Queens Tarranna and Chandral


This story involves slavery and a little semi-explicit sex.

Please do not read if this will offend you.


Part 1

The characters in this story are from Queen Tarranna of Georstrie. If you are not familiar with them, it would be best to read it first.

Part 2

Lili woke up as she felt someone getting beside her onto the mattress. Lili rubbed her eyes and sleepily murmured “Tash, you ok?”

A deep and husky voice said softly “She's sleeping and I suggest you do the same.”

Lili pushed aside the shock of hearing the Queen's voice so close to her and replied. “Yes Majesty. Thank you.”

Lili felt Tashan roll onto her side and seek out Lili. The taller blonde sighed as she found her friend and hugged into her. Lili kissed Tash's brow and held her friend tightly. Guilt threatened to create tears as she remembered she was the reason Tashan was currently exhausted and semi-comatose. The small blonde whispered in Tashan's ear “I'm so sorry I got you punished and I promise I'll try never to let it happen again.”

It wasn't long before Lili's breathing slowed and she joined her friend in the land of dreams.


Lili woke up again when Tarra shook her shoulder and ordered her to get up. “Leave your friend to sleep, strip and stand at the foot of my bed.”

Lili carefully moved out of Tashan's embrace and undressed as she moved to do as she was told.

Tarranna stood behind Lili and nuzzled her neck as she whispered “Chandral is a heavy sleeper, make her come anyway you want but do it gently.”

“Yes My Lady.” Lili softly replied as she carefully crawled onto the bed and positioned herself on her side next to Chandral, who was on her back. Lili started to caress Chandral's skin and nipples with her lips and fingers and sighed quietly as she felt Tarra lay down behind her. Lili concentrated on her task, which was no easy matter when Tarra's fingers and lips were expertly touching her front whilst the Queen's ample bosom pushed into her shoulders.


Lili shook Tashan awake and said “Do you want to see the kids and have breakfast or stay here? Her Majesty said you can choose.”

“I'm up!” Tash mumbled as she sat up and reached for her clothes. She noticed Lili was undressed and raised her eyebrows in question.

“Early morning wake up call.” Lili shrugged and smiled at her friend. “Come on, I can hear the girls up and about.”

The blondes quickly dressed and quietly left the Queens in bed.

“Tarra.” Chandral sighed.

“Mmm?” Tarra didn't open her eyes, she was too relaxed to do so even if she'd wanted to.

“Thank you. Having Lili do that was the best way I've ever been woken up!”

Tarra chuckled and moaned “Pleasure. I only did it because you are such a snarly bitch in the morning!”

Chandral huffed indignantly and denied the accusation “I can't help not being a morning person! And I am not a bitch, it's just not advisable to be near me before mid-morning! Particularly when I have easy access to very, very sharp weapons!”

Tarra snorted and stated “I'll tell that to the guard who woke you up that time we were being attacked and I needed your help. The poor bastard is still sitting in his room shaking like a leaf.”

“I fell asleep with my avocado facemask on! I didn't remember that when I stormed to the door and bellowed at him. I said I was sorry.”

Tarra chuckled as she added “So the mask, plus the furry dog slippers and the bearskin rug over your shoulders wasn't some sort of new military tactic?”

“Hardy har har!!!” Chandral went quiet for a while then added “Although it would be pretty effective, especially at midnight!”

Tarra laughed and agreed with her sister. “I hope we can use it when we go to war. It might get us home quicker.”

Chandral's good humour left the room pretty quickly. “Any news yet?”

“Nothing's come in this morning but we should know for sure today.” Tarra sat up and put on her robe. “Come on, let's eat then go see mother. If we do have to leave I want Lili and Tashan to be confident she'll care for the kids properly.”

Chandral smiled sweetly “So we're going to take Lili and Tashan with us?”

Tarra rolled her eyes at her twin and smiled back at her. “Yes. I listened to your argument and we do need people with their fighting skills covering our backs.”

Chandral put on her robe and started to walk to the door. “Do you think they'll put up an argument? I don't, once they realise the war is with Sarl and his cronies.”

Tarra shrugged and sighed “No, I don't think they'll fight us on this decision.”

Chandral's grin grew wider and she nudged her sister “Cool, can I put in an order for a daily wake-up call like this morning's?”

Tarra belly laughed as she opened the door and pushed her sister out the entry way. “That depends on how Lili behaves herself. If poor old Tashan has to do all the night work herself, you may not get that lucky!!” Tarra looked her sister in the eye and raised her eyebrow. “And that's because I will always beat you to Lili of a morning.”

Chandral watched as her sister greeted the children then swaggered to the table. “Cow!” She sneered, very quietly. “I think I'm going to be getting up way earlier from now on…” Chandral froze and shook her head. “I bet that was her plan all along!! I hate it when she does that!!”

Chandral hugged the tiny twins as they ran to her and she held their hands as they made their way to the table.


After the children left for their daily lessons, the Queens were sitting shoulder to shoulder on their favourite four seater lounge. Tarra ordered the slaves to sit in her and Chandral's laps. Tarra pulled Lili closer to her chest then looked both slaves in the eyes before she started to talk. “When Chandral and I made the deal with you about you being able to see your girls every day, we may have done you an injustice.” Tarra ignored how Lili and Tashan's backs stiffened and their heads tilted as she continued. “It looks like we may be heading for war. Sarl and his cronies are amassing their armies and it could only be a matter of hours before we know for sure if they're heading this way. We've decided to give you a choice. You may stay here with the girls or come with us. We need everyone with fighting skills and you both would be invaluable to us. But the decision is yours to make.”

“What happens to us if we stay?” Lili enquired.

Tarra drew a breath and vowed “You will have full run of the castle and town. The soldiers we leave behind will have orders to protect you and the girls to the same extent they do with our mother and brother. You have our word you will be protected as much as we can possibly arrange and allow for.”

“Do you know what their force sizes are?” Tashan closed her eyes and shook her head. “I apologise Majesty. Please forgive my slip.”

Tarra chuckled and said “I gave you a choice and you need to know the facts before you decide, so no apology necessary. We know for sure each king has committed a minimum of ten thousand men to the campaign.”

Tashan sighed “Thirty thousand men!! What of Mungenolla?”

