Wolf at the Door

Erin O'Reilly

© Erin O'Reilly 2009


Part One




This story features relationships between adult women. If this bothers you, is illegal in the State, Province, or Country where you live or if you are under the age of 18, find something else to read. There are loads of general stories out there.

Please note : There is a brief scene of rape in part one of this story.

Language : There is the use of expletives.

Violence : There is violence in this story.

Hurt/Comfort : There are scenes of heartache to be dealt with by the characters .

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For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Rainer Maria Rilke



Chapter One

With the driver's eyes continually looking at the rearview mirror, the red sixty-seven convertible Mustang's wiper blades were working overtime as heavy rain continued to beat against metal and the canvas top. Her hands, gripped tightly to the steering wheel, were beginning to cramp—she had been driving since six that morning and the heavy rain slowed her down considerably. She had followed route 81 through New York , Pennsylvania , Maryland and Virginia before turning west toward Knoxville , Tennessee . Around seven o'clock she turned into a Days Inn located in Bristol , Tennessee , glad for the respite. For a half an hour, she sat watching to see if the DOCO operative that had been dogging her for days would show up.

The Department of Covert Operations, DOCO, was an ultra secret intelligence operation that dealt with those areas that government officials disavowed. Parker, known to be a first-class tactician and sharp shooter, joined the organization years earlier when they promised to tell her the location of her lover, Olivia Santos. The woman, arrested for killing the district attorney responsible for her brother's death, disappeared after her arrest—Parker never gave up searching for her. Once she obtained the knowledge of Olivia's whereabouts, she set on a course that ultimately led to her being shot and the designation of a rogue agent. Now, she had a chance to get back to where she once stood.

Parker knew that the chip that DOCO had inserted behind her ear would allow the agent tracking her to find her easily. The headaches that plagued her since a bullet connected with her head a year earlier demanded that she stop. She opened the car door and let her long legs, clad in black jeans, slip out before she stood to her full five foot-nine inch height. Walking quickly, she entered the lobby going immediately to the tall gangly young man standing behind the counter. “Anita Brown. I have a reservation,” she said in a low voice.

The man quickly clicked the mouse before he looked up and smiled at the ominous looking woman who slid cash across the counter. The man frowned. “Yes, Ms. Brown, I see you secured the room with your credit card but now you wish to pay with cash?” When he saw her nod, he busied himself with programming the key card before turning to her and grinning. “Lucky thing you called ahead and secured the room. I've turned away at least a dozen people.” He handed the dark, brooding woman the room key. “Is it still raining hard out there?

Dark eyes in an expressionless face, fixed on the man. “I'm leaving my car under the awning until I get my bags,” she said before turning away and heading for the door.

“You're welcome,” the man muttered, “another satisfied customer,”



Parker deposited a soft sided suitcase, a duffle bag, and her laptop on one of the beds in the room before going back outside to park the Mustang. Minutes later, she reentered the room, drenched from head to toe. She stripped and then held her hand to the left side of her head and bent over as pain shot through it. “Fuck,” she moaned as she pounded her fist on the nearby bed. Collapsing on the bed, she held her hand over the scar where a bullet had entered her brain. She recalled the woman who shot her. “I'll see that you pay, Amelia.”

She stretched out on the bed, held a cool pillow against her face, and willed the pain to go away. When she heard the room's telephone ring, she frowned. “Who the hell is that?” She attempted to ignore the shrill sound but it only made the pain intensify. Yanking the receiver off its cradle, she barked, “What.”

“Nice greeting, Davis ,” a velvety voice said. “This is Dupree.”

Parker closed her eyes. Fuck. She knew the answer but asked anyway—it never hurt to let the opposition think she wasn't at top of her game. “How the hell did you get this number?”

Ava Dupree let out a low chuckle. “Was your brain injury so severe that you've forgotten that we always know where you are?”

But they didn't know the name…did they? “What do you want?” Parker queried.

Again Ava laughed. “You know what I want and why I'm here. What's your room number?”

“Go to hell.”

“Make this easy on yourself, Davis. You know it will take no time to find your room number and gaining entrance won't be a problem.”

“Three-twenty-four,” Parker calmly said before she disconnected. Sitting up, she opened her duffle bag and pulled out a prototype sniper rifle. The rifle's range of almost two miles would make her current job for DOCO easier. Her fingers caressed the cold metal when she heard the knock on the door. She smiled, slid the rifle back into the duffle bag, got out of bed, and walked to the door.

Ava Dupree, a six foot dark beauty with indigo eyes, raked her eyes over Parker's body when she opened the door. “I see you dressed for the occasion,” she quipped as she brushed past the naked woman. “I'm not impressed.”

Parker felt her body react when Ava's arm skimmed her breast and that made her mouth curve slightly—it would be to her advantage not to cover her body—Dupree wanted her. “Just tell me what you want and then get out,” she demanded.

After depositing the bag she was carrying on the floor, Ava fixed her eyes on Parker's engorged nipples. “You really aren't in any position to demand anything, Davis ,” Ava said. Although the naked body aroused her, she pushed those feelings down—it wasn't the time for pleasure. “Just taking off without me makes me think you didn't want me along.”

“I don't need a nursemaid,” Parker bit out angrily.

Ava had read the dossier on the woman and her proclivity for frequent sexual encounters. Perhaps I can capitalize on that. She certainly has an enticing body. She stepped closer to Parker and could feel raw and dangerous power radiating from her. Tracing a finger from the hollow in Parker's neck, through the valley between her breasts, and stopping at her navel, her breath caught. Looking into the dark eyes, she let out a long slow sigh. “You know we can make this mutually beneficial on so many levels.”

Parker grabbed the woman's wrist and twisted hard. When she saw the grimace on Ava's face, she said, “That's never going to happen.” Her upper lip curled. “What do you want?”

Ava sneered as she wrenched her wrist free. “It's my job to see that you get to the meeting on time. That means no side trips,” she said in a low ominous voice. Her eyes fixed on the duffle bag. “Carrying that kind of,”—she shrugged—“luggage requires special care. Driving to Texas wouldn't be my first choice but it is the safest one.” When Parker's eyes showed minimal interest, she nodded.

Snickering at Ava, Parker said, “I don't need or want your help. I can get to the meeting without you.”

