Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

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Part 6

"Hey, I thought you were joining me in the shower sexy?" Bly replied walking into the living room towel drying her hair wiggling her eyebrows seductively with a sly grin on her face.

Jordan jumped startled by Bly entering the room so her nickname...'The Ghost' snapping her out of her trance and looked up at Bly possessing a very grave expression on her fine features.

"What's wrong Jordan?" Bly asked worriedly throwing the towel over her shoulder and approaching Jordan who held out the magazine to her. "What's in here that could give you such a look of horror on your face honey?...are the Tigers that far out of the playoffs?" Bly teased taking the magazine from Jordan and realized she didn't find her comment funny.

Bly looked briefly at the magazine and saw the article regarding the volleyball team. "Why didn't you tell me you blew your chances of making the Olympic team because of me Bly?" Jordan asked in a tone filled with annoyance and hurt.

Bly stood in awkward silence momentarily at a loss for words and saw how visibly distraught Jordan was before throwing the magazine on the coffee table. "'s no big deal...really." Bly meant a lot to her to make the team, but not at the expense of losing Jordan she thought and knelt before her distraught lover and holding her hands in her own to reassure her.

"'s a big deal to me and I know it's a big deal to you. I can see it in your eyes." Jordan answered mildly annoyed at Bly's evasiveness.

"Jordan...I've been to the Olympics before so, not going again is not going to kill me." Bly answered trying to reassure Jordan knowing that she really wanted to go to the Olympics one more time and win a gold medal before she retired from the game. She wanted Jordan to be there and to be able to look up in the stands to see her lover there...for her. Bly wanted Jordan to experience all of the excitement of the Olympics and be proud of Bly for being there. She was lying to Jordan about her feelings and stopped suddenly realizing that she didn't want to lie to her anymore.

"'re right." Bly answered uneasily because she didn't want to hurt Jordan, but it would hurt her more if she continued to lie to her. "The Olympics are very important to me and I blew my chances to make the team...not you...I did." Bly explained, sincerely hoping Jordan wouldn't be so upset.

"Bly...I'm the reason for your distraction. If I wouldn't have been such a bitch about you coming to my award ceremony and holding it against you then you would have made the team." Jordan answered regretfully.

"Jordan...I'm a former professional athlete, an Olympic athlete...someone who should have been able to put that distraction aside to do what I was suppose to do. I didn't do that and I blew my you." Bly explained as an uncomfortable tension hung in the air.

"That's bullshit Bly...don't patronize me. You walked off the court blowing any chance you had for a spot on the team for me." Jordan answered angrily looking into Bly's blue eyes.

"That's right Jordan...I did and I would do it again because I love you. You are the most important person in the world to me and I was not going to stay to play a damn volleyball game when the person I love more than life itself laid in a hospital on her death bed!" Bly answered in a raised tone, her pulse quickening at the memories of Dawson's phone call telling her about nearly killed her when she heard Jordan was hurt. Bly put Jordan's hand to her mouth and kissed it softly.

"Bly...I'm so sorry." Jordan answered tearfully and wrapped her arms tightly around her lover's neck.

Bly wrapped her arms tightly around Jordan and held her without another word being said. The Olympics meant a lot to her to experience again the excitement and pride of representing your country in that magnitude, but she couldn't put that before her relationship with Jordan...she didn't want to and wouldn't do it.

" there any other way you can get on the team?" Jordan asked leaning back and looking into cloudy blue eyes.

"Well...I suppose if someone got hurt or the coach requested to put me back on the team then I could probably make it. I think they have me listed as an alternate on the roster, but I haven't heard from the coach...she was pretty pissed off at me when I walked off the court." Bly answered with a sheepish grin and a chuckle.

"Can you talk to someone and see if you can get back on it...find out what you have to do for sure?"

"I suppose I could call the assistant coach who was one of the coaches on the last Olympic team and see what she can do. Look, if I don't get back on I will have no regrets about my decision to come home to you Jordan...I want you to know that." Bly answered honestly staring into Jordan's green eyes.

"I will have regrets because I want to see you play and to see how you got your nickname 'The Ghost'. I want to see you stand on the podium proudly as our national anthem plays with the gold medal wrapped around your neck...knowing that your mine...all mine and that you were able to retire from the game you love accomplishing your ultimate goal." Jordan replied excitedly and picturing Bly in all her glory.

"That would be nice and I would love to have you support me and to see your beautiful smile radiating across the crowded arena...knowing that you love me." Bly answered with a pleased grin as she thought about it.

"Thank you for putting me ahead of everything else in your life. It means a lot to me Bly...I've never had someone care about me that much and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that you do. I love you so much." Jordan admitted breathless before claiming Bly's lips for a heartfelt, soul-searing kiss. Bly smiled happily through her kiss knowing how much Jordan loved her and how much she meant to her and deepened the kiss as she pulled her blonde lover closer to her. Jordan broke off the kiss and snuggled against Bly's neck smelling the clean, fresh scent of her dark lover and whispered. "Interested in taking another shower?"

"I thought you would never ask." Bly answered and lifted the smaller woman in to her arms carrying her in a bear hug towards the bathroom kissing her passionately.

An hour later they were showered and dressed and headed out for Cinnamon Nut French Toast at the 'Original Pancake House'. The wind had picked up dramatically and Bly eyed the skies warily as she looked out over the ocean. The surf was beginning to kick up and if it weren't for the wind, the humidity would have been unbearable. 'This is not looking good.' Bly thought to herself as she headed the car toward the restaurant.

The next few days were spent between work, therapy and packing up everything Bly wanted to take to her parents. The two women worked steadily and watched the news accounts of the impending hurricane named Floyd bearing down on the entire eastern coast of Florida. Everyone hoped that this storm would track north instead of west but, it was so huge that it just kept plodding along on its westerly course. It was taking on a life in it's self and ignoring the trough the weather forecasters were hoping would help steer it in a northern direction allowing Florida to miss the now category 4 hurricane that packed winds of 155 mph. This was one very dangerous storm. The National Hurricane Center issued hurricane warnings for the entire east coast of Florida from Florida City up into Brunswick, Georgia and advised if the hurricane exceeded 155 mph it would be classified a category 5 hurricane with catastrophic outcomes. Total devastation of anything in its path.

Jordan tried to pack the lighter objects and winced every time she stretched out her side. The therapy to remove the scar tissue had been excruciating and her side ached from the constant onslaught, but slowly it was beginning to become less sensitive as Bly had suggested it would during each session with Kim.

Finally packing all she could for the moment, Jordan sat on the sofa flipping through the new car brochures they had picked up on their way home from work and therapy. Bly was partial to a car similar to hers, but Jordan didn't want to spend that much money. Jordan leaned more toward an SUV, something that would give her strength and security, the two things that seemed important now. Ever since the accident, she didn't like the feeling of vulnerability she felt when she rode in a car. Jordan thought that with an SUV she would have more protection and feel good about driving again. Bly sat down on the sofa next to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Have you decided which one yet?"

"Yes, I want an SUV for sure. I definitely like the idea of riding above everyone and how solid they are. I'm just not sure which one would be best." Jordan pointed out various features on the trucks as they looked over the different models. They cited the pros and cons of each vehicle and narrowed it down to two, either a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Lincoln Navigator. Finally, deciding to test drive each and make a decision from there.

"No sense to even try and purchase a car until the hurricane has passed anyway babe. They won't write insurance policies with a hurricane so close to us." Bly informed Jordan.

"Really? I had no idea but I guess that makes sense. Besides, I would like to mull over the brochure's a little more and make my final decision once I see how they drive."

Once the hurricane warning was issued, the evacuation notice was announced for Bly's area and they were advised to evacuate immediately or risk the chance of being stuck on the beachside during the hurricane...something that is not advisable. Bly decided it was time to load everything up and move out to her parents' house.

"How you doing in here?" Bly walked into the bedroom to find Jordan finishing up the last box. "Okay and you?"

"Just about finished out here. Did you pack all the photo albums in the plastic bin?" Jordan nodded and Bly picked up the box and carried it out into the foyer and placed it with the other boxes.

"What about the windows? Do you have to do anything to them? Jordan looked out over the gray and angry seas. It was a wrath she never wished to be directed at her and the lump in her throat constricted when her fear intensified. She was terrified from all of the news reports telling everyone how this storm was three times larger than Hurricane Andrew was and no one in Florida would be safe if the eye of the storm moved inland because of it's enormity. She trembled at the thought of how the storm could cause mass destruction to so many people.

"I had hurricane shutters installed on the outside. As soon as the movers come up for the boxes, we can leave and maintenance will secure them. Once they are closed you can't see a thing in here without light. If the power goes out, it sure gets dark in here!" Bly grinned at Jordan to alleviate the woman's fears and picked up her last box and added it to the growing pile. "I think that's about it. I'll have them come up and collect all this while I pull the car around to the front. Okay Ares...let's go buddy...get in your carrier." Bly replied looking down at her very agitated cat that meowed his vocal opinion in displeasure of the kitty carrier. "I know that you hate this handsome but you can come out once we're in the car." She pleaded with her cat as he circled around her long, lanky legs brushing his body up against her. "Come know grandma always has great kitty treats for her handsome grandson." Bly bargained with her cat, whose ears perked up and jumped on the couch looking into the carrier and meowed when he looked up at Bly again.

"Yes, put your favorite towel and stuffed dolphin in there for you." Jordan reassured the skittish cat and stroked the fur on his back before he reluctantly climbed into his carrier meowing in an angry tone. "He can't stand to be without that stuffed dolphin can he? He is so spoiled" Jordan asked with a chuckle and stuck her finger in the cage rubbing it under his chin to calm him.

"What can I tell you? He's my baby. Besides, he's had that stuffed animal ever since he was a sweet little kitten." Bly replied sweetly and put her face to the cage as Ares stuck his nose out to brush against Bly's face. "Isn't that right boy? I bet if you check the little cup in there mommie Jordan probably stuck some treats in there for you." Bly informed him and looked up at Jordan who had a sheepish grin on her face and shrugged her shoulders innocently from sticking the treats in there for him. "And she says I spoil you?" Bly teased and kissed his nose that stuck out of the cage before slipping her hand into Jordan's and heading toward the elevator.

The men entered the Penthouse to get the remaining boxes to be moved. "We'll make sure the hurricane shudders are closed and then deliver everything to the address you indicated in Weston ma'am." The man politely informed Bly as his partner began to work load boxes onto his dolly.

"Okay...thanks and don't take too long because you'll be stuck in traffic from everyone heading to the mainland." Bly informed him and stepped on the elevator with her cat in one hand and the love of her life in the other.

"No problem...should only take us ten minutes tops here." He replied confidently as the elevator doors closed.

"Mommie Jordan huh?" Jordan asked seductively moving in front of her tall lover slipping her arms around her neck before passionately kissing Bly who moved her hand to the small of Jordan's back and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

"I hope it doesn't scare you that you've become a mommie to my son." Bly teased through her kiss.

"Oh, no. Not at all...I just love to hear you say it." Jordan answered sexily before tracing the contours of Bly's lips with the tip of her tongue and sliding it inside Bly's mouth for a deep, wet kiss.

"Hmmm...I love it when you kiss me." Bly answered huskily with a sexy smile looking down at her shorter lover.

"I'm glad baby." Jordan whispered and sank her teeth into Bly's neck sending a flush of warmth throughout her.

"Whoa Jordan! Honey, you're going to have to chill out or we'll have to find a hotel to shack up in for the hurricane."

"Why a hotel?" Jordan asked confused.

"Because...Mom doesn't allow lover's sleeping together in her house until you're married!" Bly answered with a laugh exiting the elevator when the doors opened leaving Jordan befuddled in the elevator.

"You're kidding right?" Jordan asked nervously as she ran to catch up with Bly who laughed.

"You'll find out soon enough Jordan." Bly answered with a mischievous look on her face exiting the lobby to the parking lot. She opened the car door for Jordan to climb in and handed Ares to her before taking her place behind the wheel of her luxury automobile.

They finally made it to Bly's parents' house after being stuck in traffic evacuating the beachside for over two hours. Bly and Jordan entered the house to find everyone huddled around the big screen TV watching the weather report. "Well...hello, your favorite daughter is here!" Bly cockily replied with a smile putting the cat carrier down and let Ares out, much to his delight.

"Hey, Jordan!" Alexandra answered looking over her shoulder with a laugh shared by Jordan who stuck her tongue out at Bly.

"Hey, don't stick that out unless you intend to use it on me!" Bly teased with a laugh and pinched Jordan's backside.

"Well, there's my grandson!...Hey, Ares!" Alexandra cooed at the cat that approached her and she gathered him up in her arms. " you have kisses for grandma because you've missed me or because you know I have all kinds of treats for you?" She smiled and Ares meowed before rubbing his face against hers. "Just as I's for the treats!" She teased and walked towards the kitchen. " Jordan to your room so you two can put your bags in there. I've got the room ready for you both." Alexandra informed them as she fed Ares his cat treats.

"We aren't supposed to stay in different rooms?" Jordan asked with a feeling of being led a stray by her tall lover who began to nonchalantly move away from Jordan.

"No, what would ever give you that idea?" Alexandra asked with a chuckle.

"One guess!" Jordan answered with a menacing look on her face and paybacks flooding her thoughts, as Bly took off down the hall with Jordan hot on her trail.

"Hey, don't break anything you two or I'll have to come in there with my wooden spoon!" Alexandra teased with a laugh.

Bly entered her room just as Jordan grabbed her around the waist. "Oh, no you don't you little joker!" Jordan laughed and pushed Bly down on the bed pinning her there with her small frame.

Bly laughed hysterically and wrapped her arms around Jordan. "I couldn't resist it honey and the look on your face was classic." Bly laughed harder at the look Jordan gave her when she told her they would have to stay in separate rooms.

"Laugh it up just won't get any for quite some time but, you will get a titty twister!" Jordan answered with a laugh pinching and twisting Bly's nipple before scrambling out of the room very quickly.

"Ow! Jordan!" Bly answered agitatedly rubbing her nipple to dull the pain and headed into the living room to find Jordan.

"Bly...we may get called into the hospital if this storm hits our area." Chance informed his daughter intercepting her before she could get to Jordan who sat on the couch with Alexandra and Dawson.

"Wait...Bly, why will you have to go there too?" Jordan asked worriedly and looked over her shoulder at her gorgeous lover.

"All medical personnel who is employed there is on call in case we are needed to help, in my case, transport patients, or do duties to our level of expertise." Bly explained. "Let's hope it doesn't come down to that dad." Bly answered nervously.

"Oh, here's the important 5 0'clock weather briefing." Dawson replied as a hush swept over the room to listen intently to what they were saying.

The weather report was not good indicating the storm had picked up speed for which it was traveling and would hit the East Coast sooner than expected. Fortunately, the wind speed remained the same but the storm did not make the northern turn they had anticipated and now, it was to be a waiting game as to when and where the storm would hit. Bly saw the nervousness in her lover's eyes that glanced towards her and knelt behind her wrapping her arms protectively around Jordan to comfort her. "It's going to be alright baby." Bly whispered reassuringly in her ear and softly kissed her cheek with Jordan's placing her hands on top of Bly's that held her.

"It doesn't look good seems no one in Florida is safe from this storm...not even us." Jordan answered sadly and wrapped Bly's arms around her tighter feeling more secure in her lover's arms.

Everyone bustled around trying to get the house hurricane ready in case the very large Hurricane named Floyd made landfall, and stopped frequently to check the news reports to find out the status of the storm. It wasn't making it's turn to the north like the weather forecasters had hoped and everyone went back to their duties with worry in the backs of their minds as to the impact that storm would have on all of Florida.

"Hey, Dawson...where's your babe?" Bly asked teasingly trying to lighten the mood as she helped her brother with the hurricane shutter.

"Lynea was called in to the station and will be out patrolling until the storm moves inland and then they will hunker down in headquarters. They all have to report for duty when a hurricane warning is issued." Dawson answered with sadness.

"That sucks. So, you two serious?" She asked with intrigue and a half grin handing her brother the shutter.

"Yeah, I think I'm in love." Dawson answered with a silly grin on his face putting the shutter in the track as Bly bolted it in to the house to secure the shutter.

"Are you sick? What have you done with my brother? You're an imposter!" Bly teased and put her palm to his forehead to check for a fever mockingly.

"Oh, knock it off!" Dawson answered sheepishly with a laugh and swiped his sister's hand away.

"You mean to tell brother, mister gigolo himself is in love? That is totally strange and I can't believe it." Bly teased and put her arm around her brother's shoulder shaking him with a laugh.

"Well, stranger things have happened...look at you. You fell in love...the one who just knew she was destined to grow old alone!" He teased and nudged his sister.

"Ooh, touché!" Bly answered with a laugh that turned serious. "I'm happy for you Daw...just remember to invite your old sister to the wedding okay? I may even put on a dress for the occasion!" She teasingly laughed.

"You can't wear a dress if you're my best man!" He answered back with a hearty laugh.

"Oh, mom will love that one!" Bly replied looking at her brother who both laughed at what their mother would say about that one...she would have a fit if Bly wore a tuxedo at Dawson's wedding.

"Oh, better put on the dress then and stand on the bride's side! We certainly don't want to piss off mom...I still have welts from that damn plastic spatula she used to punish us with." He mockingly rubbed his backside laughing harder.

"I'll see if I can clear my calendar for the occasion then and I'll make sure there isn't a plastic spatula within 500 miles of mom...just because I love you so much baby brother." Bly teased with a laugh as they both entered the house.

