by Cruise

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Part IX

"Rayne! I can't believe we're in Key West! I've always wanted to come down here on vacation, but I've never gotten around to it. It's absolutely beautiful!" Lark excitedly told her, as she looked around the small tropical town.

"I can't believe you live so close and you've never been down here Lark." Rayne chuckled giving her a quick glance.

Lark looked away from the window of the car to Rayne with a smile, "I know. It's so silly to think that I could have been here in an hour by plane and I've never made it." Lark added with a giggle, and then looked back out the window as Rayne laughed shaking her head, smitten by the naïve woman's sitting next to her. "Wow! Look at all of the shops! Please tell me we can do some shopping?" Lark eagerly asked, turning to Rayne hopeful that she would agree.

Rayne cringed at the thought of shopping and if Lark were anything like her mother and Holly, she'd be in deep shit. 'Nah, she can't be worse than those two and besides, she's oh, so sexy. I don't think I'll mind.' Rayne reasoned staring into the sweet face that captured her heart. "Sure, how about tomorrow?" Rayne asked, slipping her hand into Larks with a smile.

"Yes! That would be fabulous!" Lark exuberantly answered with a broad smile.

"We're here." Rayne informed her and opened the door of the cab once the car stopped. Lark quickly scampered out of the cab and looked around the marina, reveling at the beauty of the blue-green water and the warmth of the sun on her face. Rayne helped the driver room their luggage from the trunk of the cab and paid him for the ride. "Thanks man." She briefly smiled handing him the money and tossed her bag over her shoulder, then lifted Lark's suitcase grunting at the weight of it.

"Have a great vacation." The cab driver said and smiled, climbing back into his car.

"Lark what did you pack in here? Your bed?" Rayne asked with a chuckle, struggling to carry the heavy suitcase.

"Just my clothes and shoes Rayne. I had to be sure that I had the right stuff packed. Do you need me to help you carry it?" Lark sheepishly offered and reached to help her, but was thwarted in her effort.

"No, no. It's okay I've got it." Rayne protested and moved away so Lark couldn't help her. 'How embarrassing would that be, having Lark carry the suitcase while I carry the small bag? Nope, I'll get a hernia before I allow that to happen!' Rayne stubbornly reasoned her ego would not allow Lark to carry the suitcase as she toted it towards the boat slip. 'I just hope it doesn't sink the boat!' She thought and sighed happily when she reached the slip.

"Rayne! Hey, let me get those for you!" The young man called out as he rushed towards them.

"Hey Donnie! Thanks I appreciate it." Rayne greeted happily and set the heavy bag down on the dock. She stood up straight and leaned around, hearing her spine crack.

"Are you okay?" Lark worriedly asked, seeing the dismay in Rayne's face and the sweat on her brow.

"Oh, yeah just a little cramped from the plane ride. So, you ready to go for a boat ride?" Rayne asked, quickly changing the subject, as she didn't want Lark to know she was a wimp carrying that heavy bag. 'I want to know what's in that freaking thing for it to be so damned heavy. Here I thought I was strong. When I get back, I'm going to have to add heavier weight to my workout program. This is embarrassing!' Rayne promised herself and felt inadequately weak.

"Yes!" Lark squealed delighted and slipped her arm in Rayne's.

Rayne smiled and chuckled when she heard Donnie groan from lifting Lark's suitcase. 'Whew, it's not just me then.' Rayne thought relieved that she wasn't the only one struggling with the suitcase. Rayne climbed aboard and turned to the dock where Lark stood. "Come aboard my lady." Rayne offered with a smile and placed her hands on Lark's waist.

"An offer I can't refuse." Lark, smitten, smiled and gladly allowed Rayne to lift her onto the boat and she held Rayne's arms for support. Rayne placed Lark before her and smiled, both staring into each other's eyes. "So, are you a renegade of the heart?" Lark softly asked, referring to the name of the boat.

"I used to be, but you changed all of that Lark." Rayne wholeheartedly said and smiled gratefully before kissing Lark.

They broke the kiss and smiled staring at each other. "I'm glad Rayne. I take it this is your boat and not a rental?" Lark inquired curiously.

"Yep, I had Donnie bring it down from Ft. Lauderdale for me." Rayne answered and grasped Lark's hand leading her out of the way as Donnie struggled to get the luggage aboard. Rayne snickered as he struggled to lift the suitcase on board and decided she should help him before he dropped it in the water. She leaned over and grabbed the bag helping him lift it.

"What does she have in here Rayne a dead body?" He teasingly asked in a whisper.

"I don't know, I was trying to figure that out myself." Rayne laughed, as did he, when they finally got it on board. The pair pushed the bag to the stairs and Rayne waited as Donnie descended them.

"Which room do you want this thing in?" He asked, hoping Rayne wouldn't say the forward berth.

"Just put it on the smaller bed right there and she can unpack some stuff before I move it any farther." Rayne suggested pointing to the smaller bed next to where he was standing and snickered at the look of relief he gave her. "Thanks," She smiled and stood back up turning to Lark. 'Wait! How did Lark move this thing after she packed it? If she tells me she carried it from her house I'm going to die!' Rayne thought mortified at the insinuation. "Lark did you move this suitcase?" Rayne asked, hoping she would say no.

"Yeah, it has wheels." Lark casually answered, not paying much attention to what Rayne was getting at as she surveyed the large boat.

"Oh, yeah." Rayne smirked and snickered, never considering that option or seeing the wheels on it. 'Now she tells me.' Rayne thought with a chuckle.

"Rayne this is a huge boat. I love it!" Lark smiled excitedly. "Are we going to stay on the boat the entire time?"

"We can if you want to. I thought we could stay on board tonight and then we could head over to the Hyatt for the other nights if we didn't want to stay here. I made reservations with them to stay on that island over there." Rayne informed her and pointed in the direction of the said island. "Or if you want we can stay here the whole time. I hope you don't get sea sick?" Rayne suggested and asked, unsure of how Lark reacted to boats.

"Wow, I just don't know what to choose!" Lark laughed looking from the island to Rayne. "Yes, I do. Anywhere you want to stay is fine with me. As long as I'm with you I'll be very happy. I took a Dramamine while on the plane so I feel fine right now. I'll take another one later just in case and we'll see how I react to the boat ride, but I should be alright." Lark informed her, smiling.

