Double Play VII

By Cruise

Chapter 13

            Dakota hurried into the house and looked around the crowd.  She didn’t see Cass and walked into the hall for a different angle. She caught a glimpse of her through the crowd and smiled.  Her heart raced with anticipation.  She saw an opening towards Cass and walked back to the kitchen.  She made her way through the crowd and stepped beside Cass.  “Hey! Are you having a good time?”  She smiled excitedly.  She looked Cass over, who was wearing a peach sundress with spaghetti strings and a low, revealing neckline that plunged between her breasts.  ‘She looks incredible in that dress.  She’s absolutely beautiful.  She has such innocence, yet maturity about her now that is so much more appealing to me than when we were younger.’  Dakota snapped out of her revere when Cass answered.

            “We just got here, but so far it’s pretty good.”  Cass smiled and inhaled, then exhaled at the sight of Dakota.  ‘My god her muscular arms and abs look unbelievable in that shirt.  The color is gorgeous on her and makes those blue eyes stand out.’  Cass swallowed hard at how good Dakota looked in the crimson colored short sleeved shirt that fit her as if it was another layer of skin. She envisioned those strong arms wrapping her up in a strong embrace.

Brooke rolled her eyes at how the two were ogling one another and moved away from Dakota.  “Let’s dance,” she said to Michelle and pulled her towards the dance floor.

Cass watched Brooke and Michelle walk away and quickly fixed her gaze on Dakota’s firm backside when she turned to let them pass by her.   Cass allowed her eyes to linger, admiringly.  ‘Very nice!’  She was disappointed when Dakota began to turn around.

            Dakota took a large gulp of her beer and looked at Cass.  “Wow, you look great in that dress.”  She smiled appreciatively and made no attempt at concealing the fact that she was looking her up and down.

            Cass blushed and looked away then glanced back at Dakota.  “Thanks.”  She smiled bashfully from the compliment.  It dawned on her that once again Dakota had made her forgot about her date.  She became anxious, unsure of how she would handle the situation if Mary had heard what Dakota just said and looked around, sighing happily that she had not returned.

            Dakota stood staring and smiling at Cass.  She took another sip of her drink, which made her feel looser and not as nervous around her.  She smiled adoringly as she stared at her. “Cass, I was wondering if I could talk to you outside where it’s quieter.” 

            “Well, aah…” Cass stopped what she was going to say when Dakota was grabbed by the arm and pulled onto the crowded dance floor. 

            “What in the hell are you doing Chad?”  Dakota was pissed the he pulled her away.

            “It’s time to do beer bongs.  Come on!”  He pulled her through the house to the back yard against her will.

            Once outside she was able to wrestle free of his grip.  “You idiot, I was just talking to Cass and you pulled me away!”  Her tone was angry and she shoved him away.

            “Oh, man I’m sorry.  I didn’t even realize it!”  He watched her walk back inside. 

            She turned back.  “I almost forgot.  Michelle is looking for you!”  She hurried back in the house.

            “She is?”  He said excitedly to no one as Dakota had already disappeared from sight.  He smiled and walked inside to find her.


Dakota walked through the kitchen and stood in the doorway of the living room trying to find Cass again.  Someone dimmed the lights when a slow song played.  ‘Shit, I can’t see.’  She was aggravated and walked around to the hallway.  She looked where Cass was standing before and saw her.  ‘What the hell…’  Her thoughts trailed off and she stood in complete disappointment when she saw Cass kissing a woman.  Her heart raced and her breathing escalated.  She was unable to look away and watched as Cass’ kiss with the woman became more passionate. 

            Cass opened her eyes and saw Dakota looking at them as they kissed. ‘Shit!’  She tried to pull away to break off the kiss, but Mary moved in and kissed her deeper.

‘How can she be with this nobody?  She’s supposed to be with me.  I’m going to rip that girl’s head off!’  Her anger welled and she clenched her fists.  She turned to walk around the other way, but was stopped by her brother Owen who knew by the look on his sister’s face, she was incensed.