"Don't worry it won't be anytime soon." He answered dryly.

"I figured as much." Bly retorted and went in search of her blonde lover. Finding the object of her affection, finally, she wrapped her long arms around her and kissed her cheek. "Hey, you doing helping mom?" Bly whispered in her ear and kissed her again.

"Pretty good...but a lot better now that you're here." Jordan answered with a smile and glanced up and over her shoulder at her tall lover appreciatively completely loving every minute of being in this woman's arms.

The doorbell rang...again and again. "Damn...somebody needs to turn up their miracle ears and get the friggin door!" Bly replied with an agitated chuckle trying to get someone else's attention not wanting to release her lover just yet. "I'll be right back...I'll have to get the door I guess!" Bly answered with frustration and kissed Jordan again before slapping Jordan's ass on her way towards the foyer.

"Rush darling...rush darling." Jordan teased and laughed when Bly blew her a kiss and disappeared out of sight.

"Mom! Trouble has arrived!" Bly teasingly shouted and opened the door wider for Julie and Linda to enter the house. "Entree...lady and Jules." Bly replied with a laugh and winked at Julie when she passed who pinched her butt...hard...causing Bly to flinch and laugh harder.

"Honey...trouble arrived when you were born!" Alexandra retorted with a laugh sauntering across the room gleefully to greet Julie and Linda.

"You can say that again!" Julie answered with a laugh and hugged Alexandra who then hugged Linda to greet them as did Jordan.

"Hey! What is this? Pick on Bly day?" Bly asked with her hands on her hips feeling as if everyone was ganging up on her sporting a pouting look on her face.

" here." Jordan whined teasingly and wrapped her arms around her taller lover to comfort her who scrunched her face at everyone before kissing Jordan on the cheek.

"Thanks honey." Bly answered with a sly grin and hugged Jordan tighter. "I knew I could count on you to be on my side."

"Who said I was on your side...I just wanted a hug and a kiss." Jordan answered with a laugh shared by everyone else.

"It's a friggin mutiny around here!" Bly retorted with a chuckle releasing her blonde lover and headed into the kitchen for a Dr. Pepper.

"Hey! Instead of DP you should have some cheese with that whine!" Julie retorted with a laugh never missing an opportunity to needle her best friend who extended her long, slender middle finger high in the air towards her buddy with a sly look on her fine features.

"Ooh, babe...if you've got two of those stick em up your ass and walk on your elbows!" Julie responded with a shared laugh with everyone including Bly who spewed her sip of Dr. Pepper from laughing so hard.

"You will pay Jules!" Bly guaranteed with a laugh and wiped the soda off of her shirt.

"Promises, promises...tall, dark and goofy!" Julie joked with a laugh. "But, I still love ya like my favorite pair of shoes!" She laughed harder.

"And the hits just keep coming!" Bly whined with a roll of her blue eyes shaking her head, as everyone laughed harder.

The group stayed up into the wee hours of the morning playing the card game Phase 10 with Jordan, of course, kicking everyone's butt and declaring herself the Phase 10 queen. "Let's go to bed and get a few hours of sleep before the important 5 am weather report my little peasant." Jordan teased and grabbed Bly's hand pulling her towards the bedroom.

"Yes, my Phase 10 you wish...see everyone in a few hours!" Bly answered with a laugh and headed off to bed with her lover.

The 5 am weather report was important as it would issue the latest coordinates of the hurricane from the plane that flies into the eye of the hurricane gathering pertinent information as to whether the storm will have made the direction change everyone hoped it would. Jordan snuggled up close to Bly who put her arm around her protectively and they both fell fast asleep. It only felt like Bly had slept for a few minutes when she felt something tickling her nose. She was too tired to open her eyes to see what the offending tickler was just assuming it was Jordan's hair and wiped her nose to stop the feeling and turned her head to the opposite side.

The tickling continued and she finally opened her eyes to find out what it was that was tickling her nose. She looked down to find one blonde woman snuggled tightly against her chest and one cat in the only available spot on her chest curled around her neck and swiping his tail across her face. Bly chuckled at the humor in it and looked at Ares who lifted his head looking at her with sleepy eyes.

"What's the big idea fella?" Bly asked with a laugh as her cat meowed and sat up to lick her face. "Ares! Knock it off." Bly laughed unable to get her hand up to stop her cat from licking her face.

"What's going on?" Jordan asked in a sleepy tone and looked up with one eye open.

"I guess it's time to get up." Bly answered with a laugh and was able to finally get her cat away from her face. "Come on...let's go check the weather report." Bly replied and grabbed Jordan's hand leading her away from the bed.

"Can't you just carry me? I'm so tired." She asked yawning and leaned her head against Bly's back as they padded into the living room where everyone sat in front of the TV listening to the report.

"What did they say?" Bly asked in wonderment wiping the sleep out of her blue eyes and noticed they had only slept for a couple of hours.

"The storm has turned to the north and won't make landfall!" Alexandra answered happily and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

"Excellent! But let's hope everyone else along the coast gets as lucky as us!" Bly answered and held Jordan's hand tighter.

"Can we go back to sleep now?" Jordan asked huskily and sleepily.

"As you wish my little queen." Bly teased and lifted her sleepy lover in her arms that snuggled her face against Bly's neck feeling very content in her lover's strong arms.

"Hmmm, this is much better...thanks." Jordan whispered sleepily and kissed Bly's neck before falling fast asleep again.

Bly gently lay Jordan down on the bed and stood smiling lovingly at how beautiful and peaceful Jordan looked sleeping in a curled up fetal position. 'What a gorgeous woman and she loves me.' Bly thought happily. She climbed in bed next to the slumbering beauty and Jordan instantly took her usual spot on Bly's chest snuggling her face instinctively into Bly's neck. Bly loved having Jordan snuggled up close to her. 'I wouldn't want it any other way', she thought and lightly kissed Jordan's head before her hand gently rubbed her lover's back comfortingly.

Bly couldn't sleep from being so overwhelmed with her feelings of love and happiness, she hoped Jordan really knew how much she cared and loved her. Bly lightly stroked her blonde locks off her face and placed soft kisses on her forehead before tracing Jordan's light eyebrows with her finger and thinking about how incredibly beautiful she really is. Her finger moved to Jordan's mouth and lightly traced the contours of her lips before Jordan sank her teeth into her finger.

"Ow! I thought you were sleeping?" Bly asked looking down into one sleepy green eye as the other one remained closed.

"I was trying to sleep but someone keeps waking me up!" Jordan answered in a menacing tone and eyed her lover glaringly with her one eye. Bly started laughing at the sight of one eye being closed and attempted to open it, but was stopped by the smaller hand that grabbed her larger one...squeezing it...tightly to emphasize her point.

"Don't even go there peasant girl! There's a reason why that eye is closed and it's because it's very tired and is hoping its mate will join it and close as well. I love you to know that, but you're pushing the line here denying me the sleep I so enjoy! Now, back off and go to sleep!" Jordan answered agitatedly and lay back down in her comfortable resting-place.

Bly snickered at Jordan's agitation. "Meow, hiss!" She teased and Jordan's hand abruptly covered her mouth to shut her up, causing Bly to laugh harder. A mischievous thought crossed her devious mind and she ran her tongue on the inside palm of Jordan's hand. Jordan quickly grabbed the offensive tongue with her fingers and looked up at Bly.

Blue eyes met one angry green one. "Now, let me sleep or I keep your tongue!" Jordan answered before Bly moved Jordan's hand away from her tongue.

"Hey, don't damage the merchandise know you'll be the one to suffer if my tongue is hurt!" Bly answered mischievously and wiggled her dark eyebrows suggestively.

Jordan grabbed Bly's face in her hands with Bly laughing harder. "Bly...I'm pleading with you...what is it going to take to get you to go to sleep?"

"Hmmm, how about a kiss?" She asked with a sly grin and received a fleeting kiss from her lover.

", go to sleep." Jordan answered agitatedly and lay her head back down.

"Oh, but no, that one will not do." Bly teased and poked her finger into Jordan's arm to get her attention. "I want a soul searing, knock my socks off...if I had any on...kind of kiss baby!" Bly informed her. Jordan raised her head up and looked at her in exasperation. "Lay it on me baby!" Bly laughed with a silly grin.

"Ooh, you frustrate me sometimes woman!" Jordan remarked before moving closer to her.

"But that's why you love me." Bly answered with a chuckle before wrapping her arms around Jordan as she moved on top of Bly and pressed her lips against her lovers anxiously awaiting ones. Jordan's lip against Bly's sent a pleasurable sensation up and down Bly's body. Jordan slipped her tongue past Bly's parted lips exploring every portion of her mouth before deepening the kiss as deep as possible. Bly's hands roamed freely up and down Jordan's back as her desire for Jordan escalated.

"Are you sure you want to go to sleep?" Bly's husky voice filled with desire asked and deepened the soul searing, knock your socks off kiss thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her lover in her arms.

Jordan broke the kiss breathless and looked into Bly's blue eyes regretfully and pleaded. "Yes, babe...I would like to go to sleep, but I promise to make it up to you later." Jordan answered seductively and kissed Bly once again before breaking off the kiss.

"Promise?" Bly asked teasingly with a smile and brushed Jordan's stray hair off her face.

"It's a promise sexy." Jordan answered with a smile and sealed it with a kiss before laying back down content in her lover's arms and fell fast asleep.

'Damn...that woman drives me crazy! I think I need a shower...a cold one!' Bly thought and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly to calm her racing heart from the excitement. 'Just chill and go to sleep...that's it drift off into La La land.' Bly coaxed herself into total relaxation closing her eyes before drifting off to sleep.

Bly woke before Jordan once again and lay still reveling in the closeness of Jordan and smiled when green eyes met hers. "Morning, afternoon, evening...whatever time of the day it is." Jordan answered with a sexy smile and kissed Bly.

"Hey, baby." Bly answered happily and kissed her again. "How about if I make you some breakfast?" Bly asked eagerly.

"Bly, honey...that is really a sweet offer, but I would really like something more substantial than BooBerry's or Lucky Charms cereal." Jordan answered chuckling and kissed Bly's chin before laying on her back fully stretching her body letting out a satisfied sigh from the relaxing stretch.

"Hey, those are great to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for a snack!" Bly protested.

"I don't know how it is that an athlete such as yourself can eat that cereal which is loaded with sugar." Jordan answered in disbelief and continued to stretch her taut body.

"'s because I'm used to eating it that's why." Bly stammered searching for some logical excuse to eat the cereal other than the obvious...she had a huge sweet tooth and loved them both. "I can make something else for you my little health conscious girlfriend." Bly teased leaning over Jordan kissing her.

"Is it my birthday or our anniversary that I've forgotten and that's why I'm getting such wonderful treatment?" Jordan asked skeptically with a smile.

"Nope...just because I love you. Now, what would you like?" Bly answered simply with a sexy smile staring into Jordan's surprised green eyes.

"Well...I would love two sunny side up eggs, toast...lightly toasted though, a glass of Orange juice and coffee light with no sugar." Jordan rattled off her order not totally believing Bly would make everything she asked for because she knows how well Bly cooks, 'not well at all', she thought with a chuckle to herself trying to conceal the hilarity of that thought of Bly attempting to cook so she didn't offend Bly.

" problem other than the fact, we don't have OJ babe...everyone in the family is allergic to it."

"Oh, I thought you were the only one...sorry. Okay...scratch OJ and I'll have whatever juice is available." Jordan answered playing along with the charade knowing Bly would be serving her a warmed muffin with some milk. 'That is if she can figure out how to work the microwave.' Jordan thought with a chuckle but was only kidding because Bly was smart enough to figure out how to operate the microwave.

"I'll be back shortly...I'll miss you." Bly answered softly and kissed Jordan's lips lightly before standing up clicking on the TV.

"Hmmm....I miss you already." Jordan purred and pulled Bly pack down for a better kiss. "Hurry!" She teased as Bly turned to leave the room.

"Hey, they've issued a tropical storm warning instead of a hurricane!" Bly answered excitedly looking at the TV.

"Bly." Jordan called out sarcastically.

"Yes?" Bly answered innocently and turned to Jordan.

"Hurry...I'm hungry." Jordan teased with a sly grin flicking her hand to shoo her lover out of the room.

"Oh, right away dear!" Bly joked and headed out of the room. ' have many can do, what the hell is a sunny side up egg? Oh, yeah...the fried one's with the nasty, drippy yoke that everyone likes to dip their toast in...Ewww!' Bly thought disgusted at the thought of eating eggs any other way other than scrambled or deviled and opened the refrigerator to pull out the breakfast items.

Bly managed to cook the eggs, lightly toast the bread, make the coffee and put in just the right amount of creamer as Jordan requested and poured a glass of cranblueberry juice for her lover. She was putting everything on a tray and grabbed a flower out of her mom's vase on the table and put it on the tray. "Damn...forgot the silverware!" Bly remembered and grabbed the needed utensils just as her parents walked into the kitchen.

"What in the hell is going on in here?" Alexandra exclaimed with shock, disbelief and was generally stunned by what she saw before her...her daughter had actually prepared a meal.

"It's breakfast for Jordan...there's plenty of coffee for you two as well in the pot."

"Chance! Get my gun, this woman is an imposter and is trespassing in our home!" Alexandra teased sharing a laugh with her husband who stood equally amazed.

"You two think you're so damn funny don't ya? Keep it up and no Christmas presents for either of you this year!" Bly teased and walked past them.

"Oh, Chance...honey, I'm so proud. I need a tissue." Alexandra mockingly teased as if she was crying.

"Here you go my love. I'm just so proud of our baby girl darling...after all that money we spent on college and look at her...she's just now able to cook a meal. I'm flabbergasted." He sarcastically answered and handed his wife a tissue, which then pretended to wipe away her tears of joy.

"The tree is going to be mighty bare without presents for you two this Christmas!" Bly answered and stuck her tongue out at her parents before disappearing into her room.

"Chance...go get your medical bag in case poor Jordan gets sick from her meal." Alexandra teased and tapped her husband's chest.

"I don't know if I have a cure for that kind of an illness...there might not be any hope left once she eats Bly's food...poor girl and I really like Jordan too." He laughed and wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife and kissed her.

Bly entered the room carrying the tray and noticed Jordan laying on her side with her hand propping her head up intently watching TV and absently stroking the soft fur on Ares' back as he lay in front of her perfectly content. Jordan sat up in disbelief when Bly entered the room and looked down at Ares. "I can't believe it!" She said in disbelief and Ares quickly agreed with a meow.

"Great...I'm going to get grief from the both of you two?" Bly asked sarcastically and set the tray down in front of Jordan. "Yes, I did it all by myself Jordan." Bly assured her seeing the stunned look on her face.

"Wow! This is so wonderful, thanks honey." Jordan smiled excitedly and leaned over and kissed Bly passionately to thank her properly.

"Eat your eggs before they get cold." Bly told Jordan and picked up her bowl of Booberry cereal to munch on and her cup of coffee. Jordan sank her teeth into her eggs and looked up with wide eyes at Bly. "They suck don't they?" Bly asked disappointedly looking at the object of her affection.

"No, they're fabulous!" She exclaimed in total shock of Bly's cooking prowess.

"You're just saying that to not make me feel bad." Bly pouted.

"No, honey...this is all very did an excellent job and you can cook for me anytime...preferably naked the next our home." Jordan answered with a seductive chuckle and kissed Bly.

"Jordan...are you feeling okay honey after eating Bly's cooking?" Alexandra asked as she and Chance peeked into the room.

"Yeah,'s fabulous!" Jordan retorted excitedly and smiled.

"Oh, cut it out! I don't believe it!" Alexandra answered in disbelief and entered the room with Bly laughing tauntingly at her mother.

"Here...taste the eggs." Jordan offered and held out a spoonful for her to try them.

"Hmmm....well, I'll be damned...they are delicious! Good job Bly." Her mother teased after swallowing the offered eggs and pinched her daughter's cheek.

"You're going to be bruised if you don't knock it off woman!" Bly answered in a menacing tone and burst out laughing when her mother walked towards the door shooting her a bird. Alexandria turned around and flashed an all too familiar mischievous smile. "I really don't want to have to embarrass you in front of Jordan and kick your whimpy ass, but if I have to I will." She teased with a laugh and Jordan realized Bly's sense of humor and gestures came mostly from her mother.

"Yeah...yeah, in your dreams old lady." Bly retorted and threw the pillow at her mom who quickly shut the door behind her as the pillow connected with it falling harmlessly to the floor.

Now that South Florida was clear and the severe weather had passed, Bly called the Penthouse to check on things and to have the shutters removed. By late afternoon, Bly and Jordan had loaded up the car and were heading back home.

Throughout the week, the weather continued to have sporadic downpours of rain and wind. It was nothing that South Floridians weren't use to during hurricane season. By Friday, things were looking better and the sun had actually come out for most of the day. On the way home from work they decided to stop and look at an SUV for Jordan. After test driving both of Jordan's two choices, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the Lincoln Navigator, Jordan was torn but had almost decided on the Jeep. It was more affordable and easier for her to handle driving. On the way home from the dealership, Jordan read the brochure to Bly.

"Now, if that insurance check would just come. I can go and pick out which Jeep I want." Jordan said excitedly anticipating her new truck and looking at the various color options.

"It should be here any day now." Bly replied smiling over at Jordan. "What color are you looking at?"