"Okay, sounds good to me." Rayne smiled and rubbed her arm. She turned when Donnie came up on deck.

"Alright Rayne, the boat is all set to go. I have everything you requested on board. I'll see you on Monday to get the key and drive her back." Donnie instructed and smiled.

"Great, thanks man I appreciate it. Here, take this and have a few extra drinks on me." Rayne chuckled and handed him a hundred dollar bill, then patted him on the back.

"Excellent, thanks Rayne you didn't have to do that though." He smiled, slightly embarrassed by the extra money Rayne offered him as she already paid him handsomely for bringing the boat down. A job he would have done for free.

"No, you deserve it for carrying that damn bag on board!" She laughed as did he and waved to him when he climbed off the boat. "Have a good time!" She called out and moved towards the back of the boat.

"You too!" He yelled with a smile and quickly headed off.

"Lark if you want to change we put your suitcase on the first bed to your left when you go down the stairs there." Rayne informed her and pointed to where she was referring.

"Thanks, I'm going to put on my bathing suit." Lark smiled and headed down the stairs into the cabin.

Rayne squatted in the opening of the cabin at the top of the stairs looking at Lark. "Oh, you can change in the bedroom right behind you and the head is right there." Rayne informed her and pointed to both places she was talking about.

"Great, thanks!" Lark smiled and winked as Rayne stood up, and walked to the radio of the boat. 'Wow, this place is nice.' Lark inwardly thought looking around noting the boat was equipped with two beds just under the bridge of the boat and a large galley with a dining area where she was standing. 'What is the head?' She wondered and looked up to see where Rayne was hoping she wouldn't think she was snooping around, noting that she was talking to someone on the boat radio and looked into the said room that Rayne had pointed out. 'Okay, the head is the bathroom, I'll have to remember that so I don't look so darn stupid.' She giggled and headed to the bedroom that Rayne had pointed out. She opened the door and was shocked to see the large room before her with its own bathroom. 'I had no idea this boat could have so much room in it and a bedroom like this one is spectacular!' She approvingly thought, surprised as she looked around the room that contained a small TV in the upper corner, dresser drawers under the raised bed and a window just above the bed. She moved farther inside and changed her clothes. 'I can't wait to climb into that large bed with Rayne and finally make love to her.' Lark thought and felt a catch in her heart, imaging how wonderful it was going to feel making love to Rayne. She jumped startled when she heard the door shut in the cabin and heard Rayne call out.

"Lark, are you okay?" She asked as Lark was taking a long time.

"Oh, yeah I'll, aah, be right out." Lark answered still flustered by her thoughts and quickly began to dress, her heart still racing from the fright.

"Listen if you use the head don't put the paper in the bowl it will clog up the sump pump. There is a trashcan to place that into okay?" Rayne asked, through the door unsure of whether Lark knew the intricacies of the boat.

"Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll be out in a minute." Lark answered, glad that Rayne told her about the paper. 'Lord knows I would have thrown the damn paper in the toilet! What is a sump pump? I'm really going to have to brush up on my boating terminology just as soon as I get home. I would have been mortified if I had clogged up the pump thingy she was talking about.' She thought with a giggle and finished dressing.

Rayne sat at the controls of the boat with it running, waiting for Lark who climbed the stairs. "Are you ready to go?" Rayne asked, smiling and held out her hand to help Lark up the stairs.

"I'm set, is there anything I can do to help you with the boat?" Lark offered and looked around.

"Yes, sit right here next to me and enjoy the ride." Rayne suggested and smiled. She carefully moved the boat out of the slip and slowly navigated it out of the marina.

"You changed quickly." Lark observed and smiled fully appreciating the clothing that barely covered Rayne's stunning body noting that she was now wearing her bathing suit top and swimming shorts.

"I guess I was excited to head out." Rayne sheepishly smiled and shrugged her shoulders as she looked out over the ocean before her.

Lark sat next to Rayne and sighed, slightly disappointed that Rayne hid those gorgeous blues behind a pair of dark sunglasses. Her disappointment quickly subsided, as she looked Rayne's taut body over. 'She makes my blood pressure boil that's for sure she's so damn sexy!' Lark appreciatively thought, staring at Rayne who looked ahead. Lark draped her arm around her muscular shoulder and reveled in being alone with her as she looked out over the sun lit ocean before her, thinking of all the possibilities their new relationship had to offer.

Rayne's heart beat faster and she felt a tickle in her stomach when Lark touched and held her shoulder. She glanced over at Lark and inwardly smiled, wishing Lark would remove her tank top and shorts. 'I can't wait to see her body. I can only imagine how good it looks.' Rayne thought, stealing glances of Lark unbeknownst to her. 'She has made me so happy, that I can barely stand it. It's so amazing.' Rayne thought, completely enamored, by the way Lark made her feel. "So, do you like to snorkel?" Rayne asked wanting to hear Lark's sweat voice and glanced to Lark then back to the ocean before her.

"I love to snorkel. I just don't get the opportunity to do it that much." Lark answered, smiling.

"Well, we'll have to make sure you get plenty of opportunities then." Rayne flashed a playful grin and glanced at her, then looked ahead. "How about fishing?" Rayne asked, hoping she enjoyed the hobby.

"Oh, I've never been fishing before, but I'm willing to learn." Lark answered, hesitant about what she was agreeing to do. 'I don't want to disappoint her, but I don't want to touch those slimy fish!' Lark thought and shivered, horrified by the thought of having to touch them.

"Well, I'll teach you how." Rayne offered, smiling blithely that Lark was willing to try fishing and knew by the look on Lark's face it wasn't something she seemed too pleased with doing, but she appreciated the fact that she was willing to try it for her.

"Sounds like fun!" Lark grinned, hoping Rayne didn't see her reluctance to fishing. "How much farther are we going?" Lark asked, looking at the large expanse of the ocean.

"We're almost to the reef. It looks like we'll be the only ones out here for awhile." Rayne observed and pointed to where they would anchor the boat. "Listen, I'm going to need you to steer the boat when we get up here so I can grab the rope to the buoy and secure the boat.

