Double Play VIII

By Cruise

Chapter 14

Cass sat at her desk attempting to read the chapter, but only managed to read the same sentence repeatedly. She looked up when she heard a knock at the door. She tossed her highlighter on the book and walked to the door. She opened the door surprised. "What time is it? Am I late?" She leaned back to see the clock and noted it was four o'clock.

"No, I'm early." Mary said with a slight smile standing before her with her arms behind her back.

"Aren't you supposed to be at practice?"

"The coach let us out early so I thought I would come by. Can I come in?"

"Oh, duh yeah come on in, I'm sorry." Cass chuckled and walked towards her side of the room.

Mary entered the room and followed Cass.

"Aah, Cass I wanted to apologize for the way I acted at the gym. The green eyed monster reared its ugly head with me when I saw you with Kody. I hope you can forgive me. Hopefully, these will help." She smiled and held a bouquet of red roses in front of Cass.

Cass sighed and felt her heart flutter at the gesture. "Oh, Mary they are so beautiful. Thank you." She smiled and took the flowers from her. She lifted them to her nose and smelled their fragrance. She laid them on her desk and reached out for Mary, pulling her in for a hug. "I'm sorry too for the way I acted. I was horrible. I hope you can forgive me. You are so sweet to me." She felt bad about their fight and kissed her on the cheek.

Mary broke the hug. She leaned in and passionately kissed her. They broke the kiss breathless and smiled. "I missed you and I never want to fight with you again."

"Me either." Cass smiled and pressed her lips against Mary's for a searing kiss. She held her face in her hands and deepened the impassioned kiss.

Mary broke the kiss breathless and inhaled deeply. "I think I'll bring you flowers more often." She giggled and kissed Cass again. They stopped the kiss and smiled.

Cass held her hands and stared into her hazel eyes. 'She is so incredibly sweet. Why did I treat her so bad? I'm horrible.' She kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly.

"You feel so good in my arms. I'm going to miss you so much."

It registered what Mary said and Cass stepped back shocked by what she heard. "What do you mean? Where are you going?"

"I have a practice track meet this week to help us prepare for the beginning of the season. I thought I told you?"

"No, all week though? When will you be back?"

"We are leaving in a couple of hours instead of tomorrow morning like originally planned. The coach found out we could get in an extra practice on the track there if we leave tonight. I'll be back late Sunday night."

"Oh, Mary!" Cass whined disappointed.

"I know. I can't help it, but I'll call you every night. How does that sound?" She smiled.

"Okay, but don't forget. Oh, I will be in Tennessee with the football team this weekend so call my cell phone. We leave Friday and we'll return Sunday afternoon."

"You got it." She smiled and kissed Cass. The kiss became more intense and Mary backed Cass to the bed. Mary guided her down to the bed, without breaking the kiss. She climbed on top of her and deepened the kiss. She moved her hand on top of Cass' breast and gently squeezed.

Cass broke the kiss when she gasped in response to Mary's touch. She stared up at Mary who smiled and leaned down, kissing her again. She moved her kiss down Cass' neck, while kneading her breast. Mary stopped kissing her and looked at Cass, breathing heavily.

"What?" Cass was confused by the look on her face.

"Unfortunately, I have to go. I want this so badly, but I am going to be late if I don't go now. I'm so sorry." Mary sighed with a frown and leaned down kissing her once more. She moved off the bed and stood up. She took Cass' hand and helped her up. She smiled when Cass stood in front of her and kissed her. She leaned back and stared into her green eyes. "I've got to run and get packed. I'll miss you." She moved to Cass and drew her in for one last deep, passionate kiss.

"Me too." Cass whispered, when they broke the kiss. She hugged her tightly and smiled when Mary moved away from her. 'Wow that was intense!' Cass inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled.

"Bye." Mary smiled and kissed her on the cheek, then walked to the door, both holding hands. Mary inhaled deeply and exhaled, trying to calm her excitement.

"Good luck." Cass smiled and watched her pass through the door.

"Thanks, I'll talk to you soon." She winked and walked away.

Cass leaned against the closed door, trying to remember if Mary had mentioned the track meet to her. 'She probably told me, but I've been so concerned with school and my thoughts of Dakota that I just didn't listen to her. I am awful.' She sighed and felt tears form in her eyes. She felt saddened by how she so easily forgot about Mary when Dakota was around. 'She is so incredibly sweet and patient with me. I'm sure I couldn't find anyone as good as her. She deserves better treatment than what I have been giving her.' She walked over to her desk and looked down at the beautiful roses. She smiled as she smelled them.

