Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

Special Thanks: To Mary for her proofreading and editing prowess. To Monica and Beth for their love and support with our writing passion. To the fans who have been so supportive and wonderful! You're all greatly appreciated.

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Part 3

Jordan woke to the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore and realized the warm body she had been snuggled against was gone. She looked around knowing she was in Bly's home. She remembered the morning's events while inhaling a deep breath of fresh ocean air. Jordan sat up in bed and noticed a robe laying across the bed with a brand new toothbrush that Bly had obviously left for her. Jordan slipped on the robe and walked out on the balcony for a quick glimpse of the ocean. She squinted from the sun's reflection off the blue-green water and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment as the cool ocean breeze swept across her face. Jordan thought about how alive and wonderful she felt but lonely because Bly's arms were not around her.

She brushed her teeth quickly and headed out the bedroom door in search of where her love might be in the spacious penthouse. Jordan looked around trying to decide where she might look first and heard the sound of a TV. 'Probably a good place to look' she thought to herself.

Jordan walked down the hall towards the noise, which grew louder as she approached. Jordan peeked into the large family room to see Bly sitting in an oversized easy chair with her head resting on her hand, which leaned against the arm of the chair, and her feet propped up on the ottoman in front of her. A smile crept across her face as she noticed how Bly was intently watching Xena on the large screen TV.

"So, you're a Xena fan huh?" Jordan asked softly to not startle her.

Bly raised her head up and looked back at Jordan with a smile. "It would be safe to say I'm a Xenite...good afternoon."

Jordan moved over next to her as Bly took her hand and pulled her down onto her lap. Bly flashed a sexy smile and leaned in for a soft kiss.

"Good afternoon," Jordan answered with a smile as she looked into those dreamy blue eyes. "What time did you get up?"

"About an hour ago, I didn't want to wake you because you looked so peaceful. Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure...sounds great...but I need another kiss from you first," Jordan answered as she wiggled her eyebrows and gave a smile.

"If I have too." Bly teased as she captured Jordan's lips for a soft, moist kiss and slid her warm hand into the opening on the robe to rest her hand on Jordan's stomach sending a pulsating sensation to Jordan's center.

"Hmmm...I missed that kiss," Bly purred with a smile. "What do you like in your coffee?"

"Cream and sugar please," Jordan answered with a smile.

"After what I tasted I would say you are sweet enough that you don't need to add sugar," Bly teased as Jordan who was obviously embarrassed and kissed her. "Okay...let me up babe."

Jordan reluctantly slid off her lap and sat next to her in the oversized chair. "I love this's great!" Jordan replied, as she looked it over.

"It's definitely a lot nicer when you have a special someone to sit in it with you," Bly answered with a smile as she go up out of the chair. "I'll be right back," Bly winked as she headed out the door to the kitchen.

Jordan relaxed in the chair and looked around the room, which had large bookshelves containing every imaginable collector's items of Dan Marino and University of Florida Gators paraphernalia. 'I take it this is the sports room?' Jordan thought to herself as she looked at the various action photos in frames on the walls of Marino and other various sports stars.

Jordan saw a picture, which caught her eye and got up to take a closer look. It was an action shot of Bly playing baseball with a baseball card of her on it in the lower corner of the frame. Jordan smiled and thought about how she loves to watch Bly play sports.

"'s your coffee," Bly replied as she approached Jordan.

Jordan looked back at her with a smile. "What team is this for?" Jordan asked as she pointed to the frame.

"The women's professional baseball team they had up until last year," Bly answered standing behind her.

"Thanks," Jordan replied as she sipped the coffee. "You don't play anymore?" Jordan asked disappointedly.

"Not professionally...but I play in a women's recreation league now," Bly explained.

"I would love to see you play because I really loved watching you play football," Jordan answered seductively as she leaned up and kissed Bly.

"How about tomorrow?" Bly asked as she broke her kiss.

"You have a game tomorrow?" Jordan asked excitedly.

"Yeah...just about every Sunday," Bly answered as she put her hands on Jordan's hips and gazed into her excited green eyes.

"I can't wait to see you play!" Jordan answered with a smile.

Bly was swept over with happiness at the thought that Jordan truly was interested in that part of her life and that she was sincere with her comment that she really wanted to see her play. Bly smiled as she gazed into her eyes and gently brushed her hand down Jordan's cheek before placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Jordan...I love you," Bly whispered through her kiss.

Bly's sincere admission that she loved Jordan overwhelmed her with joy and happiness. 'This is so right being with Bly...I don't ever want to be a way from her again,' Jordan thought to herself as she felt undying love through that one kiss.

Jordan broke their kiss and jumped from being startled by something furry, which brushed up against her leg. "What was that?" Jordan asked nervously as she looked around.

Bly laughed and looked down and picked up her cat. He had a white underbelly from his chin to his back legs and half way up his stomach on his sides, and from his ears to the tip of his tail his coat was completely black with a triangular white patch from between his eyes to his nose. She puckered her lips as her cat put his mouth to hers for a kiss.

"He's so cute Bly.... you never told me you had a cat," Jordan replied as she stroked his fine coat.

"Oh, he likes you just like me...don't you boy?" Bly asked while she hugged her cat as he meowed in response.

"Can I hold him? I really love cats...what's his name?"

"Ares and sure you can hold him if he'll let you. He can be a little finicky with people." Bly answered as she took Jordan's coffee mug and handed the cat to her. Bly smiled and was surprised as her cat cuddled up next to her and brushed his face against hers.

"He's so sweet." Jordan smiled with delight as she kissed his head.

"You wouldn't think he was so sweet if you met him when he was a kitten. He was a real terror and that's how he got his name Ares because he was so destructive," Bly answered with a smile as she watched her usually aloof cat enjoy being in Jordan's arms. 'Is this for real or is it too good to be true that this woman loves me for who I am and genuinely wants to take an interest in my life.' Bly thought to herself as she lovingly looked at the two. "You've captured his heart just like you've done with mine Jordan," Bly replied with a smile as she kissed Jordan.

"You've done the same with my heart Bly," Jordan answered blushing.

"Come on let's get you some food Ares," Bly answered as she headed towards the door with the cat following her meowing. "Is that so? You're that hungry?" she teased the cat who meowed louder in response to her questions as they made their way to the kitchen.

Jordan followed the two into the huge kitchen done in a black and white motif. "Jeez...Bly. Are you a good cook to have this big of a kitchen?" Jordan asked with amazement at the large kitchen.

Bly laughed. "If you ate my cooking you would tell me to take a cooking class. I can make a mean can of soup though," Bly laughed as she fed Ares. "I take that back...I'm good with steaks on the grill and besides that forget it"

"I'll have to make something for you one evening then."

"Ooh, a woman that gotta love that," Bly replied seductively with a smile as she engulfed Jordan in a hug and gave her a playful nibble on the neck. "Are you hungry?" Bly asked through her love bites.

"'ll learn that I can eat anytime," Jordan chuckled.

"Hmmm, What do you say to some Chinese then?" Bly asked as she nibbled on the opposite side of her neck.

"General Tsao's chicken," Jordan replied as Bly was driving her nuts with the love bites.

Bly looked up at Jordan with a surprised look. "My favorite!" she replied excitedly with a smile... "Do you want anything else?"

"How about some shrimp low mien?"

"I knew I fell in love with you for a reason," Bly answered with a smile. " Would you like me to grab some clothes for you to put on while I order the food?"

"Well.... those Scooby Doo boxers of yours look enticing but I think I'll stick with the robe... if you don't mind," Jordan replied seductively as she ran her fingers through Bly's raven hair to take her face into her hands and kiss her passionately.

They broke their kiss breathless and smiled lovingly at one another. "So, you like Scooby too?" Bly asked with a smile.


"Yes!" Bly replied excitedly as she picked Jordan up in a hug and kissed her. "Now, let me go order some food for my little Scooby fan," Bly answered as she put Jordan down and headed towards the phone as Jordan headed back into the sports room.

"Okay babe...everything is ordered and should be here in about 45 minutes," Bly replied as she sat next to Jordan in the oversized chair and leaned her head against the back of the chair.

"I hope you didn't mind that I changed the channel to watch The Crowe...Xena was finished."

Bly looked at Jordan with amazement. "You like The Crow too?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"I think you're too good to be true Jordan," Bly answered and kissed her.

"No...I'm for real baby." Jordan answered with another kiss.

"That's good to know." Bly answered with a smile and a kiss as she held her hand. "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Well...I'm going to watch my incredibly gorgeous girlfriend play baseball and then whatever she has planned for the rest of the day for me," Jordan answered with a smile as she gazed into Bly's blue eyes.

"Girlfriend huh?" Bly asked with a mischievous smile.

"Well...aah...I...aah...just thought," Jordan stammered nervously.

"Jordan...would you like me to be your girlfriend?" Bly asked with a sexy smile and thought about how adorable Jordan looked and how much she liked the idea of being Jordan's girlfriend.

"Of course, I would...that is if you want to be my girlfriend?" Jordan asked nervously.

"I thought you would never ask. Yes, I would like very much to be your girlfriend," Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan. "Why did you get so nervous babe?"

"I thought I said something that I shouldn't have Bly," Jordan answered as she searched Bly's blue eyes for assurance.

"I was just teasing you, but thanks for asking," Bly answered with a laugh as she received a punch in the arm.

"Bly! You embarrassed me!"

Bly laughed and kissed Jordan..."I'm sorry honey but you were so adorable when you asked me that I couldn't resist. Can you ever forgive me?" Bly asked flashing a sexy smile.

"How can I resist that sexy smile?" Jordan answered with a kiss.

", you won't mind going out on our boat for a family outing after the game then?" Bly asked with a smile.

"Sounds like fun but I may have to consider getting some clothes sometime soon. I don't think your family would appreciate me trotting around in your robe."

"True...but I wouldn't mind it," Bly answered with a smile as she wiggled her eyebrows before she kissed Jordan.

"Maybe Linda could bring me some clothes."

"She'll probably be going with Jules tomorrow on our boat so, give her a call and ask her if she wouldn't mind."

"Sounds good then...does Julie play or watch?" Jordan asked as she played with Bly's dark locks.

"She, Jordan what do you like other than Scooby, Xena, the Crowe, cat's and General Tsao's chicken?" Bly asked with a smile as she looked at Jordan.

Jordan smiled as she slipped her hand into Bly's and snuggled against her. "I like everything about you," Jordan answered with a smile as she raised her hand to kiss Bly's.

"Well...the feelings mutual babe," Bly answered with a smile.

"I really like to write stories and hopefully get published one day. I like water sports, romantic walks on the beach and I really like being in love with you." Jordan answered excitedly with a smile as she kissed Bly.

Bly searched Jordan's green eyes and found only truth in her statement that she truly liked being in love with her. Bly looked at her for a moment amazed and replied. "Jordan...I've never been with another woman who truly wanted to be with me for who I am and you're the first person I have wholeheartedly been in love with...I only hope I don't disappoint you."

"Bly…." Jordan answered softly with tears in her eyes as she lightly brushed her hand down Bly's cheek. "You won't disappoint me. You've just never found the right person to love you the way that you want to be loved."

Bly turned and kissed Jordan's hand that touched her cheek and gazed lovingly in her green eyes... "Until now," Bly whispered as she leaned towards Jordan for a passionate, soulful kiss and gathered Jordan into her arms. Bly deepened the kiss while her hand moved to cup Jordan's breast as the phone rang. "We seem to have a problem with being interrupted," Bly answered with agitation as she picked up the phone.

"What! Okay...thanks...I'll send the elevator down," Bly answered as she hung up the phone. "Food's here," Bly replied as she kissed Jordan before she got out of the chair to head over to the elevator.

Bly sent the elevator down as she gathered money to pay for their food. Jordan took in a couple of deep breaths to steady her racing heart. 'I am so in love and it feels wonderful,' Jordan thought to herself as a smile consumed her face.

Bly entered the room with a box full of food and reached her hand out for Jordan. "Come on let's eat."

Jordan accepted her hand and was led her out the room down the hall. "Where are we going?" Jordan asked with a wondering smile.

"Hot finish were we left off in the keys," Bly answered with a sexy smile. "By the way, what type of stories do you write?" Bly inquired.

"Aah...lesbian fiction," Jordan answered hesitantly.

Bly stopped and looked at her. "Really?"

" that hard to believe?" Jordan asked with a smile.

"No...I just can't wait to read your stories. Maybe you can write a story about our escapade in the hot tub," Bly answered seductively as she kissed Jordan.

"How do you know I haven't already," Jordan teased through her kiss. Bly looked at her in amazement. "Did you? If so, I hope it turned out better than our first attempt in the hot tub," Bly asked with a smile.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see until you read it now won't you!" Jordan teased with another kiss.

"Oh, you are so bad Jordan...but I love it," Bly laughed as she captured her lips for a warm, moist kiss before she led Jordan to the balcony.

Bly put the food onto the flat portion of the hot tub deck and turned on the jets to the tub. She drew Jordan into her arms and locked blue eyes with greens and kissed her passionately. Bly reached in front of her as she deepened her kiss and untied the belt around Jordan's robe. The robe opened and Bly slid her hands up Jordan's curves, across her very erect nipples to her chest and slid the robe off her shoulders to the ground never breaking her kiss.

Bly broke their kiss and looked into Jordan's eyes with love. "You're beautiful Jordan," Bly whispered as she placed tender kisses down Jordan's neck. Jordan ran her hands through Bly's raven hair and rested them on the back of her neck as Bly kissed her breasts.

"Oh, baby...that feels so good," Jordan, moaned breathless as her heart raced with every touch and kiss from Bly.

Bly slowly moved her kiss back up her neck and whispered in her ear. "Undress me Jordan."

Jordan put her hands under Bly's shirt and ran her hands up along her sides brushing Bly's nipples with her thumbs as she passed them. Jordan pulled Bly's shirt over her head staring intently in her blue eyes and dropped Bly's shirt to the floor so, she could revel in her gorgeous, muscular and tanned body. Jordan leaned in and wrapped her lips around an erect nipple to gently suck the sensitive area.

Bly ran her fingers through Jordan's hair and gently guided her head down her body with Jordan softly kissing Bly's muscular abdomen on her way to Bly's boxer shorts. Jordan slipped Bly's shorts off to the floor and kissed her wet sex as Bly gasped from the kiss. Jordan maneuvered her kiss back up Bly's body to her lips and slid her tongue past her parted lips for a long, moist kiss.

Bly broke their kiss breathless. " turn me on so much," Bly whispered as she kissed her again before leading her into the hot tub. Bly sat down and pulled Jordan close to her body as Jordan straddled her legs around Bly's waist while Bly wrapped her arms around her lover as she assaulted her neck with soft kisses. Bly looked up at Jordan with a mischievous grin. "Are you ready to eat?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Bly moved the pair towards the side of the tub and opened the containers of food along with grabbing some chopsticks. "You will submit to my commands young lady," Bly teased as she pinched the chopsticks together near Jordan's nipples.

