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Freshman 101


Chapter 20


Liz woke finding herself alone in Jo's bed. She looked around the room and found that neither Jo nor Mary Jane were in the room. She glanced at the clock on the wall and realized it was eight-thirty. She'd slept through Spanish class. Liz realized there wasn't anything that she could do about it right now, but knew that she'd better get in the shower and get dressed if she was going to make it to her nine-thirty art class.

While in the shower Liz went over the events of last night in her mind. She hadn't said anything to Jo about what she was thinking or why she was so upset yet Jo had been so loving and kind to her. She wished she could tell Jo just how scared she was when it came to Liza, but she was scared to tell Jo too. Liz knew that if she didn't talk to someone that she'd never get things clear in her head and would probably do something she'd regret.

Liz made it to class with no time to spare. During class her mind kept wandering making it hard to keep her attention on her drawing. Today was the first day that they were doing perspective drawings and she was struggling to get her lines to line up the way they were supposed to. She kept having to erase and start again. Soon her paper was so thin from erasing that she threw it out and started over on a fresh sheet of paper. She tried to keep her mind on her drawing this time and had a little more success. As class ended she realized that she'd have to work on her drawing on her own time, that she'd never get it done just in class.

When class was over Liz sought out Jo.

“Hey Jo! Wait up.”

Jo turned surprised to hear Liz calling her name. She stopped and waited for Liz to join her.

“Jo you wanna go get something to eat at Sammy's?”

Liz sounded a little more alive today, but Jo was skeptical. “Sure, but I need to go by our room and get some money.”

“Lunch is on me, no worries.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, positive, I want to talk to you anyways.”

Liz and Jo headed off campus to Sammy's. They ordered their sandwiches and Liz headed to a table in the back corner, Jo simply followed. They sat in silence eating their sandwiches, Jo waiting for Liz to take the lead as she was the one who wanted to talk.

Liz set her sandwich down and looked at Liz. “I want to thank you for last night Jo. I really appreciate it.”

“No big deal Liz, you would've done the same thing for me.”

“When I left I walked around campus aimlessly just thinking. I thought about what was said over dinner. That I knew what my boundaries were, that I wanted it all, so that was my boundary. Jo, I do want it all, but that is not my boundary, not right now. I can't go there right now. Mary Jane is right I need to take it slow, one step at a time. The longer I walked the more confused I became.”

Jo just sat and listened to Liz waiting for her to continue when she paused.

“I do want it all, but I need to go slow. I don't know where to set my boundaries so that things don't get out of control. I like Liza a lot, I don't want to mess this up. She is really important to me. Right now we've talked and respected each other and are just friends, we don't kiss or anything, we hang out and we work on our Spanish together but that is all. I think asking her out on a single date is the way to go, but I am just not sure. I fought with that last night.”

Liz paused again.

“I thought I was okay when I got back but then I got in the shower and I just kept thinking how much I wanted it all; that I didn't know that if I asked her out on a date that I could make it just a date. I am afraid that I would take it all the way and that is not what I want right now. That is when I fell apart. I ran back to our room and into the bathroom out of shame, I didn't want you or Mary Jane to know that I was upset. I only got in the shower to drown the sound of my own tears.”

“Liz only you can decide what is best for you. If you don't think you can keep it just a date if you were to ask her out then you need to plan it so that it has to be that way. Maybe go with a group of people, or make it for lunch when you have to be back for your afternoon class.”

“I could do that! Lunch, then it would have to remain just a date. Jo thank you so much for talking with me. I feel so confused inside and didn't know who to turn to. One more thing Jo.”


“This morning when I got up, I was in your bed. How did that happen and where did you sleep, I know better than to know you slept in my bed.”

“You fell asleep in the bathroom holding onto me. I woke you just enough to get you up and into bed. There was no way I could get you into your bed and your right I didn't sleep in your bed. You were clinging to me, so I stayed and slept next to you till I had to get up for class. You clung to me all night long.”

“Oh.” Blushing a little Liz tried to hide her face. “I am sorry about that Jo.”

“Hey like I already said not an issue, you would have done the same thing.”


