Queens Tarranna and Chandral

This story involves slavery and a little semi-explicit sex.

Please do not read if this will offend you.

The characters in this story are from Queen Tarranna of Georstrie. If you are not familiar with them, it would be best to read it first.

This story takes place in an alternate universe where the twins Tarranna and Chandral were not taken from their mother and were raised at home. In this reality they became Queens of Georstrie but Queens who allowed slavery. Gardenya has been destroyed, the ruling family killed. Lili and Tashan are refugees fleeing to Georstrie when they are captured and made slaves of the Queens.

This story is for your personal enjoyment only. With the exception of quotes used in reviews, this work may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any means existing without written permission from the author, Denise Ann ( deniseann1963@gmail.com ).

This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Part 1

Lili looked around the small bathing room and sighed in relief. She felt totally clean for the first time in months and they’d even given her a brush to get the knots out of her longish blonde hair. She listened for footsteps to signal the approach of guards but heard nothing. She dressed in the ill-fitting skirt and blouse provided and marvelled at the cleanliness of the material. Her bare feet were chilled by the stone but not uncomfortably so.

Lili sat on a stool in the corner and waited for the guards to return. She forced herself not to cry as she thought of her friend Tashan and their four children. She didn’t know where any of them were and it was slowly ripping her heart to shreds.

Lili tried not to but started to vividly remember several weeks ago when she and Tash had been hiding in the forest, trying to make it to the city capital without being captured by slavers. They hadn’t counted on being caught by a wandering patrol of the Georstrie Queens’ soldiers.

The General commanding the troops had stared at the two women and four kids for some time before he gruffly ordered the adults be bound and all of the family placed into a supply wagon.

Lili remembered how she and Tashan had fought fiercely and held their own until the General had moved up from behind them and put his hand on her daughter’s shoulder. He hadn’t threatened the children, but his tone was final when he commanded the women to surrender. They did so and eventually they’d arrived at the Queens’ Castle where they were separated. Lili rubbed her wrist as she recalled being roughly dragged away from her screaming daughters. She’d spent a very cold and lonely night in a small, bare room. Early this morning she’d been shown into the bathroom and told to clean herself thoroughly.

The door abruptly flew open and a woman tersely ordered Lili to follow her. Lili stood and did as she was told. The woman led her through passages and hallways until Lili was unsure of which direction was where. The woman finally opened a door and motioned Lili to follow her inside. The room was sparsely decorated but looked well used and comfortable. There were several large lounge chairs around the room as well as a dining table and chairs.

“Wait here. Do as you’re told and you’ll live and live well. Disobey and you’ll either die or wish you had.” The woman turned, walked out the door and gently closed it.

Lili looked around the room again unsure of what to do. She sat on the mat in the middle of the room. She was three quarters asleep when the door burst open and two tall, dark haired women stormed into the room. Lili stood and watched as the caped and armoured women ignored her and kept walking into the next room. They returned sometime later, without their capes and dressed in silk long pants and embroidered shirts.

The women were twins with shoulder length midnight black hair and pale blue eyes that flashed as they looked at her. “So you’re our present from General Melanger.” One of the women said as they circled around Lili. The non-talking sister stopped in front of the prisoner. The twin behind Lili was close enough for Lili to feel the heat pulsing from her. “On your knees slave.” A voice in Lili’s ear commanded.

Lili shivered as her hair was moved by the woman’s breath and at the blatant sexiness in the husky voice. “I’m not a slave.” Lili stated.

“Hear that, Sista. She’s not a slave.” The voice behind Lili chuckled and the woman in front of Lili smiled at her sister. The voice said, slightly bitterly “We’re all slaves to someone. You just happen to be ours. GUARD!!” The voice yelled and Lili had to supress the urge to jump. The door opened and the woman behind Lili barked out another command “Bring in the other one.”

Lili turned slightly and stared at Tashan as she was dragged into the room. Pretending not to know her friend, Lili turned back to face the twin who hadn’t spoken as yet.

Tashan remained silent as she was pushed to stand next to Lili.

Lili closed her eyes as she felt the woman behind her move closer. The voice in her ear said. “I get the feeling that if I hurt you, you still won’t do as you’re told. But what if I hurt her?” Lili caught her breath and tried not to react. “If I tell you to get on your knees and you don’t - should I hit, cut or whip her?”

Lili turned slightly and saw Tashan shaking her head.

“Don’t do it!” Tashan whispered to her friend. “Don’t worry about me, protect yourself.”

“Ah! Such strong words from a slave!” The voice moved to Tashan’s ear. “So when I tell you to get on your knees and you don’t - I get to play with your friend too! Cool. I love two-fah deals.”

The spokesperson sister dragged the blondes to the far side of the lounge room to near a four seater lounge chair. The sisters sat in the lounge and visually inspected the slaves in front of them. The spokesperson crossed her legs and said, quietly but firmly. “Let’s try this again. On your knees slaves.”

The blondes didn’t move.

Spokesperson sister pulled a dagger from under her shirt. She expertly twirled it in her fingers as she turned to her sister. “Do we need both of them?” The nonverbal sister shrugged and shook her head. The dark haired women looked at both blondes. “So do you two want me to throw this and you hope it isn’t your friend that catches it? Let me assure you it will be aimed at a heart and I never miss.” The woman glared at both blondes. “I will count to three then throw. One… two…”

Lili took a breath, closed her eyes and got on her knees. She heard Tashan move and felt the woman kneel beside her.

