There was a security team waiting at the curb when Roy rolled the car to a stop. Miranda and Andy both got out and were escorted through the throng of reporters that had gathered in front of the building. They were all shouting pretty much the same questions that the ones in front of the house had.

Andy took her cue from Miranda and tried not to acknowledge any of them. She did however notice that Sandra Gatten was there, but not shouting or pushing for a quote. Once in the lobby, the security detail was dispersed except for Jeff. Andy spoke to him quietly. “There is a reporter outside, Sandra Gatten, from the Times… can you bring her up?” He nodded at the request and turned to go carry it out when Miranda’s hand on his arm stopped him.

I require a moment of your time.” The editor leveled a serious look on the man. “When you escort Andrea’s reporter friend to my office, plan to stay a few moments.”

Yes, Miranda.” Jeff smiled as the most influential person in the building released him. He watched as the two women entered the elevator then went to carry out Andy’s request.


The ride up in the elevator was quiet, as was the car ride after Miranda’s statement of retaliation for Christian’s oddly timed press leak. Andy’s soft voice broke the silence.

Miranda… what are you going to do?”

The man had no right to spread that kind of rumor about you!” Miranda’s voice was intense, and her eyes sparked with the fury behind them.

Andy nodded and took a step back, swallowing hard. She had never seen Miranda this furious, not even when she had the gall to walk upstairs in her house and witness an argument she was having with then-husband Stephen, not even when she wasn’t able to get home from Florida to see the twins recital… “Miranda…”

I cannot speak about it right now.” Blue eyes watched the numbers on the elevators control panel climb, the editor’s jaw working rhythmically as her teeth ground together; trying desperately not to reveal her thoughts. Until holding in the words became too much and they echoed, uncharacteristically loud, in the small metal box around them. “He had no right!” Miranda’s nostrils flared at the thought of the arrogant man touching Andrea. She turned to her companion and forced the moisture glistening in her eyes to stay there, by sheer will. “You are mine!”

The intense growl of Miranda’s voice told the whole story and nearly caused Andy’s knees to collapse. Jealousy… Miranda was extremely jealous; she was also furious about it and the cause. The numbers continued to climb and Andy spoke, trying to calm the woman down before the doors opened.

I wasn’t… not then.” That statement awarded her with one of the most unfathomable looks she’d ever received from Miranda and just as the number on the control panel changed from sixteen to seventeen, the older woman spoke quietly, but with the same intensity she’d been displaying since they left the house.

Yes... you were.” She straightened her shoulders and took a deep breath as the doors opened to reveal Emily waiting, as always.

Andy blinked. I… Oh my god! She knew Miranda was right, I was. She barely had the presence of mind to exit the elevator before the doors closed to continue its mindless journey back down to the lobby. Walking quickly to catch up with Miranda and Emily, Andy thought there was something odd happening and it took the entire trip to Miranda’s office to understand what it was. The editor had not spoken the entire time. Miranda had tossed The Book at Emily and then just walked, down the corridors, and into her office, shutting the door behind her before even Andrea could follow her inside.

What have you done now?!” Emily hissed at the tall brunette. “God.”

Emily,” Andy stared at the closed door to Miranda’s office for a few seconds then turned to face the snotty woman, but kept her voice calm. “If you ever speak to me in that tone of voice again, I swear to God, the next time Miranda wants to let you go, I’m not going to talk her out of it.”

Emily paled and opened her mouth for an immediate retort then closed it quickly. Scooping up The Book, she glared at Andy then shot a significant look at Bethany before practically running off to the Art Department.

Andy?” Bethany spoke quietly, not wanting to draw Andy’s wrath, but wanting to help. “Is there anything I can do?” Soulful brown eyes turned on her and Bethany’s heart went out to the woman.

Your job.” Andy almost laughed at the irony of uttering those words.

She ruffled her bangs and took a deep breath. “Jeff’s going to bring a reporter up in a few minutes. Miranda wants to speak to Jeff, and I want to talk to the reporter.” She inhaled deeply again and letting the air out of her lungs slowly, moved toward the closed door. “Let us know when they get here.” She paused and managed a small smile for the second assistant. “Thanks.”

Bethany nodded and watched as Andy didn’t even bother to knock. Barely opening the door, the brunette slipped into Miranda’s office and with a small click, the reception area was quiet again. Bethany’s voice barely broke the stillness as she whispered to no one in particular.