Chapter 21


Liz couldn't remember ever being as nervous in her life as she was sitting next to Liza during Spanish class. Her art class was only three days a week and Spanish was every day of the week she had no class to rush off to today. She and Liza always went and got coffee or hung out in the courtyard and worked on their Spanish until Liza had to head to her ten o'clock class. Today they had plans to go to the courtyard; Liz had made up her mind that she was going to ask Liza on a lunch date today.

As students exited the lecture hall Liz hung back letting others pass.

“Come on Liz lets go.” Urged Liza.

Liz reluctantly worked her way out into the isle and the mass of people. They exited the building and headed straight to the courtyard. They began talking about their upcoming assignment, everyone in class had been asked to choose a partner; no questions asked they had chosen each other. Then the teacher went on to explain they were to research a Spanish explorer and write a five page paper on them. The teacher explained that she would like two copies of their papers, one in Spanish and one in English. They had been assigned Hernando Cortes, they began to talk of their assignment and how easy it was going to be for last year they had studied some of his explorations in Spanish class last semester.

Liz got quiet and just looked at Liza.

“Liz, are you okay?” Liza asked as Liz had stopped talking about all the things that the already knew about Cortes.

“Yeah I'm fine was just thinking about something.”

“Okay out with it, what's on your mind?”

“Will you go out on a date with me?”

Liza was quite. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She thought back to the conversation about being just friends and how that was at Liz's insistence. “You want to go out on a date with me?”

“Sorry, just forget I asked!” Liz said turning her back to Liza.

Liza got up walked around, sat back down legs tucked up underneath of her so her legs were touching Liz's who had drawn her knees up to her chest. Liza put one hand on each knee as she saw the tears begin to well up in Liz's eyes.

Liza thought carefully about what to say knowing Liz well enough to know Liz was thinking she had been rejected. “Liz remember that night at my house after the club?”

Liz just nodded her head afraid the tears would spill out.

“We went to Sammy's the next day; we had lunch and we talked.”

Liz remained quite listening to her friend knowing where she was going. She was the one that wanted to keep things just friends, and now she had just asked Liza out.

“Liz, you said that you wanted to be just friends. I wanted more than anything to step back, get to know you, but to have a relationship with you. I respected your wishes though and we've become great friends. I am not rejecting you I am just totally surprised.”

Liz's tears began to flow with embarrassment realizing that she had completely over reacted.

Liza pulled Liz close to her rocking her up onto her feet. “Liz, there is nothing to cry about here. I've been waiting for this day to come. Haven't you noticed that I haven't dated a single person since I met you?”

“No, I just see you in Spanish class and when we're studying, I don't go around checking up on you I had no idea.”

“Liz, you're the one I want to be with. I've known that since about the second week of last semester. That was why I went to Mary Jane and set up the whole thing at the club. Like I told you before it was never my intention to have sex with you that night, I honestly just wanted to watch a movie. Things got out of control; I apologize for that.”

Liza paused for a second wiping the tears from Liz's face. “Please don't cry darling. Oh course I'd love to go on a date with you.”

Liz looked up for the first time. “Really?”

“Yes, really. I've been waiting for you to ask and hoping it would happen before the spring break.”

“Why before spring break. We'll talk about that later, but let's just say my family will be out of town and I'm not invited.”

Liz leaned forward wrapped her arms around Liza leaned into her giving her a hug. Losing her balance Liz knocked Liza back and landed on top of her. “Oops” Liz uttered rolling off Liza.

Liza simple rolled with Liz and was now on top of Liz. The two girls rolled down the hill of the courtyard arms wrapped around each other till the moment stopped them at the bottom of the hill.

Struggling to regain her breath Liza looked at Liz and kissed her softly on the lips. “So you asked me out, one thing first I am not letting you pay my way so either we go Dutch or I pay for everything. For now though, tell me what did you have in mind?”

Ignoring Liza's statement as she hadn't even thought about the money issue and knew Liza was right she didn't have the extra money to take Liza on a real date, but did know she was thinking only lunch and that she could handle that. “I was thinking maybe one day between classes we could go out to lunch.”

