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Better Than Carmen

By Foxfire


Four o'clock the next day and I was pacing James' hotel room, palms sweating in anticipation.

“Would you please stop pacing? You're making me nauseous.” I threw James a dirty look but ceased my movements temporarily.

“Sorry. Just a little nervous, you know? She's like the friggin' hottest woman ever and she's cooking me dinner. Am I awake?” a slight nod from my best friend, “This is huge Jim. What if she like, kisses me or something?”

“Ooh, come in your pants over a kiss why don't you?” He pouted. “Maybe she just wants to be a mother figure to the poor little lesbian?”

I threw a pillow at his face at the comment, and said “No need to be jealous Freak Show... Rachel tell you she's engaged yet?” I grinned and ducked as the pillow flew back in my direction.

“Shut up. Married women love me more than single ones. She'll come around.” He smiled cockily then lapsed into silence as I resumed my pacing.


Three hours later, I was showered, dressed and ready to leave for Cabin 2. James pretended to swoon as I walked out of his elaborate en suite in tight black jeans and a light blue shirt, my hair straightened and messed up neatly. My palms were clammy, my throat was dry and I felt like I was going to throw up every time I opened my mouth. The evening was looking bright.

“Good luck darling,” he said in his campest voice. “Don't do anything I wouldn't do.” He winked as he pushed me gently out of the door and into the corridor of his expensive hotel. I gulped back the nerves and made my way to the lift, which had its own crystal chandelier. All the way to the log cabins I was thinking of excuses to not turn up, to just get out before I made a fool of myself. The track to Cabin 2 was lined with fairy lights and covered in little rock chippings to provide grip through the ice and snow. As I made my way up and onto the track, I heard loud, cheery voices break through the tranquillity of the mountain side, and they were heading towards me. Wanting to avoid embarrassing confrontation, I ducked behind a pine tree to my left, and waited for the group of women to pass.

“Eph, you've gotta do Total Eclipse of the Heart again, that was so funny last time. I might do Barbie Girl; will you be my Ken honey?” Keeley's voice grew louder with each second. I heard laughter as Beth agreed to accompany her partner at karaoke, and then Ephiny's husky voice floated to my ears.

“I'll do Bonnie Tyler if Rach does Meat Loaf! ‘Turn around.... like a bat out of hell!'” she roared with laughter as Rachel exclaimed that she would not be embarrassing herself publically tonight. Ephiny's voice turned sombre as she stopped laughing. “Hey, you guys think Lara will be ok?”

“Sure she will, she's a big girl Eph.” The group were just passing the tree I was hiding behind as their conversation turned to Lara and myself.

“But you know what she's like... I don't want to see her get hurt again and I don't understand why she's doing this.” My ears pricked up, and I listened more intently. What were they saying about their friend?

“Look Eph, we all know Lara's personality and past and even if all she wants is holiday sex, who the hell are we to judge? She can do what she wants, and God knows she deserves a bit of fun.” Beth's stern words silenced the group as they continued on down the path and out of ear shot.

I bit my lip, now undecided about what to do. Until now I hadn't even thought about what this was, other than a dinner with a hot woman who may or may not want to sleep with me. Now I didn't know if she had invited me for sex or if she would propose to me after five minutes. Crazier things had happened. Taking a deep breath, I stepped back onto the path and made my way to the door. If things went badly, I'd never have to see her again after the holiday, and at least I could get James to vouch that the hottest woman alive had asked me over for dinner. I stepped up to the door, knocked and waited.

Lara opened the door slightly and peered around it to look at me. The light from behind her streamed out and illuminated her through the darkness of where I was stood.

“Hi.” She smiled shyly and opened the door wider for me to step inside.

“Hi,” I caught her infectious grin and felt it grow on my face with a hint of a blush.

“Come in. I thought seeing as we're in Italy I would make Lasagne, is that ok?” dark eyes locked onto mine as she closed the door behind me.

“Yeah, that's great. Yum!” I groaned as I realised I'd said that out loud. Who says ‘yum!' out loud?! Idiot. Lara laughed softly and motioned for me to take a seat at the table, which was set for two. Between the places stood two bottles of wine; one red and one white.

