Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

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Part 2

As the pair made their way down the street which was covered with tropical foliage and beautiful magnolia trees Jordan couldn't help thinking about how happy she was to be with Bly and she hoped Bly wanted something more than just a vacation fling. Jordan smiled at the thought of waking up in Bly's arms every morning and thought about how right that would feel to her. Jordan placed a soft kiss on Bly's shoulder as Bly glanced back at her and flashed her a sexy smile.

Bly parked the ped out in front of the restaurant. "Aah...Bly are you sure this is a good place to eat?" Jordan asked skeptically.

"'s the best. I know it doesn't look really fancy but they have really good food here." Bly answered and took her hand to lead her across the street to the small restaurant.

"Okay...I trust you then." Jordan smiled and kissed Bly's hand as they entered the restaurant.

"Good morning! The only thing we have available is inside here at that booth there. You could wait for about 20 minutes and something outside will open up," the host offered.

Bly looked at Jordan who had a hungry look in her eye. "No, we'll take the booth." Bly answered with a smile as the sat down and grabbed the menus.

"Hello...what can I get you ladies to drink? Coffee?" the waitress asked with a smile.

"Please...two." Bly ordered as she looked at Jordan for confirmation of the order.

"That's fine, thanks." Jordan smiled as she looked back at her menu. "What are you getting Bly?"

Bly looked up from her menu and closed it. "French toast." Bly answered with a smile.

"HmmmÉthat sounds yummy." Jordan answered with a smile, "I think I will go for the eggs benedict though." Jordan answered as she looked down at her menu and then closed it placing it down on the table. Jordan smiled at Bly and slid her hand across the table under Bly's hand who gently held it.

Bly leaned her head to the side away from eyesight of the door with a mischievous smile.

"What are you doing?" Jordan asked with a smile.

Bly put her finger up against her lips..."ssh!" Bly motioned with a sly grin as the victims approached the booth with their backs to them unbeknownst to them what was going to happen.

Bly grabbed a handful of ass. "Sweetcheeks!" she exclaimed with a laugh as Julie winced from the groping and turned around to see Jordan and Bly laughing hysterically.

"Bly!" Julie laughed as she let go of Linda's hand and slid into the booth. Julie squished Bly against the wall and grabbed her face to lick her entire cheek as everyone laughed at the horrified look on Bly's face.

"Yuck! Get!" Bly teased as she pushed Jules off of her and wiped her face off with her napkin. "Jules that's so gross!"

"Hey! it was payback babe!" Julie answered with a laugh.

" got the best end of the deal!" Bly laughed as she pushed Julie out of the booth to stand. "Come on Linda and switch seats with me so, you two love birds can sit together and I can sit with the best looking woman in paradise." Bly replied as Jordan blushed from Bly's comment.

"That's an offer I won't refuse!" Linda exclaimed with a smile as she climbed into the booth with Julie as Bly slid in next to Jordan.

Jordan smiled and leaned her head against Bly's shoulder as she slid her hand to Bly's leg resting it on her inner thigh.

Bly smiled as she sipped her coffee and slid her free hand onto Jordan's.

"I take it you two slept well?" Bly asked with a sly grin knowing what the answer would be as she looked at her best friend.

"Sleep? We spent the entire night making love...are you crazy." Julie answered with a laugh.

"Julie!" Linda exclaimed with embarrassment as she hit her in the arm.

Bly and Jordan laughed as Jordan rubbed her hand lightly along Bly's leg as Bly loved the feeling she got from Jordan's touch.

The waitress came over and took their orders for breakfast. "Oh, what's your bread of the day?" Bly aksed.

"It's banana nut bread," the waitress answered as she left to put their order in.

"Yes!" Bly and Julie exclaimed with excitement as they looked at one another and gave a high five.

"Is it that good?" Jordan asked.

"Even better." Julie answered with a smile.

"Well...what's taking them so long...bring it on!" Jordan answered with a laugh.

"So, how was your night?" Julie asked as she raised her eyebrows up and down at Bly with a sly grin.

Bly looked at Jordan and smiled. "It was wonderful despite the fact that we had to sleep in the lawn chair on the pool deck." Bly answered with slight agitation and one eyebrow rose as she looked at Julie.

Julie had a look of realization at her forgetfulness. "Oh, geez!...I am so sorry Bly...I totally forgot! forgot to remind me to tell her." Julie replied as she turned to Linda.

"I can't help it that your kisses render me totally forgetful!" Linda answered with a smile as Julie leaned over and kissed her.

"I'll forgive you one day." Bly teased.

"Oh, you're so sweet my little ring ding." Julie teased as she pinched Bly's cheek.

The waitress brought their breakfast and the hungry women devoured their delicious food.

"Wow...that bread is to die for." Jordan exclaimed.

"They make it fresh everyday and there is usually a different type everyday." Bly answered as she leaned over and cleaned a piece of food off of Jordan's face.

"It would be nice if I could make it through one meal with you without having food all over my face." Jordan answered with a smile.

"I think it's very cute." Bly answered softly as she leaned over and kissed Jordan.

"So, are we doing the tourist thing today?" Julie asked.

"The tourist thing?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, we can go to mallory square, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant, the Key West Aquarium, Mel Fisher's Museum, Earnest Hemingway's house, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Mile Marker "0", Southernmost Point, a tasty frozen drink or two from Fat Tuesday's and the 801." Bly answered with a glimmer in her eye as she looked at Julie.

"Shall we do it to the ladies in there again Bly?" Julie answered with a mischievous smile.

"We must Jules." Bly laughed.

"Would you two mind telling us what you're talking about?" Jordan asked.

Julie and Bly grinned at one another. "Well...we have a habit of running the table on the ladies in pool so, we have to keep up our tradition." Bly answered with a smile.

"This I've got to see!" Linda exclaimed with doubt as everyone laughed.

"Let's get started on our sight seeing ladies and Bly." Julie teased as she threw down money for the bill.

Everyone exited the restaurant. "Aah...Julie here is my share of breakfast." Jordan offered.

"Put it away Jordan, your money is no good with me." Julie answered.

"I would like to repay you somehow." Jordan answered as she held money in front of Julie.

"You can repay me by keeping that smile on her face...okay?" Julie answered with a smile as she nodded to Bly as they looked to see her and Linda carrying on a candid conversation as they retrieved the mopeds.

"That's a deal...thanks." Jordan answered with a smile as Julie put her arm around Jordan's neck and walked over to the girls.

"Hey, Bly your girl here is hitting on me!" Julie teased as Jordan slapped her in the ass.

"She's smarter than that to hit on a nut ball like you!" Bly answered with a smile as Jordan stood before. "Isn't that right baby?" Bly asked as she leaned down and kissed her.

"I only have eyes for you." Jordan whispered as she kissed her again.

"Hey, I would really like to take a shower before we go do we have time?" Linda asked.

"If you don't spend an hour primping your hair!" Bly teased.

"Yeah, right...all I need is ten minutes to shower and throw a hat on."

"That sounds like a good idea Linda. I really need one too." Jordan answered as she looked back at Bly. "Would you mind?"

"Only if you take one without Linda." Bly answered with a smile.

Jordan smiled, answering softly as she kissed Bly. "I'm saving that one for you."

Bly smiled as she broke their kiss. "Alright...go take your showers and we'll pick you up at your place."

Bly and Julie took the girls back to their guesthouse and dropped them off to shower as they headed back to their place to do the same.

Jordan and Linda opened their door to an overwhelming fragrance of roses. "Wow...I wonder who their from?" Linda asked with excitement.

"They are from Bly." Jordan smiled as a warm feeling swept over her.

"How can you be sure... they might be from Julie."

"Bly gave me a white rose on our first date." Jordan answered with a smile as she reflected on that night as she remembered how adorable Bly looked as she stood at the foot of the steps with the rose in her hand.

Linda looked at the card. "You're's from Bly and look she sent chocolates too! That is so romantic."

Jordan smiled as her eyes filled with tears as she thought about how special Bly makes her feel and that she has never had anyone treat her so kindly before.

Linda jumped in the shower as Jordan took a white rose out and sat down to read the card. 'Jordan...I wish I could wake up in your arms every morning...would you mind?...Bly' Jordan ran the rose over her lips as she read the card over and over again each time sending her butterflies into a furry as she smiled in complete happiness.

Jordan never thought she could have such a beautiful, intelligent and caring woman be interested in her in fact, she didn't think she deserved Bly but she made her feel so good. Jordan thought about how she was falling and falling hard for Bly but loved the feeling.

"Jordan...did you hear me?" Linda asked.

"Huh?" Jordan asked as she was startled out of her thoughts of Bly.

"I said I'm finished...get going...they will be here soon."

"Okay...sure." Jordan answered as she put her card and flower on the table next to the others and smelled the bouquet before entering the shower.

Jordan got in the shower and tried to hurry. "Hey, Jordan."

"Yeah!" Jordan answered as she heard Linda enter the bathroom and begin to do her hair.

"I think I'm in love with Julie."

"Your kidding!" Jordan answered as she popped her head around the shower curtain to look at her.

Linda turned around to face her. "I'm as serious as a heart attack Jor!" Linda exclaimed with complete happiness.

"That's so wonderful Linda!...I'm so happy for you!" Jordan answered with excitement.

"What about you with Bly?"

Jordan peeked her head back in the curtain. "I am just taking what's she's willing to give me Linda but it feels so good to be treated nicely." Jordan answered with a smile as she rinsed her hair.

"I think Bly has fallen for you Jor!"

"That would be nice but I don't want to get my hopes up...because you know my history."

"Maybe this time will be different for the both of us." Linda answered as she finished with her hair. "Let me tell you ...Julie is a fabulously attentive lover! How about Bly?"

"Linda!" Jordan exclaimed with embarrassment.

" was she?" Linda inquired.

Jordan turned the shower off and toweled herself dry. She wrapped the towel around herself and opened the curtain to find Linda waiting for her answer.


"From what we did she seems like she would be wonderful." Jordan answered with slight embarrassment and regret.

"What do you mean...did you two anything?" Linda stammered.

"Well...there was a bunch of people in Bly's room, you two were here, and we started something in the hot tub but two chicks from Gainesville came in interrupting us. I tried to continue it in the lawnchair but Bly didn't want our first time to be there...she wanted it to be special."

"That's so romantic! A big change from Cindy huh?"

"Please... don't bring her name into any conversation with Bly because she doesn't deserve to be named in the same breath as Bly." Jordan answered agitated.

"I'm sorry really care about Bly don't you?"

Jordan looked down then up to Linda. "Like I have never felt about anyone ever before."

"Oh, honey...that is so wonderful!...I'm so happy for you!" Linda exclaimed with excitement as she hugged Jordan.

"Okay, enough mushy stuff I have to get ready." Jordan teased.

Jordan and Linda finished dressing and headed out to the front of the guesthouse to find the babes waiting for them on their mopeds.

Jordan noticed how fabulous Bly looked in her teal tank top which showed off her tan muscular arms. The matching cotton shorts accentuating her muscular tanned legs. Jordan walked up with a smile on her face and looked down at Bly as she moved close to her.

