Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

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Part 5

Bly woke the next morning alone and sat up quickly. "Jordan?" She listened and heard the water running in the shower and layback down. She wondered how Jordan was handling things this morning and decided to wait for her to make the first move. Closing her eyes she lay thinking about what she could do to help Jordan when she felt the bed move and a body lay across her. Opening her eyes she was met with clouded green ones and smiled.

"Good Morning." Jordan said softly and kissed Bly lightly on the lips.

"Good Morning to you too." Bly murmured and wrapped her arms around the robed figure and held her closely.

"I'm sorry for last night." Jordan offered and looked down, plucking at the sheet between them.

"Hey.." Bly answered and lifted Jordan's chin to look directly into worried eyes. "I don't care about last night, I care about you."

"I just shouldn't let her get to me like that. It's a control thing with her, she lays the guilt trip down in hopes that I will do what she wants me to do." Jordan explained angrily. "It's my life, I just want to live it my way."

"Then you do just that and don't give her control anymore. If she knows she can get to you, she will continue to do so." Bly softly replied and tucked a stray blonde hair behind Jordan's ear.

"You're are right." Jordan rested her chin on Bly's chest and gently rubbed her nose against Bly's strong chin thinking. "It's time I make my own life and stop letting others have control. My life is here with Bly now.'

"What are you thinking so intently about?" Bly asked softly kissing Jordan's forehead to remove the creases of worry that lined it.

"Oh, just that it's time I stop letting everyone but me try to run my life. It's my life, not my mothers and certainly not Cindy's." Jordan answered firmly with a quiet resolution.

"That's terrific! So, what would you like to do with your life today?" Bly asked lightening the mood. She had the feeling that Jordan needed to take this slowly with no interference from her.

"Unfortunately, we both have to go to work today...remember it's Monday." Jordan grinned as Bly moaned in denial. "You'd better get in the shower if you don't want to be late."

"Ugh! Only Monday?"

Jordan rolled off Bly and pulled her up to a sitting position. "Come on the weekend is over." Bly let Jordan pull her from the bed and push her toward the shower. They rode down in the elevator together and parted out front at their cars.

"You are coming back here tonight right?" Bly asked Jordan as she walked her to her car.

"Yes, I have to stop by my place and get my mail first." Jordan kissed Bly lightly before getting behind the wheel.

"Okay, see you tonight." Bly closed the door to Jordan's car and walked back to her own. She followed Jordan's car until it entered the interstate and Bly continued ahead to the clinic.

"Bly?" Jordan called out as she exited the elevator. She headed toward the kitchen to find the tall woman looking through the freezer. Bly's long tanned legs that showed from her shorts made Jordan stop and smile appreciatively.

"Find anything good to eat?" Jordan stood in the doorway holding an envelope in her hand smiling. Bly looked up and winked. "Nothing half as good as I see over there."

Jordan blushed and walked towards Bly and threw her arms around her neck. After kissing Bly deeply, she pulled pack and tapped the envelope against Bly's chest. "Guess what I'm getting?"

"What...lucky?" Bly asked seductively.

"Well, that too, but no, I'm getting an award for one of my stories." Jordan replied bubbling with excitement.

"You're kidding, Congratulations! Which award?" Bly replied hugging Jordan happily.

Jordan pulled out the invitation again and read it to Bly. "It's the Acorn Awards for new writers in the field of popular literature. According to this letter there will be some very prominent authors at the ceremony. It's a black tie affair so I'm going to have to get a new dress." Jordan paused and looked up from the invitation and asked, "Will you go with me?"

"Sure, when is it." Bly replied readily.

"Let's see.... the 29th...ummm, wow that's soon, its Saturday." Jordan replied and looked at Bly to see the look on her face change. "What is it?"

"I'm sorry but I can't go. This is the weekend of the volleyball tournament. I told you about it before." Bly replied apologetically.

"But Bly, I was really hoping you would go with me." Jordan was disappointed that Bly would miss one of the most important events in her life. "This is very important for me."

"I know it is and I'm very proud of you, but I've already committed myself to this tournament." Bly explained.

"Do you really have to be in the tournament? Could you miss just this once?" Jordan looked at Bly pleadingly. She couldn't understand why Bly couldn't miss one tournament for something as important to her as this.

"I really wish I could, but you have to understand that I've already committed myself to be on the team." Bly answered, as Jordan looked away upset. Bly went to Jordan and pulled her stiffly to her. "I really wish I could be there with you, but I can't get out of this one."

"It's okay Bly, I understand." Jordan simply replied, but she really didn't understand the importance of a tournament compared to the award ceremony. She wouldn't beg her to attend and would just go alone.

"I'm sorry." Bly softly said and pulled Jordan to her chest and held her. She knew Jordan was upset, but there was no way around this. They stood in each other's arms for a while, both wishing they could change what had just happened, the excitement of the award had been dampened. Technically, this would be termed their first impasse, before this they were always able to agree. This time, neither one would win.

"Hungry?" Bly asked after a few moments.

"Mmmm, not really." Jordan murmured not moving her head from Bly's chest.

"Interested in some pizza?" Bly tempted her with her favorite food. "We could order one and watch TV."

"Sure, sounds good." Jordan answered and lifted her head. "You order and I'll go see what's on."

Jordan started to step away and Bly pulled her back to kiss her. Jordan's response lacked her usual enthusiasm and Bly knew that she was upset. Hoping, she would get over it, Bly didn't remark but just watched Jordan walk into the other room before picking up the telephone to call in their order.

They watched television with Jordan laying her head in Bly's lap facing away from her. Bly toyed with Jordan's hair but the woman was unresponsive. 'She is really taking this hard, but there is nothing I can do about it.' Bly thought sadly and sighed. After the movie was over she looked down to see Jordan had fallen asleep. Gently shaking the woman's shoulder's she woke her quietly saying, "Time for bed."

"Oh, I fell asleep." Jordan replied and yawned, sitting up. She looked so cute when she was ruffled and sleepy that Bly couldn't help pulling the woman up into her arms as she stood. Bly began to lightly kiss Jordan's neck as the woman snuggled against Bly tired. Jordan was still unresponsive and Bly finally stopped and said, "Come on, let's get you to bed." And led her down the hall toward the bedroom. Changed and ready for bed Jordan instantly curled up against Bly and fell asleep wrapped around the taller woman. 'Well, at least she's not too mad to let me be her body pillow.' Bly thought wryly and closed her eyes to wait for sleep to come.

The next morning was a little better, but Jordan still would not engage in her usual upbeat humor. Bly was beginning to get perturbed by the blonde's attitude, but said nothing as they parted for work. Bly didn't ask her if she was coming over after work and Jordan didn't say she wasn't. 'I guess I'll see you when I see you.' Bly thought sarcastically as she drove away.

The day went by slowly for Jordan and Bly hadn't called all day. She also hadn't asked if she was going to stay over tonight. 'Maybe she just wants some time to herself. It's not like I expected her to change her whole life around mine. She has a commitment and she needs to fulfill it. I can just go to the awards by myself.' She thought guiltily and picked up the phone to dial Bly.

Bly came to the phone to find Jordan on the other end. "Hi, what's up?" Bly asked waiting to judge the response she received.

"Nothing just thought I'd call and see how your day was going." Jordan replied, she hated that their conversation was awkward and stilted.

"Busy and now I find out that I have to leave Wednesday evening to go for Medicare hearings at another clinic. So, I guess I will just go from there to the tournament and return home Sunday night." Bly replied thinking, 'I might as well lay it all out there now and get it over with.'

"Oh, okay." Jordan answered softly. "Do you need a ride to the airport?" She wasn't really thrilled that Bly would be leaving any earlier, but she wouldn't let her know that she was still upset.

"Sure, my flight leaves at 8 PM." Bly answered surprised. She had hoped Jordan would take her but had been afraid to push it and ask. "You coming over tonight?"

"No, I've got to work late tonight and I thought I'd just go home instead of driving all the way out to your place. How about if I just come over after work tomorrow and we can get something to eat before I take you to the airport?" Jordan replied and sat listening to the silence on the other end.

Bly sat back in her seat, momentarily taken back by Jordan's response. "Okay.... that will be good. Listen I have to run, I have a patient waiting. I'll see you tomorrow, right?" She hated that this was coming between them. 'Maybe I should just call and tell them I can't make it.' She thought to herself, but knew that if she didn't go, they would have to forfeit and she couldn't do that to the team either. "Damn!" Bly muttered under her breath as she walked toward the exam room.

"Yes, tomorrow..." Jordan had replied and hung up. 'Shit, why did I just do that? I'm being a total bitch about this whole thing.' Jordan berated herself silently and considered calling Bly back, but decided against it.

Bly waited anxiously for Jordan to arrive to take her to the airport. They hadn't seen each other since Monday, although she had tried calling Jordan at work last night, but the blonde had been too busy to talk for more than five minutes. The phone rang, it was the lobby telling her that Jordan had arrived and was waiting to pick her up. Bly hung up the phone thinking unhappily, 'Why didn't she just come up?' She picked up her bag and looked around one last time before getting into the elevator and heading down.

'I'm being stupid, I should have gone up to get her.' Jordan thought sadly to herself. She was still upset that Bly would choose a volleyball game over one of the most important events in her life. 'I guess I shouldn't be so possessive, I don't own Bly or anything.' She looked up when she saw the building door open and there was a catch in her heart at the sight of Bly. She watched the tall beauty walk with a graceful gait towards the car and open the door.

"Hey." Jordan called out as Bly slid into the bucket seat next to her.

"Hey, yourself." Bly replied tossing her bag in the back.

"I wasn't sure if we were in a hurry or not, so I didn't come up." Jordan said lamely. She knew Bly knew that wasn't the case.

"No problem." Bly smiled over at Jordan. She wanted to fix the problem between them because more than anything in the world, she didn't want to lose this woman. Bly leaned over and touched Jordan's cheek. Jordan looked at her silently smiling before she started the car to pull it away. The ride to the airport was uncharacteristically quiet with only a smattering of conversation from Jordan about having to go back to work that evening. Jordan watched Bly out of the corner of her eye and wanted to stop the car right then and there and pull the woman into her arms. She didn't know how to handle the current situation. She was hurt and feeling left out and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

Bly didn't comment when Jordan pulled up in front of the terminal instead of parking and going in with her. She knew Jordan needed to get back to work, but she wasn't ready to leave things the way they were.

"Jordan, you know I'd be with you Saturday night if I could." Bly looked at Jordan as she reached into the back to retrieve her bag and waited for a response.

"I understand, you've committed yourself to the tournament. It's okay, I think Linda is going to go with me." Jordan replied and tried to put on a nonchalant front. Her insides were churning with indecision over what to say to Bly.

"I'll call you tomorrow okay?" Bly asked and leaned over to kiss Jordan good-bye. Jordan just answered, "Okay.", and her return of the kiss was cold and stiff. She nervously pulled back quickly and looked at Bly.

Bly could feel herself getting angry thinking, 'What more can I say to make her understand?!' She opened the car door and proceeded to get out and on second thought turned asking, "Do you want me to call you?"

"If you want to...but, you might want to call me at work because that is where I'll be most of the time." Jordan replied. Bly just nodded and closed the door and walked briskly into the terminal. 'Better to walk away now before I say something I'll regret.' She thought with agitation and disbelief from Jordan's demeanor.

Jordan watched as the tall figure moved away as her eyes began to sting and her chest burned. She quickly pulled the car from the curb and drove away before she did something foolish. 'I can't force myself into Bly's life totally, there are things that are important to her.' She rationalized and headed her car back toward the office.

The next couple of days were hectic at work and Jordan found she was not getting home until very late and would fall into bed exhausted. Bly had called three times and she had tried to return the calls unsuccessfully.

Finally, after playing phone tag for three days, Bly called Jordan late Friday evening from the airport. She was on her way to the volleyball tournament and this would be the last chance she would get to talk to her before the award ceremony. The phone rang four times before the answering machine picked up. Bly left another message and wondered, 'Where is she at this time of night?' She hung up the phone and picked up her bag to board her airplane. "Damn Jordan what's going on?" Bly muttered under her breath as she walked down the aisle to her seat.

Jordan couldn't sleep so she pulled Bly's pillow closer to her and breathed in the scent that she loved. She missed Bly's so much and hated how she had been acting lately. She hadn't been able to reach Bly by telephone this evening and desperately needed to feel connected to her lover and went over to Bly's to spend the night. 'Why didn't I just let this one go...why did I have to push Bly away? Now, I may have pushed her completely way.' Jordan lay thinking as a tear rolled down her nose and she cried herself to sleep.

The next day Bly's first game started early and she didn't finish until later that evening. She tried calling Jordan to wish her luck tonight at the Award ceremonies, but there was never any answer at Jordan's apartment. Bly's game was off as she began to be worried and angry over where Jordan could possible be.

Linda arrived at Bly's to help Jordan get ready for the big night. Jordan had decided just to stay at the Penthouse until it was time to go to the ceremony. She hadn't forwarded her phones this time and called home to check her messages. There were two from Bly, but no phone number to call her at. She listened to Bly's velvety voice over and over again until Linda finally arrived and she began to get ready. Dressed and ready, Linda and Jordan walked down to Jordan's car. Julie was going to pick up Linda after the ceremony, and Jordan decided she would come back to the Penthouse and wait for Bly to come home on Sunday.

Cindy had followed Jordan over to Bly's and sat in the parking lot waiting for her opportunity. She knew there was too much security in the building to approach Jordan and decided to wait until she came out. "Aah...ha there's my girl. Let's just see where these two are going." Cindy replied with a mischievous smile on her face as she started her truck up and waited for Jordan to pull out of the parking lot. "Too bad that rich bitch isn't with her...I'd like to wipe that smile off of her face but I'm sure I could do that with Linda just the same." Cindy told herself as she followed the pair down US1.

The ride over was a quiet one and Linda wondered what was going on with Jordan considering she was up for an award. 'Maybe she's just nervous about the award.' Linda thought and decided to let Jordan start the conversation if she wanted to talk about what's bothering her. Jordan steered into the parking lot of the hotel were the award dinner was held and both ladies climbed out of the car to head in considering they were running late. Despite getting dressed early they were still late getting there.

"Are you okay Jordan?" Linda asked with concern as they walked towards the doors to the building.

"I'm very nervous." Jordan answered with a slight laugh.

Linda still wasn't convinced that's all that was wrong with her best friend. Jordan was too quite especially considering she's up for an award. Usually, Jordan would be chatting incessantly about how excited she was about something like this. 'Something had to have happened with her and Bly. I intend to find out just what happened.' Linda thought to herself as they entered the hotel.

"Oh, look so hot this evening. I can't wait to take you once and for all for my own." Cindy replied with a smile as she sat in her truck in the parking lot watching the ladies enter the hotel. "As for you Linda, I should just get you out of the way. You've been a major hindrance with Jordan and I. You'll definitely get what you deserve." She replied maliciously.

Jordan and Linda grabbed a cocktail and headed to their seats just as dinner was being served. Linda looked at Jordan and was tired of her nontalkative self. "Jordan...tell me what's going on?"

"I told you Linda, I'm nervous."

"Horse shit! You and Bly had a fight didn't you?" Linda whispered back with agitation. Jordan kept her head down with embarrassment over the way she's been acting around Bly and nervously nibbled on her roll. "Well? Don't pull this mute crap with me Jordan. Give it up." Linda answered as her agitation mounted. She didn't like the idea of Jordan and Bly fighting. She wanted to the best for her friend and that was Bly. Linda had watched women treat Jordan like crap for many years and she felt that Jordan didn't deserve that treatment... hell, no one does. She saw how happy and in love Jordan is when she's with Bly and she didn't want Jordan to ruin that relationship.

"I've been awful Linda." Jordan answered reluctantly and regretfully as the host began their introductions for the awards with Jordan and Linda oblivious to what was happening. "I have treated Bly like crap the past few days. I haven't talked to her in a few days and when I did talk to her I acted like I couldn't be bothered. When I dropped her off at the airport I didn't walk in with her or give her a meaningful kiss before she left or told her how much I love her." Jordan explained as the tears welled in her eyes.

"Why? What happened?" Linda asked with concern as she put her hand on Jordan's forearm for support.

"I'm mad at her for not being here with me. It's the most important thing in my life and she's not here to share it with me." Jordan answered sadly.

"Jordan...I love you know that but I think you're being a little selfish."

"Linda! I thought you were on my side?" Jordan asked with hurt that her friend was taking Bly's side.

"I am on your side and that's why I'm telling you like it is Jordan. Did you stop to think that the volleyball tournament is important to Bly? From what Julie said it's a Regional volleyball tournament with national TV coverage were the east team plays the west team and they choose the top 3 all-stars to be members of the National volleyball team which will compete in the 2000 summer Olympics in Australia. Julie told me that Bly was a shoe in for a spot on the team but from the way she played earlier today she may not make it. Julie said she has never seen Bly play so poorly. Didn't you watch the game today Jordan?"

"No I didn't. I wasn't aware that it was such a big tournament and how high the stakes are for Bly. She didn't mention anything to me regarding the tournament though. This is so important to me Linda." Jordan answered feeling guilty by the way she acted.

"This is more important to you than losing Bly? Because that's what it sounds like you're telling me. It sounds like maybe Bly didn't tell you because of the way you were acting. You could have supported her in her volleyball tournament by giving her your love. She was supportive of you with this award dinner right?" Linda asked slightly perturbed by her friend's actions. 'She's going to blow it with Bly and that's a shame because they are meant to be together.' Linda thought to herself sadly.

"I know Linda...I'm so foolish for the way I acted. She was very supportive of this. I know I hurt her deeply and I should have been more supportive of her. I just didn't look at it as her being the most important thing in my life. I just looked at it as a silly volleyball tournament and I regret that." Jordan answered tearfully as the host announced the next award would be for the new short story author of the year.

The host explained that the winner would have their story published in their national magazine, would receive a check for $5,000 and would be given a book deal.

"Look...Jordan you need to work this out with Bly. When she calls you need to make up with her. She loves you so much and I know you love her."

"The winner of this years award is..." The host announced.

"I know Linda. I already feel like shit as it is and now with this latest news of how important the tournament is to Bly I feel worse." Jordan answered guiltily.

"Jordan Milano!" The host announced as everyone began to clap.

"What's going on?" Jordan asked and looked around as everyone looked at her.

"Jordan! You won...they announced your name!" Linda exclaimed with happiness and excitement.

"Really?" Jordan asked with amazement and excitement.

"Get up there and except it!" Linda replied as she stood up to help her out of the chair.

"Oh, my god! I can't believe it." She told Linda with a stunned look on her face before she approached the podium to accept the award. She blushed nervously as she watched the crowd clap with their appreciation for her. "Thank you very much." She told the host as she shook her hand.

"Well...Jordan go ahead and say something." She replied with a smile as she pointed to the crowd who had calmed enough for Jordan to speak.

"Thank you...aah... I had no idea I would win this award." Jordan answered with a nervous laugh. "I just want to say thank you to the Acorn award committee for making this dream come true and to my best friend Linda for her never wavering support." Jordan answered with a smile as she looked at Linda to acknowledge her. "But most of all I would like to thank my inspiration for the story...the other half of my soul who unfortunately, couldn't be here tonight which is good because they would have been very embarrassed to know the story was about them!" Jordan answered with a shared laugh with the crowd as she held up the award to show the crowd. "Thank you again." She replied and walked back down towards her seat as the crowd applauded her efforts. Her heart raced and she was so nervous she could barely walk to her seat.

Jordan was glad that was the last award of the evening because she didn't know if she could sit still, she was so nervous and excited. Linda engulfed her in a hug the moment she came close to the table as the host thanked everyone for coming and encouraged people to mingle with the award winners. "Jordan...I'm so proud of you and I'm so happy. You really deserve this award." Linda replied emphatically to let Jordan know she was very happy for her.

"Linda...I can't believe it. I'm so nervous, anxious, excited, happy... it's so wonderful!" She exclaimed with a laugh.

"You should be honey...this is great!"

"Excuse me Jordan...we need to get your picture for the next issue of our magazine." The host interrupted as she informed Jordan duty called.

