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Leather and Lace

Part Seven

By Greek Warrior (Joan)



Chapter Twenty-Three:


"Is that you're brother?"  Kris asked as she leaned on Raven's shoulder and continued to stare at the images displayed on the screen.


"Yeah, unfortunately it is."  Lisa shuddered but was unable to look away.


"Oh my."  Granny chuckled.  "He's very...inventive."


"He's a lunatic."  Raven stated, the aggravation clearly coming through in her voice.


"Some couples role play to liven up their sex lives."  John shrugged.  "But Jane there," he pointed to the female figure on the screen.  "Doesn't look like she wants to be caught."


The scene they inadvertently intruded upon, had Philip dressed in a fake leopard skin toga that fastened over one shoulder and thankfully covered his butt and groin areas, but left his pasty white bony legs visible.  He was chasing around a supposedly helpless female dressed in a two-piece fake leopard skin bikini.  Every once in awhile he would stop his chase and pound on his chest with his fists and shout out his version of the Tarzan yell.


"He really should quit."  Raven said after a particularly painful sounding yell.  "I think he's hurting himself."


"Maybe we should turn it off and give them time know."  Lisa suggested.


"Wait."  John's shout stopped Raven, as she was about to hit the button to turn the monitor off.  "She's about to bounce out of the top that she's almost wearing."


"John, shame on you."  Kris slapped his shoulder.  "You're an engaged man."


"Yes, but it doesn't hurt to look."  He shrugged his shoulders.  "And she's really got a nice set of hooters to look at."  He grinned.


"You're disgusting."  Raven shook her head.


"No."  John clarified.  "I'm a man."


"Isn't that what I just said?"  Raven innocently mumbled.


"I heard that."  John stated.


"Give it up, John."  Granny laughed.  "You're way out numbered."


"Hey you guys?"  Lisa got their attention.  "Do you think she's his date he just renting her for the night?"  Lisa's polite way of asking if she was a hooker.


They looked at her, then studied the woman that made the mistake of running into the bedroom and was now trapped.


"I guess it's possible she's his girlfriend."  Kris answered.  "What?"  She asked when she saw the incredulous stares that were directed at her.  "Anything's possible."  She weakly defended herself.


Raven snorted.  "If she's his date, I'm straight."  She pulled Kris into her lap and kissed her cheek.  "And if anybody here believes that, I've got some nice mountain property in Florida for sale."


"Eew."  Kris exclaimed as she wrinkled her nose and pointed at the monitor.  They all shuddered when they saw a gleaming white ass filling the screen.  Raven reached over and this time turned it off without any protest.


"This really burns me up."  Lisa leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms in front of her chest.  "He's one of the biggest supporters in the campaign to rid the downtown area of prostitution."  She explained.  "The hypocrite."


The group got comfortable in the front of the van and talked for a while, killing time, until John was voted to check on the status of the occupants of the condo.  "You waited until I had to take a bathroom break to vote.  It's not fair."  He mumbled as he threaded his body through the seats.


"They're done."  He announced.  "This answers that question."  He motioned the others back with his head.  Sure enough, they watched as money changed hands.


"Huh, I wonder what that little fantasy set him back?"  Lisa asked.


Oh, probably a couple of thousand."  John answered.  "She wasn't 'off the rack', she came from a 'specialty shop'."  He looked at the 'and just how would you know' expressions he was getting.


"Something we need to tell Sharon?"  Kris smirked.


"I was a cop, remember."  He reminded everyone and stuck his tongue out at her.


"Oh yeah, that's adult."  Kris ribbed him.


"All right folks, let's get this show on the road."  Raven stated, coming to the aid of her Lieutenant.


Granny put on the headset, adjusted the microphone, sat down and got comfortable.  John sat down in front of the board that controlled all of the electronic surprises that he and his Captain had rigged and locked Philip's bedroom door by remote.  They didn't want their audience to escape before the performance was over.  Lisa and Kris sat back and waited for the show to start.  Raven fidgeted as she sat beside Granny.


"Philip."  The older woman did a good job of imitating a young boy.


Philip was propped up in bed channel surfing when he heard his name called.  "Who's there?"  He sat up on the edge and looked around nervously.


"It's me, Philip.  Your brother."  Granny waited for his reaction.


"My brother's dead.  Wh...who are you?"  He stood and spun around trying to discern where the voice was coming from.  "This is a sick joke and I'm calling the cops."  He warned.


John electronically disconnected the phone and gave a 'thumbs up' sign to Granny.  "The phone doesn't work, Philly."  Raven had revealed earlier the childhood name that Derek had called his big brother.


As the nickname registered, Philip collapsed back onto the edge of the bed.  "B...but your dead."  He started to shake and turned very pale.


"Yes I am.  And why is that, Philip?"  Granny's voice gained fury with every word spoken.


"Oh God."  Philip stood and inched toward the bedroom door.  "I know why you're here."  He shook his finger at the empty room.  "You've come back to get me.  Haven't you?"  He yelled.  "I've got to get out of here."  When he tried to open the door and couldn't, he started looking around wildly.


"He's panicking."  John whispered.  "What do you want me to do?"  None of them had expected Philip to react without reason, scared yes, totally irrational, no.


Raven hesitated before she issued instructions.  "Unlock the bedroom door.  We don't want the ass to jump out the window and kill himself."


Philip was still tugging frantically on the door when John disengaged the electronic lock.  They watched as the suddenly released door opened inwardly and met solidly with Philip's head.  His eyes rolled back and he bonelessly collapsed to the floor.


"Well shit."  Granny stated in her normal voice, interrupting the bewildered silence that had descended.  "I didn't get to kid him about his Tarzan outfit."


"Should we check on him?"  Lisa leaned closer to the monitor to see if the idiot was still breathing.


"Leave him there."  Raven stated.  "He'll wake up before long with one Hades of a headache."


"What's the next move?"  Kris rubbed her hand up and down Raven's back, soothing the tenseness she found there.  "Do we continue tomorrow at his office?"


"No, we'll wait and come back here tomorrow night.  We don't want to do this at his office unless we absolutely have to.  We don't want to chance witnesses."  She explained.


"Good.  I don't want to miss anything."  Lisa smiled.  "You were very good by the way."  She congratulated the impersonator and patted her on the shoulder.


"Thank you, dear."  Granny turned in her seat and faced her coconspirators.  "If we're done here, I suggest that we head back.  I for one need to get my beauty rest."




The sun shining through the windows awoke Philip.  "Ow, my head."  He brought his hands up to block out the offending light.  "What am I doing on the floor?"  He wondered out loud as he slowly sat up and looked around.  'I must have really tied one on last night.'  He thought as he got to his feet.  His legs gave out and he sat down on the end of the bed when he suddenly remembered the goings on of the night before.  He sat perfectly still, waiting for the voice to start again.  "See it didn't happen, couldn't happen."  He swallowed hard, as if his denial would summon the long dead.  "It must have been a dream, just a nightmare.  I mean I haven't been eating right.  That'll cause stuff like that, right?  Right."  He asked and answered himself.  He stood up and headed towards the shower, more confident in the light of day.  Unaware that his misery was just beginning.




"Did last night go like you thought it would?"  Kris asked as she forked the last bit of scrambled egg into her mouth.  She hadn't asked Raven last night, she'd known that her partner was tired, sore and a little troubled.  Probably from seeing her brother again and bringing up a lot of bad memories and painful feelings.


Raven smirked.  "No, I didn't expect him to be such a sniveling coward."  She downed the rest of her juice.


"But that just follows along with what he did back then.  Why would he change?"  Kris had hoped he would be so scared that he would fall on his knees and beg forgiveness.


"He's an adult now.  I expected him to...grow up I guess."  She shrugged.  "Mother always did spoil him though."  She finished and sighed.


"Morning, Granny."  Kris and Raven both said together as the older woman entered.


"It's cold out there this morning."  She rubbed her hands together to generate some heat.  "We're gonna get some snow for sure."  She poured a cup of coffee for herself and refilled the two empties sitting in front of the women before she sat down to join them.  "Do you think we pushed him too far?"  She asked, having picked up the thread of the conversation.


Raven thought for a minute then answered.  "I have no idea.  But we're gonna keep pushing until he either confesses or has a nervous breakdown."  She stated confidently.  Having decided that seemed to lift a weight off her shoulders.  "Come on, let's do something fun today."  She slapped her palm down on the table and grinned at her startled companions.




That night found them back in the van, all but John who had been summoned by his mother.  Raven had laughed at his condemned man act when he related his mother's threats of pink tuxedos since he didn't seem to care about his own wedding.  The others laughed all the way to their parking spot behind Philip's building at Raven's fairly good impersonation of the tall man.  They waited and watched.  About half an hour later they saw a familiar looking form head into the building. 