“Wolf isn't going to let that happen and you know it, Davis . The only way DOCO will take you back is if you cooperate. You don't have a choice in this. You can either cooperate or find yourself on the outside and probably marked for elimination.” Ava set her jaw and glared at Parker. “If that's what you want, Wolf won't have a problem arranging for a substitute shooter.” She grabbed the bag holding the rifle. “This won't be yours either.” Pulling the rifle out, she held the cold metal. “As you've probably noticed there's a part missing.” She laughed. “Did you really think they'd trust you with a complete weapon?” When she saw Parker react, she grinned. “Play nice and you'll get the firing pin and another little goody that will blow your socks off.”

A low growl emanated from deep in Parker's throat. She had no use for Ava and, if she could think of a way, she'd get rid of her permanently. But, the throbbing in her head was so intense that she was having a difficult time not letting her debilitating pain show. Finally, unable to hide or control the intense throbbing, she clamped her hands against her skull and bent over.

Detached, Ava watched as Parker writhed in pain before falling to the carpeted floor. I can't believe I got stuck with watching this loser. Maybe she was once a top agent but she clearly isn't anymore. Ava came prepared and pulled a small black pouch out of her bag, unzipped it, and took out a syringe along with a vile of liquid. Sucking the liquid out of the vile with the syringe, she stopped when it reached one hundred milligrams and then bent down and stabbed it in Parker's backside. “That should ease the pain,” she said coldly. After a few minutes, the woman's apparent agony began to recede. How did they think she could handle this mission? She bent down, pulled Parker to her feet, and led her to the bed. “Lie down and let the medicine work.” As she covered the naked body, she licked her lips. Damn is she delectable.

While Parker slept soundly, Ava searched the pockets of her wet clothes lying on the floor until she found the car keys. “If it was me I'd have a backup somewhere.” She picked up the clothes again and examined every seam. She found the key tucked inside of the waistband of the jeans. “No way am I letting her bolt on me,” she said. She fished handcuffs out of her bag and attached one to Parker's wrist and the other one to the bed frame.

She went through the duffle and found a full size semiautomatic Beretta and a Smith and Wesson three-fifty-seven magnum along with enough ammunition to kill an army. In the suitcase, she found a stash of drugs tucked in a side pocket. “Man I'd hate to have her on my bad side. Her rep as being a wacko must be spot on.”

Ava punched in the number for the team leader and waited for an answer. When she heard Wolf's voice she said, “Hey, it's me. I've got her…In Bristol, Tennessee. I figure we'll arrive in Austin by mid-afternoon the day after next… I gave her a shot of Demerol. Are you sure she's going to be able to perform...I've got her handcuffed to the bed.” Ava heard Wolf sigh before the line went dead.


Two hours later, Parker opened her eyes and was relieved that the pain had subsided. She looked around the room and saw Ava Dupree's eyes fixed on her. Briefly closing her own eyes, she said, “Thanks, that was a bad one,” before she tried to move her hand. Her eyes flew wide open. “Why the hell did you handcuff me?”

“I told Wolf that your headaches make you a liability,”—she lied—“what's going to happen if we have everything set up and you have one?” She eyed Parker. “I'll tell you…our people will die.”

Parker ran her tongue over her dry lips. “Then don't work with me,” she said rattling her cuffed hand. “Let me out of this.”

“Are you going to behave?”

Parker glared.

Ava unlocked the handcuff before she picked up the clothes that she laid out to dry and handed them to Parker. “Get dressed. We're going out to eat.”

“Who made you the boss?”

“Wolf.” Ava held up a file. “This says you are intelligent. Yet, for some reason, you don't seem to get it. Perhaps that bullet to your head did more damage than they thought.” She looked pointedly at Parker. “You don't have a choice in this. Now, get dressed.”

For a moment, Parker considered the comment. After the shooting, she spent months in a psychiatric hospital with what everyone thought was complete amnesia. After the surgery to remove the bullet and repair the damage, she was in a coma for a month and did have a brief episode of amnesia. When she realized that she did remember everything, she decided to continue to allow everyone to think she had no memories. It was to her advantage since she was able to glean valuable information. The DOCO psychiatrist spoke freely with the DOCO directors about her condition and prognosis. Silently she laughed as she remembered the woman responsible for her condition, Dr. Amelia West, who paid her a visit when she was on the psychiatric floor. The look on her face when she recognized me was priceless. I will pay her back…that is a promise. All in good time my dear, Amelia, all in good time. Now, she had to deal with her present situation. I'll play Wolf's game for the time being. “Fine, tell me what you want,” she said hoping her voice sounded defeated enough.

With a skeptical look, Ava regarded the woman—she agreed too easily. “Ok. From here on in, we will always be together. We can take turns driving until we get to Austin . Once we are there, Wolf will brief you and the others.”

Parker glared at the woman. “No one drives my car but me.”

“Fine, have it your way but if that pain comes back you'll have to live with it—we have a deadline.” Ava nodded toward the empty bed. “I'll take that one.” She held up Parker's car keys. “I've got these so don't get any smart ideas of bolting.”

Parker hooked her thumbs in the belt loops on her jeans and felt for the key she'd hidden there—it was gone. Bitch. Reluctantly, Parker said, “Ok,” without much conviction. She chewed on her bottom lip before they made a grim line. “Guess I have no choice—I'm stuck with you.”

“Good, let's go. I'm starving.”

Parker followed Ava as a feral grin formed on her lips. I'll let you think you're in control.


The drive across Tennessee seemed endless and Parker felt the beginnings of another severe headache. For the last eight hours, her hands tightly gripped the steering wheel as her jaw locked. When they turned south and entered Arkansas , she pulled into the lot of a Courtyard Inn.

“No way are we stopping now,” said Ava when the Mustang came to a halt in front of the lobby door. When Parker turned and looked at her, Ava had the answer. The pain etched deep into Parker's skin was evident. “We aren't stopping yet—get out and let me drive.”

“You aren't going to drive my car,” Parker said as the pain ratcheted up another notch.