She looked up and around the wall when she heard the door open, then shut forcefully. "Hey Brooke, what's up?" She walked towards her roommate.

Brooke tossed her backpack on her desk and glanced over at Cass. "I had a fight with Michelle." She frowned.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Cass moved closer to her and rubbed her upper arm for comfort. "What happened?"

"Chad, that's what happened." Brooke's tone was patronizing.

"Chad? Why?" She was confused.

Brooke sat down and pushed the wisp of blonde hair off her forehead. "Oh, I was jealous over how much time she spends with him. I mentioned it and she got upset with me. She told me I would have to deal with it."

"I see. Maybe she'll calm down and you can talk to her about it later."

"I hope. She was pretty mad though."

Cass sat on the desk next to her. "It sounds like he is a sticky subject with her, but I'm sure she'll be fine later and you'll make up." She smiled warmly.

"I don't know why I got so jealous." She looked down, remembering what had happened. "I guess it was just that I felt left out of everything and that they have this secret language or something. It's almost like they have ESP or something." She glanced up at Cass.

"They are best friends and have known each other for awhile I'm assuming, so it's probably natural for them to have that kind of interaction." Cass folded her arms over her chest.

"I suppose. It's just that I want to be that close with Michelle, but it seems like she doesn't want me to be. Maybe I'm just full of it." Brooke smiled and stood up.

"I'm sure everything will work out fine." Cass smiled hopeful.

"Do you have plans with Mary?"

"No, she had to pack for a track meet. They are leaving tonight." Cass felt disappointed that Mary would be gone and in herself for the way she had treated her.

"Oh, poor thing. She's going to be lonely." Brooke teased with a laugh and poked her in the ribs. "Want to grab a bite to eat with me?" She smiled excitedly.

"Sure, where do you want to eat?"

"Let's hit the cafeteria and use our meal tickets. I'm low on cash." Brooke reached into her backpack and grabbed her student ID.

"Sounds good to me, free. It doesn't get any better than that!" Cass laughed and walked to her side of the room. She grabbed her student ID and walked to the door.

Brooke held the door open for her and waited for her to pass. Cass stepped to the threshold. "Age before beauty." Brooke laughed and grunted when Cass elbowed her in the stomach.

"Very funny!" Cass chuckled and turned to her after she stepped out in the hallway.

Brooke shut the door and looked up at her. "What can I say?" She laughed and followed Cass down the hall.

"Nothing more, please." Cass laughed harder.


"Hey ladies! Where are you two heading?" Penny stopped when she saw Brooke and Cass walking towards her.

"We're going to dinner at the S.U.B. How about you?" Brooke asked and looked at her.

"I was looking for someone to hang out with. I think I'll head over with you two if you don't mind."

"No, come on!" Cass chuckled and all three walked towards the Student Union Building.

"What are you two doing after we eat?" Penny looked between the pair.

"It depends on what kind of an offer I get." Brooke laughed as did the other two.

"I have to study with Dakota." Cass frowned and looked away from Penny.

"Now that sounds like a ton of fun!" Penny quipped sarcastically and they all laughed. "I feel like going to a movie. Want to join me Brooke?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun." Brooke smiled when she looked at Penny.

"Cool. We'll miss you Cass. Maybe next time?"

"Man, this studying shit gets in the way of so many social gatherings!" Cass sighed and chuckled, holding the door for the girls.

"Thank ya kindly ma'am!" Penny laughed when she walked through.

Brooke followed Penny past Cass. "Ladies and Penny." Cass said teasingly.

"Ouch, I'm wounded!" Brooke laughed as she walked inside.


The trio walked into the cafeteria portion of the S.U.B. and showed their ID's. They all walked up to the buffet line and grabbed their trays.

After choosing dinner, the three walked with their trays towards the tables. "Take the one by the window." Cass told Brooke who headed that way, followed by Penny.

They all sat down and prepared to eat.

Cass looked up and saw Michelle in the hallway through the glass before them. She leaned over to Brooke. "There's Michelle." She diverted her eyes to where Michelle was when Brooke looked at her.

Brooke quickly glanced towards her and made eye contact when Michelle looked her way. She smiled and waved.

