Part 4

When we last left our story Gabrielle was dreaming of having her dessert.

{ Xena stands next to the bed wearing her leathers. }

Xena: Gabrielle, it's time to get up.

Gabrielle: Awww Xena......but I don't wanna get up yet.

Xena: I know but we promised to help at the tavern. I want to get you fed before the customers.

{ Gabrielle still has not opened her eyes. }

Gabrielle: Oh but Xena, I had the best dream.

Xena: Uh, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Yes?

Xena: That was no dream.

Gabrielle: No?

Xena: No.

Gabrielle: Oh...I guess that's why it seemed so real. Why didn't you wake me up so I could enjoy it?

Xena: You enjoyed it in your dream didn't you?

Gabrielle: I'm not really sure.

Xena: You're not sure?

Gabrielle: No, it's a bit fuzzy.

Xena: You really don't remember?

Gabrielle: No, could you fill me in?

Xena: How can you not remember? I mean you were...

Gabrielle: Gotcha!

Xena: Gabrielle!

{ Xena growls and pounces on the bed and Gabrielle. Gabrielle finally opens her eyes. }

Gabrielle: So, did you enjoy my dream?

Xena: Oh, I was loving every minute of it.

Gabrielle: I bet you were.

Xena: You know I would've woken you up, but I know how grumpy you are when you don't get your sleep, "Miss I'll rise, but I refuse to shine."

{ Gabrielle opens her mouth to speak but Xena quiets her with a kiss. What started out as a sweet kiss soon turns into a passionate one. }

Xena: Are you ready to rise and shine now?

Gabrielle: I will be if you give me one more kiss.

{ Xena smiles. }

Gabrielle: What?

Xena: My kisses are so good I should advertise.

Gabrielle: I don't think so.

Xena: You don't think my kisses are good enough to advertise?

Gabrielle: Oh they're good enough alright.

Xena: But?

Gabrielle: But I wouldn't let anyone else have them so there is no need to advertise.

Xena: If you would, what would your advertising say?

Gabrielle: Xena's kisses: they're so good betcha can't have just one.

Xena: HMMM! I like it. It's catchy.

Gabrielle: Xena?

Xena: Yes?

Gabrielle: What did I just say?

Xena: That you can't have just one?

Gabrielle: You're one smart warrior.

{ Xena leans down and gives Gabrielle a big wet and sloppy kiss. They break apart and Gabrielle smiles. }

Gabrielle: Ok, now I'm ready.

{ Xena laughs, rolls over, and gets out of bed. Xena grabs her breastplate and begins to put it on. Gabrielle gets out of bed and helps Xena finish putting it on. }

Xena: Thanks Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: You're welcome.

Xena: I'm gonna check in with Argo. I'll be back in a few.

Gabrielle: Ok.

{ So Xena leaves and Gabrielle begins washing up. When she finishes, she gets dressed. She is just putting on her boots when Xena returns. }

Xena: Ready?

Gabrielle: Yep! Let's go! I'm starving!

{ Gabrielle takes Xena's hand and quickly pulls her out of the house and towards the tavern. }

Xena: Hey! Gabrielle, slow down. The food will still be there.

Gabrielle: Tell that to my stomach!

{ Xena chuckles and allows Gabrielle to pull her along. They arrive at the tavern and went in thru the kitchen door. Cyrene was there cooking up some eggs. }

Xena: Hi mother.

Cyrene: Good morning you two! I made some eggs for you two already. They're in the dish on the counter.

{ Gabrielle's stomach rumbles loudly. }

Xena: Gabrielle's stomach thanks you.

Gabrielle: It sure does, and I thank you too.

Cyrene: You're welcome sweetie.

{ Cyrene dishes out the eggs she has cooked on a plate. She then fills another plate with a of couple biscuits, bacon, and some jam and butter. She then takes the plates and puts them on a tray with silverware. }

Xena: Who's the tray for?