“Much better!” Tarra looked at the kneeling women and said “You are now our personal body slaves. You do what we tell you to, when we tell you to. You answer to nobody but Chandral and I. If you please us you get to spend time with the girls brought in with you, for a time frame we feel you’ve earned. We know they’re your daughters so don’t try and pretend otherwise. The girls will always be well fed, clothed, cared for and educated. If you don’t do as we ask, you won’t see the kids. If you disobey repeatedly, you’ll die and the girls will stay with us. If you decide not to live by our rules, the girls will be raised by the person we choose to replace you. We’ve never had personal slaves before so we’ll let you know what we need as we go. As this is new to all of us, I will allow you to ask several questions.”

Several seconds later, Tashan asked, curiously “Why do you want personal slaves now?”

Tarra looked Chandral who nodded. “We have ‘needs’ and if we satisfy those with anyone but a slave, that person expects commitment, privileges or favours from us. Slaves are happy with just food, shelter and reasonable treatment. You’ll get all that.”

“What do we call you?” Lili queried.

“I’m Tarranna and my sister is Chandral. You will call us Your Majesty or My Lady. Neither of us likes Mistress.”

“Holy Mother!! You’re the Queens?” Tashan wheezed and Lili nearly fell into a heap. They were slaves of the Georstrie Queens! They’d never escape now and that was crystal clear to both women.

As if reading the slaves’ minds Tarranna uncrossed her legs and leaned forward. She stared them both in the eyes and stated factually “Try to escape and you will die. In fact, if you leave right now we’ll give you a thousand gold pieces to start a new life with. BUT the kids stay with us. This is your only chance to leave as free women. It’s now your choice to stay as slaves or leave and be free.”

Both blondes remained on their knees but straightened their bodies.

Lili looked up and asked, with tears in her eyes. “Do you swear the girls will always be cared for?”

Tashan then added “And when they’re older will they be forced to have sex with anyone?”

Tarra looked at the women who were staring at her.

Chandral elbowed her sister to gain her attention and made a series of deliberate signs with her hands.

Tarra nodded her agreement then promised the slaves “We swear your children will never be slaves, they will be raised as free women.”

The blondes shook with relief and unconsciously made their decision. Neither slave thought about asking what exactly would be expected of them. Their only thoughts centred around never being able to see their kids again. And that was never going to happen.

No matter what the cost.

“Stand up.” Tarra ordered and smiled as the slaves quickly complied. “Undress each other, slowly.”

Lili looked at Tashan, shock on both their faces. They’d expected to have to disrobe, but to undress each other!! Lili’s hand shook as she hesitantly reached for her best friend’s shirt. How many times had she fantasised about doing just this? Too many to count and now the time had come she was shaking like a leaf. She was slightly relieved to see Tashan’s hand was as unsteady as hers.

Lili shook and her fingers fumbled to unfasten the buttons on Tash’s shirt. Shock hit her with the force of a lightning bolt as her fingers accidentally met with the other blonde’s skin. She heard Tashan’s intake of breath but couldn’t look up from her task. Lili tried desperately to ignore the burning feeling in her lower regions as her friend’s fingers fumbled with the fasteners on her blouse.

Lili gulped as she finished with the last button and Tashan’s garment opened to expose a line of flesh, from her friend’s neck to her stomach. She ignored the feeling of fresh air on her own heated skin as she slowly eased the material from Tashan’s upper body. She stared at the exposed pert breasts and sighed softly. She’d seen Tashan naked before but not like this. Never like this!

Lili lowered her hands and felt her own shirt fall from her shoulders. Both women caught their breaths as they came close enough to feel the heat from each other’s body.

Tashan froze as she regained some measure of control then reached around Lili to unclasp the blonde’s skirt. It fell to the floor unhindered. She closed her eyes and swallowed noisily as Lili reached around her to unbutton her remaining clothing. Tashan shook as Lili had to move even closer due to her shorter arms. Their nipples touched each other’s skin and both women inhaled deeply, their movements sluggish as the pulled apart and turned to face the Queens.

“Come closer to us.” Tarra instructed, her voice deep and husky.

The blondes stepped out of the clothing and moved so their knees were an inch from the dark haired women still sitting on the lounge.

“Lili turn to your left and Tashan hug into her back.” Lili gasped and her legs trembled but she managed to turn. She felt Tashan moving closer and tried to strangle a groan as the woman’s breasts pushed into her upper back. Lili was thankful for Tash’s arms around her body as she nearly crumbled to the floor. “Run your hands over her breasts and rub the nipples.” Tarra directed.

Lili felt Tashan rest her forehead on the back of her skull and her hair move with the taller blonde’s short, sharp breaths.

Tashan gently kissed Lili’s neck and cheek as she whispered “Please enjoy this. I need you to enjoy it.” Tashan slowly moved her right hand to and covered Lili’s breast. She moved her hand in a circular motion, touching only the hardening tip of the nipple. Tashan heard Lili suck in a deep breath and felt Lili unconsciously arch her back, moving closer to her friend. Tashan moved her left hand to caress Lili’s other breast and nipple, following the Queen’s orders.

The twins enjoyed the show the blondes were giving them for a while then Tarra commanded the blondes to sit on Chandral and her thighs. The twins drove the blondes insane with need and finally let them achieve release.

Tarra sighed as Tashan melted and melded with her upper body, the slave was semi coherent from the strength of her orgasm. Tarra closed her eyes and held the slave close as she kissed along the blonde’s neck. Tarra looked at her sister and smiled as she saw Lili draped over Chandral in the same manner as Tashan was on her.

