Double Play XXXII

By Cruise

Chapter 38

            Dakota’s heart raced as Cass approached her.  Looking up, she smiled nervously when blue met green.  ‘What made her choose that one?’

            Cass ran her fingers through Dakota’s hair.  Holding her face in her hand, she tilted Dakota’s chin upward.  “I hope you won’t be too disappointed that we miss Lark’s movie.”

            Dakota chuckled and leaned up to kiss Cass. 

Dakota’s breath on her lips made Cass’ heart quiver with excitement.

“Lark can wait.”  She whispered and kissed her, wrapping her arms around her tightly.  Dakota reveled in the warm, safe feeling of Cass’ sensuous kiss and gasped for air.

Cass’ heart sighed as Dakota’s kiss grew more passionate, inhaling deeply when she felt Dakota’s hands slide up her bare torso.  Cass placed the sex toy next to Dakota on the bed.  She grasped Dakota’s face in both hands, breaking the kiss momentarily to move her head to the opposite side and take a breath.

Dakota pushed Cass’ shirt up and watched intently as Cass pulled it over her head, dropping it on the floor.  The powerful attraction she felt deep within overwhelmed Dakota.  She inhaled deeply when it dawned on her she was holding her breath.   Dakota reached around, unhooking Cass’ bra and leaned in, kissing her bare breast as she pulled each strap off her shoulders, until the bra joined the shirt.  The warm, soft feeling of Cass’ skin took her breath away.  She tenderly kissed her, savoring every moment as if it would be the last time she ever had the chance.

Cass’ center throbbed and her wetness increased as Dakota’s kiss moved down her abdomen, stopping at her waistband. 

Dakota quickly removed her jeans and underwear, smiling at the curls before her. Dakota swallowed hard, hoping the lump in her throat would subside when she caught a hint of Cass’ musky scent.   Her heart raced faster as she leaned in and kissed Cass’ wet mound, looking up when she heard her moan.  Rising as her kiss moved upward, she stopped at Cass’ mouth for a feathery kiss.  Smiling, she began to remove her shirt and chuckled when Cass pulled it off in a hurry tossing it behind her.  Dakota watched as Cass quickly discarded her remaining clothing, staring intensely into Cass’ green eyes when they met hers.  She smiled adoringly, losing herself in Cass’ gaze.  Slowly, she moved in and kissed her deeply, softly sliding her hands around Cass’ back. 

Cass gasped when Dakota pulled her in close and lifted her as she turned to the bed.  Dakota guided her down onto the bed, without relinquishing the connection her lips had with Cass’.  Dakota broke the kiss and guided Cass to the middle of the bed, never losing eye contact with her.

Cass’ heart raced nervously as she watched Dakota don the harness. 

Dakota slid between Cass’ legs, gently moving them apart as she looked down at her.  Dakota grew concerned by the look on Cass’ face.  “Are you okay?” She gently brushed Cass’ bangs off her forehead.

“Just a little nervous.”  Cass inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled with a smile. 

“Don’t be.”  Dakota smiled reassuringly, staring deeply into Cass’ eyes.

The moment of truth was at hand.  Pushing her fears aside Cass decided to do what she had promised herself she would never do, to put her heart on the line and hope that Dakota would not break it.  Her inhibitions and hesitation to relinquish the walls she built up by Dakota’s reputation were gone.  Cass slid her hand behind Dakota’s neck and pulled her down, kissing her lustfully.  She sighed intently, allowing Dakota to touch her soul.

Dakota reached down to Cass’ mound, breaking the kiss briefly.  “You are so wet.”

“It’s your fault.”  Cass chuckled and pressed her lips against Dakota’s, gasping when she felt the dildo enter her.  “Ah, oh.”  She groaned, moving her head back allowing Dakota limited access within.

Dakota pulled out and slowly moved back in.  ‘She is so tight.’  Dakota’s heart pounded and her excitement escalated as she pushed farther inside.

Cass broke the kiss, breathing heavily.  “Easy…easy.”

Dakota opened her eyes and looked at Cass.  “Oh, sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Slower.”  Cass panted, smiling nervously.