Bly lifted her sunglasses up on the top of her head and looked into Jordan's eyes as Jordan pulled a white rose out from behind her back. Jordan smiled and ran the rose down Bly's face as she slowly moved in to Bly. "Thank you...I love my flowers and candy." Jordan whispered as she passionately kissed Bly to properly thank her.

"You're welcome...beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman." Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan again.

Jordan crawled on the back of the bike and wrapped her arms around Bly as they pulled off to do their tourist thing. The group was half dead by the time they reached Fat Tuesday's after seeing everything Key West had to offer.

"Hey... I want to get a..." Julie tried to finish her statement but was interrupted by Bly.

"If you say one more picture I will shove the lens up your ass!" Bly answered as everyone laughed.

"Oh, behave! I can't help it if I like to take pictures!" Julie laughed.

"Yeah...but we didn't have to take a picture with every damn animal in the aquarium Jules!"

"Oh, stop! didn't have to do that!" Julie answered back.

"Why did you need to take a picture of us with a freaking starfish?" Bly answered with slight agitation.

"Because you two looked so cute...I think you and the starfish make a cute couple." Julie teased.

"I need a mudslide bartender and let me try the cream sickle one." Bly ordered as the bartender handed her a sample of the cream sickle drink.

"I think I want to try the purple passion one." Jordan answered with excitement as the bartender gave her a taster as well..."yum...I will have one of those...please." Jordan ordered as she held the remainder of her taster up for Bly to try.

"Hmmmm, that one's pretty good too...try this one." Bly replied as she held the cream sickle up for Jordan to taste..."I'm getting that one when I polish off the mudslide." Bly answered with a laugh.

"Oooh, that one is so delicious!" Jordan answered as she licked her lips.

"Just like you." Bly answered with a sexy smile as she took her mudslide and headed off towards a table.

The group stumbled out of Fat Tuesday's after three drinks apiece and mounted the mopeds. "Hey, Jules...I'll wace ya!" Bly slurred and started to laugh hysterically at her comment, as did Julie who continued her infectious laugh while Linda and Jordan stood by watching in disbelief.

" so much more when you laugh like that. It kills me!" Bly stammered through her laughing as she tried to spit her statement out.

Julie continued her laugh as they screamed off down the road racing one another and beeping their horns at everyone causing each other to laugh harder.

They parked their peds in the ally way of the 801 Club, which opened onto Duval the main drag in Key West.

Julie and Bly continued to laugh at one another hysterically just by looking at each other. Bly had a hold of Jordan's hand as did Julie with Linda as the entered the bar.

"Hello ladies...we're your worst nightmare!" Bly announced as her and Julie laughed harder as they approached the pool table.

Linda and Jordan watched on as Bly and Julie ran the table on every person they tried to play. "Who's next?" Bly asked with a laugh.

"I think they are all afraid to play you two." Linda asked with a smile as Julie kissed her.

Bly walked up and stood between Jordan's legs who sat on a barstool. "How about you sexy...want to play me?" Bly asked with a sexy smile as she stood before Jordan.

Jordan smiled and put her hands on Bly's hips. "No, thank you I'm enjoying watching you beat everyone in here." Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed Bly.

"I guess I will have to find someone then!" Bly teased as she stood in the doorway facing Duval. "Anyone want to play my friend and I in pool? How about you miss...don't be shy." Bly teased as a woman walked by laughing.

"I'll play you." a woman answered gruffly as Bly turned to her.

"Great!" Bly answered.

Jordan saw the woman was Cindy and she grabbed Linda and Julie as they fled to the backroom of the bar.

"Oh my God, what is she doing here?" Jordan cried and leaned against the wall as her heart beat loudly in her chest.

"Who?" Linda asked worried about the reaction of her friend.

"Cindy! She's out there with Bly!" Jordan replied and began to tremble. Linda put her arms around Jordan and held her tightly saying, "Hey, it's o.k. we're here and she isn't going to hurt you again."

"What's going on?" Julie asked putting her hand on Linda's back. Jordan stepped back and and went to peek around the corner to see if Cindy was still out there. She could hear Linda talking to Julie softly.

Julie went over to Jordan and asked, "Do you want me to go get Bly?"

"No! Please don't let Bly know about Cindy. I don't want to upset her, you know she won't just let this go. If she finds out who that woman is, then she will do something and might get hurt." Jordan pleaded.

By the grip on her arm, Julie knew that Jordan was terrified of what was happening out by the pool table. Even Linda's nervousness was beginning to affect Julie.

"What do you want me to do?" Julie asked quietly, trying to reassure Jordan that things would be fine.

"Just go out there and tell her that Linda and I are going upstairs to watch the drag show. Don't let her bring Cindy up here not matter what and, whatever you do, please don't tell her who Cindy is, please." Jordan's eyes teared and Julie nodded her head and felt sorry for the young woman. It must have been awful to have a friend treat you so badly.

"Don't worry Jordan, I'll take care of everything. You two go up the backstairs and I'll bring Bly up as soon as the game is over." Julie replied and hugged the woman briefly.

"Thank you."

Julie walked over to Linda and hugged her whispering in her ear; "See if you can calm her down some. I'll take care of things in the other room, okay?" She kissed Linda on the cheek before pulling back for an answer.

Linda closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before nodding and looking back into the warm brown eyes of her lover.

"Good!" Julie brushed her lips across Linda and replied, "We'll be up as soon as I can get this game over with."

Julie went out and met Bly who was making her way toward the back room wondering where everyone had gone. She saw Cindy standing next to the pool table with a cue in her hand waiting. The woman was tall and muscular like Bly, but heavier and a lot tougher looking. Smiling, she approached Bly and headed her off before she could get to the back room.

"Hey, where are the girls?"

Jules lightly grabbed Bly's arm, turning her around and steering her over to the bar. "They decided to go up to the drag show and wait for us there. Buy me a drink and let's whoop this chick!" Jules replied grinning mischievously.

Bly laughed and put her arm around Julie, "Jules, your my kinda gal. Let's show this one a thing or two."

Julie watched as Bly methodically went to work on Cindy. Every time Bly began to mention the two women upstairs Julie was quick to intercede and change the direction of the conversation.

Julie made frequent trips to the bar for Bly. Bly seemed to be drinking more than her usual this evening. Heading back from the bar with another drink for Bly she heard her friend call out.

"Hey Jules, where shall we take Jordan and Linda to dinner tomorrow night?" Bly called out across the pool table as she lined up her shot. Julie silently cringed as she noticed Cindy's eyes narrow at the sound of Jordan's name. 'Oh, shit. Now what?' Julie thought to herself trying to come up with a way out of the situation.

Trying to end the conversation quickly she responded, "Why don't we just take them to Kelly's. Are you about finished here?" Julie looked out of the corner of her eye to see Cindy's reaction and found that the woman was listening to every word. 'I'm sorry Jordan, I really tried,' Julie thought sadly.

Bly sank the eight ball and looked over at Julie triumphantly before turning to Cindy and saying, "Thanks for the game, hon."

"My pleasure," Cindy replied, the look on her face made Julie shiver. She looked like that psycho-babe Callisto on TV.

Bly walked over to Julie and slurred, "Let's go find my woman!" Julie followed Bly up the stairs, the show had just ended and there was no sign of Linda or Jordan. Upset, Bly turned and stalked back down to the bar and ordered another drink.

"Where the hell did they go?" she asked Julie.

"Maybe they got bored and went for a walk?" Julie replied trying to smooth ruffled feathers.

After another hour, Julie finally pried Bly out of the bar and half carried her home. Julie hadn't seen her this drunk in a long time and wonder if it had anything to do with Jordan. Bly seems totally involved with this one, I just hope she isn't having doubts and getting ready to blow an obvious good thing.

Julie got Bly home and she passed out on the bed fully dressed. After removing her shoes and pulling the covers over her, Julie went downstairs and headed over to see Linda and Jordan.

"Hey, what happened to you two?" Julie asked when Linda answered the door. Linda pulled Julie into the room and kissed her soundly.

"You're forgiven!" Julie smiled.

"I had to get Jordan out of there, she was about to crawl out of her skin." Linda whispered.

"Where is she?"

"In the bathroom taking a shower."

"Good, then we have a few moments." Julie replied wiggling her eyebrows and taking Julie into her arms. The two women kissed passionately until they heard the water turn off and broke apart. "Guess we better behave ourselves. Jordan's been through enough tonight." Julie said. Linda nodded and went to stand by the French doors to the patio as Julie sat down in the overstuffed chair in the corner.

"Where's Bly?" Linda asked softly so that Jordan wouldn't hear.

"She's passed out and I put her to bed. You guys taking off, didn't help much." Julie replied grinning.

"What's the plan for tomorrow?"

"Well, Bly has meetings scheduled for most of tomorrow, but we're all having dinner at Kelly's afterward. It that o.k.?" Julie asked.

"Does Jordan know?"

"I don't think so, I think Bly was going to tell her tonight." Julie responded.

"Guess we'll have to tell her."

"What about tomorrow, do you two have plans." Julie asked.

"No, we really haven't been planning anything since we've met you two." Linda replied smiling.

Julie smiled back and winked, "Good, keep it that way. How about the three of us do something then."

"What did you have in mind?"

"How about we take a boat over to the dry tortugas for a tour?" Julie suggested.

"Sounds like fun!" Linda replied.

"What sounds like fun?" Jordan asked standing in the bathroom doorway. Neither woman had heard her come out.

"Would you be interested in going for a tour of the dry tortugas tomorrow?" Julie asked.

"I guess so, where's Bly?"

"She's passed out back at the room." Julie replied.

"Oh, is she mad?"

"Well, she was disappointed that she couldn't find you after the game." Julie replied noncommittally.

"I'm sorry." Jordan replied looking down pulling at the hem of her T-shirt.

"No, it was my idea." Linda replied, "I think we both needed to get out of there."

"Will Bly be coming with us tomorrow?" Jordan asked hesitantly.

"No, she has her physical therapy chapter meeting tomorrow, but we are all meeting for dinner afterwards at Kelly's."

Jordan heart sank a little at not being able to see Bly before tomorrow night, but at least she still wanted to see her.

"That will be fun." Jordan replied smiling up at Julie.

"Well, I had better be going. I just wanted to come by and check on you gals to make sure everything was o.k." Julie replied standing up. "I'll be by around 9 am to pick you two up."

"I'll walk you out." Linda replied and turned to Jordan, I'll be right back."

"See you tomorrow." Jordan waved and went out on the patio to sit by the pool for a while.

Linda came back a little while later and found Jordan still sitting by the pool and went out to sit with her.

"Hey, you doing o.k.?"

"Yeah, just got hit hard today, you know?" Jordan replied grinning.

"Cindy was the last person I expected to find here." Linda answered.

"Yeah, it just seems to much of a coincidence. Somehow I get the feeling she knew I was here."

"How, who did you tell you were coming down?"

"Only, my sister-in-law." Jordan replied.

"Does she know Cindy?"

"Yeah, we use to all hang out together, but I don't think they talk anymore." Jordan answered suddenly unsure.

"We'll, let's get some rest and not worry about it tonight. Julie said everything went well and Bly doesn't know about Cindy." Julie replied pulling Jordan to her feet and following her into the room.

Julie promptly arrived at 9 AM to find the two women waiting and they headed to the dock to start their tour.