Chandral returned her sister’s smile as she moved to the edge of the lounge, supported Lili’s posterior on her forearms and stood. Lili mumbled as she hugged closer into the Queen and held onto the woman’s neck. Chandral walked into the bedroom and placed a slowly recovering Lili on the bed.

Tarra followed closely behind her sister and lowered Tashan onto the sheets.

The Queens undressed and straddled the blondes’ lower bodies. “Round two!” Tarra declared as she leaned forward to take Tashan’s breast in her mouth.

Tashan and Lili moaned and continued to do so as the dark haired beauties drove them slowly toward hormone induced insanity.


Hours later the four women were dressed and the Queens were again sitting in the four seater lounge. Lili and Tashan sat on the floor between the legs of the Queens, their heads resting on the Queens’ thighs.

“Stand up.” Tarra ordered and the blondes quickly did so.

“General Melanger will be here soon. You both will have sex with him.”

The slaves’ mouths flew open but they didn’t say a word. They stared at the wall in front of them and tried not to think about anything but being with their daughters.

There was a knock on the door and the General walked in. He saluted his Queens then stood at attention, behind the slaves.

Lili and Tashan closed their eyes and started unbuttoning their shirts. Tears ran down both their faces.

“General. We wanted to thank you for finding our new slaves.”

“No thanks necessary Your Majesties. I’m pleased you find them suitable.”

“Oh, we do... You picked well.”

“Well, your instructions were quite specific - blue and/or green eyed blondes and not too tall. Children they protect like lionesses.”

“Yes, well we do have a soft spot for blondes…” Tarra smiled at the man then said “You may go now.”

Melanger saluted the women and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Lili and Tashan’s eyes flew open, as did their mouths. Tarra looked at the bare chests half hidden behind the open shirts of the slaves and smiled. “You didn’t want to do what I told you to but were going to do it anyway. That’s all I wanted to know. You are for us only. You will never be touched by anyone else. Understood?”

The blondes nodded and fell to the floor, their relief so great they broke into a hot sweat and started to dry heave. Chandral rose and placed a large bowl on the floor in front of the slaves, just in time for Tashan to vomit into it. As Tashan finished utilising the container, Lili pulled it from her friend and added her own contribution. The women continued to share the bowl for quite a while.

Tarra looked at the slaves then her sister. “They’re vomiting because they’ll only ever have sex with us. Is that good or bad?”

“From their looks when Melanger left, I’d say it’s good.” Chandral said so softly her sister had to strain to hear it. Chandral smiled automatically as her sister beamed a smile at her. “Your smile made them pass out.” Chandral chuckled as she nodded toward the unconscious women on the floor.

Tarra scoffed and kissed Chandral’s cheek. “Nah, it was hearing your beautiful voice.” Both women laughed then each picked up a slave and carried her into the bedroom. They placed the unconscious women on a mattress in one corner of the room and raised their eyebrows as the blondes gravitated to each other and hugged closely.

Chandral turned to face her sister, raised an eyebrow and scoffed. “You threatened to cut, whip or hit them then said you were going to kill one of them! You are such a fraud.” Chandral hugged her twin as she sighed “How long do you think it’ll take before they realise you’re all bluff?”

Tarra shrugged as she scoffed “I am not!”

Chandral chuckled as she stirred her sister “Yes you are! You never hurt women or kids!”

Tarra laughed as she stirred back “Well it’s just as well these two didn’t know that or you’d have to have kids the old fashioned way! And be celibate for the rest of your life.”

Chandral cringed and reflexively put her hands over her stomach. “Do not even joke about either of those things!! There is no way I’m ever going to go through the ordeal of childbirth and now I know what sex is like I’m not missing out on it ever again!”

Tarra laughed, hugged her twin and was distracted as she heard the children being brought in for lunch.


Lili woke up mumbling. She reached for Tashan but she wasn’t there. She looked up to see steel blue eyes staring at her. She quickly sat up and pulled her still open shirt straight. “Take it off.” Tarra ordered. Lili did so and waited for Tarra to tell her what to do next. “Naked, on the bed.”

Lili stood, removed her pants before quickly moving to the Queens’ bed where she saw Tashan being ravaged by Chandral. Lili lay next to the other women and looked at the ceiling. She felt the bed move as Tarra lay on top of her and she looked into the dark haired woman’s eyes.

“Have you and Tashan pleasured each other before?” Tarra demanded and Chandral’s attack on Tashan stopped.

“No, Majesty.” Lilli easily assured the dark haired woman.

“You woke up looking for her.” Tarra ground out. The Queen couldn’t believe the emotion the slave voluntarily touching her friend evoked in her.

“We’ve shared the same bed since we were kids. We hug and hold hands but we’ve never been intimate. Not until you told us to.” Lili was being held down by the taller woman and stared into her eyes, hoping the Queen accepted the answer for what it was. The absolute truth.

Tarra’s eyes drilled into Lili’s for a long time then she growled “Keep it that way! You are not to pleasure each other or yourselves unless we say to.” Tarra looked sideways at Tashan. “Did you hear and understand that?” She asked Tashan.

Tasha quickly nodded and affirmed “Yes Majesty.”


The Queens eventually left the room for several hours before returning in the late afternoon. The Queens were sitting on their favourite lounge, the slaves on the floor nearby when there was a soft knock on the door. It opened and four girls were urged inside. “Mumma!!” they screamed as they ran to the blonde haired women. Lili and Tashan forgot about the dark haired Queens and hugged and kissed their daughters. Lili’s birth daughter Patience was the spitting image of her mother as was Laeken with Tashan.

