Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

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Part 4

The pair checked out the Constitution, the Bunker Hill monument and then took the cab back to check out the Boston Tea Party ship. The pair headed to the south train station to catch the red line T train. They both plopped in the seats exhausted with their bags of souvenirs and Jordan leaned her head against Bly's shoulder.

"I am so tired Bly." Jordan replied with a yawn as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Bly looked at Jordan and laughed that she could fall asleep anytime and any place. Bly woke Jordan before their stop to get off. "Come on babe we have to change to the green line." Bly informed Jordan as they stood up and waited by the door for the train to stop with Jordan still asleep, leaning her head against Bly's back.

The doors opened and Bly grabbed Jordan's hand to lead the sleepy woman to their next terminal to change trains. They hopped on the green line and sat back down to wait for their destination to arrive.

"Bly could you carry me?" Jordan asked sleepily as she leaned her head against Bly's shoulder.

Bly laughed as she looked on lovingly at Jordan who fell back to sleep. "Unbelievable." Bly replied softly with a chuckle. She thought about how much fun she had with Jordan today. Bly couldn't wait to be alone and hold her lover in her arms, and shower her with kisses.

Bly woke Jordan for their last stop and the pair headed out of the subway to the street and crossed to their hotel. Jordan was happy to see the familiar confines of the hotel knowing the bed was close. " have worn me out."

"I love to do that, but in bed baby." Bly answered with a laugh. "I guess you're too tired for dinner then huh?" Bly teased knowing Jordan would never miss a meal.

"Very funny." Jordan answered with sleepy green eyes as Bly smiled and slid her hand around her neck to pull her close to her chest while they rode the escalator. Bly kissed Jordan on the head and didn't care who saw her. She was in love with Jordan damn it , and wanted everyone to know about it.

They stepped off the escalator in each other's arms. "Jordan go on up to the room. I'm going to check my messages and I'll meet you up there in a couple of minutes."

"Okay...but hurry." Jordan replied through her yawn as she entered the elevator.

Bly smiled and approached the front desk. "Was a package delivered for me earlier today? It's the penthouse suite." Bly asked the clerk.

" it is." the clerk informed her as he handed over the package.

Bly opened the package carefully to make sure they sent the same book from the store, satisfied that they had, Bly headed over to the elevator. 'Jordan is going to freak when she sees this book.' Bly thought to herself and smiled as she entered the elevator.

The elevator doors opened and Bly stepped into the room and put the packages down before finding Jordan sprawled in a prone position on the bed asleep. Bly laughed and shook her head in amazement as she took off her jacket and gloves. Slipping off her shoes, she climbed up next to Jordan.

Bly kissed Jordan on the cheek and lay next to her with her arm across her lover's back before falling asleep. Jordan awoke in a daze, unaware of what time or day it was, and felt a familiar arm on her back. She slid around on her side and cuddled up close to Bly placing soft kisses on her neck to wake her.

Bly opened a sleepy blue eye and looked at her beautiful blonde staring at her. "I could really get used to this in the mornings." Bly replied with a smile as she grabbed a hold of Jordan and pulled her on top of her to engulf her in a hug. Bly gazed into Jordan's eyes and leaned in for a sensual kiss.

"Hmmm...I love that." Jordan purred with a smile. "Do you have any idea what time or day it is?" Jordan asked with a laugh.

"Aah...let's see." Bly answered as she looked at her watch. "Whoa! It's Saturday at 10am!"

"I guess we were tired! I can't believe we slept through dinner. No wonder I'm so hungry." Jordan answered with a laugh. "What do you have planned for us today my love?" Jordan asked with a smile as she peered into Bly's blues.

"I thought we could go to the Boston Public Garden where they have the famous swan boats, then head to Cheers, Hard Rock Cafe, Harvard Square and end up at Fenway Park to catch a Red Sox game at 4. Sound okay to you?"

"Absolutely...sounds like a lot of fun."

They both showered and headed out for their second day of sightseeing in Boston. They hit the Boston Public Garden, Cheers, Hard Rock and then made their way to Fenway Park for the Red Sox game.

"Who are the Sox playing?" Jordan asked as they stepped into the Boston Beer Works, which was crowded with Red Sox fans before the game.

"The Detroit Tigers." Bly answered with a grin.

"You sneak! You got tickets for the Tigers?"

"No, for you to see the Tigers." Bly answered with a smile. "I do hope you are a Tiger fan. I just assumed you were considering you're from Michigan." Bly answered nervous that she might not like the Tigers.

"Oh, yeah I'm a Tiger fan." Jordan answered with excitement.

"Great. Do you want a beer? They have all kinds of imported beers here."

"Sure. I'll try a Samuel Adams beer." Jordan answered scanning the very crowded brewery as Bly ordered two Sam Adams for them. "I guess this is where all of the Red Sox fans hang out before a game huh?"

"Oh, yeah. This place gets packed." Bly answered as she handed Jordan her beer and took a long sip of hers. "Hmmm, tasty." Bly replied as she swallowed her cold beverage.

They finished their beer and headed across the street to the stadium to see the baseball game. "I can't believe they have New England clam chowder at the baseball game." Jordan exclaimed with disbelief.

"Oh, yeah that stuff is everywhere around here but it's weird the have it at a baseball game. Let's get to our seats because the game has already started."

"Okay." Jordan answered as the pair found their seats and sat down to enjoy the game. "This stadium even exudes history Bly." Jordan replied with amazement as she scanned the stadium.

"It sure does and it was pretty cool to play here." Bly answered as she sipped her hot chocolate.

"You played here?"

"Yeah, when I played in the professional women's baseball league. It was a dream true to play at Fenway Park where all of those famous players once played." Bly answered with a smile at the fond memory.

"That is so incredible. I am so happy for you that one of your dreams came true." Jordan answered sincerely as she smiled at Bly.

"Another one came true when I met you Jordan. It was the most important dream to me, and you made it possible." Bly answered with a loving smile as she saw the tears well in Jordan's eyes.

"My dream to find someone to fall in love with and be happy with came true when I met you too Bly." Jordan answered with a smile wishing they were back at the hotel so, she could show Bly just how happy she was to be with Bly. Her heart was bursting with the love she felt for Bly and couldn't fully explain how her life had changed for the better. She had spent her whole life waiting and not knowing what she was waiting for, until now.

A lump formed in Bly's throat and she felt so loved by Jordan. She had never had someone love her that much and she wanted to take Jordan in her arms to show her how much she loved her for it. "Aah...Jordan would you be upset if we went back to the hotel?" Bly asked cautiously hoping she was thinking the same thing.

"No, not at all. Let's go." Jordan answered with excitement as she stood up and waited for Bly to stand up.

Bly smiled as she stood up. "I guess you have the same thing on your mind babe." Bly chuckled as they made their way out of their section.

"Yes... I do and let's hurry." Jordan answered with urgency as her passion mounted for Bly. She wanted to make love to her like never before and wished they were already in the bed doing just that.

The two women hurried to the train station and Bly wished she could have gotten a taxi instead as she looked down the empty track in annoyance. Jordan looked up at her lover and knew that she wanted nothing more than to touch her and feel her pressed against her. She quickly looked around and saw that they were alone and launched herself at her lover.

Bly staggered against the unexpected onslaught, but quickly gained her balance as Jordan's lips sought out her own. The kiss turned passionate and Jordan could feel her knees weakening. " I wish that train would hurry." Jordan whispered between kisses and moved to nip Bly's neck. Bly moved them backward toward a bench and sat down pulling Jordan onto her lap. Jordan moved to straddle Bly's hips and leaned in for a deep, wet kiss. She could feel the heat pulsing within her body and wanted Bly like she had never wanted anyone before. Breathless, the kiss broke and Bly moved her lips to mark a trail down Jordan's neck to the opening of her shirt and quickly unbuttoned the top three buttons. She moved her lips down the edge of the creamy breasts before pulling down her bra and capturing an already aroused nipple. Bly used both her hands to hold down Jordan's bra as she alternated between the two pink orbs.

"Oh God Bly…I can't take anymore. I need….." Jordan's voice became distant as the roar of the oncoming train blurred the rest of her plea.

"Damn!" Bly swore.

Bly and Jordan scrambled off the bench, tugging everything into place as the rush of wind and noise of the incoming train assaulted them. It also effectively cut-off the colorful phrases streaming from Bly's mouth. Jordan smiled at her lover's ire as Bly pulled her toward the train. Bly walked through the almost empty car and chose a seat furthest away from the other two occupants, facing in the opposite direction. The other passengers consisted of a teenager with a Walkman in his ears, playing so loud that Bly could make out the words of the song, and an elderly woman, who just smiled at the young man, deaf to the noise. Bly grinned and pulled Jordan down next to her as the train pulled out of the station.

"What's changed your tune?" Jordan asked curiously. Bly definitely looked like she was up to something. Bly leaned over and put her arm around Jordan and pulled the woman close planting a long wet kiss on Jordan's lips.

"Oh Boy!" Jordan replied and looked over her shoulder at the other occupants, but they were oblivious to the two women. Turning back to Bly she looked at her quizzically. Bly just chuckled in reply and dipped her arm lower down Jordan's neck until she brushed her hand lightly across Jordan's breast. Jordan sucked in a deep breath as Bly whispered in her ear, "You shouldn't start something, you can't finish." Taking the cue from Jordan's reaction, Bly began her assault of Jordan's ear, nipping and licking the outer edge until both their chests were rising and falling unevenly. Jordan rested her hand high on Bly's thigh; her fingertips were touching the metal zipper of the woman's jeans. Jordan turned to capture Bly's lips and deepened the kiss as the train slowed to enter the next station.

The women broke their kiss as the doors slid open and Bly looked out the window hoping no one else would enter their car. A middle-aged man approached the car and took one look at the expression on Bly's face, and continued on to the next car. Bly smiled as the train pulled out of the station and turned to continue her assault of Jordan's neck, biting it lightly. "Now, where were we?"

"Bly, we shouldn't be doing this here!" Jordan protested half-heartedly as Bly continued her ministrations on the tender flesh of her neck.

"Oh, but I want to?" Bly replied and put Jordan's hand back on her thigh, this time closer to the zipper's handle. Jordan shivered and proceeded to finger the handle tentatively.

"Yes Jordan, I want you to feel how wet I am for you." Bly's voice hotly whispered in her ear. The voice was a blend of desire and plea, and Jordan was helpless to stop herself. Slowly, she pulled the zipper down as Bly rubbed Jordan's already hardening nipple with the palm of her hand. Jordan's breathing quivered as she slipped her hand inside the opening and tickled the fabric of Bly's underwear. Bly quickly adjusted her position to allow Jordan to move her hand further down. Jordan found the top of Bly's bikini briefs and slipped her hand inside. "Yes, Jordan." Bly continued to whisper sexily. Frustrated at the angle, Jordan moved her other hand to quickly unsnap the top of the jeans and ran her hand flatly down Bly's lower abdomen until she touched soft, wet curls, and groaned.

"Oh Baby, yes...I need to feel you touching me." Bly whispered huskily, her voice becoming deep with desire. Jordan's fingers reached the part of the wet lips and lightly ran down the center of them, and gently slipped inside the slick walls. Bly bit down on Jordan's neck and moaned at the contact below. Both women were so absorbed in their act; they hadn't noticed the train stopping at the next station.

"Hey, Bly, Jordan! I thought it was you!" A southern voice called out from below, causing Bly to unconsciously squeeze her knees together in response, effectively trapping Jordan's hand.