Tarra smiled at the ‘General' attitude pushing through her slave's persona. “They're sitting back to see who wins.”

Lili looked deeply into Tarranna's eyes and made a decision. She looked at Tashan and raised her eyebrow in an unspoken statement. Lili ignored Tashan's silent protest and spoke up. “Majesty. I have some information that's going to get me punished. Please believe me when I say not telling you beforehand was my mistake and not Tashan's. I ordered her not to tell anyone, just after Gardenya fell." Lili cringed as she saw the anger flare in the twins' eyes. "When my father was defeated Tash and I expected you'd arrive to clean them out and assume control. So we arranged for them not to return to Gardenya and what's left of my parents' army to be split in two. Half are heading east to the Mungenolla n side of the mountains then north to Irasia. The other half had orders to watch for your army's movements. When you start preparations to fight Sarl, they will march to meet you on the way and join your forces... The troops heading for Irasia have orders to take the castle and decimate Sarl's home and followers. They'll then march to Tamocel and do the same. If Mahchena still hasn't fallen by then, they'll head there as well. ”

Both Queens held their breaths and Tarra tried to contain her anger. “Why were you coming to Georstrie if you have access to an army? Why not take back Gardenya?”

“Majesty, my family were systematically killed in order to prove how useless it was to resist the takeover. Tash and I barely got the girls out of the area alive. We only survived because we foresaw what was heading our way and left before the main force of invaders hit the castle… We tried to get others to come with us but nobody listened to our warnings… I never wanted to be royalty and I don't want to go back there… Dad made a grave error by sending most of his men on a fool's errand. That's why most of the army survived - they weren't there when Gardenya fell. Or maybe he knew he was going to be deposed and got them out of the way… I don't know…” Lili looked at Tashan and grinned fondly at her. “Tashan gave our contingency orders to the Generals before they left. They were instructed that if Gardenya fell they were to follow your orders because we commanded them to join the Georstrie army. They now fly your standard and wear your emblems.” Lili looked at Chandral then Tarra. “The Generals know that if we survived we were going to join your cavalry.”

Tarra reigned in her anger and rolled her shoulders. “How many soldiers?”

Lili nodded to her General and Tashan spoke up. “Eight thousand well equipped, highly trained cavalry heading to Irasia. They're travelling fast and light. Seven thousand cavalry and footmen will meet your main force before you engage Sarl's forces. I anticipated you'd request the pre-war meeting be held at the intersection of the Georstrie, Tamocel and Mahchena borders and sent them in that direction. If Lili and I were wrong about Sarl, the two groups have orders to stand down and march here to receive your orders.”

“With a force that size, what's stopping people from reporting their movements to Sarl's army?”

Lili tried not to laugh and urged Tashan to speak up with the answer. It had been Tashan's idea after all. “They're sticking to the forest as much as possible but in the areas where they have to go near towns they're travelling at night. They're putting their capes over their heads and using luminous whitewash on both their capes and horses. The horses' hooves are covered with cloth so no prints will show up. To anyone who sees them, they'll look like an army of headless ghosts marching off to war.”

The Queens laughed long and loudly. Tarra declared “Well, I know I definitely wouldn't be reporting seeing that!” Tarra's thoughts turned inward as she mulled over how the Gardenyan forces would impact on her plans that were already in place. “Chandral. We need to appropriately reward Melanger for finding this pair. Can you remind me to do that please?”

Chandral snorted and nodded.

Tarra looked at the blondes and dipped her head “Thank you. We definitely have a better chance of flogging Sarl's ugly butt now.”

The blondes bowed their heads and said “Thank you Majesty.”

Tarra lifted Lili's chin and growled "Why didn't you tell us this before?"

Lili was flummoxed and tried to explain to the Queens why. "I honestly forgot about it, until you mentioned going to war." Lili looked at Tashan and tried to reassure her friend, with a soft smile. "After we escaped all we thought about was surviving and how we would find enough food for four kids. Once we got here, my life in my parents' castle had become a very distant memory and I tried to keep it that way. I really didn't mean to deceive either of you." Lili made eye contact with both sisters before looking down.

Tarra muttered firmly. "You will be punished." Tarra acknowledged Lili's acceptance of that as fact then asked of her slaves. "Do either of you have any more questions?"

Lili sighed "Yes Majesty." She then gently probed “If we go with you. Who would care for our daughters?”

Tarra smiled at the thought of the girls. “Our mother. She's ruined Heaben by smothering him but she should be better with the four girls to split her time with. It may even give the poor boy some room to breathe!” Tarra went on to say “We're taking you to meet her after we finish talking.”

Tashan coughed and nearly choked “Pardon Majesty! But are you sure you want to let those four girls run riot with your mother? They'd run her ragged inside a week.”

The twins huffed and Tarra chortled as she assured the blondes that wouldn't happen. “Mother's pretty spry and nobody gets away with anything with her! The two guards looking after the girls are mother's partners, so she'll have plenty of help.”

Chandral used her hand signs to talk to her sister. Tarra rolled her eyes and muttered “Chan would like to know what your decision is before we introduce you to mother. I think she's scared you'll stay here once you meet her!”

Tashan looked at Lili, her eyes wide with apprehension and fear. Tashan turned her attention back to Tarra. "Is she really that bad?"

Tarra looked at Chandral who cringed and shrugged. "Imagine going on your first raid as commander of several legions of fierce warriors. You're riding out of town and this mad woman comes charging at you waving her hands around like she's having a seizure. Imagine having that mad woman screaming at you "Tarra, Chandral!! You forgot your lunch!! I packed your favourite little butterfly cakes and cut the crust off your sandwiches!" Tarra ignored the slaves attempts to cover their laughs and kept on with her horror story. "Imagine another time that same mad woman pulls you off your horse so she can kiss your cheek as she's yelling at the top of her voice "Be careful mummy's baby girls!! Mummy loves you both so very, very much!!" That wouldn't have been so bad but it was in front of the bloody enemy General who'd just rode up with a white flag and wanted to talk surrender terms. Needless to say he shook his head and rode back to his army. Those kisses on our cheeks cost us hundreds of men."

Lili and Tashan closed their eyes and looked away, both desperately trying not to laugh at the Queens' embarrassment.