"How was Bly this morning?" Jordan asked Julie as the boat cut through the water on their way to the dry tortugas.

"Hung over and running late, but looking forward to this evening." Julie replied smiling. Noticing that Jordan didn't seem relieved she put her hand on Jordan's arm and squeezed it lightly. "Listen to me, she doesn't know anything about Cindy. The woman's probably long gone by now. Today is Sunday and most people are only here for the weekend. She's probably leaving too, by the time we get back she will be gone and we can meet Bly and have a nice evening." Julie told her. Jordan smiled and nodded hoping Julie was right.

"And, I promise the suite will be completely empty tonight." Julie added wiggling her eyebrows for emphasis.

Jordan bumped Julie's shoulder as the smile widened. Linda leaned over and whispered in Julie's ear, "Thank you." Julie winked at Linda as the boat bounced along the water.

Jordan enjoyed the trip, but periodically her mind would drift to Bly and she would wonder what the woman was doing at that moment. Bly's face would appear before her and she could almost touch the warm tan skin and blue eyes that filled her waking, and sleeping moments. Sometimes her body would ache with need to just touch Bly. The anticipation of their first time together would start a fire deep inside of her and it would take all her strength to keep her mind from dwelling on it.

She hated Cindy for making her fear this feeling for so long. Bly was so warm and giving that Jordan knew she would never ridicule or hurt her. A smile creased her face at the thought of her soon-to-be lover.

"Hey, Jordan!" Linda called out and nudged her out of her revere.


"We're back!" Linda replied snickering, "Was it a good fantasy?"

Jordan blushed looking at Linda and Julie, "I'll bet I know who was the center of it." Julie replied and turned to help the two women out of the boat.

On the way back to the guesthouse, Linda asked Jordan quietly, "Would you mind if Julie and I backed out of dinner tonight?"

"No, why?" Jordan replied.

"We just want to grab a quick bite and hang around the guesthouse tonight." Linda answered grinning.

"Oh? No problem." Jordan laughed. "Just give me a second to shower and dress and it's all yours."

Linda kissed her cheek and replied, "Take your time, we'll go get something to eat."

"Have fun." Jordan replied winking. Julie and Linda walked Jordan back to the room before proceeding down the street.

Showered and dressed, Jordan looked in the mirror one last time. She wanted to look perfect for Bly. She wore a pair of jade green shorts with a cream colored silk top that slid down off one shoulder to reveal just enough of her to, hopefully, get Bly's attention. She left as soon as Julie and Linda arrived and got to Kelly's a little early for her day with Bly. Sitting at the bar, she ordered a drink and waited.

"Well, well, isn't this a coincidence." a voice drawled from behind causing Jordan's stomach to revolt instantly. She felt like she would be sick at any moment. As an arm slithered over her bare shoulder she shivered, and Cindy slid onto the stool next to her.

"What are you doing here?" Jordan stammered.

Cindy would smell the fear and it excited her. She smiled and replied, "Why, I've been looking all over for you. I really wanted to see you again. Aren't you happy to see me too?"

"How did you know I was here?"

"I talked to Dee and she happened to mention it, and well, here I am. I came all this way to talk to you." Cindy replied looking Jordan over like a piece of meat.

"What do you want?" Jordan asked disgusted.

"You!" Cindy replied leaning in close as she looked over Jordan's shoulder to the tall woman who had just entered the restaurant.

"I told you I never wanted to see you again!" Jordan seethed and removed Cindy's hand from her thigh.

Cindy placed her hand back and squeezed hard causing Jordan to wince, all the while, watching Bly scan the restaurant until she spotted them.

"If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to scream right here and now!" Jordan threatened trying to pry Cindy's fingers from her leg. She knew she would have a nice bruise come morning.

Cindy saw Bly hesitate and the look on the woman's face was priceless, going in for the kill, she leaned into Jordan's ear and replied, "I dare you!" Cindy reached her free arm around the back of Jordan's chair and pinned her other shoulder back.

When Jordan turned her head to look at Cindy and opened her mouth to reply, Cindy clamped her lips on the open mouth and proceeded to kiss Jordan roughly. Jordan's struggle to break free only looked like a lover getting into a passionate kiss.

Cindy didn't loose sight of Bly and only released Jordan's shoulder after she saw the tall woman storm out of the restaurant. Smiling at her victory, she didn't see the hand coming until Jordan nailed her in the side of the face. The slap echoed throughout the bar causing the bartender and nearby patrons to turn their attention to the couple. Cindy released Jordan's thigh to grab her burning cheek.

Finally, free Jordan jumped off the stool and shouted, "Don't you ever touch me again, don't you even come near me again, or I swear, I will kill you!" Turning, Jordan left the bar to search for Bly. She needed to find her desperately, running to Bly's suite the tears flowed down her cheeks in earnest. She pounded on the door, but there was no answer. She went down to the desk to be told that Bly had left about 15 minutes ago.

Jordan left the guesthouse but only made it as far as the side street before she ducked behind a bush and was sick. Wiping her mouth she sat on the curb until her stomach settled before continuing her search for Bly.

Bly left the restaurant and headed blindly toward the beach as tears stung her angry eyes. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. To see Jordan cosy with another woman was more than Bly could take. She sat down on the sand as a tear slipped down her cheek. 'I trusted her. I thought she actually cared about me. She's like all the rest, I guess I was wrong about her too,' Bly thought angrily. Getting up she brushed the sand off her sorts and Jordan out of her life and headed back to pack.

Jordan searched everywhere for Bly and finally went back to her room. Knocking on the door until Linda opened it to a very pale Jordan.

"Jordan, what's wrong?" Linda asked pulling the distraught woman into the room.

"I can't find Bly." Jordan replied trembling.

"What do you mean?" Julie asked coming out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and boxers. Jordan proceeded to tell them about Cindy's appearance and then not being able to find Bly anywhere.

"She probably missed you at the restaurant and got upset and went for a walk. "Julie replied putting on her shorts.

"Where would she go?" Linda asked keeping her arm around Jordan for support.

"Maybe down to the dock at Atlantic Shores." Julie replied. "I'll go see if I can find her, you guys stay here."

Jordan went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth over and over gain, trying to get rid of the taste of Cindy. She walked back into the room as Julie opened the door to leave, turning she said, "Don't worry Jordan. I'll find her and bring her back here."

Jordan nodded and went out the French doors to sit by the pool.

Julie hugged Linda and told her, "Keep her here until I get back."

Linda went out and sat next to her friend and put her arm around Jordan and gently rocked her as they waited in silence.

Two hours later, Julie returned alone and, by the look on her face, Linda knew it wasn't good news.

"She's gone." Julie simply said.

"What do you mean she's gone? Gone where?" Jordan asked with disbelief.

"When I checked the room after traipsing all over town looking for her all of her belongings were gone and she left a note with her car keys asking me to take her car home for her. She said she had to leave unexpectedly." Julie answered.

"What could have happened?" Linda asked confused.

"What did you do to her Jordan?" Julie asked accusatorily.

"Julie...I haven't even seen her today so, why would you ask me that?"

"I tried to call her mobile phone and beeper to no avail. I'm sure she's okay and just had to get back for an emergency or something."

"Can you give me her phone number Julie so, I can try to call her?" Jordan asked as she felt sadness that Bly was gone just as they began a budding romance.

"Sure." Julie replied as she checked her purse for Bly's business card. " you go." Julie answered as she handed Jordan Bly's business card.

"Thanks...I'll try to call her and make sure everything's okay." Jordan answered with sadness and worry in her voice.

"I'm sure she would appreciate that Jordan." Julie answered with a reassuring smile.

"Julie aren't you worried about her?" Linda asked.

"Nah. She probably had to get back for some problem with her father's company or something. I don't think there's anything to worry about."

"So, she has to leave like this unexpectedly very often?" Jordan asked with a need for reassurance.

"Yep...she has to up and leave without saying a word sometimes but if it was anything to worry about she would have told me."

"I...aah am gonna go for a ride...I'll leave you two to be alone." Jordan replied as she stared at the card while she approached the door.

"Hey...are you okay?" Linda asked with concern as she put her arm around her for comfort.

"Yeah...I'm just worried about her...I'll catch you two later."

"Listen...we'll stay at Jules and I'll call you later okay?" Linda asked with a smile.

"Sounds great...thanks." Jordan answered with a slight smile as she exited the room.

" little vixen...let's go to your place and make made passionate love all night!" Linda replied with a seductive tone as she moved into Julie's arms for a passionate kiss.

Jordan left the guesthouse and took the moped for a ride down towards Atlantic Shores for a walk along the "Stairway to the ocean." She realized that riding the moped was not as enjoyable without Bly in front of her. Jordan made her way out to the end of the dock and looked over the moonlit ocean as the tropical breeze blew against her skin. Jordan looked at Bly's business card and read the name Blythe VanDewark as it dawned on her that she never knew what her last name was as Bly didn't know hers.

Jordan thought about how she nearly shared a sexual intimate moment with this woman, she has so many feelings for but she didn't know her last name. 'I want to know everything about you Bly,' Jordan replied to the business card as if Bly could hear what she said. Jordan closed her eyes as the tropical breeze cooled her skin and thought about the last time she was here. She was so close to Bly and wanted to be by Bly in her arms again. Jordan wondered if she had done something to push Bly away from her and felt the tears sting her face as they fell. Jordan kissed the card before tucking it into her pocket making her feel closer to Bly.

Jordan headed back to the guesthouse and changed into her nightclothes before slipping into the lonely bed as she cried herself to sleep.

Jordan was woke by the incessant ringing of the phone and picked up the receiver quickly. "Bly?" Jordan asked with excitement.

"No, JordanÉ's Linda...just checking to see if you're okay."

"I could be better if I had a certain tall, dark and very gorgeous raven haired woman in my bed with me."

"Well...maybe soon...when you get back home...I'll be by in the morning and we can make some plans for the day okay?"

"Sure...goodnight." Jordan answered as she put the receiver on the phone and laid back hoping that she would have Bly in her bed holding her one-day. Jordan thought of her time she spent with Bly here and that they were the happiest moments she has ever had. Jordan fell off to sleep lost in her thoughts of Bly.

Jordan woke in the morning to the sound of rain and got up to dress for breakfast. She stepped out of her room to a very dreary day. 'Great just what I need for the doldrums that I already feel,' Jordan thought to herself as she stepped into the kitchen of the guesthouse for some coffee and quiche for breakfast. She sat by the pool and ate breakfast as she watched as the rain fell off the coconut palms and decided she couldn't stand the torture anymore. So, she entered the room and called the home number on Bly's business card.

Jordan became excited when she heard Bly's voice on the other end of the receiver only to realize it was her answering machine. "Hi,'s Jordan...I just wanted to call and make sure you're okay and nothing happened. You can call me at the guesthouse when you get a chance. I miss you, bye." Jordan replied as she hung the phone up.

Julie and Linda burst in the room with their rain suits on laughing and startled Jordan. " two nearly scared me to death!"

"Sorry! Come on let's go!" Linda replied with excitement.

"Where?" Jordan asked.

"We are hitting the bars...all of them. It's the only thing to do when it rains here!" Julie answered with a laugh.

"Oh, I don't know." Jordan answered hesitantly as she sat in the oversized chair.