‘I can’t believe how hurt she looked when she saw us.  She was devastated.’  Cass broke the kiss, breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?”  Mary lightly stroked her arm, concerned.

“Yes, aah I just got overheated.”  Cass forced a smile, more concerned about Dakota than Mary.  She took a long swig of her drink and casually looked around Mary for Dakota.

            “Come with me.”  Owen ordered sternly and grabbed Dakota by the arm despite her protest.  He forcibly led her into his bedroom and closed the door.

            “Why in the fuck did you do that?”  Dakota spat in his face with fury in her eyes.

            “I take it you’re pissed off that Cass is seeing someone else?”

            She nodded yes and turned away, when she felt her eyes water.

            “I’m sorry Kody.”  His tone was sympathetic.

            She closed her eyes and saw the woman kiss her again.  Her blood boiled and she opened her eyes.  Tears were replaced by rage.  She clenched her fists and turned towards the door.

            “Oh, no, you aren’t going anywhere. Not until you calm down.”  Owens strong arm held her at bay.

            “You can’t keep me here.”  Dakota squared up to her brother threateningly.

            “Watch me.”  He glared to convince her of his sincerity and pushed her into the chair.  He sat on the stool before her.

            She held her face in her hands with her arms resting on her legs.  Owen leaned forward and kissed her on the head.  He had never seen his sister this upset over a woman before.  He rubbed her back comfortingly. 

            Dakota sat up and flipped her hair back, off her face.  She leaned her head against the chair and laughed.

            “What are you laughing about?”  He was baffled and rested his hands on her legs, staring at her.

            “At least this confirms she’s gay.”

            “True.”  He agreed with a slight chuckle.

“Don’t you find it funny that I can’t have the one person I want?  Me?  The mighty Dakota who usually has the women falling all over her, gay, straight, or bisexual, men too, but the one I want to do that is kissing someone else.”  Her tone was sarcastic and she smirked.

            “Could it be that the only reason you want her so badly is because you can’t have her?”

            Dakota paused momentarily and thought about what he said.  She stood up and walked in front of the mirror.  She moved her disheveled hair back in place.  Dakota walked over to him and patted him on his muscular chest.  “Thanks for calming me down.”

            “I’m still not going to let you leave if you’re going to go out there and kick that girl’s ass, who really has no clue what’s going on between you two.”

            “Don’t worry, I won’t.  I’m fine, really.”  She smiled and exited the bedroom. 

            Owen watched his sister walk down the hallway and shook his head.  ‘I’m not sure who she is anymore.’

            Dakota walked down the hall towards the kitchen with resolve.  ‘That little nobody will not stand in the way of what I want.  I will have Cass and she’ll be left out in the cold.  Enjoy your kisses now, because she will soon be giving them to me.’  She smiled in response to her arrogant thoughts.

            “Hey Dakota.” 

            “Do I know you?”  Dakota asked staring at the sultry blonde standing before her.

            The woman said something to her that Dakota didn’t hear.

            “What?” She had an irritated tone to her voice.

            The woman leaned closer and spoke into Dakota’s ear.

            Cass looked around the room for Dakota, feeling bad about what happened.  ‘I feel horrible.  I hurt her; I could see it in her eyes.’  Her eyes stopped scanning the room when she caught sight of Dakota.  She sighed disappointed when she saw how close the woman was to her.  She wanted to be there.  ‘What is she doing with that woman?  She must not have been that hurt if she moved on that quickly.  Oh, get over it; she’s probably going to sleep with her.  Why do I waste my energy on her? Mary, think of her.’  She turned away annoyed after she saw the pair walk outside.  She looked at Mary and smiled, then moved closer to her.


            “Chad, come here!”  Dakota called out when she walked into the back yard with the blonde.

            He looked over and smiled, his interest was evident towards the woman standing next to Dakota.

            “Hey, what’s up?”  He looked at his sister then to the blonde.  “Hi.”  He smiled at the woman.

            “Hi.”  She smiled and giggled nervously.

            “This is Sarah she wanted me to introduce you to her.”  Dakota smiled and pushed the two of them together.