Chandral elbowed Tarra in the side and madly signed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that one! Same mad woman takes us to our first day at warrior camp. We'd spent hours making our leathers to look worn and faded, so we'd look the part and hopefully fit in. She'd got them without our knowing and cleaned them. The leather was so shiny it blinded the trainer and he threatened to kick us out, in the first ten minutes! But wait, there's more! She got our undies and died them pink! Imagine being in a camp where your clothes are cleaned in a communal laundry and hung out for everyone to see. Imagine you're being taught to lop off someone's head and everyone knows you're privates are PINK! We were laughed out of camp!!"

Chandral signed madly again.

Tarra added "Yeah, come to think of it that is the time you stopped talking!!"

Lili and Tashan couldn't retrain themselves any longer. They laughed so hard they flopped against the Queens, bounced off them and onto the floor. The two blondes writhed around the room, groaning with the pain the laughter caused.

The Queens crossed their arms and glared at their slaves. Tarra looked to Chandral, who was signing her thoughts. "You are correct, Sista. That would be a lovely punishment for our little slave, Lili."

Lili instantly stopped laughing and looked at the Queens. She raised her eyebrows and closed her eyes as she contemplated what the twins had in mind. Surely they wouldn't be that cruel?

Tashan buried the last of her mirth and stared in empathy at her friend. She shook her head at her former Princess as she had a very good idea what was heading Lili's way. She moved to kneel at Tarra's knees. "Please Majesty have mercy. Lili really didn't mean to withhold information from you!"

Tarra sneered at Tashan and asked "Do you want to take her sentence, again?" Tarra's sneer grew more feral as she watched Tashan's glance at Lili then her shame as she shook her head negatively. "Smart move, slave!" Tarra focused on Lili as she leaned forward in her seat. "Lili, for your punishment you will spend the entire day with our mother. And I intend to tell her you love to be coddled!"

Lili's scream of 'NO!' was heard throughout the entire castle.


The Queens led the way to their mother's apartment, they didn't look behind to see if their slaves were following as the blondes knew what would happen if they ran.

The slaves quick marched to keep up with the fast moving twins, both were determined not to incur the wrath of the Queens again. Tashan grabbed hold of Lili's hand and squeezed it, trying to convey her apology for being a coward.

Lili looked at the woman next to her and mouthed "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me." Lili wished with all her heart she felt as confident as she was trying to portray.

The Queens barely slowed their pace as they reached a set of wooden doors and opened both of them. They charged through the entryway, leaving the doors open for the women behind them.

The slaves closed the room dividers then quickly moved to stand one step behind the Queens.

Tarra and Chandral's bodies stiffened as an older version of the twins walked toward them. "Morning mother."

"Morning baby girls!" Ranna enveloped Tarra in a bone crushing hug, kissed her cheeks three or four times each then did the same to Chandral. She patted Chandral's stomach gently and shook her head. "You're losing weight, girl! Go sit at the table and eat something! And I will be checking to see what you've eaten!" Ranna pushed Chandral toward the table then turned her evil eye back to Tarra. "You too!! What have you two been doing to yourselves? Get over with your sister!!"

"But mother!!!"

"Don't you 'but mother' me Tarranna!" Ranna shooed her daughter then turned her attention to the blonde women frozen in front of her. "And who might you be?"

"Lili, Majesty."

"Tashan, Majesty."

"Oh right! My girls' body slaves I've heard about." Ranna's eyes shot daggers at her daughters. "Heard about from everyone but you two!!" Ranna smirked as the Queens cringed. "Well you pair are even scrawnier than my daughters. Go eat something!!" Ranna wasn't taking no for an answer and herded the slaves toward the table. Ranna picked up a bowl of muffins and casually placed one in front each of the four sitting women.

Tashan and Lili looked wide eyed to their Queens, seeking permission to eat. The twins tried to cover their embarrassment but failed miserably as they nodded their approval.

Tarra waited until she'd finished her mouthful before she tried to talk to her mother, she knew better than to try it with un-masticated food. "Mother we may have to head off to war very soon and we need your help with something."

"Again?? When are you two going to stop running around trying to get yourselves killed?"

Tarra tried to stop Ranna's rant before she got too carried away. "We never ask for war, mother. Sarl and his cronies have banded together and it looks like they're heading this way. We may have to leave as soon as tomorrow. Lili and Tashan have extraordinary sword skills and will be coming with us. But they have four girls who'll need to be cared for. We thought you might like to do that."

"But I can't dear." Ranna looked at the blondes and shrugged "Not that I wouldn't love to care for the babies, goodness knows they'll probably be the closest things I get to GRANDKIDS!!" Ranna glared at the twins then continued "But I'm going with you."

"WHAT?" Tarra demanded.

Chandral was so shocked, she almost yelled out the same question.

"You are NOT coming to war with us!" Tarra stood up and planted her feet, ready to slog it out with her mum.

"Don't you take that tone with me daughter!" Ranna circled the table and poked Tarra in the chest, causing the Queen to fall back into her chair. "I am not sitting here for months on end waiting for news about your exploits, worried sick that you've been injured or killed. I'm too old to be in a constant state of anxiety so I'm going wherever you do. Get over it!" Ranna looked at the slaves and smiled sweetly. "Bring your daughters with us. I'll happily care for them while you're off watching my girls' backs."

The slaves' eyes grew wider as they looked from the Queens to their mother, not sure of what was happening.

Ranna put more food on Tarra's plate then seemed in a daze as she slowly moved to do the same with Chandral's plate. "I don't have a thing to wear to war!! I need to go shopping!" She looked at Tarra then Chandral and smiled "Can I borrow Deltan and Geon for the morning dears? I'll need their help with what I'll need to take with me."

Tarra ran her hand over her face and shook her head. She looked at her sister and saw the same look of defeat in her face. "No, they have work to do… Take Lili, she loves shopping and I'm sure I heard her say she misses how her mum used to do everything for her."