“Lunch works, but how about lunch and a movie. You buy lunch and I'll pay for the movie.”

This made Liz a little uneasy. She wanted simple so that she didn't get herself back at Liza's and end up having sex again. Reluctantly Liz went ahead and agreed.

“When did you have in mind on doing this Liz.”

“Well how about next weekend?”

“I've got a better idea. I'm done with classes for today and you're done with classes today, right.”

“Yeah, just wanted to do some research for a paper.”

“Then what do you say about heading to get some lunch now, and going to the movies.”

“Now? But I'm not even dressed for a date. Look at me, these ratty shorts and my sweatshirt with the logo all worn off. I can't possibly go out on a date like this.”

“Tell you what. I don't think I exactly want to go on a date in my jeans and tank top; so how about you and I head home get changed, and I'll pick you up in an hour.”

“Okay, but no Sammy's for lunch. I want to get away from campus.”

“I know just the place. Let's go.”

They hiked up the hill they had just rolled down to get their stuff. Liza headed to her car back by the foreign language building and Liz back to the dorm. Liz reached the door of her dorm room held her breath and opened the door. Relieved that neither Jo nor Mary Jane were home she went into the bedroom and grabbed her favorite jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt; headed to the shower to get cleaned up.

Liz couldn't help but think about the shower she'd had at Liza's place with Liza so long ago. She wasn't sure what she was doing. She looked at her watch and saw she had 45 minutes left. Then as she went to take it off she looked close again. Friday January thirteenth. Her stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. Friday the thirteenth. She wasn't she if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She'd never been superstitious but couldn't help those superstitious thoughts from running through her head as she stepped in the shower. The water was warm as it ran down her back. She got lost in memories as she washed her hair.

Hoping out of the shower and drying off, she grabbed her watch to put it back on. Oh, shit. She has only 15 minutes before Liza would be there. She'd lost track of time in the shower. Looking over at her clothes she decided that she didn't want the long sleeve shirt after all. She dressed in everything but her shirt. She combed out her hair, pulling the top up and placing some gel in the rest of it to help keep control of her wild red curls. Liz headed back to the bedroom searching for some kind of shirt to wear. She finally settled on a purple shirt that could be worn off the shoulders or with a loose gathered neck line. She choose the gathered neck line look. A quick glance in the mirror and she was satisfied. She grabbed some socks and her lace up dress shoes sat down on Jo's bed to put them on. Grabbing her wallet out of her backpack she tucked it in her jacket pocket and was ready to go just as she heard a knock on her door.

Liz went to the door and opened it. There stood Liza. Black jeans that clung to her every curve, a red t-shirt with glitter around the collar and a short black jacket just meeting the top of her jeans. It took everything Liz had to keep her jaw from dropping.

“You ready?”

“Yep was just grabbing my jacket.”

Liza lead the way down to her car and opened the door holding it for Liz and then closing it and walking over to the driver's side and climbing in. The car roared to life. Liza turned to Liz. “What do you think about Noodle Heaven?”

“That's into the city, you really want to go that far?”

“Well we gotta go into the city for the movie so might as well eat in the city.”

“Okay, Noodle Heaven it is.” Relieved that Liza had made the decision about where to eat and that she didn't have to think about it.

They headed silently into the city; Liz was more nervous now than when she'd asked Liza earlier. Liza turned on the radio and Alan Jackson blared through the speakers the rest of the way to the city. Liz just listened not knowing quite what to think, she'd never heard music quite like this before.

They arrived in town about ten and decided it was too early for lunch yet; so they drove on down to the movie theatre that was just down the street from Noodle Heaven. They saw nothing there that they liked so they got back in the car and drove across town to Cascade Central Theatre where they played old movies and admission was dirt cheap. They scanned the movies playing.

“Hey Liza, have you ever seen Step Mom ?”

“No, is it playing?”

“Yeah it's playing at eleven fifteen.”

