by Cruise

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Language: Mild

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Part 2

Rayne was unsure of what to do or say. She took a few more steps and watched as Lark slid into the driver's seat of her car. 'You're a chicken shit Rayne!' She admonished, her heart pounding in her chest and fearful of the consequences if she asked Lark to stay. She stood frozen and watched as Lark cautiously backed her luxury vehicle out of the driveway. 'Damn.' She commented thinking that she might be missing out on a wonderful opportunity with Lark. 'But, do I want to take the chance?' She queried and turned back towards Brandon who stood staring at her. "What?" She questioned, confused by the look he was giving her.

"Why didn't you ask Lark Morgan to stay?" He asked surprised that the celebrity was standing just a few feet from him and talking to his aunt.

"Wait, you mean you're a fan of hers too?" Rayne chuckled, astonished that her nephew knew whom the woman was and that she was clueless about her stardom. She stood with her hands on her hips and looked down at the small dark haired boy waiting for his answer.

"Yeah, she's been in a couple of movie's that I've seen. I think you two should become better friends." He suggested with a sly grin and casually cast his line out.

Rayne laughed and shook her head at his precocious comment. "Oh, you do huh?" She sarcastically asked and laughed, picking up her fishing pole.

"Yeah, she's pretty!" He bashfully grinned and looked at his aunt, then back to the water.

"Wait a minute. What's in it for you if I become better friends with her?" She skeptically asked with a smile and gave him a sideways glance.

"Some cool tickets to movie premiere's. Geez auntie Rayne!" He snickered exasperated by her evasiveness.

"Oh, I see how you are!" She laughed and looked at her fishing pole that bent over indicating she had a fish on the other end. "You better get your money mister, this fish is going to help me beat you!" She tauntingly laughed and feverishly reeled the fish to shore. 'Damn, I've got Forrest and Shayan breathing down my neck to go out with Lark and now my nephew is giving me advice on my love life! Are they right?' She wondered and glanced over at her nephew who was also reeling in a fish.

Rayne chuckled and shook her head in disbelief that she was actually considering take her nephew's advice of getting to be better 'friends' with Lark. She snickered at the last comment and his innocent insinuation of being better friends. She pulled the fish out of the water and heard Brandon laughing hysterically at the size of the fish she reeled in. "Oh, laugh it up mister! Let's see the little guppy you pull in!" She taunted teasingly and watched him struggle mightily with the fish on the end of the pole. She walked over and helped him steady the pole as he continued to reel the fish in.

They laughed when he pulled his line out of the water to find a smaller fish than his aunts on the other end of the line that was had a trail of seaweed attached to it. "Darn! I wanted a big one." He stated disappointed, and removed the fish from his line, quickly returning the small critter to the ocean.

"Yeah, well the good one's usually slip away." Rayne commented and looked back to the empty driveway thinking how true those words might be in regards to Lark. She looked back at her disappointed nephew and smiled. "Hey, you'll get the big one next time okay? How about if we get some movies and eat some pizza?" She excitedly suggested and squatted before Brandon.

"That sounds awesome!" He enthusiastically agreed and hugged Rayne who laughed.

"Alright, let's get this mess gathered up and back to the house." She commented and broke the hug.

Lark stopped her car out of sight and watched the pair on the beach. She smiled admiringly while she watched Rayne hug her small nephew. Her heart nervously fluttered at the thought of getting to know the tall, dark and very mysterious woman a lot better. 'I just have to keep trying with her. I've got to have this woman in my life. We have an undeniable connection and in my heart I know this is the woman for me. She'll give in, I know it.' Lark confidently thought and sighed deeply before climbing back in her car, and driving off.

Rayne and Brandon spent the majority of the night eating pizza and watching movies. He was adamant about getting the movies with Lark in them even though he had seen before so Rayne could watch them. Rayne leaned forward when the movie ended and glanced at Brandon who was laying on the love seat adjacent from her and noticed he was sound asleep. She smiled and took one of her afghan's from the back of the couch to cover the small boy. She smiled lovingly and ruffled his hair before popping another movie in the VCR. She sat on the couch and situated her slender body and clicked the button on the remote to start the movie. She kicked back and plopped her feet up on the coffee table to watch the movie. She smiled when she saw Lark's name in the opening credits.