Ranna's eyes lit up as she stared at Lili. She urged the blonde to stand then grabbed her by the hand and pulled her toward the door. Ranna snagged a muffin on the way past and demanded Lili take it. "Come on sweetie, we've got an awful lot to do by nightfall! You really should get some more work clothes these are looking a bit drab. Do you have enough clean undies to last you? Do you have enough sexy undergarments? Of course you don't, what was I thinking? You warrior types never do! We can get something for my girls and your friend too! I do know what a body slave is for, you know."

Lili stared back at the twins and softly cried out "Please, I'm sorry!!"

Tarra and Chandral were too stunned to move. Their mother had just told their body slave she was going to buy her sexy undies? For all four of them!!

Tashan turned her dumbfounded gaze from one twin to the other. "I promise I will never, ever piss you off!"


The twins spent the morning ensuring the preparations for their departure were on track, Tashan happily followed behind them.

At lunchtime, the trio headed back to the Queens' rooms and ate with the four girls.

After their meal, Tarra shook her head in shame as she informed the Royal Guards (RGs), Deltan and Geon, that the Queen Mother would be accompanying them when they left, as were the children.

The RGs took the news well. "That woman is going to be the death of us!!" Deltan grumbled.

Geon glared at her Queens. "You're just going to let her bully you? Again?"

Tarra and Chandral snorted their disgust with themselves. "I can't wait for the day I see you stand up to her!"

Geon smiled and shrugged "It could be a very long wait. Don't hold your breath."

The Queens laughed and motioned for the guards to join them on their lounges for a talk.

The girls moved from lap to lap, happily mooching hugs and kisses from the women as they happily chatted.


Ranna and Lili had been systematically inspecting every stall in the market place. Runners had been constantly moving back and forth from the castle for the entire time carrying their purchases home.

Lili shook her head in disbelief at the woman next to her. Ranna had purchased several pink shirts and the smirk on the older woman's face instantly told the slave Ranna knew the twins would never willingly wear them. The slave stared at the woman beside her as Ranna rummaged through yet another pile of clothing.

Ranna held up a shirt, held it against Lili's chest, shook her head and replaced it in the pile.

Lili shook her head at her revelation. "You do it on purpose, don't you?"

Ranna froze then pretended to laugh in a ditzy way. "Do what on purpose?"

"You smother them for a reason, what is it?" Lili's eyes narrowed and she refused to let Ranna move away.

Ranna rolled her head, sighed deeply then turned to look Lili in the eye. "Yes I do. They were raised without a father and I didn't want them being stepped on by anyone. So I made sure they grew up with someone to be angry with. Every time I embarrassed them, they channelled that frustration into winning a fight. They're so focused and such over achievers!" Ranna sighed. "They've never really failed at anything and it scares me that the first time will be the death of them."

Lili was confused "What about when they were kicked out of warrior camp? Didn't they fail that?"

Ranna scoffed and chuckled "No, they were too advanced for that place!! The instructor knew he was in over his head and made out he couldn't teach girls because they were too 'feminine'. But I did make sure they used the pink undie thing to win all their campaigns."

Lili laughed and asked "What about Heaben? They're sure you're smothering him."

Ranna smirked and tilted her head. "Well I only do it to him because he asks me to." Ranna looked Lili in the eye and kept talking. "He's never going to be a warrior, he can use a sword with quite a bit of skill but he hasn't got it in him to kill." Ranna sighed "He's so accomplished as a leatherworker he's an artist. All of his work goes to the girls and they think I purchase their stuff from a master craftsman." Ranna shrugged "He doesn't want his sisters to know what he does, for some strange reason he would rather they know him as a milksop!"

Lili smiled gently and asked "Is that why you want to go to war, to keep them angry?"

Ranna picked up another shirt and discarded it. "Yes but I really do worry about them incessantly. I want to be close because I love them so much and I can't imagine being away from them for months on end… Wouldn't you like to stay close to your girls?"

Lili slowly nodded. She hated the thought of leaving her kids for any length of time.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'll make sure they never see what's happening. And if something happens in camp, my wives and I will get them out of danger quick smart."

Lili's eyes misted as she hugged the older woman and kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

Ranna's smile was blinding as she patted Lili's shoulder and pulled her to the next stall.


Deltan and Geon had escorted the children to their next lesson and the Queens were still sitting on their lounge talking.

Tashan was lying on her stomach across both of the Queens' laps. She was naked and they were delicately caressing every piece of exposed skin. The dark haired twins hadn't touched her in a sexual manner but their caresses were slowly driving Tashan insane.

The Queens sat quietly musing over all that had to be done before morning. The messenger had finally arrived and they were definitely heading to war at daybreak the next morning.

"We should've told mother to get the kids some more clothes!" Chandral signed. "Will there be enough room in our tent for all of us?"

Tarra sighed "I sent Arnae and her assistants to let mother know about the kids clothes and we can link a smaller tent to ours so the girls will have their own room. Will you please stop fretting?"

"No! What if they not safe enough?"

"I hate to admit this but mother may be right. The kids will be safer with us than anywhere else. We'll be able to rotate their guards more often and it'll be great to see them every day."

"I like that idea of seeing them all the time too! I'd worry about them if we didn't."

The Queens smiled as their thoughts turned to the children and they were silent for a while. "What if they get hurt or sick? Did you remember to tell the healers we'd have the kids along? And the cooks? The girls won't like all the heavy stuff the kitchen make for the soldiers."

"Yes, Tarra. Will you please stop fretting?"

Tarra glared at her sister and took a breath in preparation for a full blown sister brawl.

The door opened and Lili stepped inside. The slave saw the Queens on the lounge and turned to ask the people outside the door to wait. "Majesties, I have delivery men with your purchases. Would you like them to come in?"

Chandral pulled a very colourful knitted blanket (courtesy of Ranna) off the back of the lounge and covered Tashan with it. She then nodded to Lili.

Lili directed the men on where to place the purchases then hurried them out of the room. She closed the door and walked to kneel in front of the Queens. "Queen Ranna asked me to thank you for sending the runner about leaving tomorrow and Arnae about the girls' clothing. She said to tell you she will be supervising the packing of her and the children's gear and will see you at dinner tonight. " Lili bowed her head and confessed. "Majesties, your punishment was not successful." She looked up at the twins and cringed. "I enjoyed myself and I liked spending time with your mother."