"Come on let's go." Linda replied as she pulled her up out of the chair.

"Linda it's only 11 am! Besides, I'm waiting for Bly to call and I don't want to miss her call because I left her a message."

"Come on Jordan. I have my mobile which she will call on so, there is not excuse!" Julie answered as she pulled out a rain suit they brought for Jordan.

"Okay!" Jordan replied hesitantly as she dressed before heading out the door with her friends.

After two hours of following Julie and Linda into every bar they came to along Duval she decided she had enough torture and couldn't stand the unhappiness she felt.

"Linda I'm going back to the room." Jordan replied with agitation.

"Okay...are you sure you don't want to stay with us?"

"No. I'll be fine. I'll see you later." Jordan answered as she walked back to the guesthouse with sadness and loneliness in her heart as she hoped there would be a message from Bly when she arrived.

Jordan asked for messages at the front desk, which there were none for her and she headed, to the room for a good cry. 'I've done something to push her away. I just know it.' She thought to herself as she began to pack her bags to go home. Jordan packed and loaded her belongings in her car as Julie and Linda staggered down the street towards the guesthouse.

"Hey...Jor..Jordan!" Linda slurred. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going home Linda. I'm not going to stick around her and be miserable. It would ruin the time you two are having so I'm going home. Julie you can give her a ride right?" Jordan asked as she turned to Julie.

"I give her rides every night!" Julie slurred with a laugh as she hugged Linda.

"Great! Linda I'll see you when you get home." Jordan answered as she hopped in her car and fled the area in a hurry.

The ride home was torturous and very boring for Jordan as she cried the whole way trying to figure out what had gone so wrong that Bly would leave her without a word. She was glad to be home but yet she was still sad at the turn of events. The next day Jordan called Bly's office.

"Hello...Physical Therapy Patty speaking." The woman greeted cheerfully.

"Hi...could I speak with Bly please?"

"I'm sorry honey she's out of town on business...can I take a message for her?"

Jordan gave the woman her name and number for Bly to call her. The woman promised she would have Bly call her the moment she called in for her messages.

Jordan went throughout the week in a funk from what happened in the key and from Bly not calling her back. 'maybe she is just too busy out of town to call she reasoned with herself, 'don't worry she'll call when she gets the chance.' Jordan thought to herself.

By the end of the next week with no call back from Bly and numerous attempts to reach her at home, by beeper or by mobile failed she decided to try work again.

"Hello...Physical Therapy...Patty speaking." The familiar cheerful voice answered.

"Could I speak with Bly please?" Jordan asked nervously.

"Hold on let me see if she's available. Can I ask who's calling?"

"It's Jordan." she replied.

"Okay dear, hold on."

Jordan was excited that at least she was at the office and could possibly speak to her as she listened to the music on the phone as she was placed on hold to wait.

"Bly, You have a call on line 5 from Jordan." The speaker buzzed in the gym to get Bly's attention as she sat carrying on a candid conversation with her co-workers.

"Patty... can you tell her I'm in an evaluation with a patient and I can't come to the phone right now please?" Bly called out to the speaker.

"Will do." Patty answered back as Bly lowered her head in regret for not taking the call.

"Hello...sorry...Bly's in with a patient and won't be able to come to the phone... can I give her a message?"

"Bly, is that the one you were telling me about?" her co-worker Kim asked as Bly nervously fidgeted in her chair.

"That's the one." Bly answered with sadness.

"Why don't you talk to her?"

"I can't Kim...she's just like the rest and I'm not going through all of that again... I should have known better than to get involved with someone with my heart because it always turns out broken!"

"You shouldn't give up on her just yet." Kim answered with a smile as she patted Bly on the shoulder a she walked away to treat her patient.

Bly entered her office and opened her drawer to look at the pictures she had developed of the Key West trip and found one of her and Jordan in an embrace during the sunset cruise. "How could you Jordan?" Bly replied as she shook her head and threw the picture back in her desk.

Bly returned home to find numerous messages from Jordan and couldn't help but feel some excitement to hear her voice but the sight of her in the arms of another woman set that excitement aside and replaced it with anger. "Take the hint Jordan...I don't want to see you." Bly shouted into the machine as she erased the messages.

Bly's patient load on Friday was extremely heavy as she had to keep running from room to room to treat her patients.

"Bly darling, how long do you think it is going to take before I will be better?" her little gray-haired patient asked her as they walked towards the front of the spacious gym.

"Well, Syliva honey...I have told you many times before that every person is different with their healing process." Bly explained as the woman put her hand on Bly's arm as they made their way to the front. "So, what might take one person a certain time doesn't mean it will take you the same time. But we are going to continue to work hard to get you back to normal just as soon as we can okay?" Bly asked as she tried to comfort the shorter woman.

"Yes...darling...I appreciate it...I will see you on Monday." Sylvia replied with a smile.

" try to behave yourself this weekend Sylvia," Bly teased as the woman erupted in laughter.

"You are such a sweetheart and you've go the prettiest dimples I have ever seen!" she answered as she pinched Bly's cheek.

"I thank you as do my parents for the comment on my dimples." Bly answered blushing from embarrassment.

Jordan thought about how adorable Bly's dimples were and how she wanted to kiss them right there and then. She felt a warmth flood her as she watched how caring Bly was with her patient and it took all she could do to fight back her tears of joy to see Bly.

"You have a good weekend honey." Syliva answered as she let go of Bly's arm.

Bly looked up to watch her leave and caught a glimpse of some very familiar green eyes. She was speechless at first and wasn't sure what to say.

"Jordan...what are you doing here?" Bly asked nervously as a flood of emotions overtook her. She wanted to take Jordan in her arms and feel her warmth against her but couldn't get past the betrayal she felt.

"I need to talk to you Bly." Jordan asked with concern.

"Bly...your next two patients are here waiting for you." Patty replied as she held their charts up for Bly's acknowledgement as she placed them on Bly's desk.

"Okay...I'll be right there...listen Jordan...I am really busy." Bly answered as she found it hard to look at Jordan and walked towards her office as Jordan followed her.

"Bly...please...why have you been avoiding me?" Jordan pleaded for an answer.

"Jordan, I really can't get into it with you here I am very busy." Bly answered as she thumbed through the charts on her desk.

"How about lunch...I'll buy?" Jordan asked.

"I will be working through lunch today Jordan...I'll have to call you later." Bly answered as she picked up her charts and headed out of her office with Jordan in tow.

"Do you have my number?" Jordan asked as Bly pretended to be interested in what was in the chart.

"Aah...yeah...I have it...I'll give you a call." Bly answered as she glanced up at Jordan then to the waiting room. "Mrs. Brown?"

The woman approached Bly. "I'll talk to you later then." Jordan answered as she walked past Bly to the door.

" name's Bly and I'm a Physical therapist. I'll be treating you today." Bly replied cheerfully as she glanced up to see Jordan leave the office. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around her and shower her with kisses as her thoughts turned back to Jordan's indiscretion with the chick in the restaurant. "Aah...we will take this room." Bly stammered as she pointed the woman into the room.

She took a deep breath to calm her emotions and began her evaluation of the patient. Bly exited the room as Kim approached.

"You okay Bly?" she asked with concern. "Was that Jordan?"

"I could be better...and yes it was Jordan." Bly answered as she gathered a hot pack for her patient.

"She's hot Bly. You really need to get over your pride and talk to her before you lose something great forever." Kim answered with a smile as she walked away.

Bly straightened out the hot pack and let out a sigh as she thought of how wonderful it was to be with Jordan. How it was so right being with her and that she had never felt that way about anyone ever before. Every time she would have good thoughts of Jordan the bad image of her in the arms of another woman consumed her and filled her with anger squashing any hopes of reconciliation.

Bly picked up the hot pack and headed back to treat her patient slipping Jordan to the back of her mind.

The weekend came and went without a phone call from Bly and Jordan sat wondering why she even bothered to call Bly anymore. 'Damn it Jordan! You're not giving up on this one no matter what. She's a keeper and you need to fight for her,' Jordan thought to herself as she fell asleep to greet a new week.

Jordan heard that a friend had been in a car accident that morning and was taken to the hospital. "That's terrible how is Gail doing?" Jordan asked Linda on the phone with remorse for their friend.

"She is doing better now...but she is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday afternoon. Can you go to the hospital and see her Jordan?"

"Sure, I'll take half a day off and go sit with her there."

"Great she'll appreciate it Jordan. Hey, how have you been doing? I haven't talked to you for a few days."

"Not so good Linda...I went to see Bly and she said she would call me but as usual she is ignoring me. Has Julie heard anything from her as to why she's avoiding me?"

"Julie spoke to her the other day and said that Bly was pretty adamant about not discussing you. So, Julie said she dropped the conversation. I'm sorry Jordan maybe you should just move on." Linda answered with sadness for her friend.

"No way...I care for her too much to just move on...besides I deserve an explanation." Jordan answered with agitation.

"Okay...sorry...I didn't mean to upset you."

"No, it's okay. I'm sorry I snapped...listen I will call you with more news on Gail after I see her."

"Sounds good and you hang in there." Linda answered with concern.

"Thanks... bye." Jordan answered as she hung up the phone.

Jordan left work at noon and headed over to the hospital to visit Gail before her surgery. As she walked off the elevator to find Gail's room she looked down the hall and saw Bly leave a room heading towards the nurse's station.

Jordan moved to catch a glimpse of the raven-haired beauty she had lost her heart to without Bly knowing she was watching. Bly was feverishly documenting charts and looked up as a nurse spoke to her. Bly tucked her long black hair behind her ear and laughed at what the woman said to her. Jordan wanted to walk up and kiss her neck where she had removed her hair but continued to watch her.

Jordan noticed how sexy and professional looking Bly looked with her form fitting teal scrubs and her hospital jacket on. Bly took her stethoscope off from around her neck and put the earpieces in her ears and listened to the nurse's heart she was carrying on a very candid conversation with as they both shared a laugh.

Bly threw her stethoscope over her neck again and closed the medical chart as she finished her documentation. Jordan made her way towards Bly who had not seen her yet and Bly turned to walk away when she nearly ran into Jordan.

The smile left her face. "What are you doing here?" Bly asked with agitation. "Are you following me now?"

"Bly." Jordan answered with hurt in her voice as she couldn't believe what Bly was insinuating. "My friend is here and I came to sit with her before her surgery."

"Sure you did...listen Jordan...we had a great time in Key West but it's over so, don't call me and don't try to see me okay?" Bly demanded as she walked into her patient's room leaving Jordan in total disbelief as the tears streamed down her face.

Jordan headed back down the hall as she watched Bly come out of the room and converse with a tall man who looked like a doctor. Jordan watched as he comforted her and they both glanced down the hall at her causing her to lower her head with sadness as Bly moved over to the passing gurney.

"'re going to do fine in surgery today." She replied trying to comfort her nervous patient.

"You will be there right?" Sarah asked nervously.

Bly smiled. "I will be right with you in the operating room. Dr. Brown was kind enough to let me observe the surgery."

"Oh, thank you... I feel so much better knowing you will be there with me Bly." Sarah answered with less nervousness.