You’re welcome.”


Laura stared across her desk at the man calmly sitting there. The publisher couldn’t believe what he’d done and was momentarily speechless at his nonchalant attitude about the situation. It was he who broke the silence.


Pressing her lips together, Laura shook her head. “I knew you were an arrogant son-of-a-bitch when we signed you on, but I didn’t know you were a moron too.”

What’s that supposed to mean?” Christian laughed. “You wanted publicity, my name out there again, now you’ve got it.” He didn’t understand why her eyes widened like that, almost as if she was scared.

I did not ask you to do this.” She was adamant about that. “You did this all on your own, don’t drag me down with you.”

Drag you down?” The man’s dark blonde curls shook as he chuckled. “What are you talking about?”

Rolling her eyes, Laura sighed. “Oh my God, you really are an idiot aren’t you?” Before he could respond to that the phone on the publisher’s desk rang. She was a very busy person, a lot of people called her all the time, but from the way her morning was going she knew exactly who would be calling right now. Picking up the phone, she glared at the laughing man before she closed her eyes and responded to the voice in her ear. “Yes, Miranda. I was just discussing the topic of consequences with him.” Nodding into the phone, Laura swallowed hard. “Yes, Miranda. We’re on our way.”

Christian looked puzzled. “Miranda?”

Slowly hanging up the phone, Laura forced herself to stand. “You still don’t understand what you’ve done do you?” Poor simple fool, Laura thought. “C’mon, it’ll sink in soon enough.”

Where are we going?”

Miranda has summoned us to her office.” Laura resisted the urge to grab him by the ear and drag him all the way there. “It’s Judgment Day.”

You mean, the Apocalypse?” Christian wasn’t afraid of Miranda, she was just some old lady that people took way too seriously. “Or like when Skynet comes online and decides machines should kill all the humans and take over the Earth?”

Laura shook her head at the levity in his tone and informed him in all seriousness. “For your sake, you should pray that one or both of those events happen, before we get to Miranda’s office.” The confusion on his face just made her sad for him. “C’mon, we can’t keep her waiting.”

Christian followed the woman, supremely confident that Miranda couldn’t touch him. What can the old lady do me anyway? I don’t have anything to do with fashion…


Miranda?” Andy closed the door behind her with a soft click and walked around the desk. She knelt next to the chair and put her hands on Miranda’s arm. “Can you talk to me now?”

I cannot do this now.” Miranda rested her head against the back of her chair. “I have called for…him… to be brought here.”

Miranda…” Andy rested her cheek against Miranda's arm and swallowed hard against the thought of Miranda ‘ruining’ Christian. The gentle touch of Miranda’s hand on her head and softly spoken words quieted anything Andy was about to say.

You are far too forgiving, my darling.”

Looking up into sad blue eyes, Andy leaned into the touch; her voice rough with emotion. “Don’t... Please.” Soft fingertips under her chin held their eyes locked.

Miranda searched the lovely young face intently. “Do you care that much for him, Andrea?”

With a small shake of her head, Andy refused that idea. “Not even a little bit, I care about you, Miranda. Doing this, ruining him, because of a rumor he started, even as heinous as it is…” It would cement her Dragon Lady persona in stone, the reputation she has would turn into who she is… Andy closed her eyes against the thought. “… that isn’t who you are, Miranda. That’s just your reputation, rumors and whispers at parties are only that. Please, don’t let that, them, dictate who you are.”

A soft knock at the door interrupted the conversation. Andy rose from her knees, brushing her lips against Miranda’s on the way up. “I’ll get it.”

Andy opened the office door to admit the security guard. She smiled at the man and began to exit the room when Miranda’s velvet voice called to her.

Andrea, don’t leave.”

Blinking at that Andy stopped cold in the doorway. She heard ‘Andrea, don’t leave.’ But she knew what Miranda meant was, ‘Andrea, don’t leave me.” Gesturing to the reporter and mouthing the word ‘wait’, Andy closed the door and walked back around the desk to stand next to Miranda. Her hand automatically dropped to Miranda’s shoulder as she reassured the editor. “I won’t leave.” you.

With a nod, Miranda turned her gaze to the security man standing in front of her desk. “I wanted to thank you, Jeffrey, for being so vigilant in dealing with the mass of reporters during these odd times.” Taking a deep breath, Miranda continued. “I would also like you to explain to Andrea the nature of the ‘extra’ assignment I asked you to perform.”