Cyrene: Hercuba and me. You know Gabrielle your mother is a hard person to spoil. She's always doing things for everyone else, but doesn't want anyone doing anything for her.

Gabrielle: It's all those years with my Father. He never spoiled her. I guess after all those years she never felt like she deserved it.

Cyrene: Well, I plan on making her see that she deserves all of it. That's the plan for today anyway.

Gabrielle: Oh that is so sweet. Isn't it Xena?

Xena: Yes it is.

Gabrielle: I'm really glad my mom has you to spoil her.

Cyrene: Well, I'm really glad I have her to spoil.

Xena: I'm glad to see you so happy Mother.

Cyrene: Thanks daughter. I'm glad to be happy too. I'll see you two later.

Gabrielle: Say hi to my mom for me.

Cyrene: Alright sweetie.

{ Cyrene leaves with the tray, and Xena and Gabrielle sit down to eat. Lila and Lyceus came in thru the back door. Lila is carrying two metal baskets full of eggs, and Lyceus two big buckets of milk. Lyceus sets his buckets down on the floor. Lila sets the baskets on the counter. }

Lyceus: It's about time you two showed up.

Xena: Yea, you're right. Mother already cooked us breakfast and the cows are milked and the eggs collected. Perfect timing wouldn't you say Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: It's my fault Lyceus. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.

Lila: You have a hard time getting up out of bed every morning you mean!

Xena: That's not entirely true Lila.

Lila: No?

Xena: No, when Gabrielle smells breakfast cooking, she's out of bed in a flash!

Gabrielle: You better watch it Warrior Princess. Any more comments like that and I might be withholding your dessert.

Xena: You wouldn't?

Gabrielle: Wouldn't I?

Xena: Uhhhh No?

{Gabrielle pauses a moment before she answers.}

Gabrielle: No.

Xena: That's a relief!

Gabrielle: I love giving you your dessert as much as you love getting it. I'd be crazy to withhold that.

Lila: Hey, speaking of dessert. Gabrielle would you give me the recipe for the dessert Xena was having last night? Joxer was really disappointed he couldn't have any so I thought I would make it for him.

{ Gabrielle and Xena both look at each other with a smirk. }

Xena: I'm sorry Lila but the recipe is an Amazon secret. Gabrielle can't divulge the information to anyone who isn't an Amazon.

Lila: Well, you know what it is, and you're not an Amazon.

Gabrielle: No, but she's my champion and therefore is afforded information not given to most.

Lila: Oh, well I guess Joxer will have to make do with my apple pie then.

Xena: Hey Ly where's our errant family member Toris?

Lyceus: He said needed a change of scenery. He left this morning.

Xena: You know at the rate he is going he might not be a family member for long.

Gabrrille: Now Xena, you know you don't mean that.

Xena: Don't I?

Gabrielle: No, he's done some stupid things, but he's still your brother no matter what.

Xena: You're right Gabrielle and when he comes back I'll make sure he knows that when I'm done kicking his ass.

Gabrielle: Xena! You are so bad!

{ Gabrielle throws a biscuit at Xena, which Xena catches and proceeds to eat. }

Xena: Thanks for the biscuit Gab.

Gabrielle: Gods Xena! What am I going to do with you?

Xena: Anything you want?

Gabrielle: You're one smart warrior.

Lyceus: I hate to break up your playful banter, but Xena could you go and kill a few chickens? I'm making chicken soup for lunch today.

Xena: Sure, brother. I'll even get them ready for you. I might not be able to cook, but I can kill and dress em' with the best of them.

Gabrielle: That's my Xena: Warrior, Chicken Killer, Dresser.

Xena: I do have many skills!

{ Xena leaves to kill some chickens, and Gabrielle watches her go with a smile. }

Lyceus: You know I hope I find someone that makes me as happy as Xena makes you.

Gabrielle: Oh you will Ly.

Lyceus: I don't know. I have my doubts about that.

Gabrielle: Your tree in the forest is out there somewhere. You'll find him when the time is right.