"Oh, sure...I'll be right back Linda." Jordan replied with a smile as the host led her towards the other award winners.

Linda watched on for almost a half-hour as people snapped picture after picture of Jordan and just when it seemed like she would get away... another person would grab her. She approached Jordan when she realized Julie would be outside waiting to pick her up for their six-month anniversary celebration later that evening. "Jordan...I have to leave I'm sorry." Linda apologized when she was able to get two minutes with her friend.

"It's okay I's your anniversary...go ahead enjoy your evening." Jordan answered with a smile.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Linda asked with concern.

"I'll be fine...don't worry...get!" Jordan teased her.

"Okay...but I want you to call me when you get to Bly's to let me know if you got home alright."

"Yes, mom! I really don't want to bother the two of you in your celebration."

"Just call and if we don't answer leave a message on Julie's machine so we know you're okay...please?" Linda pleaded with concern for her friend.

"I, get going and give Julie a kiss for me." Jordan answered reassuringly.

"I will and do what I said with Bly. She's going to be so happy for you!" Linda exclaimed with a smile as she hugged Jordan before she left.

Jordan watched Linda leave and wished Bly could be there with her. She thought about how stupid she acted and made mental a note to make it up to her just as soon as she could.

Linda headed out the front door of the hotel and noticed Julie was sitting in her convertible BMW in front waiting for her. Linda opened the door and looked in replying. "Hey, you sexy Italian lover, are you going my way?" She asked with a sexy smile.

"I'm going any way you want me to with the way you look in that dress babe." Julie teased with a smile as she watched Linda get in the car.

Linda leaned over and kissed Julie soundly. "Hmmm...I missed you." Linda purred as she gazed dreamily in Julie's brown eyes.

"The feeling's mutual babe. Where's Jordan?" Julie asked as she looked to the door for her.

"Oh, she won the award! She's busy taking pictures and hob knobbing." Linda exclaimed with excitement.

"No shit! That's fabulous! Bly is going to be so psyched when she hears about it. Is she going to be okay getting home?" Julie asked with worry and happiness for Jordan winning the award.

"She promised she would call when she got home. Oh, here." Linda answered as she kissed Julie again. "That's from Jordan." She replied with a smile.

"Hey, she's a pretty good kisser. Maybe I should wait for her?" Julie teased with a laugh as she pulled the car away from the hotel and received a punch in the arm.

"How did Bly do in the last game?'

Julie looked at her with a glum face. "Not good at all Linda. I have never seen her play like this before and I have no idea what's wrong with her." Julie answered with disbelief at the way Bly was playing at the volleyball tournament.

"Her and Jordan had a fight and that's probably it." Linda explained.

"Well...that explains it. Let's hope they make up soon because if she doesn't play better tomorrow she won't make the team and that's bad because she was pretty much the favored player on the east team to be the number one all-star." Julie explained as they pulled out of the parking lot and out onto the road.

"I'm sure she will play better tomorrow because Jordan's going to make up with her tonight." Linda answered confidently.

"Great! So, want to go to Australia for the summer Olympics next year?" Julie asked with a chuckle.

"I'll go anywhere with you sexy." Linda answered with a laugh.

Cindy watched as Jordan walked to her car alone. She was glad that Linda had already left before Jordan. When Jordan pulled away Cindy smiled and followed her. "Good she is alone."

Jordan drove back toward Bly's place, her mind a million miles away as she thought about the award and Bly. She had treated her horribly and hoped that there was a message for her on her machine with a phone number. She didn't like the fact that Bly's performance at the tournament was hampered because of her attitude.

It was late as Jordan drove down US1. The streets were deserted as she stopped for a red light. A car pulled up next to her honking its horn and Jordan looked over to see Cindy motioning for her to pull over. Jordan's heartbeat jumped erratically in fear. Jordan shook her head no and pulled out through the red light. She accelerated the car to try to put as much distance between herself and Cindy.

"Damn you Jordan. Why must you always make everything so difficult?" Cindy fumed; she could feel her anger building uncontrollably. "I have had enough of this attitude." Cindy raced after Jordan's fleeing car. She pulled up along side and shouted out her window. "Pull over! I need to talk with you! Now!"

Jordan again shook her head and stepped on the gas harder. She looked in her rearview mirror and all she saw was lights filling up her window. 'Oh God Bly! I need you!' Jordan cried silently. She looked around for an open store or anything to find help, but everything was closed as she sped down US1.

"If I make it to the Penthouse, I will be okay and can get some help to keep her out." Jordan told herself outloud to calm her shaking hands.

Cindy tailed the small car and lost all reason to her anger. She tapped the back end of the car causing it to fishtail violently. Jordan pulled the car back around and kept driving.

"Just stop and talk to me Jordan and this wouldn't have to happen." Cindy shouted to the car in front of her. She tapped the back end a little harder screaming. "Pull over!"

Jordan grasped the wheel as tightly as she could and pulled the car back onto the road...her right tires had hit the gravel and she had almost lost it. Fear broke out in sweat on her forehead and the tears ran down her cheeks as Cindy's truck hit her car harder this time.

"Oh God! Help me!" Jordan cried as her head slammed forward and the wheel spun out of her hands, out of control. The car spun around and around and flipped over into the ditch at the side of the road, and the car rolled over and over. When it finally came to a stop, the only sound that could be heard were the tires rubbing as they continued to spin. Jordan lay silently... still strapped in by her seatbelt

Cindy got out of her truck and ran to the smoking car. She looked inside and saw Jordan's lifeless body. Turning, she ran back to her truck and got out of the area as fast as she could. "If she had just done what I asked her, this wouldn't have happened. It's her fault!" Cindy justified, but deep in her heart she knew that she had once again gotten herself in big trouble.

The emergency rescue units arrived shortly after a motorist phoned in the accident from their cell phone. The first on the scene to examine the car was a firefighter. "Where are the paramedics?" He shouted as he assessed Jordan when the other firefighter approached.

"They're gathering their gear." The firefighter answered as he drew closer.

"She's going to have to be extricated...she's trapped in the vehicle." He informed him.

"Is she alive?" He asked as he peered in the window.

"Barely...get the 'jaws of life' over here quickly and tell the paramedics to move it!" He ordered with urgency as the firefighter rushed away to fulfill his orders.

The paramedics rushed to the car and began to open their equipment as one medic looked in the car at Jordan to assess her condition. "The steering column is pinning her against her seat." The firefighter explained. "We're going to extricate her."

"Okay...let me check her over." He answered as he climbed into the shattered window as much as he could to assess Jordan. "Her pulse is weak, thready at 110. She's unconscious, cold, pale and diaphoretic...hand me the blood pressure cuff." He replied as his partner wrote the information down and handed him the blood pressure cuff before calling in to report the status. "Blood pressure is 50 palpable." He answered as he backed out of the vehicle window.

"I'm establishing two IV lines of lactated ringer's solution to help improve her blood pressure." The paramedic informed his partner as he established the IV's and the firefighters cut the car open to get Jordan out.

"Grab the backboard...she may have a spinal cord injury." The paramedic ordered as he put a cervical collar on Jordan's neck and his partner grabbed the backboard.

The paramedics stabilized her head as they transferred her onto the backboard as a precaution. The paramedics applied MAST trousers to improve her circulation for the possibility of internal bleeding secondary to Jordan's blood pressure being so low. Once at the hospital the doctor's noted Jordan was hypertensive and ordered a CAT scan of the head, cervical spine, and pelvic X-ray which all came back normal. The chest X-ray revealed three fractured ribs which is common with blunt traumas such as Jordan's from being pinned against the steering wheel. A CAT scan of the liver revealed a lacerated liver as Jordan was typed and cross-matched for blood.

"DR. Jagers...the patient has AB-blood with rare antibodies." The nurse informed the doctor as she looked over the results.

"Great...that makes everything worse." She answered dryly and agitatedly at the findings. "Find a contact person for consent if we need to do surgery and get moving on the blood...she's going to need it." The doctor ordered as she worked to stabilize Jordan's condition.

"Hey, Jan! Who's the patients contact person?" The nurse asked as she approached the desk.

"Aah...Bly VanDewark." She answered as she flipped through Jordan's wallet that the police officers found and gave them finding her emergency medical card there.

"Bly VanDewark? It's her lucky day because I think Dr. VanDewark is still here. Call Bly and get in touch with her to let her know what has happened and I'll have Dr. VanDewark paged."

Bly's father entered the emergency room shortly after being paged. "What's up?" He asked slightly irritated by the page as he was on his way out the door.

"Dr. VanDewark...this patient has Bly listed as her emergency contact person and we wondered if you knew her." The nurse informed him as they approached the foot of the bed.

"Oh, my god...Jordan!" He exclaimed with worry as his blue eyes filled with tears. "Aah...yes, I know her...what's her condition?"

"They're trying to stabilize her. She has internal bleeding."

He didn't like what he heard and his fear for Jordan grew. He gave the nurse Bly's cell phone number to call as he informed his wife of what happened to Jordan. She said she would call Linda to let her know before she came down to the hospital. "Dr. VanDewark...we can't get in touch with Bly." The nurse informed him as she approached defectedly.

"Does Jordan have family numbers listed?" He asked as he looked away from Jordan and down to the information sheet the nurses compiled.

"No one but Bly." She answered as she flipped her pages to look for any pertinent information.

"Hey, Chance." The surgeon replied as she approached. "Any luck finding her contact?...we need consent...she needs to have an exploratory laparotomy to identify the exact source of bleeding. We'll either do a partial liver resection or coagulation of the bleeding site with an ARGON laser." She explained to Bly's father.

"Her contact is my daughter and she's unavailable. Jordan's like a daughter to me...if she needs surgery I'll give consent and take full responsibility." He informed the surgeon as he signed the forms and wondered just where in the hell his daughter was. He knew this happening with Jordan would devastate her.

"Okay...let's get moving. She also has a fractured wrist that will need to be addressed once we get her stabilized." The surgeon explained.

"I'll take a look at her X-rays and see what needs to be done with her wrist." He answered solemnly as he looked at Jordan with great concern for her.

"Arlene...any luck with a blood match?" The Dr. Jagers asked the nurse.

"No, we've got calls out to the blood banks throughout the country and we're waiting for a response."

"Keep on it because we've got to have that blood...soon or she'll bleed to death from all the hemorrhaging. The best person would be a family member." She answered before walking away but stopped and turned back. "Chance...why don't you scrub in for the surgery?"

"Aah...yeah, I just might do that...thanks."He stammered as he worriedly looked at Jordan.

"Chance!" Alexandra replied with worry as she rushed towards her husband. "How is she?"

"Not good...Alex. They are prepping her for surgery now to try and locate the exact cause of the internal bleeding."

"What happened?"

"I don't know the details other than she was in a car accident. Any luck reaching Bly?"

"No, she must not have her phone with her for some unknown reason. She always has that thing with her." She answered with disbelief that she didn't respond to her calls which she was very good about doing.

"Listen, I need you to see if Linda can get in touch with Jordan's parents. It's imperative we get blood specific to her." He explained to his concerned wife.

"Okay...we'll get on it as soon as her and Julie get here."

"Have the nurse come get me out of the operating room when you get through to her parents and I'll explain Jordan's condition to them. See if Dawson can track Bly down...I've go to go." He answered with urgency.

"Take care of her." Alexandra answered with a slight smile as she squeezed his hand. "She's got an excellent surgeon...but I'll make sure they take care of her." He answered with a reassuring smile and a wink as he headed towards the operating room while Alexandra left for the waiting room.

Bly's game ended in a tie and they were taking a break before starting again. She needed the break...she just wasn't into the game at all. She just didn't want to be there...she wanted to be with Jordan. Bly didn't like what was happening between the two of them and playing in the tournament for the Olympics wasn't worth the risk of losing Jordan. She had a very bad feeling and didn't really know why, which kept her mind off of playing.

Bly reached into her bad for her towel and noticed her phone flashing that she had messages. She picked it up and scrolled through recognizing her brother's number showing up a number of times, her mother's number and the hospital's number. She had a sinking feeling, as worry and nervousness swept over her like a tidal wave. Bly called her brother's number to find out what was going on.

"Bly... where the hell have you been?" He asked with urgency and concern.

"In a game...what's going on?" She answered agitated at her brother's demeanor.

"It's Jordan...aah." He stammered not really knowing how to tell his sister what happened to Jordan.

"What's wrong with Jordan?" Bly snapped worriedly before her brother could say anything else and stood up as her heart jumped into her throat. She felt incredibly warm and felt physically ill at the thought of something bad happening to Jordan.

"She was in a car accident Bly." He answered softly knowing his sister was already upset.

Bly's blue eyes filled with tears and her knees felt weak as she fell back into the chair. Her heart raced uncontrollably and she could barely breath. "Is she? she okay?" Bly stammered, her voice shaky as she forced the question out. Her hands shook uncontrollably and she could barely hold the phone as the tears streaked her face.

"I'm sorry doesn't look good. They took her in for exploratory surgery to try and stop the internal bleeding." He answered as tears filled his eyes from the pain he could hear in his sister's voice.

"I'm on my way...I'll call you from the plane." Bly responded with urgency as she clicked the phone off and hurriedly gathered her belongings. Her thoughts of Jordan overwhelmed her and she didn't know what she would do without her.

"Bly...where are you going?" Her coach asked agitatedly.

"I have an emergency and I have to leave." Bly answered as she turned towards her coach and then started to walk away again.

"You can't leave...we're right in the middle of a game."

"Watch me!" She spat back and headed off as her temper flared.

"You won't make the team if you leave." She angrily warned.

"The person I'm going to be with is more important to me." She snapped as she headed quickly towards the exit of the arena clicking her phone on to contact her travel agent. "Sarah...I'm glad I caught you...I need a flight back to Florida right away." Bly explained breathless as she ran through the halls of the arena.

"'s late and do you realize how much that will cost?" Sarah asked with slight agitation for the late night call.

"I don't give a damn what it costs...just get me on the fucking plane! Rent a plane if you have to just get me something by the time I get to the airport. I'll be there in ten minutes." She replied angrily as she clicked the phone off and exited the arena before hailing a cab.

Sarah had never heard Bly so upset before. They had been college roommates for the entire four years at the University of Florida and they were very good friends. She figured it must have something to do with Jordan or a family member for her to react that way and didn't take her attitude personal. She quickly began to work on a flight for her friend.

Bly called the hotel and made arrangements for her bags to be sent back to Florida for her. She slipped on her team jacket as she felt a chill from the air hitting her sweat soaked clothes and clicked on the phone as it rang.

"Sarah?" She asked.

"'re on Delta flight 269 which leaves in fifteen minutes."

"Great...thanks...I'm pulling up now."

"Bly...I hope everything works out okay. Call me and let me know what happened when you can. I'll send good thoughts along." Sarah answered with concern.

"I'll call...thanks Sarah." She answered sadly as her thoughts turned to Jordan. She was pissed at herself and felt guilty because she was in California and Jordan was home fighting for her life. The pain and guilt she felt were unbearable. 'I should have been there. She must have been terrified being alone. I'm a terrible girlfriend...I should have stayed home.' She thought disgustedly as the tears flowed freely while the cab pulled up to the airport.

"Which terminal?" The cabbie asked. "Aah...Delta." Bly answered as she looked up and wiped her tears before pulling out cash for the fare. She exited the cab and ran to her gate and flashed her ID before receiving her boarding pass. She headed down the gangway and took her seat in first class. Bly waited until the plane was in the air before she called her brother back.

"Dawson...any news yet on Jordan?" She asked with great concern.

"No, she's still in surgery Bly."

"Damn...what happened with the accident?"

"I spoke with the officer and they think it was a hit-n-run." He explained.

"What? How do they know that?" Bly asked as her anger mounted and she couldn't understand how someone could be so callous to cause an accident and leave the scene.

"They found red paint on the rear of her car indicating someone hit her from behind causing the accident."

Bly's temper took over and the rage within her mounted as she instantly thought of the one person who could have caused the accident...Cindy. She had a red truck and had been terrorizing Jordan. "Dawson...I'll bet everything I own that Cindy is involved in this accident."

"I thought the same thing and I alerted the officers of the problems Jordan had been having with her. I've got our investigator's working on finding her as well." He explained with frustration that Cindy could wreak so much havoc in Jordan and Bly's life.

"Thanks me a favor?" Bly asked softly as her temper calmed and she thought of Jordan.

" know that." He answered reassuringly.

"When Jordan comes out of surgery could you tell her that I love her and I'm on my way? Please." She asked as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Absolutely...what time are you due in I'll pick you up out front."

"I should be on the ground in three hours...thankfully, I got a non-stop flight with Delta." She explained.

"Okay...I'll be there waiting...I love you Bly and remember, Jordan's going to be fine." He answered lovingly and reassuringly to calm his sister.

"Thanks...Daw...I really appreciate that and I hope so. I love you too...bye." She answered softly as she clicked her phone off and looked out the window lost in her thoughts of Jordan. She thought about how much she loved Jordan and how she never enjoyed, started living life until she met Jordan.

Bly's thoughts turned to anger when she thought about Cindy and if she had anything to do with the accident, she was going to strangle that bitch with her bare hands! Bly realized that she was the cause of this backlash from Cindy. Jordan had asked her not to taunt Cindy in that damn baseball game but she didn't listen. The guilt hit her like a baseball bat and realized that she may have cost Jordan her life...the only person she ever truly loved with all her heart and soul. 'What have I done?' She asked herself as the lump in her throat swelled and she had difficulty breathing as she began to cry.

Dr. VanDewark was alerted that the staff had reached Jordan's parents and they were waiting on the phone. He left the operating room and pulled his mask down followed by the removal of his gloves to take the call. "Hello...this is Dr. VanDewark and my daughter is very good friends with Jordan."

"Yeah...Jordan told us just how good of friends they really are!...what do you want?" The woman's voice asked gruffly with animosity.

"Aah...are you Jordan's mother?" He asked as he was flabbergasted by the woman's attitude.

"Yes, I am." She replied curtly.

"Well...Jordan was in a very bad car accident and is bleeding internally. It seems that Jordan has a rare blood type with rare antibodies which we are having a hard time matching. We can't give her just any blood... it has to be specific to her blood type. We need for your family to go to the nearest hospital to be tested for the same antibodies as Jordan before you head down here. The hospital there will transport the blood down here immediately." He explained with urgency.

"I'm sorry we can't do that." The woman answered coldly.

"Excuse me?! mean to tell me you're not willing to help your child who may die?" He asked angrily as he shouted through the phone growing more agitated with the women's callous attitude toward her daughter.

"Jordan's adopted so, no one in this family can help her and Jordan doesn't know that she's adopted either. I can give you the name of the adoption lawyer we used and maybe he can give you information to reach her birth parents if she's that bad off."

He was aghast by his conversation with this woman and wanted to bitch slap her in a big way. He had never ever thought about hitting a woman...but this one...yeah, he wanted to slap her hard...very hard. It went against everything he stood for his hypocratic oath and that he wasn't a violent man but he seriously wanted to rearrange this woman's face.

"Lady...whether Jordan is adopted or not you raised her and she's still your child. You should be here with her...she may die!" He shouted angrily in the phone seriously wanting to reach through the phone and strangle the woman. "Well...that's regrettable but she called and told us of her lifestyle the other day and we can not accept that life for her. We wish her the best but we've washed our hands of her." She answered nastily before hanging the phone up.

"That fucking bitch!" He exclaimed angrily, slamming the phone down and stormed down the hall to the waiting room.

" is she?!" Alexandra exclaimed with worry as everyone swarmed him for information on Jordan.

"They have coagulated the bleeding and are finishing up now. We still have to get the blood to replenish what she's already lost. Did you get in touch with Bly?" He asked as he looked at his son and worked to calm his temper.

"Yeah...I'm going to pick her up in an hour." He answered as he glanced at his watch for the time then back up to his father.

"Okay...great...aah...Alex can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked unnerved as he led his wife away from the group. "Jordan's mother is a real piece of work and said Jordan is adopted. She also said she wished Jordan the best but they couldn't agree with her lifestyle and have washed their hands of her." He explained still in astonishment from the conversation.