The Queens were stunned! Chandral finally broke out of her haze and grinned as she signed to her sister "She enjoyed being with mother! We can get her to distract mum when she gets too intense!"

Tarra chuckled and nodded to her sister. "You are one clever woman Chan!" Tarra targeted Lili with an icy glare. "Go to the bedroom and undress. You're going to make us come, even Tashan, and not get any relief for yourself. Go."

Chandral removed the blanket from Tashan and picked up the boneless slave.

Tarra followed them into the bedroom.


Tarra tightened her knees and whispered to her stallion, trying to settle him.

The huge horse was pitch black, highly strung, restless and excited about the trip he sensed was starting soon. He pranced around the courtyard, shaking his head and snorting wildly.

Tarra looked at Lili and held out her hand. "Get up here with me."

Lili's eyes were glued to the horse then slowly moved to the Queen. She determinedly shook her head. "Tashan, you're getting punished for this, sorry." She bolted and stood behind Chandral.

Tashan's face contorted in shock as she realised her friend had thrown her to the wolves. Hearing Chandral's laughter only stirred Tashan further. The ex-General crossed her arms and snorted "Majesty, I formally protest my fellow slave's cowardice and humbly suggest she be dragged up there."

Tarra laughed as did Chandral "Well that would be one idea but she doesn't realise Chandral's horse, Ebony, is Midnight's evil twin."

Lili was clinging to Chandral's back armour as she peeked around the Queen and glared at the laughing trio.

Tarra held out her hand to Tashan and positioned the slave in the saddle in front of her. Tarra reigned in the horse as his prancing became more excited. "Midnight!! Stop it!" The Queen finally pulled the beast into a more settled state and helped Tashan into a comfortable position, for both of them.

Chandral nodded her thanks to the stable hand who handed the reins of her horse to her. The beast was indeed identical to her sisters.

Lili took several steps backward as Chandral efficiently mounted the animal. The slave was ecstatic to notice that this stallion was a little more well behaved than his brother and only moderately pranced and snorted. Lili looked up to where the Queen was holding out her hand, smiling as if daring her to climb aboard. Lili took a very deep breath, moved forward and clasped Chandral's hand. She closed her eyes and prayed as she felt herself floating skyward then relaxed slightly as she felt the body behind hers holding her in the saddle.

The Queens quickly put Castletown behind them and headed toward an unpopulated area. The twins smiled at each other as their horses long strides ate miles, with no real effort from their mounts. As the number of people on the road became non-existent, the Queens unbuttoned their slaves shirts and commenced caressing their breasts.

By the time the group stopped for a quick break the blondes had each climaxed several times and the Queens were efficiently thanked for their efforts.


Hours later, as the Queens rode their steeds back into the courtyard they were pleased to see their stable hands leading two chestnut coloured geldings toward them. The twins lowered their slaves to the ground and dismounted before patting and whispering their thanks to their lovely mounts. The Queens handed Midnight and Ebony's reins to stable hands and walked to inspect the other, slightly smaller horses.

Tarra saw Chandral's nod of approval and gave her orders accordingly. "These will do fine." She asked which one was the quieter of the pair and thanked the workers for their quick and confident reply. "The gentler one goes to my shorter blonde slave. Make sure both horses are fully equipped for leaving in the morning."

"Yes Majesty." The stable hands quickly made measurements of the slaves' height and leg length before taking the geldings back inside the stables.

The Queens made a quick stop to talk to Melanger then headed inside to their apartment.

As the four women entered the room they were greeted by the children and their guards. "Afternoon Geon, Deltan. You may go."

The guards saluted the Queens and said goodnight to the girls who sat on the floor playing.

The Queen sat on their lounge and told the slaves to quickly freshen up before returning to be with the children.

"Lady Tarra are we really going on a trip with you?" Patience asked as she leant on the Queen's thighs.

"Yes, we're leaving tomorrow morning." Tarra laughed as a tiny twin sat on her lap and tickled her arm hairs.

"Can we ride our ponies, please?" Laeken asked very softly. She seemed as reluctant to talk as Chandral did.

"Sometimes but you will have to ride in the wagon some of the way." Chandral's reply was as soft as Laeken's question. "It has lots of pillows in it so you'll be comfortable. But I'd really like it if you'd ride with me sometimes."

The children smiled at and hugged the quiet Queen, which encouraged her to talk to them again later.

"I wide wid u" Ndindari assured Chandral much to the Queen's delight.

Tarra was about to formally protest when Macgaven said she'd ride with her. Tarra hugged the tiny human and sincerely thanked her.

"Are we coming back here?" Laeken asked.

Chandral nodded and asked "Why did you ask that?"

"When we left Gramma's castle we never went back. Gramma and Grampa died. I don't want Lady Ranna to die too and I like this castle better."

The Queens looked into each other's eyes then Tarra answered the girl. "We intend to make sure all of us get back here alive. Ok?"

Laeken smiled and nodded.

Lili and Tashan returned to the room and were quickly swamped by their daughters.

Tarra addressed her slaves. "There's a celebration dinner tonight. The children will eat without us and go to bed at the usual time. Arnae will watch them while we attend the event. You may stay with the girls until they retire."

"Yes Majesty. Thank you." The slaves bowed their heads.

The Queens went to their room to remove their armour and bathe. They then returned to their lounge and watched the children playing with their mothers.


The grand dining hall was able to hold several hundred people and it was packed. The door guards thumped their heavy spears on the floor, causing a loud drum like sound to resonate around the room. The diners went silent and turned to look at the doorway.

"All stand in the presence of the most Awesome Queens Tarranna and Chandral!!"

The crowd jumped to their feet and bowed their heads as the Queens entered the room.

Tarra stopped by the guard's shoulder and grinned at him "Most Awesome? I like it!"

The guard tried unsuccessfully to cover his smug smile as Chandral also smiled and nodded to him on her way past.

Lili and Tashan walked one step behind the Queens, looking at the people as they passed them by.

The Queens reached the top table to find their mother and her wives, Heaben and General Melanger waiting for them.