Lyceus: Thanks Gabrielle. It's just hard waiting sometimes.

Gabrielle: Well, let's hope you won't have to wait much longer.

Lila: Hey, Gabrielle can you cover the dining room for breakfast?

Gabrielle: Sure!

Lila: Great! I hardly ever get to cook when Mom is here.

Gabrielle: Speaking of Mom, how do you feel about her being with Cyrene?

Lila: I don't know. Nothing against Xena's mother, but it's gonna take a little getting used to.

Lyceus: Oh Lila admit it. You're just embarrassed because you walked in on your mom and mine kissing in the kitchen.

Lila: Well, there is that. It was weird Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: How so?

Lila: Well, I never walked in on her and Father kissing, so seeing her and Cyrene kissing was just something I wasn't ready for. You should have seen them Gabrielle. After I caught them they were giggling like a couple of school girls!

Lyceus: Ahhh young love! Isn't it beautiful!

Lila: Lyceus you're a nut! I'll see how you feel when YOU walk in on them kissing like a couple of teenagers!

Lyceus: I'll fill you in on the details when I do. Gabrielle can you open up?

Gabrielle: Sure Ly.

{ Gabrielle goes out into the dining room and unlocks the front door. As soon as she does the door opens. }

Joxer: Uh, hi Gabby.

Gabrielle: Joxer, what brings you here this early?

Joxer: Well duh! To get breakfast of course.

Gabrielle: Well, have a seat then.

Joxer: Thanks. Uh Gabby do you think I could get...

Gabrielle: No!

Joxer: Well alright. I'll take a couple of scrambled eggs with bacon and a biscuit.

Gabrielle: Anything else?

Joxer: Some tea would be good.

Gabrielle: Coming up!

{ Gabrielle walks to the kitchen. }

Gabrielle: Give me two cackleberries and wreck em'. I need a biscuit, two slices of pig and a mug of tea.

Lyceus: Coming up!

Xena: What did she just ask for?

Lila: This. Here take it out to the dining room.

Xena: Uh, sure.

{ Xena walks out to the dining room tray in hand. }

Gabrielle: Thanks Xena.

Xena: You're welcome. Oh hi Joxer. Is this for you?

Joxer: Yep! Hey Xena do you think I can get...

Xena: No!

Joxer: How do you know what I...

Gabrielle: She has many skills!

Xena: Why thank you my Bard.

Gabrielle: You're very welcome my Warrior!

Joxer: But...

Xena: Eat your breakfast Joxer!

Joxer: Fine!

{ Joxer begins to eat his breakfast. The front door opened and in walks Amarice. }

Gabrielle: Hi Amarice.

{ Joxer chokes on his food at the mention of her name. Xena pounds him on the back. }

Joxer: Uh thanks Xena.

{ Xena continues to pound him on the back. }

Joxer: Xena! I'm fine! You can stop now.

Xena: Are you sure? Can't have you choking in my mother's tavern.

{ Xena continues pounding him on the back. }

Joxer: I'm sure.

Xena: Ok, if you're sure

Joxer: I'm sure!

{ Xena finally stops. }

Joxer: Uh.....thanks Xena.

Xena: Anytime Joxer, anytime.

Amarice: Welcome back my Queen, Xena.

Gabrielle: Amarice, call me Gabrielle.

Amarice: Ok.

Gabrielle: So are you all moved in at Amazon Place?

Amarice: Just about.

Gabrielle: Good, so what can I get you?

Amarice: I'll take a glass of milk and two eggs up with bacon and a biscuit.

Gabrielle: You got it! Hey Amarice after breakfast I think Joxer has something to talk to you about. Don't you Joxer?

Joxer: Uh sure, after breakfast.

Gabrielle: Have a seat Amarice.

Amarice: Thanks my...uh Gabrielle.

{ Gabrielle walked closer to the kitchen. }

Gabrielle: I need some moo juice, two Sunny Brooks, and a biscuit.

Lila: Coming up!