"More of the same?"  Granny asked as she settled herself and picked up the headset.


"Yes."  Raven stationed herself in front of the 3-D projectors.  "But I think we'll add a few visuals tonight."  Kris and Lisa had been coached earlier on the control panel that John had manned the night before and the two young women took up their positions.


Tonight didn't get much accomplished in the way of a confession.  Philip fainted at the sight of his brother's image.  "This is going to take forever at this rate."  Lisa sighed dejectedly and Kris agreed with a nod of her head.


The third night, John was again with them but Philip wasn't.  They tracked him down, with the aid of the cameras.  He was trying to hide in his office.  "You knew he would try to hide."  Kris stated.


"I wondered why you and John went to the trouble of installing all that equipment in his office if we weren't going to use it."  Lisa chuckled.


"Now we know."  Granny added.


"Oh God, not again."  Philip hung his head when he saw the ghostly image of his brother seemingly materialize out of thin air.


"You can't hide from me, Philip."  The image shimmered as if in anger.  "And I really think God has better things to do than listen to a liar like you."


"What do you mean?  I'm not...I."  Philip took a deep breath.  'No use lying to him, he knows what happened.'  Again he hung his head, this time in defeat.  "What do you want from me?  I can't change what happened to you.  I can't bring you back."


"No you can't.  But you can change what happened after."  Granny muted the mike as instructions were passed her way.  Given the events of the two previous nights they weren't totally prepared for the quick surrender.  "I want you to admit your sins."  Granny instructed the defeated man.  She was reading from Lisa's quickly scribbled demands.


"I'll go to confession first thing in the morning."  Philip promised.


"Oh no, it's not going to be that easy.  You have to admit to mother what you did."  Lisa gave up writing and started whispering in Granny's ear.


Philip jumped up from the chair he was slouched in.  "No, please...I can't...I'll do anything but that."  He fell to his knees and begged.


"And," Granny growled into the mike to shut him up.  "You will beg forgiveness from both your sisters.  If you don't, I will haunt you for the rest of your days and believe me, there is NOwhere you can hide."  She was really getting into this.


"But."  He started to try to worm his way out but was interrupted.


"No buts, Philip, be a man for once in your miserable life.  And do it quickly or..."  The threat was left hanging.


"Okay I promise.  But I don't know where Frances is."


Granny looked at Lisa and Raven for clarification, she had never been told Raven's middle name.  Raven tapped her chest and mouthed the words, 'he means me'.  "Don't worry about that, Philip.  I'll make sure she knows that you want to see her."  Granny repeated Raven's instructions as they were whispered to her.


'Well at least she'll get the crap scared out of her too.'  Philip thought, which made him feel a little better.


As the image slowly started to fade, Philip heard the threatening voice one more time.  "Remember my warning, Philip, and move quickly."


They watched for a few more minutes, as the figure on the screen continued to kneel on the carpet in front of his desk.  "How long do we give him to tell mother?"  Lisa broke the silence.


"And what's the plan if he doesn't confess?"  John added as he turned onto Pike and headed for the interstate.


Raven thought about their options.  "We could of course continue to hound him night after night, but we can't follow him everywhere...and if he hasn't confessed in the next day or two, I don't think he ever will."




Raven leaned her shoulder against the doorframe while Kris headed towards the blinking light on the answering machine.


'Hey, Kris, it's me.  Looks like the talks are starting to wind down, according to father.  So call me at home tomorrow, I'd like to get a date set for a visit.  Hopefully Raven will feel up to having us under foot.  Talk to you tomorrow, Sis.  Bye.'


Raven moved behind her lover.  "You looking forward to seeing them?"


Kris leaned back into a warm body when two strong arms circled her waist.  "Uh huh."  The young woman responded and tilted her head to allow Raven's lips easier access to her neck.


Teeth nipped soft flesh.  "Do you think your mother or brother will come?"  She asked then wanted to kick herself when she felt Kris tense.


"Gee, Taz, you sure know how to kill a mood."


"Sorry, love."  Raven hugged the smaller body tighter.


"It's okay."  Kris patted the arms holding her and turned her body around to face Raven.  "I don't think they'll come.  And I must admit that I hope they don't.  It would be too strained, even if she were trying to accept us.  Besides I'm looking forward to a relaxing visit with father and Viv."  Kris laid her head on her partner's chest and sighed in contentment.  The gently rocking motion that Raven had started while holding her, made Kris very aware of her partner's warmth and scent and her body responded by making it's desire known.  She lowered her arms that had been around Raven's waist and her hands grasped the firm behind and began a sensual massage.


Raven moaned.  "I see I didn't completely kill the mood."  Her hands mirrored Kris' as she pulled her lover's body into hers.


Kris stopped her errant hands.  "Oh no you don't.  It's still too soon for bed aerobics, young lady.  You are still healing."


"Doc said that I should increase my physical activity."  Raven started backing Kris towards the stairs.  "And I bet sexual frustration really, really puts a strain on a sore, tense still healing body, that really would be healing a lot quicker if it was in a state of total relaxation.


"You do, do you?"  Kris slowly unbuttoned Raven's shirt, ran her hands lightly up the now uncovered bare skin and pushed it off her shoulders.


"Oh yeah."  The tall woman's breath quickened.  "I sure do."  She leaned over and kissed Kris.  Raven's hands disappeared behind her back while she desperately tried to pull the still buttoned cuffs over her hands in order to dispense with the garment altogether.


"Well then, I guess I better do something to relax you."  Kris stated when their lips disengaged.  "Do you think that getting hot," Kris paused to nip an ear.  "And wet," a nip on the other ear.  "Would eventually sooth your tense body?"  She slowly drew her tongue around her own lips.


Raven was definitely hot and she was getting wetter by the second.  The buttons on her cuffs went flying as she gave up delicately trying to rid herself of her shirt.  "Uh huh."  She whimpered.


"Well then."  Kris slowly backed up the stairs ahead of her partner.  "I guess I'd better go turn the Jacuzzi on."  She turned and took off up the stairs, laughing at the expression on Raven's face.


Raven's bewilderment lasted only a minute then she was headed after her tormentor.  "You little tease.  Wait until I get my hands on you."  She yelled.




Raven woke up as the early morning sent rays of sunlight spilling through the miniscule openings in the drapes.  She was spooned against her companion's smaller body.  When she had gotten her hands on her tormentor last night, she had intended to arouse her lover's body until Kris couldn't do anything but give in to the desire burning between them.  But instead of the wild frenzy that both thought their lovemaking would be, their touches were gentle and coaxing, easing each other over the edge.  Raven smiled and lightly kissed the bare shoulder that had been revealed when she adjusted their position to block the invading sunlight.


"Morning."  Kris turned her head slightly.  "Why are you awake so early?"  She groaned when she saw the time.


"Don't know."  Raven grinned.  "Because I'm happy.  I'm enjoying the view.  I'm hungry for you."  She lightly bit Kris' neck.  "Take your pick."


Kris turned on her back and held her arms out in invitation.  "All of the above."


Raven growled as she moved her body over her partners and pulled the covers up over their heads.  "I love you, Sagira."  Stated from lips that hovered just above Kris' then descended before a reply could be made.



Chapter Twenty-Four:


Several hours later, hunger of another kind drove the pair to venture from their warm, cozy, and somewhat rumpled nest.  A large breakfast was consumed as they playfully fed each other waffles and sausage.  Which meant they ended up in the shower since waffles covered in butter and syrup didn't work particularly well as a finger food.


Raven cleaned the kitchen while Kris called her sister.  They agreed on the last weekend of the month for the visit and Viv said their mother had not mentioned joining them but that Martin asked to come along.  'I think he's being sent as a spy.'  Viv had said before they ended the call.


"You can tell him he can't come if it bothers you."  Raven suggested.


Kris shrugged her shoulders.  "Let him come.  I don't care if he reports back to mother or not."  She stated.  "I am however, worried about what, if anything, Philip's up to."




"Mom?"  Philip walked into the kitchen and draped his coat over one of the chairs that were pushed under the Formica top table.  "Where are you?"  After debating with himself most of the night, he decided that he'd rather take his chances with his mother being upset than have to deal with the ghost of his brother for the rest of his life.


"What a nice surprise."  Cynthia said as she entered the kitchen and kissed her son on the cheek.  "Shouldn't you be at work?"  She asked as she moved over to the stove and stirred the bubbling pot.


"Yeah, but there's something that I need to tell you."  He led her over to a chair and helped her to sit.  "I...I've been having nightmares recently."  He wasn't going to tell her that his dead brother had to bully him into telling the truth.  He was hoping that if she thought it was his idea to come clean that she might go easier on him.


