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Freshman 101


Chapter 6


Mary Jane was getting ready to go out. Jo and Liz were sitting on Jo's bed. “Where ya going Mary Jane” Liz asked teasingly.

The three of them had become good friends by now. Midterms were coming up and they were all a little stressed but knew this weekend they wanted to have fun. Next week they'd study for midterms.

“I'm going to a club with some friends” Mary Jane said with a smile.

Jo piped up, “Hey we wanna go too!”

“I don't know that this is your kind of club Jo.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Liz knew exactly what she meant by that but decided that she'd let Mary Jane explain it to Jo.

“well, umm” Those were all the words that Mary Jane could get out.

“Ah, Come one Mary Jane where are you going?”

Liz looked at Mary Jane her eyes leaving Jo's and looking at her. “Go ahead tell her”

Mary Jane looked at Liz like she was surprised that she knew.

“Okay Jo. It's a club where a lot of gay people go. There are some people who are not but mostly the people there are gay.”

“Oh! Can we come too? I am so done with men. After what Josh did I am not going to date a single man ever again.”

Mary Jane and Liz laughed softly.

Jo turned to Liz, “What'd'ya say Liz, you wanna go?”

By now Liz knew the reason that she'd never dated a guy in high school. She'd talked to Mary Jane, asked her how she'd known she was gay. She said she just knew. She wasn't attractive to men, didn't think they were hot or sexy, and found herself staring at women and thinking they were nice looking, and then one day it clicked. She looked at Liz after her long speech and simple said no. All Liz could do was nod her head. She knew by then that she was gay, but was too afraid to tell anyone. She made Mary Jane swear she wouldn't tell anyone at all.

Liz looked over at Mary Jane with her short blond hair that fit her just right, then over to Jo. “You sure you want to go to a gay club?”

“Anything is better than sitting at home tonight, and since I have sworn off men, I think I'd better start checking out what kind of women fish there are in the sea.”

Mary Jane and Liz laughed.

“You two better get ready then, I'm leaving in fifteen minutes.”

Mary Jane and Liz exchanged glances as she walked towards the bathroom, having decided that what she was wearing was just fine for going to the gay club. She wasn't going to impress anyone, and if she did, then great she impressed them just as herself. Jo on the other hand was tossing clothes out of her closet left and right trying to decide just what to wear. She finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a red shirt that clung to her in all the right places. She looked hot. Oh, my gosh. Liz couldn't believe she just thought that about her best friend. She could feel my face flush as she laced up my boots.


Chapter 7


Mary Jane drove to the club, lucky thing since neither Jo or Liz had a car. Unexpectedly they checked our ID at the door. Mary Jane explained that this was an eight-teen to under twenty-one only club. Liz looked at her surprised; she didn't know such a thing existed gay or straight. How did she know all these things? Liz showed the guy her student ID, that was all she had, it said she was a freshman, she figured that was good enough, he let her in.

Once inside Mary Jane looked at Jo and Liz, looking around taking it all in. “You two wanna hang with me a while, or you just want to venture out on your own?”

At the same time Jo and Liz said “Hang with you.” They looked at each other shocked that the same words came out of our mouths at the same time.

“Okay, I'll introduce you around.”

Mary Jane took them around to a couple different groups of people and introduced them as her friends, she didn't say anything like they were gay too, or they were straight, so Liz kinda figured most people thought theywere together. Mary Jane settled in with a group of about 6 other girls. Liz and Jo joined as she introduced them around the table. By the time she got to the last one Liz couldn't even remember the first ones name, her mind was on the hot chick with the long brown hair leaning up against the bar. Looking at Jo, then looking over at Mary Jane Liz excused myself and went to find this hot chick.

As Liz approached the bar she recognized the girl from my Spanish class. Oh shit, what was her name? Couldn't go over there and say hello and not know her name. Thinking hard and fast as she approached the bar she had to remember this girls name she'd been in too many groups with her to not remember her name. Oh man I felt stupid as I sat on the bar stool next to her. She turned and faced her, and it hit her, Liza. “Hey Liza, how's it going?”

Liz saw liza's jaw drop as she recognized who Liz was. She looked at Liz with wide eyes. Liz could tell that she didn't know what to think, she think she was half scared. Finally she said hello back in a quite almost whisper of a voice.

