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Dee's Crystal


Gabby Sanchy

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I checked my clock that was hanging above the fire place again for more than the fifth time. My no good best friend was supposed to be here by now and I was beginning to worry. She knew how important today was for me and she was late, may be five minutes late wasn't that late but I still found it annoying cause I was all dressed up and jittery. Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call her, she barged into my living room. Classic Rachel. “You're late” I looked at her and the huge smile she had on her face made my growing irritation disappear.

She hugged me and dropped the small carry-on bag she brought with her on the floor beside the sofa. “I'm sorry Dee, I ran into a friend and I got a little carried away. Remember the girl I showed you back in college the day we switched dorms ?.

I nodded “I didn't actually see her face but I think I remember the day it was”.

“Well, turns out that she wasn't in my class. She was just covering for a friend for an entire semester and guess what? She's actually a doctor now. That's bloody awesome.”

“Rach, I just need you to watch Andi for the night. She is up in her room reading that book you got her when you came back from London. I think this is actually the third time she's reading that book and I think you've ruined her for any other book” I laughed. “How long are you staying?”

“I'm staying for the week and then I'm off to Australia. It's kind of funny how I never got to meet your room mate till we graduated. Maybe I can meet her some time and see this person that you are all hung up over myself. Now off you go, I have plans for me and Andrea that does not involve you”. She laughed and pushed me out the door.

I had met up with Crystal thrice since our encounter at the hospital but we hadn't actually spent much time because of her shift at the general hospital as their attending physician. We just talked about her work and my work or Andrea but never really about our school days or how we parted. I walked into the restaurant that we had agreed on last week and saw her talking to the chef and I felt a tiny bit of jealousy run through me but I pushed it down and walked to our table, pulled out a chair and sat down. “I'm sorry for the lateness. Rachel got caught up and I couldn't leave Andi alone and….”

“Calm down Dee. I'm not upset and moreover, you aren't that late cause I just got in myself. This is my very good friend, Sandy. We went to the same high school and she's the chef here. I ran into her when I moved back here and I can tell you, her food is wonderful.”

I turned to Sandy and shook the hand she was holding out and introduced myself. “Nice to meet you Sandy, I'm Denise but everyone calls me Dee.” She responded in kind and told us to go through the menu before she walked off to the kitchen.

“So, how is Andi and Rachel? I haven't seen Andi in a while and I'm beginning to miss the little monkey”.

It still amazed me how much both Andi and Crystal got along considering it had been only a month since they met and they've seen each other only thrice counting the day at the hospital. “She is good. She actually wanted to see you today but I told her she couldn't come with me. I swear you don't want to see the little rascal angry” I laughed.

She laughed too and sipped water from her glass. A waiter came and took our orders and we continued with our conversation which was turning towards work when Crystal raised a finger and I closed my mouth.

“Let's make a pact. No talking about work today, let's just talk about other things like how you disappeared without a goodbye or note the day we graduated”.

“Umm…..and to think I got away with that. I can't really tell you Crystal, I'm not sure you want to know why.” I said.

“No, I really want to know why cause I thought we were on our way to something that looked like friendship and I know it was short lived but I thought that we were past all our difficulties then”. She was getting upset and I could tell. I didn't even consider that she would be hurt by me not saying goodbye then and I was beginning to get upset. The waiter came with our food then and I kept my retort to myself and he left while I dug into my food. It was as good as Crystal testified earlier and we kept eating quietly for a while before Crystal brought up our earlier conversation.

“Are you not going to say anything?” she asked.

I dropped my fork and raised my eyes to hers. I didn't know what to think of her expression and it scared me. I was scared to tell her how I felt then and now cause I didn't want my heart broken again.

“ I swear Dee, your continued silence is beginning to irritate me and I'm tempted to drop my fork and walk out. It was college and I just want to understand what happened.”

“You broke my fucking heart! That's what happened” I blurted.

“What? How? Dee………”

“I'm sorry Crystal, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. Let me explain then, you will understand. That day that I first met you, the comment I made….”

“Yeah, something along the line of torture, I think”>

“Stop interrupting Crystal or I will stop. I just want to get it all out”. She raised her hands in a sign of acknowledgement and I continued. “And yeah, I said and I quote “Holy crap, this is going to be torture” and I swear to you, that came out wrong” she looked out the window and shook her head and turned back to me so I continued. “There you were looking so beautiful when I walked in and I knew then and there that it was going to be torture being close to you. I didn't make that comment because you were black or anything. I was just dumbfounded and before I could realize how wrong it came out, you were already riled up and my stupid tongue couldn't loosen up enough for me to apologize. Then you began talking to me after that letter that your mom sent to you and I was on cloud nine and we became friends in less than a week. I was so happy and I garnered enough courage to ask you out from Rachel but you came in on that night of your birthday and announced that you were on a date that was very important and my heart shattered. I couldn't take it so I moved out early the next day into my apartment when you didn't come back that night. I'm sorry for leaving without a goodbye or a note” I said and took a sip of water after my not so long speech. Crystal was staring at me and I was beginning to get worried that I might have scared her off. ”Crys? Please say something.”

