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Erin O'Rielly

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'55 Ford

Andrea McBride, the author of four books wants to find someone to restore an old '55 Ford truck. She will only settle for the best and finds AJ Whittaker who is touted to be the best restorer around. The only catch to Andie's plan is that AJ refuses to do the restoration. That doesn't stop Andie who gives AJ an offer she can't refuse.

Deception - (removed - published)

Lane Cutbert knew exactly where she wanted to go and what she had to do to get there. Her goal was to challenge the network legal gurus for their positions but first, she needed a juicy scandal or murder. What she found was a beautiful woman with a secret in need of a lawyer.

Earthbound - with JM Dragon   [Incomplete]

Amanda Lawson's life fell apart when a cement truck, killing her partner of eight years, hit the car Amanda was driving. Not only did she lose the love of her life but was critically injured leaving her with limited use of her legs. For Amanda, being alive was the cruelest thing life offered her. For two years, she lived alone downing prescription drugs to relieve pain that was both emotional and physical.

Twice she found a 1999 phone book that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, opened to a page for spiritual healers. Believing that her lover, Gwen, was sending her a message, she dialed the number of Luminitsa whose ad read let me heal you with the light.

The visit to the spiritualist's home brought Amanda face to face with Luminitsa and her beautiful and mysterious granddaughter, Raphaela. A thread of light beckons her to a new life if only she believes. Will Amanda abandon the comfort and oblivion her pills afford? If she does, will it be the rescue she is looking for or just another nightmare to haunt her dreams.

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Echoes Of the Past   - with JM Dragon

Olivia and Amelia are living together in a platonic relationship when an old love asks for Olivia's help. Will the old feelings Olivia had for her first love reemerge or will she stay with Amelia? This fast moving story has twists and turns and some you won't see coming.

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Paradox of Love - with JM Dragon

Parker Davis’s car limped its way into Portsmouth. It was just another city in a long line of places she’d traveled never to settle down. The major repairs and debt caused by her vehicle, forced her tostay in the city and find employment with the local police department.

Olivia Santos lived for her work as a police officer, following a family tradition that she was proud of. The only thing that she would place above herpolice work was the love she had for her only living relative-her brother an undercover cop. When Parker and Olivia meet at a social function, there is an immediate attraction, which starts them on a road of passionate, unquenchable love. Their relationship binds them together in ways neither of them understand until a tragedy threatens the very fabric of their life together and their love. What happens will reflect on their future like an indelible stain forever.

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The End Game - with JM Dragon

What would you do if you discovered your life wasn’t your own?

Private detective Olivia Santos and noted physiologist Dr. Amelia West face new challenges as they attempt to reconcile their previous lifestyles and forge a lasting personal relationship within the backdrop of busy business schedules that threaten to overwhelm them They also find they are faced with the knowledge that their lives are not their own. Someone has been watching every facet of their everyday lives. When a package arrives at the offices of When Heaven Meets Hell, the contents set into motion a series of event that threatens not only the very fabric of their environment but their lives as well.

Will Olivia’s past finally catch up with her and destroy everything she has built in the last ten years? Or, will those that are stalking her finally put an end to a game that can only have one ending-death.

Wolf at the Door

Parker Davis is determined to get back in the good graces of the super secret covert group known as Department of Covert Operations (DOCO). She will do whatever is necessary-even if it means letting someone else be the team leader. When the mission she is assigned to as a sniper goes wrong, Parker finds herself on the run with the mysterious team leader Remington Wolf. Parker's life is in the Wolf's hands-just as the Wolf's is in Parker's-as the two women find themselves fighting for their lives.

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Emma's Journey   ebook version available - (removed - published)

An Odyssey From Darkness To Light... a tale of intrigue and suspense. Emma Sanders life went horribly wrong at age five when her house burned down leaving her and her crippled mother to cope with the family business on a lake. After the death of her mother, Emma the recluse finds herself befriended by a stranger to the lake, Cay O'Neill. Why is Cay there and why does she want Emma's friendship?