This was not the outspoken Lisa that she'd been in class with. Liz wondered if she was embarrassed having been recognized, or if it was her first time here, or was she waiting for someone. All of a sudden she thought oh no, I shouldn't have come over here.

“Liz, right?”

“Yeah Liz, Spanish.”

“Ah, Okay. You been here before?”

“No this is my first night.

“Didn't think I'd seen you around her before. Never would have guessed.”

Liz felt Liza's eyes doing a visual inspection of her. It was very nerve wracking, but very pleasant feeling at the same time. At least she was checking her out. Without even thinking she reached up and tucked a stray strand of Liza's hair behind her ear. She grabbed her hand. Liz winced a little not sure what she was going to do, then she brushed it lightly against her face. Liza and Liz sat and talked for a long time, no real idea of how long actually. All Liz know was she went through three Dr. Pepper's and had to pee like a lebanize camel jokey. Liz knew it was time to say good night to Liza and find Mary Jane and Jo. Liz excused myself, and told her She'd see her Monday in class. Liz headed towards the bathroom, walked in to find Jo and some unknown girl making out. Liz wanted to walk out, but really had to pee. She walked past them pretending she hadn't seen them and went into the first empty stall that she could find.

When Liz came out Jo was gone. She assumed she saw her come in and wanted to avoid a scene and had gotten outta there while she did my business.

Liz wandered back over to the table where Mary Jane had sat down before she went to talk to Liza. She was still there, still talking to the same girls. She didn't see Jo, but didn't think anything about it. Liz looked at Mary Jane all she did was shrug her shoulders. Then she smiled and asked “who's the hottie?”

“That's Liza from my Spanish class.”

“You gonna try and tell me that you were over there talking about class for the last four hours?”

Wow, four hours. “No, I am not going to try and tell you that because that would be a lie.”

“Oh really, and just what were you talking about?”

“That would be none of your business.”

Mary Jane looked at her with a suspicious eye. “That so. Well, she's leaving, you'd better go say goodbye.”

She'd already said my goodbye to liza, but somehow it seemed unfinished. Liz got up from the table and took off across the room, as fast as her legs would carry her without breaking out into a run, not in the mood to make a fool out of myself tonight. “Liza” she called just as she walked out the door. Liza turned her head just as Liz emerged from the crowd of people by the door. Liz wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do next. “You leaving already Liza?” Liz couldn't believe she sad really said that.

“Yeah no one else interesting around here tonight.”

Liz walked over to Liza. Liz put her hand on her face letting my fingers trace the line of her jaw bone. She leaned in half way, somewhere she heard you should only go half way then make the other person come to you. To her surprise she was met with soft gentle lips against her own. She'd never kissed anyone before. All these thoughts were flooding through her head, but most of all was was she doing it right? She felt Liza turn her head and part her lips with her tongue. Liz turned my head slightly and opened her mouth. She found her tongue probing deeper, she rolled tounge tongue around Liza's, then gently closed her lips and sucked on her tongue ad she slowly pulled her tongue out of her mouth. There was a soft release, and then her lips were back on Liz's again. Liz pulled back wanting to look at her face, to see the expression in her eyes.

“You know I just live a couple blocks from here, wanna walk me home, we can watch a movie? I can drive you back to campus later.”

Liz didn't know what to think. Had Liza just asked her out? Liz thought she did. Should she say yes, that would mean ditching her friends, but oh Liza, and it was still early, they would be here for hours more, and she didn't want to be here without Liza.

“Hang on, let me go tell me friends, I'll be right back.”

So she finally had her first date. And of all things it was with a girl. Liz giggled a little thinking about what her parents or her high school friends would say. Especially Jossin. As fast as she could once again she hurried across the club. No sign of Jo, maybe she found herself a hottie too, never know. Liz finally got to Mary Jane. “Hey I am going to go over to Liza's place and watch a movie, she said she'd drop me off at the dorm after the movie, you cool with that?”

“Liz, do you know what you're doing here?”

“We're just going to watch a movie Mary Jane. I'll be fine.”

Mary Jane stood up and pulled Liz to the side. “Liz she's a junior. She comes here all the time. She's gonna want more than that kiss you just gave her at the door. She's not gonna wanna watch no movie. She's gonna want the full meal deal.”