            She watched as they walked inside.  She walked over to the crowd who were doing beer bongs.  “Hook me up Dave.”  She motioned for beer and wiped off the tubing.  She put it in her mouth and leaned her head back.  She looked above to see him pour beer in the funnel above her.  The crowd cheered her on as she guzzled the cold beer through the tubing quickly.  She finished it off and let out a large burp, to the delight of the crowd who yelled and gave her high fives.

            “Dakota is the winner once again!  She’s the fastest bonger!”  Fred called out after looking at his watch and the group laughed.

            Dakota laughed and took a few bows.  “Thank you everyone for this prestigious award!”  She laughed harder and poured another beer.  She felt lightheaded and staggered over to a lawn chair away from the group and plopped down.  She downed the beer she held and laid back looking up at the stars.  ‘Why Cass?’  She inhaled deeply, trying to alleviate the pain she felt in her heart.  The stars began to spin.  ‘I am freaking wasted!’  She closed her eyes to stop the spinning and was soon fast asleep.


“Michelle!”  Chad called out excitedly when he saw her on the dance floor.

            “Chad!  Hey!”  She smiled and hugged him.  She broke the hug and looked at him happily.  “I want you to meet someone.”  She released the hug and took Brooke’s hand.  She pulled her close.  “This is Brooke.” 

            He leaned down to her so she could hear him.  “Hi Brooke, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I’ve heard a lot about you.”  He grinned and shook her hand.

            “It’s nice to meet you too.  I hope she said good things about me.”  Brooke smiled.

            “Everything was good.”  He winked and looked at the blonde dancing in front of him.  He looked at Michelle.  “This is Sarah.” 

            She smiled at Michelle who faintly smiled back and moved closer to Chad.  Brooke moved in front of her and they began to dance.

            Brooke leaned closer to her.  “Are you okay? You look upset.”

            Michelle chuckled and smiled timidly.  “No, I’m fine.  What did you think of him?  He’s great isn’t he?”  She smiled excitedly and looked at Chad then back to Brooke.

            “He seems very nice.”  Brooke wasn’t sure what to say considering she had just met him.

            “You’re going to love him, he’s the best. I adore him!”  She smiled and moved closer to him.  She leaned against him and he looked at her, both dancing next to one another.

            ‘If you say so.’  Brooke shrugged her shoulders not all that impressed with him and moved over towards Michelle.


Michelle and Brooke joined Cass and Mary off the dance floor.

            “Well, ladies I need to head home.  I have practice really early tomorrow.”  Mary put her drink down and looked back at the group.

            “On a Sunday?”  Brooke was surprised.

            “Oh, yeah.  Coach wasn’t pleased with our times in practice so she called a special Sunday session.  We are so lucky.”  She rolled her eyes and smiled.

            “I’ll walk you back.”  Cass put her drink down and walked towards Mary.

            “No, stay with the girls and have a good time.” 

            “It’s okay, I’ll leave with you.” 

            Mary moved in close.  “Please stay.  If you come with me you’ll be too much of a distraction and I really need to get some sleep.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Have fun.”  She kissed her and winked.  “Bye.”  She waved and headed out the door.

            Cass shrugged her shoulders and looked at Brooke.  “I guess you are stuck with us.”  Brooke teased with a laugh.

            “I guess so.”  Cass laughed and looked at the people dancing.  She scanned the crowd for Dakota, but she wasn’t there.  ‘I should apologize to her, no I’m sure she’s busy with that blonde.  Stop feeling guilty!’   She was angry at the thought of how quickly Dakota moved on and for actually feeling sorry for her.  “I’ll be right back.  I need to use the little girl’s room.”  Cass smiled and walked towards the hall bathroom.  She stood in line for her turn and was happy when she was the next to go in.  ‘My back teeth are floating.’  She crossed her legs and fidgeted as she waited patiently.


            “Penny, look at Dakota.  She’s passed out.”  Brenda nudged Penny and pointed at her.