Her head shot up startled and she looked around trying to gather her bearings. Her heart raced and she realized she had fallen asleep. The static from the TV woke her from her dream of a certain blonde actress that has been on her mind a lot lately. She inhaled and exhaled to calm her beating heart. She stood up and clicked the TV off. She tossed the remote on the couch and gathered Brandon up in her arms, and headed down the hall to the spare bedroom. She gently placed him on the bed and caringly covered him with the blankets. Leaning down she gently kissed his forehead and whispered, "I love you" rising from the bed to turn on the nightlight. She looked back at her peacefully sleeping nephew and lovingly smiled before turning the overhead light off.

She was glad that he had made her watch the movies with Lark in them and as much as she was hesitant to admit it, she enjoyed the chick flicks. 'Maybe it was just the good looking blonde in there!' She surmised with a chuckle and added, 'you need to figure out what you're going to do about her Rayne. Either go out with her or stay away and stop thinking about her so damned much!' She told herself and strolled down the hall to her own room. She brushed her teeth and climbed into bed with a particular blonde on her mind as she quickly drifted off to sleep.

A week had passed and they were busily preparing for yet another campaign dinner Senator Morgan would be attending. Neither agent was pleased to find out that they would be deemed the Senator's personal aides from now on. No matter how many times Rayne went over it in her head and with Forrest she couldn't figure out why they were classified as aides in an undercover status. For the life of her she wasn't sure why anyone with half a brain wouldn't realize that they were Secret Service Agents, but she wasn't going to cross her boss on the matter, as she wanted a good report for her next assignment.

They decided to make the best of the assignment and for Rayne that meant getting a chance to see Lark more, even if she was reluctant to drop her guard by having stronger feelings for the alluring blonde. She hadn't heard from or seen Lark in the past week and surprisingly to her, she missed the connection to the woman. She had a nervous tension coursing through her after being informed by the Senator that his daughter would be in attendance this evening. She was still conflicted with her thoughts of Lark and her feelings of betrayal towards Karen for having them, but they were becoming far and few between as the days passed.

"Man, I'm beat from all this crap! " Forrest commented and sidled up to Rayne who scanned the room in their pre-dinner preparations.

"Well, stop partying so much!" Rayne teasingly commented and headed into another room with her partner in tow.

"What is up with you and all this energy?" He observed, frustrated by his partner's vibrancy he just wasn't in the mood.

"Hey, what can I say?" She slyly grinned looking at him and then turned back to the room.

Forrest skeptically stared at her and then it dawned on him, "Oh, now I know why you are so keyed up." He sarcastically commented as they headed out of the room. "A certain blonde Senator's daughter is going to be here this evening right?" He tauntingly asked and stared at Rayne.

She glared at him and curled her lip up, "Don't you have a rock to go sleep under?" She jokingly asked and headed out the back door to check with the agents there.

"I knew it!" He enthusiastically laughed. "Have you seen any chick flicks lately?" He teasingly asked and laughed when his partner's eyes widened like a deer caught in the headlights. "I am so right. You are hot for her aren't you? Did you have a change of heart?" He enthusiastically asked, stepping in front of her as she kept turning away from him to avoid the conversation.

"Maybe." She evasively added and slyly grinned, walking away with a laugh.

"She'll go out with her." He confidently chuckled under his breath.

"Alright, let's get into place. The guests are arriving." One agent alerted as Rayne and Forrest headed into the living room to inform the Senator who was mingling with the party host.

They stood beside Senator Morgan intently watching the guests as he and the host stood in a receiving line to greet them. She grimaced inwardly when the Senator introduced her and Forrest as his new aides. She went from being a Secret Service Agent, to being called an aide and cringed at the thought of it. She was very proud of the fact that she's an agent and it was demeaning to them being classified as personal aides to the Senator. She hoped the assignment wouldn't last very long. She averted her eyes to the door when Forrest taped her arm to look that way. She slyly snarled at him when she noticed that Lark had just entered. She smiled at the sight of the beautiful woman and felt a tickle in her stomach. She looked back to the guests who the Senator was talking with to quell the feeling. Her heart raced and she inhaled deeply before turning back around to catch a glimpse of the woman who could elicit such a reaction out of her. Her smile turned to disappointment when she noticed Lark had a date. 'I should of known.' She inwardly commented dejected and shook her head in disbelief. She was extremely disappointed that Lark was with someone. 'It just figures. When I let me guard down, I get hurt.' She thought in disbelief. She stoically stood watching the guests as Lark passed by her, angry that she allowed herself to feel something for the woman.

"Hello Agent Donovan." Lark softly greeted leaning closer to Rayne with a smile when she passed.