"I really like the black, but I think white might be more practical in Florida."

"Yes, dark colors will be very hot in the summer time and I can attest to that fact! If you don't like white you can look at the other light metallic colors too, that champagne color doesn't look so bad." Bly replied pointing over at the color chart on the brochure.

"Yeah, I guess I just have to see it first." Jordan answered and closed the pamphlet as they pulled up in front of the Penthouse building. Exiting the vehicle and handing it over to the porter they headed into the lobby. Bly went to retrieve their mail while Jordan pushed the button for the elevator. Riding up in the elevator Bly pulled out an envelope and wiggled it in front of Jordan. "I think this is what you've been waiting for."

Jordan grabbed the envelope, ripped it open and pulled out the check from the insurance company. Grimacing she held it up to Bly and responded, "Not bad, but good thing I decided on the Jeep instead of the Navigator!. Is there anything from my publisher?" Jordan questioned disappointedly.

Bly smiled and kept going through the mail. "No, sorry babe."

"Damn...I wonder what's taking them so long to send me the packet." She wondered out loud worriedly.

Bly's smile soon turned to a frown when she pulled out another envelope and held it out for Jordan. Jordan looked down at the address on the envelope and up at Bly puzzled. She opened this envelope more slowly and pulled out a sheaf of paper with her company's logo on the letterhead. Jordan's happiness soon turned to sadness as she read the contents of the letter.

"What is it?" Bly asked concerned and pulled Jordan closer to her.

"They are letting me go." Jordan replied her voice a mixture of surprise and sadness. She pushed the letter toward Bly and just looked at her lover without saying anything more.

"What?" Bly barked and took the letter and read it. "They are letting you go because you took too much sick time? That's ludicrous; you were in a car accident for cripes sake. What did they expect?" Bly continued scanning the letter and looked up firmly. "They can't get away with this. We will have Dawson see what he can do!"

"Did you read the last paragraph? It paraphrases my contract and it states that it's an 'at-will' job and they can let me go whenever they want. It was an indefinite contract, not a permanent one. I'm afraid they can do whatever they want." Jordan replied in a dejected tone of voice as her thoughts pondered her options. She would just have to find another job soon so she could pay the rent on her apartment.

"Hey, honey it will be okay. You will find another job quickly, but not until you are ready to go back to work." Bly answered and hesitated with what she wanted to say next. Jordan just absently nodded her head and continued with her own private thoughts as they stepped off the elevator. Putting down the boxes that they carried Jordan walked into the kitchen and threw the truck brochure into the trash and picked up her duffle bag and headed back to the bedroom.

Bly took the brochure out of the garbage and followed the blonde to the bedroom and found her sitting on the edge of the bed and sat next to her.

"Listen Jordan, I've been wanting to ask you this for awhile and then when everything happened I sort of pushed it on the back burner, but now would be a perfect time. Well, I was wondering if you would consider moving in here with me permanently?" Bly asked hesitantly, unsure of what Jordan was feeling at the moment.

Jordan took a deep breath and looked over at raven-haired woman. "Bly, I know I've been staying here since the accident and all, and for that I am truly thankful but, I don't want you to feel you have to ask me because I just got fired. I can get another job and take care of myself just fine."

Bly grabbed Jordan's hand and brought it to her lips and lightly kissed it. "No, that isn't why I'm asking. I've wanted to ask you from the very beginning, but I was afraid of rushing you. I want you to live with me because I love you. I want to go to sleep at night with you in my arms and wake up every morning to you lying next to me. I want us to be together in every sense of the word."

Jordan looked down at her hands for a while and then looked up with teary eyes and nodded whispering, "So do I."

Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and kissed her deeply, she wanted this wonderful woman to know just how much she loved her and wanted to be a part of her life.

"Would I be pushing things if I suggested we go get your stuff this weekend?" Bly asked with a sly grin. Jordan chuckled and touched the side of Bly's face lovingly. "Sure, there isn't much left there anyway. Seems the important stuff has already made its way over here!"

"Great!" Bly jumped up and pulled Jordan into her arms and danced around the room happily dragging the blonde with her. "And, we can go pick out your new Jeep too!"

"Wait!" Jordan called out and stopped Bly in her tracks. "I can't get a Jeep, I don't have enough money and they aren't going to give me a loan considering I am out of work now."

"No problem! I'll make up the difference and this way you won't need a loan and won't have to worry about making payments either. You can take your time finding the job you want." Bly replied easily without giving it a second thought.

"No." Jordan emphasized emphatically.

"Why?" Bly asked feeling slightly hurt.

"Because I don't want you paying my way. I can get a car with the insurance money instead." Jordan replied firmly, but regretfully saying good-bye to her dream of owning a Jeep.

"What if we call it a loan and you pay me back when you get that job or your settlement from the lawsuit?" Bly offered in concession. She really knew how much Jordan wanted to get the SUV and she didn't want her driving a car that she didn't like and would not feel safe driving.

Jordan thought for a moment and looked up into Bly's eyes for some understanding of what she should do.

"Hey we are partners in every sense of the word right?" Bly asked softly and waited for Jordan to nod in affirmation. "Then why won't you let me help you? I know you won't let me buy it for you, so just let me help you, okay?"

Jordan hesitated a moment longer and finally sighed and replied, "Okay, but I'm paying you back as soon as I get a job or the settlement! Do you understand?" Jordan asked firmly.

"Yes, I understand." Bly answered dutifully and pulled Jordan back into her arms for a giant hug. "And, I understand that I get you all to myself, all the time now."

Bly replied with a smirk and kissed Jordan thoroughly and deeply pouring all her happiness into that kiss.

"Whew! I need to take a breather." Jordan replied stepping back from the kiss. Her face was flushed and her heart racing as it did every time she was in Bly's arms.

"Why?" Bly asked seductively wiggling her eyebrows. "Remember that promise you made me at my parents? The part about making it up to me?"

"Bly! I've been making it up to you all week!" Jordan replied laughing at the scheming look on Bly's face.

"Yeah, but you aren't finished!" The raven-haired beauty replied devilishly. "I want more reparations!"

"Oh you are insatiable." Jordan replied pushing Bly backward onto the bed.

"Only for you baby, only for you!" Bly murmured as Jordan's lips descended upon her own.

Jordan heard the elevator door open and ran out of the kitchen glad that Bly was finally home safely. The winds had picked up considerably and the squalls of rain pounded against the windows unmercifully. She was glad the maintenance men came earlier in the day and put up the storm shutters over the sliding glass doors, but it was still frightening when the howling winds and pounding rain slammed against the penthouse from Hurricane Irene. Jordan was frantic with worry that Bly was stuck out in the storm when the advisories had informed everyone that the hurricane took a turn and was headed right towards them. The advisories had come too late and many were stuck in rush hour traffic...including Bly during the worst part of the storm. Many residents were stuck in areas non-conducive to hurricane conditions because of the late advisories and no orders were issued to evacuate those areas. They would have to ride out the storm and hope for the best. She stopped in her tracks once she caught sight of Bly and couldn't contain her laughter at what she saw standing in front of her...Bly stood completely drenched from the torrential rain.

"Well honey, I'm home." Bly exclaimed in her terrible attempt of an impression of Jack Nicholson from the psychotic thriller 'The Shining' holding her hands out at her sides with a silly grin on her face.

"Bly! You're dripping water all over my clean floor!" Jordan replied with disappointment as she spent hours cleaning the tile floor. "Get those clothes off and get off my tile!" Jordan ordered Bly, who quickly stepped back into the elevator certainly not wanting to dirty Jordan's clean floor anymore than what she had already done.

"Hi honey it's nice to see you too." Bly answered sarcastically and looked pretty pathetic soaking wet. "Could you at least give me a towel?"

Jordan tossed the one that draped over her shoulder. "Use this for now and let me get you another one." Jordan answered turning and quickly disappearing around the corner. 'I spend the majority of the day cleaning the damn tile and she tracks in mud and water on my spotless floor!' Jordan fumed, but couldn't be too mad at Bly because she looked so damn cute! Besides, she was just taking her frustrations and worry out on the poor woman.

Bly held the towel out in front of her corner to corner. 'Is she kidding? This dishtowel won't even cover my freaking elbow!' Bly thought and removed her raincoat. 'I don't know why I even bothered wearing or for that matter, spending that damn much money on this coat that did nothing to protect me from the rain! I guess they call them raincoats for a reason...for the rain not a hurricane!' Bly thought sarcastically stripping off all her clothes down to her birthday suit.

Jordan walked in with a beach towel for Bly to dry off with and was surprised to see Bly standing there naked. "Bly! The maintenance men are here!" In a mock whisper.

"What?! You could have told me that sooner!" Bly answered embarrassed holding the dishtowel in front of her sex and tried to grab the towel that Jordan held just out of her reach.

"Nah, I wanted to have them watch and maybe we could get them to stay for when we make love later." Jordan teased wiggling her eyebrows and backed out of Bly's reach.

"You're one kinky you know that Jordan Milano?!" Bly answered sarcastically. "So, they really aren't here are they?"

"No, silly...I don't want anyone seeing you but me. I just wanted to see the look on your face when I told you was classic!" Jordan answered laughing hysterically.

"Oh, it was that funny huh?" Bly answered not finding it so funny when a mischievous thought entered her mind followed by a devilish smile crossing her face.

Jordan's laughter subsided and her face was devoid of any happiness when she saw the look in Bly's eye. "Oh, shit!" She exclaimed and took off running with Bly in hot pursuit.

"Bly...don't even think about it!" Jordan warned pointing her finger towards her naked lover who circled the couch slowly...panther like in her quest to capture her desired game...Jordan.

"Come here baby...I've got something for you...Payback!" Bly teased seductively wiggling her dark eyebrows trying to move in on her lover who stayed at the opposite end of the couch.

" really don't intimidate me." Jordan answered coyly.

"Then why are you avoiding me?" Bly asked in a low tone stopping and staring down her elusive lover in this cat and mouse game.

"Did it ever occur to you this is part of my plan and that it's making me incredible horny seeing my tall, dark and very wet lover chase me around naked?" Jordan answered seductively flashing Bly an alluring smile that sent a rush of excitement straight to Bly's center.

"Ooh, baby! I love your plan and I can't wait to catch you." Bly answered in a low, seductive tone obviously intrigued...not to mention, very aroused. The lights flickered briefly before finally going out completely darkening the penthouse.

"I hope this is part of your plan baby because I am even hotter for you now." Bly answered sneaking undetected into the spare bedroom just off the living room.

"Very funny...I can't see a damn thing! Bly?" Jordan asked into the darkness with no answer coming her way. "Bly...where are you?" Jordan asked a touch of nervousness in her voice with her heart beating faster with the hair on the back of her neck standing up and spun around hoping to catch a glimpse of her mysterious lover. She struggled to adjust her eyesight to the darkness but still saw nothing and jumped startled from the movement next to her. "Aahhh! Oh, Ares! You scared me!" She exclaimed her heart pounding in her chest when she heard him meow indicating he was sitting on the couch before her.

"Where is your mom...huh? She thinks this is so funny." She told him rubbing her hand down his silky fur much to his delight and arched his back purring loudly to let Jordan know how much he was enjoying it. "You know where she is don't you?" She teasingly asked and heard a low meow from him in response. "You're probably in on this ruse with her aren't you?" She asked looking around the dark room still trying to find Bly and turned back to Ares. "How many kitty treats did she offer you to not give her up?...I'll double it if you tell me where she's hiding." She bargained with a nervous chuckle jumping when she felt Bly's arms wrap around her waist.

"Looking for me?" Bly whispered seductively in Jordan's ear tightening her hold on Jordan.

"You scared the shit out of me Bly!" Jordan answered frustrated and desperately trying to calm her racing heart.

"I guess we should change your shorts then huh?" Bly teased nibbling Jordan's neck, who pinched her forearm in response to the comment. "Ow!" She exclaimed sinking her teeth into Jordan's neck.

"Where were you?" Jordan asked moving her neck away.

"I went to get candles to set the mood for the only thing to do when the power goes out." Bly answered softly through her incessant nibbling and pulled Jordan closer to her.

"What might that be?" Jordan asked intrigued enjoying the closeness of her lover and wished she were naked to feel Bly's nakedness against her own.

"Make love." Bly whispered sexily and leaned over Jordan's shoulder who turned her head to look at Bly just as her lips were captured in a passionate kiss sending her senses soaring.

"Hmmm, baby, I love that idea. You must be hungry though. I made dinner."

"Hungry? Only for my favorite delicious" Bly whispered her voice thick with desire. She turned Jordan in her arms, locking her lips with her shorter lover's wrapping her arms possessively around her.

Jordan threw her arms around Bly's neck deepening the kiss. "You are so wet Bly." Jordan replied softly breaking off the kiss.

"You have no idea." Bly's low sultry response flowed through Jordan's ear sending a flush or warmth straight to her sex.

"I guess I'll have to find that out for myself now won't I?" Jordan asked sexily.

"Hmmm, right here huh?...aren't you afraid your clean carpet will get messy?" Bly teased kissing Jordan happy that she was finally accepting her penthouse as her own home.

"No, the cleaning is scheduled for Tuesday so, this is the perfect spot." Jordan teased in return, reveling in the fact of being in the woman's arms that she loves so much.

"I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at the middle of the living room floor without having a huge smile plastered on my face." Bly answered with a laugh kissing Jordan again.

"Would you shut up and make love to me?" Jordan softly teased through her kiss.

"Yes dear...right away dear." Bly mockingly replied and moved to grab the blanket draped over the back of the couch along with a couple of pillows to lay them on the floor. After all, her lover had to be comfortable don't ya know?! 'To hell with the candles.' Bly thought engulfing her lover in a hug passionately kissing her and gently guided Jordan to the floor.

Bly straddled Jordan's small thigh pressing her body tightly against her lover's. "Ooh, are very wet honey." Jordan purred in obvious delight through her kiss wrapping her arms tightly around Bly's neck ecstatic to have Bly's body merged with her own.

"You always make me that way." Bly whispered moving her kiss down to Jordan's neck. "Let me help you with these clothes my love." Bly answered softly slipping her hand under Jordan's shirt. Bly felt Jordan's abdomen tighten when her palm lightly slid up her body gently caressing the soft breast she found along the way.

"Bly...that feels so good." Jordan moaned tilting her head back when she felt Bly's kiss move to the opposite side of her neck.

" does feel good." Bly whispered sensually moving her kiss down to Jordan's unattended breast capturing the erect nipple into her mouth that protruded through Jordan's shirt and gently kneaded her other breast.

"Oh, are driving me crazy." Jordan moaned.

Bly's mouth moved from her nipple kissing along Jordan's body and stopped where the bottom of her shirt rested. Bly lifted the shirt sticking her head under it and traced a circle with her tongue around Jordan's navel before dipping inside sending a throbbing sensation straight to Jordan's core. Bly heard Jordan gasp and squeezed her breast harder and rolled the hard nipple between her fingers.

Jordan's arousal was at its peak and her body's sensations were raging from Bly's touch, kiss and the feel of her wet hair along her stomach. Bly's tongue blazed a trail from Jordan's stomach to her unattended breast so eagerly awaiting her attention. Her mouth gently sucked on the hard nipple as her hand gently kneaded Jordan's opposite breast. Jordan couldn't stand it any longer and pulled her shirt up and over their heads with Bly never relinquishing her hold on Jordan's breasts. Jordan tossed her shirt away and pushed Bly's long, dark wet hair off her face sending a flood of warmth throughout Bly from Jordan's fingers running through her hair.

"Bly...please touch me." Jordan pleadingly moaned.

Bly looked up at Jordan. "Not so fast baby...the power's going to be off for awhile." She answered flashing a sexy smile lightly kissing Jordan's lips.

"I know...but, I'm so hot for you right now that I can't wait!" Jordan answered desperately through her labored breathing her desire for Bly mounting with each beat of her heart.

Bly's smile grew. "Well...what would you like? My tongue?" Bly asked thrusting her tongue deeply into Jordan's mouth exploring everything about the familiar territory as Jordan grasped Bly's backside tightly sending shivers up and down her spine. "Or my fingers?" Bly asked seductively breaking the kiss and tracing the contours of Jordan's lips with her finger.

"I want both." Jordan answered softly sucking Bly's finger locking wanton blues with desirable greens and rolling her tongue around her finger with Bly replacing her finger in Jordan's mouth with her tongue for a deep, wet kiss.

Bly broke the kiss and slowly slid down Jordan's body and removed Jordan's shorts before settling herself between her lover's legs. The feel of Bly's hot, muscular body rub against Jordan's sent pleasurable sensations up and down her body. Jordan's desire escalated, her hips bucked wildly when she felt Bly's soft tongue meet her engorged nub. "Oh, yes!" Jordan moaned loudly grasping Bly's hair with her hand. Bly spread Jordan's folds lightly gliding her tongue up and down Jordan's slick, hard clit gladly accepting the taste of her lover that she so loved. Bly gently sucked Jordan's swollen nub and slipped two fingers inside her wet opening eliciting a louder moan from her lover. Jordan's hips began to thrust rhythmically with Bly's finger movements in and out of her.

"Baby...that feels so good." Jordan moaned her eyes watering in response to her emotion taking over and from the love she felt for Bly.

"Jordan...I love to taste you baby." Bly moaned through her ministrations with her tongue and moved her fingers in and out faster reacting to her lover's desire savoring Jordan's taste as if she would never have it again.