His eyes widened but he nodded and told the story. “You asked me to use my contacts at the police station to destroy the hard drives with the footage from Andy’s apartment on them.”

Andy gasped and felt Miranda’s hand reach up to hold hers.

Jeff continued. “I was able to track the drives to the storage locker the Feds were using for their evidence but when I was able to physically touch the drives it was too late. They had already been drilled.”

Thank you, Jeffrey.” Miranda nodded. “That’s all.”

With a bit of salute to both women Jeff left the office.

So you see, Andrea. My reputation isn’t all just rumor. It has grown over the years, true, but it is based in fact. I had nothing to do with the drives being destroyed, but if they hadn’t already been… I would have.” Miranda watched her fiancée process that information. “You must understand that, Andrea. You have to know that I will do anything for you. You have to realize that when I say ‘anything’, I mean it.”


I thought you should know, before you married me.” Miranda’s blue eyes flickered away, focusing on the report on her desk. She dropped the young woman’s hand and turned back to her desk, picking up a pen to get back to work. “So you could change your mind if you wish.”

Change my…” Shaking her head, Andy gently took the pen from Miranda’s hand; tossing it aside she turned the woman’s chair and pulled the editor up. “I’m never going to change my mind.” Leaning down slightly, Andy brushed their lips together lightly, then opening her mouth slightly, deepened the contact for a long lovely moment, lipstick be damned. “You think I don’t know who you are, Miranda?” The young woman smiled, “Of course I do. I know exactly what you are capable of, it's what got you the Dragon Lady reputation after all. I accept that. I know what you will do to protect the people you love.” Leaning in, Andy found Miranda’s ear and whispered. “It’s one reason I love you so much.”


Shhhh…. My turn to talk.” Pulling Miranda into as tight an embrace as she dared, Andy smiled against Miranda’s neck. “I love you for wanting to protect me. What I’m telling you is that he isn’t worth the trouble it will cause you. He's not worth waking the Dragon. I’m a big girl, I can handle whatever the tabloid’s say because you and I both know it’s not true. We didn’t have an affair in Paris. You did not cheat on Stephen. I didn’t even cheat on Nate, we’d already broken up before I left. Christian was an alcohol influenced mistake, that’s all it was and that’s all it will ever be.”

The Dragon is already awake, Andrea, you saw her on the elevator. “Why you were even out with him to begin with I’ll never understand...” Miranda sighed but then felt Andrea tense. “Andrea?”

Andy released her hold. “Okay, I’m going to tell you this because I don’t want him to give you the wrong idea.” Andy bit her bottom lip and with a deep breath told Miranda exactly why she went to dinner with Christian. “I owed him for helping me get the Harry Potter manuscript.”

All the air left Miranda’s lungs and she dropped back into her seat, momentarily forgetting how to breathe. “You… with him… because…” Because you asked her to do the impossible, you stupid old woman!

I went to dinner with him, because he helped me, yes. Anything more than that was my own wine-muddled choice.” Andy moved slightly away and sighed. “I…” Shaking her head, Andy stepped farther back. “There isn’t anything else to say. Nate and I weren’t together, you and I weren’t together, you were even still married… it was just one of those things.” The ice in Miranda’s eyes let Andy know that her reassurances weren’t helping so she tried again. “Miranda, it was nearly three years ago.” Andy moved closer and reached out to trace the editor’s proud jaw with her fingertips. They both held their gaze steady. “It was so long ago I barely remember it, but I know that when I came back from Paris, it wasn’t him I dreamed of... it wasn't him I cried for.” Blue eyes melted a bit.

Andrea.” Miranda closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of her chair. “You cannot ask me to let this slide.”

Thinking about it, Andy knew it was true; she couldn’t ask that. “Do what you think is best.” Bending nearly double, Andy brushed her lips across the pulse point on Miranda’s exposed neck. “Now, I have a reporter waiting on me.” Andy smiled against soft skin as Miranda grabbed her shoulders and held her in place, growling.

Let her wait.”


