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Part 3

When we last left our story Xena and Gabrielle were on their way home from the tavern.

Gabrielle: You know I kind of regret telling your Mother we would help out at the Tavern tomorrow.

Xena: You do?

Gabrielle: Yes. It would have been Elysia to spend the entire day in bed.

Xena: The entire day? Why Gabrielle what could we possibly do in bed for the entire day?

Gabrielle: I'd be making sure you got your fill of dessert.

Xena: Gabrielle when it comes to you I will never get my fill.

Gabrielle: Gods Xena!

Xena: Nope! No gods here, only me.

Gabrielle: Funny!

{Xena and Gabrielle arrive home and go inside. Gabrielle puts the nut bread on the kitchen counter. Xena comes up behind Gabrielle and puts her arms around Gabrielle's waist. She whispers in her ear. }

Xena: So how about that dessert?

{Xena then licks Gabrielle's ear. Gabrielle lets out a moan. }

Xena: I never need my mother's nut bread as long I have you.

{Xena then sinks her teeth into Gabrielle's neck.}

Xena: So sweet.

{Gabrielle lets out another moan and her knees starts to buckle.}

Xena: I've got you.

{Xena holds onto Gabrielle to keep her from falling and then picks her up. Gabrielle puts her arms around Xena. They start to kiss when there is a knock at the door. }

Joxer: Gabrielle! Xena!

{Xena and Gabrielle both let out a groan.}

Joxer: Hey guys? Are you OK?

{Xena puts Gabrielle down and walks over to the door and pulling it open roughly. }

Xena: Now is not a good time Joxer.

Joxer: Hi Xena. I really need to talk to Gabrielle.

{Gabrielle goes to the door and stands next to Xena.}

Gabrielle: Joxer now is really not a good time. Can't it wait until tomorrow?

Joxer: No it can't. Please?

{Gabrielle looks at Xena.}

Xena: Don't make me wait too long for my dessert.

{Xena turns and walks toward the bedroom.}

Joxer: Wait? She doesn't have to wait. Why didn't she take the nut bread with her?

Gabrielle: That's for me. Xena's getting something else for dessert.

Joxer: Really? Can I get what Xena's having?

Gabrielle and Xena: No!

Joxer: Geez!

Gabrielle: I'm sorry Joxer, but Xena's a bit selfish when it comes to her dessert. She doesn't like to share. You can have some nut bread though.

Joxer: No thanks. I'd rather have what Xena's having.

Gabrielle: You are not getting what Xena's having. It's the nut bread or nothing.

Joxer: But I don't like nut bread!

Gabrielle: Joxer! What do you need to talk to me about?

Joxer: I need some advice.

Gabrielle: About?

Joxer: Amarice.

Gabrielle: What about Amarice?

Joxer: She's in love with me and I need advice on how to let her down easy.

Gabrielle: Joxer, Amarice hates your guts.

Joxer: She puts on a good act, but I see right through it.

Gabrielle: And what do you see?

Joxer: A hard headed Amazon who doesn't want to look too soft, so she acts like she hates my guts.

Gabrielle: Right! Here's my advice: honesty is the best policy. It might hurt but you've got to tell her you're not interested. It's not fair of you to lead her on and let her think she has a chance with you.

Joxer: You're right. It will be a hurt she might never recover from, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Gabrielle: You're a good man Joxer.

Joxer: Aw, thanks Gabby.

{Joxer stands with with a goofy grin on his face.}

Gabrielle: Joxer?

Joxer: Yes?

Gabrielle: Xena's waiting.

Joxer: Oh right. Ok, well I hope she enjoys her dessert. Sure wish I could get some.

Gabrielle: Joxer?

Joxer: Yes?

Gabrielle: What did I tell you?

Joxer: No?

Gabrielle: Good answer.

{Joxer leaves and Gabrielle quickly closes the door.}

Joxer: Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Go home Joxer.

Joxer: Do I have to?

Gabrielle: Joxer you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Joxer: Ok, I think I'll go visit your sister at the tavern.

Gabrielle: That's a great idea. I'm sure my sister will be happy to see you.

Joxer: Really? You know I think she kinda likes me.

Gabrielle: Well then you don't want to keep her waiting.

Joxer: Right! Thanks Gabrielle. Goodnight.

Gabrielle: Finally!

Joxer: What was that?

Gabrielle: I said have a fine night, Joxer.

Joxer: Oh, thanks Gabby.

{Joxer finally leaves Gabrielle makes her way to the bedroom. When she gets there, her eyes fall upon a very naked Xena. }

Xena: I was almost ready to come and carry you off, Joxer or no Joxer.

Gabrielle: Not like that I hope.

Xena: Gods no. If Joxer ever saw me naked, I think I'd have to kill him.

Gabrielle: I kinda wished you would have after the three naked Gabrielles incident.

Xena: Speaking of naked...I think you're a little overdressed.