"What the...?" Bly whispered frustrated and quickly removed her hand from Jordan's breast. Jordan looked up to see two familiar women approaching from behind and tugged on her hand. She tried nudging Bly, but she was watching the women approach in total disbelief. Jordan quickly threw her sweatshirt over Bly's lap in an attempt to cover her hand as the women slid into the seat across from them.

"Remember us? Susan and Lynn, from down in Key West?" The blonde asked excitedly. "I can't believe we ran into you two way up here!"

"Yes, how weird. What are you two doing in Boston?" Jordan replied as casually as possible. Bly continued to silently stare without comments. Jordan sharply tugged on a moist hair to get a response out of the tall woman. Bly jumped at the pain and looked over at Jordan realizing their situation. Bly slowly released the tension on her knees to allow Jordan to slip her hand out. Jordan just grinned mischievously and kept her fingers right where they were, lightly drawing circles on the sensitive flesh beneath them. Bly closed her eyes trying to focus her mind on something other than the sensation it was causing.

"Are you all right?" The other woman asked when she looked into Bly's flushed face.

"Sure?" Bly squeaked out before clearing her throat. "Been a long day, I guess." Bly smiled half-heartedly and wanted to reach down to stop Jordan's hand from roaming. When Bly turned to look at Jordan pleadingly, Jordan winked back in response and dipped a finger past the wet folds. Bly gasped and placed her hands quickly on the sweatshirt in her lap. She squeezed Jordan's hand tightly to stop it from moving any deeper, but she could not stop the swirling finger.

"Just you wait!" Bly threatened under her breath causing a low chuckle to erupt from Jordan. Bly turned to divert her attention to the inane conversation from the couple across from them.

Jordan half-listened and nodded occasionally to the woman as they described their tour of Boston. Out of the corner of her eye, she continued to watch the effect she was having on Bly. "Oh, I'm going to pay for this later, but right now..."

As the train finally pulled into their station, Bly could hardly take anymore of Jordan's questing finger, and took a sharp intake of breath as Jordan dipped it deeper. Jordan kept a smile on her face as she nodded at the conversation and slowly pulled her hand free and out from under the sweatshirt. She looked up at Bly winking as she slid her index finger into her mouth and sucked on it. Bly felt a sudden rush of warmth between her legs as she shuddered groaning. She hadnever expected such boldness out of Jordan and that alone was making it hard for her to maintain control.

Jordan rose as the train stopped and stepped between Bly and the two women. She paused and motioned for Lynn and Susan to precede them off the train as Bly stood struggling to hold the sweatshirt in front of her and rebutton her pants. Jordan whispered over her shoulder, "Don't bother, we're not finished", before moving to get off the train. Bly tugged her zipper up and followed with a sly smile on her face.

"Listen...ladies we'll catch you some other time okay?" Bly asked as she hurried Jordan towards the stairs to exit the train station.

"Well...what are y'all doin"... now?" Susan asked picking up her pace to keep up with Bly and Jordan.

"Aah...sorry we've made other plans." Jordan answered nervously as Bly continued to pull her up the stairs and glanced back at her to end the conversation and get moving.

"Where are y'all stayin' because we can call ya there?"

"We are staying at the Westin hotel, room 69!" Bly yelled back as Jordan looked at her and chuckled at the room number Bly chose.

Bly saw her opportunity to get away from the women when a big crowd of commuters approached and she maneuvered Jordan through them to lose the annoying women so she could have her woman to herself and not be interrupted.

"Okay...we'll call ya there then! Bye!" They both yelled and waved as the crowd held them back.

"Yeah, whatever!" Bly replied as Jordan laughed.

"Bly VanDewark! You are so bad!" Jordan exclaimed as they both exited the station to a brisk breeze.

"That's what you love about me babe!" Bly answered with a smile as she glanced down both sides of Boylston Street to make sure it was clear of traffic to cross, and much to Bly's delight it was clear.

Bly pulled Jordan across the street as they ran into the entrance to the Copley Square hotel and made their way hurriedly towards the escalator. "'re killing me with all this running!" Jordan exclaimed out of breath.

"Yeah, well. You were killing me on the train so, we're even!" Bly answered with a smile as she jumped on the crowded escalator and looked back at Jordan wishing the damn thing would move faster. She was hot for Jordan and wanted her right there and then, but knew the other people wouldn't appreciate that.

Jordan moved closer to Bly and took Bly's hand and put it to her breast for Bly to feel her hardened nipple. Jordan mouthed "I want you now!" and Bly's body temperature rose. Bly turned around and pulled Jordan up the escalator stairs.

"Aah...excuse us...sorry...oh, sorry ma'am...excuse us...sick woman coming through!" Bly announced as she worked herself and Jordan up the stairs through the crowd to get to their floor quicker.

"I'm very sorry." Jordan apologized to the people they bumped into as they jumped off the escalator and headed towards the elevators at a brisk pace.

Bly took off her jacket and slipped her pullover shirt off as they approached the penthouse elevator. She fumbled nervously to get the key in quickly to open the elevator and dropped the key. "Shit!" She exclaimed with frustration and bent over to pick up the key as Jordan slid her hand between Bly's legs and she jumped up from the goose Jordan gave her.

"Just wait Jordan...just you wait!"

"I am because you can't get the damn key in there!" Jordan answered with a laugh as Bly finally opened the elevator and they both stepped in.

Jordan had already removed her jacket and unzipped her jeans as Bly wrapped her up in her arms and passionately kissed her. Jordan's tongue took control of Bly's mouth as did her hands, and she slammed Bly against the wall of the elevator.

"Oh, baby...get rough with me! It turns me on!" Bly exclaimed excited by her lover's enthusiasm as Jordan forced her tongue back inside of Bly's mouth for a wet, passionate kiss.

Bly untucked Jordan's shirt and began to pull it up over her head as Jordan slipped her hands under Bly's shirt to caress two hardened nipples. "Jordan...I love it when you touch me!" Bly moaned breathless as Jordan sank her teeth into Bly's neck. "Oh, yes!" Bly yelled in ecstasy. It was an incredible turn on when Jordan would bite her neck.

Bly finally got Jordan's shirt off as well as her bra and Jordan struggled to do the same to Bly. Soon, naked bodies were pressed against one another. The elevator stopped at their penthouse suite and Bly pushed the lock button so, the elevator would stay in place as Jordan unbuttoned and unzipped Bly's jeans while Bly struggled to get her shoes off to help Jordan undress her.

Bly stood sweating from her desire and passion for Jordan as she watched her lover strip her jeans and underwear off of her. Jordan ran a trail of soft kisses up her abdomen to her breasts and captured an erect nipple in her mouth as she began to gently suck the sensitive area.

Bly ran her fingers through Jordan's blonde hair and pressed her head closer to her breast, which heightened her desire for Jordan to take her. "Baby…I need for you to touch me." Bly moaned desperately.

"Not yet." Jordan whispered as she moved her mouth to the other breast, which so desired her mouth pressed against it. Jordan circled her tongue around the hardened nipple as Bly's breathing became more labored.

"Oh, Jordan, you are freaking driving me nuts!" Bly yelled out in obvious delight as Jordan slowly ran her tongue down between Bly's breast to her navel and circled the outline of Bly's navel. Bly put her hands behind Jordan's head to guide her down farther. Jordan did not oblige and instead looked up with her green eyes to meet blues.

"Not so fast!" Jordan ordered as she circled her tongue back around her navel and dipped her tongue inside Bly's navel followed by a kiss.

"Jordan...please? I can't take much more...touch me!" Bly pleaded with her lover.

Jordan decided she had teased her lover long enough not to mention she wanted to taste Bly so badly that, she couldn't stay away any longer if she tried. Jordan lightly ran her tongue down Bly's goody trail to her dark, moist curls and knelt before her. Bly spread her legs for her lover as Jordan parted her folds and lightly stroked her tongue along Bly's swollen nub. Bly's legs became weak as Jordan's tongue touched her clit, and Jordan grabbed them to steady her lover as she pressed her tongue against the sensitive area.

"Yes...Jordan...that feels so incredible!" Bly moaned as she began to rock her hips to meet Jordan's strokes with her tongue. "Oh, baby" you feel so damn good!" Bly moaned as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall to enjoy what Jordan was doing to her.

"You smell and taste so good Bly." Jordan whispered through her strokes with her tongue as Bly spread her legs wider.

Jordan licked Bly's clit up and sucked the area in her mouth as she slid two fingers inside of Bly's slick opening causing her lover to cry out in pleasure. Jordan loved to feel how Bly wrapped tightly around her fingers and it sent a wave of hot passion straight to her own center. Jordan took a deep breath to calm herself so she could concentrate on pleasing her lover.

"Jordan…I can't hold it any longer honey…I'm going to come!" Bly moaned loudly as she picked up her pace thrusting her pelvis forward and backward in rhythm with Jordan's movements.

Bly's gasped for air as she felt her climax reaching it's peak, and could hold it no longer as Jordan sucked her clit inside her mouth and thrust her fingers in and out of Bly.

"Give it to me baby!" Jordan demanded as she pressed her tongue against Bly's swollen nub. "Bly, you taste so good." Jordan moaned through her ministrations along Bly's clit.

"Oh, yes! Baby! This is for you!" Bly shouted as she released her orgasm for Jordan to enjoy. Bly gasped for her breath as her body shuttered and Jordan stuck her tongue inside of Bly to take her treat. Bly held Jordan's head were she wanted it as Jordan moved her tongue in and out of Bly's opening causing her to have another orgasm.

"Oh, are such a wonderful lover!" Bly shouted out breathless as Jordan wrapped her arms around her lover's waist, to enjoy the fruits Bly offered her.

When Jordan was sure Bly was finished she moved her kiss and her hands back up her lover's sweaty body and slid her tongue inside of Bly's eagerly awaiting mouth. Bly wrapped

her arms around her blonde lover and deepened the kiss enjoying the taste of herself on Jordan's mouth.

Bly broke the kiss and looked down into beautiful love filled green eyes. She smiled and pushed Jordan's sweaty long blonde hair off her forehead and leaned in for a soul-searing kiss. "I love you so much Jordan." Bly declared through her kiss as Jordan held her tighter and deepened the kiss.

"You are such a fabulous lover Jordan." Bly whispered as she broke their kiss and locked blues with greens.

"So are you, make love to me." Jordan answered sexily as she looked up at her tall, dark lover with want in her green eyes.

Bly traced her tongue along Jordan's lips and slipped her tongue inside past her parted to lips for a deep, moist kiss. Bly pushed Jordan's jeans off her hips to the ground and lifted Jordan up in her arms off the ground so Jordan could kick the jeans off of her. Bly deepened her passionate kiss as her hands moved down Jordan's back to her ass and she lifted Jordan up guiding her legs over her hips for Jordan to wrap them around her.

Bly could feel Jordan's damp curls against her abdomen, which heightened her arousal and desire for Jordan. Bly held Jordan in her arms as they continued their kiss and carried Jordan out of the elevator into the hotel room. Jordan began to slip out of Bly's grasp and as she struggled to hold her, she lost her balance causing them to fall to the ground laughing.

" are so romantic!" Jordan teased with a laugh as she looked at her lover laying on her.

"I couldn't help it you're so sweaty babe!" Bly laughed. "Besides, we need to have some fun in our life right"" Bly asked with a sexy smile as she kissed Jordan and ran her hand down to her breast to lightly pinch her erect nipple.

"Oh, I love it when you do that." Jordan gasped through her kiss as Bly's hand slowly traveled down Jordan's curves to her sex.

Bly's hand moved on top of her wet curls as her kiss traveled to Jordan's neck and she nibbled on the smooth skin. Bly parted Jordan's wet folds and pressed her thumb against her swollen nub as her finger slipped inside Jordan's wet opening, and she bit Jordan's neck lightly.

