Disclaimers: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, Iolaus, etc don't belong to me. I'm just having some fun with them.

Love and sex disclaimers: Yes there is lots of love and some sex too! This story is alternative in nature, therefore same sex relationships are the norm here.

Thanks to my beta readers Pamela and Noorlita. Special thanks to my family and friends for their encouragement.

I want to dedicate this story to all my Xena friends. We all met because of a TV show but have developed friendships that goes much deeper. I am so much richer for having met you all.

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As The Xenaverse Turns Part 1

By Jenny D. Maher

We begin the story with Xena and Gabrielle returning home after one month on the road.

Gabrielle: Oh it's good to be home.

{ Xena drops the saddlebags on the floor. She stretches and we hear her back crack. }

Xena: Ugh!

Gabrielle: Oh Xena! Let me give you a massage.

{ Just then Gabrielle's stomach rumbles. Xena puts her arm around her shoulders. }

Xena: How about I feed you first and then you can do something about that massage.

Gabrielle: Sounds like a plan.

Xena: C'mon let's go say hi to our Moms and get some dinner.

{ So Xena and Gabrielle left their house and walked hand in hand to Cyrene's and Hercuba's Inn and Tavern. }

Xena: I see someone has been making some changes while we were gone.

{ The sign on the Inn now read: The 2 Moms Inn and Tavern- "Here we treat you like family." }

Gabrielle: I like it. It's got a nice ring to it. Our Moms make a good team don't you think?

Xena: Sure, who would have thought our Mothers would join together in business after your Father died in that freak farm accident.

Gabrielle: Well, my Mom kept warning him he shouldn't drink and plow the fields.

Xena: Well, he always wanted to be one with the land. I guess he got his wish.

Gabrielle: You know when I said our Moms made a good team I wasn't just talking about business.

Xena: Gabrielle! What did I tell you about that matchmaking of yours!

Gabrielle: But Xena don't you want our Moms to be happy?

Xena: Of course, but.........

Gabrielle: But nothing! Since you have many skills, use one of them to watch our Mothers together and tell me there's not something more than business starting between them.

Xena: Of course there's something starting between them. It's called friendship.

Gabrielle: Right, and how long did it take for you to finally admit that what we felt for each other was more than friendship? I mean Xena it was there right from the 1st episode but you didn't get it until the 37th when you died that 2nd time!

Xena: Alright! You made your point. I was some hard headed warrior back then wasn't I?

Gabrielle: Yep! But you're my hard headed warrior.

Xena: I thank the Gods for that.

{ Xena brought Gabrielle's hand to her lips and gave it a tender

kiss. }

Xena: I love you Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: I love you too.

{ Gabrielle and Xena entered the tavern thru the kitchen. Hercuba and Cyrene were standing close together with their backs to Xena and Gabrielle. }

Hercuba: Let me go and give Lila a hand with the dinner crowd. After it slows down a bit I'll come back and we can eat dinner together.

Cyrene: I'd like that. I'm sorry that you have to cover for my son's absence.

{ Hercuba touched Cyrene's arm and smiled.}

Hercuba: Hey, we're a team right. I don't mind.

{ Cyrene smiled and watched as Hercuba went out into the dining area. Gabrielle smirked at Xena. Xena just rolled her eyes. }

Gabrielle: Hi Mom!

{ Cyrene turned at Gabrielle's voice. }

Cyrene: Oh, I'm so glad to see you two. Come here and give your Mother a hug.

{So Xena and Gabrielle went and gave Cyrene a big hug. Gabrielle's stomach let out a growl. }

Cyrene: Have a seat you two and let me get you some dinner.

Gabrielle: That's Ok Mom we can get it ourselves.

Cyrene: Nonsense! I'm a Mother. It's what I do. Take a seat.

Xena: Yes Ma'am!

Gabrielle: I'm going to go out and say hi to Lila and my Mother. I'll be right back.

Cyrene: Alright sweetie.

{ Xena watched Gabrielle as she left. Xena smiled when she heard Hecuba's and Lila's shrieks of joy at seeing Gabrielle. Cyrene watched Xena and smiled. }

Xena: What?

Cyrene: I thank the Gods for the day Gabrielle walked into your life.

Xena: Me too Mother. Me too.

{ Cyrene began to dish up two big bowls of rabbit stew. She put the bowls on the table. She got a plate and filled it with rolls and a few slabs of butter. }

Cyrene: Here you go. What can I get you to drink?

Xena: I'll take a mug of cider.

Gabrielle: I'll have one too Mom. MMMM this smells so good! I'm starving.

{ Cyrene gave Xena a look. }

Xena: Hey, I tried to feed her but she wanted to wait until she could eat your wonderful cooking.

Cyrene: Oh Gabrielle! You're so sweet. Now be sure to save room for some fresh nut bread for dessert.

Xena: Oh Gabrielle always has room for that!

Gabrielle: I'll get you for that later.

Xena: Oh, I'm counting on it.

Cyrene: Oh you two just make this Mother so happy.

Coming up next: Iolaus visits the Tavern.

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