"DRIVE? The boat?" Lark shrieked, frightened and surprised that Rayne would suggest such a thing.

"It's either that or you'll have to take that pole and try to grab the rope out of the water to tie the boat down." Rayne suggested and pointed to the pole.

Lark weighed her options and figured if all she had to do was steer the boat she could handle that better than trying to grab the rope. "Okay, what do I do to drive this thing?" She asked, eager to learn her task and looked at all of the controls of the boat.

"It's pretty simple really and it's like driving a car. I'm going to slow the boat down so we'll coast up to the buoy and all you need to do is steer that way okay?" Rayne instructed pointing out before her and saw the fear in Lark's eyes. "You'll be fine just aim gaily forward okay?" Rayne explained and grinned.

"Gaily forward?" Lark questioned confused and looked at Rayne for clarification.

Rayne snickered and told Lark, "Yeah, we say gaily forward instead of straight when going forward because I'm certainly not straight that's for sure so, I'd rather go gaily forward." Rayne laughed joined by Lark who finally got the joke.

'Here I thought it was a damn boating term!' Lark thought and smiled, trying to conceal the fact that she was embarrassed for not knowing what Rayne meant.

"Do me a favor and grab that pole for me. I'll get you lined up and grab the pole at the last minute so it won't be that stressful for you." Rayne suggested with a reassuring smile and winked.

"I can do it!" Lark smiled confidently and grabbed the pole for Rayne who slowed the boat down. 'If I'm going to come on this boat more often then I'm definitely going to have to learn more about it.' Lark thought and inhaled deeply, trying to calm the nervous butterflies in her stomach as she waited for Rayne to tell her when to take the wheel.

Rayne stood up and moved to the side, still steering the boat. "Go ahead and sit down." She instructed Lark who did as Rayne said by slipping behind her and sitting in the chair. "Are you ready?" Rayne asked with a smile, looking at Lark.

"I think so." Lark nervously answered.

"Don't worry sweets, you'll do fine it's not like your going to hit another boat. We are the only ones out here. If we miss it we'll just come around again." Rayne answered with a reassuring smile.

"Okay, I'm ready." Lark answered, more determined and confident.

"Take the wheel and just steer it gaily forward." Rayne instructed with a chuckle and watched as Lark took the wheel while she still held onto it. She glanced in the water to judge the distance of the buoy with the boat and released her hold of the wheel, then bolted to the front of the boat.

'Okay, you can do this Lark. No problem, yes it's going where I want it!' Lark thought excitedly and inhaled deeply to calm her racing heart as she steered the boat.

Rayne quickly grabbed the rope and tied the boat to the buoy, then rushed back to help Lark. "See, I knew you could do it. We make a great team!" Rayne encouragingly laughed grabbing the wheel and hugged Lark who blew out a sigh of relief.

"It wasn't as bad as I thought Rayne! That was fun, I think you're going to have to show me how to drive the boat on our way back!" Lark enthusiastically suggested with a giggle.

"You got it!" Rayne readily agreed with a grin.

'I wonder if I should tell her that I'm not a very good driver?' Lark queried and smiled looking at Rayne. 'Nah, there's no need to scare the hell out of her so early in our relationship. I'll just tell her I'm nervous and that way she'll have to sit close to me to help me drive the boat. So then she won't see my terrible driving skills. Oh, yeah good idea.' Lark inwardly reasoned and smiled, delighted at the thought of having Rayne so close to her.

Rayne readied the boat and turned on the stereo. She opened one of the storage lockers and stood up looking at Lark. "Okay, I've got the brand new fishing poles and the bait. How about if we do some fishing?" Rayne eagerly suggested holding up the fishing poles and bait, grinning excitedly.

"Sounds good to me." Lark pensively smiled and wondered what she was getting herself into. 'She is definitely going to have to go shopping with me for this one.' Lark confirmed and followed Rayne to the swim platform at the back of the boat where Rayne had placed a chair for her. Lark sat in the chair and took the pole that Rayne gave her. She watched as Rayne baited her fishing pole and looked into the bucket at the slimy, small fish she had in there to use as bait. 'Yuck!' She thought and shuddered at the sight of them.

"What are you waiting for Lark? Just stick one of those small fish on the hook like this." Rayne explained and showed Lark her fishing pole as an example.

"Do I really have to touch that fish to put it on my pole? Can't I just stick the hook in the bucket and the bait will jump on it?" Lark asked hopeful, her lip curled up at the thought of touching the bait.

Rayne laughed and realized she was dealing with a major princess who has probably never gotten her hands dirty. "I'll do it for you." She offered and chuckled, grabbing a fish and putting it on the hook for Lark. "Okay, princess." Rayne teasingly said and handed her the pole.

"I'm not a princess Rayne. I just don't like touching slimy things like fish. Yuck!" Lark defensively told her.

Rayne moved closer to Lark and said with a sly grin, "You are a princess my dear, but I like that about you," kissing her as Lark blushed from the comment. She broke the kiss smiling and placed her hands on top of Lark's that held the pole. "Okay, you're first fishing lesson is to hold the pole here and flip this over, then hold the line against the pole with your finger." Rayne instructed her and did exactly what she explained. "Now, move the fishing pole back over your shoulder and then you're going to cast it out into the water, letting go of where you're finger is holding. Got it?" Rayne asked giving Lark a sideways glance to confirm that she understood her instructions.

Lark stared at Rayne with her mouth agape and didn't hear much of what she had said. She was too entranced by Rayne being so close and holding her hands. "Oh, yeah I got it. I'm going to catch the biggest fish!" Lark cockily said, trying not to let Rayne know she had no idea as to what she was going to do. "Okay, here it goes." Lark told her and did exactly what Rayne told her, by bringing the fishing pole back over her shoulder. 'Hmmm, maybe I did listen more than I thought.' Lark inwardly snickered and cast the pole forward, letting the pole go like Rayne instructed her.

"NO! You're not supposed to cast the whole pole out there Lark." Rayne called out with a pained expression and placed her pole on the seat.