“Absolutely, I’m really sorry.”  Dakota’s last comment was muffled when she kissed Cass, moving in and out slower, not as deep.  She moved her kiss down to Cass’ neck, inhaling and exhaling heavily between each kiss as she tried to calm her racing heart.  ‘My heart feels like it’s going to explode out of my chest!’

Cass inhaled deeply, gasping with each stroke and slid her hand down to Dakota’s backside.  She lightly rubbed up and down Dakota’s round, taut cheeks, moving her other hand up and down her back.  She cupped her backside with both hands, moving in the same direction as Dakota’s hips.  Cass inhaled deeply and turned her head to look at Dakota whispering, “kiss me.”

Dakota pressed her lips against Cass’.  Sliding her tongue past Cass’ parted lips, she rocked her hips forward, pushing deeper inside.  She deepened the kiss when Cass clutched her backside and pushed upward, matching the stroke of her hips.  Dakota moved her hips faster and pressed deeper as Cass’ opening widened to accept more of her.  She pushed all the way inside of Cass who moaned and gasped.  Breaking the kiss, she looked at Cass.  “Are you okay?”

“Yes, you feel so good inside of me.”  Cass told her breathless, wrapping her legs around Dakota’s waist.  “Faster.”  Locking her lips on Dakota’s, she grasped her backside harder, guiding Dakota’s hips faster.

At the unexpected request Dakota’s senses soared and her breathing labored.  She moved her hips faster, pushing in deeper and harder with each stroke.  She broke the kiss panting and gasping for air with each thrust of her hips.  Wrapping her arms under Cass, she held her tightly as her hips moved faster.

“Yes, Dakota please don’t stop, yes!” Cass wrapped her arms around Dakota and sank her teeth into her neck.

“Yes, you feel so good.”  Dakota threw her head back at the contact, which excited her more.    “Come for me.  I’m ready to come for you.”

“Yes…faster.  I love how you feel inside of me.  Yes, give it to me.  I can’t hold it any longer, aah! I’m coming!” Cass moaned loudly, gasping and panting as the orgasm racked her body.

Dakota held Cass’ shuddering body and could no longer hold her own orgasm.  She quivered and moaned, holding Cass tightly until it stopped.  Dakota lay panting against Cass’ neck, trying to control her thundering heart and moved her arms from around Cass.  Bracing herself with her hands, she leaned up to look at Cass who lay breathing heavily.

Dakota smiled affectionately and wiped away Cass’ wet bangs from her forehead.  “That was wonderful.  I aah, wow.  Fantastic.” 

“Tell me about it.”  Cass laughed as she looked up at Dakota, happy that she was able to breathe normally.  She saw the crimson color of Dakota’s cheek and chuckled.  “Are you blushing?”

“Me? Oh, nah.”  Dakota looked away and gave her a sideways glance.  “Yeah, I am.”  She admitted with a sheepish grin and a laugh.

Aah, how sweet, but why?” Cass lightly stroked Dakota’s cheek with her thumb.

“Because I’ve never had that reaction before with anyone else.  You…you…wow… that’s all I can say.”  Dakota laughed nervously.

“You are very sexy when you are bashful.”  Cass kissed Dakota on the chin.

Dakota grinned and looked away before turning back.  “Well, you are very sexy at any time.”  Dakota kissed Cass on the cheek.  “I’m going to pull out.”  She slowly moved downward, feeling a tingling sensation when Cass dug her nails into her back once she was out.

Aah, wow.”  Cass inhaled and exhaled deeply.  She looked at Dakota with a smile.  “I miss you already.”

“Me too, but when you are ready just say the word.  I’ll be happy to climb back inside.”  Dakota chuckled, playfully nibbling on Cass’ neck.

Cass laughed and squirmed away from the tickling sensation she felt.  “I’m sure you will.  Come here.”  She held Dakota’s face in her hands and stared deep in her eyes.  ‘Now you’ve got what you wanted.  Will you stay or run away?’

Dakota smiled, wondering why Cass was staring at her.  “What?”

Cass smiled.  “Nothing, I was just admiring your beauty.  Come here.”  She chuckled and pulled her down for a long, wet kiss.