Rayne slightly nodded her head and said nothing as Lark passed by. She wasn't sure why she was so disappointed or was it jealousy that she felt? 'Whatever it is, I don't like it!' She thought and was angry with herself for feeling that way. She momentarily glared at the fair-haired woman that had entered with Lark and turned back to the guests. 'I should have known this would happen. Damn it!' She inwardly admonished.

"What was up with that?" The woman asked turning to Lark and was surprised by the chilly reaction she received.

"I think she's jealous Elaine!" Lark snickered as the pair entered the opposite room.

"And that's a good thing? For who? She looks like she's ready to rip my head off!" Elaine worriedly fretted and glanced back to check where Rayne was located. She didn't want any trouble from her.

"For me! That means she's more interested in me than she's willing to admit." Lark slyly grinned and cringed briefly when she saw one of her father's ardent supporters heading her way. She quickly placed a fake smile on her face. "Hello Mr. Roberts." She cordially greeted and reluctantly accepted the kiss he bestowed upon her cheek.

"Lark why are you so formal with me my dear?" He asked grinning and broke the hug.

"I was raised to be polite." She smiled with a chuckle.

"Who taught you that? It had to have been that gorgeous mother of yours because it certainly couldn't have been your old man!" He chuckled and shared a hearty laugh with Lark and Elaine.

Lark stepped away from the man who held her a little to close for her comfort and motioned towards Elaine. "Gene," she grinned mischievously looking back to him, then returned her look to Elaine continuing, "This is my agent Elaine. Elaine this is Gene Roberts one of my father's most staunch supporters." Lark smiled and watched as Elaine shook hands with the older gentleman.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir." Elaine cordially greeted and pulled her hand back, which the man held a little to long for her comfort.

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine ma'am." He drawled with smitten smile glancing between the two women. "I must say Lark, you get more beautiful everyday." He admiringly looked her over.

"Well, thank you." Lark smiled and turned to Elaine, lifting an arched eyebrow indicating she wanted out of there. She wished that she hadn't of even approached the man, but knew her father would appreciate her speaking with him.

"Oh, Lark. There's Alec!" Elaine alerted as the pair turned to the crowd in the opposite room from them. "We really need to speak with him about the part I'm trying to get you in his latest movie. I think we should go say hello." Elaine suggested and started to move Lark away from the man.

"Oh, Gene I'm so sorry, but work calls. It was good seeing you again." She smiled and waved goodbye with the pair hurriedly walking away. "Thanks, I appreciate it." Lark sighed relieved that they were away from the perverted man that kept too close of an eye on the women.

"Ewww, that guy was giving me the creeps! I think I need a shower now after that pervert stared us up and down!" Elaine answered and shivered, remembering how the man stared at them like they were fresh meat.

"Try to get used to it my dear. All the old farts here do it. The best thing is to have an out so you don't have to stay around them too long." Lark advised with a laugh as they sidled up against the wall in an attempt to keep a low profile.

"Do I have to come to many more of these parties with these slimy men?" Elaine whiningly asked, looking at Lark hopeful that she wouldn't have to.

Lark snickered and glanced up at her. "Hopefully I'll have the affections of a tall and extremely sexy Secret Service Agent who will protect me from all those old farts the next time!" Lark wishfully replied with a giggle.

"I'm all for that because if you make me come to another one of these damn parties I'm going to have to demand a pay raise!" She jokingly commented and shared a laugh with Lark.

"Speak of the sexy devil. There she is standing all alone." Lark commented happily, looking across the room at the object of her affection. "I'm going to talk to her. Make yourself scarce my dear, but give me five minutes and join us." Lark laughed and heard a low growl from Elaine.

"Yes, boss." Elaine snidely commented with a snicker and watched as Lark disappeared through the crowd. She chuckled and shook her head at Lark's aggressive pursuit of the attractive agent. 'I hope she doesn't get her heart broken by this woman. I've never seen her this aggressive with someone.' She thought, concerned for her friend and headed towards the bar for a drink.

"Well, hello Agent Donovan." Lark drawled and sidled up next to the tall agent who kept an eye out for the Senator.

"Hello and goodbye Miss. Morgan, I've got work to do." Rayne coldly commented and quickly walked away. She was hurt by the fact that the woman was with another. 'I know I shouldn't be hurt and jealous, but damn it, I am! What was I thinking actually letting my guard down and allowing her to invade my thoughts? Stupid Rayne, really stupid!' She angrily admonished and moved to the opposite side of the room. She crossed her arms over her chest and blew out the breath she held, fuming over the fact that she was so upset.