"That's what you told me to do Rayne." Lark defensively countered and chewed on her lip realizing that she had just tossed Rayne's brand new fishing pole in the ocean and that was a bad thing to do. "I'm sorry Rayne." She apologized and stood up.

"Women!" Rayne huffed and dove into the water.

"Rayne!" Lark called out and looked over the edge, watching her swim down in the translucent water. 'She's going to be so pissed off at me! What an idiot. How could I have tossed the whole thing in there? I'm so stupid!' She admonished and fretted that Rayne had not surfaced yet. "Rayne! Rayne!" She shouted and breathed a sigh of relief when Rayne popped her head out of the water. "Did you find it?" Lark asked, hopeful that she did with a sheepish grin. She worried that Rayne would be really angry with her.

"Yep." Rayne answered and held the fishing pole up to Lark who grabbed it and placed it on board as Rayne swam to the ladder and climbed on board.

Lark grabbed a towel off the seat and handed it to her. "I'm really sorry Rayne. I didn't mean to throw your fishing pole in the water." Lark sincerely apologized.

"It's okay, I'll forgive you. One day." Rayne teasingly answered and dried off with the towel.

"Rayne, do you really forgive me?" Lark asked, unsure of whether Rayne was being truthful.

"I'm trying Lark, but it's just really hard to overcome the fact that you tossed my new fishing pole in the water. I'll try harder to forgive you though Lark." Rayne answered with a smirk.

'Is she just fooling around or is she serious?' Lark wondered and smiled, hoping it would help her cause. "Is there anyway I can make it up to you?" Lark provocatively asked, moving closer to Rayne and lightly ran her finger across her chest, much to Rayne's enjoyment.

"Well, let's see. We might be able to make an arrangement Lark. How about if I toss you into the cold ocean?" Rayne asked with a laugh and picked Lark up in her arms, turning towards the water.

"No Rayne don't! Please!" Lark pleaded hoping that she wouldn't toss her in the water.

Rayne smiled and stared into Lark's sparkling greens, "I'll show you mercy if you kiss me." Rayne told her with a chuckle and melted into the kiss Lark quickly granted her. Lark was more than happy to fulfill Rayne's request and deepened the passionate kiss, holding her tightly. Rayne broke the kiss with a sly grin staring deep into Lark's sparkling greens, "I have something to confess Lark."

"What's that?" Lark asked smiling and pushed the lock of wet hair off of Rayne's forehead, completely satisfied being in Rayne's arms.

"I forgave you when you apologized the first time, I just wanted a kiss and a hug." Rayne devilishly grinned and gave Lark a quick kiss.

"Anytime you want that, just feel free to ask. You don't have to use trickery with me, agent. I'd be more than happy to grant those to you anytime." Lark flirtatiously offered and laughed, as did Rayne.

The women spent the majority of the day fishing, snorkeling and getting to know one another better. Rayne was happy to see that Lark finally took of her tank top, but hoped she would remove her shorts so she could get a good look at her. The mysteriousness of what Lark concealed under those shorts was an aphrodisiac and she could hardly contain herself. She sighed appreciatively as she watched Lark sunbath on the front deck and wondered what it was going to be like when she made love to her. 'Absolutely wonderful.' She thought dreamily and needed a drink. Her mouth was parched as her mouth hung agape from her lustful thoughts of Lark. "Lark would you like something to drink?" Rayne asked and smiled when Lark looked back at her.

"Yes, I'll have some water please." Lark answered and stood up.

"I'll be right back." Rayne called out and headed towards the stairs to the cabin. She looked up and saw Lark bend over to pull her shorts down. Rayne intently stared at the enticing sight before her, unable to take her eyes off of Lark as she stepped down the first step. She stared unabashedly as Lark removed her shorts and revealed thong bikini bottoms. Rayne's senses soared; her heart beat quickened and her mouth watered at the alluring beauty before her. She was rudely snapped out of her revere when she cracked her head on the boat, forgetting to duck as she was still descending the stairs. "Shit!" She cursed and held her head to ease the searing pain as she sat down. 'That's what I get for staring.' Rayne admonished and rolled over, trying to stand still woozy from the hit on the head.

"Rayne! Are you okay?" Lark worriedly asked as she rushed to her. "What happened? I heard a sickening thud and then saw you lying there. Are you hurt?" Lark nervously asked as she tried to help Rayne up.

"I forgot to duck and hit my head on the boat when I was going down the stairs. I wasn't watching where I was going actually." Rayne sheepishly confessed, feeling like an idiot, as Lark helped her to the seat. "Ouch!" Rayne replied and leaned over holding her head to ease the pain.

"Let me see Rayne." Lark told her and moved Rayne's hand from her forehead. "Oh, babe you have a cut and it's swelling. Let me get some ice for it. Where's the first aid kit?" Lark asked, looking at the wound Rayne had on her forehead.

"I'll get it." Rayne told her not wanting Lark to make a big deal of her stupidity and attempted to stand up, but was stopped by Lark.

"No, you hit your head pretty hard you might get dizzy. Just stay there and relax I'll get it. Now, where is it?" Lark softly told her and was adamant that Rayne stay there.

"It's under the sink in the galley." Rayne told her and pointed. "I'm so stupid and embarrassed." Rayne commented and rested her head in her hand that leaned against her leg.

"No you're not and there's no need to be embarrassed Rayne. At least you didn't throw a brand new fishing pole in the ocean!" Lark tried to reassure her with a giggle and kissed her head. "I'll be right back." Lark told her and turned, walking away.

'Damn, she's hot! She looks so freaking good in that thong. Nice ass.' Rayne thought appreciating the bathing suit that revealed so much about Lark. 'Why didn't she take off those shorts a long time ago? You're a pig Rayne. Get your mind out of the gutter.' She inwardly admonished for having those thoughts of Lark and smiled as Lark approached.

'Well, I hope my little show had enticed her sexually.' Lark thought with a giggle. 'You are bad Lark! The poor woman almost took her head off and all you can think about is whether you sexually aroused her.' She inwardly reprimanded and smiled stopping in front of Rayne.

'It's a good thing she can't read my mind or I'd be a lot more embarrassed than I already am right now. I wonder if my face is red?' She wondered with a chuckle.