Dakota broke the kiss and looked down to remove the dildo.  Her head snapped up looking at Cass worriedly.  “There’s blood did I hurt you?”

Cass glanced down, then up to Dakota feeling embarrassed.  “No, no I’m wonderful really.”  Cass smiled warmly.  “Come here.”  She pulled Dakota down for a passionate kiss.


Michelle entered her room and tossed her back pack on the floor near the door.

“Dude, what is up with you now?” Brenda asked, looking up from the book she was reading.

“It’s the same shit Bren.  My life is fucked up even more.”  Michelle flopped in the chair across from Brenda and leaned her head back.

“What? How could that happen with that little honey you picked up in the bar the other night.”  Brenda closed the book and leaned back in the chair.

Michelle looked up at Brenda.  “When Chad caught me in bed with that little honey, that’s how.”

Brenda frowned.  “Ooh, not good.”  She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Tell me about it.  Ashley, the little honey…” Michelle grinned at Brenda, “wanted more than just a one weekend thing, Chad, of course, is devastated…” She sighed heavily.  “But, on the bright side Brooke is being super nice to me.”

“Hey, now there’s something to be happy about.”  Brenda chuckled.  “So, did you talk to Chad?”

“He wouldn’t let me.  I think I’ve really fucked it up with him big time.”

“Eh, give him some time my friend he’ll come around.  You two are best buds and if he truly was your friend, broken heart or not,” Brenda leaned forward in her chair, looking Michelle in the eye, “he will come around and forgive you.  Before you know it, you’ll both be tight again.”

“I hope so.”  Michelle looked down at her hands glumly, moving her bracelet on her wrist.

Brenda stood up and walked over to her, placing her hand on Michelle’s shoulder comfortingly.  “I know so and if he doesn’t come around then he truly wasn’t your friend and not worth your time.  Fuck him.  Oops, I mean screw him.”  Brenda laughed.

Michelle took Brenda’s hand and squeezed it as she laughed.  “You are a good friend, thanks for making me laugh.”

“It’s my mission in life.”  Brenda winked, smiling.

“Hopefully, this drama will be over soon.”

Aah, you skinny bitches get all the fun.  I would love half your drama, particularly the hot little honey part of your drama.”  Brenda smiled looking off wishfully.

“What do you mean? I thought you and Penny were an item.”

“That would be nice, but I’m not sure she feels the same way.”

“Sure she does.”  Michelle said excitedly, springing to her feet.  “Come on, let’s get that ball rolling.”

“I thought you just said you had too much drama in your life.” 

“Yeah, in my life and you said you would like some in yours so let’s go get it.”  Michelle laughed as did Brenda, who was being pulled towards the door.  Michelle stopped and looked at Brenda.  “Besides, you two are made for each other.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.  Where is she?”

Brenda looked at Michelle skeptically.  “Working out with Brooke.”

Michelle smiled mischievously.  “Well now…”

Brenda followed Michelle through the door.  “Remember, so much drama is not good for you.  Besides, I thought you were over Brooke.”

Michelle looked back at Brenda as they walked down the hall.  “Yeah, I am.”

Brenda chuckled and shook her head as she followed her teammate outside.


Penny stood over Brooke as she bench pressed the heavy bar.

“Come on bony girl, lift that weight.”  Penny chuckled and helped lift the bar when she saw Brooke struggling with the heavy weight.  She helped her place the bar on the rack.

“Listen here P, just because I’m slight doesn’t mean I’m not strong.”  Brooke sat up, narrowing her eyebrows at her friend.

“Ah, let me see those tiny little biceps.”  Penny playfully pinched Brooke’s muscle.  “I don’t know how you are able to hold up your bat with those little things.”

“Ha ha.  At least, this bony little thing gets around the bases a hell of a lot faster than you.”  Brooke stuck her tongue out.

“Why I outta snap you like a chicken wing.”  Penny furrowed her brows and moved closer.

“Oh, look, its Brenda and…”  Brooke chuckled when Penny’s head snapped around at the mention of Brenda’s name, “and Michelle.”  Her voice trailed off when she caught sight of her former lover.  ‘That tingling sensation is odd.’  Brooke shrugged her shoulders and stood up.  She looked at Penny who was staring at Brenda.  “What is up with you?”