The blonde women had been travelling for several weeks when they came across a dead couple, their tiny infant twin daughters hidden under their bodies. The tiny twins had dark hair and vivid blue eyes and the blondes immediately fell in love with them. The blondes knew they wouldn’t be able to leave the girls to die or in a village for strangers to raise. So they’d taken the babies with them and now considered them their daughters.

Sometime later, there was another knock on the door and several people carrying trays of food entered the room. The servers placed the trays on the table, saw the Queen’s motion for them to leave and promptly did so.

The Queens casually made their way to the table and uncovered the food. “Lili and Tashan, serve the children then sit next to us.” Tarra ordered.

Lili and Tashan urged the children to the table and filled their plates with a selection of meat and vegetables. The girls sat quietly and waited for their mothers to also sit. Lili and Tashan bowed their heads and the children followed suit. “Holy Mother, we thank you for the food we have to eat and ask that you continue to bless our small family with your love. Thank you.”

The children looked at their mothers who in turn looked at the dark haired women. “May they eat now, please?” Tashan asked quietly. The Queens nodded and the children didn’t wait for their mothers to pass on the message.

Lili was seated next to Tarra so the Queen addressed her. “Fill my plate with the lamb and vegetables. Tashan, do the same for Chandral.”

Lili stood and did as she was asked, as did Tashan. The slaves put the loaded plates in front of their Queens and sat back in their chairs. The slaves were then told to serve themselves as the dark haired women started to eat.

The blondes hesitated but good sense prevailed. They needed to keep up their strength to keep the children safe and well. Regardless how much it irked them to be ordered around and treated like the slaves they now were. Lili and Tashan dished up some food and ate the wonderfully prepared meal.

The children finished first and sat quietly talking and joking with each other. Patience sat staring at Queen Tarranna. “You want something, Shortie?” The woman abruptly asked. Patience nodded and the Queen nodded for her to speak.

“What’s your name?”


“What’s your sister’s name?”


“Does Chandral talk?”

“Only when she wants to.”

“Are you important? All the soldiers jump when you come near them.”

“Some people think so. Good, it keeps them on their toes.”

“Where are we?”

“Georstrie Castle.”

“What do you do?”

“Boss people around.”

“Is that fun?”

“Yes.” Chandral looked at Tarra and grinned as she took another mouthful of food. Tarra raised her eyebrows and tried to hide her own smile.

“Why are we here?”

“Because you live with us now.”

“How come?”

“Your mothers were given a choice and they decided to stay here.”

“Do you want us to stay with you?”

“Maybe. I don’t know if I like you yet.”

“When will you know?”

“Could be soon or in a year.”

“How will you know if you like us?”

Tarra threw Patience’s question back at her. “How will you know if you like us?”

Patience grinned and squinted. “I asked first!”

“So you did. I’ll know I like you if I don’t tell you to get out of my sight and not come back.”

“I know I like you because you haven’t told me to stop asking questions.” Patience chuckled at the shocked look on Tarra’s face. Chandral snorted and tried to cover it with a cough. “How old are you?”

“Old enough not want to answer that question!”

“Is Chandral older than you?” Chandral coughed and glared at the child. Patience laughed and continued. “I think she’s younger.” Chandral raised her eyebrows and slightly nodded at Patience.

“We don’t know, mum would never tell us.”

“Where’s your mother now.”

“In her room.”

“Do you know if you like me yet?”

“No, but you did call me old. So it’s not looking good for you.”

Patience laughed “Are you ever going to tell me to stop?”


“Why are you letting me ask so many questions?”

“You won’t learn anything if you don’t ask… Tell us what you know about me.”

Patience squinted and smiled at the woman. “Your name is Tarra, your sister is Chandral and she doesn’t want to talk much.” She took a breath and continued. “People think you’re important and you like bossing them around. We’re in Georstrie Castle and we’re going to live with you. You don’t know if you or Chandral is older and your mum lives here too.” Patience looked at Tarra and kept going. “You like me asking questions so I’ll learn stuff and you haven’t told me to get out of your sight yet so you must like me.”

Chandral chuckled and smiled at Patience. Tarra frowned at her sister and asked Patience to come to her. “See how much you learnt in just a few questions?”

Patience nodded and rested her elbows on Tarra’s thighs. “Would you like to ask me stuff now?”

Tarra smiled at the offer and said “How about you properly introduce me to your sisters and we’ll go from there.”

Patience climbed onto Tarra’s lap and leaned into the Queen’s chest. She held one of Tarra’s hands and with her free hand pointed to her sisters as she named them. “Laeken, Ndindari and Macgaven. You already know my mums Lili and Tashan.”

“Do you sit on the laps of everyone you’ve just met?”

“No, just the ones I like.”

Tarra surprised herself by holding the girl closer to her chest. “Have you had enough to eat?”

“Yes thank you. It was lovely.”

“Do you think you could fit in a piece of pie?”

“Pie!! Yes please.” All the children sat up in their chairs, eagerly waiting for their desert.

“Lili and Tashan, pie for all of us. Please.” The Queens knew children picked up the behaviour of those around them and intended to be polite to their slaves.

The girls cheered and as Tarra didn’t ask Patience to get down, Laeken walked to Chandral and climbed onto her lap. Chandral was shocked but didn’t tell her to leave, so the Laeken snuggled in as close as possible.

Lili and Tashan stood and served the pie before sitting again. Ndindari and Macgaven climbed into their mums’ laps and happily let their mothers feed them.

When everyone was finished, Tarra told the children to go to the lounges and play with the toys in the box on the floor. The girls eagerly did so and Tarra looked at Lili. “Tell the guard to have the servers clear the table then you and your friend can play with the children before they go to bed.”

