Double Play IX

By Cruise

Chapter 15

Cass wiped away her tears and walked to the bed. She flopped down and put her face in her hands as her elbows rested on her legs. 'What is wrong with me? I'm a horrible person. I let her kiss me even though I've been dating Mary. I can't help it, she draws me in to her web when I'm with her and I can't get out. Maybe it's that I don't want to get out?' She sighed deeply and stood up. She wiped away her tears of guilt and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and walked back out. She changed into a grey 'Florida Gators Softball' t-shirt and flannel boxer shorts. She turned off the lights and climbed into bed. She stared up at the ceiling in the dark. 'What have I done?' She closed her eyes and pictured Dakota as she looked just before the kiss. She played the scene over again in her mind; how beautiful Dakota looked, how her heart raced when she drew near and how wonderful she felt with Dakota's lips pressed against hers. She felt a throbbing sensation between her legs with each thought of Dakota. She could still feel Dakota's kiss on her lips. "Dakota." She said softly, longingly. She pictured Dakota lying on top of her, kissing her passionately and reaching between her legs. Cass slid her hand under the waistband of her shorts and slipped her finger between her folds. She gasped from the wetness and from the image that it was Dakota touching her engorged clitoris. She began to stroke the sensitive area and saw Dakota smile at her, then lean back down to kiss her. She threw her head back in delight from the image and the marvelous sensation she felt between her legs. "Oh, yes." She moaned and stroked her clit faster as did Dakota in her fantasy. She relished the feel of Dakota's tongue on hers and how spectacular it felt when Dakota traced her lips with her tongue, then kissed her. She imagined Dakota reaching under her shirt to touch her breast. She gasped and inhaled deeply as if she could feel Dakota caressing her breast. She moved her fingers faster and felt her clit harden under her touch. She panted and moaned harder as her climax neared. She heard Dakota whisper, 'come for me Cass.' She gasped and raised her pelvis us, rubbing faster, harder. She gasped for air and dropped to the bed when she released her orgasm. "Yes!" She moaned out of breath. "Aah." She whimpered as her body shook from the orgasm. She lay breathing heavily until her body relaxed. She removed her hand and rolled onto her side satisfied. 'Dakota, you scare me so much. Should I take a chance on you and my heart?' She lay with the image of Dakota on her mind before she fell asleep.


Dakota entered the house and quickly walked to her room. She lifted one leg and pulled off her shoe, then threw it into the closet forcefully and did the same with the other one. She flopped on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She inhaled deeply, trying to calm her feelings of Cass and closed her eyes.

Cass and Dakota snuck down the hall past the counselors rooms, returning from the bar. Dakota looked at Cass who smiled and put her finger over her mouth to keep her quiet until they reached their room. She quietly opened the door and they stepped through. She closed the door behind her softly. Dakota turned to her when they were safely in the room and giggled as did Cass.

"That was so much fun!" Dakota smiled giddily and relaxed her smile when she looked at Cass who had a serious look.

"It's time for more fun Kody." Cass said seductively and walked to her.

Dakota's heart raced uncontrollably, mesmerized by Cass' green eyes that stared at her lustfully. She became more nervous when Cass stood in front of her.

Cass stared deep into her eyes and leaned closer to her. She pressed her lips against Dakota's.

Dakota gasped from feeling Cass' soft lips against her own. The contact sent a rush of warmth throughout her. She thoroughly enjoyed the sensation and opened her eyes, watching Cass kiss her.

Cass deepened the kiss when Dakota pulled her close. Her tongue fought for dominance as she passionately kissed her. "I want you Dakota." She said in a whisper after breaking off the kiss and led her to the bed.

Dakota felt a tingling sensation between her legs and followed her to the bed.

Dakota was brought back to reality by the pain she felt in her heart from Cass asking her to leave. 'Why, Cass? Why?' She felt a lump form in her throat and tried to contain her emotions. 'That kiss was so intense, meaningful, and loving. I couldn't breathe, it completely blew me away. I've never felt this way before from her kiss. It was so beautiful. Why did you ask me to leave? Why do you still avoid talking about softball camp?' She inhaled deeply when she felt the tears trickle from her eyes as she thought about Cass asking her to leave. The feeling of rejection was foreign to her as was the magnitude of the kiss. She had never been so taken by a kiss, not even the first time they shared one. She inhaled and exhaled trying to calm her racing heart. 'This is not me. I've never cried for a woman, ever.' Dakota thought back to when she received the letters she wrote addressed to Cass unopened with 'return to sender' written on them so many years ago. Somehow, this hurt more. She wiped away her tears, resolved to only have tears of joy from Cass. She closed her eyes and saw Cass in all her beauty. She smiled as she thought of her and felt her heart level off to a steady beat. She grew tired and fell asleep with Cass on her mind.