            Penny turned and saw Dakota out cold in the lawn chair.  “Wow, that isn’t something you see everyday.  I can’t believe her brother’s would allow her to stay there like that.  She’s a tabloid picture waiting to happen.”  She looked around for Dakota’s brothers who were nowhere in sight.  “Let’s get her up and into her bedroom.”

            “Good idea.”  They walked over to her and gently nudged her.

            “Come on Kody, we are going to help you into bed.” 

            “Huh, what?”  Dakota opened her eyes and tried to focus on who was there. 

            “Let’s go, you lush.”  Penny teased as both women helped her to her feet.

            “Hey Penny, what’s up?”  She looked at her and laughed as they put her arms over their shoulders to help her into the house.

            “You’re alcohol level.”  Penny chuckled as did Brenda.

            Dakota turned her head to the other side and smiled.  “Hey Brenda, man that was a great pitch you gave me the other day!” 

            “Look here Kody, if you keep taunting me I’m going to leave your drunken ass in the lawn chair so everyone can gawk at you!”

            “I appreci, apprecianate, appreciate, the help!”  Dakota slurred and laughed.

            “Oh, yeah that’s what teammates are for.”  Brenda quipped sarcastically as they carried her into the house through the kitchen.

            Dakota’s head dropped down and her body weight became heavier when she fell asleep.

            “Shit, she’s heavy!”  Penny grumbled out of breath when they entered the hallway.

            “Cass!  Hey, open her bedroom door for us!”  Brenda called out when she saw her standing there and nodded her head towards the door.

            Cass’ heart sank and she gasped.  “Oh gosh, what happened?” She rushed to the door and opened it, worried by what she saw.

            “It’s called too much alcohol consumption.”  Penny chuckled and struggled to drag her through the door.

            Cass helped the girls get Dakota to her bed.  Penny, Brenda and Dakota all flopped back on the bed.  It was the only way they would have been able to get her there safely.

            “Whew, well our good deed for the night is done.”  Penny smiled and stood up as did Brenda.

            Brenda grabbed her legs and moved them up on the bed.

            “Are you just going to leave her there like that? She looks like the chalk outline of a homicide victim!”  Cass was worried about her.  She didn’t look good.

            “She just needs to sleep it off.  We’ll find one of her brother’s and let them know.  They will make sure she’s okay.”  Brenda commented as she walked to the door with Penny.

            “I’ll stay with her until one of her brother’s comes in.” 

            “Suit yourself.”  Penny chuckled and the pair exited the room, closing the door behind them.

            Cass sat on the bed next to Dakota and stared at her worriedly.  She smiled when Dakota opened her eyes. 

            “Cass?”  Dakota blinked her eyes to focus her blurry vision.

            “Yeah, are you okay?” 

            “No, why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend.”  She slurred and sat up, trying to keep her bloodshot eyes open as she looked at Cass.

            “I didn’t think it would matter much to you.”  Cass looked down shyly and smoothed out her dress.

            Unable to maintain her balance, Dakota flopped back on the bed.  She turned her head towards Cass and grasped her hand in her own.  “Why won’t you talk about softball camp with me?” Her tone was soft and her face expressed sadness.  

            Cass looked away, and inhaled deeply.  “I want to remember, but since the accident I’ve had a hard time...”  She looked at Dakota who was asleep. She glanced down at Dakota’s hand and lightly stroked it.  “I wish I could…”  She was interrupted when the door opened.

            “We’ll take it from here.  Thanks.”  Owen told her as he and Chad walked towards the bed. 

            “Okay.”  Cass said softly and stood up, feeling out of place.  She walked to the door and looked back one more time at her.  She watched as Dakota’s brother’s moved her on the bed and pulled the covers back.  They took off her shoes.  ‘I’m sorry Dakota.’  She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. 


Dakota needed the remainder of the weekend to recuperate from her over indulgence at Saturday’s party.  She decided that she was going to do whatever it took to win Cass away from her girlfriend and was looking forward to a fresh start to the week.  She joined some of her other teammates at the gym, but her week was not off to a great start considering Cass and Mary were also at the gym working out, together.  