Alexandra was flabbergasted and her eyes filled with tears. "Oh, poor Jordan...that sweet girl has gone through so much and now her own family is treating her that way. It's a disgrace and I hope they burn in hell!" She spat knowing it wasn't very nice to say, but 'damn it...she was pissed and they are deplorable people,' she thought to herself.

"Can you have Jimmy see if they can track down her birth family to get the blood she needs?" He asked as he looked into his wife's beautiful blue eyes that both of his children possessed which calmed his temper even more.

"Of course...I'll do it now." She answered softly before kissing him and clicking her phone on to make the call.

"Dr. Jordan going to be okay?" Linda asked nervously and with tear filled eyes as Julie placed her hands on her shoulders for comfort.

"Well...we hope so. They are hoping they can keep the bleeding stopped so Jordan won't have to have a partial liver resection. It's also very important that we get the blood she needs to replace what she lost already." He answered trying to reassure them along with himself.

"Can I be tested? I don't know what my blood type is, but I'd really like to help Jordan."

"Sure...head down to the lab and I'll have the nurse set it up." He answered as Linda and Julie turned on their heels heading down the hall towards the lab. Chance headed back in to check on Jordan who had been moved to the recovery room after her surgery as Dawson and Alexandra worked on gathering information regarding Jordan's birth family. They placed their calls and headed to the recovery room and informed the nurse to tell her husband they were waiting outside.

Chance informed the nurse to allow them in to see Jordan. Alexandra put her arm around Chance as they looked over Jordan who was very still and hooked up to every imaginable piece of equipment the hospital had in it. Dawson sighed back his tears and approached Jordan's side holding her hand.

He leaned down to her ear. "Hey, Jordan...Bly wanted me to tell you that she loves you very much and that she's on her way." He replied softly as they all noticed the heart monitor show a faster heartbeat. He smiled as he looked up at the monitors and then leaned down to kiss Jordan's forehead. "Remember...anytime you want to switch teams you know were to find me but for now, I'm going to pick up Bly so, you two can be together. Hang in there." He replied softly as the heart monitor revealed a faster heart beat again at the mention of Bly's name. Dawson squeezed her hand and smiled at his parents. "I'll be back soon." He replied as he walked past them towards the exit to pick up Bly.

Dawson squealed to stop in front of the Delta terminal and didn't have to wait long before he saw a tall figure running toward his car. He pushed open the passenger door in time for Bly to jump in before pulling away from the curb again.

"How is she?" Bly asked even before she had fully closed the door. She threw her equipment bag into the back seat and looked over at her brother.

"About the same. Right now they are trying to contact her parents to get a match on the blood, seems Jordan has a rare one." Dawson replied glancing over at his sister and placed his hand on hers before turning his attention back to the road. "We will be there shortly."He reassured her.

"Hurry Daw!" Bly choked out as fresh tears sprang to her eyes and grasped at his hand as an anchor to the lost feeling she felt. "I'll never forgive myself for leaving like I did." Bly answered softly as she ran her hands through her raven hair absently as she thought of Jordan.

"It's not your fault." Dawson replied as he drove like a bat out of hell to get them back to the hospital. "It was an accident, you have no control over that."

"If I had been here, things might have gone differently. Do you have any information about who hit her?" Bly asked trying to get information from her brother.

"No, but they are checking into it." Dawson answered without saying anything definate.

"It is Cindy isn't it?" "We don't know that for sure yet Bly!" Dawson quickly responded in a warning tone. "Let's not jump the gun just yet even though the evidence points to the possibility of it being her." He answered trying to reason with his sister.

"I know it is her and it's my fault. I never should have antagonized her at the baseball game. She did this because she was angry at me. It should be me, not Jordan to suffer." Bly looked out the window as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Hey, no one should have to suffer because of that woman!" Dawson offered and squeezed the hand that he held. As they approached the hospital, Dawson screached the car in the first available spot outside of the emergency room and they both raced into the hospital. Bly was ahead of her brother and reached her mother first.

"Where is she?" Bly shouted without any pleasantries.

"Bly! You are finally here." Alexandra turned and engulfed her daughter in a hug. "Come on, I'll take you to her."

They turned and moved toward Jordan's cube as a bell sounded calling a Code to the recovery area. Bly looked at her mother in terror and the two women broke into a run following the sea of white that converged on Jordan's area.

"No!" Bly cried out as she saw Jordan lying on the gurney and three pair of hands frantically working on her still body. Alexandra tried to hold her back, but Bly wanted to get to Jordan. Dr. VanDewark stepped back from the fray around Jordan's bed and caught his daughter before she would reach Jordan.

"No Bly, let them do their job!" Her father called out to her and held her out of the way.

The surgeon began CPR until she had a shallow rhythm appear, looking over at Chance her eyes told him it was touch and go. She focused her attention back to the team shouting, "She's hemorrhaging...the first surgery didn't work. Let's get her back in the OR now!" Chance's heart dropped as he pulled his daughter and wife out of the way as the team raced the gurney back through the doors to the OR. The surgeon paused in front of Chance and quietly said, "We need that blood fast!"

"I'm working on it!" Dr VanDewark called as the surgeon followed the gurney into the OR area. This wasn't his normal field of expertise but took it upon himself to take responsibility because it was Jordan. "Bly! You and your mother go wait outside and I'll be there shortly. I want to check something out."

"No! I've got to be with Jordan." Bly argued feeling completely helpless and wanting to be beside Jordan. Her father grabbed her by the shoulders and looked directly into her eye. "You can't do anything for her right now but pray. When she wakes up...I promise you will be the first face she sees. Now, go!" Bly looked directly into his eyes and instantly stilled at the full impact

of the situation as it hit her. She nodded tearfully and without another word, led her mother out of the recovery area to the waiting room.

Dr. VanDewark ran down the hall toward the blood bank passing Linda and Julie on his way. "Bly is in the waiting room." He told them before moving on down the hall. Linda could feel her knees weakening and looked at Julie, "Something is wrong". Julie grabbed Linda around the waist to support her and, together, they hurried to find Bly.

Bly paced in the waiting room tearing the Kleenex in her hands to shreds as the tears ran unchecked down her cheeks wishing she had become a doctor so she could do more for Jordan. She couldn't stand the helplessness she felt..Afterall, she was in the medical field...yet, she could do nothing for the love of her life but stand there and absolutely killed her. Linda saw Bly's color was white and instantly knew that she was right, something bad had just happened.

"Bly?" Linda cried out in fear and question as Julie tugged her into the room.

"Jordan just coded and they've taken her back into the OR." Bly replied looking into Linda's green eyes that reflected back the fear she too felt. The three women hugged each other before Bly broke away and went to stand near the window. Looking out, she berated and kicked herself forever leaving Jordan. 'If I hadn't left, I would have been driving and this might not have happened. Even if it had, I would have been there with her.' Resting her head against the glass window, she felt her mother's arms wrap around her from behind and hug her. Bly didn't respond, she didn't feel like she deserved to be comforted, not after what she had done to Jordan.

Dr. VanDewark entered the blood bank as a shout of success sounded. He looked up at the technicians with a questioning lift of his brow.

"Dr. V. I'm glad you are here. We have a perfect match for the AB- blood, even down to the specific antibodies. You are lucky that you found a relative so quickly. We have tagged the blood and are sending it over to the OR right now."

"What relative?" Dr. VanDewark asked concerned.

"The two women you sent in here earlier, one of them is a perfect match, we figured she was the patient's sister." The technician looked at the doctor confused. "She has to be a relative with the match that we got. We even ran the test three times to be sure."

"I'll be damned!" Dr. VanDewark replied and turned on his heels to head back to the waiting room knowing Julie was not the match...but Linda. Cindy paced the small confines of her apartment, a hurriedly packed bag lay open on the bed. Cindy threw another article of clothing into the bag before dropping down next to it on the bed and reaching for the telephone. She dialed information and got the number of the hospitals closest to the accident. She was sweating profusely as she ran a hand through her wet locks. She couldn't sit anymore and began pacing the room as she dialed the first number and waited. After four calls to local hospitals, she finally hit upon the right one.

"Yes, we have a patient in the ER by that name. Are you family?" The operator asked authoritatively.

"Can you tell me what her status is?" Cindy switched hands on the receiver and wiped her sweaty palm on her jeans.

"I can only give information out to family members." The operator replied firmly giving no leeway for any exceptions. Cindy hung up the phone without further comment and turned toward her packing. She looked down at the bag on the bed and knew that she couldn't leave without finding out what was going on with Jordan. Grabbing her leather jacket she left the apartment. She circled her red truck and stood next to it to assess the damage. The front grill was pushed back and the left front fender was scratched and dented with a splattering of blue-colored paint chips embedded in the surface.

"Damn, I've got to get this fixed fast." Cindy spoke low to herself, looking around, she got behind the wheel and headed to where she knew she could get the work done, no questions asked. As she drove, Cindy knew she had to come up with a plan to see Jordan and find out just how much she remembered. Once the truck was fixed there would be nothing to tie her to the accident, except Jordan. Cindy was confident that she could persuade the blonde to see things her way. After all, Jordan was her girl first. Meanwhile, Bly paced the waiting room and in between feeling guilty, she plotted her revenge against Cindy. No matter what, no one would make her believe she wasn't behind this whole mess.

Alexandra watched her daughter pace and knew that something was going on behind the clouded blue eyes. She hoped that she could disuade her hardheaded daughter from doing anything rash or foolish. Or at least, take matters out of her daughter's hands. She got up and went outside, a short distance away from the hospital and flipped open her phone and dialed the office.

"Hello, is there any information yet?" Alexandra asked quickly when she reached her investigator. "Good, that's perfect. I want you to draw up a restraining order and then file it. You are going to have trouble serving it, but I want it on record." Alexandra listened to the rest of the report as her jaw set in an angry determined grimace. Her stomach turned as the investigator reminded her of how many times Cindy had gotten away with things in the past. "She will not get away with it, this time. I'm gonna nail her ass if it's the last thing I do!" Alexandra paced as she tried to calm down as she listened to the investigator confirm the plans. "Yes, that's right. Now, what did you find out about Jordan's birth parents? That's interesting; she was one of three children taken by social services. Do we know anything about these other two children? Come on! We need to get those records unsealed due to medical emergency. Contact Judge Hargrove, he has connections up there and inform him of the situation and tell him I need a favor. I need him to shake loose whatever beuracracy bullshit is holding us up. Tell him it's life or death, Jordan's, if we don't get her record." Alexandra listened for a few more moments and concluded the call. "Thanks for all your hard work. I really do appreciate everyone's efforts."

Alexandra walked back toward the hospital and saw her daughter standing off to the side by herself, just staring off into the distance. She turned and headed toward her child and felt a pange in her heart. A mother's instinct is to protect her children and she felt her baby's pain as real as if it were her own.

"Hey honey, how are you doing?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around her daughter and pulled her close.

"Oh mother, what am I going to do? If anything happens to Jordan, I don't think I can make it without her." Bly replied as her eyes burned from crying. "I should never have left her. This is all my fault."

"No, it is not your fault. You both had obligations you felt were important to you and they just happened to be in separate places." Alexandra tried to get her daughter to stop blaming herself. She knew where the real blame lay and it wasn't with Bly or Jordan.

"But, mother..." Bly began but quickly quieted by the look her mother gave her.

"Now, you listen to me Blythe VanDewark. We are going to go back inside and give Jordan all the support she needs until she is well again. I won't stand here listening to you blame yourself for what happened. It happened and now we go forward from here. Do you understand?" Alexandra gently shook her daughter to get her full attention. It would have been comical, in any other situation, to see the shorter woman taking the taller one to task.

"Yes, mother." Bly replied nervously as she always did when her mother used her full name knowing she meant business and that her mother had a point, she needed to focus her attention on Jordan now and worry about making it up to Jordan later. Arm in arm the two women walked back into hospital and ran into Dr. VanDewark just outside the waiting room.

"Good, just the two people I need to talk too." Chance called out and closed the distance between them.

"What's wrong?" Bly asked quickly fearing the worst had happened.

"Calm down, I've got good news." Her father replied and patted her on the shoulder. "Let's step in the breakroom where we can talk."

Alexandra looked up questioningly at her husband and he winked in response and opened the door for the ladies to precede him into the office. He motioned for the women to sit on the sofa and pulled up a chair in front of them as he sat down to explain the situation..

"What's going on Dad?" Bly asked again feeling fear and dread creep into her body.

"We found a perfect match for Jordan's blood and they are already using it in the OR." Chance announced and waited for the news to sink in.

"But how? Is Jordan's family here?" Bly asked getting to her feet.

"Sit, sit down. No, Jordan's family is not here nor will they be coming."

"I don't get it." Bly answered confused.

Alexandra reached over and grasped her daughter's hand as her husband continued to tell her about Jordan's past.

"Honey, it seems Jordan was adopted and she doesn't know about it."

"What? How can that be, you mean they never told Jordan that she was adopted?" Bly asked incredulously. Now it all made sense, she had always wondered why they had treated their daughter with such indifference. She wasn't their flesh and blood so when she didn't fit their perfect mold, they had no problem cutting her loose.

"So what does this have to do with the blood match, did you find her real parents?" Bly asked even more confused.

"No, but were working on it." Alexandra answered.

"Wait! Then who's the match?" Bly was totally confused bordering on exasperated.

"Linda was the match." Her father simply replied and looked to his wife.

"Linda! How can that be?" Bly looked between his father and mother and caught their silent communcation. She put her hand on her hip in frustration and looked at them waiting.

"Well, it seems that Jordan also has two siblings, a brother and a sister." Alexandra offered as a possible explanation.

"You mean Linda is Jordan's sister?"

"It could very well be." Dr. VanDewark answered. "The blood match was antibody specific and she matched in the 95th percentile, that's almost a perfect match."

Bly stood and paced the room for a moment running her hand through her hair in frustration. After a few moments she turned and looked at her parents. "They don't really look alike, except for maybe some facial features and their body type."

"The best thing to do would be to talk to Linda and tell her what we have found out." Alexandra answered.

"This is all so overwhelming." Bly answered as she stood pacing shaking her head in disbelief.

"Let's head over to the waiting room and talk with Linda." Chance answered as he moved towards the door and opened it for the ladies who followed one another out.

Dr. VanDewark peeked his head in the door of the waiting room and waited for Linda or Julie to look up and once they did he motioned them over towards him. "What's up Dr. V? Is something wrong with Jordan?" Linda asked worredly through her redened green eyes.

"She's still in surgery but she did get the blood she needed which is great news considering an injury like this causes a lot of bleeding and she really needed it. We need to talk to you about something if you don't mind?" He asked as he guided them to one of the offices were Bly and Alexandra waited.

They all walked in and Chance motioned for them to sit down as he did the same. "What's going on?" Linda asked as she grew more concerned and Julie squeezed her hand to comfort her.

"Well...this is going to be hard to tell you Linda and I'm not sure how to do it other than just telling you flat out." He replied in as soothing a way as he could.

"Something's wrong with Jordan that you're not telling me about right?...I thought you said she got the blood and they were using it." Linda asked nervously.

"Easy babe...let Dr. V explain okay?" Julie answered softly to calm her nervous lover as she held her hand tighter for support.

"Yes, we found the blood which they are using and it was in the 95th percentile. With that type of a match it usually means it's from a family member." He explained.

"You mean those neanderthals Jordan has for a family actually came through for her with some blood?" Linda asked with surprise.

Chance chuckled and looked up at Bly and Alexandra who winked at him to nudge his conversation along. "No, Linda...the blood came from you."He answered with a calming smile.

"Me? How could that be that we are such a close match?" She asked in shock and disbelief. Alexandra moved in behind her husband and put her hands on his strong broad shoulders. "Linda...we have found out that Jordan was adopted by her family and she had two other sibling that were also adopted...we think one of them is you." Alexandra answered compassionately with a smile to ease the look of disbelief she saw on Linda's face.

"That can't parents would have told me." Linda answered as she sat back in the chair to take in the enormity of the situation.

"Maybe not...Jordan's parents didn't tell her Linda and it's very possible you're her sister."

"This is so unbelievable...I mean, I've always felt like I had a really close bind to Jordan but I never would have believed that she's my sister. Uhmmm...I need to call my parents." Linda answered, as she felt happy yet upset that all of a sudden her life has been turned upside down. She thought it was so awesome that Jordan could be her sister because she loved her like one anyway but she was pissed that her parents didn't tell her. She picked up the phone and dialed her parents for a conversation she dreaded because if it were true it would hurt her parents to have to tell her.

Everyone sat solemnly and in total disbelief regarding the turn of events that happened. Alexandra took a phone call from her investigator who informed her they were able to reach Judge Hardgrove and he was in the process of unsealing the records of Jordan's adoption. She clicked off the phone just as Dawson entered the office.

Bly's head shot up and she moved towards her brother who had been talking with the police regarding the possibility of Cindy being the culprit and cause of the accident. "Did you find anything out yet?" She asked anxiously.

"The police have been looking for her unsuccessfully. It seems that nasty chick has gone into hiding but at least they are seriously looking at her as a suspect thanks to my nagging. They have put out announcements to all body shops and car dealerships to contact them immediately so they can nail her in case she tries to have her truck repaired. Let's just hope she doesn't have any friends who will be willing to help her with the truck on the side or else they won't be able to prove she did anything." He explained out of breath.

"Oh, no. When I get a hold of her she'll sing like a bird after I beat her to a pulp!" Bly answered angrily.

"She certainaly will deserve that and I'll be right behind you ready to get in a few shots on her." Julie replied as she stepped in behind her best friend.

"No, no. Cindy's mine, you can gaurantee that...all mine." Bly answered in a demonic tone as she stared off in the distance with a seriously evil look on her face as she thought about just what she intended to do to that wench when she saw her.

Linda hung up the phone and wiped her tears as she looked at everyone who turned towards her. "What did they say honey?" Julie asked with concern as she slid up next to her and stroked her dirty blond hair.

Linda looked up at everyone. "They told me I was adopted from social services in Michigan." Linda answered as she wiped her face trying to absorb everything that had happened.

"Well, that's good news. You found out you have a sister honey." Julie answered as she kissed the top of her head trying to calm her lover.

"It would be a lot happier news if Jordan was not in such grave danger Julie. I don't want to deal with this adoption stuff until after Jordan is better. So, could we just not talk about it anymore for a while? It's very overwhelming and I would rather concentrate my efforts on Jordan."

"Sure." Everyone answered with soothing smiles.

Dawson leaned over to Bly. "Linda is Jordan's sister?" He whispered in her ear.

"Yep...she was a perfect match for the blood and just found out from her parents that she was adopted." She whispered back.

"Man, I step away for a couple of minutes and I miss everything." He answered with a shared chuckle from Bly enlight of the gravity of everything Dawson's comment for a split second calmed Bly. All she wanted to do was hold Jordan in her arms to take all of her pain away and to tell her just how much she loves her.

Linda stood up and was engulfed in a hug by Julie to comfort her as she sobbed on her shoulder. "I don't know what I'll do if anything happens to Jordan." She sobbed in Julie's ear as she turned her face from Julie's shoulder.

"Come on babe...Jordan's a fighter...she's going to be just fine...I know it." Julie answered comfortingly as she kissed Linda's cheek and held her tighter.

"Hey Chance." Jordan's surgeon replied as she approached the doorway and everyone gathered before him.

"How's Jordan?" Bly asked anxiously moving in front of everyone to face the surgeon eye to eye. She removed her surgical cap and looked at it in her hands sighing before looking up to give her report regarding Jordan.

"Doctor is Jordan going to be okay?" Bly asked growing more agitated with each second the doctor kept quiet not to mention how worried she was becoming.

"She's a very lucky girl. We've partially resected her liver effectively stopping the bleeding and with the blood replacement she received she is out of the life and death situation she was previously in."

Bly gasped in air as she realized she was holding her breath and her eyes filled with tears of happiness as everyone sighed with relief. Chance put his hands on Bly's shoulders and felt her tension release from the good news.

"When can I see her?" Bly asked, anxiously and breathless.

"I'll send the nurse in to let you shouldn't be long now. Don't be alarmed by her jaundiced's normal with this type of an injury. Her yellowing or jaundiced look is from the loss of bilirubin in her system and once the liver regenerates that appearance will disappear. It usually takes about 3-5 days." The doctor explained.