Lark cleaned the small cut on Rayne's head and held an ice pack to the swollen area as she stood before Rayne. "How does that feel?" Lark asked looking down at Rayne who had looked up at her.

"So much better. Thanks." Rayne gratefully smiled and lightly rubbed her hand up and down Lark's taut leg.

"Just what were you looking at when you hit your head Rayne?" Lark asked, wondering why she didn't duck in time.

"I was looking at you Lark." She sheepishly admitted and laughed, looking down from her embarrassment. "I couldn't help it. I was caught off guard when you took off your shorts and you looked so, aah, hot that I didn't watch where I was going." Rayne stammered as she tried to explain, still not sure why she admitted that.

Lark chuckled, "Well, I'm flattered by the comment, but Rayne you could have knocked yourself out." Lark informed her worried that she could have been seriously hurt, but was excited that Rayne noticed her.

"I know. It's just that you make me nervous when I'm around you." Rayne shyly admitted and looked up at her.

"Why would I make you nervous Rayne?" Lark softly asked, lightly stroking her raven hair as she stared into her deep blues.

"You are an absolutely stunning woman, Lark and you make my heart race every time I look at you. You make me feel things that I've never felt for anyone before and it scares me." Rayne wholeheartedly admitted.

"Wow, Rayne. That's so coincidental because you elicit the same reaction with me except it doesn't scare me. Why do you think I threw the fishing pole in? I was too consumed with looking at you to listen to your instructions." Lark revealed with a giggle, feeling a bit flushed from her admission. "I still don't know how such a strong, tough, dangerous and very sexy Secret Service agent could be nervous around me though." Lark teasingly replied with a laugh as Rayne chuckled at the comment.

"Well, believe it Lark you bring those nervous feelings out in me. I guess it's just my subconscious way of trying not to get hurt. I've wanted to make love to you since the first moment I laid eyes on you, but I was afraid because of my feelings for you." Rayne explained and looked down.

"Why are you afraid of me hurting you if we make love Rayne?" Lark asked concerned and squatted down before her, lifting Rayne's chin up to look at her.

"I've never felt this way about anyone before, Lark, and that includes Karen. I know that once we make love there will be no turning back for me Lark. My heart will completely be yours and I'm scared that…" Rayne admitted and stopped, trying to gather her thoughts.

"You're afraid that I'm going to leave you and break your heart like what happened when Karen passed away?" Lark warmly asked, lightly stroking Rayne's cheek with her thumb.

"Yes, Lark. I don't ever want to feel that pain again and the thing is, if anything ever happened to you, the pain would be far worse than it ever was with Karen. I hope that doesn't scare you away." Rayne movingly declared and was proud that she was finally able to honestly reveal her feelings to Lark.

Lark's breath escaped her momentarily when Rayne admitted that to her and she felt her eyes moisten. She warmly smiled and kissed Rayne on the cheek trying to swallow the lump in her throat that had formed from what Rayne told her. "Nothing you say or do will ever scare me away Rayne. I feel the same way about you and I didn't want to admit it because I thought I would scare you away. Rest assured, I intend to live until I'm a grumpy old woman and I have no intention of checking out of this life anytime soon especially now that you've become a part of my life. If we were only meant to be together for a short period of time I would accept that fate happily, rather than to never spend any of my life with you Rayne. Let your heart feel what it so badly wants to, I've allowed mine to without hesitation. My heart and soul is yours completely." Lark softly admitted with a warm smile.

Rayne's heart skipped a beat and she inhaled deeply, knowing that she couldn't and didn't want to fight anymore what her heart wanted to feel for Lark. She knew she had to get past her fear and allow Lark to completely consume her heart even if it meant she might one day be hurt if anything ever happened to them. She knew Lark was right; that it would be better to be together for however long the fates have planned for them than to never experience life with one another. She smiled and leaned in whispering, "You are too good to be true Lark Morgan," before passionately kissing her. Lark reciprocated the kiss deeply and wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck. Rayne stood up and engulfed Lark in a hug, never breaking the kiss. "I want to make love to you Lark. I don't want to wait any longer; I want to give you all that my heart can give." Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it as she carried Lark towards the cabin of the boat.

They reluctantly broke the kiss and chuckled as they ducked walking down the stairs remembering Rayne's earlier accident. Lark held Rayne's hand and turned back as Rayne closed and locked the door to the cabin of the boat in case any unwanted visitors came on board. Rayne smiled as she turned to Lark and guided her to the bedroom, her heart pounding in her chest with anticipation. 'I don't think I've ever been this nervous.' Lark thought as she watched Rayne open the door to the bedroom for her and smiled when she passed through. 'She's so sweet, caring, romantic and adorable. Not to mention, drop dead gorgeous.' Lark admired as Rayne turned the radio station on the stereo to lighter music then closed the door behind her.

Rayne smiled and moved closer to Lark softly pressing her lips against hers holding Lark's face in her hands. Lark melted into the kiss and slipped her hands on Rayne's bare waist, feeling the goose bumps form underneath her touch from the contact. Rayne's heart stopped briefly in response to Lark's touch and resumed with a rapid beat when Lark's hands moved lower, slipping into the waistband of her shorts. Rayne broke the kiss and looked down, slowly moving her hands from Lark's shoulders to the straps of her bathing suit. The soft, warm feeling of her skin sent a rush of warmth to straight to Rayne's sex. She smiled staring into Lark's desire filled green eyes as she moved the straps off her shoulders and pulled the top down, revealing two perky breasts. Rayne inhaled deeply at the sight of her supple breasts and covered them with her hands, softly kneading them as she deeply kissed Lark.

Rayne felt Lark's nipples harden with her touch and heard Lark gasp at the contact. Lark's hands moved up Rayne's back, to the strap, and released the fabric. Lark deepened the kiss and moved her hands to the front of Rayne, slowly moving her hands up Rayne's muscular abdomen and cupped her breasts. Her heart thundered in her chest as Rayne passionately kissed her and gently caressed her breasts. "Rayne, that feels so good. I've waited for so long to feel you touch me like that." Lark murmured in a whisper through her kiss.