Liz didn't know what to say to Mary Jane. She didn't even know what she meant by the full meal deal. But she figured there's no time then the present than to learn. “I'll be okay don't worry. Watch I'll probably beat you home.” she giggled softly.

“Okay Liz, but you call if you need me to come get you okay”

“Yeah, sure thing Mary Jane. Have a good night…. Oh have you seen Jo? I saw her in the bathroom with some girl earlier but she was gone when I came out of the stall.”

“Yeah she's still around, and she's still hanging all over that girl. Maybe she really is swearing off men like she said.”

“Maybe” Liz said with a shoulder shrug as she walked away.


Chapter 8


Liz headed out with Liza walking down the street to her apartment. Not sure if small chat was appropriate but not liking the silence as they walked Liz asked “Liza, so how old are you.”

Liza looked at her as though she'd asked the unthinkable question. Liz'd always heard that a guy should never as a girl her age, did that apply to a girl too. Her heart pounding so loud that I can hear it in her ears as she feared she'd done something wrong Liza chuckled and said “21.”

Liz wasn't sure what to think about that. She thought the club you had to be under 21. That being true how did she get there. And if she's 21, that would make her a senior this year. Wow, a senior. Maybe Mary Jane was right and she didn't know what she was getting into. Wait Mary Jane said she was only a junior though. She'd figure that out later.

They walked in silence a little longer. Liz wasn't sure that she should ask any more questions even though the silence was killing her. She hated walking in silence, she just was not a silent person. They'd walked several blocks now, she began to wonder just how far from the club she lived or where she was taking her. Just as the fear began to creep in Liza took a step closer towards Liz and wrapped her arm around her.

“Mmm, you smell so good tonight.”

“Thank you, I just smell like me, nothing fancy.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she wished that she could take them back.

“Well I like the way just you smells. Just another block and we'll be at my place.”

“Sounds great.”

Now the nerves were really building. Liz was starting to get cold though so she pulled herself into Liza's embrace. They stopped in front of what looked like a house built in the 1920's. “This is it.” Liza announced.

The door was not locked. She opened the door and in they went. As they entered the house, Liz realized it was just that a house, a very gorgeous one at that. Liz followed Liza to the top of the red carpeted spiral staircase down the hall to the left and to the very end. Here the door was locked, she used her key to open the door, holding it open for Liz to pass though.

The room was immaculately kept, which surprised liz some, she didn't think any college kid could ever be this neat. Liz thought she was big on things being clean and neat, but she wasn't even in the ball park compared to Liza. In the corner was a couch with a tv opposite it, in the middle of the room was a huge king size bed. There was a door near the head of the bed which I assumed to be the closet, and another door along the opposite wall. Liza looked at me. “I'm going to go hop in the shower, care to join me?”

Liz wasn't sure what to think now. She'd never taken a shower with anyone my whole life. Okay, she thought mom told a story one time of taking her in the shower with her when she was a baby, but beyond that. Going with the flow of the moment Liz looked at Liza and said “Sure.”

Liz followed Liza into the bathroom. She stripped her clothes leaving them in a pile atop her shoes near the door and was turning on the shower. Liz was owed as she looked around the bathroom. The bathroom was nearly as big as her bedroom at her parent's house. On the far end of the room was a huge garden tub raised up so that there were three steps up to the tub. She turned towards the shower to her left. It was as big as a standard bathtub squared. Wow. Liz could hardly believe her eyes at its sheer magnitude. Liza stepped in and Liz followed. There were shower heads on both the side walls, she had them both going. Liz stepped under the one she was not under already.

Liz felt the warm water slide down her back, pure heaven. She'd never felt a shower like this before. She closed my eyes as she tipped her head back to wet her hair. Liz reached up to run her hands through her hair, as she did this she could feel Liza's eyes on her. Not wanting to break the sensuality of the moment she continued to let my hands run through the length of her hair, clear to the ends which were nearly to her bottom when they were wet. Reaching up to repeat the action as her curls were tightly wound together and in order to get them all she had to separate them with her fingers.

As Liz reached up again she heard a change in the water and knew that Liza had moved out from her shower head. Liz gasped as she felt Liza's tongue dance across the nipple of her breast, it hardening with her soft touch. Liz found herself arching her back and pressing into Liza. Though there was fluttering in her stomach the feelings inside her was like nothing she'd ever felt before.

