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Part 2

When we last left our story Xena and Gabrielle were eating dinner at the tavern.

{Gabrielle was practically inhaling her food.}

Xena: Slow down Gabrielle! The food's not going anywhere.

Gabrielle: It's just so good. I can't help it.

Cyrene: Thanks Gabrielle. Your cooking is very good too.

Gabrielle: Thanks Mom but after eating a month of my cooking I really missed someone else's cooking.

Xena: Hey, I cooked once or twice.

Gabrielle: I don't know that I'd call that cooking Xena.

Xena: So, it's not one of my many skills.

Gabrielle: You can say that again.

Xena: Ok, it's not one of my…

Gabrielle: It's just an expression Xena. You didn't really have to say it again.

Xena: Oh, well least I tried to cook.

Gabrielle: Yes you did, and I love you for it even if my stomach didn't.

Cyrene: I remember the one time Xena cooked when she was younger. Let's just say that I never asked her to cook ever again. I'm just glad one of my children has picked up my culinary talent.

{Just then Lyceus comes thru the kitchen door carrying a keg.}

Gabrielle: Speak of the devil.

Xena: Why are you bringing up Mephistopheles?

Gabrielle: I'm not. It's just...

Xena: Another...expression? Where do you come up with these?

Gabrielle: I'm a bard. It's what I do!

Lyceus: Gabrielle! Xena! Welcome back.

Xena: Thanks Ly. It's good to be back.

{Hercuba enters into the kitchen}

Hercuba: I need 4 rabbit stews.

{Cyrene starts to dish out the stew. Hercuba gets two loaves of bread and headed back out into the dining room. }

Lyceus: I'll take the keg to the cellar and be right back to take out the stew.

Cyrene: Thanks honey.

Xena: Where's Toris?

Cyrene: In bed.

Xena: Is he sick?

Cyrene: No, he's passed out from drinking too much.

Xena: Don't tell me he and Maphias got into another fight.

Cyrene: Alright I won't tell you.

Xena: Mother!

Cyrene: What?

{Lyceus comes back from the cellar and loads the bowls of stew on the serving tray.}

Xena: Gabrielle I told you they would never last together.

Gabrielle: Hey! Never say never.

Lyceus: They're both pig headed. They deserve each other. I don't know what I ever saw in him.

{Lyceus leaves, carrying the tray with him.}

Xena: I wonder that myself.

Gabrielle: They say the third time's the charm.

Xena: Who are they?

{Just then Iolaus comes bursting thru the kitchen door.}

Iolaus: Oh Gabrielle! I'm glad you're back. I really need to talk to you.

Xena: Well, hello to you too Iolaus!

Iolaus: Oh, sorry. Hi everyone.

Cyrene: Iolaus can I get you some dinner?

Iolaus: No thanks Cyrene. I'm too upset to eat. It's Hercules.

Cyrene: Did you two have another fight dear?

Iolaus: Yes.

Gabrielle: What now?

Iolaus: He's been going to that gladiator bar again.

Gabrielle: How do you know that?

Iolaus: Oh I just happened to run into Salmoneus and he mentioned he saw him there. So when Hercules got home, I confronted him. He got mad and stormed out. I don't know what to do.

Gabrielle: Now Iolaus calm down. Hercules will be back and then you two need to talk this through.

Iolaus: You know that's not easy for either one of us.

{Gabrielle throws up her hands.}

Gabrielle: Warriors! Gods forbid you should try to talk about your feelings!

Xena: Hey! I'm trying to do better.

Gabrielle: Oh Xena! You are. I was just remembering how frustrating you were in the beginning.

{Lyceus comes back in with a tray of dirty dishes and mugs.}

Lyceus: I need 3 more stews. Hey Iolaus! Go get your boyfriend from the dining room and take him home.

Iolaus: Hercules is out there?

Lyceus: Yes, and he's drunk!

Iolaus: Good grief! Demi-god's! Can't live with them! Can't live without them!

Xena: What does that mean?

Iolaus: Nothing, It's just an...

Xena: Expression...yea I know!