" head on down... I'll meet you there." Bly answered with a smile as they wheeled her patient off down the hall. Bly said goodbye to the nurses and headed off towards the operating room.

Jordan found Gail's room. "Hey, how are you feeling?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"Could be better but I'm feeling better than the other day." Gail answered as she was glad to see her friend.

"When do you go in for surgery?" Jordan asked.

"In about 5 minutes." a man's voice answered as he entered the room and took her chart out to examine it. "Any questions for me?" he asked with a soothing smile.

"No, doctor I think I got every question answered earlier. I'm ready to get this over with.

Jordan noticed he wasn't the usual cocky and uncaring doctor she was used to. She couldn't help but notice he was the man that comforted Bly earlier in the hall. She also noticed her was very tall, tan and handsome for an older man.

"Well...let's get your anterior cruiciate ligament fixed then." He answered with a smile as the patient transporters entered the room to take Gail to surgery.

"I'll be waiting for you when you get out Gail." Jordan replied with a smile as they wheeled her past.

"Thanks Jordan." Gail answered as the tall doctor looked at Jordan quizzically.

Jordan looked at his nametag, which read Dr. Chance VanDewark. Jordan took a deep breath obviously feeling uncomfortable in the presence of Bly's father as she slowly looked up at him and realized where Bly got her beautiful blue eye's from as she looked into his with a nervous smile.

"So, you're the green eyed beauty who broke my little girl's heart." He asked, as a protective father would normally do.

"Uhmmm...excuse me?" Jordan asked confused as to his questioning considering his daughter just told her to beat it and if anyone should be hurt it should be her.

"Jordan told me all about what happened. I have never seen her so upset over another woman before. You were obviously special to her and I can't understand how you could do what you did to her?"

"What I did to her?" Jordan asked as she became agitated at the line of questioning. "She walked out on me." Jordan snapped back.

"Can you blame her after she saw you in the arms of another woman?" he asked with agitation as he exited the room.

Jordan realized what the misunderstanding was all about and ran after him. "" Jordan replied as she ran up to him as he stopped and looked at him. "Please let me explain."

"Make it quick I have surgery." He replied sternly.

"The woman you are referring to is my ex girlfriend who searched me out down there. I was to have dinner with Bly and she sat down at the table to try and get me to go back with her but I told her I never wanted to see her again. Well...she did her usual thing by trying to bully me and she forcibly kissed me."

"That's not the way Bly explained it." He answered as he searched her green eyes for the truth.

" have to believe me." Jordan pleaded as she put her hand on his arm as he stared into her eyes. "I slapped her after she forced herself on me and I threatened to kill her if she ever did that again. I care for your daughter like I have never cared for anyone else in my whole life. I don't want to be away from her for another minute." Jordan answered as the tears slid down her cheeks.

He looked at her momentarily and wiped the tears from her cheek softly as Jordan realized he had a gentle touch like Bly's. "I believe you and I am going to help you because, I believe Bly feels the same about you even though she refuses to push her pride aside and admit it. She's very much like her mother in that way. Walk with me to the operating room okay?" he replied in a soothing tone as they headed down the hall.

"Thank you for believing me doctor." Jordan answered relieved.

"Call me Chance. Now, here's what we are going to do. We are having a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents on Friday night and I want you to attend. I will make sure Bly talks everything out with you and this matter gets taken care of but, you have to explain everything to her okay?"

"I will do anything to have Bly back in my life again." Jordan answered with a smile.

"I will have Julie get an invitation for you so, you can come to the party and we will go from there." He answered with a smile as they stopped at the door leading to the operating rooms. "This is my stop so, I look forward to seeing you on Friday."

"Thank you so much." Jordan answered as she watched him walk through the doors.

He looked back. "Bly was are beautiful." He answered with a smile and a wink as the doors shut.

Jordan smiled with happiness and joy that she would soon be back with Bly. She no longer felt the pain she did when Bly told her she no longer wanted to see her. Jordan went to the surgical area to wait for word from her freind. She paced for over an hour with nervous energy and wished it was Friday already. Jordan was startled as the doors flew open banging against the wall as Bly flew out of them in a rage.

"Bly...what happened?" Jordan asked concerned.

Bly looked at Jordan with anger in her eyes. "I'm not doing this with you now....besides I thought I told you I didn't want you in my life anymore." Bly snapped as she ripped her bandana off her head, which held her hair up during the operation and stormed off to the elevators.

"Bly!" one of the nurses yelled to her as she entered the elevator and threw her bandana against the back of the elevator as she squatted down and put her face in her hands which rested on her knees as the doors shut.

"What happened?" Jordan asked.

"Bly's patient died in the O.R. who she got close with when the woman was in therapy with her for cardiac rehab. Unfortunately, the woman's heart just wasn't strong enough to keep her alive." The nurse answered with sadness.

"That's terrible." Jordan answered with remorse as she thought about how she wanted to take Bly's pain away, and hold her close as she cried on her shoulder to comfort her. Jordan headed back to wait for Gail to come out of surgery.

Jordan rushed home after work on Friday to get ready for the party that evening. She was overexcited about seeing Bly and working out their differences. She wanted to look exquisite for her. Jordan showered and dressed in a white slim fitting dress. The dress had a high cut neck and a V-back, which fell to knee length and was accentuated by a black onyx necklace in the shape of a teardrop. Jordan put on light make up and applied a coral colored lipstick to naturally highlight her lips. Jordan sprayed a light mist of Obsession perfume as she pushed her straight blond hair off her shoulders and flipped her long hair to one side shadowing her face.

Jordan rushed down to the street as Julie and Linda beeped incessantly for her to join them. "You are looking so hot Jordan!" Linda replied as she checked Jordan out while she climbed into the black convertible.

"You two look great also!" Jordan answered with excitement as they headed off to the Boca Resort on the ocean.

Julie pulled her BMW up to the valet parkers. The trio exited the car and headed into the grand ballroom for the party before the guest of honor and their family arrived. Jordan looked around in awe at the exquisite and ritzy surroundings.

"Have you ever been to anything like this before Linda?" Jordan asked nervously knowing she was out of her element.

"No but it's beautiful isn't it?" Linda asked with a smile.

"Care for a drink ladies?" Julie asked with a smile.

"I would love an absolute and tonic please." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked around at the elegantly dressed party guests.

"The usual babe?" Julie asked Linda.

"No. I think I'll have a martini this evening."

"Ooh, my girl is being a little daring tonight isn't she?" Julie asked seductively.

"You'll find out just how daring later tonight my little vixen." Linda teased back as Julie smiled and blew her a kiss.

Julie filled the drink requests and headed back over to the ladies. "I am the luckiest person in this room to be escorted by two such beautiful women." Julie replied with a smile as she handed them their drinks. "Let's get to our table because it looks like they are ready to introduce the family members.

They sat at their table near the back as the announcer welcomed everyone to the gala affair to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary as everyone clapped. "Now, it is my pleasure to introduce the third generation." The announcer replied as Bly entered the door with her arm wrapped through the arm of a very handsome young man. Bly wore a black, sleek, ankle length dress with a drapey neck and a low crisscross back complete with a high side slit to show off her tan, well- toned leg. Bly wore a diamond pendant with matching earrings and her long raven hair was parted just off center falling to the front of her shoulders as her bangs lazily lay over one eye.

Jordan was devastated Bly would have a male escort to the party and leaned to Linda. "This can't be happening!" Jordan replied as she rushed to the bathroom in tears. She turned the water on to wet a napkin to put on the back of her neck. She felt physically and emotionally ill.

"Welcome... Blythe and Dawson VanDewark." The announcer replied as everyone clapped and they made their way down the red carpet with nervous smiles on their faces as they made their way to the table to wait for the family.

"That's Bly's brother?" Linda asked in awe and with excitement as she leaned towards Julie.

"Yeah...who did you think it was?"

"Never mind...I'll be back I have to get Jordan." Linda answered as she left the table for the restroom to inform Jordan.

"The second generation...welcome...Chance and Alexandra VanDewark." The announcer replied as Bly's parents made their way down the red carpet to join their children at the table.

"Jordan...are you okay?" Linda asked with concern.

"How could she come with a guy Linda?" Jordan asked through her tears.

"It's her brother Jordan." Linda informed her as she put her arm around her for comfort.

"Are you sure?" Jordan answered as she regained hope.

"Positive, now let's stop those tears and get back out there so you can look at your incredibly gorgeous woman!" Linda relied with a laugh.

"She does look very stunning doesn't she?" Jordan answered with a smile as she patted the tears dry from her face and headed out the door with Linda.

They both sat back down at the table and Julie looked at the pair. "Everything okay ladies?"

"Just fine...thanks." Jordan answered as she watched Bly intently and looked at how beautiful she was as a warmth spread across her. "The family has very good looks wouldn't you say?" Jordan asked Linda.

"Oh, I would say they were very blessed." Linda chuckled.

"Now...for the guests of honor." The announcer replied as everyone stood. "The first generation...the happy couple...Melvin and Bernice VanDewark." He replied with a smile as the couple appeared in the doorway to a loud standing ovation, with smiles appearing on their faces as they made their way to the steps where Bly and Dawson waited at the bottom for their grandparents.

As they made their way down the stairs, Bly held out her arm for her grandfather and Dawson did the same for their grandmother and they escorted them to the table.

"That is so awesome...they have such a loving family." Jordan exclaimed with happiness as everyone sat back down to watch the festivities.

As the evening progressed, Jordan's eyes kept coming back to Bly. During dinner each family member got up and told their favorite story about the happy couple. Bly's turn came and Jordan's attention was riveted to the tall woman. Bly looked devistating tonight, her raven hair shown under the ballroom lighting and the diamond pendant that lay nestled close to her breast caught and reflected a million pinpoints of light mesmerizing Jordan's eyes. She vaguely heard what Bly was saying as her senses were busy reacting to the soothingly low-timbre of her voice.

"JordanÉ.Jordan? Earth to Jordan!" Linda leaned over chuckling, "Blink so we know you're alive!" Julie snickered at Jordan's reaction as the woman rapidly blinked her attention finally focusing on Linda.


"Hey, you o.k.?" Linda asked noticing the flush on her friend's face. Julie leaned over and whispered, "Bly doesn't stand a chance!" Linda nodded back to her lover. "I've never seen her like this." Both women smiled as Jordan flushed deeper read at being caught daydreaming.

After dinner, the lighting was dimmed as the orchestra began to play and the couple of honor stepped out onto the dance floor followed by Bly's parents and then Bly and her brother. Jordan grinned at how differently Bly danced with her brother than she had in the Keys. Jordan was slightly jealous that it was Dawson arms around her instead of her own, but it didn't detract from her observance of Bly's graceful movement. Her hips moved sensuously in the close fitting black dress and Jordan felt herself flush again, this time for a different reason. As the dancers began to fill up the floor, Jordan last sight of Bly and her brother, and turned her attention to Julie and Linda.

"Anyone ready for another drink?" Julie asked softly, putting her arms around the back of Jordan's chair. Jordan grinned, slightly shrugging replied, "It would be better if I were the one in Dawson's shoes tonight!"

Linda gave her shoulder a quick squeeze and answered, "Yeah, but he won't be the one ending up in her bed tonight!"

"Neither will I." Jordan replied sadly.