Elaine saw the exchange and disappointment in Lark's face and headed towards her friend. "What happened?"

"Nothing really. Although, Agent Donovan is definitely intrigued by me and is very jealous." Lark grinned knowingly and sipped the cocktail Elaine handed her.

"Oh, really and just how do you know this?" Elaine sarcastically asked and moved to Lark's side, looking across the room and seeing Rayne standing there.

"Well, I noticed the smile she had on her face when I first walked in like she was excited to see me and then the disappointment in her eyes when she saw the two of us together. She's jealous Elaine and that's good news for me because it means she's interested big time." Lark gleefully smiled, happy with her assessment of the situation.

"What if you're wrong Lark? What if its just arrogance thinking that she's interested in you? Maybe her grumpiness is part of her every day demeanor." Elaine queried and sipped her drink.

"Elaine, you know me well enough to know that I normally have a really good sense about people and their feelings. I can see it in her eyes that she is intrigued and interested in me, but she's troubled about something and maybe that's what's taking her so long to come around." Lark observed and stared at the attractive woman across the room hoping she was correct in her assessment.

"True, but you can also be impulsive and I don't want to see you misread her actions and get hurt. Just be careful." Elaine cautiously warned and nudged Lark with her shoulder before snickering.

Lark knew she was right and reluctantly smiled. "Thanks I appreciate your concern, but I'm right and I don't intend to get hurt." Lark confidently reassured her. "Well, let's go mingle." Lark suggested and walked away followed by Elaine.

'Let's hope she doesn't hurt the angry woman across the room with her intentions.' Elaine thought as she followed Lark through the crowd. "Do we have to talk to anymore perverts?" Elaine whiningly asked and heard Lark chuckle.

Rayne appreciatively watched the elegant beauty sashay across the room. 'Damn she's beautiful and oh so freaking hot!' She admiringly thought, wishing she had that petite blonde in her arms. Her heart raced and her temperature rose as she watched how Lark's gorgeous body moved within the slinky mauve dress she wore that clung in all the right places. 'Whew!' Rayne blew out the breath that she held and wiped her brow. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her stare at Lark and turned back disappointed when Lark had disappeared from her sight. 'Stop it! You should have learned from what happened earlier. She's with someone else.' She reminded herself, annoyed by the fact that Lark was with another and that she was so affected by it.

"Hey, lover girl. See something you like?" Forrest teasingly asked and stood next to his startled partner who didn't see him approach.

Rayne looked at him embarrassed and sarcastically asked, "Don't you have someone to go and shoot or something?"

"Nah, that's not as much fun as watching you nervously communicate with the hot blonde. Have you asked her out yet?" He asked with a snicker and gave her a sideways glance.

"You'll be the first to know if I do agree to one!" Rayne answered perturbed by his badgering and walked away. 'Damn, this is getting too stressful! Rayne thought and moved to another spot to watch the evening's activities, alone. She really didn't like the way she was feeling like she was somehow losing control of her normally checked feelings. She was finally warming up to the idea of going out with Lark without thinking of Karen as much, but she wasn't going to be badgered into doing something she might regret. It didn't seem like she would be going out on that date considering Lark was with someone else now. 'I won't interfere in that situation.' Rayne thought, satisfied with her resolve or was she? Truth be known, she was kicking herself for not taking Lark up on her offer previously.

After combing the large house from one side to the other in protection mode and pretending to be his aide for what seemed like an eternity, she was happy the party was dying down and moved closer to the Senator who was conducting his goodbyes. A small grin appeared when she caught a glimpse of Lark approaching them out of the corner of her eye then a wave of jealousy swept over her knowing that Lark would be leaving with another. She inhaled deeply and blew out the breath of disappointment she held.

"Night daddy." Lark smiled and hugged her father, leaving a kiss on his cheek before she broke the hug.

"You two be careful on your way home." He protectively suggested with a smile and hugged Elaine. "I don't want anything to happen to my little girl." He smiled and broke the hug with Elaine.

"Hey Rayne!" Fred called out as he approached her. "We are having a basketball game tomorrow are you two sissies interested in playing for the Senator's team?" He cockily taunted and tapped her on the arm.

Rayne glared and arched an eyebrow at the fact that he touched her. That was a no-no. "Sissy huh?" Rayne took offense to the comment especially seeing as how it was coming from a beady-eyed geek like Fred who also worked for the Senator.

