After being forcibly marched from the Amazon lands all the way back to Corinth Valeria decides that it's time to take up the reigns of power.

Contains some strong scenes of sex and violence.

This story is based on the Xena timeline set up in the Hercules episode Armageddon Now part 2

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I was broken and bleeding by the time we re-entered Corinth. Mindlessly moving forward after being dragged across rough terrain.

As we passed through the streets towards the palace the people gazed at me with pity in their eyes and i held my head high which was the Amazon way but my eyes were filled with tears for those i'd left behind.

I collapsed inside the gates and awoke again some hours later to find Hippocrates, the Empresses personal physician and a kindly young man attending to my wounds.

"Welcome back Highness. For a moment there i thought you had travelled to Tartarus." He said wryly and smiled with a mischevious glint in his gentle brown eyes.

"Tartarus would have to prepare itself to accept me my old friend." I said forcing a smile after wincing in pain.

He had served with me as a physician in the army when the Conqueror still fought beside us and the gruesome and bloody work had turned his hair a premature grey which in a way lending him the authority of a man thrice his years.

"How bad is it?" I asked doing my best to look down without causing any further pain and seeing the bruising from my neck down to the tip of toes for the first time.

"You were very lucky that none of your bones were broken. Gods! You must have the blood of an immortal coursing through your veins to survive such a journey." He explained gravely.

"How is the Queen?" Alti asked standing in the open doorway her lips curling up in a faint smile at my apparently immoblized condition.

"I am well High Priestess and should be up and about within days." I answered before the healer had a chance to speak sitting up as best i could and giving her a confident smile which surprised her immensely as she stood with her mouth open amazed.

"Thank you for your concern Alti." I said politely dismissing her with a nod and watched with a smile as she slowly turned and walked away.

It was time for me to reassume my role as Queen again...



Thanks to Hippocrates medical attention i recovered fully within a few weeks but remained in my rooms for fear of the Conqueror's wrath.

Xena held my life in her hands now and could decide whether i lived or died regardless of my being her Queen and had been mulling over the decision since bringing me back with the army.

I expected to hear something soon and as two guards came for me heard the knell of the execution bell sound over and over again but they escorted me to her rooms in the opposite direction and i said a silent prayer for the poor soul who took my place as they walked away leaving me alone.

"Come in Valeria." She said as a command to the poor servant girl who opened the door for me and hurried away back the way i'd come from as soon as i went inside and closed the door behind me.

"You wished to see me Xe...Empress?" I asked nervously. Due to my previous actions i felt i had given up the right to call her by her name.

"I assume you are well aware of your popularity not only with the court but the people as well?" She asked icily.

"People love victories but they never see the battles, the devastation or the bloodshed that goes with it hand in hand." I answered with disdain not moving away from the door.

"There's that fighting spirit i love so much! Your little whore never robbed you of that." She said angrily reaching for my hand and roughly pulled me to her.

Astonished and afraid to speak in Gabrielle's defense i kept my eyes cast down and shuddered when she used an index finger to gently raise my chin and look into my eyes before kissing me passionately.

"I'll rid your mind of that irratating blonde if it takes the rest of my life." She vowed roaming her hands over my body and this time as i slowly felt any resistance melting away at her touch i returned the favour.

This time it would be on my terms and no one else's...


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