"Hey, didn't Dr. VanDewark say he was going to take care of things?"

"Yes, but I don't know when." Jordan answered.

"Then just hang in there sweetie, Dr.V is a man of his word." Julie replied catching the end of their conversation. Jordan accepted her drink and took a sip and half-listening to the table conversation. Looking over at Bly's table, she noticed her sitting alone with that same faraway look she had at the beach that first morning. Jordan was glad they were tucked in the back where she could observe Bly without being seen. Right now she wanted nothing more than to go to her and hold her until that lost look went away for good. 'Oh boy, How could you think I would have anything to do with Cindy, let alone choose her over you?' Jordan thought sadly and looked away as the tears burned her eyes. Jordan didn't look up until she had control again and when she did, she saw that Bly was gone. Scanning the crowd for the next half-hour, she couldn't find Bly anywhere. Sighing she got up and went to the bar for another drink. While she waited, she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to face familiar, but older, blue eyes. Dr. VanDewark stood smiling down at her.

"Are you having a nice time tonight?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you." Jordan replied.

"But, I bet your wondering why I invited you?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye. Jordan's breath caught at the familiar characteristic. 'Another family trait!' she mused before answering, "Yes, kind of."

"Well then, come with me my dear and I'll show you." he replied lightly grasping her arm to steer her through the crowd toward the exit.

"Where are we going?" Jordan asked curiously.

"You'll see." He replied cryptically as they exited the ballroom and headed down the hall. Pausing at a door, he turned to her and said, "I love my daughter very much and from what I've heard and seen, I think the two of you have something special. I don't want to see that put aside. My daughter can be hardheaded sometime; so don't let her scare you. You two need to talk this through to the end."

Turning the knob he started to open the door, but stopped and remarked, "By the way, You look exceptionally lovely this evening. Bly is a lucky woman, I just hope she can see that." With this acknowledgement he opened the door and gently pushed a blushing Jordan through before closing the door. He contemplated looking the door, but he knew his daughter and she, on principle alone, would break it down to get out. Smiling, he returned to the party.

Jordan stood with her back to the closed door momentarily fearful as she scanned the room until her eyes lit upon Bly. Bly looked up from her seat on the office sofa and then stood.



"IÉ.." Jordan stammered pointing back at the door lamely.

"I know, my father told me you were here." Bly answered coldly. "Well, I promised him I would hear you out, but I don't think it will do any good. I know what I saw."

Jordan looked at the quiet anger that showed in every movement of Bly's body. 'She hates me!' she thought as her own temper began to heat up. 'She's already made up her mind without even hearing me out!'

"Why bother, you obviously have your mind made up and you don't want to listen to the truth!" Jordan rebuked.

"Don't lie to me. I saw you with her!"

"I don't know what you thought you saw, but it couldn't have been farther from the truth. Cindy use to be a friend, but I haven't wanted to even be in the same room with her for almost a year." Jordan exclaimed.

"It didn't look that way to me. You seemed pretty chummy." Bly replied angrily.

"I don't know what your idea of chummy is, but mine isn't kissing up to someone who hurts a friend."

Bly looked skeptically at Jordan and she could tell that Bly didn't believe her. She would have to tell the whole story; something she had hoped was put away a long time ago.

Tears crept into Jordan's eyes as she started to speak. "Do you have any idea what it feels like to confide in a close friend, for the first time, that you think you are gay, and then wake up the next morning to find yourself bruised and hung-over in bed with that friend. The only things you remember, you hope were from a nightmare, except that you hurt more than just physically. And then, to face that 'so called friend' looking for a reason why, and all you get is laughter about the whole incident and told that 'you were just an uncooperative fuck!' Let me tell you, that hurt more than all her hitting ever could. So, if you want to keep believing that I could have anything more to do with someone like that, you go right ahead!" Jordan turned dissolving into tears and ran from the room.

Jordan fled down the hallway to the outer doors and ran out into the warm night air. Looking around, she headed toward the beach area as the tears streamed down her face. The pain in her chest was making it difficult to breathe. Slipping out of her shoes, she walked down the beach trying to make sense of everything, trying to make sense out of her life.

Bly listened disbelieving as Jordan's story unfolded. As Jordan spoke, Bly began to doubt what she had actually seen. The blonde's obvious disgust and fury were genuine. She couldn't have manufactured what had happened to her, no matter how hard she tried. Bly silently watched Jordan run out of the office as she tried to comprehend the enormity of what the woman had just confided. Bly couldn't believe that she had actually misread the scene and had left Jordan in that woman's hands. The way Cindy had possessively held Jordan's shoulder could now be understood as an attempt to hold her back and Bly kicked herself for letting her vision be clouded by jealousy. "Oh God!' Bly thought, 'What have I done to Jordan? When she needed me most, I wasn't there for her!' Looking around the room frantically, she realized she needed to find Jordan. Lifting her dress slightly, she hurried down the hall and ran into the ballroom. She quickly spotted Julie and Linda and hurried toward them.

"Hi!" Julie smiled as Bly approached.

"Have you seen Jordan?" Bly asked abruptly cutting off Linda's attempted greeting.

"No, not for awhile, why?"

"I'll talk to you guys later, I've got to find her." Bly replied and turned to leave.

"Do you want help." Julie asked rising.

"No, stay here! If she returns, hang on to her until I come back." Bly threw over her shoulder.

Linda looked at Julie worried and Julie smiled and put her hand on her lover's thigh. Caressing it lightly she replied, "Don't worry Love, Bly will find her. Looks like the tables have turned." she grinned.

Bly went out the main door and looked left and then right before deciding to head over to the beach. Coming out onto the sand she spotted a pair of white heels lying discarded and kicked off her own heels, hiking her long dress high, she set off down the beach in the direction of the footprints.

Jordan walked for a long time as she thought things through. She didn't want to think of life without Bly, but this was the reality of things. Feeling a part of her soul died she hung her head and walked along in the shallow water. She could scream 'why' into the night until she was hoarse, but what would that serve. It wouldn't return the one thing to her life that she desperately needed. She looked out over the vastness of the ocean and felt as insignificant as one drop in it. Closing her eyes, she felt the light breeze that ruffled her hair and smelled the slightly salty air that tickled her face. She listened to the waves as they rolled on to the beach and then to the beat of the heart that matched her own rhythm. Her eyes flew open when her mind registered another heartbeat, but she remained still, waiting.

Bly saw the distant figure standing in the water and hurried toward her. As she neared she stopped, her breathing caught at the sight. The moonlight made the golden highlights in Jordan's hair glow in an almost magical way. Jordan stood with her eyes closed facing toward the water in a look of silent prayer. Bly wanted to touch her, but knew she hadn't earned that right. She got as close as she dared and breathed in deeply. Jordan's perfume mixed with the night air, a scent that was uniquely hers, one that never failed to start a fire in center of Bly's being.



"IÉ.." Bly hesitated.

"What do you want from me?" Jordan interrupted.

"Forgiveness." Bly simply stated.

Jordan's eyes closed in reflex to this request. "Why?" She whispered.

"Because, I'm a fool, because I was so wrong, because I didn't let you explain, because I wasn't there when you needed me, and because I love you. Pick anyone, just forgive me, please?" Bly asked sincerely placing a hand lightly on Jordan's shoulder.

Jordan felt an instant reaction to that one touch and her body quivered in anticipation. Jordan moved to rest her cheek on this hand. She still remained facing away and Bly turned Jordan toward her. When blue eyes finally met green, Bly blinked back tears and said, "I am so sorry!"

Jordan reached up to wipe a stray tear from Bly's tanned cheek and nodded, not trusting her voice to speak. Bly slowly pulled Jordan closer until she put her head on Bly's shoulder causing the taller woman to wrap her arms tightly around her fragile package.

"I don't want to lose you." Bly replied kissing the top of Jordan's head.

Jordan rested, once again; in the only haven she had ever known and wrapped her arms around Bly in an attempt to find out if this was real or, if she was dreaming.

"I don't want to lose you either! I've loved you from the first moment I saw you. I never believed in love at first sight, until now. You're a part of me inside and I'll never love anyone as much as I do you." Jordan whispered firmly and pulled back to look up at Bly. "You have to believe me that I didn't ask for Cindy's attentions."

Bly placed a finger on Jordan's lips and answered, "I know you didn't and if I ever see her, I'll make sure she never comes near you again." Jordan's lips felt soft as they pressed against Bly's finger and she leaned down to replace the finger with her lips. Kissing Jordan lightly she nibbled on Jordan's lower lip until she was granted access and gently deepened the kiss. Bly wanted to cherish the lips before her, not punish as Cindy had done. They stood in each other's arms kissing until passions flared and their blood was rang in their ears. Bly kissed every inch of Jordan's face and neck, and when she reached an ear she whispered, "Come home with me?"

Jordan moaned as Bly's mouth finally met her's fully and they were consumed with exploration. She tilted her head back slightly as Bly worked her magic, making Jordan's heart race until she couldn't think straight. She felt her legs tremble and grow weak. When Bly whispered in her ear, Jordan stepped back and looked up breathing deeply, without another word, she took Bly's hand and led her back down the beach.

As they walked along the beach, neither woman said a word in anticipation of what was finally about to come to pass. They collected their shoes and Bly took the lead to direct them toward her car. As they passed the Beach Club's entrance, Dawson came out and called out to them.


"What?" Bly called back cringing. She knew this couldn't be good.

"Where are you going?" Dawson asked as he hurried over. Dawson was a male copy of Bly, both were tall, dark and extremely good looking. Jordan marveled at how one family could equally possess so many beautiful characteristics, but still felt that Bly out shown them all.

"Home... Dawson," Bly replied as they waited for him to approach them.

"You can't leave now. Gram asked me to come and find you. They are serving dessert and want to open the presents. You know Gram... she can't do that without her precious Bly," he added grinning. Dawson looked down at Jordan appreciatively, smiling said, "I don't believe I had the pleasure?"

Bly's eyebrow raised in amusement as she said, "Dawson, this is Jordan. Jordan, Dawson." "Oh and Dawson, put your eyes back in place, she's spoken for." Bly added smiling down at Jordan.

"Figures, I still don't see how you get the pretty ones," Dawson replied before leaning over to shake Jordan's hand. "Nice to meet you Jordan."

"Nice to meet you Dawson."

"Go back inside and tell Gram that I we will be back in a few minutes," Bly instructed Dawson and led Jordan over next to where the cars were parked.

Leaning against her car, Bly put her arms around Jordan and pulled her close. "I'm sorry, but I've got to go back in there. When Gram calls... everyone runs in this family," Bly replied grinning. Jordan could see that she said it in an affectionate way and that her grandmother meant a lot to her.

"It's not a problem. I did hear dessert mentioned didn't I?" Jordan replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Bly leaned down and kissed Jordan intensely before whispering, "You're all the dessert I'll ever need."

"Ummm," Jordan replied. "I think I've just found my new favorite."

Bly chuckled and looked down into green eyes. "Think you can put up with my family for a little while longer? I promise we will be together soon."

"As long as I am near you, I can wait an eternity," Jordan replied seriously looking up at Bly.