“I didn't know which you preferred so I picked up both. Which would you like?” I couldn't help but smile and think “aww!” at her thoughtfulness.

“You didn't have to. I'll have white though, please.” I picked nervously at the table cloth as a healthy glass of white wine was poured out for me and placed carefully next to my cutlery. The cutlery that I had put in the cabin a few days before, I thought to myself.

Lara poured a glass for herself, picked up the bottle of red and carried it back through to the kitchen. I watched her go the entire way, my eyes unconsciously following the sway of her hips. She turned around in the doorway and caught me staring.

“Everything ok?”

“Wha..? Oh, yeah. Perfect.” I cleared my throat as I felt my face heat up and the table cloth once again became very interesting. I glanced up and saw her still staring at me with a curious look on her gorgeous features. As we made eye contact we both laughed and looked away immediately. The uncertainness of this situation was making it both unnerving and intoxicating at the same time. Half of me wanted to run away and the other half wanted to grab Lara and kiss her senseless. I reasoned with myself that I shouldn't probably wait at least five minutes after stepping through the door.

Two steaming plates of Lasagne made their way to the table balanced on the upward facing palms of the hostess. I inhaled deeply as the dish was placed in front of me, and I thought I hadn't smelled something so delicious in a long time. Lara took her seat opposite me and after taking a long sip of her wine, motioned for me to dig in.

“Bon appétit!” I exclaimed, as I sliced through the sheets of pasta. Lara giggled and looked at me like she couldn't quite figure out if I was joking or not. I was. Honest.

After we had settled into a comfortable silence whilst devouring the delectable Italian food, I wondered aloud about Lara and her group of friends.

“This is sort of a last girl's group holiday before we all make major commitments and can't get together so often anymore.” She explained whilst taking a break from chewing.

“Oh, really? So what are the commitments?” It didn't take much encouragement for Lara to immerse herself in a monologue about her closest friends, and rather than being put out by the one sided conversation, I was intrigued and fascinated by the dynamics of their friendships and how their lives were playing out.

“Um, well Beth and Keeley already live together but they are moving into a bigger flat in the city next month. Rachel is getting married to her Fiancé Tom at the end of the year. He's an accountant. Lovely though, high flyer, earns mega bucks. I'm taking a job just outside London which means moving house pretty soon after we get back home. I didn't really want to take it because of the personal implications but it's a good position to have and I can't afford to turn a job down. Eph's the only one not going through major changes, though her little dramas are enough for us all, I think. Bless her.”

“What do you do?” I interrupted as politely as possible at the mention of Ephiny. She might be a lovely women but she scared the shit out of me. The less talk about her the better.

“I'm a Psychology lecturer. I just finished my last placement and was offered this job pretty much straight away so I don't want to pass it up. What do you do then?” She smiled sweetly, and then slid another morsel of food into her mouth.

“Er,” After that bit of information I really didn't want to reveal that I had just failed A2 Psychology and was having to go back for a third year to finish it. “I'm doing a third year at college because I kinda messed up the last one. Then it's off to university for me.” I quickly tried to think of a new topic to divert us away from my failings and our blatant age difference. Then the fact that Lara was a teacher hit me like a hundred mile an hour train. I was having dinner with a teacher. This was every teenager's fantasy and I was living it! A felt a big uncontrollable smile spread across my face which Lara immediately noticed.

“What?” she smiled too, unsure of why we were both smiling. I wondered if she was thinking the same about me being a student. Well, she hadn't run for the hills!

“Nothing,” I shook my head slowly, still grinning slightly.

After the main course, we sat at the table for a while longer just talking, wanting to leave a gap between dinner and desert, and then before I'd inevitably have to leave. I was enjoying the older woman's company thoroughly and I wished there were more hours in the evening so that I could stay longer and get to know her better.

As we pushed back our chairs and rose to clear the table, I reached across to pick up Lara's plate as well as mine, and our hands collided gently sending a shockwave of electricity from my fingertips right down my spine and into my groin. I felt a heat begin to grow that I couldn't ignore, and I mumbled an apology as I retracted my hand and took my plate on its own.