Ava sneered at the woman. “Look, I told you that you'd have to work through the pain if you insisted on doing all the driving. Right now, you're not in any shape to drive and here's a news flash—we aren't stopping yet.” Taking advantage of Parker's condition making her reflexes slower, she grabbed the keys and pulled them out. “Now, get your butt out of this car and sit over here. I'm driving.”

Parker closed her eyes as a bolt of searing pain went through her head. “You win. I need to get something out of my suitcase,” she said wincing as she opened the car door.

“I'll give you another shot,” Ava said when they met at the trunk.

Watching the key go in the trunk's keyhole, Parker felt like the world was going in slow motion. She tried to get the keys back and was strangely surprised when the other woman easily thwarted her attempt. Grabbing her head with both hands she cried out as the pain escalated beyond anything she'd ever felt. Her legs became rubber and she knew that at any moment she was going to pass out. “Help me,” she whispered as she felt strong arms surround her waist.

A man from inside the hotel quickly pushed the door open. “Do you need help?” he asked with concern.

With a quick look at the well dressed tall man, Ava said, “No, she just needs her pain meds.”

Unconvinced, the man scrutinized Parker. “She doesn't look so good maybe I should call nine-one-one.”

“No,” Ava blurted out. “I told you once she gets her meds she will be fine.”

“Is that right, ma'am,” the man pointedly asked Parker.

Through gritted teeth Parker said, “Yeah, I had brain surgery a while back and every so often the pain gets really bad.”

The man nodded toward the door and said, “If you need help, I'm right inside,” before he turned and left.

“Get in and I'll give you your shot,” Ava said as she closed the trunk. “Good comeback, Parker. I'm impressed how you handled that guy.”


When Parker opened her eyes, she closed them immediately trying to figure out where she was. Ok, I can tell I'm in some sort of vehicle…it's my car. Her forehead creased and her eyes flew open before she stared at Ava Dupree who was driving. She closed her eyes again as she recalled the woman giving her a shot.

The words, “How are you feeling?” filled the silence in the car. Ava took a quick look at her passenger. She looked unaffected by her latest pain episode.

“Where are we?”

“Just coming up on Mount Pleasant , Texas . I've booked us a suite at the La Quinta Inn. We should be there in about three minutes.”

“Two rooms,” Parker's drug voiced said. “I like my privacy.”

Ava shook her head in disgust. “We are going to share a suite with two bedrooms.” When Parker began to speak, she held up her hand. “Not up for discussion, Davis .”

“Fine, all I want to do is sleep.”

Ava nodded as she turned into the parking lot of the La Quinta Inn. “There's no way I'm letting you get away. I'll handcuff you to the bed again if I have to.”

“That's a bit extreme don't you think. You've got my keys. Where do you think I'll go?”

With a small laugh that held no humor, Ava said, “DOCO one-o-one—never underestimate your opponent.” She removed the keys from the ignition, pushed open the car door and disappeared inside the main lobby of the hotel.




Chapter Two


Parker, in no condition to drive, watched as the red mustang drove through the streets of the capital city of Austin , Texas . The car's air conditioner had been running full blast since they departed Mount Pleasant earlier that morning. When she spied a man standing on a corner of Sixth Street , dressed only in what looked like a thong with red high heels and a handbag she laughed. “It must really be hot out there,” she quipped.

Ava looked at the man just as the red light turned to green. “ Austin is an eclectic city and that's no big deal.” She turned the car to the west and merged onto a four lane highway.

Parker was having trouble focusing on the rapidly passing vehicles and scenery but knew they were zooming down what appeared to be an interstate highway. No sooner had she finally got her bearings then the car turned west and suddenly they were traveling along a residential road that meandered through what appeared to be an affluent neighborhood. When the vehicle turned into a long macadam driveway, Parker asked, “Is this it?”

Ava merely nodded as she stopped at a gate and punched numbers on the number pad. Once through the gate she moved forward until she brought the vehicle to a stop in front of what looked like a mansion. “Get out,” she ordered as she slid out from behind the wheel. Once they were both standing by the front door, Ava gave her traveling companion the once over. “God, you look awful. Try to brighten up some for your meeting with Wolf.”

A tall, distinguished looking man with immaculately styled salt and pepper hair opened the door and looked at both women. “I see you've managed to arrive here in one piece,” he said as he too gave Parker the once over. “ Davis , you'll need to clean up before you meet with Wolf.” He turned to Ava. “Get her things and show her to the bedroom that is the third one from the left.” When he saw Parker crease her forehead, he frowned. “Do the best you can with her,” he said before dismissing them with a wave.

Ensconced in the room, Parker looked around for any telltale signs of listening devices. She knew they were there, along with cleverly hidden cameras—she'd used them herself on numerous occasions. Feeling better, now that she was out of the car, she grinned. I'll give them a show. Not wearing underwear, she proceeded to slowly pull off her shirt and jeans, letting them drop to the floor. Standing naked in the middle of the room, she made a great show of bending over and picking up her clothes before draping them over a chair. “Ah,” she cooed as her fingers fondled her nipples that were hard and full. She let out an exaggerated moan when her middle finger slid between her parted legs. Then she laughed and said, “That's all for now folks. I'm going to take a shower.”


Later, Ava deposited Parker in a room where books filled three walls—a library. In one corner of the room, floor to ceiling windows looked out over a body of water that Parker guessed was a lake but couldn't be sure since she could clearly see homes on the other side. A highly polished mahogany desk sat to one side of the windows affording a spectacular view of a well maintained and lush garden area.

She had been waiting over fifteen minutes for the Wolf to join her and her agitation was escalating. Over the years, she had heard the name and had read the woman's profile—she was high on the list of operatives—even higher than she was when at the top of her game. When the door opened, a woman whom she guessed was in her mid to late thirties entered the room. With interest, she sized the woman up—she was slightly taller than Parker was, had short blonde hair, green eyes, and a trim well developed body. The thing that held her attention was the woman's eyes—they were hard and cold, showing no sign of warmth or compassion—they were disconcerting yet, Parker felt drawn to them. The woman exuded so much power that Parker shivered with arousal—she hadn't felt anything that intense in a long time. She recognized the woman from the file picture. “You're the Wolf?” she challenged.

Remington Wolf did not speak for a long moment. She wondered how she would react when she was in Parker Davis's presence for the first time. She's looks even more dangerous than her dossier indicates. Inwardly she chuckled. Fortunately, in her present condition, I can control her. She's certainly not in my league. “Take a seat, Davis , and we will get this started.”