Jordan's hips moved upwards as she gasped from her lover entering her. "Oh, Bly...that feels so good." Jordan moaned as she moved her hips in synch with Bly's fingers.

Jordan's hand moved onto Bly's breast and she cupped it in her hand as Bly moved in and out of her faster. Bly moved her kiss down to Jordan's breast and sucked her nipple into her mouth as her fingers penetrated Jordan deeper with each stroke.

Jordan threw her head back and bucked her hips wildly as her lover fulfilled her every desire. " feels so good...deeper Bly." Jordan moaned breathless, her breathing becoming more labored as Bly slid another finger inside her. Bly loved to feel how tight Jordan's opening was and it peaked her arousal the way she tightly wrapped around her fingers.

Jordan was driving Bly nuts with her demands and she began to stroke her sex against Jordan's leg to satisfy her own burning desire. She moved her kiss back to Jordan's mouth and moved her fingers in and out of Jordan deeper as requested. Jordan put her hand on Bly's firm backside to guide her as she rocked her hips up and down against Jordan's leg.

"Oh, are so wet! Come with me Bly." Jordan whispered through her kiss, sending Bly to the brink of her climax and she began to stroke Jordan's sex faster. "Yes...Bly...yes baby! I'm coming!" Jordan screamed as she pressed her sex up against Bly who simultaneously released her orgasm on Jordan's leg.

Bly waited for Jordan's body to stop shuddering before moving down to take what belonged to her...Jordan's offering of love. She slipped her tongue inside of Jordan and sucked everything she had to offer as Jordan moaned in delight with each wave of her continuing orgasms. Bly gladly accepted Jordan's sweet nectar that she offered until she could give no more.

Bly slid up and lay on Jordan, spent from their passion and Jordan held her tightly. "I love you Bly." Jordan whispered as she kissed her on the head while she ran her fingers through Bly's raven hair.

"I'm glad you do Jordan." Bly whispered as she lightly kissed her on the neck.

"Because I love you so much. You are so freaking incredible and you make me feel so wonderful." Bly exclaimed with excitement sitting up to look down at Jordan.

Jordan blushed and smiled. "You do the same to me baby." Jordan answered with a smile as she pulled Bly down for a soul-searing kiss.

Bly broke the kiss. "Do you want to stay here or do you want to get into the bed" Bly asked with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"Hmmm, bed!" Jordan answered with a laugh as Bly got up and held her hand out to help Jordan up.

Jordan stood up and began to walk, but was pulled back into Bly's arms wrapping tightly around her. "You are so sexy Jordan." Bly whispered in her ear, her tongue circled the contours of her ear sending a wave of warmth and igniting a fire throughout Jordan.

She put her hands on Bly's arms and squeezed them tighter around her reveling in the love she felt from being in Bly's arms. "We need to hurry and get to the bed before we have to find another spot on the floor to christen babe...because I want you so bad Bly." Jordan answered with desire in her voice.

"Hmmm, my little vixen! Let's get you to the bed then." Bly moaned as she moved Jordan towards the bed never letting her out of her arms until they climbed in bed together.

Bly and Jordan made mad passionate love to one another for over two hours and fell asleep spent from their desires. Bly woke before Jordan who lay asleep on her chest. Bly smiled as she thought about how much she loved holding Jordan in her arms and how much she loved to feel Jordan's heartbeat close to her own. She kissed Jordan on the head waking the sleepy blonde who looked up at her.

"Hey, sexy!" Jordan responded groggily.

"I'm hungry." Bly informed Jordan with a sexy smile.

"For me... Haven't you had enough"" Jordan teased her dark haired lover.

"I can never get enough of you, but I was talking about being hungry for an apple crisp." Bly explained with a smile as she pretended to lick her chops at the thought of the tasty dessert.

"Hmmm, sounds good but what is it"" Jordan asked as her interest was peeked, which wasn't hard to do when it came to food.

"Oh, it's delicious. The best way to describe it is an apple cobbler type dessert, hot with vanilla ice cream on top." Bly exclaimed with a smile as she fondly remembered how delicious the dessert tastes.

"You sold me on it." Jordan exclaimed as she jumped out of bed and scrambled for her clothes.

Bly laughed as she watched her lover hurry and get dressed. Jordan threw Bly's clothes at her on the bed. "I guess you're a little eager for the apple crisp huh?"

"Oh,, how far do we have to go to get it"" Jordan asked as she put her shoes on.

"About a 5 minute walk to the Prudential Tower where the Ground Round is located." Bly answered as she slipped her bra on and then her shirt.

"Come on babe let's get going." Jordan replied trying to hurry her lover.

"What are you in such a hurry for?" Bly asked as she put her black silk underwear on.

"So, I can get some nourishment in my system to make love to you for the rest of the night." Jordan answered with a mischievous smile as she saw Bly's eyes widen with excitement.

"Well...why didn't you tell me that before…I would have already been dressed!" Bly exclaimed as she jumped out of bed and into her jeans then into her boots.

"Okay...sweets let's get moving!" Bly answered as she wrapped her arm around Jordan and they moved into the elevator.

Bly leaned Jordan up against the wall and pressed her body against Jordan's as she locked her blues with Jordan's greens. "You excite me beyond belief Jordan." Bly whispered as she leaned in for a long, moist kiss, which lasted until the elevator slowed to a stop.

Jordan broke their kiss breathless as Bly backed away from her waiting for the door to open. Jordan pushed her hair back and looked at Bly with a smile. "Do I have the I just made love look?"

Bly began to laugh as she looked at her lover. "Yeah...but who gives a damn?"

"That's right...who does give a damn if I look like hell, because it was freaking wonderful!" Jordan answered with a laugh as they both exited the elevator and headed out of their hotel for the Ground Round.

The pair took a back booth and Bly ordered the tasty apple crisp dessert for the two of them to share. The restaurant was not busy so, they had their privacy and were able to feed each other without other's gawking at them. Bly noticed Jordan had a little bit of ice cream on the corner of her mouth and licked it off followed by a soft kiss.

"Hmmm, I love this Bly. I have had such a good time with you this weekend. I'm really glad I came here." Jordan replied with a smile as she fed Bly the last bite of dessert.

"I'm glad you could make it because I missed you so much." Bly answered as she swallowed the last bit of apple crisp. She licked her lips and savored the last bit of apple crisp. She wanted to store the taste to memory knowing that Florida doesn't have a Ground Round so she'll be without an apple crisp until she gets back to Boston.

"Let's go back and make love for the rest of the night." Jordan whispered in her ear as she nibbled on her ear lobe.

"Check please!" By teased as she threw money down and grabbed Jordan's hand to lead her out of the restaurant to head back to their hotel. Bly stood behind Jordan in the elevator and wrapped her arms around her blonde lover and placed soft kisses along her soft neck as they waited for the elevator to deliver them to the penthouse suite.

Jordan leaned her head back against Bly's chest and loved feeling close to her lover. "This feels so good Bly. I love it when you're arms are wrapped tightly around me." Jordan replied softly. Bly continued her soft kisses alternating them with soft bites along her soft skin on her neck.

"I love to feel you in my arms, to taste your sweet skin and to smell your lovely scent Jordan. I wouldn't want it any other way." Bly whispered in her ear followed by a soft kiss on her cheek.

Jordan smiled and rubbed both hands up and down Bly's thighs as the elevator door opened to their suite. "I really like that apple crisp Bly. We'll have to find a place in Florida that has it that good." Jordan replied as she held Bly's hand and was led into the spacious suite.

"It is going to be tough to do that because I've tried just about all the restaurants around our area and none are quite as good." Bly answered with disappointment as she removed her jacket and the rest of her clothes, as did Jordan.

Jordan and Bly climbed into bed and Jordan laid her naked body on top of Bly's who wrapped her arms tightly around her lover. "Hey, what time is our flight tomorrow?" Jordan asked as she remembered tomorrow was Sunday and time to go back home.

"Oh, jeez…I totally forgot tomorrow was Sunday. I was having so much fun, I lost track of time. I have bad news babe." Bly answered with regret at what she had to tell Jordan.

"What?" Jordan asked skeptically and with disappointment because she hated bad news.

"I have to stay until Monday to check on one of our centers here. They have been having a problem with the director and I have to go fire him so, I won't be home until Monday night. I'm sorry." Bly answered with a sad look on her face for having to be away from Jordan for another night.

"I'll forgive you one day." Jordan teased as she laid her head down to hear the soft beats of Bly's heart and enjoyed Bly holding her in her arms.

Morpheus took them both into their dreams as both of their hearts beat close to one another's.

Jordan awoke early and lay watching Bly sleep and looked over at the clock sadly. Leaning over she kissed Bly's forehead and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Honey, I think we need to get up now. I've got to catch my plane soon."

Bly's body shifted to pull Jordan down on top of her and held her tightly mumbling, "No, not yet."

Jordan kissed Bly softly on the lips and left them touching as she spoke. "I'm afraid so." She continued lightly pecking Bly's lips. She didn't want to loose this contact right now. She wished she could stay in Bly's arms forever. Bly sighed and opened her eyes to look up at Jordan.

"I'm really going to miss you."

"Me too, so make sure you get your ass on that plane tomorrow night." Jordan replied before kissing the woman deeply.

"You can count on that. I'll be home before you even realize I'm gone." Bly replied smiling, as Jordan placed feather-light kisses across her face.

"Oh trust me, I'll know you are gone as soon as I leave your arms!" Jordan replied sadly.

"Well then we will just have to make sure you don't leave them until the very last moment!" Bly answered and returned Jordan's kisses. After a few moments, Bly broke off and asked, "Want to take a shower?""

"Are you insinuating that I need one?"" Jordan asked teasingly.

"No, I just want to wash your body all over!" Bly answered grinning.

"Well then, let's not keep you waiting any longer!"

After their extended shower, both thoroughly washed women were dressed and heading out to get something to eat and then take Jordan to the airport. Hand in hand they walked out of the elevator and headed to the escalator. Jordan was beginning to feel down at the prospect of having to say good-bye to Bly again.

Getting on the escalator they passed a woman who looked at them with disdain and Jordan looked back, and tightened her hold on Bly's hand before angrily responding to the woman. "Bite me!"

Bly looked from the startled woman to Jordan glaring at her, and burst out laughing. "Easy honey, she's not worth it."

Jordan smiled looking up at Bly before giggling about the whole situation.

"Yeah, you are so right." Leaning up she placed a kiss on Bly's lips and smiled down at the woman at the bottom of the escalator.

After eating they slowly made their way to the airport and waited at the gate while they preboarded Jordan's flight. "I hate this!" Jordan exclaimed.

"I do too, but I'll be back tomorrow night. You're going to pick me up right?" Bly responded rubbing Jordan's check lightly to calm her down.

"Like I would be anywhere else! I'll probably be at the airport two hours before your flight just to make sure!"

Bly's chuckle was cut off as they began the final boarding for Jordan's flight. Jordan pulled Bly over to her and hugged her tightly. "Be careful."

"You too!" Bly replied and leaned down to pick up Jordan's bag. She walked her to the beginning of the walkway and held out Jordan's bag to her. Jordan reached over and placed her hand on top of Bly's and just held it there for a few moments as she looked deeply into her eyes. Bly nodded at the silent request and winked releasing the bag into Jordan's hand. "Until tomorrow, I love you." Bly whispered. Jordan winked replying, "Me too!" and turned to board the aircraft.