"Oh, yeah. What do you two say?" He tauntingly asked looking between Rayne and Forrest who looked at each other wondering if this little piss ant was serious. Lark took an interest to what was transpiring and discreetly moved towards them to hear what was being said.

"Okay, we'll take your little team on." Rayne defiantly agreed and suggested.

"Excellent! We will play at 1pm at the Downtown fitness center on University." He enthusiastically informed her.

"We'll be in the gym with the Senator's team ready to wipe the floor with you geeks." Rayne arrogantly informed him.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll be there!" He cockily answered and headed off.

Lark looked back at her father pretending like she was listening to his conversation, but was listening more intently to Rayne's. "Can you believe that little shit's attitude?" Rayne asked surprised by his cocky demeanor.

"I guess we'll have to show them tomorrow!" Forrest confidently stated with a laugh.

"Lark! Lark are you ready?" Elaine called out repeating her name to get her attention.

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry." Lark brought her attention back to Elaine's conversation and looked at her. "Bye daddy." She smiled and patted his back when she walked past. "Good evening." She shyly responded with a small smile and slipped her card in Rayne's pocket when she passed by her.

Rayne stood silent. She was unable to say a word and all she could do was watch the attractive woman walk away. 'What is up with the affect she has on me?' She wondered confused and looked at Forrest who had a silly grin on his face. "Don't say a word." She warned and walked away, hearing him laugh behind her.

Upon entering her home she dropped her keys on the foyer table and shuffled through the mail on her way to the kitchen. "A bunch of junk." She commented and threw the mail in the trash. She made a whiskey and coke before flopping her tall frame on her leather couch. "Aah, it's nice to be home!" She sighed and clicked the button on the remote for the TV. She sipped the cold beverage and flipped through the stations. She settled on the sports channel and placed her drink on the coffee table before her. She removed her boots and then her jacket. She remembered the card that Lark had put in her pocket and pulled it out. She read the card with Lark's name and various contact numbers on it. She smiled and lightly rubbed her thumb over the card somehow trying to connect with the young woman. She picked up her drink from the table and raised the card to her nose smelling the fragrance on the card.

She sighed disappointed that Lark was with another person and sat back on the couch. The sweet smell on the card matched the one she remembered that lingered every time Lark was present. She sipped her beverage and was confused by the fact that Lark would still continue to pursue her. "I think I need to go back to my one night stands. Having feelings for one person is way too difficult. I should have known better." Rayne commented out loud frustrated by what transpired earlier in the evening and tossed the card on the table. She leaned her head against the couch and sipped the beverage hoping it would numb her thoughts.

"Elaine, what do you know about Basketball?" Lark inquired as they entered her house.

"I know that I don't particularly care for it especially now. I want to take a shower and get the hoof prints off of me from those old goats! You know, these parties will really try our friendship Lark." Elaine teasingly commented and placed her purse on the table. She quickly kicked off her shoes relieved that her feet could finally relax from their confining captors.

"Elaine! I need to know a lot about basketball so we don't look like fools at the game tomorrow." Lark whined and shook her arm.

"We? Did I hear you say we?" Elaine asked and rubbed her eyes frustrated by the things that Lark gets her into.

"Yes, we are going to the basketball game tomorrow and we can't look or sound stupid there. So, what do you know about basketball? You were a cheerleader in high school so give it up." Lark coaxed with a chuckle.

Elaine flopped in the chair exhausted and rested her head in the palm of her hand that leaned against the table. "Lark, all I know is when the ball goes in the hoop for your team that's good! What more do you need to know?"

"Everything! Elaine come on!" She whiningly goaded her for more information.

"Okay, let me take a shower and I'll tell you a nice bed time story about basketball. Then I'm going to the guest bedroom and I'm sleeping until noon tomorrow. Agreed?" She firmly asked and looked at Lark who grinned.

"Agreed. You're the best!" Lark excitedly answered. "Come on I'll even help you to the bathroom." Lark offered and placed Elaine's arm over her shoulder.

"Oh, you're so good to me Lark!" Elaine sarcastically chuckled and both laughed harder as they headed down the hall.

Rayne woke with a start when she heard her neighbor start his boat engine. 'Damn! Why does he have to test the engine so damned early?' She commented agitated from being woken up. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and leaned forward on the couch. She moved around and grimaced from her muscles being tight. 'I've really got to sleep in my own bed.' She commented inwardly and moved her neck around to loosen it, hearing several cracking noises when she did so. She stood up and stretched before changing the channel to check the time. She gulped hard and quickly turned the TV off noting that she was running late. "Shit!" She responded and tossed the remote on the couch before quickly heading down the hall to dress.