Lara followed me into the kitchen. As she reached around me to discard her plate into the sink, I felt her arm brush across my back and my entire body tensed at the touch. I wasn't sure if she had done it on purpose or not, but it didn't matter. I blew out a shaky breath and then turned to make my way back to the table as Lara pulled out ice cream from the freezer.

All through desert I watched the Latino woman opposite me suck on the spoon every time it entered her mouth and my mind was a total blank page. I couldn't think of a thing to say that wasn't sexual, so I lapsed into silence and just watched her. I was pretty sure that she was aware of my scrutiny and that she knew the effect she was having on me, which made this entire production that little bit tenser. Casual and broken conversation occurred during the half an hour it took for us to break the spell keeping us at the table after desert. Finally, we moved from the table to the sofa of the cabin, which was situated near to the large open fire. The embers were burning red and white, a comfortable heat emanating off the coals. Through the window behind us, I could see soft snow fall through the darkness to join the fluffy masses on the ground. Tomorrow was going to be a good day for skiing.

As I sat down on the sofa, Lara bent from standing and leant over me to reach her glass of wine. I held my breath as she did so, because the only thought in my head was a wondering of how soft her lips were and how good she'd feel naked against me.

She seemed to notice that I had unconsciously tensed up because she paused for effect as her chest brushed past mine. I couldn't hold my breath in any longer, and the exhale was a heavy shudder drenched in arousal. I wondered if she would reciprocate if I kissed her, then her eyes drew level with mine and I saw the hunger in them, the desire and want swirling together and mixing with the epic darkness of her iris. I knew in that second that if I did not kiss the woman in front of me then I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Everything seemed to slow down after that, I could count the moments between each bat of her eyelids, each intake of breath. I could feel my skin heating up as though there were a furnace beneath the surface which had just been loaded with fuel. It took an age for her lips to meet mine, eye contact maintained the entire way as we leant toward each other. We hesitated as one and let our breath mingle, combine. The heat between our mouths was an overload and I began to shake at the mere thought of what could happen after this first kiss.

Our lips touched, softly pressed together as I wrapped my arms around her and caressed her back through her cotton t-shirt, I felt the electricity surge between us and ignite a deeper passion, one I didn't think I was capable of until this moment in time.

The kiss grew deeper, and I opened my lips slightly to show her that I wanted, no, needed this to go further. I craved it. I closed my eyes and moaned slightly as her tongue poked out and slowly moved into my mouth, flicking over my teeth in the most erotic way before pushing past and then against my own. It was, without a doubt, the single most sensual experience of my life.

My fingers felt like they were on fire, though I thought afterwards that it may have been because her skin was so cool. I traced casual shapes down her spine as she straddled my thighs and put herself in the position of power. I was trapped with my back to the sofa and my front to a sweet, sexy female body. I trembled as she lifted her arms above her head in indication for me to remove her clothing, and I began to doubt that I was worthy of such a beautiful creature. Running the tips of my fingers up from her hips, I took the t-shirt with me as I ascended, and the stark difference between my milky skin and her natural Latino colouring became even clearer. We looked like white and milk chocolate mollifying together, becoming one in a melting pot of pure desire.

Once Lara's top half was bare except for her bra, I felt my pulse quicken and the heat between my legs became more apparent... and saturated. Her voluptuous breasts threatened to spill over the silky material that held them, and were soft to the touch; much softer than I could ever have dreamt of. Her stomach was well toned like an athlete, and it made my mouth water. I brushed my fingers over every inch of her exposed caramel skin as she laced my neck with feather light kisses and the occasional nibble, accompanied by a rhythmic grinding on my thighs. She was driving me wild with the best torture I could possibly think of, and I'd willingly let it carry on all night.

Lara's hands moved from my neck down between my covered chest and carried on up and underneath my t-shirt. She scratched lightly at my stomach as she proceeded back up towards my chest, which was now heaving from laboured breathing. I had my eyes closed as I strived for oxygen and scratched down her back in return, letting her know physically and without words that I wanted this as much as her.