The adult twins left the blondes and sat on a lounge to watch the children enjoy themselves.

Lili looked at Tashan and shrugged before she went to the door and gave the guard his orders. She left the door open then she and Tashan walked to where the girls were playing and joined in. The servers came and went quietly, closing the door behind them.

It wasn’t long before Ndindari and Macgaven were alternating with their older sisters on Tarra and Chandral’s laps, telling them little stories about the wooden animals they’d found in the box.

All too soon, the girls started to yawn and rub their eyes. Tara and Chandral took Patience and Laeken’s hands and led them into a room off the lounge room. Lili and Tashan picked up a tiny twin each and followed close by. The room had a large bed in the corner, the legs of which were only a foot high. There were long, thin cushions on the floor all the way around the bed and where the bed met the wall (so the kids wouldn’t hit their head on the rock and the babies wouldn’t roll off the bed).

“This is your room. We had the big bed put here so you can keep each other company. When you get a bit older we’ll rearrange things. We’ll be in the next room… And so you won’t be scared we had these brought up for you.”

Chandral handed each girl a stuffed toy. The children stared wide eyed at the dolls and hugged them tightly. Patience and Laeken attached themselves to the legs of the women and thanked them profusely while the tiny twins tiredly murmured their thanks.

The tiny twins crawled across the bed and climbed under the covers while the older pair took the outside. Good nights were whispered and the candles blown out. Chandral waved her hand over a dead candle and a dull light appeared from it but no flame. Tarra explained “This light will be on for you all night. It can’t catch fire like a candle. Sleep well.”

The four adults left the room and immediately retired to the Queens’ room.

Hours later, the blonde slaves moved to their mattress where they promptly fell asleep from exhaustion.


Very early the next morning, Lili and Tashan quickly dressed and hurried to the next room to see their daughters. They had permission to be with the girls and the women didn’t want to miss a second.

The Queens lay on their bed with grins on their faces and their hearts pounding. “I’m hungry.” Chandral chuckled.

“Ah huh! No wonder! Now that’s what I call a good way to wake up!! Come on, let’s go eat.” Tarra laughed, stood up and dressed in casual pants and shirts.

The sisters went to the next room. As the got closer to the table, the slaves started to fill plates and as the Queens sat, food was set in front of them. The blondes had waited and not served themselves. The Queens nodded in approval and motioned for the slaves to eat.

The girls wriggled in their seats and Lili held up her finger. "Let Lady Tarra and Lady Chandral eat before you start telling them your news.”

The girls grumbled but said together “Yes Mumma.”

The children finished their breakfast and moved to the lounges where they quietly played with the toys and waited for the Queens to join them. Lili and Tashan finished before the Queens but waited at the table.

“You can go.” Tarra stated.

The blondes thanked the royals and quickly walked to their daughters.

The Queens took their time with their meal then followed and listened to the girls tell them what they’d be up to that day.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door and several female guards appeared in the room. Tarranna called the children to her and gently told them “These lovely women are Deltan and Geon. They are going to show you around the castle and introduce you to some people. Listen to and do what Deltan and Geon tell you.”

The girls nodded and happily left with their guards.

The Queens watched as the door closed then motioned their slaves closer.


Tashan opened her eyes and cringed. She was naked, on a mattress on the floor and cuddled into Lili’s back. Being a sex slave hadn’t been a dream. She lifted her head and looked on the bed, it was empty. She sighed in relief and put her head back down.

Lili moved slightly and mumbled “Are they still here?” Tashan answered her and Lili sat up. “We’d better see if the girls are back.”

Tashan put her hand on Lili’s arm and frowned as her friend pulled back slightly. “I’m sorry I did things to you, things you may not have liked. But I’m not sorry for staying.”

Lili’s head hung low but she raised it as she confessed. “I’m not sorry either. I liked what you... and what they did… is that wrong?” Tashan shook her head. “Then why do I feel like it is?”

Tash hugged Lili and kissed her brow. “Because it still feels like we didn’t have a choice… But we did and now we have to live with it. By the way, I enjoyed it too.” Lili gave a relieved snort and Tashan passed Lili’s clothes to her. “Get dressed and we’ll what’s happening now.”

The slaves exited the bedroom to find an old woman sitting at the table. “There you are. Come along, the girls will be back from their lessons soon.”

“What lessons?” Lili asked, confused.

“I think it was reading and writing this morning till lunch. Then weapon (wooden) training till nap time. Then horse riding till dinner.” The woman stood and continued talking. “The Queens left to inspect the soldiers and to do some training.” The woman looked at the blondes and grinned. “They actually smiled and talked to me. Well Tarra talked, Chandral never does. They’ve been in bad moods for years. Thank you for bringing them back to us.”

The blondes blushed and the woman banged her hand on the table, causing both blondes to look at her. “I have a good idea what you had to do…. Never be ashamed of wanting to stay with your babies!! You hear me!” The old woman’s eyes flashed and Lili held her hand.

“Thank you.” Lili said whole heartedly. “I’m Lili, this is Tashan. What’s your name?”

“Arnae.” The old woman replied.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Arnae.” Tashan smiled across the table.

Arnae smiled in return and led the way to the door. “The Queens said they’d be back for lunch. They want you in better fitting clothes by then. They’re always particularly antsy after a training session, so we’d better not dawdle.”


When Queens Tarranna and Chandral returned to their apartment well before their midday meal, they stared in shock at their slaves. Both had very short hair and were dressed in reasonably well fitted pants and shirts. The slaves knelt before their Queens and lowered their heads.