Bly lavishly stroked her tongue against Jordan's clit in a fluttering motion her own desire for Jordan to touch her escalating especially when she heard Jordan's soft cries of pleasure and felt Jordan's hips buck up and down against her. Jordan's center ached and her body demanded release. "I want you." Bly replied seductively pressing her tongue against Jordan's oversensitive area. The words were an aphrodisiac and Jordan couldn't contain herself any longer. She screamed out Bly's name as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body sending her over the edge with no return. Bly devoured the sweet musky fluid of her lover contentedly and slid her tongue deep inside her lover's hot, wet opening for more, which Jordan happily granted as one wave of orgasm rushed over another.

"Bly...that feels so good. I love you!" Jordan cried out breathless feeling her lover relentlessly consume everything she offered her.

Bly held her tongue inside Jordan enjoying the feeling of her walls contracting and relaxing around her tongue until the shuddering of Jordan's body and opening subsided.

Bly's kiss lightly traveled up Jordan's taut body before her own overheated body pressed against Jordan's. She snuggled her face against Jordan's neck and kissed her with Jordan wrapping her arms tightly around her lover. "I need you Jordan." Bly whispered in Jordan's ear her voice throaty with desire sending a throbbing sensation straight to Jordan's core once again. Jordan rolled Bly onto her back and lay on top of her tall, lover kissing her passionately. Bly's hands roamed Jordan's sweaty back resting on her backside guiding her smaller lover up and down stroking Jordan's wet sex against her thigh their tongues dancing a slow, seductive waltz with one another.

Jordan broke the kiss panting her arousal once again deepening. " have got to touch me again." Jordan pleaded desperate for Bly's touch.

Bly's sexy smile appeared. "Can't get enough huh?" She asked cockily.

"Of you? Never!" Jordan exclaimed passionately thrusting her tongue in Bly's mouth for a deep, moist soul full kiss with Bly's own desire escalating for her lover to take her. Jordan's hips moved faster against Bly's thigh her arousal consuming her and her body demanding release again. "Bly...take me again." Jordan whispered pleadingly through her kiss.

Bly deepened the kiss grasping Jordan's ass tighter and guiding her hips faster before breaking the kiss. "Climb up here baby." Bly answered in a sultry inviting tone with Jordan quickly moving on top of Bly and lowering her sex to Bly's mouth to satisfy her lust for her. Both women devoured one another with an unbridled passion as if it would be the last time they would ever share one another again. Hell...who knows what may come with a fierce hurricane ripping through the South Florida area at that moment.

They both shared wave after wave of orgasms together collapsing spent from their intimate passions. They both lay still trying to catch their breath with Jordan resting her head on Bly's muscular thigh circling her fingers through Bly's dark, wet curls completely satisfied by what her lover had done to usual. She moved over lightly kissing Bly's sex and rested her head back against Bly's thigh never realizing the sex they shared could ever be topped. Yet, it was...every time they made love it was better than the last time.

'It helps when you have a passionate, sultry, attentive and extremely sexy lover.' Jordan thought smiling happily still teasing the wet curls before her and jumped away when Bly sank her teeth into Jordan's backside. Jordan moved to the side and slapped Bly. "Bly...that hurt!" She shouted angrily and turned around to face her mischievous lover who laughed hysterically.

"I couldn't resist it babe. I saw those sexy, luscious, tight honey buns of yours and just had to sink my teeth into them....hmmm...very tasty by the way." Bly answered with a laugh licking her lips and pulled Jordan closer to her who rubbed the wounded area.

"Are you some kind of a damn vampire or something?" Jordan asked slightly irritated from the stinging feeling that was now beginning to subside from her rubbing the area.

"Aah...want me to kiss it and make your boo-boo feel better?" Bly teased with a mock pouting look.

"Keep it up wise ass and I'll give you a titty twister!" Jordan threateningly pointed at Bly.

"Okay...I'll behave. I certainly don't want one of those. Come here....I need to feel your warm, soft body against my own." Bly replied with a sexy smile pulling Jordan down on top of her. Jordan laughed and cuddled up against her sultry lover reveling in the warmth and comfort she exuded. Bly rubbed her hand lightly up and down Jordan's back and kissed her forehead lightly and repeatedly. "How are my sweet honey buns?" Bly teased softly.

"Bruised...yet, recovering." Jordan answered smiling and leaned up to look at Bly who rubbed Jordan's sore backside gingerly.

"I love you." Bly answered softly and soulfully staring into the green eyes she loved so much before capturing Jordan's lips for a soul-searing kiss. They both broke the kiss and smiled lovingly at one another before Jordan pecked Bly's lips and laid her head back down against Bly's chest looping her fingers through Bly's larger hand tucking it closely to her heart.

Bly kissed Jordan's forehead and lightly stroked her long blonde hair off her face thinking that she had to be the luckiest woman in the world to be loved so much by such a wonderful woman before drifting off to sleep. Bly was waked out of her sleep by the phone's incessant ringing. She opened her eyes trying to get her brain to register what was going on and once it did she attempted to sit up but was pinned down by both Jordan and Ares who were sprawled out on top of usual. 'What the hell am I? A freaking mattress?' Bly thought as she attempted to reach the phone from where she was to no avail and had to move the two sleepyheads on top of her first. Jordan grumbled her displeasure rolling onto her back and falling quickly back to sleep. "Ares...haul kitty ass! I have to get the phone." Bly answered trying to get her lazy cat off her struggling to sit up as he took his sweet ass time to do it.

"Meow!" Came his disgruntled response when he climbed off and stretched next to her when she moved on her side finally grabbing the phone.

"Right back at ya buddy!" Bly teased and held the receiver to her ear. "Hello!"

"What's going on over there? Are you all okay?" Alexandra asked confused.

"Your incorrigible grandson is bitching at me." Bly chuckled rolling onto her side and looked at the sleeping beauty below her as Ares cuddled up next to Jordan.

"Well...he takes after his mother." Alexandra retorted dryly.

"Funny...what's up?"

"How are things over your way?"

"Ooh, just fabulous considering we have no electricity." Bly replied with a soft laugh lightly circling her finger around Jordan's navel. She smiled mischievously when the peaceful look on her lover's face turned sour from Bly interfering with her wondrous sleep.

"Well...then you must be having a great're father and I just did too. Nothing like a good power outage to get the gander up!" She answered with a laugh.

"Mom!" Bly blurted out in embarrassment from her mother's comment and noticed two green eyes staring at her. "That was more than what I needed to hear."

"How the hell do you think your brother and you got here?" Alexandra responded sarcastically.

"Hatched maybe or by the stork?" Bly teased.

"Oh, Bly stop acting like a prude! Your father and I do it like wild rabbits and we absolutely love power outages. In fact, you were conceived during one!" She taunted her shocked daughter.

"Bly...what in the hell is wrong with you?" Jordan asked nudging her in bewilderment from the stunned look on her lover's face.

" is being gross." Bly finally answered and was able to close her mouth that hung agape.

"Oh, talking about sex with your father again?" Jordan asked nonchalantly with Bly nodding yes.

" are incorrigible just like your damn cat. You're two peas in a pod!" Alexandra answered with a laugh. "How long have you been without power?"

"Aah...about four hours." Bly answered squinting to see the time on her watch in the dark. She leaned down and kissed Jordan who smiled and ran her finger tauntingly down Bly's neck through her cleavage down her abdomen and back up again.

"We've been out longer. Hey, we are a having one hell of a time finding someone to run our computer operations. Do you know anyone we could hire?"

Bly watched Jordan mischievously tantalize her body with her teasing when it hit her like a baseball bat to the head. 'Why in the hell didn't I think of it before?' Bly asked herself feeling completely stupid. "Yeah, actually I do mom."

"Is she good? I am assuming it's a female?" Her mother asked sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah...very good in fact." Bly answered in a mischievous tone leaning down and capturing Jordan's lips for a fleeting kiss.

"Is she qualified?"

"Over qualified." Bly answered in a low, throaty tone moving the phone from her mouth and kissing Jordan deeply with her free hand resting on Jordan's bare hip. Bly was lost in Jordan's green eyes and her desire to make love to her again persisted too much for her to talk to her mother.

" she available?" Her mother asked excitedly.

"" Bly stammered breaking the kiss long enough to answer. "But I'm sure I can get her for the job." Bly answered with a chuckle and felt Jordan's tongue slip past her slightly parted lips for a moist kiss just barely getting the phone out of the way.

"Great...who is it?" Her mother asked with more excitement. Bly laid the phone down and held Jordan tightly in her arms passionately kissing her lover. "Bly? Who is it?" Alexandra asked with no response. "Bly!" Alex shouted into the phone interrupting Bly from her current diversion.

"Oh, sorry." Bly apologized after forgetting that her mother was still on the phone. "It's...aah...Jordan." Bly answered receiving an arched brow in response from her blonde lover who wanted to know what she was talking about.

"That's a perfect choice. Why didn't we think of this before?" Alexandra asked completely surprised and dumbfounded that the answer to their dilemma was right underneath Bly's household.

"I have no idea." Bly answered with a smile rubbing her palm over Jordan's abdomen heightening her arousal once again.

"Let me talk to her." Alexandra asked with Bly handing the phone to Jordan.

"Hi mom...what's up?" Jordan greeted pleasantly holding the phone to her ear Bly began to kiss her stomach.

"Hi Honey...we have a position with our company that you might be interested in. Could you stop by my office on Monday to discuss it?"

Jordan wasn't expecting that one and was having a hard time concentrating on what Alexandra was saying from Bly sneaking between her legs. She tapped her on the head to get her attention for her to stop.

Bly's head shot up in disappointment and shock letting out a displeased groan. "I got the head tap!" Bly replied in total disbelief and totally embarrassed just staring at Jordan who was oblivious to her at the moment.

"I don't know anything about the law mom." Jordan answered confused as to why she would consider her for a job at her law firm.

"No, honey...we are putting in a state of the art computer network system for all of our law and medical offices and we need someone to oversee everything. Can I expect you at 10 Monday then?" Alexandra asked enthusiastically.

"Aah...sure and thanks." Jordan answered not sure of what to say to not offend Alexandra.

"Anytime sweetheart. Call us tomorrow to let us know how you're doing from the storm." She answered and clicked the phone off.

"Bye." Jordan answered clicking hers off as well totally flabbergasted with a million things swimming around in her head so fast she could hardly stand it.

"Bly got a head tap Chance when I asked Jordan about the job." Alexandra chuckled.

"How do you know that?" Chance asked climbing back on top of his wife.

"I heard her groan disappointedly and heard her say something about the head tap." She answered with a laugh.

"She's not the only one that got the head tap." He answered in equal disappointment.

"It was not a head tap darling. I wanted you to move to a more enticing position. Now, finish what you started Mister!" She teasingly demanded sharing a laugh with her husband who happily obliged his wife's orders.

"That was weird!" Jordan answered bewildered and looked at her stunned lover. "What?" She asked confused from Bly's look.

"You gave me the head tap Jordan." Bly answered still stunned by it.

"Oh, honey...I'm sorry." Jordan answered covering her mouth to conceal her smile. "I just couldn't concentrate. Honestly, I didn't mean it that way honey...come here." Jordan explained pulling Bly on top of her and held her tight to reassure her.

"I never thought I would ever get a head tap from you." Bly answered still in disbelief.

Jordan held Bly tighter and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry wasn't meant that way besides, you only get a head tap when you're a terrible lover and that you are not!" Jordan answered surely and looked into the blue eyes that stared at her.

"You'll have to make it up to me then." She answered a small grin forming on her face.

"With pleasure baby." Jordan answered smiling and passionately kissed Bly.

Jordan woke to the sunlight peaking through the uncovered windows and put her hand up to cover the offensive light until her eyes adjusted to it. She rolled over expecting to find her sexy lover but found a furry cat lying next to her. She laughed and stroked his fur. "Bly?" Jordan called out with no response from the quiet condo. She stretched happily and wiped her hands over her face and smelled Bly on her fingers. She smiled from the erotically decadent scent of her lover on her hands and felt a tingling sensation rush over her. They had made passionate love for the majority of the night deciding to ride out the storm within each other's arms.

Jordan stood up and padded through the penthouse looking for her lover she so desperately wanted to hold, with no luck finding her. Jordan slipped on her robe and peered out the window overlooking the beach that somehow survived the hurricane and smiled when she saw her tall, sexy lover finishing up her morning run on the beach. Jordan smiled appreciating the sight of her lover clad in a black sports bra and gym shorts with the waistband tuned down showing off her taut abdomen. 'Yummy!' Jordan thought her heart and pulse racing in excitement from the vision of loveliness before her.

Jordan watched as her long graceful strides ate up the beach in their quest for the finish line. The sweat dripped off Bly's heated, toned, and tanned body, but she didn't appear to be winded at all. 'I would have died from no air after running ten feet!' Jordan thought and laughed to herself. She watched as Bly entered the deeper beach sand and began running her wind sprints, cutbacks and her jumping routine. Bly turned up the notch on her training just after she expressed her interest of rejoining the National volleyball team to Jordan just after her accident. Although, disappointed that she hadn't received a call from the assistant coach, who could get her back on the team, she still trained as if she was a member of the team. 'Oh, yes...I love this part!' Jordan thought excitedly standing on the tips of her toes to get a better look at her lover running sprints in the thigh high water. 'Oh, how I love to see that sexy body wet in the water and from other things as well...particularly from me.' Jordan thought mischievously, smiling and greatly appreciating the scene before her.

She sighed when Bly disappeared out of sight, but knew her tall lover would be back up in her arms very soon. Jordan hurried into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to greet Bly with and rode the elevator down to meet her in the lobby. The doors opened just as Bly walked up to the elevator and smiled when she saw Jordan sitting on the bench in the elevator with a sexy grin on her face. "Hey, good looking...going my way?" She asked seductively.

"Absolutely!" Bly answered accepting the dry towel Jordan offered and threw her wet one down on the floor of the elevator and hit the button to close the doors. Bly knelt before Jordan and smiled. "Morning...I missed you." She whispered sexily and kissed Jordan.

"Hmmm, I missed you as well, but I sure enjoyed watching you work out." Jordan answered seductively breaking the kiss briefly before deepening it once again and ran her fingers through Bly's wet hair.

"I love this greeting after a hard workout." Bly answered sexily smiling and kissed Jordan again before wiping the sweat off her body.

"Unfortunately, I won't get to see it when I start working." Jordan answered disappointedly.

"Don't work and you can come down and be my personal cheering section for my workouts." Bly teased and kissed Jordan.

"Now, Bly...we both know that I'm going to be working."

"I know...I'm just kidding. But, you do know that if you didn't want to work you don't have to right?"

"I know that and thank you it's very sweet, but I would like to have my own career and not have to have my lover support me." Jordan answered with a loving smile stroking Bly's cheek with her palm very appreciative of the offer.

"Are you going to accept my Mom's offer then?" Bly asked looping her fingers into Jordan's and leading her off the elevator entering the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and gulped it down quickly.

"I'm considering it, but I have some doubts about accepting the job." Jordan answered watching Bly guzzle the water to re-hydrate her overheated body.

'What doubts?" Bly questioned confused.

"Well, first of all, I don't want to get this job just because I'm your girlfriend. If I am not the best person for the job, I'd rather not have it." Jordan looked up at Bly trying to judge her reaction. Bly nodded but didn't reply, instead encouraging the blonde to continue. "And, what about if I'm just not cutting it or not doing it the way your mother wants it done. I don't want her to feel like she can't give me constructive criticism, or if need be, just plain tell me I'm not getting the job done."

"Okay, I can see your point, but I don't think you have to worry about my mother. She's never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind." Bly grinned at Jordan, trying to lighten her fears.

"I just don't want this to be a pity offer. It's not like I can't get a job, I just haven't really started looking yet." Jordan got up restlessly and walked over to the window and stood looking out over the storm tossed sea.

Bly sighed and walked over to the blonde. "Jordan, I can guarantee that when you go to her office it is for an interview for the job. She will treat you like any other candidate, no preferential treatment. If she thinks you can do the work, you will get the job. If not, then she will tell you point blank. Trust me on this one." Bly chuckled and wrapped her arms around Jordan pulling her closer. "When I was in college, I decided I wanted a summer job so that I could be more independent. I asked my mother if she had anything in her office and she made me come in and interview with just about everyone, including the janitor. I got the job, but I lasted exactly one week and my mother told me I was fired. She said that I wasn't cut out to work in the legal profession. I think it has something to do with my attitude toward rules and regulations." Jordan laughed and pulled back from Bly to look up into twinkling blue eyes. "My mother was right, which is probably why I fight so much with the legal jerks from Medicare."

Jordan laughed and pulled away throwing up her hands in surrender. "Okay, I give! I'll go to the 'interview' on Monday. I guess I had better get my resume together if I expect to get this job."

Bly watched as Jordan went into the study and flipped on the computer before grabbing the cordless phone and headed into the bedroom. She called her mother to confirm the promise she had made to Jordan. Confident that all would be well, she headed into the bathroom to take her shower.

Monday morning Bly watched as Jordan walked into the kitchen, nodding enthusiastically at her choice of a simple pantsuit. "Hey, what do you say that after your interview we go look for a car for you?"

"That's probably a good idea if I am going to start working. Am I messing up your schedule today? I can take a cab or something?" Jordan leaned against the counter looking a bit apprehensively at Bly. Bly shook her head noting the look and knew that even if it did, she would rearrange her schedule to make things easier for Jordan. She knew she was nervous about the interview and wanted to make sure she wasn't stressed out before she even got to her mother's office.