Brooke felt her heart beat faster when Michelle smiled at her. She watched as Michelle closed her mailbox door and spun the dial, and then walked to the entrance of the cafeteria. She put her utensils down when Michelle came over and sat next to her. "Hey." She said softly and turned in her chair to look at Michelle.

"Hey." She smiled and looked over at Penny. "Hey Penny, Cass." She looked over at Cass then back to Brooke.

"Hey!" Cass and Penny said in unison and laughed.

Michelle leaned closer to Brooke. "I'm going to be in the game room shooting pool with the guys, do you want to join me when you're finished?" She lightly rubbed Brooke's arm with her finger.

"Well, Penny and I were going to a movie after dinner." She looked over at Penny. "Would you mind if we stopped by before we go?"

Penny finished chewing her food and swallowed. "No, not at all." Penny smiled and looked over at the pair, trying to hide her uneasiness at being caught in the middle of a conflict between Michelle and Brooke.

Cass felt like an outcast considering she would be stuck studying that evening. 'It certainly isn't what I would call fun.' She sighed deeply, disappointed and looked out the window. She perked up when she caught a glimpse of Dakota, who was standing by the brick building next to the S.U.B. 'Who is she talking to?' She couldn't see the person and was intrigued. "I'll be right back." She smiled and stood up, then walked out of the cafeteria.

"Well, meet me in the game room when you are finished." Michelle smiled and stood up.

"Okay." Brooke smiled slightly and watched her walk away.


Cass walked down the hall towards the side door of the S.U.B. 'I am being so nosey.' She chuckled and stopped by the door. She looked out and saw Dakota talking to Leila. 'Uh-huh. Isn't that interesting?' She crossed her arms over her chest and watched their interaction. 'I wish I could hear what they are talking about.'

"Dakota, hey aah I was wondering if you heard from Rex in regards to the S.I. photo shoot." She stammered nervously unsure of what to say.

"No, I didn't get a chance the last time I spoke to him, but I will." Dakota looked at her briefly, and then looked away.

Leila was upset that she hadn't spoken to her brother as she had promised and felt uneasy by the way Dakota acted so distantly. She wasn't used to the chilly treatment. "Please don't forget. I've done a couple of modeling jobs lately, but I really want to get into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and being in the picture with Rex will ensure me of being included. If I get in there my career will skyrocket." Her tone was on the verge of begging. "Besides, you promised you would help me."

"Okay, I will." Dakota wasn't sure what else to say and stepped to her right to go around Leila, but she stepped in front of her.

"Dakota, please reconsider about us. I miss you so much baby." She whined softly and moved closer to her.

"Leila, I was pretty clear the other night when I told you it was over."

"I can feel that you are still attracted to me." She moved closer and glanced over Dakota's right shoulder when Dakota looked in the opposite direction. Leila caught a glimpse of Cass watching them through the doorway. 'Oh, this couldn't have worked out any better; the fates were smiling down on me today.' She smiled wickedly and flashed a seductive smile when Dakota looked back at her.

"Look, you're beautiful and you will find someone else who will give you what you need. I can't."

Leila began to cry. "I don't want anyone else, but you Kody. I miss you so much."

"Oh, man come on don't cry." Dakota rolled her eyes up and sighed. As much as she refused to admit it, she felt bad for her sadness.

Leila moved closer to her. "I miss your touch, being with you, and your kiss." She said softly, staring into Dakota's blue eyes wantonly. She pressed her lips against Dakota's.

'That freaking liar! I knew she couldn't be trusted. She told me they were finished. I guess the joke is on me!' Cass was livid at the sight of Leila press her lips against Dakota's. She turned on her heels and walked away. Her heart raced with anguish over what she had seen and inhaled deeply to keep her emotions from overwhelming her.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Dakota broke away and glared at her.

"I wanted to taste you on my lips again."

"I'm not doing this with you, it's over. If you want to be friends then that's fine, but nothing more." Dakota stormed off towards the S.U.B.

Leila crossed her arms over her chest and watched as Dakota walked away. She smiled contentedly when she looked to the door that Cass was standing in and didn't see her. 'You are not going to keep me from getting what I want. Kody will come around when you deny her and I'll be waiting.' She chuckled and walked away.

Dakota forcefully pulled the door open and walked hurriedly down the hall to the game room. 'That freaking bitch I've been nice so far, but if she doesn't stay away from me I'll get a restraining order against her!' Her anger seethed in the pit of her stomach.


"Cass, are you okay?" Brooke was concerned by the look on her face as she watched Cass pick up her tray.

