Unlike the last time she woke up on Cameron’s sofa, Frankie wasn’t worried. She felt safe.

Cameron came in just as she stood up. "Morning."

Frankie smiled. "Good morning. Thanks for letting me crash."

"You’re welcome. Do you want some breakfast?"

Frankie nodded. "Sounds good. Then, I’ll have to go home and get changed."

"Okay. It’ll just be a minute."

Frankie followed her into the kitchen, "Can I help?" she asked.

Cameron Nodded, "Sure, can you put the coffee on."

Frankie nodded and set to work.

They ate breakfast and then Frankie left to go home and shower, and then she went to work.

Their day was dragging along slowly, they hadn’t had any call outs and Frankie was getting stir crazy.

She got up to stretch her legs and get some coffee, just to give herself something to do, Cameron had to smile at her partners mood.

About half an hour later John came over to talk to them, he had such a serious expression on his face Frankie didn’t say anything; usually she’d make a crack, but she could see this wasn’t the time.

"Frankie, Cameron. We’ve got a situation."

Cameron looked at Frankie then back to John. "What is it?"

"I need one of you to go undercover."

Frankie asked, "Why us?"

John smiled despite the situation, "Because, we’ve got some guy out there attacking young girls, so I need a young girl who can handle herself, to be…Well quite literally bait."

Frankie wasn’t smiling anymore, "I’ll do it."

Cameron looked at her, "Frankie…!"

Frankie looked at her and smiled, "Don’t start Cam, I can handle it. As long as you’re with me. Okay John?"

John nodded, "Sure, that sounds like a plan. There seems to be a connection to the Rise nightclub, only thing is you’ll have to look the part."

Frankie nodded, "Right, it’s five now. Give me two hours and I’ll be back looking like a clubber.

Frankie left and went to see an old school friend who owned a salon, after explaining what she had to do she was made over, hair and make up. Then she went to a shop that Nicole had told her about, to get the clothes to match.

She was quite surprised by the makeover and she couldn’t wait to see the guys faces when she walked in.

Frankie’s usual attire was smart trousers, a shirt and jacket. And when she wasn’t at work she lived in jeans, and her work out gear when needed. She wasn’t a skirt person.

Cameron stood up and said, "Right, let’s get things rolling this end."

"Are you sure she’ll be okay."

Cameron looked at John and nodded. "She’ll be fine, she can handle herself and I’ll be there with her every step of the way."

They got all the equipment they would need and worked out all of the arrangements, and make Frankie appear on the VIP list at the club. Cameron went over the evidence from the previous attacks, looking for anything that might give Frankie a heads up when she was out. The only thing was they didn’t have much of a description to go on.

Frankie came back, she looked a little different, she walked in the station and up to the squad room and peeked in to see where Cameron and John were, they were at Cameron’s desk with their backs to the door. Frankie went in and it went silent, she had to smile.

Cameron and John were finalising the details at Cameron’s desk when the usually noisy squad room went eerily quiet.

Cameron and John wondering what was happening turned around and stared open mouthed at the vision in front of them.

Cameron looked her from top to bottom, her short blonde hair now down to her shoulders and braided in little plaits, made up to the nines. A cleavage revealing tight red tank top and a very tight, very short black leather mini skirt. But it didn’t stop there, it was topped off by black fishnet tights and knee high, black heeled boots.

"Oh my god!"

Frankie started to laugh, "I wish I had a camera. Anybody would think you’d never seen my legs before.

"Not looking like that we haven’t"

Frankie had to smile, "Well, do you approve then James?"

James grinned, nodded and said "Oh yeah!"

Cameron came over and said, "Wow. You scrub up good."

Frankie said, "Thank you. Do you think I’ll fit in?"

John nodded, "It’s perfect. I think you’ll do fine. Let’s get to business." To the other detectives he said, "Those of you not helping with this case, get back to work."

They finalised some details, working out the specifics, what Frankie would say to get Cameron and James to come to her aid. About three hours later they were ready to go.

Cameron spoke, "Right, the club opens at ten. There are bouncers on the door and guests with invites get preferential treatment, you’ll be on the list for tonight under ‘Tiffany James’. Just get a feel of the place, James and I will be outside and you’ll be able to contact us through the microphone, and we’ll be in contact with you through an ear piece, and you‘ll have the mini camera on as well; I doubt we‘ll be able to see much but it should help. You won’t be able to have your gun, but hopefully you won’t need it."