"My first patient isn't until 10:30, so I have enough time to drop you off and I can come back for you around 12:00. I don't have any afternoon patients today. I usually catch up on paperwork, but I can do that tomorrow. We will have the entire afternoon to pick out the vehicle of your choice." Bly deposited her cereal bowl in the sink and turned to hug Jordan. "Are you going to eat anything?"

"No, I don't think I could this morning." Jordan groaned, for once her infamous appetite had left her, she was way too nervous to put anything into her stomach at the moment. "Maybe, later."

"Okay, I'll make sure to feed you this afternoon. Let's hit the road then." Bly pushed Jordan toward the elevator, stopping long enough to pick up both their briefcases off the hall table.

Bly deposited Jordan at her mother's office before heading on to her morning appointments at the clinic. "You'll do fine, stop being nervous". Bly kissed Jordan softly on the lips and hugged her in support. "This interview is on the level right?" Jordan pulled back slowly and looked up into Bly's eyes to see if she was telling the truth.

"Trust me, my mother will not let you get off easily. If she doesn't think you can cut it, she will tell you point blank!" Bly smiled knowing technically what she said was true, but also knew that Jordan would be perfect for the job and her mother already knew it. Jordan nodded and exited the car and walked toward the lobby doors with a purpose. Bly smiled proud of her lover and watched as she confidently headed toward the office building. She hit the button lowering her window and shouted out to the blonde. "I'll pick you up at noon...knock'em dead!"

Jordan turned smiling and waved toward Bly in acknowledgement before turning to enter the lobby. The cool air of the building hit her sending a chill down her back. Stiffening her shoulders in response to the sudden intrusion into her thoughts, she pushed the button to the elevator and waited.

Bly pulled away smiling with the thought of Jordan in her mind and the last look of the blonde who stood waving at her in the early morning sunshine. With this pleasant image firmly implanted in her head, she headed off to start her glorious day.

The ride up to the DA's office was short and she announced herself to the receptionist and took a seat to wait. She didn't wait long before Alexandra's secretary came out to get her and walked her back toward the DA's office. Opening the door she stepped back and motioned Jordan to go inside. Jordan entered the office and found Bly's mother sitting behind her desk reading.

Jordan walked toward the desk and Alexandra looked up and a smile instantly lit her face at the sight of her new daughter. "Jordan! It's good to see you this morning. Have a seat." Alexandra motioned toward the chairs in front of her desk. It took a lot of willpower to refrain from jumping up and hugging the young woman as she would have liked, but this was business and she knew keeping it that way meant a lot to Jordan.

"Good Morning!" Jordan replied returning the smile to Alexandra. She felt awkward keeping things impersonal and could tell that Alexandra was feeling the same way. Alexandra chuckled in response to both their unease, but got right down to business and mapped out what their plans were for the computer network system for her office and for her husband's medical centers. Jordan listened intently interrupting a few times to ask questions, but on the whole, eager to have a chance to work on this project. Alexandra also explained that once the system was up and running smoothly with their office's they would discuss with Bly the benefits of her upgrading to the new system's as well. She informed Jordan that they wanted to wait with Bly's considering the numerous centers she owned throughout the United States and they wanted to make sure the system would be beneficial to her offices.

"So, how does all of this sound to you?" Alexandra sat back and waited for Jordan's response, but the light in the young woman's eyes told her all that she needed to know. "I think you have a good grasp of what is needed and the only thing left is to implement the plan and get it up and running." Jordan knew that this was right in her field of expertise and that the job would be challenging, but not impossible for her to accomplish. "Do you think you can handle the job and all the headache's it will entail?" Jordan nodded her head enthusiastically and felt confident with her ability in this instance. "Yes, I think I can not only handle the job, but complete it to your satisfaction."

"Good, well I purposely left your interview for last so that I could give you my decision rather quickly. From what I've seen, you are by far the best candidate I have talked with and that's not because you have an inside influence either. I need this work done and completed correctly and I wouldn't be selecting you if I thought for one moment that you couldn't handle the task." Alexandra stood and walked around her desk to face Jordan. "Think you will be able to start, lets say, next Monday?"

Jordan nodded smiling. "That will definitely be no problem. Thank you."

"Great, then I can expect to see you here around 8:30 AM. You can set your hours as you see fit. Whatever works best for what you have to do is fine with me."

Jordan stood up and shook Alexandra's hand to seal their agreement. "Thanks for giving me the chance. I don't think you will regret it."

Alexandra nodded thinking, 'of that, I have no doubt whatsoever!' Letting her emotions get the best of her Alexandra pulled Jordan into her arms for a solid hug before releasing her and pulling back. "Now that the business part is over, do you have time to have a cup of coffee with your mother?"

Jordan nodded smiling, "That would be great! If you're not too busy?"

"I'm busy, but not too busy for a quick chat with my favorite new daughter." Alexandra led Jordan toward the door. "Let's go down to the cafeteria so we won't be disturbed by anyone."

"Great. Bly isn't picking me up for another 30 minutes." Jordan followed Alexandra back toward the elevator and rode down to the cafeteria. They sat chatting about nothing in particular until it was time for Bly to pick up Jordan. Alexandra walked Jordan toward the front door and waved to her other daughter as she waited in the car for Jordan. "Tell that incorrigible daughter of mine I suggested you two come for a visit soon. You guys don't need to wait for a hurricane!" Jordan laughed and hugged Alexandra promising to pass the message along to Bly. With another wave, Alexandra went back into the building.

"What was my mother making you promise this time?" Bly casually asked as they pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street. Jordan chuckled and looked over at Bly profile. "She wanted me to tell her incorrigible daughter not to wait for another hurricane before you visit again."

"Too funny!" Bly laughed and turned right at the next light heading down toward the dealerships. "Okay, which dealership am I heading to?"

"Jeep. I think I've decided on a Jeep Grand Cherokee." Jordan answered firmly. She had given the choices much thought and had finally decided upon the Jeep because of its ruggedness and styling. It was the one SUV that she had actually felt safe driving in.

"You got it!" Bly responded by pulling into the lot in question and pointed, "Hey, that's a nice color, but the one next to it is even better."

Jordan looked over at the green Grand Cherokee that was displayed outside the front of the dealership before letting her eyes drift toward the maroon one next to it. Nodding her head in agreement, "Yes, I definitely like the maroon color, especially if it has a gray interior. Let's go look at it."

The two women looked over the available SUV's in the lot and still came back to the first maroon Grand Cherokee that sat out front. After a lengthy test drive, they went inside to make a deal. With Bly, there wasn't much haggling involved. She pulled out her checkbook and made them a cash offer, which was roughly 2,500 less than the sticker price. She knew what the markup was on a new vehicle and she wasn't about to let the salesman think he had two stupid females within his grasp. Knowing he was outsmarted, the salesman stopped haggling at the 2,000 mark and the papers were signed and Jordan was pulling her new car out of the lot. After a quick late lunch early dinner down by the ocean, the two women headed home.

Relaxing on the sofa in front of the television Bly's finger gently traced a pattern on Jordan's arm as she lay against her within the circle of her arm. "A new job and a new car all in one day, are you happy?"

Jordan snuggled tighter against Bly's side and looked up into blue eyes. "Yep, a perfect day!"

"I wish I had known that's all it took to make you happy, work and a car!" Bly chuckled deeply looking down into green eyes with a challenge.

"Oh, it doesn't even take that much!" Jordan threw back as her eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Oh yeah?" She asked quite intrigued.

"Hmmm, let's see...a kiss might do it or...." Jordan's voice trailed off in invitation and Bly didn't hesitate to RSVP and kissed Jordan, deepening he kiss sensually. Breaking from the kiss Bly's voice was deep and silky. "You mean like that?"

"Oh yeah!" Jordan purred and pulled Bly back for more.

"Oh, baby you excite me." Bly delightfully moaned.

"You haven't seen anything yet you sexy thing." Jordan purred sensually and crawled on Bly straddling her. Bly slid her hands up on Jordan's hips and looked up at her sexy blonde lover with a sly grin fully enjoying the provocative mood Jordan was displaying. "I have a couple of interesting items that you might enjoy." Jordan replied enticingly throwing her long blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"Oh, really?" Bly smiled mischievously. "I can't wait to see what you have for me." Bly drawled thoroughly intrigued and casually reached over to pull the phone off the hook before placing her hand back on Jordan's hips.

Bly watched as Jordan slowly and sensually unbuttoned her blouse, Bly's mouth watering in anticipation at the sight of Jordan's two perky, perfect breasts. She smiled sexily rubbing her hands on Jordan's hips and slipped them under her shorts gently grasping her firm backside. Jordan opened her blouse and pulled her bra down exposing her luscious, perky breasts for Bly's delight. "I thought you would be interested in these my love." Jordan purred in a sultry tone sending pleasurable tingling sensations up and down Bly's sexy body.

"You know just what I love don't you baby?" Bly asked sexily leaning forward and capturing an erect nipple in her mouth much to Jordan's delight.

Jordan gasped at the contact and looked down to watch Bly. She pushed Bly's raven hair off her face leaving her hand resting against Bly's cheek. Jordan's passions began to unfold from the gentle sucking sensation she felt and from watching Bly's tongue circle her hardened nipple before wrapping her mouth around the soft breast once again. Bly's hands moved towards a more enticing area of Jordan's anatomy and found a very wet and warm area to explore. "Oh, Bly...that feels so good." Jordan softly replied leaning down and kissing Bly's cheek. 'She is so erotically decadent.' Jordan thought totally blown away by what Bly was doing to her.

Bly broke away agitated by her cell phone ringing. "Damn!" She replied angrily and leaned up for a fleeting kiss before answering the phone. Jordan was disappointed but knew if someone was calling on Bly's cell phone it was important as she had stipulated only 'emergency calls only' when she issued her number out to family and friends. "Hello." Bly answered agitatedly and leaned forward capturing Jordan's nipple in her mouth before talking again. "Aah...Daw we're right in the middle of something here." She answered more irritated thinking it was a social call and looked up at Jordan who ran her fingers through Bly's dark hair and leaned down for a moist kiss. "She's right here." She answered in a serious tone once she heard her brother out and handed Jordan the phone after breaking off the kiss.

Jordan looked at her with a strange look on her face and Bly shrugged her shoulders replying, "He sounds very serious and needs to talk to you right away."

"Dawson?" Jordan asked confused.

"Jordan...I'm on my way over there to discuss with you and Linda some information I've received regarding your brother." He informed her in a hurried yet, serious tone.

"Aah...okay...I' Linda and have her come over here right away." Jordan stammered nervously at the thought of possible news regarding her missing brother.

"No need...I already called her she should be waiting down in your lobby about now. I'll be there in a couple of minutes." He answered before clicking off the phone.

Jordan clicked the phone of as well and looked at Bly with a stymied look. "What's up?" Bly asked in worried wonderment from Jordan's surprised and far off gaze.

"Dawson has some news about my brother." Jordan answered softly still in a state of surprise both looking at one another without another word being said.

"Aah...Dawson's on his way over here...he...aah...has some news to tell me regarding my brother." Jordan stammered nervously thinking about what Dawson had to tell her regarding her brother. She wondered if something bad happened to the brother she had never met...hell, she didn't even know he existed until a short time ago. She wondered if he met the same fate as her parents had or maybe he just didn't want to know her or Linda. The thoughts raced through her mind a mile a minute making her head swim. Jordan looked worriedly into caring blues then down to her hands that subconsciously rubbed together in an attempt to calm her nervousness.

"Well, that's great...right?" Bly asked enthusiastically and moved closer to Jordan slipping a comforting arm around her shoulders feeling the tension in her small shoulders.

Jordan looked up into the blues she loved so much and replied, "I'm not sure...I hope it's good news, but what if my brother is...aah...deceased like my parents?" Jordan asked nervously finding it very hard to say the sounded so final. Actually, it was...extremely final and she wasn't sure she was ready to hear that her brother had met that fate.

"Hey, come on babe." Bly answered in a comforting tone pulling Jordan closer to her kissing the top of her head to reassure her. "You're the most optimistic person in the world that I know so, why are you thinking like that?" Bly asked smiling reassuringly and leaned away to look at Jordan who captured her steely gaze.

Jordan smiled faintly and realized she was being rather grim with her thoughts of her brother, but it was important to her to meet him. Maybe he could shed some light on their parents or know some of their relatives so, she could find out more about herself and her heritage. "You're right. Maybe I'm just overreacting and being silly. It's just that I...aah...would like to meet him and see what he's you know what I mean?" Jordan asked in curious wonderment as to whether her brother would look like her or Linda or the both of them or neither of them.

"Sure...I'd feel the same way if I was in your place, but you don't know what Dawson has to tell you. It's probably good news...if I know my brother and I think I do...all too well at times." Bly answered with a sly grin and a snicker shared by Jordan. "He probably discovered some good news or he would have told you over the phone. He shoots straight from the hip and tells you like it is...he wouldn't let you sit and fret if it was something bad. " Bly answered reassuringly and kissed the lips in front of her before breaking off the kiss and smiling. "Listen, I'll call my dad and tell him I can't make it to the Dolphins game tonight and I'll stay here with you for moral support. Would you like that sweets?" Bly questioned and moved the stray strand of blonde hair off Jordan's face.

"No, you go to the game...I know how important it is to you seeing as how it's the last game of the 1900's. I also know how miserable you'll be the rest of the year if the Dolphins don't make it to the playoffs and that wretched coach Jimmy Johnson runs Dan Marino into early retirement. You'll be kicking yourself...and me for not seeing Dan's last game...if this really is his last person." Jordan answered with a reassuring smile and playfully poked her lover's chest to emphasize her point.

"I never thought of it as the last game of the 1900's and the possibility of it being Dan's last game as a Miami Dolphin. Yikes! I don't even want to consider that thought!" Bly answered with a shiver at the unpleasant thought. "Despite all of those reasons for attending the game my place is with you my love and I want to be here if you need me so, I'll give Dad a call and tell him my plans have changed." Bly answered considerately and picked up the phone with Jordan taking it from her hands.

"No, Bly...please go. I really appreciate your offer of staying it means a lot to me but, this is something I would like to hear alone...well, just Linda and I." Jordan answered reassuringly and grasped Bly's hand to reaffirm her statement.

Bly searched the beautiful emerald greens before her for any wavering in them and found only sincerity there. "Are you sure? Because I can stay here with no problem." Bly reconfirmed to give Jordan a chance to reconsider if she was hesitant.

"No, babe...go on to your game." Jordan assured her with a smile and a kiss planted firmly on her cheek. "Now, get!" Jordan teased smiling and patted Bly's backside before pushing her off the couch in a coaxing way to get her moving as she knew Bly's father would be there soon.

"Okay, okay I'm going! Geez, you're demanding woman!" Bly teasingly laughed and winked heading towards the bedroom to change just as the elevator doors closed indicating someone was downstairs and was heading up to the penthouse.

Jordan entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass of wine to calm her nerves. She finished pouring her wine as the elevator doors opened. "Jordan?" Linda exclaimed entering the penthouse.

"In the kitchen sis!" Jordan answered and chuckled at calling Linda sis. It was still hard for her to believe they were actually related.

"What's going on?" Linda asked in a hurried tone entering the kitchen.

"Not sure yet...seems Dawson has some news about our brother." Jordan answered and held up the bottle of wine gesturing to Linda.

Linda nodded in agreement. "Make it a very large glass please." She answered with a nervous sigh.

"Hey!" Julie groaned leaning against the kitchen doorframe looking as if the Grim Reaper was ready to take her to her final resting place.

"You look like you've had too much to drink Jules!" Jordan answered with a chuckle noticing the pale and diaphoretic look on Julie's face.

Julie curled her lip up at Jordan flashing a menacing look and felt her stomach rumble. "Oh, I'm outta here!" She replied hurriedly and disappeared from the kitchen.

"What's up with her?" Jordan asked in disbelief turning and looking at her sister.

"The Hershey squirts...if you get my drift!" Linda answered with a snicker and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"You are terrible Linda! Didn't you give her anything?" Jordan asked with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah...everything under the sun for diarrhea and nausea...nothing has worked. So, she came over here with me in hopes that Dr. VanDewark would give her an IV and make her feel better." Linda answered sipping her wine that Jordan handed her.

"You're in luck...he brought over a couple of them along with some Compazene when Bly had a little too much to drink and had to pray to the porcelain god one too many times!" Jordan answered with a laugh shared by her sister.

Bly exited the bedroom tucking her shirt in her shorts and looked up just in time to avoid the mad bathroom seeker. "Whoa!" She exclaimed jumping out of Julie's way. "I see you ate your famous chili again!" Bly replied sarcastically.

Julie snarled at Bly clutching her churning stomach. "Bite me!" She exclaimed slamming the bathroom door behind her.

" thanks, not in your condition!" Bly answered laughing.

"Real fucking funny ass face!" Julie shouted through the closed door before groaning in pain.

"Now, is that any way to talk to your savior? I mean, I'm sure you didn't come all the way over here just to use my wonderful throne room. I know the decor is exquisite and the reading material in there is so much more enthralling than your architecture today magazine' I right?" Bly taunted her best friend through the door untucking her shirt slightly and straightening her shorts out. She had to look good don't ya know?

"Bly, I'm begging you me!" Julie pleaded and groaned in pain.