Chandral closed the door behind them, the twins looked at each other and then at the slaves. “Come here.” Tarra commanded.

Tashan and Lili moved quickly to where the Queens waited. Tarra ran her fingers through Lili’s shorter hair while Chandral did the same to Tashan. “Bedroom, now. Be undressed when we get there.”

The blondes moved quickly to do as they were told. “I like it.” Chandral whispered, huskily.

“Me too.” Tarra smiled at her sister and hugged her. “But I like hearing you talk better.”

“I know. I’ll try to do it more.” Chandral promised.

“Only if and when you’re ready to, sweetie.” Tarra didn’t want her sister to feel pressured. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

They moved as one for the bedroom and gently closed the door behind them.


After lunch, the Queens and children left the apartment. Before she left, Tarra had instructed the blondes to have a sleep – the Queens’ wanted the slaves to be well rested for their night time activities and ordered them to sleep when they could.

The slaves woke up in time to have afternoon tea with the children and the Queens.

When the light meal was finished, the blondes were left alone, this time without being taken to bed again.

Queen Tarranna returned to her rooms unexpectedly and found the blondes on their mattress. Lili on her stomach, Tashan sitting on Lili’s butt running her hands around the smaller blonde’s lower back. Lili was groaning loudly. “Please stop!!” Lili sobbed. “That hurts too much!!”

“What’s going on?” Tarra demanded as she saw the bloody towels on the floor.

Tashan hastily stood up, wiped the tears from her face and stood in front of Lili. “Lili slipped in the bathroom and cut her head on the tub. She also hurt her back.” Tashan started to undress. “Please let her rest, I’ll do what you want.”

Tarra ignored the slave and knelt next to Lili’s pale head. She gently inspected the wound on the blonde’s brow and looked at Tashan. “Why didn’t you send for us?”

Tashan was genuinely confused. “We’re slaves. I didn’t think you’d want to be disturbed, Majesty.”

Tarra told Tashan to move from the doorway and moments later Chandral flew through the entrance. Chandral knelt opposite Tarra and listened as her sister quietly told her what had happened. The twins were on either side of Lili’s posterior as they rubbed their hands together to warm them up. The Queens then reached over Lili and grasped each other’s hand. They placed their free hands on Lili’s lower back and watched as their hands glowed slightly.

Lili sighed with relief and started to relax as her tortured muscles eased their grip and the pain started to recede. As Chandral ran her fingers over the gash on the blonde’s head, Lili opened her eyes for the first time since the accident. “Thank you.” She mumbled as she fell asleep.

Tashan stared at Lili, stunned at the healed flesh. If she hadn’t seen the damage herself she’d have thought there had never been a mark there.

Tarra ordered the still crying Tashan to look at her. “She’s fine now. She’s just resting. If anything like this ever happens to either of you or the girls, you’re to send the guards for us immediately. Understood?”

Tashan nodded, wiped her face and gratefully thanked the Queens.

Tarra told Tashan’s she was not going to see her daughters that evening, to ensure she fully understood their orders.


When Lili woke not long later, she wondered why Tashan was standing, staring at the wall in front of her. Lili stood and was surprised to see the Queens lying on the bed.

Lili moved to be with her friend but was stopped by Tarra’s abrupt command. “Come here!” Lili walked to the bed and her eyes were immediately drawn to Tarra’s. “Tashan is being punished because she didn’t send for us when you fell.”

Lili protected Tashan by supporting the decision she’d made. “Majesty please! If she’d have fallen I wouldn’t have sent for you either. You’re the Queens, we wouldn’t dare disturb you.”

Tarra ordered Tashan to repeat her instructions on what to do if an accident occurred again. The slave did so perfectly.

Lili was told to join her friend staring at the wall. Neither woman could understand why the Queens were determined to know if they were ever hurt.

The blondes stood quietly, trying not to listen to the mumbled discussion taking place behind them.

The Queens left the room, after telling the slaves not to talk to or touch each other.

Several minutes later, the twins returned to the room and instructed the slaves to approach them. The slaves were confused when they saw the Queens sorting through clothing strewn on the bed. Tarra ordered them to “Find an outfit that fits. Quickly, you’re coming with us.”

The blonde slaves hastily each donned a pair of leather pants, a linen shirt (with the Queens’ emblem of a rearing horse embroidered just above the left breast) and a belt. The women then put on a pair of knee high boots.

The Queens grunted their approval then led the slaves out of the castle.

Tarranna and Chandral stopped at a large field nearby, where soldiers were either helping to load wagons or sparring with various types of weapons. General Melanger saluted his Queens and the twins entered into a discussion with him.

Lili and Tashan stood by the Queens and watched the soldiers spar. The slaves snorted as they saw one person hit himself in the head with a staff.

The Queens stopped talking and followed their slaves’ line of sight to see what had amused them. Tarranna cringed as she saw a young man, a boy really, hit his knee with his staff and understood the slaves groan of sympathy. Tarra looked at Chandral and saw her sister shrug and shake her head. “HEABEN!!” Tarra yelled and the boy ran to stand in front of her. “Get inside and help organise the stores.”

Heaben took a breath and looked like he was going to argue so Chandral smacked the back of his head and pointed to the castle. Her eyes drilled into his and it was clear neither Queen would tolerate him arguing.

As Heaben mumbled and walked away Melanger chuckled at his insolence. “That boy is going to knock his own head off one day or do something so stupid you have to do it for him!”

Tarra shook her head and agreed with her General. “It’s totally his mother’s fault, she spoils him dreadfully.”