Frankie nodded, "He’s probably picking young girls who look like they won’t fight back, but I can if necessary."

"That’s the plan. Hopefully you’ll look weak and innocent enough to attract him."

Frankie nodded, "Right, what time is it?"

James looked at his watch and said, "Almost ten, there’s a cab waiting for you downstairs, Cameron and I will follow in the van."

Cameron stood up, "Okay, let’s get this show on the road."

Frankie was nervous, she got in the cab and looked back to see the van following. She had tried to hide her nervousness from Cameron, she didn’t want her to worry. She wasn’t really a clubber, never had been even when she was drinking. And, going to a club where there was a copious amount of alcohol wasn’t her idea of fun, and it was another reason she was nervous. But, it wouldn’t be a problem, not anymore.

One thing that relaxed her was the thought that Cameron would be right outside, it made Frankie feel safe. She knew she could handle any trouble, but the reassurance of Cameron and James’ presence was greatly appreciated.

The cab pulled up and Frankie was shocked at the length of the line to get in, she was glad she didn’t have to line up, especially in the boots. She got out and walked straight up to the bouncer and gave her name. She had to smile, the looks on some peoples faces were hilarious.

Cameron watched her go in, and then put on the headphones to hear all that was happening. They had to turn the volume down because of the music as soon as Frankie went in.

She turned to James and said, "You ready?"

James nodded. "Yep. Cameras on and the recorders on."

Cameron nodded. "Good. Hopefully this will be the only night we have to do this. I don’t want this guy out there any longer."

James nodded and they got to work.

Frankie went in and went to the bar, she kept her eyes open for anyone that might match the partial description they’d managed to get. The camera was on her strap of her tank top so it wasn’t visible. She ordered a club soda and went to have another look around. ‘Well’ she thought, ‘Nicole was right, I do look the part’. She took a sip of her soda and went and found a seat, she looked around at all the people; some dancing and some talking.

She said quietly knowing the microphone would pick it up, "I hope you two are loving this music as much as I am."

Cameron laughed and said, "Oh yeah, loving it. I hope all our ears will be okay tomorrow."

She heard Frankie laugh and then jumped feet when James came back in. He’d gone for coffee and snacks.

"Coffee is served."

Cameron took the cup and said, "Thanks. Frankie said she’s really enjoying the music."

James laughed, "I bet she is. Any possibilities yet?"

"No, but she gonna mingle and see."


Frankie walked around, keeping her eyes open. She didn’t really know what she was looking for, but she knew if she saw anything strange she would check it out.

After about an hour she had to go to the bathroom, she told Cameron and James that she would go off air for a few minutes, and when she got the confirmation she took the earpiece out and the camera off.

She went into the bathroom and when she was washing her hands a girl came in, Frankie could see she was upset and said, "Are you okay?"

The girl nodded, "I will be. My boyfriend’s dumped me."

Frankie grabbed some tissue and handed it to the girl, "Here."

"Thanks." She took the tissues and wiped her face.

"Are you gonna be alright on your own?"

The girl nodded and said, "Yes. Thanks."

Frankie smiled and left the bathroom, when she put her earpiece back on she heard Cameron asking if she was okay.

"I’m fine Cam. I’ll tell you about it later."

Frankie stayed until the club closed at one, she was exhausted. She went out to the van and James drove them back to the station. They said goodnight and went their separate ways. Frankie left promising to call Cameron in the morning.

Frankie fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow, she only woke up when her phone rang at eight. She saw the time and picked up the phone.


"Frankie, it’s John."

Frankie sat up, "What is it?"

"He attacked another one last night. I need you and Cameron here and then to take a statement at the hospital."

Frankie couldn’t believe it, "Okay I’ll call Cameron and we’ll be there soon."


Frankie ran a hand over her face and then dialled Cameron.


"It’s Frankie, he got another one. John wants us in."

"Okay, I’m up. I’ll see you there."

She got up and threw some clothes on and was at work twenty minutes later, followed by Cameron about three minutes later.

They went straight to John’s office.

Knock knock.

"Come in."

The girls went in and John said, "Take a seat."

Cameron sat down but Frankie stayed standing, "What happened?"

"She was found at about five this morning, she’s been beaten but she’s conscious. No ones really spoken to her yet, the doctor said you could go and talk to her after nine."

Cameron looked at Frankie, and knew by the look on her face what she was thinking.

"Do you have a picture John?"

John took a file off his desk and handed it to her, "Yeah, her name is Michelle Roberts, she’s a senior at UCLA."