The commanding tone of the woman's voice irritated Parker.


“Not until you answer my question,” she growled.

“You're not in any position to demand answers, Davis .” The green eyes challenged Parker until she finally took a seat.

“Fine, now what?”

“You may think that you are still the hotshot operative that legends are made of but you're not. I need a shooter for the operation I'm running and you're it. You should know that Olivia Santos was my first choice. Since you single handedly took her out of the Company's control, I had to settle for second best.”

The sound of her ex-lover's name caused pulses of arousal to course through her body. She remembered the last days that they were together. Their lust for one another was so overwhelming that they stayed in bed for three days taking each other repeatedly—until the annoying Amelia West interrupted them. Even when Olivia, not caring that Amelia was there, greedily took Parker, Amelia still wouldn't believe the truth of their love. Anger mixed with excitement had Parker touching the scar, which was a result of the bullet Amelia shot at her. Dragging her thoughts back to the present, she looked coldly at the woman on the other side of the desk. “I'm not second best to anyone. If you'd like a demonstration I'm sure I can arrange something.”

Remington looked at Parker wordlessly before she flipped open a file. “I've spent over a year setting this up. Our target runs one of the biggest drug cartels in the world—Carlos Castellan. He also trades in young girls and weapons. Guards are with him at all times and his public appearances are limited. I was able to infiltrate the organization a year ago…” She stopped when Parker laughed. “Does this amuse you? I assure you that it is no laughing matter.”

Parker grinned. “Look at you—blonde hair, green eyes—you hardly fit the image of a drug dealer much less someone who is able to infiltrate such an organization.”

“Looks can be deceiving, Davis …you should know that. I've heard stories about the bizarre disguises you used in operations.”

With a slight flick of her head, Parker acknowledged the comment for what it was—the truth.

Remington steepled her fingers and tapped the index fingers together. “From all the reports I've read about you and your missions there is one idiosyncrasy you have that screams at me.”

“And that is?”

“You are meticulously scrupulous in carrying out your mission.” Remington sucked in a deep breath and looked down at the report. “That is until the last one when you went rogue. Care to enlighten me as to what happened from your point of view?”

Parker shook her head. “No.”

With her elbows still resting on the table, Remington leaned forward. “Let's get something straight. I'm in charge and you will do exactly what I ask of you or you will find yourself with another bullet in your head—it will kill you.” She leveled Parker with an intense gaze. “Do you understand that you have no say in this?”

Full of bravado, Parker smirked. “And just who is going to shoot me?”

Remington stood up so suddenly that Parker didn't have time to react as the woman rounded the desk and jammed a gun against her temple. “Does that answer your question, Davis ?”

Parker knew when to push and when to retreat. She wrapped her fingers around the barrel of the gun. “Yes.”

With green eyes focused on the fingers wrapped around the gun's barrel, Remington pulled the trigger—click. “Don't think for one moment that I won't kill you.”

Parker didn't flinch. For the first time since she learned that DOCO was giving her another chance, she completely understood what that meant. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that with the right provocation, Remington would kill without a second thought.

A soft knock on the door had Remington saying, “Come.”

The door opened and the man who had greeted Parker at the front door entered. “There's an urgent communiqué,” he announced.

Remington looked at Parker then at the man. “Give it to me, Peter.”

The man noiselessly crossed the distance on the plush wool carpet and handed his boss a paper. He watched as Remington read the communication and when she looked up, he spoke. “Reply?”

Remington's slim fingers rubbed against her chin as she considered what she'd read. “No, I will deal with it personally.” Her gaze traveled to the woman sitting across from her then back to Peter. “Thank you.”

Understanding the dismissal, Peter nodded then turned and left the room. Once the door shut, Parker felt an uncomfortable silence fill the room as Remington's gaze focused on her breasts. Parker tried not to look nonplussed but the woman's stare was working on her libido—her nipples hardened and she visibly squirmed before crossing her legs.

Finally, Remington smiled before her gaze moved. Her sexual proclivities are renowned and I get to see it firsthand…lucky me. “We don't have the luxury of time. Tonight you will accompany me to the Barraca Club where two significant members of the cartel will be meeting with buyers.”

“What kind of place is that?”

“It's a dive where drug dealers hang out and make their deals for large shipments.”

Parker touched her chest. “Won't they be suspicious? If I was doing…”

Remington held up her hand and cut Parker off. “That's your last chance—I am in charge, not you. When I say jump you jump. I haven't spent the last year setting this up to have someone on an ego trip fuck it up.” She stood up. “God, what was I thinking? I can see now that you're not going to work out.”

“No,” Parker blurted sounding more desperate that she was. “You can count on me to do whatever you ask.” The last thing she wanted was to do was wash out of the assignment. The Wolf's words struck a chord in her that she had buried long ago. “You're right; I let my emotions influence me when I was assigned to bring Santos back to the Company. I handled it badly. I won't let that happen again.” She held her breath as she hoped that her groveling would pay off. There was no way she was going to let the woman dismiss her—she'd do whatever was necessary to finish the assignment. Then I can go out on my own again. For a moment, Amelia's face flashed before her. Bitch.

Remington studied the woman. Her early dossier spoke of her prowess as an operative in terms that let her know they held her in high regards. Then, she spiraled out of control. The phone rang and she picked up the receiver. “Yes.” She listened. “No, Davis is going with me. I'll let you know later.”

“You'll find your closet filled with clothes. I want you in tight black leather.” She looked Parker up and down before her eyes rested once again on her breasts. “Wear the black leather vest with nothing underneath.”

Parker asked, “What about underwear?”

“A thong or nothing…it's your choice.” Remington let her lips curve slightly. “Earlier I saw that you don't normally wear any.”

Unable to help herself, Parker winked at the woman. “Anything else?”

The momentary warmth that Remington allowed to show disappeared as she sat back at the desk. “There's a fully stocked kitchen. Let Armand, our chef, know what you want then he'll make it for you. You should eat then get some rest—we'll be leaving at ten sharp.” She lifted her eyes. “Meet me here at nine-thirty and I'll brief you on what I expect will happen tonight.”