"Oh, no you don't!" Jordan laughed as she pushed the chopsticks away from her.

Bly picked up some low mien with the chopsticks and held it above Jordan's tilted head to offer the food to her blonde lover. Jordan accepted the morsels along with a sensuous kiss on her neck while Bly fed her the Chinese food.

"Yummy," Jordan replied with a smile as Bly held up a piece of chicken for her to eat. Jordan ate the fowl and took the chopsticks from Bly to return the favor.

Jordan held the food above Bly's head and as she lowered it to Bly's mouth she gently squeezed Bly's breast with her free hand... "Ooh, baby...I didn't know eating Chinese food could be so much fun." Bly replied seductively as she took the chopsticks out of Jordan's hands and laid them by the food. Bly wrapped Jordan in her arms tighter as she licked her lips softly and slowly before sliding her tongue inside Jordan's mouth. Bly moved her hands to Jordan's ass and pulled her closer to her as Bly felt Jordan's curls tickle her stomach.

"Oh, Bly." Jordan whispered as she broke their kiss... "I want to feel you inside of me." Jordan whispered as she grabbed an earlobe with her mouth and began to nibble the soft skin.

Bly slid her hand down Jordan's firm backside in search of a moist opening as she sucked Jordan's neck igniting an undeniable passion between the two. Bly found the opening she was searching for and slowly slid her finger into the warm, moist area.

"Oh, yes! That's more like it," Jordan whispered in pleasure as she ran her fingers through Bly's wet hair. Jordan moved her hips in synch with Bly's movements in and out of her wet opening.

"Jordan...I love how you wrap tightly around my finger," Bly whispered seductively as she explored Jordan's mouth with her tongue.

Jordan moved her hips faster. "I need another finger inside of me baby," Jordan replied through a gasp which sent a tingling sensation throughout Bly from Jordan's request.

Bly slowly slid another finger inside Jordan who tilted her head back with her eyes closed in response to the wonderful sensation she felt as her breathing became more labored. Jordan moved her hips faster while Bly slid her fingers in and out of her opening finding that Jordan grew wider with each stroke. Bly moved her mouth down to capture a supple breast in it and circled the nipple with her tongue before she suckled the soft breast.

Bly slowly moved her thumb along Jordan's other opening as she continued to move her fingers in and out of her. Jordan had never been touched in that area but found it to be very arousing especially when Bly moved her fingers faster.

"Bly...that feels so good what you are doing to," Jordan pleaded through her labored breathing.

Bly moved her tongue up Jordan's chest to her neck placing a sensuous bite on her neck as she moved her fingers in and out faster and deeper with Jordan's hips bucking wildly. "Oh, yes...Bly!" Jordan shouted from her arousal.

Bly slid her free hand to the front of Jordan and spread her folds to find an over sensitive engorged nub. Jordan clenched Bly's hair behind her neck as she felt Bly's fingers working their magic sending her body into frenzy.

"Yes...yes...Bly," Jordan moaned as Bly touched every sexual spot she had.

"Let me have you baby," Bly whispered as she continued her sensual movements with her fingers. "Come for me Jordan," she replied in a low seductive voice as she nibbled on her neck.

"Oh, Bly!, Oh, Bly!" Jordan moaned as she moved faster. "Yes...yes...AAAHHH!" Jordan screamed as she released her orgasm, and breathed in deeply to catch her breath as hugging Bly spent from her arousal.

Bly waited until Jordan's throbbing stopped and slowly slid her fingers out of Jordan as she shuddered with another orgasm releasing her juices in Bly's hand.

"That was incredible Bly," Jordan exclaimed breathless as she held Bly tight and rubbed her clit up and down against Bly's stomach to satisfy the pulsating nub.

"You felt so wonderful Jordan," Bly answered softly as her passion mounted between her legs with Jordan's movements against her stomach.

Jordan's breathing and arousal calmed as Bly held her tightly and kissed her shoulder softly. "'s my turn," Jordan replied with a seductive smile as she moved away from Bly and peered up from the water at her. "Stand up!" Jordan demanded.

Bly followed Jordan's command and stood before her as Jordan backed her against the side of the hot tub and coaxed her to sit up on the side of the hot tub. Bly sat on the side of the tub and watched her lover move between her legs. Jordan took Bly by the hips and moved her into the position she wanted her in. Jordan parted her folds and lightly grazed her tongue along Bly's engorged nub.

Bly leaned back on her hands and spread her legs wider for her lover. Jordan captured Bly's clit between her lips and sucked the over sensitive area.

"Oh, Jordan...that feels so good." Bly moaned as she watched Jordan.

Jordan began to devour every ounce of her sex sending an incredible rush of warmth throughout Bly as she pressed her hips forward to Jordan's mouth. Jordan slid her tongue and a finger inside of Bly's moist opening as Bly tilted her head back in pleasure with her eyes closed.

"Oooh, baby...that feels so incredible." Bly gasped breathless as Jordan removed her finger from Bly and slid her tongue back inside the warm, moist opening.

Bly thought about how it felt as though Jordan curled her tongue inside of her and ran the tip of her tongue along her inner walls. Jordan ran her thumb along Bly's swollen nub to give it the attention it so desired.

Jordan moved her kiss up along Bly's muscular abdomen to her breast and captured it in her mouth as she slowly slid her finger inside of Bly's opening. Bly took Jordan's head in her hands pulled her closer to her as she kissed her forehead.

" are driving me nuts." Bly whispered breathless as Jordan moved her finger in and out of her opening while her thumb rubbed the engorged nub.

Jordan moved her kiss to Bly's other breast and attended to it's needs as she picked up her pace with her fingers. Jordan moved her kiss along Bly's neck to her face as she placed baby pecks on her chin, cheeks and nose before tracing the outline of Bly's lips with the tip of her tongue.

Jordan slowly exerted a little more pressure with her tongue on Bly's lips and enticed her by pulling back and began to gently suck Bly's bottom lip as she slid another finger inside of Bly. Jordan heard Bly gasp in pleasure at what she was doing to her as Bly held Jordan's neck in her hands.

Jordan finally moved in for a kiss with a lot of wetness, which increased Bly's sexual excitement. Bly broke their kiss and gasped for air as her heart raced from her arousal... "Jordan...I don't think I can hold it any longer." Bly moaned as Jordan moved her kiss back down to Bly's sex.

Jordan removed her fingers from Bly and put her hands on her hips as she pressed her mouth against her swollen nub and slid her tongue inside of Bly. Jordan held Bly's hips steady as she rapidly moved her tongue in and out of Bly.

Every muscle in Bly's body tensed as she gasped for air... "!" Bly shouted as Jordan accepted all of Bly's offerings in her mouth gladly until Bly had nothing left to give.

Bly sat panting trying to catch her breath and calm her heart rate as Jordan finished. Bly slid back in the tub into Jordan's waiting arms and engulfed her mouth with a deep, moist kiss..."Jordan...that was friggin incredible...I've never had a woman make me feel like you just did baby." Bly replied overwhelmed from the experience as she held Jordan in her arms tightly and kissed her cheek.

" give me too much credit...there must have been others." Jordan answered as she blushed and was happy Bly couldn't see her doing it.

Bly leaned back and moved Jordan's wet blond hair off her face and gazed lovingly in her eyes... "None were ever as caring, attentive or loving Jordan." Bly answered with a smile and hesitated with her speech instead, she continued to stroke Jordan's hair. Bly took in a breath... "From the moment I first met you I wondered how I would feel if we made love together, how I would feel every time we tremble in each other's arms and how I would feel with your body held against me throughout the night.." Bly kissed Jordan softly and continued... "I wondered how I would feel if the future with you was forever and not just for one night." Bly replied softly as she looked into loving green eyes instead of fearful one's. Bly leaned in slowly and hesitated as she held Jordan's face in her hands. Bly pressed her tongue and mouth against Jordan's lips for a moist, sensuous kiss.

Jordan broke her kiss and looked into those sexy blue eyes... "Now that those things have happened was it what you wondered?"

"Not even's more amazing than I could have ever imagined Jordan. I don't want to ever be without you." Bly answered lovingly as she kissed Jordan passionately who wrapped her arms around Bly.

Jordan ran her hands through Bly's hair as she deepened her kiss and began to cry through her kiss from the love she received from Bly. Jordan broke their kiss and buried her face into Bly's shoulder as she hugged her neck tightly and cried harder.

"Hey...babe...what's wrong?" Bly asked softly with worry as she tried to look at Jordan who held her tighter.

"Just hold me Bly...please." Jordan whispered through her tears as Bly held her tighter. Jordan thought about how she had always hoped she would one day find her true love and her soul mate, which she found in Bly. She thought how she never really thought she ever deserved to find that person and hoped she would never lose Bly.

"Hey...Jordan...are you okay?" Bly whispered as she kissed her cheek tenderly.

Jordan looked into Bly's blue eyes as Bly wiped her tears away... "I'm sorry Bly...I was just overwhelmed by your profession of love."

"Why baby?" Bly asked as she kissed her softly on the nose.

"I never really thought I deserved someone to love me as much as you do with me."

"Oh, Jordan." Bly answered softly with sadness at Jordan's comment... "Everyone deserves to have another love them completely and unconditionally. I want you to experience life as you never have before but with me and I want to give you everything that you deserve baby." Bly answered as she kissed her for reassurance.

"Bly I want to share new life experiences with you but you don't have to give me everything. All I want is you and your love." Jordan answered lovingly as she kissed Bly.

" had my love and me from the moment I turned around and saw you for the first time babe...even though I was a jerk." Bly answered with a sheepish grin.

"You had the same from me too despite you being a jerk. I was very disappointed though but I really felt something deep inside which made me believe we would eventually be together." Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed Bly then looked up at her. "Take me to bed and hold me tight all night," Jordan whispered through another kiss.

"Well...let me show you the way." Bly answered as she climbed out of the tub and grabbed two towels from the shelf next to the tub. Bly held it open for Jordan to step into and wrapped the towel around Jordan along with her arms.

"Hmmm...I love this," Jordan replied with a smile as Bly kissed her on the cheek before Bly toweled Jordan off and then herself.

Bly led Jordan into the bedroom and pulled the covers down before they both climbed into the comfortable, spacious waterbed together. Bly lay on her back as Jordan crawled on top of her and laid her head against Bly's chest. Jordan reached down for Bly's hand to hold. "I'm not hurting you am I?" Jordan asked with concern.

"Not at all baby. you feel incredible on me," Bly answered with a smile as she thought about how much she loved the feeling of Jordan's naked body against her own. Bly slowly and softly ran her fingers through Jordan's hair and kissed her head.

"Good night Jordan," Bly whispered knowing Jordan had already fallen asleep from the soft, slow breathing of Jordan's which she felt on her chest. "I love you," Bly whispered as she closed her eyes feeling complete with Jordan laying on her.

Bly woke to a very persistent cat nudging her face with his own and meowing in her ear. Bly opened a blue eye to see Ares looking at her as she lay prone with Jordan draped on top of her. "What do you want boy? You hungry?" Bly whispered as her cat pushed his face against hers in response to her question.

Jordan's hand was slipped underneath Bly's hand and Jordan's other hand rested on Bly's back as she slept soundly. Bly smiled and wondered how they got into that position in the first place but didn't mind because Jordan felt so good against her naked body. Bly was tempted to go back to sleep and hope Ares would leave but she knew her persistent cat would succeed in getting her out of bed.

Bly moved her hand away from Jordan's and rubbed it along her leg to wake her. She felt Jordan stir and then felt a soft kiss on her back as she glanced over her shoulder to find sleepy green eyes looking at her.

"Morning sweets," Bly greeted Jordan with a smile.

"Yeah...yeah," Jordan answered as she lay on her back.

Bly laughed and rolled onto her side to face Jordan. "Not a morning person huh?' Bly asked as she rested her hand on Jordan's stomach.

"Mornings are the worst for me," Jordan answered as she struggled to open her eyes.

Bly leaned down and kissed her. "Well, you have a couple of minutes to sleep until I find something for you to wear seeing as how we forgot to call Linda last night." "Well, we were preoccupied," Jordan answered with a smile without opening her eyes.

"Yes, we were," Bly answered as she climbed out of bed to search her drawers for something Jordan could wear. Jordan fell back to sleep quickly as Bly put the clothes on the bed next to her and leaned down for a soft kiss. Bly fed Ares and headed in to the bathroom to get ready for her baseball game. Bly dressed in her uniform and sat on the bed to put her socks on. " up," Bly replied softly as she rubbed her hand lightly over her stomach.

"Okay...I'm up," Jordan answered as she sat up and rubbed her eyes while Bly smiled and slipped her socks on. Jordan moved over close to Bly and rested her chin on Bly's shoulder as she wrapped her arm around Bly's waist.

"Morning," Jordan whispered in Bly's ear as she kissed her softly on the cheek.

Bly turned to find a now smiling face. "Thanks," Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan's lips.

"I put some clothes for you to wear on the bed along with a bathing suit for later that should fit you, " Bly answered as she pointed to the said items.

"Thanks," Jordan answered and kissed Bly's cheek as she climbed off the bed. "You look very cute in your baseball uniform," Jordan replied as she walked towards the bathroom.

"You look extremely sexy in your birthday suit Jordan," Bly teased with a smile as she watched her lover approach the bathroom.

Jordan glanced over her shoulder and smiled as she blew Bly a kiss before disappearing into the bathroom. Bly laughed and shook her head as she left the room to gather her equipment bag. Bly also grabbed a cooler with ice, sodas and water to quench their thirst from the hot Florida sun at the game.

Bly felt arms wrap around her waist for a hug. She took one of the hands that were wrapped around her and kissed it. She turned Jordan to face her. "Well...hello my love," Bly whispered as she leaned down for a kiss.

"I could get used to mornings like this," Jordan answered with a smile as she captured another kiss from Bly's lips.

"We need to shake a leg babe," Bly answered as she grabbed the equipment bag and threw it over her shoulder. "Can you grab the cooler?" Bly asked as she grabbed her plastic Gator cup and car keys.

"What are you drinking?" Jordan asked inquisitively as she grabbed the cooler.

"Dr. Pepper of course," Bly answered as they both entered the elevator.

"This early?" Jordan asked with amazement.

"I always have a Pepper before my game Jordan...I have to," Bly answered as she looked down to the smaller woman.

"Why would you have too?" Jordan asked with confusion.

Bly looked a little sheepish and had a slight grin. "Aah...I'm superstitious...that's why."

"You mean to tell me that you play better when you have a Dr. Pepper before the game?" Jordan asked with disbelief and a chuckle as she held Bly's hand. "Yep!" Bly answered with a smile as she looked at Jordan.

"Next thing you'll tell me is that you have to put on your socks a certain way," Jordan laughed.