Cameron looked at the picture and handed it to Frankie. "We’ll make a move then."

She got up to go, but Frankie didn’t move she was still looking at the picture.

"Frankie? Are you okay?"

Frankie shook her head, "I talked to her, last night. She was the reason I was in the bathroom for so long."

Cameron looked at her, "Okay, well we’ll go and talk to her and see if we can catch this guy."

John nodded and said, "I’ll see you later."

Cameron nodded and followed Frankie out, they went to their car and before they left Cameron turned to Frankie and said, "Don’t do it."

Frankie looked up at her and she smiled, "You know me too well."

Cameron nodded, "Yeah, and you have to know it’s not your fault. You didn’t know what he looked like. Even if you saw her leave you wouldn’t have known it was him. Let’s just hope that she will be able to give us a good description."

Frankie nodded, "I know that you’re right, it just threw me for a second."

Cameron nodded, they pulled into the hospital and went to find the doctor dealing with Michelle.

He told them that she would make a full recovery from her injuries, but he didn’t know about the mental trauma she had suffered. She would have the opportunity to see a therapist if she wanted.

They were shown into her room and Cameron introduced them.

"Hi Michelle, my names Cameron and this is Frankie. We’re detectives and we are here to ask you a few questions. Is that okay?"

Michelle nodded and they sat down, she was looking and Frankie and said, "I know you."

Frankie nodded, "I met you last night, I was at the club."

Michelle nodded, "I remember."

Cameron looked at Frankie and then started to ask Michelle questions.

"Michelle, can you tell us what happened last night?"

"I can tell you what I remember. I left the club at about half past one, I went out to find a cab, and when I couldn’t get one I decided to walk a bit further along to look." At the look that passed between Cameron and Frankie, she said, "I know not very smart, but I just wanted to get home. Then I remember someone grabbing me from behind, and throwing me up against the wall. And then hitting me, and I fell to the ground he kicked me again and then just left me there. I couldn’t breathe very well and couldn’t scream for help. Then I guess I passed out, because the next thing I remember was the ambulance arriving."

Frankie got up and got her some tissues because she was crying, "I know this is hard for you Michelle, but I need to ask if you can give us any type of description, because the reason I was in the club was to catch this guy. But, we didn’t have a description. Is there anything you remember about him?"

Michelle closed her eyes and thought about it, "He was taller than me, so he must be six feet tall or more, because I’m five eleven. He was white, and didn’t have an accent. He had soft hands, I can’t really say anymore."

Cameron was writing all this down, "No, that’s good. It narrows it down a bit. When you say he didn’t have an accent, did he speak to you?" at Michelle nod, she asked. "What did he say?"

"He said, that it was disgusting how we flaunt it."

Cameron looked at Frankie, both looked confused.

Michelle smiled, "Didn’t you know?"

"Know what?" Frankie asked.

"That, Rise. Is a mainly lesbian club."

Frankie shook her head, "No we didn’t"

"I was there with my friend, and she is why my boyfriend got angry, he though there was something going on between us."

Cameron shook her head, "Son of a bitch." To Michelle she said, "Sorry, but why the hell didn’t we know. This changes everything, if he’s attacking people he thinks are lesbians. "

Frankie nodded, "Yeah. Michelle, we’re going to leave you to rest. We’ll come back in a couple of days to get a statement. And we may have to have you come in to a line-up. Would you be willing to do that?"

"Yes. Anything to help catch him."

They said their goodbyes and left, "Frankie didn’t speak until they were in the car, "I don’t believe it. I think I should change my image tonight."

Cameron nodded, she had an idea forming in her mind.

They got back to the station and went to speak to John.

"It’s what!"

Frankie looked at him, "A lesbian club John. Which means he’s attacking these women because he thinks that they are gay."

John stood up, "Why didn’t we know, well at least we do now. I suppose if we’re lucky we’ll catch him tonight."

Cameron nodded, "I’ve got an idea about that. He went after Michelle because she was with her friend, but she left alone. What if I went in too tonight, and Frankie and I pretended to be lovers. If we have a fight and she leaves alone, he might pick on her."

John looked at Frankie, "What do you think?"

Frankie was silent for a minute, "Sounds like a plan, we’ll have to have someone with James in the van, and we’ll have to change my look a bit."

John nodded, "Do what you have to. I want this guy tonight."

They nodded and left. Frankie took Cameron to Nicole’s salon to get her hair done. And she had her extensions taken out, because they were annoying her.

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