Brooke and Michelle lay wrapped around one another naked, enjoying the afterglow of making love for most of the evening.

"Are you sleeping?" Michelle lifted her head up to look at Brooke who she was spooning with.

"No, I was just enjoying the feeling of being wrapped in your arms." Brooke smiled and looked over her shoulder at Michelle.

Michelle smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "I like the feeling of you being in my arms too, but I'm starving and the only thing I have is soup, which I'm in no mood to eat. How about if we make a run to Skeeters?"

"That sounds good to me." Brooke smiled and kissed her again. She sat up and moved to the side of the bed.

Michelle sat next to her. "Are you feeling better from earlier?" She wrapped her arm over her shoulder and smiled.

"Much, I'm sorry I was so angry. It was foolish." Brooke frowned, feeling bad about the situation that happened in the game room.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I just hope you are cool with him and I being friends."

"Of course, I just don't want to be shut out of your life." Brooke smiled and leaned over, kissing her.

"Hmmm, I like that and no, you won't be shut out of my life. You're a big part of it." Michelle smiled and stood up. She held her hand out for Brooke and helped her to stand up. She pulled her naked body close and kissed her. "Once we eat and energize, there is more where that came from." Michelle smiled and winked. She turned and picked up her clothes from the floor as did Brooke.

They dressed and walked out of her room.

"Hey Penny. How was the movie?" Michelle greeted when Penny entered the house.

"It was pretty good. I'm sure it wasn't as much fun as you had, but it was still a good movie." She grinned and laughed when Brooke blushed.

"Hey, we are going to Skeeters. Do you want to go with us?" Michelle asked and smiled when she felt Brooke's arm circle around her waist.

"For the Lil' Asher, absolutely! I love their enormous biscuits." She smiled excitedly and walked towards the front door.

"I take it they have good food?" Brooke looked between them.

"Oh definitely! The biscuits are great and the portions are huge. We normally go there after the bar to soak up all the alcohol." Michelle smiled and grasped her hand as they followed Penny through the door.

"Ooh, sounds delicious." Brooke grinned and walked to the car.

"I'll drive." Penny offered and unlocked the door to her car.


The week passed fairly quickly for Cass who was busy with studying, tests and preparing for the upcoming trip with the football team to play at the University of Tennessee. She hurried to the science building to receive the results of her anatomy test from earlier in the week. She rushed over to the office and waited for the students before her to find their grades. She inhaled deeply trying to calm the nervousness she felt and began chewing on her thumbnail anxiously. She desperately needed a good grade on the exam to help her pass the class. 'Please, let me have passed it. Please.' She closed her eyes, hoping, and opened them when she heard the students reveal their grades to one another as they passed by. She stepped up to the notebook and inhaled. 'Here goes nothing.' She opened the book and put her finger on the paper, then scanned down looking for her student number. She found her number and moved her finger to the right where her grade was. "Yes!" She shrieked excitedly and jumped up and down happily when she saw her grade. She chuckled embarrassed when she turned and saw another student standing there. "Sorry, I'm just so happy!" She giggled and moved away from the book. 'Oh, man I can't believe it. I am so freaking happy, that I can't stand it! Wait until I tell Dakota. She is going to be so excited.' She chuckled and looked at the clock on the wall. 'Shit! I'm going to be late!' She bolted from the building and sprinted across campus to the stadium where they were to gather for the bus ride to the airport.


Cass ran up to the bus and chuckled when the other trainers stood staring at her. "I know I'm always running late!" She said out of breath.

"It's a good thing you're so damn fast or you would have missed the bus. You're lucky Tammy put your luggage on board for you." Danny chuckled and watched her climb up the stairs.

She giggled and looked down the long walkway of the bus for Dakota. She smiled when she saw her to the back and walked towards her.

Dakota was sitting with earpieces in from her iPod. Her head was leaned back against the seat and her eyes closed.

Cass snuck up on her and leaned into her, shoving her to the side.