Sandra Gatten was patiently waiting in the reception area in front of Miranda’s office. Andy had asked for her and then asked her to wait, so that’s what she was going to do. Even with the redhead glaring at her, Sandra remained calm. Security had escorted her up; she was supposed to be here. She watched the women working for quite some time before attempting to speak to the one who seemed more amiable than the other. “Hello, I’m Sandra… Sandy.”

Bethany looked up at the woman and nodded, responding politely. “Bethany.”

There will be no comment to the press from this office.”

Sandy turned to look at the redhead, who glared at Bethany. “I wasn’t asking for a quote, I was just introducing myself.” She smiled at the hostile woman. “And you are?”

Busy.” Emily turned back to her computer screen.

With a deep breath, Sandy nodded and was again quiet for a while before addressing Bethany again. “You haven’t worked here very long have you?”

A few weeks.” Bethany glanced over at Emily’s desk when the redhead cleared her throat purposefully. “I… um, can’t really talk to you.”

Right.” Sandy shrugged and continued to wait for Andy. Thankfully it didn’t take too much longer before the brunette stuck her head out the door and summoned her inside Miranda’s office.

C’mon in Sandy, Thanks for waiting.” Andy looked at Bethany and Emily. “When Christian and his publisher get here let us know.” Emily’s jaw dropped but the first assistant immediately closed her mouth and nodded acknowledgment.

Bethany chuckled when the door closed again. “Wow, wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation?”

With a sniff more of arrogance than anything else, Emily continued to focus on her computer screen and lied. “No.”


Sandy stepped into the office as confidently as she could. She blinked and swallowed hard when she realized that Miranda was there. She wondered why she’d only expected to see Andy, despite the fact that this was indeed Miranda’s office. “You wanted to see me?”

Andrea requested your presence.” Miranda spoke quietly, as she normally did, forcing whoever she was conversing with to listen very carefully. “But it is fortunate, for you. Mr. Thompson will be here soon, therefore, you will have the exclusive on the real story.”

Nodding, Sandra resigned herself to wait, again. Then decided it might not be the best use of time. “Do you have a statement?”

Only that Mr. Thompson’s statements were inaccurate and misleading.” Miranda licked her lips and exhaled slowly. “I believe a conference with him is in order, so that he has the opportunity to clear up the situation with a more precise version of events.”

Sandy agreed. “Of course.” She would be waiting outside again, but that was fine with her. Another exclusive on Andy and Miranda’s relationship would be awesome and totally worth the wait. She did wonder though. “Um… can I ask… why me?”

Andy smiled at the woman. “You reported the facts of our engagement accurately. You didn’t take my comments out of context and you are a good writer.” Andy’s eyes twinkled. “I saw you downstairs in with the mob, but you weren’t pushing or shouting… You’re observant, I like that.”

Your article detailing our engagement was quite nice,” Miranda added. “It is refreshing to see the truth in print occasionally.” Her voice lowered to a warning tone. “This situation should be handled with equal care.”

It will be,” Sandy assured the editor. “I promise.” She was proud that her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she actually felt. I’m actually talking to Miranda Priestly, a woman who could very easily make or break a budding journalist’s career or for that matter a fairly well established one. Christian Thompson was actually someone the new reporter thought she could look up to, emulate; a successful writer whose work she felt was top quality. Her forehead furrowed at the thought; What the Hell was he thinking?

Miranda noticed the wrinkles appearing on the reporter. “Problem?”

No…” Sandy opted for the truth. “I, um… was just wondering exactly how stupid Christian Thompson is.” Half a second later she was extremely glad she’d decided not to lie as Miranda and Andy both laughed quite loudly. Andy looked at the text message on her phone and calmed herself.

Well, we’ll soon find out.” Large dark eyes focused on Miranda. “Jeff says they’re on their way up.”


Christian watched, amused as his companion grew more and more agitated while the elevator rose.

The only thing Laura could think of was how the hell she was going get out of this with her publishing business intact. There was no doubt in her mind that she’d toss Christian under the closest bus if that is what it took. There was no way she was going to take Miranda’s wrath for his assholiness. Glancing at his smug face, Laura’s nostril’s flared. No way.

Walking down the corridors to Miranda’s office was an experience in itself. Laura was very aware of the eyes on her, but it seemed Christian didn’t notice at all. The publisher knew that when they arrived at Miranda’s office the man was in for a huge shock. Why he thought Miranda would just let this stunt slide, she had no idea.

