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by Geonn

Copyright © 2013 Geonn Cannon

Part II

Kathryn and Eva sat apart at their next class, not out of design but simply because of how they happened to drift in. Kathryn glanced over a few times as the teacher spoke, and Eva only caught her twice. She smiled and lifted her hand in a wave, and Kathryn could barely stop thinking about the length and shape of her fingers, the rings on her pinkie and thumb... would she take those off before... b-before... She turned to look straight ahead, focusing on their assignment.

"...comfort zones. If you prefer to take pictures of nature, then find a building to photograph. If your portfolio is full of children, take a picture of a senior citizen. Photography is the art of seizing a moment, not simply chronicling the things you like looking at. If you can find beauty outside of your main focus, you can find beauty anywhere. So take a leap, look further and look forward. I want to see five photographs by next week's class."

When he dismissed them to either leave or use the class resources, Kathryn moved to the light table where Eva was seated.

"Comfort zone? What does that even mean?"

Eva smiled. "It means doing something you wouldn't normally do. Hi."

"Hi." She settled on the stool across from Eva, feeling ashamed for what she had done the night before and certain Eva could somehow tell. "That makes me uncomfortable. Which is the point, I suppose." She scratched her neck. "What are you going to do?"

"Well, I hate taking shots of things in motion. I can't work with the blur. So I'm going to find something that's moving and do my worst."

"Your worst is better than most people's best."

Eva smiled and nodded her chin at Kathryn's portfolio. "How about you? What's your comfort line?"

"I honestly have no idea." She picked up her camera and turned it so she could see her inverted reflection in the glass.

Eva started to say something, then tilted her head to the side. "You know... I've seen your portfolio, so I could make a suggestion. I don't want you to think I'm criticizing you, though. I think you're already an amazing photographer. I know you're going to finish this class in the top three, but there is something you avoid."

Kathryn nodded eagerly. "Please! I'll take any advice you might have."

"It's..." She wrinkled her nose, pursing her lips as she thought of a polite way to say what she was thinking. "Sexuality. You take pictures of things and of people, and they're beautiful, but you stop just sort of any kind of sensual element. I think you could make some truly great, tastefully erotic artwork."

"Erotic?" Kathryn whispered it like a dirty word. She shook her head and then shrugged. "Well, it is outside my comfort zone, I guess. But where would I even find a model? I don't know any porn stars."

"You could always self-pose."

"Eva." She blushed and shook her head.

"Then I could pose for you."

Kathryn tried not to look too intrigued by that idea. Even if she completely botched the pictures, simply having Eva in them would make them erotic. She wet her bottom lip as she considered it, unconsciously running her thumbs over the sides of the camera. She swallowed down the lump in her throat.

"It's only fair, after all the pictures I've taken of you."

"True," Kathryn said with a laugh. "Okay. Maybe. If I don't think of something else."

Eva smiled. "Great."

"And I could help you with your motion shots."

"Thank you. I was going to ask, but I didn't want to impose. I know you don't exactly like me taking your picture."

"It's not... I..." She shifted on the stool. "I like it fine. I just feel like I have to complain."


"Because if I just let you do it, I'd be admitted I'm worth photographing. And that feeling is alien to me. Most days I don't even feel pretty, let alone photo-worthy."

Eva considered her for a moment. "Maybe that should be your comfort-zone project. Self-portraiture. Maybe it would force you to see yourself the way other people see you. The way I see you."

"Are you gay?"

Eva blinked, and Kathryn covered her mouth.

"I'm so sorry. Don't answer that, please, I didn't mean--"

"No. It's fine." She hunched her shoulders and clasped her hands together on top of the desk. "I am gay. Is that a problem?"

"No. It makes it better, for some reason. You're not just a woman saying another woman is pretty on an objective scale. You... might actually be attracted to me."

Eva let the moment hang and then slowly nodded. "I might be."

Kathryn met her eyes and didn't look away. Finally she pressed her lips together and looked at her camera. "I'm free on Saturday. Joseph, um, watches sports all day. I doubt he'd even notice if I was gone. Shall we do our projects then?"

"Works for me. Do you want to come over to my place?"

"I don't know where it is."

"I'll give you directions. Say around noon?"

Kathryn nodded. "Noon works."

"It's a date," Eva said.