"So, Jordan will make a full recovery?" Bly asked with concern.

"Yes, we anticipate a complete recovery with no complications." The doctor answered confidentially to a very relieved group of people. "I'll send the nurse in to let you know when you can see her."

"Thank you." Bly answered as she turned to her parents with a relieved smile and hugged them both.

Julie held Linda who cried from the good news. "It looks like you and Jordan will have a lot to talk about when she wakes up." Julie replied as she kissed Linda's cheek.

"It's not like we don't have a lot to talk about normally but now we have a lot of really overwhelming stuff to deal with...I mean we're sisters and it really blows my mind Julie." Linda answered with a smile before hugging Julie.

"I guess it would be very overwhelming babe." Julie answered as she held her lover tighter. "Excuse me Dawson, hey, here's the items from Jordan's car you asked me to retrieve." The officer replied as she entered the room and handed them to Dawson in a box with a smile.

"Oh, thanks Lynea. I appreciate you getting them for Jordan and I'm sure she does too." He answered with a smile showing Bly he was quite smitten with the attractive officer as she watched the interaction with the woman and her brother.

"No problem. I was glad I could help. See ya." She answered with a smile before leaving the room.

"Here Bly...I made sure no one took anything from her car." Dawson answered as he handed her the box noticing the mischievous look on his sister's face.

"What?" He asked hesitantly, feeling slightly uncomfortable from her look.

"Why don't you go ask her out Daw. I know you want too. Go on, and thanks for getting this stuff for Jordan...we both appreciate all of your help." She answered with a smile as she patted her brother on the back and nudged him towards the door.

"It's that obvious?" He asked with a sly grin.

"Blatantly." Bly answered with a chuckle and looked inside the box as her brother left the room. She felt a catch in her heart as she reached inside and pulled out Jordan's award she won the previous night. Her blue eyes filled with tears of happiness as she read the award. Bly felt guilty that she hadn't been there to see Jordan win it and tears streaked her face as she lightly rubbed her thumb over Jordan's name on the faceplate trying to make a connection to her injured lover as her guilt overwhelmed her.

Bly felt that if she had been with Jordan none of this would have happened. She would have seen Jordan on the happiest day of her see the wonderful smile Jordan would have possessed when she won and to be the one that Jordan celebrated her award with. 'I will never forgive myself for not being with Jordan.' Bly told herself as she wiped her tears away.

Linda stood next to Bly and put her hand on Bly's shoulder to comfort her. She knew what Bly was thinking...she could see the guilt in Bly's blue eyes when they looked up at her. "Bly...Jordan wouldn't want you to feel so guilty and you know it." Linda responded soothingly.

"Yeah...I know she wouldn't want me to...but it doesn't change the fact that I should have been here with her." Bly answered sadly as she picked up Jordan's sunglasses case trying to feel a connection to Jordan once again and remembered how Jordan had to search all over the Sawgrass Mills outlet mall for the case one Saturday afternoon, of course, dragging Bly along with her. She smiled fondly as she remembered the simple pleasure and happiness on Jordan's face when she finally found the case she was looking for. Bly hadn't realized until just then how something so simple could mean so much and she had taken it for granted. 'Never again.' Bly told herself.

" both had obligations that were important to you and you should have fulfilled them...otherwise, you would have blamed each other for not seeing them out."

"I guess...but I hurt inside because I missed something so important to Jordan and because...I...aah...nearly lost Jordan. It hurts down to the deepest depths of my soul Linda to know that Jordan must have been terrified when everything happened and I wasn't there for her." Bly stammered as she looked down at the award finding it hard to talk about the accident and the pain she felt increased when she thought of Jordan being alone. Maybe it was just her ego getting in the way that she could have prevented the accident from happening or just plain stupidity...she wasn't sure but she did know that she should have been with Jordan and she wasn't...that...was unacceptable to her.

"You can't go back and change anything Bly. All you can do is move on knowing that Jordan loves you with all of her heart and soul."

Bly took in a deep breath and slowly let it out fighting the tears that wanted to fall harder. "I guess, but it's going to take a long time for me to forgive myself Linda. Uhmmm, would you mind if I tell Jordan about her being adopted and that you're her sister...if that's alright with you?" Bly asked as she wiped the tears from her face hating the fact that she was crying in front of Linda. She felt completely vulnerable and wasn't used to showing her emotions like she just did in front of Linda or anyone for that fact. Jordan was the person who showed her it was okay to show those emotions to others and that she didn't always have to be so stoic, but she still felt uncomfortable doing it.

"Absolutely, it will give me a chance to figure out what I'm going to say to sister...that is so weird." Linda answered with a smile, as it was overwhelming to her finding out that her best friend is actually her sister.

"That's not hard between you two seeing as how you both have the gift for gab."

Bly teased with a smile.

"Very funny Bly." Linda answered with a smile and hugged Bly. "I'm so glad you are with Jordan. You're perfect for each other and she loves you very much." Linda whispered in her ear before breaking the hug.

"Thanks Linda...I love Jordan more than life itself and that will never change." Bly answered with a smile before turning to the nurse who entered the room.

"You can see Jordan now...but one at a time please." She replied before leaving the room.

Bly was out of the room without saying a word to anyone and was standing at the end of the bed before she knew it gazing down at her still lover. Her blue eyes filled with tears and she felt her heart stop beating as she thought about the circumstances of the accident along with the seriousness of Jordan's injuries. She thought about how she nearly lost the only love of her life and she couldn't hold back her feeling of guilt as her tears streaked her face once again. 'Damn! This crying bit is so old...grab a hold of yourself woman!' Bly admonished herself for being so sappy and emotional.

Bly wanted nothing more than to trade places with Jordan and take all of her pain away. 'That should be me laying there not Jordan...this is all of my fault.' Bly admonished herself quietly as the nurse approached.

"Try to see if she'll wake up. She doesn't seem to want to wake up." The nurse instructed Bly as she checked Jordan's chart.

Bly chuckled. "That's because you don't know how much she loves to sleep." Bly answered with a laugh as she wiped her tears away as she thought fondly of how Jordan likes to sleep. She had devised many ways to try and wake Jordan from her deep sleep, but she was most fond of placing soft kisses along her soft neck, which always brought Jordan out of her dreams.

"But I'll see what I can do." Bly answered as she moved to the side of the bed and pulled a rolling stool over to sit on as she took Jordan's hand in her own. Jordan's hand was cold and she rubbed her hand to warm it. She leaned over Jordan and whispered. "I'm here baby...I love you Jordan." In her ear, lightly kissing her forehead. Bly looked up at the monitor and noticed the faster pace of her heartbeat and smiled as she felt Jordan tighten her grip on her hand.

Bly was relieved that Jordan responded to her and sat back on the stool as she put Jordan's hand against her cheek. The connection to Jordan was everything she needed to feel and her tears slipped down her cheeks as she noticed how pale Jordan looked along with a yellowish discoloration the doctor said she would possess. Bly tried to speak but had to clear her throat as nothing would come out.

"Jordan...they want me to try and wake you up. I had to laugh and told them you love to sleep and that it's no easy task waking you up." Bly replied with a smile before lightly kissing Jordan's hand and putting it back against her cheek. She heard Jordan's heart beat speed up again and saw Jordan attempt to open her eyes but was unable to. "Baby...if you want to sleep go ahead...I'll stand guard and keep the wretched nurses from trying to wake you up. They can be quite persistent and cranky, but I'll set them straight for you...I'll be right here beside you." Bly answered as she pushed Jordan's hair back off her forehead trying to make light of the situation by using jokes. Bly found it hard to deal with seeing Jordan lying in the bed attached to the monitors looking like death warmed over. She noticed Jordan slip back asleep as she thought about how much she loved Jordan and wanted to hold her in her arms to comfort make her pain go away and to make her feel safe again.

'Jordan...I want you to know how much I love you. Before I met you I lived outside of my emotions and I never started to live my life until you entered it. Everything that I ever need I see when I look into your beautiful green eyes...they show me everything you are and that's all I need. Every moment I spend with you shows me that's where I'm suppose to be. My eyes were opened to a new paradise when I met you and when you smile at me I feel all of my passions unfold.' Bly's silent admission of her feelings left her raw and open. Choking back the tears she whispered, "I love you from the depths of my soul. I hope you know that and forgive me for what happened to you. This is all of my fault and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself." Bly answered as she lowered her head and cried harder holding Jordan's hand against her forehead.

Jordan could hear the tearful admission of the person she loved more than anyone ever. She couldn't stand to hear the pain in Bly's voice and struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Bly..." She whispered hoarsely as she blinked her eyes struggling to stay awake. "'s..." She tried to continue struggling to say what she wanted to say as she saw Bly's cloudy blue eyes look up and meet hers. She smiled when she looked into the blue eyes she loved so much.

"" Bly replied excitedly as she stood over her and lightly kissed her lips. "Oh, I was so worried about you and I'm so sorry." Bly replied softly before kissing Jordan again.

Jordan squeezed her hand as blues met greens again. "You're not to blame you." Jordan struggled to say in a whisper with a smile meant only for her lover.

Bly smiled and kissed Jordan soundly to let her know just how much she loved her. "Jordan...I love you so much babe...I was so scared." Bly answered as her blues filled with tears.

Jordan smiled and loved being so close to her blue-eyed lover but it upset her to see the pain in Bly's eyes. "Bly...honey...don't be so upset...I'm going to be okay...right? I don't even know what's wrong with me." Jordan answered with a chuckle yet confused. She found it easier to speak now and wiped Bly's tears away. "I am going to be okay...right?" She asked to get reassurance from Bly who smiled and sat back on the stool continuing her hold on Jordan's hand.

"The doctor said they are expecting a complete recovery babe. You had a lacerated liver which they partial resected." Bly tried to explain and saw the confusion on Jordan's face.

"What did they do to my liver?" Jordan asked nervously.

"They had to remove the damaged part of it or you would have...aah...bled to death. But you will make a full recovery from it...I promise you." Bly answered trying to reassure her nervous lover whose green eyes filled with tears. She kissed Jordan on the cheek and held her hand tighter.

"Will I have problems down the road with my liver Bly?" Jordan asked as she turned her head and looked at Bly as her tears slipped down her cheek.

Bly couldn't stand to see Jordan cry and her eyes watered as she looked at her. "You shouldn't have any problems down the road babe...once your liver regenerates from the injury...everything should be fine." Bly answered reassuringly as she wiped her tears away.

"Aah...Jordan...I have some bad news and some really great news to tell you." Bly replied as she looked down at Jordan's hand as she tried to figure out how to tell Jordan that her parents wanted nothing to do with her and how they have washed their hands of her.

"What is it're scaring me." Jordan answered in a shaky voice. "No, I didn't mean to scare you...I'm just trying to figure out how to delicately put it without hurting you."

"Just say it Bly...what is it? I'm a big girl...I can handle it." Jordan answered worriedly and with agitation at Bly's reluctance to tell her.

" father told me your parents washed their hands of you because of our relationship and they weren't willing to help you when you needed blood. Uhmmm...they also said that you were adopted." Bly answered softly as she saw the horrified look on Jordan's face.

"Adopted?" Jordan gasped with disbelief as she lifted her head up and looked at Bly.

"Yes, adopted and we found your birth sister...that's the good news." Bly answered with a slight smile. "I have a sister? How did you find her?" Jordan asked with total disbelief as to what she was hearing. It did explain the way her family treated her but didn't explain why her birth mother would give her up. 'Now...I have a sister?' She thought to herself unable to grasp what it was that Bly was saying to was too overwhelming.

"You needed blood and you have a very rare blood type and that's how they were able to locate her." Bly answered as she kissed the back of Jordan's hand to calm and reassure her overwhelmed lover.

"Where does she live?" Jordan asked with excitement and wonderment as her fears and confusion left her when the full impact of what Bly said of her having a sister hit her. She had always wanted a sister to share her hopes and dreams with and now she had one.

"She lives here's Linda...she's your sister." Bly answered with a smile and saw Jordan's eyes widen with excitement.

"Linda's my sister?!" Jordan exclaimed with a smile and disbelief at what Bly had just told her.

"Yes, and you also have a brother too. We don't know where he is yet." Bly replied wondering if they could find him. She would have to ask her mother and Dawson to look into it. "Linda's is waiting outside to see you whenever you are ready."

"In a minute, okay?" Jordan looked up sadly at Bly and she knew what was on Jordan's mind. There was no way to get around the fact that her adoptive parents just couldn't accept Jordan for who she was.

"They really don't care about what happens to me, do they?" Jordan's voice was low and cracked with emotion when she asked Bly.

"I'm sorry baby, there wasn't a whole lot they could do about the blood you needed." Bly tried to skirt the real issue to save Jordan from further pain.

"But, that's not the real reason is it?" Jordan knew that she had never truly felt like she belonged. She had always assumed it was a defect in herself that she had continually disappointed her parents. Now, she knew that no matter what she did, she would always disappoint them because they weren't her real parents and when she had told them of her relationship with Bly, she had basically cut off any remaining ties that she had with them. She had given them the excuse they needed to let her go.

"No, it's not." Bly answered simply worried about how Jordan was coping with everything at once. "But I can tell you my dad was ready to reach through the phone and strangle you mother when he told her what happened. He told me he was really pissed off at her." Bly replied with a chuckle in an attempt to lighten the mood. She wasn't used to dealing with so much emotional stuff and it unnerved her.

"Really?" Jordan asked surprised that Bly's father would react that way. Jordan's face turned sad as she thought about how badly she wanted parents like Bly''s who actually cared for her...maybe her birth parents were that way but how could they give up their children she wondered with even more confusion and sadness.

"Are you okay?" Bly asked with concern as she saw the change in Jordan's demeanor.

"Yeah, it's just that I think I've always known there was something missing and it kind of hit me all at once. I'd like to see Linda now." Jordan answered smiling up at Bly. "But, could you do something for me first?"

"Sure, anything!" Bly answered exuberantly. Right now, she would do anything Jordan asked her to, no matter what the request.

"Bring your lips down here and give me a real kiss!" Jordan replied mischievously. Bly could see the old sparkle in her green eyes was back.

"Oh, I think that could be arranged." Bly leaned down and gently kissed Jordan's lips as they opened invitingly and she readily accepted and kissed her long and deeply. Jordan wrapped her one unencumbered arm around Bly's neck and held her tightly until she tired and had to let go.

Bly pulled back at the first sign of Jordan's trembling and looked at her worriedly. "I think we can save the rest for when you are stronger and feeling better. I'll go get Linda."

"Okay. Bly?" Jordan called the tall woman back before she could leave the room and looked up at her.

"I love you."

"I love you too, very much." Bly replied with fresh tears stinging her eyes. She smiled and turned to get Linda before she started crying again.

Linda paced up and down the corridor as she waited to see Jordan. Julie watched and, at first, tried to calm her down, but soon gave up and just leaned against the wall and waited. Julie was the first to see Bly come out of the room and caught Bly's eye. Bly winked at her and Julie breathed a sigh of relief. She knew things would be okay.

"Linda." Bly called quietly to the back of the pacing woman. Linda turned around quickly and moved toward Bly.

"Can I see her now?" Linda was afraid that maybe Jordan wouldn't want her as a sister or would hold it against her that she had gotten such wonderful adoptive parents while Jordan's were one's she wouldn't wish on anybody. "How is she?" Linda asked with concern.

"She is just fine and excited to talk to her sister." Bly could see the tension and apprehension in Linda's eyes and wanted to alleviate her fears quickly. "Don't worry, she is afraid she won't know what to say to you either. I don't see how that is possible because you two never shut up anyway!"

Julie snickered behind Linda and she turned and gave her a warning look edged with a grin. Julie threw up her hands feigning innocence and winked at Bly. Linda smiled at both of them and went in to visit with her sister and friend.

"Well my friend, is everything okay with you?" Julie asked putting her arm around Bly's waist and walking her back toward the waiting room.

"Yeah, I know we will be okay." Bly answered, but deep down she knew that the guilt she carried would not leave her so easily. She had much to make up for and would spend the rest of her life doing so. "Ooh, baby...I love those sweet cheeks of yours!" Bly teased as she grabbed a handful of Julie's butt glad to have a reprieve from the emotional toll everything was taking on her. Bly was having a wide variety of emotions that she wasn't used to having and she wanted to keep her stoic facade up but was having a very difficult time doing it.

"How could you not Bly? They are very sweet aren't they?" Julie replied with a cocky laugh as she looked back at her firm backside admiringly and Bly laughed harder at her best friend.

"Jordan?" Linda whispered as she peeked around the corner and saw her friend, no sister looking so pale and small. She was afraid she might be sleeping as her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply.

Jordan's eyes flew open at the sound of Linda's voice and she smiled to her. "Hey Sis? How's it going?" Linda felt a tear slip down here cheek as she approached the bed. She leaned over and kissed Jordan lightly on the cheek before sitting down on the stool next to the bed.

"Can you believe this? We're sisters. I knew we were always very close, I guess now it makes sense why. " Linda reached over and clasped Jordan's hand in her own. "I could have done worse." Jordan teased Linda and received a light squeeze on her hand in reply.

"Very funny! Hey, I hear we have a brother somewhere too."

"Yes, it would be nice to find out where he is and meet him. Do you know any of the details about our real mother?" Deep down Jordan secretly harbored the fear that it was her fault and that she was unlovable, which is why neither of her mothers had wanted her. She just didn't have a good feeling about her birth parents...she wasn't sure why but she didn't feel good about them.

"No, not yet. I'm sure when you are up to it, Mrs. V. and Dawson can fill us in on what they have found out." Linda replied and looked into Jordan's troubled eyes. "Hey, she gave the three of us up for adoption, she must have had a good reason." Trying to be positive and to reassure Jordan that there had to have been a good reason for their parents to give them up for adoption...she also said it to reassure herself. She was trying to be strong for Jordan's sake because of her condition but she was having a hard time grasping everything that was going on. Linda had her own concerns regarding her adopted family who she loved very much yet she wanted to know about her birth parents. 'I'll deal with that later...when Jordan's better.' Linda told herself trying to block those thoughts out of her head to concentrate on Jordan's well being.

Jordan nodded tiredly and didn't reply. Linda reached over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "I'm sorry that your parents weren't nicer ones. I wish we could have been placed together with mine."

"That would have been nice." Jordan smiled when she thought about the people that had raised Linda. They had become like second parents to Jordan. She always loved staying over at Linda's house.

"What about Cindy?" Jordan asked quietly, her hands trembled and she looked away from Linda. Linda placed her hand on Jordan's to let her know she didn't have to be afraid. "They haven't found her yet, but they will."

Jordan looked back with tears in her eyes. "I'm afraid to ask Bly."

"It's okay, she already knows. Her mother and Dawson are working on it as we speak. She won't get near you again." Linda reassured Jordan and squeezed her hand for emphasis.

"Well, you need to get some rest and I'm sure there is one anxious woman out there who wants to get back in here." Jordan chuckled lightly at Linda's comment.

"Like anyone could keep her out if they tried!" Jordan retorted jokingly.

By the time Linda had left the room, Jordan was asleep once again. The next few days resembled each other as each took turns visiting Jordan as she recovered.

By the week's end, Jordan was feeling better and able to sit up for longer periods of time. Jordan awoke in semi-darkness and felt a hand on her arm. She looked over to find Bly sitting on the stool with her head on the bed sound asleep. Jordan picked up her hand and stroked the raven hair that spread out next to her. She thought about how beautiful Bly is and how much she loved her. She shuddered as the thought entered her mind that she came close to never seeing Bly ever again which brought tears to her eyes.

Bly stirred at the sensation of someone stroking her head and peeked open an eye. "Hey." Jordan whispered as she kissed Bly on the head hiding her tears so she could secretly wipe them away. She knew it would upset Bly to see her crying.

"Hey to you too." Bly murmured and picked up her head. "How do you feel?"

"Tired. I must have fallen asleep, but it looks like I'm not alone." Jordan replied smiling and reached up to stroke the side of Bly's face. Bly turned and kissed the palm of Jordan's hand.