Bly looked back and replied, "I promise, it won't take that long," and leaned down for another soul searing kiss. They remained locked in each other's arms until the need to take this kiss farther was pounding at the door. Breaking the connection, Bly took Jordan's hand and huskily said, "I think we better go back inside before we become the entertainment for the evening."

Jordan giggled and let Bly lead her merrily back to the party. So far, this evening was turning out better than she could have ever dreamed. Bly led her over to Julie and Linda and said, "Hey Girls, Jordan's going to join me at my table and then I'll be taking her home so you guys don't have to worry about her."

Julie looked up smiling and replied, "Well, it's about time my friend. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to see the light!" Linda smiled up at Jordan and reached out for Jordan's free hand, she squeezed it and winked. Jordan leaned down and kissed Linda on the cheek and whispered, "You're right I don't want to be in Dawson's shoes tonight...mine are going to be pretty busy." Bly and Julie looked at each other questioningly when Linda started laughing and nodding. Julie shrugged her shoulders and Bly nodded as she led Jordan over toward her family.

Bly leaned down to kiss her grandmother and said, "I'm back. I had to go find something," she replied grinning in Jordan's direction.

"It's about time young lady." Jordan's father replied sternly but his eyes twinkled merrily to tell another story.

Bly blushed and began to introduce Jordan to her family. Bly's grandmother made Jordan sit next to her with Bly on the other side of Jordan.

"So, tell meÉare you the one everyone's been talking about that has finally captured my granddaughters heart?" the elderly matriach asked.

"I hope so," Jordan replied unsure how to answer that question.

"Good, it's about time she settles down. I can see she has an eye for beauty."

Jordan blushed deeply and mumbled, "Thank you."

"Woman, don't pester this pretty young woman," Bly's grandfather interrupted. "May I have this dance?" he asked Jordan.

Jordan looked over at Bly, who was talking to her mother, before looking back and nodding. She got up, and when Bly looked over, she leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I'll be right back."

Bly nodded and watched as her grandfather led Jordan out to the dance floor. 'I should have asked her to dance,' Bly thought to herself and watched the couple glide across the dance floor. Jordan was the picture of beauty tonight, her white dress clung in all the right places as she watched her dance.

The evening wore on, through the dessert and opening of presents to dancing again. Jordan never came back to the table after the serious dancing had gotten underway. One family member was constantly claiming her after another as each song ended. Bly was beginning to get a little irritated that she hadn't gotten to dance with Jordan all evening. Every time she would get up to retrieve her, some one would get ahead of her and Wisk her off.

Right now, Dawson had Jordan on the dance floor and they were talking and dancing. Bly wasn't sure why this bothered her, it was her brother, after all, but she wanted Jordan in her arms in the worst way.

"I don't pry, but could you tell meÉ.Do you love my sister?" Dawson asked as he moved Jordan through their dance steps. Jordan was slightly taken back, but replied, "Very much."

"That's good because I don't want to see her get hurt again. She's my sister and I want her to be happy," he added.

"Well, then we both want the same thing for her," Jordan answered firmly. This was the third person to want to know what her intentions were with Bly. 'Bly you are one lucky lady to have so many people care so much about you, including me!' she thought happily.

Finally, having had just about all she could take, Bly got up and went to the dance floor and tapped Dawson on the shoulder. When Dawson looked over, Bly set her icy blue eyes on him and whispered, "Get your own girl, this one is mine. I'm cutting in!" Dawson started chuckling and drawled, "Put your claws back honey, I'm just taking care of family." He released Jordan and placed her into Bly's arms before lightly kissing his sister on the cheek and heading toward the bar.

Bly took Jordan in her arms and pulled her closer as Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck and looked up into blue eyes trying not to laugh at the expression she saw.

"What, I got tired of watching everyone hold you tonight, but me," Bly responded defensively.

"It's o.k., because you are the last one I want to hold me tonight. I was saving the best for last," Jordan replied in a sexy voice.

"That you can count on, honey," Bly replied as Jordan tucked her head under Bly's chin. They danced slowly as Bly hummed the song that was playing gently into Jordan's ear. Jordan could feel the goose bumps rising along with the heat of her body. Bly's smooth deep voice vibrated to her core and she felt herself reacting as never before and prayed that nothing would stand in their way tonight.

The celebration finally broke up early into the next morning, after all the presents were loaded, Bly's family pulled away, the two women stood in the parking lot waving good-bye. Smiling, Bly slipped her arm through Jordan's and lead her over to the car. "Ready to go home?"

"I've been ready for weeks," Jordan answered as she slipped into the passenger seat. Bly leaned down and kissed her soundly and replied, "Then let's not keep you waiting any longer." Closing the door she walked around and got behind the wheel and turned the car toward home.

During the ride home, Bly kept both hands tightly on the wheel because she didn't trust herself to touch Jordan in a moving vehicle. She knew once she began touching Jordan, she would never want to stop. They arrived at Bly's beachfront condo a little before sunrise and Bly sped her Mercedes up to the entrance of the building with urgency as she wanted to begin her new life with Jordan.

"Let's unpack the car later," Bly suggested, the fire in her eyes matched by the same in Jordan's. Bly parked and stepped out as the valet opened Jordan's door.

"Good morning Ms. VanDewark."

"Hey, Jimmy!" Bly answered as she walked towards the front of the car as Jordan exited the luxury vehicle.

"'am." the valet greeted Jordan as he held the door for her.

"Hello." Jordan answered with a smile as she was astounded by the warm greetings while she looked in awe at the expensive looking building.

Bly tossed her keys to the valet as she held her hand out for Jordan while she approached her...."don't squeal the tires this time Jimmy or I'll have to kick your butt." Bly teased as Jordan laced her fingers around Bly's tightly.

Bly smiled reassuringly as she felt the clammy palm and nervousness from Jordan while she held her hand leading her to the door.

The doorman smiled and held the door for the pair... "Hello... ladies." he greeted cheerfully.

They smiled back and in unison replied... "Hello," as they entered the luxurious building with a beautiful fountain in the lobby. Jordan looked around the building, never imagining she would ever enter such a grand building, except maybe on the 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'.

Bly led her to the elevators as the elevator attendant unlocked the penthouse elevator for Bly and the doors opened as they approached.

"Hello... Ms.'s your key and have a lovely evening."

"Oh, I intend to Maurice." Bly answered with a smile and a wink as she led Jordan into the waiting elevator.

Jordan stood overwhelmed by all the lavish surroundings and attention as the door closed. Bly looked at Jordan and moved to face her..."you okay?"

"Aah...just a little nervous I guess." Jordan answered hesitantly.

Bly ran her finger down Jordan's face gently as she gazed lovingly into nervous green eyes and slowly moved in towards her. "Me too," Bly whispered as she pressed her lips against Jordan's waiting for her to allow entry with her tongue which Jordan was more than willing to allow.

Jordan slipped her arms around Bly's waist reveling in the loving embrace of Bly's arms as they continued their kiss. Bly broke their kiss, as both were breathless. "Jordan...I've been such a fool..I nearly lost the one thing that means more to me than life itself," Bly replied as she looked into cloudy green eyes. "You," Bly whispered and gave a quick but effective kiss. Bly looked at Jordan again and replied... "When I think of Cindy touching..."

"Please." Jordan interrupted, "don't say a word about her because I don't want to ruin our moment."

Bly smiled lovingly. "Please forgive me Jordan," she asked softly and pressed her lips against Jordan's for a soft, moist kiss.

"I already have Bly," Jordan answered through her kiss as she was startled by the opening of the elevator doors and grabbed Bly's arms to steady herself.

"It's okay babe...this is my place," Bly answered reassuringly as Jordan's heart calmed. "Come on," Bly whispered and led Jordan into her airy spacious penthouse.

"This place is beautiful Bly," Jordan replied in awe as she looked around.

"Thank you," Bly answered with a smile. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Jordan looked at Bly breaking her trance. "Aah...yeah...some wine maybe?" Jordan asked with a nervous smile as the butterflies did swan dives in her stomach.

"White or red?" Bly asked.

"You choose," Jordan answered through a smile.

Bly flashed a sexy smile as she kissed Jordan's hand. "I'll be right back, make yourself at home," Bly replied softly as she left the room.

'This place is fabulous,' Jordan thought to herself as she scanned the large area and noticed the black lacquer entertainment center was wall sized, which she thought only existed in magazines. The entertainment center contained a large TV, several stereo components, books, videos, compact discs, and many framed photos. Jordan noticed the motif of the furniture to be black leather with white pillows giving it a ying yan look.

Jordan gazed to her left and noticed a very large saltwater fish tank with beautiful colored coral like the kind they saw snorkeling in Key West, which caused a smile to cross Jordan's face at the fond memory.

Jordan noticed the pictures on the wall were framed in black and were fabulous pictures of dolphins in motion, and various different shots of large waves crashing against old lighthouses.

Bly stood in the doorway of the kitchen and watched Jordan thinking about how beautiful she is and what an idiot she was to not trust her and making a mental note to settle a score with Cindy for her part in the torturous weeks she spent without Jordan. Jordan made her way to the window and stood next to the large telescope and looked out at the now illuminated ocean from the impending sunrise.

Bly was breathless as she watched the love of her life gracefully waltz to the window and gaze out with wonderment. 'I want to give her so much that she deserves.' Bly thought to herself as she slowly approached her from behind and took in the sweet scent of her perfume. Once she was near, she handed the glass of wine over Jordan's shoulder.

Jordan accepted the drink and glanced over her shoulder to Bly with a smile. "Thank you."

Bly slipped her arm around Jordan's waist, pulling her close and leaned her head against Jordan. Together, they looked out at the peaceful and calm ocean listening to the small waves lap against the shore.

"This is wonderful Bly," Jordan replied in amazement as she sipped her wine while they looked out over the ocean, enjoying every loving touch from Bly. Bly's feelings for Jordan were inexpressible at that moment, while she held Jordan in her arms as they were going to start a new day as lovers.

"Come with me...I have a better view than this elsewhere," Bly whispered in her ear as she took Jordan's hand and led her to the bedroom suite.

Bly opened the door revealing a spacious bedroom with an oversized king sized waterbed with a matching black lacquer bedroom set. 'Her bedroom is as big as my entire two bedroom apartment,' Jordan thought to herself as she scanned the room. Bly kicked off her shoes towards her very large walk in closet as did Jordan and led her towards the balcony.

Bly opened the french doors to a cool ocean breeze that greeted them, and Jordan smiled with nervousness and excitement. The balcony was very large and contained a jacuzzi with deck chairs. Jordan glanced around at the tropical plants neatly arranged around the spacious balcony.

"Bly I didn't know you had such a green thumb," Jordan teased with an incredible smile.

"I don't really...I have a service take care of them for me...I have healing hands for people but not for plants," Bly answered with a smile as they looked out over the ocean.

Bly looked at Jordan who took in the beauty of the ocean from such a spectacular view and realized she was different from the other women she had been with before. She noticed Jordan was overwhelmed, nervous and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean rather than Bly's material wealth. She felt as though the wealth scared Jordan or made her feel uneasy, unlike many of the other women Bly had been with before.

Jordan looked at Bly. "What? What are you doing?" she asked with a wondering smile.

Bly smiled and put her hand in Jordan's raising it to her mouth for a kiss. "Loving you," Bly whispered as Jordan's heart skipped a beat and her eyes filled with tears of joy as Bly took her into her arms for a meaningful kiss.