Kathryn tried not to look too startled at her choice of words and nodded. After the collaboration was decided, they spent the rest of the class period going over Eva's shots from the previous week. Kathryn was embarrassed and touched in equal measure at how many of the pictures featured her. She watched Eva as Eva examined the pictures and pointed out things she could have framed differently, and she suddenly understood what it was like to be wanted. To be admired and desired.

It felt alien... and damn good.


Eva tried on and discarded three outfits on Friday night, eventually standing before her closet in a towel as she examined everything she owned. She took down a skirt only to immediately decide it wasn't right. She ran her fingers down one long purple sleeve, then gripped a black one and pulled it out to remind herself what the whole thing looked like. No, wrong. She let it fall back into place and laced her fingers on the back of her head, elbows extended to either side.

Her indecision came from the duality of what she was preparing for. It wasn't a date, but it was an afternoon with Kathryn. Seduction wasn't on the table, but the purpose of their get-together was so Kathryn could explore sensuality in her art. Well, what was more sensual than nudity? She felt an exhibitionist thrill as she considered that. Kathryn would never go for it. Would she...?

Eva ran her fingers down the length of a blue dress and considered. She turned away from the clothes and opened a drawer. Maybe not strict, total nudity. But lingerie, boudoir-photography. Panties and a garter belt, a shawl wrapped around her arms to cover her breasts... Nothing like what you'd find in <i>Playboy</i> but erotic. Undeniably sexual. She picked up a pair of lace panties and rubbed the material between thumb and forefinger.

She grinned and began looking for the right combination of lingerie so she wouldn't have to search if Kathryn agreed.


They met at noon and, considering the need for outdoor photography and the lighting necessity, decided they would work on Eva's motion pictures first. There was a park at the end of Eva's street and they walked their together, cameras hanging around their necks like they were tourists who had wandered off the main path. The park stretched for the length of three city blocks, with a walking trail and a playground for the kids. The playground was bordered by wooden railroad ties, a barrier that kept the safety cedar chips of the playground's surface from spilling out onto the soft green grass of the park.

Kathryn was dressed in black slacks and a white trenchcoat, her hair styled in waves and curls. Eva complimented her on the new look, and Kathryn had shrugged it off.

"I figure if I'm going to be an on-purpose model, I might as well look the part." She tossed her hair and preened, making Eva laugh. "Okay. Motion." She looked around and smiled as she took her camera off and handed it to Eva. "Hold this for me."

Eva slung the camera over her shoulder as Kathryn jogged onto the playground. She skipped over the railroad ties and went to the swings, placing herself in the seat and threading the chain around both arms. She used the toes of her boots - leather and pointed at the ends, definitely sexier than any other footwear Eva had ever seen her wear - to push herself back. She bent and extended her legs until she had a good rhythm going, and Eva moved closer to take the shot.

<i>The center of the shot is an upside-down V, the legs of a swing set as seen from the side. The person on the swing is nearly out of the shot, the back of her coat extending out behind her like a cape. Her face is barely seen in profile, smiling broadly with eyes closed as she takes the swing higher, her hands wrapped around the chains in a white-knuckle grip.</i>

<i>A black-haired woman in a white trenchcoat is walking away from the camera, shoes in her hands, her bare feet cautiously balanced on a railroad tie. Green grass is to one side, red cedar chips to the other. Her arms are extended slightly at 45 degree angles, her head bowed to watch her feet in case she slips.</i>

<i>The same dark-haired woman, her trenchcoat gone to reveal a simple navy-blue dress, stands slightly stooped, one hand up to hold back her hair as she laughs at the photographer. Around her feet are streaks of color, a few of them solid enough to identify the shape of running dogs passing just in front of the woman.</i>

<i>Nothing in the picture is in focus. A dark-haired woman crouches on the edge of a merry-go-round that is in motion, her arms stretched out to either side in a death grip on the safety bars. Her body is canted to the left with the motion of the ride as she struggles to remain upright. Her features are a blur, as is everything else in the picture, but one can easily see that her mouth is open wide in a howl. Whether in terror or joy, it's impossible to tell.</i>

Eva grabbed the safety bar and pulled, her feet skipping across the grass as she brought the merry-go-round to a stop. Kathryn stood shakily, tears still rolling down her cheeks and lips still spread wide in a smile as she swayed from side to side like a sailor trying to find her land-legs again. She looked dazed, drunk, and she took one step off the edge of the disc and stumbled. Eva leapt forward to close the distance between them, grabbing Kathryn before she could hit the ground and keeping her upright.