She reached around and took my right arm by the elbow, moving it gently yet somewhat forcefully to her front, where she slid her hand to grip mine then pushed it against the denim between her legs. The heat emanating from her centre was overbearing, and immediately I was lost in her. I was finding it hard to believe that I could make someone this beautiful and unobtainable so aroused, yet the evidence was less than a centimetre away from my own hand. She moaned at the contact, pushing my hand with hers to meet her already thrusting body. I didn't need the guidance at all, but it was incredibly carnal for her to be pushing me from both sides, showing me how badly she wanted me.

Our breathing together was now completely audible as we pushed and ground together through layers of material, the two of us wanting more but trying not to rush this perfect moment.

I waited for her to release her grip on my hand before moving it away from between her legs and up to the button on her jeans. I smirked as I noticed for the first time that evening that she wasn't wearing a belt. The button popped easily, her flies needed even less attention and within seconds my hand was another layer closer to touching her as intimately as I so badly wanted to. Slowing down and forcing myself not to surge forward too far, I continued the same movements as before, only this time I could feel hot damp cotton instead of the rough denim of Lara's jeans. She cried out at the new contact and resumed thrusting against me. Soon my mouth was covered again and her tongue plunged into me, roughly massaging my own. This new momentum sent my hormones into a frenzy and our rhythmic movements became faster and more rapid. Her nails dug deep into my shoulders as she clawed for grounding, and her thighs began to squeeze together around my hand. I felt hot breath against my neck, then in my ear as she whispered frantically and erratically “Please don't stop!” and the tension built higher, and closer and...

And then there was an almighty crash as the door of the cabin swung open and we were exposed to four snow covered, highly intoxicated women.

Everything was motionless for about a second; Lara was still straddling me; I still had my right hand inside her jeans pressing against her clit; and we were still looking in the direction of the interruption that had ruined my new lover's orgasm right at its climax. Then through the silence and the stillness came a thunderbolt of activity as I pulled back my hand; Lara threw herself backwards off my lap and to her feet; and her friends began to laugh uncontrollably and mercilessly, as if they didn't realise that they had just interrupted a powerful moment and it had merely been a young girls first kiss in the playground and her friends were giggling at the thought of it.

I felt my face begin to burn and I didn't know where to look, all I could do was move my mouth open and closed soundlessly and stare at Lara as if she could do something to aid the situation. She only reached across the floor and grabbed her discarded t-shirt, which she calmly put back on, then re-buttoned her jeans as if nobody else was in the room.

Beth stumbled further in through the door so it could be closed and grinned harder than the Cheshire cat at me, like I deserved a medal for what they had just walked in on. I wasn't sure why. I smiled tightly back, not wanting to be rude but also feeling very uncomfortable. Keeley swayed past her girlfriend and tumbled drunkenly on to Eph, who was staring at Lara like she had two heads.

“Well, well, well – hic - what do we ‘ave ‘ere?” Keeley slurred. “Larykins gettin' some – hic - poontang?” she giggled to herself, hiccupped twice more, doubled over and then slapped her hand over her mouth like she was going to be sick. Rachel, who was now closest to the small blonde, grabbed her gently yet forcefully from behind and pulled her towards the bathroom, followed closely by Beth, who looked like she would be spending the night with the toilet too.

I realised suddenly that I still hadn't moved from my original position, and Lara was now stood silently by the fireplace clutching her arms to her chest. I randomly had an image in my head of a five year old Lara in the same position hugging a teddy bear to her. She looked extremely vulnerable.

I stood up and clapped my hands lightly together, glancing from Lara to Eph, who were still locked in eye contact, and then back to Lara again. “I should be going,” I mumbled, moving quickly towards my would-be lover to kiss her on the cheek and then even more swiftly to the door and my escape. As I closed the door I heard Ephiny's words slip out behind me – “Wow Lar.” And then I was out of ear shot and making my way through the heavy snow fall back to my hotel room.

As I lay in bed later that night, I was praying that Lara would speak to me again tomorrow. I'd never seen someone look as fragile as she had when she had been stood in front of the fire. I had absolutely no idea why, and I was pretty sure it wasn't my fault, but something was wrong with her after the interruption, something more than just embarrassment at being caught. All I knew was that I wanted and needed to find out what it was so that I could put it right. I wasn't about to let this woman out of my life now that I'd found her.

Continued in Part Four.


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