"Late I guess. I sent everyone home so you could rest. They want to move you out of ICU and to a room of your own as soon as you wake up...which is now." Bly smiled as she pushed the call button on the side of the bed and after a few moments, a nurse came in.

"I see you are awake finally." The nurse said as she checked Jordan's IV and removed the rest, shutting down the equipment. "They will be in shortly to move you to your room."

"Thank you." Jordan replied as she and Bly waited quietly for her to finish and leave the room.

"Bly what do you know about my real parents?"

"Dawson has the report. He said he would let you read it when you were ready." Bly answered and looked away briefly before looking back into knowing green eyes.

"Are my parents alive?" Jordan asked quietly, but deep down she already knew the answer.

"No, they died in a plane crash, which is why you were put up for adoption. There were no other surviving relatives to leave you with." Bly explained and got up to gently sit on the edge of the bed. "Your mother did not give you up because you were not wanted, but because she died. Jordan, no matter what, I want you to believe that, more than anything in this world, you are wanted." Bly's voice caught and she fell silent with her thoughts. 'I want to be everything you have ever needed Jordan...I want to be everything you have ever hoped for, wished for, and I want to be your true love.'

"I want you so much it scares me." Bly finally confessed and leaned down to kiss Jordan tenderly.

A tear slipped down the side of Jordan's face as she looked up into blue eyes clouded by worry. "As long as you want me, that's all that counts."

With that admission, Bly wanted so much to hold Jordan but had to content herself with pressing her cheek against Jordan's and whispering in her ear, "I love you."

Jordan thought about how Bly was her fantasy, everything that she had ever hoped and wished for in a lover. She just never expected to find that person...she didn't even know if someone like that existed until Bly entered her life. Bly...she thought is her true love and everything she had ever needed. Her heart fluttered when she thought about how someone like Bly could care and love her so much as she lovingly gazed at her sexy lover.

"Ditto." Was all Jordan could muster as she was overwhelmed by her feelings for Bly as two orderlies walked into the room and Bly got off the bed. Bly walked along side Jordan as they wheeled her to her new room. Once she was settled in, Jordan convinced Bly to go home and get some sleep. Bly agreed, only on the promise that she would be back first thing in the morning.

After kissing Jordan goodnight, Bly didn't have to worry about her, as Jordan was asleep before Bly even left the room. Smiling, she looked down upon her sleeping lover until she felt a pang of guilt and whispered, "I'll make it up to you, I promise." Before lightly kissing her cheek and exiting the room.

Dawson needed to borrow Bly's car for his date tonight as his was in the shop. He dropped Bly off at the front door of the hospital before headed to the office. Their father would give Bly a lift home after his rounds that evening.

"Be careful with my car Dawson!" Bly warned her brother causing them both to reminisce about the time Dawson had totaled the family car the first time he had been allowed to borrow it.

"You're never going to let me live that down are you?" Dawson replied shaking his head. "It wasn't my fault you know."

"Dad let you off the hook a lot easier than I will if you total this car!" Bly loved to ease her brother to see if she could get a reaction out of him.

"Don't worry 'Mom', I'll go right to my date and then go straight home!" Dawson replied dryly.

"Who's home? Oh, remember, she has handcuffs so leave her address in case she locks you to the bedposts and leaves, we can find you in a week or two." Bly teased referring to his date being a police officer.

"Very funny!" Dawson replied breaking into an embarrassed grin.

"Have fun bro. And don't do anything I wouldn't do." Bly got out of the car and leaned in to pick up the flowers she had gotten for Jordan and closed the door.

Dawson rolled the window down and leaned across the seat and called out to his sister. "That leaves the evening wide open then doesn't it?" Bly stuck her tongue out as Dawson drove away getting the last laugh.

Bly headed into the hospital and up to Jordan's room. She entered to find Jordan sitting up watching television. "Good Morning Sweetheart!"

"Good Morning? Flowers, you didn't have to bring me more." Jordan replied with an excited smile, taking the proffered flowers and reveling in the scent of the roses. "But, thank you." Jordan pulled Bly down for a kiss to show her just how much she appreciated her thoughtfulness.

"Well, I might just have to bring you flowers everyday if that is the greeting I will get." Bly replied looking around for the vase from the old flowers she had brought.

"You don't have to bring me flowers to get that kind of reception. You can have that and more as soon as I get out of this place." Jordan replied saucily and wiggled her eyebrows for emphasis.

"I can see you are feeling good today!" Bly chuckled kissing her lightly on the lips. "I'll be right back. Let me see if I can find the vase for those."

Cindy paced the parking lot of the hospital trying to figure out what to do. She knew she should get out of town now that her truck was fixed, but she had an overwhelming desire to see how Jordan was and to find out exactly what she remembered of the accident. 'After all, it wasn't entirely her fault,' Cindy thought. 'If Jordan had just stopped when I asked her to and talked to me, none of this would have happened.' Finally, getting her courage together she took a second look around and, not seeing Bly's car, she headed into the hospital. She had called earlier and was told that Jordan had been moved to room 1221, but they would give her no further information.

Arriving at the room, she poked her head in the door to find Jordan alone watching television, a bouquet of roses lying on the table next to her.

"You really should put those in water." Cindy replied as she slipped into the room and approached the bed. Jordan jumped at the voice and turned in fear to look at the woman.

"What do you want? Haven't you hurt me enough already!" Jordan stammered in fear and anger. She hated herself for the fear she felt, but at this moment all she could think about was the truck in her rear view mirror smashing into the back of her car. She was reliving all of the terror she felt that fateful night and it scared the hell out of her.

"Hey, you can't blame me for what happened. If you had talked to me, like I asked, instead of running away, none of this would have happened. " Cindy replied shrugging her shoulders.

"So, this is all my fault? I wanted to have emergency surgery to save my life and be in the hospital? " Jordan shouted out amazed and angry. 'Just like I wanted your abuse too!'

"Listen Jordan, I'm really sorry that you got hurt. I came here to see if you are alright and this is how you treat me. Blaming me for everything, you always do that!" Cindy replied flatly. "Why do you always have to turn everything into a fight?"

"Me? I think you'd better leave Cindy." Jordan replied ready to push the call button if necessary.

Bly waited at the nurses' station for them to find a vase for her. Finally, vase in hand she walked back toward Jordan's room and met up with her mother and Linda coming out of the elevator.

"Fancy meeting you here!" Bly called out as the women approached her.

"Yes, I met Linda in the lobby. Looks like we both had the same idea of visiting Jordan before we go in to work." Alexandra replied, kissing her daughter on the cheek. "How is our girl?" She asked as she hugged Bly and rubbed her back comfortingly.

"She must be getting better because she is already up to teasing me." Bly replied grinning like a parent whose child had just taken its first step.

"That's fantastic!" Linda replied before realizing what she said. "I mean its fantastic that she is feeling better, not that she is teasing you. Although, you probably deserve it!"

"Oh, I do? do I?!" Bly chuckled and led the way back to Jordan's room. Approaching the room, Bly heard Jordan's raised voice and quickly entered the room.

When Bly saw Cindy standing next to the bed, she could feel her blood begin to run cold and her hands clench into fists. The veins in Bly's neck popped out as anger coursed throughout her, and her temper consumed her. Alexandra and Linda stood behind Bly and their mouths dropped in surprise at the woman's audacity to show her face.

"What the hell are you doing here? I can't believe you had the nerve to show your face here!" Bly spat out. Cindy stood defiantly in the face of Bly and just smiled.

Alexandra knew the controlled fury that was building in her daughter, and she turned to Linda and replied, "I think we had better wait out in the hallway."

Linda looked from Bly to Alexandra and began to shake her head no, but the look in Bly's mother's eyes made her stop and turn about and follow the woman's instructions. When they got out into the hallway, Alexandra shut the door and leaned against it as Linda looked at her questioningly.

"Bly needs to handle this one alone. She has everything under control." She replied with a mischievous grin. 'That little bitch is going to get what she deserves.' Alexandra thought to herself knowing it wasn't proper to wish violence on anyone, but it was time for this chick to get a taste of her own medicine.

"You bitch!" Bly spit out before she launched herself at the offending woman. Cindy didn't have time to recover when Bly's body slammed into her, sending them both crashing backwards into the wall. Bly pummeled Cindy anywhere and everywhere. Cindy landed few punches on Bly, but she was no match for the fury that erupted from the raven-haired woman. Cindy gave up and tried, unsuccessfully, to protect herself from the onslaught. The only sound from Jordan was a gasp as she watched her lover unleash all her anger and guilt on the one woman who, more than anyone, deserved it. Still, she couldn't help feeling pity for Cindy as she watched the bully get what she usually gave out.

Alexandra and Linda listened to the sounds coming from the room and on a couple of occasions Alexandra winced in sympathy.

"Ooh that had to hurt!" Linda replied when she heard something or someone hit the door behind them.

"Bly please! Stop!" Jordan cried out fearful that Bly might get hurt or do something to Cindy that she would end up paying for the rest of her kill her. Jordan saw Bly turn to her as all the rage in her blue eyes left when they met greens.

Bly snapped out of her fit of rage when Jordan screamed for her to stop and saw the worry in Jordan's eyes as she moved to her side.

"Oh, no you rich bitch...this isn't over with just yet." Cindy replied demonically as she struggled to stand up as Bly turned to look at the wretched woman.

"Stay down Cindy...I know you don't want another piece of this action." Bly warned arrogantly but secretively wanting Cindy to stand up so she could beat the hell out of her more. Actually, she really wanted to bitch slap her using Jordan's mother...'now, that would be trick', she thought with a chuckle at the thought of her idea.

"Jordan's mine." Cindy answered psychotically and approached Bly. Bly grabbed the bedpan and swung it around connecting with Cindy's jaw squarely.

"No...Jordan's not yours, but this bedpan could become a permanent fixture up your ass if you want to possess something!" Bly shouted as she felt the thud of the bedpan connect with Cindy's jaw knocking her semi-conscious. Bly chuckled as she looked at the heap that lay on the floor, still struggling to shake off the unconsciousness. Bly felt relief that Cindy finally got what was coming to her...someone beating the living shit out of her, and Bly wasn't remorseful in the least bit about having the honors of doing it Bly thought as she tossed the bedpan on the table and sat next to Jordan who cried from her fear.

"Was that a bedpan I heard?" Linda asked as she looked at Alexandra who nodded in agreement with a sly grin that she thought, 'Yes, indeed sounded like one to me'. "Sounds like it connected with her head." Alexandra replied sarcastically as she turned to Linda after checking the hallway to see if anyone heard what was taking place in the room and said, "I need you to go to the nurses station and have them call hospital security. Then I want you to call this number and ask for Detective Nichols and tell him I told you to call that his hit and run driver is in custody here with security."

Linda hurried down the hall to do as she was bid while Alexandra continued to listen to the sound of fighting and hoped that her daughter was alright. Someone must have already called security, no sooner had Linda reached the nurses station when two men came out of the elevator and quickly made their way down the hall.

Alexandra slipped back into the room and found both women breathing hard and sweating. Cindy looked the worse of it as she lay on the ground with numerous bloody cuts and bruises on her face. She also held her arm tightly to her side, indicating that she may have injured some ribs. Bly sat on the edge of the bed holding a sobbing Jordan. She looked up when her mother approached and Alexandra could see that she would have a shiner come morning. 'Other than that, she looks a heck of a lot better than Cindy.' Alexandra thought to herself proudly.

"Security is here. I suggest you let me handle this." Alexandra quickly informed them as the door opened and the two officers entered. "Officers, just in time. My name is District Attorney, Alexandra VanDewark." She replied confidently flashing her credentials to identify herself. "Detective Nichols is on his way from the third precinct to arrest this young woman. She is the hit and run driver that almost killed my daughter, Jordan. I would appreciate if you would detain her until he arrives."

"Ma'am, what happened to her?" The one officer asked while the other placed Cindy in cuffs and led her out of the room.

"Resisting arrest." Alexandra replied simply as the officer helped his partner lift the dazed woman to a standing position and lead her out of the room to await the detective. Alexandra followed them out of the room to make sure Cindy wouldn't escape this time like she had in the past and, if need be, she'd shoot the wench to rid the world of such a wickedly evil person.

"Bly... what were you thinking?" Jordan asked fearful as she clutched Bly's arms when she sat next to her on the bed and looked into her terrified green eyes.

"I was thinking about how Cindy was going to pay for what she did you to you in the past and the present Jordan." Bly answered simply as she wiped the tears from Jordan's cheeks.

"Yeah and you didn't stop to consider what she could have done to you or what you could have done to could have killed her and then been sitting in prison for the rest of your life!" Jordan replied angrily as Bly didn't think of the ramifications of what might have happened.

"No...I didn't stop to consider the consequences Jordan...I just saw that fucking bitch next to you and I snapped. I thought she was going to hurt you again and I was not going to let that happen, even if it meant that I would get hurt or whatever else could have happened. She was not going to hurt you again as long as I was there to stop her baby." Bly answered as she kissed Jordan on the cheek and pulled her close to hold her.

Jordan loved being in the arms that made her feel complete, peaceful and loved. She loved Bly so much and feared for her safety when she saw her with Cindy and didn't know what she would do without Bly in her life. It was unbearable to think about she thought as she held her dark lover tighter. "Bly...I have never had someone do what you just did for me... putting your own well being aside for mine and that means a lot to me. But it scared the hell out of me and I was terrified you would be hurt." Jordan answered with tears in her eyes as Bly broke the hug and locked eyes with her.

"Jordan...don't you know by now that I would give up anything for you? I love you baby and I mean anything. I know I didn't give up the volleyball tournament for you, which I will regret to my dying day, and I promise that will never happen again. I would gladly switch places with you if I could so I could take all of your pain away." Bly answered sincerely as she kissed Jordan soundly to seal her exclamation.

Jordan broke the kiss and looked into Bly's deep blue eyes. "How did the tournament go Bly?" Jordan asked enthusiastically even though she had totally forgotten about the tournament.

"It's not important babe...aah...I'm going to put some ice on my eye so it will stop swelling." Bly stammered trying to avoid Jordan's question regarding the tournament as she headed out the door for the ice not wanting to upset Jordan by telling her she played like shit and wouldn't be making the Olympic team. That could wait until Jordan was fully recovered Bly thought as she retrieved an ice bag from one of the nurses.

A week later Jordan was released and Bly took her home to recuperate at her place. After three weeks at home, Bly still had not gone back to work full time since the accident, and she still wouldn't listen to Jordan's repeated assurances that she would be alright alone during the day. Bly would see her patients in the morning and Linda would come over to help Jordan start the day before dropping her off at Bly's work for her grueling Physical Therapy. The only reason she tolerated going to therapy was because of the gorgeous raven haired Physical Therapist she got to see there...Bly.

Linda dropped Jordan off out front and told her she would talk to her later to see how therapy went before driving off to work. She was lucky that her job was such that she could basically make her own hours and it gave her more of a chance to take care of her sister.

Jordan entered the busy gym and headed back to find Kim, her therapist, to get started on her therapy, but stopped dead in her tracks as she saw what was before her. She looked and saw Bly working with a hand patient at the table and noticed they were carrying on quite a candid conversation.

She was breathless from Bly's beauty as she saw Bly look down at the woman's hand with her raven hair draped to one side shadowing her dark features. Bly's gorgeous blue eyes looked up from the hand to meet her patients as she laughed heartedly. Jordan hadn't seen that gorgeous smile and laugh from Bly in weeks. All she saw was the top of Bly's head or her cheek as she wouldn't even look at Jordan of late. She was jealous and wanted her lover hurt her that Bly didn't laugh with her that way anymore.

"How can such a beautiful and sweet girl such as yourself torture your patients as much as you do Bly? You're killing me you know?...You just love to torture me don't you?" The woman teased as Bly looked at her and continued to perform range of motion activities on the woman's hand.

"Now Marilyn...didn't I tell you what P.T. stood for? It means Physical Torturer...not Physical Therapist." Bly answered with a laugh. "Besides, if I don't move your fingers around then you won't be able to use them and you'll hate me, which I just can't have happen." Bly answered with a laugh as she looked to the side and saw a vision of loveliness standing there looking back at her.

Bly's blues met Jordan's greens and Jordan caught the breath that escaped her when Bly smiled at her, only to notice that smile leave her face. In its place was a reflection of sadness and guilt. Jordan had hoped that Bly was back to her old self again, but it just wasn't so and the thought overwhelmed her. She couldn't stand the way Bly looked at her, as if she pitied her and, 'that was just not going to happen', she thought. She decided that she needed to talk to Bly about it. 'It has to stop.' Jordan thought angrily as Bly's demeanor disgusted her.

Bly looked back down at the task at hand as her guilt overwhelmed her when she saw Jordan. She found it very hard lately to look at her without feeling so guilty and she wasn't sure how to handle these foreign feelings. She had never confronted the sweeping range of emotions that she had been feeling since the accident and didn't know what to do.

"Jordan...are you ready to get started?" Kim asked excitedly as the physical therapist approached her patient.

"Oh, yeah...just thrilled!" Jordan replied drolly with agitation at Bly's demeanor. She glanced at Bly's bowed head once more before walking away to get started on her program of strength and endurance training to get her back to her pre-injury status. The way Bly was acting really disturbed Jordan, and she was in no mood to do anything, on top of the fact that her wrist hurt more today than any of the other days. She figured it was because she was out of the cast and doing more with that hand than she had in a while. But, she was not looking forward to the pain and torture Kim would be inflicting on her wrist shortly to help her gain full functional use of it again.

Jordan had hoped Bly would be her therapist, but she had told her that it wouldn't be ethical because they were lovers. It wouldn't look good to the insurance companies if they ever found out Bly was treating Jordan, considering the lawsuit Jordan had pending with Cindy's insurance company. Bly recommended that Jordan go to a different facility so there would be no conflict, but the insurance company assigned Jordan to her office.

All in all, it had worked out well because then Bly was able to take Jordan home after her therapy, plus she could monitor Jordan's progress.

Jordan was beginning to wonder whether Bly was giving her a bogus line by saying it was unethical for her to treat her lover considering how Bly had been acting lately. She wondered if Bly just didn't want to be with her anymore and was in some sick way trying to push her out of her life.

After Jordan's therapy session she was in a lot of pain and was unusually tired. So, once they got back to Bly's penthouse she took her pain medication and went straight to bed without talking to Bly about how she was acting. The next morning after waking up without Bly in the bed she decided enough was enough and had to talk to Bly about everything.

Jordan entered the kitchen to find Bly had breakfast all prepared for Jordan. "How are you feeling?" Bly asked as she glanced at Jordan then back to her bowl of Lucky Charms.

"Could be better...listen Bly we need to talk." Jordan replied nervously and dreading every minute of having to do this sort of conversation, but she couldn't...they couldn't, go on this way any longer.

Bly closed her eyes trying to force the tears back knowing what Jordan was going to talk to her about as she kept her back to Jordan. She didn't want to deal with it right then and stood up quickly walking toward Jordan.

"I'm running late Jordan...can we talk about this later?" Bly asked lamely as she kissed Jordan's forehead and walked past her towards the bathroom, trying to avoid the conversation she knew she didn't want to have with Jordan. She knew she had to figure a way to not feel so guilty about everything, but she just couldn't and needed more time. So, in the end, it was easier for her to avoid the issue.

Jordan was shocked by Bly's reaction as she sat down to attempt to eat something, which she wasn't able to do. She sat lost in her thoughts and jumped startled when Bly entered the kitchen after showering and dressing for work.

"Sorry...I didn't mean to scare you." Bly replied sheepishly as she cleaned up her breakfast bowl.

"Bly...listen there is no need for you to continue working only half days so you can take care of me. I'm fine and I can do a lot more stuff on my own now." Jordan replied thinking Bly's work schedule would be a good lead in to the conversation she wanted to have with her.

"Jordan, we've been through this before. I don't need to work." Bly replied as she cleared up the breakfast dishes from the table and walked out of the room once again avoiding Jordan. Jordan slowly followed Bly into the guestroom, where she had temporarily moved to when Jordan had come home.

"And this, why are you still staying in here?" Jordan asked from the doorway.

"I'm trying to give you time to recuperate. I didn't want to hurt you." Bly simply answered as she moved around making the bed.