"Yeah, I have to get running. I forgot I have some errands to run." She smiled, hoping it would keep the girls from realizing how upset she was. "Have fun tonight." She grinned and walked away.

"Something is up with her." Brooke said concerned for her friend and watched her walk away.

Penny continued to eat and didn't say a word. 'Man, there is major drama going on with these two. I need to remember to find better dinner partners next time.'

Cass stopped to leave her tray on the conveyor belt and threw her trash in the can. She quickly exited the cafeteria, then the building. She picked up her pace towards her dorm room.


Penny and Brooke finished dinner, and then walked down the hall to the game room. Penny entered and Brooke stood in the doorway. She looked across the room and saw Michelle leaning against Chad who was sitting in a chair. Michelle was watching Dakota size up her pool shot. Brooke's heart raced jealously when she saw Chad lean to Michelle's ear, whispering something that made her laugh. 'They are too close for comfort.' She had seen enough and walked across the room towards them.

"Hey!" Brooke greeted with a forced smile when she walked up.

Chad and Michelle looked at her and smiled. "Hey, want to join in?" He offered his pool stick to her.

"No thanks, I'll watch I'm not very good at pool." She smiled tentatively and stood next to Michelle who was still leaning against Chad.

"Neither is he, that's why he was offering for you to play so he won't be so embarrassed by the girls beating him." Michelle grinned and laughed when Chad tickled her.

"Very funny and need I point out that you aren't that great either?" He teased and smiled as he looked at her. "But, I still love ya!" He grinned and patted her butt for her to stand up so he could take his shot.

Brooke grew angrier with each look, pat, smile and hug that they shared. She moved closer to Michelle and whispered in her ear. "I would like to talk to you, alone."

Michelle looked at her and paused, baffled by the way she was looking at her. "Let me finish my shot." She stared at her skeptically for a moment and walked to the pool table.

Chad glanced over at Brooke then to Michelle. He noted a tension between them.

Dakota stood next to Brooke, who was watching Michelle intently.

"Where's Cass?" She looked around the room and then to Brooke.

"She had to run some errands before she meets with you later." Brooke didn't look at her and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh, that's right." Dakota looked down at her watch, then back up into a pair of blue eyes looking at her. She smiled, impressed by the woman. "Hey."

"Hi Kody. Give me a call some time." The blue eyed redhead winked at her and handed her a piece of paper.

She walked away and Dakota watched as her hips seductively moved side to side. "Damn!" She inhaled and exhaled deeply. She chuckled when Chad looked at her.

"Very nice." He grinned as both watched the woman saunter across the room.

'These two disgust me. This one is not going to consume all of Michelle's time.' She looked at Chad, and then looked at Dakota. 'And this one is not going to play some sick game and involve Cass in it.' Brooke stood in front of Dakota and stared her down.

"You are invading my personal space Brooke." Dakota looked her up and down incredulously, and then glared at her.

"Good, I hope I'm irritating you just like you are doing with me." Brooke's eyebrows furrowed.

"What's up with you?" Dakota chuckled flippantly as she looked at her.

"I don't know what kind of a game you're playing, but don't involve Cass in it. I see how you look at her and then in your next breath you've got another woman. Don't lead her on like that. She's happy with Mary. Stick to your one night stands so you don't hurt her. I suggest you stay away from her."

Dakota smirked and moved closer. "Whatever is going on between Cass and I is our business. I suggest you get the fuck out of my face."

"You don't intimidate me Kody. I don't care how much influence or money you have here or how strong you are, I will kick your ass if you hurt Cass. I suggest you keep that in mind." Brooke threatened angrily.

Dakota laughed sanctimoniously, disregarding her. "You don't intimidate me either Brooke so step back!" Her tone grew louder and angrier.

"Hey, what's going on?" Michelle stepped between them and put her hands on Brooke's arms.

"We were just having a conversation, that's all." Brooke looked at Michelle, and then glanced over her shoulder at Dakota, furiously.

"It's cool Michelle, I'm finished with her." Dakota smirked arrogantly and waved the back of her hand towards Brooke, casting her away.

Brooke made a move towards Dakota and Michelle stopped her. "Come on, let's go outside." She motioned the way and Brooke walked away from Dakota.

Chad sidled up to his sister. He watched as Michelle and Brooke walked out of the game room, and then looked at Dakota. "What just happened?"