“Huh?” Penny asked, looking at Brooke.

“No freaking way, did you two hook up?” Brooke chuckled with excitement.

“No.”  Penny laughed nervously.  “I aah, wanted to do something, but I wasn’t totally sure she wanted to do something with me because she’s always talking about how she would love a skinny little thing like you.”  Penny poked Brooke in the ribs.

“Look here Porky.”  Brooke moved away when Penny came after her.  “You know I say that lovingly.”  Brooke put her hands on Penny’s chest to stop her.  “How come you can call me those skinny, bony names and I can’t call you porky?”

“You can, I just wanted to scare you.”  Penny winked and laughed.

“Hey ladies, what’s up?” Michelle asked when she and Brenda stood before Brooke and Penny.

Brooke dropped her hands and both women turned towards Michelle and Brenda.  Brooke and Penny looked at one another sheepishly, and then looked to the other women.

“Nothing.  Just working out and you two?” Brooke said smiling.

“We came to find Penny.”  Michelle smiled, looking at her other roommate.

“Oh, really what’s up?” Penny asked worriedly.

Michelle looked at Brenda who was speechless and elbowed her in the ribs. 

“We…I aah was wondering if you want to get something to eat?”

“That’s a great idea.”  Brooke smiled, finally catching on to what was really happening.  She pushed Penny towards Brenda. 

Penny barely moved and leaned back to Brooke whispering, “Please go with us, I’m nervous.”

“She’s your roommate for crying out loud.”  Brooke shook her head, relenting when she saw the nervous look on Penny’s face.  “Okay, I’ll go.”

Brenda had turned her back and Michelle along with her.  “You said you would go with me.”

“I lied, to get you here.”  Michelle smirked and giggled.

“Please go with us.”

“Hey aah, Brooke is going to join us.”  Penny said with a laugh.

Brenda and Michelle looked over their shoulders simultaneously and looked back to one another with a sly laugh. 

“Very cool.  Where shall we go?” Michelle asked.

Everyone in unison answered, “Burrrito bros.”


After making love into the mid evening Cass and Dakota ventured out into the darkness for sustenance.  They casually walked down University drive laughing at a joke Cass had just told Dakota.

“Where are we going again?” Dakota asked with a laugh.

“Burrito bro’s right?”

“Oh, yeah for a veggie burrito for you.”  Dakota winked and laughed, grasping Cass’ hand briefly as the pair crossed the street.

Cass sighed disheartened when Dakota released her hand.  ‘Why doesn’t she hold my hand? Does she not want people to know we are together?’ Cass followed Dakota around the corner of the building and bumped into her when she stopped suddenly.

“Great.”  Dakota looked inside the small restaurant.

“What?” Cass moved around Dakota to look.

“I really don’t feel like going in with Brooke there.”  Dakota looked at Cass.

“Me either.  Let’s go somewhere else before they see us.” Cass pulled Dakota by the hand back around the corner.  “Let’s go to the Pita Pocket instead.”

“Sure, but why didn’t you want to see Brooke?” Dakota looked at Cass as they walked down the sidewalk.

“She’s dating Mary and neglected to tell me.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Not at all.  I caught them in bed together when we returned the other day.”

“That’s a pretty odd combination don’t you think?” Dakota gave Cass a strange look.

“I thought the same thing and voiced it.  Well, Brooke wasn’t too pleased with that comment.” 

“I imagine not, but it’s true.  Something weird is going on.  Wait, wasn’t Michelle in the restaurant sitting next to Brooke? Or was I seeing something that just wasn’t there?” Dakota looked at Cass with a quizzical chuckle.

“You know, she was there.  Man, what is going on with these lesbians? The only thing that would have made it stranger is if Chad and Mary were in there too!”

“Oh, now that would just be crazy!” They laughed heartily.  Dakota opened the door and held it for Cass who passed by with a grin.

“Thank you.”

“You’re most welcome.”  Dakota smiled and followed Cass inside.  They took a seat in the back of the restaurant.  “So, when did Brooke and Mary hook up?”