He nervously paced back and forth while revealing the fact that he had lied about what happened to his brother all those years ago.  After his story was finished he ventured a look at his mother.  She was staring off into space.  "Mom, I'm so sorry.  Please say something."  He fell to his knees in front of his mother, begging her to forgive him.


"After everything that I taught you, that the church taught you, you brought those kinds of people into our home?"  She focused on Philip's pleading face.


"I didn't realize what kind of people they were, not at first, not until it was too late.  I never would have associated with them if I had known.  I didn't mean for anything bad to happen.  I loved Derek too."


"Why did you lie?  Why did you let me blame your sister?"


Philip sat down heavily in the chair across from her.  "They threatened us and I was scared.  And because I knew you didn't seem to love Fran as much as the rest of us.  She was the one that you yelled at the most, the one that you blamed for most things that went wrong even if there wasn't a reason to.  So I guess I thought one more thing wouldn't matter."  He stated sincerely.


"I..."  She stopped and thought about the past.  She knew she had sometimes been hard on the kids but she had been so tired from working and trying to make a living.  And she was hurt and angry with her husband for leaving her.  And her oldest daughter had been the spitting image, in both appearance and attitude, of the man that had walked out on them.  She knew that there were times that she had been too harsh with the young girl.  But Frances had tried her patience on so many occasions, sometimes on purpose Cynthia had thought.  "Maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on her about some things."




"Oh my God, guess what happened?  You'll never believe it!  I can't."


"Slow down, Lisa, you sound like you're about to hyperventilate."  Raven had answered the phone to hear the enthusiastic ranting coming from her sister.  "Catch your breath and tell me what's going on."  Kris had joined her by the phone when she heard Raven's side of the conversation.


Lisa did as asked and took a few deep breaths.  "Mother called and asked me to come over to the house.  She said that Philip had something important to tell me."  She waited for a comment from her sister, but silence was all she got.  "Raven?  You still there?"


Raven had put Lisa on speakerphone so Kris had heard the excited comments and answered for the stunned woman.  "She's still here, just stunned I think."


"Are you headed over there?"  Raven cleared her suddenly dry throat and asked.


"Yes, it'll take me about an hour to get there since I have to change buses."  Lisa explained.  "What should I say if he mentions trying to find you?"


Raven contemplated the best way for Lisa to handle the problem.  "If he asks about me don't say anything about us being together again.  I don't know how they would react to that and I don't want you out numbered."  Raven explained.  "I'll be the one to contact them."


"Okay...I uh, I guess I should go now so I don't miss my transfer."  Lisa hesitated before saying good-bye and hanging up.


"Lisa."  Raven softened her voice.  "Don't be nervous.  What ever happens, you've got nothing to feel bad about.  You were only trying to right a wrong."


"I know.  I just want so badly for everything to work out.  I'll call you afterwards."


"Why don't Raven and I meet you downtown?  We can get some lunch or something."  Kris' suggestion got her a grin from her partner and a relieved 'good idea' from Lisa.


Raven started her pacing after the phone disconnected.  After about five minutes of watching the nervous bundle of energy, Kris grabbed the car keys.  "Let's go."


"I thought we were going to give Lisa time to get to the house and find out what's going on?"  Raven's eyes followed her companion towards the door.


"It'll take us forever to get downtown this time of day."  Kris threw the comment back over her shoulder.  "And if I watch you pace for much longer, you're going to wear me out."  She grabbed her heavy jacket and tossed Raven hers.




Lisa walked into the café with an unreadable expression on her face.  She pulled out a chair and sat down at the table that the two curious women occupied.  She ordered iced tea and a sandwich before she revealed anything.  "He admitted it.  Told the same story you've been telling all along.  But he made like it was all his idea to finally blurt out the truth."  She finally explained.  "He told mother he'd been having nightmares and that was what prompted him into finally coming clean."


Her food was served and she started eating while her news sunk in and she waited for the questions that she knew would start.  She wasn't disappointed as Kris excitedly started throwing them at her.  "Wait."  Lisa wiped the mayo from the corner of her mouth.  "Let me just tell you what happened."  She took a swallow of her drink while she collected her thoughts.  "I walked in and I couldn't even get my coat off before he launched into his confession.  It was like he just wanted to get it over with."  Lisa proceeded to tell about the next hour and a half of trying to act like she was surprised by what was going on.


"So he didn't mention the nightly visits?"  Kris asked.  Lisa shook her head no since her mouth was full.


"I guess we'd better get that equipment out."  Raven stated.  Reminding herself to call John.


"He also mentioned wanting to find you so he could set the record straight."  She looked at her sister while she munched on potato chips.  "Again making it sound like it was his idea."


"Did he at least act like he was sorry?"  Kris asked Lisa.  "Or do you think he's just scared?"


Lisa contemplated silently.  "He was remorseful about Derek."  She also told them about his excuse to Cynthia as to why he lied.  "But I honestly couldn't tell if he felt bad about blaming you or not."


The waitress chose that moment to ask about dessert but they all passed.  "Mother was...hard to read.  She looked reluctant when Philip talked about finding you.  Almost sad, I think maybe she's ashamed, kind of."  Lisa tried to express the feeling she had when she had observed her mother during Philip's confession.


"She should be."  Kris snarled.  "And it should be more than 'kind of' ashamed."


"My defender's showing her teeth."  Raven leaned over slightly and rubbed Kris' tense back.


"Well she's got a helluva a lot to make up for."  Kris stated firmly.


Raven paid the check and the three of them headed for the car.  "What are you going to do?"  Lisa asked as Kris pulled out of the underground parking garage.  "Do you even want to see them?  Or is it enough just to know that Philip admitted it and mother now knows that you were telling the truth?"


"I hadn't really considered what I want."  She stared out the window at the passing buildings.  "I guess I'd like for them to see that I'm not the complete failure that mother assumed I'd be."


Kris interrupted.  "Do you want to come home with us?"  She asked Lisa before she headed for I-5.


"Andy and I have a date tonight so I need to get back to my apartment."  Lisa answered.  "Is it okay to tell him about all this?"


"Yeah."  Raven looked back over her shoulder.  "Just don't mention the breaking and entering part."


"Technically we didn't, we had the key."  Lisa winked at the grinning image of Kris in the mirror.


"Ooh, I like the way you think."  Kris turned right on Boren.  "Had a lot of practice splitting hairs, have you?"  It was a rhetorical question and Lisa wiggled her eyebrows in a fair imitation of her sister.




That night, Granny and John had been informed of the successful ending to their endeavor and Raven and Kris were now sitting side-by-side staring into a dying fire.  "You never did really answer Lisa's questions this afternoon."  Kris glanced at the relaxed woman beside her.  "What are you going to do?"


Raven yawned and stretched.  "I think I'll meet with them and see what happens.  But I'm not going to be disappointed if nothing good comes out of this."


"Don't you want her to make up for the things you missed by not having a mother?"  Kris asked.  "By not having a childhood?"


"Ah, but she can't, love, that time is lost forever."  Raven explained.  "But I'm not complaining, since you wouldn't be here if all that hadn't happened."  She tweaked Kris' nose.


"I love you."  Kris' eyes started to water.


"And I love you."  Raven stood and extended her hand to the emotional young woman.  "Come on, babe, let's go to bed.  I'm exhausted; you wore me out last night.  You should have known that I wasn't ready for that much physical activity."  Raven grinned at the indignant expression displayed on Kris' face.


"Me?"  Kris squeaked,  "I didn'"


Raven covered the stammering mouth with her fingers.  "You know I'm only kidding."  She lightly kissed the lips that her fingers had silenced then rested her forehead against Kris'.  "Let's see how long it takes you to wear me out tonight."  She wiggled her eyebrows and urged her partner up the staircase ahead of her.




Raven pulled into a vacant space in the pay parking lot not far from the Seattle Center and turned off the engine.  She waited for Kris to circle around and join her on the driver's side.  "You sure you don't want to wait in the car?"  She asked her companion as they turned left at the lot entrance and headed south.


"I'm sure, I'll wait for you outside the building.  That way I can pace without too many people thinking I'm crazy."  Kris looked up at the uncharacteristically jittery woman.  "Are you nervous?  You can change your mind, I wouldn't mind going up with you."  They had talked about this on the drive into the city.  Raven had thought it best if she confronted her brother alone.  Reasoning that Philip might be less inclined to confess in front of a second person.


Raven glanced at Kris and smiled.  "Not nervous, just...uncomfortable.  But I still think it's best if you wait for me.  Thanks for asking though."  She stopped in front of the double glass doors that marked the entrance to the building where her brother had his office.  She squeezed Kris' hand before pushing one of them open and entering.