"Okay...that's all I needed to hear, you begging me!" Bly teasingly laughed before heading towards the hall closet to retrieve the medicine Julie so desired.

"Oh, you're such a saint!" Julie quipped sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"Did I hear a bit of sarcasm in your tone of voice?" Bly tauntingly asked looking down at Ares who rubbed up against his mom's leg.

"No, nope...not from me!" Julie answered in a groan. "She's freaking loving this...just wait...I'll get her tall ass back and with a vengeance she won't soon forget!" Julie mumbled menacingly under her breath.

"I heard sarcasm in her voice didn't you Ares?" Bly teasingly asked her cat looking down at him and heard his meow in agreement as he stood up on his hind legs and rubbed his front paws on his mom's long, muscular leg as Bly rubbed his head. "That's what I thought. Sorry, Jules...Ares heard the sarcasm too." Bly shouted through the door removing the IV from the package.

"Ares...I swear! Tell your mom you only heard begging out of my mouth and I promise you a bag full of catnip!" Julie shouted growing far more agitated by the minute at the incessant teasing and wiped the sweat from her brow as her stomach cramped.

"Ooh, a whole bag of catnip! You lucky cat you!" Bly teasingly laughed and pat her happy cat who meowed in delight. "Okay...Ares agrees that he didn't hear any sarcasm in your voice." Bly answered with a chuckle noticing her tall father approaching.

"I hear Julie's sick?" He asked with concern stopping in front of his equally tall daughter who held up the IV in front of her to give to him. "Ah-ha, she ate her famous chili again huh?" He asked and noted the nod of agreement and the mischievous smile on his daughter's face as he took the IV from her.

"You think she'd learn Dad...she just can't cook chili, let alone eat the shit!" Bly answered laughing and turned as the door opened revealing the not very pleased Julie leaning against the doorframe.

"Come on kiddo...let's make you feel better." Chance replied throwing a comforting arm around Julie leading her towards the couch.

"Finally, some compassion for the sick!" Julie replied sarcastically looking over her shoulder at Bly who snickered. "I can't believe your patients come back to you're so damn mean!" Julie answered plopping her weak body down on the couch next to Linda who rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Hey! They love me!" Bly confidently answered with a sly grin.

"Yeah and I bet they would love to be beaten with a whip too...right?" Julie teased and winced when Dr. VanDewark stuck the needle in her vein to start the IV.

"Why not? I certainly haven't heard you complaining from the whip treatment I give you!" Bly teasingly laughed finally eliciting a laugh out of her sick friend. "I knew I would eventually cheer you up!" Bly laughed as did everyone else.

"Yeah, if that helps you get through the day keep believing it, but it was the IV that made me feel better!" Julie answered stubbornly refusing to give in to Bly's cockiness.

"Oh, know it was my glowing personality that won you over." Bly taunted and pinched Julie's cheeks who slapped her hand away.

"Don't you have a bridge to go jump off of or someone else to torture?" Julie asked with a chuckle.

Bly laughed and kissed her friend's head. "We do have to leave, but I do hope you feel better honey!" She replied rubbing her back and headed towards Jordan for a goodbye kiss. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay baby?" Bly asked staring deeply into Jordan's green eyes resting her hands on her lover's shoulders.

Jordan patted Bly's side. "No, I'll be fine...go ahead and have fun at the game I'll be okay...I promise." Jordan reassured her worried lover.

"Alrighty then." Bly reluctantly conceded and smiled placing a tender kiss on Jordan's lips. "Call me if you need me." Bly whispered kissing Jordan again.

"Thanks." Jordan answered with a grateful smile breaking the kiss. "Have fun."

"I'm sure I will if the Fins win!" Bly answered with a chuckle and headed towards the elevator with her father falling in behind her.

"Thanks Doc!...You're the best!" Julie answered extremely grateful as she was already beginning to feel better.

"You're welcome Jules and please take my advice about staying away from your chili!" He answered with a shared laugh from the group.

"I just forgot what happened the last time I ate it...Okay?" She answered with embarrassment at her oversight.

"I don't know how she could have forgotten the last time she ate that crap. You think she'd learn!" Bly replied in a low tone leaning closer to her father as they waited for the elevator to descend to the lobby.

"Well, some people just love pain. Speaking of that, wait until she gets my bill." He answered in a chuckle shared by his daughter just as the doors opened revealing his handsome son standing before them.

"Hi bro...bye bro." Bly replied with a sarcastic laugh stepping onto the elevator.

"Have fun at the game." Dawson answered with a smile kissing his sister on the cheek.

"Is everything okay?" Bly asked with concern looking into the blues that mirrored her own.

"It's nothing bad, we actually, have a solid lead. I'm flying out tonight to check it all out." He answered reassuringly and winked before stepping off the elevator. "See ya dad." He replied patting his father on the back and watched as the elevator doors closed noticing the look of relief on his sister's face.

"Dawson! I thought I heard your voice." Jordan replied rushing towards the elevator in a nervous tone followed by her equally nervous sister's voice echoing through the penthouse.

"In the flesh." Dawson grinned and entered the room to find Julie lying on the couch with her head in Linda's lap. "What happened to her?"

"She ate chili." Jordan replied looking apologetically at Julie.

"Not a word out of you if you know what's good for you!" Julie threatened sitting up feeling stronger than she had when she arrived.

Dawson threw his hands up in the air and backed way. "Hey, don't shoot the piano player! I came with good news."

"What? Will someone tell me what is going on?" Linda sat on the edge of the couch gripping the cushion next to her knees nervously. Jordan's phone call had been vague and she had been working herself into a worried frenzy ever since. She was about ready to hurt somebody.

Dawson looked at Jordan who sat nervously perched on the arm of the couch next to her sister. "I'm sorry. I guess I didn't give Jordan very much information. I wanted to do this in person."

"Did you find our brother?" Jordan's voice was soft, but strong as she interrupted Dawson.

"I think so."

Jordan looked down at Linda who reached up and grasped her hand tightly. Tears dotted both women's eyes as they turned their attention back to Dawson expectantly.

"As you know our search revealed that there were three children that were adopted out, you two and one boy. I called in some favors and found out a name. He is four years older than Linda and two years older than you Jordan." Dawson paused and opened the file that he had brought with him.

"He would have been eight years old when the three of you were put up for adoption. The record shows that a naval officer and his wife adopted him. They had no other children and moved around a lot until the officer retired and the family settled in Kauai, Hawaii. He was named after your father, Kevin, and the family adoptive name is Anderson." Dawson stopped when Jordan looked like she wanted to say something.

"Is he still there?"

"We believe so. I'm leaving tomorrow to find out personally." Dawson watched as the two women hugged each other in tearful joy. Julie looked up at Dawson fighting back her own tears and snickered when she saw him blinking rapidly.

"Damn! You tell my sister and I'll hurt you!" Dawson threatened Julie as he swiped the back of his hand across his face. Julie shook her head wiping her own tears and replied, "No way, I don't have a leg to stand on!"

"Group hug!" Linda called out and pulled Julie into their circle as Jordan grabbed Dawson. The four of them huddled together laughing and hugging until Dawson pulled back.

"I've got to get going if I'm going to leave for Hawaii tomorrow. I've got some paperwork to complete before I leave. I'll call you as soon as I know anything, probably not until the day after tomorrow." Dawson placed the file in his briefcase and walked toward the elevator with the three women in tow.

"Thank you for everything." Linda hugged Dawson briefly and moved to stand within the circle of Julie's arm. Julie was surprised at how good she felt at that moment.

Jordan walked up to Dawson and looked up into familiar blue eyes and asked, "If you see him, will you tell him we are anxious to meet him?"

"You bet I will." Dawson hugged Jordan quickly stepping into the elevator and held the doors open. "I almost forgot. Mother wanted you and Bly to stop by in the morning. She has some stuff she has to go over with you regarding Cindy." Jordan nodded and he pushed the down button winking at his two sisters giving them the thumbs up sign.

"I don't know whether to be excited or not get my hopes up." Linda replied and looked at Jordan.

"I know. I can't believe we have a brother, let alone that we might possibly get to meet him soon."

"I guess we just have to wait until Dawson calls. Would you mind if I turn on the game?" Julie looked at the two women who stood at a loss next to the closed elevator doors.

Jordan shook her head smiling and replied, "No go ahead. Anybody hungry? I can make some snacks and we can watch the game."

"I am!" Linda replied and followed Jordan into the Kitchen. At the doorway, the two women paused and looked back at Julie.

Julie's face turned a shade paler. " thanks, nothing for me."

Linda chuckled. "I didn't eat any chili."

"Smart girl!" Jordan chuckled entering the kitchen.

Bly left her father in the locker room checking the players before game time and headed out of the locker room down through the tunnel and out into the large expanse of Joe Robbie Stadium home of the Miami Dolphins. Well, it used to be called Joe Robbie before the greedy billionaire owner sold the rights to the name of the stadium to Pro Player an athletic clothing company. Bly many other dolphin fans call it Pro Player instead, sticking with the traditional name of Joe Robbie the founder and former owner for which the stadium was originally named after.

She looked at the large stadium with the orange and teal seats staring back at her remembering all the wonderful games she had attended over the years there having the opportunity to see many great players battle it out during games. Bly reflected on all the wonderful memories she had experienced her small smile growing in intensity as she remembered the roar of the crowd when a great play was made. Bly looked around and could see the crowd cheering and feel all the excitement the fans felt during those games. It was close to the same feeling she had when she played in the Olympics hearing the crowd cheer for their team. All the excitement, the glory and the pride she felt representing her country were such an incredible feeling. It all came back to her at once and she swallowed the lump that formed in her throat from her disappointment that she would never have that same feeling again representing her country in the largest athletic competition...the Olympics...ever again. 'Stop feeling sorry for yourself Bly. You had your chance to win a medal at the last Olympics. Some people never get an opportunity to participate in one Olympic competition much less two! You know you would have made the same choice...Jordan...over the Olympics given the same situation again.' "In a heart beat." She whispered looking up and snapped out of her revelry when she heard her name called. Bly turned around noticing the Dolphin players slowly trickling out onto the field and smiled when she saw who called out to her. "Hey 13! How's it going?" She asked excitedly seeing her idol...Dan Marino...heading her way.

"Could be better Ghost. How are you?" He asked with a smile and greeted her with a hug.

"I'm excellent...thanks for asking." Bly answered breaking the hug.

"Funny thing...I've checked the mail everyday and I still don't see my Olympic volleyball team pass in there." He teased with a mischievous grin slipping his helmet on.

"Doesn't look like you will pal." Bly answered with a chuckle to hide her disappointment.

"I heard what happened Bly. You did the right thing too bad the coach didn't see it that way. I was hoping you'd be back on the team by now." He answered sympathetically. "Catch for me?" He asked gesturing towards the field.

"Don't I always?" Bly asked with a chuckle as they both headed onto the field. "I was hoping I would be back on the team too, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen." Bly answered regretfully looking at the blue eyed, sandy blonde hair future Hall of Fame quarterback.

"I have a feeling you're going to be back on that team very soon Bly. We don't stand a chance in hell without you there." Dan answered sincerely tossing the ball to the receiver at the other end.

"It would be nice, but the coach doesn't want me back." Bly answered sadly and tossed him the ball she had just caught.

"You're coach is an idiot then." He answered with a chuckle looking down at the slightly shorter woman.

"I could say the same about yours." Bly answered with a sly grin and a wink referring to 'Mister Hairspray' Dan's head coach.

"No comment." Dan answered with a laugh shared by Bly. "Let's see what you got...hit McDuffie." He replied tossing Bly the ball and motioning to his receiver to run a pattern so Bly could throw him the ball.

"Who's Bly standing next to? Is that Dan Marino?" Jordan asked struggling to see past the reporter on TV who was broadcasting live from the stadium.

"She always plays catch with him before the games. Lucky bitch!" Julie answered with a chuckle envious of her friend.

"Hey!" Jordan snapped warningly looking at Julie. "Don't talk about my woman like that." Jordan teased and pointed at her to emphasize her point.

"Or what?" Julie asked laughing.

"I'll Tybo your sick ass!" Jordan teasingly guaranteed.

"Ooh, I'm scared!" Julie teased. "She better get me an autographed ball from Marino." Julie replied looking back at the TV.

"No more damn footballs in our house Julie! You've got so many now that we could open up a friggin Sports Authority with them." Linda warned sitting next to Julie on the couch and handed her a vanilla milkshake.

"Our house?" Julie asked with a surprised grin looking at Linda accepting her milkshake.

"Yes, our house. I'm accepting your offer to move in with you." Linda answered smiling excited at the thought of moving in with the love of her life.

"Excellent news baby!" Julie excitedly answered and kissed Linda. "One more ball...please?" Julie pleaded through her kiss.

Linda leaned back. "It's going in your office not in the house." Linda answered adamantly.

"Yes, dear." Julie conceded in a mocking tone.

"That's great you're moving in together! I'm so happy for you both." Jordan exclaimed happily and sat next to her sister on the couch looking back to the TV and popping a bagel bite into her mouth. "Aah!" Jordan exclaimed attempting to control the large bagel bite in her mouth before she said anything more.

"" Linda inquired looking at her sister.

Jordan finished chewing and swallowed before responding, "No, Bly better not lick her fingers after touching that nasty, dirty ball or she'll have to disinfect her mouth before she kisses me!" Jordan exclaimed disgusted at what Bly was about to do...scratch that...just did!

"EWWWW!" Jordan and Linda exclaimed simultaneously and heard Julie laugh. Julie looked up to see the two women staring at her none too pleased at that.

"What? I didn't lick my fingers!"

"Why in the hell do you do that?" Jordan asked with a curled up lip at the disgusting display.

"It helps you grip the ball better." Julie answered simply shaking her head in disbelief at how non-athletic the two women are, the one's that two of the most athletic people in the world were in love with.

"Nice throw! I taught you well!" Dan boasted proudly turning to Bly.

"What can I say? I was taught by the best." She answered with an enamored smile.

"Oh, time to stretch." Dan replied as they both jogged over to join the rest of the team.

Julie clicked to a different local TV station, which just began its sports coverage. The trio watched the TV intently and was glad the cameras kept panning towards Dan Marino because of all the hoopla over his tumultuous relationship with his head coach and for the fact that they got to see Bly who was helping him with his stretching exercises.

"What are the two of them staring at so intently with mischievous smiles on their faces?" Jordan asked curiously.

"Probably the scantily clad cheerleaders." Julie answered with a laugh which neither Jordan nor Linda thought was funny.

"I'll kill her!" Jordan warned angry and jealously at the thought of Bly checking out the cheerleaders.

"Oh, come on! You're not serious are you Jordan?" Julie asked surprised by Jordan's reaction.

"It's disrespectful to do that Julie." Jordan answered growing more angry by Julie's callousness about the situation.

"You don't even know what they are looking at and you shouldn't get so jealous Jordan."

"Why not?" Jordan snapped looking at Julie angrily.

"Because she loves you and because she wakes up and goes to sleep with you in her arms every day the sun rises and sets." Julie answered her own anger welling in the pit of her stomach at Jordan's mistrust of her friend knowing how much Bly loved and adored Jordan.

"That's true but, she doesn't need to be checking other babes out." Jordan conceded realizing she was being pretty silly about the whole situation.

"Looking doesn't hurt anything." Julie answered matter of factly.

"Oh, really?" Linda asked angrily and glared at her Italian lover.

"You two have got to be kidding me. You mean to tell me that you see a nice looking woman walking down the street and you don't check her out?" Julie asked in disbelief. Jordan and Linda sat in momentary silence staring at Julie then glanced one another and back to Julie. They were busted no doubt about it and Julie knew it by the sheepish grins on their faces that they were unable to conceal. "Calling the kettle black aren't we ladies?" Julie asked sarcastically and laughed.

"Okay...we check them out but, it's because I think to myself that they have nothing on my sweetie!" Jordan answered with an embarrassed chuckle.

"And how do you know that's not what Bly's doing?" Julie asked skeptically her eyebrow arched.

"Well, let's just see what she's doing." Jordan answered sarcastically picking up the phone and realized there was no dial tone. "Oh, damn! I forgot to put the other phone back on the hook when Dawson left." Jordan exclaimed padding through the living room to the kitchen to place the phone back on the hook that she took off to keep from being interrupted when Dawson was there. She dialed Bly's cell phone number into the cordless phone as she headed back to the couch and waited for it to ring. Jordan sat down and heard Bly's phone ring in the bedroom. They all looked at each other and laughed as Jordan clicked off the phone. "Well, there goes that idea."

"You shouldn't be so jealous Jordan."

"I know...I just want her to only have eyes for me." Jordan answered guilty of her thoughts.

"She does, but there's nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of another long as you don't touch." Julie answered holding her finger up emphasizing her point.

"Now that would not fly with me!" Linda warned nastily.

"My hands are only for you baby." Julie teased wrapping her arms around Linda kissing her cheek and neck as Julie giggled.

"Get a room you two!" Jordan teased and pushed them over on the couch all of them laughing harder.

Bly stood next to her father on the sidelines watching the game as Leslie Visser the on field game reporter for ABC approached her. "Hi Bly...Leslie Visser. Mind if I ask you a few questions on camera?" She asked eagerly sidling up to the taller woman.

Bly looked at her father surprised and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess so...sure." Bly answered skeptically wondering why they'd want to interview her.