Jordan arrived back in Florida and as she exited the plane she watched her fellow passengers being greeted by family and loved ones and felt a pang of loneliness. She had been alone, one way or another, for most of her life until she had met Bly. Now, every waking moment was filled with thoughts of her raven-haired lover. She smiled at these thoughts, instantly banishing the dark cloud that loomed over her as she walked through the terminal to get her luggage and the car. Jordan rifled through her carry on bag to find her wallet to pay the parking attendant and she pulled out a wrapped package.

"What's this"" she said outloud and the parking attendant looked at her curiously. She tore open the end of the package and saw the book. "Oh my God!" Jordan cried out as she continued to remove the paper a little more carefully. She knew it was the book she had seen in the bookstore; Bly had secretly bought it for her. Jordan felt the tears welling up in her eyes and turned to the parking attendant as he spoke.

"That will be $40.00 ma'am. Are you alright?"

"Yes, she bought me this." Jordan blurted out in her excitement.

"Ma'am?" The attendant wasn't sure what she meant and he looked at her puzzled.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Jordan replied quickly looking for her wallet and handing him two twenties. "It was a unexpected present from a friend." Jordan explained wiping the tears from her cheeks.

"Guess, it hit me funny."

"Well, sounds like you have a very nice friend. Looks like an old book." The attendant replied smiling.

"Yes, she is." Jordan replied smiling. "Thanks, have a nice evening."

"You too, ma'am."

Jordan pulled away from the booth and headed home, her eyes straying occasionally to the book on the seat beside her. Halfway home, the phone rang and Jordan knew instantly who it was.

"Hello sexy!"

"Well, that's better!" Jordan froze at the voice on the other end.

"How did you get this number?" Jordan asked nervously looking in her rearview mirror.

"I have my ways. So, did you and Bly have a good time in Boston?" Cindy asked sarcastically.

"That's none of your business Cindy! I really have no desire to talk to you and I would rather you didn't call here again." Jordan replied coldly.

"Getting a little high and mighty aren't you. You think just because you've found yourself a rich honey, that you can 't treat me like shit and we're finished?" Cindy asked angrily.

"Cindy, I don't know what your problem is, but there was never any US! I trusted you once and you hurt me, but that is all there ever was between us."

"No, you've got that wrong and you'll find that out soon enough!" Cindy responded. Her voice cold and impersonal.

Jordan felt a slight shiver and asked, " Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Because darling', you belong to me." Cindy replied with a laugh and hung up. Jordan replaced the receiver and gripped the steering wheel tightly. She turned off the interstate as the phone rang again. She let it ring a couple of times; hesitating if she should pick it up and getting mad she finally answered it tersely.


"Well, hello to you too!" Bly's father's voice rang out with uncertainty.

"Oh, Mr. VanDewark, I'm sorry I thought you were someone else." Jordan stammered embarrassed.

"Not Bly I hope?"

"Oh no, never Bly." Jordan rushed to respond.

"Good, because I think you two belong together. I've never seen Bly so happy."

He replied, his voice lifting along with his spirits.

"That makes two of us. She means an awful lot to me." Jordan replied.

"I think Bly would say the same of you. You are a welcome addition to our family Jordan."

"Why, thank you. I think you all are very special people and I have come to like you a great deal." Jordan was pleasantly surprised at his confession.

"Is everything alright? I take it that Bly didn't come home with you"" He asked.

"Yes, everything is fine and no, Bly had to stay one more day to check on a clinic." Jordan explained. "She will be home tomorrow night."

"O.k., well have her give me a call when she gets in…you take care of yourself and if you need anything give me a call."

"Thank you. I'll have Bly call you as soon as she gets in." Jordan rang off and replaced the phone in its cradle feeling slightly better after the second call. She hesitated calling Bly at the hotel, but decided to wait until she got home.

After Bly got back from the airport, she immersed herself in work in preparation for tomorrow's unpleasant task. She never liked firing anyone, but this individual should have been let go along time ago. He was incompetent and a walking liability waiting to happen. She had also heard rumors of possible insurance fraud and wanted to see first hand how things were going. So far the documentation she had seen, hadn't been in his favor. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she had an hour before Jordan would be home and she could call her. Something troubled Bly, but she couldn't figure out what. Shrugging, she went back to her files and completely lost track of time in the work before her. Running a hand through her ruffled hair, she sighed, "What a mess!"

Jordan let herself into the apartment and was puzzled that something wasn't right with the deadbolt, almost as if it hadn't been locked. Shaking it off, she pushed open the door and leaned down to pick up her suitcase as her eyes scanned the living room. Jordan stopped cold and dropped her suitcase in the doorway as she looked over what had once been her neat and tidy apartment. Her plants lay in a heap of dirt in the middle of the living room floor, her couch was tipped back and the cushions scattered everywhere. Her books had been dumped from their shelves and thrown across the room. There wasn't a room left untouched as she slowly walked through the disaster area that was her home. Closing her eyes as a tear slipped down her cheek, she knew who had been responsible for this. She had just as much told her so on the telephone earlier. Jordan moved to search for the telephone and when she found it she plugged it back in and listened gratefully to a dial tone. She hesitated calling Bly to tell her what was happening, but decided that there wasn't anything she could do but worry, and Jordan didn't want that. "Tomorrow is soon enough." She said outloud.

Jordan dragged her suitcase in and locked the door before picking up the telephone and dialing the police department. An officer arrived within an hour and took her statement. She told him about the phone call earlier and the problems she had been having with Cindy. Although he was sympathetic, there wasn't much he could do without proof except filing his report in case anything else happened. Jordan thanked him and locked up and called the rental office and left a message about the break-in and that she would need her locks changed in the morning.

Tired and lonely, Jordan went to the bedroom to clean it up so she could just go to bed and sleep the rest of the night away. She hoped that in the morning things wouldn't look so bad, but she had her doubts. She had succeeded in putting the bed back together when the telephone rang. She looked at it for a moment before taking a deep breath and picking up the receiver. She didn't say anything but held it to her ear listening.

"Hello, Jordan are you there?" Bly's voice called out.

"Oh Bly!" Jordan cried relieved to hear the one voice she needed.

"What's wrong Jordan!" Bly asked standing up and letting the papers on her lap fall to the floor.

"Cindy broke into my apartment and trashed the place!" Jordan replied as fresh tears began to fall.

"Are you sure it was her?" Bly asked pacing across the files and papers that littered the floor.

"She called on your car phone."

"She what?" Bly shouted angrily.

Jordan closed her eyes suddenly very tired and replied. "On my way home from the airport she called and said that I would soon learn that I belonged to her."

"That bitch! I'll kill her!" Bly ranted kicking a file and sending papers and notes in every direction.

"Bly please don't do anything." Jordan pleaded, her voice quiet and low causing Bly to stop her tirade.

"O.k. Jordan. Don't worry. Everything will be o.k. I'll get the next flight out and be home as soon as I can." Bly replied trying to calm herself. She needed to stay focused and keep Jordan calm right now. Her anger with Cindy would have to wait; she would take care of the woman later. Right now, she wanted to remain focused on her lover's needs.

"No, you have to it's your job. I'm fine, just tired." Jordan insisted.

"But, I want to be there with you." Bly answered with regret that she wasn't there with Jordan.

"You will be, tomorrow. There isn't anything either one of us can do right now anyway." Jordan replied rubbing her temple at the developing headache.



"You sound tired, why don't you get into bed and I'll stay on the phone until you start to fall asleep." Bly offered.

"Sounds good. Are you going to read me a bedtime story?" Jordan joked, feeling immensely better just talking to Bly.

"Sure, I'd love to. Can I tell you the one about the sexy blonde in my bed last night?" Bly chuckled.

"Oh yeah, is that the one with the tall, dark and gorgeous woman? It's my favorite."

Jordan striped down to her underwear and climbed into bed. "I wish you were here, this bed seems so empty."

"I wish I were there too." Bly replied. "Now close your eyes and picture me holding you in my arms."

"Umm, feels so nice." Jordan murmured as she let her imagination flash back to the night before.

Bly smiled knowing exactly what Jordan was thinking.

"Well, are you going to tell me a story or not."

"O.k., there once was this gorgeous blonde and..." Jordan interrupted Bly numerous times for clarification on her story and Bly patiently answered each question until she heard Jordan's voice start to drift off.

"O.k. honey, I think it's time you went to sleep." Bly said softly. Her voice was a velvety whisper in Jordan's ear.

"O.k. , I'll see you tomorrow then?" Jordan asked yawning.

"I'll be there before you know it."

"Night, I love you." Jordan replied sleepily.



"If you're going to belong to anyone, it's going to be me." Bly silky voice whispered.

"You betcha!" Jordan agreed and kissed the receiver.

Bly felt a tingle run through her body and she whispered, "Sweet dreams love" before hanging up the phone.

Later that night both women lay in their beds, rolling over they instinctively hugged the pillows next to them in quiet substitution. Bly drifted off with bright green on her mind as Jordan's heart danced to a deep blue.

Jordan paced in front of the gate, looking up at the monitor every couple of minutes. Patience was not one of her strong suits today. The day had dragged by as she waited for the appointed time to pick up Bly. True to her prediction, she had been almost two hours early to the airport.

The plane finally arrived and Bly was the second one out the door and hurried over to Jordan. Jordan threw herself into Bly's arms and just held her tightly as she breathed in the scent that was Bly's alone. The comforting arms and familiar scent calmed Jordan's racing heart like nothing else ever would.

Jordan threw herself into Bly's arms and hugged her tightly as Bly wrapped her arms warmly around her lover. "I've missed you."

"Me too!" Bly agreed. "You O.K.? Anything else happen?" Bly asked worried.

"No, everything is just fine now." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked at her tall lover.


They walked hand in hand to retrieve Bly's luggage and Jordan remembered, "Oh, I forgot to tell you last night. Your father wants you to call him as soon as you got back into town."

"No problem, I'll call him from the car."

Bly made plans to meet her father at the hospital tomorrow for lunch and hung up as she pulled into the front of her condo. Tossing the attendant her keys, she grabbed her bag and Jordan's hand and walked into the building. As the elevator ascended to the penthouse, Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and held her. Jordan pressed her face into Bly's neck and sighed in contentment.


"Only for this!" Came the muffled reply from Jordan as tears welled in her eyes.

"Well, you can have as much as you like, seconds, thirds, fourth, you name it, but, I meant food." Bly chuckled lightly.

"No, just this."

Bly could feel the tension in the body in her arms and she doubted that Jordan had eaten anything since yesterday. She also looked like she hadn't slept much either, tomorrow would be soon enough to worry about food, sleep was the order of the day.

"I ate on the plane. I'm more tired than hungry. What do you say we call it a night and turn in early?" Bly asked.

"As long as I don't have to give up this spot right here." Jordan answered and squeezed Bly for emphasis.

"No, I promise you can stay right here."

When the elevator doors opened, Bly kicked her bag into the room without releasing her hold on Jordan and walked her back to the bedroom.

The next day Bly met her father at the hospital and told him what had happened to Jordan. "I knew something was up by the tone of her voice, she sounded scared when she answered your mobile phone. Who is this woman?" He asked.

"Dad, this is still a very sensitive issue for Jordan. I'm telling you in confidence because I don't want her to think that I would go spreading it around." Bly looked up at her father seriously.

Her father nodded and replied smiling, "You know that I'm only allowed to talk to you're mother, so who am I going to tell?"

Bly proceeded to explain the events of what Cindy did to Jordan. Bly finished her story and could tell that her father was very angry. It was more of a controlled anger that he carried than anything he would ever say or do. "That woman is probably the vilest person I hope never to have the misfortune to meet!