Philip was pecking away at his keyboard when he heard someone enter his office.  Thinking it was his secretary he didn't bother to look up.  "I thought you were going to lunch, Betty?"


Raven pushed the door closed and leaned back against it.  "Since the desk out there is empty, I'm guessing she did."


"Who?"  Philip looked up to see the tall figure casually leaning back.  He slowly removed his glasses and stood up.  He opened his mouth but nothing came out other than a gasp.


"I understand you wanted to see me."  Raven pushed off the door and moved to stand behind the chair in front of his desk.


He cleared his throat.  "Yes."  His palms were sweating and he rubbed them on his slacks.  'God she's...intimidating.'  He picked up his cup and gulped down the rest of his cold coffee, trying to wet his dry throat.  "Would you, ah, like...some coffee...or something?"


"Look, Philip, I'm not here for milk and cookies."  She saw him flinch at her abrupt tone and sighed.  He reminded her of the terrified little boy that ran out of the house on that fateful day so long ago.  And suddenly, instead of revenge, she just wanted to get this over with.


"I know."  He stared down at his desk, wanting to look anywhere but into his sister's compelling gaze.  He had the most unpleasant feeling, like he was being held mesmerized, against his will.  He likened it to how the victim of a cobra must feel, right before the serpent strikes out against its prey.  "I told mom the truth."  He didn't elaborate, knowing she would understand.


Raven's hands gripped the back of his visitor's chair.  "Did you now?"  She saw him nod his head and slowly raise it and fix his gaze to a spot past her shoulder.  "Well gee, that only took 16 years.  You want a medal?"  She stated sarcastically.  Then remembered telling Kris that they probably wouldn't be together if things had happened differently.  She sighed deeply as she rubbed her temples with her left hand.


"Mom asked me to see if you would meet with her."  He thought it was in his best interest to change the subject.


"Does she?"  Raven watched him nervously fidget with his empty coffee cup.  "Last time I saw her she told me I was a disgrace to the family and that she never wanted to see me again.  You telling me she's changed her mind?"


"I don't know...maybe."  He shrugged his shoulders.  "Look, Frances."


She interrupted him.  "Raven, I go by Raven, Philip."


"Okay."  He looked her in the eye for the first time since they had started talking.  "Would it be okay with you if I was at the house when you come home?"


Raven thought for a few minutes and decided she would rather be on home ground and surrounded by friendly faces when the reunion took place.  "It's not my home anymore and I really would rather not go there again.  If you want to, you can bring her by to see me."  She moved around the chair to stand in front of his desk.  "Give me a pen and I'll write the address and directions down for you."


Philip admitted to himself that he was very curious about his sister after he had been forced to think about her again.  He had spent the better portion of last night imagining different scenarios of her life.  What did she do for a living?  Where did she live?  Was she married?  Did she have a family?  Did she ever make anything out of herself or was she one of the lower classes?  "I'm sure that will be okay with mom."


"I'll call you tomorrow to find out what day would be best for the two of you."




Kris gave her partner until they were back in the car and headed home.  "How did it go?"  She turned in her seat, as much as the seatbelt allowed and stared at the dark-haired woman's profile.


Raven shrugged her shoulders and merged into traffic on I-5 before she related her and Philip's conversation.  "At first I wanted to make him squirm and grovel."


"But you didn't."  Kris stated confidently.  "Because you're a nice person."


"No, I'm not."  Raven stated just as confidently.


""  Kris crossed her arms in front of her chest, defiantly.


"No I'm...I'm not going to win this one, am I?"  She glanced at her obstinate companion.


"You're learning, Taz."  Kris smiled triumphantly as she patted her partner's thigh.


Raven shook her head and grinned as she turned her blinker on and moved to the far right hand lane, preparing to exit I-5 onto Lake City Way.


As soon as Raven pulled into the garage, Kris jumped out and headed for Granny's to fill her in while Raven called her sister to do likewise.


"Hey, sis."  Raven sat down at her desk and propped her feet up.


"I have been pacing the floor waiting for you to call.  How did it go?  I take it you didn't kill him."  Lisa collapsed onto her couch and Andy rubbed her tense neck with one hand.


Raven chuckled and related the conversation for a second time.  "I really don't know what to expect.  I'm not holding my breath for an apology, though."


"Can I be there when they come by?"  Lisa asked.


Raven was truly surprised by the request.  "Why?  I mean if you're here they'll obviously know we've been in touch before now and that could only cause trouble for you."


"I know and I don't care.  I'm tired of being lied to and influenced and manipulated."  Lisa leaned back into the comforting massage.  "It's time I stood up for myself with mother instead of dodging the issues."


"Okay, I'll see if they can be here Wednesday since you're off then.  I'll let you know tomorrow."  They said their goodbyes and Raven hung up the phone.


"You look tired."  Kris stated.  "Can I interest you in a nap?"  She pushed off the doorframe she had been leaning against and held out her hand.


"You can interest me in anything that involves you, me and a bed."  Raven wiggled her eyebrows as she walked towards and grasped the outstretched hand.




Wednesday dawned cold and wet, which was nothing new for Seattle in winter.  The weatherman had promised sun breaks by early afternoon and Mother Nature seemed to be co-operating.  Raven sat on the floor in front of the TV with the game controller in her hands.  She was busy navigating Lara Croft through an Egyptian Tomb.  Kris was stretched out on the couch with her laptop.  She would periodically type a sentence then hit the backspace key until it was erased.


"You'll never get that story finished if you don't quit deleting everything you type."  Raven glanced back over her shoulder.


Kris stuck her tongue out at the chuckling woman.


"Not now, darlin', we don't have time."  Raven turned back to her game.


"Smart ass."  Kris directed the comment to the back of the dark head.  "You're either a good actor or you aren't the least bit nervous.  Which is it?"


"She's definitely not nervous."  Granny leaned on the back of the couch Kris was still lying on.  "I've really only seen her that way once."


"When was this?"  Kris loved to hear bits and pieces of her partner's past.


"I had the flu," Granny started.


"It was pneumonia and I had to drag your butt to the hospital because you were to pig-headed to go to the doctor when I told you to."  Raven interrupted.  "And you think I'm stubborn."  Raven told Kris.


Lisa's entrance forestalled anymore reminiscing.  "Sorry I'm late.  The traffic on 405 was impossible.  I take it they're not here yet?"  She sat down next to Kris' feet.  She had borrowed Andy's car so no one would have to pick her up.


Her question was answered by the sound of a car driving up.  "I'll leave the three of you to greet your guests and I'll drop in a little later after you've had time to talk."  Granny headed for the kitchen.  "Good luck."


At the sound of the bell, Raven opened the front door for her mother and brother.  It seemed like several minutes passed before the silence was broken by Philip.  "Can we come in?"


Raven stared at the woman that had made so much of her childhood so unbearably difficult.  She could see that the years had taken their toll on her, not so much in aging but in bitterness.  The woman that stood before her seemed to be angry with her lot in life.  "Oh yes, sorry."  She closed the door and led them into the living room.


"Lisa?  What are you doing here?"  Cynthia asked her youngest daughter.


Lisa stood and faced her mother.  "I have a right to be here, Raven is my sister after all."


"Yes, I suppose you do."  She admitted and sat down at the end of the couch, with Philip sitting next to her.


Raven introduced Kris as a friend.  They decided earlier not to rub their relationship in Cynthia's face, yet.  Kris then headed to the kitchen to get the coffee and tea she had made.  Lisa sat on the opposite end of the couch, closest to the chair that Raven occupied.


"Philip said he explained everything to you."  Cynthia stated into the uncomfortable silence.


"He told me that he finally told you the truth about what happened."  Raven paused to restrain her sarcasm.  "But I'm not sure what you want from me."


"I...I guess I just wanted to see how you you ended up."  Cynthia looked at the face that still reminded her of the husband that had abandoned her.


Kris sat the tray down that contained mugs, a coffeepot, a teapot, sugar and cream.  She then filled everyone's mug with his or her preferred beverage before taking the chair beside her companion.


"Thank you, dear."  Cynthia said to Kris as she sipped her tea.  "Is this your parent's house?  It's a lovely home.  They must do very well."  She stated, glad for the chance to change the subject.


Kris answered before her partner could.  "No, Mrs. Chandler, its Raven's.  And it is lovely isn't it.  She had the whole thing redecorated."  Kris replied sweetly.  If money impressed the witch, she was going to make certain Cynthia knew her daughter had it.


Raven barely kept the smirk off her face at Kris' antics and Lisa had to cough to cover up her amusement.


"This place is yours?"  Philip couldn't keep the envy from his voice.  "What do you do for a living?  This cost some big bucks.  It's nothing illegal is it?"


