Untamed Heart

Part III


By: Daydreamer


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Untamed Heart Part III (Facing The past)


Drew stood there holding Steff in her arms when she felt an unnerving sensation run up her spine, it was a feeling that she could remember all to well. It was the same feeling she would get whenever her boss was watching her.

‘No way that can’t be it he doesn’t even have a clue as to where I am, I made sure that I covered all of my tracks. Besides we had a deal, he leaves me alone and I let him and that little bitch daughter of his live. Get a grip Drew; you’re letting your paranoia get the better of you. Now just relax and enjoy what you have right here in your arms." Hey are you alright?"Steff asked looking up at her with concern in her eyes. "Yea just got a weird feeling for a minute there." Drew said while running the back of her fingers along Steff’s cheek.

"weirded out about what?"Steff asked nestling her head against Draw’s chest. "Oh it’s nothing probably just the storm making my mind play tricks on me that’s all. Now let’s get inside before you get all wet too?"Drew said placing a kiss on the top of the blonde’s head.

Drew sat in front of the newly started fire, stoking the logs until she was satisfied with it.

Damn I wish I could shake this feeling, I know it can’t be that. There’s know way he could find me, not here he would never even think to look here.

It’s been nearly eight years since I left, he probably has forgotten all about me, he knows I’m no threat to him now, not after all these years. No it’s just your imagination that’s all. Now pull yourself together before Steff comes back out. You don’t want her to think anything is wrong. Or that you don’t want to be here, cause you know this is exactly where you want to be.’ Drew thought to herself as she heard the bedroom door open and footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Hey you ok" Steff asked, as she sat down on the over stuffed sofa. " Yea all nice and dry" Drew said as she poked at the logs once more.

" Are you going to sit there and play with that fire all evening, or are you going to come over her and keep me company?" Steff asked as she settled back into the corner of the sofa.

"Um no I just didn’t want it to get to chilly in here while the electric was off, no telling when it will be back on with this storm." Drew answered as she rose to get up from her kneeling position.

"Well it looks though it will be out for the night at least. Thank you for coming all the way out here just to keep me company, I know its silly but I hate storms the scare the daylights out of me." Steff said flinching as bolt of lighting cut through the darkened sky. " Hey it’s all right it’s just the storm it won’t hurt you we’re safe, it will pass soon."Drew said as she sat down and pulled the younger woman into her arms. " I don’t know how to thank you for this, no one has ever done anything like this for me. I mean when I was little and there was a storm and I would go to them, they would tell me to go back to my room and stop acting so childish. They didn’t seem to care how scared I was. The only thing they cared about was that I was bothering their much needed rest." Steff said as she got a very far off look in her eyes.

‘Damn how could they have been so selfish, she was scared and they didn’t even care. How could someone not care about her, well that’s not going to happen while I’m around, I will make sure that she’s never alone and scared again at least not while I m around.’ " Hey well that’s not going to happen while I’m around, anytime you need me I’ll be here." Drew said running the back of her hand along Steff’s cheek. Feeling the tear that was running down. " Hey what’s wrong?" Drew asked with concern in her voice. "Nothing it’s just that no one has ever showed so much concern over me." Steff said with a slight tremor in her voice.

" Well get used to it, cause I don’t intend to stop any time soon. " Drew said as she gently kissed the younger woman’s lips. She felt a jolt run through her as their lips touched. "Mm that’s good to know because neither do I." Steff said as she brought her lips to Drew’s for another kiss, she waited a moment then when she heard a moan escape from Drew, she ran her tongue along Drew’s lower lip getting another moan from the older woman, she deepened the kiss. Drew ran her hands along Steff’s sides until she felt the edge of Steff’s nightshirt. She hesitated for a moment until she felt Steff’s hands on hers guiding them under the garment. "Steff, are you sure this is what you want?" Drew asked breaking the kiss and looking into the greenest eyes that she had ever seen. " Yes I’m sure this is what I want, this is what I’ve wanted from the first time that I laid eyes on you in the bar." Steff said as she caressed Drew’s cheek. Drew could feel the soft skin beneath her fingertips as she started to explore further but stopped. It took every thing she had to keep herself from taking Steff right then and there. She was so used to taking what she wanted, she never had to ask anything she just took what she had wanted. Never caring about whom she was with or what they wanted, but she didn’t want that with Steff.