The sound of Lark's voice as a breathy whisper and her touch sent Rayne's desire for her escalating. Rayne's breathing labored and she kissed her deeper, softly stroking Lark's nipples with her thumbs deepening her want for Rayne. "I've waited too long to touch you this way Lark. I can promise you that will never happen again." Rayne softly proclaimed with a smile, gazing at Lark. Rayne's eyes darkened with desire and captivated Lark with her mesmerizing stare. Lark's eyes rolled back and she closed them when Rayne slid her hands down her hips. Rayne's tongue tenderly traced the contours of Lark's lips and dipped deep inside her mouth as she pushed the thong past Lark's hips, dropping it to the floor. Rayne moved her hands to Lark's backside and gently grasped her, pulling Lark closer and kissing her deeper. Lark's heart beat uncontrollably and she wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck to steady her weak legs that refused to support her. She moaned from the contact, prompting Rayne to slowly move her hands to Lark's sex. Rayne rubbed her hand up and down Lark's wet curls teasingly as her tongue danced a slow tango with Lark's.

"Rayne, you're driving me crazy." Lark faintly spoke, breaking the kiss and panting heavily. Rayne stared at Lark and flashed an alluring smile. She took Lark's hands and moved them down to her shorts, guiding Lark as she slipped them off of Rayne, both gazing deeply into each other's eyes. Rayne's center ached for Lark's touch. Lark leaned in kissing Rayne deeply and passionately as she reached between Rayne's legs, touching her hot sex. She deepened the searing kiss when she heard Rayne moan from the contact and felt Rayne grind against her fingers. Rayne moved her hands to Lark's hips breaking the kiss and lifting her up onto the bed. Lark's hypnotic greens were fixated on Rayne with a wanton stare as she watched Rayne climb up on the bed. Lark smiled at Rayne's brief hesitation as she hovered above her, wondering what Rayne was thinking. Her eyes gazed down Rayne's body, then up appreciating everything about the dark beauty. 'She's more beautiful than I ever imagined.' Lark approvingly thought. "Are you ever going to make love to me?" Lark asked in a hushed, raspy voice that went straight to Rayne's core.

Rayne smiled, trying to calm her heart that felt as though it was going to explode. She felt the arteries in her neck pulsating wildly. "I'm so nervous Lark." Rayne shyly admitted, staring deep into Lark's warm greens. Lark warmly smiled and gently placed her hand on Rayne's heart, trying to sooth the rapid beating. Lark's warm smile and touch calmed Rayne instantly. She was in awe of Lark's beauty and the way she was able to calm her by just one look or a touch.

Rayne moved on top of Lark and tenderly kissed her as Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne, deepening the kiss. She felt Rayne's hand moved to her hip and rest there as she moved her kiss to Lark's neck. Lark invitingly spread her legs, hoping to entice Rayne's touch there. She arched her head back as Rayne lightly licked and nibbled her neck, and ear. Lark gasped when she felt Rayne's hand move to her sex. Her heart beat faster, her breathing deepened and her skin burned with desire when Rayne's fingers rested on her clit. Rayne tantalized her clit by softly caressing it at first, and then rubbing harder and harder. "Oh, yes!" Lark moaned thoroughly enjoying the way Rayne touched and kissed her.

Rayne lightly traced the contours of Lark's ear, whispering, "You feel incredible Lark," her velvety voice resonating through Lark's ear, sending a tingling sensation down her spine. Rayne delicately kissed along Lark's jaw line and stopped pressing her lips against Lark's, waiting for her to invite her in. Lark parted her lips anxiously waiting for Rayne to kiss her as Rayne softly licked her lips teasingly. Lark could barely stand what Rayne was doing to her and needed to feel her kiss. She leaned up and pressed her lips against Rayne's. Rayne slipped her tongue deep inside Lark's mouth and plunged her fingers deep within Lark. Lark felt her heart stop momentarily and gasped to catch her breath from feeling Rayne's long slender finger inside her. She dug her fingernails into Rayne's spine in response.

Rayne smiled through her kiss when she felt Lark's fingernails in her back and deepened her kiss, her fingers sliding out slowly and thrusting back in. Lark responded by moving her hips to Rayne's rhythms. Lark reared her head side to side breaking the kiss, trying to catch her breath that escaped her. Rayne moved her kiss down to Lark's creamy breast, softly suckling the pink nipple. Rayne slowly circled her tongue around her hardened nipple and felt Lark run her fingers through her hair. 'I've never had someone make me feel so incredible.' Lark thought, leveling her breathing and looking down at Rayne who attentively nibbled on her breast. 'She's so beautiful and such an incredible lover.' She inwardly admired and dropped her head back on the bed inhaling deeply as Rayne's tongue trailed over her other breast, around her nipple and began a descent down her quivering stomach. 'Oh, oh, she's going down. I don't think I can handle it. I might pass out! Damn, I wish I had taken a shower beforehand.' Lark nervously fretted as Rayne moved farther down softly kissing along her curl line. 'Maybe I should ask her to wait on that?' Lark anxiously wondered and moved her head back, arching her back in response to Rayne nuzzling her mouth against her sex. 'It's too late.' She thought breathless and didn't care anymore, she wanted to be relaxed and enjoy what Rayne was doing to her.

"Lark you taste so good." Rayne moaned moving her tongue along Lark's pounding clitoris.

"That feels so good Rayne, please don't stop." Lark pleadingly requested arching her hips up and down to Rayne's gyrations with her tongue. Lark blinked rapidly and inhaled deeply then exhaled as precious sensations swirled between her legs. Rayne's tongue encircled her clitoris, lavishing it and loving it. Rayne savored every taste and the effect she had on Lark, whose hips bucked wildly, her own senses throbbing uncontrollably. She looked up at Lark who moved her head side to side, panting and moaning heavily. 'She makes me quiver with lusty anticipation when I tempt and tease her.' She thought, her heart racing, as she slowly moved her tongue in and out of Lark's opening. She watched as Lark clutched the sheets in response, knowing Lark's sweet release was soon to come. "Rayne! Oh, Rayne!" Lark shouted, her chest rising and falling heavily as her hips bucked up, and down slowly, her climax near. Rayne's tongue moved faster heightening her desire to taste Lark's sweet nectar. "Yes, oh baby, yes!" Lark shouted, giving Rayne what she had wanted from her, to be inside of her and to hear her wild, cathartic cry as her orgasm consumed her. Rayne eagerly consumed everything Lark granted her. "I love you Rayne." Lark breathlessly admitted. Rayne grasped Lark's hands with her own as Lark lay breathing heavily and tenderly kissed Lark's throbbing sex. Rayne's heart raced when Lark told her she loved her. She wondered if Lark meant for her to hear what she said as Lark clutched her hands tightly and inhaled deeply, trying to calm her labored breathing. She knew there was no one in this world for her, except Lark and she didn't want it any other way.