The twin Queens took the centre chairs and motioned for their slaves to sit on either side of them. The Royal sisters ignored the surprised looks on everyone's faces and eyeballed every person in the room. Tarra smiled as she addressed the room. "Welcome everyone. As you all know, tomorrow we leave to defend our homes and way of life!!" A cheer erupted, loud enough to shake the plates on the tables. Tarra waited for the noise to settle. "For too long we've lived with the greed and stupidity of slavers and their bosses. It's time to obliterate Sarl and his cohorts!!" Tarra held up her hand for quiet. "Tonight we eat, drink and tell wild stories because tomorrow we march to victory!" The roar of the crowd rocked the foundations of the castle.

The Queens sat as did the rest of the head table, followed by the guests.

Tashan found herself sitting next to Queen Ranna, much to the discomfort of the slave. She discretely looked at the Queen Mum as she accepted roast lamb and veges from a passing server. Tashan bowed her head to Ranna as the older woman turned to face her. "Majesty, thank you for the lovely clothes you purchased for my daughters and myself. As you can see you picked my size perfectly."

Ranna waved her hand around and laughed melodically. "You're welcome, sweetie. I knew that dress would look splendid on you! Lili looks lovely too."

Tashan smiled and agreed with the woman. Lili always did scrub up well.

"Did you get to see your new horse?" Ranna asked.

"Yes Majesty, he's a beauty!" Tashan was impressed with the quality of the beast and it showed.

Ranna praised her wives "Deltan helped pick yours and Lili's and the two older girls ponies. She's got a great eye for a good horse that one. But if you want to deal with or talk about weapons Geon is the one to see."

Tashan nodded and looked to where the two guards were laughing and talking with each other. "I'll remember that, Majesty. Are you ready to leave in the morning?"

"Oh yes, dear. I'm looking forward to getting out of the castle for a while." Ranna looked Tashan in the eye and smiled "I'm busting to get my hands on your girls, they're such gorgeous little ones!"

Tashan laughed as Ranna daintily ate her food. "You won't be so keen when you see first-hand how much energy they have."

Ranna laughed in return "You're forgetting I raised those two sitting next to you! By myself."

Tashan tilted her head then shook it. "Your Majesty, you are correct and you have my eternal respect and admiration!"

Tarra and Chandral couldn't believe their slave was merrily chatting and laughing with their mother. And Tashan honestly looked to be enjoying the older woman's company!


After the meal, the Queens stood and started to mingle with the crowd.

Lili and Tashan moved with the twins, remaining one step behind the Queens. Anyone who attempted to converse with the slaves were politely ignored.

Suddenly the slaves were tussling with several men. The Queens turned to face their blonde slaves, just in time to see them punching the noses of two men. The men were relieved of their daggers and given them again, in the heart. The slaves then turned to face two more attackers, the blondes each grabbed a silver serving tray off a passing kitchen hand and pounded the faces of the men into the bottom of the trays. The women then used the side of the silver service to knock the assassins to the ground. As the men landed on their knees they were promptly kicked in the head by leaping Gardenyan warrior-slaves.

The hall was silent as the inhabitants mulled over how quickly and easily the assassins had been killed or knocked unconscious.

Melanger strolled to where the Queens were smirking and nodded his approval. "Well, our intelligence got it right. Four assassins primed to attack during the celebration."

Tarra casually sheathed her dagger and out of her periphery saw her sister do the same. "General, please take the live ones to the dungeon and have them interrogated. We want to know everything they do."

Melanger saluted his Queens and motioned for his undercover soldiers to take the dead to a communal grave and the others to the dungeon.

Ranna hurried to her daughters' sides and tenderly hugged both of them to her. "I'll talk to you about this later!" She promised them. Ranna then moved to the slaves and took the women in her arms. She kissed their cheeks as she thanked them profusely for protecting her girls.

Deltan and Geon saluted their Queens and reported "Majesties, Queen Ranna was successfully restrained during the attack."

Tarra laughed as she returned the salute and complimented the pair "Well done, you two had the hardest job of all! You're dismissed for the night, go enjoy yourselves."

The guards saluted then smiled and recommended to their wife she should retire early.

The Queens also said goodnight and led their confused slaves from the great hall to their apartment.


Once in their rooms, the Queens checked the entire suite before stopping in the girls' room and watching the children sleep. They dismissed Arnae and her hidden guards then Tarra looked at her slaves and motioned for them to sit in a nearby lounge.

Tarra paced as Chandral stood by and watched her do so. "We knew about the assassins and that they'd attack during the celebration. They thought that with four of them one or two had to be able to succeed then disappear into the crowd."

"Majesty, if you knew they were there why did you attend?" Tashan asked warily.

Tarra saw her sister's signs then looked at the slaves. The Queen looked rather shy as she softly admitted "If we didn't turn up, the assassins would have come looking for us. We didn't want them hurting mother, Heaben… or the girls." Tarra scrutinised the slaves shocked faces and continued "There were dozens of undercover guards floating around in the crowd, half of whom were prepared to kill the assassins as you did. We purposely had our backs to the killers, drawing them to us."

Lili shook her head "But if you didn't know who they were, how did you know you had your back to them?"

"We made sure we were at the edge of the crowd, with our backs facing everyone." Tarra smiled at the slaves as their faces got 'duh!' looks on them. "I think the assassins didn't class you pair as a threat because you are slaves and most slaves wouldn't protect their owners." Tarra took a breath and sighed gratefully "Thank you for what you did."

The slaves nodded their acknowledgement of the Queens' gratitude then stayed quiet.

Tarra conferred with Chandral then stated "You have earned a reward so for the rest of the night you may choose what you would like to do. You may go back to the celebration or go to your bed and be intimate with each other. It's your choice. Goodnight see you at daybreak."

The slaves noticed the Queens' backs were stiff as walked from the room, silently conversing with the sign language they utilised.

Lili scooted closer to Tashan and snuggled into her friend. "I really don't want to go back downstairs, you?" Lili smiled as Tashan shook her head then leaned toward her. Lili leant into the gentle kiss which quickly turned passionate.

Quite a while later, the slaves were sated, naked, lying on the lounge, Lili on top of Tashan. The women gently caressed each other's skin "Tash." Lili mumbled.


"You know I love you, right?"

"Yep, just like you know I love you."


Tashan opened her eyes and grinned at her lover. "What have you got in mind?"