After her hands reached the tips of her hair she took her hands wrapped them around Liza and pulling her closer to herself. Thoughts were racing through her head. Liz wasn't sure what she was doing, she was just reacting. She'd never been this close to anyone, never been completely naked in front of anyone. What was she thinking getting into the shower in the first place? She hadn't even given it a second thought. Pushing these thoughts aside she tried to just stay in the moment and feel all the new wonderful feelings.

Liz tipped her head down towards Liza finally opening her eyes. She gently rested her head on to top of Liza's with her soft tongue still running across her nipple. Liza tipped her head up and Liz looked deep into her eyes. She brought her lips towards hers. Liz felt them gently brush across her own, then felt them pressing hard against hers. She opened her mouth slightly a moan escaping her mouth as she did, allowing Liza to consume her mouth. As her tongue darted into Liz's mouth she slowly wrapped my tongue around hers.

Liz ran her hands down Liza's back grabbing one butt cheek firmly in each hand. She squeezed them gently pulling her mound with its dark curls tight against her own mound covered in tight red curls. Liza backed her up against the wall of the shower. She pressed herself against Liz their mounds slowly creating a smooth rhythm. Tossing her head back being lost in the moment Liz didn't realize that as their rhythm gained in intensity that Liza had managed to spread her legs so that she was now inside her legs, straddled by her own legs. Liz pulled Liza tighter against her yet. She resisted dropping to her knees keeping Liz pinned to the wall with her hands.

Liz felt Liza burry her face in my wet curls. Without realizing it she arched her back and pressed her mound against her face. Running her nose in circles she circled Liz's mound letting her tongue trail behind. Each time she came around she increased the size of her circle. Her long tongue then reached Liz's sex. Starting at the bottom of her slit and licking all the way to the top not spreading her lips, just licking with her tongue spread flat and wide. Liz bucked her hips at this grapping Liza hands that were now holding her up. Liza parted Liz's lips with her tongue as she continued to lick. Liza moaned as Liz's wet juices covered her face. Upon hearing her moan an equally gasping moan escaped from Liz's own lips.

Liza's tongue grew faster traveling from the bottom of the opening of Liz's slit catching her juices, clear to the top of her clit where she flicked it slightly. Suddenly these strokes grew shorter. As they grew shorter Liz started to slide down the wall. Liza adjusted her hands placing them squarely on Liz's hips pushing her back up against the wall. She took Liz's clit into her mouth gently suckling it. Her back arched as she screamed slightly. With this Liza stroked her clit with her own tongue, up and down faster and faster; Liz's screams grew louder until her body began to convulse and she squeezed her legs tight around Liza. The tighter Liz squeezed her legs around her the softer her tongue continued to lick, sliding one finger into her hot wet sex. A moan escaped Liz's mouth; Liz didn't think anything could feel better than this. Then Liza began pushing her finger in and out, Liz's jaw dropped open as the pleasure increased. Liza continued this until her body convulsed around her once again and Liz slid down the wall pushing her to the floor, her hands no longer able to maintain Liz's weight.

Sitting on the floor of the shower in Liza's lap gasping for breath she chuckled lightly.

“This really was your first time.”

All Liz could do was nod her head as her face blushed. She quickly began to wonder if she'd done it right. She turned her head to the side.

“No darling, look at me.”

Liz looked into Liza's deep blue eyes. Wondering what she was supposed to do now. Liza answered that question for her as she laid down on her back pulling Liz with her till their flat bellies were pressed against each other Liz pinning her to the ground. The warm water beat down on Liz's back. Liz covered Liza's mouth with her own keeping the water out of her eyes. Gently she spread Liza's legs apart easily pressing her mound against hers, her hips slightly wider then her own allowed Liz to fit nicely between Liza's legs. Liz gently rocked back and forth against her mound, Liza grabbed a hold of Liz's sides and pulled her forward and pushed her back down. Liz then began to rock up and down creating a smooth gentle rhythm.

