot so that makes up for it.”  Dakota chuckled and climbed in the shower.

            “She sure is and her partner is pretty good looking too.”  Cass agreed and climbed in behind Dakota.

            “Eh, she’s okay.  I think I’m better looking.”  Dakota grinned arrogantly.

            Cass laughed and snuggled against her wet body, looking up.  “I agree.”  She kissed Dakota and hugged her tightly.


            Michelle sat alone in the cafeteria lost in her thoughts.  She jerked her head up when she saw someone sit in front of her.  Shifting in her seat to sit upright, she looked around and then in front of her.  “Hey Brooke.”

            “Are you okay?” Brooke asked concerned as she settled in her seat.

            “I could be better.”  Michelle looked around, then back to Brooke.  “Where’s Mary?”

            “She had some early morning training.  What’s going on? You don’t look so good.”

            “Nothing, other than the fact that I’ve totally fucked up my life.”  Michelle shook her head and tossed her fork on the tray, unable to eat.

            “What happened?  Is it…Chad?” Brooke hesitated at the mention of his name, still feeling jealousy.

            “Yeah, him, Ashley…you.”  Michelle looked up at Brooke, seeing confusion in her eyes.

            “Ashley? Me? What’s going on Michelle?”

            “I had a fling with this chick Ashley over the weekend and Chad saw the two of us together.  He’s royally pissed not to mention devastated.  He told me to leave him alone and looks at me with hate now.  I’ve fucked over two people who meant a lot to me.”

            Brooke smiled inwardly, feeling a tingling sensation at the comment.  “Well, look at us. When we first broke up I was furious with you and now we are having a friendly conversation.  I’m sure Chad will do the same thing, he aah…loves you and I’m sure once he’s calmed down you’ll be back to being buddies again.”

            “I know it’s hard for you talk about him and me.  I apologize for hurting you and hope you can forgive me.  You are very sweet to sit and listen to my problems.  I appreciate it.”

            “You’re welcome, that’s what friends and teammates are for right?” Brooke smiled and took a sip of her orange juice.

            Michelle smiled.  “That’s what I hear.  Thanks.”


Cass and Dakota walked across campus with their book bags tossed over their shoulders. 

            Dakota turned to Cass.  “Hey, what are you doing for Christmas? Are you going to see your parents?”

            “Nope, don’t have any reason to see them.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be…they are wretched people and don’t deserve your pity.”

Ouch, okay the parents are a major source of discontent.’  Dakota grimaced.  “Fair enough, I can understand your contention; I feel the same about my father.  So, do you spend it with friends or your aunt?”

 “Normally, I go to my aunt’s house and we have a dinner with some of her friends.  Why, what are you doing?”

            “We always have a huge Christmas Eve party and open presents after midnight.  Then we celebrate through the night, sleep and then get up and feast on the leftovers.”  Dakota smiled as she held the door open for Cass.

            “That sounds like a lot of fun.”  Cass smiled, entering the building before Dakota.  “Thank you.”

            “You’re welcome.”  Dakota stopped in front of Cass’ class.  “Well, I’ll see you around five okay?”

            “I’ll be there.  Have a great day.”  Cass circled Dakota’s abdomen with her finger, smiling hopeful of a kiss.

            “You too.  Bye.”  Dakota winked and squeezed Cass’ hand before walking away.

            Cass was dismayed as she watched Dakota walk away.  ‘What was up with that? No, kiss and I thought she was going to ask me to spend Christmas with her.  That woman drives me crazy.  One minute I think she’s letting me in and the next, she acts like she doesn’t want to.  Aah…women.’  Cass shook her head in frustration and entered her classroom.


            “Well, how are things going on your end?”

            “I’m really having doubts about this whole thing.”

            “Again with the doubts.  What in the hell is wrong with you?”

            “Sorry, if I’m not ruthless like you.”

            “Fuck you and stop your blubbering! You know that I can make your life a living hell if you back out.  I’ve warned you before; don’t make me do it again.  Get me what I want and you’ll get what you want. I guarantee it will all be worth it.”

            “Okay, fine…fine.  I’ll get you what you want and then I don’t want anything else to do with you.”

            “That’s cool with me; you’re too much of a pussy anyway.  I’ve given you your last warning, the next time I speak with you; I want something more than you crying about your conscience.”

            The phone clicked off and Mary sighed, “Fucker!”


            Dakota sprinted across campus towards home.  Glancing down at her watch she picked up her pace.  ‘Shit, I’m late.  I should get used to it, considering the profession I chose.’  She smiled when she saw her house, digging in to propel herself up the driveway’s steep incline.  Stopping at the door, she inhaled and exhaled leveling off her breathing as she opened the door.  An instant smile crossed her face when Cass stepped into the kitchen from the living room.  “Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late.  Our instructor wouldn’t shut up. Hey, Chad.”  She called out seeing him out of the corner of her eye as she approached Cass and kissed her.  “I’m going to take a quick shower.”  Clasping Cass’ hand she pulled her toward the bedroom.

            “Hey!” Chad replied back.

            “Don’t you just love how those teachers like to talk?” Cass chuckled and closed the door behind them.  Turning she saw that Dakota was already half undressed. 

            “Can you do me a favor and grab a shirt and shorts from my dresser while I’m in here?” Dakota slipped out of her shorts and was now naked as she looked back at Cass from the bathroom door.  She ducked inside and turned on the shower.

            “Sure, but first I need to see something.”  Cass smiled and entered the bathroom.

            “What’s that?” Dakota asked as she put her head under the water, looking at Cass.

            “You…naked and wet.  I really enjoy that.”  Cass smiled admiringly, staring at Dakota’s wet, muscular, naked body.  “Very nice.”

            Dakota smiled and leaned toward Cass for a kiss.  “I’m glad you like it, I happen to like the same thing about you too.”  She chuckled and kissed Cass.

             “Hmmm, now what was it that you wanted me to do for you?” Cass chuckled.

            “Clothes, please.”  Dakota grinned, lathering her body with soap.

            “I’m on it.”  Cass chuckled and walked out of the bathroom, crossing the room to the dresser.  She opened the top drawer and was stunned by the contents.  All she could do was stare at the various dildos before her.  Her heart raced and apprehension swept over her at the memory of Leila’s words.  ‘This is what’s going to happen between the two of you.  Once she pulls out her dildo and fucks you with it, you’re done.  She’s gone, that’s how she operates.’ Cass felt her throat tightening. ‘She’s wrong, she has to be.’

            Dakota walked to the threshold drying her hair and stopped in her tracks when she saw Cass. ‘Shit!’ She tossed the towel behind her and walked out of the room.  “Aah, Cass I forgot they were there…”  She exhaled nervously when Cass looked at her and walked towards her. 

            Cass turned back to the drawer and reached inside.  She pulled one out and turned toward Dakota.

            At the sight of the dildo in Cass’ hand, Dakota’s knees grew weak and she sat on the bed, momentarily transported to another time.


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January 2007