Dakota was on the elliptical stepper across the gym from the pair.  She moved her feet and hands faster, growing angrier with the fact that they were there together.   ‘Oh, isn’t that sweet putting the weight on the bar for her.’  She mocked and sneered when she saw Mary weight the bar for Cass.  ‘You should just lift the weights for her you little twink!’  Her animosity and adrenaline were pumping harder.  She alternated heavy breathing with low sounding grunts as the anger pushed her harder with the grueling workout.  ‘Man, this is a fitting song for the way I feel about Cass and myself!’ She grinned when she heard ‘I Touch myself’ by The Divinyls through the headphones off her iPod.    ‘I close my eyes and see you before me, think I would die if you were to ignore me, a fool could see just how much I adore you…’  She sang along as she stared at the object of her affection across the gym.  She hummed along with the song and smiled when her favorite part came up.  ‘I love myself, I want you to love me, when I feel down I want you above me…’   She looked down at the timer, then back up at the pair.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of them.  ‘What do you see in her Cass? What does she have that I don’t? It can’t be looks.  I just don’t freaking get it!’

Her jealousy was getting the best of her.  She was snapped out of her thoughts after the machine chimed when the program finished.  She moved her legs back and forth slowly until the momentum of the machine stopped.  She wiped the machine off and walked across the gym in Cass’ direction.  ‘Oh, what a coincidence, I have to use the chin up machine close to them.’  She grinned mischievously.  ‘I think I’m going to spice up Cass’ workout by showing her what she is missing out on with her little twink.’  She drew closer to the machine.  ‘Okay Cass, look up.’  She discreetly looked at the duo.  ‘That’s it.’  She was pleased when Cass looked at her and she removed her shirt.  She stood next to the chin up machine and wiped her face with the towel, pretending as if she didn’t see Cass looking at her.

Cass stood staring at Dakota who was dressed in a sports bra and gym shorts that sat low on her hips, revealing much more than just her tight abdomen.  Her mouth dropped opened as she watched Dakota.  ‘Her finely chiseled arms and abs along with the sweat glistening off her makes my heart race.’  Cass was captivated by the sight of Dakota.

“Cass!”  Mary grunted, struggling to put the weighted bar back on the rack.

“Huh?” Cass looked down at Mary.  “Oh, sorry!” She reached nervously for the bar to help her, and then looked up at Dakota who dropped the towel to the floor.  She looked back down at Mary and Dakota laughed about the effect she had on Cass.

Mary sat up and looked at Cass displeased.  “What were you doing?” She was annoyed and scared.

“I’m sorry.  I was thinking about anatomy and zoned out.”  She grimaced and secured the bar on the rack. 

“Come on babe.  Stay in the present.  I could have dropped the bar and been hurt.”  Her tone reflected her irritation.

“I know.  I am so sorry.”  Cass rubbed her arm hoping she would calm down.

“Thanks, well let’s move to bicep curls.”  Mary walked away towards the barbells.

‘Did she just call me babe?’ Cass paused and sighed, not sure how she felt about the pet name.  She looked over where Mary was.  ‘We have to be right in the sight of Dakota! Great!  Now what am I going to do?’  She exhaled and walked over to Mary.  She stood behind her and watched Dakota who was just beyond Mary.  She chewed on her lower lip as she watched Dakota’s triceps and upper back muscles contract and relax with each chin up she performed.  She admired how her strong hands gripped the bars above her and scanned down her back, watching every rippling muscle contract when she pulled her chin up to the bar.  ‘I would love to rub my hands all over her sweaty body and feel those muscles.’  She inhaled deeply and exhaled to calm the attraction she felt.  ‘Ooh, she has a tattoo.  Very sexy.  I can’t make out what it is though.’  She narrowed her eyes, straining to make out the details of the tattoo on the back of Dakota’s right shoulder.

“Cass, it’s your turn.”  Mary told her and held the barbells out for her.

She snapped out of her revere when she heard Mary speak and smiled when she turned to look at her.  “Thanks.”  She took the bars and stepped forward.  No matter how hard she tried she could not take her eyes off of Dakota.  ‘She is too distracting!’  She moved her arms with the weight, going through the motions.  Her eyes darted away from Dakota when Mary stood in front of her.