"Well...aah," Bly answered as she grinned and lowered her head in embarrassment. "Left one first, then the right one," Bly answered with even more embarrassment.

Jordan laughed and leaned up to kiss her on the cheek. "You are so adorable."

The elevator doors opened as they pair exited into the lobby were the valet had Bly's car waiting as she had instructed them to do every Sunday morning at 8:30. Bly threw the bag and cooler in the trunk of the car and slid into their seats as she put the car in gear. Bly hit the button to lower the top as they pulled away.

"You look very sexy in that uniform of yours Bly...I like the tight pants which show off your sexy butt," Jordan replied with a smile as Bly entwined her fingers with Jordan's.

"Thanks," Bly answered with a smile.

Bly parked the car and the pair grabbed their belongings and made their way up the path towards the fields. Bly put her bag in her team's dugout and headed over to her family who had already beaten them there.

"I didn't know your whole family would be her Bly," Jordan replied with excitement as Bly grasped her hand and led her to the bleachers where they sat.

"They are at all of my games as well as Daw's games when he plays."

"That's so cool!" Jordan answered enamored by the family support she had.

"Hey, mom!" Bly replied excitedly as she kissed her equally beautiful raven-haired mother who looked young enough to be Bly's sister.

"Hey, baby! You look very happy this morning," her mother observed with a smile.

"That's because of," Bly answered with a smile as she made her way over to greet her father and brother.

"Hello Jordan...I'm glad you came. How about keeping me company during the game? Oh, we have some coffee and bagels are you interested?" Alexandra asked with a smile.

"Oh, I would love some of both and I would be glad to join you during the game," Jordan answered as she climbed up on the bleachers to accept the food offerings.

Bly stopped in front of Jordan who turned towards Bly and leaned her legs over the edge of the seat. "Wish me luck?" Bly asked with a smile as Jordan was at eye level with her.

"Of course, good luck and get a hit for me," Jordan answered with a smile as Bly kissed her.

"You got it," Bly answered as she walked over to the dugout to put on her cleats and get warmed up for the game.

Bly put on her cleats and noticed Julie running from the car with Linda in tow. Bly laughed... "Hurry up you old hag! You're late!" Bly shouted teasingly.

"Bite me babe," Julie answered as she ran past Bly to the entrance of the dugout. "Linda has already taken care of that from the looks of your neck," Bly answered with a laugh referring to the hickey on her neck.

"LINDA!" Julie shouted as she looked over at her sitting with Jordan on the bleachers and received a sly grin and a wink from her.

Bly stood waiting for Julie tossing a ball in her glove repeatedly as Julie hurried to put her cleats on. "Who's pitching for their team Bly?" Julie asked as she tied the laces on her cleats.

Bly glanced over her shoulder to the other side of the field to check out the pitcher. "Don't know Jules...they must have just picked her up...but we'll crank her!" Bly answered cockily.

"Jordan...look who's pitching for the other team," Linda replied with disgust as Jordan looked over and nearly choked on the piece of bagel she was chewing on.

"What in the hell is Cindy doing on their team?" Jordan asked angrily after swallowing the bagel piece. "Why can't she just stay out of my life," Jordan replied as she climbed down the bleachers.

"Where are you going?" Linda asked.

"To warn Bly," Jordan answered as she approached Bly. "Bly...Cindy is their pitcher."

"You're kidding...we wondered who that was. I didn't even recognize her," Bly answered with a laugh and saw that Jordan was worried. "Hey, baby...don't worry...I'll take care of her," Bly answered with a cocky smile as she leaned into Jordan.

"Be careful Bly," Jordan whispered before Bly kissed her.

Bly turned to Cindy, who stared at the pair after her kiss, and flashed a smile followed by a wink, which infuriated her. Cindy continued to star at Jordan thinking, 'Let's see how happy you are when I take care of your little friend. You thought this was over, this ain't over by a long shot baby!'

Jordan sat back down between Alexandra and Linda. " Hey, Jordan...honey... are you okay?" Alexandra asked with worry as she patted Jordan's hand for comfort.

"No, I'm not okay. I'm worried about Bly. The pitcher is my ex and she may try to do something to her."

"You don't need to worry about Bly...she'll take care of her," Alexandra answered with a smile.

The game started and Bly's team took the field first, quickly getting three outs to end the inning. Bly's team came up to bat and the first batter struck out for the first out of the inning. The next batter stepped into the batter's box as Bly stepped into the on deck batter's box and took three practice swings before tightening her batting gloves to her wrists.

Jordan watched Bly's every move and smiled as she thought about how cocky and sexy her lover looked standing before her. She noticed Bly had a much cockier demeanor and was totally focused on the game. Jordan smiled as she watched Bly stride to the plate with an air of arrogance. Jordan's heart fluttered as she watched Cindy snicker on the mound as she readied herself to pitch to Bly.

Cindy released her pitch, which caught Bly in the head despite her effort to avoid the pitch. "Bly!" Jordan shouted nervously as she stood up to check on Bly. Cindy returned to mound and kept her face impassive, as she thought sarcastically, 'Oops!'

"Jordan...sit down...don't give her the satisfaction. Bly will be fine...that's what helmets are made for," Alexandra replied as she held Jordan's arm and guided her back down. "See, she's up."

Bly stood up and tried to blink back her blurred vision while she brushed the clay off herself.

"You okay?" the umpire asked.

Bly shook her head. "Yeah," as she turned to walk to first base slowly. Bly took out her mouthpiece and took off her glasses as she turned to Cindy giving her a smile and a wink as she reached first base, infuriating Cindy to no end. Cindy could feel her blood boil as she tried to contain her anger and pitch. It had taken a lot of smooth talking to get on this team. She had known that they would be playing Bly's team today and she just had to play. She was going to teach Jordan and Bly a lesson today. Especially Jordan, who does she think she is walking out on me, and then embarrassing me in front of an entire restaurant?

Bly stood on first and took in a couple of deep breaths to fight off the effects of the beaning while the batter stepped up to the plate. Bly took her lead off the base and stole second base as Cindy pitched the ball.

Cindy turned around with a look of malice towards Bly who smiled and wiggled her fingers for a wave infuriating her more. 'Keep it up honey, I know your weakness and I will use that to my advantage, make no mistake about that!'

"Hey, okay?' the other teams shortstop asked as she stood behind her waiting for a pick off attempt.

"Yeah...when did you guys pick her up?" Bly asked, as she lied not wanting to let on that her vision was still blurred.

"Today and she's a friggin bitch!" she answered as she headed back to her position.

"You're telling me?" Bly teased with a smile as she took her lead off the base.

Cindy looked back to check Bly and made her delivery to the plate as Bly stole third base effortlessly." I didn't realize Bly was such a fast runner," Jordan replied with astonishment.

Bly took her lead off third base and Cindy over threw the third baseman with her pickoff attempt allowing Bly to score the first run of the game easily. Bly sat next to Julie in the dugout and poured water on the back of her neck because of her dizziness and nausea that set in when she overexerted herself with running.

"She rung your bell didn't she?" Julie asked as she looked at her best friend.

"Oh, yeah," Bly answered as she leaned over on her knees to cool off with the water.

"Tell them to take you out."

"No way...Jules! Then that bitch will have the satisfaction and I intend to humiliate her today," Bly answered with anger as she looked up at Julie.

"It's a good thing you had your helmet on Bly because you only have a mild case of brain damage."

"'ve seen how she affects Jordan and I'm going to humiliate her."

"Yes...I have seen it and you can count me in on the humiliation buddy," Julie answered with a smile and a pat on the back.

The teams played through four more innings as Bly strode cockily to the plate again. She stepped into the box with the bat resting on her shoulder and glared at Cindy. Cindy delivered the pitch at Bly's head again as Bly ducked to avoid the pitch with Bly's teammates stepping out of the dugout and shouted that the pitch was on purpose. Cindy just shrugged her shoulders innocently at the umpire.

"Cindy...knock it off!" Jordan screamed with anger from the bleachers as Bly stepped out of the box. Bly was surprised her lover made such a statement.

Bly saw that Jordan was upset and pulled her sunglasses down while Jordan looked at her. She smiled and winked to reassure her. The ump gave Cindy a warning that the next pitch that came close to her again she would be ejected from the game. "Sure, sorry…just slipped," Cindy replied apologetically, but her eyes told another story as they bore into Bly.

"Does your daughter have a death wish of some sort?" Jordan asked Alexandra with agitation as she sat back down.

"Jordan...she's just sucking her in for the pitch that she wants and she's trying to get into her head and mess with her."

Bly stepped back into the box and waited for the pitch with her bat on her shoulder, which Cindy delivered in the dirt for ball two. Cindy was so outraged she walked around the mound to calm herself and stepped back on the mound to ready herself for the pitch. "Come on, don't let the bitch get to you.' Cindy admonished herself. She noticed Bly still standing in the same position with a grin, which brought all the outrage back and she pitched the ball wide outside for ball three.

The catcher ran out to the mound to talk to Cindy and calm her down before she made the next pitch. "Yeah, yeah, I know how to pitch to her…just go back and catch the ball, okay?" Cindy replied tersly.

"Okay Jordan...this is the pitch Bly has been waiting for. The pitcher is behind in the count and has to come in with a fast ball straight down the middle of the plate and there is no way in hell she is going to give Bly a freebie base."

"Are you sure?" Jordan asked skeptically as she looked at Linda who shook her head in agreement with Alexandra's statement.

"Positive and it's going to be payback time for Bly when she connects," Alexandra explained with a mischievous smile as they awaited the next pitch.

Cindy looked to the plate to find Bly in her batting stance and ready as she delivered a fastball straight down the pike with Bly drilling the ball towards Cindy's head. Cindy dove into the clay to avoid the rapidly moving batted ball as it shot up the middle for a base hit with the crowd and Bly's team erupting in cheers.

Cindy stood up and glared at Bly on first base as she brushed the dirt off herself. "Payback bitch!" Bly replied to her with a smile. "You have no idea," Cindy retorted before turning back to the game.

The inning ended with Bly's team unable to advance her around the bases and they took the field for defense. Bly began to feel very nauseated and her head felt like someone hit it with a bat.

"Blue! Time!" Bly shouted and motioned for time out, which he granted as she made her way to the mound and motioned for Julie to join them.

"What's up Bly?" Laura their pitcher asked as she stepped off the back part of the mound.

"I feel like I'm going to blow chow," Bly replied as the color in her face turned white. "I just need a breather for a minute we need to stall them."

" need to come out if you feel that bad," Julie answered with concern as her and Laura looked around pretending to be going over game strategy while Bly calmed her nausea.

"Okay ladies...let's play ball!" the ump shouted.

"Damn umps! They just make you hate them," Julie answered with a laugh, as did Bly and Laura.

"Listen...Laura...sit these three down in a hurry would you?"

"I will if you drive in some damn runs so, we can get out of here," Laura answered with a laugh as she watched Bly head back to her position.

Laura struck out the next two and Cindy stepped to the plate. Laura threw a high pitch at her head as a retaliation pitch for Bly. Laura turned to Bly and smiled with a wink as Bly gave her a hand signal for an inside pitch.

Laura pitched the ball in the location Bly indicated and Cindy hit a hard grounder to Bly who scooped up the ball effortlessly. She held the ball and waited for Cindy to come within five feet of the bag and fired the ball to Julie who waited until Cindy was a step away from the bag and tagged it before she crossed the bag for the third out ending the inning.

Julie, Bly and Laura all laughed as they ran past Cindy on their way into the dugout. Bly sat on the bench and poured the ice-cold water on her neck again to settle the nausea.

"You feeling any better?" Julie asked with concern.

"Nope...I need to christen the trashcan...cover me," Bly answered fighting the nausea as she headed to the trashcan in the dugout with Julie moving along with her.

"Hey...Laura...stand here," Julie instructed her to block everyone's view as Bly got sick in the trashcan.

"Better Bly?" Julie asked as she finished and they sat back down.

"For now," Bly answered as she rinsed her mouth out with water.

"How's the dizziness?"

"Subsided slightly but my head is killing me and I feel wicked sick!" Bly answered with a disgusted look on her face.

"You're crazy to stay out there Bly," Julie answered as she shook her head.

"Jules...have you ever known me to not play when I'm sick or injured?"

"No...but you're still crazy," Julie answered with a slight smile.

"Okay ladies...tie ball game. Let's hold them this is the last inning so, we need to hold them and score some runs when we bat again," Laura replied as they gathered their equipment to take the field.

Bly grabbed her glove and noticed Jordan standing at the doorway of the dugout. "What's up babe?' Bly asked as she approached her with a smile.

"Bly...what are you doing?" Jordan asked with worry and nervousness.

"I'm letting her know what humiliation feels like Jordan," Bly answered with slight agitation as she turned to leave and was stopped by Jordan's hand on her arm.

"You don't know what she's capable of Bly."

Bly turned to Jordan. "You don't know what I'm capable of Jordan especially when it comes to a piece of shit like that." Bly answered sternly.

Tears began to fall down Jordan's face. "She'll take it out on me that's a guarantee."

"Stop letting her intimidate you Jordan," Bly pleaded as she wiped her tears away. "I won't let her hurt you anymore do you understand?" Bly asked softly as Jordan put her hand on Bly's, which held Jordan's face. Bly softly kissed her cheek. "I have to go Jordan ...the next hit is for you baby," Bly answered with a smile as she ran out to her position on defense.

The inning ended quickly with three up and three down sending Bly's team up to bat in the last inning with the game tied. Bly strode to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs. Bly grinned at Cindy as she stepped up to the plate and readied herself for the pitch. Cindy sent a fastball straight down the middle waist high which Bly jacked over the 335-foot fence for a grand slam homerun. Bly trotted cockily around the bases making sure she touched each bag and slowed to a walk just before home plate and stomped on it with emphasis.

She glanced over to Cindy who was walking off the field glaring at her and Bly smiled. "That's for Jordan," Bly replied arrogantly as her teammates congratulated her and shook her with excitement.

"Okay. Okay," Bly replied as she became dizzy from the movement and walked away from them stripping her helmet off her pounding head.

Bly changed her shoes and grabbed her equipment as her teammates had already exited leaving her to be the last out. Bly walked towards the gate and noticed Jordan waiting for her. Bly smiled as she walked towards her and received a hug from Jordan.

"Nice hit babe...thanks," Jordan whispered as she kissed Bly's cheek.

"That was for you baby. Come on let's get out of here," Bly answered as she held Jordan's hand and threw her bag over her shoulder.

Cindy watched from the dugout as Bly and Jordan walked off the field hand in hand. Her anger went beyond the simple need for revenge. Now, she needed to teach Jordan a lesson about loyalty and respect. She had really been attracted to Jordan from the start of their friendship and when Jordan had finally admitted that she was gay, Cindy saw it as a confirmation that Jordan was interested in her too. Later, when she found out that wasn't the case, she had shown Jordan plainly that she was staking her claim, and marking her property. And as for Bly, she was going to learn what it felt like to lose. For once in her rich, pampered life, she was going to have to learn that her money can't buy everything. Smiling contently as her plan began to unfold in her head, she got up and walked toward her car. There was time enough for everything and began whistling an off-key tune.