Liz lifted her chest slightly holding her own weight on her right hand as she snaked her left hand between them and gently caressed her breast. Holding it in her hand, gently rolling her hand across to the top and then back to the bottom or her breast. Liz stopped her hand above Liza's nipple. Remembering; Liz ran her tongue in circles around Liza's just as she had her own just moments ago. Liz placed a single finger on Liza's nipple and made gentle circles around her other nipple. With this a slight moan escaped her lips. Putting her hand back down on the shower floor, Liz released her lips and tipped her head down, having long lost the rhythm of her mound against Liza's. Liz's mouth found Liza's nipple again and she began to roll her tongue around her nipple. Sliding to her right she released Liza's left nipple and moved to the right. As she did she balanced her weight on her right forearm letting her hand gently caress Liza's left breast then down to her stomach. Finally letting her fingers intertwine her tight blond curls. Then at last Liz slid my fingers between Liza's wet lips. Liz ran them up and down Liza trembled slightly as she crossed her clit but Liz wasn't ready to go there just yet. Liz slid her finger inside her hot wetness. Liza moaned.

“More, give me more.”

Liz slid an additional finger inside Liza. Liz could feel her strong muscles grip hold of her fingers. Abandoning her breast Liz sat upright as much as she could, slid along her leg opening up her own lips and brushing them up and down Liza's leg in rhythm to her fingers sliding in and out. Feeling her own sex heating up again Liz shook her head remember this wasn't about her right now. Sliding herself between Liza's legs completely she let her tongue take the same path her hand had taken moments before. This time stopping at her clit, with her fingers sliding in and out Liz took her clit into her mouth and then began to lick Liza's clit up and down. As Liza began rocking her hips to the rhythm of Liz's hand and tongue Liz increased speed till she felt her clamp down so tight on her hand she thought she'd break her fingers. Liza's body convulsed slightly as a deep moan escaped her lips. Feeling her release slightly Liz pulled her fingers out of her and focused on her clit with her tongue. Liza reached down and grabbed Liz's long locks and pulled her towards her face. Pulling me close she whispered in her ear “not bad for a newbie.”

Liz wasn't sure how to take those words. A newbie. What exactly was she referring to? Okay she decided it was obvious she'd never had sex before, not with a boy not with a girl. Here she was an 18 year old freshman in college and still a virgin, well she was a virgin. Does this count? She wasn't sure. She thought it only counted if it was with a boy. Her head was filled with thoughts.

“You gonna stay there all night?” Liza's words brought Liz back to reality.

“Only if you want me to.” Liz replied in a sultry voice.

“No lets finish up in here and go watch that movie.”

Lifting herself off Liza and to her feet she looked for the shampoo her hair now a total tangled mess. Grabbing the shampoo she noticed it was strawberry scented. Mmm, how delicious she thought. Just as she was to pour some into her hand, the bottle was grabbed from her.

“Here, let me do that.” Liza took the shampoo and washed her hair. She then put in the conditioner, scrubbed down Liz's body while it set then told her to rinse. While she rinsed Liza finished scrubbing herself down and rinsed also. Reaching across the shower she turned both nozzles off at the same time. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed to towels off the shelf tossing one to Liz. Liz dried herself off then went to wrap her hair up in the towel and thought about putting her clothes back on, which just seamed wrong after a nice hot shower. Just as she had conceded that she had no other choice Liza handed her a white fluffy terry cloth robe with a silver L embroidered on it. Taking a matching one off the hook on the wall for herself. She then opened the drawer and pulled out a comb.

“I think you'll be needing this.” Waving the comb in front of Liz.

Liz unwrapped her hair and gave it one last towel dry tossing then flipping her head up sending her hair cascading down her back. Liz looked and saw where Liza's towel was lying on floor and tossed her towel on top Liza's in the basket. As she began to turn to pick up the comb and get the tangles out of her hair she felt the gentle tug as Liza ran the comb through her hair. Completely stunned Liz stood there; the sweetness, gentleness of the situation showed a soft caring side of someone she'd never seen in anyone before. Silent tears slip through her eyes and silently ran down my cheeks.

By the time Liza had all the tangles out of Liz's hair Liz was happy her tears had stopped long ago as Liza turned and kissed her softly on the cheek.

“You're beautiful darling, but I'd really like to watch that movie. So if you'd be so kind as to head out to the living room I'll get the moving going.”