I wish I had known last night, I would have made Jordan come directly to the house to stay until you got home."

"Thanks Dad, that means a lot to me." Bly replied grasping her father's hand across the table. He patted her hand and smiled. "Anything for my little girl and besides, we like Jordan."

"Me too!" Bly admitted blushing in front of her father. He chuckled at his daughter's discomfort and was happy that she had finally found someone who could make her feel this way.

"Why don't you talk to your mother and have her look into this Cindy person and see what she comes up with?" He asked.

"I was thinking about doing just that, maybe I'll run by her office on the way in to the clinic."

Finishing lunch, Chance walked his daughter out to her car and said, "I'm sure your mother will keep me posted, but let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

"Thanks Dad, but right now, we have no proof to use against her." Bly answered frustrated.

"Well, just keep an eye on our girl then and make sure nothing happens to her."

"I will Dad, talk to you later." Bly waved and drove toward her mother's office complex.

Bly finally found parking in front of the busy law firm and went inside. Bly waved to the receptionist who was on the telephone and walked down the hall toward her mother's office.

"Hello Andrea, is my mother free for a second?" Bly asked her mother's secretary.

"Hello Bly, it's good to see you again. Let me see," Andrea replied looking at her appointment book. "She just finished with a client and doesn't have another appointment for an hour."

"Great!" Bly replied and knocked on her mother's door before opening it .


"Bly! What a pleasant surprise, come in." Alexandra called out. "To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"I need your help." Bly replied.

"What's wrong dear?" Her mother asked growing concerned. Bly again related the events of the previous night and the story behind Cindy.

Bly's mother was a little less controlled than her father with her anger and erupted with a few colorful phrases when Bly finished retelling the story. She pushed her intercom and when Andrea answered she said, "See if Tim is around and ask him to step into my office for a moment."

Turning to face Bly's questioning look, her mother stated, "Tim is the best investigator that I have and unfortunately he has been tied up with another case so, I couldn't start the investigation sooner. People like her have a past, somewhere, she had done something and I'm going to nail her ass to the wall!"

Bly looked surprised at her mother's aggression and seeing the look in her Daughter's eyes, Alexandra replied, "Honey, I see how happy you have been since you found Jordan. She is a wonderful girl and, your father and I are happy that you are finally so content and settled. "

Bly nodded as her eyes began to tear and moved to hug her mother. "You guys are something, you know that?" Bly replied and kissed her mother's cheek. "You're our little girl, we could do no less." Her mother replied and looked up as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in."

Bly had met Tim twice before and liked the young man. He was in his late 20's and didn't look anything like what one would expect a legal investigator to look like. He looked more like a computer geek, than anything else. He was mousy, slight of build with thick-lensed glasses. But, the looks didn't fool Bly, she knew how sharp he actually was, her mother had an eye for talent and recruited him to work for her.

Alexandra gave Tim instructions on what she was looking for and Bly gave him all the information that she had on Cindy. He went back to his office to start with a computer search to learn more about the woman.

"Mom…I was pretty evasive with daddy regarding this matter and I left it that I would be speaking to you for the first time about investigating Cindy today. So, don't say anything about our discussion about this when we were on our boat okay?" Bly asked her mother who agreed she would not say anything. Bly kissed her mother and went on to the clinic to see her afternoon patients.

After work, Bly and Jordan undertook cleaning the apartment and putting things back together. The telephone rang and Bly moved to answer it.


There was silence on the other end. Bly knew the connection was live and that there was someone there.

"Hello?" She repeated. There was still no response and Bly remarked, "Asshole!" and hung up the telephone. She looked over at Jordan and shrugged her shoulders. "Wrong number."

Later that night, while they lay in each other's arms, the telephone rang again and Jordan leaned over to grab the receiver before it woke Bly too.

"Hello?" Jordan's voice was thick with sleep.

"Ooh, you sound so sexy when you just wake up." Cindy's voice replied.

"What?" Jordan called out sharply, fully awake now.

"I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were thinking about me too?" Cindy asked huskily.

"Stop bothering me Cindy! I don't want anything to do with you." Jordan replied angry at the woman's audacity.

"What is she doing there? Why did you let her answer your phone earlier, that wasn't very nice. Jordan, you should know better than to get me angry. You've seen what happens when I get angry." Cindy's voice edged into a threat.

"I don't care what you like and don't like Cindy, leave me alone!" Jordan shouted and Bly grabbed the phone out of her hand. She had heard most of the conversation and that had been enough.

"Listen you bitch…I'm warning you…leave Jordan alone!" Bly shouted into the telephone. The receiver on the other end was abruptly slammed down and Bly was left with a dial tone in her ear.

"Damn her, she hung up on me!" Bly remarked hotly to Jordan. Jordan flopped back onto the pillow, her heart still racing from the phone call.

Bly looked down at Jordan and calmed down when she saw the fear in the other woman's eyes. Lying down next to her she pulled the woman into her arms and placed a kiss on her temple before saying, "It's O.K., she's not going to hurt you ever again. I promise you this." Jordan nodded her head and moved to tuck herself closer to Bly. Bly held her quietly until Jordan fell back asleep. Sleep came a little harder for Bly as her mind calculated what she could do to protect Jordan.

As the following weeks passed Bly could tell that Jordan was getting harassed more than she would let on. On the occasions, that Bly spent the night at Jordan's the phone would ring during the middle of the night, but no one would be on the other end. Bly's patience was about at its end and she pitied Cindy the next time she saw her. Bly called the phone company and had them install Caller ID, but the number that dialed was always blocked. Tim's preliminary search didn't pull up anything other than the basic facts about the woman. There was no way of proving it was Cindy, but after a couple of months the calls seemed to be slowing and Jordan hoped that Cindy was getting bored and would finally go away.

Bly and Jordan had been seeing each other for about four months and things were going smoothly, they hadn't heard anything from Cindy for at least a month, and someone from the baseball team said they had heard she had moved out of state. Jordan had begun to relax and was back to her old self. She and Bly spent their time going out on the family boat and doing things together. Bly got Jordan to learn to rollerblade and Jordan, in turn, got Bly to go to the theatre with her. The latter was definitely the greater challenge and, in the end, Bly had to admit that she enjoyed the experience.

As their five-month anniversary arrived, Jordan hurried home to cook a special dinner for Bly. Bly was scheduled to arrive at her apartment at 6 PM and Jordan was running late. Luckily, the menu she had planned was lasagna and she had prepared it ahead of time and only needed to pop it into the oven to bake. Entering her apartment she came face-to-face with Cindy sitting on her sofa making herself at home.

"How did you get in here?" Jordan demanded, mad that her voice quivered.

"Is that anyway to greet your girlfriend after she's been away for so long?" Cindy asked rising from the sofa.

"You are not my girlfriend!" Jordan retorted and backed up toward the door.

"Come here Jordan!" Cindy commanded and stepped toward the retreating blonde.

"You stay the hell away from me!" Jordan shouted and backed up until she reached the front door, spinning around she jerked open the door and ran down the hall away from Cindy. She could hear the woman following her and she ran out of the building and headed toward the complex office. Luckily, they were still open and she ran inside.

"Jordan, what's wrong?" Angie, one of the rental agents asked coming around the desk toward the woman.

"Someone was in my apartment just now when I got home." Jordan explained to the woman.

"What? Are they still there?" Angie asked moving toward the telephone to dial the police.

"I don't know, she was sitting on my sofa when I opened the door. I got away and ran over here."

While Jordan gave her statement to the Police, she asked Angie to call Bly and gave her Bly's office and cell phone numbers. Angie tried Bly's office and found the woman had already left for the day. Next, she tried Bly's cell phone and was instantly connected with a smooth, sexy voice. "If the voice is any indication of the woman, I've got to meet this woman." Angie thought. She related what happened to Bly and the woman told her that she was already on the way and would arrive shortly. Bly also asked Angie not to leave Jordan alone until she got there. Angie agreed readily, especially if she got a chance to meet Jordan's friend.

The officer checked out Jordan's apartment, and as expected, there was no sign of Cindy. The apartment door was wide open but the place was empty. The officer was pulling out as Bly arrived and she went directly to the office to find Jordan. Angie watched the exchange between the two women and sighed and thought regretfully, "Why are all the good ones always taken?"

"Jordan, I really think you should move in with me, especially now." Bly tried to get through to Jordan, but Jordan was being adamant about not giving up her apartment because of Cindy.

"It's not that I don't want to live with you Bly". I'm just tired of Cindy always winning and if I give up my apartment now, that's exactly what she has done!" Jordan replied.

"Eventually, we will have done this anyway. I don't see the difference if we do it now or later?" Bly replied, trying to sound logical.

"Yes, but then, it will have been our choice and not because of Cindy. Please understand Bly, I love you and want to be with you, but not like this." Jordan pleaded. Bly didn't understand, but she could see that Jordan was getting upset and she wouldn't push the issue any further right now. She would just have to see to it that Jordan wasn't left alone for any length of time. If need be, she would hire a private investigator to follow her around.

"What are you hatching in that head of yours?" Jordan asked suspiciously.

"Just thinking about how much I love that hard head of yours!" Bly replied grinning and pulling the stubborn woman into her arms for a kiss. Bly kissed Jordan long and deep.

"So then, you understand how I feel?" Jordan asked nuzzling the side of Bly's neck.

"I'm having trouble with the reasoning, but I understand your need not to give in to Cindy and I'll support that." Bly replied leaning back and letting Jordan move her lips across to the other side of her neck.

"Mmmm, just remember that if you lived with me, you could do this anytime you wanted." Bly replied trying to bait Jordan.

Jordan chuckled and nipped Bly's neck in response. "Nice try!"

Bly laughed, "Well, a girls gotta try."

The next morning as Bly got ready for work the telephone rang and Bly picked it up.


"Bly?" Alexandra's voice replied, clipped and urgent.

"Yes, mother what's wrong?" Bly answered quickly.

"Is Jordan home?"

"No, she already left for work, why?"

"Good, how soon can you get to my office?" Her mother asked.

"Mother, what's wrong, is it Dad…or Dawson?" Bly asked as fear began to grow in the pit of her stomach.

"No, Tim just turned in his report on Cindy Edwards. Listen, I need to see you right now." Alexandra replied urgently.

Bly entered her mother's offices and went directly to her private office. "Mother? What was so urgent?" Bly asked as soon as she entered.

"Sit down dear. I have some things that I need to discuss with you." Alexandra told her daughter. This wasn't going to be easy, she knew her daughter would be upset.

"I finally got back some definitive background on Jordan's friend Cindy. It seems that Cindy Edwards is not her real name, which is why we had such a hard time locating anything on her.

"First of all Mother, she is not Jordan's friend, more like a stalker!" Bly replied defensively.

"Yes dear, I didn't mean it that way. She is a dangerous person and I wouldn't want anyone to consider her a friend."

"What did you learn?" Bly asked growing concerned by her mother's comments.

"Well, first of all her real name is Cindy Cooper. She changed her name because she is wanted in Michigan for vehicular manslaughter. She also has a lot of minor priors for drunk and disorderly, assault, and host of others. She recently spent 6 months in a Colorado prison on assault with a deadly weapon; I'm surprised her prints didn't match for the warrant in Michigan. I'm not sure what happened with that slip up." Alexandra explained as she made notes on her pad of who to contact regarding this information. "But, I'll contact the proper authorities and inform them of this."

"So, what now mother?" Bly asked as she began to pace the office. Jordan was in danger with Cindy loose, who knows what the woman would do next.