“Come on, push it!” She encouraged.

‘She’s really annoying me.’  Cass pursed her lips and blew out her breath when she lifted the weight for the last repetition.  She put the weights down and turned to Mary. 

“What’s up with you?”

Cass’ eyes widened.  “What do you mean?”

“You are just not into working out today.  You seem distracted.”  Mary put her hands on her hips, looking at Cass.

Seem distracted? Are you crazy? I am completely distracted and you would be too if you were looking at Dakota.’  She shook her thoughts away.  “I’m really worried about my class.  I’m sorry.” 

“Well, why don’t you head back and study then? You aren’t doing yourself much good with your workout.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”  Cass smiled, hoping she wouldn’t be mad.

“No, go ahead.  Mary smiled slightly.

“Thanks.”  Cass smiled and stepped past her, eager to leave.

Mary turned and was to Cass’ side.

“Hey Cass.”  Dakota stood before her smiling.

“Hey, hi!”  She was flustered that Dakota was standing up close and personal, scantily dressed.

Dakota stood with her hands on her hips with a sly grin.  She was pleased that Cass was checking her out.  She tightened the muscles in her abdomen when she noticed Cass glance down at them.  “I need to speak with you…privately.”  Her tone was dry and she flicked her eyes to Mary, then back to Cass.

Cass looked at Mary then back to Dakota, nervously.  ‘What is she doing? Does Mary know I can’t take my eyes off of Dakota’s exquisite body?’  “Aah, okay.”  She looked at Mary strangely. 

‘Am I a freaking ghost or what? Why doesn’t she introduce me?’ Mary was not pleased.

“Oh, this is…” Cass paused and pointed at Mary.  She lost her train of thought.

“Mary, I’m Mary.”  She interjected, shaking her head in disbelief. 

Dakota gave Mary a sideways glance and flicked her head up arrogantly, acknowledging her presence.  “Hey, what’s up?”  She wasn’t interested in any other conversation with Mary whom she perceived as a nuisance and looked back to Cass.

“Mary, this is Dakota.”  Cass looked at Mary with a smile and looked at Dakota.

“I know who she is.”  Mary’s tone had a hint of contempt, feeling that Dakota completely disregarded her.

“She’s my anatomy tutor.”

“I see.”  Mary quipped indifferently. 

“So, I need to speak with you.  I’m sure…”  Dakota looked at Mary.

“Mary.”  She reminded contemptuously and rolled her eyes.

‘Dakota is being such a jerk to her.’  Cass became irritated by the way she was acting.

“That’s right, Mary.”  Dakota turned to look at Mary.  “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I speak to you alone?”

“No, go right on ahead.  It’s not like I can stop you.”  Mary was dismayed by the way Dakota treated her and by the way Cass was acting.  She walked to the barbell rack to begin another exercise.

“Why did you have to treat her that way?”  Cass was miffed and her tone reflected it.

“What way? I actually thought I was being nice.”  Dakota glanced over at Mary, then back to Cass and shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you want Dakota?” Cass furrowed her brows.

That is a loaded question.’  Dakota smiled slyly and leaned towards Cass.  “I have some good news for you.  I got you out of the gross anatomy lab class…for now.”

Cass’ dour mood instantly changed to elation.  “You’re kidding me!” She shrieked and threw her arms up in happiness, pumping her fists.

Mary turned around when she heard Cass and felt of wave of jealousy consume her when she saw the pair laughing.  She frowned and pumped the weights harder to alleviate her anger.

“How did you do it?”  Cass grinned happily.

“I told you I had connections.”  Dakota smiled flirtatiously.

“I can’t get over it.  You have major connections!” She giggled excitedly.

“Well, it helps when your family is a major contributor to the school.” She grinned mischievously.

“Thank you so much!” Cass laughed and gripped Dakota’s arm, grateful for the help.