"You've hardly touched me since I've come home." Jordan looked at Bly for some understanding. Bly stopped what she was doing and stood with her back to Jordan silently.

"Talk to me damn it!" Jordan's voice rose with her growing anger. "Is it because I'm damaged or something?" Jordan asked fearful that Bly didn't want her anymore.

Bly spun around at the sound of Jordan's raised voice. "You don't understand! It's not that I don't want to be near's just every time I look at you I realize that I am at fault for what happened to you. I can't go back and change that, but I can't go forward either."

"So, this is it? I'm supposed to live here with you moping around because you think you could have changed what happened?" Jordan asked her voice still elevated with fear and anger. She didn't want to lose Bly, but she couldn't live with her pity either.

"You are just not well enough yet." Bly turned back around to the bed ending the conversation as far as she was concerned. 'We don't need to deal with this until Jordan is stronger', she kept trying to convince herself. The words sounded hollow and lame, even to her ears. She knew she was shutting Jordan out, but she couldn't get past the guilt that she felt.

"That's a convenient excuse for what the problem is here. Bly I love you, but I can't live with you looking at me like you do. You act as though I'm already dead and you've buried yourself in guilt so deep that I can't even reach you anymore. Well, I'm not dead! I'm alive and I'm here! You have a choice to make, either you live with me in the present and get rid of this idea that you could have saved me...or you will have to live without me. I just can't take this anymore!" Jordan finished with tears burning her eyes. She turned and made her way to the master bedroom and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door more exhausted then she had ever felt in her life as the tears rolled down her face uncontrolled.

Bly stood in shock with the pillow still clutched in her hands watching her life walk away from her. Slowly, she sank on the bed and put the pillow to her face muffling the outburst of cries as the pain in her heart became unbearable. Bly lay with the pillow covering her face wondering how everything had gone so wrong. She wondered why in the hell she was being such an emotional was so unlike her. 'Maybe it was because she loved Jordan with every ounce of her being and she was Bly's entire life', she thought as she remembered how relationships were easier before Jordan entered her life. She would just drop the woman whenever there was any conflict or she just wouldn't allow the relationship to go very far, but she couldn't do that with Jordan, she didn't want to do that with Jordan. Bly loved Jordan too much to do that, but it absolutely killed her what Jordan had said to her. She couldn't be mad at Jordan because it was true. She felt extremely guilty and just couldn't get over it, but Bly knew she had to and fast if she didn't want to lose Jordan. Bly pushed the pillow off her face and wiped the tears away before glancing at the clock realizing she was running late. "Shit!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and scrambled off the bed. She ran into the study and grabbed her attaché case before heading to the master bedroom to say good-bye to Jordan. Bly found the door to be locked. 'Damn!' She thought with agitation at the locked door. "Jordan...I'm late for work...I aah...just wanted to say good-bye." Bly stammered, as she heard no reply from Jordan. "Jordan?" Bly asked worriedly still not hearing a response from Jordan and was about to break the door down until she heard the shower turn on. "And to say I'm sorry." Bly replied softly and regretfully before leaving the Penthouse. 'This is not a good day for this to happen...but then again what day is a good day for something like this to happen between two people who love one another?' Bly thought on the elevator ride down. Along with the Medicare hearings she had today, it wasn't looking good already. 'I think Medicare pulls this crap just to piss everyone off!' She thought angrily about her upcoming meeting and how Medicare loved to play a sick game of denying payment and treatment for a patient. Once the bills were resubmitted for reconsideration they would call a hearing to decide if they would pay or approve more therapy, if it was medically necessary. Unfortunately, the patient is usually the one who suffers from their tactics because if Medicare deems their treatments not medically necessary, than the patient receives no therapy. 'Medicare can bite me!' Bly thought annoyed at their system as she climbed into her car and floored the accelerator leaving rubber and smoke behind her.

Bly arrived slightly behind schedule, which was extremely unusual for her. She rushed into the crowded and busy Physical Therapy center, agitated at the entire situation, not to mention her tardiness. Even though she was only five minutes late, it didn't help her already dismal mood. "Good morning Bly." Patty, her secretary, greeted happily as Bly blew by her in a rush towards her office. She hated feeling rushed when she arrived for work. Bly always came early to have coffee with the girls in the office and to read the sports page before work. Bly was not fond of her morning routine being altered, but what could she do about it today? Nothing!

"Send Mrs. Garcia back Patty I'll be right there." Bly threw over her shoulder as she entered her office quickly depositing her attaché case in the chair before grabbing her lab coat, fighting with the sleeves as she attempted to slip it on and walk toward her first patient. Bly wasn't particularly fond of wearing her lab coat...actually, she hated wearing it and only did so if she was treating patients with open wounds or patients she saw in the hospital.

"Good morning Mrs. Garcia...I'm sorry I'm running late today." Bly apologetically replied as she grabbed a stool and a pair of rubber gloves before sitting down before her patient.

"Hectic morning dear?" Her patient asked with a smile.

"Too hectic." Bly answered with a chuckle as she slipped her gloves on. "Okay...let's take a look at the wound on your hand and see how it's healing." Bly replied as she carefully removed the bandage and examined the wound. "'s healing beautifully...I've done a wonderful job." Bly teased cockily as if she really had something to do with the healing process and shared a laugh with her patient.

Bly was glad the mood was lightened despite the fact that she couldn't get what Jordan said to her out of her mind. She was in no mood for what she had to face for the day and would rather not even be at work. Fortunately, she thought, she had Mrs. Garcia and then the hearings allowing her to be finished with work by noon.

"Bly...the people from Medicare are here." Patty advised Bly.

"Oh,, my day is complete Patty. I don't know if I can stand the excitement I feel right now." Bly replied sarcastically as she looked up at Patty.

"Yep...I knew you would be just as excited as I am with their presence. I would really love to be able to tell them where to stick it." Patty answered equally sarcastic causing Bly and her patient to laugh.

"Have them wait in the break room while I finish up with Mrs. Garcia please."

"No problem." Patty answered before walking away to speak with the Medicare people.

"Thanks." Bly replied as she finished redressing the patient's wound. "'re all set. I'll see you on Monday and have a good weekend. You try to behave yourself too young lady." Bly teased with a smile, which was quickly shared by her patient.

"You too Bly...thanks a lot." The elderly woman answered before leaving the treatment area.

Bly slowly cleaned up her mess, purposely making the Medicare people wait. She considered the hearings such a waste of time, but she also understood they had a job to do. Because of some greedy medical personnel, Medicare had to change their guidelines to eliminate Medicare fraud. Bly washed her hands before entering the den of wolves for the hearings with a scowl etched clearly on her face.

Bly and the Medicare reviewers had been butting heads over the charts under review for over two hours agitating Bly even more. So far, they had agreed to make payment for most of the claims presented based on Bly's exemplary documentation in the patient's medical charts. Bly breathed a sigh of relief that her documentation was very detailed so she could prove that the patient's were making progress in therapy and there was no need for them to be denied treatment. 'What a stupid game these people play.' Bly thought to herself with obvious disdain for the whole system, but she knew a lack of documentation in a patient's progress notes could deny them for the therapy they needed.

It was just their sorry excuse for denying payment and something as simple as leaving out a birthdate could do it. 'Payment...what a joke that is...they want us to do all of this documentation and follow their guidelines for a very minimal reimbursement.' Bly thought angrily as the discussion began on the next patient.

Bly looked up and saw the green-eyed blonde who captured her heart and soul enter the gym. She was captivated by Jordan and watched as Jordan greeted everyone with her radiant smile as she made her way through the gym.

Bly had tuned all the chatter of the meeting out as she watched Jordan intently. Jordan took Bly's breath away as she thought about how much she loved her. Jordan turned and looked at Bly with emerald greens met piercing blues, Bly snapped out of her revelry reminding her of the biting words Jordan had said to her earlier that morning. It felt like an arrow pierced her heart as she heard the words all over again and Bly looked away from Jordan sadly.

"Bly...aah...Bly?" The Medicare nurse asked.

"What?" Bly snapped angrily as she turned her head towards the woman.

"Do you have any comments on this patient? We don't feel it's medically necessary for her to continue therapy." The woman answered stoically.

Bly's head pounded as she listened to what the woman had said looking at Jordan and back to the woman increasing her frustration. She couldn't take the crap anymore and fought her urge to chew the nurse out and tell her to shove the chart up her ass...sideways, but knew she had to try and be diplomatic about everything.

"Not medically necessary huh?" Bly asked sarcastically. "Let's see how that can be remotely believable." Bly answered as she opened the patient's chart. "The patient has a fractured shoulder and elbow with health compromises which slow the healing process down considerably of her dominant upper extremity. She has had 18 visits to date and her range of motion in her shoulder is all of eighty degrees and fifty degrees for flexion in her elbow. Now, mind you full range of motion for the shoulder is one hundred eighty degrees and one hundred thirty degrees for the elbow. The patient could get by with functional range of motion of about one hundred fifty for the shoulder and one hundred twenty degrees which would allow her to do her everyday basic activities such as grooming and feeding herself." Bly instructed them in a controlled sarcasm.

Bly looked around at the people before turning the page and proceeding. "This patient was previously totally independent and now the woman can't even feed herself requiring assistance from a caregiver. Could you please explain to me how therapy is not medically necessary for this woman because I'm just not seeing your logic here!" Bly asked angrily in a raised tone, growing far more agitated than she wanted to be as she closed the chart.

"We have a set amount of eight visits which we deem medically necessary for this type of an injury and that is why further treatment has been denied." The woman answered with equal agitation at Bly's sarcasm.

"You mean to tell me you expect someone with this type of an injury to be completely functional within eight visits? That's ridiculous." Bly responded with her anger mounting.

"Those are the guidelines that have been set and we need to follow them." The woman retorted coldly.

"Change the guidelines then! Don't you realize it takes longer than 12 visits for a person to be functional again? The main goal for everyone to achieve is their prior functional status as it was before the onset of the injury!" Bly informed them with agitation.

Everyone in the gym could hear the conversation-taking place and Jordan looked on worriedly, she could tell Bly's temper was ready to blow. "I've never seen or heard Bly this mad at the Medicare people before." Kim replied with surprise and an excited feeling that the wolves where getting what they ear full.

"Yeah...well, they deserve it...they're a pain in the ass!" Patty answered with a chuckle as she went back to filing her charts, glad that Bly was giving them the business.

" what you want and keep your stupid guidelines, but I'm not going to deny treatment to my patient because of your idiotic rules. My Code of Ethics and my human decency won't allow that to happen to a patient who truly needs this therapy." Bly replied angrily as she stormed out of the room heading towards her office, stripping off her lab coat and becoming even more agitated as she fought to get the coat off.

" Mrs. Shapiro and schedule her appointments...tell her she won't have to pay a thing for therapy!" Bly shouted as she finally removed the offensive coat and threw it against the wall when she entered her office effectively releasing some tension. "Fucking people and their stupid guidelines...they can bite me!" Bly replied for only herself to hear. She gathered her belongings, seriously needing to get away from everything that was pissing her off before she went off on someone who didn't deserve it.

"Bly...are you okay?" Jordan asked with concern as she entered Bly's office.

Bly glanced over her shoulder at Jordan as she packed papers in her case. "Does it really matter Jordan?" Bly asked as she looked back down to her attaché case.

"Yes...because I care about you." Jordan replied as she moved closer to Bly wanting to hold her in her arms and make everything better for her.

Bly picked up her case and turned to Jordan. "You care about me, but you can't stand to be a part of my life right? That's really rich Jordan, really rich!" Bly replied agitatedly as she exited the office leaving a bewildered blonde standing in her wake.

" Dawson to give Jordan a ride home please. I'll see you next week...have a good weekend." Bly replied unenthusiastically as she walked past the counter and exited the door to the parking lot. Bly threw her case onto the passenger's side seat before sliding into her own and grabbed the handle to close the door as Jordan exited the clinic.

"Bly...wait!" Jordan yelled with Bly ignoring her and squealed her tires as she left the parking lot. 'This is all unbelievable.' Jordan thought to herself in disbelief and sadness at how her relationship with Bly was coming unraveled. What she had said this morning was true and if Bly didn't want to deal with the issues at hand there was nothing she could do about it. No, instead she just left her hanging again as if Bly's guilt was all her fault. 'I'm sorry that Cindy had ever entered my life and had the chance to cause this trouble, but why is Bly's inability to deal with it my fault? Heck, maybe it is. If it hadn't been for me, Cindy wouldn't be in the picture, there would be no accident, and Bly wouldn't have to face dealing with something she is obviously not prepared to deal with.' Jordan stood alone in the parking lot with her thoughts and looked up towards the sun for warmth as a shiver rippled through her body. Sadly, she turned and slowly walked back into the Clinic.

"Patty, please don't call Dawson, I already have a ride. Can I use your telephone?" Jordan asked stiffly, it was taking all her energy just to maintain her calm façade.

"Sure, no problem. Are you okay?" Patty asked with concern as she could see Jordan was visibly upset.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jordan didn't make eye contact but took the offered telephone and made her own arrangements. 'If you can't give me your love, I don't need your charity.' Jordan thought sadly.

Bly drove on, picking up her car phone and dialed her buddy Jill. "Jilly...two words for you...batting cages." She replied with a smile as she thought about hitting some baseballs to take out some of her aggressions.

"I'll be there in ten minutes!" Jill answered excitedly as she hung up the phone.

Bly pulled into the parking lot of the Grand Prix Race-o-Rama where the batting cages were located and changed into a T-shirt, shorts and her sneakers, which she always kept in a gym bag in her car. Jill pulled her big, red truck up next to Bly with a silly, happy look on her face as Bly finished tying her shoes.

Jill exited the truck and approached Bly's open door. "What's up bud?"

"Majorly bad morning dude...hey, did you deliver all of your packages early or are you playing hooky from work?" Bly asked with a laugh as she stepped out of the car.

"Playing hooky...needed to rest. UPS can bite me today!" Jill answered in a shared laugh with Bly.

"Let's go crush some baseballs then." Bly replied with a laugh as she grabbed her bat and helmet before heading off to the cages.

Bly and Jill spent the remainder of the day hitting baseballs, playing putt-putt golf and riding the go-carts before deciding it was time to venture somewhere else. "Let's go over to 'Playoffs' and catch the Red Sox game on satellite along with a few drinks and treat." Bly offered as they headed to the cars.

"Sounds good to me, but I buy the first round." Jill demanded as they jumped into their cars.

"I'll meet you there." Bly replied as she closed the door to her car before heading over to the sports bar.

They both took a seat next to the big screen TV and requested that the Red Sox game be put on. Fortunately, for them they were the only one's in there and were able to get the game of their choice. "Good thing we beat the crowds Bly."

"Most definitely...I'll have a Jack and Coke please." Bly ordered, as the waitress approached, not wasting anytime getting the weekend started off right. She knew that taking some batting practice would take her mind off of her worries, which it did, and she was actually having fun but, then again, she always had fun when she would hang out with Jill.

"Damn...check it out...three tropical storms are brewing out over the Bahamas Bly." Jill replied with agitation at the impending storms that could hit the eastern coast of Florida.

"I see that...I don't believe it. One of them is named Cindy...isn't that fitting!" Bly responded sarcastically wondering when that woman would ever stop interfering in her life.

"Yeah...and it looks like she might overtake the other storm Emily to merge into one hell of a storm." Jill answered with disbelief as she shook her head at the TV screen.

"That's Cindy alright...overtakes others and causes mass destruction in their lives...the fucking bitch. Let's hope that storm heads out to sea!" Bly answered agitatedly as she downed her drink. "I'll have another please." She ordered before the waitress was able to put Jill's beer down on the table.

"'s happy hour so, you have one coming free would you like me to bring another one other than the one you just ordered?"

"Yeah...I could deal with that nicely." Bly answered with a devilish laugh and a wiggle of her eyebrows as she looked at Jill.

"Dude...two fisted tonight huh?" Jill answered with a laugh as she sipped her ice-cold draft beer.

"Oh, yeah...hell, the way I feel...I should just tell her to bring me a pitcher of drinks!" Bly answered with a laugh, as her two requested drinks were promptly delivered.

"Hey, I'm getting psyched about the new baseball season...did you send in your application yet?" Jill asked enthusiastically as she finished off her beer just in time for her second one, which the waitress placed in front of her.

"Oh, yeah...sent it in the day I got it. We have to talk Vinny into getting the name of our team changed...I don't like the Diamondbacks." Bly answered finishing off one of her two drinks. "Aah..." she replied as the last part of her drink went down totally satisfied with the taste of her cocktail. "We need to change the name to either the Red Sox or the Yankees, but not the Diamondbacks. Besides, I'm tired of wearing those stupid purple thick socks with our uniform." Bly answered with a chuckle as she looked at her friend with a smile.

"Yeah...purple just ain't me honey!" Jill retorted with a laugh. "Oh, Vinny is so psyched about this season and is ready to start it now!" Jill answered with a chuckle.

"Me too...I think he's going to be an excellent coach and we should do pretty good this year." Bly answered encouragingly as she waved to the waitress for another round.

Linda followed Jordan up to the penthouse and listened while Jordan relayed the morning events to her. She held her sister and cried with her and hoped that Bly would come around. She knew these two were meant to be together. After talking Jordan into taking a nap and promising to hang around for awhile, Linda called Julie. Julie arrived before Jordan got up and the blonde found the two women in the kitchen talking.

"What are you two plotting? Hello, Julie." Jordan greeted and looked outside frowning. It was into evening and Bly was not home yet.

"Hey, Jordan. Come and sit down here and have a cup of coffee with us." Julie replied knowing where the blonde's mind was at the moment.

"Has Bly called?" Jordan looked up at the clock and frowned, it was already 8 PM and Bly still wasn't home.

"No, not yet." Linda answered and looked at Julie for help.

"She'll be home shortly." Julie answered, knowing that wasn't necessarily the case. If Bly wasn't thinking straight, Julie knew she could get herself in a world of trouble.

"If it is because I am here, maybe I should leave so she can come home to her own place." Jordan didn't really want to leave, but she was feeling scared, angry and frightened all at the same time. She couldn't think rationally at the moment, but if she weren't wanted, she wouldn't stay.

"No! Don't even think that. I tell you what, let me go and see if I can't find her. She is probably just down at the batting cages working off her frustration of the Medicare people. She gets this way when she has to deal with them." Julie offered and stood up to leave.

"It's more than Medicare." Jordan whispered and went to look out over the darkening ocean noticing the flash of lightening far off in the distant indicating an impending storm front moving across the turbulent Atlantic Ocean.

Julie softly replied, "I know," and turned to Linda. "I'm going to go see if I can't bring her home. Stay here and try to keep Jordan from running away or anything okay?"

Linda nodded and easily slipped into Julie's arms for a warm hug. Sighing, she looked up at her Italian lover, "What are you going to do?"

"Try to knock some sense into my best friend before she totally screws up the best thing that has ever come into her life. See if you can calm that one down." Julie motioned her head to the blonde in the other room. "I don't want to get Bly back here to find that she has left."

"No, she isn't going anywhere tonight." Linda walked Julie to the elevator and rode down with her. On the trip down she had an overwhelming urge to kiss Julie and she did so until the elevator hit the lobby.

"Wow!" Julie replied happily pulling back as the doors opened. "I'm glad that we are not fighting like those two."

"So am I." Linda replied with a relieved smile and a shiver at the thought of fighting with Julie.

"I've got to talk to Bly and get her over this self-imposed guilt trip. It's not like her. I know that she loves Jordan very much. She's just got to realize that she can't control everything that happens in this life! I'll bring her back as soon as I can." Linda watched as Julie walked out the front door before taking the elevator back up to the penthouse. She walked into the living room to find Jordan still looking out the window, she hadn't moved from her spot and held Ares tightly against her chest softly stroking his silky fur as he wiggled his tail perfectly content in the arms that held him.

"Hey, let's go sit out on the balcony. It's a nice night." Linda quietly offered, not wanting to startle Jordan. Jordan shrugged her shoulders and followed her sister out onto the balcony with Ares jumping from her arms before heading back into the Penthouse as they sat down to listen to the waves crash against the shore in the semi-darkness. The moon was coming out and they just caught the glint of its brightness as it sparkled off the top of the choppy waves. The soft tropical breeze ruffled Jordan's hair and she closed her eyes and breathed the scent of the night Jasmine.

