Part 5

When we last left our story Gabrielle helped Xena forget all about Joxer.

Xena: Finally! We’re alone at last.

Gabrielle: Yes, but you know it won't last long.

Xena: True, so give me a big wet sloppy kiss while you can.

Gabrielle: My pleasure.

{Gabrielle gives Xena a long big wet sloppy kiss.}

Xena: Now let me return the favor.

{After breaking the kiss, they stand in each other's arms.}

Xena: I love you so much Gabrielle. Life wouldn't be worth living without you in it.

{Ares suddenly pops into the tavern.}

Ares: Can you get anymore pathetic?

{Xena groans when she hears Ares. Xena stops holding Gabrielle and turns to face


Xena: Ares give it a rest! You're just jealous because I'm not professing my love to you.

Ares: Are you crazy? I don't care about all that love crap! What we had was better than that.

Xena: Ares what we had was all in your mind. It wasn't real.

Ares: You could have fooled me.

Gabrielle: She did.

Ares: I'm not talking to you Blondie!

Xena: Well, when you talk to me you talk to Gabrielle. We come as a set. Where she goes I go. You'll be a lot better off Ares when you accept that fact of life.

Ares: Hey Blondie I wouldn't be smirking if I were you.

Gabrielle: No? What are going to do about it?

Xena: He won't be doing anything about it. If he does, I'll kick his ass.

Gabrielle: I think he might enjoy that Xena.

Xena: You're probably right. {Xena turns to face Gabrielle.} Gabrielle have I told you lately how much your smirk turns me on?

Gabrielle: No you haven't.

Xena: Well, let me correct that right now. You know everything about you turns me on, but when you got that cute little smirk on your face just now, it makes me want to take you right here and right now.

Gabrielle: I would love nothing better than that, but I wouldn't want to give any incoming customers a free show.

Ares: Yea, because they sure wouldn't pay to see that!

{Xena refuses to be baited by Ares and just ignores him.}

Xena: Gabrielle what we share is sacred and I don't want anyone ever to cheapen what we have. I forever worship at your altar.

{Gabrielle begins to cry. Xena takes Gabrielle in her arms. She kisses Gabrielle on the cheek. }

Xena: Sweetheart, that wasn't supposed to make you cry.

Gabrielle: I can't help it. What you said was so beautiful.

{Eli suddenly pops into the tavern.}

Eli: The love you two share is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Ares: If I wasn't going to get sick before I sure am now!

{Ares is ignored by all. Gabrielle steps out of Xena's arms and gives Eli a hug. Xena waits until they are done and gives Eli a hug of her own. }

Gabrielle: Eli! It's so good to see you.

Xena: I second that. You're like a breath of fresh air unlike other people whose name I won't mention.

Gabrielle: Eli, please have a seat.

Eli: Thanks.

{Eli sits down and Gabrielle joins him.}

Xena: Eli can we get you anything?

Eli: Some tea would be good. Thanks.

Xena: No problem.

Ares: Hey! What about me?

Xena: What about you?

Ares: You didn't ask me if I wanted anything.

Gabrielle: We all know what you want Ares, and it’s not on the menu.

Xena: Hey Ly! Bring out a cup of tea would you?

Lyceus: Sure. Coming up.

{Xena sits down with Gabrielle and Eli. Lyceus comes out with the tea and his eyes meet Eli's. }

Gabrielle: Thanks Lyceus.

{Gabrielle takes the cup of tea from Lyceus and puts it in front of Eli. Eli takes a drink of the tea.}

Eli: Now that hits the spot. Thanks.

{Eli takes another drink and puts the cup on the table.}

Gabrielle: Hey Ly there's someone we want you to meet.

Gabrielle: This is our good friend Eli. Eli this is Xena's brother.

Lyceus: Uh, hi.

{Lyceus and Eli shake each other's hand. They both smile. After holding each other's hands a little longer they let go. Of course this does not go unnoticed by Gabrielle.}

Eli: Nice to meet you.

Lyceus: Same here. Any friend of Xena's and Gabrielle's is a friend to me.

Ares: Why isn't that special!

Lyceus: I need to get back to the kitchen. I've got chicken soup to make.

Eli: I'd like to try some of that later.

Lyceus: I'll be sure to set some aside just for you.

Eli: Thanks.

{Lyceus smiles shyly and turns around to walk back into the kitchen. Eli's eyes follow him. This doesn't go unnoticed by Gabrielle either. }

{Lila comes out of the kitchen and her eyes fall on Ares.}

Lila: Oh! By the gods!

{She walks closer to Ares who backs away right into the wall.}

Lila: I can't believe it. Ares right before my eyes. You are the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life.

Xena: Oh oh! Looks like your sister is in that “Ares, I'll do anything for the God of War haze.”

Ares: Finally! Someone with good taste and they have to be related to Blondie!! I'm outta here!

Lila: Hey! Don't go! I may be Gab’s sister, but I'm nothing like her.

Ares: I don't care! You're still related.

Lila: Fine! It's your loss not mine!

{Lila storms back into the kitchen.}

Ares: Whatever! Xena I WILL be back!

Xena: Why does he have to remind me?

Gabrielle: Because he's Ares and a pain in our ass?

Eli: If you need any help when he shows up next just call for me and I'll be here.

Gabrielle: Thanks Eli we appreciate the offer but that won't be necessary.

Xena: You know as much as we hate to admit it, we get a certain amount of pleasure putting Ares in his place.

Eli: I expect Ares gets a certain amount of pleasure out of that as well.

Xena: I think you're right about that.

Eli: I'm going to get a refill on my tea.

Xena: I can get that for you. Stay and chat with Gabrielle.

Eli: It's alright. Enjoy a break with Gabrielle.

Xena: I can't turn down that offer.

{Eli gets up taking his cup into the kitchen with him. Gabrielle has a smile on her face. }

Gabrielle: I think we have a new romance brewing.

Xena: Oh yeah? With who?

Gabrielle: You're kidding right?

Xena: Oh no! You don't mean Eli and Lyceus?

Gabrielle: Yes, I mean them. Didn't you see the way they looked at each other?

Xena: What way was that?

Gabrielle: The way that said I like you and want to get to know you better.

Xena: I guess I missed that. I'm glad I have you to point these things out to me.

Gabrielle: You think I'm imagining it?

Xena: No, I believe you saw it.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Xena: No need to thank me. You're usually right about these things.

Gabrielle: I think Lyceus and Eli will be a good match don't you?

Xena: I think you're right about that my bard. Eli is a vast improvement over Maphias that's for sure.

Gabrielle: I'm so happy your brother looks like he finally found someone to make him happy.

Xena: So am I. He was a pathetic sight after he and Maphias broke up!

Gabrielle: Xena!

Xena: I'm only joking. I'm happy for him too. I hope that they end up as happy as we are.

Gabrielle: Me too.

{Gabrielle takes Xena's hand into hers and brings it to her lips kissing each finger.}

Xena: Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: MMMM?

{Xena pushes her chair away from the table and pats her lap.}

Xena: Come here please?

Gabrielle: My pleasure.

{Gabrielle gets up and goes to sit in Xena's lap.}

Xena: Oh yea! This is much better than you sitting all the way over there.

Gabrielle: I agree.

{Gabrielle and Xena kiss. After the kiss they are content to hold each other close and feel the love between them. }

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