Liz's head was spinning, she turned and headed to the living room following Liza's directions as though she was in some kind of trance. Maybe she was. Liz wasn't sure what had just happened. Maybe the most wonderful thing she'd ever experienced.

In the living room Liz stood watching Liza get the moving going. She sat on the couch. “Hey you gonna stand there all night or sit down and watch the movie.”

Liz moved towards the couch and sat on the opposite end as Liza. Liza looked at her. She grabbed her arm and pulled her into her lap. As the movie started Liz laid with her head in Liza's lap. Closing her eyes she slowly drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 9


Woken by an anxious Liza trying to scramble out from underneath her without waking her Liz noticed the sun was up. Liz jumped up following Liza to the bathroom throwing on her clothes understanding that Liza must've fallen asleep also and it was now morning. Just as the thought came into her head Liza stated “Mary Jane's gonna kill me.”

Liz shook my head knowing she'd thought the exact same thing.

“All I was supposed to do was….” Liza trailed off. “Shit”

“Liz come on get dressed I gotta get you home.”

“Wait, Liza, what are you talking about, you were only supposed to do what?”

“It doesn't matter Liz, I've made a mess of things, geeze how could I let this happen?”

Realizing that Liza was talking more to herself then to herself Liz put on her clothes, took her shoes out of the bathroom and sat on the couch and put them on. Shaking her head not understanding, it occurred to her that maybe she'd been set up. That Liza was supposed to show her the ropes so to speak. Tears slipped silently from her eyes. Pulling her knees up to her chest, by that time Liza was dressed and came out of the bathroom she found Liz sobbing uncontrollably on her couch. She stopped dead in her tracks and just looked at her. Then she came over and sat next to Liz. She put her arm around Liz, only to have it shrugged off.

“I was set up, Mary Jane asked you to do this didn't she?” The tears stopping being replaced with anger.

Liza's head dropped. She looked over at me. Her blue eyes now filling with tears. “Yes, but…”

“No but's about it, we only had what we did last night because you were told to. Wait we didn't even have anything. It was just a cheap lay. That was my first time damn you! That was supposed to mean something to me. And instead it was just taken by you as some kind of scheme to what? …… To teach me a lesson?”

Liza looked at me, those big blue eyes filled with tears she was trying to hold back.

“It's not like that Liz.”

“Oh really” Liz's anger building more by the second, “Then tell me just how it is, why don't you.”

“Liz you gotta understand. I've watched you all semester in Spanish class. I wanted to approach you, but wasn't sure… well you know.”

“No I don't know.”

“I wasn't sure if you were into girls. I knew you lived with Mary Jane though, and I knew she was into girls so I asked her. I have History with her and we were working on a project together. I had to know. She said all she knew was you didn't have any problem with her, that you'd never had a boyfriend that she knew of.”

Liza looked at Liz trying to gage her reaction. Liz hadn't moved. She wasn't sure what she was hearing, let alone what she was suppose to think about it.

“Look the set up was bringing you to the club tonight. I had to tip the bouncer who knew I turned 21 last month because he was at my party. I was hoping that Mary Jane would have the opportunity to introduce us. But then you decided to go and be miss independent.” Pausing for a moment.

“I held my breath as you walked by. Hoping you would notice me but not recognize me. You did. And I was thrilled. I promised Mary Jane that I would just bring you here and do nothing but watch the movie and then drop you off at the dorm. While you were in the bathroom Mary Jane came over to talk to me to see how things were going. She saw the lust in my eyes. She knew if I brought you here that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. And as you see she was right. I promised her even then that nothing would happen. She told me then that she'd found out you were a virgin, that you'd never even kissed anyone before. I swore I would only watch the movie that I wouldn't touch you and that I'd have you home before midnight. Then I got you here, I needed a shower, I didn't know what to have you do, so I asked you to join me, I thought there were to heads that it would be fine, I see now that that was totally unreasonable to even think. You were so damn sexy head back eyes closed running your hands through your hair. I couldn't resist. I didn't even realize what I was doing until you were lying on top of me. I'm sorry that I was so rude when I asked you if you were going to lay there all day. But shit I knew I'd fucked up, and I didn't know how I was going to explain it to Mary Jane, yet I didn't want you to move. I should have just taken you home then, but I couldn't let you go. I just wanted to be with you. You fell asleep in my lap before the movie even began. I didn't bother to watch the movie, it played but I didn't watch it, I just watched you, finally drifting off to sleep. I didn't mean for it to happen that way. I swear I was going to take you home when the movie was over. But I fell asleep just sitting there my hand entwined in your hair. Now it's morning and Mary Jane is going to be so mad. You have no idea.”