"Whoa. Give it another second."

"Okay." Kathryn braced herself on Eva's shoulders and closed her eyes as everything in her head stopped swirling. She giggled helplessly, shaking her head as she tried to stop herself because she thought it made her sound like a cartoon chipmunk. "Sorry. Sorry, I haven't played on a playground like this since I was a kid. I forgot how messed-up it could make you."

"You need to throw up?"

"No. I think... No." She caught her breath and risked opening her eyes. She was still unsteady, but she could have stood without Eva's help. She could have, she knew it for a fact. So she didn't know why she wasn't. She didn't know why she was pressed against Eva's body, her hand dangerously close to the swell of Eva's breast, far too close to her face.

Eva pressed her lips together and averted her gaze. "This is uncomfortable."

"No... i-it's not, it's just--"

"No, this." She leaned back and moved the camera, which had been pressing into her right breast.

"Oh." She smiled nervously and released her. They stepped apart and Eva looked down at her camera. "Well... we have four in-motion photos. I think we can spend some time getting yours if you wanted to go back to my house."

Kathryn nodded, suddenly nervous about what exactly would constitute a "sensual" photo shoot in the privacy of Eva's house. They walked back down the street, pausing so they could take pictures of random items that didn't go toward their assignment but would still look good.

"I don't know how I'll feel when the class ends," Eva said. "On the one hand, it'll be nice to be able to photograph whatever I want without worrying if it fits the assignment. On the other hand, the assignments help guide me. I don't want to fall into a rut."

"You're so talented," Kathryn said. "The end of the class will free you to do whatever you want. It's opened your eyes. Can't close them now."

Eva smiled. "I decided to take the class because I was sick of using my camera to record horrible events. You work as a crime-scene photographer, all your scrapbooks are suddenly filled with blood and guts and scenes of just horrible ugliness. Evidence that everyone is just a bastard. And then I walked into photography class, and I saw someone who was just... grace and beauty. After everything I was forced to take pictures of at work, is it any wonder I gravitated toward you?"

Kathryn absently rubbed her cheek. "You're going to make me blush."

"I seem to do that a lot."

"You do. But don't stop on my account."

Eva grinned and led Kathryn up the driveway of her house. They went in through the back door and Kathryn paused on the threshold to appreciate the décor. It was spartan but lived-in, with mail scattered on the coffee table and pillows tangled in an afghan on the couch. Eva went to the fridge and held the door open.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"Water is fine. Your home is lovely."

"Thanks. I sort of inherited it from my grandmother. She moved into a retirement village, couldn't bear the thought of giving up her home. It's better than a studio apartment." She brought Kathryn a bottle of water and tapped her own against it in a mock toast before she unscrewed the cap and went into the living room. "I thought you could take the pictures in here. We could open up these picture windows for the natural lighting, and a few lamps over here--"

"No, I want the natural light only. I don't want it to look produced."

"Okay. I set this up last night, is this good?"

Kathryn stepped into the living room to see what she meant. A loveseat had obviously been moved from its usual place so that it was facing the couch, draped with deep-crimson scarves that would be see-through in the right lighting. Kathryn felt her ears burning as she looked at the clothes neatly stacked on the nearby ottoman, already imagining how good Eva would look in them. She nodded slowly and tried to work up some moisture in her mouth.

"This is fine. Um. Which outfit do you want to start with?"

<i>A woman is seated on the very edge of the couch in a man's shirt and nothing else. Her hand is up near her mouth, fingers curled. Her legs bare, her sleeves rolled up to expose her forearms. Her dark hair is mussed as if from repeated finger-rakings, and her lips are slightly parted to show a hint of her teeth. She's looking toward the window as if looking to see if the person she's waiting for is coming yet.</i>

<i>The curve of a shoulder, a sliver of a profile obscured by curls of black hair. The harsh light reveals imperfections - a freckle, a scar, the line where a bra strap indented the flesh - that make the subject seem more real. The arm is extended slightly and the hint of a curve of a breast is visible between it and the woman's body.</i>

<i>The bush outside the window behind the woman frames her form, casting shadows that obscure the details of her face. Her arms are raised with her fingers resting lightly on her cheeks. Her arms are resting on bare breasts, covering them while leaving no doubt as to the fact she's not wearing a top. The waistband of her pants is visible just at the edge of the frame, showing she's not quite entirely nude.</i>

Kathryn lowered the camera. She found that hiding behind the lens made it easier to accept Eva's increasing nudity. A glimpse of her panties here, the possible exposure of a nipple before she found the proper position of her arms to conceal herself. It was when she lowered the camera that the problems cropped up. She felt the sweat on her upper lip and licked it away, wishing the room was warmer so she could blame it on that.