"Bly... we'll see you at the marina and that was a great hit honey!" Alexandra replied with happiness as she patted Bly on the back as everyone made their way to the cars.

"Thanks mom," Bly answered with a smile.

"Hey, Bly! Nice hit babe!" Dawson replied as he put his fist out for Bly who tapped her fist with his.

"Did you learn something bro?" Bly teased.

"Very funny. You know I taught you everything you know," Dawson answered with a laugh.

"Yeah...sure you did!" Bly answered with a laugh as Bly's father put his arm around Bly's neck and hugged her.

"Great hit kiddo. We'll see you soon," he replied as he patted her butt to get her moving as they headed off to their car.

"Thanks dad," Bly answered as they reached her car. Bly turned to Jordan and handed her the car keys. "Will you drive babe?" Bly asked knowing she was in no condition to drive a car.

Jordan was stunned as she looked at the keys, the car and back at Bly. "Bly...I don't know if I should?" she answered nervously.

"'s only a car and I'm sure you'll do fine," Bly answered as she squeezed her hand for reassurance and kissed her cheek before getting into the car on the passengers side.

Jordan walked around the car to the driver's side. "Sure, it's only a car! It costs more than I would ever make in two years!" Jordan mumbled to herself before she climbed into the driver's seat and noticed Bly had her head resting against the seat with her eyes closed.

Jordan put her hand on Bly's and looked at her with concern. "Are you okay?"

Bly turned to her and smiled... "Just tired and thanks for the concern. 'If she only knew that I felt like someone used my head for batting practice because of that bitch Cindy she would probably try to rip her head off. Wouldn't be a bad idea but it's best to leave it alone Bly.' She thought to herself as she closed her eyes again and leaned the seat back.

"Bly, which way am I heading?" Jordan asked as she started the car.

"Oh, take Sheridan to I-95 north and then take Oakland east and then I'll tell you where to go once we get there," Bly instructed her.

"Got it!" Jordan answered as she slowly backed the Mercedes out of the parking lot checking nervously for other cars numerous times.

Bly looked at Jordan and smiled at her nervousness. "Honey, just drive as if it was your car. You're not going to hurt it. Besides, you've seen how I drive so, don't worry," Bly replied as she patted her leg for reassurance and left her hand in it's position as she laid her head back.

Jordan pulled out of the park and headed down Sheridan Street to follow Bly's directions as Bly fell asleep. Jordan enjoyed Bly's hand on her leg and once she felt more comfortable with the car she put her hand on Bly's who continued to sleep. Jordan steered them toward the beach and hated to wake Bly but she had to for the remainder of the directions.

"Bly...honey, wake up!" Jordan replied as she gently shook her hand to wake her.

"Aah...yeah...what's up?" Bly asked, as she looked confused from her sleep.

"Which way do I go now?"

"Oh, go right on A1A, then take a right into the marina just before the swimming hall of fame," Bly answered as she leaned her head back and fought her nausea back hoping Jordan would step on it and get them there quickly.

Jordan finally steered them into the marina. "Which one is it Bly?"

"The Infinity," Bly answered through her sleepiness.

Jordan's eyes widened when she saw the boat. "What a huge boat! Scratch that ...yacht! It has to be about a 90-footer! This is so unreal." Jordan thought to herself in amazement as she parked the car.

They both gathered their belongings and headed on board the yacht as the first mate Daphne took their belongings from them.

"Can you put them in my room please? I'll be in shortly to take a shower," Bly informed the first mate.

"Sure Bly...everybody is on the back deck awaiting your arrival," Daphne answered.

"Thanks. Oh, Daphne...I want you to meet my girlfriend Jordan," Bly answered with a smile as she turned to Jordan.

"Welcome aboard Jordan and it's a pleasure to meet you," Daphne answered with a smile as she reached her hand out for Jordan's.

Jordan shook the first mate's hand with a smile. "Nice to meet you too," Jordan answered as Bly led her off to the back deck.

"Hey! Long time no see!" Julie teased as they greeted everyone.

"I'm gonna go take a shower so, make yourself at home. Okay?" Bly asked as she turned to Jordan.

"Sure...but don't be long because I'll miss you," Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed Bly.

"I'll try to hurry," Bly answered as she looked over at Julie. "You did take a shower didn't' you? Because I smell something funky other than myself," Bly teased with a laugh.

"'re a freaking laugh a minute Bly!" Julie laughed mockingly as everyone else chuckled. Bly headed off towards her room shaking her head and laughing.

"Hey, Jordan! Bly tells me you like beer! What brand?" Chance asked as he opened the cooler.

"Corona please," Jordan answered with a smile before sitting in a deck chair next to Dawson.

"Ooh, a woman after my own heart...corona huh?" Jordan laughed as Dawson leaned closer to her. "Are you sure you want to stay with that booger sister of mine?" he asked as he flashed a familiar sexy smile.

"'ll be the first to know if I switch teams which by the way, will never happen," Jordan answered as Chance handed her an ice cold Corona with a lime in it... "Thank you."

The yacht pulled out of the marina as Bly hugged the porcelain god from her sickness. She stopped long enough to take a shower and figured it might help. She finished her shower and dressed in her bikini top and swim shorts and laid on the bed.

"I'm going to check on that slow poke daughter of mine," Alexandra replied as she rose from her chair and headed off to find Bly. Alexandra entered the room to find Bly on the bed asleep. She climbed up on the bed and laid on her side facing Bly as she pushed her hair off her forehead awakening Bly.

"What's up mom?" Bly asked finding it hard to keep her eyes open.

"You tell me. What's wrong with my little pumpkin."

Bly smiled and looked at her mother who lightly stroked her hand on Bly's cheek. "Mom...I'm too old to be your little pumpkin."

"Never...not even when I'm 95 and you're 70!" she teased as she leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Let me little pumpkin go her bell rung?" she asked as she ran her fingers through her hair.

" are pretty sharp!" Bly answered with a sarcastic laugh.

"I'll have Daphne get your father so he can check you out Bly."

"Mom...I have a mild concussion. You don't need to get daddy."

"Are you a doctor now?" she asked with concern as she buzzed for Daphne.

"No, but I know the signs of a concussion. Did you forget I majored in Physical Therapy?" Bly asked with a chuckle.

"Is that what you majored in? I thought it was volleyball and softball," Alexandra teased.

"Very funny...but I could say the same for you and If I remember correctly my GPA was better than yours!" Bly teased as Daphne entered.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Could you please have Chance come in here, please... Bly's sick."

"Daphne...please don't let anyone else know," Bly asked with worry.

"Sure Bly. I'll send him in," she answered as she exited the room.

"You had to bring up the GPA again didn't you? You just had to rub it in that you were Magna cum laude and I was only Sum cum laude right?" Alexandra asked with a laugh.

" didn't think I would actually let you win that bet did you?"

"You could have taken pity on your poor mother," Alexandra answered as she pretended to pout.

"No way woman! I wanted the car!" Bly answered with a laugh. "Besides, I love winning too much to have lost that bet!"

"Oh, you are so sassy! I should take you over my knee and spank you," Alexandra teased with a laugh.

"Wouldn't work mom because you know I would enjoy it too much," Bly answered with a laugh.

"Bly...I think this is the happiest I have ever seen you and it's because of Jordan. I'm glad to see your sadness has been replaced by happiness, because I missed that beautiful smile of yours," Alexandra answered with happiness as she pinched Bly's cheek.

"You're right mom, as usual," Bly answered with a sly smile. " Jordan has made me very happy and I didn't think I would ever find someone to love as much as I love her."

"I'm so happy for you baby. We really love Jordan too. You need to watch your brother though he's trying to get her to switch teams," Alexandra informed her with a laugh.

"Can't he get a woman of his own?" Bly answered as they both laughed and Bly's face turned serious as she asked. "Mom...can you do me a huge favor?"

"Anything pumpkin."

"Can you have the pitcher of the other team Jordan's ex-friend investigated for me? She has made Jordan's life miserable and she has been physically abusive to her."

"Oh, poor Jordan. That's terrible to do something like that to such a sweet girl. Get me that bitch's name and I will have Dawson's investigator dig up some dirt on her."

"Thanks...but let's keep it amongst the three of us until we find something okay?"

"I will but, you shouldn't hide things from her Bly."

"I know, but let's see what you find out first okay?"

"Sure," Alexandra answered with a smile.

"What's up ladies?" Chance asked as he entered the room.

"Can you check Bly out? She is playing doctor and thinks she has a concussion," Alexandra informed him as she stuck her tongue out at Bly who laughed.

"Is daddy's girl sick?" he teased as he sat next to her on the bed.

"What is it with you two!" Bly laughed with wonderment.

"Open those beautiful blue eyes of yours more for me and let daddy see," he asked with a laugh.

"You two are killing me!" Bly answered as she opened her eyes wide and her dad held them open to get a better look.

"Have you been vomiting?"

"Yes...excessively," Bly answered with a disgusted look on her face.

He put his hands on her face. "You should become a doctor because you have a mild concussion pumpkin. Just take it easy and you'll be fine," he answered reassuringly as he kissed her forehead before getting up.

"I told you mother!" Bly answered as she stuck her tongue out at her mother in retaliation.

"Yeah...yeah. Come on pukie, sit on deck and maybe you'll feel better," Alexandra responded as she took Bly's hand and helped her up.

They joined the rest of the crowd and Bly sat in a deck chair between Dawson and Jordan. Bly leaned over to Dawson, "Find your own girl bro," Bly teased.

"You're a very lucky woman Bly," Dawson answered with a smile.

"The luckiest dude!" Bly answered with a smile as she reached over and held Jordan's hand. Bly turned to Jordan and raised her hand to her lips for a kiss. "Having fun?"

"I am now!" Jordan answered with a smile as she looked lovingly at Bly. "Are you okay? You look a little pale Bly," Jordan asked with concern.

"Oh, I'm fine. It's probably because I took a cold shower to wake up. It's nothing to worry about," Bly answered with a smile reassuringly.

The yacht cruised out of the Intracoastal Waterway towards the open sea where they dropped anchor once they arrived at their destination.

"Hey! Let's take the wave runners out!" Dawson remarked with excitement as he headed over to them.

"Sounds great!" Julie answered as her and Linda walked over to help Dawson uncover and lower them off the back of the boat.

"Come on Bly," Jordan replied with excitement as she got out of the chair and held her hand out for Bly.

Bly reluctantly got out of the chair and took Jordan's hand to join everyone else. They all put on their life vests and got on the wave runners. " drive," Bly replied with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Jordan asked with excitement at the thought of driving the wave runner.

"Sure...go ahead and hop on," Bly answered as Jordan jumped on the watercraft with Bly sliding in behind her as Jordan hit the ignition on the wave runner. Bly wrapped her arms around Jordan's waist tightly and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Are you ready?" Jordan asked with excitement.

"Yeah...go ahead," Bly answered with a chuckle.

They drove around jumping waves and racing one another for about 30 minutes as Bly became very sick. Bly laid her head against Jordan's back to fight off her nausea.

"Jordan...take me back," Bly replied as she could no longer fight back her feeling of nausea and got sick off the side of the wave runner.

"Bly... what's wrong?" Jordan asked with worry as Bly became very dizzy. Bly leaned closer to the edge of the wave runner as Jordan turned around to grab her before she fell in the water. "Bly...what's going on?" Jordan asked nervously as she struggled to right her on the wave runner.

Bly blinked her eyes trying to ease the dizziness and leaned away from Jordan as she got sick again. "Jordan...just get me back to the Infinite okay?" Bly asked with embarrassment.

"Here...sit in the front and lean against me because I'm afraid you'll fall off," Jordan answered as she stood to the side to allow Bly in front of her.

Jordan crawled in behind Bly who leaned back against Jordan resting her head on her shoulder as Jordan steered the wave runner back to the yacht. Bly slowly climbed off the wave runner as Jordan pulled it up next to the yacht and headed for the bathroom immediately.

Jordan secured the wave runner and searched out Bly who had laid on her bed with her eyes closed to settle the nausea and dizziness.

Jordan crawled in bed next to her and stretched out on her side propping her head up on one hand. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Bly opened her blues eyes. "I have a mild concussion from the beaning I got from Cindy and it didn't help getting knocked around on the wave runner."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? I wouldn't have made you go out on the wave runner."

"It's okay Jordan...I'll be fine," Bly reassured her as she stroked her face with the back of her hand as she looked into regretful green eyes. " I didn't want you to worry."

"Cindy is such a bitch and I'm going to make her pay for this Bly!" Jordan answered with anger.

"Hey,'s okay. I don't want you to do anything to her I will handle it. Okay?" Bly answered with worry and didn't want Jordan near Cindy.

"Bly...Cindy is my problem not yours," Jordan replied sternly.

"She became my problem the minute she laid her filthy hands on you. Promise me you won't go near her and you'll let me handle her in my own way?" Bly asked as she took Jordan's hand in her own and kissed it.

"What are you going to do?" Jordan asked with confusion.

"I'll let you know when I find something out. Just trust me," Bly answered as she gently and slowly pulled Jordan down to her for a soft kiss.

"I love you Bly. I'm sorry you're sick and that Cindy is the cause of it," Jordan answered with regret as tears welled.

"I'll be fine babe I just need to rest and if you want to head back up with everyone else while I take a nap go ahead," Bly answered reassuringly.

"No...I'll stay here with you Bly," Jordan answered as she kissed Bly and ran her fingers through Bly's raven hair as Bly fell asleep. 'I regret that this wonderful, caring and loving person who I've lost my heart to had to be brought into this mess with Cindy. I love Bly so much and I hate it that she's sick and could have been injured far worse because of Cindy.' Jordan thought to herself as she watched her gorgeous lover sleep peacefully.

Jordan leaned down and kissed her forehead while she continued to run her fingers through her hair as Bly snuggled closer to Jordan content in her lover's arms. Bly slept for over two hours wrapped in Jordan's arms as Julie came in to check on her.

"Hey, how she doing?" Julie asked in a whisper.

"She's been sleeping for a couple of hours now."

"Her dad sent me down to have her get up and eat something. He doesn't want her sleeping for too many hours at a time."

"Okay...I'll wake her then," Jordan answered with a smile as Julie acknowledged Jordan's answer and left the room. Jordan softly kissed Bly's lips and put her hand on her stomach as she lightly shook her to wake her. "Sweetheart...wake up."

Bly opened her sleepy blue eyes and peered into Jordan's green eyes with a smile. "I love waking up with you looking at me Jordan," Bly replied with a smile as Jordan leaned down and kissed her.

"Your dad said you should get up and eat something. Are you feeling better?" Jordan asked with concern.

