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Last Updated:  11/23/2010

Better than Carmen   [Incomplete]

Faye Wilson loves to snowboard; it gives her the freedom and adrenaline she craves and doesn't get at home. Working a ski season in Tonale, Italy, Faye and her bestfriend James befriend a group of five women who are going to change their lives forever. Back at home in Kent, England, can she handle the added pressures of family expectations, education, falling in love with someone strictly forbidden and not losing her bestfriend, all in the process of discovering who she really is and what she really wants?

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Coming Home for Coming Out

Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates and lovers, but what happens when they return to Potedia as a couple for the first time?

Trip of a Lifetime   [Incomplete]

Alex Mayer is on a solo adventure to Australasia to escape her overbearing family and find her true self, but what she didn't intend on finding was a beautiful woman named Kelly Ryan who was about to complicate her life further...

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