"That scrawny little bitch felt it was her place to threaten me." Dakota flicked her anger filled eyes at her brother.

"Threaten you? Why would she do that?" He was concerned for Dakota and bewildered by the situation.

"She thinks I'm playing some game with Cass. Here, maybe she bats for both teams." She held up the paper with the redhead's number on it.

He took the paper and watched her walk away. 'Well, are you playing a game sis?' He shrugged his shoulders and returned to his pool game.


"What is going on with you Brooke?" Michelle stared at her after they exited the building.

"I really cannot stand Dakota. I know she is fucking with Cass. It's a game to her." She paced back and forth, angrily.

"Why does it matter to you? That is for Cass to handle not you."

Brooke stopped and looked at her. "It does matter to me, she's my friend."

"Okay fine, but you don't have to almost get in a fight with Kody." Michelle was seeing a side of Brooke that she didn't particularly care for. "Is this anger really over Kody supposedly playing a game or are you mad about something else?"

Brooke closed her eyes and opened them. She inhaled deeply and exhaled. "It's partially about Kody, but mainly over you and Chad."

"Chad and I? Why are you so upset about us? You're still on this thing from earlier?" Michelle rolled her eyes exasperated with the situation.

"Yes, I want to be close to you like he is. I'm your girlfriend; I want to be that way with you. Unless there is something else going on between you two that I don't know about."

Michelle stared into her hazel eyes and saw fear. "Hey come on." She hugged her and rubbed her back comfortingly. "There is nothing going on between him and me." She leaned back and looked at her. "We are extremely close friends and have been very tight for years. We have been through a lot of shit together and I've known him longer than you. You and I will grow closer as we get to know each other better. I'm sorry you are so upset, but trust me I'm completely into you, not him or any man for that matter." She smiled comfortingly and pulled her close. She pressed her lips against Brooke's and passionately kissed her.

Brooke engulfed her in a hug and squeezed tightly. She broke off the kiss and looked at her. "I'm so happy to hear that and I'm sorry for being so jealous." She looked down shyly.

Michelle bent her knees and looked into Brooke's face. She took Brooke's face in her hands. "It's okay, baby. We talked it out and now it's going to be fine." She kissed her and took her hand. "Come on, let's go find Penny and see if she'll take a rain check on the movie tonight."

Brooke smiled happily and clenched Michelle's hand tighter as they walked into the building.


Cass returned to her dorm room two hours later after relieving her stress at the batting cages. She took a shower and dressed quickly; knowing Dakota would soon be there. She sat at her desk and looked down at the notebook before her. She absently doodled on the paper. 'Why did I come here? I don't want all this craziness in my life. I don't need it. Why did she lie to me? When are you going to learn? She's a player and she's not going to change, for anyone. You have Mary who is wonderful so why would you want an arrogant cad like Dakota?' She looked up when she heard a knock on the door.

Dakota paced back and forth in front of the door nervously. She inhaled deeply and blew out her breath, anxious to see Cass. Her heart raced when she saw Cass' face after she opened the door. "Hey." She smiled excitedly.

"Come on in." Cass greeted flatly and turned, walking away.

'Okay, not the greeting I expected.' Dakota entered the room and closed the door behind her. She walked to Cass' side of the room.

Cass pushed Brooke's chair to her side so Dakota could sit down. She sat in her chair and picked up her pen.

"Wow, those are nice flowers." Dakota wasn't sure what to say considering the chilly reception she had received. She sat in the chair next to Cass.

Cass looked at her. "They are from my girlfriend Mary." She smiled mockingly and fought hard to contain her anger towards Dakota.

"They are very beautiful, she has good taste." Dakota was having a hard time hiding her jealousy. 'I guess the lollipop I brought her just won't compare with the flowers.' She sighed disappointed and casually put the candy back into her pocket that she was concealing in her hand.

"Yes, she does." Cass smiled and opened her book.

Dakota leaned over and looked at the book. "So, what do you need help with this evening?"

"I need help with muscle origin and insertions. I need you to quiz me so I can remember them easier." She glanced over at Dakota and quickly diverted her eyes to avoid making eye contact with her. 'I can't lose myself in those beautiful eyes; it only gets me into trouble.'

"Okay, cool. I'll say a muscle and you can tell me where the origin is and then the insertion. Do you need to know what nerve innervates that particular muscle?" Dakota looked at Cass who stared down at her book. She enjoyed how Cass' green eyes sparkled from the light, even if she was only able to see them from her profile.