"Yeah...I'm feeling better and maybe some food will help," Bly answered as she slowly sat up and ran her slender fingers through her disheveled dark hair.

Jordan came around to the side of the bed and helped her up. Bly wrapped her arm around Jordan's shoulders and kissed her. "Thanks for staying with me babe."

"I didn't want to be anywhere else Bly," Jordan answered with a smile as they headed out to the back deck.

They sat at the table to join everyone else and Bly's dad checked his daughter out. "You look better peanut," he replied with a smile and a kiss on the forehead.

Jordan looked at Bly as her father went to sit down. "Peanut?" she asked with a sly grin.

"You behave Jordan!" Bly answered with an embarrassed smile as she pointed at her.

"Jordan...I hope you like steak and Maine lobster on the grill because that's what we're having today," Alexandra informed her with a smile.

"Sounds delicious!" Jordan answered with a smile.

Alexandra reached over and ran her fingers through Bly's hair. "Feeling better?" she asked with concern as Jordan looked on and thought about how lucky Bly was to have such caring and loving parents unlike the one's she has.

"I'm better, thanks for asking mom," Bly answered with a smile as she put her hand in Jordan's sending a rush of warmth throughout Jordan's body from her touch.

Everyone finished dinner as the yacht pulled back into the marina around 8 PM and they all said their good-byes. Jordan and Bly headed back to the penthouse to a very hungry and agitated cat.

"Hey, boy...mommy will feed you in a minute," Bly replied sweetly as she put her belongings down.

"Go lay down Bly. I'll take care of him," Jordan offered as Bly wrapped her in her arms.

"Thanks, but I can't go to sleep just yet. I have to pack," Bly answered with regret.

"Pack? Where are you going?" Jordan asked confused.

"I totally forgot that I have to leave for a seminar in Boston tomorrow morning. I'm sorry," Bly answered as she brushed the errant strand of blond hair off Jordan's face.

"Oh, Bly...for how long?" Jordan asked with disappointment.

"Until next Sunday night babe," Bly answered with regretful blue eyes.

"I'm going to miss you so much!" Jordan answered with tears in her eyes as she hugged Bly's neck tightly.

"Come with me Jordan," Bly asked softly in her ear.

"I can't Bly. I have to work and I don't have money for a flight at such a late date.

Bly kissed Jordan. "I can buy it for you."

"No...I don't want you to buy for me all the time," Jordan answered adamantly.

"I have a lot of frequent flyer miles and I know I could get a free ticket for you. Would you except that?" Bly asked hoping Jordan would agree.

"But then you wouldn't have a free ticket to use at a later date."

"Jordan...I won't be able to use all of my frequent flyer miles before they expire anyway so, please take it," Bly answered with a smile.

Jordan searched her eyes and saw that Bly really wanted her to go and Jordan wanted to go but she didn't want Bly to always pay for everything. "I wouldn't be able to come up until Thursday night after work Bly."

"Yes...that's great!" Bly answered with excitement as she hugged Jordan. "I'll make the arrangements for your ticket tomorrow. You won't have to pay for the motel or food because the company pays it all for. So, you'll just need money for souvenirs," Bly explained with a smile before kissing Jordan. "I'm so happy that you're going to meet me there baby," Bly replied with happiness as she hugged her tightly again.

"I will be there Thursday then," Jordan answered with a smile. "Let me feed this hungry kitty cat while you pack then," Jordan instructed her with a smile and a pat on the butt to get Bly moving.

Jordan watched Bly finish packing her suitcase before she climbed into bed and stripped her clothes off to snuggle her warm body against Jordan's.

"I take it you're feeling better?" Jordan answered with a sly grin.

"I always feel a lot better when I'm in your arms," Bly answered as she planted a kiss on Jordan's soft lips.

"You're such a smooth talker," Jordan laughed.

"Will you drop me off at the airport in the morning?" Bly asked as she rubbed her hands over Jordan's soft skin on her back.

"Sure, what time?" Jordan asked as she looked into Bly's sexy blue eyes.

"I have to be there at 7am. Will that be a problem?"

"No, it will give me plenty of time to drop you off and get home to change for work."

"When you go to the airport on Thursday just park my car there and we will have it for when we return. Thanks for taking me," Bly answered with a kiss.

"I'm going to miss you so much Bly!" Jordan answered as she ran her palm down Bly's face and slipped her tongue in Bly's mouth for a wet, passionate, soulful kiss.

Bly ran her hand down Jordan's firm backside and pulled her body closer as they laid facing one another. Bly deepened the kiss and her passion mounted. She laid on her back bringing Jordan on top of her as they continued to explore each other's mouths with their tongues.

Jordan broke their kiss..."As much as I want this need to get some sleep," Jordan replied as she kissed Bly again as Bly caressed Jordan's back with her hands.

"You tease!" Bly joked as she kissed her again.

"Thanks for today. I had a great time with your family but make sure you tell me next time you're sick. You scared me!" Jordan scolded Bly.

"I promise I will tell you the next time I'm sick. I'm glad you had a great time today and my parents really love you," Bly answered with a smile.

"Aah...that's so awesome. They are wonderful Bly," Jordan answered with happiness at Bly's family's acceptance of her.

"Yeah...they're okay," Bly teased as she kissed Jordan again. "You feel so good laying naked on me baby," Bly replied as she rested her hand on Jordan's gluteal fold with her fingers touching damp curls while she captured her lips for a kiss.

Jordan broke their kiss and smiled at Bly. "Now, who's the tease Bly?" Jordan asked with a smile as she looked into her crystal blue eyes.

"Would you like me to move my hand?" Bly asked with a sexy mischievous smile.

"No...of course, not! ...but you're going to sleep," Jordan answered with a smile.

"Yes dear!" Bly answered sarcastically as Jordan traced Bly's lips with her finger while she gazed lovingly into her blue eyes before pressing her tongue against her top lip for a sensual, wet kiss.

"Night babe...I love you," Jordan replied with a smile as she laid her head on Bly's chest.

"Jordan do you realize how turned on I am right now? How can you kiss me like that and say good night?"

Jordan looked up at Bly. "I'm just as turned on as you but you need to go to sleep so, you won't be sick tomorrow."

"Aah," Bly sighed with disappointment and sexual frustration. "'re right. Good night Jordan," Bly answered as she wrapped her arms tightly around her lover. "I love you too!" Bly whispered as she kissed Jordan on the head as she thought about how much Jordan excited her with just one kiss or just one look and how she wanted to make mad passionate love to her all night but knew Jordan was right and she needed her rest. 'Damn Cindy! Ruined another one of our evenings. I definitely need to ruin a few of hers.' Bly thought to herself as she listened to her lover's soft breathing and smelled her apple scented hair, placing a kiss on her head before she fell asleep.

Bly woke to the sound of loud music and a warm body pressed snugly against hers. She smiled as she looked at her lover sleeping soundly on her chest and turned the offending blaring music off. Bly slipped out from underneath Jordan and headed in for a shower. She popped a few Advil's for the lingering headache, which was not as severe today before entering the shower. Bly dressed and put on a pot of coffee before feeding Ares who let her know he was not pleased by the delay with loud meowing. Bly hated to have to wake her peacefully sleeping lover but she had a plane to catch. Bly sat on the side of the bed and watched her prone naked sexy girlfriend and thought about how much she loved Jordan. She smiled and placed soft kisses along her spine up to her neck as she felt her muscles respond to her lips under her kiss. Bly made her way to her ear and pushed her hair away from her ear. "Wake up Jordan," Bly whispered with a kiss to her ear. Jordan rolled over and sleepily opened her eyes to greet her smiling lover. "Good morning sexy!" Bly replied with a smile.

Jordan smelled the clean scent of her freshly showered lover. "Hmmm, raspberry lotion today?" Jordan asked as she took in the scent that filled the room while she put her hands on Bly's hips and looked at Bly lovingly, her hair fell to the front of her shoulders shadowing her face.

"You know your lotions well Jordan," Bly answered with a smile as she slowly leaned down and gave Jordan a morning kiss. "I hated to wake you but we have to get going babe."

Jordan wrapped her hands behind Bly's neck and pulled her down to her own neck as Bly nibbled on her soft skin. "Are you sure you have to go?" Jordan asked seductively.

"Unfortunately, yes," Bly whispered through her kiss, which traveled to Jordan's mouth and captured her lips with her own.

"Okay...I guess I'll get up then," Jordan answered as she sat up and hugged Bly. "I'm going to miss you so much honey," Jordan whispered in Bly's ear.

"I'm going to miss you too!" Bly answered with a kiss to Jordan's cheek before standing up.

Jordan brushed her teeth and pulled her hair back as Bly loaded her luggage on the elevator. She poured a cup of coffee for Jordan and gave Ares hugs and kisses goodbye as Jordan entered the kitchen.

Bly handed her the cup of coffee. "Thanks...just what I needed," Jordan answered with a smile as she accepted the Java and kissed Bly for the gesture.

"Aah. Jordan I don't have your phone number or address."

"Oh, that's right. I'll give you my business card which has everything on it."

"Okay let's get going then," Bly answered as they entered the elevator.

"Who takes care of Ares?"

"Jules will come over and feed him for me."

Jordan noticed how incredibly sexy Bly looked in her light perfectly fitting stone washed jeans with a white mock turtleneck shirt covered by a navy blue cotton v-neck shirt, a black belt to accentuate the outfit and black boots. Jordan thought Bly looked like a model that stepped off the advertisement page for the Gap or Old Navy. 'I wish my clothes fit me as perfectly.' she thought.

"You look incredibly sexy Bly," Jordan replied as she wrapped her arms around her tall lover's slender waist for a hug taking in the sweet smell of her cool water perfume.

"Thanks!" Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan.

Bly stopped at her terminal to unload her luggage at the curb. Bly put her bags down and gathered Jordan into her arms for a deep, passionate and very sensual kiss with no regard to any onlookers.

"I love you. See you Thursday night," Bly whispered in her ear.

"I love you Bly," Jordan answered as she looked into her blue eyes memorizing them as she handed Bly her business card. "All my info is on my card and you shouldn't have a problem getting in touch with me," Jordan informed Bly as she took the card from her. Bly looked into tear filled green eyes as Jordan kissed her again and didn't want to let her go.

"Bye honey," Bly whispered as she broke her hug after another kiss and grabbed her luggage to check in.

Jordan watched her lover check her bags in as long as she could before the police officer motioned her away from the curb. 'God, I love that woman.' Jordan thought to herself with tears streaking her face as she drove off losing site of her tall, dark and gorgeous lover.

Jordan pulled away from the airport as Bly's car phone rang. 'Should I pick it up and answer it?' Jordan asked herself and decided she should because Bly might have forgotten something in the car.

"Aah...hello?" Jordan answered hesitantly.

"I miss you already." Bly replied huskily promptly putting a wide smile on Jordan's face.

"Bly...I miss you too." Jordan answered with excitement as she tried to navigate the vehicle while talking on the phone and decided it was best to pull over and stop the car.

"Email me. I have my laptop with me...okay? My screen name is Ghost13." Bly replied sounding as if she was rushed.

"Ghost?" Jordan asked teasingly.

"I'll explain another time because I have to board. I love you Jordan."

"I love you too Bly." Jordan answered as she hung up the phone and pulled the car back on the road. Jordan thought about how much she loved to hear those words from Bly. She already missed Bly and wasn't sure how she was going to get through the next 3 days without Bly's arms wrapped around her.

Bly took her seat in first class and ordered a Dr.Pepper for a quick kick to wake her up. She flipped her laptop on and fired off an email to Jordan as she retrieved her addy from her business card. She sent an electronic 'missing you' greeting card and placed an order for three-dozen red and white roses to be delivered to Jordan before the announcement by the crew for all electronic devices to be turned off in preparation for their flight.

Bly was greeted by cold weather in Boston as she checked into her hotel at Copley Square before heading out to purchase a warm jacket. She exited the hotel lobby and took the escalator up to the next floor were the mall was located.

After quickly finding a jacket she headed back to her room to make arrangements for Jordan's flight on Thursday and to prepare for her seminar the next morning.

Bly went through the motions during the conference and never thought that Thursday would ever get there. It seemed like the days were longer and longer from anticipation of Jordan's arrival. Bly waited anxiously at Jordan's gate for her plane's arrival. ' act like it's the first time you've seen her you're so nervous' she thought to herself as she looked down the gangway as passenger's began to trickle off the plane.

Bly caught site of Jordan and smiled as she noticed Jordan wearing a short, black miniskirt with a silk red and black printed shirt and medium heeled shoes. Bly's heart skipped a beat as she looked at her beautiful blond haired lover. She was breathless as she watched Jordan tuck her blonde hair behind one ear as she scanned the crowd for Bly.

Jordan caught a glimpse of Bly through the crowd and made her way towards her tall, dark lover. She noted how sexy Bly looked dressed in black mock turtleneck, black jeans with black boots and an ankle length black leather jacket. Jordan looked at her lover standing before her with her arms hidden behind her back flashing a sexy smile and her heart raced as she ran up to Bly.

Jordan threw her arms around Bly's neck that wrapped her up in a hug as they kissed each other passionately. 'I didn't think she could look any sexier but she does every day.' Jordan thought to her herself as she kissed her lover. "I missed you so much." Jordan whispered as she held her tight and didn't want to let her go.

"I missed you too baby. I didn't think today would ever get here." Bly answered with a kiss to her cheek and lowered her back to the ground. "'re going to freeze, oh, here this is for you." Bly smiled as she held a white rose out in front of her.

"Oh, thank you honey. That's so sweet and I loved my roses you sent me. I intend to thank you properly later for those." Jordan smiled seductively as she poked Bly's ribs and kissed her.

"Hmm, I look forward to it." Bly answered seductively as she glanced down at her lover. "Do you want to wear my jacket so, you don't freeze?" Bly asked with concern.

"I like that jacket just were it is and besides, I'm from Michigan and I'm used to the cold weather." Jordan answered with a smile.

"'s cold out there." Bly answered in a low voice and a raised eyebrow.

"Don't worry. I brought a jacket just in case. It's in my suitcase." Jordan answered with a smile. "But thanks for the concern."

"Jordan look incredible." Bly replied with a smile and excitement, as she looked Jordan over.

"Thank you. I wanted to look good for you my love." Jordan answered softly as she kissed Bly again. "You look very sexy by the way." Jordan replied with a smile as she held Bly's hand and headed off towards baggage claim. "Oh, I didn't realize you could get a free first class ticket with frequent flyer miles...miss." Jordan teased as she poked Bly's stomach.

"I told you I have a lot of miles and besides, I wanted you to be comfortable and to be treated special." Bly explained as she turned to Jordan. "You can see the receipt that indicates the miles that I redeemed if you don't believe me." Bly answered with a mischievous smile as she stepped on the escalator and turned to face Jordan who was one step higher than Bly.

"No...I don't need to see it because I believe you baby. Hey, I'm actually your height now." Jordan laughed as she kissed and hugged Bly.