"What the hell?" Dakota looked at Cass strangely. She sat up and moved over. She looked at her as she sat in the seat next to her. She pulled the earpieces out. "You could have just asked me to move over."

"I couldn't help it, I am so excited." She giggled and settled into the seat. She looked up when she felt the bus move.

"About going to Tennessee?" Dakota raised her eyebrows.

"No, silly." She laughed and looked at her. "I'm excited because I got my anatomy test results today."

"That's great! I take it from the huge smile on your face you did well?" Dakota smiled from the happiness Cass exuded.

"I did excellent thanks to you." She nudged Dakota with her shoulder and giggled.

"Well, stop torturing me and tell me what you got!" Dakota laughed.

"I got a B+!" She chuckled and smiled delightedly.

"Freaking awesome! Way to go Cass, I'm really proud of you." Dakota smiled enthusiastically and slapped hands with her.

"Thanks, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. I want you to know I really appreciate it." Cass smiled and stared into Dakota's eyes. She lost herself in them as she remembered the kiss they had shared. Her heart raced at the thought of it.

"You're welcome, I'm glad I could help." Dakota smiled sweetly. "So, was there anything specific of the stuff that we studied on the test?"

Cass inhaled deeply and looked down; hoping Dakota couldn't see what she was thinking about the kiss in her eyes. She put her backpack on the floor before her and looked up at her. She grinned slyly. "Yes, the carpal bones where on there and I jotted them down like I was quoting them from the book." She laughed as did Dakota.

'I wonder if she remembered them so well because I kissed her right after that or is it just the easy way I told her how to remember them?' 'Maybe I should have her kiss me every time I study anything for anatomy. I don't think I will ever forget the carpal bones. Shit, the kiss. I suppose we should talk about that considering I kicked her out and am acting like nothing happened now. Oh, man I hate this.'

"That's great, I'm glad you did so well Cass." Dakota smiled. 'I wonder if she's going to mention the kiss or the fact that she kicked me to the curb. I'm not going to wait for her.' "Aah, I aah suppose we should talk about what happened." Dakota found it hard to maintain eye contact with her.

"Yes, I guess we should." She shifted in her seat nervously and turned to Dakota. "I'm sorry I was so rude and asked you to leave."

"I shouldn't have kissed you considering you have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, I have aah girlfriend." Cass looked away.

"Don't worry it won't happen again." Dakota was surprised the words came out of her mouth, but they did. 'Why did I say that? If I get the chance you can bet I'll kiss her again.'

Cass snapped her head around to look at Dakota. She paused momentarily, trying to absorb what was happening. "Right." She smiled tentatively. She looked away disappointed.

Dakota looked at her and turned away shaking her head in disbelief. She leaned her head against the seat, looking out the window. She stared outside, remembering the kiss. She smiled in response to how the kiss made her feel then and now. She felt as if it were happening again. 'I'm sorry Cass, but by the feel of the kiss you gave me, you are not into your so called girlfriend. I stupidly made the comment that it wouldn't happen again, but it will and I'll act upon it the next chance I get.' Dakota slyly glanced over at her and smiled slightly then looked back out the window. 'I'm not going to give up.'


The football team and its entourage all boarded the large plane emblazoned with the 'University of Florida' on the side with the large fighting Gator emblem on the tail.

Cass sat to the middle of the plane and put her seatbelt on. Dakota took a seat next to Cass and put hers on. She smiled at her, and then looked down at her iPod. She turned it off.

Cass leaned her head back and stared out the window as the plane began its takeoff. She inhaled and exhaled to calm her nervousness. Her anxiety subsided when the plane was in the air and leveled off.

Dakota removed her earpieces and seatbelt. She stood up and walked a few aisles down where her brothers were congregated.

Cass looked up at her. She leaned to the side to see what they were doing and noted they were playing cards. She reached into her backpack and pulled out her notebook, then a pen. She pulled the tray table down and placed her notebook there. She began to write a letter to her aunt back home. She was engrossed in her music and the letter. She looked up and saw Dakota laughing as she held up her cards in front of her waiting for her turn. 'She is so beautiful. I love her smile, it makes my heart melt. I can't take my eyes off of you.' She frowned when she saw Leila stroll up and stand next to Dakota. 'How come the cheerleaders couldn't have taken another plane? Or better yet, give that one a seat on the freaking tail of the plane!' She curled her lip up in disgust and grew jealous when she saw her lean forward, next to Dakota. 'I'm surprised her tits didn't fall out of that shirt its cut so low.' She shook her head when she saw Dakota look at the busty chest that was a few inches from her face. 'She is just like a guy!Why do you have to be such a player?' Her heart raced when Dakota looked up laughing and caught her gaze.