"We have to just notify the local authorities and let them handle this. We just keep a close eye on her in the meantime." Alexandra watched her daughter for a few moments and then went to her and wrapped her arms around the taller woman. "Listen, we are not going to let anything happen to her. I will get things moving as fast as humanly possible."

"I know mother, but it doesn't stop me from worrying. I don't want anything to happen to Jordan. I don't think I could handle that." Bly replied looking down at her mother and blushing.

"You care a lot about her don't you?" Her mother asked softly.

"Yes, more than I've ever felt for anyone before now." Bly confirmed.

"Then we will just have to make sure nothing happens to change that." Alexandra reached up and kissed her daughter's cheek. She had to admit that since the blonde had entered her daughter's life, she had seen a change in her personality. Bly smiled easily now and was more open and affectionate with those around her. Jordan was definitely a welcomed addition to this family.

Bly looked down at her watch and replied, "Please see how fast you can get things in motion for us mother. I have a patient in 20 minutes and I have to get going."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. Are you going to tell Jordan about this?"

"I don't know yet. Do you think I should?" Bly asked uncertainly.

"Why don't we wait and see what I find out and then you can decide. Maybe we can just get this resolved beforehand and you won't have to worry Jordan about it all." Alexandra offered and walked her daughter to the door. "I'll call you as soon as I find anything out."

"O.k. mother, I'll talk to you later." Bly leaned down and kissed her mother's cheek before briefly hugging her and leaving. Alexandra returned to her desk and looked down at her report and thought, 'This is one nasty lady, I hope the girls will be careful.' With that admission, she picked up the phone and began her long list of calls.

Later that day as Jordan came out of work and headed toward her car, she was abruptly grabbed from behind and spun around against her car. Cindy placed her hands on either side of Jordan and leaned into her face grinning. Cindy was easily 5'8 with a lean build that belied the strength that she possessed. Her blonde hair, streaked with brown, hung in waves to her shoulders, and her wide hazel eyes lacked any sign of warmth or human compassion. It was these eyes that, at this moment, looked intently at Jordan.

"You know you are a tough lady to get alone. Now, how do you think that makes me feel?" Cindy asked rakishly.

"Cindy, I really don't care how you feel. Can't you get that through your head!" Jordan spat back in anger.

"You don't know what you want Jordan. You never have, if it hadn't been for me, you would still be wondering who you are." Cindy taunted maliciously as she looked Jordan up and down.

"You've got that so wrong! If it weren't for you, I might not be afraid to let myself go and actually feel something for another person. All you've ever done for me is make me build walls around myself to keep everyone away. Well, now I've finally been able to let someone in, and that someone isn't you. Just go away Cindy!" Jordan demanded.

"Jordan, you don't mean that!" Cindy replied angrily. "It's that bitch that is making you say these things!"

"Let me go Cindy, you're hurting my arm!" Jordan replied and tried to twist out of the woman's grasp. Cindy grabbed Jordan with both hands in an effort to hold her still so that she would listen to what she had to say.

"Jordan, are you alright!" Both women turned to see a group of Jordan's co-workers approaching and Linda, who had just come out of the building, began to run in their direction when she saw the commotion.

"No, this woman won't leave me alone!" Jordan called out in hopes that Cindy would run away.

"No harm here ladies, Jordan and I are old friends. We were just having a friendly conversation." Cindy replied relaxing her grip on Jordan's arm. Jordan quickly wrenched her arm free and stepped away from the aggressive woman.

"Cindy, I've repeatedly asked you to stay away from me. If you touch me again, I'll have you arrested." Jordan shouted as her co-workers listened to every word.

"I think we should call the police!" Marge offered as she pulled out her cell phone.

"JORDAN!" Linda shouted as she ran across the parking lot toward the group of women.

Cindy's face was livid, her face a bright crimson as she spun on her heels and headed toward her truck. The women watched as she squealed out of the parking lot and Jordan took a deep breath.

"Who was that Jordan? Are you going to be okay? Marge asked, punching numbers into her cell phone.

"Don't call the police, I'm fine. I don't' think she will bother me anymore." Jordan replied as she reached out to still the woman's hand from making the call. Linda reached them in time to see Cindy pulling away in her truck.

"Are you okay Jordan?" She asked wrapping her arms around the shaking woman. "What did Cindy want?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It's the same old thing but, I think she got the message this time." Jordan answered half smiling to ease the tension she saw in her friends face and to quell the feeling in the pit of her stomach. She didn't want this to be made into a big deal. Her relationship with Bly was going good, and she didn't want anything to jeopardize that right now.

"It's okay honest," Jordan told Linda and pulled out of her arms and looked back at the rest of the women. They waved and said good-bye and made their way to their cars. Linda stood looking at Jordan. "She isn't going to quit is she?"

"I don't know." Jordan replied sadly.

"You had better tell Bly about it this time." Linda warned her friend, but she saw doubt in the blonde's eye and wondered if she would make another mistake and keep this to herself. She knew how much she loved Bly and how Bly hated Cindy. 'Something had to be done about Cindy.' Linda thought to herself and settled on talking with Julie.

"Don't worry, I will when the time is right." Jordan reluctantly agreed.

Linda watched as Jordan got in her car and pulled away as she whispered outloud. "Please don't make another mistake Jordan."

"Hey babe, how's it going?" Bly turned to face the familiar voice and smiled. She had been finishing up patient charts before her last appointment.

"Hey...Jules, what brings you here? Did you put your back out in bed again?" Bly teased her friend.

"Very funny, you are never going to let me forget that time are you?" Jules replied remembering it well. "She was something wasn't she?"

"So, how's Linda?" Bly asked instantly bringing her friend out of her reverie.

Julie looked over sheepishly and replied, "I hate that you know me so well!"

Bly laughed and grabbed her stack of files and put them on the counter to be filed away in the morning. "So, what's up my friend?"

"Well, Linda called me a little while ago and told me something that happened at work today. She was concerned and didn't know if she should tell you or not and I said that I would come over and talk to you." Julie leaned back against the counter and watched her tall friend.

"Tell me what, is Jordan all right?" Bly instantly tensed, knowing that Linda and Jordan worked together.

"Take it easy! Jordan is fine. Cindy paid a visit at lunchtime. I guess she was waiting for her in the parking lot."

"What happened?" Bly jumped in quickly and looked at her watch calculating. She had one more patient to go and then she was through for the day and Jordan would be at her place by then.

"I don't think she had time to do anything because Linda and a group of women showed up. Linda was just worried that Jordan is afraid to tell you because she knows how you feel about Cindy and it would cause problems again for you two." Jules explained.

Bly closed her eyes wearily and thought about how much she wished that wasn't true. She wanted Jordan to be able to come to her with any problem, even Cindy, without fear of anger or judgment on her part. Especially now, in light of all she knew about Cindy. She wanted Jordan to tell her everything so that she could protect her.

"Damn! I know I didn't handle that one very well but, I don't want that woman anywhere near her." Bly replied and filled Jules in on all that her mother had told her about the woman.

"My friend, this isn't good!" Julie replied. "I think we need to all pitch in and work some sort of arrangement to keep an eye on Jordan until your mother can take care of the situation!"

"Thanks, I could use the help. I still need to resolve the trust issue with Jordan. I want her to be able to tell me anything without fear of how I'm going to react." Bly replied thoughtfully.

"I think you two need to sit down and really talk." Julie answered. "I've got to run, I just thought you should know what Linda told me."

"Yeah, I guess you are right. I'll wait to see if she says anything tonight, if not, I'll approach it somehow. Thanks for telling me." Bly replied and walked Julie to the door.

"I miss pinching those sweet cheeks and not the one's on your face Jules." Bly teased as Julie looked back with a wink.

"They miss you too babe." She teased before blowing Bly a kiss.

Bly laughed and headed back in to prepare for her next patient.

Bly felt some of the tension drain when she saw Jordan's car in her parking spot and headed upstairs to make sure. Getting off the elevator, the house was quiet. Dropping her briefcase, she called out, "Jordan?"

"In here!" A voice responded from the kitchen. Turning the corner and seeing Jordan standing near the stove, Bly went in to wrap her arms around the shorter woman and sighed in relief.

"Bad Day?" Jordan asked as she leaned back into the welcomed arms.

"Not now." Bly murmured kissing her cheek and working her way down the smooth neck.

"Mmmm, that feels good. Hungry?" Jordan replied. She loved the feel of being in this woman's arms and the emotions she could draw out with just a kiss on her neck.

"Sure, smells great." Bly straightened up and helped carry the plates to the table.

After dinner Bly went to check her email and Jordan finished up in the kitchen and joined her. Bly looked up smiling "Want to check yours?"

Jordan smiled nervously and sat down on the recliner near her. "In a minute, I need to talk to you first."

Bly hoped that Jordan was ready to tell her about the events of the day. She took a deep breath and concentrated on keeping her emotions level and receptive. She knew how the mere mention of Cindy's name brought anger to her face. She gave Jordan her total focus and smiling openly, waited.

"Something happened at work today. I wanted to tell you because I don't want you to hear it from someone else and think that I am keeping anything from you. I don't want another repeat of the Keys." Jordan looked into Bly's eyes to see any hint of anger or disbelief. Seeing nothing but love, she took courage and continued. "Cindy showed up

at work at lunchtime today and she kinda pushed me around until Linda, Marge and some of the others showed up and threatened to call the police. She left quickly at that point."

"Did she hurt you?" Bly asked concerned and went to sit next to her on the arm on the chair.

"No, just pushed me against the car, no big deal." Jordan answered and was drawn into warm arms as she settled herself against her lover.

"What did she say to you?"

"The usual crazy stuff and that she thought it was your fault that I don't want her." Jordan explained calmly, trying to make light of it all.

"Do me a favor. Don't go anywhere alone. Try to stay with a group or something. I don't like the idea that she can just approach you like that." Bly answered.

"Then you aren't mad?" Jordan asked surprised.

"Sure, I'm mad. I'm mad that she continually harasses you, but I'm not mad at you for it." Bly explained. "Hey, it's not your fault." Bly added when she saw the sad green eyes look relieved.

"I hate all this trouble that she has caused our relationship and wonder sometimes if you will just get sick of it and think that we aren't worth the hassle." Jordan confided looking down at her hands worried. Bly leaned over and lifted her chin to look up at her. "I will never think that we aren't worth it! I would go through anything to keep what we have right now." Bly leaned down and captured Jordan's lips in a kiss that she hoped would show her just how much she meant to her. The ringing of the telephone interrupted anything further and with a groan Bly got up to answer it.

"Hey, how you doing?" Bly asked into the telephone. "Great. Yeah, she's here, hold on." Bly turned waving the phone at Jordan. "It's Linda." Jordan got out of the chair and reached for the phone at the same time she reached for a kiss from Bly. Bly winked and headed into the Den to watch the ballgame.

Bly plopped down in her favorite oversized chair and hit the power button on the remote as Ares entered the room meowing.

"Hey, buddy...what's up?" Bly asked as she leaned over the arm of the chair and ran her hand down his silky fur, his back arched in response to her touch. "Yeah, you're other mom gives me the same reaction when I rub her back." Bly teased mischievously

as she thought about how her sexy blonde lover looked when she responded to her backrubs.

Ares meowed loudly in response to her statement and looked at the TV. "I know..what can I tell you...the Florida Marlins are the only baseball team they're showing tonight." Bly replied as if her cat Ares was upset about the game. Bly laughed at her cat's vocal banter and rested her head against the back of the chair. She propped her feet up on the automann in front of her and settled in to watch the game.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Everything sounds okay there. Did you tell Bly about today?" Linda asked concerned as Julie sat next to her listening to the conversation. They had been worried now that they had told Bly, that Jordan would keep it back and it would cause another fight.