“Wh…” Parker started to ask why not tell her now but thought the better of that line of questions. “Right, I'll see you then.” When the Wolf kept her gaze on the papers in front of her, Parker knew the discussion was over. Turning, she began to open the door but stopped. “Thank you,” she whispered before she opened the door and left.

Remington looked up once the door shut and for the first time relaxed. She rolled her shoulders and felt some of the tension leave her body—but not all—she doubted she'd ever relax until the mission was done. Parker Davis was the wild card in the operation and that made her nervous. She flicked on the monitor on her desk and navigated to the kitchen camera where she saw and heard Parker with the chef.

“I need her skills with the long rifle for this operation to be successful. Hopefully I can keep her in check until the mission is over.”




Chapter Three

Once Remington had finished preparing for the night, she clicked on the icon for Parker's room and watched her dress. Ava's assessment that Parker was dangerous was evident the first time she met her. Watching her now, she wondered just how far she could push the woman before unleashing the feral animal that she knew lurked just below the surface. Added into the mix were the debilitating headaches that seemed to plague the woman when stressed. “Tonight will tell me if she's staying or going.” When she saw Parker leave her room, Remington steeled her emotions, for even on the monitor, the aura of the woman drew her in and that wouldn't do.

Parker stood outside the door to the library. She was nervous and didn't quite comprehend why. If nothing else, she was confident that dressed in leather her body oozed sensuality and that was a plus. It was hard for men or women, for that matter, to deny the pull of the magnetism she exuded. She fisted her hand, raised it, and then knocked confidently on the door.

Schooling her features, Remington opened the door and glared at Parker. The leather vest was tight around the middle of the woman making her breasts heave above the v of the garment. “I said nine-thirty not nine-thirty-six.”

With her mouth wide open, Parker looked at the Wolf. The transformation was breathtaking. No longer did she see a blonde with green eyes but a woman with black hair, dark brown eyes, and a definite darkening of her fair skin. Unable to stop the words, she said, “Wow, your transformation is remarkable. I'd never recognize you.”

Remington wasn't expecting the gush of enthusiasm from Parker but managed to keep her self control. “What I look like has nothing to do with what will happen tonight.” When she saw Parker take a step back as if she were intimidated, she was immediately suspicious. No one scares her. “Sit down and I will run the game plan by you.”

As the two women walked out of the house, Parker said, “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely.” Remington looked at Parker. “It needs to be convincing. Once they believe your role then you will be free to gather information.” She opened the door of her Cayenne Turbo and slid behind the wheel. When Parker closed her door, Remington said, “Ready?”

Parker nodded before the black vehicle roared out of the driveway.



During the thirty minute drive to the club, Remington went over the plan once again. “Remember, I'm Stella Montevallo and you're Maria Vasquez. These people know me,” she offered. “I've made significant buys from them and…” she paused, “I've executed a traitor for them so they trust me for what that's worth. I'm not under any illusion that I'm special or that they won't kill me just for the fun of it. We need to play everything precisely if we are to survive long enough to get Castellan.”

“This isn't my first time around the block, Wolf. I know what I'm doing.”

Remington stopped the car just as it entered a dark parking lot and narrowed her eyes. “If you fuck this up you won't have to worry about them killing you—it will be my pleasure.”

Parker's voice was low with a cold edge. “There is no doubt in my mind that you would do exactly that. Know that I won't hesitate to return the favor if I deem it necessary.”

Remington regarded the counter threat and inwardly smiled. She's dangerous enough to make this night interesting. She pressed the gas pedal and the car moved further into the parking lot. When the vehicle came to a stop outside a poorly lit building, Remington got out and Parker followed suit. “Just remember you're Maria in here,” Remington said as they walked to the building.

Parker stopped moving forward. When the Wolf looked at her with a hint of irritation, she said, “I know the rules—this isn't my first dance.”

Remington grabbed her arm, jerked her close, and growled, “Make sure you remember them.” She kissed Parker hard before moving forward.

About a half dozen people were milling around the area of the main door to the Barraca Club. They made lewd comments along with cat calls and whistles as the two women approached them. When they stopped at the door, Maria materialized and put her hand through Stella's thick dark hair and kissed her hard.

Stella Montevallo slung her arm casually around Maria Vasquez's shoulders as they walked toward the entrance. A heavyset man in a black silk shirt to the right of the door said, “Hey Chiquita, you want to see what a real man can do for you?”

Stella let go of Maria. In one fluid motion, she gathered the front of the man's shirt in her hand, and snarled. “You haven't got the balls to satisfy anyone.”

The man's breath, soured with tobacco and alcohol, assaulted Stella's nose as he said, “You never know till you try it,” before he laughed and grabbed himself with a pumping motion.

Stella's face filled with fury as she tugged the man so his face was within inches of hers. “Wrong answer,” she said before she sucker punched him. Releasing her hold on the man, he fell onto the gravel below. She kicked him in the gut before she grabbed Maria's hand and opened the door.

If it was at all possible, the interior of the club was dingier than the outside. Guiding Maria to a table, Stella kissed her before she said, “I'll get us a beer,” before she walked quickly to the bar.

Maria watched her walk away and smiled—she was enjoying the assignment so far. She's a first class kisser. Stella's handling of the man outside made Maria understand just how dangerous she was—Maria shivered. She felt the menacing heat that exuded from Stella and that excited her. A smile wreathed her lips. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Placing two bottles of Dos Equis on the table, Stella sat to the right of Maria and draped her arm possessively across her shoulders. Her hand rested on Maria's left breast as her fingers idly rubbed the exposed skin. She leaned in and whispered, “You need to be more aggressive if we're going to pull this off.”

Maria turned her head and kissed Stella's soft lips then ran her tongue along the bottom lip. Stella opened her mouth wide inviting Maria's tongue in. The kiss was so arousing that Maria moaned as she began sucking harder on her partner's tongue. Her hand crept under the red tank top and was pleased that the nipple was swollen and hard. When Stella pulled away, Maria groaned. “Not yet,” she whispered.

Stella nuzzled Maria's ear and said, “Later. One of Castellan's men is coming our way.”

Reluctantly letting go, Maria noticed a tall man with broad shoulders who looked like a body builder coming toward them. “Is that him?” she asked in a low voice. An imperceptible nod was her answer.