{Iolaus leaves to get his Demi-god.}

Cyrene: Gabrielle here's a piece of nut bread.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Cyrene: You're welcome. Xena do you want any dessert?

Xena: No, I'll be having my dessert when we get home.

Cyrene: That's nice dear. I know how much you enjoy having Gabrielle for dessert.

Xena: Mother!

Cyrene: What?

{Gabrielle grins and chuckles. Xena gives her the look. }

Xena: Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: What? I think it's cute when you get all embarrassed when your Mother talks about sex.

Xena: I am not cute, and we'll see how you feel when it's your Mother.

Cyrene: Speaking of your Mother, Gabrielle how would you feel if I started to date her?

{Xena has just swallowed some cider and starts choking at this. Cyrene begins pounding Xena’s back. }

Cyrene: Are you alright dear?

Xena: Yea, it just went down the wrong way.

Cyrene: Whatever you say dear.

{Gabrielle grins at the exchange between Cyrene and Xena.}

Cyrene: Anyway, we wanted to get your blessing.

Gabrielle: I think it's wonderful Cyrene! Of course you have our blessing, right Xena?

{Xena sits there with a shell shocked expression on her face.}

Gabrielle: Xena?

Xena Uh, sure Mother. You have my blessing.

Cyrene: You don't sound like it.

Xena: I'm sorry Mother. It's just a bit unexpected.

{Just then Hercuba comes back into the kitchen. Gabrielle gets up and goes over to her Mom. }

Gabrielle: Oh Mom! I'm so happy for you.

{Gabrielle and Hercuba hug.}

Hercuba: Thanks honey. I feel very lucky to have found Cyrene.

Cyrene: No, I'm the lucky one.

{Cyrene and Hercuba join hands.}

Gabrielle: Oh that is so sweet. We're so happy for you both.

Hercuba: I'm so relieved. I was a bit worried but Cyrene kept reassuring me.

{Xena continues to sit with the same shell shocked expression on her face.}

Cyrene: We do have something we wanted to ask both of you.

Gabrielle: What is it?

Cyrene: Would you two mind helping out tomorrow so we can take the day off?

Gabrielle: We'd be glad to, right Xena? Xena?

Xena: problem.

Cyrene: Thank you girls. Gabrielle why don't you take Xena home? I think she's ready for that dessert.

{Cyrene gives Gabrielle a wink. Gabrielle grins and Xena just puts her head down on the table. }

Gabrielle: Yes, and I'm more than ready to give it to her.

Cyrene: Here take some nut bread with you.

Gabrielle: Thanks Cyrene.

Cyrene: Anytime sweetie. I love you and am so happy that Xena has you in her life.

Gabrielle: Oh Cyrene! I love you too, and thank you for bringing Xena into the world.

{Gabrielle gives Cyrene a hug.}

Gabrielle: C'mon Xena. Let's go home.

Hercuba: Goodnight you two.

Gabrielle: Goodnight Mom.

{Xena gets up out of her chair and waits for Gabrielle.}

Gabrielle: Xena?

Xena: What?

Gabrielle: Aren't you going to say goodnight to your Mother and my Mom?

Xena: Oh sorry. Goodnight Mother, Hercuba.

Cyrene: Xena! Get over here and give your Mother a hug.

{Xena goes over and gives her Mother a hug.}

Cyrene: That's better. Goodnight girls.

{So Xena and Gabrielle leave and walk back to their house.}

Gabrielle: Wow! Our mothers are dating. How wonderful is that?

Xena: It's gonna take a little getting used to.

Gabrielle: It's so romantic that at their ages they've found love.

Xena: I guess.

Gabrielle: You should be happy for your Mother. Now she has someone to share her life with. How lonely she must have been before.

Xena: You're right. How can I deny my Mother the same kind of happiness and love I have with you?

Gabrielle: Oh Xena! That's beautiful.

Xena: You're beautiful.

Gabrielle: Gods Xena! How do you make me feel so much just from words or a look?

Xena: I have many skills!

Gabrielle: Yes you do, and I'm looking forward to you using those on me tonight.

Xena: You can count on it my bard.

Coming up next: Xena uses her many skills on Gabrielle and Gabrielle comes up with a few of her own!

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