Raven had to bite her tongue to keep from pointing out that the house was hers and Kris'.  "No, Philip, it's not illegal."  Raven sighed.  "As you can see, mother, I ended up landing on my feet after a somewhat rocky start."


"And I suppose you blame me?"  Cynthia questioned halfheartedly; knowing deep down she could have been more loving and caring toward her eldest daughter.


Raven shook her head.  "Not anymore.  At first I wondered what I had done to make you hate me so much.  Then I was angry with you, then I hated you, and then I really just didn't care anymore.  It wasn't worth the energy it took to sustain the emotions."  She stared at the woman that hadn't been her mother for a long, long time.


Cynthia broke eye contact first.  "I never hated you.  I just hated your father after he left and you reminded me so much of him that I would get angry with you."


"That wasn't my fault."  Raven pointed out as she stood and walked to the mantle, leaving her back to the room and its occupants.


"I know."  Cynthia continued to stare down at her hands.  "I know I treated you badly and took my anger out on you.  I can't change the past, but I'd like to get to know my daughter if you feel like sharing your life with us."


Raven turned around to find actual sincerity in her mother's eyes.  She returned to her chair beside Kris and looked at her questioningly.  At the subtle okay from her partner, Raven decided that she might as well answer some of their questions.  "I'll try to answer some of your questions.  What would you like to know?"


"Gracious, I don't know where to start."  Cynthia wasn't quite prepared for Raven to accept.


"I do."  Philip spoke up.  "What bank did you rob?"


"Give it a rest, Philip, I work for the government."  Raven wasn't about to tell them the complete truth.  She hoped that he would drop the subject.


"So you just rob us tax paying citizens.  Nice to see how government officials live."


Surprisingly Cynthia was the one that chastised him.  "Philip that will be enough."


"Yes, ma'am."  He mumbled and glared at Lisa who was trying her best not to laugh at her brother, which was kinda hard since she now pictured him as Tarzan, King of the Idiots, every time she saw him.


"Did you and Kris meet through school or work?  Why don't you tell us the story?"  Cynthia requested what she thought was a safe topic.


A small shrug of the shoulders indicated a 'why not' gesture from both women.  "I was on an assignment.  Actually Kris was part of the assignment and we just happened to become close friends in a short time."  Raven explained.  "We were to protect an Ambassador and his family from possible threats."


Cynthia interrupted.  "I thought I recognized your name, you're Ambassador Whitfield's daughter.  The papers said that he and his family were brought back from Turkey because of a terrorist plot to either kill him or kidnap his family to keep him out of the peace talks.  That must have been terribly frightening."


"We were very well protected, so most of it wasn't too bad."  Kris explained.  'Except for being shot at and chased to the airbase.  But she probably doesn't need to hear that.'  One look at Raven and she knew they shared the same thoughts.


"That was very brave of you but wasn't it too dangerous for you to be there?"  Cynthia questioned her daughter.  "Shouldn't the military have been protecting them?"


Philip, who didn't like not being the center of his mother's attention, thought surely that his sister didn't have an important roll.  "I believe it's the marines that guard the embassies, mom and I'm sure the men stationed there had to make sure all the secretaries and non-essential people were safe."


"Actually," Kris gritted her teeth.  "Your sister was..."  The doorbell interrupted her and Lisa jumped up stating she'd get it.


Raven leaned her head towards her defender and whispered.  "Don't let him get to you, Kris, his opinion isn't important.  I don't care what he thinks about me."


"I do."  Was the only response she had time for before Lisa came back, followed by John.  "Part of the cavalry's here."  Kris whispered and winked.


Raven was touched by the display of her friends, the people that she considered her real family, rallying around her.  Which reminded her of how much her young lover had changed her.  Less than a year ago she would have thrown them out for thinking that she couldn't handle things herself.  "Is there a problem?"


"No, no problem.  Can't I just stop by to see how you're doing?"  John responded.  A raised eyebrow from Raven let him know that she wasn't fooled in the least.  He turned his attention to Cynthia.  "Mrs. Chandler, I'm John Logan, you probably don't remember me.  It's been awhile."


"I remember you."  Philip spoke up.  "You were the cop that use to haul Raven home when she started getting into trouble.  You remember don't you, mom?"  He smirked.  "You still having to keep an eye on her after all this time?  She still getting into trouble, huh?"


"Yes I was."  John looked at the man like he was a lower life form.  "And I don't think I like you implying that I spy on her, she is my boss after all."


Raven chuckled at the stunned expression on her brother's face.  "John, I think you're scaring Philip, sit down please."


"I thought you worked for the government?"  Cynthia eyebrows drew together, showing her confusion.


"Mom, John's not a policemen anymore.  Raven, maybe you should explain to mom and Philip what you were actually doing when you and Kris met."  Lisa suggested.


Raven sighed at the look she was getting from Kris, Lisa and John.  They weren't going to let her down play her roll in the operation.  'Okay, fine, I can do this.'  She shot a glare at John, warning him to keep his mouth shut.  "I work for an anti-terrorist organization.  I command one of several teams.  We're issued military ranks even though we're not affiliated with the military and John is my Lieutenant.  There had been indications of a possible terrorist attack against the Ambassador and we were sent in to protect them and if need be, to remove them from danger.  After two attempts to infiltrate the embassy, I ordered the evacuation of all embassy personal and their families.  End of story."


There were several minutes of silence before Philip started laughing.  "This is a joke right?"  No one responded.  "Oh come on, you can't really expect us to believe that she's some kind of...GI Jane or something equally ridiculous."


Raven worried when Kris and John looked at each other with a devilish glint in their eyes.  Kris turned to Philip.  "She saved my life twice in less than twelve hours after we had been evacuated."


John continued.  "Several years ago, I was shot in the leg and couldn't walk and she carried me close to five miles on her back through the jungles of Central America to our extraction point."  Knowing full well that he was being glared at, he refused to look at Raven.  "She would never admit it, but your daughter is a hero, Mrs. Chandler.  She's respected by the people that work for her and the people she works for."


"Except for the dear departed Major Otis."  Lisa mumbled thinking she wouldn't be overheard but was.


"Whose that?"  A very confused and dazed Cynthia asked.


"Sorry, sis."  Lisa apologized.


Raven groaned and hung her head.  She briefly described his plot for revenge and her injury.  Lisa then described her meeting with her sister and how they became reacquainted with each other.


"Well, this is a lot to take in."  Cynthia was well aware that her eldest daughter was a complete stranger to her and that Raven could have died with this lie between them.  "You seem to have most definitely landed on your feet without needing any help from me or anyone else."


Raven's insides were trying to pull her in two different directions.  Part of her wanted to comfort her mother, the other thought that she deserved to suffer.  "Mother, I had help.  From John who always believed that there was some good in me somewhere.  From Colonel Albright, who gave me a chance.  To Granny, my longtime neighbor, who was a friend even when I thought I didn't need one.  And Kris who trusted me and loved me no matter what.  And also Lisa who gave me a chance."  She looked at her mother's hanging head.  "Mother, maybe things would have turned out okay between us if I had stuck around.  But like you said, we can't change the past.  So maybe we could go forward.  I don't think we'll ever become a family again but we could try to be friends or at least be civil to each other."  Raven put forth the offer and waited.


"I...I don't know what to say."  Cynthia was stunned.  "You're the one that I treated badly and yet you're the one offering the olive branch."  Philip, for once, wisely kept his mouth shut.


"There's one thing that might make all this irrelevant."  Raven put her hand over Kris' and squeezed lightly.  She decided to go ahead and get their relationship out in the open.  "I know that you were involved with the Catholic Church and their beliefs and I'm assuming you still are.  So before we put a lot of time and effort into getting to know each other, I probably should tell you that Kris and I are lovers and we are completely committed to each other for the rest of our lives.  So if you can't deal with that, we shouldn't waste our time."  Raven leaned back in her chair still holding Kris' hand and waited.


"I was taught that those...your kind of relationship is wrong."  Cynthia paused.  "All my life I've tried to live the way the church told me.  To do what they considered right."


Philip grinned.  'This is it.  Mom'll let them have it with both barrels and then we're outta here.'  He didn't like being reminded of his failures and having his sister around makes him remember the day he ran scared and she stayed behind to face the music.  'And now I find out that she's some kind of big shot hero with more money than I'll ever make.  It should be me, I want to be the hero and get all the good things that come with it.'


"And look what it's gotten me."  Cynthia continued.  "A broken marriage, one son dead, one daughter that had to run away and another daughter that barely tolerates me.  Not a lot for 50 years on this earth."


Lisa looked stunned.  "I don't...I."


"Its all right, dear.  I thought I could bully you into thinking like me.  It's the same thing that I tried to do to your sister and look where that got me."  Cynthia explained.  "There are a lot of things I think I need to reconsider."