“Who is this ravishing woman, Stella?” Vince Alexander asked. “Is she a gift for the boss?” He sat down next to Parker and pulled her close. “Mmm, let me show you what it's like to be with a real man.” The sound of a hand slamming against the table made him look up. His eyes widened when he saw Stella pointing the barrel of a Glock at him.

In a threatening voice, Stella said, “She's mine.” When the man grinned, she placed the barrel between his eyes. “Back off. No one touches her but me.”

Vince swallowed hard. “You won't shoot me. If you do, the boss will kill you.” The gun's safety clicked.

“No he won't. Men like you are a dime a dozen. My specialties, on the other hand, are rare.”

“Ok,” he said holding up his hand and moving away from Maria.

“I need to make a buy,” Stella said. “Tell Castellan that I want to meet with him.”

“No need to involve him,” Vince said as he wiped his brow. “I've got a couple kilos you can buy.”

Stella leaned across Maria. “Who said anything about a couple of kilos? I'm interested in significantly more.”

Vince scrapped his chair back and stood up. “I'll let you know.”

Once the man disappeared into the crowd, Stella looked at Maria with hunger in her eyes. She roughly pulled Maria to her and greedily kissed her lips.

The contact she had earlier with Stella made Maria's body primed and ready to explode. She pulled away an in a thick voice said, “Let's get out of here. I want more.”

Stella's answer was to rub Maria's thigh until her legs parted. When fingers moved so close to Maria's clit, the thighs clamped down on them as her hips began to gyrate.

“You're playing with fire, Wolf. The choice is yours—now or later. Either way I will have you.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Stella saw Vince returning. “Looks like you will get exactly what you want,” she said as she pulled her fingers free.

“Let's go,” the man said before he began walking back in the direction he came.

Stella grabbed Maria's hand. “It's show time,” she said as they walked quickly after Vince.

When they arrived at a closed door guarded by two very big muscle-bound men, Vince put his hand out. “You stay here,” he said to Maria.

“I told you, she's with me,” Stella said angrily.

“If you want to talk with the boss she stays out here,” Vince said moving his bulk in front of the door and crossing his arms.

Stella pulled Maria in close and kissed her. “You stay here baby, I won't be long.” When Vince opened the door, she walked in.

Maria stood by the door and listened as Vince and the two guards conversed. She was fluent in seven different languages with an understanding of three more so understanding them wasn't a problem.

“The boss is going to like this one,” Vice said.

“He always enjoys the girl on girl action,” one of the guards said with a laugh.

“The way they were going at it at the table gave me a hard on. Which one do you think the boss will take?” the second guard said as he adjusted himself. He pointed to the bulge in his pants. “Look what just thinking about it does.”

All three laughed.

Vince glanced at Maria, who stood plastered by the door with a look of horror on her face. “Look how scared she is. Wait till she finds out what's going to happen.” He laughed. “I bet the boss takes her.”

They all laughed again before their conversation turned to football.

Earlier, back at the house, the Wolf told Parker what to expect if she succeeded in having a meeting with Castellan. The three men's conversation confirmed what was ahead for her. Group sex no big deal. Stella and she would have sex while the man watched. What she hadn't bargained for—sex with the man—that the other men seemed to think that would happen. The thought sickened her—if that happened, it would be rape and that wasn't part of the deal. As the beginnings of another headache loomed the door opened and she saw a smiling Stella.




When she entered the room, all Maria could see was the outline of a man sitting in the shadows—she assumed it was Castellan. Stella immediately put what seemed like a protective arm around her and pulled her close.

“Ah, Stella, it's been a long time since you've brought such a delightful flower to me.” He came out of the shadows and gazed appreciatively at the woman Stella had wrapped in her arms. A smarmy smile formed on his lips. “We have business to discuss but first pleasure.”

“Yes, Mr. Castellan, we'd like that too,” said Stella as she began pulling at Maria's tight leather pants and vest. “God, how I want you,” she cooed as she removed the clothes. She smiled when she discovered no under garments before she ran her hands over Maria's naked body.

The previous kisses aroused Maria—being naked in front of the woman made her eyes darken with desire. Stella guided her to a worn couch and said, “Lay down here for me love so I can take you.”

Maria relaxed into the caresses as she lowered her body onto the couch. Good it's just the Wolf and me.

Completely ignoring the man, Stella knelt down next to the couch and ravaged Maria's mouth with kisses as her hands began exploring other parts of the woman's body. The intensity increased when her tongue licked a turgid nipple before sucking the pebbly surface it into her mouth.

For Maria's part, she tried to pull Stella closer so she could remove her clothes but the woman kept moving away. “I need to feel your skin on mine,” she whispered.

“Not yet, babe.” Stella licked one of Maria's ears then the other one. “He's watching us.”

Maria pushed Stella back then greedily began sucking, through thin fabric, a swollen nipple. When she bit it so hard that Stella let out a yelp, she heard the man say that's more like it . Maria began biting the woman's neck and soon found the action reciprocated. The more physical they got the higher passions rose.

Stella rose up. “I want you to come for me,” her husky voice said.

What happened next was a blur for Maria. The man nudged Stella away before he lifted Maria's head and placed a line of coke under her nose. “Snort this,” he said as he pushed her nose close to the white powder. Her eyes frantically sought out Stella's only to find what looked like indifference.

“Snort, I said,” roared the man as he squeezed the back of her neck.

The action made the pain she often felt in her head begin to increase—her nose sucked in the drug burning the inside of her nose. She felt the effects almost immediately and was helpless when the man mounted her and his hips began to rock.

Repeatedly the man took her. When he was done with her, he stood up, grabbed Stella, and laughed. “Just like old times isn't it.” He laughed again. “She was an excellent fuck. Now, on to business.”

In her drugged haze, Maria looked at Stella who stood stock still. Her cold, dark eyes watched as the man pulled on his pants before he headed to the door.

Opening the door, the man ordered, “Vince, get your ass in here.” Nodding at Maria lying nude on the couch he said, “She's one fine piece of ass,” Castellan said. “Go ahead, show her what you've got.”