“Over the Thanksgiving weekend according to Brooke.  It seems pretty quick to me.”  Cass grabbed the menu and opened it.

“I’m with you on that.”  Dakota looked down at her menu, and then glanced up at Cass.  “Do you think maybe Mary is just dating her to get closer to you?” Dakota looked Cass in the eye.

Cass thought momentarily as she looked into Dakota’s eyes.  ‘Do I see a glimmer of jealousy in those sexy blues?’ Cass shifted in her seat.  “I certainly hope not.  It would be much better if Brooke wasn’t dating her, that’s for sure.”

“Why would you say that?” Dakota stared at her intently.  ‘Is it because you still like Mary?’

“Can I get you something to drink?” The waitress asked when she approached.

Cass looked at the waitress, flustered.  “Aah, an iced tea.”  She looked back at Dakota who was staring at her.

“Coke, with a lot of ice.”  Dakota ordered without taking her eyes off of Cass.

“Okay, be right back.”  The waitress walked away.

Cass sighed as she looked at Dakota.  “Don’t think it’s because I want to be with Mary, because that’s not so.  It’s just that I feel uncomfortable with her after I broke it off.”  Cass shrugged her shoulders and took the drink when the waitress placed it in front of her.

“I’ll be back to get your order.”  The waitress said and walked away.

Dakota sighed relieved and sat up.  “Thanks for reiterating your feelings for Mary.  For some reason, she really rubs me the wrong way.”

“Well, let’s not think about her.”  Cass patted Dakota’s hand and smiled.

Dakota smiled and moved her hand when she caught sight of the waitress walking toward their table.

Cass looked over her shoulder and turned back to Dakota.  ‘Why is she acting like that?’

The waitress stopped at the table and stared at Dakota, momentarily at a loss for words.

Cass narrowed her eyebrows as she looked at Dakota who was smiling at the waitress.  “Uhm, are you going to take our order now?”

The waitress looked at Cass dumbfounded. 

“Our order, can we get some food?” She was perturbed with the way the woman was staring at Dakota.

“Oh, yeah.  What can I get for you?” The waitress smiled and glanced at Dakota, then looked back to Cass.

“The veggie pocket and she’ll have the philly cheese steak pocket.”

“I will?”

The waitress looked at Dakota again.

“Yes, you will.  Thanks.”  Cass smiled cordially, as cordially as she could despite the jealousy that fumed within, when the waitress looked at her.

“Oh, yes I’ll get that going.”  She chuckled nervously and gave Dakota a quick glance before walking away.

Cass sighed, trying to calm her irritation.

“Why am I having the philly cheese steak? I wanted the chicken teriyaki pocket.”

“Well, if you wouldn’t have been flirting with her you would have gotten what you wanted.”

“Flirting? I wasn’t flirting.”  Dakota chuckled nervously, leaning back in the chair.

“Yes, you were flirting.”

“I wasn’t flirting Cass.  Why would I do that in front of you?”

“Maybe because you can’t help yourself.”  Cass grew angrier when Dakota laughed.  “Stop laughing, it’s not funny.”

“I can’t help it.  I wasn’t flirting, seriously.”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”  Cass inhaled deeply and sipped her tea.

Dakota sighed and shrugged.  ‘What is up with her?’ She sipped her Coke while looking out the window.


Michelle and Brooke sat across from one another as did Penny and Brenda. 

Penny and Brenda were so engrossed in conversation with each other they neglected to speak with their other two table mates.

Michelle leaned across the table and placed her drink before her, saying in a low tone, “Do you think they would notice if we left?”

Brooke giggled lightly, shaking her head no.  “I say we sneak out.” 

Michelle and Brooke reached into her pockets.  Michelle waved off Brooke and placed the money on the table, smiling when Brooke warned her by wagging her finger at her. 

They quietly stood up and walked out of the restaurant.  Once outside they looked in and laughed as the two women had not even noticed they had left.

Geez, I sure feel underappreciated.  How about you?” Michelle chuckled as she looked at Brooke.

“Same here.  What kind of gratitude is that?” Brooke laughed and turned to her left as they began to walk.