"We sure are giving the whole airport an eye full aren't we?" Bly answered with a sly grin.

"I don't care because I missed you and I wanted to show you just how much I did besides, we always have to watch them when they kiss and hug each other. So, turn about is fair play." Jordan answered as she kissed Bly.

"Ooh, you're sassy and I love it." Bly answered with a laugh through her kiss as Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck to deepen the kiss.

"I'm also very horny." Jordan whispered through her kiss.

Bly was stunned by Jordan's friskiness and stumbled as she came to the end of the escalator. She had to catch herself before falling while Jordan laughed at her.

"Very funny Jordan!" Bly answered with a laugh as Jordan stepped off the escalator with Bly approaching her. "I intend to get you back for that one later." Bly said with a mischievous grin and leaned her shoulder into Jordan's as they walked toward the baggage claim carousel.

"I'm counting on it." Jordan replied back with a chuckle.

Bly looked down at Jordan with a laugh, "You are bad." Bly answered as they stopped and waited for her bags to come out.

The light illuminated and the buzzer indicated the luggage was on its way as Bly stood behind Jordan waiting for her luggage.

"You smell so delicious Jordan." Bly whispered in her ear as she glanced around to see if anyone else was watching her and pressed her body against Jordan's back.

"Wait until you taste me and see how delicious I am." Jordan answered seductively as she looked up over her shoulder at her dark, gorgeous lover.

Bly's heart and arousal mounted. "Aah...which bag is yours?" she stammered as she moved to the belt to pull the bag off quickly.

Jordan chuckled and pointed out her bag. Bly hoisted it onto her back and turned to Jordan. "Did you pack your dresser in here or what?" Bly asked from the weight of her luggage.

"No, just my collection of vibrators." Jordan answered as she looked away from Bly concealing her smile.

"JORDAN!" Bly exclaimed with embarrassment as she moved up next to her. "Do you really have that in here?"

"Well...honey...I missed you and I had to stay occupied." Jordan answered keeping a serious look on her face. 'She's going to kill me when she finds out I'm teasing her. But it's fun.' Jordan thought to herself trying to contain her laugh.

' want to play this little game I'll play too.' Bly laughed to herself. "Why didn't you just pick up another woman to be with like I did?" Bly asked with seriousness as she walked up ahead of Jordan concealing her smile.

Jordan's heart skipped a beat and she became over heated at the thought that Bly would have done that. " didn't?" Jordan asked nervously as they stepped out into the brisk weather sending a chill through Jordan.

Bly handed Jordan's bag to the limo driver who stood waiting with the door open at the curb. Bly stood by the open door as the driver put Jordan's bags in the trunk and Bly looked at Jordan who stood looking at her waiting for an answer.

"What? Would that bother you?" Bly asked still continuing her teasing and thought that she needed to stop because she could see Jordan was becoming upset.

"Of course, it would bother me Bly!" Jordan answered with a raised voice as she slowly and unsurely approached Bly.

"Well...good then we agree that it would bother the both of us so, come here and get that sad look off your face." Bly answered with a smile as she pulled Jordan into her arms and looked down at her. "I was teasing Jordan."

"Bly!" Jordan answered as she hit her in the shoulder getting a laugh out of Bly.

"I told you I would get you back. I can't get over that you believed me Jordan." Bly answered with a laugh.

"You were so serious. I am going to get you back for this one Bly." Jordan answered with a mischievous grin as she pushed Bly onto her back on the limo seat and crawled on top of her planting a sensuous kiss across her lips.

Bly moved farther in on the seat continuing their kiss as the limo driver closed the door and climbed into the driver's seat. Bly slid her hands down Jordan's back to her ass and gently squeezed her tight muscles as Jordan's tongue explored every inch of Bly's mouth.

Jordan broke their kiss and looked down into her lover's piercing blue eyes. "I've missed you so much Bly." Jordan whispered as she pushed Bly's raven hair off her face.

Bly scanned Jordan's face with her eyes and flashed a sexy smile. "I missed you too baby." Bly answered as she rubbed her hands up and down Jordan's back softly.

"I just realized...we are in a limo!"

"We are? How did we get in here!" Bly teased as she looked around.

"You are very bad Bly VanDewark!" Jordan answered as she bit Bly's lip before sucking her it into her mouth.

"That's what you love about me." Bly laughed.

"I love everything about you Bly." Jordan replied seductively as she leaned down and sank her teeth into Bly's neck for a love bite.

"Ooh, Jordan. I love it when you do that." Bly moaned in obvious pleasure.

Bly reached for the remote and pushed the button for the stereo, which began to play "Take my breath away" by Berlin.

"Very sexy song." Jordan whispered through her love bite.

Bly moved Jordan's hair back as she held her head in her hands and turned her head to capture her lips for a long, moist kiss. Jordan slid her hands to Bly's coat and opened it to slide it off her shoulders as Bly moved her arms for her to pull them out of the sleeves.

Jordan untucked Bly's shirt and lifted it up revealing exposed breasts as a smile crept across her face. "Hmmm...I like bra." Jordan whispered as she leaned down and gently captured her breast in her mouth.

"I thought I would surprise you babe." Bly whispered as her heart raced with Jordan's mouth pressed against her breast heightening her excitement.

"I love it when you surprise me. Just like I love it when you taste me Bly." Jordan whispered sending a rush of warmth and excitement throughout Bly.

"Oh, know just how to excite me baby." Bly whispered as she unbuttoned Jordan's blouse and leaned up to nibble on her erect nipple through her bra.

Bly slipped Jordan's shirt off of her as she moved to her other breast to give it the attention it begged for from her mouth. Bly ran her hands up Jordan's back softly and unhooked her bra as she moved her kiss to Jordan's neck. Bly pressed her tongue against her skin and sucked it into her mouth for a sensual kiss as she slipped the straps of Jordan's bra off her shoulders throwing the bra on the floor.

Bly's hands ran up Jordan's back as her kiss trailed southward to capture an exposed breast in her mouth. Jordan leaned up on her hands so Bly had easier access to her breast and ran her tongue along the contours of Bly's ear as she kissed it gently. Bly could hear and feel Jordan's erratic breathing, which aroused her even more. She moved to her eagerly awaiting other breast and drew the hard nipple into her mouth as she circled her tongue around it.

"Bly...that feels incredible." Jordan moaned in her ear as her tongue moved down her neck and back up to her ear.

Bly moved her hands down to Jordan's skirt and unhooked it as she slid it down over her hips. Bly released Jordan's breast and pulled Jordan up so she could reach the skirt and pushed it all the way off of her as she nibbled on her toned abdomen. Bly slid her black lace underwear off and ran her hands up on her naked backside gently squeezing the firmness as she lay back on the seat.

"You look so good Jordan." Bly whispered with a smile as Jordan leaned down and kissed her passionately. Bly could feel Jordan's body heat rise as her heart raced faster.

Jordan ran her hands under Bly's shirt and slipped it over her head to expose her naked, muscular upper body. Bly's arousal was undeniable and she wanted to take Jordan quickly but felt Jordan deserved to be made love to slowly and gently.

"I need your tongue inside of me Bly." Jordan whispered through her labored breathing, inflaming Bly's already ignited fire.

"Oh, Jordan...I can't wait to taste you." Bly answered as Jordan moved her sex up on Bly's abdomen rubbing her slick center against Bly. "You are so wet baby. Bring that wetness up here." Bly whispered seductively and eagerly. She couldn't wait to taste her lover and slide her tongue inside of her.

Jordan's heart and passion raced as she moved her center up to Bly's mouth and could feel her breath against her sex sending warmth throughout her. Jordan slowly lowered her sex down on Bly's exposed and awaiting tongue, which slid inside of her wet opening. Jordan gasped breathless as she felt Bly's tongue enter her.

"Oh, Bly...I've waited so long to feel that baby." Jordan replied as she drew in a deep breath and put her hands on the side of the cardoor to brace herself.

Bly ran her hands up Jordan's sensual curves to the front and caressed her breasts lightly pinching her nipples as her tongue moved out of the warm, moist opening to explore her engorged nub.

"Oh, Bly!" Jordan gasped as she slowly rocked her pelvis forward and backward to Bly's rhythmic movements with her tongue against her sex.

Bly's heart pounded as her wetness between her legs mounted and she wanted nothing more than to devour Jordan's sex. She loved how Jordan tasted and how her sex felt in her mouth. Jordan moved her pelvis faster as Bly moved her hands back down to Jordan's hips to guide them.

" taste so good." Bly moaned as she moved her tongue back inside the moist opening. Bly curled her tongue up on the edges and slid it in and out of Jordan's opening quicker as Jordan's hips matched her speed.

"Bly...what are you doing to me!" Jordan moaned loudly through her labored breathing. 'I have never had such an attentive lover who makes me feel as wonderful as Bly does.' Jordan thought to herself as she moved her pelvis faster, her breathing becoming more labored.

Bly moved her tongue back up to Jordan's swollen nub and sucked it into her mouth as she circled her tongue on the sensitive area sending Jordan's head back in pleasure. Jordan's hips rocked faster and Bly could feel her muscles tightening and knew her treasure would soon follow.

"I think you have something for me Jordan and I don't want to wait any longer for it baby." Bly whispered as she pressed her tongue against her hard clit and fervently worked her tongue across it to receive her treat.

"Oh, feels so good." Jordan moaned deeply as she rocked her hips faster and faster as she felt her passion mounting and was close to release. "" Jordan moaned louder as Bly continued to work her tongue across her swollen nub.

"That's it baby... let me have it." Bly whispered as she moved her tongue into Jordan's moist opening just as she released her orgasm. "Hmmm." Bly moaned as she accepted everything Jordan had to offer her.

"AAH...oh, oh, Bly!" Jordan shouted when she let go and leaned her head against her hands, which continued to brace her against the door. She tried to catch her breath as Bly continued to receive her offerings. Bly moved her tongue in and out of Jordan's opening as she contracted and relaxed around Bly's tongue. Bly loved to feel Jordan's opening throb against her tongue and waited until it stopped to withdraw. Bly moved her mouth to Jordan's clit and sucked it into her mouth for a kiss before Jordan slid back down onto Bly.

Jordan snuggled her head against Bly's neck as Bly wrapped her arms around Jordan tightly. "I love you Jordan." Bly whispered in her ear as Jordan tried to collect her breath and calm her racing heart.

Jordan had tears in her eyes and loved how Bly made her feel, so incredibly loved and special. "Bly...I love you so much." Jordan answered as she kissed Bly's neck.

Jordan slid her hand down to Bly's pants and unbuckled her belt followed by her button and zipper on her jeans. Jordan ran her tongue along her neck up to her mouth seeking entry, which was quickly granted. She loved tasting herself on Bly's lips as she kissed her passionately.

Jordan slowly slid her hand down Bly's stomach past her open jeans and her underwear as she felt her curls in her hand. Bly grabbed her hand to stop her and Jordan broke her kiss and looked at Bly confused.

Bly looked into confused green eyes. "I'm sorry honey...but I can't for a couple of more days." Bly answered as she took Jordan's hand and brought it up to her mouth for a kiss never breaking her stare. "I'll have to please you for the next couple of days. Would you mind?" Bly asked with a smile.

"If you must please only me then I gotta do what I gotta do. It will be tough but someone has to do it." Jordan answered with a laugh, which was shared by Bly. Bly sat up and leaned against the back of the limo as Jordan sat straddled on her lap. "We may have to find a way around that little visitor of yours because I want you to feel as wonderful as I do!" Jordan answered with a smile as she leaned forward and kissed Bly.

"How do you know that I didn't already feel that?" Bly whispered through her kiss as she put her hands on Jordan's firm backside and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

"I love you Bly." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked down into Bly's blue eyes as Bly leaned her head back against the seat.

"I'm glad you do because I love you too. I take it you didn't want to see the sights in Boston?" Bly answered with a sexy smile.

"We are in Boston? I totally lost myself in you and nothing else mattered." Jordan answered with a smile as she captured Bly's lips for a tender, loving kiss.

Jordan broke her kiss and looked into Bly's beautiful blue eyes and smiled lovingly. Bly smiled back and wondered what Jordan was up to. "What are you doing Jordan?"

"I was just wondering if you knew how much I appreciated the first class air travel and the limo ride. Thank you it was very sweet of you to do all of that for me."

"Well...I know now and you deserve to be treated special Jordan." Bly answered with a smile as she slowly ran her hands up and down Jordan's arms before leaning in for a kiss.

"You don't have to treat me special Bly. All I want is your love, but thank you very much for treating me that way." Jordan answered with a smile as she ran her fingers through Bly's hair.

"Well...babe you have all of my love and hopefully you can get used to being treated special because that's how I want it." Bly answered with a smile as she kissed Jordan.

"I love you." Jordan whispered as she hugged Bly tightly.

Bly smiled and loved to hear Jordan say that. "I love you too babe. We need to get dressed because our hotel is close." Bly replied as she glanced out the windows at her surroundings.

"Okay...if I must." Jordan answered with a laugh as she kissed Bly again and they quickly began to dress.

They both finished dressing and Bly put her coat back on as she looked out the window to see how close they were to the hotel. "Just in time Jordan." Bly replied with a mischievous grin on her face as she looked back at her lover.

"Where are we staying?" Jordan asked as she moved closer to Bly and leaned on her to look out the window.

"See that big building right over there with the walkway going across the street?" Bly asked as she looked out the window and pointed to their destination.

"Is that it?" Jordan asked in total amazement at the very tall building connected by a walkway across the street to another large building.

"That's it baby." Bly answered with a smile as she glanced over her shoulder to see Jordan's look of amazement. She loved to see that look on her face when Jordan experienced new things in her life, which made Bly feel good knowing she could provide that for Jordan.

"This is so great Bly...thanks!" Jordan answered with excitement as she kissed Bly's cheek before leaning back in the seat.

Bly leaned forward to reach the remote to turn off the stereo and Jordan reached under her coat collar and pulled her black hair out which was tucked inside the coat. "Thanks for the help." Bly answered with a smile as she sat back next to Jordan and held her hand.

The butterflies in Jordan's stomach took off in flight as they always did when Bly touched her. The limo pulled up in front of the building and the driver opened the door for Bly and Jordan to exit. Bly climbed out and stood in front of the door and held her hand out to help Jordan.

"Chivalry is not dead yet." Jordan replied with a laugh as she exited the limo.

"Depends on the person Jordan." Bly answered with a wink as she led Jordan by the hand to the door and held it open for her. "You will like where we are staying because there is a mall in here."

"Are you kidding me?" Jordan asked with amazement as she entered the door and checked the place out.

"Nope...they even have a Cheers store to buy merchandise from the show in case you can't get to the bar."

"Can we go to the bar and check it out? I loved that show and it would be neat to see the place."

"It's already on my itinerary." Bly answered with a smile as they made their way up the escalator to the hotel lobby.