Dakota stared at her and smiled. 'I hope she's thinking of me, because I know I can't get her off my mind. She's been consuming all of my thoughts for quite some time now.'

'Shit, she's looking at me. I'm so embarrassed that she caught me staring.' Cass' eyes darted down to her notebook.

Dakota frowned that Cass looked away and turned back to her game.


The pilot made an announcement that they would be landing in fifteen minutes.

Cass hurried to finish her letter and signed her name with x's and o's. She put the notebook away and looked up into alluring blues staring at her. She felt her heart race when she met Dakota's stare. 'She is so hot. Stop it, stop thinking about her. Have you forgotten you have a girlfriend? Her name is Mary? I can't help but think of Dakota and what it would be like being with her. She makes me feel things that I don't think Mary will ever bring out. I'm a freak!' She sighed deeply and turned to the window. She looked outside, feeling guilty.

'That's it, keep looking to see what you are missing out on Cass. You should be with me instead of that little tart you're with. It's beyond me why you continue to deny your feelings for me. I know you want me.' Dakota grinned slyly as she approached and sat next to her. She put her seatbelt on and then her earpieces. She pushed the on button for her iPod. 'This is stupid. We shared a powerful kiss that rocked me to the core. She can't keep denying that she's attracted to me. I can see it in her eyes. She'll come around, I know it. The question is why is she giving me so much resistance?' Dakota looked over at Cass who was staring out the window. She tapped on her shoulder.

Cass turned and looked at her. She pulled out the earpieces when Dakota did the same. "Yes?"

"What are you listening to?" Dakota pointed at her iPod.

Cass grinned playfully. "Guess."

Dakota arched a brow as she stared at her thinking. "Hmmm, let's see." She scratched her chin. "I've got it; you listen to romantic chick music." She laughed as did Cass.

"That is too funny, but you're wrong."

"Surprising." Dakota chuckled.

"Why is that surprising?"

"Well, you look like the type of chick who loves romantic movies and music."

"Is that really such a bad thing? Besides, how do you get that from looking at me?" Cass leaned back in her seat waiting anxiously for the answer.

"I suppose it's not a bad thing. I got that because you have this sweet and innocent face."

Cass was caught off guard by the comment. "Really, it's cool that you think that." She giggled. "So, what about you?" She pointed at Dakota's iPod.

Dakota leaned closer to her and stared into her eyes with a devilish grin. "Guess." Her tone was soft and flirtatious.

Cass was breathless from the look Dakota gave her. She inhaled when she realized she wasn't breathing. She smiled when she regained her composure and stared at her. "Okay, I think you enjoy listening to heavy metal rock."

"What?" Dakota was shocked and laughed hysterically.

"I take it you don't?" Cass giggled.

"I don't like heavy metal at all. What would give you the idea that I might like that music?" She was thrown for a loop by the insinuation.

"Well, you look like the rugged and tough renegade type who likes heavy metal music."

"Hmmm, renegade; I kind of like that." Dakota grinned mischievously. "But, you couldn't be further from the truth. I totally dig the 80's." She smiled, hoping Cass wouldn't start laughing.

Cass' eyes widened when she heard her admission. "Wicked cool! I love the 80's!" She shrieked excitedly and both laughed heartily.

"No way, I can't believe it." Dakota chuckled and unplugged her earpiece. "What's wicked?" She laughed as she looked at her.

"Oh, it's just Mainah talk when you really want to emphasize something." Cass giggled, blushing.

"Hmmm, very interesting. I think this is the first time I've heard a Maine accent come from you."

"Really, you mean you've never heard me ask if you have a beetah and if so, do you pahk it in the bahn?" She laughed as did Dakota.

"I don't think so considering I'm not sure what you just asked me." Dakota laughed heartily.

Cass giggled. "I asked if you have an old beat-up truck and if so, do you park it in the barn."

Dakota laughed as did Cass.

"My accent comes out more when I'm home. You're cunin' when you laugh." Cass smiled admiringly as she stared at her.

"Cunin?" Dakota furrowed her brows confused by the term.

"You're going to have to figure that one out on your own." Cass smiled flirtatiously and laughed.