"You can't be serious."  Philip jumped up and pointed towards the two women.  "They're perverts.  And they live together and...and have sexual relations without being married.  It's not right."  He stamped his foot.


"You need to calm down."  John stood in a defensive stance, waiting for trouble.


"Sit down, Philip."  Cynthia pulled on his arm.


"But, mom, you said it wasn't right!"  He collapsed beside her.


"Does that mean you don't have...relations?"  Raven quizzed her brother.


"Of course not, I'm not married."  He replied confidently.  Thinking that there was no way for her to know the truth.


"Maybe we should ask Jane about that, huh, Tarzan?"  Raven grinned.  Cynthia looked confused while Kris, Lisa and John had to bite their tongues to keep from laughing.


Philip looked panic stricken.  " did you know?"


"A little ghosty told me."


"What are you talking about?"  Cynthia asked, looking back and forth from her son to Raven.


"Nothing, mother, Philip and I are just coming to an understanding about name calling and what's right and wrong.  Right, Philip."


Philip swallowed hard.  'God, if she knows about that, what else could she know about?'  He really didn't want to know and he definitely didn't want his mother to find out.  "Right, we understand each other."


"Well, this has been a very...unusual and enlightening day.  And I have many things to think about.  Maybe we can all have dinner together soon?"  Cynthia stood and turned white as a sheet as she looked at the person who was standing in the living room doorway.  "Oh my God."



Chapter Twenty-Five:


Raven and John moved as one and caught her as she fainted.  "What the hell?"  Raven looked at Granny standing in the doorway.


Kris moved to the older woman's side when she looked like she might also keel over.  "What's going on?"


"I need to sit down."  Granny stated and Kris helped her over to the chair she had been using.


 "Can somebody please tell us what's going on?"  Lisa asked.


"I'm going to venture a guess here and say that you two know each other."  Raven said as she and John moved her mother to the couch and laid her down.  They moved out of the way and let Lisa sit beside the unconscious woman.  She held her mother's hand and lightly patted her face.


"You could say that.  Thanks."  Granny gulped the water that Kris handed her.  "Cynthia's my sister.  The last time I talked to her was just before I shipped out to Vietnam."


Murmuring from the couch interrupted her.  "What happened?"


"You fainted.  It seems it's old home week."


"Shut up, Philip."  Everyone but the two older women stated in unison.


"Marsha?  I can't believe it's really you."


Lisa helped her mother sit up.  "Not too fast, you might get dizzy."


"What happened to you?  Why didn't you ever come home?"  Cynthia questioned her older sibling.  "I missed you so much."


"I did.  Father threw me out, told me never to come back."


"I don't understand.  Why would he do that?"  Cynthia was confused since her father had told her that it had been Marsha that hadn't wanted to return.


Granny laughed sarcastically.  "He said that it was unchristian for a girl to go gallivanting around where all the soldiers were.  I guess he thought I'd come back pregnant and unmarried."  She looked at Raven.  "Boy, the old bastard's probably turning over in his grave watching you."  She looked at Raven.


"Why didn't you try to find me after father passed away?"  Cynthia questioned.


"I never knew your married name.  I tried several times after I returned to the states, but mother wouldn't tell me, she followed his orders until the bitter end."  Granny's eyes took on a faraway look, remembering the past.  "If he had died first she might have told me."  She refocused on the present.  "I can't believe in all these years we didn't at least run into each other."


The silence lengthened as the shadows from the setting sun stretched across the floor.  Kris cleared her throat.  "It's getting late and I think it'd be a good idea if I fixed us all dinner.  That way everybody will have time to consider these new...developments."  She hoped Raven wouldn't mind having everyone around a while longer.


The sound of Kris' voice enabled Raven to shake off the surprise that the information had created.  "That's a good idea.  We've all been thrown a few curves that'll take some getting use to."


John took a rain check, saying he had a date with Sharon and her parents.  Lisa had to drag Philip into the kitchen behind Raven and Kris to give Cynthia and Marsha time alone.


"You doing okay?"  Kris asked as she hugged Raven and ran her hands up and down her partners back in a soothing manner.


Raven saw Philip open his mouth and glared at him menacingly.  "If you say one bad word against Kris or our relationship, you'll be eating through a straw for the next two months.  Do we understand each other?"


"You wouldn't..."  Philip stopped and swallowed loudly at the cold, calculating expression on his sister's face and realized that she had probably done a lot worse for less reason.  "Yeah, I understand."  He sulked.


"I'm okay, love."  Raven answered Kris' earlier question.  "I'm just a little stunned that Granny's my aunt.  It's gonna take some getting use to."


"That was a surprise."  Lisa agreed as she opened the refrigerator and peered inside.  "So, what are we cooking?"




"Dinner was surprisingly pleasant, since Philip kept his mouth shut most of the time."  Raven said as she took Kris' hand as they left the kitchen and headed upstairs.  Their visitors had left about an hour ago and Kris had refused to leave the mess in the kitchen for tomorrow.


"You sleepy?"  Kris asked her partner when they entered the bedroom.


"Not too bad."  Raven answered as she headed for the bathroom.


Kris grinned.  'Good.'  She had plans for her tall dark-haired lover.  She quickly undressed, grabbed her surprise and got under the covers.


"You want me to turn off the light in the bathroom?"  Raven asked as she came back into the bedroom to find Kris relaxing in bed.  "I guess so."  She walked over to stand beside Kris, who was on Raven's side of the bed.


Kris was lying on her side, facing Raven.  "You're a little over dressed don't ya think?"  She moved her arm out from under the blanket to reveal her bare-shoulder and ran her hand up under her partners sleep shirt.  Kris felt herself getting excited when the muscles under her hand quivered.


'Gods, I don't think I'll ever get enough of her.'  Raven licked her lips just thinking about her naked lover waiting for her.  She proceeded to disrobe in a hurry.  "Not anymore."  She leaned down and kissed Kris as she pulled the blanket and sheet down to reveal two luscious breasts with two firm nipples standing up and begging for attention.


"Suck them please."  Kris encouraged when their lips separated and arched her back, thrusting her chest towards Raven.  "I need to feel them inside your hot...wet mouth."  She had discovered not long after they became lovers, that if she wanted to get Raven off balance, all she had to do was talk dirty and take charge.  Raven had said that there was something about the combination of suggestive language and Kris' angelic face that got her juices flowing.


Raven growled as she knelt beside the bed.  "My mouth's not the only thing that's hot and wet."  She sucked the soft flesh into her mouth.  She alternated between trying to suck the entire breast into her mouth, to licking and nibbling Kris' nipple.


"Oh, baby...that feels so good.  You're making me so fucking horny."  Kris moaned after several minutes of pleasurable attention.  Her body was squirming underneath the bedcover and she knew she was quickly losing control.  She pulled Raven's head away from her chest and rolled onto her back.


"I love your breasts, so soft, like silk, just a little longer."  Raven begged after being pulled away.


"Oh no, I have a surprise for you, love, pull the blanket down."  Kris instructed.


Raven stood and did as she was told.  As she peeled back the cover, Kris' body came into view.  Around her hips was the leather harness and dildo, which sprang to attention once the weight of the blanket had been removed.


"I want you to ride me, love."  Kris reached for Raven's hands and interlaced their fingers.  "I want to watch you as I fuck you, hard."  She pulled her partner into motion.


Raven felt Kris tug on her hands and swung her leg over her lover's body.  She settled on her knees with one leg on each side of her partner's thighs.  She freed her hands and leaned over to open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the tube of lubricant.  "You are so good to me, love."  Raven paused to nibble on Kris' ear.  She sat back and opened the tube, pouring a small amount into the palm of her hands.  She knew she was wet enough not to need it, but she wanted a little revenge for being denied access to her lover's breasts.  Raven wrapped her hands around the toy strapped to Kris and moved them up and down, lubricating the dildo and moving the smaller end inside her partner at the same time.


Kris moaned at the movement inside her.  She knew it was payback for earlier.  She decided it was time to take control again.  "Get on top of me, baby.  I want to watch your body while you mount me.  I want to see your face when you rise to the pentacle and plunge over into the abyss."


Raven wasted no time in positioning herself over Kris' hips.  She threw her head back and moaned as the toy filled her.  She slowly rose up and plunged downward a few times before changing direction and moving her hips in a circular motion.  She growled, long and low at the feeling of Kris fucking her.


Kris watched in fascination at the ecstasy displayed on the face above her.  She reached up and massaged Raven's breasts then pinched her lover's nipples between her thumb and finger.  Her hips bucked in response to Raven's skillful manipulation of the toy inside them both.