“That's like a half hour from now you wanna see it and then catch a late lunch?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Liz stepped up to the counter and ordered two tickets for Step Mom . Liza became frustrated when she heard Liz ordering two tickets. They had made the agreement that she was going to pay for the movie tickets. Liza watched as Liz handed the ticket lady a five dollar bill and got her change.

“You wanna go in and wait or go walk around the mall a little?” Liz said turning back to Liza.

“I want to walk!”

Liz knew something was up by the tone is Liza's voice but wasn't sure what happened to cause that. They walked away from the theatre and found a bench in the center of a rock formation in the middle of the mall.

Liza turned to Liz, “I thought we agreed that I was paying for the movie?”

“It's not right Liza, I am the one that asked you out on the date, I am the one that should be paying. That's just how it works.”

“That is not what we decided and I am not some frilly girl that wants to be taken care of. I've got my own money I can pay for myself.”

“It's not about that Liza. I just want to take you out. Me take you out. That means I buy. If it means that much to you, you can buy lunch then.”

As Liza listened she realized that she herself would have done the same thing and would have argued with the other person paying anything too. “Okay, you're right. This is you're date. You can pay this time, but when I ask you out I get to foot the bill.”

“Okay.” Liz replied nonchalantly.

They sat and talked about their Spanish project on Cortes until about ten after eleven then headed back to the movie theatre. They got bottles of water then went in and found seats.

They watched previews for a dozen or movies it felt like before Step Mom even began.

Liz looked around and saw that they were the only ones in the theatre. She wrapped her arm around the back of liza's shoulders and pulled her close into her. Liza rested her should on Liz's chest. Liz could feel a warmth spreading between her legs. She wasn't sure that she was going to be able to keep this just a simple date like she wanted.

In the middle of the movie she felt Liza's soft tears on her shirt long before she heard them. She pulled Liza in and kissed her on the top of her head. Liza wrapped her arm around the front of Liz and tucked her head in a little closer, being comforted by her friend during the sad part of the movie. She didn't want the mother to die, but knew it was going to happen.

Liza and Liz remained in each other's arms throughout the remainder of the movie. No wanting the moment to end they remained in their seats through all the credits till the screen went white. They got up and headed out of the theatre walking arm in arm. They walked to Liza's car where Liza opened the car door for Liz with a slight grin on her face. There was one part of this date that she could control.

The time was one-thirty by the time they made it back across town to Noodle Heaven. They entered the restaurant pleased to find that the lunch crowd had dissipated only a few people remaining who all looked like they were nearly done anyway. They were seated in a table in the back corner. It was a little dark there making reading the menu's a bit difficult but Liz was grateful for the darkness as she knew conversation would come and knew she would not be controlling the colors of her face very well.

Liz studied the menu intently, glancing up to look at Liza occasionally only to find that she was totally focused on her menu also. Liz made her selection and set her menu aside. Liza was still looking which gave Liz the opportunity to take in her features. The way her hair was pulled back up off her face today, the deep blue eyes roaming over the menu sparkled as the light from the little lamp above their table was caught by them. The roundness of her jaw and cheek bones, even down to the tip of her nose that was just as round as her chin all amazed Liz at how naturally they flowed together and seemed to complement each other.

Liza finally set her menu down, looked up and caught Liz staring at her. “Whatcha looking at.”

Caught off guard knowing she'd been caught Liz stammered a little as she replied, “Just taking in the view.”

“And just how do you like the view from over there.”

Liz turned three shades of red before responding. “I like it very much.”

Liza reached her foot out under the table and wrapped it around Liz's own foot, pulling her closer to the table and to Liza in the rolling chairs they were seated in. She reached her hand across the table and laid it gently on top of Liz's hands which were folded on top the table in front of her. “Nothing to be embarrassed about darling.”

This only made Liz turn even more shades of red, she realized that right now Liza could read her every thought. Or just somehow knew what she was thinking was more like it. Liza had more experience than she had making it easy for Liza to understand what Liz might be thinking.

Saved by the server coming to take their orders Liza removed her and as the women approached.

“What can I get you ladies today?”

Liz looked at Liza indicating she should go first, she was after all the one being treated to a date.

Liza looked at the server, “I'll have the shells with alfredo and broccoli chicken, and a glass of ice tea with lemon, please.”

