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Designs Of The Heart

Part 2

by Heartbrkn


Chapter 5

On her way to work, Jack continued to reminisce about the Desi days. She thought about her good friend Tk, the excitement sheíd felt when Tk gave her Desiís number, and how the initial phone call to the green eyed beauty had gone. Ahh, those were the good old days.


Tk was Jackís closest friend. They met a while back at a gay bar. Tk had been introduced to Jack by a mutual friend. They had a relationship that was somewhat unique. They were close and cared deeply about each other, but yet nothing had ever happened between them- Jack wasnít attracted to Tk in that way. Besides, they didnít want to take a chance of anything ruining the friendship they had.

At one point , right after they met, Jack decided to move out of her motherís house. It just so happened that Tkís next-door neighbor was moving out at the same time Jack was looking. So they moved Jack in , the rest was history. They were neighbors in the "building." The "building," yes, the place where everyone came- whether it was to party or crash, everyone always seemed to end up there

August 1988

Jack knocked furiously on her friendís door the morning after meeting Desi.

"Tk, you up, girlfriend?" Knocking harder. " Come on hon, donít leave me hanging like this."

"One sec.." Tk screamed from the other side of the door.

Tk was never a beautiful sight in the morning. With her typical butch hairdo standing up, swollen eyes , silk boxers and no top on, she slowly opened the door. "You know, Jack, some of us didnít go home at a decent hour last night, and some of us prefer to sleep late since they donít have to work today. But youíre lucky I love you , and I get my hung-over butt up and answer the door for you."

"Iím sorry, hon, but I couldnít sleep at all this morning after Dad left, wondering what happened with Desi."

"Desi?" asked Tk, yawning.

Nervously Jack replied, "Yes, Desi, the girl I asked you to give my number to."

"Oh , that Desi," her friend said teasingly. " What about her?"

"Come on , Tk, stop joking. What happened?"

"Well, I went up to her, told her what you said about having to leave and all, handed her the paper with the number on it and......"

Jack cutting her off, said, "And? Was she pissed?"

"Actually, she said she was sorry you had to go, and," handing Jack the number , "to give her a buzz when you got the chance."

Jumping up in the air with excitement, the blue-eyed woman was ecstatic. Yes!!"Thank you so much, Tk!! Now go back to sleep. Iíll catch you later."

Eyeing her friend suspiciously and wondering what this woman, Desi, had that others didnít, Tk answered, "Later gator," closed the door, and went back to bed.

Should I call her? Well itís only 9:00 a.m. , maybe I should wait. What the hell is wrong with you, Jack, why are you freaking out like this over some chick? She really liked this girl for some reason, but why question it? I think I will wait awhile before I call her, give her some time to get up and remember me. Jack thought, grinning to herself.

Walking back into her apartment, the brunette looked around disgustedly. It has been over a year already since I moved my sorry ass in here. "And look..." swinging her hands around the room, "I havenít done a goddamn thing with this place yet." How can I even think about bringing somebody like Desi here??? Am I nuts? A glutton for punishment? Or both? Grabbing the broom she started to sweep. Two hours passed and Jackís joke of an apartment was as clean as it was going to get. Though she didnít have a lot of room, that had never stopped her from inviting people over to party. But, sadly enough, those people werenít really important. Grabbing the phone and crashing on her one-person couch, Jack unfolded the piece of paper with Desiís phone number on it and began to dial.

A very young sounding person answered the phone, "Hello."

"Hi, can I speak to Desi please?" asked Jack.

"Sure, hold on."

A few moments passed with in silence. Finally, a out-of-breath person answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Desi? Is that you?"

"Yes, Jack how are you?"

"Iím good. Did I interrupt you, you sound out of breath?"

With a bit of laughter in her voice the green-eyed beauty replied, "Well, actually, when my sister, the person who answered the phone, told me I had a phone call, I was in my backyard. I was swimming in my pool, got real excited thinking it might be you, jumped out, over the fence, and up the steps two at a time."

"All for a phone call from me?" Jack laughed along with Desi.

" Well, um, yeah ..I was waiting for your call all morning. Didnít know if you were actually going to call."

"Funny thing is I wanted to call you at 9 this morning, but didnít want to wake you," the blushing brunette replied.

"Well, Iím glad you didnít wait too long to actually do it."

Jack knew she had to explain why sheíd left in such a hurry. " Hey, sorry I had to leave in such a rush last night, family thing you know."

"I understand, is everything alright?"

Not really wanting to get into her parentsí problems with a perfect stranger, she needed to sound cool about it regardless of the truth "Yeah , thanks for asking."

"No problem. So do you have plans tonight?" asked Desi.

"Not that I know of , do you want to get together?"

Thank god she canít see me blushing through the phone, I would be so embarrassed. "Sure , I would love to."

"How would you feel about coming to my place for dinner?" asked Jack.

"You cook?"She asked, startled.