"Something wrong?" Eva dropped her hands to the opposite shoulders, crossing her arms to keep her breasts covered.

"No, not wrong. Just... um." She started to put down her camera, stopped, then put it down and stepped closer to where Eva was posing. "I got a little of your pants in the shot. I wanted this to look like Eve in the Garden, and..."

"Oh. You can adjust them if you want. I kind of have my hands full."

Kathryn smiled nervously. "Oh. Kay. Um." She put down her camera next to Eva and let her hands hover in thin air for a moment. Finally she hooked her fingers in the first two belt loops and held her breath as she tugged downward. Eva's entire body jerked with the motion, and Kathryn turned her head so she wouldn't see her breasts jiggle with the motion. She tugged again, but the pants seemed to be as low as they would go.

Eva looked over her shoulder out the window. "We're losing the light. If you want to get this shot, it's now or never..."

"It's not my fault your pants are so tight."

"I am wearing underwear," Eva pointed out, "if you just wanted to take the pants down altogether."

"I don't know about that."

"What's not to know?"

Kathryn straightened and looked into Eva's eyes. "I'm <i>married</i>."

"They're just pictures, Kathryn."

"No, they're not. You know they're not. Not when it's you. And not when it's me taking them." Her words came out in a rush, and she finally closed her eyes and ducked her chin. "Damn it, Eva. I'm married. I'm straight."


"Not okay." She put her hand on the back of Eva's head and stepped even closer, pressing Eva against the window just before their lips met. Kathryn squeezed her eyes shut, her brow furrowed as she put her hands on Eva's arms. It was the most passionate kiss she'd had in recent memory, a kiss that put all her other kisses to shame. She almost didn't remember how it went, but Eva guided her by gently probing her lips with the tip of her tongue. Kathryn held her breath as she let it in, curling her own tongue back and then touching it to Eva's.

The contact was like breaking a wall, and Kathryn's grip on Eva tightened as she gave herself completely over to the kiss. Eva dropped her arms and wrapped them around Kathryn, who was suddenly very aware that Eva was topless in front of her. She squeezed her eyes tighter, not willing to see Eva's nudity until the time was right, until her mind finished fully processing the kiss.

Eva's hands moved spider-like around Kathryn's hips, her fingers making forward progress by walking along the curves until they met in the small of her back. She found the zipper and followed it up, finally finding the pull and pinching it between her thumb and forefinger. She broke the kiss and leaned back, turning her head when Kathryn tried to recapture her lips. Kathryn settled for kissing Eva's cheek and moving toward her throat.

"You have to say it's okay, Kathryn."

"Please," Kathryn whispered against Eva's ear.

"You have to say it."

Kathryn breathed hard for a moment, almost panting, and then whimpered. "Eva. Take off my clothes."

Eva tugged down the zipper and Kathryn tensed, pressing against her, holding on tight as the material sagged. When it was down, Eva trailed her fingers up along the warm skin of Kathryn's bare back, mind reeling that she was actually touching it, and slipped her fingers under the straps. Kathryn leaned back and Eva pulled forward, and the dress came down to expose the black satin cups of Kathryn's bra.

Kathryn's eyes were closed, her lips parted and swollen from their kissing, and she hunched her shoulders to lift her arms up. Eva knelt in front of her, pulling the dress down, exposing the black half slip underneath. She let the dress fall to the floor and ran her hands over the outside of Kathryn's thighs as she leaned in to kiss her stomach, extending her tongue to tease Kathryn's navel as her hands roamed just under the hem of her slip.

"Oh, God."

Eva looked up. "You can tell me to stop at any time, Kathryn."

"I never want you to stop."

"Good. I was bluffing."