She softly placed a trail of kisses up Lark's body, stopping at her neck. Rayne lay on top of her and nuzzled her mouth against Lark's neck. Lark tightly wrapped her arms around Rayne who slipped her arms under Lark holding her in a warm embrace. Lark couldn't control the tears that slipped from her green eyes, as no one had ever made her feel the way Rayne did when she made love to her. 'She's an incredible lover.' Lark lovingly thought, holding Rayne tighter. 'Did I tell her I loved her out loud? Oh, my gosh! What if it scares her? Is it too soon to admit that? Haven't we basically already said that in a round about way with giving our hearts to each other?' She nervously wondered, holding Rayne tightly and lovingly. 'It shouldn't matter whether we say it now or later, I can feel how much she loves me.' Lark reasoned and kissed Rayne's cheek.

Lark smiled as Rayne moved up, looking down at her. Rayne frowned when she saw the tears in Larks eyes and worriedly asked, "Are you okay Lark? Did I hurt you?" as she moved to the side concerned about her young lover.

Lark reassuringly smiled and softly stroked her arm. "I'm fine and no you didn't hurt me Rayne. The way you made love to me was so beautiful and emotional that it made me cry from happiness and joy." She sincerely admitted. She felt her heart flutter when she saw Rayne blush and sigh relieved. She smiled happily as Rayne lightly rubbed the palm of her hand up and down Lark's body. "I hope I can make you feel as wonderful, special and loved as you did with me Rayne when I make love to you." Lark professed hopefully.

"You already have Lark, don't worry." Rayne softly reassured with an alluring smile and pulled Lark on top of her as she lay back on the bed. "You are so beautiful Lark. Make love to me without hesitation or fear." Rayne asked in a hushed, desire filled voice and pulled Lark down, kissing her sensually, seduction thick in the air. Lark's senses tingled as Rayne's hand moved downward and rested on her backside. Rayne's head moved in rhythm with Lark as she passionately kissed her and softly kneaded her flesh, feeling wet curls at her fingertips.

Lark broke the kiss breathless and stared at Rayne. "Now, I'm nervous." She admitted with a nervous giggle and blushed.

Rayne smiled reassuringly. "Don't be. Just show me what I mean to you. That's what I did with you." She softly suggested, staring deep into the warm greens that returned the gaze.

Lark's heart skipped a beat when Rayne admitted that and leaned down, passionately kissing her. 'Making love to someone for the first time is so stressful. I'm not sure what she likes to have done to her. What if I do something that she doesn't like?' Lark anxiously wondered as she kissed her.

Rayne moved her kiss down Lark's neck to her ear and whispered, "I'll enjoy anything that you do to me Lark," continuing the assault on Lark's soft flesh.

'Damn, did she read my mind?' She wondered surprised that Rayne said that to her. 'Snap out of it, stop being so nervous and show her how much she means to you. She's not going anywhere.' Lark firmly told herself as confidence showered her. She lovingly placed her hand on Rayne's cheek and guided Rayne's head away from her neck. Lark smiled and leaned down, breathing in her own scent that still lingered on Rayne before lips touched and the kiss deepened. She kissed her hard and deep, allowing her tongue to explore everything about Rayne. Lark slid her hands down Rayne's taut body then moved them up, guiding Rayne's arms above her head erotically kissing her. Her own scent upon Rayne's lips sent her senses soaring remembering how Rayne made love to her earlier, sensually and lovingly. She lightly moved her hands up Rayne's arms and clasped her hands with Rayne's, deeply kissing her. Lark moved her leg between Rayne's gently guiding them apart. She began to slowly stroke her sex up and down Rayne's muscular leg, her own leg rocking against Rayne's throbbing sex.

Rayne moved her head back in response, breaking the kiss. "Oh, yes Lark that feels great!" She throatily encouraged, enjoying what the younger woman was doing to her. 'This is wonderful. Her hair is in my face, her sweet scent is everywhere, and her mouth is on my mouth.' Rayne delightedly thought. She stared up at Lark who flipped her long blonde hair off her shoulder that hung in Rayne's face and gasped at her beauty. She lovingly smiled, seeing the enjoyment in Lark's face. She moved to capture the erect nipple before her and was thwarted in her effort when Lark shook her head no, and then lay on Rayne. 'Ooh, I like it.' Rayne thought intrigued by Lark's dominance. Lark sank her teeth into Rayne's neck and thrust her leg against Rayne's sex, tightly clutching her hands. "Yes! I love that!" Rayne called out, her pleasure evident. Lark alternated soft bites with hard along Rayne's neck, stopping at the base to suckle the soft skin there. "Ooh, baby you didn't tell me you were a vampire!" Rayne chuckled, completely enthralled and aroused by Lark's sexual intentions.

Lark alternated bites followed by soft kisses down Rayne's chest and stopped at the erect nipples before her. Rayne moved her arms from above her head when Lark relinquished her hold on them and rubbed Lark's back up and down, watching her nibbling on her breasts. She smiled and laid her head back as Lark buried her face in her breasts. Rayne lovingly stroked Lark's back enjoying the feeling of Lark gently biting and kissing her nipples. Her breathing labored and the moisture between her legs intensified. The throbbing of her sex escalated with each nibble and she wasn't sure how much more she could take before Lark would have to touch her hot center. "Lark, touch me." Rayne huskily requested.

Lark erotically flicked her eyes up at Rayne. "Why should I, Rayne?" She provocatively asked and moved her kiss down to Rayne's taut abdomen, never breaking her stare.