"Yes, I do. Why do you act so surprised?"

"No reason." Trying to get herself out of it, she continued, "Ok, itís settled. Give me your address and directions on how to get to your place, and I will be there around 8:00. Is that good for you?"

"Thatís perfect."

Jack gave her the directions to the building, then they said their goodbyes.


Now, I have to decide what to cook for dinner. Grabbing her wallet, she walked up the block to the market. Hmm, letís see, what should I make? Fish and potatoes sounds good. I hope she likes that. Picking out a fresh-looking salmon, potatoes, and a bottle of Berringerís , Jack paid for her purchases, and headed back home to start planning out her evening.


Chapter 6

(Present Day)

Since she was riding on empty, Jack need to fill up the tank before she reached the office. Sheíd never remember to stop on the way home, and then she would be screwed. Waiting for the gas attendant to come over, she continued to daydream about Desi.

Evening of August 1988

With the fish cooking, Jack started to set the table. Candles, thatís what I need. There is nothing like a candlelight dinner on a first date. As she searched for the candles there was a knock on the door.

"Yeah, who is it?" she screamed halfway across the apartment.

" Jack, itís me, Tk. Let me in."

Trying to look completely calm ,cool, and collected, she opened the door. "Hey, whatís up, girlfriend?"

Walking right past Jack, the little butch took in a nice deep breath. "I see youíre up to something. Something that smells absolutely delicious."

"I called Desi , and she is coming over for dinner tonight. I thought Iíd do something special for her."

"I see," smirked Tk.

"Oh, come on , please donít tease me, Tk. I want to be in a good frame of mind tonight when I see her. Is that a lot to ask?"

Punching her buddy lightly in the arm, she said, "Ok, ok, good luck, and let me know what happens, ok?"

Walking her to the door, Jack said "Wouldnít have it any other way."

"Cool, just donít do anything I wouldnít do."

"Yeah, yeah whatever," and Jack locked the door behind her neighbor.

Sometimes I wonder if living next door to your best friend is a plus or not. The few times I want my privacy I canít get it. Well, if things work out with me and Desi, I will have to demand it. Shit, I hope that goes over well. Well, gotta get back to looking for the candles.

Before Jack knew it , it was 7:45. Oh god, fifteen minutes and sheíll be here. Settings on the table, candles lit, "everything was set." When the buzzer broke the silence, Jack broke out in a cold sweat. Fuck, what the hell is going on with me? Itís just another date, but with a different woman. She pressed the intercom button.

"Who is it?"

"Itís me, Desi."

"Come on up. Second floor, door on the left. Iíll be waiting." Jack said anxiously.

Jack opened the door so Desi would know where it was. "Hi. Did you have trouble finding the place?"

"Nope, someone gave me exact directions" Desi teased as she winked at the brunette.


"Good. Come on in, everything is ready."

Desi was really impressed. Good food, candles, wine- she could really get used to this. The fish was to die for. Jack was indeed a good cook. Would she ever believe that I donít cook? Probably not, but heck, I must be the only femme that canít even boil water. Now that weíve finished dinner what would she have in mind? She was starting to get antsy. Desi was not the aggressive type, but boy did she want to kiss those luscious lips of Jackís.

"The meal was delicious, Jack, it really was."

"Iím glad you liked it."

After clearing off the table, Jack suggested, "Do you want to sit in the living room?"

"Sounds good to me."

Leading Desi into the living room, which was the only other room in the apartment, Jack was getting pretty nervous. How do I handle this? Do I just grab her and kiss her, or do let her make the first move? Stay cool Jack, stay cool or youíll blow everything!!

Trying to break the silence Jack asked "So, tell me about yourself."

Making herself comfortable on the couch, Desi said, " Well, letís see, where should I start?"

"The beginning is always a good choice ." chuckled Jack.

"I see I have a comedian here"

"Sorry. Really now. I want to know all about you." Apologized the brunette.

"Ok, letís see." Thinking where she should start, Desi began with "I work with my dad in an accounting firm."

"Do you like it?"

"Well, not really, thatís why after next week I am going to leave. I already gave my resignation."

"So what are you planning to do? Go back to school?" inquired Jack.

" Eventually. I want to become a nurse. But Iím not ready for school yet. Want to play around first. Enjoy my freedom."

"I see. So you live with your family?" As much as the brunette wanted to hear about Desiís life, she really wanted to kiss her. Will she think I am rude? You wonít know till you try.

"Yes, I do. With my parents and my younger sister. My older sister just moved out, she got married. Thank god, she is a royal pain in the butt."


Shifting her body weight to her side, facing Desi at a better angle, the brunette was inches away. With moistened lips, making the move softly and gently, Jack placed a passionate kiss on the greened-eyed womenís lips. Without hesitation Desi kissed her right back. Wow, what sensual lips, perfectly shaped.