The cameraman turned his camera on and the reporter began. "Hey, Boomer!" Leslie replied smiling into the camera referring to the sports announcer in the booth who turned over the telecast for her field report between the break in action. "I found former Olympic USA volleyball team member and current team alternate Bly VanDewark along the sidelines here." Leslie replied with a smile and looked at Bly who smiled uncomfortably as Leslie turned back to the camera. "Bly we just reported on our other station ESPN that the coach for the women's USA Olympic volleyball team was fired." She informed Bly and looked at the stunned beauty.

"Holy shit! Bly's is being interviewed." Jordan exclaimed excitedly rushing over to pick up the phone that was ringing. " she's at the football game. Can I take a message? Oh, aah...yes!" Jordan stammered anxiously snapping her fingers to get Linda's attention and motioned she needed a pen when Linda looked at her. Linda scrambled off the couch and grabbed a pen off the coffee table and delivered it to Jordan. "Okay...go ahead. Uh-huh...okay...I will. She'll be thrilled and I'll have her call you right away! Thank you. Bye!" Jordan replied excitedly clicking the phone off and screamed.

"What?" Linda and Julie asked worriedly waiting for Jordan's answer.

"Bly we also reported your former Olympic coach Jean Williams was hired and she stated her top priority was to reinstate you to the team. Any comment?" Leslie asked putting the microphone in Bly's surprised face.

Bly was flabbergasted and completely caught of guard. She was very excited and hoped it was true. "Well, Leslie...seems your station has scooped me. I haven't heard a thing regarding my reinstatement as a permanent member of the team yet, but it would be a fabulous opportunity to represent my country at the Olympics once again." Bly answered trying extremely hard to contain her excitement and nervousness. She was ready to lose her composure she was so ecstatic with the news.

"She doesn't know!" Jordan shouted as the trio scrambled in front of the TV watching the interview.

"Jordan what's going on?" Linda asked confused and looked at her excited sister.

"That was the new volleyball coach and she wants Bly to call her right away. She wants her back on the team." Jordan answered enthusiastically as everyone shouted in excitement for Bly.

"The team certainly needs you and we look forward to seeing the 'Ghost' roam the volleyball court once again." Leslie answered smiling.

"Thanks would be wonderful to be back out there." Bly answered smiling her heart racing faster seriously wanting to conclude the interview so she could call and find out just what was going on.

"Tell us...what should the Dolphins do to win this ballgame?" Leslie asked putting the microphone back to Bly and smiled waiting for her answer.

"Let Danny send the rock flying and torch the Jets!" Bly answered with a laugh shared by Leslie who turned to the camera.

"There you have it Boomer, the key to the Dolphins winning this ballgame from the reinstated Olympic volleyball team member Bly VanDewark. Back to you Boomer." Leslie exuberantly replied and waited for the camera to turn off. " really knew nothing about this?" Leslie asked turning to Bly once the cameras were turned off.

"I knew nothing Leslie but thanks for letting me know." Bly answered with a smile and headed over to her father.

"Call me me!" Jordan pleaded nervously fidgeting watching the TV hoping Bly would call her so she could tell her the news.

"Congratulations sweetheart." Chance replied excitedly and hugged his flabbergasted daughter.

"I won't believe it until I hear it from Coach Williams. Let me use your phone please. I must have left mine at home." She asked breaking the hug and accepted the offered phone after she noticed hers wasn't attached to her belt.

Bly punched in the numbers to her home and barely heard a half ring before the excited voice over the phone answered. "Bly! Your coach called and wants you to call her! You're back on the team!" Jordan shouted excitedly into the phone causing Bly to hold the phone away from her ear.

"Thanks...aah, can I have the phone number?" Bly asked with a laugh from Jordan's enthusiasm putting the phone back to her ear.

"Oh," Jordan stammered nervously rattling off the phone number as Bly wrote it down on a piece of paper she grabbed from her father. "Thanks babe...I'll give her a call." Bly answered her heart pounding in her chest that her dream of being back on the team as a permanent member was becoming a reality.

"Call me right afterwards okay?"

"I will." Bly answered chuckling at Jordan's excitement.

"I love you and congratulations honey!" Jordan shouted excitedly her heart racing from her happiness for Bly.

"I love you to. Bye." Bly answered smiling and clicked the phone off. "Dad...I'm going somewhere quiet to call." Bly informed him and headed towards the locker rooms. She inhaled and exhaled deeply trying to calm her excitement and her heart that pounded incessantly in her chest picking up the pace on her gait. Bly entered the tunnel and ran to her father's office when the phone rang. "Hello?" She asked clicking the phone on and putting it to her ear opening the door to the office.

"Bly?" Alexandra asked her voice filled with surprise that her daughter answered her husband's phone. "Is it true? Are you back on the team?" She asked eagerly.

"I think so, but I won't know for sure until I speak with Coach Williams." Bly answered sitting at her father's desk.

"Well, let me know what you find out! I can't believe it. This is wonderful news honey!" She shouted in the phone enthusiastically with Bly once again holding the phone away from her ear.

"I will Mom and it is great news." Bly answered putting the phone back to her ear to continue the conversation.

"You looked great on TV honey. Maybe you should consider a job in TV. What do you think?"

"Mom." Bly responded dryly and rolled her eyes. "I've got to go." She answered growing more impatient with her mother's line of questioning.

"Oh, yes...okay, call me! Good luck! Bye!" Alexandra stammered excitedly.

"Thanks...byyyyeeee." Bly drawled sarcastically clicking the phone off. "Mother' just gotta love em!" Bly teasingly told herself with a chuckle dialing her coach's number. Bly finished her conversation with her coach and yes, indeed her dream of being back on the team was now a reality. She smiled happily and rested her forehead in her hands relieved that she was back on the team. "I have to call Jordan." Bly told herself wanting to share her exciting news with the woman she loves. Bly phoned Jordan who quickly answered the phone and Bly wondered if the phone actually rang.

"Bly?!" Jordan asked excitedly into the phone.

"Yes,'s me." Bly answered feeling as if she was the most important person in the world by Jordan's excitement.

"Well?" She asked worriedly.

"I'll tell you what happened when I get home." Bly teased.

"BLY!" Jordan shouted disappointed.

"Yes, I'm back on the team!" Bly answered finally able to let her excitement out.

"That's awesome honey! I'm so happy for you and I'm so proud of you. Tell me what the coach said and what you have to do now." Jordan eagerly inquired.

"Thanks Jordan...that means a lot to me that you feel that way. I...aah...well, never mind. I'll talk to you when I get home." Bly bashfully answered nervous to tell Jordan what she wanted to.

"Aah...okay...when are you coming home then?" Jordan asked bewildered by Bly's coyness.

"I'm on my way." Her silky voice informed Jordan.

"I'll be waiting then. Bye." Jordan answered her demeanor changing from excitement to being subdued wondering what was up with Bly.

"Uh...Jordan?" Bly asked sheepishly feeling guilty about how she was being so evasive, but she wanted to tell Jordan how she felt in person.

"Yeah." Jordan answered softly.

"I really appreciate you being there for me...thanks." She answered sincerely.

Jordan smiled and realized Bly's evasiveness was from her shyness or bashfulness about letting her feelings be known...even to her. "I'm always here for you my love. Hurry home...I can't wait to see you and wrap my arms around you." Jordan answered smiling and fondly thinking of how wonderful Bly feels in her arms.

Bly grinned bashfully and replied, "I'm on my way sexy." In a low seductive tone before clicking the phone off and heading back to her father to say goodbye. Bly smiled happy and ecstatic at the thought that she had such a wonderful, loving, caring and supportive woman such as Jordan in her life. She felt a catch in her heart when she thought about how lucky she was to have Jordan in her life and inhaled deeply satisfied loving the feeling of the tickle she felt in her stomach thinking about Jordan.

Bly informed her father what her coach said and that she was heading home to tell Jordan. He told her to take his car as he had to wait until the end of the game before leaving and that he'd have her mom pick him up. Bly thanked him and headed towards the stadium exit at a brisk pace before jogging towards the car eager to get home and see the joy and happiness in Jordan's face. To share her happiness with the woman that means so much to her. It seemed like it took her forever but she finally reached the building to her penthouse and rushed to the elevator. She tapped her foot nervously waiting for the elevator to reach her penthouse and sighed relieved when it finally did seeing the most beautiful woman in the world standing before her when the elevator doors opened. Jordan took her breath away when she caught sight of her smiling face standing before her. Her heart pounded in her chest from her excitement and engulfed Jordan in a hug. "I'm so happy for you Bly." Jordan replied softly holding her taller lover tightly and kissed her cheek.

Bly loved the feeling of Jordan in her was complete bliss. There was nothing else like it in the world to Bly she thought leaning back to catch a glimpse into the incredibly loving face before her. "Jordan...I wanted to tell you before on the phone aah...well, I didn't want to say this on the phone but in person." Bly stammered nervously trying to find the right words to say what she felt for Jordan. Bly stared into the beautiful green eyes before her and lightly stroked the back of her hand down Jordan's cheek seeing everything that she loved about Jordan. "I just wanted you to know how much I love you and appreciate you being there for me...always. It means a lot to me that you're happy and proud of me Jordan." Bly sincerely answered slowly leaning in and pressing her lips against Jordan's for a tender, delicate kiss.

"I love you so much Bly." Jordan whispered and deepened the kiss.

Bly broke the kiss breathless locking happy blues with caring greens. "Interested in joining me in California for a volleyball tournament and then I'll take you to Hawaii for a few days afterwards before I have to head off to the next tournament?" Bly asked with a mischievous grin and wiggled her eyebrows placing a soft, fleeting kiss on the inviting lips before her.

Jordan was stunned and a million thoughts ran through her head in a few seconds. "Well, yes of course! Oh, wait! How can I arrange that with work?" Jordan asked bewildered and torn wanting to go with Bly, and didn't want to shirk her obligations with work.

"We'll work it out baby." Bly answered seductively capturing Jordan's lips for a soul-searing kiss picking her up in her arms and leading her towards their bedroom.

Jordan broke the kiss breathless and smiled when Bly kicked the door to their bedroom open. "Chivalry is not dead!" Jordan laughed and kissed Bly again. "Bly? Were you checking out the cheerleaders with Dan at the game?"

Bly looked at Jordan surprised by her question. "Jordan...what are you talking about?" Bly asked confused.

"When you were helping Dan stretch you both were checking something out and Julie said it was probably the cheerleaders. Is that who you were checking out?" Jordan asked sheepishly hoping Bly wouldn't be mad by her questions.

Bly chuckled. "No, we were watching two Jet fans getting the snot beat out of them by two other Dolphin fans before the game even started!" Bly answered with a laugh remembering the incident. Jordan felt stupid that she thought Bly was checking the cheerleaders out and more embarrassed by the fact that Julie was right and she shouldn't have been so quick to judge Bly. "Were you jealous?" Bly asked flashing a mischievous grin.

"Well, yeah...a little." Jordan answered with an embarrassed laugh. "Okay...a lot!" Jordan conceded and chuckled.

"Ooh, my sexy little vixen is jealous...a major turn on, but you know I only have eyes for you my love." Bly sexily answered laying Jordan back on the bed climbing on top of her blonde lover content with the feeling of Jordan's body under hers.

Jordan laughed wrapping her arms around Bly's neck and pulled her down for a passionate kiss. "You better have eyes only for me." Jordan whispered through her kiss before deepening it hearing Bly's low toned laugh.

In the morning, Jordan and Bly sat in Bly's mother's office waiting for Alexandra. Hurrying through the door she appeared and kissed both her daughters before sitting down behind her desk.

"So, what's the news mother?" Bly asked abruptly. She knew how nervous Jordan had been all night. Between the news about her brother and now what would happen with the case against Cindy had worn heavily on the blonde's mind and she hadn't slept much the night before. None of Bly's words of comfort or even backrubs would help relax the young woman. Today, she looked tired and strained and Bly was feeling it herself.

"Hold on to your horses!" Alexandra wrote a few things down and then opened the file in front of her and looked at Jordan. "Well, I think we have come to the best possible resolution. Hear me out first before you say anything, especially you. Okay?" Alexandra looked at Bly and then waited until both women nodded their head in agreement. Bly was a little reluctant, but a squeeze from Jordan's hand in hers made her decision.

"Okay, we both know that Cindy still has an outstanding conviction against her in Colorado. The authorities have decided to tack on another five years to her sentence for unlawful flight. So, all in all, she has 15 years to serve and with her record, the possibility of parole is very slim at least for 12 years. Now, the problem comes that we still have a case against her and if we go to trial, no matter what the outcome, Colorado won't be able to enforce the added five years sentence."

"So what are you saying?" Bly asked slightly confused.

"Okay, let me back up. If Cindy is tried here and convicted she will probably get 5 to 7, more like the five and her time served here will count toward her sentence in Colorado. If she wins, she goes back to Colorado and serves maybe 10 of her 15 years."

"That doesn't make any sense!" Bly stood up agitated and ran a hand threw her hair. "Either way she seems to win."

"I know it looks that way. This is why I propose that we drop the charges here...."

"No Way!!" Bly bursts out loudly. "The bitch is going to pay for what she did to Jordan."

"Bly! Sit down and listen to me. Now!" The tone of Alexandra's voice brought an instant quiet to the tall woman and she sat down soundly and crossed her arms. Jordan reached over and could feel the tension in her lover's body.

"What do you suggest." Jordan asked Alexandra softly trying to calm the mood in the office.

"If we try her here, the most she will ever serve is five years. I have to admit our case is pretty circumstantial. We have no eyewitnesses to the accident. If we drop our case and let her go back to Colorado, we are guaranteed that she will serve at least 12 of the 15 years against her. But, the call is up to you Jordan. Neither I nor Bly can make this decision." Alexandra finished and looked at Bly to make her point. Bly sighed and unfolded her arms and sat up. She realized that her anger and her fears were not helping Jordan at this moment. Jordan had to make the decision because ultimately, she would be the one who has to live with the outcome.

Jordan stood up and went to the window and looked out over the sunny South Florida morning. She leaned her forehead against the sun-warmed glass and closed her eyes. 'Maybe this nightmare will never be over'. She felt familiar arms encircle her waist and she leaned her head back against the strong shoulder that she had come to cherish and rely on.

"It will be okay. We will do whatever you want." Bly's soft soothing voice calmed her and gave her a sense of peace that nothing in her life ever had. She wanted to stay right here and ignore everything else. But, she knew that she had to tackle this problem and she had to live with her decision. "Bly, I think I need Cindy to be as far away from us as possible."

Bly's heart was in her throat at the pain she saw in Jordan's eyes. She wanted Cindy to pay for so much, but she knew she would have to let her go for Jordan's sake. "Okay, what do you want to do?"

"I think we should listen to your mother and drop the charges. At least we can be assured that she will be in Colorado for the next twelve years. Maybe by then, she will have forgotten me. At least she won't have anything further to hold against me." Jordan knew it sounded like a cop-out, but she also knew that it would be the only way they could have a normal life without something always hanging over them. She just wanted to be free. She wanted to meet her brother and enjoy the family that she never knew. She wanted to spend her life with the woman in front of her and be able to give her everything that was inside of her and never hold anything back in fear ever again.

"Okay, then that is what we will do." Bly pulled Jordan into her arms and looked over the blonde's head at her mother and nodded. Alexandra nodded in understanding and picked up the telephone.

Jordan drove Bly to the airport and returned to the office with a heavy heart. She was going to miss her love and wished that she could have joined her. But, she didn't want to disappoint Alexandra or have her regret giving her the job. Her decision to stay behind quickly became a wise choice when she entered her office to find her voice mail full and her phone ringing incessantly.

"Hello, Jordan Milano speaking."

Jordan listened as the voice on the other end relayed the latest set back to her network arrangements. The office in Hawaii was having difficulty installing the latest hardware that would link them directly to the WAN. This Wide Area Network would link the various offices together through a relay of bus terminals. That was the theory, but it didn't seem to be the fact at the moment. Jordan tried to explain what they needed done, but she knew the technician wasn't getting the whole picture. Hanging up exasperated, she put her head down in her hands for a moment to compose herself and think. Looking up she found Alexandra standing in her doorway.

"Tough day or are you just missing Bly?" Alexandra smiled and crossed the room to sit in front of Jordan's desk.

"Both! It started out bad when I had to drop Bly off at the airport and watch her fly away, I come back here to a pile of urgent messages. The day just keeps getting better and better!" Jordan smiled wryly and began to explain her plight with the Hawaii offices.

"Sounds like you need to be down there to supervise this installation." Alexandra thought for a moment before continuing. "I suggest you take a few days and go with us to California for the Tournament and then you and Bly head over to Hawaii for a few days to make sure this mess gets resolved. While you are there, I think the two of you can sneak in some rest and relaxation." Alexandra winked and stood up in front of the desk.

"If you think that's best." Jordan replied trying hard not to smile too broadly and hoped Alexandra wouldn't notice her heart beating out of her chest from her excitement.

"I think it's just the ticket!" Alexandra waved as Jordan picked up the phone and made her reservations. Waving, she mouthed, 'see you in California'.

Alexandra walked back to her office with a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She closed her door and quickly crossed the room to her desk. Picking up the phone she dialed and waited for the line to go through. A warm velvety voice answered the ring.

"Hi honey, Hawaii is all taken care of."

"Do you think she is suspicious?" Bly asked her mother worried that Jordan would catch on to her little ruse.

"No, she thinks she is going to supervise installations in the Hawaii office. Actually they will already be complete by the time you get there." There was no hiding the glee in Alexandra's voice. She had pulled off the perfect plan.