Dakota and Cass had eaten their meal in relative silence except for the occasional comment about the taste of their food.  They had paid their bill and exited the restaurant.

Dakota walked ahead, towards the crosswalk and pushed the button just as Cass approached.

Dakota’s casual demeanor bothered Cass.  ‘She should apologize for flirting with the waitress.’  Cass shook her head as she followed Dakota across the street.

Once across, Dakota turned to the right, picking up her pace. 

Cass doubled her pace to catch up with Dakota.  “Are you going to apologize?” Cass asked, looking up at Dakota.

“For what?” Dakota glanced at Cass.

Cass sighed frustrated.  “For flirting with that woman.”

“No, I won’t apologize.”  Dakota said firmly, turning left at the side street.

“Why not?” Cass grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Because I wasn’t flirting with her so why should I apologize for something I didn’t do?” Dakota crossed her arms over her chest, staring at Cass.

Cass’ emotions took control and her aggravation boiled to the top.  “Because it made me feel bad and insignificant.  I was hurt, that’s why.”  Cass tearfully replied.

‘Shit.’  Dakota sighed, placing her hands on Cass’ arms to comfort her.  “I’m sorry if you were hurt, but I’d like for you to believe me when I say that I was not flirting with her.”

Cass looked down, softly sobbing and inwardly kicking herself for doing so in front of Dakota.  ‘She is sure to run away now.’

Dakota leaned down to make eye contact.  “Hey.”  She lifted Cass’ chin up.

Cass felt a calming feeling throughout when she looked into Dakota’s warm blue eyes. 

“Don’t be so upset.  Okay?”

Cass stared deeply into Dakota’s eyes for sincerity and smiled slightly when she thought she saw it there.  She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked away embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for being so silly and emotional.  I guess my period is coming or something.”  She chuckled nervously, and then regretted mentioning that fact as it embarrassed her even more.

“It’s okay.”  Dakota smiled and hugged her, rubbing her back comfortingly.  She kissed her on the head.  Breaking the hug, she moved to Cass’ side.  Smiling, she slipped her arm around Cass’ back and walked forward as Cass wrapped her arm around Dakota.


The pair crossed the busy intersection towards the campus.

“So, are you ready to play in the game tomorrow against the University of Tennessee?” Michelle asked, looking at Brooke. 

“Yeah, practice has been so boring.  It will be great to finally play in a game.”

“Too bad it will be the only one we play in until the season starts.”

“True, at least we get to play a double header.”  Brooke smiled as she glanced at Michelle and quickly looked away.

They turned down a dark side street near the chemistry building heading towards their dorm.

“So, where is Mary this evening?” Michelle asked tentatively and looked away rolling her eyes.  ‘Why did I ask that?’ She jumped onto the curb of the sidewalk across the street from the dorm.

Brooke stopped and stared at Michelle.

“What?” Michelle was baffled.

Damn, I completely forgot about her this evening.’  Brooke looked down feeling ashamed and looked back up.  “Uhmm, I’m really not sure.  I haven’t spoken to her all day.”

“Oh, okay.”  Michelle looked away briefly, and then returned her attention to Brooke.  “Hey, aah I had a really good time even though we were kind of ignored by our friends.”  She chuckled, inhaling deeply.

“Me too.  I’m glad those two hooked up, now maybe they will hit better.” 

The two laughed heartily.

“Let’s hope so.”  Michelle chuckled, catching Brooke’s gaze.  She stared into her eyes, lost.

Brooke was transfixed on the familiar, warm look of Michelle’s brown eyes.  Her heart raced when Michelle moved closer.

Michelle sighed when her lips touched Brooke’s and her rapidly beating heart pounded in her chest.  She pulled Brooke closer and deepened the kiss, sighing when Brooke pulled away.

“I…I can’t do this Michelle.”  Brooke turned to walk away and was stopped when Michelle grasped her by the wrist.

“Don’t go.”  Michelle said in a whisper and pulled her in for a kiss.

Brooke gave in to her instincts, wrapping her arms around Michelle’s neck for a deep, sensuous kiss.

“What in the hell is going on here?”

Brooke and Michelle quickly separated, both breathing heavily.

To Be Continued…

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