Castellan looked at Stella. “You don't mind sharing do you?” He laughed. “We can talk business while Vince gets off.” He looked at his right hand man with his pants around his ankles crawling on top of the woman. With a satisfied look, he turned to Stella. “How many kilos do you want?” he asked as he sat at his desk.

When Maria cried out, NO , Wolf's face remained stoic although she clenched five fingers into a fist—Castellan was watching her. Sitting down in front of the man, Stella gave him a cool composed look. “I hear you have a new shipment arriving soon. I'll take as much as you have. My sources are screaming for the high quality stuff and I know you can deliver.”

Castellan looked at her skeptically. “You can come up with that kind of money?”

With a slight nod, Stella looked at the man intently. In the background, she heard the man named Vince grunt as he continued taking Maria. His last and loudest grunt said he was done.

“Hey, boss, want me to invite the other two in for a poke at this fine pussy?”

The man looked at Stella who sat with a blank expression when Vince asked the question. Castellan continued to monitor Stella's reaction as he said, “Why not? You don't mind do you?” When he saw the woman shrug with no discernable reaction on her face he said, “No don't. Leave us alone.”

Without missing a beat, Stella said, “I am more than prepared to take all the cocaine you have available. Like I said, my people are eager for primo coke.” She heard Maria moan. “How big is the shipment?”

Carlos Castellan pushed back from the desk. “I have many interested buyers who will be disappointed if I sell it all to one party.”

“How big is the lot?”

The man seemed to study Stella for several minutes. “Two hundred kilos.” The woman did not blink. “Can your organization handle that much?”

“Easily.” Stella picked up and pen and wrote down a figure then passed it to Castellan.

Castellan nodded and said, “Come back in three days.” He looked at the naked woman on the couch. “Be sure and bring your friend.”

Maria didn't know how long she'd been lying in the men's semen and the effects of the cocaine made her not care. When she felt gentle hands touch her body, she opened her eyes and saw Stella.

“Come on, babe. Sit up and let's get you dressed.”

Everything was in slow motion for Maria as the woman dressed her. “Thank you,” she whispered in a weak voice. A strong arm surround her waist helped her to stand. Had it not been for the drugs, she would have screamed out in pain.

Stella began to move Maria away from the couch and looked back to make sure she hadn't left anything. A bloody pool congealed where Maria's butt had been. “Let's get you out of here,” she said as she guided them to the door. It was noisy in the bar area as they moved slowly toward the door.

“Hey baby, you want a good time?” a drunken man who reeked of stale smoke asked.

With her knuckles bent at the first section, Stella cold cocked the man along with another one who tried to stop her. Everyone around began to roar and call out to her. Pushing two more men out of her way she finally got to the door and kicked it open. The night air was hot and sticky and she found it hard hanging on to the slick leather. Somehow, Remington managed to get to her vehicle and deposit Parker Davis in the front seat. Sliding in behind the wheel, she looked at Parker who had opened her eyes.

“I liked kissing you,” Parker said before she felt her world go black.


Chapter Four

Stretching before opening her eyes, Parker felt the effects from the night before once the cocaine wore off. When she moved her legs, she felt searing pain in her vaginal area. She grimaced as she recalled the two men repeatedly violating her the night before. She was no stranger to men in her bed—the success of her DOCO assignments often relied on men who demanded sex as part of the deal. This time it was different—it was rape. She knew going in that she would have to have sex with the head of the drug cartel and the conversations she heard from the guards verified what would happen. She recalled the look in Remington's eyes—cold and uncaring. Suddenly she grabbed her head and cried out as a bolt of pain slashed through her brain.



Remington turned her attention to a monitor that flashed on and saw Parker thrashing in her bed with her hands locked on either side of her head. Picking up the phone, she punched in a number. When the other end answered she said, “Come in here.”

A few minutes later, Ava Dupree entered the room and her eyes focused on the monitor. “What's going on with her?”

With a feral grin, Remington said, “She's feeling the effects of last night. I still need her for the kill. Give her ten minutes then give her a shot of Demerol.”

Ava gave her boss a quizzical look. “I thought the sex thing was over with Castellan a long time ago.”

Remington laughed low in her throat. “This one was special.” Her eyes turned to Parker who was still writhing in pain. “Let her suffer a little longer…she'll be more compliant then.”

Ava left the room and headed for the medical suite located on the upper floor. Pulling open a metal drawer, she took out a syringe then grabbed a vile. Once she'd filled it, she monitored Parker for twenty minutes then proceeded to her room.


Parker looked up with blurry vision when she heard the door open. “What the hell do you want?” she screamed.

Ava walked directly to the bed and gazed at Parker. “I've got something for the pain.” She put her palm on the woman's forehead and instantly Parker slapped it away.

“Get your fuckin' hands off of me.”

“I'll give you a shot of Demerol…roll over.” When Parker failed to comply, she frowned. “I said, roll over!”

“No,” growled Parker. “I want to see the Wolf.”

Ava shook her head. “You're not in any position to demand anything. Wolf will see you only when she wants to.”

Parker grabbed Ava's wrist, twisted it hard and snarled, “One more twist and it'll break.” Even when the woman no longer struggle, Parker didn't let up but slowly began to twist it more. In a low angry voice she said, “I want to see the Wolf and I want to see her now.”

A voice echoed throughout the room. “Let go of her, Davis .”

“So you're watching me, Wolf. If you want one less worker bee I'd suggest you…”

Taking advantage of the distraction, Ava pulled her arm away.

“Bitch,” Parker screamed.

“What's wrong with you? I was trying to help you shithead!”

Parker rapidly got out of bed and started after Ava.

This time, a commanding voice coming from the door yelled, “Stop.” Remington Wolf was standing in the doorway.

“Dupree, leave us,” Remington ordered. Her eyes pierced Parker with such intensity that she had to avert her eyes. “Sit down, Davis .”

“The hell I will,” Parker countered. She tore off her t-shirt and pointed to her breasts. “Look what you stood by and let happen.”

Remington walked over to the angry woman and pushed her hard. “I said, sit down .” When she had Parker's attention, she leaned into her. “How does it feel to be violated, Davis ?”

With her eyebrows raised, Parker glared at the woman. “How did it feel to watch it happen, Wolf? Did it get you off?” She laughed. “I bet you came all over yourself.” Parker gave a nonchalant shrug before she grinned.