"Actually, I should go over the nerves too." Cass inhaled and blew out her breath, feeling overwhelmed. 'I hate anatomy!'

"Any particular body part I should start with or is it a free for all?"

Cass glanced over at her. "You choose the body part." She looked back down at her desk.

"Alright, let's see oh, where is the piriformis muscle located?" Dakota grinned mischievously.

'An appropriate place for her to start, the ass considering she's really been one lately!' Cass looked at her and snickered inwardly, then looked back down.

"Hey, no cheating by looking at your book." Dakota chuckled and closed the anatomy book.

Cass looked at her and laughed. "It's in the gluteal area. The origin is at the sacrum and the insertion is, is…" she looked up at the ceiling thinking. It popped into her head and she looked at Dakota with a sly grin. "The greater trochanter." She giggled with a sense of accomplishment.

Dakota crossed her arms over her chest and smiled approvingly. "Excellent, I'm very impressed."

Cass looked at her still smiling and wasn't sure why Dakota was looking at her funny. "What?"

"The nerve that innervates it please." She chuckled.

"Oh, man! I forgot about that. Aah…" Cass leaned her head back and blew out her breath as she thought about the answer. She put her head back down and looked at Dakota, smiling like a Cheshire cat. "The innervations are the S1, S2 segments." She laughed and tapped her pen on the desk, proudly.

"Very good, I see that you have been studying." Dakota chuckled as she looked at her. The gleam in Cass' eyes made her heart skip a beat. She inhaled deeply to calm the feeling and smiled. "Okay, that was an easy one. How about the Corrugator supercilii?"

"You are just down right evil." Cass laughed with a sly grin. She inhaled to clear her mind to think of where the muscle was in her body. She stared at the wall as she tried to picture it and furrowed her brows.

Dakota put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing and smiled broadly as she watched her try to answer the question. "Do you need a hint?" She teased.

Cass turned her head at Dakota and smirked. "No thank you I know where the muscle is, but I do appreciate the offer." She chuckled. "The muscle is in the forehead and the origin is at the lateral, no medial end of the superciliary arch and the insertion is in the deep surface of the skin above the middle of the orbital arch. The nerve that innervates it is the temporal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve. Would you like to know what number the cranial nerve is, ma'am?" She grinned mockingly as she stared at Dakota.

"No, that will be fine." Dakota laughed and uncrossed her arms. She patted her on the back. "I am very proud of you Cass. That was a hard muscle to get."

"Thanks." She blushed and looked down at her pen. She fidgeted with it nervously, trying to avoid making eye contact with her.

"Okay, I'm going to have to think of something more difficult." Dakota grinned and looked to Cass as she tried to think of one.

Cass looked at her and laughed. She reached over and rubbed the skin above her nose. "You are working your Corrugator Supercilii way too much." They laughed heartily.


After two hours of Dakota quizzing Cass on the various muscles, they leaned back in the chairs exhausted.

"Whew, you wore me out with these muscles." Dakota chuckled and slouched in the chair. She leaned her head back and blew out her breath, which ruffled her bangs.

"What are you talking about? You wore me out. Remember, I was the one who had to wrack my brain to answer the questions." Cass scrunched up her nose and laughed when Dakota did. "How are you able to just ramble off all these muscles with the correct answers all the time?" She was amazed by Dakota's book smarts.

"I guess it's because I totally dig anatomy. The human body fascinates me and I look forward to becoming a doctor." She smiled proudly.

Cass stared at her and was amazed by how her face lit up. "Wow that is very cool. What kind of a doctor would you like to be?" She smiled, seeing a different side of Dakota.

Dakota turned her head towards Cass and sat up. "I would like to be an orthopedic surgeon, which isn't very surprising." She chuckled.

"Wow, I'm very impressed. I'm sure that will be fascinating and challenging especially when you get to do surgery on people." 'She can't be accused of being a dumb jock, that's for sure.'

"Yeah a lot of school and stress once I get out, but it will be worth it." Dakota chuckled and smiled.

"Very true, but I'm sure you will love it and you have the personality for being an orthopedic surgeon."

Dakota looked at her and smiled slyly. "I have the personality for being an orthopedic surgeon? I didn't know there was such a thing."

Cass laughed and looked down, then glanced up. "Yes, there is actually. I was referring to how smart, intense, competitive, confident, and arrogant you are. You seem like you can be pretty stubborn as well. Many of the orthopedic surgeons I've dealt with have the same traits." She chuckled.

