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Part 12

When we last left our story Gabrielle was on her way to check on the grill and Xena.

{Gabrielle comes up behind Xena and puts her arms around her waist. Xena puts her hands on Gabrielle's.}
Xena: It's almost ready for your steak.
{Gabrielle doesn't answer but places a kiss on the back of Xena's neck. Xena leans back into Gabrielle.}
Xena: What were you talking about inside?
Gabrielle: Lyceus and I were talking about you doing your nightly drills.
Xena: I used to keep him awake a lot doing them. I remember at first you were always asleep when I finished them. That didn't last long though. Soon your deep breathing was replaced with heavy breathing.
{Gabrielle kisses Xena's neck again.}
Gabrielle: You got me so aroused it took me forever to fall asleep. I was so happy when we became lovers because I knew that the arousal that came when you did your drills would be sated.
{Xena laughs.}
Gabrielle: What?
Xena: I think it was at least two fortnights before we got a full night of sleep.
Gabrielle: Good thing you let me sleep while I sat in front of you on Argo. I’m just glad you could get by on less sleep than me. Xena?
Xena: Yes my bard?
Gabrielle: Would you do your drills for me tonight?
Xena: What Gabrielle wants Gabrielle gets.
Gabrielle: I love you Xena.
Xena: I love you too, Gabrielle.
{Daphne creeps slowly from around the corner of the tavern and tries to sneak up on Xena and Gabrielle.}
Xena: Hi Daphne.
Daphne: Xena!
{Gabrielle takes her arms from Xena and they both turn to face Daphne.}
Xena: Yes?
Daphne: I was so close!
Xena: You were so close because I let you get so close.
{Gabrielle begins to laugh. Xena smirks.}
Daphne: What’s so funny?
Xena: Private joke.
Daphne: You two have a lot of those.
Gabrielle: Yes we do and when you get to be our age you’ll have a lot too.
Daphne: Am I ever going to be able to hear any of yours?
Gabrielle: When you get older we might let you in on one or two.
Daphne: Really? I can’t wait for that. Hey Xena when can you get inside my body again?
Xena: Sorry Daphne but the only body I’m getting in again is Gabrielle’s.
Daphne: Gosh Gabrielle! You are so lucky.
Gabrielle: I know it.
Daphne: It was the best feeling in the world when Xena was inside me. I felt safe, protected, loved, and like I could kick everyone’s….
Xena: Uh Daphne?
Daphne: Yes?
Xena: Where’s your dad?
Daphne: He’s inside the tavern.
Xena: Don’t you think you should join him?
{Before Daphne can answer the back door to the tavern opens.}
Lila: Daphne, your food is on the table and your dad is waiting for you.
{Without a word Daphne races in the door past Lila almost knocking the platter with steaks and the tongs out of Lila’s hands.}
Lila: Daphne!!
{Gabrielle walks to the door and puts out her hands.}
Gabrielle: I’ll take that, Sister.
{Lila hands the platter and the tongs to Gabrielle and goes back inside. Gabrielle walks over to the grill and puts the four steaks on.}
Gabrielle: I love the sound and smell of meat cooking on the grill.
{Xena walks behind Gabrielle and puts her arms around her waist. Xena kisses Gabrielle on the shoulder and then kisses her on the back of the neck. Gabrielle lets out a sigh of pleasure.}
Xena: I love the sound and smell of you better.
{Xena kisses Gabrielle on the neck again.}
Gabrielle: If you keep this up we are going to have burnt steaks.
Xena: We are?
Gabrielle: Yes, because I’m going to drag you home and have my way with you. The steaks be damned!!
{Gabrielle stomach lets out a big grumble.}
Xena: I better let you finish cooking those so you can feed the monster that is your stomach. You’ll need your strength to have your way with me later.
Gabrielle: Good idea.
{Xena kisses Gabrielle’s neck one more time and lowers her arms from around Gabrielle’s waist. Xena takes the platter from Gabrielle.}
Xena: I’ll be back.
Gabrielle: Thanks Xena.
Xena: You’re welcome.
{Xena heads inside.}
Lila: I’ll take that. Here’s a platter for the cooked steaks.
Xena: Thanks.
{Xena stands with the platter in her hand and a smile on her face.}
Lila: How’s Gabrielle doing with the steaks?
Xena: Well.
Lila: Thank you.
Xena: For what?
Lila: For not distracting Gabrielle anymore while she’s cooking.
Xena: I was just continuing what she started before we were interrupted by Daphne.
Lila: I know, but Gabrielle has no self control when it comes to you distracting her.
Xena: True, she was going to drag me off if I didn’t stop.
Lila: I’m sure Gabrielle’s stomach is thanking you for that.
Xena: Speaking of, let me take this out so she can bring the steaks inside.
{Xena walks out the door and heads over to Gabrielle. Gabrielle takes the steaks off the grill with the tongs and puts them on the platter Xena is holding. They both turn and walk back inside the tavern.}
Lyceus: I need two of those Gabrielle.
{Gabrielle places a steak on each plate Lyceus is holding.}
Lyceus: Thanks.
{Lyceus takes the plates out to the dining room. Gabrielle puts the platter on the table and she and Xena sit down. Gabrielle places a steak on each of the plates filled with wild greens sautéed in olive oil and lemon and a roll in front of them. They both begin to eat. Lyceus enters the kitchen with a tray filled with dirty plates, silverware, and cups. Eli takes them from Lyceus turns and puts them on the counter next to the sink. Lyceus leans in and kisses Eli on the lips when he turns back around. After several seconds they break apart.}
Eli: If that’s the thanks I get for helping out, I’ll be doing more of it.
Xena: That’s what we like around here cheap labor!
{Lyceus grabs a roll and throws it at Xena who catches it and eats it.}
Xena: Thanks Bro!
{Lyceus sticks out his tongue at Xena.}
Eli: Lyceus kisses are worth all the dinars in the world to me.
Gabrielle: Awww! That is so sweet!
Lyceus: I don’t know what I did to deserve you.
Eli: I could say the same.
Lyceus: We’ll continue this later.
Eli: You can count on it.
{Eli begins to scrape the dirty plates into the garbage bin.}
Lyceus: The steaks are great Gabrielle. Are you ready to cook more? I have four more orders.
Gabrielle: No problem. I’m on it.
{Gabrielle gets up and gets four steaks and puts them on the platter, and takes the tongs and heads out to the grill. Xena watches her go and starts to follow.}
Lyceus: Xena no distracting the cook until you both get home later.
{Xena stops and turns to face Lyceus.}
Xena: Killjoy!
Lyceus: Someone has to be the adult around here! I want you to take care of the dining room and the bar.
Xena: Ok and do I get to take care of any rowdy patrons too?
Lyceus: Yes, but please don’t pick any fights with the patrons just so you can have the fun of throwing them out.
Xena: Those patrons were warlord scum and they were asking for it.
Lyceus: They are still patrons, and make sure they pay their bill before you throw them out please. This is a business after all
Xena: Understood.
{Xena rubs her hands together in glee leaves to go out to the dining room.}
Lyceus: Why do I not feel good about this?
Lila: Because it’s Xena?
Lyceus: I'll send Gabrielle in to keep Xena in line out there.
Lila: Good plan. {Lyceus walks out the back door and after a few moments they both enter Lyceus carrying the four steaks on the platter. Gabrielle walks out to the dining room.}
Lyceus: We'll never hear the end out it from our mothers if we lose the patrons before we get their money.
Lila: Who would have thought my little sister could keep the former Destroyer of Nations in line?
Lyceus: Yep, my sister is whipped and she loves every minute of it!

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