"Elaine! Come on we are going to be late!" Lark hurriedly rushed the partially awake woman who struggled to keep her eyes open as well as hold her bagel and coffee while Lark pulled her across the parking lot.

"Lark, you are never on time to anything since when do you need to be on time for a basketball game?" Elaine queried.

"Since now. Would you come on?" Lark coaxed and urged her ahead faster.

The two women found the appropriate court the game was to be played on and climbed the bleachers to watch the game. "I never knew that a gym could be this large." Lark commented and sat on the bench looking around the spacious building.

"They are all pretty much like this Lark. You need to try and visit gyms a little more." Elaine sarcastically stated and mockingly smirked as her friend laughed. Elaine placed her coffee on the bench next to her and sipped the hot beverage. She pushed her sunglasses back up on her face and munched on her bagel as they looked down at the court.

"Oh, my word!" Lark exclaimed and clutched Elaine's arm.

"Huh? What?" She asked bewildered looking at Lark then to the court.

"Look there's Rayne." Lark informed her and clutched her arm a little tighter.

"Which one is she?" Elaine asked, squinting and struggling to see the people on the court.

"Well, if you would take those sunglasses off you might be able to see." Lark sarcastically commented with a glance back at the woman.

"Hey, give me a break! My eyes are barely open! Now, which one is she?" She defensively asked.

"The hot one down on the court for cripes sake Elaine. She's wearing the dark blue tank top with red shorts and the blue bandanna. Oh, how they all perfectly fit her too!" Lark appreciatively informed Elaine with an admiring sigh.

"Oh, okay. Now I see her." Elaine answered and took a bite of her bagel.

"Doesn't she look good?" Lark excitedly asked and glanced at Elaine.

"Yeah, I suppose so." Elaine nonchalantly agreed and took another bite of her bagel.

"You don't think that she's hot?" Lark asked surprised by her friend's casual demeanor.

"Yes, Lark she's hot, but there is no reason for me to get my gander up over her seeing as how you are so interested in her." Elaine explained and gave Lark a goofy grin.

"Aah, isn't that sweet." Lark grinned and looked back to the court. "Oh, my. I'm not sure if I can take it. That body of hers is exquisitely chiseled and ooh, I just love how sweaty it looks." Lark appreciatively commented, staring at the tall woman who ran up the court. She grasped Elaine's arm tighter and fanned her face with her hand to cool her escalating temperature.

"Lark, I'm eating! If you're going to have an orgasm right here don't touch my arm that's holding my bagel! Unhand me woman!" Elaine jokingly laughed and struggled to move her arm away from Lark.

"Oh, cut it out!" Lark laughed and blushed embarrassed. "Hey, give me some of that!" Lark teasingly demanded and pulled Elaine's arm towards her for some of the bagel.

"Get your own woman and leave mine alone!" Elaine answered and jokingly swatted Lark's hand away as she scooted farther from Lark. They looked at each other and laughed harder. Elaine broke off a piece of her bagel and offered it to Lark.

"Oh, how sweet. Thank you. Here move back over closer." Lark suggested with a laugh and patted the bench next to her.

"Are you going to get all hot and bothered again?" Elaine jokingly asked with a skeptical look on her face.

"Probably." Lark admitted with a sheepish grin and a giggle as she looked at her friend.

"Let me finish eating and then I'll move closer." Elaine answered laughing and turned to the action on the court.

The dark haired, finely toned woman on the court mesmerized lark. She intently watched every move she made and couldn't help but be more attracted to the woman. "Why aren't they keeping score?" Lark asked confused and looked at Elaine.

"Because it's only warm up Lark." Elaine answered and expressed an exasperated look her way.

"Oh." Lark grinned sheepishly and looked back to the court.

"How about if I play center?" Senator Morgan suggested and looked at the group standing around him. No one wanted to say anything to offend the Senator and stood silently with the exception of a few throats being cleared. "Well?" The Senator asked and looked at the group.

Everyone looked at Rayne to make a comment and she rolled her eyes that she would have to do the dirty work. "Well, aah, with all do respect sir you should probably play point guard." She nervously suggested and looked him in the eye hoping he wouldn't be too pissed off.