{ Xena walks over to Gabrielle. }

Xena: I'll get that.

Gabrielle: Thanks Xena!

Xena: Oh you're welcome my Queen.

{ Xena gets closer to Gabrielle, and speaks quietly in Gabrielle's ear. }

Xena: You are so sexy when you're talking Tavern Slang. Hell you're sexy all the time. When we get done serving breakfast we're gonna be serving each other dessert.

{ Xena steps away from Gabrielle. }

Gabrielle: Xena?

Xena: Yes?

Gabrielle: Would you please get Amarice's order?

Xena: Sure.

{ Xena goes to get the order. Gabrielle goes back to Joxer. }

Gabrielle: Joxer?

Joxer: Yes Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Could you do me a small favor?

Joxer: You want me to try Xena's dessert?

Gabrielle: No!

Joxer: But why not?

Amarice: Because she said no?

Gabrielle: Thanks Amarice.

Amarice: Oh you're welcome Gabrielle.

{ Xena comes back with Amarice's breakfast. }

Xena: Here you go Amarice.

Amarice: Thanks Xena.

Gabrielle: Joxer keep an eye on things. We'll be right back.

Joxer: But...

{ Before Joxer could say anymore, Gabrielle grabs Xena's hand. }

Xena: Hey, where are we going?

Gabrielle: To your room.

Xena: My room?

Gabrielle: Yea, I have to have dessert right now.

Xena: Why Gabrielle! We have customers to serve.

Gabrielle: You're right and this is one customer who's getting served right now.

{ Xena and Gabrielle get to their room, and Gabrielle pulls Xena inside and shuts the door. Gabrielle takes of Xena's breastplate, throws it to the floor and pushes Xena onto the bed. Gabrielle then pulls off Xena's boots and underwear. Gabrielle begins to move toward her dessert. }

Xena: Hey! What about my dessert?

Gabrielle: What about it?

Xena: I want mine too.

Gabrielle: What do you say?

Xena: Please?

{ Gabrielle pulls off her boots and takes off her skirt and underwear. Xena lets out a growl at the sight. Gabrielle wastes no time getting in position so that they both could enjoy dessert at the same time. After several intense minutes of licking and tasting and touching they finish together. Neither moves for a moment as they waits for their bodies to calm. Gabrielle soon switches position and lies face to face with Xena. Gabrielle lowers her mouth to Xena's and kisses her hard and long. They soon break apart and Gabrielle licks her lips. }

Gabrielle: HMMMM! I love the taste of Warrior Princess!

Xena: And I love the taste of Bard!!

Gabrielle: Thank you for my dessert.

Xena: No, thank you.

{They both get off the bed and get dressed quickly. After washing they walked hand in hand back to the dining room. }

Amarice: You're kidding right?

Joxer: No, why would I be kidding?

Amarice: Joxer! You're such a man!!

Joxer: Why thank you.

Amarice: I'm outa here!

{ Amarice left the tavern slamming the door behind her. }

Joxer: That went a lot better than I expected. Hey, I'll see you guys later ok?

Gabrielle: Great! We can't wait, right Xena?

Xena: Oh yea...can't wait.

{ Xena and Gabrielle watch as Joxer leaves singing his theme song on his way out the door. }

Xena: Why does he have to do that?

Gabrielle: What? Be a Joxer?

Xena: Besides that. I'm gonna have that song in my head for the rest of the day!

Gabrielle: I think I have a cure for that.

Xena: Let's hear it.

Gabrielle: I'd rather show you.

{ Gabrielle pulls Xena's face to hers and kisses her letting her tongue run along Xena's lips. Xena opens her mouth and lets Gabrielle's tongue inside. Gabrielle keeps up her assault on Xena. Finally they break apart. }

Gabrielle: Did it work?

Xena: What?

Gabrielle: The song?

Xena: What song?

Gabrielle: I am good!

Xena: Oh, you're much more than good.

Gabrielle: Ya' think?

Xena: Oh I know!

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