Kathryn exhaled sharply, a sound meant to be a laugh but lacking the energy. She threaded her fingers through Eva's hair and pulled her up. Eva stood, and they were kissing again. Eva kissed both of Kathryn's cheeks, her chin, the tip of her nose and her tightly-shut eyes and pushed her hands through her thick, dark hair.

"Look at me. Kathryn... look at me, please."

Kathryn's eyes opened and Eva felt weak. Beautiful and blue, bright and shining eyes that seemed almost alien. Eva wondered how anyone could look at this woman and not want to while away every minute photographing her. There shouldn't be a second lost to history. Kathryn returned the gaze and Eva thought maybe, possibly, Kathryn found her beautiful as well.

When their lips met again it was less frenzied, less hectic, and Eva sagged against Kathryn's body. Kathryn turned her around and walked her to the couch they had been using as a prop. She sat her down and straightened, finally looking down at her naked chest. Her breasts were full, with dark nipples that were standing aroused as Eva teased them with her fingers and thumbs.

"You were going to take off my pants."

Kathryn reached down and undid the button, pausing to rub the back of her hand over the downy, almost invisible hair on Eva's stomach just above the waistband of her pants. Eva lifted her hips and Kathryn dragged her pants down, kneeling to get them off her feet. She bowed her head and kissed both of Eva's knees.

Eva chuckled. "No one's ever kissed my knees before."

"I don't know why. They're lovely." She tried to keep the tremor from her lips as she kissed Eva's thighs. She made it nearly halfway to her hip before she stopped and retreated. "I can't. I mean, I don't... know if I'm ready for that."

"It's okay." Eva sat up and leaned forward to cup Kathryn's face. "We don't have to do anything at all."

"I'm in my underwear. You're nearly naked."

"And that can be where it stops if you want." She touched two fingers to Kathryn's lips. "Say the word and I'll put my clothes back on."

That thought terrified her more than the idea of actually doing something sexual. She took Eva's fingers into her mouth, sucking gently as she moved her hands over Eva's thighs. Eva parted them, and Kathryn closed her eyes to blindly explore the material of Eva's panties. She traced the shape of Eva's labia, her jaw tight as she listened to Eva's sharp, nearly-silent gasps of pleasure. She rubbed her own thighs together as she explored, and Eva began to kiss her face.

"I want to see you naked, too," Eva whispered.

Kathryn shook at the lust in her voice and nodded her head. She slipped the panties aside and teased Eva with the knuckle of one bent finger. "This is how I touch myself."

Eva moaned. "Feels pretty good. Do you ever use two?"

Kathryn bit her bottom lip and added a second finger. Eva squirmed on the couch and whispered, "Yes," balling her hands into fists. "Kathryn, I've wanted this for so long."

"Please say my name again." She closed her eyes, hating how cliché she sounded, but she couldn't resist. "Please."

"Kathryn, Kathryn..."

She extended one finger inside, and Eva tensed. Kathryn lowered her head, wetting her thumb before she used it to find Eva's clit. She made a fist with her other hand and pressed it between her thighs, shifting her weight so that she was sitting on it. She bit her lip as she rubbed herself against her wrist, watching with half-lidded eyes as her fingers disappeared into Eva's body, her thumb rolling over the hard bud of Eva's clit. She wet her lips and bowed again, moving her thumb and kissed the small bud.

"Ha! Christ!" Eva cried out. "I'm coming..."

Kathryn's cheeks and ears were burning, but she kept moving her hand, rocking herself against her wrist, and she circled Eva's clit with her tongue, moaning as Eva clenched around her. She wanted her fingers to be crushed, wanted her hand to be trapped. She never wanted to pull out, but eventually Eva sagged back with a weary exhale, groaning as she brought her hand up to her forehead and tried to catch her breath. Kathryn eased her fingers free, causing Eva to gasp and twitch at the contact on sensitive flesh. She looked at her glistening fingers, evidence that she had indeed just made Eva Alvarez orgasm.

"Taste me."

Kathryn looked to see Eva watching her, then cautiously placed both fingers in her mouth. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on the taste but unable to compare it to anything. It tasted like... Eva. She sucked hard, caving in her cheeks as she brushed her tongue over the pads of both fingers and then between them. She licked her lips and then looked up to see Eva was watching her.

"You taste good."