Liza stopped, looking at Liz. Liz wasn't sure if she was waiting for her to say something or not. She didn't know what to say. The last thing Mary Jane said to her was to not go that I didn't know what I was getting into. Mary Jane had seen the lust in Liza's eyes, and knew that it wouldn't be just a movie, but Liz hadn't done anything against anything that Mary Jane had said why should she be worried. She looked at my watch it was 10:15am. Liz knew by now that Mary Jane would be awake and would be fuming with Liza, and more than just a little worried about herself, but I didn't know where to go from here.

Liz turned to Liza “Well, I guess we'd better head to the dorm. There isn't anything else we can do. We gotta face the music sooner or later.”

Liza realized that Liz was right even though she didn't want her to be. “Liz, you gotta understand one thing. It was real. Every moment was real for me. I wanted it more than I can begin to express in words to you. I know I can't make you understand what I did, or why I did it, or the way I went about doing it. For those things I am truly sorry. But you have to understand that it was real for me. It's what I've wanted all semester, but was to afraid to ask.”

Liz leaned towards Liza, Liza half catching her as her feet were still tucked up under her. Liz got my feet on the floor and her balance back. Liz looked up at Liza and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I understand Liza. It didn't feel anything but real. I am the one that owes you an apology for the way I jumped to conclusions. Please forgive me.”

“Liz, you had every right to react the way you did. I would have if I were in your shoes. But we'd better get going.”

“Liza how about you just drop me off on the corner I'll grab some doughnuts and walk back to the dorm, maybe I can convince Mary Jane that I got up early before she did and brought her back a doughnut.”

“No Liz, I need to face Mary Jane. I made her a promise and I broke it. I owe her an explanation. I can't ask you to cover for me. I can't let you go and do that, because I can't let you go.”

Liza stood up looked at Liz grabbed her hand pulling her arm and half dragging her out of her apartment locking the door as we went.


Chapter 10


Liza drove like a crazed maniac back to campus, like they were really in a hurry to get there. At least Liz knew she sure wasn't. Liz had no desire to face Mary Jane. But then again all she'd done was tell her that she'd probably be home before she was. And well, just never made it home last night. But what a glorious night it was. If she could live it over again she would in a heartbeat.

When they arrived at campus Liza turned to me.

“Which way to your dorm?”

Liz directed her to the dorm and showed here where she could park. Then she guided her through the quad and up to their room.

“Wow you guys have a wonderful view from up here.”

“Yeah it's pretty great. Can't wait till the spring is here and it's warm enough to sit out here and watch all the people.”

Liz fumbled with her key her hands shaking as she tried to get it in the lock. Finally getting the door open she looked in. No one was in the front room. She told Liza to sit on the couch and went to investigate the bedroom, she found no one was there either. Liz wasn't sure what to think. It was six in the morning surely they hadn't gotten up already and headed out.

Heading back out into the living room Liz looked at Liza, “I think we're safe, no one is here.”

“I think I'd better wait till Mary Jane get's back just to make sure everything is okay.”

“Okay, you wanna watch some TV or a movie?”

“That's what got us into this predicament in the first place, but what the heck yeah, there's nothing else to do at six am on a Saturday morning.”

Liz turned on the TV, found her favorite musical ‘The Music Man' plugged it into the DVD player and sat on the couch with Liza and started to watch the movie. She wasn't really watching though, her mind was elsewhere. Liz wondered what had happened to Mary Jane and Jo. There was no way that being out as late as they were last night that Jo would be up this early in the morning, not even to be looking for her. Luz's mind began to wonder about all the what if's. Liz put her feet up on the end of the couch her head in Liza's lap and slowly began to drift off to sleep again.

Liz was woken when the room door flew open and smashed into the wall behind it. In came a fuming Mary Jane dragging a half awake Jo. Liz wasn't sure who Mary Jane was mad at but wasn't going to ask either. Liz just looked at her saying nothing. Apparently Liza didn't want to start something that didn't need started either for she also said nothing.