"Did Julie leave?"

"Yes, she will be back in a bit. She went to find Bly." Linda replied watching her sister's profile. Her sister seemed to have aged in the last 24 hours as the lines of exhaustion edged her face. Even with her nap, she still looked tired.

"I don't know what to do Linda. I can't lose Bly." Jordan turned to face her sister as the tears tracked down her face. Linda moved her chair closer and pulled Jordan into her arms and rocked her.

"I know honey. Julie will bring her back and then you guys need to talk. Neither one of you want to lose what you have. I also know that Bly loves you very much." Linda rocked her sister quietly and prayed that Julie would find Bly and get her to see things more clearly.

"I just can't live with her walking on eggshells all the time. She thinks the accident is her fault. If it's anyone's fault it is mine for not stopping Cindy sooner."

"Just wait right there! Let's put the blame where it belongs. It doesn't belong to you or Bly. It rests solely on Cindy! She has gotten away with so much as far as you are concerned. I'm not going to let her get away with breaking you guys up too. You have to realize that neither one of you could have changed what happened. Things happen because they just do. If it's meant to be, nothing is going to change that fact. I think you and Bly are meant to be and I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that fact!" Linda stood up and faced her sister with her hands on her hips. "Are you listening to me?" She emphasized emphatically as her green eyes widened.

Jordan looked up and had to grin at the pose her sister held. "Yes, ma'am!"

Linda broke into a chuckle, happy that she had gotten through to her sister and could make her smile. "Well, you better!"

It was almost 11 PM and Jordan was wandering around restlessly when they heard the elevator open. Both women turned and went to find Julie and Jill pulling a slightly wobbly Bly into the penthouse.

"What happened?" Linda and Jordan echoed at the same time.

"I found her after searching all over Ft. Lauderdale. Fortunately, she's a creature of habit and frequents the same places all the time and I talked some sense into her!" Julie answered struggling to keep her hold on the fidgeting woman. Jill chuckled at the explanation as they continued tugging the tall woman down the hallway.

"Hey!" Bly replied agitatedly trying to pull back from the two women. "Jill and I were running the pool shouldn't have made us leave!" Bly slurred agitatedly as she attempted to focus on Julie and keep her limp hand on her hip, unsuccessfully struggling to maintain her balance.

"It was more like Jill was running around the table trying to hold your drunk ass up! I think we need to get her into bed." Julie nodded and together they half dragged Bly toward the master bedroom. Jordan hesitated for a moment thinking to redirect them toward the guest bedroom and instead shrugged and walked ahead into her room and pulled down the covers on the bed.

Linda leaned over and whispered to Julie, "I think Bly's sleeping in the guestroom now."

"I know." Julie replied and continued to shuffle Bly into the master bedroom and dropped her onto the bed.

"This isn't funny guys!" Bly slurred pulling herself up. She stood for a moment touching her cheek gingerly before staggering into the bathroom.

"What the hell happened?" Linda asked as Julie and Jill stood disheveled and breathing hard.

"Let's just say she was being a little obnoxious and uncooperative and Jules here knocked her down a few pegs." Jill answered smiling widely.

Everyone turned to Julie for an explanation and the woman shrugged, "She was drinking and I wasn't going to let her drive home. She had an attitude and we had a long talk in the parking lot about things. I guess she took offense to something I said and took a swing at me. She missed and fell into the truck. It's okay her hard head broke her fall!"

"Oh God, now you two are fighting. This has just gotten way out of hand!" Jordan turned and left the bedroom. She wasn't sure what she would do next, but she wasn't going to let Bly's friendships suffer because of her.

"Wait!" Julie followed Jordan into the living room and stopped the blonde from going any further. "You didn't let me finish. We had a long talk and I think Bly is ready to talk about everything with you. Just give her a chance to sober up a little. Tomorrow is Saturday, I suggest the two of you don't plan anything but having that talk." Julie instructed Jordan assuredly.

"Are you sure she wants to talk to me now?" Jordan was hopeful, but afraid to be too optimistic for fear of being disappointed again.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Just let her get some sleep tonight and talk tomorrow. In the meantime, Linda and I are going to take Jill home. Maybe Sunday we can all meet for a drink and pick up the car and truck. " Julie motioned to Jill and Linda to get moving and Linda hugged her sister as the other two headed toward the elevator. "Just take it slow and talk. Okay, remember she loves you."

Jordan nodded and watched as the trio departed and turned toward the bedroom, unsure of what she should do. Finally, she decided she needed to check on Bly and walked into the master bedroom. She found Bly sitting on the side of the bed holding a washcloth to her face.

"Can I see?" Jordan asked quietly as she moved slowly toward Bly. Bly pulled the washcloth away and let Jordan check out her cheek. There was some swelling and a scratch, but nothing serious. "Do you want some ice?"

"No, it will be okay, I just wanted to get some of the dirt off my face." Bly replied embarrassedly.

"You missed a spot, do you mind?" Jordan put her hand out for the washcloth and Bly gave it to her and let the woman gently wipe her face without comment.

Finally, Bly looked up and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Jordan looked down at her unsure if she had actually heard Bly speak, but the look in those blue eyes told her she had.

"So, am I. Do you think we can talk tomorrow?" Jordan asked hesitantly and turned to hang the wet washcloth in the bathroom.

"Yes, I think we need to, right now I'm kind of tired." Bly replied laying back on the bed.

"Okay, get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning." Jordan replied softly and closing the light she turned to leave the bedroom.

"Hey, you don't have to go. I mean you could stay here tonight." Bly's velvety voice whispered from the darkness.

Jordan's pulse quickened at Bly's offer for her to stay with her and she smiled happily as tears filled her eyes. She was glad that Bly didn't shun her and she wanted nothing more than to be close to her lover once again.

"Aah...if that's what you want Bly." Jordan stammered unsure as she moved towards the bed.

"It is Jordan." Bly replied softly as she felt Jordan sit next to her on the bed and she placed her hand on top of Jordan's before lightly squeezing it sending a rush of warmth throughout Jordan at the contact. Bly's head pounded as the room began to spin when she closed her eyes. Her stomach did flip-flops as the dizziness continued. Bly put her foot down on the floor in a futile attempt to stop the dizziness. Supposedly, if you're drunk and you put your foot flat on the floor the bed spins would stop. 'Wrong!' Bly thought as she opened her blues eyes to stop the swirling in her head.

"Aah...Jordan...what did you do to my bed?" Bly slurred questioningly.

"I didn't do anything to it but sleep in it...why?" Jordan asked confused.

"You did something to it I know it. Either you changed it into a tilt-o-whirl ride or I drank one...five too many drinks!" Bly replied laughing at her statement.

Jordan chuckled looking down at her supine lover who was in obvious distress as she inhaled and exhaled deeply in her attempt to calm the nausea that was quickly winning the battle. "I think it's the latter babe because there is no way I'm getting on any tilt-o-whirl ride." Jordan answered with a chuckle as she brushed the dark bangs off Bly's forehead.

"Well, now that I have that dilemma figured out there's only one more thing for me to do to get a grip on myself...pray!" Bly retorted as she slowly lifted herself up to a sitting position fighting the nausea that sat at the bottom of her throat.

"Pray?" Jordan asked with even more confusion reminding herself to never drink as much as Bly did tonight.

"To the porcelain god!" Bly responded as she sprinted towards the bathroom slightly off balance as the alcohol won the battle with her stomach.

Jordan watched as her tall lover headed into the bathroom and knew she was going to be one hurting puppy come morning sporting one nasty hangover. Jordan headed into the kitchen and poured a glass of Gatorade and grabbed some Advil for Bly to alleviate the impending headache that was sure to consume her. Jordan walked back into the room and sat on the bed waiting for Bly to return.

Ares strolled into the room and meowed as he looked up at Jordan. "Hey, handsome...what you up too?" Jordan replied with a smile as she watched the cat jump up on the bed next to her. He meowed again as he rubbed his head up against Jordan who ran her hand down his back much to his delight purring loudly as he lay next to Jordan, absolutely content with her smoothing out his furry coat. "Oh, you are just so spoiled aren't you? Just like your mom. You two just love to have your backs rubbed don't you?" Jordan asked as she looked down at Ares who meowed softly in reply before licking his paw and rubbing it against his face to clean it.

"What is taking your mom so long...huh?" She asked wondering why Bly hadn't exited the bathroom by now and grew concerned, as she didn't hear any noise coming from the bathroom. "Let's go check on mom." Jordan worriedly replied as Ares jumped off the bed when she stood up and placed the glass of Gatorade on the nightstand and headed toward the bathroom.

Jordan opened the door slowly and feared Bly might be indifferent towards her for entering. She poked her head through the door. "Bly?" Jordan replied softly as she noticed Bly sitting on the floor in front of the toilet with her arms resting on the side of the bathtub and her head lying against her arms...sound asleep.

Jordan chuckled as she completely entered the bathroom and joined Ares at Bly's side. Ares sniffed Bly and rubbed up against her meowing trying to get her attention. "I don't think she wants to wake up Ares." Jordan replied as she pushed Bly's hair back off her face, which completely covered her beautiful features. "Bly...honey." Jordan spoke softly and comforting as she moved the remaining hair off of Bly's face.

"Huh." A low, muffled, sleepy response came out.

"Come on...let's get you in bed. You'll be more comfortable there." Jordan instructed Bly as she moved Bly from her resting position from the tub.

"It's okay...I'm really comfortable right here...but thanks." Bly slurred as she lay her head back down drawing a chuckle out of Jordan. She knew she shouldn't laugh but it was quite funny.

"Nope...let's go honey. You'll be more comfortable in bed." Jordan answered as she struggled to lift Bly up who finally made an attempt to stand.

Bly looked down at Jordan as she put her arm around Jordan's shoulder to help support her wobbly legs. "You are so demanding." She answered with a chuckle struggling to keep her blue eyes focused on the sexy blonde.

"Yeah...but that's why you love me so much." Jordan teased as she steered her tall soulmate towards the bed.

"Oh, that's not the only reason Jordan. There are so many more reasons why I love you, because you're beautiful, you have a very sexy smile." Bly slurred listing off all of Jordan's attributes that she loved about her as Jordan led her to the bed and sat her down. "You have the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen that I love to lose myself in." Bly continued as she looked at Jordan who handed her the Advil and Gatorade.

"Is that so?" Jordan replied with an embarrassed smile. "Take those." Jordan demanded.

"Did I tell you I love you because you're so demanding?" Bly asked with a silly grin as Jordan moved her hand with the Advil up to her mouth followed by the Gatorade.

"Yes, you already said that." Jordan replied with a chuckle as she watched Bly take the medicine and finish off her drink subconsciously tucking her long blond hair behind her ear.

"Oh, I love it when you tuck your hair behind your ear too, I love your cooking, your incredibly sexy body." Bly replied with an attempt at a seductive glance which just didn't work considering her drunkenness as Jordan removed her shirt and slipped a T-shirt over her head for Bly to sleep in. "Ooh, I love how frisky you are." Bly continued as Jordan lay her on her side noticing her blue eyes struggled harder to stay awake.

"Frisky huh?" Jordan teased as she removed Bly's shorts with Bly falling asleep.

"Yeah...frisky." Bly replied after a long silent pause. "I love your sassiness, but most of all I love you because you are you and because you love me for who I am." Bly whispered before Morpheus took her away to her dreams.

Jordan smiled, as her heart fluttered with Bly's admission wondering if what she said was what she truly meant. Jordan looked down at the sleeping figure and pushed her dark hair off her cheek lovingly before leaning down to place a soft kiss on her delicate skin. "I love everything about you Bly." Jordan whispered in her ear before kissing her once more and climbing into bed lying in front of Bly on her side. Jordan moved as close to her sleeping lover as she could who instinctively wrapped her arms around Jordan through her sleep. A smile crept across Jordan's face with her feeling safe and loved once again in the arms of her love. Jordan held Bly's hand tightly and kissed it before tucking Bly's hand close to her heart as she slipped off to sleep. Jordan heard a wide variety of noises dancing around in her head as she attempted to loosen the hold Morpheus had on her. She heard the loud clap of thunder and the pounding rain against the sliding glass door and thought about how she loved to stay in bed during a rainstorm with her lover's arms wrapped snuggly around her. She realized she didn't feel those arms around her and wondered if what Bly had said last night about why she loved Jordan were true or if it was just the alcohol talking. Jordan slipped back into her sleep but heard a familiar, funny laugh off in the distance and a song she could faintly hear as she fought of her sleepiness.The tune stuck in her head and she heard it more clearly now. 'Scooby dooby doo...lookin for you...where are you?' She heard the tune more clearly as her eyes opened to the storm darkened room. "Scooby Doo's on?" She thought with slight confusion until it registered in her brain. "Scooby's on!" She told herself excitedly as she made her way out of bed into the living room to find a Scooby Doo movie marathon going on. "Cool!" Jordan replied with excitement as she looked at the TV and glanced towards the couch noticing the sleeping figure sprawled out against the black leather with Ares sleeping soundly stretched out on her chest. Jordan smiled as she noticed Ares' had his paw tucked to one side of Bly's neck and had his face snuggled tightly against the other side with Bly in a deep sleep and her one foot planted firmly on the floor. Jordan laughed to herself deciding she needed a picture of this occasion and grabbed the digital camera from the den. She clicked a couple of pictures before moving closer to her sexy, sleeping lover and sat next to the couch on the floor. Ares' head snapped up and she heard a low, warning meows come out of the overprotective cat that now looked at her sleepily. "Ssh, you're going to wake up your mom." Jordan instructed him softly as she stroked his head and leaned forward to kiss Bly on the forehead. Jordan sat intently watching her lover sleep and listened to the rain pound against the window as two blue orbs opened and looked at her. "Hey." Bly replied sleepily. "How do you feel?" Jordan asked with concern.

"Let's just say I'm sick of praying to that damn porcelain god!" Bly replied with a laugh shared by Jordan.

"Is there anything I can get you?" Jordan offered.

"Can you arrange for a new stomach?" Bly asked with a smile.

"Sorry...fresh out. How about some Pepto?" Jordan asked with a smile as she leaned her chin against her arm that rested on the couch staring into the sexiest blue eyes.

"Been there and done everyone of those over the counter medicines to combat a hangover with none of them working. I need some Compezene to take care of it."

"Where can I get that from?"

"It has to be prescribed. I was waiting until it was a decent hour to call my dad and see if he could bring some over."

"Honey, you should have woke me up. I would have gotten something for you and I'm sure you're parents wouldn't have minded you calling." Jordan replied with regret that Bly allowed her to sleep while she spent the wee morning hour's sick.

"You were sleeping so soundly that I didn't want to wake you up." Bly answered with a smile as she lightly stroked Jordan's cheek with the back of her hand. "Besides, I needed to be punished to remind me how I shouldn't overindulge myself." Bly responded with a comforting smile.

" still could have gotten me up to be with you while you were sick."

"Jordan...I want you to know that even though I was very intoxicated...well, aah...extremely drunk." Bly answered with a laugh, which turned serious. "I remembered everything I said to you about what I love about you and I meant all of it. I love everything about you baby." Bly replied sincerely as she gazed into Jordan's green eyes and gently pulled her closer to her before hugging her. "I'm so sorry Jordan." Bly whispered in a voice filled with emotion in Jordan's ear wishing she hadn't had been such a fool by pushing the only person that she ever loved with all of her heart away from her. Bly knew exactly where she was meant to Jordan's arms and she didn't want to be anywhere else. She knew they needed to talk everything out to settle their problems but she was content for the moment to just stay right where she was...holding Jordan.

"I'm sorry too Bly." Jordan replied softly as she kissed her before leaning back and looked into Bly's blues. "We need to talk honey and work everything out." Jordan replied regretfully not wanting to start another fight but they had to have a resolve with the conflict in their lives.

"I know babe, but would you mind if I called my dad so he could give me something to make me feel better first?" Bly asked as she ran her fingers through Jordan's blond hair.

"Yes, I would mind if you call him because I want you to stay right where you are. I'll call dad for you...okay?" Jordan offered with a smile.

"Yes, boss." Bly replied with a laugh as she watched Jordan head off to retrieve the mobile phone to call her father and looked down at Ares who meowed when their eyes met. "Hey, buddy...give mama a kiss and make me feel better." Bly replied as she ran her long, slender fingers down his back with Ares rubbing his face against hers.

Jordan re-entered the room as she clicked the phone off. "Dad's on his way over and you do realize he will tease you incessantly don't you?" Jordan asked with a laugh as she sat back down on the floor in front of Bly.

"I will never live this one down...that's for sure." Bly answered with a laugh as she kissed Jordan on the cheek.

"I can't believe there is a Scooby marathon and you didn't wake me up." Jordan teased as she looped her fingers through Bly's before kissing her hand and focusing on the TV.

"It's a tough call honey...I had to risk the wrath of you missing Scooby or take the wrath of waking you up. The thought of doing that just made me shake in my bare feet and I opted to let you sleep." Bly teased as Jordan placed a playful bite on her hand hearing a chuckle out of Bly.

Bly's father stopped by and administered a shot of Compezene to stop the nausea and hooked up an IV to replenish the fluids Bly lost throughout the night as Alexandra sat watching Scooby Doo with Jordan.

"Okay...kiddo. Your chow should stay down now." Chance teased as he removed the IV from Bly's hand. "Feel better now? Because you sure look it. I thought for sure the grim reaper was knocking on the door from the looks of you when we first came in here." He teased with a laugh and a wink.

"Thanks daddy...I feel a lot better. You're my hero." Bly teased sarcastically as her father leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"Let's go sexy." Chance replied towards his wife with a wink and a smile who stood up.

"Are you sure I can't make some breakfast for you?" Jordan offered with a smile as Bly sat up on the couch feeling 100% better.

"No, but thanks though. Chance promised me Cinnamon nut French toast from the pancake house and I'm not missing out on that opportunity." Alexandra answered with a laugh as she leaned against her husband's shoulder with a smile as his long arm wrapped around his beautiful wife's waist.

" mean to tell me daddy had to bribe you to come out with him to take care of your little girl who was sick?" Bly asked with a teasing pout on her face. "I see how important I am to you."

"Oh, my little pumpkin is upset." Alexandra teased with a chuckle as she sat next to Bly. "Come here...let mama kiss your boo-boo and make it better." Alexandra teased mockingly as she put her arm around Bly who chuckled and moved away.

"No, get! Go get your French toast that's more important." She teased as she pushed her mom away who laughed and wrapped her daughter in a hug as she kissed her cheek.

"Bly...I can't believe you would think that Cinnamon nut French toast is more important than you." She replied sarcastically.

"I would...that French toast is delicious." Jordan teased with a laugh as everyone joined in on the laugh too.

"Now, you too! It's a friggin mutiny around here!" Bly teased with a laugh as her mother stood up and she lay back down on the couch. "Go on...all of you go...get your French toast...leave me here by myself with only Scooby and Ares to keep me company, my two faithful buddies who never let me down." Bly teased curling up with her cat trying to get some sympathy out of everyone who laughed.

"I'll stay here and forgo the French toast...this time." Jordan teased as she walked Bly's parents to the elevator.

"Bye...honey...we'll call you later to see how you are feeling." Alexandra informed her.

"Don't bother...I wouldn't want to pull you away from your French toast or anything more important." Bly teased as she waved to her parents over the couch, who laughed.

"I don't know how we got such a smart ass daughter Chance." Alexandra replied with a laugh shaking her head.

"She takes after you babe." Chance answered with a chuckle with a slap to his wife's butt quickly receiving a slap on the arm in response. "Bye Jordan...thanks for taking care of our little girl." Chance replied with a smile as he kissed Jordan on the cheek.

"You're welcome.... anytime dad." Jordan answered smiling as she hugged Alexandra happy that Bly's parents insisted she call them mom and dad.

"Bye honey...thanks." Alexandra answered as they stepped onto the elevator and disappeared as the doors closed.

Jordan approached the couch. "Look here Miss owe me some Cinnamon nut French toast when you recover." Jordan teased as she lay next to Bly on the couch.