"You are too devious for your own good mother!" Bly chuckled at her mother's good spirits.

"Yes, I am." Alexandra replied before continuing. "Oh, by the way, I have some more good news. I just received word on Cindy. All things considered and time served, she will be locked away for the next twelve years, no parole. Jordan should also be receiving a healthy settlement from the insurance company."

"That's good to hear. Now, maybe Jordan can relax and stop looking over her shoulder all the time." Bly was certainly relieved that Cindy would no longer be a threat, she had hoped for a longer sentence. Hopefully, by then, Cindy will have put Jordan behind her and get on with her life. "Then everything is set and I'll see you in California."

"Count on it Bly. Your father and I wouldn't miss this for the world. Have you heard from Dawson?" Alexandra queried.

"Don't worry, he has something special planned."

Jordan threw herself into the work of packing and preparing for her trip to California and Hawaii. She was so excited she could barely contain herself. It seemed as if time had slowed to a stand still. Immersing herself in work did nothing to pass the time any faster. It certainly didn't help that a tall raven-haired, blue-eyed beauty was almost constantly on her mind. Even in her sleep she dreamt of the woman who had so totally captured her heart. Jordan couldn't wait to see Bly; she just missed her so darn much. It was as if she was completely lost, just wandering through the days aimlessly alone.

Jordan sat back in her chair and sighed, disappointed that Bly was so far away from her. She closed her eyes and saw the image of her tall lover with her gorgeous smile. Her stomach flip-flopped excitedly when her mental image of Bly came into focus...the one of Bly standing naked and slowly moving towards her with lust in her sexy blue eyes. Jordan swallowed the lump that formed in her throat at the vision of the cocky stride and seductive smile of her lover. Jordan's body temperature increased along with the wetness between her legs and she wanted nothing more than to reach down and satisfy the ache she felt between her legs. But she was at work. 'Work! Shit!' She nervously thought breaking away from her revelry and sitting up straight in her chair. 'What in the hell are you doing?' She asked herself flustered and brushed back the errant wisp of hair that tickled her face. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself, checked the room over to make sure no one was watching what she was doing and proceeded to attend to the paperwork on her desk.

"Miss Milano." The chipper voice announced.

"Yes!" Jordan answered loudly and jumped when she heard the voice.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be leaving for the day. Do you need me to do anything else before I leave?" Jordan's enthusiastic secretary asked.

"Oh, aah...yes...I mean no." Jordan stammered nervously wondering if her thoughts of Bly were plastered all over her face.

"Are you okay?" The woman asked with concern for her boss as she approached Jordan's desk.

"Yes, Wendy...I'm fine, thanks." Jordan answered trying to assure her worried secretary. It didn't seem to be working considering the look she was giving Jordan...the one of disbelief. "Really...I'm okay. I was just startled by your entrance and now my heart is racing, but I'm fine." Jordan answered smiling and patting her chest to calm the rapid beat.

"I'm really sorry Miss Milano. I didn't mean to scare you. I hope you're okay." She apologetically replied.

"Don't worry...I assure you, I'm fine." Jordan smiled reassuringly and motioned for her secretary to go home. "Go on...get out of here and get home to your kids. Have a good night."

"Okay...are you sure?" She asked turning back one last time to check on her boss.

"I'm, go!" Jordan laughed and waved goodbye to her.

"Alright...well, have a good night and I'll see you in the morning." She answered with a smile moving towards the door.

"You too...oh, I won't be in tomorrow. I'm leaving in the morning!"

"Oh, yeah...silly me. Your departure date came upon me quickly. Call me if you need me for anything while you're gone and have a great time!" She exuberantly answered.

"I will and thank you." Jordan smiled and shut her computer down as her secretary exited the office. Jordan gathered all the pertinent paperwork she would need for the trip and placed them into her attaché case before exiting her office.

She entered the darkened penthouse and was quickly greeted by Ares meowing in delight. "Hey cutiepie! Did you miss me?" Jordan asked enthusiastically and much to his pleasure started stroking his silky fur. "I bet you're hungry aren't you?" She asked gathering him up in her arms for a hug as she walked towards the kitchen.

Jordan smiled happily when Ares rubbed his face against her letting her know just how much he enjoyed her presence. Or was it just that he knew he was about to be fed and was extremely happy about that? Jordan hoped it was that he was happy to see her. She kissed his head and put him down on the kitchen floor and poured some food into his dish. She watched him begin to devour his meal and smiled with a chuckle before making herself something to eat. She settled on a slice of leftover pizza, grabbed a glass of wine and headed out onto the balcony to enjoy the shadows darkening the turbulent Atlantic Ocean.

She smiled letting the cool ocean breeze kiss her face as she sat down to enjoy her dinner. Checking her watch, she noted it was too early to call Bly. Jordan knew that she would be right in the middle of a volleyball match. 'I don't think her coach or teammates would be pleased if I called her right about now.' Jordan thought and laughed before sinking her teeth into the slice of pizza. 'I hope she does well in the match today.' Jordan's brow creased in worry as she sipped her wine, knowing how much this meant to Bly. She knew her lover was nervous and wanted to play well to show the new coach that she hadn't made a mistake in reinstating her back on the team.

Jordan followed Bly's progress through the updates on ESPN and had a feeling the coach wasn't disappointed. Her lover was an animal out on the court; she was almost single handedly winning the games herself. Jordan could see the intensity and joy in Bly's face during the matches. Jordan watched every game she could via satellite and through the news updates. Bly looked so happy playing a game that she absolutely loved and for her country no less. Jordan felt a catch in her heart and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. She was full of such pride and happiness for Bly.

It was exciting having her girlfriend represent the United States National team in preparation for the Olympics in Australia. 'Wow...that is so incredible.' Jordan thought in disbelief, the magnitude of everything finally hitting her. 'That is so unbelievable...she's a star athlete and she's all mine!' Jordan thought happily and ran her fingers through her hair finishing off her glass of wine.

She snapped out of her dreamy thoughts from the sound of the phone ringing. "Bly!" Jordan shouted out loud and ran to answer the phone.

"Hello!" She excitedly answered bringing the phone to her ear.

"Hey,'s Kim."

"Oh, hi Kim." Jordan replied disappointed that it wasn't Bly calling her.

"I just wanted to double check on the instructions for taking care of Ares."

"Oh, okay. I told the front office that you would be taking care of him and that we have given you a key to the penthouse so, there shouldn't be any problems with you getting into the building. I have written everything down on a piece of paper regarding his feeding instructions, along with the veterinarian's number in case he gets sick or injured and I'll leave it on the counter for you. He shouldn't give you any problems and if you want to you're more than welcome to stay here at the penthouse." Jordan offered appreciatively.

"Oh, thanks...I just might do that over the weekend. I don't think he'll be a problem. I'm sure he's a wonderful cat. Have a great trip and tell Bly good luck from everyone at work." Kim answered enthusiastically.

"I sure will and we really appreciate you watching Ares for us while we're gone. Call us if there are any problems and thanks again."

"You're welcome...have a great time! Bye!"

"Bye!" Jordan answered and clicked off the phone. She looked down at the curious cat looking up to her. "Ares...she certainly is mistaken about you!" Jordan answered with a laugh petting the confused cat. "She has no idea as to what mischief you can get into that's for sure. You just make sure you behave for her while Mommie and I are gone okay?" She asked cuddling him to her chest. She kissed his head with a laugh after hearing his low purr as he brushed his face against hers. She padded into the bedroom to make certain she was all set for the trip. Jordan checked her list noting everything seemed in order. All that was left was one final call to the limo service to double check on her ride to the airport. Linda, Julie and Bly's family had left earlier that day so they wouldn't be able to give Jordan a ride to the airport. Confirming her ride would be waiting for her, she changed into some comfortable clothes for bed and clicked on the TV to watch 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' Jordan settled herself comfortably in the middle of the large bed and began to answer the questions before the contestants. 'I should be on this show...I've answered all the questions correctly. Damn...that was an easy question! How could they miss it?' She asked herself irritated by the wrong answer and how simplistic the question had been. She sighed frustrated from the loneliness and boredom she felt and picked up some of the brochures she obtained for San Francisco. She wanted to check out some of the sights that she and Bly might visit while they were there.

Jordan heard the tune faintly and knew it, but couldn't quite place it until she could hear the words louder. "Born to be wild!" The song played out. 'Why do I have that tune in my head?' She asked struggling to open her eyes. She finally did realizing she had fallen asleep. The alarm clock set to play music was blaring; alerting her it was time to get up. She sat up with a start and shut off the alarm. Inhaling deeply she tried to settle her pounding heart. Being startled awake was not a good early morning coronary exercise. 'Great! Now, I'll have that tune in my head all day!' Jordan thought flustered and tried to push the tune out of her subconscious. Jordan stretched and climbed out of bed heading towards the bathroom. 'Why didn't Bly call me last night?' She wondered worriedly and changed directions to check the answering machine noting there were no messages. 'Hmmm, that's weird.' Jordan thought and grabbed her cell phone seeing there was a voice message for her. She listened to the message and heard Bly's silky voice on the other end say that she tried to call the house line, but the phone was busy. She informed Jordan she would be busy with practice all morning, but would not miss picking her up at the airport. She wondered why the phone was busy. She knew she hadn't made any calls the previous night and set off to investigate. She found that the phone had been knocked off the base, more than likely by a very mischievous cat. Jordan scolded Ares and reminded him that he's not to climb up on his favorite piece of furniture. Why he's so in love with the phone stand in the kitchen was beyond her. She knew he wouldn't listen as he has been told many times before to stay off of it, but she tried anyway. Hoping maybe one day it would sink into his hard little head. 'I see where you got your stubborn streak from...your mother.' Jordan chuckled lovingly referring to her equally hardheaded lover. Jordan smiled happily padding back through the living room to the bedroom knowing she was going to see Bly later that day. It almost made the impending long plane ride seem bearable. She quickly showered, gathered her bags, fed Ares and secured the penthouse before heading towards the elevator, with a very displeased cat in tow. "Now, you behave for you hear me mister?" Jordan informed a sadly staring cat. "Aah...I'm going to miss you, but we'll be home soon. Be a good boy." Jordan replied hugging and kissing the cat before climbing onto the elevator. Jordan exited the building just as the limo approached. She watched as the dark sedan stopped in front of her and moved towards the trunk of the car. "I'll get that ma'am." The driver informed her hurrying towards the trunk to load her bags. "Oh, thank you." Jordan smiled appreciatively and climbed into the car still not used to having someone load her own bags for her.

Jordan's flight was uneventful until they made their preparations for the final landing. She could feel the butterflies taking flight. Hell, they were doing swan dives in her stomach. She was nervous, yet excited, to see Bly. They hadn't seen each other in a week and how she had missed that woman! She couldn't wait to wrap her arms around the sexy beast and feel her lips pressed against Bly' taste feel complete again. Jordan hurried down the gangway glad that she decided to fly first class. She quickly scanned the crowd for her lover as she entered the terminal. Her smile broadened when she saw Bly standing with a bouquet of white roses anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Bly hurried over to Jordan. "Hey stranger." She replied teasingly and engulfed her in a warm embrace lifting the shorter woman off the ground into her arms.

Jordan wrapped her arms tightly around Bly's neck and kissed her cheek. "I missed you so much Bly." She replied softly and contented to be in the arms of the woman that loved her so much.

"Jordan...I was so lost without you baby." Bly answered and smiled when Jordan's green eyes met her blues. She captured Jordan's lips and placed a soulful kiss upon them. They broke the kiss breathless and looked at one another before laughing and hugging one another again.

Bly put Jordan back down and held out the roses for her. "I thought you would like these." She informed Jordan with a sexy little smile.

"You thought right my love." Jordan answered with an appreciative smile and a wink. Bringing the roses to her face to smell the wondrous scent they exuded. "Thanks honey. I love them...they're my favorite." Jordan smiled and slipped her hand into Bly's larger one as she walked towards the baggage claim with her taller lover. She felt a nervous tickle in her stomach and a catch in her heart remembering the first time Bly gave her a white rose. One she still kept pressed in a photo album of theirs. Jordan inhaled deeply and sighed. 'Aah...she's so romantic.' She gushed looking up at her beautiful lover.

"I missed you Jordan." Bly replied with a smile looking down at her shorter partner swinging both of their hands. They clutched one another as if they would never see each other again.

"I missed you too Bly...terribly." Jordan admitted and kissed the back of Bly's hand smiling sexily.

Bly grinned lovingly and leaned down for a quick kiss from Jordan, a kiss that the woman granted happily. She straightened back up and helped Jordan step onto the escalator. "Mom said you've been having some problems with the system you implemented in Hawaii."

Jordan sighed in frustration. Not being able to fix the problem had bothered her. Although getting the chance to go to Hawaii with Bly to correct it didn't make it all that bad! "Yeah, for some reason we are really having a hell of a time with their site there. The bright side is that we will have a few days to spend together in Hawaii before I have to pull up my sleeves and go to work on the system." Jordan answered with an excited smile. The thought of spending a few days with the love of her life was making the whole situation better.

"Sounds like paradise to me!" Bly answered with a chuckle looking up at her lover standing on the step above her.

" look so tired. Are you feeling alright?" Jordan asked worriedly and pushed Bly's dark hair back off her face tucking it behind her ear. She let her hand fall to Bly's shoulder observing the dark circles under those gorgeous blues.

"I'm a little sore and tired, but I'm fine. It's a good thing I did all that training. I would be dead about now from all the practice and games we've had!" Bly laughed and stepped off the escalator helping Jordan off as well.

Jordan wrapped her arm around Bly's waist, happy to be in the wonderful confines of her lover's arms as they approached the baggage carousel. "I hope you're okay...I have to worry about you because I know you won't do it for yourself." Jordan teased and held Bly closer to her.

"Thanks...I appreciate it babe." Bly smiled and kissed Jordan's head.

They took Jordan's baggage to the curb where the limo waited. Bly held the door open for Jordan as she just stood and stared at the luxury vehicle. "Jordan...this is how this works. You get in the limo and it moves, not the sidewalk." Bly teased looking at her perplexed lover wondering what was going through her head.

"Bly, come here." Jordan motioned with her finger for Bly to come stand by her.

Bly stood next to Jordan. "Do you need me to carry you into the limo or are we just going to stand here?" Bly sarcastically asked.

"Very funny." Jordan answered with a smirk looking up at Bly. "Look at the limo and tell me what you see." Jordan motioned towards the car.

Bly put her hands on her hips and looked at the automobile. She didn't know what point Jordan was trying to make. She scratched her chin trying to figure out what Jordan saw that she didn't. "Hmmm, well, I see a stretch limo honey." She answered with a smirk and looked at Jordan.

"No! Look at the windows!" Jordan demanded urgently and pointed at them frustrated.

"Yeah, they're tinted so?" Bly asked still confused by what Jordan was trying to say.

"Bly! Ughhhh!" Jordan answered aggravated by Bly's evasiveness. "You can see through the damn windows! They aren't that darkly tinted!" She answered exasperatedly and pointed to the windows.

Bly bent down and looked at the window of the limo. "Oh, yeah...I guess you can. Come on we need to get going." Bly answered nonchalantly nudging Jordan towards the door watching as she reluctantly climbed into the limo. Bly got in next to Jordan and looked at her stunned lover. "What's wrong with you?"

"Bly, the damn windows! You can see through them and I was pressed up against them in Boston!" Jordan shouted agitatedly hoping it would jog Bly's memory. She mockingly held her hands to Bly's neck as if she was going to strangle her.

"Oh, yeah!" Bly answered smiling mischievously as she remembered that wonderful limo ride they had in Boston.

"I can't believe it! Everyone in Boston must have seen me Bly!" Jordan replied embarrassed.

"Well, parts of you at least. But I'm not sure they enjoyed you as much as I did." Bly teased with a laugh and quickly received a slap on the arm in response. Bly laughed harder and pulled Jordan into her arms for a hug to reassure her. "Honey, the windows in the limo in Boston were darker than these here. So, don't worry I'm sure that I'm the only one that enjoyed you that night. Maybe their windows are made of lighter tint here or something. Don't worry about it." Bly assured her lover and kissed her cheek.

"I hope so! How embarrassing!" Jordan answered with a nervous laugh. "Oh, by the way, have you heard from Dawson?" Jordan asked hoping to get her mind off of the limo ride in Boston. She was excited at the prospect of what Dawson might have dug up on her brother.

"No, nothing yet. But, I think he has been waiting for you to get here so he can talk to you himself. He said he would try to call us when he gets a chance. Oh, Julie and Linda want us to do some sightseeing with them tomorrow after the match." Bly shrugged her shoulders to answer the questioning look on Jordan's face. Jordan nodded her head in acknowledgement, but didn't push the issue. Bly slid down in the seat and laid her head back against the seat. Jordan slid closer and pulled the dark head onto her shoulder. "Why don't you rest until we get to the hotel?"

"Hmmm, sounds good. I want to conserve all my strength for later!" Jordan heard the low throaty chuckle and felt a shiver of delight run up her back. "Sleep away then, my dear." She replied softly and looked to see Bly's eyes already shut. The ride to the hotel was quiet and peaceful. Jordan loved the closeness of Bly against her, it never failed to calm her thoughts. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect on her body. She concentrated on the scenery outside the limo windows noting the houses crammed closely together along the mountainside.

Continued in Part 7.

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