As they approached the reception area in front of Miranda’s office, they both heard Miranda’s disembodied voice. “Emily, are they here yet?”

Yes, Miranda. Only just.”

Send them in.”

The redhead gestured to the forbiddingly closed office door and spoke to the newcomers. “Go right in.”

Laura hesitated for a moment then squared her shoulders and nodded, gesturing to Christian. “Go ahead.”

Shaking his head in amusement, he pushed the door open; surprised to see not only Miranda, but also Andy and another woman he hadn’t met yet. As his publisher walked in behind him, Miranda spoke. Her low tones filled the office and somehow seemed to lower the temperature.

Close the door, Laura.”

The woman glared at Christian but did as she was told, then moved to stand in front of Miranda’s desk. Pre-emptive strike. She thought and began to speak. “Miranda, I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with his statement to the press…”

Spare me the details…” Miranda dismissed the woman from her attention, focusing on the man standing in front of her desk. His curly blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes and easy smile were as attractive as they were infuriating. “I’m very displeased with you, Mr. Thompson.” Her lips twitched at the slight groan Laura made at that statement.

What were you thinking?” Andy shook her head slightly at the man. “Why bring it up now?”

You’re big news. I need to get my name out there for publicity sake. You understand.” He shrugged but grinned at her. “It’s nothing personal, Baby.”

Andy saw Miranda bristle at the term and reminded him. “Don’t call me that. The last person that called me that got their ass kicked.”

Nothing personal.” Miranda’s voice was low and warning. “Very well.” Again her lips twitched as she heard a second groan. “After you leave this office I do not wish to see you again.”

Still grinning, Christian chuckled. “Well that’s going to be a little difficult, Miranda, we are often invited to the same gatherings.”

At that statement, Andy rolled her eyes. Laura threw her hands into the air and made a sound of disgust. Sandy, thrilled to have been allowed to stay, just watched everything very closely, taking a few notes along the way, to be sure and get the quotes correct.

Indeed.” Miranda’s eyes twinkled dangerously. “Therefore, I’m sure Ms. Gatten will accommodate us by letting everyone know my feelings. Any gathering that you may possibly attend, I will not.”

You are going to avoid me?” Christian wondered why that sounded like a warning.

Laura rolled her eyes this time and Andy shook her head sadly. Sandy still watched, trying to figure out the political currents happening in the room, knowing she was part of it, but not sure exactly how.

Not at all, Mr. Thompson.” The white haired woman spelled it out. “Anyone who invites you to their gathering will know not to invite me…” It was unnecessary but Miranda watched the man’s expression shift as she impressed upon him the corollary. “And anyone who invites me to their gathering will know not to invite, you.”

Suddenly Christian wasn’t smiling. “Blacklisting me?” He shot a startled look at Andy, whose still face offered no comfort.

Not at all.” Miranda’s tone and smile sent shudders through everyone in the room, even Andy. “Anyone can invite anyone they want to their little gatherings.” Her smile vanished and the editor’s expression could now only be described as stony. She continued her explanation. “If, however, I attend their function and you should happen to be there, I will obviously be displeased with…” The very tip of her tongue caught between her teeth for half a second before Miranda pronounced the next word very distinctly. “…them.”

Now Christian began to understand what Laura had been trying to tell him earlier. He was a freelance writer, making contacts and networking at parties was a large part of his livelihood. If he wasn’t invited, which he wouldn’t be, because anyone having a gathering would rather there be a possibility of Miranda’s attendance than the surety of his, he would slowly fade into the background. He’d made a mistake, miscalculating, not understanding, the sphere of influence Miranda commanded. He also hadn’t realized exactly how angry the woman would be. “For how long?”

I take slander very seriously, Mr. Thompson.” Miranda’s expression was still set in stone. “The implications against me would not be too easy for me to move past but in time I most likely would since I know that they are totally untrue. The problem, you see, is that you have also spread very nasty falsehoods about the woman I love. I’m not sure exactly how long it will take me to get over that.” Raising her hand, negligently gesturing to the Time’s reporter, Miranda’s quiet voice instructed. “Your statements to Ms. Gatten will help determine the duration.”

Andy now spoke softly, but loud enough for them all to hear. “Nate and I had already decided to part ways, before I left for Paris.” She held Christian’s gaze. “You knew that. I told you that.”