Dakota felt a tingling sensation when Cass grabbed her arm and smiled.  “You’re welcome.  I’m glad I could help.  You’ll have to take the lab next year and you will still be in the anatomy lecture class this semester though.”

“That’s fine I can handle the lecture class.”

“At least you have a year to prepare for the lab class.  Maybe we can try and get you acclimated to the lab in small steps like we did the other night so you’ll get used to it.”

“Sure, I’m so happy!” Cass grinned ear to ear.  “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.  Listen, I can stop by your room tonight to help you study if you would like.  Your instructor mentioned you have a test tomorrow.”

“That would be great.  How about at eight?”

“Perfect, I’ll be there.” 

Mary overheard Cass making plans with her.  ‘I really don’t like the fact that Dakota is Cass’ tutor.   I know this bitch’s reputation with the ladies.’  She moved close to Cass.

Mary’s presence instantly put a scowl on Dakota’s face.

“I’m going to head out for practice.  I’ll see you at five for dinner.”  She kissed Cass on the cheek and walked away.

Cass’ face turned red from embarrassment and anger.  ‘What the hell was she thinking?’  She looked at Dakota flustered.  “Thanks again.”  She rushed off in pursuit of Mary.

Dakota crossed her arms over her chest, smiling happily.  ‘Bye bye Mary, hello Dakota.’

‘Why did she kiss me here?’  She was a woman on a mission and her gait showed it.  She pushed through the door and shouted, “Mary!” when she saw her.

Mary turned around when she heard Cass.  “Yeah?”

Cass walked towards her.  “Don’t ever do that again.”  She warned firmly.

“WHAT?”  Mary was surprised by her reaction.

“Because we don’t have to flaunt our relationship to everyone in the gym!”

“Why not?”  Mary was becoming angry with her.

Cass moved closer to her.  “In case you haven’t noticed, people can be very uncomfortable when they see that between two women.” 

“Are you referring to other people being uncomfortable or just Dakota?” 

Cass narrowed her eyes and fumed.  “Whatever!”  She turned and stormed off into the gym.

“Cass, wait!”  Mary grabbed her by the arm.

She turned, face to face with her.  “Just leave me alone!”  She snatched her arm away from her grip and walked away.

‘Shit!’  Mary sighed disappointed and began to follow her.  She stopped when she looked up at the clock.  ‘I’m going to be late to practice if I don’t leave now.’

‘I can’t believe her! She’s really aggravating me!’  Cass inhaled and exhaled deeply to calm her anger as she entered the locker room.

Dakota watched from afar and was pleased to see their spat.  ‘She doesn’t want you Mary, she wants me.  I can see it in her beautiful eyes.’  She slipped her shirt on and walked to the locker room.


Dakota walked up to her locker and dialed in the combination for the lock.  She glanced over at Cass who was shoving her clothes into her bag forcibly. 

            “Are you okay?”  She asked softly.

            Cass sighed loudly and looked up at Dakota with fire in her eyes.  “What was she thinking?  I mean, I’m sure people can figure out who is gay and whose not, but I would rather not flaunt it especially right here in the gym.”

            “I understand.”  Dakota sat down on the bench next to her.  “Have a seat.”  She patted the bench next to her.  “Before you blow a gasket.”  She chuckled.

            Cass rolled her eyes and fought the grin, which eventually won. 

            “Is that the real reason or is there something else bothering you that has to do with Mary?”  Dakota looked at her, fishing for anything she could use against Mary.

            Cass gave her a sideways glance, and then looked down at the thick rainbow colored, cloth bracelet on her left wrist.  She fidgeted with it nervously.  ‘Yeah, that I wish you were different and wouldn’t break my heart so I could be with you?’ She looked up at her.  “I don’t know, I guess, nah, aah relationships.”  She chuckled as did Dakota.

            “Relationships, yep that’s why I’ve tried to avoid them.” 

            Cass looked at her surprised she had said that and felt disappointed that it sounded like Dakota wasn’t interested in having a relationship with anyone.  “What about your girlfriend?”