Lili opened her eyes and stared into Tash's. "Well, Tarra did tell us we could do what we wanted tonight… Wanna go make a pair Queens scream like banshees? We should still have plenty of time to do this again afterwards."

Tashan chuckled then explained her mirth "I was going to ask if you really thought they'd let us touch them. But I honestly can't see them saying no…" Tashan kissed Lili, then several times more. The women were breathing heavily as they pulled apart. "We could put on a show for them then move in while they're ultra receptive." Tashan passionately kissed her love again as she started making her touches more intimate.

Lili returned the kisses and touches as she stood and pulled Tashan toward the bedroom. Once inside, she softly closed the door then pushed Tashan into it. Lili groaned as she held Tash's hands against the wooden room divider and kissed every part of the woman's body she could reach. "I love touching you!" She sighed into Tashan's breasts.

Tashan moaned and arched her body into Lili's "Please, help yourself!"

As Lili got carried away touching Tashan she released the woman's hands.

Tashan immediately took advantage of the freedom. She caressed and stirred the shorter blonde with great success.

Both women leant against the door and each other as they obtained release simultaneously. Neither woman was quite.

When they regained the power of speech, the blondes hugged lovingly and again declared their love for each other.

They held hands as they walked to the bed where the dark haired Queens were pretending to sleep. The slaves climbed onto the bed, kissed again then commenced their attack on the stunned and very amenable twins.


Just before dawn the next morning, the Queens and their slaves carefully and lovingly carried the still sleeping children to the covered wagon specially prepped for them and Ranna to travel in. The women placed the girls on the mattresses and covered them with blankets before greeting Ranna and her wives.

Ranna sat on the seat next to her driver and cheerfully returned their hellos.

The Queens mounted their huge steeds then grinned as they watched Tashan checking out and patting her horse before she mounted him. The trio then smirked as they observed Lili feeding a carrot to her mount. She then straightened his forelock (the hair between the horse's ears that falls onto his forehead), rubbed his muzzle and the white star in the middle of his forehead. She ran her hand across his neck as she slowly walked to stand in front of his saddle. She accepted the offer of the stable hand to give her a leg up and was soon settled in the saddle. She thanked the man for his assistance then took the reins in her left hand and looked around.

Lili's eyes took in the amused looks of the women in front of her and asked "What?"

"Do you always take that long to mount a horse?" Tarra enquired.

Lili snorted and huffed "Only when I don't know him."

Tarra laughed as she saw what Chandral was signing to her. "Chandral would like to know if bribing the beasts helps with their temperament?"

Lili rolled her eyes and shrugged "I don't know about him but I do know it helps my morning disposition."

The women laughed and Tashan reached into the bag hanging at her thigh. She moved her horse closer to Lili's and handed her a small bag of goodies. "I raided the kitchen while we were waiting for you."

Lili opened the offering and grinned at her friend. "Thank you!" She removed a muffin and happily munched on it.

Tashan chuckled as she moved her horse to Chandral, offered her a bag and then did the same for Tarra.

Soon all four women were contentedly chewing and Tarra motioned them to move forward. The women rode to the front of the small gathering of wagons and mounted soldiers where Melanger and his Commanders waited for the Queens.

"Majesties." Melanger greeted the Queens and nodded to the slaves. "Beautiful morning to be leaving. We should be able to make good time."

Tarra nodded as she looked around the sky at the breaking dawn. "Yes we should. Let's move them out." She and Chandral pushed ahead, side by side with their slaves following close behind.

General Melanger and his men bellowed their orders and listened as they were passed down the line by the unit sergeants. The leaders then trotted after the Queens.

Just outside of Castletown, the main body of the army waited for their leaders. As the Queens and General passed by the soldiers saluted and waited for their turn to join the group. Eventually, the procession went for miles, even with the cavalry riding four across the road and the wagons travelling in twos.


At around mid-morning, the women moved to ride beside Ranna's wagon, where the children noisily greeted them. The women carefully place a child in front of themselves, confident the babies would be comfortable on the sheepskin hides covering the saddles and saddle horn.

The girls were ecstatic when the women rode along the long line of soldiers, stopping when they reached the spare horses near the end of the line. The head wrangler stopped his mount in front of the Queens and saluted them. "How can I help you M'Ladies?"

Tarra looked at the older girls riding with her and Chandral and smiled fondly. "Please bring us the girls' ponies. Fully equiped."

The wrangler and had two of his men rope the small horses and saddle them. All the while the procession kept on moving by. The wrangler led the ponies by their lead ropes to the Queens and saluted. "Give the ropes to the girls' mothers. Thank you."

The rider did as Tarra asked, saluted and left.

Tarra looked at the girls and stated "You can ride them after lunch. For now I want your mums to lead them so they'll get used to being close to other horses. Ok?"

The older girls wriggled in their seats and nodded agreeably.

The Queens waited until the last of the cavalry passed them by, spotted the scouts around a mile away then turned to return to the front of the line.

As they were riding Tashan suddenly thought of something and asked the Queens to stop for a moment. "Majesties, a very small part of the Gardenyan army was trained to cause delays with the enemy. They infiltrate the other army, tamper with equipment such as wagon axles which causes damage and takes time to fix. They also spook the other soldiers at night." Tashan bowed her head then looked up at the Queens. "I gave them orders to do what they could to Sarl's army. If the Gremlins survived getting there, we should start hearing about it soon."

Tarra looked at Chandral and both women shook their heads in disbelief. "You two really make keeping you out of trouble extremely difficult. You know that, right?" Tarra continued to shake her head then looked at both slaves, pointedly. "Tonight we are going to sit down and you are going to tell us all about that army you sent to us!!"

"Yes Majesty!" the blondes responded.

As the slaves rode to keep up with the Queens, Tashan looked at Lili and smiled. "Sorry Lil, you're getting punished for that one!"

Tashan laughed as Lili glared daggers at her then smiled as well.


Several weeks later, Melanger caught up with the Queens and handed Chandral a document. "The assassins talked, didn't give us much more than we already knew but there is a little there." He saluted the Queens and returned to his place in line.

Chandral used one hand to hold onto Ndindari's stomach and the other to hold the paper still. The girl helped by holding the flapping parchment for the woman. Chandral finished reading, kissed the child on the top of the head, softly thanked her for her help and passed the information to Tarra.