"I'll do that." Dakota flashed a coy smile in return and gave her a lingering look. 'Man, I am so taken by her. I like her more each time I'm with her.' Dakota reached for Cass' iPod and glanced up at her. "Let me hear what you have going on." She plugged her earpieces into the machine and pushed the play button. She scanned through a few of the songs and laughed when she took out the earpieces.

"I told you. Let me check yours out." Cass smiled and took Dakota's. She plugged her earpieces in and pushed the play button.

Dakota watched as she listened to her music. 'She excites me so much, let me in Cass.' She stared adoringly at her.

"I like yours better. Let me have this." She laughed and took Dakota's iPod. She handed hers to Dakota.

Dakota laughed and turned on Cass' iPod to listen to her music. Dakota chuckled when she saw Cass bobbing her head to the beat of the music. She looked out the window when she felt the bump of the wheels on the runway. She nudged Cass with her hand and pointed outside when she looked at her.

Cass looked out the window, noting they had landed and looked at her with a smile still bobbing her head to the beat.


The training staff had completed treatments on the injured players for the evening to prepare them for the next day and were all walking away from the conference room they used as a training room.

"I'm heading to the bar for a drink. Does anyone else want to join me?" Danny looked at the group who all looked exhausted.

"I'm there." Dakota commented with a chuckle and looked at Cass.

"Sure, I'll go for a little while." She smiled at Dakota and looked ahead.

"We are going back to the room." Fiona said and pointed to Sandy who stood next to her.

"Here Cass, take my key to the room." Sandy held the credit card key out to her.

"Thanks." Cass smiled and took the key.

"You have one to our room right Dakota?"

"Yep." She smiled and tapped her pocket where the key was located.

"Don't make too much noise when you two come back to the room." Fiona chuckled as she looked at Dakota and Cass.

"We'll try not too." Cass smiled and waved when they walked away.

The rest of the group headed towards the bar.


After spending two hours in the bar chatting and drinking sparingly Cass decided it was time to call it a night, knowing she would be very busy the next day at the game.

"Well, I'm beat. I'm heading up to bed." She stood up and tossed money on the table for her bill and tip.

"Good night." The group said in unison and waved.

Dakota watched as she walked through the bar. She sat staring at Cass across the bar who stood waiting for the elevator. 'How am I going to sleep in the same bed with her tonight and not touch her? I'm going back with her.' She moved to stand up and stopped when she heard a woman's voice.

"I knew I would find you here." An attractive tall, blonde said when she sidled up to Dakota.

Dakota looked up and smiled, shocked to see her. "Jody!" She said excitedly and stood up.

They grinned and laughed happy to see one another.

'Damn these elevators are slow.' Cass looked at the display above her to see what floor it was on. She pushed the button again. 'I wish Dakota was coming back with me. Oh, what would you do if she did come back, you chicken? I just might do something with her. She was so sweet and charming on the plane ride. I saw something different from her. Maybe she isn't like her reputation. Yeah right!' She shook her head in disbelief that she was having an argument with her inner self. She chuckled and turned back to the bar.

"It's so good to see you." Dakota smiled and leaned to her, kissing her on the cheek. She engulfed her in a hug.

"I've missed you." Jody kissed her on the cheek and held her tightly. "Come on up to my room, I've got something for you." She smiled and rubbed Dakota's back.

"Lead the way." Dakota smiled and pulled money out of her pocket to pay for the bill.

Cass turned away and shook her head. 'Things never change with her. Just when I think I can trust her and let her in, she proves my point that she's a player and no good for me. Once and for all I need to stop this nonsense of thinking I could be with Dakota.' She stepped onto the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor. 'I should call Mary.' She planted her hands on her hips and looked out absentmindedly. She inhaled deeply to calm the anger she felt and blew out her breath forcibly as the doors closed before her.


Cass entered the darkened room and closed the door quietly behind her. She grabbed her cell phone and walked back out into the lobby to keep from waking up her fellow trainers. She pushed the speed dial for Mary and waited as the phone rang. She paced back and forth in the hallway waiting. 'Where is she?' She sighed disappointed when the voice mail came on. She waited for the beep. "Hey Mary I was just calling to say hello. I hope everything is going well. Have a great night." She was disappointed that she didn't get to speak with her and pushed the end button. She went back inside and quietly changed for bed. She climbed under the sheets and lay on her right side facing the wall. 'Mary must be sleeping. What am I doing? I just keep going back and forth between these two. Mary is the safe one, but Dakota is the renegade who scares me. She excites me and makes me happy, except when she's flirting with other women. I think I'm out of my mind! I think I need to speak to a counselor.' She sighed frustrated with her conflict and closed her eyes. As usual, she pictured Dakota. She felt warmth consume her and her heart raced. She inhaled deeply and exhaled to calm her pounding heart. She listened to the sound of her breathing as it calmed and put her hand on her heart, feeling the slow beat. She finally relaxed and became sleepy.