His mother?” Melanger asked, his eyebrow raised high.

“Yep, when she’s spoiling him into a useless milksop I disown her.” Tarra grinned at Chandral’s questioning look. “What? Do you really want to admit he’s our brother? It’s a wonder he can use the toilet without mother wiping his arse for him!”

Chandral laughed melodically, causing the stunned slaves to stare at the quiet woman. The blondes saw Chandral’s hands move, in deliberate gestures and were amazed when Tarranna seemed to know what her sister was thinking.

“I am not being mean! I am merely stating a fact. That fact being that our only sibling is a mummy’s boy!”

Chandral playfully smacked her sister’s shoulder and laughed again.

Melanger smiled at the relaxed state of his Queens, something he hadn’t seen for nearly a decade. “Queen Tarra’s right, Your Majesty. Your new slaves are better soldiers than your brother will ever dream of being.”

The Queens tilted their heads and stared at the blondes. The sisters smiled nefariously at each other and Tarra growled. “Is that right?”

Melanger laughed and confirmed “Yep, when we captured them they held off a dozen of my men. I had to resort to using the children, just to stop these two. You know how I really hate to use kids like that!”

The Queens nodded, knowing full well Melanger meant every word as the absolute truth.

Tarra grinned at the slaves, who gulped anxiously. “Well, well, well. Get them their weapons so we can see how good they really are.”

Melanger called a soldier to him and sent him to obtain the required swords.

As they waited the Queens and General chatted quietly whilst watching the activity around them.

When the soldier returned Tarra called him to her and took the swords and daggers. She handed half to Chandral and the Queens inspected the well-crafted arms. “These are expensive and extremely well made. Where did you get them?”

Lili looked the Queen in the eye and stated “My parents. My mother owned the gear I now use. My father gave Tashan hers when she became of age.”

“Your family are wealthy? What did they do?” Melanger asked.

“I wanted for nothing but I don’t know how much money they had. They were the best gardeners in Gardenya, until they and my entire extended family were murdered by a local slaver. Tashan, the girls and I escaped as the city burnt to the ground. We were heading here to start a new life when you found us.”

Melanger grunted, satisfied with the answer.

The Queens knew there was something Lili wasn’t telling them but decided to let it slide, for the moment. The twins held out the weapons and the slaves took their equipment. “Get ready to spar.”

The slaves both said “Yes Majesty” as they fastened the sword belts around their waists and clipped the daggers to their belts.


Lili and Tashan stared into the eyes of their opponents, their concentration never wavering even though the battle had been raging for over an hour.

The slaves circled their targets, their eyes glued to the Queens, their swords reflecting the early sunlight.

Tarranna swung her sword at Tashan’s head.

Tashan raised her weapon and held her adversary at bay. She pushed with all her might and sent Tarranna several steps backward.

Tarranna laughed and smiled her brightest, unrestrained smile as she attacked Tashan with a vicious barrage of slashes and thrusts.

Lili, meanwhile, effortlessly dodged and parried Chandral’s thrusts and slashes and deftly threw in some ferocious moves of her own.

The combatants struck at one another, the tips of their swords moving so fast the blades looked invisible and a hissing sound filled the air.

Tarranna took a step back, dove into a roll and struck at Tashan’s legs.

Tashan flew over the top of Tarranna’s slashing sword, landed on both feet, pirouetted and sent her sword screaming toward Tarranna’s head as her Queen stood.

Tarranna moved her head out of the path of the oncoming sword and heard it ‘swoosh’ as it flew past her face. She smiled in pure delight.

The adversaries stared at each other, each trying to intimidate their way to victory.

Lili attacked Chandral!

Lili and Chandral’s swords locked and their boots slid on the grass as the women tried to gain traction. The women then parried back and forth as each woman vied for the optimum position for their weapons.

“Nice moves slaves!!” Tarra laughed in pure unadulterated delight. “Pity you’re going to lose.”

“Not to you, Majesty.” Tashan swung her sword at the dark haired warrior’s knees, rolled to stand behind the Queen and swiped Tarra’s back.

Tarra jumped high over the sword, twisted in the air and landed facing Tashan. She blocked the weapon targeting her back. The crossed swords pushed together, the scraping of steel making both women cringe as it hurt their ears. Tarra smirked at the face so close to hers.

Chandral and Lili were in a similar stance, their weapons again locked in front of them. Lili ignored the burning muscles in her arms and pushed a little harder. “Ah huh!....” she moaned as she managed to push Chandral back a step.

Chandral snorted and grinned her smoothest smile as she wiggled her fingers in a motion for Lili to attack again.

Tarra and Tashan’s weapons were still locked together and Tashan burst into laughter as she released her muscles, causing the women to fall to the ground. After she hit the ground, with Tarra on top of her, Tashan looked to her side and grinned as she saw Tarra’s dagger posed to puncture her stomach.

Tarra looked at her side to see Tashan’s dagger ready to skewer her.

Tarra raised her eyebrow, questioning the slave’s next move.

Tashan lowered her weapons and sighed huskily “Thank you for the workout, Majesty.”

Tarra grinned as she removed her dagger from the slave’s side. “You’re more than welcome.”

The two women slowly turned their attention to where Chandral and Lili’s swords were still locked in a no win situation.

Lili smiled, in a very friendly manner, as she gently bit Chandral’s hand. The Queen squealed and was distracted enough for Lili to press her dagger into Chandral’s stomach.