            “Girlfriend?”  Dakota pursed her lips and released the air, making a noise.  “I don’t have a girlfriend.  What makes you think that?” She gave her a sideways glance and smirked.

            “Hmmm, let’s see that tall, intimidating brunette who staked her claim on you at Fat Tuesday’s and was all too willing to let me know you two were an item.”  She flashed a sly grin.

            “Aah, yes Leila.  Well, you see she is not, was not and never will be my girlfriend.  She thought she was because we have, aah, hooked up pretty frequently over the years, but she clearly did not understand the meaning of seeing other people.”

            “Isn’t that the same thing as her being your girlfriend, the open relationship considering how long you two have been meeting each other?”

            “Not in my mind.”  Dakota smirked.  “If she were my girlfriend I would be exclusively with her and I was not.  She knew the deal we had and couldn’t handle it.  I kicked that noose around my neck to the curb the other night.”  She shrugged her shoulders nonchalant.

            “I’m sure she wasn’t happy.”  Cass chuckled, glad to hear the woman was out of the picture.

            “She’ll get over it.  I have no desire to be with her again.”  Dakota smiled and stood up.  She began to gather her belongings.

            ‘Good!’  Cass gasped quietly hoping she hadn’t said that out loud.

            Dakota threw the gym bag over her shoulder.  “Feeling better?”  She smiled and stood in front of her.

            Cass looked up and smiled.  “I am thanks.” 

            “Good.”  Dakota smiled.

            The pair stared at one another in silence, unsure of what to do or say.

            Cass inhaled deeply and smiled.  “Hey, aah can I check out your tatt?” Cass stood up and moved behind Dakota.

            Dakota was at a loss momentarily, still caught up in Cass’ gaze.  “Aah, sure.”  She looked over her shoulder at Cass who moved closer.

            “It’s beautiful.  What’s the significance?” She stared intently at the tattoo, impressed with the artistry and the colors.

            “Oh, well the zero where the dragon is coming out of is my number the dragon is a part of our family’s coat of arms and of course, our last name is there.  My brothers all have the same tattoo as well, except for my younger one Wyatt.  He has to wait until he’s eighteen before he gets his.”  She looked at Cass and then down to the back of her shoulder at the tattoo.  She smiled at the look of intrigue on her face as she looked it over.

            Cass moved closer and reached up, tracing the lines with her finger. 

            Cass’ touch sent chills down Dakota’s spine.  She looked ahead and closed her eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensation Cass’ touch was having on her.  She slyly inhaled deeply to calm her pounding heart with each touch from Cass.

“That is very cool.”  She traced the number with her finger.  “I love dragons.”  She smiled and glanced over at Dakota who looked down at her shoulder.

            Dakota’s eyes flicked to Cass, staring at her intently.

            Cass looked up at her, staring into her piercing blue eyes.  Her heart raced and she realized how forward she had been.  “Oh, aah sorry.”  She removed her hand and looked down embarrassed.

             “Don’t be.”  She said softly and turned to face her.

            Cass swallowed the lump in her throat and looked up at Dakota.  “I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos.  Sorry.”  She smiled shyly.

            Dakota saw the embarrassment on her face and wanted to make her feel at ease.  “Cool, well anytime you want to look at it my arm is available.”  She grinned and chuckled as did Cass.

            “Thanks.”  Cass giggled nervously and looked away.

            “I could take you to the same guy that did mine sometime and maybe you could get one.”

            Cass looked up and smiled.  “Maybe when I get my nerve up.”  She laughed as did Dakota.

            “Ah, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”  Dakota chuckled trying to put her at ease.

            “You never know.”  Cass grinned.

            “Just say the word and I’ll take you there.  Well, I’ll see you later tonight.”  Dakota smiled and winked before walking past Cass towards the door.

            “Bye and thanks!”  Cass watched her walk away, admiring her tight backside until she was out of sight.

            “Adios!”  Dakota chuckled and exited the locker room. 

            ‘What am I doing? I need to decide, which one I want.’  She stood up and gathered her belongings.  ‘I suppose fate will lead me in that direction.’ 

To Be Continued...


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