Raven covered Kris' hands with hers and ground them into her chest.  "Gods, baby...feels so good."  Her thrusting was becoming more frantic.


Kris freed her hands and pushed into a sitting position.  She braced herself with one hand behind her and the other around Raven's waist.  "Let go, love."  She commanded before taking the breast that was level with her head into her mouth and capturing the nipple between her teeth.


Between the feel of Kris penetrating her and the attention to her breast, Raven's senses were on overload.  The spoken demand was all that was needed to send her tumbling over.  Her orgasm exploded through her body and Kris followed with her release just seconds behind her partner.  Kris fell back against the bed with Raven following her, their bodies pulsing in time with each other.


Raven supported her weight on her forearms and stared into the green eyes below her.  "That was...incredible, love."  Her body still throbbed from her powerful climax and she was still breathing heavily.


Kris sighed in contentment.  "Yes, you are definitely incredible."


Raven smiled.  "I had the strangest thought a little while ago.  Well, the thought wasn't strange, just the timing."


"You gonna tell me or make me guess?"  Kris asked after a short silence.


"You need to be still if you want me to carry on an intelligent conversation, Sagira."  Raven kissed Kris long and lovingly before removing the dildo from inside her.  She rolled onto her side and propped her head in her hand.  "My thought was, that you ought to be writing erotica.  I think you would be very good at it.  Look at how hot and bothered you can get me with just a few phrases."


Kris considered it then grinned.  "I think I might give it a go.  Of course we would have to practice each and every scene."  She removed the harness from her hips and roll onto her side, facing Raven.  "You think you'd be able to keep up with me, Taz?"  She challenged before leaning down and lightly biting her lover's nipple causing it to harden immediately.


"Oh...I think...I could manage."  She answered as she ran her hand through Kris' hair and held her head firmly to her chest.  "Harder, love."


Kris obliged and for many minutes was lost in the sensation of making love to Raven's chest until she felt long fingers massaging her butt and pulling her lower body against her partner.


"Get up on your knees for me, baby, in the middle of the bed."  Raven requested.


Kris did.  "Do you want me to lean forward?"  She asked when she felt Raven move.


"No, love."  Raven was on her knees behind her partner and put one arm around her waist and pulled Kris back until she was against her body.  She nibbled on the exposed neck, biting down and sucking on the pulse point.


Kris moaned and reached back, placing her hands on Raven's hips, pulling them tighter against her body.  "Is this the opening scene for my first story?"  Kris tilted her head to allow easier access.


Raven chuckled.  "As long as you don't ask me to stop so you can take notes."


"You can be assured that I'll never, ever ask you to stop loving me."  Kris turned her head and saw the look of devotion on Raven's face.  She raised her hand, pulled her partner's head toward her and captured lips that had just been assaulting her neck and raising goose bumps along her skin, their tongues taking turns exploring each other.


During the heated kiss, Raven felt their bodies meld together and moved her hands down Kris' sides and thighs.  She circled around to the inside of her lover's legs and reversed their direction, causing Kris to move her legs further apart.  She bypassed the area she knew needed her attention and lightly caressed the firm abdominal area before continuing upwards and grasping Kris' breasts in her hands.  Raven alternated between kneading them like mounds of dough and tweaking the taut nipples.


They broke apart, each gasping for air.  "Are you make me come...before you touch me?'ve almost...succeeded."  Kris panted and laid her head back against her love's shoulder when she felt hands fondle her breasts.


Raven grinned.  "It's a thought, but not this time.  I want to be inside you and feel your body grasp my fingers when you come.  Feel your juices flow down them and into my hand."  She licked and nibbled on the ear lob conveniently located near her mouth while one hand moved downward.  Raven ran two fingers between Kris' legs, one on each side of her clit.


"God, you're killing me."  Kris moaned.  She was about ready to take matters into her own hands when Raven's fingers disappeared.  "Please, love...need you."  She begged.


"Patience, love."  Raven said as her right hand moved between their bodies and her left continued to caress Kris' breasts, alternating between them.


"I don't have any, not when it comes to you touching me."  Kris' right hand was still behind Raven's head and she pulled the teasing lips, tongue and teeth more firmly into her neck while her left hand roamed up and down her tormentor's thigh.


The fingers of Raven's right hand had begun a light tantalizing movement from Kris' throbbing nub to her tight puckered opening with the young woman's hips moving in time with them.  It didn't take long for Raven to make the choice of continuing the teasing or giving Kris what she desired.  She swiftly entered her lover with two fingers.


Kris almost came the moment Raven entered her. "More."  She moaned when Raven added a third finger.  "Oh God...harder...please, baby."  She begged.


Raven stilled her hand.  "I don't want to hurt you."  Her thrusts were already almost lifting Kris off the bed.


"You won't."  She quickly answered her.  "Please, love...harder."


Raven placed her foot on the bed beside Kris to steady them both.  She re-doubled her efforts, impaling her young lover with each thrust.


Kris moaned in pleasure each time she felt the fingers of her lover fill her.  She leaned back into Raven and felt her hard, swollen nipples rub more firmly against her back.  Kris wanted to stay in that in-between forever, that feeling in her body after the building of the climax but right before she exploded.  But when she felt Raven bite down on the pulse point in her neck, her body erupted with a powerful orgasm, as she cried out her lover's name.


Raven stayed inside her lover until the clenching of Kris' muscles stopped.  "You okay, baby?"  When Kris nodded her head, Raven brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted her lover's essence.  "So good."  She groaned.


Kris collapsed onto the bed, pulling Raven down with her.  She lay on her stomach with her lover's weight pressing reassuringly into her back.  After a few minutes of utter contentment, Kris felt the rhythmic thrusts of Raven's hips against her rear-end and knew her partner hadn't found her release.


"Wait, love."  Kris managed to turn over underneath the frustrated woman.


"I can't, baby...I need..."  Raven paused and raised herself to her knees as Kris scooted down until her mouth was poised at the apex of her legs.  Kris wrapped her arms around her thighs and pulled Raven down to her mouth.  "Gods yes."  Raven threw her head back as she felt Kris' tongue explore her drenched sex.


Kris wasted no time in running her tongue through the liquid inferno that was located between Raven's legs.  She knew it wouldn't take much to send her lover over the edge; she held the throbbing clit between her lips and flicked her tongue over the bundle of nerves.  When the body above her stilled in the seconds before release, Kris moved one hand up and grasped Raven's breast, rubbing the erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger.


Raven's body bucked hard when her orgasm hit and she fell forward, barely managing to catch herself on her forearms.  She stayed suspended above her lover while she caught her breath.  "Sweet Aphrodite, Sagira, that was beautiful, just like you."  Raven collapsed onto her back.  "Come up here so I can hold you."


Kris crawled up beside the still recovering woman dragging the comforter and sheet with her.  She sighed contentedly as she burrowed her head into a comfortable place on Raven's shoulder.  "Love you, Taz."


"Love you, too."  Raven mumbled as she was drifting to sleep.



Chapter Twenty-Six:


The first-class cabin of the 757 was mostly silent except for the rumbling of the engines and the occasional mummer of voices.  Viv sat next to her father in the first row while Martin sat behind them.


"Can I get you anything else, Ambassador?"  The flight attendant asked.


"Coffee please."


"Anything for you, ma'am?"  He smiled at Viv.


"Bottle of water please."  She returned the smile and winked at the blonde-haired blue-eyed young man.


"Quit flirting, Vivian."  Andrew whispered after the flight attendant went into the galley after their requested beverages.


She blushed just as the young man returned.  He grinned and placed the water and coffee on their trays before moving on.


Andrew chuckled at his daughter's distress before continuing their earlier conversation.  "Do you really think we should stay with them?  I would think it would be easier on everyone if we stayed at a hotel."


"Kris said there wasn't one close.  And Raven was the one that suggested we stay at the house.  She said there was plenty of room.  And I think you should have let them pick us up at the airport since none of us have ever been here before.  We'll probably end up getting lost."


"We'll find it, Kris emailed me the directions to the house."  Andrew assured her.  "How hard could it be?"


Viv rolled her eyes knowing he hadn't even looked at them yet.  'Famous last words.'  She returned her attention to her book.




"Hey."  Kris hugged her sister.  "We were beginning to worry about you guys.  Was the traffic bad?"


"The traffic was fine."  Viv answered with a smirk.  "Hello, Raven."  She acknowledged the tall woman coming down the stairs.  "You look like you've recovered."


"Pretty much.  Was your flight okay?"  She asked while Kris and her father greeted one another with a warm embrace.


"It was boring thankfully, except for Vivian trying to pick up the flight attendant."  Andrew answered.  "Captain."  He reached out to shake her hand.