“Liza what are you doing here?” asked Mary Jane.

“I brought Liz back and thought you'd be home already so thought I'd hang out till you got home. Where have you been?” Trying to play it nice and cool.

“Well this one here seems to be the one that I should have been worried about last night. She had herself all over that Brenda bitch from Calc. Was all in her pants and everywhere else at the bar. Came over to me to tell me she was going outside to get some fresh air and never came back. I've been out all night looking for her. Just found her down by the math building sleeping on the bench around the fountain.”

Liz looked at Liza, looked like they were off the hook on this one and Liz for sure didn't see any reason to add any fuel to Mary Jane's fire this morning. .

“Is she okay Mary Jane?” Liz asked about my best friend.

“For now I suppose, but wait till she wakes up and we have a little talking. She has not business with that girl, all she is is trouble, and she is way out of Jo's league anyway.”

Liz looked at Mary Jane. “Mary Jane, we may only be freshmen, but you're a freshman too.”

“This has nothing to do with being freshmen.” She retorted.

“Okay, then what does it have to do with Mary Jane?”

“Liz, it's like this. Jo just broke up with her boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, do you really think she has any idea what she is actually doing? You, you've never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter, and for sure don't know what you're doing. Seems like I am the only one around her that knows what I am doing, so I have to take care of everyone. And with you two of gallivanting till all hours of the night when does that leave me any time to do anything? I woulda liked to stay and talked to Candy, but no, that shot is ruined because I had to go looking for this one” holding up Jo's arm.

Liza stepped in at this point. “Mary Jane?”


“Who was around protecting you and looking out for you when you were first experiencing being with girls?”

“It was just me, I just had to look after myself.”

“Same was true for me Mary Jane. Let it be the same for these two. We can help them and guide them, and answer questions when they have them, if they bring them to us, but we can't play mommy to them. All that is going to do is ruin what relationship with have with them.”


“There's no but in this Mary Jane, it is what it is. Let it be what it is. Let them figure out what they want on their own. “

Taking a breath Liza continued on. “You're not going to like what I am going to tell you Mary Jane, but I respect you as a friend therefore I am going to tell you perhaps even against my better judgment. Liz and I did go back to my place last night and we did watch a movie, and I did bring her home, and as you can see we are watching a movie now.” She said pointing to the TV. “But we've only been back here since six.”

“You little slut. You slept with her. How could you do this to me Liza, you promised me that you wouldn't do that.” Mary Jane let go of Jo's wrist Jo dropping to the floor and lunged toward Liza. Not going to let Liza take all the blame for this Liz jumped between the two girls just in time.

Liz looked at Mary Jane. “Look she didn't do it by herself. I was involved too. So if you wanna be mad at someone then be made at me, or be mad at both of us. It doesn't really matter what we did or didn't do. It's done now. We can only move forward from here.” Liz stopped hardly believing these words were coming out of her mouth. Well okay that is what she'd been preached as a kid growing up, but it'd never seemed to enter into anything here at college yet.

Going on. “We just finished midterms. If you don't like the way things are going we can all go our separate ways at the end of the semester. No hard feelings. I like you and I like having you as a roommate, but Liza is right, I can't have you looking over my shoulder trying to protect me from everything that you think might hurt me. You had to make your own mistakes when you came out. I am finding that this is where my heart lies too and I am going to have to make my mistakes too. Last night may have been a one night stand, I don't know. If it was so be it. If not then great I have something to look forward to.”


Apparently Mary Jane couldn't think of anything to say to that because she didn't say anything else just turned and headed into the bed room disappearing from sight. Next we heard her yell “I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.”

Looking at Jo still lying on the floor Liz yelled back “I'm going to get Jo here into bed and go have breakfast with Liza. I'll see you later.”

Liza helped Liz get Jo into bed. Liz was oh so grateful that she was not sleeping on the top bunk. If she were she'd be putting her in her bed that one thing she knew for sure, just like Jo had done with her that night. Once Jo was all tucked in Liza and Liz headed out. Liz figured there'd be more conversations with Mary Jane to come so she grabbed her back pack off her desk as they left, she was not planning on coming back anytime soon that day.


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