"Yes, I did and she seemed to take it pretty good. I was worried, but I'm not anymore." Jordan answered happily. "We were actually just talking about it when the phone rang."

"Well, then I won't keep you, go back and finish your conversation. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Linda answered smiling at Julie and nodding.

"Oh, yeah. I think we definitely need to finish this conversation." Jordan replied chuckling.

"Ooh, that sounded devious!" Linda laughed as she looked over at her slim, sexy, Italian lover and ran her hand up her thigh. 'Maybe we need to have one of those conversations too!' She thought seductively. Julie's eyebrow shot up in question at the look that passed over Linda's face and then smiled knowing exactly what the woman was thinking.

"Oh, yeah devious and so much more!" Jordan answered. "I'll talk to you tomorrow at work."

"Okay, have fun honey!" Linda purred causing Jordan to laugh and replied, "You too by the sound of it!"

Jordan clicked the phone off and stood smiling mischievously at what she had in store for her sexy raven-haired lover. She headed out of the room and took a quick glance to make sure Bly was in the den so she could put her plan in action, and give Bly a little surprise. She saw that Bly was engrossed in her ballgame and knew it would be safe to get everything prepared, and headed off to do it.

Ares jumped up in Bly's lap and meowed loudly as he looked at her. "What?" Bly asked him as she looked down at him. "I told you the Red Sox aren't playing tonight so, we can't watch that game." Bly answered as he rubbed his head against her hand before she patted his head.

"Do you have a kiss for your mama?" She asked in a childlike voice as she looked at him and saw that he crawled up on her chest to put his face close to hers for a kiss.

"Aah...that's my sweet boy...give me a kiss." She answered with a laugh as he put his mouth on her cheek and rubbed his face against hers. "Thank you know you're the only man that gets to give me kisses like that?" She asked as she ran her hand down his back.

"I certainly hope that he is." Jordan's voice piped in from behind Bly as she leaned down and pulled Bly's long, black hair off her shoulders to expose the soft, tanned skin on her neck. "I was curious if you would like some dessert?" She whispered seductively in Bly's ear sending goosebumps and a tingling sensation throughout Bly's body.

"Hmmm, are we talking Oreo cookie's?" Bly answered softly enjoying the feeling of Jordan's lips lightly nipping on her neck.

"No, I'm talking about.." Jordan whispered as she stepped in front of Bly completely naked with whip cream covering her breasts... "Having me for dessert." Jordan answered seductively as she saw Bly's mouth drop open...stunned. As a matter of fact, Ares' mouth did the same when he looked at her. Bly's blue eyes were opened wide and she swallowed hard not believing that Jordan could be that kinky.

"Bly close your mouth before your teeth fall out, and you too mister." Jordan answered with a laugh as she pointed to Ares.

"Aah...put your paws over your eyes boy." Bly answered with a laugh as she covered his eyes and stared at Jordan mesmerized as Ares attempted to peak around her hand...typical man!

"Well...are you interested in some dessert?" Jordan asked as she leaned in front of Bly resting her hands on the armrests of the chair with a wide grin on her face.

"Sorry boy...but I hear your catbox calling you." Bly remarked and picked Ares up off her lap and deposited him on the floor much to his dismay. "Well...hello there darlin!" She drawled as she moved closer to Jordan's breasts to except the offer of dessert.

"Yummy!" She answered after sucking the whip cream off of one of Jordan's breast before moving over to capture her treat off of her other.

Bly's lips wrapped around Jordan's breasts, which sent her into, orbit every time. She loved it when Bly kissed or touched her, not to mention that it made her incredibly horny. 'But then again, anything about Bly turned her on!' She thought as she enjoyed Bly's tongue circling her erect nipple before she sucked the nipple into her mouth ever so gently.

Bly put her hands up on Jordan's waist and pulled her down on her lap as she continued to suck on her breast. Jordan ran her hand through Bly's raven hair and lovingly watched her lover enjoy her breast. Bly looked up at Jordan with her sexy blue eyes and smiled before capturing her lips with her own. Bly pulled Jordan into her arms for a tighter hold and deepened the kiss, allowing her hands to roam freely over all of Jordan's naked body.

" feel so good." Bly whispered through her kiss feeling Jordan's hand cup and squeeze her breast sending a sudden rush of warmth straight to her center causing her to gasp in delight.

Jordan continued her kiss and pulled Bly's shirt up to remove it, only breaking their passionate kiss long enough to get her shirt over her head. Jordan straddled Bly's legs and kneeled in the chair before Bly, who captured a waiting erect nipple in her mouth as her hands slid down to Jordan's firm backside. She grasped her ass in her gluteal folds and gently squeezed her cheeks as her long fingers felt Jordan's wet curls.

"Oh, I really like this dessert better than Oreo's." Bly teased as Jordan looked down at her with a smile.

"I certainly hope so." She answered with a laugh as she slid down and captured the soft skin on Bly's neck between her teeth followed by a kiss.

"I love it when you bite my neck feels so freaking good and it turns me on to no end!" Bly replied obviously fond of Jordan's attentiveness to that body part.

Jordan held Bly's face in her hands as her tongue explored Bly's neck and moved down her chest to capture an eagerly waiting breast in her mouth. Bly gasped as she felt Jordan's mouth and tongue wrap around her oversensitive breast. Her heart raced and her sex throbbed from what Jordan was doing to her. Bly had never been with another woman that excited her as much as Jordan. 'She's such an attentive and caring lover.' Bly thought to herself as she gasped to catch her breath, while she watched her blonde lover run her tongue between her breasts to shower her other one with affection. Bly moved Jordan's long, blonde hair off her cheek as she watched Jordan work her magic and thought about how much she loved Jordan. She knew just exactly how much Jordan loved her by the way she looked at her and made love to her.

Bly leaned down and gently kissed her cheek as Jordan lifted her head and opened her green eyes to find blues staring lovingly into hers. She smiled before pressing her lips against Bly's waiting lips. Bly parted her lips and readily accepted Jordan's wandering tongue into her mouth happily. Bly's sex throbbed for want of Jordan to consume it and she couldn't stand it any longer. "Touch me baby." Bly whispered through her kiss sending a rush of warmth throughout Jordan. She was more than happy to oblige the husky request of her lover.

Jordan moved her kiss down Bly's neck between her breasts to her firm abdomen before stopping at her navel. She circled her tongue around her navel before dipping inside and sucking the skin in her mouth. Bly didn't know why that turned her on so much but it freaking did and she loved it when Jordan did it to her. Her kiss there sent a throbbing sensation straight to her center, not to mention how wet it made her. Bly watched her lover work her magic and couldn't wait to see her move her mouth between her legs to satisfy her burning desire to have Jordan's tongue there.

Jordan ran her tongue down her stomach to the waistband on Bly's shorts and traced her tongue underneath the band sending Bly's heart racing. Bly leaned her head back against the chair and tried to catch her breath before looking back down at her beautiful blonde lover. "Please Jordan...I need to feel you." Bly pleaded softly as Jordan removed Bly's shorts before placing a soft kiss on Bly's sex. Jordan loved how Bly kept her dark curls closely shaven in a thin strip, which she found to be very sexy. She loved to feel how soft her skin felt against her lips in that area.

She moved farther down as Bly spread her legs wider for Jordan and lightly licked her slick center sending Bly into frenzy. She moved her head back and gasped for air in pleasure from Jordan's lips and tongue pressed against her wet center.

"Oh, yes...Jordan!" Bly moaned as Jordan's tongue parted her folds and found one engorged nub ripe for the taking.

A smile slipped on Jordan's face at how aroused Bly was and that she could do that to her. She loved how Bly responded to her touch and kiss. She captured the swollen nub in her mouth tasting the familiar sweet taste of Bly that she loved so much.

" think I'm going to come right now!" Bly shouted in pleasure from her overwhelming arousal.

Jordan stroked Bly's clit slowly and gently as she slipped two fingers inside of her moist opening, much to Bly's pleasure. Jordan loved how Bly wrapped around her fingers and how warm and wet she felt. The way Bly wrapped around her fingers sent a rush of burning desire straight to her loins. She could feel how dripping wet she had become and couldn't wait to have Bly devour and take all of her. She loved to give herself to Bly and for Bly to give herself in return. Jordan slipped her fingers in and out of her lover who rocked her hips fervently as Jordan licked Bly's clit more intently to accommodate her lover's mounting arousal.

"Oh, Jordan...I can't hold it any longer this is for you." Bly moaned through her gasps for air as Jordan felt her lover's walls tighten around her fingers and knew her treat would soon follow. Jordan moved her tongue down to Bly's moist opening and dipped inside with her fingers as her thumb stroked her hard clit.

"Aah...aah...Jordan!" Bly shouted as Jordan felt her lover's opening tighten then release as warmth flooded her mouth and she accepted everything Bly had to offer her. She slipped her tongue deep inside of Bly as she moved her fingers out and sucked her opening for her tasty treat.

Bly's heart pounded and she tried to catch her breath as she enjoyed what Jordan was doing to her. She needed to feel Jordan in her arms and to have her lips pressed against her own to let her know just how much she loved her. She held Jordan's face in her hands as she finished and guided her up on top of her. She wrapped her arms tightly around Jordan and captured the blonde's soft lips with her own slipping her tongue past her parted lips for a long, lingering kiss.

Bly loved to taste herself on Jordan's mouth and traced her tongue along Jordan's lips before dipping it back inside for another soul searing kiss. Bly broke the kiss breathless and held Jordan tightly in her arms as she buried her face against Jordan's neck, placing soft kisses on her neck trying to calm her erractic breathing.

"Are you okay Bly?" Jordan asked wondering why Bly was holding her so tightly.

"I'm wonderful babe...You do know how much I love you right?" Bly asked Jordan as she rubbed her hands on Jordan's back.

"Yes, Bly I know how much you love me." Jordan whispered in Bly's ear as she hugged her tighter.

"You excite me more than you could ever imagine Jordan." Bly replied as she leaned her head back on the chair and stared lovingly into Jordan's gorgeous green eyes and ran her fingers through her long, blond hair.

", you do the same for me and I think it's time you do something about my excitement because I'm going nuts without you touching me!" Jordan answered with a laugh as she planted a soft kiss followed by a bite on Bly's lips.

"Ooh, an offer I will never refuse!" Bly purred seductively before capturing Jordan's lips for one last deep, moist kiss before taking her lover.

Bly's hands roamed every inch of Jordan's back down to her firm backside and back up again as her tongue led a trail of soft kisses down her neck to her breasts. Bly circled her hard nipple with her tongue in a slow methodical motion before wrapping her lips around the sensitive area beginning to suck the soft breast. Jordan gasped in pleasure as she put her hands on the back of the chair to brace herself letting her lover work her magic.

Bly's hands moved back down between her legs and she slipped her long finger between Jordan's folds to find an overly excited swollen nub. "Bly!" Jordan gasped breathless from her touch. Bly's finger movement up and down Jordan's hard, slick clit moved faster as Jordan slowly rocked her hips forward and back to meet Bly's motions. Jordan found it hard to breathe steady from what Bly was doing to her. Her touch felt so good and she could hardly control herself as Bly moved her mouth to attend to her other breast. Bly moved her other hand in behind Jordan and slowly slid a long, slender finger inside of her warm, wet lover as she continued to stroke her hard clit with her other finger.

"Oh, Bly...kiss me." Jordan moaned as her desire for Bly's lips on her own mounted when she looked down into the sexiest blue eyes she had ever seen. Bly's tongue was out and ready as she moved up to fulfill Jordan's request, and slipped it past her parted lips for a deep, sensual kiss. Bly's tongue explored every inch of Jordan's mouth as her fingers matched the slow rocking motion of Jordan's hips.