"Are you suggesting I'm short?" He defensively asked and placed his hands on his hips.

"Well, no sir." The rest of the group nervously answered.

"With all due respect sir yes, you are too short to play center and we would be better off with you at point guard." Rayne honestly answered and looked at him hoping he wouldn't deck her.

"I like you Donovan! You shoot straight to the hip unlike these other candy asses! You're a lot like your old man and you're right! I'll help the team better at point guard. Let's get to playing!" He suggested with a hearty laugh at the woman's honesty shaking his head and walked away from the group.

"Whew!" Rayne commented and chuckled after he walked away.

"Damn, I thought he was going to chew you out!" Forrest laughed and placed his hand up on Rayne's shoulder as she fished through her bag for her towel.

"Yeah, me too. Thanks for leaving me hanging, PARTNER!" She sarcastically emphasized the latter and glanced up to him.

"Anytime buddy!" He laughed and patted her back. "Oh, well look whose here." He tauntingly observed when he looked up at the crowd.

Rayne glanced up and saw Lark sitting in the stands. Lark smiled and waved slightly when Rayne looked up at her. Rayne's eyes flicked to Elaine and then back to Lark expressing her displeasure of the woman sitting next to her. Rayne slyly grinned and looked back down moving various items in her bag. She chuckled and shook her head. 'Why is she tormenting me like this with that woman next to her?' She wondered and looked at Forrest.

"Oh, that's so sweet. She came to watch you play basketball." He tauntingly replied.

"Her father is also playing. Maybe she came to watch him. Speaking of which, let's go play candy ass!" Rayne teasingly laughed and headed out on the court with her partner in tow.

"Hey, I resemble that remark." He laughed.

"Yeah, I know!" Rayne agreed with a hearty laugh.

'Oh, she's got such a beautiful smile and damn is she hot!' Lark admiringly thought staring at the tan, muscular arms Rayne sported through her tank top as she watched Rayne play.

As predicted Rayne's team wiped the floor with the team Fred played on. They shook the other team's hands and exchanged some goading banter before gathering their bags. "Tom and I will cover the Senator while you take a shower." Forrest suggested as they walked towards the locker rooms.

"Oh, gee thanks and here I thought I would have to go into the men's locker room and see all of you naked!" Rayne sarcastically laughed.

"Keep it up and I'll make sure you do that!" Forrest jokingly added before disappearing into the locker room.

Rayne laughed and headed into her locker room. She placed her remaining belongings in the locker and headed to the shower. She quickly showered and began to dress.

"I'm going to talk to Rayne and see if I can muster a date out of her." Lark smiled hopeful and headed down the bleachers.

"Good luck!" Elaine offered with a smile and watched Lark head off towards the locker room. 'You're going to need it with that one.' Elaine inwardly added.

Lark entered the locker room and peeked around the different lockers in search of Rayne. She stopped and stood up when she saw the tall women standing before her. She didn't know Lark was standing there and Lark didn't attempt to move as she watched her dress. Her heart fluttered when Rayne pulled her jeans up and began to button them. Her heart quickened and she felt flushed as she looked on. 'Ooh, how sexy! She's wearing men's, tightly fitting boxer briefs. I'm in heaven.' Lark gushed inwardly at the sight before her. She sighed disappointed when the jeans completely covered them and hid the said underwear garments. 'Whoa baby does she look good in those tightly fitting jeans oh, and yes, of course a leather jacket.' Lark inwardly narrated approvingly as she watched Rayne finish dressing.

She blushed when Rayne looked up at her and saw her standing there. "Oh, aah hi!" Lark sheepishly grinned and shyly looked down at the ground as she approached Rayne who was gathering her belongings.

"What happened to your date?" Rayne snidely asked stuffing her clothes into her bag without looking at Lark.

Lark was stunned by the reaction, not to mention she was still lost in the vision of the woman dressing before her. She walked closer to Rayne and collected her confused thoughts. "Oh, she's around." Lark casually responded with a grin, knowing that Rayne was quite perturbed by the fact that she brought someone to the party the previous evening and to the game!

"Won't she get upset by you talking with me?" Rayne asked with a sideways glance at the shorter woman waiting for an answer.

"Nah, not really." Lark commented and tried to conceal her smile when she saw Elaine approach from the side of the locker room.