"This place is gorgeous Bly. What's the name of it?" Jordan asked in awe as she looked around the large building.

"It's called Copley Square Hotel and if you get lost somehow just take the "T" to Copley Square and you can't miss it."

"The "T"?" Jordan asked confused.

"'s the subway system and they also have trolley cars for transportation because you definitely don't want to drive in this city! It's impossible." Bly answered with a laugh.

"I'll have to remember that, but it would be best if you just stuck by my side." Jordan answered with a smile. "So, what else is on your itinerary?" she asked looking up at Bly.

"Spending as much time with you as possible." Bly answered with a smile as she slipped her hand on Jordan's waist to help steady her as they stepped off the escalator.

The pair made their way into the elevator and waited for the door to close before engulfing one another with hugs and kisses. The bell on the elevator chimed indicating they arrived at their destination as Jordan broke her kiss and hug nervously waiting for the door to open.

Bly laughed and looked down at her. "What are you doing?"

"Somebody might see us Bly and I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable."

"'s the penthouse suite and why are you worried someone will feel uncomfortable? You didn't mind it at the airport." Bly teased as she led Jordan off the elevator into the spacious penthouse suite.

"Well...that was different because there might be some of your colleague's here."

"Very true but I really don't care Jordan. Hey, close your eyes." Bly answered with excitement.

"What for?" Jordan asked confused.

"I have a surprise for you." Bly answered as she pulled Jordan into her arms and looked down into her green eyes.

" don't have to keep giving me surprises."

"I know but I couldn't resist." Bly answered with a smile as she brushed Jordan's blond hair off her face.

Bly led Jordan by the hand into the spacious penthouse suite and stopped to see if Jordan was looking. "You're not peeking are you?" Bly teased as she checked her eyes to make sure they were shut tightly.

"Bly! I'm not peeking!" Jordan answered with a laugh and anxious to see what her surprise was going to be.

"Okay, come on then." Bly answered as she led Jordan to the middle of the suite. "Okay, open your eyes." Bly answered with excitement.

Jordan opened her eyes to a room full of white and red roses with a table set up in front of the window showing a breathtaking view of Boston. The table was set with candles and dinner. Jordan's face lit up with excitement from Bly's thoughtfulness and turned to face Bly.

"Bly, you are so incredibly romantic. Thank you." Jordan replied with a smile as she ran her fingers through Bly's hair and leaned up to her tall lover for a passionate kiss to thank her for the thoughtfulness.

Bly wrapped her arms around her love and deepened the kiss. She loved how Jordan felt in her arms, especially when her lips were pressed against her own. Bly thought about how she loved to see the look of appreciation from the flowers and dinner. Her other lover's had just expected the wine and dine treatment from her and never appreciated any of her gifts for their specialness, but rather for their worth. Jordan was not like that and Bly loved her for it.

Jordan broke their kiss breathless with a look of distress on her face. "I am so sorry." Jordan replied with regretful green eyes.

"About what?" Bly asked confused.

"I was so preoccupied with coming to see you that I totally forgot to thank you for all the flowers you sent me and especially for my life sized Scooby Doo stuffed animal!" Jordan answered with a smile at the fond memory of receiving the big, lovable stuffed animal from Bly. "I love him...he is so awesome!"

Bly smiled and was relieved that's all that was wrong with Jordan. "I knew you would like it when I saw him in an advertisement on the Internet and I just had to get him for you." Bly answered with a big smile.

"He is sitting next to my bed and every time I looked at him it made me want you even more! Thank you." Jordan answered with a smile as she kissed and hugged Bly.

"You're welcome. Are you hungry?"

"Bly!" Jordan replied with a questioning look.

Bly smiled. "I're always willing to eat." Bly answered as they both laughed.

"Did I tell you how freaking incredible you look? I really love that jacket on you too." Jordan exclaimed with a smile, as she looked her lover over.

Bly blushed and smiled. " told me but thanks again." Bly led Jordan over to the table and held her chair out for her as Jordan sat down and Bly pushed her chair in for her. Bly leaned down and whispered. "You look freaking incredible too." which drew a smile out of Jordan as Bly softly kissed her cheek.

Bly stood up and removed her jacket before sitting down next to Jordan. Bly removed the cover on her plate, which kept her food warm as her dark hair fell forward, and as she tucked one side behind her ear Jordan watched breathless. Jordan took in a deep breath when she realized she was holding it.

Bly picked up her utensils and noticed Jordan watching her and glanced up. "What? Did I spill something on me already?" Bly asked confused as she looked at her clothes.

Jordan stared at her and smiled as she put her hand on Bly's arm to get her attention. "No...I was just admiring your beauty and thinking about how much I love it when you tuck your hair behind your ear. It is so sexy and it sends the butterflies in my stomach crazy." Jordan answered as she moved Bly's hand to her mouth and placed a kiss on it.

Bly looked at Jordan lovingly and smiled through her blush. "I'm glad I'm not the only one that has those unruly butterflies. They do the same thing to me every time I look at you or hear your sexy voice." Bly answered as she leaned over to Jordan and sealed her statement with a kiss. "I love you." Bly whispered as she leaned back up and smiled.

"I love you too baby." Jordan answered with a smile as she pulled the cover off her plate to see what Bly had ordered her for dinner. "How did you know baked Ziti is one of my favorites?" Jordan asked with a smile as she glanced over at Bly.

"Well...I took a good guess considering you're Italian." Bly answered with a laugh. "Is it any good?"

Jordan swallowed her mouthful. "Very good, but mine's better." Jordan answered with a laugh.

"I keep hearing about how great of a cook you are, but I don't see anything to prove it." Bly teased with a sexy smile.

"Okay, taste this and I promise to make you my baked Ziti and you can tell me which one is better." Jordan answered with a smile as she held a forkful of Ziti out for Bly to taste.

Bly leaned in toward Jordan slowly as she locked blues with greens and wrapped her mouth around the fork with a seductive look and took the morsels being offered. Jordan's look expressed how turned on she was by watching Bly and swallowed hard as she watched Bly finish chewing the Ziti. 'How can someone be so damn sexy eating?' Jordan asked herself watching Bly lick her lips seductively. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It was all she could do to stop herself from attacking Bly on the spot.

"You're teasing me aren't you?" Jordan asked with a raised eyebrow.

Bly flashed a mischievous grin. "Did it work?"

"Yes! You are so bad Bly." Jordan answered with a chuckle.

"I told you I would get you back." Bly teased as she popped a piece of steak in her mouth.

The pair finished dinner and both changed into more comfortable clothes. Bly sat in the window seat and peered out over the lighted city as Jordan finished in the bathroom and walked over to her.

"Hey, good looking... penny for your thoughts?" Jordan replied with a smile as she leaned against Bly.

Bly smiled as she turned to her and held out her hand. "Let me have the penny first."

Jordan pretended to search her clothes for a penny and looked back up at Bly. "Can I pay you when I get my paycheck next week?" she answered with a smile.

"I don't know Jordan. Are you good for it? I mean, the interest alone might break you from now until then. But, seeing as how you're so beautiful I guess I'll let you slide this time. But, try not to keep taking advantage of my good nature." Bly teased with a sexy smile.

Jordan laughed as she wrapped her arms around the front of Bly's shoulder and pressed her body against Bly's back and kissed her cheek. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

"Actually, that's what I was just thinking about how lonely I was sitting here without you in my arms." Bly answered with a smile as she glanced over her shoulder at Jordan.

"Well...let me remedy that problem then." Jordan replied as she climbed over Bly and sat in front of her. Bly wrapped her arms around Jordan and pulled her close to her body to snuggle with her. "This is heaven." Jordan replied with a satisfied smile on her face.

" is babe." Bly whispered as she kissed Jordan on the cheek and reveled in the closeness of her lover. Bly finally found what she was looking for when she found Jordan. Bly thought about how she thought she had been in love many times before and her feelings for those women were nothing like they are for Jordan. She didn't realize true love could be so wonderful and that's what she felt with Jordan.

Jordan ran her hands up and down Bly's arm as she watched the people on the streets of Boston go on about their business. "Bly, what's that building right before us?" Jordan asked curiously as she pointed to the very large building facing them.

"That's the John Hancock Tower and you can go to the top to check out all of Boston. They have an observatory up there."

"That's really cool." Jordan answered with amazement as she stared at the large building before her.

"So, what's on the itinerary for tomorrow?" Jordan asked with intrigue.

"Well...I hope you like history or I'm in big trouble." Bly answered with a laugh.

Jordan glanced up over her shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry I love it."

"Whew! I was worried there for a minute. Well...I thought I would take you to a lot of the historical sites in Boston and we can walk the Freedom Trail, which links all the historical sites to the history of Boston. It is pretty interesting when you check out where Paul Revere made his historical ride and how they warned that the British were coming." Bly explained with awe at the historical significance of those events.

"I had no idea you were so interested in historical events like that Bly. You never cease to amaze me."

"Well...I guess we have a lot to learn about one another then. Do you like that sort of stuff as well?"

"Oh, I'm very fascinated by those events. I thought it was very interesting when I read about them in school and it excites me to know I will get to actually see those things." Jordan answered with excitement.

Bly smiled and hugged her tighter as she kissed her cheek softly. "Let's get to bed so we can get an early start of it tomorrow." Bly replied as she moved off the window seat and helped Jordan get up.

Bly and Jordan crawled into bed and Bly removed her shirt as Jordan watched in amazement as she revealed her gorgeous body. Jordan slipped off her shorts and shirt and leaned down to kiss Bly passionately.

"Thanks again for everything tonight Bly. I really do appreciate everything." Jordan replied with a loving smile as she looked down into Bly's blue eyes.

"I'm so glad you are here with me Jordan." Bly answered as she brushed her blond hair off her face and gazed into her beautiful green eyes. "I missed you so much that I couldn't sleep or function correctly."

"I wondered why you looked so tired. I thought maybe you were up late checking out the babes." Jordan teased with a smile.

"Only one." Bly answered with a smile as she leaned over and picked up the picture off the nightstand. " I hope you don't get too jealous over my girl Jordan." Bly answered with a mischievous smile as she showed her the picture.

Jordan smiled. "I have this same one of us by my bed!"

"You're kidding." Bly answered with amazement.

"'s a great picture of us together during the sunset cruise and I thought you looked especially sexy." Jordan answered as she handed the picture back to Bly with Bly putting it back in its place.

"You're the sexy one in there baby." Bly answered with a smile as Jordan lay on her side and Bly wrapped her arms tightly around Jordan. Bly pulled Jordan in close to her body and laced her fingers around Jordan's hand as she kissed her cheek. "Good night babe...I love you." Bly whispered in her ear.

Jordan raised Bly's hand up and kissed it. "Night honey...I love you too." Jordan answered with a smile feeling totally loved and safe in Bly's strong arms.

Bly woke before Jordan as usual, and took the opportunity to gaze lovingly at her lover who slept peacefully. Bly leaned up on her elbow and lightly brushed Jordan's blond hair off her face. Jordan moved slightly to Bly's touch and smiled through her sleep. Bly smiled and thought about how much she loved Jordan and how peaceful she looked sleeping. She hated to wake her but she couldn't resist the urge and desire to see those beautiful green eyes look into her blues lovingly.

Bly lightly ran the back of her hand down Jordan's arm to her side and slid her hand to the front of her toned abdomen as Jordan shifted from her touch. Bly smiled mischievously and slowly moved her hand up to Jordan's chest and cupped a supple breast in her hand as she leaned down to whisper. "I love you Jordan." Bly replied as she kissed Jordan's cheek softly as she gently squeezed her breast.

Jordan moaned. "Hmmm." and shifted her body closer to Bly and moved her hand on top of Bly's which held her breast. "I love to hear you say that Bly." Jordan whispered as she cleared her throat.

"I guess I'll just have to keep saying it then won't I?" Bly whispered as she kissed her again. "Do you want room service for breakfast or do you want to grab something at the French bakery down in the mall?"

"We should probably get going if we are going to see all the sites huh? So, we should get something quick to eat." Jordan answered as she rolled onto her back with a smile and put her arm around Bly's back. "Could you touch my other breast? It's very sad that it is being neglected." Jordan asked seductively.

"My pleasure." Bly answered with a sexy smile as she moved her hand to her other breast and gently squeezed it. Bly leaned down and gave Jordan a passionate kiss to get her morning off to a good start.

Jordan smiled lovingly at Bly as she pushed Bly's raven hair off her forehead. "I am so in love with you Bly." Jordan replied as she pulled Bly down for a soul-searing kiss.

"I'm so glad you are Jordan." Bly answered through her kiss.

Jordan broke the kiss to catch her breath and stared into Bly's beautiful blue eyes. She didn't really want to leave the comfortable bed to go out into the brisk New England weather to go sightseeing, but she didn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing the sites in Boston, especially with Bly as her tour guide.

"Are you taking a shower first?" Jordan asked with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Bly chuckled knowing Jordan would use any opportunity to grab an extra minute of sleep if at all possible. "Sure...just for you, but next time you're first." Bly answered with a smile as she gave Jordan a quick kiss and climbed out of bed. "Jeez, it's cold in here." Bly replied with a shiver as she crossed her arms over her chest to warm herself.

"I happen to like it this way because I get to see your hard nipples sticking out." Jordan replied with a sly grin.

Bly looked down with embarrassment before moving closer to the bed. "Could you warm them for me?"

"I thought you would never ask." Jordan answered as she sat up in the bed and reached to cup Bly's breasts as Bly jumped away from her.

"Psyche!" Bly replied with a laugh and ran to the end of the bed and grabbed the covers.

"No, Bly. Please don't." Jordan pleaded with a laugh as she held the covers tightly.

"Beg me!" Bly teased mischievously.

"Please is very cold." Jordan whined and gave Bly puppy dog eyes.

"Hmmm, not good enough!" Bly laughed as she stripped the covers off the bed as Jordan squealed and lay back on the bed to warm herself. Bly slapped her ass and ran into the bathroom to take a shower.

"Payback Bly...just remember...payback!" Jordan yelled as she scrambled for the covers.

Both women showered and dressed warmly for their excursion in the chilly New England weather. "Jordan...don't forget to bring the camera." Bly replied as she put her black leather ankle length jacket on.

"Got it darling!" Jordan answered as she threw on her fleece jacket and walked over to Bly who grabbed the hotel credit card key. "You are way too sexy! How do you expect me to function with you looking like that?" Jordan answered with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Bly's waist.

"I guess you'll have to struggle through the day honey." Bly answered sarcastically.

"I love it when you're cocky." Jordan purred as she leaned up for a kiss.

"Let's go lover girl." Bly laughed as she took Jordan's hand and led her to the elevator.

The two made their way into the lobby and through the mall to the Au Bon Pain French bakery. The two scanned the menu and tried to decide what they wanted for breakfast.

"What are you getting Bly?" Jordan asked as she looked up at her strikingly gorgeous lover.