Chandral growled loudly as she realised the slave had beaten her and Tarra laughed at her sister’s hand signals. “Chandral, she did not cheat! That was a well-played distraction, one you very easily fell for!” Chandral gestured again and Tarra snorted her reply. “No, you can’t bite her back! She still has her dagger in your guts!”

Lili shook off her surprise and quickly sheathed her weapons. “Thank you for the workout, Majesty.”

Tarra laughed as she relayed her sister’s message. “Lili, Chandral says she’s looking forward to a rematch. But watch out, she’s going to sharpen her teeth!!”

Lili smiled at Chandral and nodded.

Melanger jogged to where the women were and congratulated the slaves on holding their own with the twins. “Brilliant work ladies! I haven’t ever seen the Queens work that hard!”

The Queens rolled their eyes and told Melanger to toddle off and finish his work. He grinned widely as he saluted and left.

The Queens returned to the castle, their slaves following closely behind. The dark haired warriors visited their armour maker and ordered the blondes a full set of protective gear. The next stop was the tailor where orders were placed for four sets of leather pants, thick shirts, boots and casual wear.

It was still a while before dusk when the four returned to the Queens’ apartment. The blondes were told to go into the bedroom and stay there. The punishment discussed earlier in the day was implemented and the slaves were not allowed to see their daughters that afternoon and evening.

Lili and Tashan lay on their mattress, listening to the laughter coming from the other room. Lili sighed “I miss the little buggers something dreadful but I’m happy they’re having fun.”

Tashan chuckled and replied “Yeah but it would’ve been good if they’d cried for at least one second after they found out we weren’t going to see them tonight.”

Lili snorted and agreed. “Today was a surprise. I never thought we’d see our weapons again, let alone be allowed to keep and use them.”

Tashan nodded. “I really had fun sparing. It was great to go up against someone as skilled as the Queens. I was getting so sick of beating you up!”

Lili gently smacked her friend “In your dreams, maybe! Yeah, I had fun too.” Lili looked into Tashan’s eyes and asked “We’re slaves. Aren’t we supposed to hate where we are and what we have to do?”

“From what I’ve heard, yeah. But I’m not going to complain about it so far! You?”

“No way! Our daughters are free, we all get three wonderful meals a day, we get new clothing and we’re clean and healthy. Then on top of that we’re orgasmed until we’re zombies, several times daily, and we get to do the same for those two hunks of burning sex appeal! What’s to complain about?”

Tashan laughed. “Maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone how good we’ve got it. They may try to take our places!”

Lili snorted and agreed. “My lips are sealed!”

The slaves lay quietly, listening to their children playing. Eventually the noise ceased and they looked at each other. They stood and walked to stand at the foot of the bed, the Queens appeared not long later.

Tarra looked at the slaves and said “Go to the table and have your meal. When you’re finished, have the servers clean up. When they’re finished get back in here.”

“Yes Majesty.” The slaves said and left the room, unsure why the Queens seemed a little cold toward them.

The sisters slowly disrobed and packed away their clothing. They had servants to do the job but neither liked having a mess under their feet so they usually did it themselves. “I really like the girls.” Chandral told her sister.

Tarra snorted “I know you do. They already love you too.”

Chandral lay on the bed and waited for sister to settle before she asked “What are we going to do about Lili? Technically she never lied to us. ”

“She withheld information, isn’t that the same as lying?”

Chandral mulled that over then looked Tarra in the eye. “How are we going to punish her? Neither of us can whip her and keeping her from the kids only hurts them as well.”

Tarra ruminated then drawled “Other than the girls, her only weak spot is Tashan… and they don’t know we don’t like to hurt people…”

Chandral nodded and got off the bed “I’ll get the manacles and whips.” She returned a little later with the items and placed them on the bed between her and Tarra.

The slaves returned to the room and stood stock still as they eyeballed the objects on the bed. “Tashan, Lili didn’t quite tell us the truth about her family. Unfortunately for you that necessitates you getting punished. Congratulations.”

Lili dropped to her knees and begged the sisters “Please Majesties! I’m sorry! I didn’t intentionally lie. Please don’t hurt Tashan, I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Tarra glared at the kneeling slave. “Who were your parents?”

Lili stared at the floor and promptly answered “The king and queen of Gardenya, Majesty.”

“Why did you say they were gardeners?”

Lili answered quickly “When I was growing up, I didn’t realise who they were. They loved to plant flowers and vegetables and were always outside. They always joked about being gardeners and said that’s why they called me Lili. Gardenya is now part of your sovereignty. I didn’t want to mention my being Princess Arobar of Gardenya in case you thought I was trying to gain favours or get my legacy back.”

“Tashan, what about your family and what did you do at the palace?”

“My family all died when I was young, Majesty. I don’t remember them or anything else before I was around five years old. I was raised as Lili’s companion and joined the army when I was of age. I was eventually offered the rank of General but declined in order to be Princess Arobar’s Personal Guard.”

Tarranna turned to look her sister in the eye and both Queens raised their eyebrows.

Tarranna glared at the slaves and informed them “Do not ever withhold information or lie to us again. Understand.”

Both slaves nodded and said “Yes Majesty.”

“Lili, go to bed. Tashan, you’ll be servicing both of us tonight.”

Tashan’s first thought was ‘Holy Mother! I’m dead!’

Lili’s jaw dropped and she looked at her friend. “Holy Mother Tash! I’m so sorry.” Chandral pointed to the slaves’ mattress and Lili forced herself to walk away.

Lili spent hours listening to the moans, groans and pleading from her friend.

Lili never wanted to be punished ever again and made a vow to ensure Tashan was never ever put in that situation in the future.


To be continued?

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