The server turned in Liz's direction, “I'll have the bow ties with alfredo and broccoli chicken and a glass of ice tea with lemon also.”

Liza's jaw dropped. Had Liz changed her mind after she had ordered or did they just want the same thing to begin with.

The server disappeared and soon returned with breadsticks and their drinks. Liza turned to Liz, “So how do you think we should present our project on Cortes? Should we make a poster—“

Liz cut Liza off “Liza, I know we have to work on our project but right now we're on a date, I don't want to talk about school stuff. Let's talk about us stuff.”

“Okay like what?”

“Well you already know that I am a freshman and I am eighteen, though soon to be nineteen and I know that you are twenty, but are you and your a junior?”

Liza thought for a moment. “I am a junior, but I have two more years after this year of school to complete my degree so that kinda makes me a sophomore. I kinda messed up last year and failed a bunch of classes.”

“Ouch, not good. How did your parents take that?”

“May parents don't even know. I haven't talked to them since they kicked me out when I was fourteen and they caught me kissing my best friend up in my bedroom. They demanded my friend leave, then there was a long conversation to be had. There were two weeks of school left. They told me I had two weeks to find a place to live and get my stuff packed that when school was out so was I. That they were not going to have any lesbo, or whatever it is I called myself living under their roof.”

Liz wasn't quite sure what to think of this. On her own since she was fourteen and she made it to college, that was impressive. “So what did you do?”

I moved in with my best friend, whose parents already knew we'd been fooling around and finished high school living there for the next three years. My senior year I did everything that I could to get scholarship and grant money for school so that I could come here for school. I managed to keep a 4.0 GPA during high school and got an academic scholarship from the school for full tuition for four years. That left housing and books that I had to figure out how to cover. I applied for and got a couple other smaller scholarships but they were enough to pay for housing and books last year. I worked last year and saved all my money, been living off that this year while I work this year saving money to pay housing for next year.”

“What happened when you failed classes last year, didn't the school threaten to take away your scholarship since it was an academic one?”

“Yeah, they did. They told me I had one semester to get things together and second semester I did and I got a 4.0 GPA which is more what they were expecting so I just have to keep up my grades. So I managed to save my scholarship. I'll have to figure out what to do my last year to make up for screwing around my freshman year; how I am going to pay tuition, but I figure there is always FAFSA and I it would only be a small loan at the end of school.”

Liza grew quiet feeling like she'd just opened her heart to Liz. She'd just told her more about her past than any other person since her parents kicked her out.

“What happened to your best friend from school, the one you lived with?”

“Well, we kinda dated through high school, we shared a room and everything so sex was available to us anytime we wanted. Her parents knew we were going to do it no matter what they said so at least they knew we were doing it somewhere where we wouldn't get hurt or ridiculed. After graduation she moved and went to Colorado State , we wrote letters back and forth our freshman year, but those got less and less frequent and finally dwindled away to Christmas and Birthday cards.”

“Do you have regrets?”

“No, I think I did pretty good for myself and if my parents can't accept me for who I am then I don't really want to be around them anyway. I miss my little sister though. She'll be a senior in high school next year. I am hoping to find her and contact her after she graduates and moves and is no longer living with my parents. She talked about going to SDSU, I hope she follows through. We had some contact when I was living with Jenn, but not a whole lot. I did make sure she had my address when I moved to my place here. I get a Christmas and Birthday card from her, but I can't send her one back, so I get to hear from her a little. I hope it will be better after she graduates.”

Liza paused. Feeling like she was done sharing for the time being. Not wanting to share anymore she had to find a way to change the direction of this conversation and get it directed towards Liz. “Okay so you know my story, tell me about you, being in high school and coming here for school.”

“I went to a Catholic High School . Which I am sure you could have guessed that I was at least catholic given my full name is Mary Elizabeth Catherine. Until I got here I'd never gone by anything other than my full name. I don't know if I like being Liz yet or not. I really like being called Mary Elizabeth Catherine. When I got here first everyone was calling me Mary Elizabeth, and then one day I just got mad and said let's make it easy and just call me Liz”

“Do you want me to call Mary Elizabeth Catherine, Liz?”