"Raven will do, Ambassador."  She clasped his hand.  "I'm not working now."


"Neither am I, so Andrew is fine."


"Okay."  Raven pleasantly agreed.  "Martin, glad you could join us."  She edged an eyebrow up at her partner, reminding her that she was going to give her brother the benefit of the doubt and wait until he revealed his reason for being there.


Kris was sure he was up to no good but stepped forward and gave him a brief hug.  "It's good to see you."


"You too, Kris.  Thanks for having me."  He looked at Raven with an eager expression.


Raven wasn't sure if the eagerness was to see his sister or to pick back up where he left off with her.  'Surely someone told him that she and Kris were a couple.'  "Everyone go on in, I'll get the luggage."


"I'll help."  Martin announced cheerfully and walked to the open trunk.


Raven decided that she would make sure he knew of her and his sister's involvement before there could be any misunderstanding. "Martin, I don't know if anyone told you, but Kris and I are together."


He sat the bag down he had lifted from the trunk.  "Oh, I know, Viv told me not long after you and Kris left Washington."  He said matter-of-factly and leaned in to extract another suitcase.


"So you don't have a problem with us?"  Raven was a little leery.  He didn't seem the type to give up so easily.  Especially after Kris had told her how their parents had spoiled him all his life.


"No, of course not."  He cheerfully answered.  'Not after I show you that you can have me instead. I won't have any problems at all.  I know Kris can't possibly keep someone like you satisfied.'


They brought the luggage in, sat it down be the stairs and joined the others in the living room.


"I thought we would have a nice quiet dinner here tonight and decide what all of you wanted to see tomorrow."  Kris was saying.


"It sounds like a very good idea to me."  Andrew leaned back on the couch and yawned.  "Sorry, it's been a long couple of months."


"Come on, I'll show you your rooms.  Dinner will be ready in about a half hour so you don't really have time to rest, but we can make an early night of it."  Kris said as she picked up two of the suitcases and started up the stairs.




"That was delicious."  Andrew said as he patted his stomach and pushed his empty plate away.  He leaned back in his chair and complemented his daughter.  "I didn't know you could cook this well."


"Thanks, but I can't take all the credit.  Issy and Granny were patient enough to teach me."  Kris admitted.


"Were is Granny? I thought we would get to meet her."  Viv asked as she sipped her wine.


"She's having dinner with a relative tonight."  Raven answered.  She didn't want to get into a discussion about her family yet.  "I'm sure you'll meet her tomorrow."


Kris smoothly redirected the conversation.  "Okay, Viv, spill it.  What was that smirk for when I asked why you were late?"


Viv laughed.  "Well first we were late leaving the airport because Martin had to argue with dad about who was going to drive.  Then we ended up going south on the interstate because a certain step of the directions was skipped over."


"I didn't skip it on purpose, you know."  Martin said indignantly, but had the good graces to join in and laugh at himself.


"Let me guess, it was the 'make sure you get in the left lane to merge with northbound I-5' step?"  Kris asked.


"You got it."  Viv answered, and then continued the story.  "Then we got off and got lost because we ended up going west, away from the interstate.  Anyway, by the time we found the signs for the interstate heading north, we ended up hitting the rush hour traffic leaving the city."


After the playful ribbing had died down, Kris and Viv cleared the table and Martin excused himself to take a shower before bed.  All had agreed earlier to plan their day tomorrow over breakfast.


Andrew stopped Raven from helping in the kitchen.  "I wonder if I can have a minute?"  He requested.


"Sure."  Raven returned to her chair.  "And here I thought I had escaped the 'what are your intentions toward by daughter' speech."  She grinned and Andrew chuckled.


"I think you've made it very clear that you care a great deal for her.  Not many people would willingly die for someone else."  He stopped and offered her more wine.  Raven declined and he poured half a glass for himself.  "Even though that Major Otis was after you, you could have saved yourself or tried to save the both of you.  But you put yourself in danger to save Kris.  That tells me that you'll do your best to take care of my daughter."  He paused and sipped from his wine.


"I love her more than I can say and I'd do anything for her."  Raven looked him directly in the eye.


They stared at each other in silence, both refusing to be the one to break eye contact.  After what seemed like minutes, Andrew finally looked down.  "Are you going back to work?"  He glanced up and saw the mixed emotions flash across her face.  "I know my daughter and she would never ask you to stop but I know she would worry herself sick every time you left.  Wondering if you would be hurt or killed."


"The Division has given me several options that I haven't discussed with Kris yet."  She sat up and leaned forward, resting her arms against the table.  "If I go back into the field, it's not just me that I have to think about and that scares me."


"In what way?"  He prompted her when it was clear she wasn't going to continue.


Raven stared at the wine glass she held by the stem and slowly twirled between her thumb and forefinger.  "Before I really didn't care...if I lived or not.  In some cases I think that may be why I did survive.  I took dangerous chances that ended up saving me and if I hadn't taken them, I would surely have been killed.  And now, I wonder if I could take those chances without second-guessing myself.  Because now I care if I come back."  She looked up to find a sad smile on the Ambassador's face.


"I envy you."  He admitted.


'Well that's the last thing I expected him to say.'  Raven waited for him to explain.


"You figured out a lot quicker than I did, about what's more important."  He sighed regretfully.  "All I could think about at your age was my work and status when I should have been thinking of family and raising my children without dragging them all over the world."  He focused his gaze on her blue eyes.  "I have no doubt that you'll do the right thing for you and my daughter.  Whatever that may be."  He added after a slight pause.




"What do you think they've been talking about?"  Kris asked as she loaded the last of the dishes into the dishwasher.  Viv had been periodically sticking her head around the doorframe to peer into the dining room to see if her father and Raven were still talking.


"Probably you."  She grinned.  "They just toasted each other so I guess they're done."


The two siblings returned to the dining room.  "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hitting the sack."  Viv stated as she pushed the chair she was standing behind, under the table.


"That's a very good idea.  I'm beat."  Andrew stood and offered his arm to his youngest daughter.  "Can I escort you to your chambers, my lady?"


"Thank you, kind sir.  I would be most honored.  Good night everyone, see you in the morning."  They called over their shoulders as they left.


"Goodnight."  Raven and Kris replied together.


"You ready to hit the sheets?"  Kris asked while standing behind her partner, massaging her shoulders and neck.


"Let's sit in the living room and relax for a bit."  Raven answered.  "I know you're dying to know what your father and I talked about."  She stood up and held her arm out in invitation.


Kris melded her body next to her partner's and they held each other close as they made their way out of the dining room.  "So, you gonna tell me?"  She asked as they sank into the cushions on the couch.  With Raven sitting at the far end so Kris could lay down with her head in her lovers lap.


"What'cha gonna give me if I tell you?"  Raven's fingers played with the soft blonde hair that fanned out across her thighs.


"How about what I'm not gonna give you if you don't?"  Kris poked her in the ribs.


Raven chuckled.  "We haven't even been together a year and you're already threatening to withhold sex to get your way."


Kris snickered.  "Who said anything about sex?  I'm talking about withholding food and making you cook for yourself."


"Gods, that's worse."  Raven threw her hands up in surrender.  "I give up, I'll tell, I'll tell."


"Hey."  Kris poked her harder in the ribs.




Martin tiptoed out of his room after he heard the bedroom doors closing.  He wanted to catch Raven alone so the two of them could have a nice friendly chat.  At the bottom of the staircase he looked into the living room and saw Raven sitting on the couch.  He scanned the rest of the room but didn't see his sister anywhere.  'Perfect.' He smugly thought.  Just as he was about to make his presence known, Kris sat up beside the Captain and pulled the dark head towards her.  He ducked back behind the doorframe to hide.  His heart was racing and perspiration broke out across his forehead.  'That was close.'


He cautiously stuck his head out to see if he could quietly sneak past and get back to his room.  His eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw that his sister was straddling the Captain's lap and the kiss had become hot and heavy.  He could see Raven's hands moving underneath Kris' shirt and could tell by both women's moans, that they were becoming more intimate by the minute.  Now his heart was pounding for a different reason and he had to tear his eyes away from the two women when he felt himself getting excited.


""  Kris commanded and tugged on the shirt that was hiding her partner's body.


"Wait."  Raven removed her hands from Kris' breasts and stopped their counterparts from their task.  "We need to go upstairs, baby.  Don't think you want your father walking in on us."  She reminded her anxious lover.


Kris leaned her forehead against Raven's.  "Oh yeah, that's probably a good idea."


Martin hid in the kitchen until he heard their bedroom door close, then he quietly returned to his room.  He paced back and forth trying to calm his raging hormones.  But every time he got control of his emotions, his mind would drift to the room down the hall and what he imagined was going on behind the closed door and he would start his pacing once again.



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