“You are a piece of work. God, what an ego you have.”

“You should have told me that I'd be drugged and raped,” Parker screamed.

Remington leveled Parker with a cold, piercing stare. “You got exactly what you deserved.”

Parker sprung up to her feet only to have her face slapped before the Wolf pushed her back down. Remington could see that the anger that Parker felt grow into rage as she traded angry looks with the woman. Parker's jaw set as she ground her molars then she said, “You humiliated me and I'll make sure you pay for doing that.”

Remington let out a humorless laugh. “No you won't.”

“Don't underestimate what I am capable of, Wolf.”

“How did it feel to have Castellan force you to snort the cocaine then forcibly take you before he handed you off to his lackey?” Her icy gaze captured Parker's eyes. “Drugs and sex are your specialty aren't they, Davis ? You like to kidnap people then drug them so you can have sex with them, don't you.” She rested her hands on the chair's arms and leaned in so she was a hair's breath away from Parker's face. “Isn't that what you did to Olivia Santos?”

Parker tried to pull back but had nowhere to go. “No, she was with me because she loves me and wants me. It's that West woman who caused that to happen.”

“Unbelievable.” Remington recalled the woman who saved her life on her first mission. Although Santos was in charge, she instilled a sense of safety in all her operatives. They all knew she had their backs and would sacrifice a mission to keep them safe. Olivia Santos had done exactly that and now, she and Olivia had a strong friendship. When she visited Olivia after her rescue, she told Remington about what Parker did to her. Remington looked at Parker and noticed her obviously excruciating pain—she felt no pity for the woman. “You kidnapped her, drugged her, and made her your love slave,” Remington said as she fought to keep her emotions under control.

“You know nothing,” Parker fired back. “You know nothing about the love O and I share.” She grabbed her head then glared at the Wolf. “What would a cold hearted bitch like you know about love?”

Remington stood up. “There's a briefing at fourteen hundred. Since you didn't want Dupree's help there won't be any more drugs for your pain.” With one more sneer in Parker's direction, Remington shook her head and turned away.

“You can't do this to me,” Parker screamed. “You need me.”

With blazing speed, Remington turned and faced Parker once again. “That's where you're wrong, Davis . I don't need you.” Remington left a seemingly startled Parker Davis behind as she exited the room.


Although the pain in her head was reaching higher, Parker remained seated as her eyes scanned the room again for any sign of cameras. Just as her search the day before she saw none. Inwardly she laughed. I've used the things I know how hard they are to detect. Keeping her face neutral, she stood up, went into the walk-in closet, and closed the door. With the light out she rooted in her suitcase for the pill bottle she had hidden in the lining. Once she opened the bottle, she shook three out into her hand before popping the white pills into her mouth. They wouldn't work as quickly as a shot of Demerol but she knew that within thirty minutes she would begin to feel relief.

She dressed quickly in worn jeans and a black t-shirt, and then went to the bathroom and looked at her face in the mirror. Dull eyes reflected clear signs of darkening under her eyes and lips still swollen from what the two men did to her the night before. She turned, felt the sharp burning pain between her legs, and forced herself not to react. I will not let them see my weakness.

Leaving the room, she made her way to the main entrance and noticed the silence around her. Am I here alone? Surely not. She checked the kitchen but did not find Armand or any sign that anyone had recently been in the kitchen. Rapidly walked toward the room where she had met with the Wolf and grabbed the doorknob—locked. Emboldened by the feelings of euphoria the vicodin gave her, she hurried to the door she knew would lead to the garage and her Mustang—locked. Standing in the foyer she shouted, “What the fuck is going on here? Where is everyone?” It was almost noon and she didn't understand why no one appeared yet she knew someone was watching her. “I know all about DOCO and the ways they monitor people. Show yourself.”

When she still heard nothing she waved her hand and said, “Fine,” before she opened the front door and hurried out. Parker made her way across the lush green grass to a dock jutting out into the water. She found several benches and chairs lined along a wooden deck. To one side was a wet bar and on the other side a covered area where two canoes rested above the water. At least here, they might not see or hear me. She laughed. “Yeah right.” She sat in the chair that was closest to the water with her back to the house. She reached in her pocket, took out a small device that looked like a Blackberry, and pressed several keys effectively blocking any video or voice signals. I'll do this inside from now on. She thought better of that idea—the Wolf and her team would be on her if she did.

The excruciating pain in her head was all but gone but the Wolf's words were still relentlessly circling her mind. Parker blew out a cleansing breath as she willed the thoughts to leave—they did not. That's where you're wrong, Davis . I don't need you , she heard. “Fuck how did this go so wrong? Has she already got a replacement for me?” It was then she remembered the Wolf saying, you kidnapped her, drugged her, and made her your love slave . “How the hell does she know about Olivia? I know everything about O…don't I? I bet they had sex—a onetime thing.”

Parker felt her spine stiffen while her eyes widened. “Last night was punishment for what she thinks I did to O. She's wrong…it's what O wanted.” In the clarity that being pain free brought, Parker knew the truth—Olivia did not go willingly. During the ten months she spent in the psych ward feigning amnesia, she had a lot of alone time. She came to the recognition that what she did to Olivia was unconscionable. After what happened the night before she knew that what she did to Olivia was no better than the men that raped her. With that realization, tears began rolling down her cheeks in torrents dropping soundlessly onto her t-shirt. “It was my name she called out as she reached orgasm…that has to mean something.” It was all an illusion —the tears continued to flow.

In the ensuing minutes, Parker got up, stood at the end of the dock, and looked at the water's murky depths. As her tears continued to fall, she knew she had hit bottom. “If I went into the water and floated away would anyone care?” The answer—a resounding NO. She thought once again about Olivia and the realization of the cruelty she inflicted on someone she professed to love. “I've become a monster that no one loves or wants to be around.” Her eyes focused on the water that seemed to beckon her. Just as she was contemplating falling into the water, she heard her name.

“ Davis , the briefing is starting.”

Parker turned around and frowned at the man, Peter McCrea. “It's two already?” she asked.

Saying nothing more, the man turned around and headed for the front door.

With one last longing look at the water, Parker hurried after the man.



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