"You can have anything you want baby." Bly replied softly in Jordan's ear as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"The only thing I want is you Bly." Jordan answered softly as she looked over her shoulder at her lover. "It's all I ever wanted from you." Jordan replied and rolled over to face Bly. "Do you feel like talking about what is going on between us?"

Bly looked down into warm green eyes and smiled. "I'm feeling a lot better now, it serves me right for doing something so stupid. I seem to be compounding my stupidity lately." Bly answered regretfully.

"Not stupid, just misguided." Jordan replied smiling and lightly kissing Bly.

"Yeah, misguided. A lot has happened in the past few months." Bly replied thoughtfully.

"I know and a lot has been happening with you. Care to talk about it?" Jordan asked trying to get Bly to open up to her.

"When the accident happened, I felt guilty for not being there and that your being hurt was all my fault. Part of me wanted so much to be with you at the awards, but the other part thought I needed to be at the Tournament. Then, you got hurt and I guess I just let my guilt get out of hand. I let it make me believe I could have changed everything that had happened just by my mere presence. My ego took over and my brain shut down." Bly tried to explain what she had been feeling and knew that her explanation was still lacking. She needed to take the chance and to tell Jordan everything. "Then things got out of hand between us and I almost lost you. It shouldn't have taken that for me to realize that the only important thing in this world is to be with you and I almost threw that away. I know now that I can't stop everything that is going to happen to us in our lifetime, some things are just fate. They are going to happen whether I want them to or not. I have no control over the events, but I do have control over how I react to them and I reacted totally wrong, can you forgive me?"

"Let me say what I need to say first, okay?" Jordan asked without answering Bly's request. Bly nodded slowly, the concern etched on her face as she waited for Jordan to continue.

Jordan smiled and ran her hand lightly across the furrowed brow in an effort to smooth away the creases. "When you couldn't get past your guilt, I got angry and said some things without thinking. I couldn't live with you looking at me like you were the one totally at fault, especially when I knew that I was partially to blame."

"I should never have made you feel that my award was more important than your Tournament. I was being childish. We both had something important to do and why should I have felt that mine should take precedence over yours? So, if anyone should ask for forgiveness, it should be me." Jordan looked searchingly into blue eyes and waited for a response.

Bly's eyes crinkled at the edges as the frown turned into a smile and she offered, "What do you say we just forgive each other? Let's just kiss and make up and learn from this fiasco."

"Sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Especially the making up part!" Jordan replied and kissed Bly long and deep to seal the pact.

"Mmmm. I've missed you." Bly murmured hugging Jordan tightly to her. "Me too!" Jordan replied nipping Bly's neck lightly in return. Jordan pulled back and looked at Bly questioningly. "I never asked, what happened at the tournament? How did you do?"

Bly shrugged and replied, "It's not important."

"Why not?" Jordan asked curiously. Bly didn't want to tell Jordan that she hadn't been able to concentrate at the Tournament and had probably blown her chance at the Olympics. She didn't want any more guilt between them. That was in the past and if she had it to do all over again, she probably never would have gone to the Tournament and stayed with Jordan. To stall any further questioning, Bly rolled Jordan under her and began kissing her passionately.

"Later." Bly murmured against Jordan's ear as she kissed along her jaw line to her neck. Jordan shivered in response, feeling her body respond to her lover and ran her hands down Bly's back thinking, 'What were we talking about?' Jordan's body relaxed as her sexy lover worked her magic moving her sensuous kiss up and down Jordan's neck. It had been so long to be exact... since she last felt that connection with Bly and she was extremely happy to have Bly reacquaint herself with her body. They had been through a lot in the past weeks and it had taken its toll on the both of them. She wanted and needed to have Bly touch and kiss her as she did before...with complete love. The way Bly had acted and looked at Jordan devastated her. She loved Bly so much but couldn't stand to see her look at her with so much guilt. Jordan thought about the ultimatum she gave Bly and realized she couldn't possibly have stayed away from Bly for too long...she loved her too much. Jordan moaned delightedly when Bly's searing kiss moved down through her cleavage before capturing an already hardened nipple. Jordan ran her hands through Bly's long, dark hair reveling in the pleasure she felt and how her body reacted to Bly's kiss and touch. No one had ever been able to make her feel the way Bly was able to Jordan thought as she felt Bly's mouth wrap around her other breast sending her center into a throbbing frenzy. Bly was setting Jordan's passion afire...that much was true and Jordan wanted Bly to know just how much she enjoyed what her incredible lover was doing to her. Jordan grasped Bly's face with her hands and pulled her up for a deep, moist, soul-searing kiss much to Bly's delight. The kiss sent a tingling sensation down Bly's spine as well as throughout her entire body telling her just how much Jordan loved her.

'I loved Jordan so much.' She thought as she deepened the seductive kiss. She couldn't and didn't want to imagine living her life without Jordan. Recently, they had too many close calls of not being together and she never wanted that to happen again. Bly wanted to make love...slowly, gently touching and tasting to her hearts content and savoring everything the object of her affection had to offer. 'The way she deserved to be made love to.' Bly thought moving her kiss down to Jordan's neck before nibbling on the soft skin.

Jordan moaned in pleasure at the tenderness of Bly's kiss on her neck sending her body into a mass of Goosebumps. Bly was such an erotic lover who always made her feel as if she was the most important person in the world and told her exactly how much she loved her with every touch and kiss. 'She's so gentle, caring and tender.' Jordan thought fondly of the woman who consumed her waking thoughts with her passions ignited as Bly's kiss blazed a trail between her breasts to her navel before stopping...teasing and tantalizing her oversensitive skin with her tongue.

Jordan's abdomen tightened in response to Bly's tongue circling her navel before dipping deep inside following that gesture with a soft kiss. Bly's hands slowly and softly made their way down Jordan's sensual body before entwining with Jordan's as her kiss traveled down to her blonde curl line. Jordan gasped when Bly moved closer to her wet mound that throbbed uncontrollably for her lover to attend to its needs.

Bly loved to touch, kiss and taste Jordan. Actually, she loved everything about Jordan and the feelings she had for her overwhelmed her at times. She had wandered through life with her eyes closed and never allowed someone to get as close to her as Jordan. Bly had always hoped someone would love her for who she is and not what she has monetarily...she thought that person would never enter her life until she saw her beautiful blond, green eyed lover in Key West. Bly knew when their eyes met she was the soul mate she had searched for in her life and that paradise was indeed found.

Bly wanted Jordan to know just how much she loved and cared for her. Jordan is all Bly ever needed. The feeling Jordan created in Bly was indescribable. She would try to describe how she made her feel, but the words just never came out right. It was the way Jordan was able to make her feel and it was the only thing that was real to Bly. The feeling she had inside when Jordan looked into her eyes was everything that she had ever wanted to see in her soul mate. Jordan was able to understand everything about Bly and accepted her no matter what...that was one of the beautiful traits Jordan possessed. Bly slowly and sensually made love to Jordan. She poured every ounce of her emotions and feelings into the lovemaking until she felt Jordan's grasp tighten around her hands and knew Jordan's climax was near. Tears of joy trickled from Jordan's green eyes as Bly made love to her so caringly and lovingly. Jordan loved the gentleness about Bly...that always made her feel so loved and safe. She wondered how she was so lucky to have such a wonderful woman in her life. Jordan's life had not been filled with much love. 'Hell, had there really been any love involved in it at all?' She wondered briefly before putting that thought out of her head so she could thoroughly enjoy what Bly was doing to her. Bly sent her passions souring, as always with the way her tongue worked it's magic on her slick, wet center. Jordan worked to control her labored breathing to no avail and didn't want to fight it...she didn't want to be inhibited with Bly at all...she wanted to thoroughly enjoy everything Bly was offering to her.

Jordan's arousal surged through her with Bly's ministrations and tightened her grip on Bly's hands pressing her head back against the pillow in pleasure ...knowing her release was soon to come. "Oh, feel so good." Jordan moaned breathless her heart pounding from Bly's seductiveness. She had a nervous feeling just like she did the first time they made love. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered uncontrollably just as they did when Bly took her into her arms and made wonderful, passionate love to her for the first time. The feeling of having someone you love and who loves you so much make love to you was incredible and were Jordan's last thoughts as she gave herself to Bly freely.

Bly felt Jordan's walls tighten and heard her soft cries knowing she was drawing near before feeling her release and tasting the sweet nectar Jordan offered her. She took everything Jordan gave her gladly, thinking how much she loved Jordan and how wonderful she tasted, feeling her lover's body shudder with one orgasm after another. Jordan lay gasping for her breath trying to calm her racing heart, feeling absolutely wonderful. Jordan's body tingled and shuddered when Bly's kiss softly traveled up her body before snuggling against Jordan's neck pressing her long, slender body against her blonde lover. Bly inhaled the aroma so specific to her blonde lover smiling contentedly and kissed her neck softly.

Jordan wrapped her arms tightly and lovingly around Bly softly kissing her cheek. "Jordan...I love you so much...I want you to know just how much baby." Bly whispered honestly and huskily filled with emotion.

"I know just how much you love me Bly every time you look into my eyes with those beautiful blues of yours...I love you so much." Jordan answered smiling and staring into the eyes she loses herself in every time, capturing Bly's inviting lips for a soul-searing kiss.

"I see the same in those fabulous green eyes of yours baby." Bly answered though her kiss before deepening it and sending shivers throughout Jordan.

"The things you do to me baby...just knocks me out feels incredibly wonderful." Jordan adoringly replied before passionately kissing her blue-eyed lover again.

"My life has been nothing but wonderful since you entered it Jordan and I don't ever want you to not be a part of it." Bly answered gently pushing Jordan's a stray strand of hair off her face.

"Even with everything Cindy has put us through?" Jordan asked regretfully.

"Even with that wench interfering in our life sweets, there is nothing I would change if it meant losing you. I love you no matter what...even if you get fat from eating too much Cinnamon Nut French Toast." Bly laughed nibbling on Jordan's neck.

Jordan giggled happily and kissed Bly's shoulder. "I'm so glad, are you feeling up to getting some Cinnamon Nut French toast?" Jordan asked excitedly wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Bly smiled and laughed. "How can I deny the woman I love French toast?" Bly teased softly kissing Jordan's lips.

"Honey." Jordan replied leaning away from Bly to look at her. "It's not just any French Toast it's Cinnamon Nut French Toast!" Jordan teased with a gleam in her eye at the thought of the tasty breakfast.

"Well...excuse me for being so disrespectful and calling it just French toast my love!" Bly laughed sitting up and helping her blonde lover up as well.

"I'll forgive day." Jordan laughed and noticed Bly was preoccupied with what was on the TV. "Bly? What's wrong?"

"They are showing a massive hurricane moving right towards us." Bly answered with concern at the news report. "We were lucky that the other hurricane's passed us by this season...let's hope this one looks vicious." Bly replied with growing concern at the impending storm.

"I've never been in a you normally have a hurricane party?" Jordan asked smoothing out the skin wrinkled between Bly's furrowing brows from her worry.

"Well...many people do and I used to until Andrew hit the area. When you see the destruction that storm caused it slaps some serious reality into you and really brings things into perspective." Bly answered as the newscast ended.

"Do you normally stay here?"

"Hell no!...Ares and I haul ass to mom and dad's in Weston, which is as far west as you can get without being in the Everglades. I used to stay here when a hurricane would approach, but not since Hurricane Andrew hit. I used to love to be a cocky fool and defy the storms when one approached until I saw the mass destruction of Andrew...never again! It was a horrible and humbling experience for everyone." Bly answered shivering at the memories of the damage Hurricane Andrew, which devastated Homestead, and Cutler Ridge in south end of Miami and pulled the blonde into her lap to hold her in her arms for comfort.

"I saw the news reports on that hurricane and cried for the people who were affected by it. What do you do with all of your stuff in here?" Jordan asked looking around at the expensive items and collectibles that adorned Bly's penthouse.

"Pack up all of my collectibles and take them with me. As for everything else...that's what insurance is for darlin. Those things can be replaced quite easily." Bly drawled leaning down and kissing Jordan thoroughly content knowing that Jordan was hers...all hers once again. She marveled at the fact that, of all the women in the world Jordan chose to be with amazed and excited Bly when she thought about it.

"That is scary to think that everything you own could be totally wiped out with one storm and you wouldn't have a place to live...that everything you had ever worked so hard to have would be gone in an instant." Jordan thought sadly.

"I'm sure it is the scariest feeling in the world and I would rather not have to experience it first hand. It was bad enough watching the aftermath of the hurricane and to see how people were left homeless and pleading for assistance from the government who of course, took their sweet old time to get relief to those people. They had people looting damaged stores and people's homes at night causing many people to protect their homes with their guns. They put up signs saying 'looters will be shot' to deter the ruthless people who preyed upon those already devastated. It was terrible to think that people would do that to others along with the idiots who sold ice for ten dollars a bag and water for ten dollars a gallon. Just disgusting the things that people did when that storm hit the South Florida area. A group of us took supply's down to the storm victims to help the best we could." Bly answered solemnly as it made her very angry and sad to remember such travesties.

"That is so terrible to think about that people would take advantage of and steal from others in such dire straits." Jordan answered in disbelief and sorrow at the thought of it.

"Come on...let's get you your French ...excuse me...your Cinnamon Nut French Toast." Bly laughed trying to change the subject and kissed Jordan who tasted herself on Bly's lips sending a flush of warmth throughout her. Jordan loved to have herself on Bly and deepened the kiss to let her know it. "If you keep kissing me like that over being excited about're going to get very fat because I'm going to feed you that all the time!" Bly teased and kissed Jordan again.

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this morning and how much I love tasting myself on you." Jordan answered seductively before kissing Bly deeply once again.

"Hmmm...I happen to love you there too." Bly answered through her kiss.

"Don't hesitate to have me there more often then." Jordan answered sexily flashing Bly a seductive glance.

"I thought you would never offer." Bly whispered with obvious excitement at Jordan's offer, kissing her lover deep and passionately while her hands reacquainted themselves with Jordan's body.

"Ow!" Jordan replied and winced when Bly's hand brushed Jordan's scar from the surgery.

"What's wrong?" Bly asked concerned looking into pain-filled green eyes.

"It's my hurts." Jordan answered moving Bly's hand off of it.

"Let me see it." Bly replied moving Jordan's robe to examine her scar. "Oh, Jordan... the scar tissue is built up and needs to be taken care of honey." Bly explained with a sideways glance at Jordan and her dark hair hanging to one side shadowing one side of her face.

"No way...I'm not having anymore surgery." Jordan protested vehemently.

"You won't have to babe...I'll massage the scar and break up the hard tissue there so it won't hurt so much." Bly answered with a reassuring smile and a chuckle at Jordan being so adamant. "Did I ever tell you how sexy you are when you're forceful?" Bly teased with a sexy smile.

"Whew! I thought I was going to have to have surgery. Sexy huh?" Jordan laughed blushing in response to Bly's statement. "However, I would rather have you massage something else of mine, but I'll settle for you doing the scar for now." Jordan answered with a chuckle and kissed Bly.

"You can be so accommodating Jordan." Bly teased and coaxed her to lie down so she could massage the scar. "Babe...this is probably going to hurt a lot because I have to be aggressive with a deep friction massage to break up the tissue okay?" Bly informed Jordan.

"Okay...just try to be as gentle as possible please?" Jordan replied hesitantly.

"Yes, dear." Bly answered with a chuckle beginning her deep friction massage on Jordan's scar.

"Bly...please you have to stop...I can't take it anymore." Jordan replied with tear filled eyes from the pain after only a few moments of massage.

Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and held her. "Okay...I'm sorry. I'm going to have Kim add the massage into your treatment plan and before long the area will become desensitized to the touch." Bly replied and heard Jordan's muffled and reluctant agreement to her plan. Bly leaned down gently kissing Jordan's scar as thoughts of Jordan's terror and pain flooded her quickening her pulse. She fought back the guilt and anxiety as she lightly traced the scar with her finger before placing a soft kiss on it again. Jordan sat up as Bly secretly wiped the tears that filled her blue eyes when Jordan's back was turned to her.

"You okay?" Jordan asked with worry from the look on Bly's face when she turned to face the woman she loved more than anything in the world.

"Oh, yeah...just felt a little queasy...that's all. I'm going to take a shower...want to join me?" Bly answered lamely regretting she didn't tell Jordan what was bothering her. At least she was able to get over the guilty feeling quicker now she thought relieved.

"Yep...go ahead in and I'll join you. I need to find something to nibble on to tie me over." Jordan replied chuckling and standing up.

"Don't take too long sexy." Bly purred in Jordan's ear before kissing her cheek.

"You got it baby." Jordan answered with an adoring smile and patted Bly's firm backside watching her walk away. Jordan stood appreciatively enjoying the sight of her tall, naked and very gorgeous lover walk into the master bedroom. "Yummy." Jordan whispered thoroughly content with the sight before heading into the kitchen. Jordan grabbed a cookie and remembered she was waiting on some info from her publishing house that she had forwarded to Bly's while she recuperated and headed down to pick up the mail. She tightened the belt on her robe and slipped her barefeet into her sandals as she finished nibbling on the cookie in the elevator. "Those are so damn good!" Jordan replied out loud satisfied and happy that her lover shared her passion for Oreo cookies...especially the Halloween one's that had the orange stuffing in the middle instead of the white. She knew if was silly because the orange and white stuffing were the same...pure sugar, but the orange stuffing was different and tasted so much better Jordan thought with a shrug of her shoulders. Laughing at her silliness she grabbed the mail from the mailbox in the lobby and began shuffling through it. The packet she was waiting for from the publishing house wasn't there. She sighed disappointedly and looked through the rest of the mail. 'Stupid carpet cleaning coupons! They love to inundate everyone with all of these coupons which do nothing but clutter up the drawer...especially Bly's, who never throws them away...even one's she had in there from 5 years ago!' Jordan thought with a chuckle and stepped back onto the elevator pushing the button leafing through the rest of the mail. "Ooh, People magazine!" Jordan exclaimed excitedly looking at the cover of the magazine. "Best and worst dressed 99." Jordan read the title on the cover. "I can't believe my favorite magazine would waste the cover on this crap! They should realize that over 90% of the celebrities are the worst dressed people around!" Jordan chuckled and put the magazine to the bottom of the pile of mail for further reading later and found the Sports Illustrated issue. "Ooh, an article about the women's National volleyball team." Jordan replied softly lost in her thoughts opening the magazine to see if the article made mention of that sexy woman of hers. She found the page with the article on the volleyball team and began to read it. The article went on to mention the problems the team was having and that they weren't making a very strong impression with the way they were playing. The article mentioned dissention amongst the players and the coaches. 'Wow...that is not good.' Jordan thought continuing to read as she stepped off the elevator. She walked towards the kitchen and grabbed another Oreo cookie before heading into the living room lost in her thoughts from reading. 'Finally...they are talking about Bly.' Jordan thought excitedly with a smile.

"The National team has no chance of winning any games at the Olympics if they don't get Bly 'The Ghost' VanDewark back on the team." The author of the article wrote as Jordan continued to read the article realizing Bly had never explained to her why she had the nickname of 'The Ghost.' "The woman who inherited the nickname because of her Ghost like demeanor on a court appearing where someone least expected her to be was not on top of her usual impeccable and exciting game at her last outing. SI was informed by a reliable source that she was having relationship problems. This trouble distracted from her game before having an argument with the coach and abruptly leaving the team. This action cost the sure shot MVP to lose her spot on the National team and any hope of representing the U.S. on the Olympic team." The lump of guilt constricted Jordan's throat as she read the article realizing she caused Bly a chance of being on the Olympic volleyball team. She wiped away her tear and read on. "The coach of the team would be wise to bow down to 'The Ghost' groveling to have this spectacular player back on the team. A distracted 'Ghost' playing at half her potential is more help to this team than any other player on the team. A Poltergeist needs to happen to bring 'The Ghost' out of hiding. Bring out the Ouja boards and ask...where are you 'Ghost?' We need!" Jordan finished reading the article in disbelief and feeling incredibly horrible as she dropped the magazine to her lap.

Continued in Part 6.

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