"I'll see you at the field Jody. Have a good one!" Dakota smiled and waved before closing the door to her room. She tucked the small present in her pocket and smiled happily.

"Bye!" Jody called out as the door was closing.

Dakota chuckled and walked down to the end of the hall to her room.

She slid the key and opened the door when the green light came on. She saw the room was dark and quiet. She closed the door softly and walked to her bag. She squatted down and reached in for her pajamas. She pulled out an orange t-shirt with a large black S and a C which was intertwined on the shirt with Spruce Creek High School printed below the letters. She pulled out a pair of black gym shorts with SC Lady Hawks printed on the left leg. She fumbled through the bag for her toothpaste. 'Shit, how could I have forgotten my toothpaste?' She shook her head in disbelief and padded into the bathroom to change. She dressed for bed and saw a small black pouch with CS emblazoned on it. 'I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I borrowed some toothpaste from her.' She looked to the door as if she was in fear of being caught for a crime and looked down into the bag. She pulled out the tube of toothpaste. 'Aquafresh?' She was surprised by Cass' choice of toothpaste. She squeezed some out on her toothbrush and put it back in the bag. She brushed her teeth and looked into the mirror. 'I wonder when she stopped using the Colgate cinnamon flavored stuff? It was her favorite.' She shrugged her shoulders, shaking off the confusion and continued to brush. She glanced over at the toilet and chuckled when she remembered the trick they played on the counselors at camp, who had made a point of letting them know the next day that sitting on the spicy hot toothpaste was not a pleasant experience. She rinsed her mouth and laughed quietly as the thought tickled her. 'I hope she'll loan me some in the morning or I won't be pleasant to be around.' She wiped her mouth and walked out of the bathroom. She walked around to her side of the bed and crawled in, trying to not wake Cass. She pushed her hair off her face and settled into the bed.


Dakota's heart raced uncontrollably as Cass kissed her passionately. She slid her hands around Cass' back and pulled her closer. Cass broke the kiss and looked up at her confused.

"Take my clothes off Kody." She smiled seductively and took Dakota's hands in her own. She guided them to the waist band of her shorts and pushed them down as both stared passionately at each other.

Dakota's excitement escalated as she pushed the shorts down Cass' bare legs, dropping them to the floor. She moved her trembling hands back up Cass' legs, transfixed on her naked lower body. She swallowed the lump in her throat when her hands moved close to Cass' mound.

Cass moaned at the feeling of Dakota's hands on her skin and smiled as she watched Dakota stare at her. She moved her hand down under Dakota's chin and lifted it up. She smiled looking down at her. "Are you nervous?"

Dakota sat up and flicked her head to get the hair out of her face. She smiled timidly. "Yes, very it's the first time I've ever been with anyone."

Cass smiled excitedly and lightly stroked Dakota's face. "I promise to make your first time a memorable one." She said in a whisper and leaned down to kiss her.

Dakota stood up and engulfed her in a hug, deepening the kiss. She moved her hands under Cass' shirt and slid them up her bare skin. She broke the kiss to remove the shirt and stared deeply into Cass' eyes who smiled provocatively. Dakota inhaled deeply and exhaled, nervously.

Cass broke the kiss and smiled. "Sit down." She watched as Dakota sat on the bed and locked her gaze on Dakota's eyes as she removed her shirt. She tossed it to the floor and removed her sports bra. She held Dakota's face in her hands and leaned down to kiss her again.

Dakota put her hands on Cass' naked body and sank into the kiss. She sighed disappointed when Cass broke the contact.

Cass stared at her smiling and lightly moved her hands down Dakota's neck, to her broad shoulders, then across her upper chest. She stared into the warm blue eyes before her and moved her hands over Dakota's breasts. Dakota closed her eyes from the contact and moaned, instantly feeling a throbbing sensation between her legs.