Eva smiled. "I want to see you."

Kathryn resisted the encroaching shyness that she knew was threatening to overtake her, the part of her brain that would cry this was a bad idea. She stood up and curled her toes in the carpet as she reached back to unhook her bra. Eva, post-orgasmic and flush from the climax, lay sprawled beneath her as she dropped the underwear and resisted the urge to cover her breasts. She pushed down her half-slip, leaving her in panties and pantyhose.

"Will you take them off?"

Eva sat up, her breasts moving hypnotically as she scooted to the edge of the couch.


Kathryn picked up her camera and held it with one hand, pushing back Eva's hair. Eva looked up at her, and Kathryn snapped the shot.

<i>An off-center image, almost abstract until the object near the bottom right of the frame is identified as an eye. Then one sees a wave of dark hair behind held back to expose the side of a face beaded with sweat. The picture is black-and-white, but the eye is narrowed with anticipation, want, desire, and satisfaction. It is quite obviously the picture of a woman who has just been pleasured.</i>

Eva peeled the nylons from Kathryn, who put the camera aside as she was exposed. Eva bent forward and kissed just above Kathryn's knee, then the center of her hip. She placed her hands on Kathryn's ass and squeezed before she centered herself. She rested her hands on Kathryn's body, thumbs extended to frame the dark triangle of hair between Kathryn's legs.

"I want you to taste me now," Kathryn whispered, looking down, her hair falling into her face. "Please, Eva."

Eva wet her lips, kissed Kathryn's pubic hair, and moaned. Kathryn closed her eyes and rolled her head back, one hand on top of Eva's head as if to help her keep balance. She bent her knees and rocked her hips forward, pressing herself against Eva's tongue. She'd never been gone down on, never had someone willingly pressing their tongue against her. Joseph would do it grudgingly, giving her a quick lick before pushing into her.

But Eva... savored it. Eva treated it like the main attraction, and Kathryn felt lightheaded as her sex was fully explored for the first time. She felt sweat on her forehead and between her breasts, moving her hips so that Eva didn't have to do all the work. Eva slipped her hands back around and tightened on Kathryn's buttocks, guiding her thrusts. She closed her lips around Kathryn's clit and hummed.

The sun that had slowly been setting now hit the window at an oblique angle, sending a beam of bright golden light into Kathryn's face as deliberately as a flashlight. She felt its warmth as she came against Eva's tongue, climaxing silently with her mouth wide open and the sun reflecting in her eyes. It felt like a spiritual moment, as if something holy was absolving her from the sin of adultery.

Her lover's tongue slid over her again and Kathryn cried out at the touch, hunching forward and drawing Eva's head away from her. Eva looked up and Kathryn bent down to kiss her. She tasted herself on Eva's tongue and sucked it in her mouth, intrigued by the sensation of her juices on another woman's mouth. Eva rose from the couch and pressed against Kathryn. She guided her onto the floor and settled her weight between her legs, one hand on the floor and the other on the side of Kathryn's head as she bent her knees on the carpet and began to thrust between Kathryn's legs.

"Now it's your turn."

At first Kathryn didn't understand, but then she closed her eyes. She worked her tongue to get moisture into her mouth and then gasped, "Eva. Eva, Eva, Eva."

She bent her knees, gripping Eva between them and lifting her lower body off the floor to meet each forward thrust, muscles in her thighs and lower back protesting as she twisted. She pressed the back of her head into the carpet and whispered a curse in disbelief as she was pushed to and then over the edge again. The orgasm hit her like a slap, her entire body clenching as it rocked her. She curled her toes and whispered Eva's name one more time, her fingers numb and crooked as she brought them to Eva's head and stroked her hair.

"No one's ever made me feel like that," Kathryn whispered. "Eva."

Eva kissed her eyelids. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay. I'm okay."


The room was appreciably darker now. The sun had gone behind a neighbor's tree, casting shadows where once had been blinding light. Kathryn pulled Eva down onto her knowing that she couldn't survive a third orgasm but unwilling to separate from her just yet. She was shaking as if she was cold, and she didn't protest when Eva drew one of the blankets off the couch and covered them both with it.

"Don't let me fall asleep. Eva... Eva, don't let me fall asleep."

But Eva was already asleep, and Kathryn reluctantly followed soon after.


To Be Continued...

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