"I want to make love to you Jordan," Bly whispered in her ear.

"I have been waiting for that since the moment I saw you Bly." Jordan answered softly as Bly led her into the bedroom while the ocean breeze swept through and the sunrise illuminated the room.

Bly picked up the remote and turned on the CD player as a slow tune began to play. Bly looked at Jordan and saw that she was just as nervous as she was. Bly embraced Jordan and held her tightly before sliding her hands up her back and softly began to sing the song in Jordan's ear in an effort to calm her as she unzipped her dress.

<there you go...flashing fever from your eyes...hey, baby...come over here and shut down tight...I'm not denying we're flying above it all...hold my hand don't let me fall>

Bly looked into Jordan's eyes and held her hand and continued to softly sing.

<you've such amazing grace...I've never felt this way...oh, show me heaven...color me...leave me breathless...oh, oh, oh, show me heaven...please.>

Bly kissed Jordan sensually as Jordan ran her hands to Bly's back to unzip her dress. Bly moved her kiss to Jordan's neck and sang through her kiss.

<here I go...I'm shaking just like the breeze...hey, baby...I need your hand to steady me>

Jordan moved her hands up to Bly's neck as Bly kissed behind her ear and sang:

<I'm not denying...I'm frightened as much as you...though I'm barely touching you> Bly looked down into Jordan's eyes as she sang, <I have shivers down my spine and it feels delight...oh, show me heaven...color me...leave me breathless.> Bly took Jordan's face in her hands<oh, oh, show me heaven...babe.> Bly kissed Jordan passionately before engulfing her in a hug.

<if you kow what it's like to dream a hold me tight and let this be...oh, oh, heaven...color me...leave me me heaven babe...leave me breathless>

Bly sang as Jordan held her as tight as possible and tears streamed down her face from the love she felt from Bly. No other woman had ever made Jordan feel so special and she never felt this much love from another woman before.

"Bly...I love you and I want this to be...make love to me," Jordan asked looking into loving blue eyes as the song began to repeat itself.

Bly smiled as her heart raced and slipped her fingers under the straps on Jordan's dress sliding them off her shoulder to drop the dress to the floor, never breaking eye contact. Jordan stepped out of the dress as Bly placed a trail of kisses down her neck to her supple breasts, and slid her hands to her back to unhook her bra. Jordan's arousal mounted with every kiss and touch from Bly. She never knew a lover could be so gentle with their kiss and touch as Bly was right now.

Bly looked seductively into Jordan's eyes as she slipped the white bra off her shoulders to the floor. Bly stared intently into her green eyes as she slowly and gently slid her hands down Jordan's soft skin to her breasts. Bly felt Jordan's erect nipples under her palms as Jordan closed her eyes from Bly's tender touch, and tilted her head back in pleasure, her breath escaping her momentarily.

Bly leaned down and gently kissed her supple breast, taking a hard nipple between her lips for a moist kiss. Bly gently grazed her thumb over Jordan's other breast as Jordan's breathing became erratic and she thought her heart would leap out of her chest. Bly moved her kiss to Jordan's other breast, capturing the nipple in her mouth to pay it the attention it desired as she ran her finger over the other breast.

"Bly...I've never felt so good," Jordan moaned as she ran her fingers through Bly's raven hair.

Bly moved her tender kiss down Jordan's toned abdomen and felt her muscles tighten under her kiss as she ran her palms down her curvaceous body. Jordan's breathing became more labored as Bly knelt before her and softly kissed her sex through her lingerie while resting her hands on Jordan's hips.

"Oh, Bly, Oh, Bly," Jordan panted as she became more excited and had to remind herself to breath.

Bly ran her fingers down Jordan's legs along with her panties as she kissed her soft skin around her blond curls allowing Jordan to step out of the lingerie. Bly planted a soft kiss on her sex and worked her kiss back up to Jordan's mouth for a soft, moist kiss.

"Undress me Jordan," Bly requested softly as she looked in Jordan's beautiful green eyes.

Jordan's heart raced faster with nervousness and her hands trembled as she reached for Bly who took her hands in her own. Bly took them to her lips for a kiss. "There's no need to be nervous with me Jordan...I love you," Bly whispered as she softly placed Jordan's hands on her shoulders. "Just show me how much you love me baby," Bly whispered reassuringly as blue eyes gazed into green.

Jordan's nerves calmed and she gently slid Bly's dress off her shoulders to the floor as Bly put her hands on Jordan's hips. Jordan looked down at her toned, tanned body and noticed she wore black lace lingerie just as she had imagined she would.

Their song continued to play on repeat mode, which heightened their passion for one another as it described their feelings.

Jordan kissed Bly's neck to her bra strap and pulled it down her shoulder with her teeth. She passed across her breasts through the material to the other side and up to repeat the maneuver with the other strap as Bly's passion mounted along with her labored breathing.

Jordan seductively moved in behind the taller woman to unhook her black lace bra as Bly closed her eyes and enjoyed Jordan's soft touch. Jordan pushed Bly's hair over one shoulder and unhooked the bra. Jordan softly slipped her hands around the front of Bly's body underneath the bra and removed it as she cupped her soft, supple breasts in her hands.

Jordan placed soft bites followed by soft kisses along Bly's neck and back as Bly moved her hands on top of Jordan's which caressed her breasts. Bly loved the feel of Jordan's touch. Bly tilted her head to the side while Jordan kissed her neck seductively and lightly pinched her nipples, sending a warm rush throughout her body as Bly moaned in delight.

Jordan ran her tongue lightly and slowly down Bly's spine as her hands slid down Bly's muscular abdomen, making their way to her lace panties. Jordan ran her hands up under Bly's lingerie brushing her hands across Bly's damp curls to pull the garment to the floor.

Jordan heard Bly gasp as she ran her tongue back up Bly's spine wrapping her arms around her now naked body. Bly slowly turned in Jordan's arms as their eyes met and slid her tongue past Jordan's parted lips for a deep, sensuous kiss, her hands resting on Jordan's firm backside. Bly gently pressed Jordan's sex against her own as she continued her exploration of Jordan's mouth with her tongue.

Jordan thought about how she has never felt so aroused and so loved as she does at this very moment in Bly's arms. Bly backed Jordan to the bed and pulled the covers on the bed down. Bly watched Jordan lay back on the black satin sheets and locked eyes with her as she seductively climbed up on Jordan's body. Jordan spread her legs allowing Bly to put her thigh against her sex as she lowered her naked body onto Jordan's.

Bly leaned down and hesitated, "You feel so good Jordan," she whispered kissing her deeply while Jordan ran her hands up and down Bly's muscular body. Bly maneuvered her kiss down Jordan's body past her breasts to her abdomen as her hands slid across her nipples.

Bly could feel Jordan's wetness against her stomach as she worked her way down her sexy body. Bly traced her curl line and kissed down her inner thigh then back up again. Bly's lips brushed lightly across Jordan's sex as she made her way to the opposite inner leg and worked her way down and back up her inner thigh. Bly once again brushed her lips lightly across her sex as Jordan raised her pelvis in anticipation of Bly's kiss, which continued up her body to her breast.

Bly stopped to give her breasts the attention they sought and moved her kiss to Jordan's mouth. "Bly...please. Touch me," Jordan whispered through her kiss as she couldn't contain herself anymore.

Bly worked her kiss back down to her sex and spread Jordan's legs wider. Bly reached up and held Jordan's hand as she lightly kissed her wet sex while Jordan squeezed her hand with her head thrust back in pleasure from Bly's lips touching her mound.

Bly continued her light kiss and finally slid her tongue past her wet folds in search of her swollen nub causing Jordan's hips to arch up to meet Bly's kiss. "Oh, taste so good," Bly replied softly, thoroughly enjoying the taste in her mouth as she ran her tongue up and down Jordan's moist center.

Jordan's heart raced and her breathing became more erratic as the tears streamed down her face from the passion and love she felt for Bly. Bly ran her other hand up Jordan's body to hold her other hand, which Jordan grasped tighter as Bly's sensual tongue seductively traced the curves of her sex. Bly licked her sex as if she was licking an ice cream cone, never leaving a spot unattended by her tongue as Jordan's hips bucked to her rythmic movements.

Bly moved her kiss away from her sex up her goody trail, past her breasts to her neck as Jordan wondered, 'what is she trying to do give me a heart attack' as she breathed heavily from the excitement she felt.

Bly straddled Jordan's leg as Jordan felt Bly's wetness. "Touch me Jordan," Bly whispered in her ear as Bly ran her hand down her curves to touch her sex. "I want to share an orgasm with you baby," Bly whispered as overwhelming warmth and excitement coursed throughout Jordan's body from the husky request as she touched Bly's wet sex for the first time.

Bly sank her teeth into Jordan's neck as Jordan touched her hard clit and Jordan thought she might have had an orgasm at that moment. Bly slid her finger into Jordan's warm, moist and tight opening as did Jordan to Bly.

Bly moved her hips faster to Jordan's movements in and out of her opening with her finger. Bly matched the movement in and out as she slid her thumb up on Jordan's swollen nub sending Jordan's head back in pleasure as she gasped for air. Bly picked up her pace with her hips against Jordan's hand as Jordan did against hers.

"Bly...I can't wait any longer," Jordan gasped.

"Me either," Bly whispered as both bodies quivered and shuddered in unison as they released their orgasms together.

"Oh, Bly!" Jordan yelled in ecstasy as she clenched her fingernails into Bly's muscular back with her free hand.

"Aah...Jordan...I love you!" Bly replied through gasps of air.

They both held each other's sex until the throbbing of their center subsided. Bly moved her arms around Jordan, as did Jordan to hold one another close. Bly smiled at Jordan as she gazed into her eyes and kissed her passionately.

"Bly...I never thought it was possible to experience something as special and wonderful as what I just did with you. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you in such a short time...that doesn't scare you does it?"

"Not at all Jordan...what scares me is not being with you babe," Bly answered reassuringly followed by another sensual kiss.

"I take it you like this song huh?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"It's the only song I've listened to since I got back from the Keys because it reminded me of you. It only succeeded in torturing me until know."

"It's beautiful Bly and you showed me heaven baby." Jordan answered lovingly as she kissed Bly.

Bly broke their kiss and asked, "I'm not hurting you am I?"

"Not at all..but I'm chilly after all of that sweaty passion," Jordan answered with a chuckle.

"Let me remedy that then," Bly answered with a smile as she sat up and gathered the covers to pull up on top of them as she laid on her back. She reached for Jordan to pull her closer to her and covered them with the sheet and blanket.

Jordan snuggled her head against Bly's neck and wrapped her leg over Bly's body as she placed her hand over Bly's heart to feel its rhythmic beat. Bly ran her fingers through Jordan's blond hair perfectly content with her in her arms. Bly loved how Jordan felt wrapped up against her because it felt so right and she never wanted that moment to end as she kissed Jordan's head. Bly heard Jordan's soft breathing as Jordan fell asleep snuggled comfortably and safe in the arms of the love of her life.

"This is more comfortable than that lawn chair," Bly thought to herself with a smile on her face as she closed her eyes.

Continued in Part 3.

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