"You are gorgeous Kody. You're so toned and sexy." She smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

Dakota opened her eyes and stared at her, she was putty in Cass' hands.

"I'll be right back." She whispered and kissed her before walking to her side of the bed. 'She is going to look so hot wearing this and feel even better using it on me.' Cass smiled and inhaled deeply, trying to calm her excitement.

Dakota watched her intently as she walked away, appreciative of Cass' firm backside. She inhaled and exhaled rapidly, feeling as if she were hyperventilating. 'I'm so nervous. I don't know what to do. I've never done this before. What if I suck at it? She seems pretty knowledgeable about this, shit I hope I don't disappoint her. She's so beautiful.' She inhaled deeper to calm her pounding heart as she watched Cass walk towards her. She smiled wondering why she had such a mischievous smile on her face and her hands behind her back. 'I wonder if she's going to tie me up. Oh, man what am I getting into with her?' She inhaled deeply and slowly blew out her breath, hoping she would calm down.

Cass stopped in front of her and Dakota looked up timidly. Cass brought her hands around in front of her.

Dakota's eyes widened when she saw what Cass was holding. "Aah, Cass I aah, I'm not sure I really want to have that done to me…" She stammered, nervously staring at the dildo.

Cass smiled reassuringly and leaned down to her. She kissed her and looked into her eyes. "I don't want to use this on you; I want you to use it on me." She said in a whisper.

Dakota's heart raced at the thought of what Cass wanted her to do and smiled excitedly. "I would love to, but Cass I've never…"

Cass put her finger over Dakota's mouth and smiled as she gazed into her smoldering blue eyes. "I know you will be fine, don't worry. We will take it slow. Stand up so I can help you put it on."

Dakota's nervousness calmed slightly from Cass' reassuring look. She stood up and watched as Cass slid her shorts and underwear off. She squatted before her and nuzzled her face in Dakota's mound. Dakota threw her head back and gasped when she felt Cass' tongue slip between her folds. 'That feels so good. Oh, man!' She looked back down at Cass who glanced up at her and smiled. She closed her eyes as her heart raced uncontrollably and her breathing escalated. She sighed and looked down when she felt Cass stop.

Cass held the harness for Dakota to step into and guided it up onto her hips. Dakota watched her intently, unable to take her eyes off of her and was completely blown away by what was happening to her. Only in her sexual fantasies did this happen.

Cass situated the harness and slid her hands up Dakota's sides as their gaze met. She smiled and kissed her sensually. She broke the kiss smiling. "You look so freaking good with that on. Lay me on the bed and fuck me Kody." Cass thrust her tongue past Dakota's lips for a deep, searing kiss.

Dakota's heart pounded in her chest and she wondered if her heart would be able to withstand the excitement. She pulled Cass closer and felt the dildo press against her mound, instantly sending a tingling sensation through her. Her arousal heightened. She felt powerful. The dildo gave her a confidence and boldness she had never before. She took control of the kiss. Her instincts took over and she deepened the passionate kiss. She lightly kissed across her cheek, then down her neck. She sank her teeth into Cass' neck and held her tighter when she heard her gasp from the contact. She stood up and looked at Cass, then guided her to the bed.

Cass' heart raced from the lustful look on Dakota's face and moved into the middle of the bed. She gasped watching Dakota seductively crawl on top of her, never breaking the powerful gaze with her sensual eyes. She smiled excitedly, as Dakota climbed on top of her and positioned herself between her legs. "You look so sexy, I want you so bad." Her heart skipped a beat when Dakota guided her legs apart.

Dakota touched Cass' clit and inhaled deeply when Cass threw her head back from the contact. She smiled and dipped her finger in her opening. "Hmmm, you're so wet." Her tone was seductive and her smile sensual. She reached between her legs for the dildo and moved it to Cass' opening.

Cass' heart raced when she felt the dildo touch her. She stared deep into Dakota's eyes that never broke their gaze with hers. "Take me now, Kody." She requested provocatively.

Dakota moved her hips and felt her heart pound harder when Cass gasped as she entered her.

Cass' eyes snapped open when she heard moaning. 'Is that Dakota?' She was surprised that she would do something like that in the bed with her. 'Why does that surprise me, she's pretty bold. Maybe she's trying to tempt me or something? I have got to see what is going on.' Her curiosity got the best of her. She casually and quietly looked over her shoulder towards Dakota.

To Be Continued…

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July 2005