With a deep breath, Christian nodded. “Yeah, I knew.” Running his fingers through his curls, he squared his shoulders and spoke to the reporter. “Any speculation regarding either Andy or Miranda’s fidelity to the partners they were with, or not with, at the time is just that, pure speculation. To my knowledge neither of them engaged in any inappropriate behavior at any time during that Paris trip.”

Sandy dutifully wrote down the quote then asked. “Why did your first statement imply otherwise?”

For publicity, of course.” Christian shrugged. “Mention Miranda and Andy these days and the press goes nuts.” Unable to stop himself, the man glanced at the couple, his gaze lingering on Andy for a moment longer than necessary. “Can’t really blame anyone for that though.”

Miranda shifted slightly in her seat. It was nothing obvious, the others in the room probably didn’t even notice. Andy, however, was hyper-aware of the older woman’s reactions and automatically dropped her hand to the editor’s shoulder, soothing her with the touch. She looked down to meet Miranda’s upturned eyes and smiled a tiny smile as the hard blue eyes softened somewhat.

No, I can’t ever blame anyone for their interest in Andrea. Miranda thought as she redirected her gaze to the visitors in her office. But I don’t have to like it. Speaking to the Times reporter, Miranda asked. “Do you have what you need for your story?”

Nodding, Sandy almost bowed. “Yes, I believe so.”

Andrea,” Miranda looked up into her love’s eyes. “Do you have anything to add?”

Yes, Miranda.” Andy’s thumb moved, casually caressing the older woman’s shoulder. “There is one more thing I would like to say.” Miranda had used such restraint in her reaction to Christian. Andy knew what an effort it had been for the editor to do that instead of simply blacklisting him as the man had first assumed. Andy also knew that the reason Miranda had done that, made the effort, was because she, Andy, had asked her to. “I love you.” She expected the usual ‘and I you’ response so she was momentarily shocked when the very corners of Miranda’s lips moved slightly and the editor spoke softly.

I love you, too.” With the vaguest hint of a wink, Miranda turned to the other reporter in the room. “I believe you have an article to write.” She patted the hand on her shoulder. “Andrea will walk you downstairs.”

Andy snorted and rolled her eyes, gesturing for Sandy to accompany her out of the office. The Times reporter continued walking past the assistant’s desk, but Andy looked back at the seated editor fondly, throwing the woman a kiss. “Back in a bit.”

Miranda’s blue eyes twinkled in acknowledgment, locking with her fiancée’s deep brown gaze for just a moment, before the door shut between them. She knows me so well.

Laura spoke up. “I can put the new book on hold…” Miranda’s hand gesture stopped that idea.

By all means, publish it. There is no reason for you to be punished for his indiscretion.”

With a deep breath, Laura nodded. “Right.” She was glad the word didn’t sound as sarcastic as it did in her head. Publishing while Miranda was displeased with you is never a smart thing to do. It pretty much guaranteed the book would be a failure; too many reviewers didn’t want to incur the powerful editor’s wrath. Thank God I only sign him on a book by book basis.

Turning to evaluate the man standing in front of her desk, Miranda spoke as low and deadly as either person had ever heard anyone speak. “Do you know the rules of baseball, Mr. Thompson?”

Um… yes?”

Nodding, Miranda had assumed he would say yes. “Most people do claim to know the rules of that game when in fact the ‘official’ rules are quite complicated and the majority of casual observers don’t completely understand the nuances.” Suppressing a smile at the confused look on his face, Miranda continued. “There is, however, one rule of the game I find quite elegant in its simplicity. Three strikes and you are out.” Now a smile appeared, for a moment; one that would make Runway employees duck and cover. “This is your second strike, Mr. Thompson.”


Miranda simply blinked at him, unwilling to inform him of his first offense toward her, toward Andrea. “If there is a third, incident, you will indeed be… out.” She studied him for another few seconds before picking up her red pencil and slipping on her glasses. She spoke absently, dismissing the pair in front of her as insignificant.

That’s all.”

The people leaving her office moved faster when Miranda’s cell phone rang and she answered it with a snarl. “What do you want?” After a few minutes of listening to the man’s rant, Miranda disconnected the call and closed her eyes. Damn… She sighed, but only one thought passed through the editor’s mind. I hope Andrea returns soon, with my coffee. She needed the caffeine right now, but she needed Andrea’s presence more. Perhaps a distraction would help…

To be continued