"I'm getting...aah...a croissant and a coffee."

"Sounds good. I'll have the same." Jordan answered as the clerk rang up their order.

"Make that to go please." Bly informed the clerk and looked back at Jordan. "We' on the train if you don't mind?" Bly asked as she pulled out some money to pay for the bill.

"I don't mind eating on the train, but I do mind you paying for breakfast. I've got it hun!" Jordan answered with a smile as she pushed Bly's money filled hand back to her pocket and paid for the tab.

"Thanks Jordan." Bly answered with a smile as she put her money away and grabbed their food.

Jordan received her change and turned to walk beside Bly who handed her the coffee she ordered. "Thanks, this should do two things for me. One, wake my sorry butt up and two, warm me up." Jordan answered with a laugh, as did Bly. "Hmm, yummy coffee." Jordan replied after a sip of her java.

"Hey, remind me to call Jules later to check up on Ares okay?"

"Sure." Jordan answered before taking another sip of her coffee.

They both stepped out of the warm building and were greeted by a brisk breeze momentarily taking their breath away. "Whoa!" Bly replied as she regained her breath.

"Very chilly." Jordan answered as the pair headed to the stairs to the subway.

They made it to the platform of the dank, cold subway stop and waited for the train. "I figured we could start the Freedom Trail at the ...oh, damn...I forgot the name of it. Here can you hold this for me please?" Bly asked as she handed her coffee to Jordan who was glad to warm both hands with the coffee. Bly pulled out her trusty Boston sightseeing map and opened it to find their destination. "Okay...we can start at the Park Street Church which means we need to get off at the Park Street T stop." Bly answered as she searched the subway for the train map. "Great! Only 3 stops to get there and we don't have to change from the green line." Bly answered with excitement that they wouldn't have to spend a long time on the train as she retrieved her coffee from Jordan.

"You are quite the little tour guide aren't you?" Jordan teased as the train pulled up to the station and was amazed that Bly knew her way around the large city.

"Your tour guide could be worse." Bly teased and leaned close to Jordan as they boarded the crowded train. "Looks like we'll have to stand." Bly observed as she reached up for the overhead bar to steady herself as the train began to move.

Jordan couldn't reach the overhead bar and grabbed Bly by the belt to steady herself from falling as the train pulled away from the station. Bly looked down at Jordan with a smile and wiggled her eyebrows as to where Jordan's hand was positioned.

Bly leaned down and whispered in Jordan's ear. "I've never done it on a train before." she replied with a mischievous smile as she stood back up and glanced down at Jordan.

"Oh, I have...its no big deal though." Jordan answered matter of factly, as she raised her coffee to her lips for a sip of the steaming hot Java and looked up noticing the astonished look on Bly's face. 'I didn't really but it's payback time.' Jordan thought to herself mischievously.

"Really?" Bly asked with disbelief.

"Why? Are you jealous?" Jordan asked with a smile.

", I'm not jealous." Bly stammered nervously knowing damn well that she was jealous. She looked out the window as their stop came up. "This is our stop come on." Bly replied with slight agitation.

Jordan stepped in behind Bly and leaned up to her ear and whispered. "You're jealous." Jordan answered with a sly smile. 'You are so bad Jordan Milano' she thought to herself.

Bly looked over her shoulder to Jordan. "I'm not jealous, I just don't want to hear about it." Bly answered with agitation as she stepped off the train and headed towards the steps. Jordan had to practically run to catch up to the long strides of Bly's.

"Bly!" Jordan replied knowing Bly was slightly irritated as she reached the street before Jordan and looked down at her map. Jordan caught up to her and stood before her. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Bly snapped as she looked down at the map and Jordan took it from her. "Jordan...give it back." Bly answered with agitation.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong with you." Jordan answered with agitation of her own by the way Bly was acting.

"I just don't want to hear about your sex life with others okay?" Bly snapped before she turned away from Jordan.

"Bly...we have both had other partners before so, why does it bother you so much?"

Bly crossed her arms and looked down ashamed of herself for acting like a little kid. "I can't stand to hear or think about someone else touching you Jordan. It bothers me." Bly answered as she looked at Jordan with sadness. Every time she thought of another's arms around her lover, she felt a blinding pain in her chest that took her breath away.

Jordan saw the pained look in her lover's eyes and moved closer to put her hand on Bly's waist. "I don't like the thought of someone else being with you either so, let's just keep that part of our lives to ourselves then. I'm sorry...I was teasing you when I said I had done it on the train."

"That wasn't very funny Jordan." Bly answered still feeling slightly angry.

"Honey...I didn't know it would bother you so much. I am so sorry. Can you forgive me?" Jordan asked with a loving smile. She never wanted to be the reason for any pain in Bly's eyes.

Bly looked at Jordan then away and back again knowing she couldn't resist her sweet face. "Yes...I'll forgive you." Bly answered with a slight smile and with defeat.

"I'm sorry I teased you, but I did like that you were jealous." Jordan answered with a sly grin as she rubbed Bly's side.

"Oh, you did huh? What if I told you I was just teasing?" Bly asked with a mischievous smile.

Jordan looked bewildered and thought she had been duped. "Bly! Were you teasing me?" she asked with a disappointed look on her face.

Bly smiled and put her arm around Jordan as they continued to walk along. "Nope...I was serious and I was very jealous." Bly answered with a laugh and pulled Jordan closer to her for a hug.

"Well...there is no need to be because I love you totally and there isn't one other person in this world I could want more than you. Well...except that blond standing over there." Jordan teased as she pointed and received a tighter hug from Bly.

"Would you like me to introduce you?" Bly asked as they both laughed.

"Nope...I think I'll keep you. You're kind of cute." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked up at Bly and fed her a piece of her croissant.

"I think I'll do the same cause you're also kind of cute." Bly answered with a smile as she chewed her food and looked down at Jordan as they headed over to their first historical site.

"That's a really beautiful church Bly. How old is it?" Jordan asked as she gazed upon the old church.

"Map says it was built in 1809 so, it's safe to say it is very old." Bly answered with chuckle.

"Damn!" Jordan exclaimed in awe as she looked up past the church. "What is that place?" she asked as she pointed to the large building with a dome on top.

"That's the Massachusetts State House and Paul Revere put the copper topping on the dome in...aah...1802." Bly answered as she checked the map for the correct date. "It's really cool looking don't you think?" Bly asked as she looked at the state house then back to her lover and saw the wonderment in her green eyes.

"Most definitely."

"Let's head over to the Ben Franklin statue which was also the site of the first public school and then to the Granary Burial Ground." Bly replied as she held Jordan's hand and led her off towards the statue.

"We're going to a burial ground?" Jordan asked with hesitation.

"Don't be scared honey." Bly teased as she squeezed Jordan's hand. "It's really neat because it's the last resting place of the Patriots. Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams are all buried there."

"That's really neat but it sounds a little creepy." Jordan answered as the pair continued their sight seeing along the Freedom Trail stopping at the said two sites before heading along to the next historical site.

"That's the Old South Meeting House where the tea party began." Bly replied as she pointed to the building. "Oh, Jordan! You're going to love the next stop seeing as how you're a writer." Bly answered with excitement.

"Really?" Jordan answered with a gleam in her eye.

"Yeah, it's the Old Corner Book Store which is one of Boston's oldest buildings and the authors Emerson, Longfellow, Hawthorne and Harriet Beecher Stowe all gathered there regularly." Bly answered as the pair entered the bookstore.

"This is so excellent. You can just feel the historical significance of this place." Jordan answered in awe as she strolled around the bookstore. Bly smiled and enjoyed seeing the awe and obvious excitement in Jordan's eyes as she watched her peruse the old historical bookstore.

"Oh, my god Bly!" Jordan exclaimed with excitement as Bly moved closer to her. "Look at this book! It is a leather-bound, first edition, signed copy of RW Emerson's book!" Jordan answered in reverence, as she looked at the book in the protective case.

"That's really neat Jordan." Bly answered with a mischievous smile as she watched Jordan peer down into the case. Reluctantly, Jordan sighed and moved on to another area. Bly casually walked up to the counter, keeping an eye out for Jordan who was too busy looking at the different books to be concerned with what she was doing, and leaned on the counter to talk to the clerk. "I would like the autographed Emerson book in the case to be wrapped and delivered to my hotel room at this location." Bly informed the clerk as she wrote the hotel and room number on her business card and handed it to the clerk.

"Ma'am that book isn't for sale." the clerk answered nervously.

"Sure it is and it's for that beautiful blonde right there so, go get your manager and set the price. Money is no object." Bly replied sternly and was taking no for an answer. "Oh, keep it quiet because it's a secret."

The clerk nervously exited to the back as Bly waited anxiously hoping Jordan would not catch on to what she was doing. The manager stepped out and faced Bly with a look of astonishment on her face at Bly's request.

"Well...what's the price?" Bly asked as she pulled her wallet out and glanced over to see where Jordan was located. She sighed a relief when she noticed her nose was stuck in a book and that she was totally engrossed in it.

"Aah...$1,250.00." the manager stammered with disbelief that she had someone who wanted to purchase the book.

"Great. Can we hurry this transaction along?" Bly asked as she threw her platinum visa card down for the purchase. The manager quickly ran the card through and handed Bly the receipt for her to sign and keep. "Make sure it is delivered right away. Here's some money to cover the delivery charge." Bly answered as she threw a hundred-dollar bill on the counter for the manager who looked on with astonishment.

"Hello? I'm in a rush, could you just leave it at the front desk for me?" Bly replied trying to get the people moving.

Bly walked over to Jordan and glanced back at the manager who carefully pulled the book out of the case and carried it to the back to be wrapped and delivered.

"I can't get over this place. I could spend the whole day here Bly."

"I bet you could babe but, unfortunately, we have a Freedom Trail to walk." Bly replied with a smile as she slipped her hand in Jordan's.

Jordan sighed with disappointment. "You're right, but could we come back if we have the time?" Jordan asked with excitement at the prospect.

"Sure." Bly answered with a smile as they left the bookstore and were greeted by a cold breeze. "Jeez, I would have thought that it would have warmed up by now." Bly commented holding Jordan closer to keep her warm.

"I like the chilly weather because then I get to snuggle with you baby." Jordan answered with a smile.

"You can snuggle with me anytime you want sexy." Bly answered as she flashed Jordan a sexy smile.

"Ooh, I like that thought. Where to now tour guide?"

"We are going to pass the site of the Boston Massacre and then head over to Faneuil Hall and market place which you will like because they have little shops to purchase things from." Bly answered with a sly grin and received a squeeze from Jordan in response.

"What makes you think I like to shop?"

"Linda gave up the goods on you and she also said that you are quite the bargain hunter."

"When did she tell you that?"

"When my family was hogging you on the dance floor at my grandparents anniversary party." Bly answered with a smile.

"Linda sure likes to give up secrets doesn't she?" Jordan asked with a sly grin.

"Hmmm, maybe I can get her to give up some other secrets about you." Bly teased.

"You better not or I'll cut you off!" Jordan teased with a laugh.

"Oh, no don't do that!" Bly answered with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry baby. You just let secrets remain secrets and there won't be a problem."

"You do drive a hard bargain." Bly answered with a smile as they stopped at the next two stops along the Freedom Trail.

Bly sat down as Jordan worked her bargaining skills at one of the shops in the market place at Faneuil Hall. Jordan walked up with a satisfied and happy look on her face as Bly watched her lover approach.

"Check out this great scarf I got for Linda! I'll have you know I got a great price for it." Jordan replied with pride.

"That's really nice honey but when will Linda wear a heavy scarf like that in Florida?" Bly asked questioningly.

"Oh, man!" Jordan exclaimed with disappointment as she slammed her hands down on her hips. "I totally didn't even think of that!"

"Why don't you wear it and get Linda something else."

"Do you think?" Jordan asked as she put the scarf around her neck.

"Ooh, very sexy." Bly answered seductively as she put her arm around Jordan and they headed out of the market place.

"It just so happens that I bought you something that I know will look very sexy on you!" Jordan replied with a mischievous smile as she reached into her bag.

"You did? Isn't that sweet. What did you get me?" Bly inquired as she looked over Jordan's shoulder for what was in the bag.

"These!" Jordan exclaimed as she pulled out a pair of black leather gloves.

"Yes! I need those to keep my cold hands warm!" Bly answered with excitement and a smile as she took them and promptly put them on. "Hey, they fit perfect. How did you know what size?"

"Bly...I think I know what size your hands are!" Jordan answered with an embarrassed grin.

It took a couple of minutes before it dawned on Bly what Jordan meant and she blushed with embarrassment. " are very bad, but I love it and I love my gloves thank you very much! I hope you got quite the little bargain on these." Bly answered as she held her hands up. "How do they look?"

"Very sexy as I said they would, especially with that jacket!" Jordan replied with a smile, and happy that Bly liked her gift.

Bly stopped walking and put her hands on Jordan's shoulders and leaned in to give her a passionate thank you kiss. "Thanks, my present means a lot to me." Bly whispered as she kissed her again and took Jordan's hand in her own as they headed off to their next stop.

Jordan was happy that Bly liked the present. She had been worried that Bly wouldn't like them, but she was taken back by her obvious enjoyment of the gift. She knew Bly was genuinely thankful, and it made her feel good.

The pair stopped at Paul Revere's house and took the tour, which was narrated by a guide. They made their way away from the home towards their next stop. "Bly...I was totally surprised by how small his home was." Jordan answered amazed at the smallness of the home.

" too. I guess people get a misconception that because he was a famous Patriot that he should have a huge home, but back then they just didn't have very big homes."

"I suppose so. Hey, what's the next stop?"

"The Old North Church which is the oldest church and the one were they had two lanterns hanging in the steeple to warn Charlestown that the British were coming."

"I couldn't imagine living in times like that with the threat of war in your own backyard. It must have been very scary."

"Yeah...but think of the pride those people had to stand up for their rights and to fight off the British. That is so significant." Bly answered in awe as she looked up at the steeple of the Old North Church, and imagined the lanterns burning in there. "Jordan...we forgot to go to see the Boston Tea Party ship. They do a re-enactment at certain times during the day."

"Let's go then." Jordan answered with excitement.

"We have to walk all the way back towards the wharf , its pretty far. Wait, I have an idea…let's go see the U.S.S. Constitution, the Bunker Hill monument, and take the bus back to see the Boston Tea Party ship."

"Sounds good to me but are we going to walk across that very long Charlestown Bridge?" Jordan asked with slight disappointment at the thought of the long walk.

"I guess not. Let's take a taxi then." Bly answered as she turned to hail a taxi, which she was able to do rather quickly.

They both entered the cab. "Take us to the Constitution please." Bly informed the driver as she slipped her hand into Jordan's.

" feels good to sit and ride." Jordan answered with relief.

"Some kind of Freedom Trail walkers we are huh?" Bly asked with a laugh that was shared by Jordan.

Continued in Part 4.

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