“No Liz is fine. I'll let you know if I change my mind.” Liz paused a minute eating some of her pasta. “My high school was co-ed which was unusual for most catholic schools back home, but I never dated anyone. I wasn't interested in dating boys. I was focused on my studies. Things weren't real easy for me. I had to work hard for my grades and earned mostly B's and A's but worked really hard. I have a learning disability that makes reading comprehension really hard. I don't remember a lot of the things that I read and that made school hard in general.”

“Did you have any siblings?”

“No, I was an only child, but both my parents worked once I started school so early on I was called a lach-key kid because I would walk home and be at home by myself even in elementary school until my parents got home from work. When I got to Junior High it was my job to have dinner on the table when they got home from work. We'd eat and then I'd work on school work. Mom would try and help me but didn't understand much of what I was doing in school and dad was always sucked into his computer so he was no help. In high school I got move involved in school. We didn't have a music program but I'd been playing the baritone tuba in elementary school and junior high, since we started later than the local high school and they had band first period I went there and played with them, and got involved with their marching band. I really liked that, we were really good took first place in a lot of competitions. I didn't do much during the winter, but then in the spring I did track too. I have a track scholarship this year just enough that it pays for my books, but I probably won't continue next year. I also have a music scholarship it's about the same as my track one, but gives me spending money for the term since dad sends me a check for the amount of room and board. So I get the difference back.”

“Why don't you want to continue track next year?”

“It's too time consuming. We have practice three days a week year round, then after spring break we'll start competition and have practice every day. There are other things I want to do in college than just sports. I swim in the mornings before classes, I wish we had a swim team, or water polo team that would be fun, but we don't here.”

“Do your parent's know that you are a lesbian?”

Liz slowly chewed the last bite of her pasta and then ate the last bite of her breadstick before she answered this question. “It was my plan to tell them over winter break, but I wasn't exactly sure. I mean we'd done our little thing, but that was the only experience I'd had. How do I know I don't like guys? I don't. Well I do now, but then I didn't, and I realize now that that's probably why I was never interested in any of the boys in high school. So I didn't say anything when I was home over winter break, but I imagine this summer I will tell them.” Liz paused, “There isn't much to me, kinda simple life up till now.”

The server came and collected their plates and brought them their check. Liz grabbed the check before Liza could even think about doing it. “You ready to go.”

Liz nodded her head not sure what she was feeling with this new knowledge of Liza's life. She didn't want to feel pity for Liza, but it did make her feel sad. They walked silently to the cashier. Liz paid the bill and out to the car they headed. Once again Liza held opened the car door for Liz. They drove back towards campus Alan Jackson still on the radio.

As they approached campus Liza turned to Liz, “You want to come over for a while?”

“I really would like to, but I don't think that's a good idea. I don't want to get sexually involved right now. I want it just to be a date today, and I really am not feeling well. I think I just want to go back to my dorm and take a nap.”

Liza drove Liz back to her dorm and walked her up to her room. Liza gave her a soft kiss on the lips before turning to go.


Liza stopped and turned without saying a word.

“Thank you for a great afternoon.”

“You're welcome.”

Liz headed in, locked the door, went in the bedroom, took off her shoes and crawled up on her bed and went to sleep.

Liz woke up and it was dark outside. She looked over at the clock it read three am. She got up took a shower and then climbed back into bed for the night.


Chapter 22


Jo was gone when Liz woke up in the morning. Liz wanted to talk to Jo. Liz took a shower hoping that Jo had just gone to breakfast and would be back by the time she was out of the shower. Liz took extra time washing her hair trying to get all the tangles out of her hair. Her hair was now clear down to her ass and tangled so easily and were so hard to get out. She was considering cutting it off again. She could cut a foot off and it would still be long.

Liz stepped out of the shower and heard voices in the bedroom. She dressed quickly and headed out excited to tell Jo and Mary Jane how her date had gone yesterday. When she walked in the bedroom she saw Jo sitting on her bed with some girl she didn't know. Liz stopped in the bathroom doorway not knowing what to think. None of them had ever brought someone over except that one time that Liza was there. Liz wasn't sure just what she was supposed to think.