"There you are Lark." Elaine smiled and looked at Rayne. "Hello." She cordially greeted looking up at the tall woman before her. Secretly hoping that she didn't pummel her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Rayne this is my agent Elaine and Elaine this is Agent Donovan." Lark conducted the introductions and tried to contain her excitement when she saw the look of relief on Rayne's face when she introduced Elaine as her agent. 'Oh, she's definitely interested.' Lark devilishly thought and looked at Elaine.

"Hello Elaine. It's nice to meet you." Rayne greeted and was relieved that there was nothing going on between the two women. She felt extremely foolish for mistakenly thinking that they were together. She had been suckered in on that one and didn't see it coming.

"Likewise." Elaine responded with a smile and glanced at Lark who looked sideways with a mischievous grin, indicating she should leave. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I completely forgot about a photo shoot scheduled for today Lark and we really need to get going. We don't want to be late." She nervously informed her and looked at Lark, then to Rayne. She felt uncomfortable from the tension the taller woman was sending off and kept a safe distance from her.

Lark grimaced, as she didn't want to leave right away and relented. "Well, I guess we should be going then. Aah, I just wanted to tell you that you played a great game and it was a lot of fun watching." Lark sheepishly grinned, hoping she wasn't saying something stupid, as she had no idea if Rayne played a good game or not.

"Well, it was nice meeting you." Elaine commented looking at Rayne then to Lark and turned to walk away.

"I'm sorry, but we have to rush off." Lark excitedly apologized and stared at Rayne as she moved away bumping into Elaine. She blushed embarrassed and giggled like a foolish schoolgirl as the two women quickly disappeared.

Rayne watched as the two women disappeared from sight. "Well, that was wild." Rayne commented with a laugh, still surprised that she had the wrong impression of Elaine. 'Her agent huh?' Rayne inwardly confirmed with a chuckle, and walked out of the locker room towards the gym exit. 'I guess you shouldn't have assumed that she was her date.' Rayne sheepishly admitted as she headed out into the parking lot. Rayne stopped at the BMW motorcycle parked close to the door and plopped her bag on it, securing the bag on the bike. She slipped on her black, leather gloves and mounted the motorcycle still laughing at her stupidity. 'I totally dig her persistence and how she is so full of herself. Oh, and extremely beautiful.' Rayne thought with a snicker and placed her helmet on. 'She is so sure that I'm going to go out with her. I can't believe I lost my senses and thought she was with Elaine. I feel like an idiot.' She thought defeated and revved the engine on the motorcycle. She steered the bike down the down the road and flipped the facemask down on her helmet. She sped the motorcycle around the back of the building to meet up with Forrest.

"You okay?" Elaine asked looking at Lark who watched the elusive agent disappear from sight.

"I feel so silly for bumping into you. Do you think I'm being too pushy?" Lark insecurely wondered and slipped into the car, looking at Elaine for her answer that navigated the car down the road.

"Yes, you are. Back off a little and see if she comes around." Elaine suggested with a warm smile.

"I knew I could count on your honesty." Lark smiled slightly and looked out the window chewing on her lip, disappointed that Rayne hadn't taken her up on her offer.

"Well? Did you agree to a date?" Forrest eagerly asked as he approached Rayne who lifted the facemask of her helmet up and killed the engine.

"No, because I feel so stupid and humiliated! That chick with her is Lark's agent, not her date. I was so embarrassed I just let her walk away." Rayne regretfully admitted.

"Well, that's good news that she's her agent but you are one proud and stubborn son-of-a-bitch do you know that?" Forrest asked, exasperated by his partner's reluctance.

"Why do you care whether I go out with her or not?" Rayne asked, slightly agitated by his comment.

"Because I've seen the positive change she's made in your demeanor since she's entered your life. Your personality has improved dramatically and you actually, look like you enjoy life and that you're happy. Swallow your pride and go back to get her." He urged and pointed down the road to emphasize his point.

Rayne looked down defeated, as she knew he was right. She had felt a difference in her life since the blonde entered it and there was no more time for fear or reluctance. If she waited too long the woman that had made a dramatic impact on her life in such a short time might slip away. She looked up at Forrest and replied, "I can't she had to rush off to a photo shoot."

"So, that shouldn't stop you. Go find her!" He enthusiastically coaxed.

"Where's the Senator?" She asked and looked around hoping he was still there so she could inquire as to contacting lark.

"He already left with his other detail. Did you forget that we have this weekend off?" Forrest chuckled at her confused state.

"Damn! Yes!" She answered disappointed and had an idea. "I'll talk to you later." She smiled and revved the engine of her motorcycle, quickly disappearing from sight.

Continued in Part 3.

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