"I can't take it any longer. I need you to touch me, Lark." Rayne pleaded desperately, thoroughly enjoying the game Lark was playing with her.

"Hmmm…I'll be the judge of what you can and can't take Rayne. I just don't think you're ready for me to touch me yet." Lark seductively told her and nibbled along Rayne's curl line.

"Oh, I'm definitely ready Lark, trust me!" Rayne firmly guaranteed and threw her head back, panting with desire. "Yes!" She shouted, pressing her head into the pillow when she felt Lark's tongue move up her slick clit. Her heart raced with anticipation, then disappointment when she felt Lark's mouth move upward. She looked up at her, fixating her stare on Lark's wanton gaze as she slowly crawled on top of Rayne. She breathed deeply and looked at Lark wide eyed wondering what she was going to do next as Lark's lips just barely touched her. She felt Lark's breath against her lips, heightening her arousal for the tantalizing blonde. "You're killing me Lark." She admitted, hoping that Lark would fulfill her pleas.

"You're not wet enough." She whispered and licked Rayne's lips as she erotically stroked her sex against Rayne's leg.

Rayne let out a gasp when she felt Lark's wet sex against her thigh and looked up at Lark saying in a deep, throaty voice, "I am so hot for you, Lark."

"How hot, Rayne?" Lark tauntingly asked, slipping her tongue inside Rayne's mouth then moving it out, tracing her lips with her tongue.

"Oh, baby. I'm going crazy here. I want you to touch me so bad that I can barely stand it. Please touch me." Rayne pleadingly requested.

"Kiss me and show me how badly you want me to touch you." Lark demanded as Rayne quickly captured her mouth for a soul-searing, passionate kiss.

"Hmmm, I like it. I guess you do want me to touch you huh?" Lark tauntingly asked, knowing darn well how badly Rayne wanted her to touch her.

"Yes, please." Rayne asked, with a hopeful smile as her sex ached for Lark's touch.

Lark smiled and moved her hand between Rayne's legs lightly twirling the dark curls. "Like this?" She asked with a provocative smile.

"That's close." Rayne's voice squeaked with approval as she raised her pelvis to meet Lark's touch.

"Or like this?" Lark breathily asked, slipping her finger deep inside of Rayne's warm recess.

"Oh, Lark yes! That's the way I want you to touch me, yes!" Rayne shouted approvingly throwing her head back and arching her back in response. The pleasure of feeling Lark's finger sliding in and out of her was almost more than she could bear.

Lark captured a hard nipple in her mouth as her finger stroked in and out of her lover, faster with each stroke. She felt Rayne widen and slipped another finger inside, hearing her moan with delight. The sensation of being inside of Rayne, pleading for her to touch her and feeling how wet Rayne was and knowing she was the cause of it, was sending her over the edge. Her sex throbbed uncontrollably as Rayne's hips bucked up and down in rhythm with her strokes. "I think you have something for me Rayne." Lark huskily insinuated and moved her thumb against Rayne's clit, sending her senses soaring.

"Yes baby, I can't hold it any longer!" Rayne shouted, her breathing labored as she moved wildly then collapsed when her orgasm over came her. "Oh, Lark!" She breathily replied and grasped her hand.

Lark clutched the hand that held hers tightly and released her own orgasm from stroking her sex against Rayne's leg, inhaling deeply to calm her thundering heart. She gathered her senses and moved down between Rayne's legs seeking the treasure she had worked so hard to have, burying her face in Rayne's sex. Rayne panted and her hips bucked when she felt Lark dip her tongue inside. 'I love feeling her inside of me, hungry for my center, my heart.' She thought breathless, feeling overwhelmed by the way Lark had made love to her. She felt as though her lovemaking was inadequate compared to Lark's and she had missed out on being with such a wonderful lover all of this time that Lark wasn't in her life. She smiled happily as she felt Lark kissing her way back up on top of her. Lark moved on top of her and rested her chin on Rayne's chest, smiling.

"What are you thinking about with that mischievous smile?" She alluringly asked with a grin.

Rayne smiled and gently moved Lark's blonde bangs off her forehead; then held her face with her hand. "I'm smiling at how wonderful of a lover you are, Lark. That was incredible." She sincerely admitted, her blue eyes moistening as she remembered how powerful Lark's lovemaking was to her.

"Oh, come on Rayne." Lark blushed at the comment unsure of whether she was being serious or just nice.

"I'm serious Lark. I've never had someone make love to me like that before and make me feel so wonderful." She movingly declared, staring directly into Lark's eyes and letting her know just how truthful she was being.

Lark smiled and felt a catch in her heart at the admission. She moved up and placed a soul-searing kiss upon Rayne's lips to let her know how much that meant to her. "The same can be said for you Rayne. I've never had someone touch my soul as deeply as you." She affectionately smiled and kissed Rayne who wrapped her in a warm embrace.

Lark broke the kiss and moved onto her side, laying her head on Rayne's shoulder. Rayne draped her arm around Lark and softly stroked her hair silently reveling in their intimate moment. Rayne softly kissed Lark's head and lightly stroked her arm with her fingertips, thinking back on the wonderful lovemaking they had shared. She had never felt so much passion and meaning for another person while making love than as she did for Lark, not even with Karen a woman she thought she loved completely and wholeheartedly. 'She's my equal, my soul mate, my love.' She inwardly confirmed and looked down at Lark who had dozed off. She fondly smiled as she heard Lark's light snore and gently moved Lark onto her back. She lay on her side, propping herself up on her elbow and looked down at Lark who lay peacefully sleeping. She loved watching the slumbering beauty, falling deeper in love with her by the minute as she etched to memory every sensuous curve of Lark's body. She lovingly moved the errant blonde lock of hair off Lark's forehead and leaned down, gently kissing her cheek. Lark smiled through her sleep at the contact and snuggled closer to Rayne. Rayne inwardly chuckled as she moved her hand down to Lark's stomach and lightly rubbed it with her fingertips. 'She's so beautiful and she loves me. I don't want to ever be without her. I've never loved another woman as much as I do her.' Rayne adoringly proclaimed and leaned down, tenderly kissing Lark's lips. She broke the kiss and whispered, "I love you, Lark."

Continued in Part X.

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