“God, what a fool I was and I thought that you didn't like me although I knew after sometime that you didn't actually hate me for being black. And the date that day was about me meeting up with my roommate to be to discuss rent and when we were moving in for med school. You didn't seem like that type of person after I saw how you interrupted with everyone back then and Andi is even proof enough.” She laughed.

“About that…. Andi isn't actually my biological mother but I am her mom in every other way”.

“What? But she looks so much like you”.

“I adopted her after my brother and his wife died in a car crash. She was only one when they died. I was babysitting her the night of the accident. She kept me occupied that I didn't even have time to dwell on my brother's death.”

“God, I'm so sorry Dee. I'm glad that Andi was with you that day” she said. I looked up at her after wiping a tear that must have slipped out after the recalling of that fateful day. I looked at my time and saw that it was getting to almost 9:30pm. I brought out my card to pay for the bill but Crystal touched my hand that was laying on the table and shook her head.

“I already took care of the bill. You can get the next one, no need to argue with me cause you know how stubborn I can get” she smiled.

I shook my head at her and smiled back. Sandy must have seen us standing and came to our table so we paid our compliments and promised to come back again, we said our goodbyes and left. We started walking towards my house since it was just a block away and I had trekked to the restaurant. We talked about any and everything and Crystal kept apologizing for what happened in college and at a point I snapped. “Crystal stop it! You were and are not responsible for my feelings either then or now so stop apologizing. I assumed and you know what they say about assumption. Making an ass out of you and me?” I looked at her and we both bursted out laughing just as we reached my doorstep.

“So, does that mean that you still have feelings for me? Because what I'm about to do now is absolutely terrifying for me and I need us to be on the same page cause I also have feelings for you” she said and I could see the fear written all over her face. Before I could say anything else she cupped my head from the back and bent to kiss me. My God, was it glorious. Our first kiss was just as amazing as I thought it would be. It only lasted some seconds but it felt like hours before she lifted her lips from mine and I swear I felt like I was in heaven. Before I could say anything I heard footsteps running down the stairs inside the house and the door barged open and Andi came out and threw herself at Crystal.

“Crys, I missed you so much. Mummy said we couldn't come to the clinic again because you were busy at the general hospital and I have so many things to show you. Aunt Rach got me new books and a bike when she got back from London and she is even teaching me how to skate with this new, cool skateboard grand dad got me and I even..”

“Andi, take it easy. She's not going to disappear and you are supposed to be asleep by now. Why are you still up and where is aunty Rach?” I asked.

“Come in and see for yourself. She passed out on the couch after I showered.” Then she whispered in a low voice ”I guess she couldn't keep up with me”. She ran inside and I turned to Crystal and took her hand.

“I know you have a shift tomorrow but….?”

“I can only stay for a minute then, I have to go and get some sleep, baby” she said and I felt my heart flutter. We walked in and saw Rach sprawled out on the couch and I couldn't help but laugh and my laughter woke Rachel up from her sleep. She sat up and looked at Crystal and the look on her face was priceless.

“What is it Rach? You look like you've seen a ghost”.

“So this is Crystal. She is the girl that I told you about, the girl from earlier today and from my history class in college.” She looked at Crystal and went to hug her. I guess she knew Crystal all along and fate wanted us to meet. She whispered something to her and they both laughed while Andi looked at us as if we were nuts. “Andi, let's go to bed sweetie. Say goodnight to your mom and Crys.”

She hugged both me and Crystal and said “Crys, please come around more. Okay?.”

“I promise that I'll come around more honey. Infact, how about a picnic? Sunday? All of us.” She turned to me and I nodded and Andi ran upstairs happily with Rachel trailing behind her. I turned and hugged Crystal and she hugged me back and I didn't know which one of us started it but then we were kissing. We stopped with every bit of strength we had and then she hugged me the last time and walked out the door but not before saying “I'm glad we found each other again Dee and I know we will be okay this time around.” And she left. Love found me again after all these while and maybe I will write about our story and how we became a family but that will be a story for another time.


The End…….. For Now.

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