Dakota rolled her eyes and laughed. "Arrogant huh?" She grinned mischievously. "You mean to tell me you don't see me as being compassionate, caring and good looking?" She smiled flirtatiously.

"Yes, you are arrogant and you know it." Cass teased. "Well, you have been compassionate and caring with me through this whole ordeal and you know you are good looking." She laughed as did Dakota.

"It's that obvious huh?" Dakota chuckled and blushed.

"I guess, when you've got it flaunt it, at least that's what I hear." She laughed and reached for her book.

"Okay, well I'll keep doing it then." Dakota laughed.

"I'm sure you will." Cass giggled and shifted in her seat. "Oh, I almost forgot. Can you help me figure out a way to remember the carpal bones in the hand? I can't remember them for the life of me." She thumbed through the anatomy book for a picture of the carpal bones.

"Sure." Dakota moved the chair closer to the desk and moved the book between her and Cass.

Both leaned over the book. Cass put her elbow on the desk and rested her head against her hand. She looked down at the book.

"Okay, you have the proximal row of carpal bones, which are the scaphoid, lunate, triquetrium and pisiform." She pointed them out on the page for her. "Then the distal row has the trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and the hamate." She glanced over at Cass who looked at her.

"So, how am I going to remember them?" She looked confused.

"Alright, it's easy. Put your hand up here." Dakota pointed to the book and Cass moved her left hand up. She rested it on the book in front of Dakota.

Dakota put her finger on the scaphoid bone and felt a warmth rush through her.

Cass felt a tingling sensation when Dakota touched her hand. She looked down at the book pretending that she was paying attention.

"You are going to start from the right side to the left for the proximal row, which is closest to your wrist. So, you say, some lovers try positions." She pointed out each carpal bone. "Then you move to the distal row, which is above the other row and say that they can't handle. The first letters in each of those words correlate to the carpal bones I just pointed out."

Cass glanced over at Dakota and stared at her. She looked deep into Dakota's translucent blue eyes that sparkled in the light. She moved closer, still resting her head in her hand, staring. She only heard the last part of what Dakota said.

"Use this saying, some lovers try positions that they can't handle and you will never forget the carpal bones." She smiled and was taken by how Cass was looking at her. She looked into her dreamy eyes and was mesmerized. She slowly moved closer to Cass who did the same with her. Her heart raced with anticipation.

Cass inhaled, trying to calm her racing heart when Dakota stopped inches from her face.

Dakota looked into Cass' eyes trying to determine if there was hesitation on her part. There was none. She brushed her lips against Cass' and closed her eyes. She felt her racing heart jump into her throat and felt an intense heat consumer her from the contact. She gasped excitedly when she felt Cass reciprocate the kiss. She felt her eyes water instantly and felt an ache of happiness in her heart. She slid her tongue inside and deepened the kiss.

'Oh, my god.' Cass's heart pounded in her chest, the butterflies in her stomach fluttered and she felt a warmth course throughout. 'I want her so much. The way she makes me feel is so intense that it scares me. No, I can't I can't. No, we can't do this!' She became frightened by the effect Dakota was having on her and broke of the kiss.

Dakota was bewildered and opened her eyes when Cass pulled away. She stared at her unable to speak a word.

"Dakota I think you should leave." She said in a shaky tone and moved her chair away from her.

"Huh?" She was completely blown away by the impact of the kiss and confused by Cass' reaction.

"I need you to leave, please. We shouldn't be doing this." Cass stood up and walked to the middle of the room. She looked down at the floor.

Dakota was shaken and baffled by her response. She looked away and sighed deeply, then rose from the chair. She walked over to Cass and looked at her. "Are you sure you want me to leave?"

Cass nodded yes without looking up. "Please." She glanced up and saw the hurt in Dakota's eyes, then walked to the window. She turned her back to her and stared out. She tried to calm her racing heart as well as her desire to take Dakota in her arms. 'How can I do that to Mary?' She inhaled deeply to calm her emotions.

'So, this is what it's like to be kicked to the curb.' She glanced over at Cass and walked out of the room. She slowly walked down the hall with her shoulders slouched, dejected. She inhaled deeply to quell the anger she felt begin to course within. She shoved the door open angrily and walked outside. 'I'm so pissed that I can barely stand it!' She fumed and walked hurriedly towards home.

To Be Continued…

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July 2005