Fractured  [removed by request of author]

For homicide detective Tessa Jacoby her life is about self control and putting on the face of cold indifference-she lives her life by one rule: never get involved. The murder of a noted collegiate basketball player, Dana Stratton, sets her on a path that threatens to compromise all her beliefs about life and love. As she tries to get a grip on her out of control emotions, Tessa finds herself with another challenge-her attraction to a federal prosecutor Anna Mikaelson. The murder case sends Tessa and her partner Gus on a series of missteps and false leads as they work to discover who murdered the basketball star.

Incantations - with JM Dragon

Witches, black and white form an alliance to outwit the darkness that intends to devour both orders and the human race. The story begins with Sarah and Abigail along with Sarah's daughter, Dorcas, residing in a small town to watch for the forces of evil to appear. The witches, one inept, one uptight and one a prodigy living together, facing serious and hilarious situations as they bond together as a family.

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Lost   ebook version available

We put up the sequel without making sure the prequel was on our site! We have corrected the error. Life can throw us curves when we least expect them. Just when we think everything is as it should be, an event occurs that rocks our world changing our lives forever. It is then that life altering decisions must be made. We find ourselves drowning in an undertow that has sucked us below threatening to pull us down into its deepest recesses. Surfacing, will we cry out take me or will we struggle to stay afloat desperately trying to find safety? And, if we do find safety, will anything ever be the same again?

Carol Barngate was in her fifties wanting nothing more than to live out her life basking in the glow of family and friends. For her, life had been good both personally and professionally. She considered herself happy until an innocuous meeting started her on a journey to self discovery that she never thought possible.

Jack, The Seduction Of Carol

Standing here in the back of the very auditorium where I first saw her I can still hear her voice. Every fiber of my being screamed out as I listened to her speech and when I saw her I knew I had come home. I understand that you are wondering why I didn't make Carol my own and bed her. Hmm...I think you need to know more about me before I answer that question. Yes... you need to understand everything.

Meant to Be


A Christmas story.

A Quest Ridden On Behalf Of Love - with JM Dragon

Lena and Kate are brought together in a story set in the thoroughbred horse racing circuit. The two women attracted to each other yet afraid to make the first move. Lena's past plays comes visiting and brings havoc to the budding relationship.

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How can a person take back a life that was not theirs and make it work. Until Remington Wolf met Parker Davis, she knew no other life than that of a highly placed operative for a clandestine government agency-Department of Covert Operations. Once Parker came on the scene, the Wolf began spiraling into a life that knew no boundaries. That brought her to a point where it became necessary to choose which life she wanted. Just as a sandcastle can withstand only the initial onslaught of relentless waves, the Wolf finds she is constantly reinventing her life in a desperate attempt to reclaim what is hers. Her only problem, Parker who is trying to reinvent herself, is in the way.

Specter Of Fear   ebook version available

Two women's worlds are tested when an unknown person begins a campaign of fear through threatening letters filled with innuendoes. Will their love survive or will the phantom win?

Those Three Days

Winnie James' life was finally taking professional shape when she got her first big break... a client of her own. Now, all she needed was to have that someone special in her life to share it with. Her search for love lead her to three days that changed her life. After that nothing would ever be the same again.

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Winnie's life has taken a new and exciting turn - she has a new love and a promising new career. But, she is still haunted by the three days with Eleanor Powers. Will she be able to resist the pull of the woman?

LJ And Kiley Series   ebook

 version available


Events and people who constantly come and go shape our lives. Just as the universe is in constant state of flux so are we. As we continuously change and evolve, that which we swore we would never do, change as circumstances occur that make them possible. Will Kiley Wilcox and Dr. LJ Evans world's are about to collide.the outcome be nothing more than a learning experience or will it alter both lives forever?

Of Love And Betrayal

This is the sequel to Possibilities. Many people go through life with the feeling something is missing. They can look around them, see their families, jobs and possessions, and wonder why they aren't happy. Happiness relies on making a total commitment to the life one is living and for some that is difficult. Is Kylie and LJ's love strong enough to survive temptations and public opinion? Will their relationship bring them the fulfillment they both long for?

Reflections On The Past

Relationships, if they are to be successful, need to be nourished and cared for with diligence or they are sure to fail. In a world that was unfriendly to their lifestyle, LJ and Kiley worked hard every day to make what they had together thrive. They knew that together they could face and conquer any obstacle in spite of the difficulties in their way.