“Hey Liz.”

“Hi Jo.”

“Liz, this is my friend Kim. She's in my math class. We're going to work on statistics project together.”

Liz began to wonder why they were sitting on Jo's bed if they were going to work on a statistics project. Sitting in the living room or out at the desks would make sense, but in the bedroom? Liz began to wonder if there was more to this than what Jo was telling her.

Liz figured that she wasn't going to get to talk to Jo so she went into the other room and grabbed her backpack. “Jo, I'm going to go to the library and work on some homework.”

“Liz you never work on homework on Saturday unless you are doing Spanish with Liza.”

“Diffy Q's are kicking my ass this term so I need to spend some time working on them, I'm a little behind in that class.”

“Okay, I'll see you later Liz.”

Liz left and headed to the library.

Jo turned to Kim. Kim couldn't help but smile. “You think she believed that we are working on a statistics project?”

“I doubt it Kim, that's why she left.”

Kim leaned in and kissed Jo gently on the lips. Jo pulled her back onto the bed laying on top of her. Jo was just as tall as Kim so Jo pressed her mound against Kim's and was able to feel Kim's breasts against her at the same time. Jo rocked her hips back and forth against Kim, feeling the heat begin to rise between her legs.

Jo had felt this sensation before with Josh but this was a whole new experience with a girl. Kim reached up and ran her hands down Jo's back and wrapped her feet around her waist pulling Jo closer in. Jo dips her head kissing Kim on the lips. Kim opened her mouth allowing Jo's tongue to probe Kim's mouth. Jo slid her tongue across the inside of Kim's teeth. Kim wrapped her tongue around Jo's tongue and drew it deep into her mouth. They ran their tongues across each others before Jo released Kim and trailed kisses down her cheek and onto her neck. She found the vein running down Kim's neck and drug her tongue across it gently sucking on it.

A small moan escaped Kim's lips as she arched her back pressing her mound hard against Jo's. Jo ran her tongue up and down the vein then slowly trailed her tongue down to Kim's breast. Jo took Kim's nipple in her mouth and with a slight tug felt Kim pull her legs tighter around Jo's waist. Jo began to rock her hips back and forth pressing her mound against Kim's. Jo reached down and pulled Kim's shirt up and over her head, reached around behind her back and released the claps on her bra. Taking the soft flesh of Kim's nipple into her mouth this Jo gently suckled her nipple.

Jo reached down and pulled Kim's legs away from her, lifted kim's skirt and and slid her finger beneath the thin cloth of her panties. Feeling Kim's wetness Jo gently ran her fingers up and down Kim's slit. Kim continued the rhythm that Jo had started with her hips, “Jo, please.”

Jo slide on finger between Kim's lips opening her slit. Jo gently slid one finger inside of Kim and placed her thumb on Kim's clit. Kim quickened the pace of her hips. Jo let Kim's nipple go, trailed her tongue down Kim's stomach stopping to run circles around Kim's belly button. Jo lifted her head and pulled her finger out of Kim and pulled down her panties all in one smooth motion, soon replacing her fingers with her tongue.

Jo flattened her tongue and ran it from the bottom of Kim's slit clear to the top then circled her clit. A moan escaped from Kim as Jo's tongue circled her clit. Jo focused on Kim's clit, gently increasing the pressure as Kim cried her name. Kim's hips pushed up into Jo's tongue and rocked back and forth. Kim began to shudder as Jo increased her speed and maintained the pressure. Kim's body began to convulse as she cried out Jo's name.

Jo dropped to her belly placing her head against Kim's thigh. Kim reached down and pulled on Jo's hair trying to pull her up next to her.

Just then Jo heard the tell tell sound of keys in the door lock. She jumped up closed the bedroom door and looked at Kim. Kim quickly grabbed her panties, shirt and bra and headed to the bathroom. Just as the bathroom door closed Mary Jane opened the bedroom door and walked in.

Part 7


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