Lips touching, tongues twirling. A bead of sweat trickling down the side of Jack face. Desi placed both hands on the brunetteís face, pulling her closer in, not wanting to let go of her lips for a second. Jack slid her tongue across Desiís top lip, then sucked lightly on her bottom lip, sending chills up and down Desiís back. She couldnít help but think, I have never been with a women , what if I do things wrong. What if she hates the way I kiss her, hold her, touch her?? Pulling away, Desi was flushed.

"Is something wrong?" asked Jack.

"Quite the opposite, it feels too good."

"So come back over here and plant those luscious lips back on me."Jack said as she pulled Desi back to her.

Stopping her, Desi said, "I have to tell you, I have never been with a woman before, well, I never slept with one that is."

"Ok, should I make that public knowledge? Or do you want to get back over here and finish kissing me?"

Placing her face right up to Jackís, feeling her breath, she said "Yes, Maíam" And resumed kissing her.

Oh my. She is some kisser, and oh, what a body. I want her so bad, but I know I have to go slow with her. Donít want to scare her off, especially since she doesnít have a whole hell of a lot of experience. But her kisses are just so...hitting me between the legs. Control yourself Jack, thereís always the shower massager when she leaves.

The kissing got more intense, their bodies falling into each other , the smell of sweat filled the room. And then there was a knock on the door.

"Shit, I am so sorry." apologized Jack. "We can ignore it if you want."

"I would love to , but I think you need to answer that."

Walking over to the door, Jack couldnít help but think, who the hell could that be?? Who would knock on my door when they know I have a guest... "Well hello Tk." stepping into the hallway, whispering "What the hell are you doing here?"

Pushing past Jack, letting herself in, Tk inquired, " Wanted to know how your date went with that chick from the club."

"The chick thatís sitting in my living room?" Jack said sarcastically.

"Oh my, I am sorry" said Tk.

"I bet you are" said the voice from the living room.

Walking into the kitchen, Desi reintroduced herself to Tk. "Hey there, Tk, how are you?"

Blushing profusely, Tk answered "Been better."

Placing a friendly hand on her buddyís back Jack kindly, but firmly, walked Tk to the door. "Hate to see you go, but..."

"I am really sorry for interrupting you two, Desi, take care, and hopefully I will see you again in the near future" said Tk.

Winking at Tk, the green-eyed beauty replied, "Goodbye, Tk, and you will see me again , you can count on that."

"Ok , then bye" chuckled Tk.

Cornering Desi up against the wall, Jack wanted to continue where they had left off. "So where were we?"

Grabbing Jackís face in her hands again, Desi also wanted to finish kissing those luscious lips. With her tongue she outlined the shape of Jackís lips. This time teasing her softly. What a perfect mouth, perfect teeth, awesome tongue..Gods, I think I am in love. Just think of all the things that a tongue like that can accomplish. Giving herself chills by thinking this way, Desi knew she was in for the lesson of a lifetime. Pulling Jack closer to her so she could feel that body up against her, Desi wanted more, much more.

With her hands on Desiís back, a furious tongue teasing her, Jack was in heaven. Or is that hell? Jack wanted this woman more then she had ever wanted anyone in her life. But, no, she would do it right this time. She promised herself at least that. Pulling herself away, she said, "Phew, you have no idea what your kisses are doing to me."

"I donít?" blushed Desi.

Tilting up Desiís face with one finger, Jack looked onto those sparkling green eyes and said "I like you, I really like you." Placing a quick teasing kiss on her lips, "And I donít want to hurt you, so the ball is in your court, you call the shots."

Very puzzled, but somewhat intrigued, Desi questioned the brunette, "What do you mean?"

"Stick with me and youíll see" smirked Jack.

Getting up to find her jacket, Desi knew it was time to leave. Kissing Jack back quickly she whispered "I wouldnít have it any other way."

Handing her the jacket, Jack didnít really want to see her leave. She knew if Desi stayed she wouldnít be able to control herself any longer. The right thing to do would be to let her leave, tell her youíll call her tomorrow and just take it slow. Who the hell made up the right thing to do? Not a lesbian, thatís for sure, giggled Jack to herself.

"What are you laughing about?

"Just thinking..."

"About what?" questioned Desi.

"What I would do to you, how I would make you feel , if you didnít leave right now." Jack said confidently.

Blushing profusely, Desi did know what the brunette meant. She wanted it, too, but not just yet. "So, I guess it is safe to assume I will see you again?"

"You bet ya."

"I have plans with my dad during the day, but how about I call you when I get back and maybe we can hook up in the evening."proposed Desi.

"That sounds wonderful."

Walking to Desi to the door, fighting all her the conflicting emotions she was feeling, Jack said "Iíll be waiting for your call."

"And I will be waiting to kiss those lips of yours again" confessed Desi. And then she left.

Ok Jack, tomorrow. You will see her tomorrow. You can hold her body close to yours, get high on her scents, and tell her you never want this to end...Tomorrow...


To be continued....

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