Tarra grinned as Macgaven helped her in the same way. The tiny girls were adorable! When she'd finished she folded the parchment and placed it in the small bag on her hip. "Mackie are you ready for a snack?"

"Yes Nunna, yes!"

Tarra smiled at her sister and they pulled to the side of the road. The slaves and the older girls quickly joined them.

The group waited until Ranna's wagon was close and rode alongside it. "Mother, we have starving children here. Do you happen to have anything they can munch on? It's a very long time until lunch!"

Macgaven smiled at the woman and nodded "Berry long time!"

Ranna pulled a thinking face and tilted her head. "Well, I may have some wraps in here and some fruit. Will that do?"

The tiny twins nodded, they loved the way Ranna always seemed to have food ready for them.

Deltan stood on the back of the wagon and put her arms out for Ndindari. "Come on Princess over here."

Chandral assisted the child and Ndi was soon sitting on a cushion waiting for her snack.

Tarra did the same for Macgaven and both adult twins contentedly watched their mother doting on the tiny girls.

Ranna checked if Laeken and Patience needed sustenance and both girls looked a bit hesitant to say yes. "Do we have to get in the wagon to eat it?" Patience asked. She wasn't ready to give up her pony ride and neither was Laeken.

Ranna looked to the blonde slaves and asked if they were agreeable.

Lili and Tashan both said they didn't mind the girls staying on the horses if the Queens had no objections.

The Queens nodded their approval then took the lead ropes for the girls mounts. "Ride close to them to make sure they don't choke on something." Tarra ordered the blondes.

The slaves smiled their thanks and moved closer to their daughters.

Soon all were munching on something and enjoying the quiet ride.

Even Midnight was behaving himself.

Midnight suddenly started to prance excitedly, with Ebony not far behind him.

The Queens quickly handed the lead ropes to their slaves and let the stallions prance ahead several yards. "Lili, Tashan give the girls to Deltan and Geon. RGs [Royal Guards] make sure the wagon is secure. Slaves, with us!"

Everyone scampered to do their jobs as the Queens rode ahead to see what was going on.

Tarra looked across to where Chandral was galloping beside her. She grinned feraly at her sister, who eagerly returned the look. The sisters eventually spotted a rider charging toward them. He was being chased by half a dozen men, most of whom were shooting crossbow bolts at him.

The Queens drew their swords and urged their mounts to go faster. The sisters charged past the soldier and toward his pursuers.

The attackers frantically tried to reload their weapons, swore as they threw them and turned their horses back the way they'd come.

The Queens swung their swords, decapitated the two slowest riders then kept after the next lot. The next four men put up a bit of a fight but all lost their heads as well. The twins slowed their mounts and looked around to where their slaves were aiming their crossbows at the last two retreating men. The twins moved their steeds close to each other and Tarra chuckled "Reckon they'll get them?"

"Yep. You?"


The blonde slaves took deep breaths, settled their horses using their knees and carefully aimed their weapons. They allowed for the slight breeze, the movement of the men and their beasts and the increasing distance of the targets then squeezed the trigger. The twangs of both weapons made one loud noise and the women watched intently as the riders continued to disappear into the distance.

Both men fell to the ground and the horses stopped close by.

Melanger and his Commanders finally caught up with the Queens and he grunted his approval of the slaves' shots. "Nice work M'Ladies." He ordered several soldiers to move ahead and secure the riders horses and return bodies to him. The General and several of his men moved to where the other dead enemy were and inspected their clothing and looked for anything of importance. Once cleared, the six bodies were buried in shallow graves and forgotten about.

The horses were unsaddled and sent to the herd while the equipment was checked for hidden compartments.

Tashan meanwhile handed a cloth to the Queens, for the women to clean the blood off their swords.

The Queens nodded their thanks, cleaned and sheathed their weapons. They moved aside as the first of the convoy came close and waved the soldiers on.

Melanger rode to his Queens and handed them a leather bag of goodies. "I didn't see anything of use but I'm sure you will." He smiled at the twins and added "You always do, that's why you're the bosses!" He laughed at their smug looks and saluted "I'll move this lot on for a while longer then find a spot to rest for lunch."

The Queens nodded, saluted back then watched as he and his assistants took lead positions of the convoy. Chandral looked at the blonde slaves and reached across to smack Tarra's shoulder. Her sister seemed in a daze and had missed her signs. "Tell them they did a good job!"

Tarra frowned at her sister and growled "I intended to! No need to knock me off my bloody horse!"

" Don't go to sleep riding then. Big baby! Next thing you'll be whinging to mummy that I hurt you!!"

"I am not a baby! And if you keep nagging me I won't speak up for you!"

"Fine, don't! I'll get Patience to do it for me!"

"Good, get her to!" SPLAT! Tarra closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as something soft and smelly oozed its way down her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Tarra wiped the rotten grape off her face and set herself to attack her sister.

"CHANDRAL!" Ranna bellowed "Leave your sister alone and get your butt back here. I need you for a minute."

Chandral's smirk vanished in an instant as she turned Ebony toward her mother's wagon. "Sook!" She snarled, softly, at her twin.

"Cow!" Tarra looked from her retreating sister to the blonde slaves grinning at her. Lili motioned to her forehead and wiped it. Tarra mimicked the action and disgustedly wiped the goop on a corner of the cloth she'd used to clean her sword. She accepted the damp rag given to her by Tashan and wiped her face. "Better?" She asked the nearby blonde.

"Much better, Majesty." Tashan chirped. "Would you like us to save our rotten fruit for you?"

Tarra sneered at the slave then sat up straighter and looked at her sister's back. She returned her eyes to Tashan and said "That's not a bad idea. Do it, please."

The blondes nodded and moved slightly aside as a messenger rode to Queen Tarranna.

"Majesty, the rider has been wounded but is conscious and has word from the forward scouts. He refuses to talk to anyone but his Queens." The messenger saluted and moved to one side, ready for an answer or to be dismissed.

Chandral joined her sister and listened to the update from her. "We going to see him now?" she signed.

Tarra nodded and the Queens headed for the medical wagon. The slaves and messenger followed behind.


To be continued?

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