"What’s wrong Drew?" Steff asked.

"Nothing wrong, I just don’t want to rush this I don’t want to push you in to anything to fast. Or something you might regret later." Drew said while chewing on her lower lip.

" The only thing I will regret is if you don’t make love to me this night." Steff said as she pulled herself up to straddle Drew’s lap. "Oh Steff you have no idea what you do to me." Drew said raising one hand to intertwine her fingers in the girl’s long blond hair.

" I may not have any idea of what I do to you, but I have a few ideas of things that I’d like to do to you." Steff said as she lowered her lips to Drew's for a very deep moist kiss.

When they were both in need of air, they broke from the kiss. Steff seeing that Drew wasn’t going to be the one to lead decided that if this was going to happen she was going to have to be the one to lead. Sitting up straight Steff began to unbutton her shirt letting it fall from her shoulders. Slowly revealing her breasts to Drew.

Drew’s breathing began to quicken and her pulse began to race. She felt as if her heart was going to pound out of her chest.

"You are so beautiful." Drew said licking her lips, which had suddenly, became very dry. With out saying a word Steff took Drew's hand in hers and placed it just above her breast, Drew could feel her heart pounding. "Feel what you do to me Drew you make my heart beat, you make me feel things that I didn’t know I could feel, you complete me Drew." The skin beneath Drew’s palm was smooth as silk and warm almost hot to the touch. Drew could feel Steff react to her touch, as she slowly moved to cup her breast. Steff arched into the touch. " I want you so much, I don’t think I can wait much longer Drew, I need you. Make love to me Drew." Drew looked up into eyes that for her held the key to happiness, and a future that she didn’t think that she had aright to have.

"Come here and let me show you how much I love you" Drew said pulling Steff into a very passionate kiss. They showed each other how much they loved each other several times that night well into the early hours of the morning. When both succumbed to sleep in each other’s arms.

When Drew awoke the next morning she felt the warm body lying on top of her, she smiled to herself thinking. ’It wasn’t a dream she’s still here, it did happen I made love to the other half of my soul. I’ve found her and I’m never letting her go. I’ll do everything in my power to make you happy and keep you safe, my love. No one or anything will take you away from me, not now that I finely have you.’ Drew thought as she gently stroked the younger woman’s long blond hair. Steff began to wake as she felt the gentle fingers running through her hair. "Um. Keep that up and I will never move from this spot." " And that would be bad because?" Drew asked. "Well that wouldn’t be bad, I need to get up and fix us something for breakfast or we’ll fade away to nothing." Steff said placing a kiss on the soft skin beneath her.

"Um. You sure you really want to get up." Steff’s stomach choose that moment to announce it’s self- by rumbling loudly. "Um. I guess that answers my question." Drew said letting the younger woman get up and pull her to her feet.

"Come on lets go and eat our first breakfast together." Steff said grinning broadly. "Our first of many to come I hope?" Drew said as she followed the little blond in to the kitchen, stopping in front of the bay window that over looked the barn and several acres of land. And looking out at the overcast sky. "I think it might rain some more today." Drew said looking over her shoulder at the blonde that now stood behind her. Looking out at the rain that was still coming down.

"Um. That could give us a reason to spend the rest of the day in bed."Steff said wrapping her arms around Drew and placing a kiss between her shoulder blades. " I don’t need a reason to spend the day in the bed with you. That I would do gladly any time." Drew said turning to face the little blond and pulling her in close. Brining their lips together in a passionate embrace.

Neither one of the women, noticed the figure who stood at the top of the hill watching through binoculars, the actions of the two women at the window.

Lowering the binoculars, the figure said aloud to him. " Ahh. Drew, Drew, Drew, you always were fond of the blondes weren’t you? She’ll never be able to hold on to you, I won’t let her, no one else but me will break that wild side of you. I won’t let it happen. I will be the one who tames you Drew, I will be the one to have you, and if I can’t have you then no one else will."

The dark figure turned and walked in silence to the black bronco waiting along side the road.


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