Gabrielle: I think you're right. Do you want to unwrap your dessert or should I do it for you?

Xena: You can do it for me.

Gabrielle: Are you gonna let me finish this time?

Xena: I'll try, but I'm not promising anything. You know patience is not one of my many skills.

Gabrielle: I guess it's a good thing that it's one of mine then right?

Xena: Yes, I'm thankful that you have the patience to put with this hard headed beat up old warlord. I really don't know how you put up with me sometimes.

Gabrielle: I do.

Xena: You do?

Gabrielle: Yup.

Xena: Care to share that with me?

Gabrielle: Well, it could be your beautiful blue eyes.

{Gabrielle begins lowering the straps of her top. }

Gabrielle: Or it could be how you make me feel so safe and loved when I'm in your arms.

{Gabrielle slowly lowers her top until her nipples are just showing.}

Gabrielle: Or it could be how when you smile at me it feels warmer than any sunshine.

{Gabrielle lowers her top all the way down her body and steps out of it. Xena licks her lips and her breathing begins to be labored. }

Gabrielle: Or it might be that you are so beautiful.

{Gabrielle runs her hands across her breasts and squeezes the nipples.}

Gabrielle: Or it could be how when you touch me it sends a jolt right down to here.

{Gabrielle lets her hand wander down between her legs. Xena lets out a moan. }

Gabrielle: Or it might be because when you laugh it gives me such a feeling of joy to hear it.

{Gabrielle then starts to remove her skirt so just her underwear is showing.}

Gabrielle: Or it could because watching you fight is like watching a beautiful, dangerous and sexy dance.

{Gabrielle then lowers her underwear to just where her pubic hair is just starting to show. She puts one hand down into her underwear. }

Gabrielle: Or it might be because I get wet just looking at you.

{Gabrielle removes her hand slick with her own juices. Xena's body begins to twitch. }

Gabrielle: Or it could be because I really enjoy when you eat your dessert.

{Gabrielle then proceeds to lick her fingers. Xena lets out a deep moan and her body goes into spasms. }

Xena: Gods Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Gee, I've read about this happening in the Amazon scrolls but I never thought I would ever actually be the cause of it.

Xena: You make me feel things in ways no one else ever has.

Gabrielle: And you wonder why I put up with you.

{Gabrielle then lowers her underwear all the way down and steps out of them.}

Xena: By the gods! You are beautiful!

Gabrielle: Hey! Isn't that my line?

Xena: Yea, but I'm not stoned on henbane.

Gabrielle: True, but stoned or not, you are still the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

{Gabrielle then proceeds to take off her boots.}

Gabrielle: So are you ready for your dessert?

Xena: I'm always ready.

{Gabrielle slowly moves to the bed. She climbs up and Xena reaches out and pulls Gabrielle on top of her. They kiss. Gabrielle breaks the kiss first and runs her hands across Xena's breasts, and then takes her fingers and squeezes the nipples. Gabrielle then lowers her head and licks Xena's neck. Xena suddenly flips Gabrielle over on her back. }

Xena: Hey, I thought I was getting dessert first.

Gabrielle: You're just too tempting to resist.

Xena: You'll get your dessert after I get mine. I'm really in the mood for a lot of dessert, though so it might be a while before I'm done.

{Gabrielle moans. Xena slowly licks, sucks, and bites her way down Gabrielle's body. When Xena reaches to her ultimate destination, Gabrielle opens her legs wide in anticipation. Xena inhales Gabrielle's scent. }

Xena: You smell so good.

Gabrielle Xena please!

Xena: Please what my bard?

Gabrielle: Eat your damn dessert!

Xena: Whatever Gabrielle wants Gabrielle gets.

{Xena then proceeds to do just that. She keeps going until Gabrielle finally pleads for a break to get her breath. They lay contented in each other's arms.}

Gabrielle: I just love your many skills, especially when it comes to eating dessert.

Xena: Do you now?

Gabrielle: Yea, I'm really sorry I said we would help at the tavern tomorrow without asking you first.

Xena: It's alright my bard. You made my mother and your mom very happy. That's what I love about you most. You are always willing to help others out. It's only for one day. Besides I figure we can find time to sneak out into the barn so we can both get some dessert.

Gabrielle: Oh now that's gonna make it really hard to keep my mind on work. I'll be thinking of dessert all day!

Xena: You can always eat some nut bread to tide you over.

Gabrielle: Nut bread is a poor substitution for you, even if it is YOUR mother's nut bread.

{Gabrielle yawns.}

Xena: I think it's bedtime for bards.

Gabrielle: But Xena I didn't get my dessert.

Xena: Don't worry on our day off you can have all the dessert you want.

Gabrielle: Really?

Xena: Really.

Gabrielle: Oh I can't wait for that.

{So Gabrielle snuggles deeper into Xena's arms and dreams of having her dessert}

Coming up next: Gabrielle and Xena try to get in their dessert while they toil at the tavern for the day.

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