Jordan broke her kiss breathless as she felt her climax drawing near and tilted her head back as Bly placed a trail of soft kisses along her neck. "Oh, baby you drive me crazy!" Jordan moaned as Bly slid forward in the chair and stood up with her blonde lovers legs wrapped around her waist. She pressed her lips against Jordan's for one last moist kiss before moving to devour her sex.

"I can't wait any longer to taste you Jordan." Bly whispered huskily through her kiss and removed her fingers from Jordan, leaving her sex throbbing from the inattentiveness.

"Take all of me Bly." Jordan whispered breathless as Bly sat her down in the oversized chair and knelt before her on the floor. Bly slid her hands up between Jordan's legs and guided them apart as Jordan lay back in the chair. Bly parted her slick folds and dipped her tongue deep inside of Jordan, much to her delight. Bly held her tongue inside the moist opening and sucked her juices before moving her tongue to Jordan's throbbing clit. Bly sucked Jordan's swollen nub into her mouth as her long finger slipped back inside the now wider, moist opening. She slipped another finger inside of Jordan and moved them in and out of her slowly and deeply with each stroke as she licked and sucked the engorged nub.

Jordan began to move her hips faster, encouraging Bly to do the same as she felt her climax drawing near. She gasped for air as her heart pounded from her desire for Bly. Bly loved how Jordan tasted and how she felt so warm, tight and moist around her fingers. "Bly...I can't hold it." Jordan moaned desperately.

"Let it go baby...give it to me." Bly moaned huskily through her kiss as she felt Jordan tightening around her fingers and her hips pressed up against her mouth. Bly instantly moved her tongue down to her opening and drove it deep inside of her to take her desired treasure from Jordan.

"Aah...Bly...I love you so much!" Jordan yelled as she gave all of herself to Bly who gladly accepted everything she had to offer.

Jordan lay back in the chair spent and breathing hard as Bly finished taking what she wanted. She inhaled deep breaths to calm her breathing and racing heart. 'The things this woman does to me just about kills me every time! She is such a wonderful, caring and attentive lover. She makes me feel so incredible.' Jordan thought as she felt Bly's tongue working it's way up her abdomen to her neck before placing a soft bite on the sensitive area.

Bly looked into Jordan's sexy green eyes with a sexy smile of her own before capturing her lips with her own for a deep, moist kiss to let her know just how much she loves her. "Want to continue this in the bedroom?" She whispered through her kiss.

Jordan wrapped her arms around Bly's neck. "I thought you would never ask." She answered still breathless as Bly's arms wrapped around her back and pulled her up in her arms as Jordan kept her legs wrapped around her.

"Baby...I never want this feeling to end." Jordan whispered through her kiss.

"Me either Jordan." Bly answered as she carried Jordan down the hall towards their bedroom. Jordan aggressively kissed her lover, enjoying every moment of being carried in strong arms. She savored the feelings she felt being in this woman's arms and to have her make love to her as if she would never have that feeling again.

Bly entered the spacious bedroom and laid her lover on the bed gently. Climbing into the bed next to her, Bly continued kissing Jordan. She slowly ran her tongue along Jordan's kiss-swollen lips before dipping into the warm recess of her mouth. Jordan moaned as her senses began to respond and she felt the heat building in her core.

"Oh God Bly, the things you do to me!" Jordan whispered hoarsely when Bly moved to lightly bite and lick her way down Jordan's neck. Bly's muffled chuckle was all she replied and she moved down to capture an erect nipple between her lips. Bly's hands followed as they blazed a trail down Jordan's body and stopped at an already moist mound. Bly cupped the heated sex and continued her onslaught on Jordan's breast. Jordan ran her hand through Bly's raven hair and down her side drawing light circles on the side of her lover's breast. Bly could feel her breath quickening in response as Jordan's body responded to her touch.

"I want to taste you again." Bly murmured huskily, her breathing growing heavy along with her desire.

"Yes, I want to feel you touching me." Jordan replied breathlessly, her lungs felt as if they would explode from pent up desire. "Please, I need you."

Bly kissed her way down her lover's abdomen blazing a path to her goal. So intent were they in their loving making that the telephone rang three times before Bly's head snapped up startled and she listened for what had disrupted her journey.

"Hello!" Bly shouted into the telephone as she tried to still her beating heart and catch her breath. She was on the edge of her passion and the fire was still raging within her.

"Is Jordan there?" A sharp voice asked from the other end. "This is her mother."

'Oh shit!' Bly thought and apologetically replied, "Oh, yes. One moment, let me go find her." Bly cupped the receiver and looked at Jordan in surprise. "It's your mother!" She mouthed quietly. Jordan's eyes opened wide with fear before she recovered and looked away and quickly sat up. Reaching over to the chair she grabbed her robe and knotted the belt tightly and took the cordless phone from Bly.

"Sorry, I had my phone calls forwarded here whenever I'm not going home in case they call." Jordan answered nervously with a shrug of her shoulders.

"No problem." Bly replied smiling and reached out to touch Jordan's arm to calm her down. "Okay?"

"Yes, thank you. I'll go take this in the den and I'll make it quick." Jordan winked and tried to appear lighthearted about the whole matter. Bly could sense her ill ease, but just smiled and nodded in reply. She lay back against the pillows and got comfortable as she waited for Jordan to return. Soon she was sound asleep hugging the other pillow.

Bly rolled over and found the other side of the bed empty. She looked at the clock to find that it was almost 1 AM. Jordan had not come back to bed and almost 2 hours had passed. Quickly, Bly got up and grabbed her robe and went in search of her lover. Bly found Jordan still in the den holding the silent receiver as the tears tracked down her swollen cheeks.

"What's wrong Jordan?" Bly asked, instantly concerned and sat on the sofa next to her. "Talk to me baby."

"I just can't do this." Jordan answered jerkily.

Bly's chest constricted as her mind raced and she asked, "Can't do what?"

Jordan muffled a sob and answered, "I just can't be what they want." Bly felt her body relax in relief. She was subconsciously afraid that Jordan had meant their relationship.

"Talk to me, what did they say? What do they want?" Bly asked her as she took the phone out of her hands and pulled her into her arms to hold her. She slightly rocked the blonde in her arms as she waited patiently for her to reply.

"They want to know if I have met anybody yet or when I'm coming home to get serious about my life. They said it's time I grow up and find a husband. It seems my mother ran into my old high school boyfriend who just got married and it got her on a tangent about marriage and weddings. She's had my wedding all planned out since I was little!" Jordan replied and chuckled lightening the situation.

"So, what did you tell her?"

"I told her I was grown up and had a life that I liked very much!" Jordan answered and hugged Bly closer for emphasis on the part she liked. Bly smiled and kissed the top of her head. "So, what kind of wedding does she have planned?"

"Oh, it's ghastly. You should see the dress she has picked out. It's got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It has a high neck and long puffy sleeves that makes it look like some Victorian straight jacket!" Jordan remarked hotly. Bly laughed out loud causing Jordan to calm down in return and join in the humor.

"That's not the worst part either! She also envisions of this big wedding in a church with all these candles and pomp and the reception must be held at the country club. She won't hear of anything but that. Jeez, she even has the band orchestrated to play nothing but waltzes and crap like that!" Jordan retorted and watched Bly's face as they both laughed hysterically.

Bly took a deep breath and wiped the tears from Jordan's face and asked, "So, what kind of wedding do you want for yourself?"

"Well, if it were possible for me to get married, I think I'd like something simple like maybe barefoot in a white sundress on the beach somewhere at sunset. I think that would be so romantic." Jordan answered wistfully.

"You do huh?" Bly replied quietly visualizing what Jordan had in mind. She smiled at the woman in her arms and leaned in for a deep kiss.

"Yeah, it's a nice dream, but we both know the chances of that happening are slim." Jordan replied sadly.

"Oh, I don't know there are some states that recognize same sex marriages." Bly replied.

"Don't give up your dream Jordan, not for her, not for anyone."

"You're right. I shouldn't let her bully me around anymore. I have a right to decide what I want out of my life, not her." Jordan replied smiling and leaned in to kiss Bly. "And I've decided that I like my life just the way it is!"

Bly chucked and asked, "So, you want to stay here all night or get back into bed where it is warm and comfortable?"

"Oh, definitely the bed, I do believe we were rudely interrupted at a very crucial point in our discussion and I'd like to continue that conversation." Jordan smiled sexily.

Bly led her blonde lover back to the bedroom and stopped beside the bed as she pulled Jordan into her arms. She gazed into those fabulous green eyes with a sexy smile and softly kissed Jordan's lips. "Now, where were we?" Bly replied through her kiss as Jordan chuckled and wrapped her arms around her tall, dark lover deepening the kiss.

Bly's hands moved through Jordan's hair down her neck to her robe. She slipped her hands under the material and pushed it off her shoulders to the ground as Jordan untied Bly's robe never breaking their kiss.

"Jordan I love to kiss you so much. Your lips feel incredible against mine." Bly replied with a smile before cupping Jordan's face in her hands and placing a long, moist kiss on those sensual lips.

Jordan loved what Bly was doing but just couldn't let the conversation with her mother get out of her head. 'How can that woman be so damn ignorant? And selfish to want those things for my life because it suits her purposes?' Jordan thought as her anger with her mother mounted along with her desire as Bly laid her back on the bed.

Bly lay her naked body on top of Jordan's and placed a trail of sensual kisses down Jordan's neck to her breast before capturing the perky nipple in her mouth. Jordan absently ran her hands through Bly's raven hair as Bly's arousal mounted and she could hardly contain her want and desire for Jordan. Her heart raced and her breathing became erratic as she moved her kiss to Jordan's taut abdomen dipping her tongue inside her navel followed by a kiss.

'That woman has ruined so many things in my life.' Jordan thought to herself as she thought back to the many incidences that her mother had something to do with as her anger increased. She couldn't enjoy what Bly was doing to her anymore. She was just too upset and wanted Bly to just hold her. "Bly...please stop." Jordan replied regretfully as Bly had moved her kiss down to Jordan's blond curls but didn't stop as she was so engrossed in what she was doing.

Jordan couldn't stand it any longer. She reached down and cupped Bly's face in her hands and moved her mouth off of it's resting place. She looked down in confused blue eyes.

"Please...I need you to stop and just hold me." Jordan told Bly as she just wanted to be comforted and to feel safe.

"Aah...okay." Bly stammered with bewilderment as she tried to calm the fire that burned within her. She moved back up on Jordan who wrapped her arms around her lover instantly to feel her closeness. "What's wrong Jordan?" Bly asked concerned as she rolled onto her back with Jordan in her arms and held her tighter.

"I'm sorry...I just couldn't get that conversation with my mother out of my head and it ruined the mood for me...I'm sorry." Jordan answered in a tearful voice.

Bly held her tighter and kissed the top of her head. "It's okay don't have to apologize to me. I completely understand...don't worry." Bly answered reassuringly as she tried to calm her racing heart and erratic breathing.

"Thanks for being so understanding." Jordan answered softly as she lightly kissed Bly's neck feeling complete in Bly's arms as if nothing else in the world mattered to her.

Bly lay wide awake and hoped her arousal would subside. She wondered how a mother could be so insensitive and uncaring for her own daughter. Especially a wonderful person like Jordan she thought with disbelief as she ran her slender fingers through Jordan's hair and felt her soft breath on her chest, and knew she was fast asleep. She kissed the top of her head and whispered. "I love you Jordan."

Continued in Part 5.

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